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DVD Drive Will Not Read CD/DVDs in Windows 7 (Detected in Bios/Windows

Question: DVD Drive Will Not Read CD/DVDs in Windows 7 (Detected in Bios/Windows

Hi All, I've been struggling with this problem all night and after reading countless articles and trying dozens of fixes I figured I'd ask.

I installed a fresh machine today with Windows 7, and got everything to work minus my Samsung SH-S223C 22X DVD Writer SATA Black OEM. The drive works, as I used it to install Windows 7 in the first place.

It is detected by BIOS, as well as showing up in My Computer. The problem is, it won't read any disc (ive tried about 10) including the very same windows 7 install disc it previously installed from hours prior.

So far I've tried removing the upper/lowerfilters from the registry (they werent there in my case), update to the latest firmware, ran the driver detective driver scan and update, removed the drive from device manager and restarted, and run the microsoft utilities all to no avail. In fact, I've run these all several times now.

I'm absolutely at my wits end with this, and I can't even get support from Samsung as the product is a Canadian model and they seem to only support US models. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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Preferred Solution: DVD Drive Will Not Read CD/DVDs in Windows 7 (Detected in Bios/Windows

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: DVD Drive Will Not Read CD/DVDs in Windows 7 (Detected in Bios/Windows

Hi bcred

Welcome to Seven Forums
Let's try the basics - recheck the connectors, power-cable to your drive.
Is the drive listed in explorer after boot?
If you have another DVD/CD-drive lying around, you could try swapping with the Samsung - we need to do this to try and isolate whether the actual hardware is faulty. Alternatively you could try swapping SATA connectors just in case the current one for your drive has gone south.

Keep us posted and regards


Re-read your post - disregard the q about the drive being shown in Explorer

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Hey guys, first post!
I have a Gateway M685-E laptop with a Philips CDRW/DVD SCB5265.

After doing a clean of Windows 7 install over XP, my CD drive stopped working completely, I messed around and installed some drivers from Dell and got it to read CDs but not DVDs.

Since then I have tried installing Windows XP and Ubuntu with no success getting the drive to read any DVDs, all it does is spin and make a nasty garbling noise.
Any ideas would be appreciated, thanks.

Answer:DVD/CD drive can't read DVDs after Windows 7 install

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Model: 300S-08IHH Desktop (ideacentre) Hi, Whenever I insert a Media DVD into the drive it makes the noises like it's loading and the light is flashing and then nothing happens. The noise stops and starts but the drive doesn't read the media files. I've tried a few steps I've found through here but nothing works. I have VLC and not even that program works with DVDs. It reads installation dvds but not movies no matter if they're new, old or in-between. Does anyone know what I can do to fix this problem?

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I should have came to this conclusion sooner, but my current re-installation of Windows has some problems that I haven't had the time to address until now. What I need, though, is access to the repair function on the disk. However, herein lies my problem...

When I boot up, media in the drive or no media, bios does not show the drive in its list. I can still open and close the drive as if nothing is wrong there, but I cannot "boot from CD". I've reset my bios back to defaults and while the drive appeared on IDE Channel 1 in the settings, it still would not recognize ANY media while booting up.

I have the latest version of my bios. I have also tried changing cables. The drive is on an IDE channel by itself.

Once my system boots into Windows, however, the drive is recognized and acts normally as if nothing happened in bios. Media operates fine. I have checked the event viewer, and there are no entries anywhere that states my optical drive has been experiencing problems, and yes, in fact it operates just like it always does.

Can anyone help me get my bios and cdrom back together again? The problem is I just do not know where to start to solve this. I wish I could say how long this has been happening, but I really don't know as of today. There have been no hardware changes in the past three months, and my current installation and configuration began back in late April.

Thanks for your time...

Answer:CD/DVDROM drive - not detected by bios, detected by Windows?

What is the boot sequence in the bios? should be CD or optical drive first, then Hard Drive or IDE-0 second if you want to boot from the cd-drive. Many computer manufacturers set the computer to automatically boot off of the hard drive by default so setting the factory defaults might not be what you are looking for. Look for the screen that has the boot order or sequence and just change it, exit and save settings and restart the computer with the boot cd in the drive. I hope that helps.

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Ive recently installing a DVD drive (Pioneer DVD-ROM DVD-104) into a mates PC. Windows detects the drive fine - read DVDs etc but when I enter the BIOS (Intel Corporation D865GLC) it fails to detect it. Any ideas?

Answer:DVD Drive detected by windows but not buy BIOS

Look again. That doesn't seem possible.

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Decided to install an aftermarket DVD drive from my old pc. It powers on and the tray works. It's the only IDE drive that is connected to my motherboard. It shows up in BIOS under boot device priority but can't be found once I log into windows. I've tried making adjustments in the registry, disconnecting and reconnecting the drive and all jumper options (Master,Slave,Cable Select). After the BIOS screen it pulls up a JMicron screen that displays the drive name in green lettering. The DVD Drive in question is a Pioneer model DVR-A18M. Any help in resolving this matter is appreciated. I would just buy another SATA drive but don't see the need when I know this one is functional. (plus it cost me 3x the amount of my Asus SATA drive)

Answer:DVD Drive detected by BIOS but not Windows

New SATA CD/DVD burner drives are cheap. Newegg sells them for under $20. Not worth the hassle of trying to make an old PATA drive work, regardless of how much it initially cost.

But, the PATA drive, being the only PATA device should be set (jumper on the rear of the drive) for Master. That may make it work. If it won't work set as Master, set it as Cable Select (labled CS or CSEL on drive). On the other hand, There may be some driver needed to make the PATA controller active in Windows.

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Pentium 4 2.8ghz 1 gig ram.Purchased this tower from ebay, turned it on to find the dvd drive is not showing in my computer.checked in device manager and not there. So I checked in the bios not detected. Checked all the connections nothing happening. Had a look on the techy forums and the general conclusion was a dead dvd purchased the lg dvd drive and all that happened when I installed it was raid controller appeared in device manager under other devices with a yellow question mark. I have no idea what this is or if it has anything to do with the dvd drive.The drive is LG GH22NS50 Black Dual Layer DVD?RW Writer Please help!!!!

Answer:dvd drive not detected in windows xp or bios

Try a different cable, plugged into a different port on the motherbaord.Also check that the jumpers don't need setting (unusual if they did on a SATA drive, but no unheard of).

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Hi, I'm hoping someone can help me with this problem. I have two WD SATA drives (WD3200AAKS & WD6400AAKS) which have worked fine for a few months. Now I'm trying to install a third SATA drive (another WD6400AAKS).
BIOS detects it on IDE Channel 2 (Master) with correct specs. AHCI and RAID are disabled. During bootup, I can see all 3 drives detected at POST.
My problem is that Windows XP doesn't detect the third drive. When I go to Computer Management > Disk Manager, there's no sign of the drive. I see no way to format it.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.

Answer:3rd Hard Drive detected in BIOS but NOT in Windows

Is this drive right out of the box?
That is to say, un-partitioned and un-formatted?

I have never, ever, presented a new hard drive to Windows without first booting the system up to DOS and partitioning and formatting the drive.

For safety, the new drive should be the only one connected during this process, so you don't wind up formatting your OS drive.

If your SATA port on your mobo is SATA2, then make sure that the SATA1 jumper on the back of the drive is REMOVED. Otherwise, the drive will NOT be seen. IT's a minor detail, but it's already bit a bunch of people in the pants.

I use my Windows ME boot disk to FDISK and Format every hard drive I get before I ever present it to Windows XP.
But then, I use nothing but FAT-32 for all my drives.

Even if you set up a drive as FAT-32, in Windows there's a Utility to convert it to NTFS, if that's what you want.

Almost an afterthought.......make sure the data cables are TIGHT.
They have a real bad habit of working loose. I fasten all my SATA cables to my drives with HOT GLUE, so they can't come loose.

Good Luck,
The Shadow :cool

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Hard drive not detected by Windows or BIOS [SOLVED]

I know this is has been addressed before; however, the responses did not solve my issue. I will include more detail about my issue in hopes of a better diagnoses.

I accidentally changed my external hard drive from NTFS to HFS when prompted, while connecting via USB to a macbook. Now I can no longer see the hard drive via USB or direct connection to my PC.

I took it out it's case and noticed it has an IDE connection for a motherboard that only has SATA connections. I purchased an IDE to SATA Adapter and installed it into my computer.......nothing. The BIOS and Windows still does not see this drive.

I am aware I have two separate issues. In order to correct the file structure issue I have to gain access to the drive.



The hard drive powers up both in the external case and with the adapter.

1. Windows 7 Professional x64 (with all updates)

Mother Board:
1. ASRock 880G Extreme 3 (with latest bios)
AMD Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition

1. BIOS is set to IDE mode

Hard Drive:
1. Western Digital WD2000JB-00GVA0
(single or master pin setting)

ULTRA SATA to IDE 100/133 Adapter #ULT40322

Answer:Hard drive not detected by Windows or BIOS

Have you looked in Disk management?
You should be able to see and format it there.

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Any ideas on this anyone?
A SATA 2.5" drive has a corrupted OS on it and I want to format it and then reinstall a fresh copy of Windows.
The drive is detected by the BIOS but does not show up as an available drive in the install routine (no drives found). I
If I remove the drive and connect it as a SATA drive to a desktop (so I can format it that way), it again shows up on the BIOS but is not available as a drive in Windows Explorer.
This drive has been pre-repaired by PCWorld - I wonder if they did anything odd to it?

Answer:Drive detected by BIOS but not by Windows installer

After connecting the drive to your desktop, please go to control panel > admin tools > computer management > Disk Management.

If your drive shows up there, it mean physically it is ok, just that its partition tables has gone wonky.

You can simply delete the existing partition tables there, and re-create new one and format it. Hopefully that will work and solve your issue.

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I know this is has been addressed before; however, the responses did not solve my issue. I will include more detail about my issue in hopes of a better diagnoses.I accidentally changed my external hard drive from NTFS to HFS when prompted, while connecting via USB to a macbook. Now I can no longer see the hard drive via USB or direct connection to my PC.I took it out it's case and noticed it has an IDE connection for a motherboard that only has SATA connections. I purchased an IDE to SATA Adapter and installed it into my computer.......nothing. The BIOS and Windows still does not see this drive. I am aware I have two separate issues. In order to correct the file structure issue I have to gain access to the drive. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Information:The hard drive powers up both in the external case and with the adapter. OS:1. Windows 7 Professional x64 (with all updates)Mother Board:1. ASRock 880G Extreme 3 (with latest bios)AMD Phenom II X4 965 Black EditionBIOS:1. BIOS is set to IDE modeHard Drive:1. Westrn Digital WD2000JB-00GVA0(single or master pin setting)Adapter:ULTRA SATA to IDE 100/133 Adapter #ULT40322

Answer:Hard Drive not detected by Windows or BIOS

connect it to a mac and reformat it to a linux live cd, that may see it, and use the linux to mobo probably cant see it due to it been ide, try connecting the drive to an older pc if detected format from therei hate computers!but cant help myself....

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Hay!My friend's laptop had a windows file corrupt (Error message before Windows starts about HAL.DLL) so I booted up with Ubuntu to correct that but I could not see the hard drive and could not mount it. I tried booting normally again.. no drive detected, not even the error message!So I tried to plug the hard drive on my desktop computer but it could not be detected in the BIOS and in Windows. However, during the BIOS post message, when the BIOS is trying to detect SATA hard drives, it freezes for 30 seconds on SATA3 (where it's plugged) and then it says: "Not detected", as it says with SATA2 where there is nothing plugged.Is it dead?Thanks allMarco

Answer:SATA drive neither detected in Windows or BIOS or startup

It's dead.

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I have a 3TB hard drive that suddenly disappeared from Windows Explorer AND Device Manager. I rebooted but it was still missing. The BIOS shows it and Debian is able to mount + read files on it.
After I accessed it on Debian, it reappeared on Windows. I ran Seatools but my computer froze when Seatools was scanning for drives.
It seems that accessing the faulty drive causes Windows 7 to crash. How is this possible? What can I do to fix this?

Answer:Hard drive detected in BIOS and Debian but not Windows.

Please stick to one thread and do not create duplicate threads on the same topic.It does not help.

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I have the Lenovo Ideapad Y410pI upgraded/installed to DDR3 16GB Memory,Samsung 850 EVO 500GB 2.5" SATA III SSD as the main drive,1TB HDD SATA II HDD via Ultrabay for storage9 cell 7800mAh batteryWith Windows 10 Pro x64 I installed the SSD as main and HDD in ultrabay,using SATA WIRE 3.0 to copy HDD drive to SSD. Everything worked great... SSD & HDD show up.See attached Screenshots.OK, so I take out the HDD ultrabay so I can run some benchmarks on the SSD, then when I put the Ultrabay with the 1TB HDD back in and it won't show up in Windows??? Took it out and put it back in 3 times now and no joy... it worked the first time I booted up both the SSD & Ultrabay drives... you can see that in my screenshots I posted.Any ideas what happened? Link to picture/image Link to picture/image Link to picture/image Adding to my post above, when I went into BIOS setup, the HDD shows up there. So why isn't it showing up in File exploer with the SSD? Link to picture/image Link to picture/image Link to picture/image

Lenovo Ideapad Y410p - Intel Core i7 4700MQ - DDR3 16GB Memory - Samsung 850 EVO 500GB 2.5" SATA III SSD +24G SSD - 1TB HDD SATA II HDD via Ultrabay - DVDRW via Ultrabay - Single/SLI Nvidia 750M + Intel 4600 HD - 9 cell 7800mAh battery - Windows 10 Pro x64


Go to Solution.

Answer:2nd HDD Ultrabay drive detected in BIOS but NOT in Windows/File Explorer

Wow! I got no help at all on my issues. None! I manage to solve it myself... thank you!

Lenovo Ideapad Y410p - Intel Core i7 4700MQ - DDR3 16GB Memory - Samsung 850 EVO 500GB 2.5" SATA III SSD +24G SSD - 1TB HDD SATA II HDD via Ultrabay - DVDRW via Ultrabay - Single/SLI Nvidia 750M + Intel 4600 HD - 9 cell 7800mAh battery - Windows 10 Pro x64

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My dvd drive in my Emachines laptop cant read data disks anymore, but it can read/play music and video dvds without any problem.

I have an Emachines D732z. I have Windows XP and drive is hl-dt-st dvdram gt32n.

I'm unsure of the cause of the problem. Can anybody help out? thanks!

Answer:DVD drive can read video dvds but cant read data disks.

Are the Data discs CD's? When you say Musicand video dvd's do you mean Music Cds and Video dvds?

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I just got the Erazer 315.  It comes with 8.1 but I want to install 7 Pro into it. Anyone know what steps I need to take?how do I install it? What settings in the BIOS should I change to  make it read my usb flashdrive first? Thanks


Go to Solution.

Answer:Install Windows 7 .. what setting in BIOS needed for it to read my flash drive first?

hi luism60613,
You have two options in installing Windows 7
Option 1: Install Windows 7 in UEFI / GPT
1. Follow this guide on how to create a bootable Windows 7 UEFI  installer.
2. Boot into the BIOS and set the following (if applicable)
Security Tab:
Secure Boot = Disabled
Exit Tab:
OS Optimized Defaults = Disabled
3. Boot from the bootable Windows 7 UEFI installer that you created in Step 1 (by pressing F12 on startup and selecting the flashdrive) and install it on the Windows 8.1 partition (you can format this partition if you like) and you should be able to run Windows 7 in UEFI (this also preservers the OneKey Recovery which you can use to re-install Windows 8.1).
Option 2: Install Windows in MBR (Legacy)
1. Follow this guide on how to create a Windows 7 legacy installer.
2. Boot into the BIOS and set the following settings:
Security Tab:
Secure Boot = Disabled
Boot Tab:
CSM = Enabled
Boot Priority = Legacy First
Exit Tab:
OS Optimized Defaults = Disabled
3. Boot from the Windows 7 installer that you created in Step 1 and on the Windows 7 installation screen, you will need to wipe all partitions or press Shift+F10 to open diskpart and issue the clean and convert mbr command to install Windows 7.
Note that this step will wipe everything so ensure you create a recovery drive (see this guide) just in case you want to restore Windows 8.1.

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Hello , so i got a windows 7 for 32 bits on a laptop .and i wanna reinstall my windows to windows 8 or again 7 but my windows doesn't read any cd/dvds . for exemple : i put the cd in the cd room then i go to mycomputer
that E: which is for cd rom assigned seems empty and when i double click it say to insert a cd even if the cd is allready inside . so i tried many things i couldn't succeed . helpppppppp

Answer:My windows don't read cds/dvds


Try this: Fix problems with CD or DVD drives that can?t read or write media


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I have a 2-month old T400s with WIndows XP installed. I ordered and received the Windows 7 DVDs from Lenovo, but the T400s won't read them, whether I try to boot from the main disk or simply view the contents of either disk after booting into XP. The drive spins up, and then spins down, and then spins up , and the spins down, ad infinitum. It does seem to read data and audio CDs OK. I've put the Windows 7 disks in two other computers, and they're able to read the disks, so I don't think it's a problem with the disks. 

Answer:T400s won't read Windows 7 DVDs

Hi markmid,Sounds like your drive and Win 7 dvd do not get along very well. I suggest replacing one of them, probably the drive under warranty.Hope it helps.

------------------------------------------------------------Maliha (I don't work for lenovo)ThinkPads:- T400[Win 7], T60[Win 7], IBM 240[Win XP]IdeaPad: U350Apple:- Macbook Air [Snow Leopard]Did someone help you today? Compliment them with a Kudos!Was your question answered today? Mark it as an Accepted Solution!   Lenovo Deutsche Community     Lenovo Comunidad en Espańol Visit my YouTube Channel

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i need help!
after update to windows 10 my laptop have some problems:
- cd/dvd don""t read some kinds of disks.
jack for headphones not work!
best regards!

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I have a Satellite A80-131 and after bios update (last version 2.5) by windows procedure update, my DVD drive do not read DVD medias anymore. It is possible to read CD medias, but not DVD one.

Can I reinstall the old bios? Can I reinstall the firmware?

Ronai Lisboa

Answer:After BIOS update DVD driver do not read DVDs anymore - Sat A80


On the Toshiba driver page you will find also 2 Firmware updates.
Check which drive you unit has and try to update the firmware.
Try also to install the DVD ram driver.

PS: It's not possible to roll back the BIOS or to install the early version of BIOS on the unit. Only the Toshiba service partner can DOWNGRADE the BIOS

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Hello, I recently installed a game which came on a DVD disk
The install had a few problems, and it needed to restart several times. (It looked as though it was unable to read the disc, which resulted in a failed install)
Eventually it installed and all was fine.
The game needs a disc check to start up, and so it must be able to read the DVD before the game can start. It was able to read it, and I quit and restarted the game several times with no problems. However, I tried another game restart and the launcher could NOT read the DVD ("no disk in drive" error). I re-inserted the disc and it worked.

Later, I had the same trouble multiple times. It worked one final time, but I later tried to start the game (and thus read the disc) and it refused to acknowledge a disc was in the drive. I restarted, I removed filters by editing the registry, I uninstalled the DVD drive drivers and even tried blowing air into the drive. I have also tried microsoft's "fix it" software for the drive. None of these methods resolved the problem.

The drive cannot read any other DVDs either (opening them from "computer" just opens the disk tray and states there is no disc in the drive)
The drive IS able to read CDs, which obviously means something (I'm not sure if there are two different lasers or something?)
For this reason I'm leaning towards a software fault, but I don't know what to do to remedy it.

The drive in question: TSSTcorp DVD+RW TS-H653F AT... Read more

Answer:DVD RW drive will not read DVDs (But will read CDs)

Yes. there are two lasers, and it sounds as though one has failed.
Replace the drive.

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This question has nothing to do with copy-protected software or media. What I'm asking about is in no way illegal.
I have a DVD recorder that creates DVDs. I used it to create a small DVD and I would like to be able to convert that to a format that can be read by my PC - specifically Windows Media Player. I'm guessing a format like .AVI, .MPEG, .MWV or MP4 would be suitable.

I went to ASK.COM and asked about copying DVDs to data files or "ripping" DVDs.

I found several sites that promised "absolutely free downloads" for software that would convert a DVD to a suitable format. Nothing I tried worked. One of them actually converted the DVD to a nasty image of a bug crawling along the screen and I assumed this was someone's idea of a trick to play on people who wanted to convert copy protected software. But since I didn't fit that category, I thought this was a real stupid and nasty waste of time. Of course, this assumes I am correct. I could be mistaken.

Anyway, I read some posts that explained that doing this sort of thing for free was very difficult and frustrating. Apparently, it is not at all easy.

Yet, I see clips from video files posted all the time on Internet forums. So there must be a way to convert files from a DVD.

Can anyone tell me a solution how to do this? I examined my DVD and it appears that all the files on that DVD are normal. There is only one video clip on the DVD and it is about ten seconds long.
Here is the ... Read more

Answer:Solved: Converting DVDs to a file that can be read by Windows Meda Player

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This desktop is only about 3 months old and so far has worked great!! But since last week for some reason the CD/DVD Drive will not read any disc. The tray will open but then nothing happens at all once a CD/DVD is in. Doesn't even sound like it is spinning. Any ideas?? Please help!! Thanks!!

Answer:CD/DVD Drive will Not read CD/DVDs

Also it is running Windows 8 and is a Ideacentre K410. And the CD/DVD Drive it is showing I have installed is TSSTCorpDVD-RW SH-216BB Not sure if that has always been the drive or not.

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The CD-RW/DVD combo drive on my Satellite Pro A40 (14 months old) stopped to read DVD (DVD-R or video, haven't tried other types), though it can read DVDs some time ago. I have cleaned the drive using a cleaning disk. I think the problem started when I upgrated the OS from WinXP SP1 to SP2, but not sure. I tried writing CD-R and CD-RW, and no error was reported, but the resulting CDs are unusable (cannot be read in the drive, with the LED flashes a couple of times and then on forever).

Anyone has an idea of how to solve this ptoblem? Thanks


Answer:Sat Pro A40: CD-RW/DVD drive cannot read DVDs

Hi Richard,

I would suggest that you access Device Manager on your notebook and then remove your DVD-ROM devive from the list. When you have done this then select the 'Scan for New Hardware' option and allow Windows XP to re-install the device and associate the correct driver.


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my dvdrom drive has stopped reading dvds and dvdroms. It reads audio and cdroms but doesn't detect dvds in the drive (xp os)

Answer:dvd rom drive won't read dvds

Hi, Possibly your DVD decoder has become corrupted. Do you have your DVD software disc so that you can re-instal it? If you have the disc I would imagine that you would have to remove the previous set up through 'Add Remove Programs' before you re-instal. cheers, Bill

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Recently my DVD burner does not see any DVDs on my computer that I built a couple of months ago. It does not see Movies, Games(that are DVD), Blank DVD-R or DVD-R that I have written information to. I have put in a few different CDs(Game, Audio and Data) and they do get recognized by the drive. My problems all started when I was writing to a Blank DVD. While it was burning, the burn process failed about midway through. After that happened, my problems with the drive not recognizing the DVDs started.

I had done a system restore to an earlier restore point before I had the problems with the drive, but that did not help. So, I undid the system restore. I have also tried uninstalling the drive from the Device Manager and restarted, but that also did not work.

The computer is running Windows 7 Professional 64-bit. The model of the DVD burner is a LiteOn iHAS524-T98 B. The Manufacture Date of the drive is April 2011, so it's not that old of a drive.

Any help would be very appreciated.

Thank You,

Answer:DVD Drive Won't Read DVDs

Microsoft Fix it Center Online -

MS Fixit, Optical Drives -


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My DVD drive is Plextor DVDR; my Computer is HP Pavallion, desk top and I am runing Vista. I tried the same DVD on my Laptop and it worked. When I put the DVD in the drive on my desk top, I get a "message that says "Please insert a disc into removable drive"

Answer:DVD drive does not read DVDs or CDs

I think this is posted in the wrong section of the forum. But check the drivers are correctly installed in Device Manager (Start, r/click My Computer, Manage, Select Device Manager on the left hand column) Look from any devices with a yellow exclamaion next to them. If so find te latest drivers online and install!

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Up until now, my dvd drive has problems reading dvds, but no problems when reading CDs. The error message is something like 'Windows cannot read, Disk is corrupted or not in format'.
I know this isn't the case as my other pc can read the DVD perfectly. Although, the dvd drive on my other pc is much newer.

Any thoughts or ideas?

Answer:DVD drive can read CDs but not DVDs?

maybe something happened to the dvd drive itself as i had that problem in the past too and that could be the faulty laser or it could be anything. maybe try reinstalling the drivers or something. and yeah also check to see if the green light is flashing or it stays on or it never flashses. sometimes that could tell us what kind of problem that your dvd drive is experiencing.

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So my problem is this: My DVD drive simply refuses to read DVDs. CDs work fine and for some reason the DVD with W7 is also read by W7 itself. Any other DVD (both single and dual-layer) are unreadable. Windows simply ejects the tray when I try to open a disc and asks to put in a disc. I tried both retail DVDs and DVDs which I burnt myself, none of them work (except for the W7 install disc).

I also tried reinstalling the driver (twice) and upgrading the firmware from 1.1 to 1.3. I have an Optiarc AD-7173A. I doubt it's the lens seeing as how it's still able to read the Windows disc and it didn't have any problems in XP (can't try that now as W7 is the only OS on my main computer).

So does anyone have any ideas? I'm also thinking about hooking up another drive to my PC to see if that one works and my current drive to another PC but before that I'm wondering whether anyone of you can help me.

Answer:DVD Drive won't read DVDs


Is the drive int, or ext? USb, maybe?


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I was burning a disc and all of a sudden it failed and i can no longer read CDs or DVD's what can I do?

Answer:CD/DVD Drive won't read any CDs or DVDs

replace the drive its probably failed.

or remove it in device manager and reboot.

whilst the pc is shut down take the side of the case off and see if the connector wire is in properly.

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Whenever I put in a dvd, the drive says there's no disk. It can still read cds fine. I've tried restoring the computer to an earlier point before it stopped working, and I tried using microsoft's fix it. I've also tried using a laser lens cleaner. Nothing has worked. From what I've gathered, It seems it's not a software problem and the laser that reads the dvd has gone out. This is quite disappointing considering I've only had this T510 laptop for a few months. Any thoughts on what I should do? Thanks

Answer:DVD drive can't read dvds, only cds

since you are well within the 1 year warranty, just call up Lenovo service, and they should get a replacement unit sent out to you. 

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I have a HP DVD 940i dvd drive and it has been working pretty well since i got it. I have ran into this problem occasionally but eventually i get passed it. My problem is that when i put in a dvd, my drive won't recognize a dvd is even present. When i explore my dvd drive is says "please insert a disk into drive." Can anyone offer any help?

Answer:DVD Drive won't read DVDs

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Hi all

I have just purchased a F20-136 and am getting "Event ID 11, Category : CDROM" errors in the event viewer. This relates to a controller error. The drive appears to read most discs but occasionally it has trouble reading some discs and this is when the error occurs (this can happen with either CD's or DVD's, pressed or burned).
I have also burnt an image to DVD-R which reads OK on the laptop but not on my desktop DVD. This laptop has the Mat****a UJ-840S SuperMulti Drive.

Does this sound like a hardware problem ?

Answer:F20-136: Sometimes drive can't read some CDs or DVDs

Hello Gary

It is not easy to say if there is some hardware problem. Your unit is a new one and, if there is any possibility, tries to contact service partner in your country. Explain them the problem and let them check the drive properly. If there is some malfunction the warranty will cover the replacement costs.


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My CD/DVD drive would no longer read anything,I try to fix the problem with Microsoft Fix Center, I deleted a upper filter and ext. but the problem still exist.Please help!

Answer:DVD drive can't read cd and dvds

The fix using upper & lower filters only applies when the drive fails to show, it can't make it work if it's faulty.Optical drives can fail, I recommend you try a new one.

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I recently installed Windows 7, and for some reason my disk drive will not work anymore.
My DVD Drive is a TSSTcorp CD/DVDw TS-H653L.

There are a lot of people I know who have Windows 7 and a Samsung drive that have the same problem.

It seems to read any CDs but does not read DVDs

Answer:DVD Drive will not read any dvds

I'm just giving some amateur advice here but, Recently I had that happen to me with a Benq drive. So sad too because that Benq drive was like, the king of drives. I'll never have a better one again....but i digress

Anyway, it began to stop reading dvds/cd-roms/cds etc. Off an on. Sometimes it would read, other times it wouldn't, and when it DID read, it would usually fail during the middle of an install saying it couldnt read the disc even if it was perfectly fine etc. I don't have a solution for you other than telling you that it's possible your drive could be toast, or hanging on by a thread, much like mine was. I had to get rid of it and buy a new one because nothing worked.

Don't take my word entirely though. Perhaps some fine people on here might have better solutions for you. But I just thought I would throw in my 2 cents since I had the same exact thing happen to me.

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My CD drive on my computer was recently not working. It would open and close just fine, but when a CD/DVD gets put into the CD Drive, it will not read the CD. All of my CDs that I put into the drive show up as "DVD-RAM Drive (D:)", and when I double click it with the CD inside, it brings me to a blank page, just like clicking into a blank folder. I'm using Windows XP Service Pack 3. I've been looking everywhere for help, and this is the only place I could count on for help. Thanks!

Answer:My CD Drive will not read any CDs/DVDs

Look in the Device Manager to see if there are any errors under CD/DVD-ROM.

Some times drivers become corrupted, try reinstalling the driver.

If you click on the + in the box it will expand the tree to display your optical drive/s. Double click on the drive in question and then click on Properties. Click on the Driver tab at the top of the page and then uninstall the driver. When you restart your computer the Installation Wizard will recognize new hardware has been installed and look for the appropriate driver for the drive.

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I have a hp a1530n computer with an XP operating system. I cannot get it to read any dvds that I have recorded on my mini dvd camcorder. I also cannot save anything on a blank dvd.

Answer:Solved: DVD+/-rw drive won't read dvds

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My NEC-1100A DVD burner is not reading DVDs at all. Everytime I put a blank dvd into the drive it says that theres no media in the drive. Does anyone know what the problem may be?

Answer:Dvd drive doesnt read dvds?

I'm sort of in the same boat. My BenQ DW1625 won't recognize any blank DVD media, but it recognizes blank CDs and will play/run DVDs and CDs.

Try updating the firmware.
Firmware Update

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hi techys, my cd/dvd rw combo drive is unable to read dvds. This problem started recently i am not sure when it stopped exactly like after installing which software i dont remebr exactly. it is able to read cds, i tried those dvds in other dvd drives its working fine in other pcs. my system configurations are: op system in winxp home,
its a dell inspiron 8600 series. dvd drive is NEC DVD+RW ND-5100A.
LOOKING forward for ur help. thanks

Answer:Dvd Drive Unable To Read Dvds

hi guys can some one help me in this dvd problem, i hope there are many techys here so plz some one help me in this.

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Hi folks. Another problem with my DVD drive here which I didn't have with Windows 7. As the title says my DVD drive will only read CDRs and not DVDs. My DVD drive is an Atapi iHAS122 . Does anyone have any ideas what the problem is?


Answer:DVD drive will only read CDRs, not DVDs

Could be that the DVD laser itself has gone bad.

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I'm new, so please bear with me. Basically, my dvd rom drive won't recognize blank discs. It shows up as 0 bytes used AND 0 bytes free and capacity is 0 bytes as well. It can read everything, except blank discs... It's not only in MY COMPUTER, but when I use burning programs like DivX or Nero it tells me to 'Insert blank disc' and the blank dvd is already in there! Discs I've tried: Memorex and Pleomax...DVD+R and DVD-R.. Why is this happening?? And more importantly, how do I fix it?! PLEASE HELP!!!

Answer:Why won't dvd rom drive read blank dvds???

the problem is ROM. ROM stands for 'Read only memory'. A ROM drive can only read, ie. It can only play discs which have info on them.

Unfortunately this is a hardware issue, a ROM drive will not copy or burn, it will only play.

On the upside, the hardware fix is very easy. Nip down to the local PC shop and buy a RAM drive (DVDR). You can pick a fairly decent one up for about ?30, and they are pretty much 'plug 'n' play'. You have the option of an 'internal drive' or an 'external'. I'd go for the internal (a little cheaper and the bus connector is faster then a usb).

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Hello all,

As the title says, it can't read or write DVDs. It also says its a cdrom in many places but it isn't.


Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft® Windows Vista™ Home Premium , Service Pack 1, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU P7350 @ 2.00GHz, x64 Family 6 Model 23 Stepping 6
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 3068 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 9600M GT , 512 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 147500 MB, Free - 71442 MB; D: Total - 142847 MB, Free - 142753 MB;
Motherboard: Acer, Aspire 8930, PSMBOU-1234567, Base Board Serial Number
Antivirus: None

Answer:DVD Drive cannot read or write DVDs

How old is the DVD drive and do Cds play and work OK?

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My DVD drive does not read any DVD when I insertit. I uninstalled thne driver and rebooted and it still does not read a DVD. What should i do next? Please Help! OS is XP

Answer:DVD Drive wont read DVDs

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I just received my X61 with docking station 2 days ago.  While attempting to install software on it, I discovered that this drive will not read DVDs that I have burned myself (i.e. non-commercially-pressed DVDs).  This is problematic for me since software that I use from various companies comes to me via .iso files which I then burn for installation. The drive in my docking station is a Mat**bleep**a DVD/CDRW UJDA775.  I am running Windows XP. Can anyone suggest any solutions?  I'm wondering if I need a different optical drive, and if so how I could go about making that swap at this point. I have tried the utility which allows one to directly mount an .iso file.  It works great for CD images, but not for DVD images.  (Perhaps a memory issue, as these .iso's are typically 4 gigs.)

Answer:X61 drive won't read non-commercial DVDs

After a lot of research I discovered this was a fairly common problem with this drive.  Many people indicated that they believed it to be a hardware issue and found that replacing the drive solved the problem.  I was content to go that route as well, but did some additional exploration. I noted that everytime I put in a DVD, the system stopped responding, and I attempted a restart, I would received the message that a process DLACTRLW.EXE could not be terminated.  Doing some research, I discovered that this process relates to Sonic software's drag-to-disk functionality which essentially turns a CD/DVD into a floppy-like drive.  My thought was that perhaps this software is what was causing the problem.  One of the preinstalled programs on my laptop was Sonic DLA.  I uninstalled that software, and that totally solved this problem. I'm not sure what about the Sonic program causes the problem, but I know I wouldn't need its functionality, so uninstalling it was an easy way to solve this.

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My OS is Vista Home Premium 32 bits.

My cd/dvd drive is HL-DT-ST DVD-RAM LG GSA-H55N SCSI.

I have one strange problem with my cd/dvd drive since a couple of days.

---My cd/dvd drive doesn't recognize Maxell CD-R discs and certain movie dvds and doesn't read any music cds (manufacturized albums). When I insert the disk, there's this message ''Insert the disk on Drive E:''.

But it doesn't have any problems with other CD-R and DVD-R like Memorex and Sony.

Last week, October 26, I played a DVD movies (like Broadway melody) without any problems. I tried to play it again today it gives me the ''insert the disc message''.

Is it due to some Windows update? or anything?


Anyone has an answer or tip?...

Answer:CD DVD drive doesn't read certain cds and DVDS

Check for Firmware upgrade @ LG's Support site. Sometimes updates are released to increase compatibility with more brands of media (disks).

ReadMe from latest Firmware v1.06 download.

LG Electronics Service Online :: Home

Click on "Device Driver" (small image of floppy disk) then choose DVD ROM (Writer) from the product drop menu and then search. Your drive's firmware comes up in a list amongst others. File name is

LG Electronics GSA-H55N
Firmware Version 1.06

Never update the firmware if the problem you’re having is the drive
isn't seen by windows, won't write with the included software, or other
interface related problems, unless the firmware specifically states it
fixes the problem you are having. Firmware updates normally don't fix those
types of problems. Trying to update the firmware when there are interface
address these problems can damage the drive's firmware. An error when
updating the firmware is usually caused by a problem with the drive
interface or there is more than one drive connected to that IDE channel.
Version History
- Added write strategy for POLAND media (EMTEC : MJC M005)

- Improved media support

- Improved DVD recording

- Improved playability for CPRM media.
- Reduced playback noise of DVD movies.

- Improved disc readability.... Read more

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Gwarsh! Hope this isn't too long to be boring

Yes, what a weird problem it is: the dvd drive reads all the previous DVDs it has burned, but not the new ones. I tested the new DVDs on my other laptop (eMachines, Windows 8.1 Pro) which reads them perfectly. The problematic DVD drive also reads the new (and old) discs burned by that other laptop. I use Windows 7s own burner app. I've tested also CDburnerXP, which gave the same results.

This could be a problem caused by burning data from an external drive (I do this sometimes, usually by accident). And this is because Windows always copies the external data to a temporary burn folder on C-drive and I tend to take time designing the temporary to-be-burned data with the wizard: making new folders, deleting files, inserting new files, "resinserting" deleted files, completely deleting files and yet starting over with same files.

I've checked, and the temporary burn folders are empty. I have three drives: C, D, and E. Is it weird that I have three temporary burn folders when there's only drive E that uses the burner? There's one folder with today's date and the other are 1-4 years older. Should I delete the older ones?

I remember I've had this problem once before, a year or two back I think, but I remember even then the thing got fixed accidentally (meaning: something that didn't make sense to me at the time).

Answer:DVD drive won't read NEW DVDs it has burned

Hi there

DVD's should be FINALIZED before they will read in different DVD drives / standard DVD players etc. You might still have a session open on Multi-session.

Check also HOW you are burning DVD's - there's quite a few different things -- for example data (as a DVD-ROM), as an .ISO as a VIDEO DVD as a DVD rip etc etc. DVD authoring also requires a different setup such as "cloning" or copying DVD's. Also are the DVD's Double layer or what. All sorts of possible things here.

Subject is a bit too complex without more info.


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Hi all, I have a Lenovo R61 laptop that currently has Vista Business on it. It is pretty much brand new and since I can remember it doesn't read cd's or dvd's. When I put one in it spins up but nothing else happens. If I got to My Computer and double click the drive it sees it as blank and asks me to format it. When I tell it yes of course it craps out and says the disc is protected. But after that if I double click it again, it opens up and has all the AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS directories and contents. Also I can burn cd's/dvd's and can boot to them as well. If anyone can help out I would greatly appreciate it!!

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Hi there

I was wondering if anyone could help me re. my laptop DVD drive cannot seem to read DVDs.
It seems to be able to read CD disks fine but for some reason is having difficulty reading DVDs.
The drive seems to be searching the disk then this patterns repeats 3-4 times till finally the message come up to put a disk into the drive.

I have burned a few DVDs on my PC and they work fine in there but recently this problem with the laptop drive reading them has come up. Previously there were no problems reading the disks on the laptop, this seems to have happened quite suddenly.
Could there be a hardware fault that causes only CD disk to be read perhaps, or could there be a software problem?

Thanks in advance for any help

Answer:DVD drive in laptop can't read DVDs

Try Unistalling the DVD Drive in Device manager. Close Device Manager when complete and then reboot the computer.The Drivers for optical drives is part of Windows. It will find new hardwar when you restart and load the appropriate driver for the drive.

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I own a Satellite M40-145 purchased just over one year ago; the DVD driver worked perfectly until three days ago, but today I discovered something... peculiar. It still reads commercial DVDs and burned DVD+R, but apparently it doesn't read burned DVD-Rs anymore. I have tried with different DVD-Rs I burned through the same DVD player, with no success; trying to access the DVD yields a "insert disk in D: drive" message.

In this case, I'm talking about movies on DVDs. Please tell me there's a way to solve this without sending the computer to customer service...
I'd hate to think it broke down just days after the expiration date of the warranty.

Answer:Satellite M40-145: CD/DVD drive won't read some DVDs


Well, you can try to remove the drive form the device manger.
After new reboot the drive should be recognized again. Check then if it?s possible to read the DVD-R CD.

But the issue sounds as a lens calibration error. If you use different media the lens must be calibrated again. But if this procedure fails, the drive is not able to read or write the DVD for example.
Unfortunately, in such cases only the drive replacement will solve this issue.

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Ok, so my grandpa gave me his old comp. cuz I love working with computers and am usually really good with them. not this one. My DVD drive wont read DVDs, it will read CDs just fin but refuses to believe there is a DVD in it. It worked just a few days ago. The comp. is an HP Pavillion 552w... HELP please. what do I do?!?!

Answer:DVD drive wont read DVDs :(

First step, try uninstalling the DVD in Device Manager and rebooting. This will sometimes restore full function to the drive.

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It does read CDs, and will play them, and it makes a lot of spinny noises when I put a DVD in, but won't play/recognise them.

Its jumpers have it set as the slave drive, its location is shown as 1(1) in device manager, which says it's working fine, and I have another dvd drive set as master, which plays everything fine.

Any advice?

Answer:Problems with DVD drive - won't read DVDs

My mum and das pc has the same problem.......itds funny though,it started top muck up a week after the warranty ran out

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Well the title says it all. If I insert a DVD in my internal DVD drive It's not recognised. However if I insert a CD, allow it to mount in the drive then eject it and re-insert the DVD the DVD is recognised. This has only just started happening, previously DVDs were mounted and accessible no problems.I haven't changed any settings or installed any new software recently. I also have a DVD writer which recognises DVD's no problem.Any ideas?Win XP Home SP2Don't know brand of DVD reader as it was installed in PC when bought. Itshows in device manager as IDE DVD ROM 16XThanksMIke

Answer:DVD drive won't read DVDs until a CD is inserted

uninstall it from device manager by right clicking on it and selecting uninstall, reboot and allow windows to reinstall.

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My cd-rom drive has stopped reading anything other than DVDs. It plays DVDs fine but software, music, video games, data discs, if it isn't a DVD it makes a
sound like it's trying to spin the disc but it retracts. Since it plays DVDs I figure it has to be a software problem. I've tried uninstalling the drive and having Windows reinstall it, it's still the same. The worse part is I can't even do a system restore to see if starting from scratch will fix it because they're on CDs.

If you have any idea how it can be fixed please help me.

Presario 700 laptop
XP Home
SP 1

Answer:cd-rom drive doesn't read anything other than DVDs

hmm so your cd rom drive can play dvd's hmm there not suposed to do this so it seems to me that it must be a factory fault and your cd rom drive must actually be a dvd rom drive dut dvd rom drives can play anything yes its a software problem try updating the software of take your cd rom back to were you bought it and have it replaced as it might also be a hardware problem

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HP 600-1120DVD/CD drive will only play CDs.  Not DVDs.  After Upgrade to Windows 10.The windows 10 upgrade initial attempt was not good.  Nothing listed in the All Apps start menu, etc.Did a reset from Settings>Update & Recovery>Recovery>Reset this PC.  Reinstalled all software using USB thumb drives when all I had was a DVD installation disc, or downloaded installation files.Good installation.  Everything worked and very snappy.As the title states, the drive will handle CDs just fine.  I have tried DVD-Rs, DVD movies, and various original software DVDs.Before the upgrade, I imaged the hard drive to an external USB drive by using a DVD boot disc for the back up software.  The system offered me the ?Press any key for the CD? prompt, which I did, and the PC booted into the backup software with no issues and likewise, performed the backup without error.After the upgrade, same DVD boot disc, the system did not even recognize it was there. (no ?press any key? prompt.)Tried a second boot, pressed the esc key to enter boot selection menu, and manually selected the DVD.  Again it bypassed it with no ?press any key? prompt and booted into windows..The BIOS sees the drive, Device Manager sees the drive.No errors are present anywhere that I can see.Tried uninstalling and reinstalling from Device Manager.Tried uninstalling and reinstalling the IDE/ATAPI controllers from Device Manager.Tried removing high and low filters in ... Read more

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my dvd drive wont read dvds but will still read cds i tryed everything i could think of uninstalling reinstalling rolling back driver update driver regisery mechanic system restore and recovery checked event log said i have a bad cable any ideas pls and thnx

Answer:Solved: dvd drive wont read dvds

This is a common failure. Replace the drive.

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Evening, I have recently been testing out various OS's on my laptop and finally decided to revert back to Windows Pro.
It was working fine until a couple of days ago, but then the disk drive started to make a clicking noise as if the R/RW head was sticking.

Now it wont read CDs or DVDs, can someone please help and tell me if this is a software fault or a hardware fault and how best to fix it?

Answer:Satellite L30: drive wont read CDs or DVDs

It's a hardware problem, not because you changed the OS. A service could fix this problem (I think they must change the drive). I heard from another user, that he had problem with the optical drive. He had Panasonic (Matsu****a). If you have that type (not LG), maybe you have the same problem.

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I have a Fujitsu C-Series laptop with 512 megs of memory, 40 gig HD, and a Panasonic-Matshita UJDA 730 combo cd read/writer and DVD reader.

The OS is Windows XP Pro Service Pack 2.

The CD/DVD drive can read any DVD I put in. In Explorer, My Computer, the drive shows up correctly. I can get a directory listing, play the movie, etc. However, the same drive is extremely unreliable with cds to the extent that its useless.

Most often, after putting in a cd, I can hear the drive click/moving and it's clear that the drive is doing retries.This includes original manufacture data cds. Explorer will show the drive as a cd/dvd drive. Double clicking on the cd drive will cause Explorer to hang for several seconds. Then Explorer will either show the drive as only a CD with no data or it will hang until I eject the disk. Frequently, the door won't even open whether through an eject in Explorer or I physically press the button. When a cd will not eject, I can turn off the computer, restart it, and the drive is freed.

I've checked for BIOS updates for the CD, but there are none from the manufacturer. I've check for driver updates with Fujitsu and there are none. All bios settings are the factory defaults - typically using auto-detect for devices.

I don't think that drive is physically broken.
It always works as a DVD player, but not as a cd player.
I'm running the same configuration on my Desktop, and it never has this problem.
I can take cds that won&#... Read more

Answer:Laptop Combo Drive will read DVDs but not CDs

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When I bought my Evesham PC 3˝ years ago it came supplied with a Samsung SD-616T DVD-ROM and a Samsung SW-240 CD writer. I have just replaced the CD writer with a Plextor PX-740A DVD writer and the Nero 7 InfoTool shows that the DVD-ROM cannot read any DVD±R/RW. Is there anything I can do or must I buy a new DVD-ROM drive?

Answer:DVD-ROM Drive can’t read re-writeable DVDs

It may be the brand or type of DVDWR that is causing the problem, especially if the DVD ROM is old.You can buy a new one for about Ł15 - money well spent and can save you a lot of hassle. click here

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I cannot play any type of CD or DVD on my disk drive. It was making a very loud whirring noise, so I opened it, and took the disk out, then closed it again. When I tried to put the disk in again. Nothing happened, and the computer think's there is nothing in the disk drive. I can't think of anything else that would have caused this.
Is there something wrong with the laser or cable?


Answer:CD/DVD drive does not read CDs/DVDs, but PC does not report a problem

Your Drive is bad, you need to replace it.

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my cd drive is a cd/dvd drive, and it will not read burned cds. whenever i put any burned cd in there, whether it has music or just data on it, it doesn't autorun, so i go to my computer and try to open it there, but it tells me to "please insert a disk into the drive" so it doesn't see it at all. i can't open them through other programs like windows media either. The drive also won't read commercial cds that are older than XP, games like Deus Ex can't install because of one error or another, but games that came out after XP work fine. I've posted this question on other forums and been told to maybe update my drivers, but that doesn't work because i have the latest drivers. Also, someone said that they accidentally deleted a file once when they had this problem and they got that file again and it worked fine. i just don't get this though, it used to work fine before we had to reformat, now it just doesn't. So does anyone have any ideas as to what the problem is and how i can fix it? thanks

Answer:Cd Drive can't read burned cds or dvds, or older cds...

Maybe this will be of some help:;en-us;Q321641

Of course you've checked and re-seated all cables.

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I've been trying to watch my Big Bang Theory Season 4 DVDs. I've started watching discs 1,2 and two and they're recognized fine in my drive but disc 3 isn't even recognized and the drive says please insert a disc.

Answer:DVD Drive unable to read certain DVDs but most of them are readable.

Hum maybe something wrong with the codec or damage to the initial read area - look at the very inner "start" surface as they read disks from the centre to the outside just like the old vinyl records used to read from out to in ( a very long spiral).

Look for scuffs and scratches though they tend to have to be pretty bad on DVD's. Blu ray disks are a little more susceptible because they use a finer "burn" line than the ordinary DVD's

I don't know where you are but if the problem is damage either take it back to the seller or try and repair the damage by buffing with some silver cleaning polish DON'T use brass cleaner as it uses solvents and will "melt" the disk surface the silver polish like Silvo is water based.
It takes a bit of elbow grease but works fine for me on DVD's and CD's and sue mainly an in to out cleaning action (straight strokes) .

You can but cleaning kits but in my experience they do more damage than good especially the ones that use a spinning disk that "wanders in an elliptical fashion over the disk surface

It could also just be a bad manufactured disk.

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Hello everyone. my name is Adrian, i recently purchased a gateway gt5228 desktop with the windows 7 upgrade. It all works great but it has one problem, the dvd rw/cd rw drive can read dvds just fine but will not burn. the drive is a lite-on combo sohc-4832k ata device. Windows dvd maker says "a dvd burner was not found. make sure a dvd burner is connected and installed, and then try again". This same program wont even recognize the drive, however other software like nero, recognizes the drive just not that its a recordable drive. I've been researching this problem for awhile now and have found that many people have this problem but have not seen a solution anywhere. Id really appreciate your help so i can get to burning some family home videos. Thank you very much in advance. any i mean any help is greatly appreciated.

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The DVD drive on my Satellite A50 can read only CDs now but not DVDs. So I am not able to use the recovery disk.
My BIOS is up-to-date, I think.

Answer:Satellite A50: DVD drive doesn't read DVDs only CDs


Well, what can I say? For me it sounds like a drive malfunction.
Possibly the lens cannot calibrate properly and therefore the drive is only able to read the CDs.
I think only the drive replacement will help you :(

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I can?t read dvd?s...
i can burn them but when i start to read them it shows me an error like this " E:\ is not accessible. The request could not be performed because of an I/O device error."

it?s killin me, please help

Answer:Satellite Pro M30: Can't read DVDs on DVDrw drive


The ?I/O device error? occurs if drive has a problem with the disc or your system config (mainly a disc problem).
The DVD drive can?t read all DVDs or just the burned DVDs?
Which burning software did you use?
As far as I know you should always closed the burning session.

Furthermore if you need the DVD Shrink software please check this links:


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My Combi DVD Drive CDRW drive, will read DVD's and Audio CD's but not any sort of data disk. I am running Windows XP and the Drive is showing up in my computer as the D: Drive, if the disk is a DVD format, even with data on it the drive reads it but and CD or CDRW disks it says there is not disk in the drive.Any Ideas?

Answer:Drive will read DVDs and Audio but not Data

What mak eof drive is it ? Unlikely, but it may need specific drivers instead of the generic Windows ones

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I have canon dvd handycam, and mini dvd works on it. One month back i recorded movie and pictures on mini dvd using handycam and ran mini dvd on my tecra M5 dvd drive, it worked very fine.

Now after 1 month i have 5 mini dvds with movies and pictures which i took on 1 month vacation in diffierent countries, i tried my best but tecra dvd drive does not read these mini dvd, cd drive label appears instead dvd drive when i put mini dvd in it.

All other standard size dvds, cds working fine on it.Its complicated and as well as irritating.

Any suggestions?
Why its messedup?

Answer:Tecra M5: DVD drive does not read these mini DVDs


I have really no idea why this happen but try to remove ODD from device manager and restart the unit. The system should detect drive again. After doing this test it again.

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I have this DVD drive that reads video DVDs and pretty much any other application of DVDs but it can't read data DVDs or install software from them.

Answer:DVD drive doesn't read data DVDs

How old is the DVD drive.
The most common failure item in a computer built in the past 10 years is the optical drive. The laser burns out, or the laser gets out of alignment, or the belt slips, or the drive wheel slips.
They generally last about a year, but if you use them a lot, they will fail after six months.
Luckily, they are very inexpensive nowadays. You can replace one from Wal-Mart, or Best Buy, or Target, or Circuit City, or the remaining CompUSA for about $$24 to $29 to $34 to $39. Four screws, and some cable exchanges, and you are done... if you can figger out how to get into the case.

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I am a user of a Toshiba Satellite M40-110. The CD Recorder refuses to read some DVDs, and gives me the following error whenever I try to access the drive from the windows explorer:

D:\ is not accessible.

The request could not be performed because of an I/O device error.

I don't know if this is related to my problem, but yesterday it gave me "Power Callibration Errors" when trying to burn some CDs with Nero. However, after inserting another firm's CD, it worked with no errors at all.

Please reply at your earliest convinience.


Answer:Satellite M40 – the drive doesn’t read some DVDs


Does this error occur if you use Nero burning software? Is there ?power calibration area full'' error message?

I would recommend possibly trying a higher quality brand of media with the drive such as TDK, Verbatim, or Imation to determine if those work properly for you.

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I have a SatA40 (almost 3 years ago now) and the cd/dvd unit doesn't work right, the cd will not read or write, but the dvd reads all my dvds.

Does anyone have an idea why one doesn't and the other does work?? (Everyone I mention it to thinks it strange - thinking if one doesn't work the other shouldn't either.)

Answer:Satellite A40: Drive doesn't read CDs but DVDs


You description sounds like the drive lens cannot calibrate in the right position.
Usually before the drive will read or write the medium the lens must be calibrate.
In you case the lens cannot calibrate and therefore the drive does not recognize the CD.

Generally in such cases the drive must be replaced.
But maybe you?re a lucky man. Try to clean the lens gently. But be careful?

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OK every since i sent my HP elitebook 8730W to get repair by hp my dvd drive wont read dvds anymore but it will still read cds i'm running windows vista business 64 bit. I'm thinking it is the drivers but i'm have trouble find them on google all i keep getting is software that will update all my drivers up you have to buy it.

Answer:DVD drive wont read DVDs anymore


What you could try is to run this information HERE and the FixIT and maybe also the manual instructions.

DVD/CD drives these days dont really need drivers, off one does but in the main they do not the main issue in read/write issues is the upper lower filters as in the above link should fix or the drive is dead.

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Recently, my daughter's Y510 IdeaPad just stopped reading CDs/DVDs.  The drive is detected in the BIOS and Windows (Vista 32).  I can insert disks and they spin up, but, they do not autorun, they cannot be explored (Windows says there is no disk inthe drive) and, occassionally, they will just autoeject after being inserted.  There are lots of similar posts about this DVD drive model on the Internet.  It seems this LG GSA-T20N is a troublesome model.  Any ideas if this is an issue than can be fixed, or, like many others, do I just have a bad drive that now needs to be replaced?  Does anyone know of other DVD drive models compatible with the Y510 if I need to replace the drive?


Go to Solution.

Answer:DVD Drive (LG GSA-T20N) on Y510 will not read CDs/DVDs

similar issue :

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I have an Problem with my "Mat****a UJ880AS" DVD Ram Drive in Toshiba Satellite L350!
I had tested 2 DVDs on Windows Vista, but the Drive can?t read these! What can I do?

Answer:Satellite L350 - DVD Drive can't read DVDs

Has your notebook ?factory settings? (still original preinstalled as on first day)?
What kind of DVDs you used for testing?

Please be more specific and explain to us what you have done exactly, what kind of DVDs you used and which DVD player you use for testing.

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I have a Toshiba laptop: Satellite A60-302 and I have a problem with the cd drive. It can read dvds and discs that I buy but it wont read all burned discs (even ones that I burned with the laptops own burner). Only from time to time it will read a burned disc.
I have tried cleaning the cd drives laser eye but it didnt help.

Does anyone know what the problem might be?

Answer:Satellite A60-302: CD drive read DVDs and CDs but not burned discs

You should avoid touching the lense because it is easy to scratch and break.

Is it just burned DVDs or burned CDs as well?

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Please help! I found one thread on here where someone had the same issue, and there were links to two "Fixes" of them worked for the CD I inserted during the showed up in iTunes in everything. When I took the CD out and tried to put it in a new one, it went back to the same thing - saying there is no disc in the drive. I tried running the fix again and this time it keeps saying not fixed. I was so excited because it looked like it worked, but no. The computer says that the drive is working properly, but obviously it isn't. HP wants to charge $60+ to fix it because it's a few months out of warranty. I am not especially tech savvy, please help!!!!!!

Answer:My CD drive won't read any CDs or DVDs, says device is working properl

Hello MeganMKennedy. Welcome to the forum.

The most common problem is that iTunes adds an UPPERFILTERS key to your registry. Deleting that key can correct the problem if that is the case.

This solution is very common and has been suggested and done many times and is quite easy.

The following link provides 2 solutions. The first "Mr Fixit" just does the deletion automatically. If you want to check for it and delete it manually you canm use option 2.
Your CD drive or DVD drive is missing or is not recognized by Windows or other programs

If it is not that then you can try this:

Device Manager will say the device is working properly only because it is 1) recognized by the BIOS, and 2) has a working driver. This, of course, ignores the fact that the device has problems functioning. It is an annoying message to see when you are having a problem!

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I hope I'm in the right forum for starters.

I have a Toshiba Satellite L50t-B-137 laptop running Windows 8.1 64bit, Intel Celeron 2.16GHz processor, 4GB RAM. It is fitted with a DVD-RW drive which, until about a month ago, was able to read and write DVDs and CDs. Now it will play CDs but not DVDs and definitely won't write DVDs (I haven't tried writing a CD recently).

I've tried the advice from Microsoft - no change. I've tried to edit the registry via the CMD function, but it bounced the instruction ( and CD-DVD Icon Repair made no difference.

I suspect something has deleted part of the registry when I uninstalled it and I need to tell the computer, somehow, that it has a DVD drive, not a CD drive as it shows in the properties.

HJT log follows:

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.5
Scan saved at 15:17:50, on 06/12/2015
Platform: Unknown Windows (WinNT 6.02.1008)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v11.0 (11.00.9600.17840)

FIREFOX: 42.0 (x86 en-GB)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files (x86)\PC Connectivity Solution\Transports\NclMSBTSrvEx.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Ink\TabTip32.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\TOSHIBA\System Setting\TssSrv.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\Nokia\Nokia Suite\NokiaSuite.exe
C:\Program Files\AVAST Software\Avast\AvastUI.exe
C:\Users\Jeremy\AppData\Local\Opera Mail\operamail.exe

R1 - HKCU\Soft... Read more

Answer:Optical Drive not listed and won't read or write DVDs

CD and DVD use different parts within the drive. It is very possible that the dvd laser failed and the CD part still works fine. As a very simple test, boot the machine with a bootable dvd [optical drive set as first boot device in bios/uefi] If it will not boot with a bootable dvd, the drive has failed. Note you can use a windows install dvd or a linux live dvd for this test.

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I have been having this problem, whenever I insert a DVD, or even a CD that has data stored, my laptop will not be able to access those files.
When I go to My Computer, there will be icon to recognise the DVD or CD, I will occasionally get a message saying that the extensions of the file is not recongise and that I will have to change it.

Funnier still, when I try to insert a DVD-ROM, it recognises the DVD as a BLANK disc; an icon would appear in My Computer that would suggest that the DVD CD is in fact a blank disc. I simply cannot run any DVDs or data CDs whatsoever.

I have the latest drivers, I run Vista 32bit and am clueless as to the cause for my problems.

I hope I can have this problem resolved by your help.

Answer:Satellite A120: CD/DVD drive cannot read or recognise DVDs


I?m not quite sure what could be the reason for such strange ODD issue but let?s hope that this could be solved changing some registry entries.

First of all please access the device manager and remove the CD/DVD drive from the device list.

Then start the registry editor and remove the Upperfilters and Lowerfilters values completely from the following registry key:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Contro l\Class\{4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}

Then reboot the notebook and check if the CD/DVD drive would work after new driver reorganization and installation.


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I am sure this is an easy fix, but I can't figure this out:

The DVD RW drive on my laptop can play movies, but it will not recognize blank DVD's. I have tried DVD-R, DVD+R and DVD+RW and nothing works. I am trying to backup some data and getting really frustrated.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



Answer:DVD drive plays movies but won't read blank DVDs

Download DVD Info Pro

Install it
Activate Later (button, bottom right hand corner)

Now you know for sure, if it can write DVDs

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I have a problem with my DVD drive, it works just fine for most of the time, but sometimes it decides to just not read DVDs. In this particular case I put a (brand new) DVD from a game in the drive, it mucks around for a while, then nothing happens, no autoplay or anything.

If I try to click on the drive manually it pretends there is absolutely nothing inside... The drive is (as far as I can tell) a GMA-4082N, appears to be made by LG. I figured I?d go ahead and try to update the driver, but neither Toshiba nor LG seem to provide anything of the sort...

This is really annoying, I?m hoping someone can tell me what the problem is...


Answer:Satellite A series DVD drive doesn´t read some DVDs

The lens may have dust on it, try gently blowing the lens.

Also remove the ODD Filters

Otherwise the drive may be faulty requiring replacement.

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Model: 300S-08IHH Desktop (ideacentre)
Whenever I insert a Media DVD into the drive it makes the noises like it's loading and the light is flashing and then nothing happens. The noise stops and starts but the drive doesn't read the media files. I've tried a few steps I've found through here but nothing works. I have VLC and not even that program works with DVDs. It reads installation dvds but not movies no matter if they're new, old or in-between.
Does anyone know what I can do to fix this problem?
Mod:  added system type to Subject line

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Hello, I recently bought a Probook 450 G4, i7 7500U with 1 TO HDD and 8GB RAM. I wanted to upgrade it with an SSD so I bought a ADATA Premier SP550 2280 M.2 SSD. The BIOS detected it normally, but windows installer wouldn't find it. I removed the HDD and tried again, same issue. I then installed windows 10 on the HDD to try and format the SSD in windows and surprise! no sign of the SSD nowhere, not in browser nor in Disk Managment or Diskpart. Apparently HP disabled the M.2 port in BIOS as mentioned here ( ) I updated the BIOS the the latest version provided by HP for my laptop model and the same issue is still ongoing, this is a 120$ SSD that I can't use nor return as the problem is the HP product not ADATA's SSD! The simplest solution is in the hands of HP, just release a BIOS update with the M.2 port ENABLED ! why brag about having a M.2 port in your products and then DISABLE it ?! Any insights please ? Many Thanks. PS: I started a new thread yesterday and it is no longer available now ! did HP remove it or what ? it was there for a while and I'm sure! what a shame !   

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Hi friends..

Actually I can play the original DVD/CD but if I try for a corporate DVD/CD it throws me an error - "The request could not be performed because of an I/O device error."...
I don?t know whether the problem with the drive or the configuration. I have checked in my device manger it shows the drivers are installed properly and its working fine ...

Can anyone give me suggestion about my drive problem?


Answer:Optical disc drive cannot read corporate CDs/DVDs - Qosmio F20

I would like to know what the corporate CDs or DVDs are. Is someone responsible for any kind of support for these medias?

Sorry but it is not easy to offer some solution if you use some ?not-commercial? stuff.

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I recently replaced the hard drive in my 3 year old HP notebook. The original HD was an IBM Travelstar 20 gig and the new HD is an IBM Travelstar 40 gig. I am not sure if this is related to my problem but note it here just in case. After reloading my OS with factory provided restore discs as well as downloading other freeware such as hijack this and ad-aware se, my Sony CD-RW DVD combo drive will not read data or audio cds. It reads them as being blank cds and after the auto-run starts the box asking me what I would like to do with the inserted blank cd pops up. DVDs however play perfectly in the system. Obviously the drive was working when I reloaded my OS with the factory restore discs. I ran hijack this once after installing to establish an ignore list of installations on the restore that are not a regular part of my Windows XP Home but I have not deleted anything. I have upgraded the driver, un-installed and re-installed the drive, downloaded Windows updates (SP-1 and 2 and other patches) amongst other suggested solutions and have restored the computer back to when I first re-installed the OS all to no avail. The only thing I have not done is a complete reload of the OS. I have seen some solutions that speak about BIOS updates and configurations and HD partitions but they are in response to problems similar to mine but not exactly the same thing. I am reluctant to try those without more info. I am at this point thoroughly exasperated. I want to reload some picture and aud... Read more

Answer:cd dvd combo drive plays dvds but will not read audio or data cds

Well, here's what you can do to narrow it down to a software issue. You said the drive obviously was working when you reloaded your OS from the factory restore disks, which I have no dispute on. So how about rebooting with one of those disks in there again (the first one thats bootable), if it boots off of that again great, but be sure to cancel everything so it doesn't wipe your existing system.

Provided it boots from that your drive is still good, and it is something in Windows, something I can't think of right now though

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Hi all, I recently upgraded the OS from windows XP SP3 Pro to Windows 7, and has managed to resolve most driver issues except for this problem for the DVD writer drive. When i wanted to create a system repair disk using Windows 7 Backup and Restore, it prompted me to insert a blank DVD, so I inserted a blank DVD+R but it was not detected and the prompt came up again. Reading of CDs and DVDs is fine though. Are there any fixes for this? Help please...

Answer:N100 0689-D9A DVD drive can't read blank dvds after upgrading from XP to w7

hey skt,could you uninstall the current driver that is installed on your dvd drive and then let windows install its generic drive.once that is done, do the Backup and Restore with that DVD+R of yours.

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I recently built a new computer and used my old hard drive (with a copy of vista on it) My plan was to install windows 7 on it because I did not think vista would load with all the new hardware.

Well it did, but its acting wierd. For example a brand new dvd burner that was working a few hours ago (used it to install drivers and what not) can no longer read dvds at all. Attempts to load the windows installation disk have failed (setting the dvd burner as first in boot order just loads windows) the computer sees the dvd burner and I hear it spin up but it does not even bother with disks now.

I hope its because of combination of new mother board with old windows and not a spontaneous dvd burner death, can anyone help me? Perhaps with a method to check either if its windows or the burner or maybe some possible work arounds.

Answer:New Computer, Old hard drive with old copy of vista/can't read dvds

Did you not reinstall Vista after installing the old hard drive? if not, do that. If you did already, make sure you have Service Pack 1 and all possible drivers.

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Hello every1,
I have Satellite 1410-604 for more than 2 years, with forementioned combo drive...
It serves me well, except that it doesnt read some of the types of dvd-medias, and I use only high quality Verbatim dvds...
It only happens in last few months. It is not my primary computer but it is at use in my home, and it really bugs me that when my sister or father takes the new Sattelite Pro A60 on the road(its battery is better) I cant use latest discs on this one. So if there is some firmware upgrade, cause i cant find it on this site...

Thanks in advance...

Answer:SD-2212 Drive doesnt read some DVDs - Satellite 1410


I don?t think that the firmware update will solve this issue because this driver has recognized this DVDs a few times ago.
Furthermore I don?t found any firmware for this drive on the Toshiba website.

But check if the drive removing procedure will solve this problem. So for this please go to device manger and remove the drive. After new booting the OS should recognize the drive again


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I have an IBM IntelliStation M Pro and wanted to un/re-install Windows XP on my computer. But it could not be done because the HDD is not detected in the BIOS but it works fine in Windows. The Windows installation disk doesn't detect the HDD either. What can I do to get it detected in the BIOS so I can un/re-install Windows again?


Answer:HDD not detected in BIOS but in Windows

back up your data first off i can help guide you through some different options but just for the sake of it, any data not saved twice is data you dont care about.

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i am being trouble by my hardisk coz i can't install windows in it so i came to my friend and tested my hardisk well it's in the bios so i thought it's ok but when the windows start and the message detected new device was shown we go to my computer but it's not there so we thought that maybe my HD doesn't have a format (NTFS/FAT32) so we install partition magic so we can format it but even partition magic can't detect it is my HD done for it? thanks

Answer:HDD detected in Bios But not in Windows

Look for it in disk management. Right click My Computer > Manage

Click on Disk Management.

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BIOS can detect my second SATA HDD (WDC) but my OS (Windows 7) can't.I am using Asus P6T motherboard. I've checked device manager still can't find the disk drive.Also checked disk management but still no sign. Ever, once, it appeared in disk management but when I tried to change the drive letter and rename the disk it didn't work. Please help, important data on the disk..

Answer:2nd HDD detected by BIOS but not Windows 7

BIOS can detect my second SATA HDD (WDC) but my OS (Windows 7) can't.Why not use a usb transfer cable and get your info off the drive? HELP in posting on plus free progs and instructions Cheers

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How do I remove "read only" on DVDs copied in Windows 10? I need to edit them. Sorry, but I'm a computer neophyte, so I need the 'instructions for dummies' version of your advice. I don't even know what I did to establish "read only" on these DVDs. So what I would really like to do is to prevent "read only" from ever happening again. It is a feature that I will NEVER need. Thanks, Mike. From Mike in San Antonio

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I have been facing some strange problems with hd drives lately:

I have a pc (xp pro sp2) with 3 sata hard drives. All of them are connected as ide though, because we did not want to put them on raid... (at least this is what I understood from the tech guy who made the configuration)

HDD 1 (drive C) : WesternDigital 75G / 10.000rpm - has all windows and programs installed
HDD 2 (drive D) : Maxtor 300G / 7200rpm - only for files and storage
HDD 3 (drive E) : Maxtor 300G / 7200 rpm - only for files and storage

(motherboard is MSI 975X Platinum)

2 months ago HDD 3 starts showing "windows write failed" though even if I was not working on this drive. After various efforts I couldn't fix the problem so, I unplugged the drive in order to be able to continue working, thinking I could solve the problem later.

1 month ago the (while working only with the 2 drives) the internal power supply (450w) failed so we replaced it with a 550w and connected again the HDD 3 to check if it was a problem caused by the power supply. Everything seemed to work fine again.

Until 2 days ago, I get a blue checkdisk screen for drive E, which while running it says that almost every sector from drive E is not readable (I don't remember exactly the phrase it was displaying) After that, drive E (HDD 3) has disappeared from windows although it is connected on the motherboard.

Today, I decided to take a look at this problem and as i check the bios first to see if drive E is de... Read more

Answer:HDD not detected by BIOS but visible and in windows

It could be possible that when the old power supply took a bite that it might have messed up the BIOS in the computer just a bit. I usually do not recommend doing this because it could be a bit dangerous if anything goes wrong during the update process like any power outages even just for a split second it will trash the BIOS flashing. If you have never done this before I would strongly suggest getting someone to help you that has experience at this type of procedure.

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