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Additional drive appears (drive f) while forematting new drive

Question: Additional drive appears (drive f) while forematting new drive

This is a new built computer, I have installed win7 64bit on a 500 gig hard drive (tosheba), this is drive C. Everything works fine!

I was wanting to use windows 7 backup, so I went and got another 500 gig hard drive (WD), I connected the HD and powered up the computer and that's all I did! Device manager showed the new drive and the primary drive! However the computer did not show the new WD drive, . The new drive was not formatted so with the help of a friend using partdisk I formatted the new WD drive, the new drive now shows up in computer as drive G. But now I also have a drive F, and its 100MB in size. (see screen shot)

What have I done? and how can I fix it?

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Preferred Solution: Additional drive appears (drive f) while forematting new drive

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Additional drive appears (drive f) while forematting new drive

Drive F which is your System Reserved partition should be hidden and not have a letter .

Can you right click on the drive click on Change Drive letter and path and remove the letter ?

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After I received my new PC I immediatly added an old HDD for backups.

however it has always been labled as H: and not D: as I would expect. how can I change this?

Also I have a DVD-RW... and a standard DVD. However in my computer it shows a 3rd DVD Drive (I:)

In devise manager it is called OM1279F IMN650O SCSI Cdrom Device.

I don't have a 3rd drive - how do I remove it?

Answer:Drive letters all wrong - And additional CD-Rom Drive

From the start menu, right click on Computer and select Manage

From there, click to manage disk drives

Hopefuly this will give you enough information to figure out what is going on, and the tools to fx things (right click a partition to change its drive letter)

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Hey all, somehow my 1TB hard drive was wiped out and I've lost 930GB worth of files from the past 8 years. I don't have any backups (stupid me). My hard drive contains lots of family vacation photos and videos, old school projects I'll need in the future, and loads of other really important stuff. Here's what happened.

-This hard drive (lets call it Drive A) was Truecrypt encrypted. It contains all of my files.

- I had to send back my SSD (that contained my operating system) for warranty. No big deal, I simply wiped that out and mailed it back.

- I had a spare 500GB hard drive (lets call it Drive B) that I decided to install my operating system on. I launched the Windows 7 installer, clicked on the few partitions this drive had, and hit "delete" to wipe them out. I clicked on the unallocated space, and installed the operating system on it.

- When I went to boot my computer, it worked fine. I went to mount Drive A, when it gave me an error; "Cannot mount volume. The host file/device is already in use." I checked in Disk Management, and saw that the drive appeared to be completely empty (apart from about 100MB). I used a 3rd party file explorer to see that the drive contained a bunch of weird files like "$upcase", "$badclus", "$boot", and dozens of other files all being named something with "bootmgr" in the name. This made me become extremely concerned.

- I immediately shut off my computer and removed Dr... Read more

Answer:Hard drive appears wiped after installing Windows 7 to another drive

Danny I don't know if I can help but lets see if we can get a little more information.
It is possible that you did wipe the hard drive with your saved things if you had that hard drive hooked up when you installed Windows 7.

It's also possible the information is still there but you are no longer able to decrypt it or get access to the encrypted drive.

Post one of these so other members can see what is what.
Please use this method to do so.

BY Golden:
Disk Management - Post a Screen Capture Image

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In disk management I have disk 4 has removeable drive and the icons appears in desktop. I can eject this and the icon disappears & is removed from disk management but when I restart the PC the disk & icon re-appear although I have no usb sticks inserted in the machine.

Answer:Usb drive appears in disk management when no usb drive exists

In these cases it is helpful to anyone trying to help you to have your system specs available (TenForums User CP > My Settings > Edit System Spec) , plus a description of everything connected to the PC/Desktop (peripherals).

The mystery drive could be a printer with a storage port, or even a USB hub. Windows 10 seems to have trouble with some USB devices if the drivers are not playing well with the OS.

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In disk management I have disk 4 has removeable drive and the icons appears in desktop. I can eject this and the icon disappears & is removed from disk management but when I restart the PC the disk & icon re-appear although I have no usb sticks inserted in the machine.

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I have a Windows 10 desktop. I've been plugging and unplugging USB data sticks, as you do. Now even when I have none in the PC, when I boot up, I (sometimes!) get an error message box saying 'there is nothing in USB drive E:, please insert'. I just cancel the message and carry on.
When I open Windows File Explorer, no drive E: is listed in LHS column but a drive E: icon appears in the devices across the top bar. I have two 3rd party file managers and both DO list drive E:, though when I select it I'm asked to insert a device!
It seems the system is remembering an earlier data stick insertion. I am able to go to 'MyPC', right click on the E: icon and click 'Eject' and all reference to E: disappears in all software. However on reboot it appears again.
How can I clear this anomoly permanently please.

Answer:False USB(E:) drive appears in drive list

Use USb Oblivion to clear USB drive information from the registry
click here

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Anyone help please. I am helping a friend resolve a problem with their computer which keeps freezing when trying to access the floppy drive. The computer is running windows 98SE.The floppy drive apppears twice, as the 'A' drive and also as 'D' drive. If drive 'D' is accessed I can read and write to the disc. If 'A' drive is accessed the computer freezes. I have tried to remove the drive in Device Manager but after the restart it's back as it was. Has anyone any ideas how to resolve this problem please.

Answer:Floppy drive appears as drive A and D

Try this:Open device manager, click the plus next to Floppy Drive, right-click on the drive and select properties, then the settings tab. Click the drop down arrow for start drive letter, and select the letter you want, and then the drop down arrow for end drive letter, ensuring it okay, and restart the computer when prompted.If that doesn't work, check your BIOS/CMOS settings as it used the be that if you wanted to change a floppy drive to something other than A or B you had to have a BIOS that supported it.One other option: - have you tried uninstalling the drive and reinstalling it, to see if windows allocates it a drive letter properly?

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I REALLY hope someone out there can help me with this!

I have a failed hard drive/ stuffed partion, and i DESPERATELY need the data from it!

A computer was brought into me with two hard drives. The owner asked me to set up a duel boot with vista and XP on the first hard drive, and to leave the second hard drive alone (its his backup drive with all his photos, movies etc) I was working away as per usual, when i noticed the second hard drive was no longer coming up in Windows Explorer. Well it was, but not correctly. whenever i clicked on it it said 'would you liket to format the drive?' obviously, i didnt want to do that.

I ran Partition Magic 8.0 which showed the drive was only 8Gigs (it should have been 1T or 1000Gigs) Partition Magic also said there was a problem with the drive and offered to fix it. I agreed, however there was no change.

I've run a number of programs to try and fix the drive:
Acronis Disk Director Server 10.0
Partition Table Doctor 3.5 Demo
Dtidata Partition Repair Tool
Recover My Files v3.98

However, all the partition repairers claim that the drive is only 8 Gigs, and they can go no further. All the File Recovery Programs will only scan for 8 Gigs, and thus, i can not recover my clients precious photos and videos.

The BIOS comes up as recognizing the drive as 33Gigs?

I really REALLY need the data from this drive! Does anyone know how to fix my problem?

Thanx heaps in advance,


Answer:Solved: Hard Drive/ Partition Problems! My 1T Hard Drive appears as 8Gigs?!

I've used ZAR to recover files from a RAID box that seemed to have been corrupted due to a bad power supply.

You might check it out. It's free. Meaning it will only allow you to recover so many files at a time. I bought it, and like it.

They have a forum that is monitored quite often, from the developer too.

Good luck.

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I am the tech support guy for my company. I have a user who has a Dell Precision M65 with a CD-RW+- drive. For some reason this past week. Windows decided that it would only recognize the drive as a CD-ROM drive.

What I mean by that is that when you open "My Computer" the drive is listed as a CD-ROM drive not a CD-RW drive, therefore windows and other external programs (Roxio and Nero) treat it as a CD-ROM.

I have check the Device Manager and it has the correct driver (and is listed as CD-RW+- driver). I have tried the most up to date drive from both the vendor and drive manufacturer. I have even tried older drivers.

I have tried removing the Upper and Lower filters registry keys in the registry like I have found on a few other sites but to no resolution.

I have tried other known working drives in the computer with the same result. I have tried this user’s drive in other laptops and it works fine.

Any ideas would be a help.

Answer:CD-RW drive appears as CD-ROM drive

Try replacing the cable or reseating the cable on the motherboard. You've already done that with the drive end since you removed it and put it back. I assume without looking at the dell specs it's a standard cable.

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My Computer Operations class instructor told his students we have a Microsoft online store with free software, programs, etc to download as students. We were give the special password and the website.

I was pretty excited and when I went home and got online in the Microsoft store I saw this "Microsoft Expression Studio 4 Ultimate 32-bit (English) - DreamSpark - Download" and then the "Microsoft Expression Design 2 32-bit (English) - DreamSpark - Download".

I just remember it had Visual something on it, and being the complete new student I thought oh, that might be a cool program. I did the download, and noticed in my computer suddenly a BD-ROM drive appeared with the picture of the program. I hadn't clicked the set up yet in the downloads folder that I could remember. I didn't do anything further after that, in fact I think I stopped any set up that started to take place because I realized this wasn't a normal type application. (I think at the time I thought it was like an adobe photo shop because of the word visual in it..LOL)

I am in my 4th week of classes, and we are now on a chapter talking about the various disks and disk management. I learned about Virtual Hard Drives and suddenly realized that maybe the computer/program had created a VHD for the program? I clicked on my computer again to look at it, and right clicked it and saw there was "eject" so I clicked "eject" to see ok what will it do. The picture icon of ... Read more

Answer:BD-ROM drive appears (I don't have a BD Rom drive)

An ISO was probably downloaded then mounted as a virtual CD-ROM drive using a utility such as Daemon Tools. Check in the system tray to see if such a utility shows up there.

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I have recently aquired a new pc, it has a dvd rewriter in it. I would like to add an additional cd or dvd drive. there is a ribbon cable inside with the neccesaru connections. should I have to alter the master and slave jumpers and what is the prefferred combination. I am not totally ignorant of pc's but would like to do this upgrade myself as on the face of it it seams easy????????????????????/

Answer:How to add an additional DVD drive

Have the dvd writer set to master which is most likely is as its the only drive in there but it may be set to cable select. Set your second drive to slave and slide into place secure and attach all the cables up job done.

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two weeks ago i was bought a Fujitsu B series lifebook computer.About 5 days ago I had got that virus stating I had a "processor running at 83 degrees", "hard drive clusters are partly damaged", "must scan to fix this issue", yatta yatta yatta and some other classic virus jive talk i cant remember at this moment. At first it kept bothering me about the scan, then it started popping up 57 windows in short succesion, then i couldnt access my other files, then my desk top went black and was reduced to 4 icons, start menu was obliterated.try combo fix, trend micro, some other reliable programs but i would either down load them and they'd disappear or in the case of combofix it would load then exit out quickly. It reached a point were i just couldn't boot my computer up anymore.NTLDR was missing it said. I am not sure if that virus deleted it or if the computer and its hd were just old and wore out. It was from the flea market.. I cant get past that error msg, there is no flash drive boot up option on this old thing, i have no floppy drive with it, it has no cd rom drive, ive heard the external usb cd rom drive cant be used to boot it up but im not 100 percent sure.Someone else with the same notebook reported that it would not allow usb cd rom drive boot up. I have been told network boot is an option but i was told thats just to access it after its turned on and its not what i think its for. I was told an hd switch was a good option but i dont... Read more

Answer:"NTLDR is missing" issue with computer featuring no cd rom drive, floppy drive, or flash drive support..

i think im past infected moderator. saying im still in the infection stage is like telling someone with cervical cancer to take the HPV vaccine..

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My primary HDD was failing so I backed it up and replaced it with a larger 1TB drive.  After reinstalling everything the new drive is displaying the same size as my old drive and the extra space available is unallocated.  I can allocate it as
a separate drive but I find that annoying and would prefer to just have my primary C: drive show up with all of the available space.  I formatted the extra space and made it available separately as drive G hoping that I could EXPAND drive C but that option
is not highlighted as selectable on drive C for some reason.  Should I just live with this extra space or is there a way to easily combine C and the new G space?

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I'm not sure that this is where my question belongs. My girlfriends computer is a Emachine W3502 w/ XP Pro, 80 G Hard drive, 2G RAM (upgraded). I am not a real computer savy person. I added another 250 G hard drive for storage. I changed the jumper on the original hard drive to "Master w/ slave present" and the new hard drive to "Slave." I can click on "my computer" and see the new drive is "F."

If I want to save a file to the new drive... I right click on "Send to" and there is not a "Drive F" in the drop down menu.

Have I done something wrong? How can I save a file to "Drive F?"

Answer:Additional Hard Drive

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HelloI've just purchased a new 80 gig Seagate Hard Drive for my Dell PC. It already has the same make and capacity drive fitted as standard. Although fairly confident that I can open up the tower and plug a few leads in - are there any other things I should know or be aware of? My system is running Windows XP Pro. When I make the relevant connections will the system launch a wizard that will assign a drive letter etc? Do I have to set any jumpers so that the new disc is a 'slave'?

Answer:Additional Hard Drive

You can set it as slave or perhaps cable select if the other drive is set the same, slave is the norm. In order to use it you will need to format it either using XPs own formatting or via Seagates software which you can download click here the second one for adding a second drive.

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I'm looking to add an additional hard drive to my Envy 750-267C desktop.  When I open the case I see that the SATA cables attached to the other components have a ground wire attached to the cables.  Do I need to buy  a specific SATA cable or would anyone do? 

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Is it possible to just copy my operating system (Windows XP Professional SP2) over to an additional drive that has already been installed on my computer?

The reason I ask is because I don't have the original Windows XP Professional disk that was used to install my operating system. I bought my computer used and it was a rebuild. I don't know why he didn't install XP on the second drive when he installed it on the master. I have a Windows XP reinstall CD but of course the software key won't match what's currently installed.

I have 19.63 GB of free space on this other drive and I need to move some files over to free up some space on my master.

I don't know if you need any additional info about my computer so I'm just going to list what I have just in case.

Dell Computer
Intel Pentium III
Internet Explorer 7.0

Let me know if you need something I missed or have questions. Thanks as always for the help!


Answer:Copying OS to Additional Drive

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My main C drive is 250GB SATA. I also have a CD ROM and a DVD-RW drive. I have a spare internal 160GB ULTRA ATA/100 drive which I am thinking of adding. Questions - 1. Can I add it? The motherboard has two available EIDE sockets. 2. How do I configure this drive - master or slave and if so to what? 3. how will it interact with the C drive? 4. Will I then be able to use this added drive as another storage area for certain files and folders rather than have them on the C drive?Thanks in advance for any answers!

Answer:Additional hard drive

Assuming you have DVD-RW and CD-ROM set up as master & slave respectively on secondary mobo IDE skt, connect your new IDE Hard Drive to mobo primary IDE with jumper set to master.Once you have detected this in BIOS, you need to partition it and then you should be able to format using Windows Disk Management tool.

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I have bought a SSD to use as the boot device and to host Windows in order to improve performance. I will be leaving the factory fitted HDD in place as a data store. However there is nowhere to mount the SSD in the PC. Is it possible to fit a cage to hold this? Any recommendations on sourcing this in the UK?

Answer:Can I fit additional drive cage?

@RM_1953,The DVD-RW drive occupies the top 5.25" bay.  What is in the 2nd bay beneath it.Unit description      Upgrade/Service with pictures show (2) 5.25" and (1) 3.5" bay, pg 22.It would be simple to use an adapter tray.

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Hi folksI have a 3 year old IBM Aptiva with which I'm happy enough except the tiny hard drive. (4Gb!)A search has shown a Western Digital 80Gb EIDE (oem) for under £60 from e-buyer. A good buy or not? I intend to retain the old drive with 98se and my applications and use the new for storage of mainly photos. What does one not get with an oem item that comes with a retail package?TnxYaesu

Answer:additional hard drive

1. Yes, a good buy.2. You might not get an IDE cable, yaesu (excellent radios) and you'll get no software.But check first that your BIOS will accept a 60gig drive. It probably wont without a BIOS upgrade or a Drive overlay utility, which can usually be downloaded from the drive manufacturer's website.

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I have installed an additional hard drive, device manager says it's working fine but my PC can not seem to 'see it'. I'm told that, by default, a PC will only see 4 IDE devices, this would be my 5th (HDD, CDR, DVD, floppy and new HDD) Is this correct? If so, is there a way around it or must I lose a device?Kevin

Answer:additional drive - 5th IDE device ????

Don't worry about the floppy drive. I think you just need to format your new HD.

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As my existing 20GB HD is pretty near full I want to fit an additional HDD, but .... can i? There is an available space but the existing hard drive is the master on a cable the slave of which is my old Zip 100 drive. Other cables are one for a floppy drive and one for a cd/dvd and a CDRW drive. Does this mean that an addtional internal HDD means dispensing with the Zip drive? I could get an external USB 2.0 drive but understand that internals are cheaper??


get rid of that zip and stick another drive inI would get a good 80gb drive and have the 20gb as the slave

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Hey guys--Strange issue here... When I expand my C: drive, alongside all the normal folders are two computer objects. When I expand them, they seem to mirror my C: drive. It's quite bizarre and I can't imagine what could have caused it. I feel like I could just delete them and be alright, but I'd like to find out if anyone is familiar with this or has seen it before.As far as I can tell, the names are completely random. Any insight would be great. Thanks!

Answer:Additional "computers" under C:\ drive

Welcome to the forums!

As you may know already, we are here to assist you.
When did you notice this?

Have you checked for viruses/malware recently?
If so, what programs did you use?

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Hi Dragonrook, and welcome to BleepingComputer.You can open Explore, click on you C: drive and drag files that you want moved to the D: drive and drop them there. The Target drive or folder will highlight in blue, once the D: drive highlights is blue just drop the file and it will be moved to that drive. Moving files from the C: drive to the D: drive will not delete these files from the C: drive, you will need to delete these files from the C: drive.Right click on Sart> Explore. Double click on the C: drive, the contents of the C: drive will appear in the right side pane.A side note: Are you aware that in Internet Etiquette it is considered shouting if you write in all caps?

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Hi,I am looking to purchase an additional hard drive for my 1 year old PC. My main drive is currently a maxtor 20GB.Can anybody suggest what the best drive would be. My budget is around £50-£65.Thanks in advance

Answer:What additional hard drive do I buy?

You should be able to get at least 60Gb but, assuming your mobo supports it, go for ATA133 for faster access. There is some advantage in the faster 7900 rpm disks. For example, Watford Electonics do Samsung SP0612N for £65. But you could do even better looking on Ebay.

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I would like to fit an additional DVD drive in my 6 month old HP 7755m PC. I have looked in the PC case and cannot see any spare SATA power connectors although there is 2 or 3 standard power plugs. Can one of these plugs be converted by way of an adaptor plug? Or is there another way to connect the drive.

Answer:Fitting an additional DVD drive.

Is it a SATA one you want? Could you not fit a standard IDE one and use a molex power connector or do you not have an IDE connector on your motherboard?

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Hi all. At the moment I have a 40gig hard drive and i'm beginning to get low on space. Am I able to install another hard drive? Or do I have to just buy a larger one copy everything over?


Answer:Additional Hard-drive

if you buy another hard disk that extra storage can be used in addition to the hard disk you already have. you may or may not have to format the new drive. this can be done throught the operating system.

if the new hard disk is much faster it would be nice to tranfer the operating system to it to speed up your computer. you do not have to do this though. you will need to set correct jumper settings.

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i just installed a new hd hard drive but nothing is showing in bios or other
I have a newer vista

Answer:additional hard drive

Can you elaborate a bit more?

Your saying your second hard drive isn't showing in you bios at all? Is it Sata or IDE?

Have you checked in Computer Management/Disk Management?

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I have an Edge 14. Intel i3 M370 model.  I ordered a OBHC and installed a 160 Gb SATA drive, loaded with WIN 7.  In the main drive bay I have an Ubuntu OS setup.Trying to set up a dual boot configuration.  But, when I boot the drive and enter the BIOS set up, the drive in the caddy doesn't show.  If I let it boot from the main drive, Ubuntu starts up. If I put the Ubuntu drive in the caddy and nothing in the main bay, "NO OPERATING SYSTEM." When I look at the computer in Ubuntu, the OS7 drive is there.  All three partitions (Lenovo, OS and startup).  I can mount them, etc.  When I use Disk Utility in Ubuntu, the drive shows up listed under the SATA controller and is located at position 2 of the SATA bus.   I updated the BIOS and it is now 1.26. Still no sign of the HDD in the caddy.  Very odd.  When I power up the computer, the LED in the caddy does light up. When I run sudo update-grub in Ubuntu, the WIN 7 loader shows up in the list.  So a bootable OS is seen.  But if I select WIN 7 loader in the GRUB list at boot, I get a "no such drive" message, and am lead back the the GRUB list. In the BIOS, the config menu, the startup list only includes HDD0.   Is there some secret BIOS trick I need to play?  Correct me if I'm wrong, but there aren't any jumper settings, etc. on a SATA drive, right?  Nothing there to change. Any suggestions would be very much appreci... Read more

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I'm working on my sister computer and put in a new hard drive. I imaged the drive in windows (using xp) and all seemed to go ok. I took the original out and now windows will book ok, but will hang on a screen that resembles the windows login screen, blue background with a windows xp logo on the right side. The mouse still works as well as the numlock lights, but it will go no futher. I've tried changing drive letters with the old drive installed, but somehow, i've fubar'd both and now both drives hang at this spot regardless of whether or not the other is plugged in as well. I have a feeling, from research i've done on the web, that windows is looking for system files on a drive letter that doesn't exist. The problem now is that i cannot boot into either install of windows, nor thier respective safe mode options. In safe mode, i get the same screen as i do when booting into normal mode. How do i get either one of these drives to boot? I know the data is still there and the data is fine, but I need to make windows boot. I've also tried using the recovery console to do a fixmbr and a fixboot, but neither helped (I didn't figure they would as the address different aspects of the boot than what i suspect to be the problem). Any ideas?

Answer:Imaged drive in windows, took original drive out, now new drive hangs on login screen

have you tried booting from the cd and running the repair option? --um--nevermind

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My o/s is running Windows XP Home. I purchased an additional hard drive through a computer fair. It's a 45G IBM Deskstar. We have an HP Pavilion a610e PC.

Can anyone offer advice on how to install, or whether or not there might be compatibility issues?


Answer:Installing additional hard drive

compatiablitly should be fine. you should probably format it once you have it hooked up. make sure there is a power source for it in your machine and there is another IDE jack on the cable to hook it up to.

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Hi everyone. I'm building a new PC, and I can't decide what HDD configuration to use. I'm new to setting up a RAID configuration, so forgive me if this is a stupid question... I was wondering if it is possible to setup a RAID 0 array of two 500GB drives, and then have a seperate 320GB drive that isn't part of the array to use for file backup. Could I do this?... Or would I just have to go with a RAID 0+1 configuration (which would be pretty overkill for my needs - I only need to backup certain folders, but I don't want to use a slow external USB HDD).

Thanks in advance!

- Ryan

Answer:RAID 0 with additional backup drive?

RAID vs Backup.

I'll give you the litany on RAID vs Backup.

Raid has the intent of fail-safe or raw performance; both issues for servers, not home computers.

Raid is not a substitute for backup, even if mirrored with hot-swappable drives.

Backup has the intent of file, directory, user, or HD recovery.
If it is precious or has financial implications if lost, then backups are appropriate.

There are several means to 'backup' including just replicating the data
to another media.

Your question re another HD for backups; all depends on how much data is saved and how frequently do you make a 'backup'.

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I am looking to buy the HP Pavillion 550-254na Desktop but need to know that I can fit an Aditional Hard Drive from my existing XP machine that has all my data on it and only my data. I need to know that there is an additional Bay and the necessary SATA and power connections, not the cables.  

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I have a laptop with integral hard drive and CD reader/burner. I would like to add another hard drive connected by USB. As the internal HD is the Master and the CD burner is the slave how do I get the computer to recognise the additional drive. I am using Windows XP Home updated by SP2.Any help/comments would be welcome.Bill

Answer:Additional external hard drive

Just plug it in and XP will recognize a removeable drive with an icon in system tray.

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i've just fitted an additional hard drive or extra storage, so as to do some video editing. My pc recocnises the drve, but it is still as the 'c' drive and says it's not initialised. HELP ME PLEASE!!!

Answer:how do i initialise my additional hard drive?

You say it showing as your "C" drive, are you sure. Is it the only hard drive in the system or is the drive with the operating system, another letter.To initialize a drive, you right click my computer and pick manage. You then pick disk management and locate the drive in the right hand window. Right clicking the drive will give you the options you need.If the option is just initialize, then click on that and it will start a wizard.You may get the option of either delete partition or create new partition or even straight format.If you get these post back for instructions.

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I bought XPS15 9560 yesterday, i woould like to know if i can add additional SATA hard drive ?
my service tag shows battery as 

<Service tag removed>



Answer:Can i add additional hard drive to my XPS 51 9560?

Not with the 97 WHr battery - no.  That battery consumes the space that would fit a 2.5" drive.  This model can take only one M.2 SSD -- no other space inside; anything you want to add must be external.

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Well I don't know if I can help, but it would be a big help to others if you would post more information like what your OS is, what kind of mobo you have, PSU, and if you installed all the correct drivers.

Answer:Re: Adding an additional  SATA drive...

u not provide enough info, like what os u use..try do this.. right click on my computer, click manage, goto storage and the disk management, then tell me wat u see ..

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I want to add an additional Hard Drive to my Evesham Axis 1900+Ti5 system for my large video editing files. My existing drive is a Western Digital WD1000 (100GB). I am considering adding a Maxtor DiamondMax 200GB from Simply computers and am wondering if there would be any compatibility problems with this combination. Any advice on this would be appreciated. Also any advice on selecting/fitting additional Hard Drives would be useful. Thanks

Answer:Adding Additional Hard Drive

No problems likely.Ensure the existing drives jumpers are set to master and the new drive to slave.Just boot the machine and when Windows starts goRight Click My Computer > Manage > Disk management.You will see your new drive in the bottom pane as unallocated.Right click on the small portion on the left hand end and choose initialise.Then right click on the large section on the right and choose Add Partition.Follow through the prompts and this will also allow you to format the drive. Format as NTFS as you are going to use large file sizes with video editing.Good Luck

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What is the recommendation on where to install additional software on the S10. Dirve C or D..?


Go to Solution.

Answer:S10 - Where should additional software be installed ? "C" or "D" drive..?

Decision is up to you.This material is written specially to help you understand your needs.

//help will save the world

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External hard drive is no longer recognized by computer. The hard wire connections have not been changed recently. All cords are secure. I rebooted the computer and now can no longer access my F:drive -- all my data saved on my external hard drive that I've had for years.

Answer:additional hard drive not recognized

 Please try to connect the external device to a different computer. If it is properly detected, then the problem is with your computer. If it is not detected, then the problem is either: * the USB cable has failed (try a different one). * external power-supply has failed (do you hear any noise from the "spinning" of the disk-drive inside the case? Is the power-supply cold or warm -- warm implies that it is working. Any lit-up lamps on the case?) * the disk-drive inside the case has failed.  Really bad news. * inside the case, the USB-to-disk-drive adapter has failed (less-bad news -- one might remove the disk-drive from inside the case, and connect it as an "internal" disk-drive, to copy your files from it onto a brand-new external disk-drive). Good luck.   

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I have a system with intel motherboard and processor(p4) I have a hard disk which is having 40GB capacity i want to increase my hard disk size i.e. about 160GB so total becomes 200GB my doubt is if my 40GB hard disk is segate and if my new hard disk 160GB is western will there any problem is it compatilble to add and work on it.

Awaiting for the reply.

Thank You for your valuable time.

Answer:Adding of additional hard drive

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I recently purchase a G40 thinking it had x2 physical drives, it appears in this model that there is only one physical HD

I have read in alot of places that there is space for the G40-10E for an additional disk drive to placed inside the machine but this particular model appears to simply have a fixed cover but space for the drive to be mounted

Does anyone know of the backplate being removed and an additional hard drive caddy being used to store the additional hard disk - it should be relatively simple with heat dissipation and the like as I believe all that is needed is the replacement caddy and SATA cable connector - the motherboard recognisies x2 drives

All I really want to know is

1) is it possible
2) has someone done it
3) what the toshiba part numbers are for the caddy and sata cables for a G40-10E

Answer:Qosmio G40-10e - Additional Hard Drive


I have Qosmio G30 but I saw G40 and if I remembering well at the bottom side there are two HDD covers. Both of them are placed near the battery and they have one, how to say, plastic circle. As far as I know the G40 is offered with one or two HDDs. The first HDD is placed under cover fixed with one screw. The additional one is placed under second HDD cover fixed with two screws.

I really do not know if your G40 is upgradable but you can contact authorized service provider in your country. They have access to Toshiba data base and they can check it for you. Part number is usually internal case and it is not easy to find out exact part number for those additional parts like HDD assembly or cables.

Make a call and pick up the info about HDD upgrade possibility.
One more thing: try to remove cover for second HDD and check if the HDD connector is there.

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I've got a gut feeling that my C: drive is about to crash. Every time I reboot my computer it automatically runs check disk. I've looked at the session manager registry entry and it has autocheck autochk * listed only once so the registry is correct.

Anyway, my question is can I install Windows XP on one of the other drives I have just in case my C: drive does crash? I'm currently running an Intel Pentium 4 processor with Windows XP fully updated and I also have HDD Health running and it says my drive is normal. All drives are NTFS. Am I being paranoid or should I be worried? Not sure if I provided all the system info needed to help me out so just let me know what info you need if I didn't. Thanks for the help.

Answer:Installing Windows XP on additional drive

The usual way of dealing with this sort of thing is to take an image of your system partition/disk and store it on a separate drive. If the drive does fail you boot with a rescue CD you have already created with the imaging software and that enables you to restore your system exactly as it was to the same or to a replacement drive.

Recommended free programs are Easeus Todo or Macrium Reflect

Installing a second copy of Windows on the same PC is a licence infringement, so not recommended. It also means you've got all the service packs and updates, and all your own software to install and configure. Ugh!

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Well, hello there. This sounds like the place I need to be! I also have a HP 4 GB Pavilion. I have wanted to add another HD for some time now. After reading Page 1 of a very long thread Mulder started back in July 2001, I went out and purchased a Maxtor HD, confident that I could do it! Well, after reading the instructions I "chickened" out. Too many terms I did not understand.... slave, master, partitions, etc. So I returned the HD. I am pretty determined again to add a second HD, since I'm being very stingy with the space I have left on the 4 GB HD. I just do not want to have any conflicts in doing so.

I would like to use my present HD (master?) as a back-up (I think) and like Jody, move my existing data to the new, larger HD. I guess I am just needing some encouragement to go out and purchase the HD again and attempt to tackle the unknown! Any enlightenment would be appreciated.



Answer:Adding additional Hard drive

I split this off into your own thread, too confusing when threads are added to.

First What else do you have on your ide cables besides the primary hard drive (4gig) and I would presume a cdrom.

Watch the screen when you start your machine, does it list where the cdrom is attached.

You have two ide cables, both cables can support two devices.
On each cable you can have one master and one slave device.
Your primary harddrive is always primary master.

Basically, if you only have the current harddrive attached to the primary ide it's pretty simple. Just buy the drive, physcially mount it in the machine with the included screws.

Now if going on primary with current drive, on the back of the drive are jumpers, you need to set the jumper to slave, it should be clearly marked or indicated in the manual that comes with the drives or viewed online at the drive manufacturer's site.

Once the jumper is set, add a power plug, you should have extra's in the case, if not, you can get a y adaper that makes one plug into two.
Then connect the ide cable, paying note that the red stripe goes to the pin 1 on the new drive, it will be marked. If you don't disconnect if from the motherboard, then you don't have to worry about the motherboard end, but it's the same, red stripe to pin 1.

Once it's all connected, restart your machine, you must now enter the bios setup(you should see a message saying press key to enter setup when you start your machine, that�... Read more

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I have a 80GB SATA HD plugged in thats my master.

I want to add my 40GB IDE as well, but I want it to be a slave drive. (for additional Apache HTTP Server and Virtual Hosts)

So instead of plugging it into IDE1 should I use the extra IDE cable that
plugs into my DVD/CD drive that uses slot IDE2?

Does it make no difference? I just want the SATA drive to be recognized as
the master drive. I have a RAID setup disk but Ive never done that and I dont
know If I need to or not.

Answer:Additional Hard Drive - One IDE, one SATA

Hi there,

You can either plug it into IDE1 on you motherboard (assuming IDE0 is in use by the CD-ROM) and not worry about the jumper or you can plug it into the spare way on the lead that is plugged into your CD-ROM. If you choose the second option you need to ensure that the jumper on the backs of the devices are set, one Master and one Slave. The positions are normally depicted on the outer casing of each device.

Once installed boot the machine and provided your have a modern OS it will install the new drive for you. You now need to add the new drive as an extended partion in the disk manager. Please let us know when you get to this stage for more help.

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I need to install an additional hard drive in my computer, which I bought in spring 2003.The current (80G) drive has: IBM Deskstar IC35L080AVVA07-0 ATA/IDE written on it.I learn from various sites that this disk has a UDMA100 interfaceSo, does this disk drive support both ATA and IDE? What kind of drive should I buy to work best with the system - ATA, IDE or/and UDMA? How do I find out whether my system supports UDMA?I'm pretty skint, so am wanting to get up to 120 additional gigs for about 50 quid.Any thoughts?

Answer:additional hard drive - IDE or ATA (and UDMA)?

Any hdd other than a SATA drive should work just fine, don't forget to get a slave ide cable and to set the jumper on the new drive to slave.

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Hello there,
I would like to add a secondary hard drive to my computer. The new hard drive (which is not brand new) I have it from an older computer, also mine. They are both running Windows 98 se.The one I want to install has 2GB and the main one has 3GB.
Any idea on what I have to do?
I have never tried this before, so I need as much advice as I can get.

Answer:installing an additional hard drive

Look here:

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Hello all, I was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction for buying additional HDD trays for the T400. I'm not wanting to have a 2nd drive caddy I'm wanting to swap out the primary drive with a drive ready to slot in already in the required tray. I'm happy to be swapping the rubber edging used. I've been using Google and found lots of references to the 2nd drive caddy, the only thing I have found so far is the screws  I'm reluctant to broaden the search and drop T400 as I'm not sure what other laptops use the same tray. Anyone got any ideas, links or know what laptops use the same tray would really help? Thank you in advance! BoyFrary


Go to Solution.

Answer:Additional HDD tray? Not a 2nd drive caddy.

You could try here.... They may not be cheapeast supplier of drive bay caddies, but are probably the most straightforward in terms of identifying and ordering a suitable caddy. Cheers, Bill

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i have sat and read mulders guide and come to the decision that i want another hard drive for my videos. should i go for internal or external and what size. one other thing i am a bit confused by is firewire. if firewire is 400mbps and usb is 480mbps why is firewire better for linking a camera?many thanks gary

Answer:Solved: additional hard drive

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I have an Athlon 2600+ running xp with 1gig ram and a hitachi sata 80gig harddrive.
I have a new seagate 200 gig sata to add.
Once all plugged in I boot the pc & it gets to the windows logo with black background before rebooting itself!
I went into bios and tried auto detecting yet it didnt seem to make a dif.
What am I doing wrong?
Sorry for my ignorance.
Im sure its a simple procedure Im making difficult somehow.


Answer:Additional Hard Drive Probs, please help!

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if possible what steps are needed to install a HD I removed from an older unit into my new unit for extra music and video storage?

Answer:additional hard drive installation

Here is just one of many from the WWWGood luck

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I want to add an extra hard drive with its own 1tb hard drive to use that as an boot drive can I do so?If yes then what the options are can i use sata ssd or msata or m2 ssd please let me know about it foe envy m6-aq003dx

Answer:Add additional ssd drive in envy m6 convertible?

You have a 1 TB 5400 rpm SATA 2.5 inch drive installed. Here is the Service manual: Manual See p. 38 and the picture on p. 39. You can see the M.2 2280 SATA drive above the battery. The hard drive is to the left of the battery looking down after you remove the back cover.  So yes you can get a 1 TB SATA-3 M.2 mSSD disk and install it in addition to the hard drive. If this is "the Answer" please click "Accept as Solution" to help others find it. 

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I have an X201 with the 500GB HDD. Is it possible to add an SDD drive internally, in addition to the 500GB HDD?I don't want to replace to 500GB HDD drive and definitely don't want to reinstall Windows 7 on a SDD.I do want a faster drive for processing, as in opening and saving, large (500MB-2GB) Photoshop files.  The 8GB of memory is plenty, but the drive access is slow. I'm hoping I can put my Photoshop files on an internal SDD.btw, I've rejected the option of adding a USB 3.0 Express Card to connect to an external SDD. I think I'll lose too much time going through the USB.Thanks in advance.

Answer:Additional Internal SDD Drive Possible for X201?

you can plug in a ssd drive into the expresscard, but that is not a bootable device. Other than that not really.X220 is capable of accepting mSATA SSD and normal SSD, so you can get two drive running. For X201, you would need a ultrabase x200 if you want to put another drive to the laptop. i.e. put the platter hdd into ultrabay slim slot, and put the ssd into the main hdd slot.

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Hello everyone,

My computer already has 2 internal IDE hard drives, how do i go about installing another one? I don't believe i have the wiring harness inside the computer for anymore. I bought a USB external to move some software to, but wow is it slowwwwwwwww......It will take forever to move 70GIG. What are my choices?


Answer:Additional hard drive questions??

My wife's from Endwell. Her parents had quite a bit of trouble with the flooding last year. Many (it use to be fairly standard) systems can have a total of 4 drives (combination of DVD, CD, HD). What do you have for drives and please provide more information about your computer.

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Thanks in advance. I always get great help here.
I've run out of room on my 70 gb hard drive and funds are limited right now. I noticed CompUSA has a sale on Maxtor Ultra series for $40 after rebates.
Looking for the easiest way to install and utilize this.
Should I get the new HD and install as a slave? Install the new as primary, restore from back up to it and use the old as a slave?
If I use a slave setup,to access the files, do I need to open the drive each time, do I also install windows on the new drive?
Lots of questions.
Thanks, again.

Answer:Installing additional hard drive

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Currently I have my PC running on a 500GB traditional hard drive and I am thinking about purchasing a SSD to use for the OS. Is this a possible switch while using windows 7 ultimate or would I have to purchase a separate copy of windows to get a new product key? I will still be keeping the 500GB to use for files an music and other storage needs. I know that I will have to do a fresh install of windows 7 but my real question is will I be able to reuse the product key.

Answer:WIndows 7 Additional Hard Drive

Yes you will be able to reuse the serial. You are installing it to the same machine. You can reinstall on the same machine as many times as you want. It is only when you want to use the serial on a totally different machine that there is a problem.

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i am still being troubled by this extra hard drive problem i have a amd 64 with 1gig ram and 160 hd i tried to fit my old 20 gig hd in to access some files.when i switch the pc on it tries to boot up the 20 g hd but there is a fault with it so it can not.i set the 160 to master and the 20 to slave but this obiviously isn't working.when i boot up again the other drive (160) starts up and the pc operates as normal. ive tried looking in disk management to see if the pc can see the disk but nothing shows up. i've looked in bios and advanced bios settings but i don't know what i should see ie the boot up order where am i going wrong?

Answer:additional hard drive problem

You have three threads for the same problem. Why don't you post back to your original thread.

I'm closing the duplicate and triplicate.

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This is probably a dumb question, but I can't find an answer on this board or using Google  I know I can replace the standard 350G 7200 rpm drive with an SSD drive.But can I install an internal SSD drive in addition to the stock drive? Thanks

DaveGX220/i5-2540M/3.3GHz/8GB/320GB/7200/Webcam /IPS/7Pro


Go to Solution.

Answer:X220 Additional Hard drive?

You can add an internal micro SSD if you DO NOT use cell phone wireless with the X220.  I use the Intel 80gb micro SSD in the same slot that supports cell wirelss.  My performance is very good, but there are other vendors with micro SSD that "may" be faster. Jim

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I have a hard drive that is partitioned into two drives, (the c and d drive).

My c drive has max space of 6GB. Its full atm. I only have important stuff for windows there.

My E drive a max space of 110.

However, my friend had partitioned my drive for me, and he is not here to help me for a while atm.

My hard drive still has around 30 GB left that have not been partitioned. Is there anyway i can add more GB onto my already partitioned 6 GB C drive?

Thanks in advance for any replies and help


Answer:Adding additional space onto my drive

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I'm talking about the 3-4 horizontal expation panels that they give you to add additional periperals to your system as a part of your drive tower unit. (You take those out when you add new things, such as a second CD Rom) If you have a problem with an added device but you no longer have the horizontal panel and you take out the problematic device is it OK to just leave your system like that? (I know someone that has the main cover that fits over the 3 horizontal panels.) Should they just put the main cover back on?


Answer:Where Can You Get Additional Drive Tower Panels?

I always keep the extras in a big box in my closet, there are hundreds of them in there. When I need one to cover a hole, I paw through the box and find one that matches.

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I have a Gateway computer which is very low on hard drive space. I purchased a 200GB ATA hard drive and Gateway hasn't been any help on how to install. I am not replacing my current drive but adding the additional drive. I am not computer does one go about adding it? Gateway does tell me I can have both hard drives in the system. They have me a link on their website but its says nothing about how to add the additional drive. Help?

Answer:Adding an additional hard drive


This is a pretty straight forward process. Find the ide cable that has an open slot (IDE #1 or IDE #2). If your present hard drive is alone on the ribbon cable for instance, then do this:

Make sure the jumpers on the back of your present drive are set to MASTER and the drive is on the end of the ribbon cable.

Set the jumpers on the new drive to SLAVE and place it on the middle connector of the ribbon cable.

It should recognize it and away you can go partitioning and formatting the drive.

After you get it hooked up, if you have the disk that came with your drive, you can either use that to prepare the drive for usage, or you can go to the My Computer area and format it for usage. Either way is pretty self-explanatory. I just happen to like using the manufacturer's utility myself as a personal preference.

Post back if you have any questions.

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Hi guys, i wonder if you can offer any ideas here. I have a brand new T420s which came with an optical slot place holder piece of plastic. I removed this and popped in a 'Lenovo DVD Multi IV DVD Multi Recorder CD-RW' P/N 45N7453. It clicked into place fine, but the power light on it does not come on and the eject button does not work.This same drive works fine in 2 other T420s laptops my colleagues have, so the drive is ok. I tried disabling the optical drive in the bios, rebooting, re-enabling, rebooting but nothing. Is there anything else i can try or would you say its a board issue and i'm stuck with it ?

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I have a Dell Dimension 4700 running XP Service Pack 3. My original Western Digital Drive was dying. This drive was the boot drive and listed first in "setup" (after hitting F2) There was also a 300GB Maxtor SATA drive already installed which I used for data storage -- not bootable. It was listed 2nd in "setup".

Ultimately the WD Drive wouldn't boot. I cleared the 300GB Maxtor and did a clean install Win XP from manuf. disks WITHOUT removing the WD - Drive 1 first. (I had hoped to remove some data I hadn't yet back up

I tried rebooting BUT if both disks were set to "On" in "setup - F2" the system would NOT boot. If Disk 1 (WD Drive) was turned off the system would boot fine. I removed the "boot partition" on Disk 1 but if both drives were turn on - no go.

I have now replaced the defective drive (WD) with a Maxtor SATA II/300 (1 TB).

The boot drive (300GB Maxtor) is the "last" drive on the SATA interface cable and the new drive (1 TB) is on the second to last connector.
Still, if the blank, new drive is turned on in "setup - F2" the system won't boot. If off, system boots. (I want to use the 1 TB drive solely for data storage).

It seems the SATA controller refuses to recognize the bootable drive if both drives are active. All I can think of is this is due to the 300GB being "Drive 2" in my original system and still listed that way in "setup". There is NO ability to c... Read more

Answer:Solved: Drive Crashed - XP installed on 2nd Drive - Replaced Drive Won't Work

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I have a Dell Dimension 4600 desktop with an 80GB drive. I want to add a 250Gb drive. Is there a maximum capacity that the pc will take and if so how do I find out as there is no mention in the manual?

Answer:Adding an additional internal hard drive

The problem with Dell in my experience, is that they rarely have any spare connectors ie the ide connector that you will need.Can you add an external via USB?click here for some similar queries

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Hi, I have an HP A6528p desktop computer that I want to add an additional hard drive. The only disk in the system now is a SATA 3 drive. If the system had an IDE drive I would know what to do. You just set the jumpers and connect the correct connector to the drive, but with the SATA cable there is not another connector on the cable. At least not that I can see. Will someone tell me how to proceed? Do I need to buy an additional SATA cable and connect it between the new drive and the motherboard or what? If so where do you connect on the motherboard?

Answer:Installation of additional SATA hard drive

There is no jumper on SATA drives.
Go here
see where the SATA connectors are on the motherboard, buy a SATA cable and attach it.

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How to run 2 additional HDD's and 1 CDRW drive in Compaq SR5113WM PC?

PC: Compaq Presario SR5113WM (yeah, Wal-Mart), Vista Home Basic
Motherboard: Asus M2N68-LA
OEM Primary Hard Drive: Hitcachi 160GB 7200 SATA
OEM Primary Disc Drive: Lightscribe DVDRW SATA

Physical room in the box: 2 additional HDD spaces, 1 additional disc drive space, power supply cables for at least 2 additional full-size storage devices, one open socket for an IDE ribbon.

I cannot seem to figure out how to successfully run 2 additional IDE devices in this new machine! First, the main BIOS screen only lists 4 total spots for storage devices, and device 0 is never occupied (is that only reserved for floppy??. And soforth does that only leave room for 1 additional storage device, not 2??)

When I tried hooking up 2 additional EIDE hard drives (cable select) to the IDE ribbon then to the board, the computer would not boot first try. On second try, I went into the BIOS and it still didn't list a device #0, and listed a "garbage" name for the #1 drive (at the end of the IDE ribbon), then listed the supplied SATA HDD in the #2 spot, and the SATA DVD in #3. Upon exit of the BIOS, it warned me that the drive at the end of the IDE cable was in danger of failure?? The drive in the slave spot on the IDE cable wasn't recognized at all, but when reattached alone at the end of the IDE cable (no drive in the slave spot), it worked perfectly and was also recognized by Windows.

M... Read more

Answer:How to run 2 additional HDD's and 1 CDRW drive in Compaq SR5113WM PC?

From my experience when the HDD has a garbaled name it is going bad or not recognized by BIOS. Make sure you have them set (jumpered) correctly.. master with a slave. Some drives have Master, Master w/ Sllave, Slave, or Cable Select.. and are quite finnicky about how they are jumpered.

Or just buy a PCI ATA card and add them. They may be a bit hard to find now days everything is PATA Raid, but they are still around nad give you 2 controllers so you can have 4 drives.

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>>>Sorry, it's not clear to me which board to use for this.<<<I have Acer Aspire One 1-131 Signature Edition. I'm unable to update Windows 10 due to storage limitations. Windows says 8gb are needed. After clean up and removing all personal files, I have less than 2gb available I tried to use a 16gb Sandisk Flash Drive for additional RAM storage. Instructions I followed:1. Right click on drive for the Sandisk Flash Drive  (E2. Select Properties3. Select Ready Boost <== I get "This cannot be used for ReadyBoost"  4. Select Use this device. 5. Reserve space using sliding bar As indicated above, I can't get past step 3 above. The message displayed is "ReadyBoost is not enabled because this computer is fast enough that ReadyBoost is unlikely to provide additional benefit."  Help will be appreciated.

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I have a home built PC with Windows XP home, 2.4gb processor, 1gb RAM, and an 80 gb SATA hard drive. My drive is full of video and pics so I bought a new 200gb SATA drive that I would like to make my primary C: drive and keep the old one just for storage. I have XP Professional disk that I want to install on the new drive. I would like to transfer some programs to the new drive but do a clean install of the operating system. First, any suggestions on software to help transfer the programs? Second, what steps should I take to install the new drive? Should I install it in the computer first, install XP pro on it, transfer the programs from the old one, and then wipe the old one clean and reformat it? Any steps I'm missing? Thanks in advance for the help!

Answer:Adding additional SATA drive - any tips?

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So I've been having this consistent problem recently and I thought I had fixed it, but apparently not. A while ago, my 2nd hard drive (500gb maxtor), which I used pretty much exclusively for downloads and installations of games had been acting weird. It would spontaneously disappear from My Computer after about 15 minutes of my computer being on, and it would cause my computer to take 30+ minutes to get to the logon screen after restarting. I tried system restoring, switching SATA cables, switching SATA slots, and pretty much everything (except formatting).

So I just gave up, and put in my terabyte (Samsung) HD in there which I had formerly been using externally, and which was working fine. The transfer went fine from taking that hard drive and putting it internally, switching it out with the Maxtor, except then (after about 3 days) utorrent started giving me this "Disk Overload 100%" comment, so I figured something was still up. Then I restarted my computer, and once again, it took an outrageously long time to get to my logon screen. Once again, I tried switching the SATA and all of that, but no dice, still giving me the problem.

As of right now, I've disconnected my second hard drive altogether, but this is not an issue that I can continue to deal with. The computer is about two years old:

Dell Dimension 9200
Q6600 @ 2.4ghz
Vista 32bit Home Basic

Any solutions? I would rather not reformat, considering I don't really think that's the issue (I've tried ... Read more

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I'm looking to install an additional hard drive in my parents computer but just need some clarification that what I'm going to do is right! The current hard drive (10GB Western Digital WD Caviar 310000 IDE Hard Drive) in the PC is only 10GB hence why I need to add another one. The spec of the PC is as follows:

Gigabyte GA-7ZXE Motherboard
Athlon processor (not sure of specific model)
1280mb RAM
Windows XP
What other details if any do you need to know to figure out what type of hard drive etc I need to be installing? I'm currently thinking of installing

Will this be ok to use or not?

Any help will be greatly appreciated!

Answer:Solved: Need to install additional hard drive

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Hi All

So heres my problem. Previously I had my computer running with two 200 gig sata hard drives in raid 0. I have since replaced the motherboard with a different one, but since it only has two sata inputs, I chose to just use one of the hard drives and my sata dvd burner and performed a fresh os install. Recently my burner has been acting up, so I wanted to use my extra hdd since my original one is starting to get full.

I disconnected the burner and plugged in the extra hdd and when I booted up into windows it did the found new hardware balloon and installed the drivers. I could then see it in my computer as drive d. However another balloon popped up and said that my new hardware might not function properly until I rebooted, so I restarted my computer.

When windows loaded again, the d drive wasn't showing up in my computer. In the device manager it just shows one hdd with a yellow ! by it. In disk management none of my hdds show up. If I disconnect the extra hdd, the device manager shows no yellow !s, and my c drive shows up in disk management.

With both hdds hooked up, post shows two hdds, and I can also see them both in the bios but I don't know how to access the extra hard drive. I don't care about the data on the extra hard drive, I just want to format it and have an extra storage drive on my computer.


Answer:Can't access additional internal hard drive

Either Gparted (bootable CD) will help you remove (and re-install) the 2nd HardDrive's partition
Remember to not hurt the main HardDrive's partition in the process

Or use your Windows CD to partition it

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My gigabyte EX58A-UD3R has 6 hard drives. I do music and video production.
1. drive is XP 2. drive is W7 Ult 64 Bit the other 4 drives are used for media reading and writing to.
Last night my system would not boot. In either XP or W7.
I disconnected all drives these are SATA drives.
I reconnected one by one.
I started with the XP drive it booted normal... I took a deep breath.
I added the W7 drive and booted into it. It booted normal.
I added my Pro Tools write to drive. I could boot normal into both XP and W7.
I added my Avid Assets drive and the system would freeze on boot up on both XP and W7.
I tried using different cables, tried different SATA controller positions. But that changed nothing. Still the same behavior to the the system when that particular drive is connected the system freezes on boot..

The drive shows up as it should be in the Bios. The MB sees it and the drive seems to see the MB.

I used a disc utility called HDD Regeneration to test the drive.

Booted into the HDD Regeneration utility it lists the drive, chose it to check.
HDD Regeneration found no errors in the drive.

So I took the drive out of may case and booted into W7.

Put the drive in question in an external SATA docking station.

Connected it via a usb and W7 picks up the drive in "My Computer" as you would except having an external drive connected.

All my data is there and accounted for.

Any ideas here?

Thank you


Answer:Additional hard drive will not let the system boot

Ive come across the rare occasion where some drives just dont like being linked together, this was with IDE drives, did the system boot previously with all the drives in.

Have you changed the boot order at all, ie have you got the faulty drive as first boot device.?

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basically i took my friends Hard drive home cause he wanted me to install windows for him and then hand him back the HD.

but for some reason its not letting me do it. i go through the same procedures.

unplug my existing hd, and then plug in his HD (to save confusion). and load up the RAID drivers (sata2 hd's).
wait for it to finish loading up the files (blue screen)

and straight after that, its 'supposed' to go to the next blue screen where you press f8 and select which HD to install windows to.

mine does not do that afterwards, instead it just gives me a blue screen ERROR.

ive tried near enough everything to solve this problem, including taking my whole pc apart and inspecting anything wrong with my hardware and everythings fine.
so im guessing its a procedure that im doing wrong somewhere?

so im thinking, is there a way where i can basically install windows while IN windows.

cause if i run my windows from MY HD as normal and connect my friends hard drive so that i can see it in 'my computer', and install it whilst already in windows. is that possible?

or is there a way i can just copy the files from the cd to the HD and it will run windows as normal?....basically like a copy-and-paste procedure....or is it abit more complicated than that?

would really appreciate any help i can get on this guys.....THANKS

Answer:how to install windows on an 'Additional' Hard drive?

you can only do that with windows me. install xp on his machine

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Because I am getting my teeth into Video Editing, despite having an internal 80 Gb HDD on my PC and an additional external Western Digital 80 Gb USB2 HDD, I have found it necesary to purchase an additional external Seagate 300 Gb USB2 Drive. Problem is that whilst the drive is seen under Device Manager there is no Drive letter assigned to it in the Root Directory - that is, unless I have another of my networked PCs switched off! I have an ethernet home network with four PCs on it one of which is my old IBM PC which is only used occasionally. It is designated on the network under Drive Letter "I (c: on IBM242)" and appears in the root directory on my main PC just as that. IF THE OLD PC IS SWITCHED OFF THEN YOU CAN ACCESS THE NEW SEAGATE DRIVE BY CLICKING ON THE LINK FOR THE OLD PC. IF THE OLD PC IS SWITCHED ON THEN YOU CAN'T AS YOU JUST GET THE CONTENTS OF THE HDD ON THAT PC AS YOU WOULD EXPECT. This also happens when I plug in my digital camera - you can only access the files on it via the OLD PC LINK when that PC is switched off!! Can anyone suggest a way out of this please as I seem to have exausted my knowledge?CheersBertie

Answer:Additional USB2 HDD is not assigned a drive letter

Unplug the new drive and then right click on My Computer and choose Manage then Disk Management. Right click on the I drive and choose change drive letter, change the letter to one that is free then reboot the pc. Plug in your usb drive and it shoud find it now.

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Hi all,I'm really confused about this issue. I have a 60 GB SSD drive which I use to run my OS(Win 7 Pro x64) and a few specific programs from. Not long ago its storage icon has become red due to the fact that it's reaching its maximum storage of 60 GB. Now I ask myself how this is even possible. If I open Computer and select everything on C:\ (ctrl+a), and check the properties I see that the total size of these files are only 34.1 GB. The selection includes the windows folder itself and my program files folder along with everything else. Where the heck are the additional 26.1 GB that I for some reason can not see?I have already set my account associated folders such as My Documents, Pictures, Music etc to be stored on my other D:\ drive, so that's probably not the issue here. And I have also checked hidden files without luck.Any help much appreciated.

Answer:Free SSD C:\ drive space. Mysterious additional 26 GB!

You might want to see if the SSD manufacturer has issue firmware updates.  I have an Intel SSD and shortly before I bought it Intel issued a software upgrade to implement a feature called 'Trim' which is essentially a 'defrag' feature.  Running a standard defrag program on an SSD reduces it's useful life because of the writes and rewrites a regular defrag program does.  There is the possibility that your extra 26 GB are fragmentations of the programs on the drive.

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I must be having a senior moment (slightly worrying at 37!) but I am trying to add a new SATA HDD as an additional internal drive in a machine that has an IDE HDD with XP Home on it. The MOBO has a SATA data port.

I've atttached the data and power cables and rebooted. XP sees and installs the new Maxtor drive but it doesn't feature in My Computer.

What am I missing?

It's a Compaq Presario SR1000.

Thanks in advance of any kind assistance!


Answer:Additional SATA alongside master IDE drive

The presario is never going to like that... but check your BIOS settings very carefully to be sure everything is detected and your boot order is what you want.

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Hello all

I'm running a dual boot (xp x86 / win7 x64)
This runs on 1 drive.

I have an additional drive, which I've recently replaced with a 2TB.

I went to reboot a few times, now I get a blank screen with a flashing curser.

I'd say the boot files are screwed, but I think I've tried everything under the sun to try fix them. I've spent hours.

The annoying thing is, when I 'list volume' in the command prompt of system recovery options, it says my drives are there and healthy.

Ive tried a lot of things. One thing I remember when I was installing the 2TB drive, was that I selected MBR. Could that of screwed it up?
I have everything backed up, but I really don't want to reinstall coz all my programs will take me hours to install. I really should of made an image. I'm also interested in how to fix this.
I've encountered many probs before, but not this one.

I've tried:

Inserting the win 7 disk and executed start up repair- doesn't work
Doesn't list os in system recovery options.
Can't do a system restore,
Startup repair doesn't work
Memory diagnostic doesn't work
F8 doesn't work on start up
Tried sfc commands
Chkdsk doesn't work (all commands)
I've searched Microsoft forums too
Diskpart command-doesn't work - screwed with all commands
Can't select f8
When I disconnect the 2tb and reboot, it then comes up with the 'no bootable device'.

Is there any way to replace all the boot files? Someone suggested on here to use the boot files fro... Read more

Answer:Black screen after installed additional 2TB drive

There should be a jumper on the back of the TB,,Try shifting the jumper to different pin's.
Have worked for me before. Not external is it?

And welcome to the forums.

Do you have the original win disk.? (The CHKDSK command will work using the REPAIR screen on the disk)
Have you tried repair from the disk?
Check your HDD with:

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I am running out of space on my SSD and i would like to extend it into an additional drive. Firstly is that possible and secondly how?

ignore the bad english late night.

Answer:Extending Volume of SSD using a additional hard drive

Do you want to get involved with RAID? I think that may be the only way if you truly mean "extend" rather than "exchange" or "replace".

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Hi there:

My WD 320 ATA100 hard drive were working as an additional storage. It used to work well. One day, I removed the drive and then plugged it in again, and Window XP does not detect it!
I open My Computer/Manage/Disk management and find the drive there marked as "Unallocated" (which must be initialized to be "healthy")

I am concerned if it got initialized, my files kept therein will be deleted. Please teach me what to do.

Thank you.

Answer:Window XP does not detect additional storage drive

I have a few questions:

1) Is it a new drive? Did you format it when you got it?
2) Did you change anything on your computers?
3) Did you try mapping it? Right click on the drive in disk management and assign it a drive letter. Does it show now?
4) Have you tried it on other computers? Does it work?
5) If it works on other computers, did you try other usb slots? How about other devices, do they work? Flash drives?


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Me...again (you guys must love me )

I'm gonna install a second hard drive into my system.I take it it's merely a case of adjusting the jumpers to "slave" positions and attachting it to the slave IDE socket (by that I mean the one halfway down the cable as opposed to the end,and connecting a power lead to it too?

The only worry is that it's also got windows on this HDD and wonder if they will conflict when it tries to boot up.But I am thinking making sure the boot order in BIOS would remedy this as I plan to eventually take off what I need and then format it completely so it's just storage space.

Any clarification/alternative suggestions greatly appreciated

Answer:Solved: additional hard drive installation

nevermind done it! all good!

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I've installed an additional hard drive on a Dell Dimention 2400.
I disconnected the old drive, connected the new.
Installed WindowsXPhome and drivers using Dell discs,
the new drive is up and running. I powered down set the jumpers on both drives, enabled the new drive on setup menu and rebooted.

I can see the drive in the device manager but I can't see the drive in 'my computer'

what step am I missing?

thanks in advance.

Answer:Solved: Additional hard drive install

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  :-? helloI am trying to add slave drive, 40g hitachi, the jumpers are set to slave. My pc tells it has found new hardware, its in the bios and device manager but windows wont give it a letter. I am using xp pro with service pack 1. Also it wont recognise a usb hard drive but it will a usb pen. I also have a cru removable hard drive it wont recognise. Could someone please tell me what I am doing wrong.

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I've just bought en recieved a brand new Inspiron 3650. I want to add an additional hard drive to my system. I read that I can only add 2.5 inch hard drives, because the system already has an 3.5 inch hard drive.
The problem is that I cannot find a power source to connect the hard drive. In my old Inspiron 600 I had plenty of powers sources.
Thanks for the help.

Gr. Alexander

Answer:Additional hard drive in Inspiron 3650

The official way to do it in most dells is to get the 2.5 to 3.5 blue plastic stacked 2.5 inch drive adapter R494D that snaps into the 3.5 inch drive holder. You can also use the Silverstone adapter has all the mount points of a standard 3.5" hard drive, and it's $12. It holds two 2.5" devices stacked just like the R494D does. Power and Sata port will have to be stolen from the optical drive or Y splitter used for power.  The R494D snaps into the 3.5 inch caddy like a matruska doll.


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My PC had a 80 GB hard disk and was partitioned into two. One part is a primary partition and a the other is a logical. The Primary partition is having the operating system.I fixed an additional Hard disk to my computer so as to increase my storage capacity. I do not want to change the operating system or the old disk. This new Hard drive is only for storage of my work. Its capacity is 320 GB. I wanted to partition it to three. I used the Windows XP Disk Manager facility and got the Hard drive divided into three parts.Now Both Hard drives and the computer are working without any problem.The New Hard drive has three partitions. Two partitions of that have become Primary parturitions and the other one is Logical partition. I wanted to change these three into Logical partitions.When I try to manipulate it to change its status one Primary partition has converted to Primary - Active partition. My impression is that it would be better if I can convert all these three partitions of the new Hard disk to Logical Partitions with inactive status. I do not have any logical reason for that but I believe that it should be the best and effective way to have additional disk partitions for storage purpose.I write these details to ask you experts for an advice. Can I change these two Primary partitions (Local Drive G: and H:) to Logical inactive partitions using window XP's disk manager or with what ever facility of Xp. I do not have any other third party softwares to handle this.If it can not... Read more

Answer:Fixing an additional Hard Drive and Partitioning

I think that you have to have at least one Primary Partition on a Drive this made Active

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The issue my 320gig hard drive is almost full. I added another 320gig SATA hard drive to my XP system. The physical part was not an issue it went in and connected ok. I restarted the computer it showed it in drive management so I set the partican and formated it as I thought I should it said disc 0 and the letter designation K. In my computer it shows drive K. I can check properties it shows the 320gig and its there as it should be, with nothing on the drive. The only thing I've been able to get on the drive is drag the short cut to My Docs down from the my computer screen. So I need to figure out why I can't get anything to go to driveK?

When I get this figured out I would like to move my daughters docs and itunes to the new hard drive I'll need how to do this also. Drive is there but I can't figure out how to use it? Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Service Pack 3, 32 bit
Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) 64 Processor 3400+, x86 Family 15 Model 47 Stepping 2
Processor Count: 1
RAM: 1918 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 6100, 512 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 305234 MB, Free - 90741 MB; K: Total - 305242 MB, Free - 305167 MB;
Motherboard: , C51G+MCP51
Antivirus: AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition 2012, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Enabled instructions how to do this also. Drive is there but I can't figure out how to use it?

Answer:Solved: Adding additional hard drive XP

Nothing will go there unless you send it there.

Documents is a system folder, so it needs to be moved properly so the system registers where it is. In the folder's Properties, you will find a location option. If you change that and log off and on, the folder will be moved to its new location.

You can create a Program Files folder on the new drive. Then, when you install new software, you can use the custom options and change the path to the K: drive instead of the C: drive. You can also uninstall programs you have now and reinstall them to the K: drive.

But be aware that all programs will take space from the system drive, even if installed elsewhere.

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Is it possible to fit an additional internal drive to the A200-1DA?

Answer:Is it possible to fit an additional internal drive on Satellite A200-1da


it should be possible but you must first checkout if your machine has the connector or not. You can check this by opening the second hdd-cover and check if the connector is present.
If you don?t know where to search, just unscrew the covers on the bottom of the machine and look. :)


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I recently defragged my additional hard drive and now when I click on it I get a message saying it isn't formatted. Is there anything I can do to access the drive?

Answer:Solved: Can't access additional hard drive

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Just received the precision 3420 desktop - configured it with one hard drive.  Opened it up to add another one - there is an additional SATA cable, but now power.
Am I missing something?  I couldn't see any other connector for SATA power.
Is a different power cable required?

Answer:3420 - additional hard drive power cable

Hi Aaron,
Was configured with a single 2.5" or 3.5" drive? Can you PM me the service tag please?

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Hello everyone, me again, thanking in advance for any comments or suggestions or opinions.

My OS is windows 7 64bit and I am using H61M-P31G3 MSI mainboard. It has 4 SATA slots: SATA 1 for my 500GB HDD, SATA2 for my DVDRW Drive, and SATA3 & SATA 4 none connected

I have an older PC with 200GB SATA HDD, and I plan to remove this HDD and use only as back-up hard drive on my newer PC.

My inquiry is >> IF I INSTALL THE HDD CABLE (200GBHDD) ON MY SATA 3 or SATA 4 slot, WILL IT BE JUST A SIMPLE "PLUG & PLAY," meaning that after rebooting my PC I can now use the 200GB old SATA HDD as a backup &/or file storage hard drive? or anything else that i must do in order to use it as a backup &/or file storage drive.

have a nice day to all.

Answer:Installing Additional SATA Hard Drive - Inquiry

Yes, it should be that simple. The OS will install device drivers for it when you boot.

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I recently bought a new computer (HP m7690y running XP). I tried installing a Seagate 160GB Ultra ATA/100 internal hard drive that I had previously been using on my old computer(it wasn't set for it's full 160GB capacity on that Windows 98SE system because it wasn't supported, and I'm fine leaving it that way). The drive is PATA, so I went out and bought a converter so that I could connect it to the new computer's SATA motherboard. The converter lights up, but the drive isn't showing up in My Computer.

Seagate talked me through right clicking on My Computer and going to "Manage." The drive isn't showing up in "Disk Managment" or "Device Manager."

I contacted HP to see if they could tell me if all 6 SATA ports on my motherboard were enabled in BIOS. They ran a check on the specs of this product number and claimed they are all enabled. I also questioned whether the ports are of SATA1 or SATA2, and got different answers from two different people....

I'm honestly not real sure what to do with the jumpers. Seagate told me that a jumper on the left pins of my master drive(new computer's drive) isn't necessary with SATA. He had me test a jumper on the left pins of my old drive to compensate for the potential difference in it being SATA1 or SATA2 compatible. I've tried many combinations of jumpers and no jumpers on the left most(center most) pins. I've also tried plugging the SATA cord int... Read more

Answer:Solved: Not Finding Additional Internal Hard Drive

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I have a second user Dell T5500 workstation a recent purchase. As I had a spare 1000gB hard drive I installed it in the spare bay& connected to SATA 1 cables at the location. Problem is drive is not detected. I ran the Dell website diagnostic all clear but drive not detected. Operating system is Windows 7 pro.Can't find any means of detecting disk it is a working OK disk, removed it from a caddy it was detected when in the caddy via USB. Bit stumped here drive is not essential but would be useful as extra storage.

Answer:Dell T5500 not recognising additional hard drive

Go into Bios setup and change the setting for SATA 1 port so that BIOS can detect the Harddrive connected. (I had same problem on my Dell)

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