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Buying Recommendation for Color Multifunction Wireless Laser Printer

Question: Buying Recommendation for Color Multifunction Wireless Laser Printer

I am getting a color multifunction wireless laser printer primarily for a soon-to-be university student, although I am told submitted coursework is now paperless. I am not sure. Still, I might need one for resumes and job applications.
One that is the most economical on consumables, that is, toner: spend more on the printer, less on the consumables, right?
Color: I can do the screen-to-paper color calibration, if necessary
Multifunction: only really need the scanner, not so much the copier (which can be done by scanning and printing, right?) or the fax (21st century and all....maybe I should get JUST the printer, and buy a cheap scanner separately?
wireless: and it's probably not convenient to connect a Cat 5 UTP cable to a wireless router
if I am going to have the scanner, ought to have the document's really convenient
small footprint and not needing a crane to lift it would be nice too
doesn't need its own display...after all, it can be controlled through the desktop/laptop
speed not a factor

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Preferred Solution: Buying Recommendation for Color Multifunction Wireless Laser Printer

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Buying Recommendation for Color Multifunction Wireless Laser Printer

Replying to my own post:

I found a Consumer Reports 2013 Buying Guide, and in the section on printers, they said to stay away from color lasers...that they were not ready for prime time.

So I went with a color inkjet.

Stay intellectually curious, my friends.

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Hi everyone,

I am looking to buy an all-in-one colour laser printer. Haven't had one before, so I'm hoping for suggestions??

- Looking to spend around 3 - 400 GBP.

- Would like seperate CMYK toners, rather than just black and 'colour'

- Also something that has good availability of generic or remanufactured toners to keep consumable costs down.

- Wireless would be nice

Any suggestions, or feedback on different manufacturers / models woulld be very gratefully received



Answer:Multifunction laser printer suggestions

I bought 10 Samsung 3175FN printers for some home office employees last year, and they have been running very well. They seem to be harder to find, though, so I'm not sure if Samsung is about to replace them with a new model or not.

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I want to buy a multifunction mono laser printer but need some advice I'll be using it for home use any one know a cheap to run machine I know the toner is expensive but I don't do much printing so the toner should last me a year or two

Answer:multifunction mono laser printer

Dell 1600n MFP for the past two years. I find it thoroughly reliable and highly economical.Hope this helps :-)

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I want to buy a multifunction mono laser printer but need some advice I'll be using it for home use any one know a cheap to run machine I know the toner is expensive but I don't do much printing so the toner should last me a year or two

Answer:Solved: Multifunction mono laser printer

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Hi,We're a small office services team with 6-8 people typically in the office.I've calculated that we're printing in the region of about 3000 A4 prints per month, and a rough estimate that we are spending about 3200-3500 per year on consumables for the printer (including toner, drums, fuser, transfer belts and paper).We're currently using an OKI MFP 3520 multi-function printer which seems to go through drums, fuser, transfer belts and toner like there's no tomorrow.At what kind of volumes does it become financially viable to have an all-in-one cost-per-print type contract?We want a nice, fast printer with low consumables costs (doesn't everyone?)All advice appreciated.

Answer:Colour multifunction laser printer - buy or lease?

Rent.Supply & Service Contract: This one may have several different names but basically, they supply the Machine and all materials, you pay per copy.

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Hi there,

I am looking to buy a Multifunction Printer in the price range of about $200/100 or more.

Any thing to look out for or Recommendations?

Answer:Need Advice/Recommendation for a Multifunction Printer

There is a great search engine called GOOGLE...

With that price range, what are you planning to print, copy, scan and fax? Are you running a million dollar (pound) business?

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Hi Folks,My 5 year old Lexmark All-In-One Printer is shouting out for Retirement and is not printing any more. The Scanner is working.Can anyone please let me know which All-In-One to get. I do a lot of Scanning of Pictures and printing Pictures. I Print Prayer Cards. I also wish to print Booklets, Flyers, Newsletters. My budget can only go up to 100. I would lihke a better All-In-One than the Lesmark X5470 I'd be glad to get another with much high-resolution than my Lexmark.Shikaree Please advise.Thanks

Answer:Buying A New Multifunction Printer

Good spec, price, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth here

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I am looking to replace my old HP 5L laser printer (for the record I have had really bad luck with HP printers). I would need something around $150-200 if that is possible. Can anyone recommend a decent laser printer? This will be for home use.


Answer:Cheap Laser Printer Recommendation

I love HP printers, this is the one I have and I love it!

HP LaserJet 1022 Printer - 19 PPM

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HiCan any one advise me in buying a good color laser which is capable of printing in glossy photo papers.Are they as good as ink jet for printing photos.thank you in advance.regardsmano

Answer:Color laser printer

A colour laser will not print any where near the quality of an inkjet. It will be fine for office type work though.

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Is this a reportable code due to USB error or a printer specific error? Still t-shooting printer probs with hp hdn5550. Reportable code is 43.

Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43).

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I have an HP Color Laser Jet 5550hdn. I have tried to load drivers (Windows 7 Pro X64) in 3 different environments: Auto Load from Windows, and from HP site - specific driver and universal driver. When Windows loads the drivers, the system freezes and requires a full hard boot. When drivers are loaded from HP, it shows that the printer is ready but will not print (spooler stops). I have also encountered problems with networking the printer (of course it cant be since the drivers aren't loaded) but I cannot find the printer's network address on the wired network.

Answer:HP Color Laser Jet Printer

Are you sure the drivers are 64-bit drivers?

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Hi,Im looking to buy a cheap colour laserjet (100-130). So far, i am considering the xerox 6110 click hereit says the colour toners yield 1000 pages at 5% - but is this the case with the toners it comes with? (bearing in mind a full set of replacement toners is nearly double toe price of the printer!!)thanks,james

Answer:colour laser printer - buying advise

I have a Samsung CLP300 costing just under 100 click hereYou can buy a toner set for about the same price as the printer (or cheaper if you buy compatible off ebay). I've just replaced the black toner cartridge for 12 click here|39:1|66:2|65:12|240:1318&_trksid=p3911.c0.m14Print quality is OK if not brilliant but it's a great little printer for its price. You can also buy a Network version.The toner supplied with the printer has lasted me almost 12 months of very light use.

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I am considering getting a new all in one laser printer that scans, faxes and prints in both color and black and white. I am considering the Samsung CLX3160 and an HP model but the HP has no fax capability. Truth be told, I can probably pick up a cheap fax machine if needed...Any thoughts, ideas or suggestions?

Answer:Good color laser printer?

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I work at home and print a whole lot, I mean a lot. I am in the process of printing a few thousand flyers. Though most of the things I print are black and white, there are times when I need to print some color stuff.

My old HP deskjet is slowly but surely giving out on me.

For the last month I have been researching on different sites: Zdnet, consumerreports, any store site that sells printers, even Amazon, I have been reading reviews over reviews....I finally got the HP color laserjet 2600n last night, just to take it back today. I liked a lot about it, but it had streaks all over, plus it jammed right away. I was so disappointed since it has such nice reviews for most of it.

Doing as much research as I did, I got myself all please those of you who have been using color lasers, tell me which are good and which are not... I may even consider a multi-function one if it's not too pricy (that was one thing on the comes with full toner, but after 2000 pages you have to replace $300 for that?? That's what the printer costs....

Has anyone heard of Ricoh?? I found it at Costco. And how are Oki's?

I would like one that has a tray that holds a good amt. of paper and that also can get seperate pages fed into. That was one thing I thouhgt was cool on the HP.

Thanks for your help.... I really need to get yesterday....

Answer:Which color laser printer is good?

Sounds like you are already aware that the purchase price is only a deposit. The real cost is in the consumables...

The HP had to be faulty, they are better than that.

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Replacing a WF-7520 with CIS at the office. The ink waste pad is EOL. I know about solutions like Printer Potty, but the WF-7520 also requires clean print head function to be run quite frequently which is very annoying - so would like to buy a good long term replacement.

Budget: | $250, framed by the MF634Cdw -- but could do higher if necessary and cheaper is always better
Country: | USA
Color or black and white: | Color
Laser or ink printer: | Laser (assuming this is lowest cost per page)
New or used: | Either
Multi-function: | Yes: Scan/Copy
Duplex Printing: | Preferred, not mission critical
Home or business: | Business
Printing content: | Primarily standard 8x11 business documents, ability to print the occasional flyer / fancy a plus
Printing frequency: | Variable, WF-7520 reached EOL with ink waste pad in 5 years
Pages per minute : | Don't care
Page size: | Letter. Ability to match WF-7520's paper capabilities a plus.
Device printing from: | PC, MAC
Connection type: | WiFi, Ethernet

Additional details:

The WF-7520 has worked well, except for the fact that the printhead cleaning function periodically needs to be run 5+ times in a row manually to fix bad quality printing and the waste ink pad expiring is a pain that I don't want to deal with again.

Need a network printer that 'just works' in printing basic color documents at the lowest cost with scanning/copy function. Should not require frequent hands on maintainence like swapping ink/toner or runn... Read more

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Just curious to see what you guys are recommending for networked color laser printers these days.

A client had purchased a Dell 3100cn about 3 years ago, only 18,000 pages and is now blowing black toner all over the inside. Given the low cost for a new unit, my feeling is that these things are basically throwaway: not worth repairing. He came to me for recommendations.

Considering these 2

Dell 3130cn
Low toner cost/cost/page (esp with the high yield cartridges)
kind of leary of Dell based on previous experience...

Xerox Phaser 6280N
Good reviews
Sl higher cost/page

Any input on these 2 or others?

Answer:SMB Color Laser Printer recommendations

We generally only use heavier grade equipment, but based on that. Xerox is garbage, it's just a name, surprisingly Dell makes decent units for the SMB market.

We have one 2145cn in a small private office for the owners, not the most solid machine, but still good. Price is reasonable, toners cost $$$ but for yield vs personal inkjet printers, they are great. Also it has Print/Scan/Copy/Fax, so it's hard to beat that, and the software is easy to setup for small office deployments. This is the smallest machine we own, the rest are 30-40cpm multi-function machines and about 25 high volume printers

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My friend's small office needs to replace their Konica-Minolta 2200 which is getting quirky.
Does anyone have experience with a sub-$400.00 color laser that's reliable?

Answer:Recommend a color laser printer

Personally, I have an HP Color Laserjet 3600n that is rock-solid reliable and has outstanding output quality with a reasonable cost per page. I got it for 250$ almost a year ago, but I don't know what it would go for now.

I'd definitely recommend anything made by Brother as well, I have an all in one black and white laser by them that has tens of thousands of pages on it without any issues. I believe that they have two models around 300$ at the moment that have a good cost per page and, judging by the demo prints, very reasonable output quality.

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I am considering purchasing a color laser printer. I've been clocking the ads and an HP is down to around $700.00. I think the cartridges run around $90.00 each.

Anyone got any input on lasers? I have had good luck with HP products in the past so I am leaning toward their product.

Thanks in advance for any imput.

Answer:Purchasing Color Laser Printer

Can't go wrong with an HP laser printer.

My last job had printers from several years back still goin strong.

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I am looking to buy an all in one color laser printer. It will mostly be used for home use with the occasional graphs and charts for work, so image quality is very important. What should I look into buying? Are there any cheap laser all in ones that do a good job? Dont want to spend alot of money if I do not have to. Thanks

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At the end of the year I will be buying a new computer. I do a lot of text printing in black and white and I want a laser printer.

I'd like to get a color laser, but I know the toner cartridges are expensive and I'm afraid that if I print out photographs and other things in color, that it will eat the black toner.

Does anyone know if those have duel cartridges? My b/w laser printer at work will print about 6K full sheets of text per cartridge. The b/w cartridge is $180 to replace.

What I'm getting at is I'd like a printer with a separate black toner cartridge and a separate color one. I like to play around w/color, but don't want it costing me black toner. Like if I use up all the color toner - fine - I can live without it, but I need the black.

I don't know if I explained this very well, but if anyone can help, I appreciate your time.


Answer:Color laser printer question

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I am looking to upgrade my Canon Pixma MP780. The printer I am after needs to be able to do the following:- Automatic duplex printing- Colour laser prining for work documents not photographs- Have an in built document feeder for the scanner- Be shared between a desktop PC and a mac laptop (ideally the mac laptop communicating by wifi if possible)- Would be nice if it was small but would trade size for all of the features above!ThanksAlex

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I have not unpacked my multifunction MFC-9330CDW, because I had ordered 9340. But carton says:

OS version, Win 7,

supported functions Print Scan PC Fax (black & white only)

Does the "black & white only" refer only to "PC fax"?

Anyone knows?

Hans L

Answer:Brother color laser printer not supporting Win 7?

Hi there .. Have read through a few reviews of your printer .. It does seem to refer to the Fax only .. I am sure it is not a feature which you will use much any how .. I have always liked Brother Printers they seem to work very well and the INk is not so expensive ..

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I have been very satisfied with my HP5 LaserJet (black only). With it, I didn't think much about operational costs; but, I got plain lucky and it has turned out to be one of the cheapest per page to operate.

Color lasers are not cheap to operate. So, are there any sites that have reliable data on per-page printing costs for color laser printers?

Answer:Color Laser Printer Advice Needed

The Color LJ5 is cheap to operate now, buy supplies and its under 5 cents a page, I got all the toner bottles (two pair of each), a new drum, the transfer belt (new) and a few other goodies for under $100 So around 10000+ copies (at least) for under $100 not bad if your willing to wait a little longer for a printed page

Also I bought the unit with 30k copies for $100 no shipping

As for "reliable" cost per page given for various Color LJs I would like to see that myself, nobody ever gives real costs, because as we all know, drums NEVER make it through their rated life, toner ratings are optimistic and stuff just happens.

Anyone have a site that lists the real costs of owning a color laser printer?


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I am not a big fan of getting ripped off on replacement color laser toner. On most major brand machines (HP, Lexmark, Dell), toner cartridges are encoded with a microchip, making them virtually impossible to rebuild or refill. As anyone who owns one of these brands knows, the cost of a new set of toner units often equals or exceeds the cost of a new printer.

Over the past few years, I have used OKI 5200/5300 series color LED printers. The toner cartridge is seperate from the drum (and therefore easily refillable) and the drum (although programmed to stop working at 15,000 pages) can be reset in about 15 minutes with minor disassembly and a 75 cent fuse, giving it another 15,000 pages of quality output. Using this system, I have reduced print costs by over 60% with no loss of print quality.

Although OKI still uses the seperate cartridges and drums in their newer (5400 and up) series color printers, I'm wondering if anyone has any feedback on if the drums can still be reset by replacing the fuse. Also, are there any other brands of color laser printers not using microchip encoded toner cartridges that can be refilled? (FYI, I've considered solid ink units made by Xerox; however I've read horror stories about entire ink blocks melting in the event of a temporary power loss/restart).

Any thoughts or feedback would be appreciated.

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I am looking to buy a network ready color laser printer for our group at work and I don't know quite what I am looking for.

The printer will be available to about 20 users. Some of the printing will be semi-high content color images, but the throughput shouldn't be very high -- everyone already has access to black laser printers for common print jobs.

I am looking at the following two printers:

Does anyone have any experience with either one of these printers (or similar models) or is there any reason to prefer HP vs Xerox or vice versa?

The cost isn't really an issue, but if the Xerox printer is as capable, I don't see any reason to spend an extra $500 on the HP printer.


Answer:Network ready color laser printer

Either one is good. I would shop around, due to you may find a better deal with CDW, then somewhere else. Plus CDW will stand behind the product if it ever fails, where as other companies may wash their hands of the sale after 30-60 days.

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Hi, I am using a Dell 3130cn Color Laser Printer at my office. Right now the computer is selected as my default printer but it says the printer is offline. I have tried restarting my computer, restarting the printer, troubleshooting via my computer system (Windows 7) and nothing works. At the end of a troubleshooting attempt Windows said the computer wasn't even on! I don't know if there's a connection error between my computer and the printer or what. Everyone else in my office can access the printer from their computer.

I tried contacting Dell Tech support but they said my limited warranty expired in January and that they'd help me for a fee of $20+. Anyone out there know what might be causing my problem and how I can fix it?

Answer:Dell 3130cn Color Laser Printer Offline

CSullivan said:

Right now the computer is selected as my default printer but it says the printer is offline. Click to expand...

What does that mean? The "computer" is not a default printer. The printer itself (ie: Dell 3130) should be selected as the default printer.

CSullivan said:

At the end of a troubleshooting attempt Windows said the computer wasn't even on!Click to expand...

Again, what does that mean? If the computer isn't on, it wouldn't be able to "tell" you anything.

I can only assume you meant the say the troubleshooting stated the "printer" wasn't powered on.

Also, as you state others can use the printer, is this a network printer?

If it's working for everyone else, and not your computer, then you simply have a config/driver issue. Uninstall any drivers/software for the Dell 3130, remove the printer (config) from the Devices and Printers list (Control Panel / Hardware and Sound / Devices and Printers), reboot, and then remap/install the printer.

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My networked Brother printer has stopped communicating with my main computer. and refuses to reconnect to it.

My network is based on a TP-Link TD-W8960N Wireless N ADSL2+ Modem Router, purchased and installed in November 2011. The router has four ports. The connections are:
Port 1: Computer C1, an old i5 desktop running Win7 Pro and now used mainly for backups. It's offline most of the time.
Port 2: Computer C2, an 18-month old-i7 desktop running Win7 Pro. This is my main computer.
Port 3: Disused and apparently faulty. Nothing I've plugged into it will connect to anything else.
Port 4: A 33-month-old Brother HL-4150CDN networked color laser printer.
Until recently I've had no problems with ports 1,2 and 4.

I also use two laptops, wirelessly connected to the network:
L1: An i3 Acer TravelMate running Win7 Pro
L2: An i7 Asus Laptop running Win7 Home Premium

I normally print to the Brother from C1, C2 and L1. I've never printed from L2. A month or so ago L1 started reporting that the Brother was offline. I cured that by deleting the printer from L1 and then re-installing it. After that happened a couple more times I gave up and instead redirected L1 print jobs to "Brother Printer on C2". That worked.

Today I tried to print direct from C2, for the first time for ten days. To my surprise C2 reported that the Brother was offline. I deleted the printer and tried to re-install it. No luck, Windows "Add Device" can't find any new ... Read more

Answer:Loss of connectivity - Brother color laser printer

Brother makes available a network repair utility if something has gone wrong with the config. Saved my bacon a couple of times. From what you say tho, it looks like you have issues with your router/modem. I would shut everything down but C2 and plug the printer into port 1 and see what happens.

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I made the big switch from Windoze to a MacBook Pro a couple of years ago. I have a Konica/Minolta MC2300 DL color laser printer, which I couldn't get to work with the new computer. Apparently, there's a problem getting a driver since these two companies don't see fit to support each others' products. Is there somewhere else I can find a driver that will enable me to use what was an excellent printer for my needs with my Mac?

(I didn't realize until today that MajorGeeks supported Macs), so hadn't used Majorgeeks since 2006....


Answer:MacPro + Konica Minolta 2300DL color laser printer

You might get better advice if you post in the Mac section of the forum

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Okay, a friend of mine plugged in his Ricoh Color Laser AP204 Printer, and it prompted him to download the drivers.I've located a site which appears to have the drivers. Here's the site... downloaded the drivers for Windows XP onto his desktop. The file appears to be a self extracting "Win Zip Self Extractor" .exeThe .exe extracted the files to  the "C:\Temp\r40063L5\" directory. It created three folders in the directory, each are named disk1, disk2, and disk3. All three disks have lots of strange files in them. My friend is running Windows XP.How can he get the drivers installed so his printer will work?  :-?

Answer:Installing Printer Drivers Ricoh Color Laser AP204

Anyone have any ideas? Any help would be appreciated. :-/

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I own an HP CP2025dn color laser printer.

Recently, I had transported the printer to a different location, and it was not long after that when I noticed that the edge of the pages coming out were yellowed. The paper was brand new and going in perfectly white, but down one side of the page, on any page where there was ink within about an inch or so of the side of the page, there was a distracting yellow band that also ran near the edge of the page along side of the contents that were near that side. If I print double-sided, the yellow band runs down the same edge of the page (so right edge on the front page, left edge on the back page).

Here's a picture I took of one page that illustrates what I am talking about: It's a faint yellowing that looks almost like the page has been in the sun too long or something, but as I said, that was a brand new page that went 100% white.

I do not know if the issue of transporting my printer is relevant, but this problem was not occurring before I had moved it, and I noticed it within a day of being transported, so I am mentioning it for the sake of providing people with as much information as possible so they can make an informed decision about the cause, not because I necessarily think I damaged the printer when I moved it (I would be surprised if I had, because I was handling it quite carefully).

Anyways, I do not have any spare cartridges to swap out right now, and as t... Read more

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Hi there I just bought a new Samsung printer model no. CLX-3180 series. It is a multifunction color laser printer. The disc that Samsung issued me with for installation is not working. I have attempted to install it by doing what it says:
1. I set up the printer and connected the printer to the wireless router via ethernet cable.
2. I searched using wireless setup option on the disk for the computer on the network. It reported back that it could not find it so I was unable to install it wirelessly as it says it is not connected to the LAN network, which it is.
3. I then plugged it in via USB and attempted to install it via the disc. This did not work so I tried to do it through windows. This worked and I was able to print from the desktop through the USB.

This is all good and well but we have 3 other computers on the network and they can't print!!!

Any help would be much appreciated

We have a netgear wireless router by the way we 4 ethernet ports and attempting to install on Vista. (There is another Vista computer and 2 Macs on the network)

Answer:How can I install new Samsung multifunction printer onto wireless network?

To set up the printer for wireless use you need to assign it an IP address which it will transmit for the PC's in the network to log on to. If the printer does not have its own screen it will need to be connected by cable to a PC in order to do this.

If the setup disc will not run get a replacement as you need to install the printer drivers in all your PC's.

If you cannot replace the disc you will have to go the the Samsung site and download the drivers from there that are for your OS's.

As you now have the printer running off one PC you will need to install the printer drivers on the other PC's and then activate printer sharing. If I new what OS you are using on all the PC's I could give more details.

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Hi all,
Our Canon MF4270 has decided to not receive faxes. Is anyone prepared to recommend a suitable replacement? Must Laser print, copy, scan and fax and be networkable, preferably with a USB stick input.

Answer:Multifunction recommendation?

Is color printig needed? If so, this is not cheap but would fit your bill I really do like Canon Laser Printers, Mine is 8 years old and has only been through 3 toner cartridges, It is Monochrome only though and is not networked.

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I recently purchased an Epson dx5000 which, when working is fine. I have had lots of trouble with it recognising new cartridges despite trying different brands. Then it refuses to print anything at all. I refuse to pay Epson a small fortune to use their overpriced cartridges. Another annoying thing is when you replace just 1 or 2 cartridges it runs a head clean which results in all the cartridges being drained of ink - which is far from economical.So I'm looking to buy another model - I've completely lost faith in Epson.Can anyone recommend a printer which is more "back to basics" preferably without a chip system and has large capacity ink cartridges? I am not worried about having the latest model, just something that is economical and works well.

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I have an Epson Acculaser C900 laser printer. I'd like to make this wireless either WLAN or Bluetooth, is this possible and what would I need and where can I get it?

Answer:Wireless an Epson Laser Printer?

Not easy unless it is wireless enabled from manufacture.

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Hi all,

Looking for the above at the best price possible (with consideration towards the toner costs too), colour would be nice but isn't essential as I'll probably buy a dedicated photo printer for these - would be REALLY handy if the recommendations included wireless options too...

I've spent what feels like days reading up on these on the Internet, and am even more confused that I was when I began

Thanks for any help

Answer:Recommendations for a Wireless Laser printer with Duplexing


Since nobody has any suggestions, what about one that isn't wireless - would that help?

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Ok I am at my wit's end. Please can someone help me set up my printer! I have a Samsung ML-2525W wireless laser printer and I'm trying to set it up so that I can print wirelessly from multiple computers at home. I've spent over 2 hours so far without any luck, all the stuff I'm getting from Samsung is no help at all. Please help walk me through this setup! thank you.

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Hello. I have a Samsung M2070FW that supports a wireless connection. This worked when I had Midco internet. I have since disconnected my internet service and use either my phone or my laptop at the library with free internet.

Since discontinuing my internet service I have a router which I use so my local devices such as my server, media center, laptop, desktop and Epson printer. These all work.

I have tried to connect the Samsung wirelessly to this "local" network (the router) but it either fails when trying the WPS or it fails when just trying to connect. The IP address seems to always be defaulting back to the one provided by Samsung no matter how I try to update it. I thought maybe it wasn't connecting because of that.

I've read an article on the web that mentions a setting to turn off, but that setting is only updateable via the web interface to the printer. I connected the printer to my laptop with a network cable and can see the printer on the network. I can http to it, but can't get the control panel page. It is acting like it needs to access the internet to download something to do this.

Does anyone know of any way to get to this setup web page locally when you don't have internet service?


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I set up the printer (HL-2270DW) following all instructions. It is listed under Devices and Printers with my other printers, but not under Printers. I cannot set it as default printer in Devices and Printers.

When I go to printers -> add new printer -> wireless printer it is found, but it says installation failed when I try to install it. I got no errors following brother's instructions, can connect to the printer settings wirelessly but cannot print.

Any ideas?

Answer:Brother Wireless Laser Printer - Installed, connected but cannot print

Interestingly, I just found that my windows 8 tablet can see and print from it fine. I configured it from my windows 7 desktop though, and this is where the problems are happening.

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ERROR message on my Brother 2270-DW wireless laser printer. Previous actions included uninstall of driver with reinstall and configuration to my network.. Printer then functioned wirelessly, but again getting ERROR message. Any suggestions??

Answer:ERROR state on Brother 2270-DW Wireless Laser Printer

Printer dialog for this device merely says 'ERROR'. No code given. An email to Brother's solution center advised the action I previously took. Thought it was fixed but problem recurred.

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I have an Epson photo stylus 750 printer which gives me excellent photographic prints.However, this is getting old now and would like to get a new one and use the 750 as back up.I am looking at Canon printers but not sure of other makes. I also want to use cheaper inks [c.3.4 each]. Willing to pay 80/90 but willing to go to 175.00. If I spend this amount of money have to be absolutly sure I will get excellent prints!Prefer not to have 6 tanks as this will push up the cost.Wireless would be nice.OR: point me to a website which offers impartial reviews on photographic inkjet printers please? Sorry this is rather long. Also thanks in advance for helpful comments and suggestions.

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Need to order for Xmas dellivery for college student.

Answer:What is best wireless color printer for Surface Pro 3?

I would just do research for best wireless color printer for any modern PC.

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I'm looking for a good multifunction printer that is under $300. It must have copier, scanner and color fax capabilities and print good quality photographs.
I've been using an HP d135 but it is now defunct and out of warranty.

We use the printer to print CD covers, so it must be able to handle a decent workload and give attractive printouts.

I know there are some good multifunction printers out there, I just don't know how to sort through them all. Any good experiences/suggestions?

Answer:What is the best multifunction printer?

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looking for advise as to which multifunction printer to purchase, will use it for scanning old pictures and for printing photos,plus the normal kids stuff.

Answer:which multifunction printer

410 to look at here have a browse click here

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I am using Windows 7 Home premium and need help on which multifunction printer to get.

Answer:multifunction printer

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I have just purchased the above but the installation has been far more complex than I expected.

Installed from CD using USB connection. There was one error that seemed to come from Windows 7 Pro rather than the install program which stated that PCL had not been installed successfully. Not sure if this is significant?

All other software and utilities on the CD installed OK except for TWAIN instalation but all the references in this seemed to apply to connection over a network rather than local printer via USB.

I have printed successfully from the computer.

Now I want to learn about scanning using the Automatic Document Feeder (Duplex). I initialy want to experiment and scan a multipage document to a multipage pdf file.

The program that came on the CD that would seem to be the one to use is called "Actkey"

When I start this up there are 4 options "Application 1" "Application 2" "Folder" "PC Fax".

I select "Folder" but then get a message "Please check that the device is set to remote PC mode" and can't get any further. What does this mean?

With the information I have provided of my journey so far with this MFP can anyone kindly help. I'm not sure if either of the two problems I had during install are relevant or not but most importantly I want to be able to scan.

Thank you

Answer:OKI MC561 Multifunction Printer help

Have you tried to uninstall and then reinstall it? Make sure when you install the printer that you install the software first before plugging in the usb cable, doing this can have adverse effects on the installation.

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I recently purchased an Epson DX5000 multifunction printer.But I am very disappointed in the chipped cartridge system - it must be making Epson millions.I have been using compatibles which of course are cheap enough, but the last colour ones I used weren't recognised, rendering the whole printer unusable, even though I only wanted to print black! This in turn caused delays and inconvenience.Without going down the road of refillables or ciss, or even chip resetters, I really want an economical printer with a decent ink capacity in their cartridges, probably aimed more for business use.But not another Epson!Thanks

Answer:Which economical multifunction printer?

I bought a Brother DCP 130 C and I have no here for a selection, I think mine is now superceeded.I am sure you will get many different opinions, I can only tell you of my finding. I use it simply as a general purpose machine.

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Howdy All,
This is not a problem per se, I am seeking information. I want to upgrade my multifunction printer to one that uses separate ink tanks as I always use the blue up first then have to replace the whole tri colour cartridge whilst there is still ink in it. I currently use and am very happy with my Hewlett Packard but have been looking at upgrading and the one I like is $400 australian, a little out of my pocket. In my local computer store, there are Epson multifunctions with separate ink tanks for $170 australian but the store just wants to sell me something and isn't too good at answering questions. The main thing I am trying to find out, with little success or maybe I am not asking the right questions in "searches", is whether this Epson has separate printheads with each ink tank, like the Hewlett Packard does. I once had a Cannon printer that the heads died on and it cost me more than the printer to buy a new set. I was a newbie and the store didn't bother to tell me it would be cheaper to buy a new printer than to buy the print heads. I have since found out that not all MFP's have the print heads changed with each ink tank and some just use a built in set, which means it gets more expensive in the long run when changing things over or if you have print head problems.
Hopefully, some TSG members might be able to help me or point me in the right direction for links to find out my answers!!!
Thanx in advance for any help available.
Pa... Read more

Answer:Multifunction Printer advice please

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My HP 959C standa lone printer has ceased/departed/no more. I have been looking at multifunction units. The Brother DCP 585CW is one that attracts at this time. I already have a Epson R800 for use for photo printing so do not necessarily need a unit with good photo capability. I need to purchase a new unit in the next few days (today?) anyone care to advise/comment?

Answer:New Multifunction printer for upto £100?

Bump - as I feel I need to buy today.

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Hi all. I have a Print server currently that is built in to my router, but it doesn't have USB compatibility. So my setup is like this: cable modem connected to wired router, port 1 of router connected to WAP, port 2 connected to desktop PC, WAP connected to laptop with PCMCIA card and printer connected to router with LPT cable. (port 3 and 4 are free).

I want to puchase a multifunction printer, but the problem with this is that I cannot use it with my current print server built in to my router. I would rather get a wireless router with built in print server, but will the multifunction printer be able to scan on the network as well as print or just print?

The Brother DCP 310CN's review says this...Sharing a printer across a network, whether wired or not, is relatively simple. Unfortunately, sharing a scanner is much trickier. You can't just plug your scanner and share it using Windows. Nor will most print-servers - devices that you use to share printers over a network - allow you share a scanner.

Brother has the answer. Its new multifunction device, the DCP-310CN has an integrated network port. This means you can plug it into your router or hub and share it with all PCs on your home or office network.

If this is true this means that I can plug this multifunction printer into a port on my router, and share it without buying a print server, right? Or does this mean that I have to connect to printer to my wan port (currently has my cable modem on it).

Please... Read more

Answer:Networking a multifunction printer

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I'm looking for a good multifuntion printer that has a very good scanner to scan slides. I considered the Canon MP960 & 970 but the reviews say they don't scan well. Something around $200? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

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Question: color laser jet

Am running OS Vista (which I hate by the way) Installed printer, says successful installation. Will print off Adobe CS2 other printshops etc. but won't print off web page. Comes up with script error. Am unable to highlight selection or print. Looked in device manager and printer is not listed. What now?

Answer:color laser jet

Reinstall drivers perhaps...

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Question: color laser jet

sorry, server jammed and posted twice

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i just bought a new Canon multifunction printer. it even has the fax option. i have it connected so it prints from the computer and even sends a fax, but i've lost my Internet connection. i need to connect the multifunction printer with fax, a computer and my phone all on the same phone line. i'm also using verizon DSL. anyone know which line needs to go where? also i noticed after connecting, opening a file took a long time. am i going to need more memory?

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I know this question has been asked many times before I want to purchase a multifunction printer, scanner etc as I'm sick of trying to unclog the print heads on my Cannon i850.I have been looking at the the Lexmark 4550/4850(WiFi)and the HP C4280 both of which have so so reviews on the net, especially the HP. I understand that Lexmark cartridges include the print head as do HP cartridges. Is this correct and what are your opinions on the two devices mentioned and what would be the current advice for a good multifunction device and does the WiFi option on Lexmark printers function well to a laptop in a different part of the house?Many thanks.

Answer:Advice on a good multifunction printer.

Lexmark and HP have the print head in the cartridge, which makes makers original cartridges very expensive. Refilled cartridges from Choice (click here) are very good and much cheaper. This has the advantage that when you fit a new cartridge you have a new print head - or a cleaned and tested one in a refilled cartridge. Epson and Canon printers have the print head built into the printer, so if the printer isn't used for a long time the head can clog. In an Epson replacing the print head would generally cost more than a new printer and so would be uneconomical. I have just bought a Canon MP600R. This has the printhead in the printer, but it's an easily replaceable item (about 45). The MP600R is expensive as inkjet MFDs go (about 150) but it's a superb machine wireless, quiet, fast, duplex and excellent copying quality. I have always considered Lexmark to be cheap and poorly built.

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The XP driver for this was pretty good for a typical cumbersome driver from HP. The Vista/W7 driver works minimally and the control panels look great but:
1. Normal vs. Fastdraft print selection results in terrible low density quality.
2. Can't change the default printer selection.

Answer:HP PSC1200 multifunction printer/scanner

I have found that W7 installs better drivers than what is available for HP m/f printers. If you uninstall your driver and reboot, with the printer attached to your machine, W7 will load a driver that is compatible.

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Hey guys,
I'm trying to figure out how to scan stuff to a computer on an HP LaserJet 3330 scanner/copier/printer/fax. The thing is hooked up to a print server on a 100Mb/s network w/about 7 or 8 computers, and I'm trying to get it to scan to another computer on the network. Any ideas?

Answer:HP multifunction printer on print server

I'm not sure if you can make it scan through a genereic print server..
You most certainly need the bloated, huge and slow HP software to do it.

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I wish to purchase a photo printer and would like help in purchasing a good one. At present I just use the Epson Stylus 680 but I would like a photo printer to use with my digital camera. I have a budget of about 130.00. Also is there a good multifunction photo printer/scanner/copier. Or is it best to keep photo printers seperate.

Answer:Advise on Photo Printer or Multifunction

I have an Epson R200. Good quality photo printer, uses separate ink cartridges. Also prints direct to CD if required.Check out click here for prices.

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I have just installed the above printer/scanner to my laptop, having used it wirelessly on my previous laptop without a problem. It was complicated to do as it didn't 'do it itself' as the help option told me it would.
I have managed to get it to print wirelessly but nowhere is there an option to scan a document (either on my laptop or on the device itself). When I click on Scan>send to PC> on the printer my laptop is not listed, whereas other pcs in the house are (and my old one was)
Windows 8 seems to have successfully over-complicated everything that was simple to set up on all previous versions of windows.
Any ideas?

Answer:Installing HP C4700 Multifunction Printer

Take a look at this you should find it helpful.

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My printer,copier scanner has just died. I am therefore looking for a new mulifunction printer. Can anyone suggest a decent printer. I use the same mainly for letters, and a few photo's every now and then. I think that individual ink cartridges are useful and can save money, so I would like this feature. Perhaps wireless enabled as well.Thanks for your help

Answer:Wanter a decent multifunction printer

click here

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Hey Guys,I currently have a Canon Pixma ip2000 printer and an Epson Perfection 610 scanner,I'm leaving for Uni this Saturday and instead of bringing these two with me and save myself some deskspace I thought I get one of those multifunctional printers.I am thinking of spending about 50-60 for one,want one that can print good quality photos,produce good scans and enable me to use cheap compatiable ink.Hope someone can help as I'm not too clued up about printers,etc.Thanks.

Answer:Help with finding a decent multifunction printer

Can anyone help at all?Please?

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Hi, I have a Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit PC connected to a home network with other PCs connected. Additionally, there's a network printer (HP Officejet 6310xi) that available on the network. Now when I had my XP PC on the network, I was able to access the printer's printing, scanning and faxing resources via the control software (HP Solution) which worked fine, but it took a great deal of space and resources. Now I have a Windows 7 system, I really don't want to tie up resources with this control software, however, when I use the device wizard, all I find is the printer resource. I am frustrated with HP's only solution is to install the control program and no other way to scan or fax over the network. Isn't there a way to manually install a network device? I mean, technically, you can manually install a network printer with Windows, but why not a network scanner or network fax machine?

Answer:Manually add a network multifunction printer?

Multifunction devices require specialized drivers to get things working. Sorry, but that's just the price of doing business. You could probably get the printing working, but the scanner and fax won't work at all without the network drivers from HP. You may be able to do some experimenting and uninstall some of the applications and keep the drivers intact; checking the HP site/forum may help - you might get lucky and find someone that's done exactly that.

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Hi, I was hoping somebody could please help as I'm now desperate! I work for a company which is a registered charity and we are based in a public building with no internet access.
We had a multifunctional printer (Canon MP600) which has died on us and that model is no longer availbale. We used it for copying, scanning and printing photos direct from a SD card as we don't have access to a PC/laptop. For printing photos our old printer used to take the photos direct from a SD card (which I understand is the "norm" nowadays) however we couls also select a layout and which photos we wanted to print so that it printed 8 x different photos on 1 x A4 piece of paper without using a PC - it did it all from the SD card via the printer itself.
We are desperately looking for a printer that does the same but finding it difficult to find one - please help! As we're a charity we don't have a huge budget, possibly up to around £150 ish and we don't really need/want anything fancy, so long as it prints, copies, scans and has the option of puting multiple photos onto one sheet of paper without using a PC. Thanks.

Answer:multifunction printer help and advice needed please

If you are anywhere near Cirencester or know someone near there this may be useful:
Ebay Pick up only

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I purchased a linksys router, notebook card, usb adapter & a print server. The print server is not compatible with my canon f50 multi function printer. I want to know if there is a print server that is compatible with the canon f50 to make the printer part work and if so is it compatible with the linksys router?

Answer:multifunction printer on print server

I really doubt it if you want to use all the functions. I have an HP PSC-750, but when I was using a USB printer server, all I could access was the printer. Since my server is on all the time anyway, I connected it there, and now I can use the scanner too.

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My wife has put me in charge of finding a color laser printer for doing mainly transparency film printing. Anyone have a favorite, or are they all about the same? Also how do the films compare in terms of color saturation and contrast to other types of printing (inkjet, etc.)?

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Relevance 60.68%

Two person office needs a color laser for modest printing needs. Wireless and network would be nice, but not essential.
Our Samsung CLX-3175 just died after 2-3 years, so longevity would be nice.

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I installed windows 7 RC clean because i had the beta.
I had installed the beta over my vista os with no problems with drivers for all my devices.
After installing win 7 RC i realised that none of my devices were installed, printer, scanner camera etc.
When i tried installing the printer With the old disk it re-directed me to the HP site for the right driver (x64).
After downloading the driver it will not install, i tried using the compability to Vista with no luck , i have tried for hours different ways without success.
I really need the printer, please if anybody has ideas to how to get the driver to install i whould really apreciate it.


Answer:HP color laser jet 1600

Have you tried installing the printer *without* installing a third party driver?

if it is local just install a new printer, tell it local and let it look for the printer to see if it recognizes it on its own....

Actually there was another post HP Color LaserJet 1600 problem that states that the Vista driver works....

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I recently upgraded to W7 and just discovered that my multifunction printer apparently doesn't have support for W7 yet. It allegedly works with Vista but not W7. They said the W7 drivers wouldn't be ready until March. I tried to get them to offer a possible workaround..maybe another driver that might work but all I got was the canned response from their support person which didn't give me much confidence I was getting complete information. Anyone happen to know a workaround to get this printer working in W7? Panasonic's only advice was to switch back to XP which isn't very helpful. I have school starting soon and it would suck to have no printer all semester.

Model# - Panasonic KX-MB271 Multifunction Station.

I'm running W7 64bit.

Answer:Panasonic KX-MB271 multifunction printer support

A very common work around is to install the vista drivers under vista compatibility mode

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I have to laugh, looks like I posted the same damn thing a year ago! lmao

Once again, here I am. This Epson printer/scanner CX4800 is on it's last leg. Prints just fine, but the scanner bar light thingy no longer scans the entire length of the document placed inside. It stops midway and goes back to it's resting spot, no matter what document I use, size, brightness, darkness, etc. All documents are cut off with the scanner.

So, looks like I've had issues with Epson, but wondering if I should give them another try, or do you guys recommend another company?

Lightly used at home.
Easy to use a must.

Thank you once again!

Answer:Multifunction Printer/Scanner Brands - Preference?

Something you might like to consider, depending on your usage is the Niagara Continuous Ink Flow System. Available especially for Epsons.

I know a person here in OZ who uses it and swears by it.
Depends on your usage as to whether it is a propositiion or not, of course.
I will certainly look at it next time around.

Two essentials on my next MFM will be a straight through feed from back to front, (no paper u-turns) to allow (easier feed) 200gsm, or heavier, paper so I can print Certificates, etc., on heavy paper.
Also 5-6 individual colour ink cartridges, if possible.

Some even have a dedicated bigger capacity Black cartridge dedicated to Black only printing.

I don't know if I can get all I'd like in one MFM, but they are on my wish list. Hope this helps in your choice of a new MFM. Let us know what you choose. Bazza

PS: check out [url\[/url]
and [url\[/url] for great informative articles on printing costs, continuous ink systems, etc.

A great newsletter as well. 2 versions, one free, 1 by $$ donation. Bazza

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which drivers do I need to download to enable my printer to work?
Have spend ages downloading what I thought was the appropriate driver for a Windows 7 Home edition - only to be told it is incompatible.
This is my son,s computer and the download speeds on BT are absolutely atrocious, so it is very frustrating to be told they are incompatible

Answer:Drivers for a Canon MP220 multifunction printer

You need either mp drivers (for 32 bit version) or mp drivers 64 bit (obv for 64 bit version) both available from Canon site along with other stuff that is not necessary.

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Hi all,

Can anyone make suggestions for a good multifunction unit with the following criteria:

Print - Scan - Copy (fax not required)

Black & colour printing, scanning, copying

Automatic document feeder

Networking capability preferable.

Other specs for speed, resolution, etc not so important at this stage.

Most multifunction units I have found that have the ADF also have the Fax component, which is not required as I already have a separate fax.

One I have found is Canon MP750. Any reviews on that or any other suggestions welcome. Network capability would be nice but not essential.

Thanks in advance

Answer:Solved: Advice for purchase of multifunction printer

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I need input from anyone who has experience and/or expertise using a color laser printer.

I'm looking at an HP Color Laserjet CLJ2600n. It has separate toner cartridges for each color. I understand there are some that don't. I also know the printing cost with a color laser is significantly higher than with a black-only laser.

Example: My HP5 is rated at about 8000 pages with 5% coverage per cartridge at $85 each and the CLJ 2600n is rated at 2500 pages for the same specs and cost.

Aside from these things I know, are there any pitfalls or positives anyone can tell me about?

Answer:Anyone have experience w/color laser printers?

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Hi All-

Don't know if this is where this should be, but I'll throw it here anyway.

I'm looking into buying a low cost color laser printer for printing simple color things. I already have a Brother HL-2040 B&W laser and a Canon S9000

I basically want it for printing web pages that need to be color to be read (color coded charts, etc.) simple graphics, and small photos that are already part of a document.

Because I already have the best of the photo inkjet world (Canon S9000) I don't need it to be great with the quality. I absolutely would only run photos on the S9000.

Speed's not a biggie either, even 4 ppm is fine with me in color. If I need something big done fast, chances are it's B&W and the Brother can tackle it at 20 ppm.

What I do want is a cheap upfront cost, as I am cheap (300$ give or take some) and as low running costs as possible since I do print a lot, and buy paper by the 10 ream boxes.

While the Brother 2040 would still probably be my primary, I wouldn't mind having a color laser fast enough with low enough B&W running costs to replace it completely either.

Thanks for your input,


One more thing-I'm a big fan of remanufactured toners/toner refills (not the same for ink, but with toner I've yet to see a quality difference in lasers). If you can find one with remanufactured toners/toner refills that would make running costs even cheaper, that'd be awesome. Currently I use lasertekservices.c... Read more

Answer:Color Laser with low per-page costs?

Right now Staples is running a sale on all their Laser Printers advertising up to 50% off. I have seen some HP Color lasers there normal priced at around $250, you may want to check there.

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When asked to print the configuration page, the printer prints the first two pages and on the third page it jams half way through the fuser unit. then stops and comes up with error 54.16.

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We are running to HP L7780's (I didn't choose them). They software is horrible and they won't hold a wi-fi connection with the linksys router.

It prints ok from networked computers, but it won't scan.

What's the best Color Laser All-In-One for $500 or less?

I see this Samsung - SAMSUNG CLX Series CLX-3175FW MFC / All-In-One Up to 17 ppm 2400 x 600 dpi Color Laser Printer - Printer - Laser Printers

But this one is very similar and has mixed reviews - SAMSUNG CLX Series CLX-3175FN MFC / All-In-One Up to 17 ppm 2400 x 600 dpi Color Laser Printer - Printer - Laser Printers


Answer:Best Color Laser All-In-One for Small Office?


Originally Posted by Boma

It prints ok from networked computers, but it won't scan.

Big question before purchasing any network multifuctional is this
Does it network scan?
Does it network fax?

You will find that the cheaper ones will only scan or send faxes from a local PC. Not a networked PC.

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Hi there. Recently purchased a Brother 2700cn laser printer. Everything was coming up roses until suddenly it only prints partial images.

Scenario: Printing color photos of artwork for christmas cards. Using American Greetings creatacard 6. Format is two per sheet. Using hammerhill cover sheets 64#. Top of card is graphic bottom is text box.

Problem: When I print the outside of the card the first image on top is cut off. The bottom is fine. Sometimes the text box prints, sometimes not. Was doing fine on the first 3 or 4 cards, then this started.

Ideas, help?

Thanks in advance for any advice

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I have a small laser printer, but it's just black and white printer, the cartridge is
1 cartridge

what does a laser color printer cartridge look like, is it one cartridge?
i've never seen one, i'm talking about a small laser color printer,

I'm thinking of getting one, so i can print pictures i like from the internet and put it on my wall,

I'm not sure if its worth it, if i have to buy too many cartridges, maybe i'll just go to staples to print it out, but im curious also as to what cartridge it uses

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My printer driver works but installing windows 7 killed its ability to print in color.

I have done a rather quick search for this issue here but did not find this one so here story is long but hopefully useful to someone, as it fully describes my entire printer issue to date:

I have a 2 year old HP color laser jet 2605dn printer. When I had XP on my Dell C521 desktop PC, it worked fine and I got nice color and black/white prints without issue.

In the spring I installed Win7 Ultimate. In fact I had to first completely reformat the computer --with Dell on the phone, and then I took my new, properly registered copy of Win7 Ultimate, purchased from MS and started from scratch. Everything works fine... except the driver from that laser printer would not load from the original disk as it wont work for anything above XP. I downloaded a driver but it failed. The message was a yellow triangle with an exclamation mark in it and it wanted me to do some troubleshooting. For more help I was prompted to contact HP. I restarted my machine and, well, my bad driver was still in my printers control panel but a new one was now present with a green check mark next to it, clearly indicating that it worked. And it did. I then removed my bad one and forgot about the problem for a while.

The new one was apparently installed automatically via Windows7 and it did so because the printer is hooked up with its USB cable. My bad one was, I thought, not the right driver or something like ... Read more

Answer:HP color laser jet driver bull


have you tried this driver - the printer is now listed as compatible - though it was late in being added to the list

Windows 7 Compatibility for HP Color Laserjet 2605Dn Laser Printer: HP. Drivers, Updates, Downloads

The universal HP driver is a monochrome only driver that is provided as a workaround for older printers and at best will only give limited functionality

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wie kann ich den Tonerstand abrufen fr HP Color Laserdrucker cp1215

Answer:HP Laser Color cp 1215 Tonerstand

how can I get the toner for HP Color Laser Printer 1215

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that are already out or coming out in the summer

and is pretty cheap?




i wanna replace me old HP 630C

Answer:any good color laser printers?

There's a Konica Minolta one, 2400W i think is the model, thats fairly cheap. Not the best quality, but it does get the job done.

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Hopefully someone will help. A friend of mine is receiving an error message on his Brother MFC440CN printer: " Unable to change 51". By the way, he can scan, send and receive faxes, but he cannot print. I tried to search this one and couldn't really find anything.
If someone has any comments or suggestions how to solve this issue, it would be very much appreciated.


Answer:Help with Brother Multifunction Printer MFC440CN - Error code 51

Try this from their site:

Brother International - Frequently Asked Questions

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I have HP LaserJet Pro M1213nf Multifunction Printer with me & i want to install it on Windows 2000 Server but the printer doesnt support Win 2K, how i can i install the printer in the server. Pls help.

Answer:HP LaserJet Pro M1213nf Multifunction Printer driver req. for Win2K

Windows 2000 is not in the list of supported operating systems. Therefore Windows 2000 is not supported, and you cannot use this device.

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Hi Guys,

I need your suggestion for buying an external monitor for my laptop.
But I can't decide between Dell s2218h and AOC 2281FWH.
I will use it for photo editing purpose only.
Please kindly suggest.


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We have now tried two different color laser printers on our peer to peer network (Small office).

Word Perfect seems to be the problem.

Can print in other apps (Word, webpage, Etc) to this printer but not in Word Perfect .

Word Perfect hangs up and does not print. Word Perfect will print to other printers but not to Color Laser.

Word Perfect support was no help.

Anybody else had this problem? Any suggestions?

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im using a laserjet 4m now & will like to upgrade to either color hp3500 or hp3600. I will be printing lots of heavy media, around 210-245gsm, & was informed a machine with a straight thru path will be the best.

hp3500 is an older model but has a rear output door for a straight thru paper path. It states 163 gsm as the higest media weight possible, but been tested to be able to take up to 230 gsm with few jams.

Hp3600 is a new model & is stated to accept 220gsm media but does not have a rear output door for a straight thru path.

Strictly based on the criteria of heavy media usage, which will be better ? & Why did HP reomve the rear output door ? Any chance because the new machines run a straight path already, through its' normal output ? Or can someone recommend any other printer less than US$1000 ?

Much thanks


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I am trying to get my hp color.... to print duplex sheets. I have selected it in the print menu under preferences but it doesn't translate to the printer. Does anyone have advice on what the problem might be?

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I have calibrated this printer several times but it contintues to print the colors light, the toners are full, what else can I do?

Answer:HP Color Laser Jet 3600N -printing light

Other than change ink, not much the average person can do.The printer is old. It may be at its end of life.If cost of repair is above one third the cost of a new printer, consider buying a new printer with extended warranty.

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My computer is working fine - but I recently purchased a new Samsung ML2570 laser printer that just died when the starter cartridge ran out of toner (or actually when the printer counter hit its predetermined set no. - probably 1000). At least I think that's what happened. The starter cartridges come without fuses. Replacement cartridges or toner refill kits come with fuses that are supposed to reset the counters, so when I refilled the starter cartridge and inserted the fuse that came with the kit, the printer still didn't work. I tried again with two more fuses, with no luck. I don't have a printer jam and all the doors are well-latched before I turn it on. Does anyone have any idea what I should do next to get my printer working again? My email is [email protected]

Regards, and thanks for any help,


Answer:New Samsung Laser Printer Starter Cartridge Won't Reset Printer When Toner Refilled


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Does anyone know how to get a driver taht will work with this perfectly good printer which doesn't seem to be supported by Windows 7

Answer:Windows7 printer drivers for a 10 year old samsung mono laser printer

Which model?

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A friend, a new silver surfer, has just purchased a laptop and is wanting to get to grips with the internet etc. As the laptop has no fixed abode they want to have a wireless printer, scan copy & print, so they can connect without the problem of a cable each time they want to use it.The Lexmark range seems to be the most reasonable cost wise to meet their budget but before suggesting these to them I would appreciate comments, budget under 100, laptop is Vista Home Basic and wireless enabled.

Answer:Which wireless multifunction

Lexmark are certainly the cheapest, but if your friend also wants quality, then check out the Canon MP600R. It's quite a lot over budget, but you get what you pay for. I've been using one for some time now and not only is it excellent for printing and scanning, it gives a good crisp copy direct from scanner to printer and it even has a card reader built in.

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