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hard drive w/ usb adapter- drive shows in disk manager, not computer

Question: hard drive w/ usb adapter- drive shows in disk manager, not computer

I am trying to access files on a hard drive from a different computer which will no longer load the OS. I have connected the hard drive using a usb adapter. When I plug it in, I get a notice that the device is ready to use, but it does not show up in Computer.

It is visible in the disk manager. There is no drive letter assigned and the options to do so are grayed out. Most of the options in device manager are grayed out, except for 'delete volume' and 'help'.

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Preferred Solution: hard drive w/ usb adapter- drive shows in disk manager, not computer

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: hard drive w/ usb adapter- drive shows in disk manager, not computer

Welcome to the forum,

Can you post a maximized screenshot of your full disk management window.

Screenshots and Files - Upload and Post in Seven Forums

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I have an external hard drive that wasn't showing up anywhere on my computer, so I replaced the hard drive case and now the external hard drive is found in device manager, but not in disk management or my computer. I am running windows 8, and there is data on the external hard drive that I would like to have access to.

The disk drive that is in the case is a Samsung HD103SI

I have used the rescan command in disk management. It showed as Disk 2 Unknown and not initialized. (Please note this is not a new disk and it has data on it that I am hoping to retrieve).

Some information that might help:

The system is:
LENOVO 90B70019US Lenovo H50-50

Using Belarc Advisor the drives show as:
MATSHITA DVD-RAM SW840 [Optical drive]

ASMT 2115 USB Device [Hard drive] -- drive 2, s/n 00000000000000000000
ST1000DM003-1ER162 [Hard drive] (1000.20 GB) -- drive 0, SMART Status: Healthy
WDC WD10EZEX-60M2NA0 [Hard drive] (1000.20 GB) -- drive 1, SMART Status: Healthy

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

Answer:External Disk Drive Shows Up In Device Manager, But Not In My Computer Or Disk Management

Just to be sure...
Is the replacement HDD case USB powered?

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I have a WDC 3TB Hard drive in my Computer along with a 120GB SSD in it as well. It is custom built from scratch, this may or may not be the reason since it is my first build. My computer recognizes that both drives are working in the computer, it the BIOS and in Device Management, but in Disk Manager only my SSD shows up, I want to get my Hard drive to appear so I can store stuff on it because my SSD is just about full. I've looked and researched a lot and I cant find a solution anywhere, please help!

Answer:Internal Hard Drive Shows Up In Device Manager, But No Where In Disk Management

Hi GundyGunner and welcome to PCHF

We need more information about your computer, such as:

Motherboard information
CPU information
RAM information


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I have a problem with a new external hard drive I bought. In Windows XP, it appears as "Seagate Expansion Desk USB Drive" under Disk Drives in Device Manager, but it doesn't appear in Disk Management, where all the drives are listed. It also doesn't appear in My Computer. How can I allocate it a drive letter so I can use it? My drives go up to K, so it should be allocated L drive. Any help would be appreciated.

Answer:Seagate External Hard Drive shows up in Device Manager, but not Disk Management.

Attach the drive to a different usb port. Open a command prompt. Type
list disk
Copy and paste the result. You can do this by clicking the icon of a monitor in the menu bar Edit > Select All. Edit > Copy. Right click in your post > Paste.

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I've spent most of the night searching and cannot seem to find an answer to my problem so I registered with the hopes that someone here may be able to help.

I have a NAS set up with two 2TB Samsung Spinpoint hard drives. The hard drives in the NAS were partitioned to have 300GB in a RAID 1 and the remainder in a RAID 0. One seemed to be failing so I removed it hoping I could connect it externally to my laptop and recover the data. When I hooked it up to the laptop, it seemed to connect fine but did not show in My Computer. When I went to Computer Management - Disk Management, it shows the partitions as healthy (see image - Disk 1). However, when I right click on the partitions to assign a drive letter, the only options available are Delete Volume and Help. Same when right clicking the Disk 1, all that is available is Convert to Dynamic Disk, Properties, and Help.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Answer:Hard Drive shows in device manager, not My Computer

Did you try accesing the drivers from device manager ? (right click 'open')

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I have a Western Digital 250 GB external HD that had been working perfectly until yesterday afternoon. It has been making this repetitive whirring noise *not the clicking noise of death* and it died before I had a chance to copy the data onto another external. When I plug in the USB it makes the connection noise, but autoplay does not come up and it does not show up in my computer anymore. I did look in device manager and disk management and it does show up but it had no drive letter and it says unreadable. (I've attached a screenshot of this)

Is there any way I can recover the data off of it? Should I just take it out of the enclosure and hook it up to a desktop pc?

Answer:External hard drive broken shows up in device manager but not My Computer

It sounds like the drive itself is dead rather than the enclosure. The repetitive 'whirring' noise likely is immediately following the click of death, just the click is pretty quiet on a lot of notebook drives. If yours is a full size (3.5") drive in that enclosure, then perhaps you are right and the click of death isn't occurring.

In either case, its not going to hurt to hook it up internally, because even if it doesn't work you aren't any worse off than you are now.

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Hi there,
I've been having a hard time with my secondary hard drive showing up when I go into the "computer" option under my start menu. It does appear under Device Manager though.
I've reseated my cables numerous times, purchased and used new Sata cables, and I'm also running a new motherboard. I've also changed and disabled all my sleep options already.
I recently switched to using a Primary SSD for my programs to be installed on but ever since switching over to my SSD my HD no longer appears and I can't save anything to it.
Any advice? Thanks.

Answer:Secondary Hard Drive Disappears in 'Computer' Shows in Device Manager

You seem to need to assign the drive a path. Do this:
1. Open the windows search bar by pressing the windows logo in the bottom left corner of your screen
2. Search disk
3. Find the option labeled Create and Format Hard Disk Partitions
4. Select it
5. Find your hidden disk
6. Then assign your disk a path and it should appear in My Computer

Hope I helped!

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Hi, I have a Lenovo T430s. The laptop has two hard drives, a 256gb SSD and a 500gb HDD. Both show in Device Manager but only the SSD shows up in exploer. 500gb HDD: HGST HTS725050A7E630256GB SSD: LITEONIT LMT-256M6M mSATA 256GB I updated the drivers and they said they are updated. Troubleshooting that I haven't tried is going into BIOS.  I'm not sure, or don't know how to get into BIOS, and when I do, I do not know what to try once I get in. I'm not sure why both hard drives are not showing up in explorer on it's own. Details of my computer:  


Go to Solution.

Answer:Detect both hard drives in device manager but only one hard drive shows in explorer

Good day and welcome to the community.
Have you created a partition on the 500gb drive?

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...It initially didn't show up in 'Computer' (or My Computer). Device manager said its working properly.
I put the Vista Disc in (had to get a pirate one from someone because my disc drive won't read the official one all of a sudden) and tried to install Vista on this one as a way of forcing it to show, only to get an error code 0x8007000cl. I then split the new 1.5 tb drive into 98 gb and about 1300 gb via the vista DVD's drive list that comes up, partitioned the 98 gb, and now that smaller one at least shows up under 'Computer' but it still wont allow me to format it.

Any ideas please? Thanks.

Answer:3rd hard drive shows in device manager but..

The fact that your system will not load your disk is worrisome, but I suspect you have a defective drive, or inadequate resources. Tell us more about your computer brand and model, or about the motherboard.
Is this a new SATA drive you are dealing with?

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I own a Satellite A100-1AI and have moved from Vista to Wndows XP?

My DVD drive has been discovered as a HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GSA-T20N but is only showing as a CD drive in the My Computer screen.

Also Device Manager is showing Mass Storage Controller and SM Bus Controller as an unknown (other) device.

Since moving from Vista to XP I have not adjusted my BIOS settings

How do I clear these unknown devices and make my DVD drive see CD's

Many Thanks in advance


Answer:Satellite A100-1AI shows CD drive but Device Manager shows DVD drive

Just one question;
Can you read and burn CDs?

Regarding the unknown devices:
These devices are supported only by Vista and therefore there are no drivers for Mass Storage Controller.

Check this:

+After installing Windows XP there could be a yellow exclamation mark by a "PCI Memory Controller" or *Mass Storage Controller* in the device manager.+

+This device is likely the Turbo Memory former Robson module.+
+This hardware will only supported by Windows Vista.+
+Therefore there is no Windows XP driver.+


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Cannot save to my laptop hard drive "C". It keep showing that the drive is full when in actual fact there are plenty of space. Please help. Many thanks.

Answer:Cannot save to my hard drive. It shows my disk spa...

Hi royang67 Firstly check to see if there are any unwanted programs installed. If so, uninstall them. It will be worth running Disk Cleanup on your drive - type in the search box from your start menu/screen Disk Cleanup right click & choose Run as Administrator. Select OK on your C: drive. Once it has finished calculating make sure all boxes are checked, click OK, then Delete Files. System Restore can take up lots of space, so go back to Disk Cleanup now select the "More Options" tab. On the "System Restore & Shadow Copies" part, select "Clean Up" / Next, follow this guide, to do a Disk Check. If you're STILL showing as Disk Full, then it may point to a failing hard disk, and it will need replacing. You have made backups of everything, yes?

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Hi, "Huston, I have a problem"
Bought a second hand thinkpad yoga s1 first gen. Running win 8.1 all up to date
Having a number of problems setting it up
Latest, I plug in a new USB3 2tb passport drive. (seagate backup plus slim)
It shows in disk manager but not in explorer, ie I can't see the disk or any of the content.
The drive works fine on my old win 7 laptop, installs automatically and all content is visible.
I have hented through the forums and seen a variety of possibilities. Nothing seems to totally fit.
I tried uninstalling all the USB controlers and re starting but this just caused more problems and the drive did not show up at all, ie not in disk manager either, so just restored to original condition.
All help appreciated. I like the machine and need something like this for my work / studies BUT it has to work! ;-)
Mod's Edit: System model added to front of Subject line to improve visibility / clarity.

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my ssd broke so i went got a new one today i do a fresh install of win 8 but its showing up as removable disk

my pc specs-sabertooth fx990 r2.0 mb

win 8

Answer:hard drive shows up as removable disk windows 8

why is this being mark as solved i still cant figuer how to fix it??

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Windows 10 disk management shows external hard drive twice.
How to fix?

Answer:Disk Management shows external Hard Drive twice

Can we have some screenshot? Which version of Windows 10 are you using? ( To check, press Win+R and enter "winver")

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so i got my new 4tb hard drive today from new eggs but it is not showing up in windows whats so ever and the first thing i noticed is that the hard drive makes a gear noise and then beeps and it shows up in the bios
but nothing in the device manager and or disk management. im about to get a replacement unless someone can help me fix it i have 30 days to contact them.

Answer:Hard Drive Shows in bios but not disk management

If the drive is making grinding noises then apply for an RMA from Newegg

you can try using GParted to format the drive to an NTFS partition
GParted -- A free application for graphically managing disk device partitions

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Hello Everyone,

Over the last couple days, I built a new PC and installed windows 8.1. Initially I had some issues installing windows, so I unplugged all my drives except the SSD and DVD. I installed windows to my SSD.

Everything works great!

Now I started adding my drives back in 1 at a time. When I plugged my 2nd SSD in, it showed up in BIOS, but not in Disk Management or Device Manager. So I booted back into the install CD, it showed up in the disk manager there. Since this was also a blank SSD, I partitioned and formated the drive from the install CD, then exited the installer and booted back to my windows drive.

I have 2 SSD drives working great!

Now to add my 2TB HDD... Same issue, it shows up in BIOS and the install disc, but not in Disk Management or Device Manager. This drive does not have a boot partition on it, however, it does have two existing data partitions. They were made from my previous windows 7 system and the option to delete these partitions is grayed out in the install disc menu. I also have some data that I would like to keep on it. I have a USB dock that I can use to read the contents of the disk just fine. Everything is there and in working order.

Can anyone help me out here? What is different about Windows 8.1 that is preventing my hard drives from showing up in windows proper? I am reading things about UEFI online, but nothing seems to fit my exact scenario. I will try and post some screen shots when I get back at it.

Mobo- Asroc... Read more

Answer:2nd hard drive shows in BIOS but not Disk Management

Check if your sata drivers are the latest here : ASRock > Fatal1ty Z87 Killer

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What would cause a such a large chunk of the hard drive to not appear in disk management - the capacity is approximately a third of the total drive (see attached)!?

I have used TreeSize and other tools to see if there is anything out of the ordinary, such as over-sized temp folders, pagefile, etc. But nothing but a couple over 19 GB (typical usage) shows (see attached).

Any help/suggestions are appreciated!

Answer:160 GB hard drive shows capacity of 55 GB in Disk Management

Please see this thread in the forum: 1tb HDD only shows 523gb

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I have 2 Sata drives installed on a Windows 7 32bit machine. Both were formatted during a clean install of Windows 7 unlimited. The primary hd is a 300gb WD and the other is a 500gb Seagate "IDE\DiskST3500418AS_CC34" is the hardware id on the second drive.

I can see both in device manager but it says both are fully updated.

P.S. I haven't found any driver from seagate online, which i think might help.

Answer:hard drive not displaying "my computer and disk manager"

I have resolved the problem.

I simply went to Downloads | Seagate and downloaded the DiskWizard application. Using Seagate's application, I was able to partition, allocate, and synchronize the D drive in few common sense steps.

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Hello there, i just installed a  ThinkPad Serial ATA Hard Drive Bay Adapter P/N 40Y8725 in my ThinkPad R61.I intended using a Samsung Hard Disk HM500LI. The Disk is being recognized by the Windows Visa System but not shown on my  Ressoures. I cant use the Disk.Is it possible that the 3,0GB/s Samsung drive is not compatible to the 1,5GB/s Adapter?Can someone recommed a good silent drive working in this adapter? This Drive seems to be quite loud even, when it doesnt work yet. Thank you for your help. Best regards,TN

Answer:Which SATA Hard Disk to use in ThinkPad Serial ATA Hard Drive Bay Adapter

The R61 can use SATA2 hdd but only at SATA1 speed of 1.5 gb/s........ you got to format the hdd first before you can use it.  

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Ok I installed Windows on an old 80 gig HD I had laying around, and everything was successful. The system was working great until recently when I try to boot up the machine I would get DISK BOOT ERROR please insert bootable disk. I would then restart the machine, and then it would boot into Windows fine. I found it very odd, but thought it was because the MBR may be confused since on another HD there used to be a windows installation and I had to remove it manually. (Not sure if that was the case)

Ok, so today I tried to fix the error cause Windows would refuse to boot. I ran Windows setup to check the partitions, and initially it showed that my 80 gig HD was unpartitioned space. I reset the machine, went into Windows setup again and then it showed the partitions.

At the current moment I can't get my machine to detect the partitions for the life of me. I currently have it removed from the computer, plugged it into an external HD case and plugged into my laptop. I ran Norton Partition Magic and it's detecting the HD as unallocated space.

Is there a good program I can use to recover my lost partition table? Is it a lost cause? What the heck is going on?!

Please feel free to ask questions, and I will respond promptly. Thank you for reading.

Answer:DISK BOOT ERROR...hard drive shows as unallocated space?!

A BartPE disc or Windows UBCD should have a few data/partition recovery tools.

Get Data Back is a good one.

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My disk was full of useless junk, so I decided to format it. It worked fine until earlier today, where when I booted up my pc, it vanished from explorer. "Odd", I thought. So I went to Disk Mgmt and formatted it again. It shows up as a healthy partition in Disk Mgmt but nothing comes up in Explorer. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance!

Answer:Internal Hard Drive not showing up in explorer shows up in Disk Mgmt

It would love to have a drive letter allocated - then hopefully you will see it in explorer. Presently it's a bit lost and lonely...

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Hi everyone. I'm on a Lenovo 3000 n100 laptop with Vista. Lately I began noticing that the free disk space on my hard drive was filling up, so I deleted most of my movies and games. Now explorer shows me that I have 46GB of space free within my 106GB hard drive, and that I've used 60GB.

However, I am quite positive that I have NOT used 60GB of disk space. Highlighting all of the files in my C drive and hitting "properties" shows that they take up 25GB. I downloaded a program called JDiskReport which shows my disk usage and, as I suspected, only about 30 gigs of disk space is reported in C.

Now, I've run chkdsk and done a system defrag. I've gone into the windows disk cleaner utility and deleted most of the temporary files, including the hibernation files. I cleared all but my most recent system restore point and I also checked my shadowcopy usage in the command line (it says shadowcopy is using only about 1 gig). I ran ccleaner and have done full scans with windows defender and AVG.

Anyway, I'm all out of ideas now and I want to reclaim my 30+ GB of hard drive space! . The 60GB I'm supposedly using was actually around 75GB before I went through all of the above steps, but it still tells me I'm using twice as much disk space as I actually am. I've uploaded a picture below. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!


Answer:explorer shows the wrong amount of disk space on my hard drive

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Hey, all.

I have a 2.5 hard disk from an old lappy that I made into an external hd on my new lappy. It was working great until a few weeks ago when it just went unrecognized by explorer and disk manager! Yikes! I plugged it into my wife's ibook and it recognized it right off the bat. I'm not sure what happened. Here's my specs:

Dell Studio 1535 2 Ghz Intel Duo 2 gigs ram. I can give more if needed. Also, running Vista.

Any thoughts out there? Thanks a billion!


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I have emailed Paragon and am awaiting there reply, but you guys seem to know a lot more and try and solve the problem

Up to this point I have used either Acronis or Paragon for my backups, I prefer Paragon over Acronis, mainly because the restore by Paragon is far quicker.

I have both bootable CD's, but in this instance I would like to concentrate on Paragon.

I downloaded Paragon's Advanced Recovery CD. 2009 Build 6730. Put it in my rom and booted ....... looked at a black screen for 10 minutes. Removed it and rebooted, it got stuck at the loading of Vista, then I got another black screen no hard drive movement.

Rebooted again, this time with the regular Paragon bootable CD. It booted into the recovery console.

Now this is where things go from bad to worse. I tried finding my OS, after a lengthy period I received an error disk 2 i/o fault!!! ....... no operating system found.

Now disk 2 is my external hard drive where my backups are kept.

So I rebooted with the CD in, went into the recovery console and clicked on "safe restore", after playing the waiting game I get a message disk 2 i/o fault!!!.

Took out the Paragon CD, put in the Vista one, tried a repair, but there was no OS to repair .

So I installed Vista, and because I didn't want to have to reinstall all of my programs again (yer lazy I know, but that's what backup's are for).

Checked with the fresh install, that my two external hard drives, had there drivers and were present. They were ... Read more

Answer:Paragon Hard Disk Manager Suite & USB External Hard Drive


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Alright, I have a whole bunch of my music and videos on my external hard drive and I got a new Dell XPS 8300 yesterday. I had been using my external hard drive just fine for the past 1-2 yeas now with 2 different laptops, working fine. I plugged it yesterday to transfer all my music to my new computer and it seemed to be working fine. There was an error as the copy rate slowwed so I decided to delete and try again. I did that about 3 times and then decided to just copy the music album by album. Eventually, I don't know how it ended up happening, instead of the Hard Drive coming up as Seagate on the My Computer Tab, it started showing up as Local Disk: J on my Dell and Local Disk E on my laptop now. It doesn't matter where I plug it in. Not only that, it won't open when I try to open it. It will get 95% loaded and then just pause and stop responding. I'm completely lost.

My hard drive is Seagate 250 GB.

Answer:External hard drive stopped working, only shows up as Local Disk -- won't open

Hi, first I would run the Seagate diagnostics to check the hard drive is still healthy following this guide.

Identify the make of your hard drive and then use one of the links below to get the manufacturers diagnostic for ISO CD. Burn the image file to a CD, boot the PC with the disc in the drive and run the diagnostics. You first need to set the CD drive to 1st in the boot order in the Bios setup.

If you do not have an image burner use this free software to make the CD.




Seagate, Maxtor & Quantum:

Western Digital:


Toshiba Fujitsu:

If you have a Toshiba hard drive I would suggest the use of the diagnostics from the Seagate link as this will work on all makes of drive and on any OS.Click to expand...

It sounds likely that the circuitry in the drive enclosure is failing (or the drive), if the test won't run then remove the drive from the enclosure and purchase a USB Hard Drive adapter, or use the internal connections in a desktop PC to connect... Read more

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I have the same issue that i have read about with a second hard drive not showing up but its just unassigned to a letter, but mine does NOT show up in disk management.. How can i fix this. It is just a storage drive my operating system is a ide hard drive but the storage one is sata does that make a difference? Thanks for any help ​

Answer:Second hard drive not showing up in disk manager

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I bought a 1TB drive the other day and installed it in my box. I tried it in my hotswap bay and nothing came up (i might need a driver, never used hotswap before). Then I put it IN my box (sata) and nothing came up either. I googled it and was told to look in disk manager and see what the problem is. But the drive isnt even there!
Any help would be perfect. I'm running out of room!

btw, I tried the HDD in my Ubuntu box and it worked fine..

Answer:Hard drive not showing up (even in disk manager)

I would start by going into the bios and making sure all unused sata ports are set to "Auto". But does it spin up when you power on? Can you see it in the bios? Also what mode is the controller set to in the bios? ide, ahci, raid?

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Getting ready to retire my desktop, and am working on moving YEARS of data to a new home server. In the process, I wanted to verify some info on my hard drives. (2) 500Gb WD SATA drives. First drive partitioned into (2) virtual drives (C/D); second drive partitioned to (4) drives (E/F/J/unmapped). C is the only bootable, only Win XP SP3 (fully updated) for OS.

With the additional drives from USB sticks, USB drives, and memory card slots, I use Disk Manager a lot to remap drive assignments. Until now, I have never had any issues.

I went to start combining data onto a single drive, and get ready to physically move the single drive into the new server. Howeveer, when I went into Disk Manager, the first hard drive is not shown - the listing starts with HDD 1 (E/F/J/unmapped). Disk 0 (C/D) is nowhere to be found.It is also not visible in Device Manager.

However, it is obviously working (I boot to it!), I can find it in WinExplorer, and Defrag sees it.

I have been scouring the internet, and only found a few (current) cases of similar things, but none of their suggestions have worked. I have run several security scans, rootkit detectors, spyware scans, etc, to no avail.

Any thoughts would be GREATLY appreciated.

Answer:Missing FIRST hard drive in Disk Manager

Did you perhaps hide it in the past?

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W530 ordered 1-14-2014. I replaced the 500GB hard drive with an SSD and wanted to use the HGST drive it came with in a Nimitz disk adapter. I can delete the partition and create a new volume but it fails during format. It fails even when it is formatted an ready for use. I have a Hitachi 250GB 5400 RPM drive that works fine in the bay. Using a USB disk bay I can delete the volume and rebuild the 500GB disk. Why am I having an issue with this disk in the drive bay?


Go to Solution.

Answer:W530 Hard Drive Bay Adapter disk problem

What OS? I cannot find anything about your adapter. Are you talking about an ultrabay device? USB housing? If it's an ultrabay device, it delends on which FRU it is supposedly compatible with. A T400/T500 ultrabay adapter will not work on a later machine, but an adapter intended for a later machine will work in a T400/T500.

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I have found the solution, it is standardly unmounted (but i made it mount with ''partition found and mount, but now im dependable on that program for the hard drive to be mounted, so how do i make it like a normal hard drive?? and how do i format it so that its like a normal hard drive)now so the pc sees only that black space, but how do i make it so that its standardly mounted again?

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Hi. I tryed to make a system back up but it keeps failing with error code0x80070002) (windows cant find a backup device) went into disk manager and found that my external hard drive that I had plugged in to make the backup on was present and working fine, the strange thing was that i couldnt see my internal hard drive, I did the command promt "devmgr_show_nonpresent_devices=1" this enabled me to see the disk in device maneger but windows was telling me that the disk was not connected to the system? system restore wont work and like a fool i deleated my previous backup image to make room for the new one. I also tryed startup repair and this failed to find any errors, I should point out though that windows explorer shows my internal hard drive, which is the drive my OS is running from but disk manager refuses to show it and i dont get a "show hidden devices" in the view tab either. I also have XP installed on a different partition to run some old stuff i like to use and the disk manager in xp is also hiding my hard drive. any ideas??

Answer:Hard drive hidden in disk/device manager

So which OS do you have Vista or 7? You cannot have both so you should not be in 2 forums.

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As the title says, Earlier today windows wouldnt even load up as i kept getting a blue screen. after i get this fixed, my 40 GIG I:/ Drive will not show up in My Computer. Any help?

*Clicked on wrong forum, would a mod please move it.

Answer:Hard drive shows up in BIOS but not in My Computer

Is the drive a secondary one?

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I have a Western Digital 1TB Hard Drive (External).
I use it 99.9% of the time on my Windows 7 64bit computer to store pictures/videos and backup important files.

It was working fine until I plugged it into a MACINTRASH to backup files from that computer.
It was a simple copy and paste from the MACINTRASH to the External HDD.

After copying the files from the MACINTRASH, I plugged it back into my PC.

My PC no longer recognizes my external HDD. I unplugged the power, plugged it back in. Same with the USB cable. Rebooted. Then my computer wouldn't reboot and windows did its automatic self repair. Nothing.

I unplugged EVERYTHING and left it that way for about 30 minutes. I plugged EVERYTHING back to my computer and turned it on.

Windows booted up fine. I plugged in the external HDD and windows had that little icon telling me it was installing drivers. I was excited to think that it finally would recognize my external HDD.

Of course, it didn't work. The HDD does not show up in my computer. It does show up in Device Manager and Disk Management.

Device MangerUnder Disk Drives it lists it only as "WD"
My other drives it has a nice long name like "WD 7500AAK External USB Device"
Under properties it tells me Volume information for the disk cannot be found. (The very first time I did that prior to the reboot it said there was 0MB of space on it).
It claims the device is working properly
Disk ManagementAt first this said that I must initialize my disk.
N... Read more

Answer:My Hard Drive no longer shows up in My Computer

This got mine back on track last night from trichard13

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HiMY T42 died and I have ordered a T500 with a 64 GB SSD, and got this adapter as well.The Adapter has come, the T500 has not.I extracted the 100 GB SATA disk -- Seagate 7200.1 from my T42 and would like to use it as a backup or extra disk in the T500 using this adpater.However, the adaptor has a relatively short connector whereas the Seagate has a set of pins that run almost the full width of the drive -- they dont seem to be compatible at all.Surprising.Any thoughts asto how to solve this problem?Thx in advance

Answer:T500 Serial Hard Drive Bay Adapter II -- how to install Seagate disk in it

ulall, welcome to the forum, the adapter you received is only suitable for S-ATA hard drives, your T42 has an P-ATA hard drive and is unfortunately not compatible with the adapter. If you wish to use the drive from the T42 you will need to obtain an external USB caddy. An other alternative would be to obtain an S-ATA drive to use in the adapter you have.  Hope this helps  edit; typo Message Edited by andyP on 11-23-2008 08:23 PM

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hi computerfriends,

I got a problem, my external hard drive (westen digital 1.0TB) isn't popping up my computer. I can see it in devices (USB to ATA/ATAPI bridge) but i can't acces it. What i've done already:Computer Management-> Disk Management. Than ive to initialize the disk, i can choose between MBR and GPT. In both cases i got the error: Data error (cyclic redundancy check). I can't chance any letter
Downloaded different programs but non of them worked

I've to get my files, it's important. I hope some of you know now the sollution.

Answer:External hard drive shows up in devices but not in my computer

Hello indoow and welcome to Seven Forums. Couple of things to try:

1. Try using a different USB port.

2. Try changing the drive letter.

3. If you have access to a live Linux CD like Ubuntu you may find that Ubuntu will recognize the external hard drive in Computer.

4. The hard drive may be going bad. You could go to the manufacturer's web site and look for diagnostic tools to check the drive. Or you could use SeaTools for Windows from Seagate (works on non-Seagate drives as well.)

| Seagate

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Well, i'm getting riiiigggghhhhh at the end of my tether here

I'm running a Toshiba Laptop 2.8ghz
512 mb of ram
BIOS: Toshiba version 1.8 (updated)
Windows XP professional SP2

Right, so i purchased a Western Digital 200gb hard drive and mounted it onto an external case with USB 2.0. This external case has a 12+ volt adapter with 1.5am (max 18W) . The hard drive is set on Master.

(note: i have anoter USB 2.0 80gb seagate drive that works like a charm, connected to same computer)

Here is the problem, i connect up the 200gb HD to one of my ports. THe computer happily runs that new USB mass storage device says hello. Then everything goes to hell. I opened up explorer expecting my lovely new HD to appear. Uh oh, this is goign to be one of those long days (week really).

I opened up disk management expecting to find it there and only needing a new drive letter assigned, but nope the new HD is not there, just the two i already have (internal, and external 80gb). Its as if my computer refuses to acknowledge it

Next i go to device manager and lo and behold there is a new entry under disk drives that says "Disk Drive" So here i'm thinking what the heck is going on?

I contact Western Digital demanding nicely for an explanation. We go through all the usual basics and crap ie viruses, spyware and drivers.
All drivers are up to spec USB 2.0, Xp SP2, and as far as i know there are no specific drivers for Western Digital hard disks, only the... Read more

Answer:200gb hard drive visible in Device manager, not disk management.

take it easy, there's nothing wrong with your computer. the hard drive case needs it's own drivers or you'll have to return it and get a different (and possibly better) one.

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Ok, So I've got this
-300gig external maxtor Diamondmax 10
-model: 6L300R0
-300GB PATA133 HDD

Ok, so the problem is it used to have my entire schoolwork, business, music files, and so forth on it. It worked great and as soon as I got all of my information transfered onto it, it went kaput. Ever since then I've been unable to view any data on it. The way it works is it connects via USB and lights up, the icon usually (not always, but usually) appears in my computer. I can open it, but there is nothing there, it is just an empty window. So, even though all my data is there, I say whatever, I need the storage space, so I'll just reformat it. well, it allows me to right click and select reformat, but nothing ever loads or happens. I have tried copying and pasting files there and none of them actually pastes or transfers. I've searched the forums and tried bringing it up in computer management>disk management or removable storage but it doesn't show up there. Please help me to figure out a way to either A)get it working again with the data still intact or B)allow me to reformat it so that I can just use the darn thing for storage. Really, either option would be great, amazing, excellent. I just really could use some help and am willing to try whatever you can recomend, but I just need it to work. PLEASE HELP ME. I am ALL EARS. Thanks in advance for a quick reply, it means a lot to me. Than... Read more

Answer:external hard drive shows in my computer but won't hold data or allow reformat

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Hi all,
I am attempting to install Win7 in an Inspiron 1545 with a new SATA hard drive that was purchased. When i insert the drive, I get "Internal Hard Disk Drive Not Found." I have verified the drive is not showing in the BIOS, I've already attempted to reseat the drive several times. In addition, I've attempted to load the chipset drivers, SATA drivers, etc from Dells website, the drive still does not show in the OS install when booting to DVD or in bios.
I dont believe it to be an issue with the new drive, as I plugged the new drive into another model Dell laptop and it recognizes the drive fine in BIOS, also I can still boot to the previous hard drive in this laptop without issue when i plug it back in.
Is there a specific driver, etc that I need to use for the drive to be recognized or other thoughts people have?

Answer:Inspiron 1545- replacing hard drive, new SATA drive not found "Internal Hard Disk Drive Not Found

This is strange - either the new hard drive has a rare compatibility issue with your onboard controller (I use a 500Gbyte in my 1545 without probs)) or it is a mechanical problem.I would take a close look at the physical dimensions and compare your original hdd with the new one.Watch the video (even though it's about a 1525 (similar to an 1545) and an SSD hdd) -  go to 2:20

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With my 2009 Seagate 500 GB sata hard drive, the re-allocated sectors count shows 2 bad sectors, in the Ubuntu 10.04 disk utility for the smart data. In this multi-boot desktop PC the XP with a drive monitor program called, Active Smart shows this drive health status as good, including that reallocated sectors count item, so is this not to worry about for now, or what. I do monitor the hard drive temperature, which does stay cool enough, in the seventies up to about 80* F.
Or can this be caused by mixed partitioning methods, since the new way is now align to MiB, and not align to cylinder as it was. I used the GParted tool to create and change partitions when it was set as default to align to cylinder, but then I recently used both my Vista Disk Manager, and the newer version of GParted to re-size some of the partitions, which both now use that align to MiB method by default, which often has near 1 MB gaps between partitions then.

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Hi,I can buy 2nd version of hard drive adapter. It's specifications are not avaible on Lenovo website. What are the differences between II and III version? I want to use it on T400 with SSD.

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I have a backup drive that we had used for for a while (WD 6000aak), previously in an external drive enclosure. I connected it today via USB to find that the computer has the driver installed, the drive appears in the Devices list, but it does not show in My Computer. In "Disk Management" the drive appears but is not assigned a drive letter. Also, all the options for the volumes are greyed out and cannot be selected - thus I cannot assign a drive letter.

I have tried this on multiple computers. I have also removed it from the enclosure and connected the drive via SATA... the result is identical. I checked the bios and the drive appears there.

The drive does spin when powering up. It is hot (even though it cannot really be accessed).

Any suggestions? Is this drive done?

Answer:Hard drive installed, shows in Drive Mngmnt, in Bios, but not in Comp.

Go to Disk Management, in the bottom part of the screen, right click the drive, select 'change drive letter or path', next window select add, next window select a drive letter from the drop down box. For an external drive it's best to use a letter lower in the alphabet. If disk management wants to initialize and format it, don't do it if there is data on it you don't want to lose. If no data or if you don't care, go ahead. It will show in computer when a drive letter is assigned.

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OK...I'm 51yo female quite tech savvy for my age and gender. I have a Samsung External HD with my life's work on it basically. I am in between moving and have everything from old PC,s Laptops etc backed up on this device. All my college work as I am studying, all my web site stuff as I am building a website, you get the idea IT'S IMPORTANT!

Last night while doing my thing lost of stuff open, shut, open, shut, save, delete etc I once again go to MY COMPUTER to access a document and the drive shows up empty when open "this folder contains no files" however on My computer is shows it is still loaded up with all my crap.

I have tried 3 or 4 restore/rescue programs thus far to no avail. Also as I am currently of no fixed address my major PC with mega storage space in actual storage 3 hours away.


1. How can I re-visualise the files (done show hidden files) without having to restore data to current lap top with virtualy no space on it?

2. Can up restore the data to an online thing such as Google drive and how do I do that?

3. If I buy a NEW Ext. HD can I restore the data to that?

4. What program actually WORKS to recover images, word docs, exe programs everything basically. If I have to but a paid version I am happy to as I am sur that is still cheaper than taking to some rip off tech place.

Thank you anyone/everyone... also I note when I try and open the drive the window that comes up only gives me 2 choices ... Read more

Answer:External Hard Drive shows no files/my computer show approx. 600 GB occupied

Welcome to Major Geeks!

Sorry to hear about your problem. If you do not have backups of these files and have already tried several restore programs, it may be time to turn the drive over to a person or company that specialize in data recovery. (Please don't be offended by this. I've been working on PCs for over 15 years and there are many times I've had to consult a specialist as well).

Please be aware this could get quite expensive. If the drive can be recovered intact, you're likely looking at a few hundred dollars including the cost of a new drive. If the drive has to be sent for disassembly in a "clean room" to read directly off the platters, it could go as high as $1500, depending on the amount of data recovered.

Do not allow any recovery program you use personally to reformat the drive or remove/resize partitions - this could go further damage to the files.

Sorry for the bad news, but I hope this helps.

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My computer failed to boot a few weeks ago. I took out the C drive and put it in an external drive case on my other computer in order to retrieve outlook emails, bookmarks, etc. The drive is 250 gigs. It only shows an 'N' drive, 130 gigs worth of data, which must have been a partition. The C drive isn't there. Is it corrupted? Will be I be able to retrieve anything from the C drive?  If the drive is corrupted, why does one partition show up and not the other?

Answer:Hard drive doesn't show C drive, but shows the other partition

I had a similar situation. I was able to get data off the drive using a Ubuntu live cd. Burn the iso to cd, put the drive back in the computer and boot to the cd. If you can see the drive in Places then you should be able to get your data off. Please note the "if" and "should".Good luck.

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I've connected an external USB drive, but when I go to My Computer it shows it as a network drive. In addition, it gives it the same name as the mapped network drive that already exists there. When I change the name of the external drive there, it then changes the name of the mapped network drive, so again they both have the same name, although the drive letters are different. Any ideas how to make the external drive appear where it belongs in My Computer, under Hard Disk drives?

I'm also seeing some other odd behavior on this computer, and since it may be related I'll mention it. When I first opened my Computer, it showed the same networked drive repeatedly, with every letter from F thru Z. I deleted them all except one, but now every time I reboot, I get a logon connect dialog that asks to reconnect one of them. So with each reboot it is adding back one of the duplicate mapped networked drives that I had deleted. I expect it will eventually end up with all the alphabet letters like it was when I first sat down at this computer.

My main concern is to get the external hard drive to appear where it belongs.

Answer:External hard drive shows up as a network drive

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hi! im newbie here! i bought a new acer laptop and the laptop has preinstalled OS which is... i install windows xp Sp2 . . a prompt appear says there's a 2 partition . . the other one is fat 32 i think den the other one is named unknown . . i delete the partition named unknown and convert it to ntfs after that the windows xp successfully installed den when i check the capacity of my hard disk it shows only 35 GB while the true capacity of my hard disk is 80gb . . my problem now is where the other 45 GB now . . can i resize the the 35 gb to 80 gb? thanks

Edit: Please us proper thread titles from now on. Thanks.

Answer:Hard drive shows 35gig, even though it`s an 80gig drive?

That other "unknown" partition would most likely be your ACER Recovery Partition where you can reinstall your OS in the event of a windows OS being corrupted..

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Hello everyone, my working laptop is a T 400 running on Win XP. I would like to run a Windows 7 installation on a physical hard drive which won't be possible with my employer in the near future.My idea is now to have a second HD in the Serial Hard Drive Bay Adapter III (let's say theThinkPad 320GB 7200 rpm Serial ATA Hard Drive) on which I would install Win 7. I would then configure the bay adapter to be the primary HD to boot from. I would reconfigure the system to use the internal HD everytime I need Win XP together with my other company stuff.I don't want to install Win 7 just in another partition as I don't want to risk anything happening to the XP machine ;-) Is the above described scenario valid or do I have to take anything else into consideration? Thanks in advance!Sascha


Go to Solution.

Answer:ThinkPad Serial Hard Drive Bay Adapter III as primary hard drive?

yes you can boot from the ultrabay hdd adapater

----------------------------T400s - 2815RW1 + Win7 Ultimate Don't pm me for help! That's what the forum is for. Also, Google's nicer than me. Ask him.

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I have a T61p and purchased a hard drive adapter (pn: 40Y8725) and a 320 GB 5400 rpm hard drive (pn: 43N3403).  After ejecting the CD burner and inserting the adapter with new hard drive the system did say it was ready for use.  Problem is that is does NOT show up on the "My Computer" so I don't know how to access it.  I purchased the devices to back up the computer easily. How do I get it to register (if that is the correct term) on the My Computer so I can use it?  I am using MS Windows XP Professional.


Go to Solution.

Answer:T61p Thinkpad Hard drive adapter and Hard drive set up question

do you see it in the bios???

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I am not sure whether I should be posting this in the Windows forum or the PC Hardware because it involves both.

I have an external 320 GB Transcend Drive with a lot of important data.
Recently, I unplugged it from my PC and took to another to get some files.
One the other machine (Vista), it didn't show up as far as I can remember, thought that was strange so i brought it back to my Laptop (Win 7, Dual Boot with Ubuntu 10) and it only showed as Local Disk, I have tried to find useful information on the net but some is very vague and some is outright stupid and irrelevant.

The fact is that the HDD is not broken. When in Ubuntu I can view the contents fine and everything is there, no freeze ups or anything, but in windows the drive shows up as Local Disk, I don't think it is a drive letter conflict.

The Device shows up fine in the Device Manager.
I'm sure some of you have solved this problem as it seems many on the Internet have.
If so please tell me in a few steps how you resolved it.. I am not formatting as I do not deem this necessary since I can access my data fine in Ubuntu.

Kind Regards

Answer:External Hard Drive Works In Ubuntu / Shows as "Local Disk" in Win 7 and doesn't work

I suggest that while in Ubuntu you move the files to local HDD, then reformat external HDD, then copy the files back.

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I have a big problem. I booted my computer and I got a BSOD with no error or driver. So I used another hard drive to boot from, and my main hard drive doesnt show up under my computer. I looked in device manager, and it is there. Im using a program that will recover my data, and so far it found the partition, but I was wondering---

1- how do you read data from a raw hard drive
2- if i have a registry back up and i copy all of the files, then will the hard drive boot

Thanks! Happy Holidays

Answer:Hard drive not detected in my computer, but in device manager

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My compuuter is not reading the disk i am putting in my computer!!!!!!!!  It is in Drive D I tried doing all tips from my computer help book. How can I fix this  

Answer:Hard drive saying no disk is in computer!! HELP

By providing us with more info. What kind of disk are you refering to? CD-ROM, CD-RW, DVD, etc, etc? You people are really going to have to be more specific...

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I have just installed a new hard drive. (Maxtor STM3160815AS 160GB Hard Drive SATAII 7200rpm 8MB Cache) The OS detected the new drive on start up but it wasn't displayed in My Computer. In Device Manager drive was displayed and it says that the drive is working correctly. I installed the drive in the second SATA port of four as the first already had a drive plugged into it.

I did notice that one of my optical drives also disappeared. I tried unplugging its power supply but this didn't help the hard drive problem.

Any idea what I should do? Any suggestions would be appreciated.
(Windows XP Pro SP2)

Answer:Solved: Installed hard drive not detected in My Computer but seen in Device manager.

Is it partitioned, formatted, have a drive letter?

Right-click Computer > Manage > Disk Management.

Is the CD-ROM in Device Manager and working properly?

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Hi When my computer wakes up from sleep mode i sometimes see an error message pop-ups:Error Ejecting Kingston SNVP.... And sometime when I do not get this error, the hard disk is not available, I then need remove and insert the bay for being able to use it. Are there any of you guys that have seen this problem and maybe how to solve it? CheersTommy

Answer:W520 - Hard Drive Bay Adapter lll - Error when computer wakes up from sleep mode

Try running System Update. There may have been a registry fix for a similar issue.

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I purchased the Thinkpad Serial ATA Hard Drive Bay Adapter II P/N 43R1980 as one step to have a Raid configuration for my W500 with Windows XP.  My question is, will any serial ATA hard drive fit the adapter? Lest you think the answer is obviously yes, my former computer was a Toshiba Portege. Toshiba's hard bay adapter required a special fitting for the hard drive, presumability so one would have to buy the hard drive from Toshiba rather than a third-party vendor. Clever - a ten-cent part increased the cost of the hard drive by several hundred dollars. From the Thinkpad manual the adapter appears to have a standard fitting, but I would like conformation. Many thanks for an information. Rick

Answer:Hard Drive for the Thinkpad Serial ATA Hard Drive Bay Adapter II

I have exactly that Media Bay Adaptor II for my W700. I purchased a 2.3 inch Seagate 320 7200 RPM for this adaptor. While it fits and works, with out the special attachments that apparently come from Lenovo with the drives yo9u purchase from them, it is slightly loose both vertically and laterally. I have been looking for the p/n for this skinny adaptor shims/rails, but have been unsuccessful. So I have just taken two rubber bands one for each side to limit the vertical fit and it did the same for the lateral. The drive is pretty snug in the adaptor.One of this forum's moderators, AndyP, has been very helpful on this issue. He has used the significantly cheaper HDD from other vendors with out having the Lenovo HDD special pieces and he said he has not added anything to minimize vertical or lateral motion possibility.Jim

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When I got out of bed, I check my computer screen and it was all black and it said in a one statement sentence, something like the disk drive needs to be inserted, restart the computer after inserted, something like that. In additon, i can't use the keyboard too because it will not work, everytime I turn on my computer, it will just show the company logo which is compaq. Please help...

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I have a bit of a problem where one of my hard drives can not be seen in My Computer or in Disk Management. Firstly I thought the drive had died on me, but then I noticed I can still see the drive in Device Manager and I can still disconnect it using "Safely Remove Hardware".

I removed it, then rebooted the machine and it still could not be seen in My Computer".

In Device Manager and "Safely Remove Hardware", I have noticed that my other drives are labelled in the following format;


The one that doesnt work is labelled;

WDC WD2500

It has the 2nd part of the identifier missing, they are all Western Digital drives.

Does anyone know what has happened to this drive and if there is any way to recover it without loosing the data?

Cheers in advance

Answer:Hard disk drive not visible in My Computer

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I installed a new 500gb hard drive in my acer laptop.  Ran the system disc.  But it won't show my 4gb of ram or my 500gb hard drive.  Shows my old config.  What's up with that?

Answer:Installed new hard drive. Still shows old hard drive.

No idea what you are talking about. You need to explain IN DETAIL. What shows your old config? What does ram have to do with the hd? What are you talking about?

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I have a HDD 750G with 2 partitions NTFS with data.
used externally in a USB3 box connected to my windows 8.1 asus laptop.

No idea what I do, I always use 'eject' before disconnecting this HDD, but now I see that with diskpart :

DISKPART> list disk
Disk ### Status Size Free Dyn Gpt
-------- ------------- ------- ------- --- ---
Disk 0 Online 238 GB 1024 KB *
Disk 1 Online 22 GB 0 B *
* Disk 2 Online 698 GB 611 GB
DISKPART> list volume
Volume ### Ltr Label Fs Type Size Status Info
---------- --- ----------- ----- ---------- ------- --------- --------
Volume 0 E DVD-ROM 0 B No Media
Volume 1 C OS NTFS Partition 49 GB Healthy Boot
Volume 2 D Data NTFS Partition 167 GB Healthy
Volume 3 SYSTEM FAT32 Partition 100 MB Healthy System
Volume 4 Recovery NTFS Partition 900 MB Healthy Hidden
Volume 5 Restore NTFS Partition 20 GB Healthy Hidden

so disk 2 is there, but no volume, no partition, no drive letter. just a 'bip' sound when I connect the disk to usb port.

i try with paragon disk manager or aomei partition assistant, but can't assign a drive letter (option greyed)
how can I do to get 2 drive letters & access my datas ?

thanks for help

Answer:External disk : diskpart shows disk but no drive letter

What does Win8 Disk Management show for that drive? If it shows as "raw" in the list, and it won't let you assign a drive letter, it could be that the drive has failed.

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Tried just about everything but I still can't seem to get my external hard drive to show up in my disk management or computer. It say it's installed and ready to use but I don't see it.. only in the device manager and in devices and printers I can see it.. but nowhere else.. I'm working with windows 7 upgraded from windows xp but has be downgraded which was originally windows vista I think.. A friend gave me a computer and I had it upgraded.. can any one help me get my computer and external hard drive straight. Thanks.

Answer:Don't see my external hard drive in disk management or on computer

Check this thread out:

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hi i am new to this and 18 about to go to uni next week so i need some help and FAST! i bought a 320gb hardrive in june 2010 and it was perfect i made a back up of my whole HP system. However a friend of mine plugged my hardrive into her apple mac and i think my hardrive must have synced to her hardrive called time machine or something like that and now i am trying to use my hardrive in my hp laptop it wont work.

ive tried everything it wont show my computer i searched for help all over the net and with technicians on the phone saying to go into disk management and its not there either. One techinician was sayin i might have to reformat it on the mac.

this cost soo much money and i cant afford to buy another one nor can i afford to lose all my data on this one..

please is there a genius out there that can help me!!!!!!!!!!!

Answer:Hard drive not recogized in my computer or disk management

Timemachine shouldn't automatically synchronise to the hard drive, unless told to do so. Also, in order for time machine to function on that drive, it requires it to be formatted in the MacOSX native filesystem.

In case your not aware, Timemachine is Apple's backup software, designed to backup Apple systems.

If the data on the hard disk is not of any consequence (e.g. it contains no essential data), it can be formatted as NTFS, which will then be read by Windows. Unless it has been formatted as a Mac OSX partition it should be read natively anyway. In other words, it should be NTFS still.

Lets go back to basics:

1. If it's an internal hard drive, does BIOS identify the hard disk?
2. Your positive disk management doesn't identify the hard disk?

You could use a bootable partition editor like GpartED to boot from the DVD drive and inspect all your connected partitions.

You could also boot from a Linux Live distribution like Ubuntu as well, which would enable you to check your connected partitions/drives.

The fact Windows is refusing to identify that hard disk is leading me to suspect its been re-formatted as a Mac OSX filesystem and as such can't be read from Windows. If its been re-formatted your data is already lost, in which case just formatting it will resolve your problem.

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The Seagate Momentus 5400.6 hard drive I'm using is from my old laptop it has 4 disks. After I put it in the (IT-CEO IT-700) enclosure, and connect it to my new laptop it does not show up in 'My Cumputer' and 'Disk Management', but displays in the 'device and printer' section of control pannel.I also can't eject the hard drive, even when I'm not doing anything to it, the (IT-CEO IT-700) enclusre's blue signal light just keeps flashing for a while then goes off for a sec, then resume flashing again. I tried reinstall the hard drive's driver, but that did not solve the problem.Please Help 

Answer:Hard drive not showing up in 'My Computer', and 'Disk Management'

does it work fine when u put it back into the old laptop

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Having problems with an HP nc6400 Laptop.
Here's what happens:
Microsoft Windows splash screen comes up. Then the options for Safe Mode,
Safe Mode with Networking, Safe Mode with Command Prompt, Last Known Good
Configuration, and Start Windows Normally. I've tried all the options
including Last Known Good Configuration and it returns to same screen. If
nothing is chosen, Windows reboots on its own. I have a full XP Pro
Installation Disc and was going to try a repair of Windows using it. I set
the laptop to boot off CD... Press any key to boot from CD. (Setup is
loading files). Windows Setup screen appears.

I Press R to repair Windows. Next screen is "Setup did not find any hard
disk drive in your computer. Setup cannot continue." The same message appears if you go to actually install Windows. Any ideas? Thanks.

Answer:Setup did not find any hard disk drive in your computer

I think your HDD is corrupted. Can you run a Linux (Ubuntu) Boot-CD, and can it see anything on the drive? If so, I would back up everything you can. Your HDD may be dying.

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i bought a 250gb samsung external hard drive ,when i connected it to the usb port my computer could not detect it either in disk management and my computer ,so i decided to rebot the computer and go to the bios ,i could not also see it in the bios.funny enough my friends computer could easly be seen when connected both in the disk management and my computer

please help me .am currently running windows 7 build 7077

Answer:External hard drive not seen in disk management and computer

USB drives dont show in BIOS.

The USB adaptor may be USB 2 and your USB may be usb1 and as such is having trouble seeing the drive.

Or your USB sockets or drivers are faulty, try another USB device in them

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I believe this question best fits here rather than in the security section, so here it goes.

I have a Dell Inspiron 9300 laptop which was running Windows XP, service pack 3.

Two days ago, my laptop began running extremely slowly, which I believe to be the side effect of a virus (The slow running happened immediately after I approved a program - I don't know which one- for outbound internet access).

Also, I had not installed any software or hardware recently.

I had resolved to install some anti-virus software to correct the problem, as the software I had was out of date, but I found that my computer was running so slowly that I could not install or run programs anymore. I decided I would reformat the disk.

I restarted the computer one last time to see if I could get a few word documents off that I want to retain, and was given a blue screen which reads "UNMOUNTABLE_BOOT_VOLUME", then at the bottom of the screen reads "Technical Information:

I have tried starting windows on subsequent attempts using the following options:
-Safe Mode
-SafeMode with Networking
-Safe Mode with Command Prompt
-Last Known Good Configuration

Each time getting the same "UNMOUNTABLE_BOOT_VOLUME" error.

I figured I should try and boot the computer off a bootable CD, i.e. my Windows XP disk, however when I change the boot sequence and try to boot off the CD I get the err... Read more

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Hey, My computer has been saying that my SMART disk check has detected an iminent failure.  I want to know how to return my laptop back to normal. thank you.

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OS: Windows XP SP2

well... my computer is on for many hours... non-stop
the HDD i am having problems with is an 80gb BARACUDA SATA HD
It's full of TV shows/cartoons and useless stuff... so thats the reason why i labelled it "TV Shows".

the issue i am facing is:
I start my computer, & whether or not i access the TV Shows HDD, it just disappears from the explorer / my computer drive list after any arbitrary time period.
I then restart my PC and there it is again. But then again disappears after a long time.
When i go to device manager, the hard disk is not to be found even after scanning for "new hardware". It's like the HDD switches off.

My computer is permanently on and the "TV Shows" HDD is seldom used.
No background disk usage occurs on it either.
I have other SATA HDD's too but none behave in the similar manner.
The computer heats up so i have kept the side case open too.

After using "Disk Investigator", it reports no problems with any of the HDD's.
Although the temperature readings of the HDD are:
HDD 1: 35C
HDD 2: 43C
HDD 3: 42C - - "TV Shows"... the one giving problems
which is fine, although they are too hot but it's because the room temperature here is between 20C - 30C.

What could be wrong?
I made sure the cables are fixed properly, changed the SATA data cable, also switched it from SATA port 2 on motherboard to SATA port 3, but only this HDD plays hide n' seek.

What c... Read more

Answer:Hard Disk disappears from my computer drive list

Probably failing since it cold runs OK. Bearings most likely.

Better backup soonest.

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I installed Windows 10 as an upgrade the other night and am enjoying it so far. Everything seems fine except one problem - my optical drive isn't working! I don't use it that often so only noticed when i needed to burn a cd for a friend.

In Device Manager it is listed under "Other devices" with a question mark on the icon. Have deleted it and done a scan for hardware changes, and also tried "update driver" - no joy. Screenshots below. Any ideas? I notice several other people have been having this problem



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I have a Western Digital (WD) 250gb external hard drive and run Windows XP on my Asus Eeepc laptop.

One day I pulled my external hard drive straight out of my computer (didn't use "safely remove hardware"). From now on it isnt displayed in my computer, and it doesnt appear in disk management either. When I open device manager and then open my WD SES Device, it tells me the device is working properly. I have tried updating the driver and uninstalling it, but everytime I plug it in reinstalls itself and tells me it is working fine.

I am not a computer guy. I have read other forums and none have a solution for me. Does anybody know how to access my external hard drive? (please write responses in simple language with simple steps I can follow)


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My Toshiba Satellite L745 (windows 7 x86 dual core with 4g ram) suddenly shutdown when in HDD or Hard drive disk recovery . Now everytime i open an error pops out saying that "no bootable device -- Insert boot disk and press any key . I think that my Hard Drive is corrupted. I tried consulting into a technician and he told me that i need to buy another Hard Drive that will cost about (3,000 pesos or $73.00) it was too expensive for high school student like me. So , i'm asking for a possible fix for this . I still can see the name of my Hard Drive on Bios so i was thinking of running HDD recovery again if it is possible. I will also include a photo of my problem

Answer:Computer Suddenly Shutsdows when in HDD or Hard Drive Disk recovery

Hello yugzyugz, welcome to Seven Forums!

Have a look at Option Two of this tutorial linked below to see if it's a help and be sure to post back here with an update.

How to Run Disk Check in Windows 7

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So recently i have installed a new SSD into my Desktop computer. All Hard Drives are working fine.

However one SSD doesn't display the disk usage in "This Computer". I was wondering why and also how can i fix this please?

I have attached a screen shot to show what i mean.

I have already tried the following.

Any thoughts or suggestions will be appreciated please.

Answer:Disk space usage bar in My Computer is missing (Only One Hard Drive)

Originally Posted by FatCake


So recently i have installed a new SSD into my Desktop computer. All Hard Drives are working fine.

However one SSD doesn't display the disk usage in "This Computer". I was wondering why and also how can i fix this please?

I have attached a screen shot to show what i mean.

I have already tried the following.

Any thoughts or suggestions will be appreciated please.

Shorten the name of the drive.

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Hello all. I've used this forums many times before and decided to join. The information is very good here.

Anyway, I'm working on a friends computer (Dell Optiplex GX520 with Windows XP SP3) who had some spyware on it. I think I have it all removed but I have this one strange issue I've not come across before. I discovered it when trying to run the disk defragmenter and I kept getting an error message that said it was unable to start. The C drive is present there and other USB drives that I connect as well. But when I go into disk management, the only thing listed are the USB drives and the CDROM drive, NO C drive or any other volumes. Also, when I tried to run chkdsk on reboot, I get a message saying that it could not check the disk for some reason (flashes by too quickly). Can someone shed some light on possible conditions that would cause Disk Management to not be able to see the main Volume?

BTW. I removed some trogans and installed MS Security Essentials. Computer seems to be working fine except this issue. I don't have much history on the computer. Hard drive is reported in Device assignments as ST3808110AS, I'm currently running sfc /scannow to check Windows files.

System File Check just finished. I need an XP Pro disk to repair Windows and I don't have one. Oh well. Please let me know if there's a way around this.

Answer:No hard drives detected in Disk Management but C drive is in My Computer. ?

Can you post a screenshot from Disk Managment?

Logically...any connected drive should always appear in two places...the BIOS and Disk Management.

The only possible reason that I can think where this might not if two drives are assigned the same letter by Windows, only one can be reflected.

As for C: being reflected in Windows/My Compter...any version booted into appears as the C: drive, as any person who does multiboots will tell you. The C: drive is nothing but a designation for the O/S partition/drive booted into.

As for your XP Pro situation...there is no way around the requirement for the system files for the applicable O/S installed. XP Home is not Pro and vice versa.


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The Seagate Momentus 5400.6 hard drive I'm using is from my old laptop it has 4 disks.
After I put it in the (IT-CEO IT-700) enclosure, and connect it to my new laptop it does not show up in 'My Cumputer' and 'Disk Management', but displays in the 'device and printer' section of control pannel.
I also can't eject the hard drive, even when I'm not doing anything to it, the (IT-CEO IT-700) enclusre's blue signal light just keeps flashing for a while then goes off for a sec, then resume flashing again.
My laptop also keeps trying to install the hard drive.

I tried reinstall the hard drive's driver, but that did not solve the problem.

Please Help.

Answer:External Hard drive not showing up in 'My Computer', and 'Disk Management'

Have you tried using different drive enclosure other than the IT-CEO IT-700?

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I've been having this problem for a few months now. I recently built my own computer, having been on a lap top for a couple of years, and found my old external hard drive. I plugged it in to the new computer, and it said something about needing to be formatted, which I promptly did due to nothing of importance being on it. I went to sleep, and woke up to see that it couldn't be formatted.

This is where my issue begins. It no longer appears in Computer, or Disk Management. Disk Management won't even load if I have the drive plugged in. There seems to be no way at all to format the drive, since Computer, and Disk Management both don't load when the drive is plugged in. Any help?

Answer:External Hard Drive is Not Recognized in Computer or Disk Management

I have a similar problem. I have an old external hard drive and it wont showed up or open under my computer or disk management. I tried to open it under disk management but there is no way to be found. The files F, G, H, etc are empty. I really appreciate an extra help here since I am not a computer expert. Thank you!!!!

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Hi, I recently purchased a Seagate Barracuda 7200.7 for my system, and I tried connecting it as a slave to my 40 gig WD.

I have them set up properly, jumpers in place. In bios, and boot-up they register properly. However, when i get into XP, I can't see the new HD's icon in my computer. It shows up in device manager tho.


Answer:Hard Drive shows up as CD Drive XP

I too had bought a Seagate with the same problem you're having. The solution is they should have sent you a disk with a program called Disk Wizzard 2003 or 2004, now. If you run through this program you will find a section to format the new disk so your system can see it. After I ran this I found it in My Computer then for the heck of it formated it again by right clicking on it and selecting format. Then I formated it NTFS. Now everything is visible.

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I have installed a second drive in the hard bay adaptor III on a 520T, the drive is present in the device manager and tests fine via the lenovo solution centre but I cannot access the driveSuggestions welcome

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Ok, so I got a new asus P8z68-V pro motherboard.
Im re-using my current 750gb SATA drive.
I plugged it into the sata port, and start the computer.

When it starts it says "no hard drive is detected!"

I go into the bios, and on the bottom it has a disk drive, and a SATA drive.
It recognizes that the sata drive is there, but when i go to start up it says no hard drive is detected.

I have tried a few different sata ports and it is the exact same thing.
Any idea how to fix it, i am getting very frustrated at this point
thanks a lot

Answer:"hard drive not detected" but the hard drive shows in bios

is it your windows drive, or an extra storage drive?

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I have a ASUS & Intel 845pe Motherboard, AMD Athlon tm XP 1800+ Model 8 computer. I bought an Ultra 31664 1024 DDR PC3200 400MHZ yesterday to upgrade my RAM. I have 2 256mb DDR PC2700 memory sticks. I made sure it was compatible with my system before I installed. I found that I could install a 1024 MB stick after I ran the system scanner from My system has a max = 3072 MB, 1 slot available, no dual channel support, cpu speed 1492 mhz, and does not support ECC.

When I installed the memory stick in the slot and booted my computer I got an error - CMOS checksun error. Pressed F1 and got after veryfing DMI Pool Data...

BOOt from CD :
NVIDIA Boot Agent,PXE-2.0 (build 082 V1.82)

PXE-E61: Media Test failure, check cable
PXE-M0F: Exiting NVIDIA Boot Agent.

I checked all cables and rebooted and got the same message. I took out the Ultra 31644 stick and still got the same error. It seems that something happened to my hard drive.

I booted with Windows XP CD to repair (I thought the registry was bad), but after I hit repair I got this message: SETUP DID NOT FIND ANY HARD DRIVE DISK DRIVES INSTALLED IN YOUR COMPUTER. How can this happen when the only think I did was to install more memory?

Is there a way to recover what I have in my hard drive?

Can you help me fix this problem? Can a hard drive be ruined installing a memory stick? Did I install the wrong memory and ruined the hard drive? ... Read more

Answer:Setup Did Not Find Any Hard Drive Disk Drives Installed In Your Computer

Did ya knock the connection loose when installing the ram?

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I got new Desktop recently, Lenovo K450e, and when I went to plug in my external HD, Seagate 500GB, it didn't show up in either My Computer or Disk Management and there are no exclamation points next to the drivers suggesting that I would need a driver update. I plugged it into other ports on my computer with no luck but when I plug it into my laptop it works fine. I have read so many different forums with no luck. My computer is a Windows 8.1 intel core I7 processer.

Thank you

Answer:External Hard drive not recognized in My Computer or Disk Managment but it is on my laptop

Make sure you update and apply all the Windows updates before trying to use this new computer. You can run Windows Update manually for this

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I have had the same Toshiba external hard drive for years and have never had any problems plugging and using from any machine, mac or pc. I recently had to reformat my hard drives and re-install windows 7, and ever since I have been unable to access my external from this machine. It still works fine on my laptop, and when I plug it in to my tower, it still recognizes that "External USB 3.0" has been plugged in and downloads the drivers. However, the drive appears neither under my computer nor disk management, nor diskpart -> list volume. It does show up in my device manager as USB mass storage but uninstalling the drivers and plugging it back in does nothing. Is there anything I can try before moving all my files off and formatting the drive, and will that even help? Thanks for reading.

Answer:Solved: External hard drive detected but not under my computer or disk management

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I have a Dell Inspiron 1440 using since 2010 suddenly I saw this error message "internal hard disk drive not found,to resolve this issue try to reseat the drive" when I turned it ON. Then I tested with other HDD drive from other laptop and it booted fine. Then realized that HDD was down brought a new samsung SSD 120GB drive and installed on my laptop and trying to install the Windows 7 from a CD still seeing the same error when turned ON.
Please help with this issue.
Thanks in Advance

Answer:internal hard disk drive not found,to resolve this issue try to reseat the drive.............Please help

Thanks guys!!!!!
My bad after I installed the SSD the CD that was in the DVD Drive was the Applications/Driver CD instead of Windows 7 disk. I just realized  and installed the Win7 on my new hard disk my laptop is back to normal. Thank God! I saved 500 to get the new laptop.

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I have a Samsung s2 1tb external hard drive.

Today when I hooked it up to my laptop it would not load. It will shows local F drive when it usually will say samsung Drive.

A pop up box will then appear stating "you need to format drive"

I know if I reformat it I will lose all my data which I will not do.

When I look in device manager it states that the external hard drive is installed.

I attempted to go through start menu and type cmd then F: and it states "The volume does not recognize this system file. Please make sure all required system drivers are loaded and the volume is not corrupted."


Answer:Samsung s2 external hard drive not loading showing local disk F drive

With the external drive connected, Go to Disk Management (Start > type: "computer" > click on Computer Management > click on Disk Management)

Determine which disk is the external drive.
If the external drive shows here as a healthy volume, Right click on the large box to the right of the "Disk 1" / "Disk 2" lable and choose: Change Drive Letter and Path.

If there is nothing but a grey box or "Unallocated Space" next to the disk number then Right click on the disk number (the box) and choose: Change Drive Letter and Path.

Change the drive letter to anything else > OK.

If you can't do any of the above post back. If you can post a screen shot of the Disk Management window that can help.
Do not initialize the disk or format it or you will lose your data.

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I replaced the harddrive on my HP Pavilion DV1000 laptop. I have the original disks that came with the computer. I set bios to boot from cd. However when I turn the computer on with the xp cd in the optical drive, I just get a blank screen. I can here the cd drive start and stop. Any suggestions on what the problem may be?

Answer:Blank screen after replacing hard drive w/XP boot disk in CD drive

Hi , Is the hard drive you have fitted brand new, nothing on it? Or does it have an OS on it from previous PC? In the BIOS does the new drive show in the list ? And are you using a genuine MS Windows disc, or the HP recovery disc, (as supplied with a new PC?).

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Inspiron 14z-5423  Hard Disk Drive not found: How to Reseat Drive?
error code 2000-0142
validation 73381

Also, video card for memory has error code of 2000-0332
validation 71027

Much appreciation for info to help me do this, confused and sad.

Answer:Inspiron 14z-4423 Hard Disk Drive not found: How to Reseat Drive?

The 0142 error is a HDD failure. This is a smart error and indicates that the HDD is failing or already failed error - see this article for reference -
So, reseating the HDD will not positively help in this case. If you would like to reseat the HDD anyway and check - download the service manual here -
Also, the 0332 is a video card related error. So, the motherboard needs to be replaced.
Personally, I would suggest you to invest your money on a new machine than to repair this system. However, that is your discretion.
Also, please click my DELL-username and write me a private conversation with the service tag and your Name for case records.
Let us know if you have any other queries.

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Hello thank you for your time, I am experiencing issues with a dell dimension 4100. I have received a virus and was told upon startup to insert some kind of startup disk im not sure it was a while ago so me in all my stupidity tried to connect the hard drive to a different motherboard in the spot the dvd drive plugs in to in that cisnet computer. Well after a few tries i somehow got it to recognize the hard drive upon startup and it tried to format it i think, although as soon as i saw that screen i powered down and now the hard drive is no longer recognized by either computer, even in the bios it says the total memory is 512 mb with it connected to hard drive spot of the original dell. I would really like to get my dell working again but it gives me the error Invalid Boot diskette Insert Boot diskette in A: I do not care for restoring the files on the hard drive they are worthless to me i just want to get my computer working again any help would be greatly appreciated, Thank you.

Answer:Non detected Disk Drive/Hard Drive Need help with dell Dimension 4100

Place OEM Windows CD into the CD or DVD drive and boot off of this disk. If your system doesnt want to boot off the CD or DVD drive go into bios and set the CD or DVD drive as 1rst boot device in boot order. Once you successfully boot off of your optical drive you then can delete the partition on the hard drive, create new partition and reformat, then install clean installation to that hard drive. If you dont have recovery or oem cd available, you will have to buy one.

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i have a problem my laptop says it has two hard drives though it only has one physical one my os hard drive is filled and my local disk has lots og free space can someone help me combine them?

Answer:Os hard drive and local disk hard drive how can i make them into one?

Quote: Originally Posted by CraziReaper

i have a problem my laptop says it has two hard drives though it only has one physical one my os hard drive is filled and my local disk has lots og free space can someone help me combine them?

First, if at all unsure backup

Parigon disk suite (free trial)

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Hello guys!We are trying to install a Crucial m500 960Gb SSD into the hard drive bay adapter for the w540.While the drive fits, once it's connected is not snug and kind of "rattles" inside the bay adapter.It turns out that you need one of this little adapter/spacers that are present in the actual main SSD that came with the machine.We've searched everywhere for the part number or even it's name, with no luck.
Here's the picture of the part:
Link to image
How can we get one?
Shouldn't this part be included in the Hard Drive Bay Adapter IV?
Thanks so much for your help!Nicolas E.
Moderator note: images totalling more than 50k converted to links per forum rules:  Lenovo Community Participation Rules

Answer:SSD "adapter/spacer" missing in ThinkPad 9.5mm SATA Hard Drive Bay Adapter IV for W540

No one has ever wanted to install a Crucial m500 SSD in the Hard Drive Bay Adapter?

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Hello Forums! I'm getting a new T500 and would like to run with the hard drive in the Hard Drive Bay Adapter II. Is this possible?What I'm planning to do is run the laptop with two different OS's and switch between them using the Hard Drive Bay Adapter II. Thank for your responses.

Answer:Can I use a Hard Drive Bay Adapter II as the primary hard drive?

It works like a charm. You'll need to hit F12 at startup to select the boot source.

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Hi. My external hard-drive stopped working yesterday. This is what's happening:

I plug it in as usual, then it says "You need to format the disk in drive F: before you can use it. Do you want to format it?".
I'm thinking it's more than likely an issue of having pulled out the usb cable without clicking 'safely remove'.

Yesterday I actually got it working again briefly by typing "chkdsk F: /R" into command prompt. Now when I do that it doesn't work, it says "The type of the file system is NTFS. Unable to determine volume version and state. CHKDSK aborted." And when I double click on F: drive in my computer it says "F:\ is not accessible. The file or directory is corrupted or unreadable".

Are there any other options besides using some sort of data recovery tool (I'd rather not do this just because it takes a long time)?

Answer:Solved: External hard-drive:...format the disk in drive F: before you can use it.

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Any idea why my SSD is listed as a 'Hard disk drive' instead of 'Solid state drive' as in your screenshots above? I am running W8 Pro x64 RTM from Technet. In Device Manager my SSD shows as a 'Samsung SSD 830 Series SCSI Disk Device'. I wonder if it's being on a Marvell controller might be the reason. My mobo has both Marvell and Intel disk controllers.

Answer:SSD listed as 'Hard disk drive' instead of 'Solid state drive'??

The ssd should always be used in an Intel port imho bud. The driver you are using is making it appear to be a scsi device.

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Answer:CD/DVD drive (TSSTcorpCD H552D) doesn't work but shows in device manager

Despite what the Device Manager says the drive could still be bad. In the Device Manager check under IDE ATA/ATAPI controller to see if any of the controllers have changed to PIO mode instead of the faster DMA or UDMA mode.

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I have two hard disks, one Seagate 120 GB one and another Maxtor d540x-4d
5400 rpm 40 GB UATA/100 drive. My problem is that the maxtor drive used to
work fine, but recently, it is recognized by BIOS and Device Manager in
Windows, but it is not shown by either the logical disk manager in disk
management or My computer. What is the problem? Any remedies? THanking you

Answer:Hard Disk recognized by bios, but not by My computer/Disk Manager

You need to partition and format a drive to see it as a drive letter in Windows.

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