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SSD with bitlocker dead - How to Recover

Question: SSD with bitlocker dead - How to Recover


How can i recover SSD with bitlocker active? When i put the SSD disk plugged in another machine with external adapter, i can see the disk but with RAW format. I have the recovery key but when i use the recover software (example EASEUS) i cannot see any field to put my recovery key and i cannot see any important files to recover because the drive has encripted.

Someone else had the same problem?

Sorry for my bad english.

Many thanks in advance.
Jo?o Vieira

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Preferred Solution: SSD with bitlocker dead - How to Recover

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: SSD with bitlocker dead - How to Recover

Hello and welcome Joao mate I think you might be better posting in the 8 forum - same folks same organisation

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Hi Mr/Ms
drive encrypted
with BitLocker 
I used
driver for three months my computer is broken I bought a new computer    when i was try my flash disk new computer its give me this  problem 
BitLocker Drive Encryption failed to recover from an abruptly terminated conversion. This could be due to either all conversion logs being corrupted or the media being write-protected
? know my passworrd but I do not know
the BitLocker
recovery key what can i do know pls some one help me 

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my laptop has freezed, I restart it with power button but now, at start up, BitLocker said that:

You need to enter your recovery key because Secure Boot has been disabled. Either Secure Boot must be re-enabled, or BitLocker must be suspended for Windows to start normally.

I gone to UEFI settings and define a password to re-enabled Secure Boot but BitLocker when I restart comptuer said that Bios secure parameters has changed... It doesn't solve the problem.

The problem is I don't have my recovery key. I tried to recover my recovery key using Microsoft account but I had to update my phone number and so my security settings are locked for one month. My question is :
Is it possible to boot on Ubuntu USB key or plug HDD to an Ubuntu computer, copy files and decrypt them one by one with my password session ?Is it possible to retrieve my recovery key using Windows command line and session password ? (I can access to Windows recovery menu so I have access to commands line.)Is a program to decrypt completely my hard drive exists ? I will write it on a USB key, start it, enter my session password and it will decrypt all the disk or something like that.
Thanks a lot.

Answer:How can I recover my BitLocker recovery key

What do you mean by "session password?"

Assuming you are using a TPM with BitLocker (which is the default) then there is no way to recover your drive without the recovery key. That is the entire point of BitLocker.

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A CI is deployed to workstations to enable bitlocker. Many desktops are asking for recovery password. Many workstations are encrypted successfully.
how to troubleshoot the reason for desktops which are prompting for recovery password. 

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I went out and bought a 128gb 1.8" SSD for the purpose of upgrading my x301 to Win 7.  I really wanted to preserve my old XP environment on the stock 64gb. I did a fresh Win 7 Ultimate install, initially I installed the 64bit version but found my VPN software would not support it so then I wiped and installed 32 bit.  I did leave the 100mb partition that the 64bit version created. Installed Win 7 32bit, installed the lenovo software update program and let it put all of the software on the laptop.  Did the win 7 update thing (this all took the better part of a day). I wresteled the TPM chip and now have it owned by win 7.  Had to do the "hit esc" till the red win7 loader, power off, enter bios, clear keys method, but it worked.  Now Win 7 says it ownes the tpm. Trying to turn on Bitlocker doing the "key test" results in the screen on every reboot saying that something has changed.  I then turned on bitlocker, let it encrypt drive without doing the test and it completed sucessfully but every reboot asks for the recovery key. I've tried just about every "fix" I can find for this, including, changing bios boot order to only include hdd, suspending/resuming BL and a host of other things as well, updated bios.  Nothing seems to work.  I'd really like to use bit locker but not if it is not going to work right. I did come across a post that involved some policy editing then turning of/on again and have not yet trie... Read more

Answer:X301 Bitlocker asking for recover key every time.

I believe I found the problem enabling bitlocker on my x301.  I tried just about every possible thing I could find on the internet and was unable to get it enabled.  Every time on the next boot I would get the message (pre windows), from the bios that the environment had been changed and bitlocker would fail to encrypt the drive.  If I encrypted the drive without the bitlocker test it would encrypt but every boot would make me enter they recovery key in order to boot. Last night I found a post that indicated that bitlocker would make a 300 meg partition (100 for itself, 200 for oem utilities).  That got me thinking.  Today I decided to shrink my system partition and leave some unpartitioned space on the drive in case it was trying to make this partition.  That's when things changed.  Suddenly bitlocker started working properly.  I still only see the 100 meg windows partition, but maybe there is another hidden partition that it was unable to create because I had given all the space to my system drive.  I left 500 megs unpartitioned, enabled bitlocker and it's working fine.  For me, problem solved.  Hope this helps someone.  One nice thing about Win7 is that it allows you to shrink/expand volumns right from disk management so no playing around with PE boot disks.

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Hello windows seven,

I was thinking for this...

Local Disk C --> either bitlocker encrypted or unencrypted.
Local Disk D --> bitlocker encrypted partition and a space for backup

How can I backup and recover if using Acronis?

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My computer is running windows 7. It have 5 partition: C (windows), D, E, F, I. D: and F: partition is encrypted with bitlocker. I tried to shrink D for 2GB free volume wih diskmgmt in windows 7. After that, F: drive disappear on windows but It still appear on diskmgmt as unlocated partition. I tried to used Active recovery partition but It cannot solve the problem. Please tell me how?
Many thanks,

Answer:How to recover a unallocated partition with bitlocker encryption

Hello John,

Could you post a screenshot of your Disk Management window showing all of your HDD's layout to help us better understand what options you may have?

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i m having nokia lumia 625, with OS windows10 10166 build installed. 3days back i got a blue screen with Bitlocker. i tried every possible thing like i used 'LSRT' & 'WSRT' but while installing the download package i m getting error code as 0x80131500 on 'LSRT'
plz help me to reset my device..
thank you.
P.S:- my pc is having windows 10 RTM, firewall is disabled

Answer:How can i recover my device from 'BitLocker' blue screen?

Plz some1 rply

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To install another operating system, I forced to resize my partitions.
I had a drive that was encrypted with bitlocker. After changing the drive and restart I noticed there were only two of the drives that on them Windows installed and another drives changed to free space.
Bitlocker encrypted drive was 100G and another drive 244G. Drives I converted to a drive then format it to restore my data. All the information was not encrypted, was returned but encrypted data was not returned even one bit. I changed the size of D to 200 GB again and after a lot of searching I found the repair-bde command.

this was result.
is there any solution to back my data?
please help

Answer:How to recover my data,encrypted by Bitlocker?(with this condition)

Welcome to Windows Seven Forums.

Please check this tutorial in the hope it will help you remove the Bitlocker drive encryption.

BitLocker Drive Encryption - Windows 7 Drive - Turn On or Off with no TPM

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I went out and bought a 128gb 1.8" SSD for the purpose of upgrading my x301 to Win 7. I really wanted to preserve my old XP environment on the stock 64gb.

I did a fresh Win 7 Ultimate install, initially I installed the 64bit version but found my VPN software would not support it so then I wiped and installed 32 bit. I did leave the 100mb partition that the 64bit version created.

Installed Win 7 32bit, installed the lenovo software update program and let it put all of the software on the laptop. Did the win 7 update thing (this all took the better part of a day).

I wresteled the TPM chip and now have it owned by win 7. Had to do the "hit esc" till the red win7 loader, power off, enter bios, clear keys method, but it worked. Now Win 7 says it ownes the tpm.

Trying to turn on Bitlocker doing the "key test" results in the screen on every reboot saying that something has changed. I then turned on bitlocker, let it encrypt drive without doing the test and it completed sucessfully but every reboot asks for the recovery key.

I've tried just about every "fix" I can find for this, including, changing bios boot order to only include hdd, suspending/resuming BL and a host of other things as well, bios updated. Nothing seems to work. I'd really like to use bit locker but not if it is not going to work right.

I did come across a post that involved some policy editing then turning of/on again and have not yet tried that.

Just wonderin... Read more

Answer:Lenovo X301 Bitlocker asking for recover key every time..

I believe I found the problem enabling bitlocker on my x301. I tried just about every possible thing I could find on the internet and was unable to get it enabled. Every time on the next boot I would get the message (pre windows), from the bios that the environment had been changed and bitlocker would fail to encrypt the drive. If I encrypted the drive without the bitlocker test it would encrypt but every boot would make me enter the recovery key in order to boot.

Last night I found a post that indicated that bitlocker would make a 300 meg partition (100 for itself, 200 for oem utilities). That got me thinking. Today I decided to shrink my system partition and leave some unpartitioned space on the drive in case it was trying to make this partition. That's when things changed. Suddenly bitlocker started working properly. I still only see the 100 meg windows partition, but maybe there is another hidden partition that it was unable to create because I had given all the space to my system drive. I left 500 megs unpartitioned, enabled bitlocker and it's working fine. For me, problem solved.

Hope this helps someone. One nice thing about Win7 is that it allows you to shrink/expand volumns right from disk management so no playing around with PE boot disks.

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I tried to encrypt my external drive using BitLocker, but during the encryption, the usb was disconnected and
the encryption could not finished to perform. When I reconnected the drive, I could no more access the data. A pop up message saying that the "Encryption has been paused" is now on and can't resume nor access my data: please what to do?

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I accidently formatted one of my drives which was previously encrypted.
I tried some third party software as "recover my file" but it didn't work.
Later then, I experimented on a formatted (not encrypted before) usb drive to recover files by same software and it did work.
After that, I encrypted the usb drive and then formatted it. Then I tried to recover by same software, but it didn't work. So, it's apparent that it is not possible to recover from a encrypted and formatted drive by a usual recovery software. Is there any
other method that can help me.
Please inform, I'm in a dire need.

Answer:How can I recover files from a formatted drive which was encrypted by bitlocker.


I suggest you contact the local data recovery company to recover the data. Thank you for your understanding.


Vincent Wang
TechNet Community Support

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I need advices about how can I solve my issue:

I have an external drive. I started the encryption drive with bitlocker, during encryption process,
the drive has been disconnected so I wasn?t able to continue the encryption process.

Now, the drive is partially encrypted. When I want to access the drive, I got the error message
?Encryption Failed to recover from an abruptly terminated conversion?.

I would like a procedure to recover the remaining data: encrypted and non encrypted

I used M3 Bitlocker Recovery but the tool freezes, I am currently trying TestDisk 7.0. Analysis
is in progress.

You'll find attached screenshots and detailed description of the situation.

I have the passwords & recovery keys

ps: I cant attach screenshots

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Hello Dears. I had encrypted my drive by Bitlocker in windows 7. 
few days after my friend did quick format in my encrypted drive.
my 300 gb of data lost. and nothing saved
i remember unlock password. 
how can i recover my data ??? i need my data
i tried drive recovering tools (advanced EFS data recovery, easeus . . ,) . but . . . it's encrypted and formatted drive. 
can i undo quick format and decrypt ???
sorry my english is not good.
someone help me please. 

Answer:Can i recover lost data from encrypted drive by Bitlocker

BitLocker is not the cause of failed to recover files. Format a drive will clear all data saved on the hard disk. Thus recovery formatted data will be a hard disk based technology but not related to operation system. There is no build-in data recovery feature in Windows operations. So we will needto use third party recovery tool or contact third party data recovery company for current issue.

As recovery missing data service will be expensive, we can also check emails and contact friends to see if that can help get a part of files back especially for photos, documents etc.

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Sorry for my english. I formatted my bitlocker encrypted patition (80GB, about 30GB of data).
I lost all of my data on that patition.
How can i recover data? I dont have recovery key, but i remember the password.
Thanks in advance!

Answer:How do i recover files from formatted BitLocker encrypted patition

Have a look whether you have a restore point from before you did the encryption. Maybe you can get the files from there. See here how:

ShadowExplorer - Recover Lost Files and Folders

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I am running Windows 7 Enterprise with Bitlocker.
Unfortunately I ran into problems booting up and eventually it looked like the harddrive (SSD) was malfunctioning. My backup solution was fresh so I haven't given it much thought, just replaced the drive, but I would still like to know if it's possible to
recover data from the drive while it's encrypted with Bitlocker?
I have searched the net for info but none of them seem to focus on my problem; the drive itself shows no volume information, so I'm unable to run any decryption protocols on it. Therefore I'm unable to run any recovery software on it either.
I'm afraid I might've made the situation worse with my attempts at recovery, but still, any help is appreciated!

Best Regards,

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when i used my win 10 my (media) Hard disk suddenly unallocated with 2 partition one it. one of the partition was encrypted with bitlocker

Now I used window 7 ultimate and to try to recover my data I follow steps according to the great guide :
Now the problem was on the step to create recover.img :
when i type "repair-bde F: E:\recover.img -rp 517253-653510-042988-665027-063393-559515-700700-268211"
I get ERROR: cannot use 517253-653510-042988-665027-063393-559515-700700-268211 (the recovery key) to unlock the input volume, please try different recovery password or recovery key

I am sure that it is the right recovery key. 
I also have identifier and password for the bitlocker partition

PLEASE ADVICE my Data is very important   !

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Hi folks,
Just came across a scenario for one of our customer. 

Trying to recover data off a drive that is bitlocker encrypted. No recovery key available to get pass bitlocker and access the drive.
Please advise if I reinstall OS preserving the old data in windows.old folder; will I be able to get the access the windows.old folder afterwards to get the data off it.

Thanks in Advance

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please help
how can I recover data from a damaged disk (not physically) of an external encrypted Bitlocer.
Description of the situation:

After connecting the drive - I can decipher it by typing the password - but when you try to open the contents of the report the message "format disk"
- the disk probably has some volume damaged - it has been disconnected from the computer (without being turned off)
What I have done so far:

Using the "Lazesoft" program - I managed to copy (of course after entering the password
on the damaged disk)
the content to another external disk (full - looking after size) but -
this data is encrypted (mainly ending with .ER)
I am asking for a hint:

whether the data that is on the new disk can somehow read (on this disk I can try) [or/and]how to create a damaged disk image to try on another disk [or/and]how to repair a damaged disk (as a last resort) - I am afraid of total data loss [or/and]what other program to use to copy data from a damaged disk
but decrypted
Thank you in advance for your help
Best Regards

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Okay guys so this is what happened

One day i was transferring files to my usb, when I accidentally hit the USB, causing it to my computer WHILE transferring files. I plug it back in, the icon shows up on MY COMPUTER, but you can't go into it. A message pops up "Please insert a disk in Removable Disk (D). i tried right click format, but same message pops up.

Is there anyway i can fix the usb and use it again? or its COMPLETELY dead.


Answer:How to recover a dead USB???

you might have to open it up and see if any soldering or cables got loose or you might want to try it on another computer and see if it has the same problem.

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The HHD on my S10 is dead.  I purchase a new one and installed it.  I when to run the Recovery Disks that I made when I first got the computer, but they only get part the way though the restoration.  I bet I have a bad set of recovery disks.  Is there a way to get a clean copy of these?
Edit: Mod comment Sorry about your inconvenience thats my fault  ...more clear postname is important
Rename Postname from SIS Hard Drive Dead Ito S10 HDD Dead, recover on new HDD failed ?
regards KalvinKlein


Go to Solution.

Answer:S10 HDD Dead, recover on new HDD failed ?

welcome to the forum!
contact support at 800-426-7378 and explain the situation.   they should be able to send you a set of recovery media.

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My 1TB primary HDD (Mar-2012) is dead.
It was partitioned into 100 MB System, 150 GB OS (C, 760 GB Data (D, and 17 GB HP_Recovery (E
Windows recovery tries to run, but immediately crashes to a blue screen error message.

My 640GB secondary HDD (Jun-2009, only one partition) has a recent Macrium Reflect image that is visible when booting from the recovery media. The Macrium image includes only the System, C:, and E: partitions. I had a problem back in April that I solved by restoring a Macrium image from the secondary HDD, but in that case the primary HDD was visible and it is not now visible as a destination to restore the Macrium image.

Besides the Macrium recovery media, I have a Windows 7 repair disk that I created in Aug. 2014. Unfortunately, I didn't ever try it to see if it worked and it doesn't have the necessary drivers to run so I'm not sure if it would be able to repair anything or not.

Question 1: is that 1TB HDD completely toast? If I somehow get Windows up and running again on the pc, is it likely I would at least be able to see the D: partition? (Why do I care? Data on D: is backed up manually once a month and this all happened 2 days before the next backup so there's a small amount of data not backed up? not critical, just annoying.)

Question 2: Could I just restore the Macrium image to the secondary HDD, which I believe does have space available? Would it be as simple as restoring the image and setting the BIOS to boot from that HDD? W... Read more

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Hi There. I came home yesterday night, dead tired from a hard week of work, to find out that one of my hard drives had vanished from my computer.

I have a Pentium 4 running on Windows XP Pro for the last 4 years.

Over the 2 years, I would sometimes hear on startup a low pitch sound, like a small airplane engine, coming out of the computer. But it was intermittant and would go away. I mentioned it to some tech friends of mine, and said it just might be the fan.

So I let it go.

Yesterday evening, as I mentioned, I came home to find that one of my internal drives was "dead". It was an old 40Gig western Digital, That I was using mainly to store some backups (yeah, I know!) and install files for my many programs.

I went into Computer management and saw that it was not detected anymore. Even in DOS mode, it looks like the "slave drive" is "uninstalled".

Is it fried? Are there any chances for me to be able to retrieve some of my important files from a hard drive that the computer can't even detect?

Thanks for your help...


Answer:How to recover files from a dead HD

Probably not. If it was really storing "backups", then you have another copy, right? Backups are copies of files, not your only copy.

The sound you describe is likely the bearings going bad on the hard drive, once it's finally crashed and burned, it's unlikely to be revived.

One trick to try, stick it in a freezer bag and put it in the freezer for an hour or so. Remove it and IMMEDIATELY connect it and attempt to recover any important files. If this works, it won't stay working long, so you'll have to work quickly.

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Hi everyone......

I was happily running XP Professional SP2, hadn't installed any new hardware or software for weeks, a few days ago got the dreaded BSOD......

My OEM supplier has since gone out of business and yep, I've since discovered I should have been given a rescue disk but wasn't...

I hooked up my drive to a friend's PC and noticed the virus (presumably) had also wiped my System Restore area (I create regular restore points out of sheer paranoia)

Searched all over the net for recovery instructions, none available for OEM systems, so backed up my data and in utter desperation took the non-OEM Microsoft approach and replaced my registry with the files in the repair folder so I could at least have a bootable system and hopefully reinstall users and apps etc......

Needless to say everything is a mess.......I'm back to SP1 (apparently) but lots of basic stuff is missing, such as Windows Explorer and the DOS-prompt to name but two......I guess the system is just completely out of sync considering most of the Windows modules are at SP2......

Can anyone provide me with a step-by-step recovery process or should I just give up ???

Many thanx for any suggestions......

Answer:Is it possible to recover a dead XP OEM system ?

Well that's a bad mess there Mike.

To suggest a recovery of any one way (even if possible), we'll have to first know the output of this program: MGADiag.exe

When your download it, double-click to run it, press Continue at the bottom and wait for it to give a an output report. Copy/paste all of that into your next post by pressing the "Copy" button at the bottom of its window.

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Hey Guys,For the past month my pc has failed to bootup successfully, i have tried all 3 safe mode sequences to no avail, I have also tried doing system restores on boot but only to bring me back to square one because everytime i try it just restarts. I can get upto the XP user logon but once it begins to load, it just crashes.The obvious thing is that something has been corrupted along the way and now it will no longer let me get further then the logon screen. I know the best thing is to reformat but i have lots of photos, college work and artwork saved on the HDD, i want to take some of it before i do so.My question is then - Would i be able to connect the HDD into another PC [making it a slave so it wont attempt to use it for startup] and just browse and remove the data i need via the computer? Its only that i dont think any of my files are damaged, just certain corrupt code preventing startup.Any responses will greatly appreciated!

Answer:PC DEAD - need to recover data from HDD

The simple answer is yes.Take it out and put it in another pc and access it through My Computer, transfer the pictures etc. Job Done.I assume it is an ide drive so you will have to change the jumper to slave if you have it on the same channel as your main Hard Drive. If it is sata you can just plug it in.After you have plugged it in I should run the anti-virus on it because you don't want to transfer any nasties to the good machine.Are you sure you can't access it where it is?Have you tried Safe mode or last good config.?

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Hi everyone .

In a lovely day , I tried to format my E partition and did some dual boot Win7 w/t Vista . All I did is try to flag the E partition up but it didnt work then i found myself unable to turn into Win 7 . So I formatted the E and then I was able to turn into Win 7 . And now I want to use the E again but I can't see it anymore .

I have 4 partitions ( C , D , E , F ) :
I checked and it said my total is 148 g , when i listed it and couldn't found E . It listed:

- C : total 37g . Used 20g .
- D : total 37g . Used 29g .
- F : total 37g . Used 10g .

So please tell me is there any tools to recover my partition ?

Any helps will be appreciated !

Answer:How can i recover my dead partition ?

What shows up in the Disk Management console?

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I have a western Digital WD1200 IDE hard drive that has crashed. I just took it to a local store to try to use it as an external HD. When the WD1200 was installed in the thing that can convert an IDE HD into an external HD and it was attached to a working computer it was unable to read anything on the drive.

I have heard there is free software that can recover this data by putting the HD into my new Acer ast180 and setting the dead HD as a slave. Provided there is an IDE connector on the Acer.
How do I tell if there is an IDE connector on the ribbon?
Can doing this do any damage to the new computer?
What is the free software that can do this?
How do I set the WD1200 to slave
A switch was mentioned but I see no switch on the WD1200

What I am trying to recover is my settings, email, bookmarks,passwords etc. from Mozilla thunderbird and Firefox. I may already have these in other forms. I have a backup of the dead computer on my external HD. I also have a laptop that is MS XP. The computer the WD1200 is outof was XP also. What happens if I restore the backup from the dead computer to the laptop. Will everything on the laptop be over written and lost? I may also have these files on the external HD as other backed up files if I knew what to look for and where. (Next stop is a mozilla forum but no one answers questions as quickly or as well as you guyas and gals.) Does anyone happen to know which files i should be looking for and where they are normally stored?

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My desktop PC has been at deaths door for several weeks. members suggest that it might be the graphics card. This evening it will not reboot in any mode.Using old reserve Compaq. I have my eye on a dual core Intel.How do I recover MY DOCUMENTS etc from the corpse?Thank you.

Answer:How do I recover MY Documents from dead PC?

Easiest way is to put the boot drive(C:) into another pc as slave and recover your files from there.RFB

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I have a hard drive with OE on it. The hard drive will not boot. I have installed it as a secondary drive on my computer. I am booting from Win 7 but the secondary drive was XP

How do I recover my OE settings and data?

Answer:Recover oe settings from dead HDD

If the drive is truly dead, as in it doesn't spin up and is not accessible when it's attached as a secondary drive, the only way to recover data is to send it to the very very expensive Data Recovery specialists
If you can access the secondary drive, do a search of that drive for *.dbx files (OE Email Files) and *.wab (Address Book) and Import them into Windows Live Mail

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My laptop died and would not boot. I was unable to fix it so I bought a new laptop.

The hard drive on the dead laptop had a lot of data that I wanted to recover so I bought a HDD enclosure, installed the old HDD and was able to recover my lost data.

However, my new laptop has Windows 8 and I ABSOLUTELY HATE it! I'd like to revert to Windows 7 but I don't have the ability to revert from Win 8 since it's not Win 8 Pro. I also don't really want to purchase an OEM version of Win 7 particularly since I already had it on the old laptop.

The old HDD has a partition called "Recovery" which I expect has the Win 7 installation files. However, there are no files shown in File Explorer. Nonetheless, the properties show 10.4 GB used and 2.07 GB free, so I assume that the files are there but somehow hidden.

Is there any way that I can extract the Win 7 installation files from that RECOVERY drive and then install in on my new laptop?

Answer:Recover Win 7 from a dead laptop

OEM versions of Operating Systems, most likely what you had on the old PC is only legally licensed for the PC its delivered with.

Have tried one of the programs that makes the desktop look like Win 7? There is a free one and the one I have, Start8. I boot to the desktop just like Windows 7 and the Start menu functions exactly like Windows 7. Start8 has a limited free trial period. The price for the software is only (US)$4.99.

The Windows 8 Start menu returns with Start8!

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I need to help someone recover data from a dead scusi harddrive,

I have not yet inspected the device but I am told the computer makes a beep when it starts then fails to read the disk and wont load the operating system.

I was under the impression that a single beep indicated it had found your harddrive, but I maybe wrong.

It also has a scusi card so could it be possible that the card has failed?

I have the ultimate boot CD so I will possibly be able to do some scans on it with this, but is it possible to recover the data myself without sending it off and paying a small fortune?

If so then how do I go about doing this do I need to connect another harddrive to it to transfer the data?

and what software will I need???

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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I will try to be as detailed as possible.

My first 80GB Excelstor (IDE) hard drive has almost died. Now I have bought a Hitachi 160GB drive for a replacement.

I am a little new to installing hard drives but I have been reading many faqs about how to set them up.

Now my problem is that the guy at the computer shop said that it's possible for me to recover data from my old drive as it hasn't completely died yet. I have been trying to connect it.

I have connected it as the master and both drives show up but I can't get into windows on my new drive (the computer stops and I don't have a choice of whether to use windows on the hitachi or the excelstor).

When I switch the black and gray and the computer is rebooted the computer doesn't detect either drive in the bios. I get gibberish.

I have been trying to figure out the pins. I have the hitachi set to master and I am a little scared to move them around. The excelstor I cannot find the jumper settings. It looks like they are on the back of the drive though.

Can someone give me ideas or suggestions on what I am doing wrong? I would really appreciate it.

The drives are:

Hitachi Deskstar 160GB IDE
Excelstor 80GB IDE (I cannot tell which model)


Answer:recover from my near-dead hard disk to new one

Are you trying to recover everything from old hard drive, including OS? Do you have the software to reload Operating system on new hard drive? Do you have the software from the major programs that you had installed on old drive?

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My flash drive (1GB) has suddenly gone dead. Over night it has turned into RAW format. I have a few files that I would like to recover. Please help me.

It worked last night but now it does not work on either of win 7 and win Xp. When I plug it get this message:

"you need to format the disk drive J: before you can use it.
Do you want to format it?"

If I answer "cancel" to that I get this message:

"location is not availabel.

J:\ is not accessible.

The volume does not contain a recobnized file system. please make sure
that all required drivers are loaded and that the colume is not corrupted."

Chkdsk renders this answer:

"The type of the file system is RAW. Chkdsk is not available for raw drives.

Is there any program which I can use to recover the USB drive ?"

I also have a linux pc so the program can also be a linux program.

Please help

Answer:how do I recover dead flash drive?

you can try recuva.

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Hello forum members. I need ur help. My company is in problem. A month ago one of our cust gave a external HDD for analysis its condition. So we took it and we told it would take some time as we were busy with our work. We could not complete the operation within the time so we returned the HD without any changes. After few days back the cust calls us back claiming that we have stolen his data from the Ext HD. As we didn't see any data present in that, he expects us to make the recovery . He has also given a Police complaint now, which our manager has to face the summons now. The cust is asking for the recovery and he even not negotiating for money. Our manager is speaking serious honestly with this matter. So if I/We can recover data from it, what are the steps to be taken? A company named Stellar Is charging 80,000 INR for the recovery. Please Help.

Answer:Need Help To Recover Dead External HardDisk

Hi! @purshupro I don't know what you have tried. My suggestion would be to get help from a professional. IMHO that would GRC.

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I replaced the HD in my mom's PC a while back because her pc wouldn't boot and it wouldn't allow me to do a clean install or repair install.  After I replaced it, she let my uncle take the old HD and he later told her there was nothing wrong with it and was able to pull all of her files off.  Is there some trick to this?  No matter what I did, I could not get her computer to start.  Even after starting it with a boot diagnostic disc, I wasn't able to locate any of her files, so how was he able to?  Any ideas?  I'm just looking to learn in case I'm faced with this again in the future...

Answer:How to recover data from malfunctioning or dead HD?

It just happens. Consider the following statement:Failure of electronic devices follows statistically profitable trends.That is true, but does not tell you way a drive was dead and then came back to life. The statistics apply to a large set of failures. Individual failures are hard to asses. If you need as rational theory, here is one. The drive motor 'stalled' and could not turn o get to  speed. When you moved it, some slight mechanical vibration freed the motor and it began to turn easily.That may not be what  really happened.  Your desire to accept this story is called 'rationalization'.  Really, do you want more speculation? Does it really help? Anyway, you can not make a good rule from just one incident. And yes, this does happen sometimes. Be glad you got the date back.

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Here is the deal. The Win7 laptop lost power and is not coming back from the dead. The sata drive however lives on since I mounted it on a desktop win7 machine. I can read some of the the data outside of the c:\users folder but I need to see all of it. Since I am booted into another instance of windows, the security won't let me gain access to it. How do either I boot into it or gain access to the data another way? Thanks.

Answer:Need to recover drive from dead laptop

Run Linux Mint 16 off a flash drive or cd to look at the drive.

Main Page - Linux Mint

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My last XP computer died and I would like to recover some data from the hard drive - is it possible to do this within a computer running windows 7? Both HDs are Western Digital and use SATA. Thank you!

Answer:Recover data from dead XP HD with windows 7?

Provided the drive is operating and the files are not encrypted there should be no problem doing this. You may have to take ownership of some folders.

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My old trusty notebook died, so I got a ide cable from maplins that allows me to attach the notebook's hd to my desktop. The data is all there I can see the drive edit files etc as normal, the problem is that when I try to open the my documents folder access is denied (was running xp pro, with different user profiles) any ideas how to access the files within this folder? cheers, jim.

Answer:Trying to recover data from dead notebook - HELP!!

this might not work and you may have tried it but what happens if you create a user account on your desktop with the user name and password that you used on the laptop?

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Sorry if there's a better forum for this. I couldn't find it.

Basically, my Gateway Profile 5 has had three power supplies die on me and it's become so expensive to replace them that I've decided to just junk the thing as there's nothing too import on there that isn't archived... except a couple thousand dollars worth of music. I'm wondering if there's a way to recover those files and move them to a nice working computer some way. After that, the Gateway can go to hell for all I care. I just want to extract my music library from the HD somehow. If anyone can offer any support or any ideas, that would be great.

Answer:Can you recover files from a dead computer somehow?

take the hard drive out and put it into an enclosure. They make the drive into an external which can be plugged into another computer via usb. They are also fairly cheap, have seen them as low as 10 bucks. Search your favourite computer store for hdd enclosure and they will probably have something. Just have to make sure it is the right size and with the right sort of connectors and your good to go. IE, 2.5" laptop hard drives, 3.5" for desktops. IEDE or SATA connections, that sort of stuff.

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Hey there.

I have a very very weird problem with my comp. It ran fine yesterday (playing diablo 2) for about 6 hours. Today, within seconds of starting d2 I see a wealth of artifacts and VPU recover (I have a Radeon 9800 pro) kicks in, effectivly causing me to re-boot. However when I try to re-boot, nothing happens. I get a power light on the case, and my drives spin up, however nothing else happens. If I remove the ram from my computer, it beeps at me with I assume is the "no ram" message. Any Ideas what could be causing this?

ChinaTech VNF350 mb
AMD 64 3300+
2x 512mb ddr400 ram
Radeon 9800pro (128 meg)
IBM Deskstar 7200 rpm ata133 HD 200gb

Answer:VPU recover leads to dead bios

your board (assuming it's a chaintech), coming from a maker known for thier low quality, would be a big suspect. and without ram the machine shouldn't work at all, taking it out is pointless.
attempt resetting the bios and/or taking the battery out for more than 10 minutes.

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I upgrade my own memory, and add hardware like dvd burners, card reader bays ect. Have decent general computer knowledge. I use my comp to run several accounting programs, I do the books for 3 family businesses one fairly large. I always back up on a flash drive.

My 18 year old son bought himself a new computer and wanted to transfer files to his new comp so I let him erase and use my back up flash drive....(it is starting to sound bad...right) It was taking too long so he hooked his old comp up where mine was to put it on the network and tranfer files over the network. Unknown to me he took my power cord out of my UPI and plugged it in a cheap power cord to reach his old comp. When he plugged my comp back in it fried my motherboard (2 hours after I eraserd my back up!!!) then he plugged his old comp back in and fried his mother board his was a nice pavillion he was giving to a younger brother. I don't want to invest a lot of money in my comp as it is not worth it I would rather upgrade. I bought a hard drive case with usb capabilities which I was assured that I could access my files from. It turns out because I had an administrative password that I can't access any files that weren't already set up to be shared. I am running windows XP. There is no way to replicate all the accoutning records they are priceless. Can I do anything to retrieive them short of spending $300 and up on a 2 1/2 year old computer to replace the mother board. (it was a cheap emachin... Read more

Answer:Need to recover data from a dead computer

knethery said:

It turns out because I had an administrative password that I can't access any files that weren't already set up to be shared.Click to expand...

See How to bypass ACCESS DENIED error when accessing data from different XP/2000 install.

Please give your threads a proper (descriptive) title in the future.

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Hi from a new member.
Can anyone help with my son's problem?
His 40g hard drive has failed and is no longer recognised by BIOS. His opsys is Win ME, but I have tried his disk in my Win 98 machine in various combinations of Master and Slave but it never get recoginised (BIOS set to Auto detect). Have also swapped my drive into his machine and it works. But both machines hang at SLAVE not recoginised.
So, is there anyway I and get a machine to run BIOS past the Slave disk hangup and then get inormation off the slave? Or, is it complety hopeless?

Answer:Recover hard drive (dead or alive?)

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Hello, I have not posted here in a long time but whenever I had to in the past I have always received great help from everyone so I am once again looking for some help

First let me give you the back story info.

I am trying to fix a friends computer for them that was running windows me. When you boot the computer up, right away there is an error message saying:
"Invalid Boot Diskette. Insert Boot Diskette into Drive A:"

I tried using a Windows Boot Disk, Windows ME CD and a Western Digital Boot Disk and nothing worked. I checked the Bios for the boot order and the Hard Drive was not even showing up there. I then tried putting the hard drive in my computer and it did not work (I also put my hard drive in their computer and it worked fine). So at that point I am sure the drive is dead!

Today I went and bought a new hard drive for them (Maxtor) and proceeded to install it along with Windows ME. Everything went great and I went to start putting the software back on the computer for them. I decided to try one more time with the old drive because I know they have some important information that they would LOVE to save if possible.

I put the drive back in as a slave (correct jumper settings for both drive, I double checked that already) and booted up hoping that I may for some strage reason see the drive suddenly appear which it did not. I tried software that I had used once to recover files on my old HD (Restorer Pro) but that also did not pick up the driv... Read more

Answer:I think my HD is dead, but there seems to be a chance to recover the files. (Long Pos

Re: I think my HD is dead, but there seems to be a chance to recover the files. (Long

Have you checked to see if the drive is even spinning/powering up?? If the drive won't spin...the only way of retireving lost info is to send it in to one of those rahter costly hd recovery company...but most normal at home consumers will part with the lost info, before they'll pay the price to do that!!


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This is from a server that died a year ago. It was rebuilt on a new server, and the domain and users and everything we redone from scratch. 90% of the people were on RPC/HTTPS and had their email cached locally to their computers. So they were just manually and painstakingly synced to the new server through Outlook with PST files.

Eventually, several months later the hosting company finally sent the hard drives from the dead server. We pulled the edb and stm database files and log files off.

So far, I have built a new server with the same name and domain, etc and installed exchange 2003 and sp2.

I then copied all of the log files, edb, and stm files into the exchange\mdbdata folder on the new server.

i ran eseutil /mh and it said dirty shutdown state
i ran eseutil /p and it succesfully repaired the db and it now says clean.

i restarted exchange store service and tried to mount, no luck.

i moved all of the log files out of the exchange\mdbdata folder, restarted the store services again and can't mount..

this message may be what is wrong:

Event Type: Error
Event Source: MSExchangeIS
Event Category: General
Event ID: 1088
Date: 1/6/2011
Time: 6:25:39 PM
User: N/A
Computer: IPDAEZ2010ATL2
The information store could not be loaded because the distinguished name (DN) /O=GMD/OU=FIRST ADMINISTRATIVE GROUP/CN=RECIPIENTS/CN= of message database "First Storage Group\Mailbox Store (IPDAEZ2010ATL2)" does not m... Read more

Answer:Anyone ever recover an Exchange 2003 DB from a dead server before?

Download kernel edb recovery, extract the pst

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Hi, My HP G42 - 356TU Laptop's internal Hard Disk (Seagate) has crashed Suddenly and it is not getting detected by system. This hard disk contains some of my important documents and study materials which I want to recover. When I contacted a service center, I was told that it can be recovered by some expert professionals but that is a bit costly affair. Can anyone suggest, how the data can be recovered from the hard disk.? Thanks in advance for help. Regards,

Answer:to recover data from dead hard drive

Whether data can be recovered without heroic means depends on whether it spins up when connected to another computer with a usb to SATA adapter. You definitely want to remove it from the old machine as trying to boot from it will continue to damage whatever data is on there. I like to try to recover data from a Linux environment as Linux reads disks a bit differently than Windows and often the drive will mount and files will be visible in Linux that are not in Windows. There is also software that can read the drive "raw" even if the partition table is so messed up that files and folders are not visible. Post back with any more questions. 

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Hey All,
So here's the situation. I have a great DELL Inspiron that was given to me by a friend and it died. I ran diagnostics and it said files were corrupt (possibly the dlls). The thing is, my friend doesn't have the CD's anymore. I would love to revive this laptop cause it's awesome, but all I have are my Sony Vaio Recovery Discs and my EMachines from old computers. I also have Windows XP, but I don't know if that's good enough either. I would love some advice.

In the meantime, Santa brought me a MacBookPro and I simply cannot believe I don't need any anti-virus/adaware/spyware protection. I wonder if my need for help will decrease?

Thanks a bunch,

Answer:Dead DELL - Can I use Sony Vaio CDs to Recover?

No, the Dell would need a Dell Recovery disc or an XP one. You should be able to run the sfc /SCANNOW command and revive the corrupted files using the XP disc as long as the .dll's are Windows files and not for an application.

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Hi, I?m new to the forum and not really a computer ceek.
I got following problem, my hdd partition C on my HP Envy notebook is destroyed, the notebook has an recovery partition d which is also 500MB, how can I recover my personal data on the destroyed C? Is there the same data on the D like on the C?
The arms on the C are destroyed I guess everything else is working. I was thinking to get the same hdd drive and swap either the (double platters or the heads) but if I can do it differently I will refrain from taking the hdd apart.
Thanks for the help.

Answer:Dead hdd (C) on HP Envy notebook can I recover data?

Hi el condor,

Welcome to the SevenForums.

From what you have said I understand the HDD had suffered physical damage with a head crash. How did you decide that?

In such a case the HDD is a write-off and you cannot do a DIY.

If you want to do a data recovery in a physically damaged drive, you have to approach a professional data recovery service but it will cost you a bomb with unpredictable end results.

My honest advice would be to replace the hard drive. If you had made the recovery CDs, you can reinstall the factory installation.

If not you may have to do a clean install of the same Edition Windows that came preinstalled and use the COA key on the sticker of your HP Envy to activate it.

And if your notebook is still under warranty, contact HP Technical Support for the required service.

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My Nokia Lumia 625 Kept in full charge and then I have Press Down volume and power to-gather but nothing and also installed recovery tool. Kindly advice me how to start this total dead lumia 625

Answer:Please advice its total dead lumia 625 how to recover not vibrating by any mean.

Originally Posted by Windows Central Question My Nokia Lumia 625 Kept in full charge and then I have Press Down volume and power to-gather but nothing and also installed recovery tool. Kindly advice me how to start this total dead lumia 625 After installing windows device recovery tool, open it and follow instructions on recovering your phone

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We have a dead raid motherboard. We have data on 2 raid hard drives that we need to recover. Is there any way to do this without installing a new raid motherboard? Is there any company that can recover this data?

Answer:Solved: Recover data from dead raid system

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I've been trying to get my PC to run, it now looks like the best I can hope for is to maybe recover my personal data from the hard drive.

I thought I might have more luck with a better thread title

I've slaved the SATA hard drive to a fresh vista install, but vista won't allow me to 'see' any of the user files.

The drive properties suggest that all my data is there.

Does anyone know of any way to get the data off ?


Answer:Recover 'USER' files from dead vista install

Take ownership of the files.

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I have an IDE drive that I would call intermit. I mean I was able to access it once in a gazillion tries with a jury rigged Roswill thingamajig using Dead Disc Doctor on my home brew computer. I recovered several files before it stopped working altogether. My question:Does anyone know of a better way or possibly better software similar to what I hear about the FBI using on TV?I have tried putting it in the freezer for awhile, thumping it in various attitudes. I was using this drive for several years and wrote a number of short stories onto it I want to recover. Good stuff...Thanks for any Ideas.Copas

Answer:Popssible recover data from dead disc drive?

Hi Copas What drive is it the model would be enough info  . What happens when you try to access it, is it detected correctly in the bios and if not what is it detected as ?The best tool to check the drive is MHDD from here for future reference freezing a drive is a No no. Knocking a drive is the same.The best way is to have all the software tools available. Check the computer and cables with a known good drive. If this is the first time you have used the software get familiar with it on a known good system first.Then attach the failing drive, listen, watch the bios identification of the drive, if either sound or look wrong turn the computer off. Until the drive is detected in the bios correctly no software except MHDD will be safe accessing the drive so don't try.If you come back with answers to the above I am happy to advise you of the steps you can take.ThankyouLisa_maree   

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I think I'm screwed but I want someone to tell me in writing. Yesterday I was on my computer when my hard drive started making a clicking sound ("click of death" from what I gather). My computer immediately froze and I had to hold down the power button to get it to turn off. It won't turn back on. I can't start it in safe mode and when I tried to use the recovery CD it said there was no hard drive. Since then I've been using my friend's laptop and searching all over the internet for answers. I booted it with a Linex live CD tonight but I can't access any files (confusing, I don't know if I'm doing it right).

I bought my Compaq computer online in 2006. It came with Microsoft Office 2003 installed on it so I don't have a disk. I've upgraded to Office 2007 since then but downloaded it online so I don't have a disk for it either. All I have on disk is Office 2000. I backed up my Documents and Settings a few months ago but that does me no good if I don't have the software to go along with it.

Paying a professional costs a mint and I don't know if they would be able to recover anyway. Do I have any hope? Do you think I should try a new logic board or should I just give up and start over with a new hard drive and new software (with all of that extra money I most certainly don't have)?

Answer:Dead hard drive. Possible to recover files w/out professional?

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I barely got here, by a ubuntu live cd. Thank god for open source free live CDs.

Basically my main drive are 2 HDDs on RAID 0, MB = Asus Commando.

I got a virus and my windows is dead. I have to resolve the issue clearly...
The virus is probably dead, since the Norton AV knocked the XP dead.

I have two partitions on my RAID drive...

I tried to install windows on my second partition - doesn't work if i don't give it the raid driver and if the RAID driver is inserted via floppy with F6 through the windows install menu - its ok by the time I selected on which partition to install Windows it wanted me to insert the floppy disk again and didn't recognize it, said its either damaged or not there. Tough it copies from it at step one to recognize the drive ...

Now i have an old IDE barrauda and i hoped i can boot from it as a primary device, but when i hook it up and set it from bios it doesn't work and it enters a boot loop on windows load screen. My best guess it that its from the raid but I'm not all that experienced.

I wouldn't need help if formating my raid was an option.

So i need to get to my dead windows and save my program files/ web history / my documents and other folders that would get trashed if i use the tools from the XP install cd to repair/reinstall... If i access and save my files on the dead Windows system i could delete everything else and install again easy ...

I've read on forums that its safe only to... Read more

Answer:Help to recover a RAID0 with dead windows - formating is not an option.

If the drives are physically healthy, and the RAID setup is healthy, and if it's simply a Windows/software/file system problem, you can probably use a 'live' CD like the UBCD4Win (Ultimate Boot CD for Windows) which is basically a bootable CD that is just like running Windows from a CD drive. This leaves your hard drives alone so you can access them via an Explorer-like environment. You'll need a Windows XP disc, and a functional CD burner in order to build the CD. You can download it from here and the how-to-build guide is available here. You can also try using a Knoppix boot CD; it's a bootable Linux OS that runs exclusively from the CD. There's also the [email protected] BootCD which has a free demo version with most of the functions active. Once it's loaded, you can remove the disc which frees up the drive for burning if you have only one CD/DVD drive. Then you can burn your data and back it up. The UBCD4Win and the [email protected] both have many tools and repair options built in that should be helpful....

I hope these help!! Good luck, and keep us posted!

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My friend has a dell laptop, and now when they turn it on it just gets a black screen. I tried it, it just has a blinking cursor in the top left corner.
I booted to a linux mint cd, but when you try to mount the hard drive, it gives an error about the file system being half broken or something (sorry I don't have the exact error, but basically it said it couldn't mount and you should run chkdsk /f in windows)
So I took the hard drive out and put it in my usb drive dock. At first it seemed to add the drive, but, in explorer it only showed the dell recovery partition drive, not the main boot drive. I looked in computer management, and it doesn't show the drive at all, and then in explorer the dell recovery drive disappeared. Now explorer won't respond.
If I go to safely remove hardware it does show it as E and G, so I guess it's sort of seeing both the recovery and main drive partitions. I just clicked on it to safely remove but nothing is happening. Explorer is still not responding.
How should I proceed?

Answer:Trying to recover files from maybe dead laptop hard drive

10 minutes later safely remove finally comes up and says its safe to remove the drive (and explorer is no longer frozen) haha. I'm going to just turn off the dock for now and wait for some replies here because I'm not sure what to do next.

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Ok, a few weeks ago, I got enraged with my laptop ( Fuj-Siem Amilo Pro) and thumped it with my hand (right near the lower center - presumably where the hard drive is?) and well, it froze up -after reboot and I got some BSOD(blue screen of death) message.. Anyways, I ran the recovery console, recovered about 70% of my files with chkdsk /r (after 21 hours!) and though it did not complete, it still rebooted and I was able to boot windows and use my computer.. so, after two days of successful startups, I was trying to repair and re-install the files that were not recovered, (like MS office stuff, Itunes, etc) when it froze - and I waited for 25 minutes before I had no choice but to turn off at the mains.. I turned the power back on when I got a "disk read error press alt ctrl etc" and have sincxe tried everything you can do in recovery console to sort it; fixmbr, fixboot, chkdsk ( said it was fine) chkdsk /r/p - every command relative to the situation when running the recovery console before, the DOS recognized my windows installation ( C: 1Windows) now it just says C:> or something like that.

I went to buy an external hard rive USB ( Maxtor 120GB) and want to know how I can get the files on this USB drive. I need to get that DATA back - and the Recovery console is not going to repair again - (stays a 6% for 24 hours) and I just want to get this stuff off somehow onto the HDD.

Answer:Recover data from dead HD and dump on to external hard drive

try getting your hands on a 'live cd' like Ubuntu or something.

you have to boot your system from the disc, usually by pressing an 'f' key as soon as you press the power button (on my tosh its f12). then select boot from cd, instead of from the hard drive.

you will probably need to have your external drive attached before you start in order for the 'live OS' to recognise it.

then you should be able to view and perhaps even copy your files to the external hdd. you should even be able to format the original hard drive from here too, then you can re-install windows.

lastly try an anger management course. this really was a bit of a rookie error, wasn't it?

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At first, I don't need to recover my data, I just want my drive back to re-use it.
How can a format my usb drive including all boot sectors which sees to be locked/write-protected by bitlocker?

My problem starts with decrypting my drive by deactivting bitlocker on it by entering the valid password/recovery key. At 36% of decryption the process halts without reason. Now, I'm unable to access my drive or resume the process.

I tried... format with windows
   ..remove with diskmgmt
   ... remove with diskpart
   ... repair-bde
   ... manage-bde
   ... ubuntu live cd
   ... mass production tool software, to override the whole stick

nothing worked. The only thing which worked was once the software M3 Bitlocker recovery Free, but just one time to access the locked partition. But, as mentioned I don't need to recover my data. With that tool I'm not able to wipe the drive.

That Bitlocker protects my data till the end is good, but that it breaks my data and my hardware in such a case is not fair.
How can I break the write-protection mode to finally wipe the hard drive?

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Hey everybody. I have made the mistake of not backing up some important files on a computer at work. This computer was connected to an APC battery unit, which lost power. Now the computer won't start (even when connected to a normal outlet) and I need to recover these files by whatever means possible. I'll describe the troubleshooting I've done so far:

-Computer will not power on when connected to a known good outlet (CPU fan doesn't spin, no LED's come on).

-Disconnected power switch wires from motherboard. Connected wires to multimeter and verified continuity when pressing power button.

-Unplugged all power supply connections from motherboard and drives. Plugged power supply to a known good outlet. Shorted pins 15 and 16 on the 24 pin connector. Power supply fan runs. Checked voltages with a multimeter (3.3V, 5V, 12V) and all were very close, except one of the connectors which read 3.0V. (I read that this is out of spec, but not by much) It seems to me that there might be a motherboard or CPU problem, since it isn't starting at all (CPU fan does NOT spin when I press the power button, and no LED's come on).

-Removed hard drive from computer and connected this hard drive (via Power supply and SATA connections) to a known good computer. The other computer recognizes the hard drive in BIOS. However, within the Windows 7 OS, I can't see the files on the hard drive. Perhaps I'm oversimplifying the issue by thinking I can simply swap hard drives and access the files on the s... Read more

Answer:Need to recover files from dead computer. Can I read them directly from the hard drive?

Try booting into a Linux LiveCD and hooking the HDD up as a secondary drive (either internal or external - doesn't matter). See if Linux can read the drive since Windows can't.

One thing to check before doing that though is, while in Windows and the HDD hooked up, go to start > right click Computer > Manage... > click Disk Management on the left panel > and see if it is recognized there. See what options are there if it is there when you right click it.

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Worth a read: Don't Panic! How to Recover Data From a Dead Hard DriveRecently I was recovering data from my friends laptop when I decided to see some different ways of recovering or backing up a hard drive.Through Google I came across this article:[/size][/size]It tells you about hard drive recovery and how you can go about doing it. It then also tells you what the chances are for recovering from a drive that has gone through a mechanical failure (Gone through a natural disaster or dipped in oil).Upon reading this I decided to find software that can recover data in situations that the hard drive is a logical failure.Here I found:[/size][/font]Clonezilla comes in a live CD that you can load into a computer and creates a partition or disk clone from your hard drive.[[/size][/font]Bacula comes with a set of programs that can manage backup, recovery and even support doing so over a large network with different OS's.[/size][/font]Redo Backup and Recovery can just about do that lot, recover, backup, partition editing, partcloning etc. and it comes in a live cd so you can boot it straight from the system.These are only a few free programs that I found from browsing SourceForge (best place for a community of people working on free projects) and it would be great if other people could sugges... Read more

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cant recover my dead bios on t500.too bad im in zimbabwe there is no ibm lenovo companies for help.i jus get back to use my dinosaur desktop.

Answer:boot usb dont work to recover dead bios on lenovo t500

I'll start by asking if you get the Thinkpad image on the screen when you power on the system? USB functions are provided by the BIOS, without a functional BIOS, there is no functional USB.   In the case of BIOS corruption where the machine becomes unusable there is little answer other then finding an Lenovo repair center.  However before I considered it dead I would try resetting the CMOS and see if that helps,  The HMM will show you how to take the unit apart to gain access to the battery, it is located under the keyboard.  Make sure you have the AC, and battery removed when you do this.  Best of luck, hopefully you don't have a completely dead system.

Thinkpad T500-2081 CTO | T9400 2.53GHz | 8 GB RAM | ATI HD3650 + Intel GM45 | 15.4" LED WXGA+ | Windows 10 | ATI Catalyst 13.1 (non-switchable)Thinkpad 390x | PII 333 | 256mb ram | NeoMagic 256AV | SVGA LCD | OS/2 v4.52

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Good morning and Help! I hope you can help me by clarifying some important information that you might have seen posted in this forum regarding the recovery of the AIO 700-27ISH display after the failed install of the Scalar Fonts Improvement Firmware package. I attempted to send a private message to the original poster about his or her solution, but evidently he or she is no longer a forum member. In a thread about trying to recover from a Scalar Fonts Improvement Firmware install failure, the solution was stated as follows: "I plugged in an HMDI cable between the HDMI out and the HDMI in ports (press round source button next to power button) and reapplied the 27" patch repeatedly until it successfully installed." Has anyone been able to realize success with this solution? I am a neophyte and don't understand about the plugging in the HDMI cable setup. I have my spare monitor plugged into my machine's HDMI-Out port and can read the computer's display there, but don't know how to plug an HDMI cable into both of the AIO's HDMI-out and HDMI-in ports simultaneously, which is how I interpreted the posted advice. If only one port should be plugged in at a time, which port should I connect to the second monitor? Also, once I plug in the cable, should I just press the round source button until something happens, or do I need to run the firmware update (again) as an adminisrator? Any clarification as to the setup used per the above posted advice... Read more

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The main hard drive on my Twist died after only a little more than a year, just a few months after the warranty expired (of course).  i have installed a new drive, but is there any way to recover/re-install windows 8.1 without buying the recovery disks from Lenovo for $45?   is it possible there is a back up on the 24GB SSD?  

Answer:Thinkpad Twist S230U Hard Drive (500GB) completely Dead - How do i recover/Re-install windows 8?

Download [legally] an ISO of Windows 8.1. It should automatically detect the product key embedded in your BIOS to activate itself.Use ThinkVantage System Update to download and install all the drivers you need.

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bit locker drive encryption failed to recover from an abruptly terminated conversion
i have 2tb segate hd i have stoped  encryption on 94% and shut-down pc now im getting this message 'bitlocker drive encryption failed to recover from an abruptly terminated conversion' while unlocking hd what to do? i will get my data?........please
help me

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I am resetting my surface pro 3 to factory reset. it lock me out to bitlocker key. it shows me the key id. how can i retrieve the bitlocker key?

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I have an older Laptop that operates on  Windows 7 Ultimate,I have the Bitlocker Drive Encryption on and encrypted for Drive C:   I now started the process of encrypting my external usb hdd Drive E: which has a long way to go for it's large
size. During the encryption I needed to disconnect it so I paused the encryption like it says to do before removing or changing any files on it. I then plugged my drive into a newer laptop I have that operates on Windows 10,. I was prompted for the Bitlocker
Drive Encryption Password screen like normal just like on my Windows 7 laptop so I enter the password and it was correct and it began the encryption process again. When I finished with what I needed to do on the Windows 10 laptop I paused the encryption again
and disconnected the drive. I am now back on my Windows 7 Ultimate OS and plugged the drive in, Bitlocker Encryption Password Screen comes up again and I entered my password but now for some reason it's saying the password is incorrect?  "But It's
not incorrect",is there a reason why this has happen and a way to fix it? My second issue is that I have the recovery key written down on paper but on the fifth line of the eight lines that makes the recovery key I left out a number,did not write it correctly,
there for I cannot just reset my password using the key and get back to normal again. Any way to find the lost number to the key? As I do have the rest of it written correctly please help tha... Read more

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After rebooting one of our test machines, bitlocker wanted the recovery key.
There were no hardware modifications on that machine.
Error message in event log:
Bootmgr failed to obtain the bitlocker volume master key from the TPM because the PCRs did not match
Event id 24635, source bitlocker-driver
 Each time the machine starts, the recovery key is needed.
Any idea how to solve that issue and why it happens?
Second partition was created manually on that machine. So that's clear that bitlocker reacts...
But now: how can I confirm those changes so that the recovery key is not needed each time we boot?

Answer:Bitlocker enabled drive, recovery key needed during boot, PCS did not match, event id 24635, source bitlocker-driver

I would like to confirm if BitLocker accepts the recovery key?
Please update the BIOS to improve the stability for TPM first.
I also would like to suggest you disable and enable BitLocker again to reset the settings.
For more information, please refer to the following link:
Arthur Li
TechNet Subscriber Support
in forum
If you have any feedback on our support, please contact
[email protected]
 Please remember to click ?Mark as Answer? on the post that helps you, and to click ?Unmark as Answer? if a marked post does not actually answer your question. This can be beneficial to other community members reading the thread.

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Hello and good afternoon, I have a issue where a manager started the Bitlocker process on the SD card in his Surface Pro 3

with Windows 8.1. The Bitlocker attempt failed at 3.4% completed but the SD card ended up being Bitlocked without providing the Bitlocker Recovery Key (I've never seen this happen before). He doesn't know the password for the SD card and of course
I've been tasked to somehow release the encryption so that he can get the required information off of the SD card. 

Is there anything that can be done to release the encryption on the SD card or has the SD card been made non-accessible moving forward?

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I tried using HP BIOS Flashing utility on my HP Z400 Workstation, and it says it can't continue because I have Bitlocker enabled, but I don't have bitlocker on Win 7 Professional 32bit. I don't see it on the control panel or in context menus. I do see it set to manual in "Services" but the service in not running. Is there a way to find drives Bitlocked or are my drives being treated as bitlocked because of my antivirus program AVG?

Answer:BIOS flash error, BITLOCKER on? No bitlocker installed, Win 7 Pro

In the services window is there and option to disable or turn off...there should be. Just change the startup type from manual to disable and reboot. Then try your BIOS update.

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My phone stopped forgiving falls and the screen slowly went out a few days ago. But it does "act like" it can take photos, the arrow, windows, and magnifying glass icons light up and I can unlock it. My PC doesn't detect the phone, I've downloaded nokia and mircrosoft recovery tools, still no luck. Am I out of luck?

Answer:How do I recover files from a lumia 1020 with a "dead" screen?

Press and hold the volume up button while plugging your phone to your PC - this should force the phone to make it detectable.
However, if you set a PIN, you still won't be able to access your device. In that case, you would need to have your screen replaced without having the service center format your phone.
If you didn't set a PIN, then you should be able access your files with no problems with the mentioned procedure above.
You may create a Windows Central account to Reply in this thread.

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My above phone has gone suddenly dumb and deaf. No music, no call ringtones, no skype, no Cortana - nothing related to voice and sound. My phone has not been dropped, sunk in water or anywhere near magnate or hot appliances, it is always in soft cover. I have taken utmost care yet why this happens

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Ok folks I have a problem.

I have a 250 gig hard drive that basically died on me. Since I was building a new computer anyway, I just left it in my old machine and built my new computer.....well time came and I wanted to recycle the old machine, but I pulled the old hard drive (the "dead" one).

I want to pull the data that is on there but I am running into this problem. It's an IDE drive and I plugged it into the motherboard and power supply and booted the machine.

The motherboard recognized the drive, but when the computer boots to Vista, Vista doesn't show it Computer, but yet when I go to Device Manager, it shows the drive - yet I can't access anything.

How can I pull the data I want from the drive before I give up and drill holes into the platters?

Answer:"DEAD" hard drive - Need to recover data

Hello. Do you have it installed as slave? If so and can't be read, try this. Start,Control Panel,Administrative Tools,Computer Management,Disk Management. Find your 250GB drive if it shows up.Right click,choose Open. Then find files you want and use "send to " command.Good luck.

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Ok, so first off, let me say I regret ever going to the stupid Geek Squad to fix my computer at all. I understand it instantly makes me an object of ridicule. However, I am a jerk and usually can't fix my computer myself.


A few months ago my computer was acting all sorts of wonky: taking forever to boot up, refusing to run simple programs, taking forever to connect to the internet, wouldn't run even a simple YouTube video, etc. etc. As I desperately needed the computer for school (I had an online class about to start), I caved and took it to Geek Squad. They told me the hard drive was dead and needed to be replaced. They also told me it would cost about $200 for data recovery. I didn't have any $ (this was all done under warranty) so I told them to just go ahead and fix it.

Fast forward a week or two...

I'm at Best Buy picking it up:

Geek Squad: Sign here. Oh, and here's your discs.
Me: Discs? What discs?
Geek Squad: The discs you dropped off when you dropped off the computer.
Me: I didn't drop off any discs!
Geek Squad: Well, they were with your computer when we got it.

Come to find out, my two darling sons (ages two and four) shoved a couple discs into the DVD drive, at the same time and without my knowledge. Hence, my computer did NOT need a new hard drive (I'm assuming) because my kids just clogged it up by trying to force two discs to run at the same time. Rather than check this before they ran their diagnostic tests, Geek Sq... Read more

Answer:Recover data from "dead" hard drive?

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So my brother dropped his computer to the ground, and now it is not working properly.
I started windows in repair mode, but the computer freezes like this, but without the repair box.
I was wondering if it is possible to recover some of the files and stuff on the HD, when the computer is unable to boot.
I have taken out the harddrive from my brother's computer, and put it in to my own computer. When i did that, my own computer asked me if i wanted to run a disk-controll or something like that. After it finished, the computer has freezed like this: Imgur
The text at the bottom says: Controll of usn log complete. It has been like that for almost half an hour now, and i am not sure of what to do.
Answers are much appreciated.

Answer:Need help to recover files from a "dead" harddrive

Hello haakelv!

What kind of drive is it that your brother has? Brand and model?

The disk controller is plainly said a chip that controls a drive depending on its type – IDE, SCSI etc. It enables the CPU to “communicate” with the HDD.
The USN Journal is connected with the NTFS format and it maintains a record of changes which were made to the volume.

From what I understand by dropping his PC, your brother broke his hard drive's disk controller which nowadays is integrated in the hard drive itself, and evidently inserting the drive in to your system led to a USN Journal scan, which (if I am translating correctly) CHKDSK has checked the USN log, has repaired the USN Journal data flow and completed. But the system has hanged.

In my opinion the drive is too damaged to load, the disk controller is most likely broken, thus the drive can't communicate with the system on a healthy level.

You could plug the drive out, restart your system, plug in the drive again, go in to BIOS to make sure your own disk is at first booting position and see if you could load into your OS and open the drive through My Computer, but I doubt it would work.

You'll have to use a data recovery software or company if you need anything from the drive.

Good luck!


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I turned on Bitlocker on three new Windows 8.1 laptops and saved the 48-digit recovery keys and associated identifiers, but I forgot to indicate which laptops they are associated with. Is there any way to find the identifiers/recovery keys on my laptops so I can document this? Or do I have to decrypt the laptop drives, turn off Bitlocker, and start all over again to generate new identifiers/recovery keys? My only options under Manage Bitlocker are Suspend protection, Back up your recovery key, and Turn off BitLocker.

Answer:BitLocker Identifier generated after turning on Bitlocker

Hello Edwin, and welcome to Eight Forums.

No worries. If you should ever need to unlock to drive, it'll provide you with a recovery key ID number that you can use to ID which recovery key to use. The tutorial below can give you more details about this to help get an idea if ever needed.

BitLocker Recovery - Unlock a Drive in Windows 8

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I installed Windows 10 on m'y surface pro. After a week started to freeze and then completely. I tried to restart many times and now is asking a bitlocker key. I went on microsoft site and by email got a password that is not a bitlocker key. How to get one ?

Answer:Win10, Surface Pro, Frozen and now asking bitlocker key. How do I get a bitlocker key?

Retrieve bitlocker key
Sent from my Lumia 1020

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My BitLocker password is not working after format my c drive. instead i have my recovery that is also not working.
Please somebody help me to unlock my disk.

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Initially I found that BitLocker on the Go supported removable media like flash drives and external drives. Why isn't a CD/DVD supported since it is considered removable media? Will this support be available in future releases?

Answer:Will BitLocker or BitLocker on the Go ever support CD/DVD encryption?

Bitlocker to Go is not supported on CD/DVD. Your suggestion is valuable, I will forward this information to the appropriate department through our internal channel.
Both the Microsoft Product Team and Development Team will take into consideration all suggestions and feedback for future releases.
Currently, you may need third party software to encrypt CD/DVD.
Best Regards,
 Niki Han
TechNet Community Support

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 The windows 10 Pro computer has died, and I would like to put the in my new computer with windows 10 home.   I would like to remove the bit locker password,  so I can reinstall windows 10 pro while keeping my files and apps,  
I'm unable to do this while the drive is encrypted.  How do I remove drive encryption from the drive while I have the drive slaved to a windows 10 home computer? 

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I am trying to enable BitLocker on a Windows 7 Ultimate x32 system with TPM. I follow the Wizard and when asked to encrypt the drive I select 'Run BitLocker system check' and 'Continue' (see attached sreenshot).
The USB is inserted and contains the recovery key (.txt and .tpm). During reboot I get:

Windows BitLocker Drive Encryption Information
The system boot information has changed since BitLocker was enabled.
You must supply a BitLocker recovery password to start this system.
Confirm that the boot changes to this system are authorized.
If the changes to the boot system are trusted, then disable and re-enable
BitLocker. This will reset BitLocker to use the new boot information.

Otherwise, restore the system boot information.


Windows then continues to start normally. After login I get an error message: BitLocker could not be enabled (see attached screenshot).
When I check TMP it shows as active, initialized and owned.

I've started out from scratch several times - same results. I can't figure out what the problem is.
This is driving me nuts.

Any help appreciated


Answer:Bitlocker: BitLocker could not be enabled

DELL: d420
Hard drive: System reserved 100MB NTFS, 27.84GB NTFS

Manufacturer name: BRCM
Manufacturer version: 2.10
Specification version: 1.2
Status: The TPM is on and ownership has been taken

I've since modified the group policy settings for Bitlocker to use a PIN.
I am still getting the same results.
I follow the wizard, select check the system, reboot, enter PIN, get the same "error" messages as shown in my previous post.

This makes no sense.

Any help?

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Hi all, a while ago I had the idea to start from scratch to clean up the system and gain more performance. But I have not done yet because I have some doubts.

On the PC I have Acronis True Image Home 2011
--> In the part where it says My backups I see the image that I have saved.
--> When I click on "Explore and recover" :To the right I see 2 items to recover: "Reserved for System and Local Disk (C)"
Therefore, the partition (D)will remain intact. Right ? But if I want to restore everything, both partitions, i have to use the option "Files and folders" ?

Extra info : I did not create the image, other person is who created it :P

Answer:Difference between recover partitions or recover files and folders.

How long ago was that Acronis image made?

I guess I don't understand your intent. You talk about starting over to clean up and gain more performance, but then express interest in restoring "everything".

Was that image made at a time when your system was running perfectly? How has your system changed since that date? If you restore, you will have to reinstall any applications you've acquired since the image was made. And that image won't contain any personal data acquired since it was made. Maybe it contains no personal data at all?
If you are going to "start from scratch", I assume you mean you want to do a clean install of Windows.

If you were to do that, the only thing in that image file that might possibly be important to you would be personal files---pictures, videos, mp3s, Word documents, browser bookmarks, possibly email, etc. And that would be personal files as of the date of that image, not your current personal files. And not Windows itself.

If I wanted to "start over", I would:

1: back up all current personal files to some other drive, probably external. I would NOT use an image for this. I'd just copy them with the mouse.

2: reinstall Windows.

If I did those 2 things, the contents of the Acronis image would be irrelevant.

You should forget about Acronis if you don't understand it or know whats in any images you have. Particularly if you didn't make the image yourself. Images can fail you anyway. I'd never rely on them exclusi... Read more

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Facing any difficulty in finding a good program for testing dead pixels on your monitor? Try Dead Pixel Finder! It is a simple application that helps you find dead pixels on your screen easily and may revive it. The free application features 8 solid color backgrounds and 4 pattern tests using which you can identify color problems and find invalid pixels.
For convenience, use highest possible color mode (32bit optimal) and also the highest supported refresh rate to avoid pattern flicker.
Download Dead Pixel Finder.

Answer:Dead Pixel Finder Windows 8 Store App: Finds Dead Pixels on your Screen

This will be handy. Although, there are some higher resolution monitors where the dot pitch is very tiny and it is hard to detect anyway. I'm hoping to pick one of those beauties up soon. This program will definitely come in handy!

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Dead Pixels on z560 screen + dead backlight at corner some time!!  absolutly no service for huge buckswhat should i do?  serviceguys says send camera shots. so i needed to buy $400 camera 14 megapixelsfirst to take good screenshots.  lenevo support contact me or i am gonna make a court case in consumer court. your service guys are asking me to take HD quality screenshots.  you must understand that you should provided cameras to your centers not me..


Go to Solution.

Answer:Dead Pixels on z560 screen + dead backlight at corner some time!!

Problem  is solved.

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I've got Satellite 5100-603. There have been some dead pixels on display. I don't know is it really dead pixel problem or not because the black area seems to be behind the screen. When i move left and right sides, the black area moves left and right sides too (as if the black area is behind the screen pixels)! And i can tell that all pixels are working OK when i look from the right and left sides of the display (because the pixels that seems to be dead, changes at different looking angles).

Are there really dead pixels or is it some other problem?
Is there anything that i can do about it?

For info, i am using my laptop for 2,5 years and there is no warranty of course...

Thanks for any help..

Answer:Satellite 5100 - Question about dead pixels. Is it really dead pixel problem?


Due to your description it is not easy to give you a proper answer. On my old notebook I had two dead pixels and it was easy to see them at the boot up process. At the beginning you can see Toshiba welcome screen and dead pixels are usually green (background is black).

Sorry but there is nothing to do. You must live with it because exchanging the display is very expensive.

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I'm In a dilemma with An Emachines T2792 I received the pc from a friend whom knows I work on PC's on the side when I plugged it in I found it to be stuck turned on
The green indicator light was lit like it was turned on, but no signal was stated on the monitor,, then after trying unsuccessfully to press and Depress many times did nothing
so I unplugged and replugged in the same, so I unplugged again, and messed with button some more then replugged in , nothing no green indicator light then i noticed a soft whistling and clicking sounds from power supply, so I got another brand new power supply {correct power supply} when I plugged tower in it lit the green indicator light on tower then softly went out
I tried pressing in power button nothing no response.
Now my question is I am pretty sure I need to buy another power supply now
But I need some ideas on what to replace to get the pc up and running again??
would it be the switch???
or the motherboard????

Answer:2 Dead Power Supplies need to Ressurect Dead Emachine T2792 Help

I had a similar problem with an emachines T2825. When I plugged it in, it automatically came on, and wouldn't turn off unless I unplugged it. It wouldn't POST or anything. After testing everything, I found out that the motherboard was bad. So that would be my guess, is that it could possibly have a bad motherboard.

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I have a yoga 2 pro purchased in the last quarter of 2014, with windows 8.1. I have been using it with no hint of issues until two nights ago.I was watching a video online and the display turned off much like it would if it were about to go to sleep, but I could hear the audio from the show that i was watching stI'll playing. I tried the normal things to get it to work - press buttons, turn the power on and off, tried tablet mode, basically anything i could think of. I also connected the computer to an external display and it shows up on the external monitor fine, but nothing on the laptop monitor itself. The touch on the laptop monitor still works and sometimes if i hold my phones flashlight to the screen i can make out an this leads me to believe that it is a hardware problem with monitor itself. I have contacted lenovo and they have told me that the screen needs to be serviced.But before I send it back I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem occur and what did lenovo do to correct it. Thanks in advance.

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Hi. I'm new here. and sorry if I offend anyone by asking a question about my G4 power mac.

Recently my G4 PowerMac stopped running. I push the power-on button, which lights up, but then fades away. The computer does not turn on. the first time this happened, a strange burning smell came from within the computer tower.

I traced the smell to, first, I thought was the power supply.
I've opened the power supply completely and tested the fuse, which was okay. I checked for burnt circuitry, but found none. Later, I noticed there wasn't really any smell coming from the power supply, but rather the CPU board. So I took off the heat sink covering the CPU and revealed (pictures at link below) these 6 electronic components labeled 6670AL (FDB). And the one at the far bottom-left has some peeling material around its base, so I'm only guessing that this part got scorched a little. Any tech people out there? Does it sound reasonable that this one little part could be the cause of the disfunction of my computer? Is it still likely that I have a dead power supply? Maybe I can just replace this one electronic component and everything will work fine (I'm hoping) ? thanks for any help.

here are pictures:

My computer has had a history of poor performance. In the beginning it would just turn off out of no where (suddenly). I assume due to heat problems in my house. I also have a dog, whose hair sometimes gets in the fans. Later on, I noticed the f... Read more

Answer:help.. ::Apple:: hardware... power supply dead? or cpu board dead? help anyone?

I know very little about macs however Is the memory ok? thats probably the part i have fry the most on me.

anyhow this forum may get better results in your search

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Nothing happens if I hit WinX, and if I right click START cursor moves up and right a bit but nothing happens. Right click an icon, very poor response, yet shellexview shows nothing odd. Had separate issue - couldn't log into to other IDs, fixed that by copying clean DEFAULT from other Win 10 PC. I've done everything I can find, the DISM stuff, the reinstallation of 'window' apps. This appears to be a common problem. It used to work fine some weeks ago, don't know exactly when this started.

System is a laptop with 16gb ram, I7, HP with hybrid graphics, build 10586 / 1511 up to date HOME.

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My Lenovo X200 battery just gave up without a reason. It was giving me a charge time of 3-4 hours with the power manager showing that the battery was in good condition. However, the next day it just gave up and now it has essentially turned into a desktop as if I unplug it, the system will shut down. Moreover, the power manager is displaying that the battery has failed due to normal wear and tear. 
Here are the details of the system:
Notebook bought: April 2009
Cycle Count: 195
Product ID: 7454CTOSerial Number: XXXXXXX
Thank you the help.
moderator note: removed serial number from public view for owner's protection.

Answer:Dead Battery Syndrome - 3 to 4 hours of charging and the next day it went dead!

the chip inside the battery detected a problem with one or more cells and shut it down.  your only choice is a new battery.

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my toshiba laptop was dead, the powerlight came on, the hard-disk was spinning but the screen remained blank.
I tried everthing , stripping it completely, trying a new ram and narrowed the problem to the motherboard or the cpu. i.e I can conclude that the problem is with the the mobo or the cpu.
This was a month ago.

Today I switched on again and voila! it worked, the bios loaded! I had removed the hard-disk, so switched it off, attached the HD and started it up again.. this time it didn't work. And hasn't since. I have again stripped it down , but it still doesn't work.
CAn anyone plzzzzz exlplain what is going here?? I mean it started , that means nothings fried, right??


btw the fan spins for exactly 5 seconds before turning off.

Answer:Dead laptop came back to life, now dead again

there is something like a "hardware reset" available on many laptops.
- try to plug out everything except cpu and memory
- remove the battery and do not attach the power supply
- open the lid and hold the power on button for like 20 seconds
- plug everything back in and try to boot
that worked for me for some compaq and dell laptops which did act like yours

my two cents...

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I'm working on a 10-yr old HP pavillion pc. The pc would not turn on at all, monitor displays 'no signal'. the pc lights flicker. I had an older atx power supply and tried that- it worked. so I know that the old power supply was bad. the case was VERY dirty. almost all the vent holes were clogged. even after I tried my 'new' power supply, the cpu fan does not come on and I still get 'no signal' on monitor (the hard drive/cdrom drive DO come on). I'm thinking the power supply blew, taking the mobo with it. I don't want to spend alot of time on this, but can anyone offer any thoughts on this? thanks.

Answer:power supply dead;cpu fan dead,mobo?

A 10 year old system that you don't want to spend a lot of time on. What can I say?

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Computer was given to me because the cdrom was dead.
The tick of death started, so the harddrive is dead too(it is dead now sure)
XP licence is stuck under laptop.

Pity to throw this laptop away, I would liket to get XPback on, but failling that anything is accepted.

Answer:laptop, dead cdrom, dead harddrive

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sony vaio xp sp2...lots of peripheral usage, we have front and rear usb ports, digital cameras, printers, mp3 players
one morning when switching the usb printer cable from the laptop back to the front usb port on the desktop, the computer froze and NONE of the usb's front or back, have worked ever since.

important to note is that we do lots of plugging/unplugging usbs for the above devices

what we have tried to awaken our usb's (keep in mind we are in the early learning stages of computer knowledge...)

static discharge
safe mode reinstallation of usb root,etc
system restore...didn't matter how far back we went

last ditch chance is a system recovery, so we bought an external hard drive and are backing up ( as with everything we do, not without problems, but that is another post here)
in preparation for the recovery

any other, clear step by step advice for us?
thanks in advance!

Answer:Solved: all dead usb ports....not dying...DEAD.

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