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Intermittant problem with new bluetooth connection

Question: Intermittant problem with new bluetooth connection

I have a Dell studio 15 with Windows 7 and Bluetooth. I am trying to install Manhattan 2800 Bluetooth bookshelf speakers. They sometimes play but disconnect intermittently. When Bluetooth disconnects I have to completely shut down and start over. (I haven't been able to fix it with just Restart.)

Here is a clue:
In "devices and Printers" it shows the laptop as a device:
Studio 15 [properties]

Selecting: [Bluetooth L2CAP Interface] -- properties/General
"Device status
Windows cannot verify the digital signature for the drivers required for this device. A recent hardware or software change might have installed a file that is signed incorrectly or damaged, or that might be malicious software from an unknown source. (Code 52)"

Selecting: [Bluetooth Hands free audio] -- properties
Driver= Broadcom Corp, 7/1/2009,
Digital Signer: Microsoft Windows Hardware compatibility Publisher.

The speaker documentation indicates Bluetooth v1.2, class 2 and A2DP protocol support

The Bluetooth icon on the bar at the bottom of the desktop disappears when the connection breaks while looking at properties.

This might be related -- I also have a Kensington Bluetooth trackball mouse that has intermittent problems with connecting at start-up. When the mouse doesn't work at start-up, I can usually make it work by removing its batteries and putting them back.

Advice will be appreciated,
Stan Hilliard

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Preferred Solution: Intermittant problem with new bluetooth connection

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Intermittant problem with new bluetooth connection

You could consider getting a USB based Bluetooth adapter exclusively for your speakers. One that supports A2DP would be perfect.

Here are a few: - ASUS USB-BT211 Mini Bluetooth Dongle USB 2.0 IOGEAR USB 2.1 Bluetooth Micro Adapter (GBU421): Electronics

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Hello. I am having an intermittant problem connecting to the internet at times and it's only since my AVG software picked up a virus ( I-Worm Bagel). I have removed it from my computer but suspect it may have done some damage. What happens is that I will dial up and connect to the server ok but the computer will either take ages to receive information or wont receive it at all. At first I thought it to be a server problem, phoned them and they said they have no problems (Tesconet). I then tried to connect to a pay as you go server and exactly the same problem was occuring. I then took it to be problem with my PC. I carried out a system restore to a previous good operating time and it started working straight away. A couple of days later the fault has returned but not all the time because I am here now! It is getting very frustrating and I know of no checking software on my PC. I do not want to do a full recovery if possible. Can anyone help? Any help will be gratefully received.

Answer:Intermittant web connection problem

run a full set of anti spyware spybot adaware etc plus virus scan with system restore disabled if you have xp that is.johnny.

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Hi all,

I'm having a strange problem with my internet connection. I'm running windows xp, not sure exact patch but it is up to date atm. I was also running zonealarm firewall. I know about the recent issues with the last update but none of the reccommended work arounds have made any difference.

Its my fathers machine, he rang me, said that he had a virus so I came down to have a look. Looked like a malware issue, large graphic covering the whole screen so couldn't do anything, so I rebooted in safemode, did a system restore and then ran spybot and downloaded Eset's free trial anti virus. Seems the computer was riddled with malware. Couple of hundred 'problems' removed.

However after the scans completed and problems where fixed I couldn't connect to the internet at all. I know the prob is not with the ISP as I have another machine upstairs on wireless running fine.(the machine in question is connected directly to the router) I did a search and read about the zonealarm problem. I disabled both firewalls and rebooted and managed to connect but within 2 mins of surfing my connection dropped out again.

I tried the following commands in CMD.

netsh winsock reset catalog <enter>
netsh int ip reset reset.log <enter>

Still no joy. Had a look at the back of the computer and noticed a little amber flashing light on the network card, so I got the wireless card from upstairs and installed it. Similiarly connected for 2-3 mins and then dropped off again.
Some... Read more

Answer:Intermittant internet connection problem


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My keyboard won't stay connected to the Bluetooth. Windows disabled the Bluetooth and gave this messge: "Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43)." What is this and how do I fix it? I can't get my Logitech K810 keybaord to stay connected. It pairs, and works for awhile, then disconnests, even though it says it is connected. Driver update says the drivers in place are the right ones. I've also tried Bluetooth dongles to connect with, but I get the same problem -- connects for a while and then disconnects.   

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Windows XP, 1.8Ghz, 512Mb Ram, Lucent Win-Modem. Everything was OK until I installed a new motherboard, Asus A7V8X-X SKT A KT400. I have reinstalled the driver for the modem to make it work with Windows XP. I have changed my ISP to Virgin 24seven. Initially connection was good, but now receiving errors. Error 676 The phoneline is busy. Error 718 The connection was terminated because the remote computer did not respond in a timely manner. This morning, deleted connection in set-up and then re-entered Virgin details - now works OK. Does anyone know why this unreliability is happening? Do I need a completely Windows XP compatible Modem to settle the matter?

Answer:Intermittant Connection

Most likely because virgin was busy last night - are you on an "anytime" type connections? i.e. not a pay as you go? If it is anytime, then you will find difficulties at peak times.

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I am running windows XP professional using a netgear model fvs318 router.
While transferring data over the connection, the connection is broken and is difficult to restart. Can this be the fault of the router? Is there a better router to use? I am about to give up ever having a vpn connection.

Answer:intermittant vpn connection

Well, I'd take a pass at giving the router a kick first.
Some things you can try here.
For wireless connections, change the channel on the router, I like channels 1, 6, and 11 in the US.
For wireless connections, try moving either the wireless router/AP or the wireless computer. Even a couple of feet will sometimes make a big difference.
Update the firmware to the latest version available on the manufacturer's site.
Reset the router to factory defaults and reconfigure.
Update the network drivers (wired and wireless) on your computer to the latest available.

Many times these measures will resolve a lot of intermittent issues.

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I have a computer (only about 6 months old) and connected to a wireless network in my house. My computer is upstairs (there are 4 other computers in my house... all of which are connected ok.) and my router is downstairs. I have been connected to this network for years and ever since getting the computer 6 months ago. But one day, about a month ago, I just lost the connection. At first I thought it may be the router problem, so I replaced the router. Then i thought it might be my network adapter attached to my computer, so i replacd that... still no joy. Basically the connection is really odd. It will connect for a few minutes then disconnect, or stay connected but with 'limited activity'.... It is very intermittant. And will randomly connect when it feels like it. It will also connect if I move the adapter around in the air (like an old tv ariel!!). I have never had any internet connection problems in the past. I have tried everything , and the only thing I can now think it is is the computer itself... especially because I have just put a laptop next to my computer and it connects with no probems!!! I have also just taken my whole computer downstairs and placed it next to the router.... and still it wont connect properly.

Do you think it may have a virus or something? I have Norton on my computer and have run the Microsoft packages to check for viruses etc... but no joy. I have ensured that there are no interferences to this connection too.

The... Read more

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I have 2 computers connected to a Linksys BEFSR41 acting as DHCP, with a SB4100 cable modem. One computer is rock solid, no problems. One will occasionally lose the WAN connection: I can browse the network, but cannot access the internet or even the cable modem access page ( This will happen several times per day. The problem goes away after re-booting. I have changed ports on the router with the same results. I have uninstalled and re-installed the NIC, though I don't see that (or its device driver) being the culprit as I have LAN access. I updated to the new beta Explorer, but still have the problem. I'm stumped, can anyone help?

Answer:Intermittant WAN connection lost

How far away is the second computer to the Wireless Access Point?

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Basically I have just set up an SMC wireless router (SMC8014WN) with 3 laptops connecting via wireless, for which two of the laptops are fine however my own which is a Toshiba satellite 650Q (on Windows 7 64bit) will not hold a continuous connection, and for the life of me I cannot figure out why. It is as if I get an IP then 5 minutes later my router is saying its invalid and cuts me off, there seems to be no way to get around this. The IP when connected is always

Sometimes resetting the wireless adapter in my laptop fixes the issue then sometimes it doesn't. The diagnostics report comes up with different issues and sometimes I cannot connect to the routers settings page ( at all which is also confusing.

I have unsuccessfully had a go at setting up a static IP, I have run ipconfig and the results are baffling even when im connected, it says DHCP is not enabled when it actually is. I have tried starting and stopping services, uninstalling tune up utilities, turning off windows fire wall and Im now at a loss as none of this seems to have had an effect.

Any help/suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated!!!


Answer:Wireless connection intermittant

Make sure you have the latest wireless driver. If it is an integrated adapter get the driver from Toshiba's web site.

Please attach a screen shot of the Networks page of the Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector and show ...

Start, Run, CMD, OK to open a command prompt:
(For Vista or 7 type CMD in the Search box after Start)

Type the following command:


[Note that there is no space between the slash and ALL.]

Right click in the command window and choose Select All, then hit Enter.
Paste the results in a message here.

If necessary use a text file and removable media to copy the results to a computer with internet access.

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I'm having trouble logging onto my netgear router with any type of security enabled. As soon as I switch the WEP/WPA off, both my laptop and second computer log on straight away. I am using a a realtek RTL8185 pcmcia card for my laptop and a linksys wireless-B card for my second computer. any advice would be most welcome

Answer:intermittant network connection

The wireless B card is one issue, that will surely not support WPA encryption.

If you upgrade the wireless drivers to the latest for the laptop, it should be able to do WPA.

I'd also update the firmware on the router, reset to factory defaults and reconfigure after the firmware upgrade.

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We're having an issue where our road runner cable connection goes down for anywhere from a few minutes to a couple of hours. Of course, when the cable guy comes out, it is working fine and he can find nothing. Both the cable TV and internet connections are going down so it is most likely an issue with the signal outside and not anything internal.

I would like to be able to document when and for how long we are losing the signal. Is there a *simple* freeware application that would monitor an internet connection and log when it's good and when it's not? Perhaps something that periodically pings the CMTS server and logs the results. Ping Plotter will do the pinging, but I don't think the freeware version will keep a log of when the outage occurs.


Answer:Intermittant network connection

Ran across "Karen's 'Net Monitor", looks like it will do what I was looking to do.

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I had (have) an AT&T 2Wire gateway modem. Two days ago I began to get DNS error windows when trying to access the Internet. This was intermittant as sometimes I would get online and other times it would just disconnect from the Internet. Calling AT&T I and the tech on the other end decided it was the modem. I happened to have a 2nd 2Wire AT&T modem on hand, installed & configured it and began having the same problems.

This morning isn't as bad and speed checks are indicating that all is OK—sort of. I am still having Page Not Found errors with windows saying to chekc with administrator or ISP. Is it a fluke that 2 modems would be experiencing the same problems? Ping Host name and IP addresses (Google) has been doing OK this morning, but from time to time, as I open up another tab to go to another website, I get the error message and it doesn't connect right away. Then without me doing much of anything, it will connect.

This happens on several of my computers (2 Windows 7 laptops and a Vista Business desktop).

The 2nd modem was purchased at a yard sale (I know, I know) so maybe it has the same problems. I don't know.

Just looking for some suggestions before I run out and buy a new modem/router. I have DSL (obviously) and have three swithes on the network.


Answer:Solved: Intermittant Internet connection

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just formated my acer 3690,loaded pre installed vitsa basic back on,installed internet explorer 8.all the drivers for the wireless connections on the laptop are up to date.But i still keep getting intermittant internet connections, having to refresh pages a lot

Answer:intermittant wireless connection on laptop

Try changing the channel on your router, you may be getting interference from others nearby, or other equipment etc. If you go to the start menu and click "connect to" that should show you any networks in your area and the signal strengths.

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I work in a small school and recently we started to have a problem with browsing the internet. We don't have an 'IT Department' as such as I'm the closest thing to it.

When a browser is opened it will not connect to the homepage, or if it does its generally from cache, instead an error message about not being able to connect to server will appear. Now if you hit refresh you might or might not connect to the webpage in question but you can gurantee that it will take a long time to make that connection even on an undemanding site like wikipedia.

The odd thing is that when connected to a speed checker it gives no surprising results, speed is normal. Also when downloading a file or the latest linux live distribution torrent I can achieve maximum speeds available to us.

We use a selecction of Macs & PCs mostly connecting through ethernet cabling although connecting wirelessly is no different. We use BT 2Wire 2700HGV Business Hubs. I can't think of any changes our end that have happened to cause this and our internal network connections run just fine.

Any help or advice that can be given would be great.

Answer:Intermittant browser connection to internet.

Oh BTW, most of the Macs are on static IPs but it makes no difference to the issue as those others using DHCP also have the problem.

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I have recently had my laptop networked to the main computer at home. While at home only (I also use the laptop at work without problems), when I go to search the internet on either Mozilla or IE I can only load certain sites. I think all these sites are in my Internet Security as Trusted Sites.

Google and Yahoo search engine pages display results but will not allow me to go to any link on the page. Weird! Since I did not install this network and I am not skilled enough to look at the Advanced Options or much else in this laptop to see if there is something out of place, I don't want to make any changes.

I read the threads to see if someone else had a similar problem but did not see any definative actions to take.

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My iPhone is connected (paired) with my T400 (7417-CT0), but the T400 says there is a problem with the connection. There is an exclamation point on the iPhone's icon in the Devices and Printers window. I want to get photos off the iPhone via drag-and-drop or copy-and-paste. When I right-click on the icon and click Connect using >> Access Point, I get an error message saying "The connection with the Bluetooth device failed." Any ideas what to do?

Answer:Bluetooth connection problem

OBTW, I'm running Windows 7.

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My apologies if this isn't the correct thread for this post. In my opinion Bluetooth falls in the networking niche. Please move it to the appropriate thread if not. Thanks!

First off I want to thank you for any help you may provide and for this wonderfull website! This is my first post here as I am pretty tech savvy and don’t usually find myself in the position where I need to ask for help. With that being said I will get to the point of this post.

I recently bought a cell, a T-Mobile Sparq to be completely accurate, and tried to connect it to my laptop via Bluetooth. My laptop is an Asus G75VW which comes with BT capabilities. When I run the BT suite and click “Add a Device” it sits at the “Searching for a device.. Make sure your device is discoverable.” Prompt for as long as I let it without discovering my phone. I made sure my phone’s BT is active and discoverable. My next step was to go into my Control Panel>Administrative Tools>Component Services> Services (Local) to make sure BT and its dependencies where active, which they were. I updated all my related drivers and when that didn’t work I un-installed and re-installed them, to no avail. I checked my device manager to make sure there were no conflicts there and found nothing. I then spent a few hours on Google troubleshooting and was not able to find anything that I had not already tried. That’s when I decided to drop this problem onto the genius minds of the Tech-Guy forums for if they can’t so... Read more

Answer:Bluetooth Connection Problem. PLEASE HEL!?!?

bluetooth is often controlled with the wireless switch - sounds like its on - but maybe worth a try

Is the bluetooth application in the system tray at all and can you see an option to show devices

in device manager is bluetooth showing ?

what services do you have for bluetooth running

Can you borrow another blue tooth device and try and see if it is a laptop or phone issue

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 I dont know what to do.each time i try to pair my phone,It fails to pair,then I go to 'more Bluetooth options' tick all the boxes and this message pops up.Help!

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PC is HPs3700f running Vista Home Premium. Sabrent bluetooth dongle plugged into USB, and blinking.Bluetooth Helper Service automatiC and running. Bluetooth software updated from Microsoft and checked as OK By driver booster(IoBit).Cell Phone ZTE modelZ221 is on, and discoverable, 3ft. from PC. Cell phone recognizes PC and asks for passkey to pair with it. I cannot find passkey. Have tried 0000,0001,1111,0123. Bluetooth options checked to allow devices to find and connect. PC Add Wireless device applet does not recognize cell phone. Windows Fixit run but no help.

What will fix Vista to make it find a discoverable bluetooth device? OR can anyone give me a passkey that will let the cell connect to the PC?

Answer:Bluetooth connection problem

did you try 1234?

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Hi , I have installed win7 ultimate and all the inside drivers for Y550 but having problem with Bluetooth connection. Please help me.Thanks

Answer:Problem with Bluetooth connection

what's your problem?activating bluetooth connection, installing driver or else?

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So my bluetooth adapter should be here tomorrow, and i decided to make sure it was easy enough to hook up to windows on my macbook pro running windows 7 64 bit. it sees the headset, but says ' no drivers available'.

if i reboot the macbook into OS X, bluetooth works flawlessly and I can stream audio from the computer to the headset. its windows I'm having a problem with, and afraid I will have the same problem in Windows 10, which is what I am running on my desktop.

is there a Windows driver for the LG HBS-730 headset?

I want to stream game audio from the computer to the headset. Kind of sucks having to have Arkham City on super low volume, or wearing huge clunky headphones popular with WoW back in 2008.

Answer:LG HBS-730 bluetooth connection problem

Have you tried running the bluetooth adapter on a true Windows7 machine? Apps with drivers built for Win7 don't always work properly on Mac OS in boot camp or emulation mode.

Does the bluetooth adapter spec state that it's compatible with Mac OSX as well as Win7??


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After I updated to Windows 10 from Windows 7, I am not able to anymore connect my speakers via bluetooth.
Infact I do not see "Bluetooth" as an option under Devices under Windows 10 anymore.

Pls advice how to correct this pls.

Answer:Bluetooth connection problem

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Hello, I've got a R60 and got a Bluetooth problem. My Nokia won't connect, though i'v installed all the drivers. Does someone have a answer? PrintscreenMessage Edited by Tectrade on 10-03-2008 06:21 AM

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Drivers have been installed and evrything done as per guidelines but headphone connection is not complete..i am uploading an image showing the problem

Usually bluetooth icon comes between pc and headphone after connection but here click on the link is comming down...
nothing is happening on clicking that link please help me techguy..

Answer:Bluetooth headphone connection problem


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Hi I bought a Bluetooth Dongle.I installed the disk & went through the setup procedure & inserted the dongle & restarted the pc as prompted.I now have the 'Blue manager' icon on my desktop.I double click on it & i get the option "launch blue manager" or "setup headset".I click on "launch blue manager", enanble the bluetooth on my phone & they can't seem to find each other.What am i doing wrong. I've had this issue before with same dongle. I'm trying to send pics from my phone to the pc!Help please!!Gaz

Answer:Bluetooth connection problem. Phone to PC

Try going in via XP Bluetooth Information Exchanger (Progs/Bluetooth/Information Exchanger?

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I have just got an X121e and it cannot find any bluetooth devices. I have made sure the bluetooth in the laptop is on and checked the settings to enable it to be found and connected to, yet it cannot find either of the two mobiles I have tried to pair with it. Both the phones can find the laptop however, but the bluetooth connection fails. I've downloaded and installed the latest bluetooth driver from the Lenovo website. What else can I do? Is the problem the laptop, bluetooth, windows 7 or what?

Answer:X121e bluetooth connection problem

You need to install following drivers first
1. Hotkey Drivers
2. Access Connection
After installation restart the system , Turn on the Wlan Radio Button , after windows is logged in Press Fn + F5 button to verify the Bluetooth and Wlan status .
Then Make your computer discoverable , so that it can be accessed by other devices
Hope This Helps
Cheers !!! 

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at first i received lenovo z400, i could not connect to the bluetooth with my phone??can anyone give me a hand???appreciate!!!!

Answer:i had a problem about bluetooth connection in z400

hi Charles_xiang,
Welcome to the Forums.
Are you getting pairing issues?
 - if you are, can you provide the error
Also, try the following:
1. Enable the bluetooth by pressing the Windows logo key? +C > Change PC Settings > Wireless (left pane) and toggle Bluetooth to ON.
   - when finished, try to clear the paired devices on your phone and pair it again to the PC
2. If you have the Intel Centrino 2230 (Wi-Fi+Bluetooth) combo adapter, navigate to the Control Panel (large icon view) > Programs & Features and uninstall the Intel + WiFi bluetooth software.
   -when done, install the following:
    Intel® PROSet/Wireless Software and Drivers for Windows 8* (install this first)
    Intel® PROSet/Wireless Bluetooth Software for Windows 8*
   -after installing, repeat Step 1 and observe
Let me know your findings.

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So, this is now driving me absolutely insane, and I couldn't have better chances for success (or so I think).
I am using a Lenovo Thinkpad W530 (Windows 8), and I have a Lumia 920 (Windows Phone 8). Seems pretty darn compatible, right?
Well my issue is simply "They will not connect or cooperate well"

Let me first say that through a blurry mashing of key presses and strange settings windows I have gotten the two to connect before for music control. But only twice.

The issue I have is apparently on both the phone and the computer-
When I tap connect on the phone, it stays connected for a few seconds, then disconnects.
When I try and connect on the laptop, it won't connect at all.
When I try and open the bluetooth device window, it stay open for a couple seconds and then closes.
Sometimes the music controller window appears, then disappears.

My phone doesn't appear to have anything wrong with it, I have restarted the phone completely with no effect.
The computer is under a month old with no driver issues or hardware issues, so it can't be that either.
What on earth am I doing wrong here? Why doesn't Windows (8) (and I hate saying this) have an efficient bluetooth connection service like Mac? connecting my phone to a Mac easier than easy. On windows it's nearly asking me to remove my hair strand by strand.

Thanks in advance.

Answer:infuriating bluetooth connection problem

When you say bluetooth connection, are you saying bluetooth headset or are you saying a bluetooth network connection between your phone and your laptop?

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I have Win 10 laptop and an Galaxy S6 phone with Bluetooth activated on both and paired. I can send files/photos from the laptop to the phone but cannot seemingly send from the phone to the laptop. The phone indicates file sending failed.
Am I missing something here?

Answer:Win 10 bluetooth connection to smartphone problem

Found the answer - On the laptop select Bluetooth and then select "Receive file".
You seemingly cannot just send a file directly to laptop.
Simple is it not?

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I have a M900 10NE Tiny with latest BIOS and Drivers which doesn't find Bluetooth devices. Neither with the Windows Bluetooth tool nor with the "Lenovo Bluetooth Lock".The Bluetooth-Device is visible in the device manager. For test purpose I plugged in a old Bluetooth dongle which work without problems. Can anybody give me some hints? Is it possible that's a hardware problem, BIOS settings? Environment:M900 10NE TinyWindows 10 Pro 64bitBluetooth Driver:- Date: 29.9.2016- Version: 19.11.1639.649

Answer:[Solved] M900 Bluetooth connection problem

I really don't know why and how I came to this solution but it worked.When you open the case you can see on the front left side the wires for Bluetooth and Wifi. On my M900 the two wires for Main and Aux where connected in the wrong order. After inverting the order of the two cables, Wifi and Bluetooth worked without problems.In the picture you can see the correct wiring.

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Just installed the all in one for my neighbor. XP and bluetooth, using Kingenston dongle. printing works just fine but I do not get the "scan to computer" option in the menu window on the scanner. HP has not answered question yet. It seems I have skipped or the all in one skipped a configuration setting. Any ideas anyone.


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Hi I have connected the microsoft wedge mouse and a bluetooth headset to my yoga. I am having the following problems 1, Mouse - at certain times the mouse icon start flashing and moving around haphazardly - as i move the mouse the mouse icon moves very irregularly as if there is interferance between transmission of laptop and mouse - this last for a few seconds and then returns back to normal2, Bluetooth audio - whilst playing a video on youtube the mouse cuts for half to 1 sec at various points. This does not happen with laptop speakers. I tried uninstalling the bluetooth drivers as it was suggested, yet this did not solve the issue. Hope this issue can be solved Ken

Answer:Lenovo Yoga Bluetooth connection problem

I started having a similar issue when I installed the latest Wifi/BT driver.  Even after I rolled back to the older driver, something had changed. I no longer am able to use my BT Creative D100 speakers as it causes my BT mouse to act up (similar symptoms you are having; but my mouse never stabilized). In addition, my USB3 Ethernet adapter no longer automatically switches back to Wifi when I unplug it (I have to manually reconnect to my wireless router). I very much regret installing the new drivers.  Before that, my Yoga 13 was very solid/stable.

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I have a Jawbone Jambox (bluetooth speakers) that will not stay synced to my Horizon.  I seem to have to remove it and re-add it almost everytime.  Sometimes it wont even sync, is anyone else having issues like this for blue tooth.  Are there any short cuts, the whole process seems wonky. Thanks for your help.

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Hi all, I have a Pentium II, 233 running Windows 98 (original). I have a Safecom (Bluesoleil) Bluetooth dongle which seems to have installed correctly. I'm using USB 1.0 and the dongle is supposed to work with 98 and USB 1.0.Bluesoleil window keeps showing error message- "Please insert a bluetooth device", and when I search for a device on my Motorola V550 it keeps coming up with "no devices found".Anyone know what I need to do or a driver I need to download to get it to work? (I took the dongle back to the shop and it tested fine).Thanks, gee-cee-bee

Answer:Bluetooth Dongle Connection Problem to Old System

Is it windows 98SE you have or windows 98 as I think there are some issues with usb and windows pre 98SE.

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I have recently purchased a mobile phone sharp GX15. I have succesfully transfered all my contacts and some photos from my T3 (OS5.2.1) via bluetooth to the phone a couple of weeks ago. Now, when I try to send a photo or contact to the same phone it finds the phone, I tick it and send - the message "Connecting to...." appears and that's as far as it gets. Nothing else happens. I have tried it with other bluetooth phones. The same happens. I can still send photos from the phone to the palm without a problem. Can anyone help please. I am new to this sort of thing (using a forum), please be "gentle" with me. Thanks a lot Martina

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When using cortana on my band 2 it always comes up as turn on blue tooth or make sure its connected. I just recently decided to switch to the Microsoft platform because I could use cortana with my voice and band 2. I went through hell and back trying to convert my android info into the Microsoft eco system. I don't know why im so determined and stubborn to keep trying with Microsoft. Your products on paper seem so superior but in reality are sub par. The only reason I switched to a microsoft phone was the voice connectivity with cortana. What I found is that the band worked better with android as well as all the other apps that are cross functional. Why on earth does a Microsoft product have so many issues talking with its own brand. I think i'm returning the phone and possibly even the band, even after returning to the store 5 times and wasting so much of my time. I'm disappointed Microsoft, yet will probably still keep trying your products, why why why./

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Drivers have been installed and evrything done as per guidelines but headphone connection is not complete..i am uploading an image showing the problem

Usually bluetooth icon comes between pc and headphone after connection but here click on the link is comming down...
nothing is happening on clicking that link please help me techguy..

Answer:Bluetooth headphone connection problem (moved from Windows 7)


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Hi Satellite users,

I recently had a problem getting my Toshiba Satellite P50t-B running Windows 10 to detect (and hence connect) to my Sony MDR-XB50BS Bluetooth Headphones. The symptom of the problem was that the "MDR-XB50BS" device didn't appear in the list of available devices on the Windows Activity Centre "Connect" screen, nor in the Windows Settings -> Devices -> Bluetooth and other devices -> Add a device screen. Since the device never appeared, I couldn't connect to it.

The solution to the problem turned out to be upgrading my Toshiba Satellite BIOS from version 1.10 to BIOS version 1:50 available on the Drivers & Updates tab of the Toshiba Satellite Support site. The release notes mention a Bluetooth issue being corrected in version 1.40 and while I can't say for certain that this is the same issue I encountered, updating the BIOS was the last thing that I tried before the problem went away, and it's reasonable to expect that a relatively new technology like Bluetooth might have had early implementation bugs.

The other point to note is that if you've already paired the headphones with another device, like I had with my iPhone, then you have to hold the power button down for 7 seconds at power on in order to enter Bluetooth pairing mode first time you try to connect it to the Satellite.

I hope this helps someone someday!


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all the signs tell me that I am connected to the internet but I an unable to open any webpages at all, this has started happening over the last week. I have not changed anything so am unsure why this is happening. When I run the diagnostic test I am sometinmes told that I have DNS failure so I searched for this on this Tech Support site, I downloaded Winsockxpfix and ran it but the problem still occures. After about an hour or so of just leaving my pc running I find that I can open any web page and everything is ok. Tha last time things were okay I created a restore point but when i turned on the next day and restored from that point I still couldnt open web pages.

Below is the log from may last diagnostic run


Last diagnostic run time: 08/11/09 12:27:12 WinSock Diagnostic
WinSock status

info Error attmpting to validate the Winsock base providers: 2
error Not all base service provider entries could be found in the winsock catalog. A reset is needed.
info Redirecting user to support call

Network Adapter Diagnostic
Network location detection

info Using home Internet connection
Network adapter identification

info Network connection: Name=Local Area Connection, Device=NETGEAR FA311 Fast Ethernet Adapter, MediaType=LAN, SubMediaType=LAN
info Ethernet connection selected
Network adapter status

info Network connection status: Connected

HTTP, HTTPS, FTP Diagnostic
HTTP, HTTPS, FTP connectivity

warn HTTPS: Erro... Read more

Answer:intermittant problem

something strange has happened, it seems to be okay. ??????????????????

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For the past week when I start up my main computer in the morning it takes between 20-40 presses of the power button before it will start, I have checked the wires from the power button to the motherboard and they are OK, I have also checked the power button and that is OK. Once I have started it up I can shut it down and it will start first time then, but if I leave it for a couple of hours the same problem occurs. Any suggestions as to what could cause this would and how to cure it would be appreciated.

Answer:Intermittant Problem.

Faulty power supply?

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I have developed an intermittent problem with my Dell lap top. When starting up I sometimes get the get the message below. This is a problem with the disc drive, as when I go onto "My Computer" the drive does not show at all. Any suggestions would be helpful. Regards CarperDell hereThe device in the systems modular bay cannot be identified. It may not be completely inserted or may have some other problem. Please read and complete the following steps in order.1) Press device completely and firmly into the bay.2) Power off the system3) Press the power button to retry detecting the device.Press ESC to ignore and continue.This suggestion does not clear the problem

Answer:Intermittant Problem with Lap Top

Remove the Hard Drive under a Plate in the bottom of Laptop, then refit it. remove the battery and all power before doing the above

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XP Pro SP2 in an HP Tower system. Normally boots OK. Occasionally it will boot as far as the Desktop Background. ie no icons or start bar. Once running icons remain.

Second user account behaves perfectly normally

Recovery so far 100% by booting up in safe mode and then rebooting.

System runs behind a hub router, but user had let ZoneAlarm Security Suite lapse. Have cleaned the system of 30+ keylogger and other nasties but 4 days later ie this morning user reported same fault again.

The Systems is semi mission critical, end of the month - Very MC,

Anyone any suggestions.

Answer:XP SP2 intermittant boot problem

1) Look in Windows Event Logs to see if any clues / interesting footprints left behind. This tool makes it even easier to manage and filter through those log files

2) Turn on Boot Logging as well so you can see the order of things saved to a file during the boot up process.

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Occasionally Windows XP fails to boot and my computer shuts down. There is an error message but it is on the screen for so short a period that it is impossible to read. Is there a log file within XP that I can access to find out what this message is trying to tell me? The computer generally starts ok at the 2nd or 3rd attempt and then behaves normally.

Answer:Intermittant start-up problem

There is a way to do it,But I forget how,No doubt someone will let you know shortly,In the meentime just check that there is no fluff or dust blocking your air vents at the back of the computer,

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Running windows 7 64 bit.

I've been having a random mouse problem, it works perfectly fine roughly 90% of the time, the rest of the time though I have trouble.

One example, when I'm in the browser, most of the time it's perfectly normal, other times, if I click the mouse in the window itself (web page) it functions normally, but I can't click the browser menus or the task bar/start button etc, clicks ONLY work in the browser window itself, other times the problem is reversed. Works on the menus, but not the windows.

Have the same issue in games, sometimes it works fine in the 'field' but any menus or action buttons may as well not be there, I try to click a 'button' and I click the background behind the button. (character moves to or targets the area behind the button) Again it's sometimes reversed, buttons operate fine, but the background doesn't.

It's like the buttons/links/menus aren't even there, they don't even highlight when I roll over them, and clicking on them does nothing at all.

I can 'fix' it by rattling the mouse buttons, several rapid clicks of the left and right buttons in succession, which sometimes fixes it right so the whole screen works correctly, and sometimes simply transfers operation to the menus and I have to repeat it to get back in the window.

Even when the clicks don't work properly, everything else is fine, the cursor moves like it should etc.

I've tried installing and removing the mouse drivers (normally use wind... Read more

Answer:intermittant USB mouse problem

too late to edit original, but re-installing chipst drivers didn't help

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Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.0 (BETA)
Scan saved at 9:55:20 AM, on 3/31/2007
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Dell\EUSW\Support.exe
C:\Program Files\MUSICMATCH\Musicmatch Jukebox\mmtask.exe
C:\Program Files\\LinkScanner\LinkScannerMonitor.exe
C:\Program Files\SNP Software\StartupMonitor\StartupMonitor.exe
C:\Program Files\Adobe\Photoshop Album Starter Edition\3.0\Apps\apdproxy.exe
C:\Program Files\Roxio\Easy Media Creator 7\Drag to Disc\DrgToDsc.exe
C:\Program Files\SiteAdvisor\6028\SiteAdv.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\InstallShield\UpdateService\issch.exe
C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\EPSON\EBAPI\SAgent2.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\McAfee\HackerWatch\HWAPI.exe
c:\program files\common files\mcafee\mna\mcnasvc.exe
C:\PROGRA~1... Read more

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When I first turn on my computer, the audio is fine. But after working on the computer for a while (mostly just Firefox internet and Microsoft Office), the audio will not work. I'm getting an error code 39, possible driver corrupted or missing for Microsoft Kernel Wave Audio Mixer. If I restart the computer, then the audio comes back on. My operating system is Windows XP. This has been going on for days and driving me crazy. Any suggestions?

Answer:Intermittant Audio Problem

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Hi, can anyone help me?

For 4 or 5 weeks now I have been having intermittent problems connecting to the internet both with IE8 and Firefox (3 and 4).

I am using a Dell Vostro laptop running Windows 7 Home Premium but the problem also seems to occur on an HP Laptop running XP Home Premium. Both computers connect to the outside world via the same Draytec/Vigor ADSL 2 router. It makes no difference whether the laptops are connected by WiFi or hard wired to the router.

On the internet side my browser stops connecting saying it cannot display the page – this occurs both in IE8 and Firefox. When I check the network connections it reports that the computers are connected to the router and the router is connected to the internet. Usually Outlook is still receiving mail and Skype works.

After a few minutes the internet connection will re-establish but often this can be speeded up by rebooting the router. This doesn't happen all the time. For example on Monday it didn't happen at all but somtimes it happens with annoying regularity – sometimes every 2 or 3 minutes.

With regard to Outlook 2003 this program sometimes stops sending emails or on occasion it will neither send or receive, however my browsers can be working well. This happens much less often. I have a number of email accounts in Outlook most of which are for my own domains which are hosted on the same 3rd party servers but one account is on a totally different server and is not owned by me. The proble... Read more

Answer:Intermittant Browsing Problem

Remove SKYPE and check it again.

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I'm having a problem with XP (SP2). Very often the computer starts up and all is ok until the accounts page. When I click on my user icon XP continues to load then will often reboot. Sometimes I get a message to say one hd needs checking, it is always the same partition and the result is always ok. I've tried starting from last known good start and system restore but the problem keeps returning. I guess it is something in the start up list. Is there any way of printing off the contents of the start up list?

Answer:Intermittant start up problem


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We have a problem with our wireless connection. Everything works fine until my son gets onto the wireless network. Once he gets on, I lose my connection and then we have problems getting the connection to stay on. It seems if he stays off the network we don't have a problem. Comcast is my ISP, when we call they run us through powering off everything and restarting the network. And tell us to call back next time it happens. It is getting very annoying. In addition to the two laptops, we have a samsung blu-ray player that is connected to the network wirelessly. It also loses the connection when he gets on.

My computer:
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft® Windows Vista™ Home Basic , Service Pack 2, 32 bit
Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) Processor TF-20, x64 Family 15 Model 124 Stepping 2
Processor Count: 1
RAM: 1789 Mb
Graphics Card: ATI Radeon X1200, 256 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 142380 MB, Free - 62090 MB;
Motherboard: Acer , Aspire 5516, N/A, LXPEE0Y00292407D291601
Antivirus: AVG Internet Security, Updated and Enabled

His Computer is a gateway, I'm working on getting his details.

Wireless Router Netgear
Product Model: WNR1000-2VCNAS
Serial Number: 28C20A5327F4A

Cable Modum
Thomson dcm425

Vonage Adapter
Motorola VT1005

Any help would be appreciated.

Answer:Intermittant Wireless Problem

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I've reported this problem before, but here is a more specific description.

I get two different modes of operation upon booting that occur intermittantly. The first is where everthing operates normally. For the second, however, I get the following symptoms:

1. None of my 3 browsers will load.

2. Snagit8 will not load.

3. Task Manager indicates that the browers and Snagit are running, but fails to perform when "End Process" is clicked.

4. All other programs load and run normally, at least the many that I tested did.

5. Computer will not do a normal shut-down. It hangs. I would get some "Program Not Responding" messages. I can only shut down manually by pressing the "Start" button on the tower for 4 seconds.

6. I would get an occasional message during boot that indicates SpySweeper has been damaged and to reinstall.

7. Upon reboot, I'm usually back to normal operation. SpySweeper loads and runs OK.

Here's what I have done to date:

1. Reloaded XP. I booted to the installation CD because Autorun wasn't working either.

2. I reseated all internal cables, memory cards, and the 3 slotted cards: 3D video card, an extra USB controller card, and a 56K modem/fax card. After I did this, operation was normal for over a week.

3. I thought that the problem may be thermally related because the abnormal operation seemed to occur after the first boot of the day. However, this morning the boot was normal even though the morning temp i... Read more

Answer:Intermittant boot problem

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the laptop dell inspiron n5010 is running fine , i have an automatic connection to my wifi at home set up on this laptop - i am using dw lan card dw 1501 wireless -n half mini card rev 2.11 , the connection of wifi is on i can use it for hours and it is ok but than i shut down the windows and when i start it up next time the internet connection to my wifi fails (the icon showing the wifi indicates the wireless on the laptop is off when i start it up manually and try to connect to my network (wifi) it says the connection is impossible and tells me to reset my routher . when i try to run connection diagnostics on my wlan card it gets up to the internet ip ping and says:The wireless router/AP for your network is working, but your computer is not able to use an IP address to connect to the Internet. You will not be able to connect to the Internet, although you might be able to connect to your local network. Contact your network administrator or wireless router/AP installer for assistance.Customer Support: there anything i can do to resolve this annoying problem - just to add sometimes the laptop will start up fine and tha internet connection is automatically on without any trouble...i tried to do this (i have found it on some forum but did not bring any effect..Method 1: Run Ipconfig /all at the command prompt to check if you are able to obtain an IP (internet protocol) address Click Start, click Run, type "cmd" (without the quotation... Read more

Answer:wireless intermittant booting problem

just to add i have two other laptops connected to my internet by wifi and the others seem so run ok - is there any kind of wifi virus going on you are aware of ?? i have scanned my laptop with avg and a couple of other programs but they didn`t detect anything

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Hi...ive A Medion 2800 pc running windows xp home edition and recently ive been having the VDU screen go blank for a couple of seconds at a time (a black screen without any lettering or life to it).this happens several times an hour and doesent seem to create any other problems but it is annoying........anyone have any idea as to why its doing it?.......i run norton Systemworks often to hopefully cure any glithches yet it dont help this problem...........thank you..John.

Answer:intermittant Blank Screen problem

Open the computer and check that the graphics card is firmly seated in it's slot. Also check the VGA cable for signs of damage and make sure it's firmly attached to the graphics card. Least likely, does your graphics card require a separate power supply? If so make sure it is connected firmly.

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I've reported this problem before, but here is a more specific description.


I get two different modes of operation upon booting that occur intermittantly. The first is where everthing operates normally. For the second, however, I get the following symptoms:

1. None of my 3 browsers will load.

2. Snagit8 will not load.

3. Task Manager indicates that the browers and Snagit are running, but fails to perform when "End Process" is clicked.

4. As far as I can tell, all other programs load and run normally, at least the many that I tested did.

5. Computer will not do a normal shut-down. It hangs. I would get some "Program Not

Responding" messages. I can only shut down manually by pressing the "Start" button on the tower for 4 seconds.

6. I would get an occasional message during boot that indicates SpySweeper has been
damaged and to reinstall.

7. Upon reboot, I'm usually back to normal operation. SpySweeper loads and runs OK.

Here's what I have done to date:

1. Reloaded XP. I booted to the installation CD because Autorun wasn't working either.

2. I reseated all internal cables, memory cards, and the 3 slotted cards: 3D video card, an extra USB controller card, and a 56K modem/fax card. After I did this, operation was normal for over a week.

3. I thought that the problem may be thermally related because the abnormal operation seemed to occur after the first boot of the day. However, yesterday morning the boo... Read more

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I have a Tecrea M3 which has just had a clean instal/ of Win XP Pro with all drivers from the Toshiba website. It is currently running BIOS 1.5 with Nvidia GeForce GE TE 6200 with driver version 71.36 again fom the Toshiba site. When I originally tried to install the drivers for the Video Controller (Nvidia) it crashes midway with the BSOD and will only reboot is safe mode with all the boot DOS/BIOS text corrupt. Once in Windows SAFE mode the graphics are fine. If i install the Nvidia driver in safe mode all seems well but will occassionally crash on boot up with the BSOD again and the corrupt boot DOS/BIOS text. If i disable the Video Controller the boot corruption erors and BSOD issue seems to dissapear ?

Having reviewed several forums there is some conflict on what the issue is. Does this seem like a video chip hardware fault on the motherboard or is it software related ? There seems to be an issue with Nvidia video chips on these boards frying due to overheating ?

Any thoughts or comments would be welcome.

Answer:Tecra M3 Intermittant Graphic problem

If the text is corrupted in DOS mode, then I doubt its a software problem.

I would take the laptop to a service center for repair, to me it sounds like a graphics chip problem.

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I have an issue where files are missing when browsing to attach a file to Lotus Notes email.

This does not happen all the time. Just occasionally.
However, I can still view them when going directly to Windows Explorer.

The folders are not hidden. So I am unsure what the issue could be.

Windows 7 - 32 bit
IE 11
Lotus Notes 8.5.3
Office 2010
No Malware
Dell OptiPlex 780
4 Gig Memory
150 Gig Hard drive.

Thanks for any tips.

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On start up the display is grainy and the colors are not true.  There is also a faint line down the middle of the display and a slight jitter visible on the screen.  Sometimes the problem clears up on its own - sometimes it does not.  The AMD/HP software is the AMD Catalyst Software Suite version  15.201.1301-150819a-188593c-HP which is the latest HP blessed release.  The AMD Graphics chipset is the AMD Radeon(TM) R6 Graphics / BIOS version  The HP AIO is Model# 23-q152m, Product # N0X19AV#ABA.  Help!!!

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I've reported this problem before, but here is a more specific description.

I get two different modes of operation upon booting that occur intermittantly. The first is where everthing operates normally. For the second, however, I get the following symptoms:

1. None of my 3 browsers will load.

2. Snagit8 will not load.

3. Task Manager indicates that the browers and Snagit are running, but fails to perform when

"End Process" is clicked.

4. As far as I can tell, all other programs load and run normally, at least the many that I tested did.

5. Computer will not do a normal shut-down. It hangs. I would get some "Program Not

Responding" messages. I can only shut down manually by pressing the "Start" button on the tower for 4 seconds.

6. I would get an occasional message during boot that indicates SpySweeper has been
damaged and to reinstall.

7. Upon reboot, I'm usually back to normal operation. SpySweeper loads and runs OK.

Here's what I have done to date:

1. Reloaded XP. I booted to the installation CD because Autorun wasn't working either.

2. I reseated all internal cables, memory cards, and the 3 slotted cards: 3D video card, an extra USB controller card, and a 56K modem/fax card. After I did this, operation was normal for over a week.

3. I thought that the problem may be thermally related because the abnormal operation seemed to occur after the first boot of the day. However, yesterday morning the boot was norma... Read more

Answer:Intermittant Boot Problem - Update

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Hi All,

The problem that I am having is very strange and does not happen very often. When I, or my room mate try and connect to our wireless network it will try to connect and never get an IP address and fail t connect. The only resolution to this is to unplug the router and then it works just fine. Router is less than a year old and up to date with the latest official Linksys firmware. Also this seems to happen after long nights of torrenting. Is there anything that I can do to fix this?

Also on another side note I have been toying with the idea to get a commercial grade router for our house, since we house a couple of geeks we use a lot of bandwidth, any suggestions as to commercial grade wireless routers.



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I have an intermittant problem with black or blank screen. This has been happening for a few frustrating days. At random times, my LCD turns black. The computer is still running fine. The keyboard is active (CNTRL/ALT/DEL invokes Task Manager). I can not see the mouse, so I don't know if it is active. ATI Tray Tool hotkeys do not reactive the display.

I must turn off the power to the LCD and turn it back on see the display. I then goes black after a few seconds. I can repeat this sequence 10 -15 times before it stops. The problem seems to last 90 - 120 seconds. Then all is well for 30 minutes to several hours.

This happens while running XP SP3 and when booted into the Dell Diagnostic partition to run hardware tests. All of which passed. I guess a worm could have infected multiple partitions.

I have VGA and DVI connections to my LCD. I have an ATI X800 and swapped it our for an ATI X300. The problem persisted with all combinations of the the video boards and connections.

I thought it might be a power or lamp problem with the LCD. I spoke with Viewsonic Tech Support, a knowledgeable one!, this morning. Booted into Safe Mode with no problem, but didn't remain in Safe Mode long. Turned on VGA only and the problem persisted. She suggests it a worm.

I have run Symantec Virus Scan & AVG Scan and both were clean.

Also, my wife and I have seperate accounts on this PC and when I "switch user" instead of "logging off" the display resport 1 mo... Read more

Answer:Intermittant Black Screen Problem

Replaced monitor and problem stopped. Viewsonic conceeded, third call, the monitor (under warranty) probably had a bulb that was beginning to fail. It is on the way to them...

Thanks for looking at this. It it a relief that the system does not have virus/worm problem.


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I have an intermittant problem. Specifically - whilst playing graphic intensive games, occasionally the system shuts down - (after a random amount of time from 10 mins to an hour!). This has just recentlly started occuring and happens on 2 games at present - Grid & Dragon Age Origins.

With Grid, I have played the game previously (about 6 months ago) on several occasions without problem.

I have tried the following:
1) Full reinstall of windows - transferred from vista to windows 7.
2) Update all drivers as part of the reinstall
3) Reformat hard drive as part of reinstall (this was making strange noises under Vista! and became partially corrupt following one of the crashes! - Now seems ok)
4) Run 3dmark 06 - ran ok!
5) Checked ram - ran memtest-86 v3.5 all ok
6) Checked vltages on power supply (I think I used CPU-z) It reported -
- VCORE - 1.208
- 3.3V - 3.168
- 5V - 5.016
- 12V -11.872
7) I have run the games with the side of the case off (to give better cooling) - still crashed - the cpu & main case fans were turning ok.
8) The system works fine on other games (e.g. Call of Duty 4 works without problem).

I am guessing that this is either a PSU problem or a graphics card problem. I do not want to throw money at it without having a good idea that it might cure the problem.

Thanks in aniticipation of any guidance you can provide.

My System:
Windows 7 Home Premium
Intel Core 2 Quad [email protected] 2.40 Ghz
2 Gb Ram
Hard Drive 500GB Maxtor
Sound - Creative X-Fi Ext... Read more

Answer:Solved: Intermittant shutdown problem

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Hello: Since I upgraded to Windows 10 on my IdeaPad Y500 my wifi is intermittant and stops working on sleep.
The network icon in the lower right corner  of the desktop has a red x next to it indicating no network connection. My home wifi network is not listed in the Network Settings list even when the laptop's wifi card is connecting to the router.  The wifi loses connection intermittantly on sleep, it works again once I restart the machine but loses the connection when it goes back to sleep. The LAN connection has also stopped working intermmitantly as well as the sound card. 

I have updated to the latest version of Windows 10 (including the kb3093266 update) pushed out in the last month by Microsoft. 
I have checked and rechecked the device drivers for wifi and LAN network adapters. The drivers are up to date with the latest. The wifi adapter is an Intel Centrino Wireless N-2230.
There are no network connections listed in the "Network Settings" list including my own router and the many other routers in my apartment building. The LAN connection didn't show up either. 
The LAN adapter also stopped working the last I checked. 
The sound card stopped working as well but comes back intermittantly. 

What should I do? This problem is really annoying. The wifi connection is lost constantly and only works on restart. This happened after the Windows 10 upgrade in July. It only worked fine with Windows 8 and the Windows 10 Inside... Read more

Answer:Y500 - Broken/Intermittant WiFI and LAN Connection - Lenovo IdeaPad Y500

Are you connecting to both Ethernet and wifi at the same time?

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You guys were really helpful the last time I had a computer problem, so I'm coming back because it has stumped me again. I have a brand new computer, built myself 5 -6 months ago and it worked perfectly for the first 4 months. I have a Pentium D 3gig running on a Gigabyte board (i don't have the model name), 2 harddrives (a 40 gig and an 80 gig, both seagates) a DVD RW, and an ATI radeon x700 Graphics card. I have 1 stick of ram (1 gig) and a 430 watt psu.

I've been having an intermittant problem the past month where my computer will not POST when I turn it on or reboot. The drives will spin up, the fans come on, but no beeps, no monitor, etc. I recently replaced the power supply because I noticed that the fan in it wasn't spinning and I thought that might be the problem. I also ended up trading in the stock heatsink intel sent me for a better one after i accidentally unseated it installing the new power supply.

Now however, I'm still having the same problem. Sometimes it will boot up just fine, other times it will not. It doesn't seem to make a difference if it is a cold boot after being off all night or just a reboot. I am also getting a whole bunch of errors and my computer frequently locks up (both while working in windows and often before the computer even loads windows, usually during the post)

Last night I got it to turn on after 2 or 3 tries and halfway through loading windows 2000 it started beeping repeatedl... Read more

Answer:Intermittant no POST problem / rom checksum errors


First things first. Does it keep time?
I would replace the cmos battery post haste.
Right after that i would download a bios upgrade (scary stuff here).
Your bios upgrade willl probably help.
If you have the newest bios i would try to upgrade it anyway. Hopefully you will get a cleaner install.

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I have a 5 yr old PC running XP Pro x64, Service Pack 2 with an Intel Pentium 2.8Ghz & 3GB ram. It was built and sold to me by an online store.

Over the last year (or maybe longer), when I come back to the PC after leaving it for a varying amount of time from mins to overnight and switch the monitor on, the only display is 'No Signal'. When it does so I cannot escape out of it but have to switch it off at the power source and start it again.

It then reverts the 'Quick Launch' to off and I have to enable it again. It also seems to clear some saved passwords and other fields.

I've replaced the monitor and graphics cards and updated drivers. The problem is that it is intermittant and only happens at different times - last time was 2 weeks ago but then it happened twice y'day.

When I switch the monitor on and get the 'no signal' the monitor light turns amber instead of its usual green.

Any thoughts appreciated and thanks in advance.

Answer:'No Signal' - intermittant monitor problem on XP Pro x64 system

what are you running
video card brand and model
power supply

check the listings in the bios for 12v line voltages and temperatures and post them

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Your expertise and time appreciated!!

System - Win2000 desktop (made by ABS) with Award dual BIOS. Mobo: GA-7DX+. (AMD 761+686B)

Symptoms:- No POST beeps. Fans run. No FDD light. Master CD light always on. Monitor stand by.
Problem first started with WINDOWS freezing at start up and vertical streaks across the screen. Rebooting used to clear the problem: but not anymore.

Occasionally the PC boots but freezes on "Windows 2000 Professional" screen
At the start up, it displays,
"check system health ok, Memory 262M etc." But I can't go beyond the Windows logo screen.

Once the PC works (very occasionally with the Restoration floppy) everything works normal. But that happens less and less frequent.

CMOS battery is fine. I also tried to put XP on the machine by booting from XP CD. After the EULA acceptance it freezed.

Is this a MOTHER BOARD problem? Which parts do I need to replace???
Very frustrating.

Answer:Intermittant no POST problem - strange symptoms

It could be an issue with your BIOS. If your computer doesnt POST and theres nothing on your monitor, then thats usually the problem. Remove your CMOS battery for 15 minutes and then try again.

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For approximately 1-in-10 boot-ups, my Acer Aspire will fail to boot completely.  Rather than booting up to the Win-7 operating system, I sometimes get a Windows Boot Manager window with the following message:Windows has encountered a problem communicating with a device connected to your computer.  The error can be caused by unplugging a removable storage device such as an external USB drive while the device is in use, or by faulty hardware such as a hard drive or CD-ROM drive that is failing.  Make sure any removable storage is properly connected and then restart your computer.If you continue to receive this error message, contact the hardware manufacturer.Status:  0xc00000e9Info:  An unexpected I/O error has occurred.So, there is no external USB drive or internal CD-ROM drive to cause the problem.  More significantly, I returned the laptop to Acer Service about six months ago for this same issue and to have the hard drive replaced.  Out of the box from Service, though, it came up with the same error message as described.  How frustrating!  I verified that the hard drive was replaced by checking the serial number of the new drive against the serial number of the drive the laptop was sent back with, and they were different.Up to this point I've been able to work around the issue by pressing the Enter or Escape key from the Windows Boot Manager window, which reboots the laptop.  Usually, it boots properly from that point, but s... Read more

Answer:Aspire V5-131 intermittant boot-up problem. Error...

If you have nothing else connected besides the HDD and memory, it's bound to be connected to these two or a virus.Since it has done it from new, it could be a problem in the M/B connections to the HDD or memory. I would test the HDD and memory, remove the back and reseat the HDD and memory.This video looks too easy to be the right one. If you need utilities to test, download and use Memtest86+ and Excelstor

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I have a 10 month old system that I had built at a comp shop near my house. Just after I got it, it dropped to a black screen and I had to turn off the computer without shutting down as I had no graphics. ( The power stays on and I can hear sound in the background If playing game etc) This black screen persisted including the BIOS screen etc even after I rebooted. Eventually after I turned the comp off and then booted it up it was fine. It ran ok for a few days and did it again. It then ran for a few weeks no prob then did it three times in a row in one morning. I reinstalled the graphics drivers updating to the latest drivers. Used Driver Sweeper to clean all old files. It ran for a few weeks then was constantly doing it. I took it to the shop and they pounded it for three days to test it. Left it on all day and night. No problems. Comp guy said he thinks it's trying to switch to on-board Graphics and told me it can't be disabled in the BIOS on these newer boards. He said to just unplug it at the wall and then restart it. Thing is it might go all right for a week or more, then like yesterday it did it 7 times. Occasionally it restarts itself now. It's driving me nuts and the shop don't want to know as they said it ran fine when they had it. I don't have a multi meter or anything to test the PSU but it's only 10 months old. Oh and after putting my USB internet dongle in this old machine ( Pulled this old one out to use the internet to write this)... Read more

Answer:Ongoing intermittant black screen problem

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I just had to reinstall Windows XP Home and all the updates on a new hard drive. I am running antivirus and spyware software. I am having an intermittant problem (every few minutes) when I try to close or minimize Internet Explorer windows or other open application windows. The mouse and keyboard freeze up. When I hit Ctrl-Alt-Del and click twice to close the Task Manager window everything frees up and I am then able to close the other offending window but it is annoying to constantly having to do this. I had this problem about a year ago and if I recall correctly, I found a download on one of the Internet computer forum sites that solved the problem. My chances of finding that again are probably slim to none. Has anyone experienced this particular problem and have a solution.

Thanks much.

Answer:Intermittant Problem Closing Open Windows

do you remember which forum

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hey all. thanks for taking the time in reading/helping me with this complicating and annoying problem.

i'm on my 2 build using the same tower.
current build:
asus p5k-e (new)
e6600 (new)
8800 gts (new)
2 1g corsair (new)
2 hard drives
2 dvd burners
1 dual channel pci raid controller (new)

here's the problem and i'll try my best to describe it. ever since this new build, i've been having this intermittant audio skipping/static problem any time there is audio playing. whether it's media streaming or playing a music cd. i even hear the problem, very slightly though and very rare, during game play. it's never consistent. it never happens on the 15th second of audio play, it just happens whenever. there's no consitent pattern of the problem other than it will happen right away or 5 minutes into it. also, when the problem happens and if i happen to be moving my mouse, the cursor/arrow will skip across the screen. i've also noticed the problem appearing when i'm loading an application or right clicking and selecting an option, but, this isn't consistent either. i can be on youtube watching a video and the audio skips and when it does, the video pauses. some of these annoying skips last 2 seconds long, sometimes shorter, sometimes longer.

now, i do hear the skipping more than i hear the static. the static is faint and not very loud nor long. the static doesn't happen as much as the skipping. but it's there.

this is wha... Read more

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I have had recent problems in which ZA would most times start correctly when booting, but about one out of 4 times it could not initialize True Vector.

I also noticed that the splash screen no longer appears since I upgraded to see if that would fix it.

Finally I TOTALLY ripped out Zone Alarm down to the last little registry entry, just like the Zone Labs instructions say, then reinstalled Zone Alarm. Then it happened again.

1) Can ANYONE give me any further information on the True Vector initialization problem?

2) Has the splash screen been removed, or is that another symptom?

HELP!! There MUST be something I can do! I have wasted DAYS on this problem!

Answer:Zone Alarm True Vector intermittant load problem

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I really had not this 'Bluetooth connection' before.
But, I really don't know that pairing my Nokia Bluetooth with my HP Laptop Bluetooth would add this Bluetooth connection or NOT.
I really guess this Bluetooth Connection was listed there when I connected my Lapotp Bluetooh with Nokia Bluetooth.
Thus, I will really not have any problems if I deleted it. But I am asking you what benefit of that Bluetooth Connection.
This is below was not here:

Finally Could please let me know how to use this Bluetooth Connection.(How to benefit from it)? I really use an ADSL Internet subscription, and not Dial-up connection. Also, I am connected wirelessly to a Modem-Router. Thus, what password and username should I type in the fields in the above screen shot?

Answer:'Bluetooth connection' is shown in my Network Connection suddnly.

Pairing a mobile phone will create such an entry and there's nothing to worry about. I don't think you can use it to go online since as you said you are using ADSL and if you want to go online via your modem with your phone just use the wifi connection

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does this machine have bluetooth capability? Its less that 1 yr old.

Answer:bluetooth connection

Hi, Many machines do NOT have Bluetooth built-in, what is yours ? Please use the following instructions to find out the model/product of your machine:

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Hey guys!

Just recently purchased the Big Jambox, and I want to connect it via bluetooth. I connected it to my phone and Ipod, but it won't connect to my computer? I am trying to install drivers, but I just can't find the right one. I have an ASUS G55VW, and I can't connect to it! Thanks.

Answer:Bluetooth Connection

Are you sure the laptop has Bluetooth? It's listed as an option on the Asus website and if it came with Bluetooth you shouldn't need to install any drivers as it would have come with them already installed from Asus.

You may be able to get the optional Bluetooth module from Asus or Ebay or where ever but it would probably be easier and less expensive to get one of the little USB Bluetooth dongles like this: IOGEAR GBU521 Bluetooth 4.0 Micro Adapter -

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Evening One and all, I purchased a cheap laptop at the weekend, and ran a network cable downstairs to it to enable internet/e-mail and lan connection, after a couple of initials problems (resolved here of course :-) )this worked well with full net access plus access to the shared files on the three desktops.Today, it seemed that the opportunity to purchase a bluetooth setup at a discount cost was too much to resist. The access point is a Belkin (no specific model number), and the laptop connection unit is a Belkin usb adaptor. After the initial install, I could access the net via a 'BluetoothNullConnection' modem in the dial-up settings of IE. This is stable enough, but at 115kbps is maybe a little slow as it has a 600k connection available - still it works.The problem is that I cannot access the other pc's on the lan. The standard local area connection quite rightly states that the cable is missing, as did a bluetooth lan adaptor which also appeared. After an uninstall/reinstall, I again have the net access, but still not the lan access - and now the bluetooth lan adaptor is not there either. Given that I can see the router at the 'far end' of the network, can someone suggest how to take this a step further and see the other pc's?If I run the network wizard, the bluetooth adaptor is not available to select as the required connection.The laptop is running xp home, and the pc's xp pro. Also, the desktops are connected via cable to the router (Linksys BEFSR41) as are the cable ... Read more

Answer:Can't see the LAN through bluetooth connection

Back to the top for the daylight crew.

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I lost my bluetooth completely from my computer. When I type bluetooth I get NO results.  HELP!  Hoping someone can help me figure out how to reinstall it!?

Answer:No bluetooth connection at all

@LLady Try reinstalling this. REO

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I have windows 7 ultimate and my only internet connection is the one from Wifi router but I noticed that when I turn off my router and there is download running in Internet Download manager(IDM), an IDM's windows pop up asking for user name and password for bluetooth connection.

How can I remove this?

Answer:Bluetooth connection on IDM

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I am trying to sync my mobile phone(Nokia) with my pc. I have the software and installed it but on first installation was asked to select a connection type. I selected Infrared, but later found that bluetooth is better, so bought a bluetooth dongle instead. I have installed the bluetooth correctly, but on starting Nokia software, I only have the option of infrared for initial connection before I can run the program for the first time. I tried uninstalling then re-installing the software, but have since found out that the software stores a file in the computer to "remember" the first connection method I selected. Therefore, even after system restore followed by re-installing the software, it still asks for an infrared connection. Can someone please tell me how to delete this/these files so I can start afresh using bluetooth because I don't want to buy infrared hardware just to start the program so I can switch to bluetooth!
Can someone please help a very frustrated numpty?!?!


Answer:bluetooth connection? HELP!!

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I have an original W 8.1 in a Lenovo x1 Carbon (64) and want to connect via Bluetooth to an updated 8 to 8.1 HP Envy (64). Both have Bluetooth. Although I can connect other devices (phone, speaker, etc.) I cannot connect the 2 PC's. I can get the name of the PC on the device screen and am asked to connect but then I get a notation showing a pass code and am asked to verify (yes - no) if this is the pass code shown on the other computers screen. I cannot find a pass code for the other computer and none is shown on the screen. Is there a way to connect the two computers?

Answer:Bluetooth connection PC to PC

Here is the step-by-step way to connect two laptops using Bluetooth.

Software and Hardware Requirements

In-built Bluetooth device on laptopBluetooth dongle (optional)Bluetooth drivers (optional)

Important - Since Bluetooth use short wave radio frequencies for data transfer, devices using radio waves should not be placed within 100 meter radius. Bluetooth signals weaken if the devices are placed more than 100 meters apart. Also before connecting the two laptops using Bluetooth, make sure that neither of the laptop is infected with any sort of virus or malicious program. They can easily get transferred from one laptop to another without your knowledge.

Step 1 ? Determine the Type of Bluetooth
The first step is to determine the type of Bluetooth device your laptop has. Refer user?s manual of your laptop to determine this. If it has inbuilt Bluetooth, proceed to step 3, else, proceed as follows:

Step 2 ? Install Bluetooth
Purchase a Bluetooth dongle from market (usually costs $10) and insert it in one of the USB ports. Windows XP or higher versions of Windows do not require any sort of driver installation, however, if it?s Windows 98, install the drivers. All types of Bluetooth also come bundled with control software, which should also be installed at this step.

Step 3 ? Switch on the Bluetooth
Switch on the Bluetooth of each laptop. A bright blue glowing light indicates that the Bluetooth has been switched on and ready for connectivity.

Step 4 ? Assign Status
Decide ... Read more

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Hi all:How can I connect a bluetooth ready phone to my Lenovo H5 series desktop which has no internal bluetooth connection that I can find?  What would the extra bluetooth device be and how much roughly does it cost?thanks,jim

Answer:Bluetooth connection

hi jimrich,
Thanks for Posting!
You can opt to get a USB Bluetooth dongle.
Cost around $11 to $18.
Hope this helps

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I bought my mom a HP10N280NO for christmas in 2015. What bluetooth connection has it got? 

Answer:What bluetooth connection is it?

Hi, No 10N280NO available in this world, what is its ? Must be 10-something. Anyway, normally Pavilion x2 has     Bluetooth® 4.0 Regards.

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I have a htc Wildfire S phone and a hp pavillion dm4 both of which are bluetooth enabled I have succeeded in getting them paired(the phone says 'paired but not connected' the computer says the phone is there but not connected)The computer lets me tick a box for audio transfer but I cannot find how to get the files(photos) to transfer. I have tried with and without usb cable attached and i think I have been through all the options I can find at both ends; 15 hours so far!!... help

Answer:bluetooth connection

Have a look...HERE

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please,the problem was that am trying to connect via bluetooth with vista o.s but the in-built bluetooth wasn't compatible with the bluetooth dun connection am trying to do,please i need a possible solution to this problem,either by desable or uninstall the in-built bluetooth device in the system which was hp laptop.

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I have a HP Photosmart Printer that has a USB B connection. I am looking to connect by Bluetooth (I'm aware of the 10m connectivity etc) using this USB connection. Lindy used to do an adaptor, but now discontinued. Any ideas??

Answer:Bluetooth - USB B Connection

You may be able to take your pick from here -click here

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i wish to connect a pda to my pc using bluetooth so that i can use my pc's broadband connection to surf the internet on the pda and would like to know what i will need to do this and how to go about setting it up.i have not yet purchased my pda but i am looking to get a HP iPAQ Pocket PC that has built in bluetooth and a bluetooth usb adapter for my pc.all help is appreciated.

Answer:pda - pc bluetooth connection

If you are running XP you need to get the SP2 service pack as it support's bluetooth better

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I'm not to sure if this discussion is in the right place, but i need some advice on bluetooth dongles and mobile phones. I'v got a dongle and the software that it comes with is XTNDconnect blue manager. I'v installed the dongle and the drivers and after a while of turning the pc off and on over about a week the dongle icon shows it to be unplugged. The dongle is never taken out of the usb port so this cant be. The only way I can seem to get the dongle to work is to keep installing the drivers everytime I want to use the. Which is starting to get anoying. Can any one advise any ideas? would different drivers work and if so where can I get them?

Answer:Bluetooth connection

i had the same problem....but when i tried a different usb port it started to work fine. have u tried moving the dongle to different usb's?

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Hey, I have a windows 7, on which I have started using a bluetooth mouse. However, it takes alot of time for the bluetooth mouse to get connected to my laptop after startup, which makes it useless because I am unable to do anything until it connects. Is there any way to make the bluetooth software start faster, or connect faster? I tried to look in the task-schedular but I couldnt see the bluetooth option in there, so I am lost on what to do.

Answer:Bluetooth Connection

Bluetooth usually takes awhile to connect, due to the fact that Windows has other services and processes that load during log in, prior to bluetooth devices being detected and connecting. What's the make and model of your bluetooth mouse?

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I have successfully paired my windows 10 laptop with my Samsung sound bar, but cannot figure out how to direct the audio to the soundbar. The only device shown in the audio settings is the laptop's speakers and they are checked as the default output. Please tell me how to get the sound bar set as the default output device. Thx.

Answer:bluetooth connection

If you had looked in the W10 section you would have seen Bluetooth is an issue for for now. Once that is sorted you should be able to successfully pair.

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I recently formatted my system and now i can't make any connection (internet or file transfer) using my bluetooth. i tried installing a bluetooth driver and also hp network assistant but all to no avail. pls what else should i do. thanks

Answer:Bluetooth Connection

Hi, What is your HP Pavilion dv6 ?  Please use the following instructions to find out the model/product of your machine:

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i have an x220 tablet with an i5 processor. it is supposed to have bluetooth on it, but i dont know how to use it, cuz i cant find some sort of menu or anything in the control panel related to bluetooth.  did they forget to put bluetooth on my computer? i want to send some music files to my phone,  help is appreciated thanks.

Answer:Bluetooth connection

@kissan,Try pressing Fn + F5 then enable Bluetooth from there.//JameZ

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I have recently bought a bluetooth headset, a Jabra BT 250v, for both my mobile phone and my laptop, an Acer Ferrari. It connected fine to my phone but not to the laptop. The signal for it was found by the laptop but when i try to use it as a microphone or headset the sound just comes out the laptop speakers. Anyone got any ideas?

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Toshiba Satellite A200 with Win HP Home SP3

Trying to get a Bluetooth connection to my new Palm T|X

Setting up Bluetooth, I checked &#8220;Turn Discovery on&#8221; & unchecked &#8220;Turn off the Bluetooth radio&#8221; in the options Tab under Bluetooth devices.

When I tried to apply these changes I received the following error message (which Microsoft does not seem to know exists, from my search of their support section):

An error occurred while Windows was saving your settings. The following settings were not saved: Discoverability settings Connection settings

&#8220;Restore defaults&#8221; did not turn on Discovery, but did allow Bluetooth radio. Restore Defaults received a similar message (minus Connection settings)

My Palm does not detect the lap top from 1 foot away, nor does the laptop detect the Palm

Answer:Solved: Bluetooth connection

my first suspect would be the bluetooth device attached to your laptop, i would try to use a different bluetooth enabled device to connect to your laptop, try someones mobile phone or even a handsfree headset if you have one

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I have been trying to connect a laser measuring device (Leica Disto Plus-Bluetooth enabled) to my computer via a Belkin USB adapter. It doesn't want to connect and I get an error message which asks for a pairing PIN number. I am told by the suppliers of the Leica that it doesn't have a PIN and should connect without one. Can anyone help out?I am running Win XP.

Answer:Bluetooth connection problems

I don't know anything about your laser measuring device. But usually, for bluetooth devices, the first time you try to connect with the computer through the USB adapter, you need to "pair" them by inputting any combination of numbers (both on the computer, and on the external device). The set of numbers can be anything you want. It's just to make sure that you're connecting the right bluetooth device. If there's a keypad on the laser device, just enter any PIN, and do the same on the computer when prompted.

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