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Format & Partition New Drive to Use as a Backup Drive or Storage Drive

Question: Format & Partition New Drive to Use as a Backup Drive or Storage Drive

I want to prepare a factory fresh drive so that I can use it to save backup images. Soon I will have a second drive that will only be used to store data files. Neither drive will ever be used for the installation of an operating system. From what I've read, I see no advantage to having more than a single partition on either drive. I know I want to use NTFS.

This should be straightforward. I'm finding it is not. I cannot formulate a search that points me to the right tutorial or thread. Either I get hundreds of options to consider or, if I try to narrow the options, no answer is found.

Please point me to the right discussion. Perhaps the answer will help others who come after me, too.



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Preferred Solution: Format & Partition New Drive to Use as a Backup Drive or Storage Drive

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Format & Partition New Drive to Use as a Backup Drive or Storage Drive

Do you know how to make a partition and format a drive?

You can do it all in Windows Disk Management.

You don't need to do anything special to the drive just because it is going to store images.
Treat it like any other drive.

Format it with a single partition.

Store your image files on it. Use a folder structure if you want to---perhaps naming a folder something like "Macrium image of C partition, 060714" so you know the date of the image.

Nor do you need to use a separate drive just for image storage.

Make your images and store them like ordinary data. Back up the images just like you'd back up any other important data file. That's what they are: important data.

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I have an anternal media drive whith a number of hidden partitions which do not show up in windows. One of these partitions had become corrupted and unuseable and I would like to try re formatting it to fix the error.

In Partition Magic there are a number of drives listed. Some of the drives on the partition have assigned drive letters but the one I want to format has is greyed out and listed with a * infront of it. Partition Magic will let me enter the drive to view details and even gives me the option to format it BUT then wants to assign the drive the letter A:

If I do this then the media drive will be unable to work as it will have lost the file path it needs to record on to. I just wnat to re format this drive (with whatever freeware) and have the drive letter (wich is currently unassigned) untouched so that the media player never knows its been formatted.

File system is FAT32, partition size is 10gb, using Partition Magic, there are 2 partitions with assigned drive letters and 3 without on the 1gb HDD.

Any help or suggestions appreciated thanks.

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As the title says I just formatted the drive that contains windows, and now that I have it reinstalled when I try to access the other storage drive I have installed it wants to format it! It says it's "RAW" and unpartitioned now. WTF? Is there anything I can do to retrieve the data from it or do I have to format it to be able to use it? During setup I only formatted drive C: which was my windows drive so I don't understand why I can't access the other drive now.

Answer:Just formatted my windows drive, now Windows wants to format my storage drive?

Can you boot another machine with your storage drive as the slave and copy your data off of that? I once used fdisk from Gentoo LiveCD to re-partition a HD that had data on 3 primary partitions into having the first partition being the only setup (didnt re-size partition though) then a few days later, I used fdisk again to re-create the partitions as before and everything worked fine, although I did keep track of the size of the partition so I would know where to start/end a partition. Maybe you can try this but I dont want you to risk dataloss

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I have my OS on an SSD and then I have 3 2 TB hard drives that I use to have a triple redundancy backup. I have one drive I save everything to and then I use a program called GoodSync to back up that main drive to two other drives. It is a bit overkill but I know I will have to have 3 drives fail at the same time to lose everything so it works for me.

Windows 10 is seeing my drives incorrectly when I select all folder in each of the 2 backup drives it says 442 GB of used space my main one says the same, however when I right click the drive letter and select properties it says the 2 backup drives have 875 GB of used space and 829 GB of used space.

I verified that the folders all have the same things in them as they should because they are clones of the main drive.

I need to format the 2 backup drives and then use GoodSync to copy the data to each drive so Windows 10 reads my drives properly.

What is the easiest and best way to format the storage drives so I can start off with "empty drives" I know they won't be "empty" but you get what I mean?

Thanks in advance

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Is there an easy way, or the best way to partition and format in NTFS an extra
hard drive. If I use the cd process, at what point do I turn off computer, how
much has to be on storage drive, 4.3 mb for it to be recognized/accepted by OS?


Answer:How best to format extra storage drive on XP

Use Disk Management - Right click My Computer | Manage | Disk Management
or Start | Run enter diskmgmt.msc

You'll see the new drive as unallocated space. Right click the graphic for the drive, choose create partition and follow the prompts. Don't remember off hand if it also lets you format at the same time; if not, when the partition is created, right click the drive again and choose format.



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I have my OS on an SSD and then I have 3 2 TB hard drives that I use to have a triple redundancy backup. I have one drive I save everything to and then I use a program called GoodSync to back up that main drive to two other drives. It is a bit overkill but I know I will have to have 3 drives fail at the same time to lose everything so it works for me.

Windows 10 is seeing my drives incorrectly when I select all folder in each of the 2 backup drives it says 442 GB of used space my main one says the same, however when I right click the drive letter and select properties it says the 2 backup drives have 875 GB of used space and 829 GB of used space.

I verified that the folders all have the same things in them as they should because they are clones of the main drive.

I need to format the 2 backup drives and then use GoodSync to copy the data to each drive so Windows 10 reads my drives properly.

What is the easiest and best way to format the storage drives so I can start off with "empty drives" I know they won't be "empty" but you get what I mean?

Thanks in advance

Answer:what is the best and safest way to format a storage drive

Hi Eaglepi.

If you right click on the drive you will get the option to format. Now the question then becomes do you do a "Quick" format or full.

A quick will take minutes, a 2TB several hours. I just did a low level format (Full) on a 4TB in USB external enclosure which took two days.

You could also enter Disk Management and delete the partitions on the drives, create new and then format, quick or full.

While your premise of having three drives will protect you from physical drive failures it will not protect you from Ransomware and other data damaging routines (viruses) if they are all connected and online when in use. To be really protected you should have an offline device that is not stored right beside your main computer. (Fire, theft, water damage).


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New at XP and about to install. After installation, when I
add a 4.3 extra drive for storage, could or should I format
with 98 diskette or use NTFS format or will either work ?

If NTFS is the only way, will comuter with XP installed
know what to do with 'no partition' drive??


Answer:Proper Format for Extra Storage Drive

The Disk Management Utility in XP can create partitions and format for you. FAT32 or NTFS.

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I have 3 drives in my system,
64gb boot Health System Active
640g Apps Health Primary 376gfree
500g storage Healthy Primary 496gfree

I'm trying to a backup with a system image,
It says for the storage drive when selected that it will not do a system image.
But when I select the 640, it doesnt say it wont, but will not let me choose any files from that drive.

Not sure what is going on,
thanks for any help.

Answer:Cant select storage drive for backup.

Please clarify:

Are those 3 separate drives, each with one partition?

Or is this all one drive containing 3 partitions?

Are you trying to make an image of just the 64 g partition?

An image file cannot be stored on the source partition.

What application are you using to make the image?

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Had a hundred GBs show up on my Local Disk (E:) drive. Unable to locate what or where they are. Can only account for less that 40 GBs on the drive. How do I find and get rid of the 100 + GBs? This photo illustrates my dilemma:

Answer:Unaccounted For Storage on Backup Drive

Try this program its a tool to find files that eat disk space.
Do you have any restore points (system restore on that drive)
Can you post a disk management? 

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My brand new laptop HP Pavilion dv9208 already has a storeage problem. The D drive has 6.59 GB of storeage space but ihas already used up 95% of it leaving me only 627MB of space left. Not even enough to do a backup. The space is being used up by the HP recovery. I did make a recovery disc. When I look at the D Drive properties I see that the "compress this drive to save disc space" box is not checked. My question; should I compress this drive? Will it really help save space and if not can I un-compress it? I've never messed with the D Drive before because I've always thought it was hallowed ground. Any suggestions/advice. Thanks in advance

Answer:D Drive Storage/backup Problem

Do Not, I repeat do not mess with the D drive on the HP this is your recovery partition, and contains the first back up of all your original software. the second back up is on the disks that you made. There should be an instruction phamplet that came with the laptop on how to use this partition.

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Hi all, I bought a Lenovo Flex 2 15  a few days ago, and after some extensive reading, have installed a 128GB SSD in place of the 500GB HDD+8GB SSD drive it came with.Reinstall of Windows 8.1 to the SSD via a usb "recovery drive" went fine, OKR works, and I'm ready to format the original drive as a storage drive and install it in the optical bay. Is there anything about formatting a hybrid drive that I need to pay attention to, before going ahead?I haven't found anything relevant during my searches, so far. In disk management, the drive just shows up as a regular 500GB HDD, with nothing mentioned about the 8GB SSD section.


Go to Solution.

Answer:Lenovo Flex 2 15 - Format hybrid HDD as storage drive

hi siskiou,
Welcome to the Forums.
If you have a Seagate 500GB HDD+8GB SSD then the the 8GB SSD is an MLC NAND flash memory that acts as a cache (which is embedded inside the drive). The caching method is usually controlled via a firmware so the 8GB will not show as a separate disk under Disk Management.
AFAIK, you can format the drive just like a regular HDD.
  - Sample image (internal view)
  - Sample image (internal view)
More info:
Laptop SSHD specs
Hybrid Drive

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currently I am using vista ultimate. I have only one partition (C:)

i want to install vista home premium onto (C:) but my dvd/cd drive does not work. I do not have (or want to use) a portable DVD/CD drive to reformat.

Im thinking of creating another partition (D:) and then transfering the "bootable folder for home premium", from another computer to (D:) via usb drive.

Can I boot from this new partition (D:) and reformat (C:)?


Answer:HELP! No CD Drive, want to make recovery partition to format main partition

Hi -

Shrink the HDD -->

However, Vista must be installed from DVD.

Regards. . .



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I have W7U on a Samsung 7 Series (S01UB) with a primary 120 GB Kingston SSD and then the factory 1 tb drive in the DVD drive slot. I use the tb as my storage, and still have old windows stuff on it, as I did a clean install to my SSD. You can see from the screenshot that it's broken into old and new. I shrunk the "old" area by the unallocated 122 GB as I moved crap off or deleted what I didn't want. I'm trying to reassign the unallocated to the "new" area, but I am failing miserably here. I've tried using both the windows disk manager as well as EaseUs Partition Master, to no avail. Can anyone point me down the right road? Thanks!

Answer:Unable to extend partition on storage drive

You can add/subtract space from/to any partition even if not adjacent using this free tool:
How to extend partition easily with Partition Wizard - video help.

Use the boot disk which will not fail, while all others except Disk Mgmt can fail with data loss.

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Hello Everyone,

I just got a new laptop that has a 256GB SSD boot drive and a 1TB HDD Storage drive. Dell put 2 recovery partitions and and OEM partition on the SSD and I want to maximize my SSD space. I have already created a USB recovery media but I would like to be able to still reset or refresh my PC if I need to while on the go. Is there a way to move or copy these partitions over to the HDD and have the Windows Recovery Environment still be bootable and the reset and refresh functions still working?

Thanks for the help

Answer:Bootable Recovery Partition on Secondary HDD Storage Drive

from command prompt(admin)
type> diskpart
type> list disk
type> select disk # (# being the disk number for the ssd)
type> list partition
type> exit
type> reagentc /info

post a pic of cmd window

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Hi really sorry if this is the wrong place but need help.

I was adding a new drive to my PC's storage spaces only due to it being from and old laptop it had the reserved OEM partition so windows refused to add it, I went and used a partition software to delete all partitions on the drive so I could add it only as it was the same size and make as one of the other drives already in my storage space i stupidly chose the wrong one.

As you would expect the Storage space Pool failed and the dis was marked as disconnected only its not its there but had it table deleted. I have been googleing all night and have yet to find a way to repair this yet I know its there cos using the software from ReclaiMe Storage Spaces Recovery Software it detects the pool and can see all the stuff on it bit dosn't have and option to repair just recover I don't want to do this as it the the lack of space that caursed this

I have gone through the powershell route and have managed to change the drive from "Retired" to "Auto-Select" but am still not able to get the pool to repair of work.

someone said use testdisk but this finds the partition but its listed as "unknown" to I cant retrive this what am I missing?!?!?!
Thanks so much for any help on this

Answer:Accidental partition deletion on storage space drive.

I've had success with this one: Free Partition Recovery Software, Deleted Partition Recovery, Hard Disk Recovery, Free Disk Partition Recovery, Active Partition Recovery Software, NTFS Partition Recovery, Recovery Partition, Drive Partition Recovery, Hard Drive Partition Recovery T

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I have noticed that the last scheduled backup did not complete, so I started it manually. At some point, a window popped up and asked me to format (!) the target drive, which had been in use for over the year and several backups stored on it. There were about 80Gb of space left, which may not be enough for another backup, so I would have expected a warning message - but format seems drastic. How can I stop the format suggestion?

Answer:backup wants to format drive

Take a look at this: Backup Complete Computer - Create an Image Backup
It looks like it'll automatically delete the older versions. Not sure why it wants to format though

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Due too several problems on O/S which I cannot repair. I have decided to format my C: drive and start afresh.
I have two partitioned HDs with three partitions on each disk.
Is it possible to format the C: drive without touching the other two partitions on the same drive. If so, how?

Answer:Format C: drive partition

You will have the options to select only the partition you want to install Windows to (C: ) and to format that drive during the Windows installation from DVD/USB.

Review and use this tutorial here:
Clean Install Windows 7

Notice at Step #7 that you have the option to use "Drive Options (Advanced)". That is where you will find the option to format C:.

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How come i cant partition my D Drive. The option is grayed out!

Any ideas

Answer:Cant Partition Or Format D Drive! Why??

Try posting a screen shot with this method:

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I purchased a used laptop with xp pro installed. No resource CD's. Wish to make a back up using XP backup wizard and store on my external hard drive. File transfer stopped and i received an error message stating that 4g was max allowed to Fat32. My external hard drive is 40g and approx 3-4 years old.
What are my lowest cost options to create backups?
Can I upload my data from ext hard drive to another pc, convert Fat32 to NTFS using XP Covert utility and xfr data back to ext HD? By doing this, will the XP wizard be successful in making a backup on the converted ext HD?

Answer:Error trying to backup xp on external Hard Drive storage device

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Does anyone have a checklist before formatting my hard drive? I've never formatted a working system before, just to clean things up.

How do I format anyway? I've seen it done from DOS, but I don't know how to do all that. Any suggestions?

Answer:Gonna format my C drive; what should I backup?

Well, we can't really tell you what to backup....we don't know what apps you use, and what type of data is important to you.

Typically, it's pictures, favorites, software, saved games, mp3s, documents, downloaded software, etc.

If your re-installing 2000 or XP, just delete the partitons and re-create them during the setup process.

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I have just repartioned an old ide hard drive which has a very small partition with XP on and i now have a large partition on the drive that i want to use as a back up drive. What format is the best for backup? I have heard that FAT32 is good and it also means it can be read by OSX if the need ever arose (could be useful because my flat mate is a mac user).

Any suggestions?

Answer:best format for a backup hard drive

NTFS is best for large drives. You can also assign user rights to it. FAT32 would use large sectors and not efficient.

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I have a Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex USB drive as my location to backup my Win 7 64 bit system. Purchased 3 months ago, and not knowing any better, I allowed it to setup and install the Windows and Mac software. I did the initial backup using the included Memeo software. I received a message this morning that my drive was getting full. I selected to delete previous backups but the only option given was entire the range from when I installed it to the last one on Dec 17.

Here's my question. Can I format the drive (NTSF) and start over? I am fine with using Win 7 to do the backup. I am thinking to just format the drive, go into Backup & Restore and start as if it had never been done. I have no critical information to lose, so having a backup starting today is ok. I don't plan on ever using the backup software that was included with the drive. I did make the necessary system image & repair disks when I bought the computer. So if Armageddon occurred while I was doing this, I still have a backup plan!

The long and short of my question is - can I format my backup drive using the NTSF format and start fresh or is there necessary software on the external drive I need for the Win 7 backup?


Answer:Format Backup Drive And Start Over?

Sounds like a plan. Go for it.

As long as you have the backup software ready to reinstall that is.

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Hi. I have Windows Vista Premium. My E: Drive is/was used as my backup drive. Virus/Trojan scanners keeps finding trojans, etc. in my E: drive. I'd like to just wipe that drive clean. It says I can't format the drive however because it is already in use. This even happens in safe mode. I've already created an external backup with a DVD RW disc, and am planning to just keep using that as my backup. I feel it is safer that way. I will still create some backups on my E: drive though. Does anyone know of a way that I can format the drive successfully? Should I just go into the E: drive and manually delete everything?

Thanks, Brad

Answer:Can't format (erase) my backup E: drive

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Hi. My E: Drive is/was used as my backup drive. Virus/Trojan scanners keeps finding trojans, etc. in my E: drive. I'd like to just wipe that drive clean. It says I can't format the drive however because it is already in use. This even happens in safe mode. I've already created an external backup with a DVD RW disc, and am planning to just keep using that as my backup. I feel it is safer that way. I will still create some backups on my E: drive though. Does anyone know of a way that I can format the drive successfully? Should I just go into the E: drive and manually delete everything?

Thanks, Brad

Answer:Can't format (erase) my backup E: drive

it may be your mbr is on the drive
clear it with dban
if it is on the drive and you find you cannot boot into vista afterwards
boot from the vista dvd to the install screen and down the bottom left click on the repair

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I can partition format and every thing looks fine,but when I go to format with fdisk I get error "invalid drive". And when I use my Windows 2000 setup disk it will tell me when I try to format that the drive is damaged or has been corrupted. This is a brand new WD 60GB hard drive. Any help will be appreciated!!!! My husband is driving me crazy because he doesn't have use of his puter!!

Answer:can partition but can't format hard drive

Didn't you receive a Data Lifeguard Disk with your New WD HD,
and the instructions for setting up the HD for use.If you don't have the Data Lifeguard files you can get them from has instructions for and the capability to move the contents of your old HD to the new one.

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I will be recieving a new Toshiba 80GB hard drive soon. I want to install it as a slave drive and partition it into 4 20GB partitions, but it has been so long I forgot how to do it. I am running Windows XP Home SP2. Can anyone help?

Answer:Format and partition new hard drive

Howdy dphartmn...

Since you are installing it as a slave set the jumpers as a Slave then go into Disk Management and set your partitions....

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hey dere, my files in drive c: are infected by a virus and they have infected my windows files as well, i m using windows xp.the problem is when i try doing clean boot the files are not removed from the drive so how do i format my drive c: as it is a primary partition.plzzzzzzzzzzzz help.

Answer:how to format primary partition(drive C:)

Have you got no anti virus that you can do a scan with? I am assuming you are on xp have you an operating system disk or reload disk? What is the name of the virus?

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OK! Here is what's happening.... I installed a new WD 60 GB hard drive. I flashed BIOS with correct driver ..flash said ok. Still showing only 32GB. Ok... said fine...I'll replace motherboard later and then get full use of 60GB...I went to load Windows 2000...I get error that drive is damaged or has been corrupted. I can fdisk to partition this drive but when I try to format it gives error "invalid drive". And I did make "C" active during formatting. I don't know if I am doing wrong or using wrong, MS-Dos program, Fdisk or what.PLEAssssSE HELP!!! My husband is going nuts without his puter!!! Could a brand new drive be corrupted?
Any help appreciated!

Answer:can partition but can't format hard drive

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My 16gb flash drive has stopped working. When opening it windows 7 prompts me to format. However this is not possible as it cannot be formatted. I had attempted to use disk manager as advised by others to format the drive. No luck there. As you can see the file system is reported as being RAW, so checkdisk is unable to offer me any information. Thank you.


Answer:Can't format nor partition flash drive

Try this...a little bit of googling brought it to me.

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May 14, 2009,

Hi MG-ers,

I have a bid in at eBay for a used hard drive. 320GBs Western Digital Caviar SE (EIDE). The item is advertised as being 'wiped clean' and 'in need of partitioning'.

Another deal on a Seagate 400GB is brand new in a sealed package, apparently from an overstocked lot. My e-mail reply from them says:
"Dear Customer,
This product is not plug and play. You will need to format the drive when you receive it. Thank you."

The Seagate 400GB is for $54.52, and can be viewed at eBay as item #170330113123

This Seagate deal looks appealing, and I am seriously considering it.....

The WD 320GB is item # 160333728800

I already have $25 bucks on it.....and I could bid now as high as $40. (Forty Bucks).

I'm not sure what MG's thinks about getting questions like this, or giving advice this way, but I was wondering if I could get a 'second opinion'. If I've broken some rule, please don't expel me, just delete the thread.

I will use it as a second 'slave' internal hard drive. Questions:
- Is it possible my eMachines W-3502 will not take or accept a 320 or 400 GB slave HD ? There is a 80GB slave in there now.....
- How do I partition and format a brand new 'sealed... Read more

Answer:New Hard Drive - How Format and Partition?

Both deals look good all you have to do is format it

What he means by "not plug and plug" what he mean windows (if your running windows) will detect it but you will need to format it

to do this you go

start----right click on my computer--select manage---click disk management---then right click on the hard disk--and click--"New Partition" or somthing like that.

There you go


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And THANKS for your time, help, and advise!!!!

I understand that W95/98 does not handle NTFS format.

Here is what I would like to do:
Current drive used by W95/98 system will remain the same (IDE/0/ as "C") and as FAT32.

Connect a drive (IDE, SCSI, USB) to the W95/98 system.

Format this drive as NTFS.

I have found drivers that can define the drive at boot time and an application that can find the drive and read(only) the drive if formatted as NTFS.

The question I have is the following:

Is there an application/utility that exists that can be loaded to a W95/98 disk that can be executed whose sole purpose is to format a drive as NTFS?​
That is, without using a NT/XP boot disc or delivery CDs for tools that will format the drive as NTFS.

Thanks for your time, advise, and help!!!!


Answer:Format/Partition a drive as NTFS on W95/98

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Search gave me some results but that were from Installing a new Windows.

Currently I have a C: drive and another drive (Recovery).
I have to create partitions of the C: without installing the Windows over or formatting. Is there an easy way to do this? I don't mind using some software, if it gets the work done effectively.
I got some little info about something Shrink C: or something. If there's already a tutorial for what I am trying to do, kindly link me.

BTW, please give some information about this Recovery drive?


Answer:Partition Hard-Drive without format?

We always assume you have made your Recovery Disks using the OEM manufacturer's Recovery Media Creator app the first day you had your new PC.
& made the Startup Repair CD.
startup repair disc-create

Did you make the OEM manufacturer's Recovery Disks?

please give some information about this Recovery drive?

Make & model unknown.
For better help with problems, Can you post your specs.
Filling out System Specs
System Info - See Your System Specs

Dont Know What Hardware You Have..??
VistaForums SysInfo Tool - Vista Forums

For partitions,
Can you post a screen shot of Disk management?
Screenshot tools.
A Preferred Method of Uploading/Posting Screen Shots
How to Use the Snipping Tool in Vista - Vista Forums
Snipping Tool - Windows 7 features - Microsoft Windows
Use Snipping Tool to capture screen shots
Screenshot with Paint
Screenshot and Upload using MWSnap
fscapture free download

Use Snipping Tool to capture screen shots

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How to format and partition a New Hard Drive in a new PC?? Without the Administrative tools.
and without the help of another PC.

Plz refer some links.

Answer:How to format and partition a New Hard Drive in a new PC

This is for an XP as you didn't specify what you were installing in the way of an operating system. The first steps in Bios are required for an OS your installing. If you have a different OS you're trying to install please be more specific about what you want to do here.

Go into Bios and make sure it's set on Default Settings. Find the Section in your Bios that has the Boot Sequence and make sure the CDrom is first, HD is second, and floppy if you have one post at number 3. Hit F10 and save and exit. Boot up put your CD OS in and reboot. The OS on the CD should start your setup. When you get to the partition section if the HD has never had one you will tell it to create one. Full size the HD should all ready be established by the OS and all you need to do and push the letter required to create it. Once it establishes the partition it will ask if you want the CD OS to format the disk for you and you will tell it agree keying whatever the letter or button that allows that to begin the process. Once formatted it will begin the set up and all you have to do is follow the screens requests at that point.
If you have any questions please feel free to ask as we're interested in your success...Jazz

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ok... i deleted the partition on both my hard drives durring win xp setup a few hours ago.. i got xp installed, but only 1 drive shows up...

i don't have a dos disk, or win98 startup disk or anything to stick in the drive and load fdisk off of... is there a way to do this in xp?
i don't want to download partition magic or anything just to use once to make a 4 gig hd show up..


Answer:need to create partition on drive and format it...

BIOS showing the second drive?

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When trying to format a partitioned drive I get the this error.
"The format failed to complete".
I have two PC's that I bought both same specs. One works like a dream the other when starting up, the hard drive is noisy & seems to work overtime to load.
When I checked the disk manager I discovered that the D drive was not formatted. Tried to format it & I get the the above error.
any ideas.
Windows 2000 O/S

Answer:when trying to format a partition drive I get the following error

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I have exhausted all possiblities known to me and have no idea how to correct this problem.The problem I have is that when i format my hard drive, partition it up, and i have used several programs including maxtors own utilities, when rebooting the pc, the hard drive returns to a RAW state, even when installing windows once its installed the files needed and reboots to continue with the installation same thing happens.The hard drive is a maxtor 120gb (IDE) and the only thing im leading to believe is that the drive is faulty, or is there anything else ive missed.

Answer:Hard Drive will not format or Partition

Have you done what is sometimes (erroneously) called a "low-level" format - or "reset to zeroes" ?Normal formatting does not rewrite some of the vital blocks at the start of the drive, and an error in these can cause problems - viruses can corrupt them, for instance.You also say you "format then partition it up" - this is not the correct order, as I'm sure you know - it's partion forst, then format the partitions.

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Ok .. I've got a lot of bugs on my hard drive and I want to format it. However, I've got gigs and gigs of data that I dont want gone forever - and its too much to burn to DVD.

Is it possible for me to segment my hard drive, make a drive for the stuff i want to save (a drive without an operating system, just data) and then purge and format my drive with the operating system??

Answer:I want to partition and format my hard drive - HELP! (please)

What Operating System are you running? You are in the wong forum for this question so I need to know to move this thread to the appropriate forum.

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I hope someone can help me with this question.

I am acquiring a 1.5TB external drive. I will be basically have a single 1.5TB file on this drive. It will be a Truecrypt encrypted archive.

Given that the entire hard disk will be occuppied with one huge file, what is the best way to format it? Is NTFS still the way to go? Does it make sense to increase the cluster size above the 4KB default?

I am concerned about both performance and not wasting space, but the performance is the lesser concern.

Many thanks.

Answer:Best way to format external hard drive used for backup

Quote: Originally Posted by Cluent


I hope someone can help me with this question.

I am acquiring a 1.5TB external drive. I will be basically have a single 1.5TB file on this drive. It will be a Truecrypt encrypted archive.

Given that the entire hard disk will be occuppied with one huge file, what is the best way to format it? Is NTFS still the way to go? Does it make sense to increase the cluster size above the 4KB default?

I am concerned about both performance and not wasting space, but the performance is the lesser concern.

Many thanks.

Despite being advertised as a 1.5 TB hd, you don't actually have 100% disk space. If you have one 1.5 TB archive, then you will actually need a 2GB TB hd to store it.

I believe NTFS is the way to go. And once formatted, right click on the drive, properties, and look at the available space. Also, your performance on a drive decreases as its capacity is reached. You said performance wasn't your main issue, but there you go anyway.

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I'm looking to create a system image of Windows, but my external hard drive already has a bunch of files on the drive. There is plenty of space for the backup, but I'm worried if Windows will format the drive.

Has this happened to anyone before?

Answer:Does Windows Backup format the destination drive?

A safer option would be to us an image backup program like Macrium Reflect Free
Macrium Reflect FREE Edition - Information and download

If you do use it, don't forget to create a rescue disk.

In answer to your question, it would not format the drive.

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I've posted on the problem I'm having with my Storage Space (set to file 2-way duplication) before.  I know I'm going to lose some files.  I removed one drive to reformat it to a larger clustersize and, while the array was repairing itself, I lost
a 1TB drive that will no longer connect.

I've "Removed" the drive and gotten the error "Can't remove the drive from the pool" because "...not all the data could be reallocated.  Add an additional drive.."

I already can't re-add the old 4TB drive (even though I've done nothing to it) because Storage Spaces says it's now an "unrecognized configuration".  At least a disk recovery tool can find files on it (though they're all named nnnnnn.JPG or nnnnnn.AVI
or nnnnnn.DOC)

However, my 15TB array (X:\) can't be seen because it thinks it's lost two drives - fair enough - and even though I know I'm going to lose some files (the most important of which were backed up in File History) it refuses to allow me to remove the faulty 1TB
drive.  I added a new disk and it STILL won't let me.  

How can I get my X: drive back? All of the disks in the array are 40-60% full - there's PLENTY of space to duplicate the files that ARE down to one copy!  What can I do?

(As per a suggestion in my other thread, I tried a System Restore to before the point where I'd Removed the 4TB drive and that didn't help since I couldn't select the X: drive to restore!)

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hello and good day experts,

i'll go to my question:

i have a primary hard drive working fine and added another hard drive 80gig maxtor as a slave and i'm using win xp pro.

i know there's computer management menu here in winxp, my question is:
on how to format then partition my second hd,into 2(40 gig and 40 gig).
basically i need the correct steps or commands.


Answer:format and partition second hard drive in winxp

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I have a 3TB Western Digital USB drive that I formatted on a Linux system. The first partition is an ext4 system partition. The second is a large NTFS data partition. It works fine on the Linux system.  When I connect it to my Windows PC, the partitions
don't appear in Explorer.  In Disk Management I see:
As you can see, the partition with the red box has no format. It should be shown as NTFS.
So I thought a fix would be to format the partition using WIndows.  But if I right click on the partition 'Format' is greyed out. So I can't format it that way.
So I thought I would try DISKPART. I select the disk and the partition and execute:

DISKPART> format fs=NTFS Label="Data" QUICKThere is no volume selected.Please select a volume and try again.
I also tried:

The specified type is not in the correct format.
For more information on the command type: HELP SETS

It seems that WIndows doesn't recognise a volume on the disk so I am stuck. I can't format it.
How can I fix this please?

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I am needing help with formating an external HDD into 1 partition.

I just got an external case for my (spare and sitting around doing nothing) 2.5" HDD, so now I have access to a 60Gb external HDD via USB. The problem is that it is currently split into 2 partitions and I want to re-format it as 1 partition only (as fat32). Can anyone please show me how to do this?


Answer:Format external HDD (hard drive) into 1 partition

I don't have a spare HDD to format so I can remember exactly how it is done, but I can give you a general idea on the process. Note that different operating systems call partitions different things (Vista will call them volumes).

Keep in mind: This will delete all the information on your hard drive

Right click on "My computer" and click "manage". This should take you to the computer management screen. Look at the left, you should see an option that says "Disk Management"; Click on it. You should now see all of your HDD and partitions to the right. Find the Disk at the Middle-Bottom pane that represents the one you want to format. Right click on a partition and click "Delete Volume" (it may say delete partition, but the important thing is that you are deleting it). After deleting both partitions, the entire Disk should say Unallocated. At this point, you can right click in the unallocated part and select New Simple Volume or New partition or whatever it wants to call it. Follow the wizard, and you should end up with a new, empty, partition (don't forget to format)

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I have a compaq deskpro 2000 with a 2.1GB hard drive.  The computer has an Intel Pentium MMX processor. I got this computer a week ago and I having problems with viewing the partitions on the hard drive.  When ever I boot with a start up disk, get to the command prompt and type "fdisk", I receive an error saying "No fixed disk present." When I tried to get into the BIOS, it doesn't let me. After pressing F10 it just has "Starting MS-DOS..." on the top left corner and it stays in that same screen.  When I let the computer boot it goes to a screen where it has "Starting Windows 95..." on the top left corner. Then beneath that it says "Type the name of the Command Interpreter (e.g., C:\WINDOWS\COMMAND.COM)" What ever I type on this screen it will prompt me the same message again and again.  I can't view or delete existing partitions on the hard drive because fdisk wont' work and I can't get into the BIOS to view information about the system because pressing F10 key won't work.  What can be the problem? If I try installing another hard drive, would this make a difference? Thanks...

Answer:Unable to partition/format hard drive

Whatever happened prior to all of this may provide some help.The 2000 had a diagnostic diskette series (2 disks I believe) that could be downloaded which needed to be used to set up components, do diagnostics, etc. and create a diagnostics partition on the hard drive. Search the compaq web site for these. You have to make sure the hardware is functioning correctly and set up properly to proceed.  

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When i got my new hard drive for my Lap top i formated only about 1\2 of my hard drive. Is there i away to Format the other half of the drive as a partition with out loosening everything that is on the first half?

Thanks a million to anyone that can offer some help


Answer:Hard Drive partition\format Question

go to my computer,
right click the drive icon you wanna format.
choose format

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The HDD failed in my T400. I bought a new 1TB HDD and fitted it. The diagnostic software in the BIOS did a read and controller test (Passed). When I put the Windows XP disk in the CD reader, the setup started - then stalled at the "Windows setup" page. I thought the hard drive had a write problem but apparently it must be partitioned and formatted first, before Widows setup can commence. The thing is that I can't get to the option where Windows formats the drive. In old computers, there was always a partitioning option in the BIOS setup but in my T400, there doesn't appear to be any such option. The computer has 4GB RAM, the actual model is 2767-RV8.Does anyone have any suggestions how to get this up and running?One other question is - (assuming I can get the thing working) - Is there somewhere I can load the operating system on part of the hard drive where it can act as a fall back in case the operating system gets corrupted? - i.e. something that can't get attacked by malicious software? Thanks in advance for any assistance.Ian

Answer:Need help to partition and format new hard drive for T400

Hi irivlin, If you are trying to clean install XP, then you have to do following setting in BIOS first:Press F1 to BIOS, Config -> Serial ATA (SATA) -> change to "Compatibility"You can change XP partition only if you are doing clean installation, otherwise you have to use 3rd party to do it. For backup part, there are lots of choices in the market. You might consider using XP own backup function. Lenovo got a program called Rescue and Recovery can also do backup as well.How to use the Backup utility to back up files and folders in Windows XP Home Edition and Recovery® 4.23 by Lenovo Fred

T61 + X201i

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I installed Windows7 Home Premium on my SSD drive without reformatting the other drive that originally had it installed. I am now trying to format that drive (D) and keep being denied since it still shows to be, Healthy (System, Active, Primary Partition) in Computer Management. I've tried CMD (as administrator), safe mode with cmd prompt and always get the message "System Partition is not allowed to be formatted".
Can anyone clue me in on getting this drive formatted? Appreciate any help

Answer:How can I format a slave drive that has a primary partition?

Always unplug all other HD's when installing an OS. Now you must recover the System boot files into Win7 on the SSD.

Unplug all other HD's, Mark Partition Active. then run Startup Repair - Run 3 Separate Times.

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I got an old HD from a friend for my laptop. I installed XP on it but on a new drive (d:)

I've used this for a year or so but now I need the extra space on the other drive.

Is there a way to format the other drive (c:) and have it added to d: ? without reinstalling XP all over again and losing my data?

I have nothing to back up my data on and have also lost my XP CD!

EDIT: I have my installation CD but it doesn't work for some reason. It might be damaged?

Answer:Need to format partition to make drive bigger.

C: and D: are on different Hard drives?

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I'm tearing my hair out here trying to partition and format an 80GB Hitachi hard drive. I want to create two 40GB FAT32 partitions and then mount the drive in an external enclosure.The drive is currently installed in the PC as Primary Master. Booting with a Win 98SE floppy only lets me create a partition of 13999MB (14GB). If I boot with a Windows XP installation CD, that only finds available space in which to create a partition of 4GB.If I install the drive in the USB 2.0 enclosure and plug it in, XP's Disk Management sees the full 80GB of "Unallocated Space", but doesn't give me the option to create a partition. (The external housing's instructions do say the drive must be partitioned/formatted before installing.)Am I missing something?

Answer:Partition & format 80GB hard drive

Look at click here, it is a doddle to use

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I'm about to install a new HDD with Win98 2nd ed. I know about the patch available from Microsoft to enable FDISK to recognise disks above 64 GB click here;en-us;Q263044 but it occurs to me that this could get messy as I'd have to start upgrading FDISK from DOS before formatting my disk (-unfamiliar territory). Could I just run Partition Magic from floppies to format the new drive from scratch, then load Windows?

Answer:Format new hard drive from Partition Magic

Try starting With Partition Magic CD and new Hard Drive installed. But you need to get the Drive Recognized in the BIOS first and set the BIOS to boot from CD drive

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I decided to scratch the hd and redo everything after I just got a virus - even after the virus was gone everything was affected.

I create a C, D, and E partition. The C partition is for 98, the D for XP and the E for data. I formatted D: and installed xp - no problem there. then I went to C: and tried to format went through the usual gyrations and thermometer countdown but at the end it said "Windows was unable to complete the format". Am I doing something wrong? I tried FAT, FAT32 and NTFS.

I can think of two options - 1. there is something wrong with the hard drive 2. I should have worked with C: first (installed 98) and then proceeded to install XP

Help anyone!!!!

Answer:[SOLVED] Can't format a hard drive partition


You have to install Windows 98 first.
Boot the computer with a Parted Magic CD.
Delete the partitions - then create a FAT32 partition for Windows 98 - leave the rest of the HDD unformatted.

Install Windows 98.
When running Win 98 >> insert the XP disc.
XP installation will start >> choose New install (not upgrade).
After a little while the computer will restart and boot from the XP disc.
Create an NTFS partition where you install XP.
A dual boot will be created automatically.

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I have fitted a 200 Gb hd ,installed xp +SP2 and added registry large disc support (from seagate)My problem now is XP is running fine on a 31Gb partition ,in disc managemanet i am being shown this partition(drive C)the a drive F with 2000 (Yes thousand) gbs,When I try and format it to make it usable it gets to 100% and stops...any ideas

Answer:large hard drive format partition

I would be inclined to wipe that install and start again.Use XP to partition the hdd,then once you have setup partitioning,XP will let you format the 1st partition with either NTFS/FAT32,then once its finished formatting it instantly sets off and installs itself.Once its finished that,reboot from the XP CD and use either the "Recovery Console" or XP CD to format the various partitions.

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Hi all,

I’ve recently built a system from scratch and I’m having trouble formatting my new hard drive. The drive is a western Digital Raptor (740GD) and I initially went to set it up with a boot disk utility I have (with Windows not yet installed.)

Using FDISK I went to create a partition…and promptly forgot how to do it!So, here is the problem; I want to format the drive as FAT32 however after creating my partition, DOS would only allow me to use NTFS. Furthermore, it only saw the drive as having 5gb or so (creating a partition of about 5546mb…saying this was 100%) But it is a 74gb drive! I tried various other approaches, such as turning “hard disk support” off and re-partitioning which allowed me to format as FAT32…but would only see it as 1.99gb!

So, I’ve installed windows on another HDD I had lying around, which has allowed me to access the Raptor as a separate drive. This has finally helped me format it as FAT32, yet windows still only reads it as having 69.2gb. I know that you always lose a few gb here or there and that windows won’t see the whole 74gb…but missing almost 5bg seems quite a difference to me.

What have I been doing wrong with this process? Does anyone know how to properly partition and format a disk so that you get as much free space as possible? (access to 74gb of a supposed 74gb disk would be nice.) Or can anyone recommend a good partitioning/formatting app or disk management utility…even a decent boot disk utility recommendation would be... Read more

Answer:How do you correctly partition and format a brand new drive?

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I recently had a computer custom built at a repair store. A couple of weeks back my start menu stopped working because of a Windows 10 update. I decided to wipe everything and reinstall Windows. I have done this many times in the past on other computers with no problem. This time it was quite a headache. I have 2 hard drives. I first removed the data from both drives, then assumed Windows should be installed on the smaller drive. After installing there I realized I had no access to the larger drive anymore. So I started over and installed instead on the larger drive. After doing this I finally admitted that I had no idea what I was doing. I brought it back to the repair store and asked them to make it the way it was when I bought it. They did so with no questions asked, but I'm worried about it happening again. The main issue is I have no idea how the two drives are configured. If I need to reinstall Windows again, how can I set this up correctly?

These are the two drives I have:

Boot Drive: Samsung 850 EVO 120GB SSD
Storage Drive: Seagate Barracuda 1TB HDD

Thank you!

Answer:Custom Built Computer Boot Drive vs Storage Drive

Is disk 2 an external 2TB hard drive ?

Going by your pic you seem to have Disk 0 of about 50GB that isn't being used and Disk 1 of 1TB which has everything on it !

If Disk 2 is an external drive disconnect it and see if the PC still boot into Windows ok.

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So I've got one 80GB drive that I use to store my Windows XP operating systems, all my programs, games, etc.

I also have an 180GB drive that I want to partition into possibly 3 drives, one for music, another for movies, and another for game installation files.

My question is, what exactly do I format the 3 partitions as? Extended, logical, primary, I have no idea which will make the drives stay "available." The problem is that once I finished partitioning the drives the first time, the next day the last 2 partitions became unavilable.

Anyone got any ideas?

Answer:Question about formatting a second hard drive to serve as a storage drive...

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I have a SanDisk Extreme USB 32Gb Drive. It's been formatted and the problem now is that it's only being detected an another hard drive on my PC and not as a Removable Storage Device.

This is a problem as I have some software that I need for my job which will only write to a USB Drive and not a local hard drive.

Operating System I am using is Windows 8 64bit.

Suggestions please?

Answer:USB Pen Drive detecting as hard drive and not a Removable Storage Device

Did you format it to a NTFS file system? format it again back to a fat file system. These USB drives are natively Fat 32

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I have a new Dell Dimension E310, about two weeks old. Somehow a system file got corrupted or deleted, I was unable to use the Dell system restore & went forward with reinstall procedures. I was walked through the reinstall by phone with Dell staff. Install of windows XP was successful, but I would like to get it back to the state it was in when I recieved it, or near to it. The hard drive is not partitioned like it was when I recieved it. All I have now is just the C: drive with all data on it. I want to partition it and get the the (D: backup drive) back like it was when I recieved it. I want to do this so I can go to the next step of creating that precious backup that I now see the importance of. The system came with norton ghost 60 day trial on it, its gone now & thats OK with me. I plan on installing "Acronis Tue Image" soon after I purchase the install CD.Any advice on where to start on this matter.
I do need to partition C: drive don't I ?

Answer:Need help with creating partition for backup drive D: ?

One more ?,..... Am I in the right forum ?
Should this go to the software forum ?

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Hi, I have a 1TB external hard drive that I will use to make a Backup Image. I'm going to Use Symantec Ghost to make a backup Image.

Should I partition the External hard drive first? I would also like to use it to store other files and folders. If so, how big should the partition with the backup Images be?

How large is a typical Image backup file? I also plan on backing up 2 other linux machines.

Answer:Should I partition the drive with the Backup Image?

A separate partition isn't needed unless you will be booting a Linux distro from the external drive. I've imaged my system and it was 28GB in size. Yours will be different depending on how much data you have.

If you have video or music or other real large collections, I would suggest not including those in the image. Save them to the external drive and the just copy back when needed.

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Hi, I have just successfully completed cloning my 160GB hard drive to a larger 320GB hard drive, using Acronis. So far so good, including the ThinkVantage standalone access - meaning that the OS in the hidden partition is well alive and responsive. So, the good part is that I can enjoy a double-capacity hard drive without losing all niceties of a Lenovo notebook. Now, here is the bad part: Vista Business (installed on my 3000 N200) does not recognize the original hard drive in the external enclosure, connected via the USB to the N200. Please remember that this hard drive has not been re-formatted, i.e., it is formatted, and continues to have the hidden partition, as well as the original Vista Business partition ... naturally, they should have been visible, but they are NOT. Interestingly, the Disk Management screen shows up the drive as a healthy Disk 1 (in the lower part of the window), but as a whole (non-partitioned) hard drive! If I try to connect it to the system, the only way would be formatting the drive which I do NOT want since I wish to preserve the two-partition disk structure, at least for some time. Does anyone know, why is that? Is this because of the hidden partition? If so, is there any piece of software to mave Vista recognize the drive (at least the OS partition, I do not care about a visibility of the hidden partition).Any help/advice is highly appreciated!

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I have a 1T SATA system drive and a 1T SATA working drive. I installed a 3T SATA storage drive, and now my system won't boot from the C:. I have to go into the BIOS and boot from there, or use a boot disk. How do I get the system to boot from C: again?

Answer:Installed storage drive, now system drive will not boot

Was 1T drive was removed from the computer or it is still present in the computer and what is the boot sequence selected?
Also does your motherboard support 3TB hard drive?

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i have a alienware x51 R3 deskstop and my drive C is almost full with 225 GB of capacity.. My drive D on the other have 1.81TB however it is empty..  is there a reason behind it?? can i use it?
silas J

Answer:jsut a noob question about storage drive C and drive D

You should only be storing Windows and your applications (eg, Microsoft Office, etc) on the C: drive. All your personal files (eg Word docs, music, photos, etc) should be stored on the D: drive.
Unfortunately, Windows is set up to have all its default folders (eg, Documents, Photos, etc) on the same drive with the OS.
You can tell Windows to move those default folders to the D: drive.  Since you didn't mention the version of Windows, Google for your version of Windows and "move default folders" (without the quotes) eg Windows 10  move default folders
Follow the instructions to move those folders to D: To  be safe, back up all your personal files on external media FIRST (eg USB hard drive), to avoid any risk of losing them

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I recently purchased a new motherboard. After reinstalling windows, I noticed that my primary partition is also on my Storage Drive. Is there a way to change it back to only the SSD?

Answer:Changing Primary Partion from Storage Drive to OS Drive

I'm not sure what you mean by that - are you saying there's a copy of your system on the storage drive?

Everything in your screenshot looks perfect and absolutely the way it should be. There's no problem.

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Hi, I'm pretty puzzled by the fact that my recently bought Y310 has a Local Disk C drive storage space of 29.2GB while my Lenovo D drive has a storage space of 189GB. Shouldnt it be the other way round? Or is this something unique for lenovo laptops? I notice that my received files and photos will go into the C drive instead of D, so I will have to transfer them manually to D drive. Is this normal? I will appreciate it very much if someone can explain to me the reason for this, or suggest remedies if this is an unnatural error. Thank you!Message Edited by novorella on 05-20-2008 08:16 AM

Answer:Re: Why is my C drive storage space smaller than my D drive? (Y410)

What OS you've got?Vista & Xp allow to change location of folder "MyDocuments" and "MyMusic" and etc.I always hold my music in disrealted to any system path folder "Music" on drive "D". Make analogies for pics, films and etc.

//help will save the world

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I know this question gets asked alot, but I have windows 10 installed on my 120gb ssd, I also have a 1tb hdd that has nothing no it and is completely useless because all of the program files etc is installed on the ssd, the ssd is nearly full too, is there actually a safe way of doing this? I'm quite new to this too.

Answer:Moving programs from boot drive to storage drive

Keep you OS and Programs on the SSD, but store all you files on the HD.
To move them you can "Drag and Drop" or "Copy and Paste". Do not delete them until you are sure that the move has been successful. When saving new files, select "Save As" and specify the HD Drive letter.

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I have 2 hard drives in my computer - an SSD for my windows boot drive and a WD 1TB as my storage drive (music/movies...) and I am planning on doing a clean reinstall of Windows 7 (on the SSD). Will this have any affect on my second storage drive? Basically what I am asking is that once I have Windows reinstalled will I be able to see my second storage drive as if nothing changed?

Answer:Reformat Windows Drive Without Affecting Second Storage Drive

Reinstalling windows will have no effect on the second drive and yes everything on there will be accessible after the install but it is always wise to unplug all drives except the target drive when performing an install which will make sure all the boot files are correctly placed on the SSD and not on the 2nd drive, your SSD should be in the lowest numbered sata port on the motherboard
Heres a guide to installing windows which will help you get and keep a perfect install have a read through it
Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7

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Virtual Hard Drive requires to format while creating, will that format the entire disk drive partition also?

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Hi recently, my HP 15-r005na Notebook PC (ENERGY STAR) hard drive got corrupted and I had to format it  using one partition. After many trials I managed to install windows 8 and upgrade it to win 8.1. The main problem the system failed to upgrade to win 10, I keep getting the problem: "can not find the drivers", Is there any way to recover those two extra partitions were originaly created by HP in my laptop?. At the moment win 8.1 is working almost fine, I had to install most drivers using HP site.

Answer:HP 15 Notebook: hard drive made to one partition and format ...

Hi there @A-Shah, May the Forums be with you!  I understand that your hard drive was corrupted and you created one partition and formatted it all, and now you want to recover  the partitions that were deleted. I am happy to help with this. One of those partitions would have been the recovery partition, with the factory image. If you did not previously make a set of recovery media, using your recovery drive then you would need to look at getting a set from HP if they are available.  Please see HP PCs - Obtaining HP Recovery Discs or an HP USB Recovery Drive, for how to do that. I hope that works for you, and if it does resolve your issue, please mark this post as a solution. Kudos would also be appreciated.

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Hi recently, my HP 15-r005na Notebook PC (ENERGY STAR) hard drive got corrupted and I had to format it  using one partition. After many trials I managed to install windows 8 and upgrade it to win 8.1. The main problem the system failed to upgrade to win 10, I keep getting the problem: "can not find the drivers", Is there any way to recover those two extra partitions were originaly created by HP in my laptop?. At the moment win 8.1 is working almost fine, I had to install most drivers using HP site.

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Hello All,

For some reason I don't know the answer to this question.

Can I somehow just format one of the partitions on a hard drive without having to reformat the entire drive?

For example, I have 1 drive with two partitions: C and D. C partition has Windows on it. Can I somehow just reformat partition C, without reformating partition D?

Thanks for the help!!

Answer:Noob Question: Format a partition without formatting the whole drive?

Yes, simply type in the following format:

format <drive letter>:

for example, Format d:

you can type format /? for a list of command syntax and help also.

you cannot format a drive that has windows protected files or system files on it while in windows. If you boot to a winpe disk or dos boot disk, then you can do whatever you want.

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Hi guys,
I have a laptop running windows XP Home and Ubuntu linux on seperate partitions. Somehow the partition table has become corrupted, probably due a to bad linux live cd boot. Now I can't boot into windows or linux. I have decided to format the hard drive, (probably an extreem measure but there isn't really anything on it I want to keep) but booting partition magic 7.0 tells me I have a partition table error #110 and won't let me format the drive. So how can I format this hard drive? How easy is it to repair the partition table? By the way the laptop has no floppy drive.

Answer:How do I format a hard drive with a corrupted partition table?

Try this:

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hello u guys and i have finished up with the dban thing,after wiping my hard disk.

i just made a partition and i m unable to format it(Using Windows Format)
i have 500 gb hard disk.
4 Partitons

1- 100 gb(primary)(c:disk)
3-200 gb(logical)
4-100(which i m unable to format)(Logical)

all are ntfs partition

before making and formatting 3,4 partion a freind came to me he asked me to fill songs in usb drive.

i m using kis 2010 so i thought i need not worry bcz if any viruses or trojans are found they all will be deleted or disinfected by kaspersky internet security.

i found 8 viruses and 3 trojans out of which kaspersky deleted 5trojans and and two viruses and quarantied 1 virus.

i just scanned usb drive again and i found no viruses and trojan so i opened it and copied all data on 3 partion which is working correctly.

then i made and format 4th partion after restarting my pc.
i wasnt able to format this partion no matters how many times i format it.

i think the virus which was quarantined may have cause the problem.
i m confused bcz i scanned before opening the usb drive.when i found all viruses and trojans and whena ll viruses or trojans were deleted or quarantined the n i again scanned and i found nothing on usb drtive.

so i copied all the data to 3rd partion.after checking for viruses.

it hink the virus which kaspersky internet security quarantined is causing the problem.

the virus which kaspersky quarantined is moja.exe.

i dont know i opened to us... Read more

Answer:Solved: unable to format hard drive partition

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I'm not sure if I'm doing this right. I did see some posts about backup up a system, but I'm not sure I understood the entire process, at least the way I did it. I'm not sure that I did it correctly, but I don't have an external hard drive (except for an 8GB usb drive, and that is not big enough). The purpose of my backup is just to make a recovery partition that I can copy, if something goes wrong. Obviously, if the hard drive fails, it's not going to help me, but many times things can go wrong with Windows.

I tried to use a Linux Based recovery program, but neither of my Linux live CDs that I've created seem to be able to load the kernel, for some reason, so while I'm researching that problem, I just used EaseUS partition, to make a 40 GB partition, that contains my Operating System with all of the updates. I probably could have made it smaller, but I figured I'd leave extra room just in case. Then I copied my drive C: onto a second backup partition of the same size. I left the HP recovery partition, and that left me with about 100GB of space for data storage. I plan to install programs on this partition.

But I have 2 questions concerning this:
1. Is this really going to help if I get a virus, because the backup partition is not really protected?

2. How am I going to boot from this partition if my Windows system files become so corrupted that I cannot boot? I'm assuming I need some sort of recovery disk, I just don'... Read more

Answer:Creating a backup partition on my hard drive?

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Hello, I am a proud owner of a lenovo W500. Today, I did a huge mistake. I accidentially deleted or formated my (Q drive just before I was going for the ThinkVantage Recovery partition. When I boot my computer, press "F8", and "Repair", and press "Factory Recovery", nothing happens. I've been searching the internet for hours, discovering that the (Q Drive contained important files for the recovery process. I have never taken any backup, no CD's or anything. I was relying completely on my harddrive. But now I am lost! I really need your help with this! Is it possible to download the files that are missing? Thanks!

Answer:Factory Backup / Showroom Partition (Q:) Drive

You should be able to order a set of recovery DVDs for your system from Lenovo with a small charge. The recovery DVDs will recover your system to the factory state, including the Q: drive.

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Does anyone know how I can make a backup copy of my Vista partition (F) from my XP drive (E). Is DriveImage XML suitable?

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I have a small server, and a 1TB removalable drive I want to setup a backup on using the included backup system in SBS 2008 console.

The drive currently has 167GB of data on it that I can't dump on the server.

Is it possible to shrink the drive to 200GB so my data stays safe, then label the other 800GB* as an active partition and have SBS 2k8 use that to backup to.

I know it claims the drives and they don't show in my computer once they're marked for backup, will it claim the partitioned part of the drive as well? or will that 200GB stay safe?

I know it's not ideal but I need to set up something pronto until the new server gets in

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I am quickly discovering all I don’t know about formatting and organizing hard drives. I have an old 2.5 inch, 160GB Segate laptop hard drive, which I have connected using a USB enclosure. At one time, it had a copy of Windows XP, but after I upgraded to a larger hard drive, I used this one for backups and misc file storage.

Recently, I decided to see if I could Restore a recently built Windows 7 image (on another PC) onto this HD. In preparation, I decided to “clean up” the drive so I did a series of activities to try and remove old files and make the HD as clean as possible for the new image. These activities included removing partitions and other disc cleaning procedures. All this has left me with a single RAW partition and all sorts of errors when I attempt to format the drive. I am unable to format the drive. Here is what it looks like in Disk Management.

I have no interest in recovering any data from the HD. I merely want it formatted and ready to accept the image file when I attempt the Recovery process. Right now, I can see the HD in Disk Management, but if I click on the drive in Windows Explorer it says it needs to be formatted. If I attempt to format the drive it fails.

I’ve read so many posts that I’m now just running in circles because I’m not sure how much I’m reading is applicable to my situation and what is not.

Any suggestions will be much appreciated.

Answer:Unable to format external hard drive (single RAW partition)

You might try a Bootable version of Partition Wizard to clean and format this HD.

Partition Wizard : Use the Bootable CD

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Hi Gang!

I was wondering if this would work as a poor man's backup system for Windows 7.

1) Take my daughter's laptop with Windows 7 Ultimate on it and partition the only hard disk to have a C: drive (125 Gigs) and E: drive (75 gigs).

2) Setup Windows 7 backup to backup data and disk image of the C: drive TO the E: drive.

Works OK on backup.... I know...I know.... if the hard drive fails, you loose everything.... C: and E: ..... but if you want a quick fix for virus attacks on the C: drive, or a quick way to restore files to the C: drive... this is ok.

Now... the 64 dollar question... I haven't tested this part yet.... but can you RESTORE the E: drive image of the C: drive using the SYSTEM REPAIR DISK ??

Would the restoration reformat the entire hard drive, and in effect crash the restore before it starts? Or would it just reformat the C: drive partition???

I don't know... haven't tried it yet.... have you guys tried it out before??

Thanks a bunch!!!

Answer:Windows 7 Backup and Restore from Hard Drive with C: and E: partition

It worked for me the one and only time I tried it. But I haven't tried it since Nov 2009. I got my first Windows 7 machine in Oct 2009. I created a separate partition for backups and called it the G: drive. When it came time to use the System Repair Disc > System Restore option, it searched for the backup location, found G: and the restore worked. It treated that extra partition just like any other hard drive containing a system image ... C: was restored to it's previous condition.

But for the reason you mentioned (if the hard drive fails, etc etc) I bought an external hard drive in Nov 2009 and haven't looked back. It was also around that same time I learned about the free Macrium Reflect imaging tool. Much greater versatility than the native Windows 7 tool. If you haven't seen these...

System Image Recovery

System Repair Disc - Create

Macrium Reflect FREE Edition - Information and download

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Hi , new user here. Currently i'm having some problems with my window 7 home premium, any ideas how to switch the system partition status back to my system reserved? I tried to set inactive with diskpart for my backup Drive D: but it will cause BOOTMGR IS MISSING.

Another problem is that , after a certain period when the laptop is off, when i power on the laptop, it will cause errors such as oxc000000f.Apprently my drive letter will randomly swap around , for example My window drive C: will swap with my backup/system reserved letter, even switching back to the correct letter and startup repair it , the end result is no os files found on disk. a temporary fixed is to delete the drive,install window 7 then system image restore back again. Any help for this?

Answer:System partition randomly jump to Backup drive

You should only have one HD/SSD drive connected when you install Windows, the drive where you are installing Windows.
My guess is you had two drives connected when you installed Windows and that caused the issues.

To fix your current install you can try this:
- Disconnect the backup drive
- Run Startup Repair (run it 3 times with a reboot after each Repair)

Here's some tutorials about Startup Repair:
Startup Repair
Startup Repair - Run 3 Separate Times
See if Windows will now boot successfully with the backup drive disconnected.

OR, if you're up for another re-install, here's a tutorial for a clean install.
Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7
If you don't want to re-install, read through it and see how it compares to how you installed Windows.

When everything is working correctly with only the one HD connected, reconnect HD two (Backup drive) and remove the active flag

Disclaimer: I'm not an installation guru, so you can wait for others to post with advice.
The tutorials should at least give you something to read through for a better understanding of this ...

Welcome to Seven Forums !

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I'll be ordering a Sager NP9377 soon and I want to know if I can still install programs on an SSD that has been configured as an OS drive. If I order the laptop with one SSD configured as an OS drive will I need a second SSD for programs and games or can I have the laptop preconfigured with only one SSD for the OS and also install more programs and games on it? Thanks.

Answer:Can an SSD simultaneously function as both an OS drive and storage drive?

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Turn off your capslock button...

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I am wanting to install my W8 O/S onto a 64GB SSD drive. I just want to use this for boot purposes and to fit some programs on as well. Everything else I am wanting to have stored on a 1TB WD Black drive.  I want to point my libraries (Docs, Music, pictures) towards the 1TB drive.  How do I do this?  Appreciate any feedback on this.  Thanks

Answer:Using my 64GB SSD Drive to boot from and another drive for storage!

64GB really isn't sufficient for the average user to use as a Windows boot drive.  If the drive manufacturer is using 64GB to mean 64x1000 and not 64x1024 you're going to lose 1.2GB.  Windows 8 is going to take 20GB (assuming 64 bit).  If you keep your page file on the SSD (required for memory dumps) you will lose the space equal to your RAM.  Then you have temp files, programs that default to C: for everything, and data.

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I want to add a second hard drive as a storage drive, without installing an OS on it. Which kind of partition (logical, extended, etc) should I create on the second hard drive to best make use of its 180 GB capacity?

Should I use NTFS or FAT32? I plan on making multiple partitions, so should they all be the same type (logical, extended, etc)?

I want to do all this using Partition Magic Pro 8.0.

Thanks in advance!

Answer:Adding a second hard drive as a storage drive

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When I installed my new SSD(which I put Windows 7 ) last night because the other had completely frozen up I was able to use and see my old storage drive just fine and everything seemed to work. The Storage Drive did show it had changed from E(pre new ssd and Windows 7 fresh install) to D. Now I boot up this morning and it does not show and yes, I double checked the cables and it appears in boot menu.

Thanks in advance for help!

Answer:Installed New SSD(OS drive) and now Storage Drive does not show

Fixed it myself. Just needed to find and install Marvell 91xx Config ATA Device driver.

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I'll be ordering a Sager NP9377 soon and I want to know if I can still install programs on an SSD that has been configured as an OS drive. If I order the laptop with one SSD configured as an OS drive will I need a second SSD for programs and games or can I have the laptop preconfigured with only one SSD for the OS and also install more programs and games on it? Thanks.

Answer:Can an SSD simultaneously function as both an OS drive and storage drive?

It depends on the size of the SSD. An SSD with an OS installed on it isn't locked in some fashion to only have the OS on it, you can use it just as you would a HDD.

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I have a very straightforward question: I am running WinXP Pro on my computer and I just got an external USB hard-drive to back up my data before I upgrade to VISTA.

My internal hard drive is NTFS file system, and the external drive is FAT32. My data backed-up perfectly.

However, I understand that VISTA is NTFS only (for the drive that it's installed on, which in my case will be the internal drive). I will be installing the VISTA OS on the internal drive, and using the external drive solely for backing up data.

I don't want to back up my data externally, upgrade my PC to VISTA, and then discover that I can't access the data on the external drive.

Here's my only question: will VISTA work with a FAT32 external drive, or do I have to convert that external drive to NTFS *before* I attempt to connect it to VISTA?

awaiting your replies - I'll appreciate all the help I can get!

Answer:will VISTA read a FAT32 external hard drive,or do I have to format the drive to NTFS?

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Hey any help would this would be GREATLY apprciated.

One of the hard drives on my pc [250gb drive , drive E:\] has about 180gb of that data inside one folder. Today I went to open the folder and the pc locked up for a second and then said that DRIVE E:\ is not formated and asked if I wanted to format it. If I select no and try to access the folder again it does the same thing. I cannot risk loosing any of the data that is inside this folder on this drive. IF anyone could try and help me access the files inside this folder I would be so appriciative!!!

Someone please help....


All other folders on the drive open just fine...

Answer:Folder inside drive will not open - telling me to format entire drive..

It also says that there is 0 bytes in the folder when there should be over 110gb ...

Is there any sort of program that will repair something like this...

When I right click the drive in my computer and check properties it says used space 184gb...but then when I go into the E:\ drive and select all the folders and select properties it says there is only 74.2gb used ?

The other 110gb is in that folder that I am not able to access....

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Hey Guys,

I have a netbook which I want to recycle however it has been used for business purposes and I want to properly format the drive. The issue I have is that it does not have a CD drive nor does it have a working screen. I have connected the hard drive to external display and manually deleted all files from the computer but I know this is not really 'deleting' anything.

How can I format the drive from within Windows? Unfortunately I cannot get bios to display on the external display so I can not do anything from DOS or Bios simply because I can't see anything!

My latest attempt has been to use Active KillDisk to create a bootable USB however this is when I ran into the issue of the Bios and DOS not displaying, it will only display once windows has been loaded.

Any ideas?

Answer:Solved: Help needed to securely format hard drive - no screen or CD drive

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i go into device manager and i see tsstcorp cd/dvdw ts-h652m .however device is unable to play any cd ,dvd or burn.problem also with usb2.0 drive says unable to format and cannot display any files however it does work on any other pc.I would appreciate if someone can help me resolve this.this forum is great by the way I didnt know barely how to turn on pc and thanks to this forum I AM MORE KNOWLEGIBLE ABOUT PC.THANKS IN advance.

Answer:my disk drive tsstcorp cd/dvdw ts-h652m also usb drive says unable to format

Uninstall the cd/dvd drive from Device Manager and restart Windows.

After Windows restarts the drive will be reinstalled.

If still having issue try the solution here

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format my hard drive for clean install of new windows 10 on flash drive

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Other than TestDisk, what are some other free software downloads that
a person might try to recover data from a formatted drive? The drive was
formatted by accident.

This addresses an issue form one of my previous post but I have not
had any luck with TestDisk.

Thank you,

Answer:Free Drive Recovery programs for accidental drive format.

Please don't post duplicate threads. If your thread is in an inappropriate forum, please report it and a moderator will move it.

Continue the problem resolution here:

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Hi,I am using a windows xp sp2 and a HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GSA-H42N cd/dvd driveThe problem is my cd drive is sometimes detecting the contents of a cd and sometimes not. I am not even able to find the pattern because the same cd when i insert it into the drive at times it shows the content and at times not.I want to format only my C drive using the windows xp cd. But the problem is when i am trying to boot from the cd, the os is not able read from cd.I checked the bios boot priority configuration and it is set to cd/dvd first.what is the other way of format my c drive other than by booting from cd ?i copied all the contents of the "windows xp installation disk" onto my usb flash drive and wanted to setup windows xp.when i double clicked on "setup.exe", i was able to go to the blue screen which had options of "collecting information, dynamic update, preparing installation, installing windows, finalizing installation". the problem is has not asked me whether to just format c or format c,d,e drives.what will happen if i go ahead and format. will i lose all my data in d, e, f drives also..or by default it just formats c drive even if it does not ask us ?I am actually facing all these problems pc is not booting from my cd.Please help me with answers.thank you

Answer:cd drive not reading contents of disk and does xp installation just format c drive ?


When this happens can you eject the cd? When it doesn't read it does it still sound like it is being read in the cd drive?

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