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SSD 60GB or HDD 250GB?

Question: SSD 60GB or HDD 250GB?

Hello, I just ran out of room on my 500GB HDD, Its a 7200 RPM and I like the speed of it. I started looking for a new HDD when I came across an 60GB SSD. I never thought of buying an SSD before. Now I can't decide if I should get the SSD or the HDD ( same price) I need a new drive for linux, but my current drive only has 3GB left. I was going to partition 30GB to linux and keep 30 for Windows. Then transfer my OS to the remaining 30GB, that would free some room. I am a gamer so I need alot of room for games. If I get the 250GB HDD then I would have alot of room for more games and linux. But then I would not be able to boot Windows 7 in seconds. What should I get?

My specs:
Intel core i5 2500K ( stock speed )
MSI - H61M-P20(G3)
8GB of Vengeance DDR3 RAM @ 1333 CAS 7
GTX 550 Ti 1 GB ( Overclocked )
1 500GB 7200 Western Digital Caviar Blue HDD
500W PSU.

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Preferred Solution: SSD 60GB or HDD 250GB?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: SSD 60GB or HDD 250GB?

Go with an SSD. If you choose the 60GB SSD, you will have just enough space for the OS and a Office Suite and a few other apps before you start to run out of space. If you can afford it, go with a minimum of 128GB SSD as your primary drive, then wipe your 500GB mechanical drive and use as a storage drive.

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Hey guys (and ladies).

Although there are many forums with this topic laid out, I have tried everything by the book and have no luck. Here's the problem:

I have a 4 drive setup:
-60Gb SSD (Windows 7 Ult x64 + some programs) (c)
-30Gb SSD (i)
-1Tb HDD (h)
-250Gb HDD (empty reserved for Win) (f)

As the 60Gb SSD drive is full I want to migrate the whole drive to the empty 250Gb HDD. Of course, no need to say that I want everything to run afterwards without any re-installs (also the files on i and h)

I have tried many clone softwares (Paragon, EaseUS ToDo etc) and the clone goes ok, but it wont boot from the destination drive. Luckily enough I still have the original c drive otherwise I would be stuck!
I also looked at the Windows backup and restore, but by default it want to clone all my drives and I cant deselect them (over a Tb of a backup??)

Now what can I do to get this sorted? I just want contents of the 60Gb SSD (with Win7) on the empty 250Gb HDD.
Any ideas of a program that DOES work?
Also, when cloned, the new drive is not 'c' anymore.
How would all programs/files work?
Or is the idea that you delete the original drive and then rename the copy to 'c'?

I probably do something wrong, but a clean install would take days (as webdesigner I use loads of software and not looking forward to reinstall all those)

Thanks a ton for a possible solution!!

Answer:Clone 60Gb SSD to 250Gb HDD - not working so far

Did you check the boot order or sequence on bios after the clone process? And second, you need to clone from outside windows using the bootable version of Paragon, EaseUS, Acronis, etc.

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Hi guys,

I have seen a WD Scorpio 2.5" 250GB EIDE drive. Can I replace this for the 60GB drive fitted at present?
First, is it possible.
Second is there a limit if any to the size I can fit?
If it is possible, is there anything I will need to do other than just swop it out?



Answer:Satellite P30-145 can I upgrade HDD from 60GB to 250GB?

In my opinion you cannot do this due to the huge HDD size!
But this is only my personal opinion. The problem is that Toshiba doesn?t provide any information regarding the max possible HDD size.

What you can do is to running some tests and to check it such immense HDD size would be supported.
But I?m sceptical.

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I have a 250Gb Samsung EVO 850 that reports it just has a couple of gigabytes spare (edit 8Gb after removing some stuff) when i am using only 60Gb as per WinDirStat - i only realised when i turned on the comp and google drive said its runs out of space

I have everything off, 1Gb Page-file (8Gb RAM) - hibs OFF, screenshot of WDS and Disk Management below - 10% OP accounts for the unallocated space

Ive ran chkdsk /f but no change
I ran SFC /SCANNOW and it found corrupt files it could not fix and the text log is 166Mb

can anyone help please?

edit: I have noticed that recycle bin shows that i still have 209Gb available..??
SMART shows all fine, good health with 2.9Tb Usage


Answer:250Gb SSD showing as full when using only 60Gb..?

TreeSize Free - Quickly Scan Directory Sizes and Find Space Hogs

Try Tree Size Free from the above link. It might give you a better idea than WinDirStat.

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Hi, I want to buy a new hard drive for my desktop PC, and I was wondering if the western digital black 250GB hard drive or western digital enterprise 250GB hard drive would work better for such a PC. Both of the HDDs I mentioned are SATA, in case you're wondering.

Answer:Solved: western digital black 250GB vs. western digital enterprise 250GB

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Question: Lost 60Gb?!

Installed a different copy of XP on my pc and now instead of my 190Gb of hard drive space I only have 130. Any ideas why this is, or how to format properly?

I deleted all the partitions it could see and last times (this is my 4th install) it saw the 190Gb space upon doing so.

All advice welcome

Answer:Lost 60Gb?!

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Hi There New to the Acer forum so hi to everyone. I have upgraded my old Laptop to a VN7-791G which came with a 60GB SSD and 1TB "spare" Given the OS is installed on the SSD along with the recovery partition I assume and the ever increasing OS size, I fear it will very quickly run out of healthy space. I have only just set the Laptop up, only software I have installed is the  Windows Updates, AV and MS Office 2013 and there is only 20GB left Can anyone advise on Acers take of the SSD may be a tad shy of space given the increasing size of an OS? Also, anyone any advice on preserving the SSD space appart from installing all apps on a partion on the 1TB drive Thanks in advance Clansman007


Go to Solution.

Answer:VN7-791G - 60GB SSD

I very much doubt that the Acer repair center in your area would do that sort of thing, I know that we do not here in the US. If the customer wants to put a larger SSD in their unit it is on them to do so, or they can take it to a local technician to do it, but Acer would not support the upgraded SSD as if did not ship with it. You can check, but I just want to make sure your expectations are set. 

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Question: 60GB mp3 player

I want an mp3 player that is 60GB that can also play FLAC files, but one that is not an ipod and one that costs less than $60.

Answer:60GB mp3 player

Hi Speculant

Did you ever find a sub $60 FLAC compatible MP3 player as I looked just now and cannot find anything sub $60 that's not an Apple.

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60GB maxtor d740x Not recognized at all by my motherboard.

System specs. (Important Ones)
Asus P5A Bios rev. 1007.a (Just flashed them prior to posting)
AMK K62-450
2 Cd
2 HDD 1) Maxtor 20gb & 2) Fujitsu 6.4

I have tried to get my system to recognize this hard drive. I removed the old one, (Fujitsu 6.4) and plugged in the 60, rebooted, and could not find it.
Have set it on master, slave,cable select. Removed every other hdd, and cd drive on my system, followed Maxtor's instructions, etc.
When I use auto in the bios, it hangs, When I try to manually set it to 16,383/16/63 cyl/hds/sect It completely ignores the HD.

Have not formatted the HD, as windows/bios cannot find it. I know it's there. I even go my wife to check
Basically I believe I have tried every option Maxtor and Asus have posted, and none work. Yes, the drive is getting power, felt it spin (I believe) when I powered up system.

Have Win Xp, although I do not believe this is the problem as it is not finding it in the bios.
Hoping someone has run into this before.


Answer:60GB HDD not detected. At all

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Hey all!

I got this 60GB HD from this local company and the HD is only reading as a 4GB HD. I have the jumper(pin plug?) set on the second and third pins. I was wondering what did I do wrong or what is wrong with this drive! I have windows xp with an 80 gig HD already installed. This hd is set-up on the cables that were loose in my pc, that fit in the drive.

Please help me!


Answer:60GB HD readin as a 4GB HD!!

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Hi - I really need some assistance here.
I re-formatted my S1 MP3/MP4 player (IPOD Clone) after deleting all files. I now have less than a GB. The computer shows that there are files (music) on my player, but when I try to access it, it shows "disk empty". When I try to sync my player, in Windows Media Player 11, it asks if I want to play music from the device using media player. It is a Generic device, but I need to be able to add music files for the small space that I actually have. Can anyone help?

Thanks in advance.

Answer:S1 MP3 Player should be 60GB

I had a similar problem with a mp3 player that i deleted the files off using wmp, but it only deleted just over 500mb when my player was a gig. i could only get rid of the rest by using the software specially for it (connect player its called). if your player came with any software it may be they only program that can fully delete files from it etc.
If it didn't come with any try searching the manufacturer website, or Google, see if they recommend any programs that can be used with? hope this can be of some help.

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Question: Maxtor 60GB HDD

I have a Maxtor 60GB HDD and sadly, it just recently crashed on me. I had around 30GB of music, a few applications, and a few games. This is the second time it crashed on me. I can't tell if it's the HDD's problem or if Microsoft WinXP caused the crash.

Answer:Maxtor 60GB HDD

Use Diskeeper, Registry Mechanic, PC Rescue, Pcbugdoctor everyday.

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Hey guys,

Sorry if this is the wrong place to post?

Anyhow...ive decided im going to treat myself and buy an SSD drive.

This one:

OCZ 60GB Vertex 2E SSD
2.5" SATA-II
Read 285MB/s Write 275MB/s 50,000 IOPS

The right choice? its ?119...which isnt too bad considering the price of some others.

Appreciate any replies

Answer:OCZ 60GB Vertex 2E SSD

Hello Nevakonaza,

I have the OCZ Vertex 2 60GB, and I have no complaints about it at all. It is fast. You will not be disappointed.

You might also double check at the OCZ link below to make sure that it has the latest firmware for it installed.

OCZ Technology

Enjoy mate,

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Question: Intel 330 60GB SSD

Well I JUST bought a intel 330 60GB SSD..
Will that be ok? It's mainly for my os and maybe one game.
is where I bought it.

Answer:Intel 330 60GB SSD

when you say is this ok what do you mean by that to run on windows 7 or to run the game or what

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Hi I am pretty new to this ssd card thingy I do know that they are very fast the thing I don't know which size to go for OCZ120 Gb or the 60 GB the thing that I am asking is it worth going for the larger size or just go for the 60GB? Also can I buy a converter so I can fit SSD unit into one of my internal 3.5 spare bays on my Computer. sorry about asking all these questions. Ps the other hard drives I will be installing is a Samsung 1TB hard drive

Answer:SSD Card 60GB or 120GB?

I am using 50GB of a 135GB C: W7 64 Home partition.Almost all of my installed applications and data are on G: (internal) partition.Hibernation Off, Pagefile elsewhere.Restore points kept to 1-2GB.Recycle bin emptied all the time.20+ GB was the clean C: install (bloatware removed)My feeling is 60GB is too small. But SSD prices are expensive. Pay extra or wait months/year.

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Hi all

Hope someone will be able to help me.

I re-installed win xp on my main pc, no problems there, but when I reconnected my usb drive, it comes up in the task bar, that the device has been installed, but nothing comes up in Windows Explorer. If I go to computer management, the drive is show, but with no drive letter, and I am unable to assign one. It also shows the drive as 60gb free, but its full.

I have also connected the drive to my work pc, which before was fine, but now I'm having the same problem.

Any help with this would be appreciated.


Answer:USB 60GB needed

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Hello. I have a P3-laptop with 30gb hdd. I would like to upgrade to 60gb hdd which I also have. I've pulled the hdd out of the laptop, connected it to usb (with usb to 2.5" adapter) to another computer.

I tried to do it with Norton Ghost - but didn't succeed, It's either that I don't know how to do this exactly , or Norton ghost just can't do it.

I have several Ntfs partition , as long as 2 Linux partitions for Ubuntu (ext3 and swap). I would like to find some way to completely clone the hdd - including all the partition structure and their data.

Norton ghost 9 (which i have) will only allow me to backup one partition at a time and save them to image file. I've saved all partitions as image files from old 30gb disk.

Now when I want to restore partition - Norton ghost will transer only one partition at a time and make it a whole disk.
Here's what I mean:
My partitions are:
Partition 1: 1gb/ntfs/ (boot) - clean win2000 installation
Partition 2: 8gb/ntfs/ another win2000 with all the soft that i work in
partition 3: 6gb/Ext3/ Kubuntu 6.4 installation
Partition 4: 51mb/linux swap/
Partition 5: 12gb/ntfs/varios data (movies, etc)
I've copied them all to image files, Now I plug in to usb new 60gb disk, which is unpartitiond at this point. I choose "restore partition" - and point to the first image. After it finished - I see the whole disk (60gb) became a one partition with contents of the 1st partition on old disk (which is 1gb).

Now if I c... Read more

Answer:How to upgrade 30gb hdd to 60gb hdd?

put both of them in usb enclosures, then clone it. I have to do it once with ghost 10. it didn't work.

come to think about, this is how I fixed it. I backup the laptop data to another usb hdd with ghost, then I put the bigger hdd in and restore the backup file on the other usb hdd to that bigger hdd in the laptop

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Hi,My NEC computer which is 4 years old now has recently had its HDD, Motherboard and PSU replaced. The replacement motherboard is a MSI PIII 1.1b model, which is a downgrade from the original 1.2a model.When CMOS is running at startup, it detects the WD600 Hard drive, however, says it is 30GB when it is 60GB. I have tried changing the jumper configurations but that did not solve the problem because none of the other settings worked. What could be wrong?Another problem is that CMOS says the RAM is 270MB. I have installed a 64MB and 256MB SDRAM card on the motherboard, which should be a total of 320MB not 270MB.Any ideas greatly appreciated!!Thanks,Charence

Answer:60GB HDD mistaken for 30GB

HDD - possibly your BIOS has a 30GB limit - check the mobo manual for details of the BIOS and it's limitations.RAM - something to do with shared memory for graphics - do you have onboard graphics (rather than a seperate graphics card)?

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Hey guys, got another question. So i have been trying to figure out why I only have a 21 gb of my HDD even with system restore, off since i have no mp3 or mpegs on the comp. So downloaded Treesize, and found out that 60GB of my hard drive is Quarantine Files. Can these be deleted to make space. I already did the cleaning procedure as i had Vundo and other stuff on the computer that was fixed.

Answer:60GB Quarantined files

I'm not sure what you are referring to about running the cleaning procedure for Vundo. That was 8+ months ago here:Vundo making firefox not work and even then I had stated that your logs did not show any signs of Vundo.

We have no idea what the status of your PC is now and if you truly have 60 GB of files in a quarantine folder then you probably had or have major issues and should be running the cleaning procedure which by the way tells you to empty quarantine folders. What quarantine folder are you referring to?

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Question: iPod photo 60Gb

I have just bought the iPod photo and am having a few problems. Firstly can anyone tell me how to get all my music I have stored in Windows Media Player onto the iPod. I also only seem to be able to switch off the iPod when the battery is fully charged, does anyone have any ideas on how to turn the iPod off, as I have to recharge it everyday.

Answer:iPod photo 60Gb

jonbyrd said:

I have just bought the iPod photo and am having a few problems. Firstly can anyone tell me how to get all my music I have stored in Windows Media Player onto the iPod. I also only seem to be able to switch off the iPod when the battery is fully charged, does anyone have any ideas on how to turn the iPod off, as I have to recharge it everyday.Click to expand...

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can I put a 60gb hard drive in a sat 1800-514

Answer:Satellite 1800-514: Can I put 60GB HDD

As far as I know you can definitely use the 2.5? 10GB, 20GB or 30GB HDD?s but I?m not 100% sure if BIOS will recognize the 60GB size.
I have searched a little bit for some part numbers: HDD2151B, HDD2157G, HDD2154B, HDD2159B

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Some weeks ago I bought a new computer with Vista. One of the first things I noticed was that the disk space used isn't correct.

It now says I got 359gb of 460gb free, but I only used 60gb of space (selecting everything in the c-drive and looking how large it is).
I downloaded a file of some kb's (no, not malware, it had to do with my website) and yes, 8gb are lost, but the file is only some kb's.

I have this problem since I bought this computer. It's OEM, so it wasn't used before. 2 weeks ago or something I was infected with Vundo and, I know this sounds strange, it was 'recalculated', my free disk space was correct! I cleaned the compuer on MWR and I'm 100% sure it's malwarefree now, but it's back doing this strange thing.

Here are some screenshots:

Everything selected in my HDD:

Operating system is Vista, I updated already to SP1 and installed all the updates, but that didn't solve it.

Answer:60gb used in my HDD, Vista says 100gb

did u select hidden files/folders too?

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Toshiba Tecra 8100 6GB hdd damaged beyond repair. Noticed click here offering 60GB hd upgrade for $222.95. Anyone know if this is a genuine site, safe to buy from?

Answer:Is 60GB @ $223 too good to be true?

click here

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Hello everyone. I really love my thinkpad and I had a great experience while on the default WD Scorpio HDD, but I have just installed the Vertex 2 and get nothing but probs.. Here are the drivers I'm using: AMD Catalyst from the Lenovo SiteWifiSoundCameraLANUltranavAnd just installed the AHCI driver from the AMD driver as well. I was getting BSODS after waking from sleep before but haven't tried yet after installing the driver. Should I replace the OCZ with the Intel X-25m? I never really had any problems with that one. What I'm actually experiencing with the vertex 2, is latency.. Please let me know your suggestions. Thanks! 

Answer:X120e Vertex 2 60gb

Have you updated the firmware of the Vertex 2? I recall there being a number of firmware updates to address similar issues.

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I recently had to do a new installation of W7 because of corrupt registry. I did not have a restore point because of a SSD tweaker that was installed and disabled restore points. Im trying to find out best way to set up my hdd and ssd so i can utilize back up software on the hdd

SSD- 60gb Vertex II (new)
HDD- 1.5 Seagate 7200 rpm 6gb/s (new)
HDD-500 WD 7200 rpm 3gb/s (about 3 years old)

This machine is for video editing, music, and some gaming.

The board I have does utilize 6gb/s sata connections. I have unplugged all drives except the 60gb SSD and installed windows 7 ultimate 64 bit. I now have the other two HDD connected and they are empty. Should I ditch the 500 gb hd and partition the 1.5 tb? I previously used a 32gb ssd for windows 7 and installed all other large programs ( office, nero, photoshop,etc...) on a 50 gb partition of the 500gb hd leaving me with 45o gb for movies, and music. That seemed to work fine till registry was corrupted. Should I continue with that set up and use the 1.5 tb in the same way I previusly used the 500gb hd? And take the old 500 gb hd out of the scenario? I am wondering how well the 1.5tb does with partitions and if I even need to partition it. As long as I can back this up so I dont lose stuff again. Thank you in advance.

Motherboard-M5 A99X EVO
VGA- Nvidia Geforce 8800gt in sli mode
RAM-8gb DDR3
Window 7 Ultimate 64 bit

Answer:optimal settings for 60gb ssd with 1.5 tb hdd

I have an 80GB SSD. Other than disabling superfetch, I don't do anything different than I would with a standard drive. I install my applications to the SSD and keep my essential data on another partition on the SSD, or if I have two drives, I keep essential data on the second drive.

Partitions are not evil - don't worry!

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Hi folks. Just installed Windows ME and after fixing numurous little hiccups, I am still stuck on this one last big one.

I have a 60GB Maxtor HD in a USB external case attached to my Compaq via the usual USB cable and port. I was using the supplied device drivers and the HD was running just fine until the "upgrade". Now, the system properties, device manager reports a problem with the device driver, but repeated attempts to reload the it result in the same result - my 60GB HD is not detected.

What I am looking for is a set of new device drivers for Windows ME to let me access my 60GB HD!

Any help?




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I am on a budget and looking for a SSD for a boot drive only. Currently my motherboard only has SATA II 3Gbps ports. So I am looking forward to OCZ Vertex 40gb,Corsair F40 40gb,Intel 520 & Crucial M4 40gb. Which one is the best in terms of reliability,warranty & read,write speed? and anyone having a SSD please share your experience.

Answer:Need a budget SSD(40gb-60gb)

Pay attention to the 4k access times. That's the most important statistic. Most are down around .1 ms. Read and write speed doesn't have much affect on day to day usage.

I'd go with Intel or the Crucial M4 for greater reliability and fewer issues, but I have no idea of pricing in India.

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Yup...I finally broke down and ordered an SSD lol, my first one ever...I'm chuffed.

Since money is an object I wanted something not too top-of-the-heap for starters and finally settled on an OCZ Vertex Plus 60GB drive.

Can't help wondering if I made a mistake though, so I thought I'd ask here for opinions. Many people seem to have had problems with sudden corruption after a week or two of using this SSD, but others say the latest firmware (3.55, I believe) fixes this. That's what I'm counting on - I'll check the firmware first thing after putting the SSD into my machine before I clone my system HD to it.

So...How badly did I screw up?

Answer:OCZ Vertex Plus 60GB, good or bad...?

I just wrote a whole rant about my Vertex2 (failure) and then realized your Vertex Plus does not use Sandforce controllers (serious problems with them). So you might be just fine though AFAICT it all depends on your mobo & BIOS for whether it's a good "marriage". Here's a recent article about OCZ w/comments that may be of interest:

LSI Deal Won't Change Availability of SandForce SSDs

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Noticed this on their daily deals today. They have it listed about $80 off.

Not a bad deal at less than $200 for somebody who wants to make the jump into SSD.

And Shipping is Free too.

Answer:60GB OCZ Vertex for $179 From NewEgg

I'm sure that will tempt a few people here! I don't use enough of my computer's capability to really need to do this, but I bet it would be a sweet upgrade.

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helloput a quick post in a thread a while back...just got around to reading it! so anyway, the reason I ask is because I format HDD a lot and HDD's of my capacity (60GB) always come out formatted capacity of 58GB or so, so i cant help but feel im missing somthing on mine :o(my HD is a Seagate Barracuda ATA100 7200rpm Access time 8.2ms and a 2MB cach (this isnt a normal Barracuda its a special OEM version hence the faster access time and larger cach,although the cach has been upped to 2MB on the normal versions as well now)so anyways, was just wondering if seagate has its own fromatting utility i dont know about, had a look around doesnt seem to be anything..but i could be missing somthing, which is why im asking. after all they say if you dont ask you wont

Answer:55GB HD out of dont seem quite right..

I have the same drive, and.yes, they do come out at about 57/58 gb, format and partition takes a fair bit...

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Have built a pc, it ran 1st time, loaded windows 98, office 2000, all fine.Upon trying to load a game that need 1.4gb space, i am informed that i do not have enough disk space. And looking in my computer it says the c;drive is 1.99gb.bios sees hdd as 60gb!!Sytem built..........pc chips moboamd athlon 250060gb maxtor hdd256 pc21100 memoryaopen cdrw drive

Answer:60gb hdd, windows see's it as 1.99gb!!!

could be down to how you partitioned it

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Hi all! Next week will arrive Thinkpad t410 that I recently bought. I'm going to improved the RAM and change SSD. At the moment I think i will change only the SSD, because I'm Installing an UBUNTU distro, so 3 GB of RAM are enought.My idea is change the primary HDD with a SSD max 60GB, and put the HDD in place of the CD reader, install the system in SSD and all data in the HDD.Therefore I ask you what is the best SSD 60 GB for T410? my budget is no more than 60 euros.Thank you! Alessandro


Go to Solution.

Answer:What SSD (60GB) for T410/410i?

65? Bigger for about the same price.  I have Samsung drives in several Thinkpads.  Fast and reliable.

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I have 120GB SSD and partitioned it into two C:\System Files (1024MB x 50) and D:\Documents And Settings (1024MB x 60) yet when I navigate to My Computer it shows up as 49.9GB & 59.9GB? I've since encrypted the drives using bitlocker so will resizing the drives inter and how do I get them to display precisely 50GB & 60GB or maybe their is a way to toggle on/off the available storage capacity?


Answer:Want my partitions to display as 50GB (C:\) and 60GB (D:\)

Use partition wizard, you can get them perfect

How many actual GB are in a 120 GB ssd, my 128 GB OCZ is actually 119 in windows. My 180 GB Intel is actually 167 GB in windows etc.

Disk management will tell you the actual size, in the small box on the left side.


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re acer AS3692WLMI from comet 60gb or not? i purchased this laptop it plainly says 60gb harddrive,but on looking in my computer properties its showing a c drive 25gb and a d drive at 25 gb i would expect there to be a recovery partition but 10 gb? also does that mean there are two hardrives in there or a partioned one? i would have just liked a 60gb,then i would know where i not sure how to use the second d drive anyway.few questions there all help appreciated

Answer:re acer AS3692WLMI from comet 60gb or not?


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My mates Maxtor 60GB HDD is showing an Error Code of:

"0200 Failure Fixed Disk 0" press F1 to Resume press F2 to enter setup.

can somebody tell us if this HDD or would it still be possible to get his photo's etc off it if we hook it up to my PC?

Answer:Maxtor 60GB HDD Error Code

0200 Failure Fixed Disk 0 :

Fixed disk is not working or not configured properly.

Check to see if fixed disk is attached properly and then run Setup. Find out if the fixed-disk type is correctly identified. If not the HDD has failed.

Normally that is the advice given.

However the failure of the IDE controller in the motherboard can also trigger this error message. Here the HDD may still be OK.

So do try the HDD in another computer. Good luck.

(BTW, is your friend buying a branded computer or a custom-built one? )

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Please help. I have installed (an re-installed, re-installed, etc) my i-tunes onto my PC with OS - XP. Everytime i plug my IPOD in, the whole machine freezes - can't even get into task manager! It has never worked - is it faulty? I've tried downloading the windows update, still no luck. Any info would be appreciated.

Answer:XP freezes when i insert ipod 60Gb

Just a shot in the dark. I assume this is a USB connection. If so do any other devices work in the same USB slot?

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Hello, My Computer started crashing around a week ago to what I suspect was a "windows updare" problem, Well, Microsoft suggested I run a System Roll back... but it didn't take, So they suggested I run Sytem Recovery... Well this sucks because I had about 60GBs of music,video and pics on my computer. But I decided it needed to be done so the crashing would stop. So after running the process everything seemed hunkydory, everything was back to the factory defaults and my documents were all cleaned up... yet I went to My Computer and I check my free space and the 60GBs are still there! I decided to try and fing out where they were hiding and from what I have gathered they are in a file called "USERDATA" in side my C drive. I try accessing this and it reads "Acess denied". So my question to you all is what do I do? I cant reformat because I dont have the XP disc because XP came installed when I bought the computer. So how do I find those files that are taking up 60gbs of my memory? Any help would help me sleep a little easier tonight. Thank you.

Answer:Lost 60GB After System Recovery! Need Help

You'll need to start your computer in safe mode. Press f8 before windows begins to load and choose safe mode from the list.

then you should be able to follow these instructions:

1. Turn off Simple File Sharing: a. Click Start, and then click My Computer.
b. On the Tools menu, click Folder Options, and then click the View tab.
c. Under Advanced Settings, click to clear the Use simple file sharing (Recommended) check box, and then click OK.

2. Right-click the folder that you want to take ownership of, and then click Properties.
3. Click the Security tab, and then click OK on the Security message, if one appears.
4. Click Advanced, and then click the Owner tab.
5. In the Name list, click your user name, Administrator if you are logged in as Administrator, or click the Administrators group.

If you want to take ownership of the contents of that folder, click to select the Replace owner on subcontainers and objects check box.
6. Click OK.

You may receive the following error message, where Folder is the name of the folder that you want to take ownership of:
You do not have permission to read the contents of directory Folder. Do you want to replace the directory permissions with permissions granting you Full Control? All permissions will be replaced if you press Yes.
7. Click Yes.
8. Click OK, and then reapply the permissions and security settings that you want for the folder and the folder contents.

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Hello, I have just started having trouble when I am viewing a website. The double headed arrow appears on the screen. Nothing happens if I click the left side but when I click the right side the egg timer appears and thats where it stays. I can only get out by clicking on the cross at the top right hand corner of the screen or by right clicking on the name of the website at the bottom of the screen. When I do that the little window with," this program is not responding end now" pops up. Then the error report window appears, after clicking on it I have to start all over again. This occurs after I have been viewing the website for about 10 minutes, everytime
I am computer illiterate so if you answer me please take it easy with the computer language

Thank you

Answer:windows xp home,768 memory,60gb

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I am trying to use a Maxtor Hard drive as an external drive.

The problem is that the drive is not being recognized. The drive just spins, stops, spins, stops, etc. I have inserted the drive into my computer as a slave drive and it reads and writes fine.

I have made sure that the drive is set as Master when I try to hook it up with through USB in the external case.

I have also tried another drive in the external case and it reads and writes just fine.

Any ideas why my maxtor drive is not working with the external case?


Answer:Using a Maxtor 60GB drive as an External

Some drives take more amperage than others the PSU in the external casing is very limited, some models are designed for specific hard drives and if a drive is installed that exceeds a certain current draw it does not function properly. It is also possible that you have an old casing that does not have a new enough bios to support the drive.

Good Luck

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Hello, I'm hoping that someone out there can help me, I was given the above iMac in a not working state of order, not being familiar with apple products i am at bit of a loss.

About me, been pulling Pc's apart for over a decade so I know the in's and outs of a PC, apple has always been either to expensive or just basically not around so I've never had the chance to play with one, here's my chance.

So to me it seemed dead, so I pulled it apart, the dome shape of the case was interesting to say the least but it seemed easy to take apart, I cleaned it in and out put it back together.

Tried the power button, nothing, no sound no beep... nothing.
So I asume it was the power supply and not your average power supply (compared to PC) I thought there's no more I could do.

I pulled the power cable out and then plugged the power cable back in while holding the power button....nothing, so I went and watched some TV, I come back and it's on ??????????

Is it like my first car, needs a few minutes to warm up before anything happens ?

The screen said : apple version ( a list of numbers) then a date 1/1/1904 and I thought it's somewhat older than I had thought.

next line was type "mac close" ( not totally sure of that but as I remember it LATE last night) to turn off"
and "To boot OS type "mac boot"" which I would have if I had a keyboard, I tried to plug in a normal usb keyboard but that didn't work so ... Read more

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if this is wrong section please move, thanks!

Here's my current setup:

600gig hard drive 1
1 tb hard drive 2
hd1 is partitioned the first 120 gig for the Windows 7 64 bitOS.
the rest is for storage/data/media.

Hard drive 2 is for storage/data/media as well.
For xmas I received an OCZ agility 2 60gb SSD drive. It claims to do sustained write over 200mb/s, which seems pretty damn good and alleviates my concerns about write speed of an SSD drive.

My main purpose for this computer will be MUSIC PRODUCTION, and photo editing. Occasionally some video editing.

I would to know how to go about setting up my SSD, and what will go on the SSD, and what on the hard drives.

I'll break up my thoughts into sections if that makes it easier to read:

I know I want the OS on the SSD. All temp files and paging files should be on SSD as well? Remember I only have a 60gb SSD.

Will installing apps like photoshop on the ssd make a significant difference in how they function? If so I would install photoshop, and my music production software on the SSD. I would then also have a program files folder on one of the hard drives, where I would install everything from whichI don't require maximum performance.
All my media/samples/data, can go on the hard drives. I suppose the pictures I'm editing should be on the SSD, and then ocne finished editing move them to hard drive?

I plan on eventually installing some other OS on the system.. not nec... Read more

Answer:ideal setup for me on an SSD 60gb drive


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im not a fan of intel cache and stuff, so i want to clear those funcions and change the 24gb ssd for a bigger one, and i want to know if its possible to do it.  thx  

Answer:u410 touch i want to change the SSD for a 60gb one

Hi, yes, it is possible. Have you already opened the lower case of your u410? I need to have an high resolution photo of the ssd are, to see wich one your motherboard has on and the chipset model. I need to read the chip model to see which motherboard you have and try to help you.
Link to image
Moderator note: large image(s) converted to link(s):  About Posting Pictures In The Forums

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My Maxtor DiamondMax Plus 9 60GB is not being recognized by the BIOS of both my PC and server. I can hear the drive spinning up without any strange noises. So i'm guessing the PCB is broken. I tried several recovery programs but they did not recognizes it either.
I guess the last possiblity to get the data back (without paying a lot of money) is replacing it's PCB.

So the thing I want to ask is, does anyone have a PCB from the same model.

The serial # is: y296hwke
Modelnumber: 6Y060L0620401

I tried with a pcb from another revision but to no avail.
Needless to say there is ALOT of important data on the disc, and while I backup every other week, my latest project work and email is gone. Professional data recovery is not an option because of financial restraints.

Picture of PCB:

If anyone has a PCB, I'll be willing to pay 15Euro ex. shipping via Paypal or Credit card.

Thanks in advance!


Answer:Maxtor DMP9 60GB broken.

Well hate to say it, but I don't think we can help you with that...

Check out what google returned on that board

Thats why I keep away from Maxtor. Again, I am sorry for your loss.

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I'm having trouble getting my computer to recognize the full 60GB of my Samsung SV6003H 60GB HDD. It only recognizes 30GB of it in bios and in Windows XP Pro, yet i have another 60GB HDD installed on my pc that works fine (quantum). I don't know if there are special jumper settings or some kind of update i need to install or what. Any Help would be appreciated.

Answer:Samsung SV6003H 60GB HDD Problems

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I know just enough to be dangerous, so please bear with me. I have a T60 1953-D7U with the original Toshiba 60GB SATA/150 HDD that is out of space.  I used Norton Ghost to copy the 60GB drive to a Fijitsu 320GB SATA/300 HDD that was in an external USB enclosure.  Both are 5400 RPM.  I copied the MBR. After I installed the 320GB drive, the T60 doesn't boot.  Using F12 to pause the boot process, I see the 320GB drive listed but apparently it doesn't appear as a boot drive. Is there something else I have to do for the T60 to boot from the new drive? Note:  the SATA controller Mode Option is set to "AHCI".  The other option is "Compatability".   Does this have anything to do with it. Add'l Info:  Originally I tried to copy the 60GB to the 320GB using Acronis True Image v7.0 that was on a bootable CD.  Acronis gave an error msg E000101F4 No Drive 0 Found.  It did see the USB attached 320GB drive.  That's why I switched to Ghost.  Is there any problem using Ghost for this copy? Many thanks for your time.  


Go to Solution.

Answer:T60 upgrade from 60GB SATA to 320GB HDD

Pontiac196, welcome to the forum,
the SATA mode doesn't have anything to do with it, the problem here is that your target drive must be inserted as primary drive in your T60 for the cloning process to work.
The following Knowledgebase articles should hopefully contain all the infos you need.
X61 Image deployment - similar hardware to T60
Cloning R61 - similar hardware to T60
Upgrading HDD T61 - similar hardware to T60
Happy cloning and let us know how it all works out.

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what about looking on ebay?

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My windirstat shows a 60gb unknown file.
When I do maintenance,I always delete the large system restore file in cleanup,but I do not think it is this as it is too large.
I have just done disk cleanup and removed System Restore and Shadow copies,and removed 36gb from my hard drive.
windirstat now shows 24gb unknown file,ie,roughly 36gb smaller.
Is this normal for system restore files?
What is the remaining 24gb,should it worry me?
Vista Ultimate SP2
Athlon X2 250 3.00ghz
4gb RAM

Answer:60gb unknown file in windirstat

Hi zakisbak Is WinDirStat showing that 24GB of files at the root of the C: drive? If not, where is it located?

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I have installed the software as suggested, tried uninstalling reinstalling, but the device manager plings the ipod.

When I try to install the driver the error "the data is invalid" pops up. Ive also dl the latest versions from apples website.

Im running XP pro with sp2 and no other errors or conflicts are showing. I have been at it now since 7am and really think this is going to be sold on ebay if I cant get it to work!


Answer:60gb ipod driver problem?

I don`t know if this`ll help, but here goes.

I take it your iPod connects to your computer via usb?

If so. Disconnect your iPod from your computer, then uninstall all the iPod software from your computer, and reboot your system.

Once your system has rebooted, Insert the ipod driver cd, and install the software. Only connect the iPod to your computer, when either prompted to do so, or if not prompted, after the driver installation is complete.

If that doesn`t work, then I`m out of ideas.

Regards Howard

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Just wondering what the best way to migrate my OS from my old SSD (60GB OCZ V3) which is too small to a faster (120GB OCZ V4).
I was just going to use Acronis true image but it decided to die.

Be easier making a windows backup and then restoring it back on the new SSD, will also be using the old SSD as a Cache drive

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Gents, built my own machine last year and installed a 60GB SSD strictly for Win 7 only (have two other HD's installed for storage and programmes)

Lately im getting alerts to say my SSD is now full and after doing what I could through the tools on Win 7 I was only able to free up 5 GB's What the hell is on here? Win updates? Everything I do is directed to my HD on the E: drive

Alternative is to buy another - can you transfer the root HD to another HD? really didnt plan for this, I know 60GB isnt that large but it was only ever to use as a boot drive.

Suggestions anyone?

Answer:60GB boot SSD full, but don't save anything to it

System restore points or pagefile maybe?

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I have formatted a TINY PC and could not get the PC to see more than 2Gb of the 60Gb hard drive.I went to FDISK and tried, but it still won't see more than 2Gb when I look in properties on the C:drive in MyComputer. I am running Windows 98.I don't really want to use the TINY software that came with the PC, if I can avoid it, as this always seemed to give me problems. How can I get the rest of the hard drive to be seen by the PC.

Answer:Problem seeing more than 2Gb on 60Gb hard drive

You would be best reformatting with fdisk.When you format make sure you enable large disc support ---otherwise you get a 2Gb partition. with large disc support you should see the whole 60Gb.

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I have read a number of optimizing threads and thought I had taken care of most unnecessary files but I must be missing something.

My C: drive is a 60 GB OCZ SSD drive. Right click on properties tells me I have 34.5 GB of files loaded but adding them up in explorer only give me 26.4 GB. A check of all hidden files led me nowhere but I couldn't look at the "Documents and Settings" file. Could there be 8 GB in there? Can I get rid of any of it?

I have attempted Kari "User file relocate" but didn't have any luck.

appreciate the help,


Answer:8 GB of hidden files on 60GB SSD drive?

trbodden, welcome to seven forums. Try disabling hibernation.

Hibernate - Enable or Disable

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Answer:I have created a 15MB partition on a 60GB HD????

What would you do?I Have:C:\ = 14.6GB WinXP + ProgrammsD:\ = CD WriterE:\ = 15.6MB A mistake, (unimportant graphics)F:\ = 14.6GB EmptyG:\ = 26.5gb EmptyWould you:Delete E and F and create one new partition?Delete E and Forget about it?Leave it and have it nagging you?I would be interested in a use for it!

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I bought lenovo y410 with 160GB Disk Space and my computer has 3 partitions one of 33.2GB 2nd of 35.4GB 3rd of 29.2GB = Total:97.8 GB. I want to know where is my 60GBs ??

Answer:Lenovo Y410 with 160GB HDD, 60GB LOST ??

can you share the volume informations such as below?
( right click my computer > manage > disc management )


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Sorry about that...

I gave a price and part number for an UPGRADE to my MEMORY *(NOT THE HARD DISK)* from 512 to 1GB Part Number: KTT3311/1G from OFFTEK. I hope this is the correct number for the memory for the U100 with the part number in my previous message.

Still looking for the correct part number for the hard disk.

What I did find was a *60GB HD 2.5" 8MB 5400RPM - Mnfg Part: MK6034GAX* for ?29.19 INC VAT. From
Can this be the correct HD at that price? It cost from ?80-?100 elsewhere.

So it's the upgrade from a 30 to 60GB HD that I am looking for the part number for.

Sorry for the mix-up.

Thanks for any help a contributor may offer.

Answer:Libretto U100: Question about HDD upgrade to 60GB


You can use memory modules from different manufacturers. Only the memory specifications are important! The compatible modules are PC2700 DDR2-400/333.

If you want you can also use these Toshiba modules:
512MB (PA3412U-1M51)
1024MB (PA3313U-2M1G)

Do you know this memory module site?:

There you will find also compatible modules from Kingston.

Regarding the HDD;
Well, the HDD prices are different. It?s not easy to say if the price is too high or not. It depends from many factors like; purchase place, country, dealer, etc?

The Libretto U100 was delivered with a 60GB IDE (ATA-6) HDD.
You can use every HDD which supports these specifications!

So google simply for the best offer or contact the ASP in your country to order an new compatible HDD.

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I bought an external 60gb hard drive and i want to use it on my xbox 360 without the fat32 4gb limit but for some reason the programs i am using on windows vista will not format the drive to hfs+.

I have used macdrive7 but i get an error when it trys to create the partition, it says element not found, i have also tried this on a xp machine and i get the same error.

Someone told me that Transmac could also format to the hfs+ but when i use the program it will not allow me to format any of my hard drives and just gives me the option to format the floppy drive.

could anyone help, i have been at this for the past few hours with no luck.

Answer:2.5" 60GB Hard Drive, cannot format to hfs+

Does the 2.5 drive have a IDE bridge to USB connection? I'm not sure about IDE bridge to SATA or Firewire but they may also be the same in that you probably just won't be able to format that drive with the IDE bridge in there.

If it doesn't have an IDE bridge, I dunno, but if so then you'd have to remove it and hook it up directly without the bridge in order to format it, OR maybe someone knows of some software that can bridge the bridge.

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I have just realized i have almost completely filled my C drive SSD, i only have 4GB left. I have another 500GB HDD that i would like to replace my SSD with. What is the cheapest way to do this without losing any data and keeping my OS?

P.S. My HDD is currently my ( E: ) Drive but is relatively empty, I can remove the data from it.

My PC uses Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit.

Answer:Switching ( C: ) Drive 60GB SSD to 500GB HDD Because SSD is full


Welcome to the forums. Use the ssd for os, and put the data on the hdd. Use both drives!

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Execution of the command /sbin/fdisk -v -f /tmp/new.fdisk.ad0

Failed with a return code of 1.

Anybody had this issue? Trying to install by configuring PfSense then hitting 99 at the dashboard.

I'm using a MaxTerm terminal PC, with a 60GB IDE Hard drive using a laptop IDE > PC IDE adapter.

Installing PfSense using MemStick image. MemStick image works fine to boot and work from.

Tried using a small 3gb partition to install on to no avail.

Tried writing all to 0's to no avail.

Any ideas?

Answer:PfSense Installation - IDE HDD (60Gb) + MaxTerm 8300B

My luck always seems to be a crapshoot when trying to boot/install an image from a flash drive. Don't really have any advice other than try rewriting your image.

I do have PfSense running on a 8300B though. I just used a usb cd drive. Works pretty slick, although I need to get either a CF card or a 2.5" drive so I can close it up.

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How do you Write zero's to this drive??I have this on a floppy for Western Digital drives but it won't work on the Maxtor drive and it is not available on the Maxtor floppy.I hope i am making sence.

Answer:Maxtor Hard Drive 60gb 7200rpm

You get the Maxblast software from the Maxtor site - this includes a zero-fill routine.

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OCZ Vertex 2 OCZSSD2-2VTXE60G 2.5" 60GB SATA II MLC Internal Solid State Drive (SSD)

Intel X25-M Mainstream 2.5" 80GB SATA II MLC Internal Solid State Drive (SSD) 50001157 1421445225 1421330854&name=2.5"

Which SSD is the: Better, Most Dependable, Reliable, Stable, SSD to use as the: ( Primary OS/Boot Drive )...??


Answer:Intel X25-M 80GB vs OCZ Vertex 2 60GB for OS drive?

Can anyone explain to me what the "Real Differences" of these 3 Intel SSD's are...??

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I have Samsung Laptop with Windows 8 installed. I have 2 partitions 200 GB and the rest whole drive as C drive which after recovery drive amounts to be around 700 GB.
Yesterday, I tried Samsung Recovery to get a factory image of C drive. Firstly recovery failed twice and then the third attempt worked almost fine. Recovery said boot file was corrupted and it recovered. But when I opened my computer I had two drives, 60 GB and 200GB. The rest of the space wasnt there. I checked in disc management, Partitions map said C drive had 700 GB. But in the description it shows only 60 GB. The other partition 200 GB is intact. I tried doing samsung recovery again and again but the problem persists.
Thanks in Advance.

Answer:C drive shows 60GB instead of 700GB after recovery.

Please post screenshot of Disk management window.

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I decided to finally update my PS3 60gb hard drive. The fat one before the slim was thought of. I contacted the SCEA about what I should look for and here's the email:

Thank you for contacting PlayStation® Technical Support. My name is Lena, I will be assisting you today. I would be happy to assist you with your question about upgrading your hard drive. You can purchase a hard drive at any local retailer that carries a hard drive with the specific requirements below.

Please keep in mind the following information:

1. There currently is not an upward limit on HDD capacity for the PS3™.

2. The HDD must be a 2.5” internal Serial ATA HDD.

3. There are no speed requirements for an HDD on the PS3™.

Please remember that SCEA does not have any information regarding specific compatibility or recommendations for hard disk drives for the PS3™. As far as different brand names go, we currently do not have any recommendations of one brand of HDD over another. Proper operation is not guaranteed for all models.

Since different models of the PS3™ have different methods for removing and replacing the hard drive, you will want to check the following link to make sure you have all the technical specifications and instructions for your particular PS3™:

Upgrading the hard disk drive (HDD)
Article Link: to expand...

So I know that I need a 2.5" inte... Read more

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i've loaded a lot of music onto this thing, and it transfers nicely. but for whatever reason when i go back to play certain things, the music has disappeared. is there a certain way i'm always supposed to transfer music that'll keep the music on there? should i reinstall the software?

please help.

Answer:Problem With Nomad Jukebox Zen Extra 60gb

furelise said:

i've loaded a lot of music onto this thing, and it transfers nicely. but for whatever reason when i go back to play certain things, the music has disappeared. is there a certain way i'm always supposed to transfer music that'll keep the music on there? should i reinstall the software?

please help. Click to expand...

Did you play again (on the ZEN) the stuff that disappeared, before that happened?

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Putting together my new system today and wondering what version of windows to go with.

What are the actual installed sizes of the different 64 bit versions of 7? As I understand it, I should go with "Professional" because "Ultimate" uses several gb more and doesn't do anything important with it? What about "Home Premium"- is it smaller? I can't seem to find REAL ACTUAL CLEAN INSTALL SIZES for each one ANYWHERE..

The SSD is only 60gb (A Corsair Force GT)... Obviously 7 is going to inhabit a huge chunk of whatever I am left with after formatting. A huge chunk.

Does anyone know if I can use something to create a custom install of 7?? You know, like that one program that makes an XP CD with only the features you want??? That way I could have a far far smaller 7 install??

How important are the Windows 7 SSD optimizations?? Like TRIM and all of that?? Is XP 64-bit usable at all?? I am told that finding drivers for it would be impossible and nothing would ever run right .... I have to have 64 bit OS to use the 16gb of ram..


Answer:Which 64-Bit version of Windows for new I5-2500K System w/ 60gb SSD??

Quote: Originally Posted by theonethat

Putting together my new system today and wondering what version of windows to go with.

What are the actual installed sizes of the different 64 bit versions of 7? As I understand it, I should go with "Professional" because "Ultimate" uses several gb more and doesn't do anything important with it? What about "Home Premium"- is it smaller? I can't seem to find REAL ACTUAL CLEAN INSTALL SIZES for each one ANYWHERE..

There are no "actual" sizes because each install contains different drivers.

The SSD is only 60gb (A Corsair Force GT)... Obviously 7 is going to inhabit a huge chunk of whatever I am left with after formatting. A huge chunk.

Dependant on what you add and remove and how much you game, win 7 will eventually consume ~ 40 gigs for 64bit

Does anyone know if I can use something to create a custom install of 7?? You know, like that one program that makes an XP CD with only the features you want??? That way I could have a far far smaller 7 install??

How important are the Windows 7 SSD optimizations?? Like TRIM and all of that?? Is XP 64-bit usable at all?? I am told that finding drivers for it would be impossible and nothing would ever run right .... I have to have 64 bit OS to use the 16gb of ram..

If you use 16 gigs of ram you do need 64 bit but realize that 16 gigs means another 16 gigs for the hibernation file (if you hibernate) and 16 gigs for a... Read more

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Just unpacked and spent the last week installing my P10-792 and now (...) I notice that the C-drive is only 27 GB whereas the drive itself is about 60 GB. There is an unnamed volume of about the same size (27 GB).
In the FAQ I found a remedy regarding resizing partitions using the restore-CD, but this probably means installing the entire machine all over again.
Please help me out. I would like to use the entire drive and not just half of it.

Thanks, Stephan

Answer:Satellite P10-792 harddisk size 27GB instead of 60GB?

Hi Stephan,

gratulations to your new Latop, nice machine! :-)

I think you have the factory installed OS on the machine and you could see in the explorer that the C partition is ony 27GB and the unnamed space as unformated???

There are 2 solutions

1. If you like the partitioning with 2x 27GB you could click on the unpartitioned Space and format it with right mouse click - format. Then you have a "C" and a "D" partition on your notebook

2. The other solutions is that you want another partitioning you have to use the Recovery CD from Toshiba and make a reinstall with the Expert Mode. There you could set the size and number of partitions.
or you install 3rd party software like Partition Magic and set the partitions under a running windows system!

Hint: There is a 60GB HDD built in, but you have only two 27GB partitions on your PC. The outcome of this is that not 54GB but 60GB are built in. That is a property of Windows, one Gigabyte is 1024 Megabyte.

Bye Bob

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I find that my C: is missing about 60GB and I found a similar problem that was answered by justpassingby. He suggested using windirstat, which the other user did with no issue. When I use it, however, it shows up a giant block of 29GB "unknown" with an additional 5gb or so in free space that I can't access.

Now that i know this space is "unknown" how do i access it/ delete it?

btw.. when I check the size of all applications on my C: using various methods it's always around 56gb. This is a 100GB drive/partition on a samsung laptop that's fairly new.

your help is appreciated!


Steps already taken:
Disk cleanup - removed all ticks
Virus scan - fully updated Kapernsky
chkdsk - no errors
disk management - says only 2.5gb is free, does not allow the "shrink" option at all

Answer:missing 60GB, justpassingby's partial solution

"Disk cleanup - removed all ticks"

why would you remove the ticks? no ticked items means no cleanup.

User explorer to search the entire drive for *.*
Then sort by size. What file is the largest and what is its name and size?

Does disk management see multiple partitions? Trying to figure out what the "unknown" is.

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I have an external harddrive that I bought about 3 years ago. Heres a picture of it When I went to access the files from it today my computer didn't register that it was there. It turns on, and kinda makes some noise like its working a bit...but my computer just won't register its existence. I tried unplugging it and plugging it back in, and restarting my computer and the drive. I tired to find new hardware but it didn't find it and the drive came with no software so I have nothing to try. I have a Dell inspirion 8000 laptop running XP. The device is connected by firewire connected to a card. I can't find a website from the company and I don't have the manual so I really have no idea what to try. I have a ton of stuff on there and I would hate the lose it, but I just want it to be able to work again. Any help or suggestions on what to try would be much appreciated. I'm glad I stumbled upon this website, it seems like an amazing site.

Answer:Help with my Pro Firewire 60GB Hard Drive 7200rpm

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i recently had to reinstall my XP and i dod all the nessarcary with the clicking to wipe this drive and install on there and that and on the old OS i had 60GB worth of stuff i lost and i have a 80 gb hdd, so when i reinstalled my OS i now only have 20GB ... its like the old one is still therebut when i go to document and settings and go to click my old computer name it says access denied and its empty... so help please i need the 60gb back .... cheers any advice wud be nice

Answer:[SOLVED] Reinstalled XP but lost 60GB worth of hdd off last OS

Hi, welcome to TSF.

You need to take ownership of your old files.
Please read this for instructions:

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Hi there,can any one help me,i had to reformat my pc & since that i cannot get into my qdisc,i was under the impresion that as soon as you plug the qdisc back in,you would be able to get into it,i running xp home & would appressiate some help, thanks.

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Hi, I have an Aspire VN7 591G with 60GB SSD. I am running out of space on the SSD, and I want to upgrade it to 256 SSD.  Will my laptop support the 256 SSD? I want to upgrade the SSD, not the normal 1TB harddisk. I think the form of the SSD is m.2.


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Answer:Aspire VN7-591G 60GB to 256GB SSD upgrade

Hi,It's a NVMe drive, I can not confirm that it will work but as I said in my previous post M.2 SATA drive will definitely work, if you find a retailer who has flexible returns policy, you could try, if it doesn't work get the SATA drive. You will find some useful informations in these threads: 

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Hello, I put together a new computer, and I'm using a Corsair Force Series 3 SSD and a Seagate Barracuda 1TB HDD. I set my SSD as primary boot device and installed Windows 7 on it. Last night I noticed my HDD was showing up in Disk Management as Unpartitioned. I decided to go ahead and format it. This is what is currently showing.

I'd like to have Windows 7 and 1 game, Star Wars the Old Republic. on the SSD, and have the rest of my files load to my HDD. SWTOR did manage to load to my SSD automatically. But it seems everything else is going to SSD as well. I was going to reboot my computer and make the HDD my primary boot device, but I didn't know if it was cause a failure to boot. So did I do this correctly or did I screw up? Windows and SWTOR load blazing fast, so I think i'm on the right track. This is the extent of knowledge I have with hard drives.

Answer:Corsair Force Series 3 60GB install help

Forgot to mention my motherboard is a GIGABYTE Z68-D3H-B3 if that helps any.

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I was given this large capacity stick for Christmas, and have installed a number of programmes on it. It works fine on my W7 and W8 PCs, but when I plug it into a couple of netbooks with XP, it's seen in My Computer, but when trying to access it asks if I wish to format it. Any pointers please?

Answer:Netbooks Think 60Gb Memory Stick Needs Formatting

Make model? may need XP drivers
Remove all USB devices
Download and run USB device View
Uninstall ALL devices that are shown as not connected.
Reboot the machine.
Plug in your USB device and windows should then find new hardware and reinstall the drivers for the device.

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Answer:New 60GB Hard Disk - Installation Probs

Just bought a new 60GB H Disk to replace a tired old 4GB. Want to use it as a single drive. Have fitted in place of old disk and started installation procedure. Gets to point of Scan disk when re-installing windows and "Locks Up" pc. gives an error message "Not enough Memory" ??? pc has 256mb of ram.... Any unusal format or commands for a large diskdrive like this ? (I have enabled Large Disk Support) Cheers Dom.

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Hi, everybody,

I am new to this forum. I own a 2450-101, a bit old, it´s true, but nevertheless a very nice PC. The Harman-Kardon louspeakers make it very useful for music.

I would like to upgrade the HD, so I installed a new 60GB (the maximum supported, I've been told), and used the recovery CDs.

Everything worked perfect, but looks like only 30GB can be seen by Windows. I heard I may need to update the BIOS. Mine is version 1.50.

After a long search through Toshiba sites and the Inetrnet, I can only find BIOS updates for new models...

only reference I have seen is in this page: , but

Again I cannot find the Bios for my model.
Please any help would be really appreciated ;)

Answer:Satellite 2450-101 after upgrading HDD to 60GB, does only see 30GB


You are right. This notebook is a little bit old but very nice. It provides enough performance for someone who needs this notebook only for a common usage.

Regarding you statement about 60GB HDD. Well, I?m a little bit confused.
How did you check the HDD size and why you say it recognize only 30GB??
How did you check this? And are you sure you have installed and 60GB HDD???

I would recommend checking the size in the disk management!!!

Regarding the BIOS;
The BIOS for this notebook can be found on the Toshiba driver page:

There you have to search in the Archive ? Satellite archive ? Satellite 24xx ? Satellite 2450-101.
As far as I know the BIOS 1.50 is available on the page!!

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Hi All

Error code: 0x81000019
after each fail i get the same error message: "A shadow copy could not be created. Please check "VSS" and "SPP" application event logs for more information.
Details: Insufficient storage available to create either the shadow copy storage file or other shadow copy data." and then it gives the options to try to run backup again or change backup settings.

when i expand the details at the bottom, this is all i get:
Backup time: (date/time i attempted)
Backup location: Expansion Drive (J: ) my external hard drive.
Error code: 0x81000019

IT shouldn't be a space issue.
System c: 60GB SSD
D:HD Raptor 139GB
E:HD 300GB
F:HD 230GB

I Try this.

Verify that you have a System Reserved partition of 100MB (MY System 98,9)
If yes, right click on this volume and select Properties.
View used:62,3 free space:36,6

You must have around 40 MB free space for backup to complete successfully!
My system 98,9 need 100MB need more space reserved
Need help to free up space 36,6MB to 40MB

Is it a Easy way to free space for Backup in Theory I need 3,4MB

please help

Answer:Backup Error code: 0x81000019 (Pleas help) SSD 60GB

hi i found another thread with the same sort of error you have im not that experienced in ssd at the moment i am still learning

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About a month ago I purchased an Hitachi Travelstar USB plug and play external drive to back up my data. Unfortunately I had a virus on my computer and I had to perform a system recovery, I since haven't got around to copy back my docs onto my laptop and today my travelstar has stopped working. I plug it in and I get a pop up window in the bottom right hand corner saying that the USB devise has malfunctioned and that it is not recognised. The light on the drive is on and when I plug it in I can hear it spinning for a short while then it stops and the nto recognised message pops up. I have all my important work saved on the drive and all my precious photographs. Is there anyone that can help me please. I don't want to use a data recovery company as I can't afford it.

I would really appreciate any help or suggestions, I am very sad to the idea of loosing my precious data and I know I should have copied it back onto my laptop and I did try the other day but I run out of memory on my D drive and didn't manage to finish the copying.

Sorry for the long post...


Answer:Hitachi Travelstar 60gb external drive not recognised, please help!

Have you installed the driver or software for the external hard drive?

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The 60gb HD when refitted works perfectly, goes in and out of standby, and shuts down properly yet if I fit any other drive I'm unable to get a fresh intall of XP PRO to complete.
I think I have proved that the laptop itself retains the information of the illegal drive removal.
The xp installation gets as far as just before that first screen where it displays 39minutes to go or somesuch, shuts down displaying message
'a write operation was attempted to a volume after it was dismounted'
reboots to the SETUP IS RESTARTING and then goes in circles.
Any help much appreciated.

Answer:Why does 60gb HD removal while in standby mode prevent XP pro install on any other HD?

Hi there,

so what did you? Installed a new drive or just refitted the old one? Maybe your drive is not properly mounted or maybe the drive is defective.

Did you checked your drive with some tools? A useful thing is the "UBCD - Ultimate Boot CD" where are many tools to check harddrives.

I would suggest you to check your drive with that CD.
Here?s the link to the image:

Pls give some feedback.


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Hi Gang,

I don't know where this post is supposed to be because it could just as well be under Windows 98 or Hardware, but here goes.

I have a 160GB hard drive that I use for backups and for programs. I don't it use that often. Mostly for storeage. Its an internal hard drive adapted to USB. But because Win98 doesn't accept partitions greater than 129GB I had to partition it into two sectors.

The first sector, Drive G, had 120GB originally and Drive H had the remaining 40GB. I did this operation using Windows FDisk.

I put full 2 full system backups, of Drives C and D, (one using Norton Ghost, the other using Genie Backup Manager 4.0), on Drive G. Then I realized I consolidate space more efficiently if I shrank the partition of Drive G and gave the gained space of Drive G to Drive H.

So to summarize, I took 50GB off Drive G and gave it to Drive H. This resized Drive G to about 80GB and Drive H to 70GB. (Give or take a few GB's because converting to FAT 32 took up about 10GB).

I performed this exchange of space with Partition Magic.

However my problem seems to be when I try to copy a disk on to Drive H using Genie Backup Manager 4.0, I get an Out of Space on Selected Medium error message. However Windows shows that I have more than 60GB of usable space. So I am out of space according to Genie, but not according to Windows 98.

The text of the error message is not exact but I can get it for you if you wish.

Is anyone familiar enough with these program... Read more

Answer:Genie Backup Manager says Out of Space with more than 60GB remaining.

I'm going to guess that the size of the backup file is exceeding the maximum file size for FAT32 volumes. Depending on the capability of the program in question, that would be either 2gigs or 4gigs. I think under W98, it may be limited to 2gigs, XP is able to write 4gig maximum files to FAT32 volumes.

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I wanted to resize a partition. I did rezise a Windows NTFS partition in Puppy Linux to 60Gb. It was only 17Gig before.

When I resized it and booted up windows it Worked Yeah!!!

The partition had all its files and stuff but it still says that it has 17GiG capacity. But I rezized it to 60. Weird and frustrating. I need help.

Note: The partition is inside another partition (Logical Disk).

Answer:Partition shows 17Gb capacity after rezising to 60Gb in XP

Easiest way to modify partitions on your system which works 100% is by using Partition magic (Software). There may be a trial, I aren't quite sure.


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My laptop is running low on space.  I have checked my documents, program and hidden files and can only see about 60gb being used. Where else can I look to see what may be using up the space?at may be causing the problem?

Answer:Disk space shows 100+ gb used but I can only find 60gb betwe...

Jinty,That may well be due to Windows Updates filling up C:\.Please do a clean up of disk drive using this tutorial:

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I'm looking to swap my internal 60GB hard drive with my 160GB WD Passport.  Because my external is a 2.5" drive I would imagine this could be possible but I'm hessitant to try it and possibly mess up my only computer and my external.  I'd also appreciate any help on the install side that you guys can offer.  Below is the Passport I have.  Thanks in advance!

Answer:Replacing T60 60GB HDD with Western Digital Passport 160GB HDD

Welcome to the forum! I doubt that this is possible, you need a drive with SATA interface for your T60. To each his/hers own, but with today's prices of SATA drives, why even bother... Take a look at this: Hope this helps.

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I have four OCZ 3 Agility SSD's and want to install them on my new desktop build.
I also have one Adaptec 5805 SGL Raid Card with two connections and will handle up to 8 drives.
I need help in figuring out the best, most efficient way to get these 4 SSD's on my Desktop. I've seen several 2.5 to 3.5 enclosures with built in raid switches on the back, but the reviews haven't been that enticing.
First off, do I even need the Raid Adaptec 5805 adapter?
Secondly what is the best way to incorporate the 4 ssd's on my AMD FX990 Desktop. Also, so I mirror all 4 drives at Raid 0, or use 2 as storage? Or include one 2TB WD HDD for my storage drive?
Would like to hear the most efficient ways to install my SSD's and possibly include one HDD and what raid settings would be best for each set up (4 ssd's in 2 3.5 inch enclosures only, or 4 SSD's in two 3.5 enclosures and the 2TB HDD as my storage drive?

What is the best 2.5 to 3.5 ssd enclosures to use and are the ones with the raid switch on the back of the enclosures of any benefit?

Thanks in advance,

Answer:Best way to install four 60GB OCZ Agility 3 on W7 desktop with RAID enclosure?

Also I could do two ssd's in one 3.5 enclosure with hdd

I forgot to mension If easier I can also go with only two 60GB SSD's and mirror them in Raid 0 and install one 2TB HDD as my storage drive.
I just need to know the most simple and efficient way to go with all these drives and which Raid to use with each.
Obviously, this is my first build wanting to try SSD's and also my first encounter using Raid! I'm freaking lost and need some experience to guide me through this delima.
The balance of my system is a nine hundred Antec case, Sabertooth 990fx mobo, w1090T AMD processor and I'm also still looking for a aftermarket good cpu cooler for the AMD Black processor.


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I have scoured the web for tips on how to set up a SSD for a boot drive and have not found anything solid for what I want to do. I have a 60GB SSD that I want to use as the Windows 7 boot drive, a 120GB SSD for programs, 300GB hard drive for everything else.
1. Do I install all the drivers and Windows updates to the Boot Drive?
2. Do I use the 300GB hard drive or the 120GB SSD for the user profiles?
3. How do I set this up without corruption?

Let me know what recommendations you have.

Answer:60GB SSD for Boot Drive, 120GB SSD secondary, 300GB HDD others

Take a look at this Tutorial:
SSD - Install and Transfer the Operating System

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Pentium(R) Dual-Core CPU T4500 @ 2.30GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 23 Stepping 10
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 3932 Mb
Graphics Card: LogMeIn Mirror Driver, 5 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 274631 MB, Free - 11719 MB; D: Total - 22075 MB, Free - 14472 MB; F: Total - 8131 MB, Free - 8041 MB;
Motherboard: TOSHIBA, PWWAM
Antivirus: McAfee Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware, Updated and Enabled.

Window told me that C was full which did not make sense. I re-allocated 30 Gb from D and it disappeared very quickly (2 hrs).
Have lost minimum of 60 Gb.
I downloaded COMBOFIX and ran it three times. It halted the loss of memory in C - I now have only 11Gb to spare.
I installed McAfee for a full scan - no infection or virus detected.


Thank you in anticipation.

Answer:Hard drive memory loss 60Gb+ in 3 days

J P said:

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Pentium(R) Dual-Core CPU T4500 @ 2.30GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 23 Stepping 10
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 3932 Mb
Graphics Card: LogMeIn Mirror Driver, 5 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 274631 MB, Free - 11719 MB; D: Total - 22075 MB, Free - 14472 MB; F: Total - 8131 MB, Free - 8041 MB;
Motherboard: TOSHIBA, PWWAM
Antivirus: McAfee Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware, Updated and Enabled.

Window told me that C was full which did not make sense. I re-allocated 30 Gb from D and it disappeared very quickly (2 hrs).
Have lost minimum of 60 Gb.
I downloaded COMBOFIX and ran it three times. It halted the loss of memory in C - I now have only 11Gb to spare.
I installed McAfee for a full scan - no infection or virus detected.


Thank you in anticipation.Click to expand...

Problem solved. I ran COMBOFIX which stopped the loss of memory space just in time. (Down to 9Gb).
I used WinDirStat to identify very large file in C drive.
It turned out to be "Google World" which had been multiplied to 185Gb !! - presumably by a virus. Normal size of this application would be in region of 160Mb (guess).
Using WinDirstat I cleaned this file and restored my free memory space to 196Gb.
Hope this helps someone else here.

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I have not installed any programs on my C drive since last week. last week I had 60GB free space on my laptop of a 150GB hard drive with only the same programs (minus three large programs) that was on my 120GB hard drive before that! now my computer reports less than 10GB free when my 120GB had 30GB free with the exact setup! where is my space going & how do I get my 60GB back?

Answer:C drive: last week 60GB free space, today <10GB!

1) Please scan your system with BOTH your installed anti virus app AND with MalwareBytes
2) Use Disc Cleanup. Be sure to click on the "More Options" tab and then system restore button, which will delete all but the most recent restore point (system restore eats a LOT of space).
3) Download, install and run TreeSize and see where the space is being utilized (

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Hi all, hope you can help...

I recently bought a PC with a 120GB hard drive, and have put Windows Vista on it. Unfortunately, although the 120GB is recognised in BIOS, only 60GB of this is visible in 'My Computer' in Windows.

My PC spec is as listed on the following webpage:- SR5027

Unfortunately, I have voided my warranty due to some upgrades I made. Any ideas as to how I might obtain full usage of my hard drive would be much appreciated!



Answer:Solved: 120GB hard drive, but Vista only recognises 60GB

It may just not be partitioned. Right Click on Computer and select Manage. The select Disk Management and see if there's any unallocated space on the drive. If so you can create another partition or resize the existing partition.

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