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ATI Radeon HD 5450 Dual Monitors HDMI & VGA Resolution Problems

Question: ATI Radeon HD 5450 Dual Monitors HDMI & VGA Resolution Problems

HI. I have a Samsung HD monitor and a VGA SuncMaster Samsung monitor. The HD monitor is what I use on my desktop all the time. I am wanting to have dual monitors to use on occasion and use both these at the same time with a mirror image. The graphic card ATI Radeon HD 5450 has a place for my HD and VGA slots. Win 7 recognizes both monitors, BUT my HD monitors resolution is not HD anymore but the VGA monitor is good.

How do I get the settings to be the same as it is on my HD monitor and then display the mirror image to the VGA monitor????

Thanks so much, Tammy

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Preferred Solution: ATI Radeon HD 5450 Dual Monitors HDMI & VGA Resolution Problems

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: ATI Radeon HD 5450 Dual Monitors HDMI & VGA Resolution Problems

Are you sure what you want is to DUPLICATE the contents of both monitors (referred to as "clone mode")? You want to show the identical desktop content on both monitors identically and simultaneously?

Or do you want to EXTEND the Windows desktop to run horizontally across both monitors, so that your Windows desktop is pretty much "double wide"? This allows you to drag windows onto one or the other monitor, and open up independent program windows on either monitor to meet your needs (e.g. to look at two open program windows independently presented on each of your monitors).

If you run the dual-monitor setup in EXTEND mode (with one of the monitors called "primary" monitor for Windows and the other monitor known as the "extend/secondary" monitor) then each monitor can be configured to run at its own native/optimal resolution, independent of what the other is configured at. So if you have a CRT (typically 4:3 or so) it can run at say 1280x1024 or 1600x1200 or 1440x900 or something like that, while your flatscreen/TV (typically 16x9 or 16x10) can run at say 1920x1080 or 1920x1200 or 1680x1050 or something like that. So you'd get FULL use of both monitors at their native/optimal resolutions, and maximum width of the effective combined Windows desktop.

If instead you do really want to run the two monitors in "clone mode", then you only have a Windows desktop that is the smaller of the two monitors. And you will be running the larger monitor at the resolution of the smaller monitor, which is exactly what is meant by "clone mode" aka DUPLICATE. Furthermore, if the pixel height of the 16x9 monitor is not large enough to accept the pixel height of the 4:3 monitor, then the resolution Windows decides on has to be reduced so as to be a compatible resolution acceptable to both monitors. So if the 4:3 monitor can run at 1600x1200 but the 16:9 monitor is say 1920x1080, you cannot run 1600x1200 as the DUPLICATE resolution, since 1200 vertical cannot be displayed on the 1080 vertical monitor. So Windows will probably show 1440x1080 or maybe 1440x900 as the maximum possible resolution, again so that it is compatible with simultaneous DUPLICATE display onto both screens.

Bottom line: if you have two different shaped monitors, with two different resolutions, and you want to utilize "clone mode", then you will only be able to select a maximum resolution that is compatible with BOTH screens at the same time. That's what DUPLICATE means, and the same resolution output will be sent to both screens. So inevitably the larger screen will look odd or distorted or will have black bars on left and right so as to retain the same aspect ratio as is showing on the smaller screen, or else it will be "zoomed/distorted" horizontally to fill the entire larger screen width but really only the desktop width appearing on the smaller screen will be what is shown.

Now, what do you really want to do?

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I have a HP Pavillion Slimline -S5311 running OS Windows 7 (Home Premium).

I had a single Monitor connected via the standard VGA Connection (VGA to VGA) which was working OK.

I installed a AMD RADEON 5450 card to try and use multiple monitors.

This allowed me to connect 2 Montiors:

Monitor 1 = DCI (AMD Radeon 540 Card) to VGA
Monitor 2 = VGA (Original PC Connection) to VGA

This was working OK, but recently the Monitor 2 (VGA to VGA) stopped working.

I have tried to trouble shoot this issue including changing cables and monitors but can not get 2 monitors working at the same time.

I found the VGA connection will now only work if I disconnect the AMD RADEON Card.
When I use the AMD Radeon Card, the VGA Connectionn will not work.

Has the Radeon Card burned out (approx 10 months old).

Also, I have tried to use the HDMI port from the AMD Radeon Card (HDMI to VGA) but this does not work either..I am assuming I will need a HDMI to DCI cable ?


Answer:AMD RADEON 5450 - Issues with using multiple monitors

I can't get the manual for your PC from HP, but there may be a setting in the BIOS that has changed. If that PC allows you to use the onboard graphics at the same time as a graphics card, there would probably be a setting in BIOS that allows you to do so. Check your graphics settings in BIOS to see if there is such a setting.

On the other hand, the 5450 would probably be able to run two monitors simultaneously off of the one card. Just use the VGA connection on the card, and the DVI connection on the card. You'll likely get better quality on the monitors if you do that. If your monitor doesn't have a DVI connection, you can always use a DVI to VGA adapter and use a VGA cable if that is what you have.

The 5450 is not exactly a high end card, but it still should be able to run two monitors simultaneously without problems.

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Hi Guys,
I recently purchased Asus HD 5450 1GB GDDR3 DVI VGA HDMI for my new machine that has Windows 7 64 bit. I got this graphics card thinking that I could have my two monitors and my tv connected, using all three ports. However, i have since found out that this cannot be done. I can have all 3 connected but i have to disable one monitor or my tv. My question is, what else do I need to buy to get the 3rd display working. I don't fancy buying another graphics card to be honest.

Any help would be very much appreciated.


Answer:Asus HD 5450 1GB GDDR3 DVI VGA HDMI and 3 monitors

Basically another graphics card. You could try a DVI splitter, but I don't know if they can do anything besides clone it.


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my 2 ATI Radeon HD 5450 graphics cards will not give output on the HDMI to 2 TVs.
The graphics cards will output with an HDMI to DVI cable monitor.

The graphics cards are recognised by Windows 7 Control Panel Displays and also by AMD's Control Catalyst Center.

I have downloaded the latest AMD driver version 8.930.0.0, driver date 5/12/2011.

I have tried changing the Control Panel Sound Speakers default to AMD HDMI Output but no output.

Any ideas?

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This is what I have
Asus: M4N68T-M-LE-V2.
AMD Radeon HD 5450 1024Mb.
I use Windows 7 Ultimate.
the BIOS settings give me two options, in one it's the onboard video that takes priority, in the other is the PCIE (the graphics card)
The problem is, I can't make both monitors work. Both monitors are VGA and I since the graphics card only admits one VGA, I'm trying to use the other from the onboard graphics card. I know it's possible, because before I could use 3 monitors, when I had a newer monitor with DVI connection.
Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

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I have just done a fresh install of Win 7 Pro on my HP. I am giving the machine to my son so did a complete wipe and installed from scratch. I've got a Radeon 5450 video card and downloaded the latest drivers.The AMD HD audio shows up in my device manager as properly installed. But when I try to configure it I get the 'this device is being used by another application'. Task Manager shows NO other apps running and I ran Msconfig to stop the two programs loading at start that came installed with Catalyst. No joy.

I would note that it all worked fine on my old installation that i wiped.

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Hey guys,

Got two of these cards as I need to output to an HDMI TV and a VGA monitor at the same time. I am having trouble getting it to actually duplicate the desktop on both devices rather than extending from one to the other, even if I choose clone. Also they need to have different resolutions as the monitor cannot handle full 1080p as the TV can.

UI updated to the new Catalyst control center but still not luck. What can I do to get this to work?


Answer:Problem with dual display on (Sapphire) Radeon 5450

You can not have different resolutions when you mirror the two monitors. Even with dual gfx cards.

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As the topics aid above ,I have a problem with dual monitor via HDMI.

I want to connect my laptop to the second monitor via HDMI cable.

I can connect it with out any problem but the the second is display Not optimus , recommend 1600*900 60Hz

And the font in the second in second is very blur and it have some cross line on the screen (Not the monitor problem)

I tried to change the second monitor display to the recommend setting but it not working.

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As the topics aid above ,I have a problem with dual monitor via HDMI.

I want to connect my laptop to the second monitor via HDMI cable.

I can connect it with out any problem but the the second is display Not optimus , recommend 1600*900 60Hz

And the font in the second in second is very blur and it have some cross line on the screen (Not the monitor problem)

I tried to change the second monitor display to the recommend setting but it not working.

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So I have a r9 270 which only has 1 HDMI port. I was wondering if there's a way to have 2 HDMI monitors running on my 270 which only has 1 HDMI port. Would it be worth upgrading graphics cards for this reason? I'm in need for more space so utilize live streaming and editing

Answer:How do I get 2 HDMI monitors running on my AMD Radeon R9 270?

What other ports do you have. If you have a DVI or a Display port you can ge a Display Port to HDMI converter, or if your monitor has a DVI port just run a DVI cable.

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So I have a r9 270 which only has 1 HDMI port. I was wondering if there's a way to have 2 HDMI monitors running on my 270 which only has 1 HDMI port. Would it be worth upgrading graphics cards for this reason? I'm in need for more space so utilize live streaming and editing

Answer:How do I get 2 HDMI monitors running on my AMD Radeon R9 270?

What other ports do you have. If you have a DVI or a Display port you can ge a Display Port to HDMI converter, or if your monitor has a DVI port just run a DVI cable.

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I just got a new work computer here (Dell Optiplex 790) and this issue is driving me nuts because my productivity is way down without three monitors, and even further because I'm spending all my time trying to get three monitors to work =D

I have two ATI Radeon HD 6350 video cards with HDMI ports. I'm using two splitters. One splitter for the main card has two Acer monitors hooked up (these work), and the other splitter has a single Acer monitor hooked up and does not work.

I know it works, because I can alternate between monitors but only two at a time.

Now - I've been doing research for about six hours and I just can't figure it out. I've been reading a lot about something called a "display port" but I can confirm that there are no display ports on either video card.

I've included a pic just for fun I guess:

Answer:Two Radeon HD 6350 (HDMI) not supporting three monitors

Skibbles, welcome to the Seven Forums.

Is it two cards, or is it a single card with a low profile bracket like the one shown here?

If it is a single card, then you can only run two monitors off of it unless you use a splitter. A splitter also defeats the purpose of multi monitor unless you are looking to run the same thing on both (clone).

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I've installed Windows 7 yesterday and only one of my card seems to be working as it is the only one who displays something.

The weird thing is that when I plug a monitor in the DVI port in the other card, I hear that DING song that signals that hardware has been connected but nothing shows up.

Any ideas what could possibly be the problem?

Obviously, the three monitors were working under Vista.

Thank you very much,


Answer:Dual ATI Radeon 3870 w/ 3 monitors

Quote: Originally Posted by jpidoo


I've installed Windows 7 yesterday and only one of my card seems to be working as it is the only one who displays something.

The weird thing is that when I plug a monitor in the DVI port in the other card, I hear that DING song that signals that hardware has been connected but nothing shows up.

Any ideas what could possibly be the problem?

Obviously, the three monitors were working under Vista.

Thank you very much,


Hi jpidoo.....

did you install Windows 7 with the 2 cards installed...??, if so the 2nd card may need to be reseated now that the new OS is running.

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Hi, i installed this card in my new emachine. one monitor in the vga port and the other in the dvi port using a div-vga converter. i get two identical screens, instead of one large extended screen. how do i fix this? thanks in advance.

the radeon card is for xp, but windows 7 recognized it.

Answer:Radeon 9250 dual monitors

Quote: Originally Posted by crankydog

I get two identical screens, instead of one large extended screen.

That's the extent of W7's dual/multi monitor management.

You'll require additional software for enhanced functionality I'm afraid.

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Hello friend,
first this is my configuration of my pc
intel motherboard and chip of 1.6ghz dual core.
Kingston 2 gb ram.
Ati Radeon 4600.
ok so here is the problem
i have set up my 1 LCD by a VGA port, and i try to connect my tv through the HDMI port
when the pc starts the boot screen is displayed on both of the screen but afer the boot screen goes off then on my LCD (connected trough VGA port jsut displays the mouse) but the tv dosent displays anything (its just blank) after some time the blue light come on tv and a message NO SIGNAL is displayed while on my monitor only mouse is displayed and other everything is blank. when i remove the HDMI cable the monitor displays the login screen.
1. Setting u[p dual monitor option is windows personalization option. ( it have tried all the options like extended displays and all)
2. MY graphic card driver is up to date.
3. i have tried connectinf the HDMI cable after the deskto is being displayed but HERE BOTH THE MONITOR AND TV GOES BLANK AND I HAVE TO RESTART DUE TO NO DISPLAY IN ANY OF THE SCREENS..

Answer:HOW to set up dual monitors in Ati HD RADEON 4600

Does your video card support dual monitors?

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OK, I've got the two monitors hooked up to the splitter cable, I open "personalize" display and it tells me monitor two is "not active".

It does, however, display Monitor 1 as a clone.

How do I activate the second monitor so that when I extend the desktop I can open up windows separately?

Something in the driver configuration I'm missing?

Answer:Dual Monitors in ATI Radeon HD 3200

Follow-up based on some advice here:

In Catalyst, Monitor will enable for 1 second or so and then become disabled again.

I am therefore unable to "extend the desktop" to enable multiple applications as intended.

So where do I go and what do I need in order to permanently engage Monitor 2?

Both are Dell flat screens, FWIW, attached to a Dell Inspiron

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Hello, i recently bought AMD Radeon HD 6570 and i was wondering is it possible to set up dual monitors on this graphic card it haves VGA/DVI/HDMI ports, will it work if i connect one monitor to HDMI and other monitor into VGA?


Answer:AMD Radeon HD 6570 dual monitors

it will be fine. but youd be best off using hdmi and the dvi port. as sometimes theres issues/driver bugs using an analogue output (vga) as well as a digital (dvi).
but thats just my personal finding. other probably have no issues!

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I have the ATI Radeon HD 5700 and I'm trying to setup dual monitors. I have one monitor connected to the DVI output and the other connected to the VGA port. The monitor connected via VGA port is showing up on my computer, any suggestions?

Answer:Dual Monitors with an ATI Radeon HD 5700

Right click on desktop>select screen resolution and then select extend these displays under multiple displays.

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Hey There. New here and very glad to find this site. Here's hoping someone can give me insight on this problem I'm having.

So I have a very cheap Dell Optiplex 745 I got off amazon. Do some 2d animation, and it was all I could afford when my laptop had a sudden HDD failure. So anyway, the graphics card outputs to a DMS-59 (I believe) and came with a dual Y dongal converter to VGA output to support dual monitors. So my current setup has my monitor connected to the primary VGA output, and it works fine.

So recently I received a Wacom Cintiq graphics tablet. to hook up it requires an HDMI female port. I tried to rig it up using a converter on the secondary VGA port to change to DVI, then use a second converter to go from DVI to HDMI. But all I get on my tablet is "No Input Signal".

I searched around and haven't been able to find anything to help. I tried it in the primary vga port, but it doesn't work there either. Any Ideas? I looked around for a better way to convert DMS-59 to HDMI, and I found a dual splitter, but it only ships from Europe, and I don't want to pay 60 bucks and wait 3 weeks to get something that may not work.

Any tricks you guys might know to try and fix this? Would it be easier to just replace the graphics card with one that exports HDMI? if so any suggestions of a (cheap) one that would fit, and preferably support dual monitors? Would rather not spend much since I'm saving for a new machine that can render a lit... Read more

Answer:Help with Dual Monitors/ HDMI conversion

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Greetings !

Today I got a new monitor, and I have it plugged in with a hdmi cable, and an adapter since my card only has 1 hdmi output.

But when I tried to plug in my TV as my second monitor with a hdmi cable (no adapter) my monitor goes black and gives me the message "no hdmi signal"

Any ideas on how to fix this would be greatly appreciated!

My graphics card is a GTX570 and my drivers for it are up to date.

Answer:Problem with dual monitors (HDMI)

I did a rollback on my graphics driver, and that seems to have fixed the problem.

Does anyone know if this is the only way to get to work? or is there something else i can try to get it to work on with the newest drivers?

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Hello, Recently i updated my video card to a PNY geforce 8400gs (PCI) card, i have two monitors hooked up, Primary monitor is a 22" LG with a native resolution of 1920 x 1080, my secondary monitor is an ACER 22" with a native resolution of 1680 x 1050.

I am having 2 problems with the this setup.

1. When i ever i play videos online at fullscreen it becomes very choppy (did not do this with old 128mb embedded card)

2. When i try to set the 2nd monitor to its native resolution it will shift the viewing area over to the left by a view inches. I have tried to controls built into the monitor and nvideas control panel but nothing will move it over enough.

Has anyone seen a problem like this before

Answer:Resolution problem with dual monitors

If you disable the second monitor, are the games still choppy? Where you running the 22" as your primary with the integrated card?

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There are two identical 19 inch monitors connected to a desktop. One is connected using dvi and the other using vga. One monitor works fine but the other has small resolution and doesn?t have settings for larger. So when I go to display properties settings the largest I can get on one monitor is 1024x768 and there?s no 1280x1024 for some reason. It use to work fine.

Answer:Problem getting same resolution on dual monitors

when you connect both monitors to the same video card (via a Y-cable or dual ports)
you expect both to use the same resolution.

running one DVI and the other VGA?? Make sure the primary #1 monitor is attached to the
DVI card.

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I have a laptop with a resolution of 1600 by 900 and I am connecting it to an external dell monitor to duplicate the displays. 1600 by 900 isn't supported on the list of resolutions after the monitor is connected, so I created a custom one in the Intel graphics properties after connecting the monitor. It seems to have set the custom resolution, however the laptop display still is blurry and does not look like it does when the external monitor is disconnected. Are there any other settings that need to be changed? I do not care if the external monitor is distorted, I just need the full resolution on the laptop.

Answer:Dual Monitors, Keeping Same Resolution

I do believe it defaults to the monitor with the lowest resolution and duplicates that on the other monitor. Run in extend mode and it won't be an issue. Or run monitors that have the same resolution. I don't have any other solution, sorry.

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Hello, I am posting regarding using dual monitors with windows 7.
These are the specs for my work computer:
2x Acer X193+
Intel P4 2.8ghz
2gb ram
32 bit os
Nvidia Quadro NVS 55/280 PCI video card

The issue I am having is that the monitors im using are exactly the same, yet windows 7 is telling me they have 2 different native resolutions. Which i know is not true. I reformated from XP pro which ran both at native resolution no problem. I have found that one runs at native (1680x1050) and the other doesn't have its native listed as an option. I have to run it at the recommended which is 1440x900, which is completely blurry and gives me a headache to look at.

So far, I've tried unplugging them and replugging them, to no affect. I've tried a completely different set of monitors entirely yet windows 7 seems to have the same issue with those as well. I have the latest drivers installed and have had the IT at owrk look at it to no prevail. I cannot find a reason as to why I can't run both my monitors at their appropriate and native resolutions. Seems to me this is a simple thing and windows 7 is making it difficult. Anyway i can force the one to run at a custom resolution without affecting the other?

I'll keep reviewing this thread to answer anyone's questions to help with my problem.

Answer:Dual (indentical) Monitors, Different Resolution?

Did you try swapping where the monitors are plugged in? Also, how are monitors plugged in? DVI? VGA? HDMI?

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Hello Everyone, This Forum was very helpful when I was setting up a docking station for 3 external monitors - thank you. In the end, the T430s continues to work well, where using the DisplayPort outputs (+ VGA?) on my docking station, I can get 3 external monitors to run at 1920 x 1080. I am now interested in higher resolution, however - at least 2560 x 1440 or if possible, 4K.  (My understanding is that higher than 1920 x 1080 will limit me to 2 external monitors vs 3 but that's OK.) Here is where I need help: Using 28" Samsung 4K monitors, I am able to drive 2 external monitors at 2560 x 1440, using 2 DisplayPorts (on dock) to DisplayPort connections on the monitors. Experimenting with a bigger, 55" 4K screen however does not work : ( Becauser the bigger screen has only HDMI and no DisplayPort.    (I tried a DisplayPort to HDMI adapter, but it did not work either - apparently the adapter constrains the display to 1920 x 1080)  Can anyone please help?  Is there an active DisplayPort to HDMI adapter that will pass 2560 x 1440 or higher? Can I somehow use the DVI ports on the dock to drive 2560 x 1440?  Could the new X1 with a 2560 x 1440 native resolution do a better job? In summary, 1) I want to use at least 2 and possibly 3, 55" 4K screens, which have HDMI inputs only 2) Display at least 2560 x 1440 - hopefully with future ability to 4K 3) Would rathe... Read more

Answer:T430s / Nvidia - Higher Resolution than 1920 x 1080? With 2-3 External Monitors and HDMI

your external monitor requires HDMI 1.4 port to drive the 4K resolution, as far as i know there is no Displayport to HDMI 1.4 converter on the market. The DVI ports on the dock is single link only, so it can't drive the 2560x1440 resolution you require. The new X1 Carbon Gen 2 has HDMI 1.4 and can drive the screen at 4K. But it has only one HDMI 1.4 port, so you are limited to driving one 4K LCD at this resolution.

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Please forgive me if I am not wording this correctly, I am not sure what the different settings are called.

I have 2 monitors, that are supposed to be stretched across the 2, not mirrored, not 2 that shows as 1, just stretched.

Today, I had an update for my graphics card using AMD Radeon software update. After the update was done, I restarted my computer, and now my monitors are mirrored. That is they are showing the exact same thing.

I cannot seem to find a setting to turn them off. When I right click on the desktop and go to Display Settings, it has only 1 monitor listed.

I have tried pressing default settings in the AMD software, to no avail.

If you could help me out, that'd be great.


Answer:Dual Monitors Mirroring Each Other after Radeon Update

Please mark my situation as solved, I was able to fix it myself.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my thread.

Best Regards

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I have an Optiplex 7040, new and freshly imaged.AMD Radeon R7 350x w/ dual U2417H Monitors.I tried the MST connection but it only was able to mirror both displays.The Graphics card has two inputs - a DVI and a DP.The first U2417H is connected from DP to graphics card DP.  No problems. The second monitor is an issue, as it has no DVI output for the DVI input in graphics card.  I have tried three different cable connectors.  When I initially plug in the cable, the monitor says it is searching for signal, then goes to sleep countdown.a)First one is a Dell DANARBC084 DP to DVI.  The DP goes into correct DP slot on monitor, and a DVI cable connected to the graphics card.b)Second connector is a BizLink connector of the same type.  Same response.c)Third type is a mini DP to DVI.  It is a VisionTek Dual Link "Active".  Same response.Can anyone assist?  I have no idea how to hook up the second monitor to the graphics card. Thank you,Josh

Answer:AMD Radeon R7 350x w/ dual U2417H Monitors

Hi jatumd,Thanks for posting.Here is some information that you may find helpful.  

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I have the ATI Radeon HD 5700 and I'm trying to setup dual monitors. I have one monitor connected to the DVI output and the other connected to the VGA port. The monitor connected via VGA port is showing up on my computer, any suggestions?

Answer:[SOLVED] Dual Monitors with an ATI Radeon HD 5700


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 Hi there.  I recently purchased a Thinkpad Edge 15 (7/2011).  I don't have the tech specs immediately available but I can update my post tonight if needed to answer my question.  Running Windows 7.  My laptop has both VGA and HDMI ports from the factory.  Here's a photo of what mine looks like. Question: can I run dual monitors using these ports?  My current monitor is VGA and so I run it off my VGA port.  Assuming my next monitor has at least one of the following (VGA, HDMI, DVI), can I run dual monitors with it?  Worst case scenario, do I buy some sort of adapter? Will I get better results using one type of monitor port over another?    Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.  Very much appreciated.  Thx, R

Answer:Dual monitors w/ Thinkpad Edge 15? VGA & HDMI

hey 5e32u,it'll be much better if you use one type of port instead of a i do not have that unit, i cannot guarantee if having one monitor to VGA and one monitor to HDMI will work.let's wait for what the other community members say about this.

WW Social MediaImportant Note: If you need help, post your question in the forum, and include your system type, model number and OS. Do not post your serial number.Did someone help you today? Press the star on the left to thank them with a Kudo!If you find a post helpful and it answers your question, please mark it as an "Accepted Solution"! Follow @LenovoForums on Twitter!Have you checked out the Community Knowledgebase yet?!How to send a private message? --> Check out this article.

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I recently purchased this PC. I saw that in the BIOS it states that if PCIE card is chosen as the primary, then the IGFX (integrated graphics) can be used as a secondary monitor. However, when I go into Windows, only the HDMI works. I am not able to see the integrated display driver in device manager. Can someone help me figure out how I can utilize the VGA for dual monitor setup?  

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I have an LCD TV with HDMI I like to watch movies on from my laptop. It's got an ATI HD2600 card.

I had issues setting up dual screens, extended vs clone etc. I just wanted a quick an d easy plug in to watch the movie, unplug to compute again. But would always have to adjust resolution on the TV from 1650 to 1920 manually.
Best I could do was to hook up the HDMI, disable the laptop display and it would show 1920 on the TV and when I unplug the HDMI, the display would come back on and show it's 1650. This is the only way I've figured out so far that would switch to the right resolution automaically. Plugging the HDMI back in would kill the laptop monitor and show on the TV.

Anyone got a better way?

Answer:Dual Monitors - Quick HDMI switch

PLEASE fill out your system specs so WE have MORE info on YOU, since WE ARE NOT AT YOUR HOME.

either your laptop video card doesn't have enough power to deal with HDMI + laptop screen, or you need to keep messing with drivers. MEANING, try each version out for your card.

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I have an Inspiron 13 (7368) and I was wondering if the HDMI port and the usb-c port with DisplayPort would be able to output at the same time. I want to hook up my laptop to 2 external monitors, where one is connected via the HDMI port, and the other is connected through an hdmi to usb type c dongle. Does anyone know if this is possible? Or do I just need to buy a docking station? I wanted to see if I could just use the HDMI and USB-C ports on the laptop first in order to save a few dollars.

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System has two HDMI ports and one DVI. The DVI supports a monitor and HDMI is advertised as supporting two monitors. Neither of the HDMI ports are working. Contacted HP support and was told to return for warranty work (1 day old tower). Returned to store for replacement contacted HP support with second tower and was told same, return for warranty work. Contacted online support from another company went through several operations, drivers different connections, both monitor and TV and finally was told tower #2 was also defective. HP Envy 750-197c windows 10

Answer:Dual monitors not working when connected to HDMI

Hello @77-77-77,I have brought your issue to the attention of an appropriate team within HP. They will likely request information from you in order to look up your case details or product serial number. Please look for a private message from an identified HP contact. Additionally, keep in mind not to publicly post serial numbers and case details.If you are unfamiliar with how the Forum's private message capability works,this post has instructions. Please let me know if this information helps you resolve the issue by marking this post as "Accept as Solution", this will help others easily find the information they may be looking for.  Also, clicking the Thumbs up below is a great way to say thanks! Have a great weekend!

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Asus mother board. Radeon HD6450 pcie x16 card and HD Radeon 5450 pcie x1 card. I want to run 2 monitors on each card. Installed both and the HD4650 installs the software and drivers. Install second and at first got BSOD. It installed but shows as video controller (VGA compatible).
I go into the AMD Vision Engine Control and the two monitors on the HD 6450 show up and the monitors come on and work. It shows the other two monitors, but I cant tell how to turn them on. I use the "extend" option and the working screens flicker, but nothing out of the other two. The show up on the software but I cant activate them. I would greatly appreciate any help you can offer, it's about to drive me mad. Thanks

Answer:New System w/ Radeon HD 6450 and Radeon HD 5450 Need Help

I just wanted to let the room know that I uninstalled and reinstalled the Radeon HD5450 and it seemed to identify it. All 4 monitors are working fine but my NIC card quit working..still working on that one.

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Running Win7.

I have dual monitors setup:

1 on HDMI native resolution 1680 x 1050
1 on VGA native resolution 1440 x 900

When I boot up, both monitors set to 1680 x 1050, and are both identified in Screen Resolution settings as the same (as the first, 1680 monitor).

I have to click DETECT which then gives me the correct display on VGA for monitor 2, when I can then select the correct resolution for monitor two.

That's fine --- other than after every restart (and recover from hibernate), it switches back to both at 1680 x 1050

So, is there a way I can tell it to always remember the second monitor as it should be? Obviously I'm Applying the changes and until I restart/hibernate, it works fine...

Any ideas, most appreciated.

Thanks in advance

Answer:Solved: Dual Monitors - Remeber Different Resolution

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Screen  resolution setup for dual monitors with different screen resolution requirements. Am using intel HD graphics program, but, clearly I am doing something wrong since I have the two individual monitors projecting individually with the correct
resolution however when i select clone display and wish to combine the settings it returns back to the resolution applied to the laptop and the flatscreen projects at an unfavorable resolution and will not work. will someone please advise as I seem to remember
this prior and the remedy was quite simple. thanks

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Hello, I purchased a T440s soon after they were released, its running the I7 processor and a 10-point multitouch display. Upon startup the built in display is perfectly normal, it looks great. However, when I dock it on my ultra dock, both of the external displays just don't look right. The desktop icons are huge and the taskbar buttons become quite small. These displays are using the VGA and DVI ports. Here's the twist: when I boot while connected to the dock, both of the external displays look great, the icons go back to normal size and the taskbar buttons become more square shaped like they typically are. Then when I put the machine to sleep and undock it, the built in display's resolution is now off. The taskbar becomes incredibly small and several other things are distorted. My question is this; Would there be any way for me to set up my machine so that the display settings change depending on whether I'm using the dock or the built in display without having to re-boot the machine. Thanks, -Mark H.

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Hi all,

I'm having some issues with extending my desktop onto a secondary monitor correctly. I have an HP Elitebook 8460p with a Radeon HD 6470m graphics driver, and the Catalyst Control Center installed. I've hooked a VGA-VGA cable into a Dell monitor. I can successfully clone my desktop onto the second monitor, but I cannot typically *extend* my desktop to use dual monitors.

I've tried extending it using Function-F4 and selecting extend, going to the desktop->Display, selecting the monitor (it is recognized) and clicking "Extend", and going through the Catalyst Control Center to Arrange Monitors, clicking on the external, and clicking "Extend". In all cases, the screen flickers to black, and when it comes back, my monitors are still in "Clone" mode. In fact, even if I've selected to only use the laptop or only use the external monitor, on clicking "extend", it goes back to "clone". I do see that when I select "extend" in the Catalyst Control Center, it *very briefly* shows me both monitors in its configuration area, but then flickers back to a single monitor (the laptop).

I've reinstalled Catalyst Control Center's latest software/drivers to no avail. I have noticed that if I install the latest version of the driver for the graphics card, it resolves the issue, but never permanently. At some other point in time upon disconnecting the external monitor (when I leave work for example... Read more

Answer:Radeon Graphics Card / Dual Monitors Issue

Someone may have a better answer. But whenever I've seen issues such as this where software won't retain settings, or something works for a short time but continiously breaks in the same way, it's typically a sign of an OS/registry...and a fresh install of the OS will usually resolve the issue.

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I know there a lot of these threads, but none seemed to work for me. So here is my situation. I have an AMD Radeon HD 7850 HIS IceQ Turbo graphics card which has a DVI, HDMI, and 2 DisplayPorts. I have two identical LG 23EA63 Monitors connected to the graphics card using two DisplayPort to HDMI cables. This setup worked well in Windows 10 until the day I bought a mac and wanted to share monitors. So I connected the Mac to one of the monitors using the DisplayPort to HDMI cables, then connected the DVI cable from the PC to the 2nd monitor. So now the PC has monitor 1 connected through a DP to HDMI, and monitor 2 connected by DVI. I decided to get the Mac its own monitor so I disconnected Monitor 2 and put it back on the PC using the 2nd DP to HDMI. Now, the 2nd monitor will not display.

So here's what I have already tried. I uninstalled the graphics driver and CCC by using the clean uninstall tool on AMD's website. Rebooted, then downloaded and installed the latest driver. Still nothing. I have clicked on Windows Key + P and set it to extend, still did not work. I went to Control Panel, chose Troubleshooting and ran the Hardware and Devices troubleshooter. Nothing. So looking in device manager I see that it is only showing one monitor (where there used to be two). When I click on Control Panel and go to Display, it shows two monitors - the first being the correct LG 23EA63, but the second shows "Display: 2. Display device on: VGA". It will not let me make any change... Read more

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hi i m a graphic deisgn student and so running dual monitors allows me to have multiple adobe programs running whilst i m working.
my presario sr1000 has an on board integrated ati radeon x200,
i recently tried to install a dual monitor pci card that i couldnt find the manufacturor for ( it came from an old dell so assume if it was anything good it would firstly work and secondly have a brand somewhere on it or at the very least have some of driver s somewhere on the web) to cut a long story short, the card didnt work and just ****ed up my system.

however when i got back to returning the system to the normal integrated graphics set up i found that the radeon x 200 supports dual monitors itself. i only have a single video output from the integrated card, but can i use a signal splitter or does the x200 only support dual monitors when its fitted as a non integrated pci card?
would like to know as i m wasting a lot of time fiddling around and if its a simple as a splitter cable i ll be over the moon.
any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

Answer:dual monitors on a single output through an ati radeon x200?

You need a video card with two outputs .. or maybe two video cards.
A splitter won't do you any good.
Better have a strong computer for several Adobe's running.

And Welcome to the TSG forum

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Hi -

I am running
Win 7 Ultimate with a
GeForce 8800 GTX 768MB and
two SAMSUNG 226BW Black 22" Monitors.

Now I have them set to run through a Monoprice HDMI Switch because I also have my 360 running on the one monitor as well.

Now my issue comes into play, which I am not sure if its the card or not, is when i use the switch to change the one monitor over to play the 360. All the items that were on that monitors screen, like icons, folders, taskbar, what have you, gets shifted over to the other screen.

This, beyond annoying, messes me up because then i have to replace everything on the screen to the position it was, and using auto arrange would not help with something like Rainmeter which I am running. I do know when I had XP and switched over to the 360 this did not happen. So , I don't know what is different in 7 that is now making it do this but is there a way to fix it?


Answer:Dual Monitors & HDMI Switch: Desktop Issue

Quote: Originally Posted by rjupiter

Hi -

I am running
Win 7 Ultimate with a
GeForce 8800 GTX 768MB and
two SAMSUNG 226BW Black 22" Monitors.

Now I have them set to run through a Monoprice HDMI Switch because I also have my 360 running on the one monitor as well.

Now my issue comes into play, which I am not sure if its the card or not, is when i use the switch to change the one monitor over to play the 360. All the items that were on that monitors screen, like icons, folders, taskbar, what have you, gets shifted over to the other screen.

This, beyond annoying, messes me up because then i have to replace everything on the screen to the position it was, and using auto arrange would not help with something like Rainmeter which I am running. I do know when I had XP and switched over to the 360 this did not happen. So , I don't know what is different in 7 that is now making it do this but is there a way to fix it?


So let me get this straight: You have two monitors, both are used by your computer, but you want to switch one of them over to the Xbox when you want. This sound right? Have you installed the newest drivers from the Nvidia site? That card is quite old, im not sure if you're gonna get drivers for Se7en, but if not, use the XP drivers.

Oh yeah, and did you upgrade or clean install? If you upgraded, there should be a directory in you C: and you should find the old working drivers ... Read more

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Dear all, I have a e440 model and it have VGA and HDMI port on it side, is it possible to connect two external monitors via these two VGA and HDMI port without adding a docking?


Go to Solution.

Answer:E440 + Dual external monitors via VGA and HDMI without a dock?

Hi Hwong,Welcome to Lenovo Community! And happy to have you here.As I understand that you have query regarding dual monitors support for E440 without dock
Yes, you can use the VGA & HDMI ports to get dual monitors output. 
I hope the above information helped you. 
Please feel free to post in Lenovo Community Forums if you have any further queries!
Regards,Prabhansh_______________________________________________Tap that Kudos button if I helped.If you find a post helpful and it answers your question, please mark it as an "Accepted Solution"

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I have a new T520 docked with a 4338 docking station.  I've connected 2 Lenovo L1940p LCD's to the dock using the 2 DVI ports.  In order to set the 2 LCD's to 1440 x 900 (their max resolution), I have to disconnect the 2 DVI cables from the dock and boot the T520.  Once the T520 is up, I reconnect the 2 LCD's and they work fine.  If I leave them connected during the bootup, I am not able to set them to 1440 x 900.  The max it will go at that point is 1366 x 768.  Even if I boot the laptop before docking and then dock it after it's up, I lose my max resolution until I reboot without the LCD's connected.  I have the NVIDIA NVS 4200m and the driver is up to date (according to Windows).  I am running Win7 Enterprise.  I also tried changing to discrete graphics in the BIOS with no luck.Can anyone help with how to save this configuration so I don't have to go through this everyday?  Much Appreciated!!

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ok.. a long time ago i asked if there was a program that could change the screen resoultion with a batch file.. i got a few different programs as a result of that.. however now i have dual monitors.. and need to know how to change the resolution on both monitors...

right now it changes the primary and not the secondary..

i really just wish XP would allow different resolutions for different users, is that too hard?

another option would be to disable the 2nd monitor when "user x" logs in, and just change the main one to 800x600.. i am going to see if ultramon can do that actually.

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For the last 3 years i have worked with Windows XP , 2x Sapphire Radeon HD 3850 512 MB videocards and 3 monitors connected (2x 22inch and 1x 19inch).

This worked without a single problem.

Since i got a terrible virus i was forced to upgrade to Windows 7.

And from this moment the problems started.

Only 1 22 inch monitor displays the correct resolution 1680x1050. The other 22inch is set to a lower resolution and when i manually try to set it higher it wont go to the desired resolution.

In the mean time i have removed the 3rd monitor. So currently i am working with the 2x 22inch.

I have tried to install every single driver available but nothing works.

The funny thing is that when i installed windows 7 that the monitors did work for about 3days. Suddenly the monitor resolution changed and i couldnt got it back.

1 time when trying installing older drivers the monitors went back to the good resolution but with in a day it failed again. Now after 2 weeks of trying and installing /deleting drivers i have no idea what to do anymore.

My PC details:

Windows 7 Home premium 64bit
Quad Core Q6600 2.40 GHz
4GB RAM memory
Gigabyte GA-P35-D34 rev. 2.1 motherboard
2x Sapphire Radeon HD 3850 512mb PCI-e videocards

(I am using ultramon for multiple taskbar)(but after removing it the problems still exist)

Can someone help me ?

Answer:Sapphire Radeon HD 3850 - Dual/triple monitors problem.

nobody ?

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My old monitor has problems turning on, I can leave it on for 30hrs before it decides to display a picture, or I can manipulate it by unplugging the DVI cable from the back, but sometimes even that takes a few tries. It's off warranty and for reference it's a Samsung SyncMaster 226BW.

So I bought a new monitor and I have it plugged in using HDMI, but a problem I get is that when both monitors are plugged in the HDMI has no display until it gets to Windows, so I cannot see the boot process of my PC, because my old monitor as explained above has problems turning on.

Was a hindrance today when I was tinkering with my SSD and had to go to BIOS, and frankly I'd like to be able to see in case anything goes wrong, like a BSOD or Windows update etc.

So how do I get my HDMI monitor to give me a picture when the other monitor is plugged in. My new monitor is another Samsung, SyncMaster SA350.

Answer:Dual Monitors, HDMI monitor doesn't display BIOS

Short of something like this, - BYTECC DVI-HM DVI Male to HDMI Female Cable Adaptor

not much as that is a function of the video card and nothing to do with Windows. The only way would be to try and edit the video card's bios so that the HDMI port is made to be the primary port when powering on.

Failing that if the old monitor is that bad, why use it? If the new is the only thing connected then it should display the bios screen when booting up.

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So yesterday I've bought a GTX 1060 6GB (MSI version) and replaced my old GT 730. So previously I used DVI and VGA for my monitors (as I didn't have a HDMI port on old GT 730). And now I'm using HDMI on one of my monitor and DVI on the other one.
Right after upgrading to GTX 1060 I've understood that I have no sound on my SPEAKERS and so far nothing has helped. I'll post a list of the things I've already did (which is about 5 pages of Google search all over)
? Tried plugging in only one monitor (the one with DVI) - still no sound.
? Replaced my GPU into another slot on my motherboard - still no sound.
? Uninstalled/Reinstalled/Deleted/Disabled/Removed drivers and devices from Device Manager - still no sound.
? Have my Speakers as default on Sound options menu (the green bars are moving when I try to play something) - still no sound.
? REINSTALLED WINDOWS and did everything above from the beginning - sitll no sound.
? Enabled onboard sound card in BIOS - still no sound.
? Updated all the drivers - still no sound.
? Might have forgotten some other steps I did, but I've tried almost everything I could find on the Google search.

System summary:
Sound summary:

Any help or advice would be really appreciated.

Answer:No sound after upgrading to GTX 1060 (using HDMI cable/dual monitors)

Hi TheAndriusB.

Since you have Realtek I assume you have a Realtek HD Audio Manager in the systray (righthand side of task manager). Maybe hidden, click arrow head.

I would snoop around in there to see if something has become set with the installation of card.

If that doesn't solve I think I would reset my BIOS, which is recommended when you make a major change. Before resetting I would document current settings so you can restore if something changes.

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I have GATEWAY DX 4300 and use Dual monitor (Samsung Sync master P2350).
Both monitors was working fine for Highest resolution (1920x1080).

At present
-Monitor 1 (Non-PnP) maximum resolution is preset at 1600x 1200 and cannot be adjusted to highest resolution 1920x1080.
-Monitor 2(PnP) is working fine.

Any feedback to bring back monitor 1 to full resolution is appreciated.


Answer:ATI Radeon HD 4650: Dual monitor Resolution change

Try switching monitors around. i.e. swap where they are plug in on the card.

Its possible one of the out puts is crapping oout.

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I would like to add a second monitor to my set up without a significant expenditure.   What is the maximum screen resolution that I should consider buying for the second monitor?  My set up: Dell SP2309W 23" monitor running at 2048 x 1152 (max res of monitor) through the DVI.Mini dock with a T500 with an ATI HD Radeon 3650 switchable graphics card. How best to connect it?  I am guessing that to add another monitor to this set up, I would be attaching through the VGA port.  I know VGA can be blurrier than digital, so if there is an inexpensive option to run the second display off some kind of digital connection, that would be great. Thanks

Answer:Dual External Monitors - T500 w/Switchable ATI HD 3650 Radeon Graphics

you can get a usb2dvi converter, and this will support another monitor at similar resolution.

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Hi everyone, I am new to this forum and I'm seeking help to setup dual monitors with my new ATI RADEON 9250 from NewEgg. I have an AOPEN motherboard with an onboard graphics card (Intelr Extreme Graphics Driver I came upon this thread and I saw he had trouble installing his ATI card. I read that, and I went to Device Manager and I disabled the Intel controller. Then I shut off my computer and installed my ATI card without any problems. I booted up the computer and installed the drivers successfully. But I had one problem - dual monitors. I wanted to set up one monitor hooked up to my onboard intel card and one monitor to my ATI card. When I clicked properties on my desktop > settings, under the display I saw *screenshot 1* (attachment) I was hoping to see Intel and ATI but instead I saw 2 ATI. Now I know that on the ATI card theres a secondary plug for a second monitor but you need an adapter to it. The adapter would be my second way out, the first way out is to set up the second monitor to the Intel onboard card. When I went to device manager, I only saw 2 ATIs, the Intel disappeared. I tried installing drivers again but it gave me an error.. *screenshot 2* shows what I just said.

err attachment wont work..

Answer:ATI RADEON 9250 & Intelr Extreme Graphics Driver [Dual Monitors]

tbui said:

I went to Device Manager and I disabled the Intel controller. Then I shut off my computer and installed my ATI card without any problems. I booted up the computer and installed the drivers successfully. But I had one problem - dual monitors. I wanted to set up one monitor hooked up to my onboard intel card and one monitor to my ATI card.Click to expand...

Well, you won't get a picture out of a disabled video controller.

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Connected an IOGear compact dock to the laptop's USB C. Connected monitor #1 to the dock's HDMI port.Connected an HDMI cable to monitor #2 and used an HDMI to mini display port adapter to connect to the docks mini diplay port.I used the "Extend Display" setting on the laptop.I can only get display on the laptop monitor and one of the external monitors.  I can't get the display to work on both external monitors.  Second external monitor is not detected.  Help please. I am told that a plugable usb type c docking station would work, it has two "Disply ++ Ports".  Suggestion is to use an HDMI to DP++ cable to connect to the dual external monitors. Haven't tried it yet, does anyone know whether that'll work?

Answer:Need help connecting Yoga 910 13IKB with 1 USB C & 1 USB 3.0 port to dual external HDMI monitors

Easier still is to just use an HDMI splitter.

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In my organization we have purchase a few Dell 3040 mini computers and now several of them are having technical issues.  We are supporting dual monitor on all our systems but the issues are:
1. The screen goes BLACK while the user is working but the system is still running for one user.
2.  Another user screen goes white while she is working and the system is still running.
Have installed the latest Video drivers from the Dell site and still the problem persist.  Can anyone provide any tech advice to resolve these issues.

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Win 7 x64, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 550 Ti I seem to have gotten myself into a 'pickle'. To start with, several years ago I had set up the desktop with two monitors and had it so that the desktop stretched across both monitors. That way the mouse could traverse both, back and forth. I was looking at the settings this morning and realized that the 32" LG monitor on the right now indicated a resolution of 1920x1080 which was all wrong. That was the resolution of the left 32" Samsung. But in fact the resolutions were both at the maximum for their ability. The left samsung was, in fact, displaying at 1920x1080 and the right LG was at 1360x768, it's maximum. (why the disparity between the the two? I was given the LG; what can I say?) So here is the problem: Now, not only are the monitors correct in possible resolution but are indicating incorrectly; and, I can no longer run the mouse from the left to right. It is stuck on the left. The display adapter is a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 550 Ti. I have two possible ways of manipulating this. One with the Nvidia control in the tray and the other in Control Panel > Display > Screen Resolution. First I tried selecting "Extend desktop to this display" but the mouse is still stuck on the left. So how do I correct the wrong info on each display and how to get it to allow the mouse access to the other display? Maybe the way is to somehow go back to basics then redo but I am not sure how. http://www.sevenfo... Read more

Answer:dual monitors, display reversed resolution information and mouse probs

What happens when you move the mouse over the left edge of the left display? Does it appear from the right of the right display? If yes, please read this post, it could explain your situation: Dual monitor set up help.


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I just picked up the xfx radeon 5450 1gb 64bit ddr3 card for a new build but realized i have an ati radeon 4650 512mb 128bit ddr2 from the old build that i could probably still use.

which of the two cards is the better card?

im sure there are a few other differences but the main ones im seeing are the xfx is ddr3 and 1gb with 64bit and hdmi output while the 4650 is 512mb ddr2 with 128bit and no hdmi

does ddr2 or 3 matter? would i notice a difference between the two cards?

the computer's not for any heavy gaming - mostly watching videos and light editing work.

Answer:xfx radeon 5450 vs ati radeon 4650

Unless you are doing something like gaming, which stresses the gpu, you aren't likely to notice any difference. The newer card has faster RAM because it has a faster processor. But card speed is irelevant for normal everyday PC use (ie: email, office apps, web browsing, watching videos, etc.).

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Hi there,
I've got an OptiPlex 3040 micro running Windows 10 64bit (came installed on the machine) and two monitors (Dell U2415, came as a pair) using extended display. One monitor has an HDMI-HDMI cable going into the computer's HDMI port, the other has a DisplayPort-DisplayPort cable going into the computer's DisplayPort port. (There is no VGA port installed on this machine)
Both monitors are on the correct setting for detecting what cable is plugged into them. Whichever monitor the DisplayPort cable is plugged into cuts out to a black screen with nothing on it multiple times an hour during normal computing (mostly email and web browsing). Not a steady flicker, just randomly goes black and randomly comes back on.
I uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers for the monitors, checked all the settings, ran the troubleshooter (no issues found), updated my graphics card driver (it was already the latest version), and nothing seems to be wrong there.
When I swapped the HDMI and DP cables to see if it was a cable issue or the physical monitor, the monitor that then had the DP cable plugged into it started to have the problem, whereas the other monitor (now plugged in via HDMI) had no problems. Originally there was a Mini DP-DP cable connecting one of the monitors and I thought maybe that was the issue, so I replaced it with a brand new DP-DP cable the other day. Still having issues with whichever monitor is connected via DP.

This computer is not even three months o... Read more

Answer:OptiPlex 3040 micro, dual monitors using HDMI and DP ports, DP connection unreliable

This does not sound like a hardware failure. Did you check/test all of the Windows 10 power management options? Specifically the PCI Express- Link State Power Management setting? Or just set the Windows 10 power management to High performance and retest. Also, if the U2415s USB upstream cables are connected to the computer, be sure to disable the USB selective suspend setting.

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From my laptop xps 15 9550, i couldn't figure out how to extent properly 4k resolution on each monitor.
If I refer the dell website, I am supposed to be able to dual display 4k resolution on each monitor:
Dell Thunderbolt Dock TB15

Number of Displays
Refresh Rate
1920 x 1080
60 Hz
1920 x 1200
60 Hz
2048 x 1356
60 Hz
2560 x 1080
60 Hz
2560 x 1440
60 Hz
2560 x 1600
60 Hz
3440 x 1440
60 Hz
3840 x 2160
60 Hz

Whatever I tried several as combinaisons in extended desktop, i cannot get the 4K (but only the 2K max) at 59/60hz, i cannot even get the 4k in 30hz available in the HD graphics control panel:Primary display : dell 1 u2717d
Secondary display : dell 2 u2717d
Built-in display : laptop xps 15 9550 in on or none

Do you guys have the same issue ? or anyone already solved it ?

(The TechCenter asked me to use mDP and DP instead of using mDP and HDMI, the issue remains the same fyi whatever the combo between mDP, DP and HDMI)


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Hi..I'm looking into 3D gaming and was wondering if anyone knows if its possible to play with a ATI Radeon 5450 in 3D? And what i'd need to do it?I had a look on the ATI website but got a bit lost!Thanks

Answer:Possible to use a Radeon 5450 in 3D?

If it's a recent game then it's unlikely. Review here click here

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I currently have 2 monitors connected to my xfx ATI 5450 (has 3 ports: 1 DVI, 1 VGA and 1 HDMI however the box says it also supports displayPort so i presume that the HDMI is also the DP). I am currently using a vga and dvi port on this card and would like to connect another vga monitor.
I currently have 1 VGA female to DVI male converter. Would i be able to set it up as such:
1 DVI male from HD monitor going to DVI port in card
1 VGA male from monitor going to VGA port in card
1 VGA male converted to DVI which is then plugged into another converter from DVI to HDMI which is then plugged in the HDMI port in the card.

If this wont work what are my options?

Answer:Connecting 3 monitors on ATI HD 5450, whats the best way?

Hello Rezelute

An old post, if not resolved here is my solution

I bought from Ebay an USB Graphic card. Basically, you plug it in your usb port and it work. For me, a bit slower, but for text it is perfect.

Good luck


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I've recently bought an ATI Radeon HD5450 however when everything is plugged in can't get a signal on DVI only on Analog. I am sure there is no problem with the cable, not only have I tried another DVI cable but my old video card does get a signal (DVI) with everything plugged in the exact same way.

If computer specs are needed:

MS Windows XP Home 32-bit SP3
Intel Core 2 Duo E7300 @ 2.66GHz 38 C
Wolfdale 45nm Technologie
2,00 GB Single-Kanaal DDR2 @ 400MHz (6-6-6-18)
Foxconn G31MV/G31MV-K (Socket 775) 40 C
PLE2607WS ([email protected])
1024MBGeForce 9500 GT (Point of View) 91 C
Harde schijven
244GB Hitachi Hitachi HDP725025GLA380 (SATA) 32 C
Optische schijven

Answer:ATI Radeon HD 5450, no signal (DVI)

I had a similar problem, card wasn't brand new when the problem occured but happened after owning it for a few years. Found out the card was dead. Not sure if an rma would fix your issue.

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I built my system in mid 2010 so it's like 6 years old but I'm still satisfied with the general performance of my hardware (GA P55A UD3P + core i5 [email protected] cpu and voltage + 8 GB DDR3 + Samsung SSD 500 GB on SATA2 + Windows 7 x64) except, possibly my graphics board which is a fanless Radeon HD 5450.

My main issue is when browsing the internet via firefox (main browser), I've always noticed lagginess/slowness of rendering of web pages. This is with different versions of that browser and not just 1 particualr version. i.e. Rendering pages is not fluid or smooth, feels laggy and also videos sometimes flick randomly whether they are videos on facebook or youtube. I use the latest official driver 15.7.1 and I can't update to newer versions as AMD dropped support for the 5xxx series

My question is: Is there any tweaked/modded driver version of 15.7.1 that can squeeze the maximum perfromance of this card for better browsing and video playback? (P.S. I don't play games)

If this card represents a real bottle neck in my machine, will I get away with buying this card? i.e. will I see a nice difference if I swapped my card with the newer one? or it's just a waste of money as long as I don't do games? (Unfortunately, I'll have to wait for some months until I travel myself and get this card as it is not sold in my country & I can't have it shipped either)

Many thanks in advance for your feedback.

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As title says, I want to know if I can run my ATi Radeon HD 5450 1GB GPU on my 200W PSU, here are my specs:

OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 32 bit

Processor: AMD Athlon 64 Processor 3200+


Graphics Card: ATI RADEON XPRESS 200 Series

Power Supply: 200W

like I just want to know if my PSU will be able to handle the GPU and other hardware while it's only at 200W, my tower is a HP DX5150S, please help!~

Answer:ATi Radeon HD 5450 1GB on 200W PSU?

400 Watt or greater power supply recommendedClick to expand...

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Have new H405 with Windows 7 Home Premium. When I install an XFX Radeon HD 5450 in the slot and boot up, nothing comes on the screen (was previously using this same card on a Dell Inspiron 530 S to enable to monitors and it worked fine). Any ideas?Thanks,Mpippa

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Hey Guys

I bought myself a a graphics card which is an ATI Radeon HD 5450.

The problem is it's got a a 350 watt minimum requirement on the box and i only have a 300 watt PSU

What will happen if i install the graphics card in my PC with only a 300 watt PSU

The PSU is made by Bestec and i'm running this in an HP-T775.UK

Thanks for all answers

Answer:ATI Radeon HD 5450 on a 300 Watt PSU

You should look at 12V Amps, but that card is very low power (50 W max) so unless you have much stuff or that PSU is very old it may be fine.

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I have thinkcentre A51 8123Y1L and i bought new radeon HD 5450 GPU. I do not have any signal on monitor. GPU is working fine on friends computer. I suspect that i have compatibility problem here. Anyone else had similar problem?

Answer:Thinkcentre a51 and radeon HD 5450

This may help you:

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Well my dilemma is that, I have installed the 5450 in my PCIe then let windows install the driver for it, but when I go to reboot the computer it makes it all the way to the "starting windows" splash, but no future than that. I still here the start up jingle but my screen is frozen on the starting up logo. Please help me solve this thx.

Answer:Can't get ATI radeon HD 5450 to work

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my system specs:
Intel Pentium G620 (dual core)
4gb DDR3 1333mhz ram

do you think these games will run fine on hd 5450 (about 20-30fps)
dirt 3
nfs the run
the upcoming most wanted 2012

Answer:Ati Radeon HD 5450 1gb good for this???

Gta iv will lag like crazy with the 5450,use to use the card and most i could get out of it was 17-24fps at 1024x768 all low with average fps at 21,others idk, probably on low-mid from 1024x768-1280x720 at those fps.They will all run,ran bfbc2 on that card on medium at 1024x768 and a couple older titles like mass effect 2 on high at 1280x720. Though don't expect it to be beastly,you could probably run better using a 6670 instead. A 6670 will out perform the 5450 by a margin and stuggle a bit less and proably get you at least 30fps at medium with some high settings at 1336x768 for gta iv. 5450 is not really a gaming card even though it supports dx11 which seems pointless imo since it lags so much and I don't recommend to be honest. Try to save a few bucks and get a 6670 since your on wanting low budget card.. The duo core though is fine and most games don't yet utilize effectively more then 2 cores so duo core is fine as long as you have at least 2.0Ghz or more and you got a good amount of ram.

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I am having issues getting the computer to boot to a graphics card I bought.  After installing the card I get no beeps and just a blank screen.  I have updated the bios to the most recent version and checked the settings.  I have changed the video display to PCI but no luck.  I had two of these cards and tried both neither worked.  When I plug the computer in and start it up the PSU will run for a second and shut off but the fans on the processor and MOBO will still spin.  Bios - 9V32aAMD athlon II X2 B26 processor3.2 ghz6gig memory 

Answer:Lenovo M77 & Radeon HD 5450

I know this is an old thread, but was the problem resolved? I have a Think Centre here running windows 7, 64bit Pro. I too just tried to install the same GPU. The fans go like crazy, then a series of beeps and then shuts down.Is this a PSU problem, bios problem or plain incompatability? 

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Dear All,

I bought one HP-DV6-3049TX model with 64bit windows 7 OS. It came with ATI Radeon HD 5450 Graphics Card. Due to few of my intended softwares, i was forced to downgrade to Windows XP 32 Bit. Now the issue is that everything is working fine except to the Graphics card. The screen is simply painful for me. Donno what to do now. I am in a terrible fix, since neither I can regrade myself to Windows 7 nor I am getting a workable graphic.

PLEASE HELP URGENTLY..... further more, the MOD's are not available in internet. I tried many of the so called 32 bit drivers which quoted themself for the same graphic config, but everything was useless. HP is not ready to help since they comment that windows XP is not what they had supplied.


Best regards

Answer:HP-DV6-3049TX with ATI Radeon HD 5450

I would uninstall the current driver you have and then run Drive Sweeper in safe mode to clean anything left over. Then reboot and install this driver for xp.

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hi, i am haveing a problem with my new gameing rig. sometimes, it frezzes during POST, and than i shut down, jiggle the graphics card, and it boots just fine. i tried it in both slots, and it does the same thing. my motherboard is a gygabyte ga 970a d3

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I received an error message that this had stopped working , screen flashed, then it said it recovered.
It happend twice more so I called Dell.
A tech uninstalled the driver and installed another. The next day I noticed the
Catalsyt Control Center was not responding so another tech performed the same task as the previous tech but downloaded a different driver.
This failed to get the Control Center to respond.
A supervisor took over and he too installed a third driver, however, he then realized that AMD did not have a driver upgrade for this driver so went to the Dell site and reinstalled the original. He went to the AMD site to install the Catalyst Control Center.
I know the card is not expensive but is there a way I can improve upon this situation?(I do not know if it can be replaced).
Thank you

Answer:ATI Radeon HD 5450 driver

Hi Peter

Personally I would do a full clean uninstall of the driver and then re-install the driver from AMD ATi HERE (note for the Catalyst Control Centre to work properly you need .Net 3.5 at least installed, may work with lower version but 3.5 shoudl suffice)

Instructions for removal below....

download and install Driver Sweeper (BUT do not run it yet) download the lastest driver version for your graphic card BUT dont install yet.

Use Add/Remove and unsinstall your ATi Graphics Driver, then reboot into Safe Mode (F8 at boot) and then run Driver Sweeper to remove any ATi Graphics files

Then install the ATi driver you downloaded earlier and once installed if not prompted to reboot, reboot into normal mode.Click to expand...

Would have linked to the exact driver but you didnt leave what Windows version you are using and if its 32/64bit, but the ATi link is self explanitory as to choose Desktop Graphics > Radeon HD Series > Radeon HD5xxx series PCIe and then your Windows version.

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Hi. I need some help :cry When I try to install AtI Radeon 5450 drivers the screen go blue saying, "Window has detected an error & now is shutting down." Whenever I try to install ATI driver the case is same & my pc just restart showing that it has recovered from unexpected shutdown. When I use windows trouble shoot answers,it again tell me to install the drivers which I can't. Whenever I renew the window 7 due to some virus etc it happens.

What should I do?? :cry:cry

Answer:ATI Radeon HD 5450 driver


What is your make and model of PC or Laptop?

What Windows version and Service Pack are you using (as in Windows 7 64bit etc)?
If you boot into Safe Mode (F8 at boot) do you get Windows to work ok?

If you have virus and malware constantly then you need to re-evaluate your surfing and downloading habits.

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I had installed this Graphics card on a Hp P6774y. I had bought this so I could hook up my pc to my tv via hdmi. It shorted out on me, i had moved a cord hooked up to the back a bit. computer turned off, wouldnt turn back on. so I removed the card and it powered up fine. I put it back in reinstalled everything and the same thing happened a day later when i tugged on my keyboard wire a bit. Does anyone know what would cause this? I do only have a 250 watt psu. But the guy at pc direct said it would be fine? any ideas? I do run two hard drives also. a black and a green wd. 1 and 2 tb. would that effect anything? here some infomation on my computer.

Answer:Msi Radeon hd 5450 1 gb problem

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Dear All,

Need a quick suggestion before i seal the deal.

I intend to buy the Radeon HD 5450. It has PCI-e 2.1 x16 bus interface.

My motherboard model is Foxconn WinFast NF4K8MC. It has PCI-e 1 x16 graphics slot.

My query is- will the graphics card work with this motherboard or not?

Thanks in advance,

Answer:Geforce GT 210 or Radeon HD 5450..better in gaming??

to answer your question... neither would be a choice for me for gaming..

both cards are so low down on the budget scale, they would only jsut offer better performance than built in graphics.

unless your aim is to play mine sweeper lol

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Hello, I'm having an problem installing a Radeon HD 5450 into my Vista pc. I put the card in properly and have gone into the BIOS and set it from onboard to PCI-E x16, but the computer will still use the onboard graphics. Any help in figuring out why would be greatly appreciated. The computer specs can be found here: Compaq Presario SR5250NX Desktop PC Product Specifications Compaq Presario SR5250NX Desktop PC - HP Customer Care (United States - English)
The only changes I have made have been replacing the RAM with two 1GB RAM sticks, and replacing the power supply with one from my other computer that originally had this card in it.

And I'm also wondering, and this may be a stupid question but I'm curious, if an NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200 is better than the onboard graphics on this pc.

Thank you.

EDIT: This computer IS my computer, but since I got a new computer I let my neighbor borrow this one, so if you suggest that I download anything onto the computer it could take some time before it actually gets on the computer (whenever my neighbor decides he wants to download and install whatever it is)

Answer:Vista not detecting Radeon HD 5450

nVidia versus integrated intel graphics? IMO yes, most definitely especially on older machines. You might have a bad card or a bad slot. I would start by returning the card. Unfortunately you don't have a very powerful PSU which might be part of the problem nor do you have a lot of ram. Your processor isn't very powerful either. If I where you I'd save for a better pc rather than invest in a more powerful PSU, a new card, and more ram.

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Have a VTX Radeon HD5450 silent GPU and I cannot find the driver from either the VTX or AMD sites. The download which half an hour from VTX was in Latvian (no insult intended) or some such language and included a heap of Microsoft stuff.

The AMD site doesn't throw one up when I click on the HD 5450 download am at a loss as what to do!

Answer:Cannot find a driver for Radeon HD 5450

Did you visit this site:?

Ati Drivers Download - Ati
There is a search box to type in your vtx radeon hd5450.

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First of all, hi guys

I made my own pc, using a ASUS P5N-D MoBo; Intel 775 3.2 ; 3 GB DDR2 Ram memory -3x 1 Gb (2x 800mhz, 1x 553mhz); ATI Radeon HD 5450 1GB DDR3; LC-Power LC6480S Scorpio-480W PSU FULLY Modular, I have Windows Ultimate x86 currently installed on my WD HDD 40 Gb ( i use that drive only for the system!)

The problem is when i try to launch Need For Speed The Run... When i run it an error appears. It says that my current graphics card driver is 11.2; and i have to upgrade it to 11.7 before playing the game.
I've downloaded AMD catalyst 11.7 but after installation it says that windows doesn't support tis operation... I've installed AMD catalyst 12.8 and the same problem comes up again... I've tried to do the next thing :

What should i do in order to install the missing driver???

Answer:ATI Radeon HD 5450 Driver problem!


uninstall and re-install Need For Speed The Run.
Also I'm not sure that the HD 5450 can handle this game...

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Hello,I would like to change the video card of my desktop computer, the computer in question is an HP Elite 8300 SFFI wanted to mount a video card amd radeon hd 5450 with 1 gb dedicated.I wanted to know if the computer supports it and has the requirements to be mounted.Many thanks in advance.Yours sincerely.

Answer:AMD radeon hd 5450 HP Elite 8300 SFF

Hi: The HD 5450 should work fine.  You need to make sure it is a low profile card, and that it has the low profile mounting brackets.

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My friend has an HP Media Center PC m7160n. His old video card wasn't cutting it, so he was going to upgrade it to a Radeon x1650 Pro PCIe. Didn't work. He thought it was the refurbed card, so then he bought a Radeon HD 5450 PCIe, and a new power supply, this one. This is the motherboard he has on his HP.

The card uses a PCIe x16 slot, and is PCIe 2.1. I read that PCIe slots are backwards compatible so the card should work on a motherboard that has 1.0 and a x16 slot (which this one does). Correct?

We know it's not the PSU obviously cause his original card still works with that PSU and in this motherboard, and because the PSU fits the minimum power requirements for the 5450 (it is 460w and has 36a available on the 12v rails, 30a required).

When he turns on the PC, the monitor says "monitor going to sleep", obviously not picking up any video signal. As I said, it works with his old Radeon x700 (I think that's what it is) card.

We're just out of ideas, no idea why this won't work. Any help would be appreciated.

Answer:Radeon HD 5450 not working with motherboard

Just some quick thoughts:
verify the voltage settings in bios match the card and that no turbo mode or option is set, also make sure no old never been used onboard video got re-enabled durring a defaults load or bad boot and tweak any slot settings it could have that indicate support for 2.0 etc..

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Hi, this is my first post here. I just got a new graphics card to replace an old one that died on me a few months back and while it works, Windows isn't letting me use Aero with it. Here is the story:

I had my old graphics card and it died on me while I was doing some cleaning on the PC. I guess I touched it with some static or something. So, I went to using the on-board graphics from my mobo and it worked fine. Aero worked, I had dual monitors, etc. It was just a bit slow with Youtube videos (it would take a few seconds before playing video even while audio was already playing.) Not a big deal, its both on-board graphics and outdated so it was to be expected. Eventually, my little brother got a new graphics card for his PC because he games a lot on his (I prefer gaming on the PS3 so graphics aren't a big deal on my PC, but I have noticed that programs compile slower since I switched to my mobo's graphics card so that was the incentive for me to switch.) Before the upgrade, his PC, also running Windows 7 Pro, had Aero and worked just fine. I upgraded his card yesterday and installed drivers and everything is fine with his. As thanks, he gave me his old card which I just installed on my PC today. Unfortunately, while Windows detects the card, and I was able to install the latest drivers and everything, I can't get Aero to work on with it. I know the card can handle it because it ran on my little brother's PC. My PC ran Aero before the upgrade, too, so it's not something else,... Read more

Answer:XFX One +Plus 1GB ATI Radeon HD 5450 Aero Issues

Hello Alexeon, welcome to Sevenforums.

Have you tried forcing Aero to work?

Try this:
Force Enable Aero in Windows 7 1. Click on Start and type regedit at run

2. Now Navigate to the following registry key:

3. In the right details pane, create following Three DWORD (32-bit value) entry
UseMachineCheck, and set its value to 0.
Blur, and set its value to 0.
Animations, and set its value to 0.

4. Close Regedit

5. Click on Start and type CMD with administrative Priviliges

6. Now type following command
Net Stop uxsms
Net Start uxsms
Above command will stop and start Desktop Window Manager Session Manager.

7. Now you can turn on Aero by right clicking on desktop-> Personalize -> Select Windows Colors
Windows 7 Aero Disabled - How can I enable it again? - Microsoft Community

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Hello, I'm looking to purchase the Lenovo IdeaCentre 1169XF1 (Is this the k330?) from Newegg: and I'd like to buy a dedicated video card as well. However, the 280 watt power supply somewhat limits my options. After doing some research, I found that the Radeon 5450 consumes very little power. Unfortunately, I'm seeing a lot of people saying that the 5450 is not compatible with the Lenovo ThinkCentre line. Would this also be the case for IdeaCentre systems? Thanks.

Answer:Radeon 5450 compatible with IdeaCentre?

yes it will fit it has a pci-e slot free so any pci-e gfx card will work  the 5450 is not much of an upgradeif your happy with a 5450 and think it will do what you want i would sugguest getting a 6450 instead

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Hi all from Australia. OK l will try to explain properly what my problem is.
Basically l bought a secondhand computer around 2 weeks ago. Now this PC is nothing special, it just has 160 gb, intel core 2 duo, 2 x 2.8 ghz of speed, and 2 gbs of Ram.
And it has a Radeon HD 5450 graphics/video card.
My post today is mainly about this graphics card.
And firstly l just want to say that l use the PC l bought, for studies, web surfing and playing PC games.
Im a huge PC game fan, and l usually play old games from the 80s and 90s.(so DOS games) and some PC games up until 2006/2007.
There are just a few games l wish to play that were made in the last year or two.
So l want to ask would my graphics card be able to handle these games. And first of all l know the radeon hd 5450 isnt the best graphics card, Ive done research on it, and l absolutely have no interest in playing games like Crysis 1, 2 or whatever, or modern warfare (l think its called) so l dont have much of a need for high demand, battle games or real intense gaming. I just prefer the games from what l mentioned above, mainly adventure gaming etc.
This is my take on it, from memory the radeon hd5450 was released, around 2 years ago, so does that mean it would be able to handle any game, or most games before it was released?
I mean this card l know isn't the latest and greatest, but it should still do the trick, it's still a graphics card?

If you understand what l mean?
Meaning the card is only... Read more

Answer:Hi, l have some question/s regarding Hd Radeon 5450 and games on my PC

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First of all, hi guys

I made my own pc, using a ASUS P5N-D MoBo; Intel 775 3.2 Dualcore; 3 GB DDR2 Ram memory -3x 1 Gb (2x 800mhz, 1x 553mhz); ATI Radeon HD 5450 1GB DDR3; LC-Power LC6480S Scorpio-480W PSU FULLY Modular, I have Windows Ultimate x86 currently installed on my WD HDD 40 Gb ( I use that drive only for the system!)

The problem is when I try to launch Need For Speed The Run... When I run it an error appears. It says that my current graphics card driver is 11.2; and I have to upgrade it to 11.7 before playing the game.
I've downloaded AMD catalyst 11.7 but after installation it says that windows doesn't support tis operation... I've installed AMD catalyst 12.8 and the same problem comes up again... I've tried to do the next thing :

What should I do in order to install the missing driver??

Answer:ATI Radeon HD 5450 driver problem

Try and re-install the video driver from here:

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Hey folks. I just picked up an HD 5450 Radeon card to take some of the stress off of the main board and also to see if there's any picture improvement for movies.
I also had a third monitor lying around and I thought I should put it to use. I bought a DVI-VGA adapter, and am trying to get all three monitors up and running.
Upon booting the system up, the new VGA monitor (currently on the adapter) and the HDMI come up, the VGA in blue shading only. Once I get to the login screen for Windows, the VGA monitor goes off, and the other VGA kicks in with full colour.
Catalyst is only picking up two monitors, and I'm wondering what's going on here.
Any help would be appreciated. Happy to provide more info as needed.

Answer:Trying to setup 2 VGA + 1 HDMI on HD 5450 card

I dimly recall that to use the AMD Eyefinity feature (as many as 6 monitors running on a single graphics card), the 3rd and subsequent monitors must use the card's Displayport outputs. (That could be with adapters.)

Some 5450 cards have no Displayport outputs. If yours has one VGA, one HDMI, and one DVI, it's probably one of them.

Sorry that I can't be more encouraging.

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Here's the deal... i've bought a ATI Radeon HD 6770 from a second hand store. Currently, i'm running on a integrated Intel HD Graphics 2000 and its running fine. I've even bought a Radeon HD 5450, which is working as well.

But why the 6770 doesn't work? I have the latest driver from ATI and my 5450 work great. So why my little "upgrade" don't work? I didn't tried it on another computer yet... but i'll do it as soon as my other computer got repaired. But right now i try to figure out why one ATI work, but the other one don't...

Thank in advance

Answer:Not working ATI Radeon HD 6770 despite already running on 5450

You may have answered your own question,

bought a ATI Radeon HD 6770 from a second hand store

Used card from a second hand shop (was it even a computer store?), likely defective.

We can give you all kinds of ideas but until it is tested in another computer, anything we come up with is purely speculation.

One thing that isn't speculation. Did you remember to connect a 6 pin PCI-E power connector to the card?

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I just bought a Radeon 5450 512 ddr3, 650mhz core clock, 800mhz memory clock(1600effective).

I installed it and checked with catalyst and GPU-Z, all specs match except for the Memory Clock which is rated at 667mhz.

Is there something I'm missing here? I am running a dell e521 dual core 3800 2gb ram.

Also, on a slightly related note, I noticed on the box it said 400watt or more. As far as I know my dell psu is 305watts but everything seems fine at the moment apart from the memory clock spec not matching.

Answer:Radeon 5450 Memory clock lower than specified

try running a game and see if it picks up, sometimes cards will downclock when idling. and I would look into upgrading the power supply, the 5450 isn't a power hungry card, but 305w isn't a whole lot of power either. with that setup I don't really forsee much of an issue, if it starts to run abnormally slow or crash (more frequently than it might be already) especially under load then definitely get a new PSU because that's a sign that it's not pumping out enough power to run all your components and that can lead to a blown PSU and I rarely see a situation where a blown PSU doesn't take some other components with it, usually the motherboard and/or cpu. which would not be fun on your wallet to replace.

Another thing to consider is Dell doesn't use the most efficient PSU's (same can be said about all prebuilt pc manufacturers, not singling out dell) and they usually give the system just what it needs for power, and assumes that you're not going to upgrade any parts so there isn't a lot of room for overhead.

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Quick question guys, just wanted to know if this graphics card would fit into my dell dimension 2400? its running on xp professional and 1.5gb ram.... ive not used the computer in years due to using laptop. so want to see how far i can upgrade it to.


Answer:Novatech ATI Radeon HD 5450 1024MB GDDR3

The motherboard in that old system does not have
a dedicated slot for a video card upgrade.
You could try a PCI card,but it wouldn't be much of an
improvement and the power supply would need to be upgraded
for any upgrades in that system.
The system is old enough that putting any money into it really
wouldn't be worth it.
It was designed to be just a very basic computer.

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which graphics card can you compare an integrated hd graphics 2500, does it run the same or almost with the geforce 210? or better with hd 5450?

Answer:what's better: Intel HD Graphics 2500 vs Radeon HD 5450

HD 5450 is powerful than the Intel HD 2500. HD 5450 is only comparable to Intel HD 4000, 4400, 4600, and Intel Iris Pro HD 5200.

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I just bought a new Gateway with an HD 5450 ATI video card. Right now I use two 23" screens to get my work done. Just today I assumed I could add a third monitor to streamline my workflow. Now the HD 5450 has 3 jacks on the card VGA, DVI, and HDMI. I hooked up all three monitors and I cannot get the video card to recognize the third monitor.

So two questions.
Is there anyway to hook up three monitors to the video card, says that this card will support three monitors.

Secondly if I can't use the video card can I access the gateway video card that is not currently being used at all?
Also is there an inexpensive card that will support three monitors? I do no gaming at all.

Okay so maybe three questions.

Answer:Video Card Confusion Radeon 5450

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HELLO... I need some help ... is it important to find for a suitable watt for the graphic card ... this is graphic card that i want it - -  is it suitable ? ... ?... ?  ( sorry for my bad malaysian )

Answer:Is it suitable AMD Radeon HD 5450 1GB with HP Compaq DC 7900

Hi: You should be OK with that card, but I recommend the HD 6450 which draws less power than the 5450 does.  

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I have a Dell Vostro 200 Slim and installed the Radeon HD 5450 graphics card the other day.  I tried installing the driver from the cd that was provided but it failed.  I also tried installing a driver from the AMD website and no matter what I do i keep getting a Code 43 in the driver info. Before installing drivers I used the DDU to delete all the graphics card drivers. What else can I try to get this working? I need to get this working please help.
I have Vista 32 bit for an OS.
Thanks for any help.

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I have the above mentioned graphic card.

I have a VGA monitor connected to the VGA connector on the board, and that works great.
Then I wanted to have another monitor connected to the DVI port via a DVI to VGA adapter.
This doesn't work.
I'm unsure how to get the new monitor activated.

Any suggestions ?


Answer:Issue with Radeon HD 5450 graphic card

Does it work if it's the only monitor connected?

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