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Hardware for a good W7 HOME Server

Question: Hardware for a good W7 HOME Server

Hi all
It's very difficult to get really good advice on this but I'm now trying to build the "Ultimate" HOME server machine.

Note the machine will be essentially used as a HOME (not a commercial / work) server so it doesn't need all the fancy gaming state of the art graphics cards etc.

What it DOES need is enough RAM and horsepower to run 4 Virtual servers, whilst also file and print sharing to a number of "remote" (actually a LAN) workstations.

A "Blade" type server would be OK in a commercial environment but my server needs to be a bit like a conventional workstation.

I need around 16GB RAM (seems hard to get a basic motherboard with enough memory slots these days), and a QUAD CPU. The I/O subsystem nust allow for around 8 drives and two DVD/CD units to be connected and have video output capability to drive 2 monitors (although most of the tine the monitors will probably be disconnected.

I need to have as well at least 2 but preferably 3 Network cards on it.

Most of the stuff I've looked at seems to be more geared to high performance gaming or running NASA's next Mars mission.

A SERVER doesn't need hideously expensive gear - but it does need the capability to have loads of memory and disk drives to be connected to it.

Any IT admins out there who use this type of stuff at work -- recommendations.

The ability to run 4 Virtual servers decently is essential so 16GB of RAM is the minimum -- Ideally I'd like 64GB but that's probably like asking for the moon.

I've googled around -- there's load of info on decent high end gear -- which isn't what I need and also "server Farm" type stuff -- also what I don't need.

I can't be the only person who want to run a decent home server network.

I need the virtual servers as well as I often work from home on a lot of projects and use the virtual servers to connect to the remote customer and run their apps.


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Preferred Solution: Hardware for a good W7 HOME Server

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Hardware for a good W7 HOME Server

Quote: Originally Posted by jimbo45

The ability to run 4 Virtual servers decently is essential so 16GB of RAM is the minimum -- Ideally I'd like 64GB but that's probably like asking for the moon.

Jeez...I run a handful of ESXi servers at work and I usually put 24GB of RAM in those to run 10-12 concurrent Linux and Windows servers and that usually doesn't max out the RAM. So, I would have to imagine that 16GB of RAM is going to be more than enough for home use and 4 VM's.

Quote: Originally Posted by jimbo45

I need around 16GB RAM (seems hard to get a basic motherboard with enough memory slots these days), and a QUAD CPU. The I/O subsystem nust allow for around 8 drives and two DVD/CD units to be connected and have video output capability to drive 2 monitors (although most of the tine the monitors will probably be disconnected.

Quite a number of new mobo's support 16GB of will just have to be a 4 x 4GB setup. Quad core CPU's are a dime a dozen. The I/O subsystem to allow that many drives will likely just involve adding on 1 additional controller card. And just about any modern video card can easily handle dual monitor support.

Quote: Originally Posted by jimbo45

I need to have as well at least 2 but preferably 3 Network cards on it.

Quite a number of mobos have 2 NIC's...You will just need to add a stand-alone PCI NIC to the box. The Intel 10/100/1000 GT cards are excellent and only around $25.

I honestly don't think that this would really cost that much money? Do you have any type of budget set aside that you want to work with? Of course, keep in mind that 16GB of DDR3 RAM for a Core i5/i7 build is going to be over $750 itself.

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My WHS 2011 install has been acting up lately. Losing privileges, really slow, hiccups during steaming, etc.. I first thought it was an issue with my router, so I replaced an older Netgear with an Asus RT-N66U. Love the new router, but that didn't fix the server issues. After some testing, I'm thinking the system drive in the server is going bad. It was an older drive to begin with, and I should have known better than use it. So I've bought a new system drive and am in the process of copying all my files out of Drive Pool on the server in preparation for replacing the system drive.

I'm looking for recommendations for a good home server OS. Nothing fancy, but something solid. I have ZERO experience with anything but Windows OS's. I'd like to learn more about Linux, as long as it's not a command line only interface. Also would be able to install and use Sabnzbd and Sickbeard on whatever OS I choose.

I don't need any fancy backup or redundancy. I just want my files to be available to my network and at a good speed. All my media is streamed to multiple items in my house, as we cut the cord a few years ago. All my important stuff is backed up off site. Also like it to be expandable if need be, as I have a 24 bay server case for future proofing.

I'm looking at:

Windows 7 Ultimate X64 - Own it, so free. I bought Stablebit Drivepool, so I can get a pool setup if I choose. My daily driver, so I know everything works and can troublesho... Read more

Answer:Home Server issues. Good NAS/Server OS?

There is:

It appears Sickbeard & SABnzbd works (but.. a little command line work to get it to work)

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I am looking to buy a server for my home and i dont really know what hardware i really need to do this.

Here is what i want to do.

I want a central location to store all of my files. I am a photographer and i end up with about 750GB - 1TB per year of data
I really only need the last 2 years of data available to share. the rest i would archive.

From this central location i want to be able access these files from any one of 3 machines - all running XP. I want all of my application to reside on these 3 machines such that the server is really just a storage device. I would like the server to act as a print server also, so i dont have to install printer software on each machine as i have now.

I have no interest in accessing any of these files outside of my little home network. I do not want this to be a web server either.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated


Answer:home server hardware requirements

You may want to consider a Network Attached Storage (NAS) solution. Buffalo's TeraStation would hold 1.5 Terabytes on a RAID 5 drive set for less cash than most servers. NAS is designed to do exactly what you want, just provide a file share for networked computers.

You can also attach external USB drives directly to it for backing up if you want to. It looks like it also supports a printer connection. You will have to install the printer software to each computer. This is always the case, just most servers will auto install it for you when you connect to the share.

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The current setup I have is as follows:

* CoolerMaster Elite 330 Case
* Gigabyte GA-MA78GM-S2H 780G motherboard
* AMD X2 AM2 BE 2400 2.3GHZ
* 4GB Crucial pc2-6400 (2x 2gb)
* 1 Samsung 80gb SATA (Operating System)
* 1x 1TB Seagate SATA 3.0GB/s

I received my 120 day trial of WHS yesterday and plan to install it on this setup. Will I be able to find all the correct drivers needed to run it on this system? Any suggestions during install/setup of the OS? I have another Samsung 80gb to match the one I currently have. Would it be effective to run the OS on a RAID setup, while all my media is on the 1TB drive alone, not on a RAID setup?

I was also wondering if it is possible to run this Windows Server Connector on machines "outside" my own network and run weekly backups (like my mother and fathers computer's 300 miles away). If so, how do I go about doing so?

Answer:Windows Home Server: My Hardware Setup

You might find this info useful. WHS does not use raid it uses "Drive Extender"

And under normal raid setups the data drive is the one being raided not the os drive. The os can be reloaded but if the data drive dies it's lost. This however doesn't pertain to WHS - the more disks the merrier with WHS because it copies data from one drive to another for backups.

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Hi all,

Recently I had a server built for me, and now with the rising cost of electricity, gas, you name it, I am curious if its a good idea to just add the hard drives that are in this server to my wife's computer.

This server has:
650 watt power supply
5 500gb hard drives full of music video and pictures
a xeon 2.8 cpu
tyan 2723 motherboard

my son in law started this server in a Supermicro case,which is pretty big, My wife uses the computer the most with her Sims 2 game, internet and outlook email. I'm worried that if she gets a computer virus or something that I will lose all of the stuff that are on the extra hard drives. But right now money is tight, and I don't want to be paying an extra 25 - 40 dollars a month to have a computer do nothing but sit there and every once in a while we listen to music from it.

I would appreciate any comments from everyone and anyone that may be thinking of the same thing.

Answer:combine pc and home server a good idea?

As long as the computer has a good firewall and anti virus that is updated regularly, you should be fine. But ask your wife first if she'd care about the extra HDD noise and heat. 5 HDD's (plus her existing ones) make a good amount of noise.

Also, you could just turn it off when you are not using it. The 1-2 minutes to wait for it to boot up shouldn't be too much of a mood killer.

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I'm building a new Windows Home Server box with a 2 year old Shuttle PC. The server will be used for a home network that has 5 computers. I don't think it will have too much traffic, as everyone has their own music library stored on their local computer, thus there shouldn;t be any streaming. It will mainly be used for back-ups and to store documents.

My questions are:
1. Currently have a Athlon 64 3500 (socket 939) running @ 2.2 ghz (not overclocked). The processor can be upgraded to a 939 dual core. Is the single core 3500 enough or would it be better to have a dual core processor.

2. The ethernet port on the PC is only 100mbps, should I upgrade to a gigabit? The router on the network is not a gigabit, but the 2 switches can run at gigabit speeds. All the PC's and this server are connected to switches, not to the router directly.


Answer:Build a new Windows Home Server box, some hardware questions

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Hey everyone--going to say thanks for even reading this (let alone for any suggestions) before I start.

I work from home with a buddy. It's a two story building with a "warehouse" out in a secured garage outside. The computers look like this:

Two main computers that we use in the office
One computer in the garage (w/ a wireless card, as running wires would be a pain)
One computer in the basement (w/ a wireless card, as running wires would be a pain)
Two laptops (not necessary, but we use in the house)

I'd like for all of these computers to be on a network that saves everything on a server (the computer garage could be the server if needbe, or we can have the server somewhere in the house). I'm upgrading all computers in the next month, so they should all have the necessary software for us (one new laptop and two new PCs).

I want to be able to log into any of these computers in either my name or my coworkers name (and be able to change anything on one, then log into the other and access the know, like a network should be)

I'd also like the computer in the garage to be wireless (we can have a laptop out there, that would be fine).

My questions:

What's the best server to set up (HP, Dell...going to use a newer server that uses SAS 2.5" drives, and we don't need much storage (I think a couple 73gb drives would be more than fine for now)

What software should be used? I'm assuming win 7/8... Read more

Answer:Home Network Server Setup (please help--hardware/software questions!!)

Do you need email or anything like that or just file storage? It its just storage, I'd stick with a mid-grade Synology or QNAP NAS. Get a couple NSAS drives or enterprise SATA drives and call her good. I'd personally go Synology over QNAP. You can then backup to USB HDDs or an online service like Crashplan.

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First off how much power does a typical laptop consume with a P-M 1.5ghz processor?

Anyways in my quest for a low powered home server I have been debating between a Via C3 and an Intel Atom system, then it dawned on me that a laptop does not draw that much power either and that would not require me purchasing more equipment.

The systems I am looking at are:

Home built C3 system:
2 gigs of DDR 533 ram
1TB HDD (desktop HDD)
no optical

Intel Atom system:
Asus Eee Box
1gb RAM DD2
160 gig HDD (laptop HDD)
no optical

HP Pavilion DV1040 Laptop:
1 gig DDR RAM
160 gig HDD (obviously laptop hard drive)
Intel Pentium-M 1.6ghz
DVD/CD-RW drive

What would be my best option for a LOW POWER home media server? My main concern is power consumption because this thing is going to be on 24/7 and I am not a fan of paying more to the electric company than I have to, and the cost of energy is just going to keep going up.

Anyways what do you think? Ill be running Ubuntu on which ever system I decide on, so any advice would be great! Thanks!

Answer:Ever use a laptop for a home server? And question on low powered home server...

Your biggest downfall for a laptop media server is your limitation to expand your storage.

You can build a low power server box fairly cheaply plus have to expandability later on.

My advice is to just use one of those systems above. When the time comes to upgrade build a system that doesn't use much power. Also would recommend using some kind of spin down for hard drives so they don't consume as much power when they are not access. (Might notice a performance difference. doubtful)

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Let me put this way: I have a medium-ranged machine that can support pretty much all major applications and games out there ( With the exception of those high-end games that have recently released ) However, for some unknown reason, there have been games in wich i have had a few issues. Here's what's constantly happening:

1- Whenever i look at more graphically detailed areas in certain games, the entire response time slows down. The game runs slow basically. And of course, if i move my mouse to areas that are not as detailed, it all responds flawlessly during those few seconds.

2- And now for the strangest part. Whenever i'm in servers with alot of people, the issues mentioned above tend to happen very frequently, and of course, when i'm in servers with 2-6 people or so, the issues mentioned above never happen.

I have no idea why this has been happening. I Cleaned my computer properly. I do virus checks every now and then. I have recently de-fraged my Hard Drive. I Clean up cookies, temporary files, etc.

Here's what i think: It most certainly isn't the graphics card's problem, as even when i put my settings (in games) all on the lowest ones possible.( this includes resolution ) I still have the issues mentioned above. But that's just a guess...

I'm not sure what could be doing this.. CPU maybe? The fact that my Computer's drive is nearly at it's maxed capacity? I tend to install alot of things.. could a nearly fille... Read more

Answer:Good hardware acting like bad hardware. Unknown Cause

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I have started searching around for the correct docs on how to do this but haven't had much luck finding one that addresses what I'm trying to do.

I have an existing Windows 2000 server and am going to replace it with a server running Windows 2003 Server R2.

I would like to know the best way of doing that. Most of the docs I have seem talk about it as though you're keeping the same server hardware in place. That's not what I'm trying to do.

So, you don't have to go through all the steps I need to do. If you could just point me to the correct doc and give some helpful hints I would appreciate it.


Answer:Help Needed To Migrate Windows 2000 Server To Server 2003 On New Hardware

Need to know what services you are running on the server to be able to help you further.

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Hey guys, After doing lots of research on these forums I am not able to find a solution to my issue. When I power on the server the blue system status indicator will not stop blinking. I can leave it all night and it still blinks in the morning. The lan activity light seems to be constantly blinking. I tried to change drive bays but still nothing. I have also attempted to do system recovery to factory reset, it goes through the whole setup up until it tries to locate the server but then fails. Im left scratching my head here.. I just purchased this item used so I am not sure whether it has worked or not.  Anyone out there has any suggestions? Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Oh yeah, one more thing when I go to my router setup, I do not see the lenovo listed on my DHCP list. But when I do the server factory reset it finds the server. Seems little odd but Im sure it has something to do with my issue.

Answer:Home Server Connector cannot find home server

what server is it?

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I have a client with a web server running Windows 2000 Professional. They also have a server on the network running NT 4. They have been told that there is a device that will route requests to the NT server if the 2000 server is down that costs about $100. I have not heard of such an animal, and if anybody can shed some light on this I'd really appreciate it. The device should somehow, I suppose, automatically detect that the machine at IP address A is not responding, and route the web request to IP address B. Anybody?

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Just spent several hours reading, with growing fear,
all the stuff on the Internet Security board.

Regarding many recommendations to have a good
hardware firewall in a router, what's a good one
with an up to date firewall?

I'm putting together a new system, do NOT
want it corrupted right away!

Thanks for any recommendations!

Answer:What's a good home cable router with a good firewall?

Hi men, look in web page of cisco system this is a big company on the nertworking area...maybe can help with you problem.

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I don't like the default backgrounds so if you have any suggestions thanks!

Answer:What are some good wallpapers that look good on the home screen?

Originally Posted by LittleOsorio I don't like the default backgrounds so if you have any suggestions thanks! Take a look at this thread for starters...

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Anyone recommend a software that does file server? and how about a mail server? I am also looking for a nice server machine? sorry for all the noob or dumb questions, i am really just need feedback from you pros so I can narrow down. Thank for anyone who posts.

Answer:WHAT is a GOOD file server and mail server?

you mean free web hosting?

You could use Gmail as e-mail service, you have to be referred though, but you get 2.7GB email space, more than what you need. As comparison, Hotmail only gives you 0.2 GB.

As for free web server's, you can get lots, just check out Google directory:

As for a server machine, just check out Ebay, and look for a nice, cheap machine. A Pentium 2/3 computer will do, i've heard the Compaq IPAQ is a nice web server.

For example, this would be a nice web server, and its free ($0.01 off ebay)

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hey all i am just asking about a nice easy to use ftp server for windows 7 as for the ones i have tryed out are well lets say crap keep crashing or not responding or don't work how they are ment to so i fort i would give it ago see if you guys can help me out once more

Answer:anybody no of a good ftp server that works good with 7


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I have 2 servers; windows 2000 & windows 2008, I can always access them via XP but my system 7 home can't authenticate. It appears to add the domain name as a preamble my user name in the authentication....does this make sense?


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I run a home server on OEM 2003 Standard Server. I have seen that Home Server allows you to schedule a Hibernate / wake cycle. Is there any free software that can do this for 2003 Server?


From 2:00am until 12:00pm I want the server to be in Hibernate mode.

Answer:Windows Home Server Schedule Hibernate / Wake on 2003 Server?

I've always just used a scheduled shutdown command, and the BIOS power on at a certain time feature available on most motherboards to do that.

That's what I do with my media PCs.

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Hey Guy's I am just about to finish up my Home Server Build, and had some Questions. I was wondering what you guy's would recommend for a Home Server / Backup Server OS. I would like to try to go with Linux. I have used Linux before several of the different versions mostly Ubuntu, I have done the No GUI OS's but I think I would like to have a GUI here.

2. I would like to make this accessible from anywhere if possible, Using Wake on Lan, and then some type of connection. The Connection I should use is really what I am unsure about. Will having a connection like this pose a Severe Security threat? What is the best way to Go about this? Does having an OS with a GUI make the OS less secure?


Answer:OS For A Home Server, and How to Setup a Safe Acess Anywhere Connection to a Server

Windows Home Server. Supports Wake on LAN, Remote connection, Media Streaming (local and internet), backups.

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Can anyone please explain how to backup my Windows Home Server onto a network Drive?

Answer:Windows Home Server 2011---Server Backups over Network

First you need to have a location where your backing up to. Do you have another server or network location (NAS?) that you are backing up to?

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According to Maximum PC, this is the best OS to use when creating a media/file server. I am considering getting a license, but I need to know the following:

I hear its a real task to set up. Anybody know any good guides?
Will it accept the WinTV PVR 150 (non-MCE)? To make it simpler: Will it accept the hardware I have that works with Windows XP Professional?


Answer:Windows Server 2003 for my home's media server

It was no harder than XP to install. Now, setting up could be a different story as that wasn't my job.

Be aware, though, that a lot of software will not install on that OS. It recognizes it as a "server" os and aborts the installation.

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Is it possible to just treat Home Server like Server 2003? Have to uninstall or disable certain things?

All I figure I really need is a soft RAID 5 array with some shares on it and I figure I don't need to buy a Server 2003 license when technically I have one here.

Rather tired of dealing with demegrator and possibly fragmentation issues. Performance was great to start but now that I am hitting 12TB in use out of 17TB available the performance sucks at times.

Answer:Gut Home Server, turn into regular server 2003?

A WHS license is NOT a Server 2003 license. If you don't want to use WHS or pay for a Server 2003/2008 license, use Linux.

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Hello, and sorry if the title isnt the best, I wasnt really sure how to word it I'm afraid.

Having used search for the last couple of hours, and seen many threads its clear I'm in the right place. You all have a lovely forum!

I'm looking for a solution to a rather annoying problem in our household. We have upwards of 8-10 computers/laptops in our house, and documents/media are fast becoming a nightmare!

We've decided to go along the route of purchasing/building a server to basically use as a fileserver, to centralise our documents/media and thus enable access to either user account from any one particular computer we have.

Below is what I'm looking to be able to do:

1. Fileserver (mainly comprising of centralised documents on the server itself accessable by each person individually but private from others)
2. Central backup of all crucial computers to prevent data loss (stored on the server, and done by the server on a regular basis)
3. A dedicated server firewall to place in front of the internet, before the network.
4. A web server, so I can run image copies of my own personal forum/websites and test any changes BEFORE doing them to my live site.
5. To download torrents/large files etc directly on the server. Like an automated nightly backup of my web hosting server online for example.
6. Stream full HD from the server to our media centre pc (and onto a HD TV).

I was thinking along the lines of using 3 older, seperate servers. the first bein... Read more

Answer:Advice and help regarding recommended server specs for home server use

Do you have this network in place already?

This is mine below done with Cisco Virtual Network Design Tool.
For web server I use IIS 7.

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Is there an iTunes Server for WHS 2011 available?

Answer:iTunes Server for Windows Home Server 2011 ?

Other than installing iTunes?

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I updated my nLite for the newest one and slipstreamed drivers for my Home Server disk. I installed and updated Home Server and I don't have the home server console icon on the desktop nor the warning message that pops up saying don't use tools on the computer management etc.

I did this before without a problem, odd.

Can someone look at the console link on their desktop and see what the path is? Hope the stuff is there and it just didn't put the link on the desktop.

Answer:nLite and Home Server = no home server?

"C:\Program Files\Windows Home Server\HomeServerConsole.exe"

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I got a new computer a couple months ago because my old one had old specs 1.7cpu,256ram,gforce2, stuff like that you know + it was just old. So I gota new one 3.4cpu, 512ram, rad700pro, and it works fine and all but sometimes after its been on for a couple hours it just seems alot slower than my old one, and sometimes it will lock up for like 20secs and then do one of those super speed catch up things, and im not running anything different.So I was wondering what could be causeing the computer to run slow, it is alot smaller than my other one, alot more compact. If you really wana look at the specs its an alienware bot they have it on their webpage.any help would be awesome, thanks guysPS: my computer came with a modem can I take that out cause? I use cable, like will it help anything, like it won't take away from the power supply or something like that, cause the fan on my video card is like amost touching it and I don'think thats helping to keep it cool at ahh, I don't need it so can I just take it out?

Answer:better hardware but not as good

Is your computer clean?Free online virus scan online spyware scan

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Well , these links show the components I have chosen. Are they any good? Or can I get a better deal for around the same price ( UK ),4294957152

I also need a motherboard. But im totally lost with which to purchase. Help ?

Also with the graphics card , is it worth the money making the shift to 256?

I aint really a big gamer. I need it for World of Warcraft , Flash , Photoshop and of course Notepad and Solitaire

Answer:Not very good with hardware. Help?

Look at this. It should fit your needs.
You'll want to get pc3200 memory though.

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Hi, I purchased my computer a few months ago and have upgrades it twice with a new video card and power supply, everything runs amazing, Skyrim, Battlefield 3, Max Payne 3, L.A. Noire, Rage, Witcher 2, Mass Effect 3, Crysis 2, Civ 5, Arkham City and more ALL 60 FPS at a beautiful 1920x1080, yet darkness 2, warhammer space marine, Deus ex human revolution and saints row the third all hover at about 20 fps no matter the settings, just really frustrating that my gaming pc I have al least $1000 into already cant run a few, less hardware intensive games. I have all current drivers installed, so I'm literally at wits end here. Here are my specs:

Mainboard :Gigabyte M68MT-S2
Chipset :Family 15h Processor HyperTransport Configuration
Processor :AMD FX 4100 @ 3717MHz
Physical Memory :8192MB (2 x 4096 DDR3-SDRAM )
Video Card :NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 Ti
Hard Disk :Seagate ST500DM0 02-1BC142 SCSI Disk Device (500GB)
DVD-Rom Drive :ATAPI iHAS124 B
Monitor Type :E421VL - 42 inches
Network Card :NVIDIA nForce 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet
Operating System :Windows 7 Home Premium Home Edition Media Center 6.01.7601 Service Pack 1 (64-bit)
DirectX :Version 11.00
Windows Performance Index :5.9 on 7.9
Power Supply: Thermaltake 850w Black Widow

Answer:Good hardware, low FPS

Please can anyone help? I don't mind spending the money to upgrade my hard drive if that's the problem, 500GB isn't enough for me anyway cause I'm thinking it's a memory problem but I don't know for sure, can't find much info on this.

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Ok so my original computer was a Windows 7 Home Premium and that's the PC I used to work. I had REMOTE DESKTOP on it, it worked fine and yes it was a Windows 7 Home Premium..but yesterday my original pc got fried and smoke came out of it so I am afraid to turn it on.

I am now using my back pc, it is also a windows 7 home premium build 7600, and I remember I use to have remote desktop on it but I right clicked disabled one day a long time ago and after that I was never ever able to get it back. Ive been reading online that Windows 7 home premium does not have the remote desktop option, odd because my other pc had it. Point is.. I need to connect to my job's server asaaap, but I am unable to find a way to connect to their server, I have their ip address and a special login/pass the same way you do in windows remote desktop.

I have tried downloading those rdp patches and stuff and it just does not work! I cannot find the remote desktop anywhere even have the install said "listening" and "remote desktop successfully" etc etc.

Is there a program I can use to connect to my work's boss uses windows 7 remote desktop,,,

I tried using teamviewer and added the ip address but it doesnt work idk if you have to both be using the same program..please in need of help here :/

Answer:I need to connect to my job's server from home on Windows 7 Home Prem

My last option is to upgrade to windows 7 pro and pay the $80 above for it JUST to get remote desktop
I'm trying everything possible though before that.. but I really need this to work in order to start my job

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Hello all!

Due to horrible noise from my desktop computer (cannot put the case on because of an attached hard drive enclosure which has to connect to power adapters), i've decided to designate this desktop computer with its attached hard drives to become my home file server!

This home file server will be moved downstairs into the storage room so I won't have to hear it and I would like to use it wirelessly (attach a usb wireless adapter). This one runs Windows XP SP 3.

Here's my setup questions that I need advice/info on (the main points are home computer access ability & restrictions, setup email stored on network drive, and backup solutions):

1) Once I set the computer downstairs and have it connected to my wireless do I get all my other computers to recognize it, & be able to read it? (see list of computers and OSs below)

2) Can I have all computers/OSs have full write access to the home file server ONLY if the correct password is supplied?

3) Similarily, can I DENY even read-only access to certain users or due to lack of password? (pr0n not to be shared with all)
3a) at the same time can all users atleast have access to read-only access to certain directories (ie music directory available to all in house)?

4) Can the above be done with my computers if the home file server remains as Windows XP SP3?
4a) ...and can above be accessed by my other computers to read/write that are on different operating systems like Ubuntu and Windows... Read more

Answer:Create home file server for home computers!

ineedacookie said:

Hello all!

Due to horrible noise from my desktop computer (cannot put the case on because of an attached hard drive enclosure which has to connect to power adapters), i've decided to designate this desktop computer with its attached hard drives to become my home file server!

Click to expand...

I can't fathom why you can't put the computer's case on.

This home file server will be moved downstairs into the storage room so I won't have to hear it and I would like to use it wirelessly (attach a usb wireless adapter). This one runs Windows XP SP 3.
Click to expand...

Having your server connected wirelessly is a lousy idea performance wise. Moving on...

Here's my setup questions that I need advice/info on (the main points are home computer access ability & restrictions, setup email stored on network drive, and backup solutions):

1) Once I set the computer downstairs and have it connected to my wireless do I get all my other computers to recognize it, & be able to read it? (see list of computers and OSs below)

Click to expand...

You can map it as a network drive on each computer. (Use SAMBA on Linux.)
2) Can I have all computers/OSs have full write access to the home file server ONLY if the correct password is supplied?

3) Similarily, can I DENY even read-only access to certain users or due to lack of password?
3a) at the same time can all users atleast have access to read-only access to ... Read more

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So, I really like Windows Home Server a lot, but I want to use a domain with Windows Server 2008. What kind of software could I use (third party, Microsoft) to get the functionality of WHS? I'm looking at the media streaming and easy backups for all client users. I can do remote access using VNC, so that's not a problem. And I know of software that can make the library online (as a web server).

Would my best option to make the Server 2008 a web server and just put a page on there to stream the music that way (as well as shared folders for the XBox)? And what software can do effecient backups similar to WHS?


Answer:Server 2008 -> Windows Home Server

Why not just use 2008 server as a file server
- shares for the Xbox
- web page for the music (although you can use shares as well)

theres all sorts of backups you can do.
Acronis backing up to the server autmatically
NTBackup backing up files/folders to the server
- all those should work fine on server 2008

Are the computers going to be part of the domain too?
XBox would probably need some sort of user/pass to access a domain server

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Ok I am looking at a Media home server to store everything on (movies, music, pics and backups) and stream them through the house.

For the server I have a quad core socket 754 with 4gb ram and multiple hhd, boot will be a 37gb raptor and a 2tb WD red drive other HHD's.

For the 2 pc connected to tvs will be an ITX board w core i3 intel 3000 onboard video with 6gb ram and a small SSD around a 100GB.

Stuff that will be connecting to it are 3 Win7 pc's, Win8 pro tablet and 3 android tablets. 2 of the android tablets are for kids also.

What is the best OS for this? I was looking at WHS 2012 but not against Linux, windows 7 or 8. Also looking at email server in the future probably.

Answer:OS for Media\Home Server maybe email server later

Win7 or 8 is all you need.

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So Im finally putting my big boy pants on and setting up a real home server. There are going to be 3 main uses for this server

1) Home server - Mainly for streaming to all my raspberry pi's and other windows devices but also as a network drive for my ssd only pcs

2) Remote server - Grabbing files away from home, remote vnc etc

3) Web server - Been working on a small personal website for a while now that I want to be able to host myself once it goes live. This isn't my main use for the server and if it isnt going to jive well with my primary uses I can always build a seperate pc for that use.

So if cost wasnt a concern between home server 2011 and server 2012 which would you choose based on my planned usage? I plan on using drive pool or drive bender with whatever I choose. So I would also appreciate some recommendations on which application you would choose with your choice of operating systems. Also, I can't seem to find definitive differences between the server 2012
releases (standard, foundation, essentials) It seems to be more of a licensing thing, so furthermore, which version of server 2012 would you go with?

Sorry guys, Im a total noob at this

Answer:Home server 2011 or Server 2012?

Personally, I'm going with WHS2011. I'd rather start with an OS that has most of it's bugs worked out, over an unknown. Since you can get a license for ~$50, why not start there to get your feet wet, then upgrade to Server 2012 once the kinks have been worked out?

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Hope this is the right place to post this

Just set up server 2008 r2 on a older box I had that I was using for a few things. Tried Linux but became tThanks of a pain for such simple tasks. Here is what I'm using it for.

Csgo server
Mumble server
Media server?

My main concern was for media server to stream to few devices in the house. I was thinking plex. Does anyone have any other ways I can go about it.


Answer:Server 2008 for home server... Opinions please.

Not sure what opinions you want. All I can say is that you don't need server 2008 R2 to complete your desired tasks. Any basic Windows client OS should work.

EDIT: It should be noted that Windows Server OS's are enterprise standards therefore a lot of home license applications will not install unless it is open source. You will need to purchase enterprise licenses of software for them to be installed on the server. This is particularly important with Anti-Virus solutions.


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I have an old ACER EasyStore H340, which figured out it should crash on me the other day.
In the unit I have 4 HD's, 1 for OS and 3 for DATA.

I have done restore (not factory reset) on the unit earlier, and that has been successfull. However I never had the amount of data on it as I do now.
So in a mildly panicked state, I need to restore again.

I started with that yesterday, and restore seems to be OK, but when the WHS v1 connector software shows after restore, it's just hanging and do not continue the installation so I can set a password on the unit.

So my questions are:
1) Would the connector software struggle due to my Windows 10 Technical Preview version?
2) Does it make sense to remove data disks, restore and put in data disk when done? If possible for WHS to reckongnize the data drives afterwards
3) Am I screwed?
tl;dr - Server recovery WHSv1 doesnt complete, and hangs when Connector software is about to be installed on Client computer.


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I've been running here at home Server 2003 Enterprise 180-Day Trial for about 3 years now. I received 2 cds/keys from my MCSE books I bought in college.
I can re-install this O/S as many times as I want and fully patch it no problem - must be MOL or something :shrugs:

However the only annoyance is every 180-days I need to take the time to re-install the O/S and whatever programs I run on it, set up the file and print, re-write permissions, etc....
It takes a good 3-4 days for it get to back up and running how I want it, or a wasted weekend.

Can I assume though Windows Home Server does not do FSMO roles?
As well are there any major features that would be lost? I havn't found any comparison charts......


Answer:Server 2003 Ent. or Windows Home Server

Windows Home Server is not gonna be your solution. It does the same thing as your Server 2003 and there is a flaw with Home Server. You MUST format your ENTIRE Hard drive. If you have more then one you must format all of them.

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I'm trying to decide between Windows Home Server and Windows Server 2008 R2 for my home server PC. Ordinarily it would be a clear cut choice, but I've got a free copy of Server 2008 R2 through my academic MSDN subscription. I'd like to avoid spending extra money if Server 2008 R2 would do the job. But I'm willing to buy Home Server should it prove necesary. Any input is appreciated. Thanks.

Answer:Windows home server vs Server 2008 R2

Server 2008 R2 is a more fully functional product. You will be able to do similar things, but it might be a little more involved getting it set up and working. Plus, if you are interested in IT, you could use the Server 2008 R2 experience....but you won't get hired for your knowledge on Windows Home Server.

My vote is Server 2008 R2 without a doubt.

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from my MSDN subscription i can get a copy of server 2008. (x86 or x64)

but i was toying with the idea of windows home server.

it will be going onto a 3600X2 on a k9agm2 with 2 gig of ram in my sig (which you cant see!) as i retire the old fileserver and upgrade the development box.

It will need to run SQL server 2008 (low load) and a couple of websites. as well as the families Media sharing, Document sharing and backups

i like the simplicity of WHS buti'm not bothered about the configuration of server 2008 either,

i really like the idea as hard drives appearing as one pool.

question is is the simplicity wortth the £100 for WHS and can i do everything i need to on WHS

Answer:windows home server or Server 2008

It is insane how much system requirements for Windows servers are now. I setup a 266mzh overclocked Nslug for a client office. They only have five users. It runs Debian like a champ. Another Nslug is handling OpenVPN at 266mhz. They only eat 5 watts each.

If Windows is only option, I would go with 2008. Windows Home servers have so many issues.

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I have a client and says he gets a blue screen of death but it flashes really quickly. So you can't tell what it says. I know most Blue screens are a cause of a Bad HD. But it could be the video cards. He says it happens everytime he is doing some high graphic stuff.

I need a program that can run through some high tests on all the hardware.
What could I use.

Answer:what is a good Hardware test

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Hello guys,
so I got myself GTA V and it's amazing but the only problem is while it's playable it's not exacltly 60 fps.
It is chopy(not all the time but when in the city or somewhere where is a lot going on around) and when driving on higher speeds it drops onto like 25-30 fps, and I play on normal settings!
I got an AMD Athlon X4 760K, MSI R9 270 and 8 GB(1866 Mhz) RAM!
I updated my GPU drivers but for some reason I cannot find drivers for my CPU!
Do you happen to know why am I getting these framerates and maybe where can I find the latest AMD CPU drivers?
Thank you in advance!

Answer:GTA V not running good considering the hardware

CPU's do not need drivers. Your hardware may not support this game at full settings

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Hi, i am looking for a good hardware config, that is fast and quiet, if you are able to help me please post the config here! Thanks

Answer:Good hardware config?

You might want to PM a mod and ask them to move this to the General Hardware subforum.

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I need to get a new hardware firewall. I was looking at a Netgear FVS318G but am seeing terrible reviews. What is a good hardware firewall these days?
Thanks for any help. 

Answer:What is a good hardware firewall?

Are you also interested in open source solutions?

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I'm trying to find either an internal or external hardware modem that will work good for games. Me and my brother want to play on the internet together, but he's going to be in a different state and can't get DSL or Cable service due to cost.

So, I am trying to help him find a fast hardware modem to use with a 56k service like Earthlink or AOL(those are the only options). Does anyone know of one that gets really good pings in games and slightly faster downloads?

Answer:Does anyone know a good hardware 56k modem?

try here, should have reviews, etc

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I tried to test Windows 7 64-bit on VirtualBox 3.0.4 but Vbox told me that I need to turn hardware acceleration on in the BIOS.. I currently have a Dell M1530 Win7 32-bit.

1. Why isn't this on in the first place?
2. What are the pros and cons of having it enabled?
3. Will it make by laptop hotter/slower?



Answer:Hardware Acceleration - Good or Bad?

Quote: Originally Posted by The Blessed One


I tried to test Windows 7 64-bit on VirtualBox 3.0.4 but Vbox told me that I need to turn hardware acceleration on in the BIOS.. I currently have a Dell M1530 Win7 32-bit.

1. Why isn't this on in the first place?
2. What are the pros and cons of having it enabled?
3. Will it make by laptop hotter/slower?



That message is nonsense. the is no such option in the bios.

I don't know Vbox, but there must be an option somewhere in it where you can check a box to enable hardware acc.


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Okay is this good for the hardware.Now and than the lights go dim in my room .Some one was saying it is a voltage change or some thing .And can do damage to the computer and TV is this true.

Answer:Solved: Okay is this good for the hardware.

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Hell I have a
Motherboard X59A-UD3R
Processor: Intel Core i7 930 @280Ghz (8CPU) ~2.8GHz
Video Card: Nvidia GeForce GTX460
Power Supply: 750 Watts

Now I was looking at upgrading and wanted to know if this is better as I'm still new at all of this stuff
Case:CM Storm Scout Gaming Case SGC-2000-KKN1-GP
Motherboard ASUS P6T SE Core-i7 Motherboard
Processor: Intel Core i7 920 or CPU Intel Core2 Quad Q9400
Video Card: Something better but don't know yet.
Power Supply: 750 Watts

So my question is there a lot of stuff here and I'm trying to make sure I have it right can anybody give a little light on if this is okay or bad then what I have.

Answer:Hardware Upgrade 7, Is Good?

Going from a i7 930 to Q9400 would be a backwards step. They came out in 2010 and 2008 respectively. Actually I upgraded FROM a Q9400 to a i7 930 several years ago and noticed a boost in performance. The 930 is 1st generation - Intel are now on the 4th gen. I still use the 930 and, as well as being slower than the newer versions, it runs kinda hot when overclocked (80C). My advice is have a look at the latest Intel chips.

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I'm buying a new processor, new mobo, and a case with a 450 psu

Amd athlon 64

biostar amd motherboard

and a xion case with a 450 watt psu.

I needed to upgrade the psu, so I thoguth i might as well buy a new case, i had a 350 watt, but the 64 will have more demand than my 1.1ghz amd athlon xp... haha.

any criticism?

Answer:Buying new hardware, good buy?

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Before I go off to crazy recommending this to friends and clients. What's your take on this piece of hardware in terms of performance on the Untangle platform? Which I have already made some recommendations, and pointed some people in its direction.

It looks good for small deployments (which is what I am aiming my recommendations for). Do you all have any other recommendations?
I also just noticed I used recommend (and similar) a bunch of times in this post as well as not being sure if this belongs in Hardware or Network Security? Mods move if necessary.

Answer:Good Untangle Hardware?

That will be plenty.
Untangle is a great peice of software.

Ive been using the rerouter version, on one of my boxes. and it works great for my house.

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Case ( Nzxt Alpha Gaming Tower Case w/420W Power Supply White )
Case Lighting ( None )
Power Supply ( 680 Watt -- Power Supply SLI Ready )
Processor ( [== Quad Core ==] AMD Phenom X4 9550 Quad-Core CPU w/ HyperTransport Technology )
Processor Cooling ( Certified CPU Fan and Heatsink )
Motherboard ( [CrossFire] MSI DKA790GX AMD 790GX CrossFire Chipset w/7.1 Sound, Dual Gb LAN, S-ATA Raid, USB 2.0, Dual PCI-E MB )
Memory ( 2 GB [1 GB X2] DDR2-800 PC6400 Memory Module Corsair-Value or Major Brand )
Video Card ( ATI Radeon HD 4850 512MB PCI-Express x16 )
Hard Drive ( 500 GB HARD DRIVE [Serial-ATA-II, 3Gb, 7200 RPM, 16M Cache] )
2nd Hard Drive ( None )
External Hard Drives [USB 2.0/eSATA] ( None )
CD/DVD Drive ( None )
CD-RW/DVD-RW Drive ( [** Special !!! ***] LG 20X Dual Format/Double Layer DVD±R/±RW + CD-R/RW Drive Black )
Sound Card ( 3D Premium Surround Sound Onboard )
Speaker System ( 600W PMPO 3 PCS Super Bass Subwoofer Speaker System )
Network Card ( Onboard LAN Network (Gb or 10/100) )
Floppy Drive ( None )
Monitor ( None )
2nd Monitor ( None )
Keyboard ( PS/2 104 Key Windows 98 Keyboard Beige )
Mouse ( Logitech Optical Internet Mouse Black )
USB 2.0 Accessories ( Built-in USB 2.0 Ports )
Meter Display ( None )
Flash Media Reader/Writer ( None )
Operation System ( None- Pre-formatted Hard Drive Only )
Media Center Remote Control & TV Tuner ( None )
Case Round Cable ( Professional wiring for all cables inside the sys... Read more

Answer:Good hardware for the price?

Yes this is a good price.

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Hello Mj Geeks,

I need to replace a processor. The processor socket is AM2+. Having trouble finding that particular socket type.

Tried the usual suspects like, TigerDirect, NewEgg even the Compaq site. No luck.

Searched MjGeeks shopping too. No luck.

Do any of you have really good (and reliable and honest) online stores you like?

Thanks in advance!

Answer:Good hardware resources

If the existing board and CPU are socket AM2+, you can use an AM3 CPU on the board, with the following caveat:

AM3 CPUs fit in AM2+ motherboard sockets (the difference is the AM2+ board uses DDR2 memory; an AM3 board uses DDR3). Before buying a new CPU, however, be sure your make and model of motherboard supports the CPU you're considering. In some cases, you may have to perform a BIOS update on the board before installing the new CPU.

Hope this helps.

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I need to get a new hardware firewall. I was looking at a Netgear FVS318G but am seeing terrible reviews. What is a good hardware firewall these days?
Thanks for any help. 

Answer:What is a good hardware firewall?

Are you also interested in open source solutions?

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Relevance 45.51% has anyone bought from here??? seems too good to be true

Answer:good site for hardware?

go to this site, and type the name of the site you want in the search

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Not sure this is the place to post this or not but ill give it a shot... anyways im just looking for some good magazines on Hardware. like In-depth info on hardware, whats New in hardware, hardware comparisons, etc.

anyone know any good ones? and thanks in advance. :-D

Answer:Any good Hardware mags?

anyone? =/

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ok heres the deal im new to the whole pc gaming thing so i have built myself a pc these are the specs
cpu intel core 2 duo 3.6ghz
4g ddr2 ram
1g gt220 graphics card
running 32 bit vista

yet i am still having trouble with some games i have since read that the gt220 is a ****house graphics card however the cpu came from a burnt out motherboard could that have damaged the cpu? or is this just not a good enough system to run newish games (fallout 3, dragon age, divinity 2 ect..)

Answer:hardware problems or just not good enough

The GT220 is not a powerhouse, it's meant for media centres and light games (i.e. not the three you mentioned).

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Hi, I am new here; I tried to post in the most relevent topic but my problem may be more broad than hardware. Please point me to the right topic if this is the incorrect;dr: (1) My computer has good hardware for gaming but runs very poorly at strange times..(2) Boot times are unreasonably long, and the computer is unusable for ~30 minutes.(3) On intensive games or games with uncapped frame-rates, white "flickers" occasionally occur on screen, and a constant background audio "buzz" can be heard.I am hoping for some advice on how to fix my computer's performance, or at least point me in a good direction to troubleshoot. ----My computer is primarily used for gaming, but experiences a lot of "lag" (taking an unreasonable amount of time to start programs, software becomes unresponsive, explorer.exe frequently crashes and must be restarted) even when doing the most basic things, such as using windows file explorer to find a program shortcut. It also takes ~10 minutes to boot up, and after that once I log in it usually runs so slowly that it takes around 20 minutes before it is usable. Programs that I try to start will not start for up to 5 minutes, and once they do they often function so slowly that they appear unresponsive (but if I wait, they do eventually work). I have tried general fixes such as defragging, checking for malware and rootkits, cleaning up junk files, etc. I have disabled all unneeded startup programs as well, but startup ... Read more

Answer:Good hardware, bad performance?

Welcome to the forums.Sounds like you may have a few separate issues to be honest, I would start by testing your HDD (I'm assuming you have a HDD but if you have an SSD, please say).  A failing HDD has the potential to cause similar issues to most of those that you describe.  You can test the drive by using the manufacturer's utility (e.g. Seatools for Seagate drives) and running the long test, or by using the free version of HD Tune which has an error test tab.The buzzing and other issues you mention with uncapped frame rates is fairly common and as you seem to have deduced, is purely down to the uncapped and extremely high frame rates, typically experienced on some game menu screens.  If capping the frame rate resolves these issues I wouldn't worry too much.Post back with your results once you've tested the drive and we'll see where we can go from there.

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I recently set up a home server using the latest home server from microsoft,Server2003, my laptop that uses XP Home connects and backs up files without a hitch then i bought a Sony PC that has Vista home premium installed, the server wont recognise it the error message says this computer cannot connect to the server, has anyone any ideas of a workaround for this or will i have to upgrade to Vista Ultimate as that supposedly recognises servers, any ideas gratefully received

Answer:Home Server and vista home premium

my home premium connects so it must a setting on your machines or a software (firewall/av)conflict.

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Hey everyone. Could anyone recommend a good online computer parts store that is reliable? Basically, I'm looking for a set of basic speakers and headphones. A couple of months ago, I bought a set of speakers but found out that they didn't have a headphone port. Therefore, I need new speakers. Also, my headphones got broke the other day so I need to replace them as well. I am just looking for a basic set to play CDs and games with. If anyone has any recommendations for headphones or speakers, please do give me a recommendation. Otherwise, a recommendation for ag ood online parts store will suffice. Thanks!

Answer:Good online hardware store?

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Currently under a very tight budget. I need to shoot some videos/commercials for small local businesses that aren't too complicated but enough to have as a video portfolio. Will be shooting some short documentaries as well. Using Adobe Premiere Pro and some Adobe After Effects.
Will be purchasing a computer with these specs:
Intel i-7 2600k CPU
Geforce EVGA GTX 670 2GB VRAM
OCZ Agility 128GB SSD

Will this be sufficient for an amateur video editor?

Answer:Is this set hardware set up good for video editing?

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I am currently using Microsoft ISA Server 2006 as my firewall and proxy on a dedicated server.
Support of it expired and I need to look for a new solution. There is no need for an ISA server on my network. I kept it more as a hobby. I am looking for a good dedicated firewall device with firewall and proxy functionality. Not sure yet if I want AV built in or if it is actually useful. A Microsoft Forefront appliance is going to be overkill and expensive. What kind of devices should I look at? Zykel, Watchguard, Sonicwall? How will devices compare to my current setup in terms of security and performance?

Answer:Looking for good hardware firewall recomendation

using Cyberoam CR100iNG firewall hardware device with license and antivirus ans anti spam with good performance ti internet sharing managing and monitoring internet security ans usage within company and all clients.

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Hello guys!

I just bought a new computer the other week:

i7 920
EVGA X58 mobo

I have Windows 7 (x64) build 7264 installed and encrypted on a 32GB SSD.
(I also have a 1TB drive for storage.)

I installed it about a week ago and lately it has been becoming sluggish and unresponsive at times. Mostly when loading webpages with lots of pictures or videos. I've tried 3 different browsers with the same result. When watching streaming video, it freezes randomly for a few seconds at a time when playing (but the video play bar shows that it's loaded way past the point where it freezes). I don't think it's my internet connection, because it's pretty fast (university) and I don't have these problems in ubuntu. Also, iTunes sometimes takes 5-10 seconds to gain window focus when I click on it.

I'm having trouble pinpointing where the problem lies. It's obviously not the memory. The processor does't seem to be under a heavy load (and it has 4 cores). Could it be the SSD somehow? It is one of the cheaper ones. My ubuntu installation is on the regular hd and works fine.

Thoughts/ideas/suggestions appreciated.


Answer:poor performance on good hardware -- why?

How much free space is on that SSD?
Is Hibernation turned on?
Where is the pagefile located? What is its size? Is it a fixed size or system controlled?

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Anyone know any good Hardware testing Software? I use memtest 86 3.5 and BurnIn test and a coupla others ... anyone got any others?

Answer:Good Hardware testing Software?

MemTest and Burnin test do 2 different things, what do you need to test specifically?

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More and more, I am faced with hardware problems (as opposed to malware or OS corruption) on computers I'm asked to diagnose.

Can anyone recommend or suggest a good Hardware diagnostic utility or utilities that will make my job easier? At this point, going the old route of unhooking one component at a time (or unhooking all and adding one back in at a time) is taking its toll on me. Spending $$ on a good reliable software tool that can be run from a USB drive, CD, or installed and uninstalled for troubleshooting multiple systems is warranted.

Any help is appreciated. Many thanks.


Answer:Good Hardware Diagnostic Utility(s)

really just aren't any shortcuts,
no MAGICAL 'jelly-bean' [software] to solve hardware or software issues,
just development of common-sense diagnostic skills,
that's what this and a whole lot of other forums are for,

you may peruse this and see if you can find something,

you might try what some of us do,
everytime! before i go to do anything on a customer's pc,
i kneel before it
say my 3 prayers to the 'great computer god'
then, do i really need to continue.............

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Like CPU-Z that gives real time information about the PC, but I want something that gives more details and information.

Answer:What are some good hardware monitoring programs?

Everest, sisoft sandra

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Hello all,
Thanks for looking at this post.
Ok i'll start with saying im new to building your own pc from scratch, wanted to gain some wisdom and advice from you guru's, before i do a possibly much longer post, erm no possibly about it i wanted to check im in right place to do that??
Ideally i would like to get opinions, thoughts and ideas about the hardware i have spent a while, errr i guess researching i.e if and whats compatible ect.
The actual putting together in the case is no problem as im a vehicle mechanic, so im use to wiring, ecu's, and fiddly things, i do understand putting a pc together and getting it right is a different thing, hence why im here, im struggling with the terminology, whats compatible with what ect.
I have colated a list of some hardware and am only looking to build a middle of the road pc, as im not a hardened gamer or graffic designer, so a extremely super powerful, enough to control the large hadron collider one isn't what i need
So if im in the right section, i can do a reasonably long post and you guys can handle getting bored then please let me know if this/that is ok.

vvvv Hardware list's below vvvv

Answer:Self Build PC - Is this Hardware a good choice

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I tried looking for reviews for the SAPPHIRE 100600L-Red Video Card, but I can't find any. I tried google and there are not customer reviews on the site that I found it on (newegg) If you want to see the video card that I am talking about, it is right here:
By the way, I don't know if this is just supposed to be in the chat forum but I figured that somebody in the hardware forum may already know something about this card.

Answer:What is a good hardware review site?

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I am looking to a good alternative to Everest Ultimate Engineer. I used to use everest to monitor all of my temperatures and how much of my CPU is being utilized on one of my other monitors.

If you guys know of any good applications let me know.


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whats a good, cheap website where i can get ram and a video card?

Answer:good website for buying hardware is one to check.

I also check and These two sites link to a lot of other sites that actually sell the products. Prices and shipping aren't always right, and there are some places that are not very good that they link to. If you use these sites, make sure that you check the feedback on the sites, and see what kind of feedback and how much feedback the site has received.

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hye. i am new to this forum.i have Intel Motherboard P4 titan and Pentium D dual-core 3.40ghz and i Have 1 GB ram and 320 gb hard disk and Nividia 6600. the prob is my computer starts very slow. the games i run from smallest to biggest every game is slow.there is this other problem when i play a game for 5-10 min the hole computer hangs for no reason then i have to restart the pc. the pc is so slow when i open almost two internet explorer they open very slow. every program i run is slow. Plz any help would be apreceated even the net i have is very slow i have 64 kb and it downloads at 2 - 4 kb per second

Answer:help! slow computer with good hardware.

Do the regular maintenence on that machine including diskclean and defrag.Then update and run all your protection programs...let them fix what they find.Post back with the results and a list of what programs you ran.

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Hi all, I own my own IT Services business and a client has had intermittent startup issues with vista for 6 months ..... i want to rule out hware first, any recommendations on heavy and extensive hardware testers?, I currently have BurnIn Pro and memtest ... and others you rekon I should use??

Answer:Good Hardware testing software


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i saw a dell pc package at a reasonable price, but not knowing much about hardware for gaming, what does anyone reckon please?Intel® Celeron® 420 Processor (1.6GHz,800MHz,512k cacheVideo Cards Integrated Intel® Graphic Media Accelerator 3100Memory1024MB 667MHz Dual Channel DDR2 SDRAM [2x512]Hard Drives160GB (7200rpm) Serial ATA Hard Drive with 8MB DataBurst? cacheSound CardsIntegrated 7.1 Channel High Definition Audiowith flatscreen monitor, dvd writer, dell are selling this for £369.any advice on this package or an for around the same price but a better package would be brilliantcheerz

Answer:hardware good enuf for gaming?

Have a look at the websites of some of the games that interest you and check out the system requirements. That'll give you a guide as to what's required.I'm no games expert, but I've a sneaky suspicion that if you try and load some of the latest games on a 1.6 GHz celery with integrated graphics, it'll grind to a halt.

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What are some good websites where I can purchase components from cases, cpus, powersupplies, memories, etc. to speakers, and such?

Also, what are good resources to help me build a nice gaming computer?

Answer:Need good websites for hardware purchase

Um where do you live?

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I am currently using Microsoft ISA Server 2006 as my firewall and proxy on a dedicated server.
Support of it expired and I need to look for a new solution. There is no need for an ISA server on my network. I kept it more as a hobby. I am looking for a good dedicated firewall device with firewall and proxy functionality. Not sure yet if I want AV built in or if it is actually useful. A Microsoft Forefront appliance is going to be overkill and expensive. What kind of devices should I look at? Zykel, Watchguard, Sonicwall? How will devices compare to my current setup in terms of security and performance?

Answer:Looking for good hardware firewall recomendation

using Cyberoam CR100iNG firewall hardware device with license and antivirus ans anti spam with good performance ti internet sharing managing and monitoring internet security ans usage within company and all clients.

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I have been shopping at overclockers and aria, I was wondering if anybody knew of anymore good sites for comp hardware in the UK.



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Came across this while hunting down some facts on Seagate drives this morning and thought those of us who are more hardware orientated might like it. It is fairly thorough and simple to use no fancy and very lengthy spiels which I personally like

Best SSD 2015 - 81 Charts - UserBenchmark < there are more than SSD benchmarks ie USB CPU GPU etc

PS Have found it has a fantastic little benchmarking app that runs really quite quckly and test the system hardware UserBenchmark: CPU Speed Test Tool - Compare Your PC

Answer:Hardware folks - good site

The problem with those test is their is nothing there about reliability.

I use mostly Intel SSD's. I know now as I new then they were not the fastest but very reliable. They have a 5 year warranty by Intel. Which is a company that is going to be around in 5 years just in case I need a RMA.

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Hello there, I'm new to this forum and thought I'd get some insight into a few issues I'm kind of annoyed/confused about.
First off, I'm a techie and well aware of most ways to increase speed and fix the problems I seem to be having. 
However, I must be missing something that one of you might know, and I'd appreciate your input.
I built my own PC with the parts that I have displayed on the pictures below. 
I'm confused about why my computer is slow even though similar laptops/PCs with equal to less powerful hardware perform
quicker and more efficient than mine. I have used CCleaner, defragmented, etc.. and performed all the required and suggested 
operations that are supposed to make a PC faster/cleaner. If you can let me know if maybe my parts don't complement each other in a way that should, or something completely out of left field that I have overlooked, I would love that.
Lastly, I'm concerned that my CPU is heating up more than usual. Once, my computer shut down because of excessive heat in my CPU.
I cleaned my PC and CPU, changed the thermal paste, etc... It has not shut down since. However, it increases in temperature rather quickly when I start even a simple program such as VLC for video viewing, or my web browser (Chrome).
I have posted a picture with my CPU Temperature running virtually on idle, with only google drive and sticky notes running on idle. 
Let me know what kind of changes you think I should... Read more

Answer:Good Hardware but Slow PC/CPU Heating up

Hello thatwunkid, and Welcome -
An easier way to show all of this is in a Speccy Link as this may give us a bit more to look at -
Publish a Snapshot using Speccy << Follow These Directions
This combines most of the data that you are trying to post in screen shots -
Thank You -

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Is there any good PC hardware shop online that has global reach capable of free shipping in an Asian country that is the Philippines? Preferably with the credibility of big companies like Ebay, Amazon, et cetera. Even small companies so long as its credible will do.

I know this may sound cheap, but I intend to buy online what is apparently an obsolete hardware for an AMD Phenom II X3 720 microprocessor. My desktop computer having this as the CPU chip just recently got broken and the faulty hardware is the motherboard. Looking through shops locally, any motherboard brands for it are either out of stock or simply just phased out.

As such, as part of the category, I am also looking for an online PC hardware shop that still sells hardware parts of this caliber.

Any suggestions?

Answer:Good Online PC Hardware Shop

Hi there

must be ZILLIONS in your part of the world. I'm sure a walk around some parts of Manila would get you what you want. China and Taiwan also won't have any problem shipping stuff. S.Korea also good but probably a little bit more expensive.


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As i was upgrading some security patches from the microsoft website for Windows XP home, i saw that there are couple of hardware updates also recommended on the Microsoft Websites.. as i HAD some problems with my intel chipset Modem i m a bit reluctant in downloading those updates... but it definitely offered an update of the Intel Chipset modem driver .. my modem still doesnot connect at more than 38.6k... so is there a possibility that by downloading those driver it will connect at over 40k ...? during troublesome days it use to connect at below 10k... i don't want to go back to those days..

So how good you think that MS recommended drivers are..??

Answer:How good are the Microsoft Hardware updates are..?

I would try to find a driver right from the manufacturer's this case Intel, before you use the one from Windows Update. Use the Windows Update only as a fall back.

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I was wondering if my PC really is able to run these games on max settings at a constant 60+ fps, because I was lead to beleive that they were:

Battlefield 1942
Call of Duty
Call of Duty: United Offensive
Medal of Honor: Allied Assault
Return to Castle Wolfenstein

Oh yeah, my PC specs are:

AMD Athlon 64 X2 4800+ EE
Mushkin EM PC2-6400 2X1GB

All overclocked. For The first three games, my fps will always be 30-40 with 8XSAA, and it will be a constant 60+ fps, with fps drops to around 55 when I use 4XAA (except for RtCW, where it will be a constant 90+ fps, with random drops down to 70).

I really should be running ALL of these games COMPLETELY maxed out in EVERY possible way with a CONSTANT 60+ fps, but it just isn't happening... Is there any reason why? I'm sorry if I sound rude, but it's really frustrating, I bought this computer just so that I can play the older games that I loved on max settings.

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Hello everyone i am looking for some hardware tools and some other products Load Cells and controls.Would you suggest some good companies.

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hello ppl

I wanted to buy Netgear RP614 4-Port WebSafe Router shown here

I cannot find it at futureshop(out of stock), radioshack and staples don't have it. SO, i'm hoping some of our canadian members can recommend a few reliable sites to buy computer hardware from; maybe i can find the NETGEAR there. American sites that ship to CANADA are also welcome!


Answer:Good CANADIAN sites to buy hardware

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So I held off till now until most of the bugs were cleared, and major issues were addressed ( drivers and what not ), and I have to say, I like the fact now 3 of my devices across 3 form factors all have the same look, feel, and layout.
Game rig ( waiting on new video card, running Intel built in atm), Acer Iconia W3 Tablet ( snappy and fun now), and my Nokia Lumia 1020...I'm even thinking Windows 10 would run very well on my Acer Revo 3610 Nettop ( Upgraded RAM, running Win 8.1 ).
The tablet is where I have been most impressed, as it was good under 8.1, but just didn't seem to have any way to improve or let me push the edges.
Under 8.1 at times it would just bog down, and I was expecting that when I bought it. Now under Windows 10 it is no super hi-way speed demon, but it is a whole bunch faster switching between apps. It still has it's slow down when first booting up, but once everything settles down it runs quicker then under 8.1
Add I searched for ways to give myself more space on the SSD, and I now have about 12 Gig free ( of 32 Gig ), and a good class 10 Micro SD for added space also 32 Gig
By removing prior install, and set up files I swear it seemed to add a little speed ( but maybe that is just a mind trick, and always make sure you have an original back up before you ever remove what I did, so you have a way back in case of crash, SSD failure, or any other disaster)
Now if only Bamboo would help out with some cheaper pen/stylus support it would make my W3 into a Bud... Read more

Answer:So Windows 10 on older hardware is quite good!!!!

So I'm about half way through upgrade on my Old beat up Acer Revo 3610 Nettop ( Intel Atom 330, 4 Gigs Ram, Nvidia ION Graphics)
Lets see how good Windows 10 is on this.....if there is any improvement I will let you know!!
Anyone out there put 10 on a Netbook?

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The title pretty much says it all..
If anyone knows a good program to monitor my hardware temperatures, please tell me!

Answer:Good program to tell my hardware temps?

The free Everest programme from HERE, or the Speedfan programme from HERE

Wil both give you temperature info for your system.

Regards Howard

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or is it far less to purchase separately?

Could either of these last me through my CCNP?


Ok, after looking around on Ebay for the prices of each of these, these all seem ridcilously overpriced.

But then again, the prices of these on Ebay are ALL over the place.. hm.

Answer:this CCNA hardware lab a good deal?

You do not need a lab for ccna.

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has anyone bought stuff from there? cause i cant find what i want anywhere else

Answer:is this a good place to shop for hardware

well, it doesn't have much of a reputation on resellerratings (, so i can't really say i recommend that store just yet. but what are you looking for anyhow?

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Hey everyone,
I was looking for websites that will teach you the ins and outs of computer hardware. Im going to college next year and want an upper hand.

Thanks everyone,

Answer:good hardware education sites?

I use Tom's Hardware.

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Here is the rundown:

In mIRC/MSN/YAHOO/AIM I get disconnected randomly. I may be in a middle of a conversation in MSN and it will boot me out. In mIRC I may get BLOCKS of information (like 5 minutes worth) in approximatley 2 seconds, or just get disconnected.

I also cannot download anything above 20mb. It will stop at 5mb, 1.9mb, 18.5mb (totally random).

I currently have Comcast HSI. I run a Motorola Surfboard 5100 cable modem, plugged into a Linksys BEFSR41. Both cable modem and router are BRAND NEW.

Silly as it may seem, this is the 3rd router. We had a BEFSR41 before, but it would "die" on us, about once every other day, until we unplugged it, and replugged it in. Before this, we had a netgear router, which worked flawlessly, BUT COULDNT send e-mail. (Strangest thing, could GET e-mail, but couldn't SEND e-mail. EVEN THOUGH THEY BOTH USE THE SAME MAIL SERVER. I could even telnet and ping the outgoing mail server. Tried in outlook, firefox, mozilla suite, etc. E-mail keeps me in business, so I switched to that BEFSR41.

So it seems I just cannot get it right. I just purchased a Cisco uBR904 router, but I cannot get it configured correctly to do what I would like, so will probably be putting it up for sale.

Now, the Motorola surfboard 5100 is about 1 month old. The "new" BEFSR41 is 1 month old. Obviously this combination is not working. I DO NOT CARE HOW MUCH IT COSTS, I want a router that will work flawlessly with SB51... Read more

Answer:I honestly cannot find good hardware

Have you just tried running just the 5100 directly into your computer? That way it will be easy to tell if your really dealing with router issues or if its not something else, such as cable modem, service itself or computer configuration.

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Is there a good hardware testing program to test if im having hardware issues or windows issues how about reverse a good windows program to test?

I mean is only way to reformat and reinstall windows to tell if its a windows issue? Not big deal but does take all day plus I don't want kill the stupid mother board by over working it if its a mother board issue... dunno thanks

Answer:is there a good hardware testing program?

Quote: Originally Posted by xxsicknessxx

Is there a good hardware testing program to test if im having hardware issues or windows issues how about reverse a good windows program to test?

I mean is only way to reformat and reinstall windows to tell if its a windows issue? Not big deal but does take all day plus I don't want kill the stupid mother board by over working it if its a mother board issue... dunno thanks

Try dual booting windows 7 with another copy of Windows 7.

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Hi People,

I'm looking at buying a new hard drive and was wondering if anyone could point me to a good online store for hard drives and/ or hardware?



Answer:Where is a good place for buying hardware online?

These are the two that I always use and both have been good to me

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I have some weird things going on with my current PC. I think the best place to start would be running a diag tool to check all the components and make sure they are up to par. Been a long time since I've done this and I know that PC Doctor used to be a pretty good tool to do this.

Are there any better freeware tools currently or is PC Doctor still a pretty good one to use?

Answer:Tool to check hardware, PCDoctor any good?

el bumpo

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Is there anyone knows a software that tests hardware status if it is still good(fully functional) or bad(damaged)...

Answer:Is there anyone knows a software that tests hardware if it is still good or damaged.

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