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PC not recognizes any USB pendrive

Question: PC not recognizes any USB pendrive

Hello mate here,

I have such problem in the my job, one PC does not recognizes usb pendrives, i re-install windows, all .inf files are in system folder but when i connect usb pendrive computer does not recognizes, pop ups error from the right low side of monitor.

what is a problem? please help me . thanks in advanced.

have a nice day.

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Preferred Solution: PC not recognizes any USB pendrive

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: PC not recognizes any USB pendrive

See if the suggestions here help, especially Post#5

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my pendrive is detected but other pendrives are not detected my lapy.
i have windows 7 pro os registered but i dont have product key. i forgott my key.
now my windows 7 is format so i need product key.
could you please give a my win 7 pro product key?

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I installed the new HD in the Notebook Lenovo T60 and it does not recognize. Inslalled in other machine and it recognizes that HD, installed the old HD in the Lenovo T60 and it recognizes. Why?


Go to Solution.

Answer:T60 does not recognizes new HD

Is it not recognized in the BIOS or Windows doesn't see it?

______________________Latitude 14

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please help i just got 4gb of ram xp only recognizes 3gb i have been trying to figure this out i have nforce4 550 mother board i updated the driver for it and the board dose recognize all the ram. pleas help i dont know even ware to start.

Answer:4gb of ram xp only recognizes 3gb!

Windows XP will NOT recognize 4gb's of ram. Not unless your running the 64bit edition. It's a well known issue. Do a search for 'windows xp 4gb's'.

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i bought an dvd rom at a local computer, show dirt cheap. I needed a black one to match my case.

It only recongize and plays dvd's. wont recongize, cdroms, cd-r, music cd's, etc....

isnt that odd?

Answer:dvd rom only recognizes dvd's?

not at all. By design dvd have to be read with a different type of laser than the ones used to read CD's. Because of this, some dvd-roms employ a dual laser system. It sounds like somethings wrong with the one used to read CD's, it's either out of calibration, or the laser is dead.

Oh, here's a tip, I use testors model paint to paint the CD-drive bezels the same color as the cases, therefore I don't pay extra for colored bezel optical drives.

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Good day I have a T61 with Windows XP SP3.  It only sees approximately 3GB out of 4GB installed memory. From some hints on the internet it appears that upgrading to Linux or even 64-bit Windows will make almost no difference.  Is this true?  Or is there a BIOS update required? Any suggestions!? Thank you,  _hartz

Answer:T61 only recognizes 3 GB ram

It only recognizes 3 GB of RAM due to a limit in Windows XP 32 bit.Upgrading to a 64bit version of Windows will fix the problem, the same will using Linux.BIOS doesn't matter, as long as the BIOS actually sees the full 4 GB of RAM.The limit is in the 32bit version of the OS.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------IT-technician, running my own company in Bergen, NorwayThinkpad T61, 8895CTO C2D 2Ghz/4GB/120GB SSD/1400x1050

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I have 16gb(two sticks) of ram installed on my system. My pc is only recognizing one stick of ram(8gb). I have re installed the memory several times to insure it is installed properly. I have also used CPU-Z in order to determine if the motherboard is reading both sticks of ram. I have included a photo of the results

Answer:Pc only recognizes 8gb of 16 gb of ram

Can you make some snips of the SPD tab in CPU-Z for each different memory socket ? How many memory socket are on your MB ?

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I own a HP G60 notebook pc with windows 7 on it. I am having trouble with it recognizing the dvds yet the cds work fine.

I suspect that it has a bad drive. Can anyone tell me if they have experienced this problem? I have tried reinstalling drivers. Yhe drive makes sounds but doesn't spin up. I don't want to assume that it is a hardware problem if it can be fixed with a setting change or software.

Thank you

Answer:Gt 20l dvd drive recognizes cd but not dvd

I am with the bad drive. Check the cables, maybe one came loose?

Also, what shows up in both your BIOS and Device Manager, even Windows Explorer?

If the drive is there and you tried more than one brand of DVD, I feel good that the drive died.

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My system recognizes I have 2 CD Rom drives (E & F),, one is a burner (this one is working fine) & the other is just a drive - (ATAPI CD-ROM DRIVE - this one is not). I went into properties/general & it says the device is working properly. However, when I put a data disc in & attempt to access it, it says 'the device is not accessible', the device is not ready. The message is a Windows Explorer message. I attempted to use Norton to diagnose the problem, but it to doesn't recognize there's a disc in the drive. Any ideas on what could be wrong. I would really like to be able to use both drives at the same time. All help is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Sherry

Answer:Nothing recognizes the CD in my drive

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Here are my specs:

ASUS P6T X58 ATX LGA1366 DDR3 3PCI-E16 PCI-E1 2PCI CrossFire SLI SATA2 GBLAN Motherboard
Intel i7 930
ATI Radeon HD5770 850MHz 1GB GDDR5 4.8GHz
Western Digital Caviar Blue SE16 640GB SATA2 7200RPM 16MB
Corsair TX750W 750W
Corsair CMP8GX3M4A1600C8 Dominator 8GB 4X2GB DDR3-1600 CL8-8-8-24 Core i5 i7 Dual Channel Memory Kit

I bought this computer recently and after a fresh install of Windows 7 x64, I found that Windows only displayed 6gb of ram. BIOS reports 8gb of ram and I'm not sure if I did any tweaks, but after a restart Windows displayed 8gb so I have left it alone since then. I decided to check again today and it reports 6gb again. BIOS still reports 8gb of ram though.

Also, only 4gb is usable in msinfo32? I am running 64-bit and I don't have faulty ram.

Answer:Windows 7 x64 only recognizes 6 out of 8 gb ram

I have close to that setup, same ram, same or similar MB but an i7 and 12 gig of ram (in triple channel mode).

I didn't do anything fancy in Windows itself, and the only thing I did in the BIOS was turn on AHCI.

Windows reports 12 gig of ram, 11.8 usable.

Believe it or not I turned on AHCI after install and had no troubles but I would look up oin the tutorials section here about how to safely turn it on after install if you want to try that...

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I have a pretty old pc that has 384mb or ram 3x128mb, i found a 512mb stick i aint using so i decided to replace one of the 128mb ones. But now when i check on my pc it only sees the 512mb instead of the 768mb.

Answer:computer only recognizes new ram

Quote from: darkhunter on June 01, 2008, 05:27:43 PMI have a pretty old pc Have you checked that the ram stick you inserted is compatible with your pretty old motherboard.   My calculation shows that half of the 512mb stick is being recognized - sounds like a compatibility problem.

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Windows 7 Ultimate x64
Intel Q9550
ATI radeon 5770
P5QPL-AM ASUS motherboard
OCZ 8GB (2x 4GB) Platinum series RAM. pc2-6400 DDR2, 240 pin, non ecc, unbuffered

I have installed 8GB ram into my computer. Both my BIOS and system properties state I can use all 8GB of it. However- even when I put my computer under huge strain, I've never seen it go higher that 30-31%. It idles on about %20, so that means when I put strain on it, it only ever goes up by %10! I have not set a limit in msconfig either.
It's frustrating me why my computer isn't using all my ram. If anybody has any suggestions, let me know!

Here's an example: I open photoshop with a huge canvas (A0), and went crazy with a large brush. I've allowed PS to use %75 of my memory. PS lags heavily, yet my ram will not budge higher than 30-31%. Here is a screenshot of it. The ram is the steady blue line.

I would be extremely thankful if anybody could share any thoughts/information. Thanks

Answer:Computer recognizes 8GB of ram, but only uses 30% of it?

Is the photoshop a 32 bit or 64 bit application? If it's 32 bit that could be why.

I have 8GB of RAM and rarely see it go above about 30% even when using my recording studio program (Sonar) and large music files - and I've using the 64 bit version of Sonar.

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Well 2day i have OFFICALLY Built my first computer :] prevous computers were built from bro ;P. Well anyway my processor is a AMD Athlon 2500+ and when i boot up it says AMD Athlon 1110+ can anyone tell me why this is?? thank you

Answer:Computer recognizes another CPU

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Help! my sons' dvd burner recognizes cds just fine but will not recognize any dvd. I already uninstalled it in control panel, shut down the computer, restarted. On restart it recognized the drive, installed, then restarted it again. No change, still will not recognize a dvd (says "no disk in drive")

Answer:dvd burner recognizes cds but not dvd

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Well, my RC finally expired yesterday and I was getting the dreaded pop-up to upgrade. A friend had gotten me a copy of RTM Ultimate but I had been procrastinating the installation of it.

I was not able to upgrade from RC to RTM so I had to a clean install. Smooth install and extremely fast... I have yet to recall a fresh installation being this quick to install.

Now, my problem is that after checking the installation, I noticed that my OS is a 32 bit and not a 64 bit like I wanted or thought I had but... that's is not the strange thing of it all.

The strange thing is that Win 7 Ultimate 32 bit is recognizing the 8 GB's of RAM that I have. It was my understanding that a 32 bit OS was only capable of recognizing 2.5 to 3.6 GB's of RAM so... what's the scoop here?

Does it recognize it or is it capable of reading it but it will only use up to 3.6 max?

I need to know guys because, if it doesn't I want to see if I can get a hold of a 64 bit Ultimate version instead.

Answer:Win 7 recognizes 8GBs of RAM

I believe that it can recognize the 8gb of RAM, it just can't address them all, so fails to use it to it's full potential.

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Well i did a slow format to install windows 7 again in the same Hard Disk, the surprise is when after do a new clean installation, when it finish and let you write your user name and the name of your computer it says: Now write your username (for example: Juan) Juan was the name of my old installation user, and i dont know why it can recognize it if its a clean installation. Please let me know something.

Answer:Why a new installation recognizes my name?

I'm assuming you are using a spanish version of Windows. The name it shows as an example in the English version is John. Juan is merely the Spanish version of John. It is used because John (and Juan) are very common names.

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Hello,I bought my T61 january 2008 (german, 3gb, XP latest). The UJ-862 was built in. In spring my problem was, that I had to insert a DVD or CD twice before ist starts. So I reported this and I got a new UJ-852 instead (UJ-862 was not listed in hw lists...?) But unfortunatly the problem is not solved until today. In most cases I have the same problem as in spring: 1) open drive2) insert DVD / CD3) close drive4) drive starts/reads, lights are blinking and all seems to be fine5) some seconds later, nothing more - as there is no disc in it6) looking into my drive list I can see that current DVD / CD is not recognized ??7) after opening and close the drive twice, all works fine... So I have to put in all my DVDs / CDs twice !?It is very very rare that at first time is works correct.This is not a big problem but it is annoying... Thank youHans, BerlinMessage Edited by hpb on 12-22-2008 12:58 PM

Answer:UJ-852 recognizes DVD / CD on second trial mostly

Hello,its over 1 year later and nobody have an idea? Now I have a new HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GSA-U10N and same problems as desribed in my first post!?This is my 3rd drive, so it could be a general XP Problem or an internal hardware problem...? I believed, this is an Lenovo Support Forum...? Whats going on.... ?  Thank you fron any assistance or idea regards, Hans  

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Bring an older machine back to life after a Windows 98 non-recoverable crash.

Had the drive partitioned into C drive for applications, and D drive for data storage.

Copied off the data out of D onto another drive (temp installed in another computer).

Loaded XP onto C along with a few other things. Works fine. But that's
only 8g.

It won't show the rest of the drive. Looked in My Computer, looked in
Control Panel / Device Mgr.

How do I find it?

I suppose 1 way is to reformat the drive, but then I'd have to reload
everything. Of course would prefer to avoid that.


Answer:30g drive, only recognizes 8g ??

Right click My Computer->Manage->Disk Management ?

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I have a Dell Inspiron PC that is about 3 years old with windows 7, recently it will not recognize any hardware at all, I cannot even get the monitor to turn on. Does anyone have an idea of what is wrong as my pc does not recognize any hardware period.

Answer:My pc recognizes no hardware at all

What happens when you press the power buttons on the monitor and PC? If there is no power light on either, are they plugged into a power strip or surge suppressor? If so is it plugged in and turned on, and does it have a power light? If no, try plugging a lamp or something you know works into the same wall outlet. If that doesn't work, try another outlet.

These might seem like silly questions, but my whole home entertainment center went out one day after the housekeeper bumped the power strip while dusting.

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I have tried to play black ops 2 on pc with many different controllers including a xbox usb made for pc and a ps4 controller with ds4 but black op 2 doesnt recognize any of them. I have tried validating the files and re-installing it but it didnt work. Also when I try to use my controller on rocket league it recognizes my controller as player 2 and puts me in split screen when I want to play as a primary with my controller. I think my pc might be setting my controller as a secondary device somehow im not sure. When I plug my Xbox controller it also shows up as player 2 on the controller itself. Please HELP!!!

Answer:My pc recognizes my controller as player 2

That would be configured within the game and/or it's a glitch within the game when detecting the controller.

I've had multiple controllers connected to my PC while playing multiple games, and assuming the game supports the controller(s), they will be listed within the game to use. I've not had a game auto assign a controller, or auto assign a controller to a "second player".

So I think you have a game issue, and not a Windows/controller issue.

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Hello everyone,

I'm new to this forum and had a question. I have read a thread on this site, but that was from back in August. I just installed 32bit Win 7, but have Ram issues.

I have a Dell XPS 600, with 4Gb of ram installed. When I look into the properties of My Computer, it states: "4Gb Installed (Using 2Gb).

If I'm not mistaken, I've read the max Ram 32 bit can hold is 4Gb. If I have 4Gb, why won't it use 4Gb?

I was running Vista, and had access to all 4 Gb. But once I installed 7, it immediately gave me this issue. I've looked into my BIOS so make sure something isn't checked off incorrectly, but all looks fine.

I've noticed my machine is much slower without the extra 2Gb, and I'd like to know if there's a way that I may be able to get this working correctly.

Any help is much appreciated, thanks ahead of time!


Answer:Fresh 7 Install. Recognizes 4Gb Ram, Using only 2Gb

Run MSConfig and click on the boot tab. Click "advanced options" and and look to see if Windows7 is constraining any of your memory.

Good luck.

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I have a slight problem since I reformatted my laptop (Asus X72v) this being that windows won't find my second harddrive, BIOS finds it but when installing W7 it won't show up and when W7 is started disk management won't find it either.

I reverted back to Vista but it won't find it either.

any quick solutions that I might have missed?

/ ztanz

Answer:BIOS Recognizes disk, W7 does not.

Is it not NTFS?

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I just noticed that windows installed on this machine with a P4 2.8C as computer type "ACPI Multiprocessor PC"

is this normal? like some kind of WIndows based utility that allows the Hyperthreading to be taken advantage of?

or should i bother reloading windows and specifying it as a "Standard Computer"

Answer:XP recognizes HT processor as Multiprocessor?

any processor with HT will be detected as multi proc. This is by design.

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I am fairly inexperienced with computers, so forgive me if I ask something stupid. I bought a HP Compaq Pavilion dv6609 TX laptop computer. It is a 64-bit system and I am running VISTA. I wanted to upgrade my memory to 4 GB, which I am told this computer can handle. I ordered two 2GB 200pin DDR2 SODIMM, PC2-5300 from Crucial. A Geek Squad person said they are installed correctly, but my computer only recognizes 2 GB!! HP tech support in India is absolutlely no help. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks.

Answer:Installed 4GB but computer only recognizes 2GB

First we need to find out if it's Windows that is wrong or it's really not 4GB.

When your system first starts, press F2 to go into your BOIS settings. On the first page it will tell you how much memory you have installed. It should have ~4gb listed.

If the BOIS says 4GB then we know windows is messing up.

If the BIOS says 2GB then we know your memory isnt configured right.
Geek Squad? I know you don't know any better but take a bit of advice. Those store idiots don't know what they're talking about most of the time. 99% of them bought stupid certifications like countles other "experts" but can't back it up with knowledge or experience. Plus, their motivation is to string you along so you keep paying for things. You wouldn't believe how much fraud/dishonesty goes on at computer shops, even the big stores.

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My PC has 4 usb ports in the back. In one of the ports I had attached a Staples 7-port USB hub. All of the 7 ports on the hub have been in use and have worked properly for quite some time... until last week.

I tried rebooting, disconnecting and reconnecting, the best I can get is "USB Device Not Recognized." I thought maybe the hub had just died. So I bought another identical hub. I then bought a cheaper GE one (at BJ's Wholesale Club) later that day, with the intention of bringing back the Staples one if that still didn't work. The both have a power adapter as well.

Anyway, I tried the Staples one first. Still nothing. Then I went to the GE one... the same result. Finally, I had a non-powered one that just split it into 3 ports and tried plugging my mouse into the other end... again, nothing.

I tried using different ports in the back of my PC. It didn't matter. I attached my mouse directly to the back of the PC in various ports and it worked, however several other peripherals that were attached to the hub, iPod, scanner, etc, also were no longer recognized. Not sure yet if that is also true for everything that was connected, as it is a real hassle to access all the wires back there!

Back to the hubs... When I go into my Device Manager under USB Root Hub, I see the "Unknown Device" I tried going into it and clicking "Update Driver" Windows searches for a driver, then I get a message saying "Cannot Continue the HArdware ... Read more

Answer:PC no longer recognizes USB Hubs...

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When I got my laptop recently, I tried doing a lot of optimizing to make Vista faster. In that process. I removed a few services from starting up with the OS (to make things run a bit faster). I think I accidentally removed a service that recognizes USB devices.

I plug in a Cruzer Mini flash drive, and it tries to find the drivers for it (naturally it doesn't find it). Same thing with a mouse. I plug it in, and it can't find it, asks me for the cd, to look online, etc. I'm pretty sure it's a service problem, but what else could it be?

Same thing goes with my virtual drives. I've tried using Alcohol, Daemon, and VirtualCloneDrive, yet none of them manage to mount an ISO I have. Any ideas?


Answer:Which service recognizes USB devices?

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For an unknown reason, suddenly two or three days ago my external Western Digital Caviar is not detected by Windows any more. I have tried using other PC's that I have at home but it's always the same.
So, I tried attaching it as a primary slave and when the POST comes I can see the disk is there, with its model and capacity. But then when Windows (7) begins loading, it will remain for ages in that first stage when the four colorful parts of the Windows logo get together and start shining. Windows stays there and can't load further. I have extremely valuable information in that disk (250 GB, two partitions). Any ideas please? Is there any way I can recover the information I have there? Thanks in advance.

Answer:HDD: BIOS recognizes it. Not Windows.

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I am trying (still) to install a Hitachi 120G hard disk as master, moving my 15G IBM to slave. BIOS wouldn't recognize the new drive (searched for it for about ten minutes) so I switched the new disk to slave, put the 15G back as master. No dice.

Tried with XP disk. XP found the hard disk! But would only format it with one partition. Then loaded XP on it. Even tho it is an upgrade disk, it never looked for my existing copy of XP so never gave me a chance to transfer my preferences or email, favourites, etc.

Now it offers me a choice of booting on either version of XP (although it names them identically) but the BIOS still can't find it. What do I do to get the original version of XP on my 120G and make it the master?

I have Partition Magic 8 and Norton Ghost, if that helps.

Answer:XP recognizes my HD - but BIOS doesn't

mcdee, have you tried updating the BIOS. Flashing it. Depending on how old your motherboard is the BIOS may not be able to see hard drives that big. And if it can it may not be able to see all the tables correctly so you might want to find a BIOS update for your motherboard.

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I have a Dell Inspiron 15 (3531) which only recognizes my Toshiba 1 TB external Hard drive as a 39.1 GB Hard drive.I Think it began when I tried to use Dell's Back up & Recovery, it saved everything there as a backup. Recently I had to reset my computer back to factory settings and when it reset it now only recognizes it as a 39.1 GB Hard drive. I have tried it on another Dell computer and it recognizes it as only 39.1 GB as well. I have tried to format the Hard drive but am unable to do it on either of my Dell computers, Is there a fiz to this or is my 1TB now screwed somehow??

Answer:Win 8 only recognizes 39.1GB of a 1TB Toshiba External HDD

My guess is it's seeing a 39.1 gig partition on the drive with the rest of the space being unallocated. Have a look at it in disk management:'s possible when you used the backup software it repartitioned the drive to suit its needs.Using disk management you can add another partition in the remaining space or remove the 39.1 gig partition and repartition and format it to its full size.

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as far as I can remember this abnormality started to happen as I ran Dreamweaver?s uninstall sometime ago. Inside of the folders containing .htm files , rather than showing IE?s icon , the ?non existing device to open this kind of file? icon is shown.
I am used to name files on sites I create employing the extension .html only for the index.html and all others are named with extension .htm.
It is been very hard to test for the correct linking if the files refuse to open.
I?ve tried to right click over a .htm ,then ?file > open with > choose program >always employ this program to open the file? , to no avail.
Many years ago I had problem alike and I was taught by a moderator in a forum to edit a line on the register, but I can no longer remember which was the line (moreover it was on Windows 95 time).
I ask if someone can help me out with this trouble.
Thank you all very much.

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I have a new computer and printer.  Everything has hooked up fine except for the printer.  It recognizes that the printer is there but keeps asking for a driver.  I have reinstalled the printer software and used a different USB.  It is a E-machine desktop and Epson printer.  Thanks for any help you can give me.

Answer:Computer recognizes printer BUT

Try going to Control Panel /Printers and right clik the printer and select "remove" or uninstall...Then in Control Panel also go to add/remove and remove the Epson software program...Then shut down the machine.Un-hook the printer from the USB port.Power up and re-install the printer software and it will tell you when to connect the printer...See how this works for you. If no go Post back.

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hi,my sister has recieved an mp3 player for christmas,she has done what the instructions has plug in computer and windowsXP will have a removeable drive,but there is none,please help.thanks V much.ben

Answer:mp3 player,xp recognizes,but cannot install

Did any drivers come with it?

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My daughter and I installed her new 250 GB hd yesterday and installed XP; everything seems fine except the computer says 230 free of 232 GB, and it is a 250.

The computer is a Dell Dimension 4300, 1.7 Mhz Intel Pentium 4, 700 RAM (512 + 254?).

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Answer:XP only recognizes 232 of 250 Hard Drive

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I have two XP sp3 machines and a new Win7 laptop. I had no problem finding the main desktop with the Win7 machine but I can't see the other one. I turned off the windows firewall and my other xp showed up, but when I closed the laptop (Win7) and it went into hibernate, I couldn't find it again. I tried doing everything I did initially to no avail. pls help me.

Answer:Windows 7 only recognizes one of my xp machines

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Ok so a little background info. I am using a MSI X58 Platinum 1366 Socket MS-7522 MoBo. I have an Intel i7 920 Processor. 8 GB of 1600Mhz DDR3 Dual Channel Memory.

I recently upgraded my computers memory, installed a new power supply , and installed a new liquid cooled CPU cooler by Corsair and moved all my components into a bigger and better Chassis. Before I did this upgrade I had 6GB of 1600Mhz DDR3 Triple Channel memory. And my Bios and Computer Recognized all 6GB of it.

After my upgrade and reinstallation of Windows my computer only recognizes 4GB of the 8GB I have seated. Now this is what I have done so far in order to fix it.

Reseated the RAM 5 Times.
Reinstalled the previous 6 GB of RAM (Still only 4GB was detected by the BIOS)
Checked my Resource Monitor and There is only 4GB total, none is reserved.
Attempted to update BIOS (No updates available)
Searched for "Memory Remapping" option in BIOS but could not find one
Removed all DIMM slots and Removed CPU and reseated the CPU
Checked Advanced Boot Features in MSCONFIG and no options were checked

I hit a wall, and can't find anything else on the internet that can help me figure this out. Can anyone help me out? I would greatly appreciate it.

Answer:8GB of RAM installed, OS and BIOS only recognizes 4GB! HELP!

Try trying each RAM stick by themselves, and see if they will boot up. That would tell us if all the RAM is good.

Next, try using one stick of RAM, checking each slot. This verifies that you do/not have a bad slot.

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Hello everyone. A lot of talk on the net about this, but no real answers. I have tried a lot of things to no avail. In Windows, System Information says I have 2.00gb RAM. I currently have 4gb on my mother board. I have tried a lot of things already:

-Checked BIOS, recognizes 4096mb RAM
-Checked, MSinfo32 Says:
Total Physical Memory 4,096.00 MB
Available Physical Memory 1.48 GB
Total Virtual Memory 2.00 GB
Available Virtual Memory 1.96 GB
-Tried Mem test, says no problem (Brand new ram anyways)
-Tried Putting /PAE on my boot.ini
-Tried Putting /3gb on my Boot.ini
-Tried Removing my video cards - one at a time
-Tried Reseated my ram, booting with one or the other only (still showed 2gb each time)

my Specs:
XP pro Sp3 32bit
MSI p7n SLI board (8gb max ram,1333FSB)
Core 2 Quad 2.83 Q9550
2x2gb OCZ Ram
1x Geforce 7300
1x Geforce 7200 (No SLI, obviously)

I know the 32bit OS has a RAM limitation, but from what I know it's supposed to be at least 3gb, not 2gb!

Any Ideas out there that are new to me?

Answer:Windows XP only recognizes 2GB RAM - 4gb is install

All 32-bit operating systems can only use up to 4 GB of memory. When you hit 4 GB, it sends some for use as graphics memory, or all-around "shared memory". If this memory is not in use by the graphics card, it can be used by Windows.


Total Physical Memory 4,096.00 MB
Available Physical Memory 1.48 GB
Total Virtual Memory 2.00 GB
Available Virtual Memory 1.96 GB

The bold text shows that the system is aware that 4 GB is there for use. It's being held off because 32-bit operating systems cannot use the full 4 GB.

The only safe way I know how to fix this is by installing a 64-bit operating system.

Hope I could help, and let me know if not.

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Hello there, i just switched the broken HDD on an old PC with another one, formatted and installed Windows XP SP3 on it.
The motherboard on the PC - nForce 3 250GB.

When I got to 'My Computer'-->'Properties' it says 1.81 GHz 256MB of RAM, while there are 1.2GB of RAM.

I checked my hardware using CPU-Z, and what I got is what I really have inside the PC:
2 X 512MB
1 X 256 MB
and a total of 1.2GB

the specifications of the three cards is the same, all PC3200(200MHz), and the only difference between them is the CAS Latency which is 2.5 on the 256MB card and 3 on the two 512MBs.

Anyone knows what might be wrong?

Answer:Windows XP recognizes just 256MB out of the 1.2GB of RAM

Use msconfig to see if the "MAXMEM=" setting (on the BOOT.INI tab under "advanced settings") has been enabled or explicitly set to 256MB.

Also check and make sure each stick is seated properly.

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I had a ASUS DVD/RW installed in my PC but when you open windows explorer it only reads as CD drive. I checked on the device manager and Vista recognizes the correct model of the DVD/RW drive. I did some research and found some forums that says that the registry might be the problem. I tried to scan and fix registry errors and tried to reboot but it still didn't fix the problem. Before that, I also tried to physically connect and disconnect the DVD/RW drive and even changed the IDE connected to the drive but the problem still exists. I also tried to check on the updated driver but I already had the updated driver installed. I even tried to uninstall the drive and reboot to reinstall it but the same problem exists. Hope someone could help me.

Answer:Vista recognizes my DVD/RW as CD drive only


If I remember this was an issue in SP1 versions & Vista is now at SP2 plus others.

So, is this windows system fully updated on this machine?

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I have used a desktop with Windows 7 Pro 64 bit for years; on a windows based network. Previously the desktop would print to a HP P2035 laser jet and a Canon copier. The Canon is connected through an Ethernet connection, no problems printing. The HP is connected through a USB port. One day, with no certain changes made, the HP no longer would print. I tried to update the driver, but all attempts failed. I removed the device and tried to reinstall the software but the printer was only recognized as an "other devices" in the device manager. I connected the printer to another computer in the network and I can print to the HP through the network from my desktop.

I have two desktops (primary & secondary) on my desk. I would like to print to a printer on my desk. Connected through a USB port on the secondary computer is a HP P2015d. I have attempted to print to the P2015d through the network; however, when I select the listed printer, a pop up appears saying "Checking Windows Update. This may take a while..." And after a while I receive a message saying "No driver found" and additional information for installing a driver.

Why is the system no longer recognizing installed drivers. Why is the USB pnp not working. Why will it recognize the printer on one network computer, but not another? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. This one has me kooky.

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hi, i just upgraded to win xp on my laptop, and since then my burner hasnt been working right. ive tried a few different burning programs, but theyre all having trouble recognizing the CD burner, as if its saying its non-exist....any ideas on what i should try?? thx

Answer:cd burner recognizes cd, but it cant burn them

XP includes CD burning. Use Windows help for details. If you are going to use EZ Creator 5.0 you need two updates, but I have found it breaks the XP CD buring capability, which does a nice job by itself.

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New member who has been looking round for help for a few weeks, hope you can help me. I've looked around the forum and come across some helpful mails but nothing that has been able to solve my problem.

I have a home built PC around an Asus A8V-VM socket 939 motherboard (VIA VT8251) and Athlon XP64 3700 processor. My problem is that it only detects one device (a multiple card reader) as a USB2 device anything else is detected as USB2, but I get a message saying "this device will work better when connected to a USB2 port" or words to that effect. Windows then shows a list of available USB ports - 7 of the 8 USB2 available are free but I can't seem to find any way of connecting anything to them. Other devices will connect and are listed under different ports, but limited to USB1.1 speeds. Device manager shows one VIA USB enhanced controller and 4 VIA rev5 or later USB Universal Host Controllers. I've tried plugging devices into all available USB connectors - 4 on back panel and 2 on expansion bracket connected to internal MB risers with the same results.

I've installed the latest motherboard drivers I can find and ensured that USB2 options are enabled in the BIOS set up. WIndows USB power management options are disabled.

I'm lost for other possible solutions. At present the card reader is physically connected to the USB expansion bracket having a single USB lead from a 3.5" unit that plugs into a port. This is detected ... Read more

Answer:PC only recognizes one device as USB 2 the rest as USB 1.1

If you suspect that your system is missing some drivers, a quick way to find out is to download a program called Drivereasy. (just search that name).
Install it and 'scan'. It will produce a list of all the components and devices on your pc that need or have a driver. Top of the list will be red items. That means 'missing from your system'. Next, orange, that means 'needs updating'. Last, green, which means, installed and up to date.
You can download the drivers from this site, free, but they will take a long time. (To encourage you to buy the program- fair enough), but you can write the info down and go to the maker's site to get the file there.
Hope that helps.

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Hey, I've bought a secondhand Think pad T60 (model 1952) with following specs:Intel T5500 1.6Ghz1gb kingston 667 mhz512mb samsung 667 mhzWD 120gb 5400rpm14" 1024x768... Now I've bought a 2gb dimm from Hynix and a 1gb dimm from Hynix. (straight out of a medion notebook)The problem is that windows just doesn't recognize the full 3gb's...(Whatever I do, it only sees 1.5gb. Nothing more. Even with the kingston 1gb + the 1gb Hynix...) I updated my BIOS succesfully, and even after that...Windows Taskmanager recognizes just 1.5, while dxdiag sees 3gb... (also programs like Everest Ultimate. But the Usable memory is still 1.5Gb... (Bios also sees the full 3gb's, or 2gb..)What is going wrong? Then another question;I've got a Intel T5550 from a Medion notebook. It's slightly faster than the one inside mine. Is it wise to upgrade it? A friend of mine said IBM uses special capacitors etc. so that it won't work or even blow up my T60.. Is there anything true about that? Please help, because windows 7 doesn't run so fluently with only 1.5gigs... (and I need it for school. IntelliJ for Java starts up sooooo slow, as like any other 'heavy' program)  

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------09/2011 - present:T21|T23|T60|2*T61|2*T400|X300|2*X220|T410|2*T420|X240|X200s

Answer:(Solved) T60 only recognizes 1.5gb of ram in windows

Welcome to the forum!
You can't upgrade from T5500 to T5550 - it's not the same socket.
The T60 in question has Intel integrated graphics, so some of the RAM is taken by it, although it should not equal 1.5GB by any stretch of imagination.
As for running W7 smoothly: you have a slow hard drive and an outdated graphics chip. The former can be upgraded, the latter can't. Installing a newer 7200rpm conventional drive or even a SSD would markedly improve the machine's performance.
Good luck.

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I have a notebook Satellite P-70-A-11V with Windows 8.1.

I need to use an USB 3.0 external optical drive, a Buffalo BRXL-16U3, but the system no longer recognizes it.
The first time I connected it to the PC, it worked flawlessly, but afterwards its driver started being sistematically reported as deactivated (code 22).

The internal optical unit, a Pioneer BD RW BDR-UD02D, is always deactivated, too.
After talking to the Toshiba Virtual Helpdesk (,
I was redirected by it to the Microsoft support website, where instructions and an utility to solve this problem are available.

And that works, but only temporarily: at any subsequent reboot the driver of the external optical unit is sistematically deactivated.

The situation has even worsened after connecting to the PC an external USB 3.0 Western Digital "My Book" 4 TBytes hard disk: the first time it worked immediately, but afterwards it started behaving exactly as the external optical drive: sometimes I am able to restore its driver and make it work, and sometimes I am not.

I would like to know if there is a permanent solution to this problem, because it is becoming very annoying.
Thanks in advance for any possible explaination.


Answer:Satellite P70-A-11V doesn't recognizes the USB 3.0 ODD


the error code 22 status means that the device is disabled and usually you should be able to enable the device within the device manager.

If this simple workaround would not help you, I recommend reinstalling the device driver.
In this case you have connected an external USB device to the notebook?s USB port.

Therefore I would recommend you to reinstall the USB 3.0 driver.

At the other hand it?s difficult to say if the issue is related to the USB ports or maybe external USB device. Therefore the device should be checked in connection with another computer too.

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Hey everybody, I am having a slight problem with my computer. A few minutes ago, I just turned on my computer and everything was normal (all the start-up programs loaded) but for some reason I couldn't open Firefox or any other programs. So I closed a usual culprit, "explorer.exe." Before anybody jumps on me for closing explorer, let me explain. My computer is not very good. For some reason, explorer sometimes will lag horribly or freeze up my computer and the only way I can make it function normally again is to close explorer. However, when trying to run it from the Task Manager, Windows gave me an error, saying it could not recognize "explorer.exe." It gave me that "select program from list/use web service to find out!" box. I was very confused. So after sitting there with no way to open Explorer, I just restarted. Same thing happens again, only this time, none of the usual start-up programs even load. I get some errors like "Cannot open *.ink Use webservice to identify filetype," etc. And the icons for exe programs don't even show up. They have those little data ones.

Me, being the genius that I am, tried to open a exe program, and it said "Use webservice/use list." I was all like I clicked "use the webservice" thinking that it would just say "Cannot open Firefox.exe," but for some reason FireFox opened.

But it still doesn't run when I click on it in the start menu or anything..


... Read more

Answer:Windows no longer recognizes *.exe, *.ink, etc. HELP!

There may be no real problem with the .lnk extension since the error is probably being generated when the .exe tries to run.

Try running this .exe file association fix. That fact that the web service opened Firefox indicates that the exe's still run when called from an associated program, so the file within this zip should run regedit correctly.

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I have used a desktop with Windows 7 Pro 64 bit for years; on a windows based network. Previously the desktop would print to a HP P2035 laser jet and a Canon copier. The Canon is connected through an Ethernet connection, no problems printing. The HP is connected through a USB port. One day, with no certain changes made, the HP no longer would print. I tried to update the driver, but all attempts failed. I removed the device and tried to reinstall the software but the printer was only recognized as an "other devices" in the device manager. I connected the printer to another computer in the network and I can print to the HP through the network from my desktop.

I have two desktops (primary & secondary) on my desk. I would like to print to a printer on my desk. Connected through a USB port on the secondary computer is a HP P2015d. I have attempted to print to the P2015d through the network; however, when I select the listed printer, a pop up appears saying "Checking Windows Update. This may take a while..." And after a while I receive a message saying "No driver found" and additional information for installing a driver.

Why is the system no longer recognizing installed drivers. Why is the USB pnp not working. Why will it recognize the printer on one network computer, but not another? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. This one has me kooky.

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After nearly two years of running with few problems, suddenly my system does not recognize the HD.

I had some serious issues when I installed XP SP3 when it came out but was able to restore to an earlier configuration and uninstall it. I read that AMD processors had issues with the update so I did not install it - thought Microsoft would release a new version that was AMD friendly eventually.

Now I'm having errors that remind me of that event however I'm not able to boot successfully even when I try to choose the last configuration that worked option on boot up.

I am able to boot with the XP installation CD in the CD ROM. I am able to get into the Bios. Neither option recognizes any hard drive installed.

Any ideas on what I can do to get the bios to recognize the HD? I have not changed any physical settings inside the computer (jumpers, cables, etc.).

I'm running XP SP2 (unless SP3 somehow managed to install itself when I wasn't looking) on system I built. CPU: AMD Athlon 64 x2 dual core, 1G memory.

Answer:Bios no longer recognizes HD

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Since receiving the Win 10 Home upgrade my computer no longer recognizes the DVD drive. It doesn't show in Device Manger or in the device list in This PC although it does spin up if you insert media into it. I've tried all the suggested remedies except messing with the registry and nothing works. This is one of several problems I've had with device drivers since the upgrade.

Windows 10 Home 64 bit
AMD FX-4130 3.80Ghz
8Gb Installed memory

Answer:No longer recognizes CD/DVD drive

Your only choice until Microsoft gets things figured out, is to roll back to your old OS. Depending on how old your computer is, and what OS was installed, can be a hit or miss on drivers. It is going to take a while before Microsoft has all of the bugs ironed out. Even they have suddenly realized last week, that they pushed 10 out too quick and now they are having to rush and write patches to fix all of the various problems that are popping up.

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whenever I insert a cd/dvd disc into the driver, 95% of the time it doesn't play or even recognise it in 'Devices and Removable Storage'. I usually have to keep ejecting and inserting around 10 times, if I'm lucky, before it works.

I've tried looking for errors in Device Manager but can't find any, and it says it's working properly when I click Properties. There are also no updates available, so I take it it's already updated. Any suggestions?

Thankyou so much

Answer:My CD drive hardly recognizes discs

This sounds like the drive is failling but it could just be a dirty laser lens. Try running a cleaning disc through it. If that fails it's time for a new drive.

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I Have a ATI Radeon HD 5870 Eyefinity 6 Edition. This graphics card supports up to 6 monitors. However at this time I only have 3 monitors and I'm able to use two. When I try to Extend the desktop. (WINDOWS 7-64-bit) to this display in the "Change the
appearance of your displays", it recognizes all three monitors but only works for two. Every time I press the "Apply" button, a Change settings box pops up saying "Unable to save display settings". I'm just trying to get a main monitor
with additional screens to place additional windows in them. Could someone please advise.

Thank you,

Answer:My Window's 7 recognizes that I have 3 monitors, but it won't let me add the 3rd one

Are you using the Display Port?  If you are using three monitors you can only use two legacy output ports (examples are VGA, DVI and HDMI).  For the third monitor you need to use the Display Port.  You can use a MST hub to daisy
chain your monitors or to hook up the last display.  The reason for this is because Radeon HD 5000, 6000 and 7000 series graphic cards only support up two to legacy outputs when using more then two monitors.  Bottom line you have to get an MST Display
Port hub.
For more information take a look at AMD's website
A really good explanation of this can be found at this youTube video
Remember to select 'Mark as Answer' for replies that provided you with a solution.

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So i just purchased a very good condition X220 from ebay for around $90 to supplement my amazing Thinkpad W541. I'm really happy with the X220 and I probably like the keyboard even more so than the Chicklet style keyboard found on my Thinkpad W541. The only thing that troubles me however is the fact that I'm unable to get the memory utilization to utilize the full installed memory (which it rightfully detects at 16gb). I'm utilizing the latest unadulterated BIOS. The RAM modules are rated at 1333 mhz each. What's going on? See below for details OS Name Microsoft Windows 10 ProVersion 10.0.14393 Build 14393Other OS Description  Not AvailableOS Manufacturer Microsoft CorporationSystem Name X220System Manufacturer LENOVOSystem Model 42902WUSystem Type X86-based PCSystem SKU Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2540M CPU @ 2.60GHz, 2601 Mhz, 2 Core(s), 4 Logical Processor(s)BIOS Version/Date LENOVO 8DET73WW (1.43 ), 10/12/2016SMBIOS Version 2.6Embedded Controller Version 1.24BIOS Mode LegacyBaseBoard Manufacturer LENOVOBaseBoard Model Not AvailableBaseBoard Name Base BoardPlatform Role MobileSecure Boot State UnsupportedPCR7 Configuration Binding Not PossibleWindows Directory C:\WINDOWSSystem Directory C:\WINDOWS\system32Boot Device \Device\HarddiskVolume1Locale United StatesHardware Abstraction Layer Version = "10.0.14393.206"User Name x220\userTime Zo... Read more

Answer:Thinkpad X220 only recognizes 8gb of RAM, why?

Hi PulloSagata,
If you are running Windows 10 32 bit, the machine will only address less than 4 Gb of memory.  
I'm guessing you are running Windows 10, 32 bit.  Look in Control Panel, System  and see what version you are running.

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My LS-120 drive recently stopped recognizing superdisks...but it will read 1.44 mb floppies. After about twenty tries, I somehow managed to get it to work once, then never again. I checked the drive itself --no overt signs of dust accumlation, but I rarely use this drive. Only now when I need to recover some files, it won't let me do it.

To me it sounds like a hardware failure, but was curious how many others out there have experienced this. Considering the lack of search results in forums and search engines, I'm assuming it's rare.


Answer:LS-120 drive only recognizes 1.44 disks???

Have you tried more than one disk?

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So I upgraded to windows 10 now my computer no longer knows its model number and the HP website cant detect it for support  is there a missing file that alows it to perform identification or is this a hardware issue with the new operating system

Answer:no longer recognizes model

Hi, Please try to download and install the latest HPSA (HP Support Assistant) from the following link Regards,

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Hey everyone.

I recently formated my HP Pavilion ZV6253EA laptop. It's already quite a few years old and naturally not so fast. However, even after installing all the drivers (except for some SM Bus thing which I couldn't find), it felt really slow.

I checked dxdiag and some other things and noticed that my WinXP Pro only shows the CPU clock speed to be something like 997 Mhz even thou it's supposed to be 2,0 Ghz.

I found some CPU drivers/support programs on the manufacturer's driver site, but installing those didn't change anything. This is what I downloaded:

Now that I read the description again, it looks like it could have actually just made things worse. But I believe the CPU clock speed was at ~1 Ghz before installing it as well. Anyways, the thing is, BIOS still shows the clock speed to be 2 Ghz. The processor is AMD Athlon 64 3200+. The system has 1 GB of RAM and ATI X200 mobile graphics card if those help.

So, any ideas what could be wrong?

Answer:XP recognizes only half of CPU clock?

I'm not sure that there is anything actually wrong. just things being reported a bit randomly in windows
its probably explained a little better here:

Depending on what power profile you have active, windows can scale back the processor speed in an attempt to save power. Its usually a dynamic thing, as system load increases then your processor should speed up again.
Power profiles usually change whether you are plugged in or running on batteries, chances are there will be a small icon for HP's power manager (or even the default windows one) sitting in the system tray next to the clock.
Clicking (or right clicking) on that should bring up some different configuration options you can play with. You might even find a help file relating to your machine specifically that could help explain things a little more clearly

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i want to play movies on my LG lcd TV through Pen Drive.

plz guide me or give me software for that

thanking u

Answer:use pendrive on lcd


Have you checked your tv manufacturer's website to see if your tv can play movies from just a usb flash drive as most lcd tv's don't do that if this is what you mean. The usb slot on a TV is there mainly for updates for itself, although having said that there is a few that will let you play a slideshow of pictures from it.

Have a look online at LG's website typing in your tv's make model/serial number, it will definitely tell you.


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Dear Friends
This issue may be repeated, and may occur to any of us
I have a USB flash drive, of 8GB
it worked fine for months,
but unfortunately, it is not working any more!
If inserted, the computer recognizes it as a flash drive, and places it in the "Safely Remove Hardware",
but if we tried to open it, it says "Insert disk in drive..."
I saw it's properties it says: Rmovable disk>>> Size 0MB !!!
where the media gone?
I tried to format it says "no disk in drive..."
I tried to fix using HP recovery, and other utilities, but it insists on, "No disk in drive"

Is there is something to do?
Please help...

Answer:USB pendrive 8GB=0MB

This can happen when the drive is not removed properly.
Plug in the drive,then go to "my computer".
Right click the drive and click eject.
Remove the drive and restart the computer.
Try the drive again.

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I have a P4 computer but its RAM is just 256 MB. If anyone knows any method to use a pendrive as a RAM, please tell it to me. Thanks in advance.

Answer:Using Pendrive as a RAM on XP

This is not recommended, not practical, and I don't think it's possible. USB Storage Devices store memory as Flash memory, which is different than the type of memory used in your RAM. They are accessed differently and have different characteristics.The main difference is that the Flash Drive retains its memory when the power is turned off, whereas the RAM is completely erased when you turn off the power.Also, if you manage to get the USB Drive working as RAM, it would be like driving a car without circular wheels. It is just too slow to be used as RAM.Can you not purchase any more RAM? It doesn't come too expensive.

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Question: PENDRIVE

is there a pen drive which supports  - LenovoYoga 3 Pro - 1370 i need to use it as like microsoft surface tablets pens.


Hi achussaini,
Welcome to the Community Forums.
If you are looking for a working pen for your Yoga 3 Pro, then this discussion here.
It uses multipoint capacitive touch technology and not with the pressure sensitivity offered with active type pens.
Other pen choices that works fine with others are also discussed here.
Hope this helps answer your query.

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hi i have a 4gb usb pendrive ,i want to keep all my photoes on,(about 2.5gb ) in total i have loaded all of them from my h/d onto the pendrive,but i can only view 1 gb,all the otherscome up with an error saying that i can not open them because the are in a(pcd file extension) it alos give me the oppertunity to rename them but that dose not work, i am sure they were all in "jpg" on my h/d ,so i cant figure out whtas going total i have 84 folders in jpg format on my h/d,on the pendrive i have 84 folders, i can only read 22 in jpg all the rest are in (pcd).i hope someone on here can understand what im saying many thanks for reading this

Answer:4gb usb pendrive only using 1gb ?

this is a blind guess but it could be the 84 folders some equipment does not like too many folders. Could you start again but nest the folders inside other folders so that the drive sees a smaller no.

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Question: pendrive's

HI,I was reading an article the other day about a chap who had spybot and other spyware software on his usb pendrive,and not on his pc i was wondering if it wasn't installed on any pc how was he running the spybot etc, on any machine to check for errors spyware without it being installed on the pc it was just on his pendrive.Puzzles me or is it me? help.Thanks daiol.


I think he probably had the installer executables on the pen drive. Then he could go to any PC with a USB port and install the program without having to download (especially if the internet connection wasn't working).I've done a similar thing with a collection of anti-malware and diagnostic programs burned to a CD.

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My USB pendrive is not being detected. I tryed on 3 differents computers, every time the Windows install the pendrive but I can't see it nowhere, not even in disk management in computer management.
Can anyone help?

Answer:How to fix my USB pendrive?

Time for a new pendrive I'm afraid... The don't last forever

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Question: About pendrive

My pendrive have virus.. if pendrive have virus can it be format away those virus? thank for help.

Answer:About pendrive

Yes, you can format it, but you should check with the manufacturer to see if they have any recommendations.

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Question: Pendrive

while am formatting...this error is showing"windows is unable to complete the format".
how can i format it?please post the answer


Select Quick Format and format it to FAT32.

Try various other options one by one if the above does not work, like NTFS, exFAT etc.

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I have 2 GB ram in my Computer. I want to upgrade my ram if i will buy it from market it can be very costly so i want to use pendrive as a ram is anyone is here who can help me how to use pendrive act like as a ram.

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Question: USN pendrive

I have a new laptop on XP Home and a user account as the administratoraccount.Plugged in a usb2 pen drive and I am told on screen "that aceess to the pendrive is denied. Consult your adminstrator".I open up my user account and cannot find any help on how to gain that access.

Answer:USN pendrive

First question, do you use USB for anything else?In other words, could it be turned off?

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Question: os on pendrive

how can i install xp on my usb pendrive?

Answer:os on pendrive

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Hi everyone, This is my first post so I hope I give enough info. I looked around to see if my problem already exists on the forum but I couldn't pinpoint it down. Anyways, the problem is that all of my laptops and computers and wireless devices that work with my router, recognize the password and work perfectly fine, however one computer in my house finds my router, shows full signal strength, but when it gets to connecting to the linksys router it does not recognize the password. I have reset the router and password a few times and everything still works fine with encryption except the one computer. However, when I remove the password/encryption from the router, the one computer is able to connect.

Linksys Wireless-N Broadband Router WRT160Nv2

Computer that doesn't connect
HP Touchsmart 300
Windows 7 Operating system
AMD Athlon II X2 240e Processor 2.80 ghz
4.00 GB RAM
64 bit operating system

Please let me know if any other info is needed, and thanks for the help!

Answer:Every computer recognizes router password except one

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Answer:How can I get my Lumia 1520 to be recognizes by my XP desk top?

Originally Posted by Windows Central Question Is there a driver for this? You find this page useful. Choose among which of the scenarios applies to you (especially the items under #4).

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Windows 7 recognizes that my Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 was plugged into a USB port, the hardware insert sound was made, but Windows 7 refuses to show the device in my computer. I tried right clicking in the my computer explorer windows and selecting refresh but it still won't show up. the tablet is selected to connect as a media device but still nothing. a bit of searching around found results with people having an issue with android devices not recognized by Windows and not showing up in my computer and people having driver issues causing it to not show up, but the driver is there, the computer recognizes that the device is plugged in. If I tell the tablet to connect another way like for example as a camera, Windows immediately goes into installing the driver, but after the driver is installed, it still doesn't show up in my computer. What could be the problem here?

Answer:Computer recognizes but won't show my Galaxy Tab 3

Why not use Kies instead? Connecting Your Galaxy Tab 3 and PC Wirelessly Using Kies Wi-Fi | | Que

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Dell M1330 XPS
Vista 32 Bit

I found a thread with the same problem, but it was closed already, so i decided to join and ask for my myself. I copy the text because it's exactly the same problem and i'm not a native english speaker, so who ever reads this don't have any problem to understand.

Mat****a dvd+-RW UJ 857G ATA Device

For some reason my Dvd/cd ROM Drive will play dvd's and cd's fine. When I put a blank dvd-rw in it shows that I have a blank disk in and how much free space I have on it. But when I put a CDRw intermitently it won't recognize the disk.

I've tried using different disks, with the same problem.. but sometimes when I take a disk out and put it back in over and over eventually it will show the Blank CDRW.

Why doesn't my computer recognize blank CDRW's everytime, and how can I fix this?

I've found new firmware in dell that is supossed to apply to this device, but when i try to update the firmware the program doesn't find the old one, and i don't know how make it work. I've tried to move the installer to System32/Drivers where it's supossed that cd/dvd controllers are located, but it still doesn't works like that.

i hope someone has the same problem resolved. I'm adding a picture of the new firmware installer.

Answer:My dvd/cd unit doesn't recognizes black cd's

I gave up a while back using any drive with a Matsu****a name on it. Out of four different drives both laptop and desktop machines I have had similar problems with all of them. My solutions was change the drives to another brand, unfortunately for the Laptop (a Toshiba), there was not, at the time (last year), a repalcement that would fit the laptop case bezel.

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I purchased a Siig PCI Raid controller and have successfully attached and used an HP DVD-RW drive. The 250gb HDD that I purchased shows on the list in the (Raid) bios but will not allow use of it. It does not show in windows xp (sp2) either. Upon trying to create an array I am presented with error "not sufficient disk". Many thanks for any and all professional help.

Answer:Solved: PCI Raid controller recognizes hdd but cannot use it! Help!!

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248 Megabytes Installed Memory

Slot 'DIMM_1' has 1024 MB
Slot 'DIMM_2' is Empty

for belarc advisor.

Dell Computer Corporation Dell DE051 2.53 gigahertz Intel Celeron
Main Circuit Board b Board: Dell Computer Corp. 0WF887
Serial Number: ..CN7082167301AE.
Bus Clock: 533 megahertz
BIOS: Dell Computer Corporation A01 01/03/2006

i had 256mb memory installed the sticker on old memory says 256mb ddr-400mhz-cl3 promos pc3200-3033-Ao

i bought a crucial 1gbb184-pin dimm 128mx64 ddr pc3200 unbuff memory chip installed it and went to bios and said 1054mb installed but when i went to system properties only said 248mb ram

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I have a Dell Inspiron laptop running Windows 7 Premium Home Edition. With no apparent rhyme or reason, my computer stopped recognizing my wifi hotspot. It recognizes about 15 other wifi options around me, but not mine. I have tested my wifi hotspot with *other* devices (i.e. mobile phones, iPad, etc), and those devices recognize my wifi hotspot, so I know the hotspot is working. I have already tried a system restore to a date when they *were* talking to each other, but that did not solve the problem. When I physically tether the hotspot to my computer with a USB cord, they get along fine. What could be preventing my laptop and the wifi function of my hotspot from getting along?

Answer:computer not recognizing MY wifi but recognizes others

The fact you have 15 other networks in the area would be a big problem. Is your wireless using 2.4GHz or 5GHz

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My friend has a UMAX ASTRA 2000 P scanner and he says his computer (Win 98) will not recognize it when he tries to ADD HARDWARE.
Thanks for any suggestions.


Answer:pc recognizes scanner as kodak camera

He may need to install the software first and reboot so it can find the scanner. I had to do that with mine. In case he doesn't have the software this link does.

Also here is a link to their support files.

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I am running win 2000 pro. I can't burn anything because it says my burner is non accessible. I reinstalled the driver already. I re-seated the plug. I don't think it is the drive but I one cd since it started acting up.

Answer:My computer won't recognize my CD-RW It recognizes the drive as a CD-ROM

Take a look here

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when i go to burn a dvd i get a message up saying please insert a dvd disc.
im using windows xp and this seems to be a problem with a many ppl im using a lite-on dvd burn. this problem may only be happying on nero though because it allows me to create a dvd on xilisoft dvd creator
Thanks Jamz

please reply as soon as possible

Answer:nero no longer recognizes dvd discs

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I was going through my apps, uninstalling all the junk. But I must have uninstalled something needed to connect to the Internet? Afterwards, my laptop Internet stopped, but my other laptop connects. So I know it has to be something I've done... The cable company reboot my modem and the orange light went back to green. I called Bellini to try setting up the router to my computer again but they tried charging me! Please help, my laptop use to pick up other routers but no longer gets anything. And I don't even know how to go about connecting the laptop to the Ethernet cord to connect the Internet to download or reinstall anything. (I'm on my phone right now) 😥😢😪😱

Answer:My laptop no longer recognizes my router

can we have the make and model of the PC
and the make and model of the router

depends on what you may have uninstalled
as you have another laptop - you will need to copy things between the two

you may have uninstalled the manufacturers wireless manager - but we can use windows version

lets see a few things (see how below)
1) device manager
2) ipconfig /all
3) Xirrus screen shot
And I don't even know how to go about connecting the laptop to the Ethernet cord to connect the Internet to download or reinstall anythingClick to expand...

to connect a cable to the router -
on the router you may see a number of connections on the back - and labeled 1-4 - plug one end of the cable into one of those LAN connections
the other end will only fit into one socket on the laptop - so find that and plug in

now it should connect
Device Manager
Post back the results in device manager
You will now need to take a screen shot and copy that back to the working PC.
Save the file to a USB flash drive or other removable media. Plug it into the working computer with internet access and copy the screen shot and attach the screen shot in a reply on the forum here.

how to access device manager for different windows versions

Hold the Windows key and press Pause key, should open to allow device manager to be seen

on a laptop you may need to use Hold the Windows key an... Read more

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Acer V7-582PG not recognizes the batteryHi guysI have the Acer V7-582PG with WIN10The problem is that the battery does not charge. In the icons panel appears "0% and charging" for 2 seconds and after that the sistem shows NO BATTERY detected.I have changed de battery but the problem persist.If I try to upgrade the BIOS, the program ZRQ_230 ask for a minimum of 30% of charge in the battery.So I cant run the programany suggestion?

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I have an HP Compaq

Answer:Computer no longer recognizes cds or dvds

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I have a window 7 laptop. of recent it no longer recognizes .zip files. I've re-downloaded and re-installed winzip and 7-zip, yet all I see as zip files are white unrecognizable icons. Please how do I resolve this? It appears I might mistakenly deleted the application that does that from the registry or temp folder. How do I get to have my system recognize zip files again? I appreciate whatever help available. Thanks

Answer:My Window No longer recognizes .zip files

Hello vasnate , welcome to the Forums , Try this tutorial please : SFC /SCANNOW Command - System File Checker

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Hi all,

After a vacuum-cleaner-related power failure (and an attempt at doing a system restore to an earlier restore point that failed), my Dell Precision T1600 now boots into Windows with several overlapping error messages, and the keyboard and mouse don't work.

"Don't work" means that moving the mouse has no effect, and clicking the buttons and rolling the scroll wheel have no effect. None of the keys on the keyboard do anything - no effect from Windows key, Alt-Tab, Ctrl-Alt-Del. The caps lock key doesn't even toggle the caps lock light -it stays on.

I also tried a PS/2 kbd and PS/2 mouse. No difference - they don't work as described above.

Plugging in a Dell wireless mouse receiver results in the message "Device driver software was not successfully installed" popping up from the system tray.

I can press F12 after powerup (on the PS/2 keyboard - may need a BIOS update) and go into the boot options and BIOS setup. Both sets (usb and ps/2) of mouse and kbd work fine here. But as soon as I start Windows they die.

This includes starting Windows in safe mode.

I can boot from a USB Win 7 installer disk, and the mouse and kbd work fine there. I've tried the various system repair options, but they don't help.

Startup Repair doesn't think there's anything wrong.
System Restore doesn't see any restore points.
System Image Restore - I have no image backups.
Memory Diagnostic - passes the test

From the Command Prompt, I have successfully run CHKDSK D: /R. ... Read more

Answer:Windows no longer recognizes kbd and mouse - can't fix without them!

Run SURT: What is the System Update Readiness Tool?

Once that completes, run sfc /scannow again, see if fixes things now.

If nothing else works, you can do a upgrade install of Windows 7 to Windows 7. This will leave your current install under windows.old.

A better choice would be to backup all your data and do a clean install.

See here for how to do either method: Installing and reinstalling Windows. - Microsoft Windows Help

Click on these links on that page:

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Hi folks! I am new here, and I am using a Lenovo 2002 Windows xp professional service pack 3. Recently when I tried to download a picture I found that my My Pictures folder in Documents and Settings is no longer recognized. Now I can only change my desktop pictures with difficulty. The pictures are all there. I just can't do anything with them. Thanks for your help.

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I just installed Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit OS. The BIOS sees both hard drives and the CD and DVD drive and the Windows Device Manager shows the extra hard drive and both optical drives. When I click the folder in the task bar (Libraries) I can only see "C" drive and no optical drives either. When I click on the CD drive I get the right menues for it, but it does not work at all. If I put a CD in the drive it locks up the system and I have to power off the computer before I can eject it. Any ideas?? I am out of them.


System Info:
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU 5130 @ 2.00GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 15 Stepping 6
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 12285 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA Quadro FX 550, 128 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 171602 MB, Free - 132336 MB;
Motherboard: Dell Inc., 0MY171
Antivirus: None

Answer:Win 7 recognizes but doesn't show drives

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I have a new Western Digital 3 TB internal HD that I've been trying to get to work with my Windows 7 (32 bit) as a storage drive. When I boot up or when I enter the BIOS, I see that it's only recognized as 800 GB. If I try to start Windows, it will either only get as far as the Windows logo or I get a STOP error shortly after logging on. If I put the drive in something like an enclosure which connects to USB, it'll work. Then, I'm able to log onto Windows and see it in Disk Management where I formatted it as GPT instead of MBR. My BIOS is American Megatrends 5.21 (12/17/2008). Is there an update for this BIOS that will recognize the full 3 TB or is there something else that I need to do to get it to be recognized? I have an old HP d4996t Pavilion. message edited by technomannt2

Answer:Have 3TB drive, but BIOS only recognizes it as 800GB

KERNEL_MODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED and UNEXPECTED_KERNEL_MODE_TRAP. You have bad drivers. Try updating your chipset and SATA drivers. How To Ask Questions The Smart Way

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Am not sure this is the right forum for this but it does seem to be a Window's problem. When I booted my computer this a.m. it wanted to do a scan of my external hard drive (it is a fat32 - need to reformat to NTCF or whatever it is), so I let it scan. When the computer booted up afterwards, Windows could not locate my media reader (drives G and H). In Device Manager, under Universal Serial Bus Controllers, an Unknown Device is listed. I tried uninstalling it then rebooted, but it came back. Have never had this problem before.

My business is virtual tours, so I MUST get my card reader back! Any ideas would surely be appreciated!!

Answer:XP No Longer Recognizes Media Reader

You can go to the manufacturers website and download the USB drivers for the motherboard . . probably best to first reinstall the dhipset drivers.

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and installs it, shows the brand of hard drive and says that it has installed it and is working correctly. The drive shows up under disk management but when you go into "My Computer", it's not there. Never had this problem before...

Answer:Solved: WinXP Recognizes External HD

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Hi there extremely smart people ...I'm hoping you can help me ...

My CD/DVD rom drive just mysteriously stopped working some time ago....but everything I read led me to believe it was a driver issue - so I assumed it would be fixed during a re-format (XP Home). This PC is only a year and a half old...the only thing I haven't tried is switching out the actual drive - but again....because it has power and is communicating I'm guessing it's working...but I'm not doing something I need to do...

I have used all the boot disks in the world but I can't make my CD work. The power works (the light goes on) and the BIOS recognizes it and gives it a drive letter - but CD's cannot be read. What am I missing?

It doesn't help that I can't figure out how to use/get the 6 floppy disk boot set. The executible file just opens a 16 bit file that will not allow me to bypass the error that it's not a suitable file for windows so I can save it to the diskettes...again...where am I missing the boat?

I suppose it's important to add that this particular PC with the CD problem was so riddled with some level of adware/spyware and possibly viruses - that it simply stopped working all together which is why I can no longer procrastinate it. (sickening ...I know...) . Also important to note that this PC was never taken apart - so I know it's not a cable in the wrong way or anything....because it was working before. I did however just open it a... Read more

Answer:CD is not working but light is on and BIOS recognizes...??? what should I do?

If you boot with an MS-DOS floppy with CD support, and you still can't access a data CD, you need to address hardware issues. has a number of boot disk images you can create the proper bootable floppy disk to test with.

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I took out the ram and switched the sticks and still the same thing. I'm going to try running the computer on one stick to see if one of the sticks is faulty.

Answer:Solved: installed two sticks of 8gb ram and only recognizes 8gb of ram.

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When I first purchased XP, there was a digital camera wizard that automatically popped up whenever I plugged in my digital camera. One day that stopped happening. How can I get it to start again?

Answer:XP No Longer Recognizes Digital Camera

do you have a seperate software cd for the camera that'd have driver for it?

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I use Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bits. My computer is new, from last year, and came with a DVD/CD drive that "device manager" tells me, is an Optiarc DVD RW AD-7261S ATA Device. Until July, I burned several backups on DVDs. Then I installed a freeware named CDBurnerXP, version to duplicate my backup DVDs and put one copy on a safe place. DVD drive worked fine until August, then it begun with errors during burning DVDs. Also, when I put a DVD to read and clicked on a folder, it took a long time to open it, same with double-clicking files. November I was not more able to burn DVDs, the drive not wanted more to recognize DVDs. I thought that CDBurnerXP maybe messed with the driver, so I decided to put the partition image of july back on my computer (the image I burned before I installed CDBurnerXP). Well, it not helped. I am not able to read any DVD, but I am able to read and burn CDs. Any suggestion what happened?

Answer:Solved: DVD drive not more recognizes DVDs

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I have the latest Nvidia drivers 45.23, latest AGP mini-port drivers for my MSI-6533 mobo, DirectX 9.0b.

I'm stuck. ANy idea's?

Answer:Win 2k only recognizes 128 of my 256mb FX 5600 (not ultra)

Look on the BIOS boot up screen when your turn on your computer... it may say the actual memory.

COnfirm the card is what you paid for (go to manufactures website).

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I caught a bug and had to wipe my entire computer. WE restarted the clean computer with XP Profeesional and I started to reload my programs. One program (pinnacle) asks me to install SP2. I went to Microsoft and tried to download SP2 and it says I already have it on my computer. I have no idea how to get SP2 to re-download or how to get pinnacle to recognize it.

Answer:Missing SP2 - microsoft recognizes it, programs don't

Try installing the SP3, it may help!

Also do you have ALL of the Windows updates installed?

I know you don't because you have SP 2 NOT SP 3 installed.

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