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weird grinding sound coming out of speakers when scrolling on firefox?

Question: weird grinding sound coming out of speakers when scrolling on firefox?

heare is a link to my speakers i do not understand this as if i use google crome on the same web page and scroll on g chrome it dose not make the grinding sound

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Preferred Solution: weird grinding sound coming out of speakers when scrolling on firefox?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: weird grinding sound coming out of speakers when scrolling on firefox?

That is usually a setting in System Sounds. The panel for System Sounds can be found in the Control Panel/Hardware and Sound.

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Recently i had this repair on my netbook screen which was needed to be opened... then after that when it returned and opened the system (i was still using windows 7 back then) all music will play, but all i can hear is that sound that you can hear from a plane engine when taking off somewhat near that sound...or when you place a microphone and a speaker near each other..a feedback i guess its called like i tried to disable my build in mic which didn't solve the problem still the same...configured in my netbook software driver(realtek hd audio) and adjusted things...sometimes i can hear the music....but the feedback still is the loudest that i can hear...i tried to put my earphones to the netbook socket but still i can hear that.....

so i tried in installing win 8 (clean installation i mean all files folders etc were deleted) hoping for the problem to be solved.....but its still the same
i asked the repairman who opened my netbook to check it ...and told me its not the speakers..... its just a software problem...which i cant believe since if its software then when i installed win 8 , it should be gone...

just asking if anyone have an idea whats the problem thanks

Answer:weird sound.... coming from speakers

I'd say it's an electronic component died or something shorting out on the MOBO or sound card. Did you leave it in the sun or overheat somehow? Drop it? Not to imply you're not careful.

i asked the repairman who opened my netbook to check it ...and told me its not the speakers..... its just a software problem...which i cant believe since if its software then when i installed win 8 , it should be gone...

You experimented to try to fix the problem software-wise. I'd say you're gut feeling is correct. Sounds to me like he's passing the buck as we say. If it's under warrantee, get them to fix it.

Good luck!

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I have an HP dv 1040 laptop and I just recently got a new mother board put in it because I plugged it it to an outlet and heard a "pop" I would not turn on at all.I got it back a while ago and about 2 hours of use and no problems it started making some buzzing noises. It sounds like I am getting some feedback from the hard drive but I am not sure.  I took it apart to see if any speaker wires or hard drive was grounded out or wires exposed I didn't see anything that looked out of the ordinary.Does any one know why this might happen?When I turn it off and then let it sit for a while the sound doesn't happen right away when turned on but as soon as my computer is loaded and I open a program the humming / buzzing  sound begins.Austin

Answer:Weird sound coming through my speakers

sounds like electrical noise from the HD. this is the phenomen like when you feel static on the TV while the vaccum is running. i suggest in replacing the speakers, adding a filtering curcuit to the speakers would probably void the warrnty and is hard without some soldering/electronics experience.

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So I'm having this problem for a while now. I keep "fixing" it and it keeps coming back after some time. I would be really grateful if you could point me to the problem's origin.

What's up?

I'm on my PC, minding my own business, when suddenly I hear a quick grinding sound (lasting ~1 second). I can guess it's coming out from my hard drive. After that, around 5 seconds past and the system freezes. I kept it like that for 20mins and nothing happened. It does not respond to anything. Then I proceed to restart the PC. Everything looks fine. But after some random amount of time (some time 5mis, some time 1 hour) the same thing happens: same grind noise followed by a freeze.

What I noticed:

Most of the time, explorer.exe freezez first, causing windows, taskbar and other related stuff to now work. Often other applications (web browser, video/music player, game) keep working for a few more seconds, ot at least keep playing audio.

What I did:
Checked the system for any virses/malware (Avast!, MSI, Mawarbites), cleaned and defragg (Ccleaner/Defragger). Computer is clean: no viruses what so ever. Ccleaner did nothing to solve the problem. Trough when I did a defragg of the OS disk (C), the "grind-freeze" stopped for about 2 weeks.

What I did next:
I found out that if I wipe the system and do a clean reinstall of Win7 Ultimate, the "grind-freeze" stops for several months. Yeah that's right. About 3-4 months.

Because the natur... Read more

Answer:Quick grinding sound coming out of HDD followed by a freeze

Before you do anything else, make sure you have at least one full backup of your HDD (hard drive). If you don't have another HDD to copy your data to, you will need to get an external HDD to use.

You can easily rule out the HDD being the problem by cloning your present HDD to a new HDD, then replacing the old one with the new one. Macrium Reflect Free is an easy to use program that can clone and image HDDs. Copying a HDD to another one is best done by cloning.

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T61 Lenono gets paired (using Bluetooth adaptor) with SW50 Bluetooth Speakers but the sound does not come from the speakers when palying music. OS: Windows XP Prfessional SP3T61 Lenono Thinkpad Can anyone help pls.

Answer:T61 Lenono gets paired with SW50 Bluetooth Speakers but I cant get sound coming from speakers

Hello Vivek_230!
Welcome to the Support Forums!
In the Control Panel window find Sounds, Speech, and Audio Devices section and open it. Then select the Sounds and Audio Devices. A new Window should open, select the Audio tab (top line of buttons) and click on it.
In the Sound Playback section: from the drop down menu, are your Bluetooth Speakers listed as the audio output device?

Thank you for being a part of the Lenovo Family,Catie--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Did someone help you today? Press the star on the left to thank them with a Kudo!If you find a post helpful and it answers your question, please mark it as an "Accepted Solution"! This will help the rest of the Community with similar issues identify the verified solution and benefit from it.Donate KUDOS and Click "Accepted Solution"

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So this problem seemed to come out of nowhere, I have no idea why it started. Basically, when I use my internet, eg: opening link, loading video or downloading randomly my speakers make a grinding noise and until the noise stops (can be 1-10 seconds) my internet drops (the internet icon on the bottom right shows it is still connected but nothing loads until the noise stops. Even then, the noise can drop in and out like 10 times in a minute and is constantly messing up the internet.

If someone could help, it would be much appreciated, my speakers are Logitech (doubt that makes much difference as I doubt the problem is linked to them and my LAN card is some Ralink thing, nothing special.

Here is a low volume recording of the noise, turn up your speakers to hear it well.

Answer:Speakers make buzzing/hiss/grinding noise and internet drops until sound stops

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First post, hope I'm doing this right.Hi guys, about 3 weeks ago I purchased a Lenovo ideapad 110. It's a great laptop, however, about a couple weeks ago, the laptop started making a loud grinding/buzzing sound when playing audio. The sound only lasts for second, but it's quite jarring, to the point where I have to take out my earphones and take a break from what ever I was watching/listening to. It also happens without earphones, so those aren't the problem. YouTube is when it mainly occurs, however other sites with audio have it too. I've tried playing with the audio settings and updating the drivers, it worked for a few days, but the sound has returned. My previous laptop, a hp did this too, but never this frequently, so what exactly is this? I'm not very tech-savvy, so I have no idea.Here are the spec if it helps.15.6-inch (1366 x 768 pixels) TN displayIntel Pentium N3710 Processor (1.60GHz 1600MHz 2MB) with Intel HD Graphics4GB RAM (up to 8GB), 1TB HDDWindows 10 HomeBuilt-in DVD Recordable DriveStereo Speakers with Dolby Audio, 3.5 mm Combo Audio JackUSB 3.0, USB 2.0, HDMI, RJ45 Ethernet and 4-in-1 Card Reader (SD, SDHC, SDXC, MMC)Bluetooth 4.0, WiFi 802.11 acDimensions: 378 x 265 x 22.9; Weight: 2.2 kg24WH batteryThanks.

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Hi, I have an Hp Pavilion dv2700 special edition laptop. I used to have Vista, but now I have windows 7 after I got the computer fixed. I downloaded and installed some programs, but I didn't like the effect they had on my computer after running them, and so I did a system restore to a previous date, which changed the settings back to when I didn't have those programs. Ever since, Windows has been installing updates to my computer, and some of those updates were obviously for the audio device installed in/on the system.

My question is for some reason, (and I can't really discern when the problems started arising), every time I try to listen to something on my computer like songs or videos, etc.-- with moderate volume level--and I try to load something else and/or the hard drive is active, the sound coming out of the my speakers starts to crackle and make weird electric-like grinding noises. This never happened to me before with vista, and it's irritating me a great deal now. Is there any way to fix this problem? Or am I just stuck with this?

Oh and I forgot to mention...when I plug in my headphones the sound continues to play on my speakers rather than within my headphones, any explanation for this? And what I could possibly do about it to fix it?

Thanks for the help in advance; truly appreciate it .

Answer:Speaker sound crackle or make weird grinding, electric type noises

I just checked the HP website and they do not support Windows 7 on the Pavilion dv2700, meaning they don't have any drivers for Windows 7.Evidently you didn't check that out before installing Windows 7 on it.Drivers for HP laptops are custom-made for the manufacturer (or at least some of them are) so that they match the custom-made components.Furthermore, although HP do have Windows Vista drivers for your Pavilion dv2700, they are not guaranteed to work properly on Windows 7.I'm guessing that's the cause of your current sound problem. Go back to Vista & you will almost certainly have no such problem.If you want Windows 7 buy it pre-installed on a new laptop which has been designed to run it, or before upgrading the OS in future, check that suitable drivers are available from the laptop maker's website!If you were led to believe that all Windows Vista drivers will work just as well on Windows 7, you've been misinformed.

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Hello there and thanks for your time.
The computer is an ASUS A7V600-X Sempron 2800+(2GHz) 768mb of ram and a NVidia 5500FX 256mb video card.

I hear the noise when I try to play games, while trying to see videos on youtube and even when I'm just scrolling down with Firefox. The noise progressively increases and sometimes it freezes the screen.

I tried using the computer with another hard drive, other video card and different RAM sticks to no avail.
I tried reinstalling/updating the video card drivers and that didn't fix the problem. I also tried using a Linux distro called Knoppix and it didn't make any noise or crashed, so I'm guessing it's a software issue.

Anybody knows what is up with it? I'm out of ideas.

Sorry if I'm posting in the wrong subforum.

Answer:Weird sounds coming from the speakers

try going to master volume and check to see if your wave sound isn't set too high
double click on your speaker next to time or go into control panel and click on sound and audio devices and then in the volume tab, click on advanced and check the wave volume
lower it if too high to see if this will help

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I've had this Compaq for years and have never had something like this happen. The noises that I am getting are not just pops and fuzzes. They are actual sound effects and sometimes really weird music. I also get advertisements on occasion. This has to be some kind of spyware, but McAfee isn't picking it up with Virus Scan so I don't know what to do. All I know is that if I end some of the processes that look funny in Task Manager the noises stop.

Any help at all would be great.


Answer:Weird Sounds Coming From Speakers...

Specifically what processes do you end?

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I dunno, I noticed it last night - on the day our terrible government announced they would go down all our internet history and keep it for a year - voices being said in very low quality on the speakers, whenever I do things on the internet.

Things like people going on about stuff, talking, I think they're spying on what I'm doing (they're clearly talking about somebody). Help...

Either I'm being hacked with a planted sound file, the police are spying on my internet activity or I'm paranoid. I even put the speaker to my ear and heard it...

Answer:Weird voices coming from my speakers

Start with a malware scan with Malwarebytes free version
If it is anything other than interference of some kind I would be surprised

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Hi everyone. I have my headphones plugged in and am getting poor sound quality out of them. My computer says that the sound is coming through my speakers, but its not (its just coming through the headphones.) I've attached a picture of what the comp's showing me for reference. I've tried going to the Sound menu and making the headphones the default device, with no luck. This issue seemed to happen after I was done using Google video chat with my headphones plugged in. I am trying to get the sound quality in my headphones back to normal. They work with every other device. Please help!

Answer:CPU says sound coming through speakers, but its coming via headphones

Did you try re-plugging the headphones yet? Is it jacked or USB?

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I have a strange intermittant noise coming from my computer speakers. I have never noticed it before and am running pretty much the same software I always have. The best way I can discribe it is a high pitched tickling of the ivorys. I only hear it about once an hr. Short only 3-4 notes.

And I can't name this tune to save my life. Ran virus scan and everything seems ok. I have a HijackThis log if it helps.

Answer:Weird noise coming from speakers/computer?

do you have a webpage open - if the page has an automatic refresh this can make a noise - more of a click

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I've been having a problem with my mouse now for quite some time. When I am on any webpage, when I use my scroll wheel on my mouse, I am hearing a strange clicking sound coming from my actual computer tower.. It is NOT coming from my speakers. I updated all of my drivers and everything..

I am using the Microsoft USB INTELLI MOUSE ( OPTICAL )

Answer:Clicking Sound Coming From Computer When I Scrolling

There's a speaker in the tower in the front. It's the one that gives the beep codes when the computer boots or fails to boot. (POSTS)

Some scroll wheels are designed to use speaker that to give tactile feedback the same way you get a click from a keyboard key or a click from the mouse buttons. You didn't say exactly what model of mouse you have but you might check because some mice of that brand do that. If it doesn't, then you must have some electrical feedback through the system board.

Low batteries can cause a wireless to make noises, but again you didn't say for sure - wired or wireless usb...

If you have too many usb devices drawing power you can get noises. The cure is a powered (AC power) usb hub. Max is 500 milliamps power draw from all attached devices. In device manager, usb root hub, if you poke around you can find the list of attached devices and how much they are drawing.

I'd do a little research on your model of mouse and see if that click is intentional.


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I have no applications running at all in Windows. I have the system sound muted, but I still have some sound coming out of the speakers. It sounds like some talk radio. I also have all networking disabled. I have no idea where this is coming from.

How can I tell if any process on my computer is accessing the sound drivers?

Answer:Solved: computer sound muted but sound is still coming from speakers

In some cases, if the speakers are cheaply made and not sheilded, they can acutally pickup radio waves (especially if you live near a radio tower). Does the "Talk radio" continue if the speakers are on, while the computer is off?

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I have noticed this ever since I installed an Intuos 4 Tablet and started using its mouse when browsing. In Firefox on random pages the page will start scrolling up and down on its own. Seems really weird, has mostly been an annoyance until today when I noticed it even selecting fields on a contact form. This has me suspicious and wondering if I have a virus, Trojan or some other form of malware. Avast has made several alerts while viewing some images on Google searches for even random stuff like backgrounds, vintage labels as well as others. Anyhow really just need help to see if there is a problem or if its just a glitch in the Intous drivers.
Thanks for any help you can provide!

Answer:Weird unmanned page scrolling in Firefox

Download Security Check from here or here and save it to your Desktop. Double-click SecurityCheck.exe Follow the onscreen instructions inside of the black box. A Notepad document should open automatically called checkup.txt; please post the contents of that document.NOTE 1. If one of your security applications (e.g., third-party firewall) requests permission to allow DIG.EXE access the Internet, allow it to do so.NOTE 2 SecurityCheck may produce some false warning(s), so leave the results reading to me. Please download Farbar Service Scanner (FSS) and run it on the computer with the issue.Make sure the following options are checked:
Internet ServicesWindows FirewallSystem RestoreSecurity Center/Action CenterWindows UpdateWindows DefenderOther ServicesPress "Scan".It will create a log (FSS.txt) in the same directory the tool is run.Please copy and paste the log to your reply. Please download MiniToolBox and run it.Checkmark following boxes:Report IE Proxy SettingsReport FF Proxy SettingsList content of HostsList IP configurationList Winsock EntriesList last 10 Event Viewer logList Installed ProgramsList Devices (do NOT change any settings here)List Users, Partitions and Memory sizeClick Go and post the result. Download Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware (aka MBAM): to your desktop.* Double-click mbam-setup.exe and follow the prompts to install the program.* At the end, be sure a checkmark is placed next to Update Malwarebytes' Ant... Read more

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Okay, so my computer is a compaq hp professional. And It's a hand me down but we did get a reboot cd.
A week ago, my computer got a HUGE malware infection and I had to reboot the whole computer. So it's nice and clean now.

But the problem is when I'm on IE or FF, the scrolling is veryveryvery jerky and I took off the smooth scrolling so it would be faster. I even upgraded it. So I'm running on IE7 and FF 3.
Even making the windows smaller and moving them across the screen is jerky.
Help for that, please.

Another thing is that the speakers will not work. And I thought it was just the speakers at first so I tried headphones but that didn't work either. I tried going to the Start -> Accessories -> Volume Control because there was no speaker icon.
And I got this message;
There are no active mixer devices available. To install mixer devices, go to the Control Panel, click Printers and Other Hardware, and then click Add Hardware.

And so I followed the directions but I couldn't find that Printers and Other Hardware folder.
So I looked it up online and some suggested to go to the Sounds, Audios, etc folder and make sure it's on speaker. (or something like that)
But in the Audio tab, everything was grayed out.
Please help on that too.

Answer:Jerky Scrolling, No sound from speakers or headphones.

After you reinstalled Windows, did you install video and sound drivers?It sounds like you didn't. The video driver will get rid of the jerky scrolling.Audio drivers will restore sound. Do you have any other cd's for the computer other than the one you mentioned? Your drivers may be on it. If you don't have cd you will have to download the drivers from HP.You can search for the drivers you need at HP support.If you have any problems finding the correct drivers, please post back and let us know the make and model of your computer.

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so the laptop is showing all drivers etc are correct and working it even shows sound on the equaliser with the speaker symbol bottom right however im recieving no sound at all 

Answer:no sound coming through speakers

Hi, Can you post back with the full Model No. and Product No. of your notebook - you can usually get this by holding down the fn key and pressing esc, otherwise see Here for a guide on locating this information. Regards, DP-K

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Hey, I've tried repairing speakers, checking for updates, switching which speakers I use, loads and loads of forums, but I can't get sound coming from the speakers, even though in the tests, they say they're fine. All my speakers/playback devices are showing, working or not, but I can't fix the problem.

I recently had to do a system restore, because of internet problems, took me ages to sort out, however the sound wasn't working before the restore anyway.

Haven't tried uninstalling/reinstalling the sound card/device yet, mainly because I only have my laptop here, if i need any disks then I'll need to wait a while to get them.

Sound does work with external speakers plugged in, so I'm starting to think I might need to get my laptop speakers fixed?

Sony Viao AR-71M is the model, I believe.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated



Answer:I can't get sound coming from the speakers

had you check under >device manager if there is any yellow "?" beside the sound device?

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I recently reformatted my hard drive and restored windows. Now I am not able to get any sound from my speakers. Winamp will open and will play music, but no sound comes out. Could u please shed some light on the subject? Thanks in advance.

Answer:Why do I not have sound coming from my speakers?

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

You need to reinstall your sound drivers.

If you use onboard sound then you can get the drivers from your mobo manufacturers website. If your computer is an oem such as Dell/E-machines etc, then visit the website of your computer manufacturer.

If you use a separate soundcard, then you will be able to get the drivers from your soundcard manufacturers website.

Regards Howard :wave: :wave:

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after I reformat my komputer I have this problem

Answer:I have no sound coming from my speakers

Make sure sound is not mutted in your volume control. Then check your hardware/sound in the control panel, that something is not disabled. If still not working check the device manager. Could be when you reformatted the sound driver is missing.

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It's hard to describe this noise but it's something like a duh-duh sort of noise.
This looks like my problem here but the answers didn't work:
Dell Studio XPS 8100
OS: Windows 7 Home Premium (64 bit)
Speakers: Dell Realtek High Definifion Audio

Answer:Duh-Duh sound keeps coming from speakers

Keep the Volume Mixer open (right click on speaker in your taskbar> Open Volume Mixer) and watch it when the sound goes off. You should see a spike under one of the running applications in the mixer. That will tell you what's creating the sound, and we can move on from there.

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I have a fairly new Gateway computer and have had several problems with it. As of a couple of days ago, I no longer have sound on my computer. None of my games have sound and I can no longer listen to the online radio stations. However, today when I was on a website, music did come out of the speaker (something the creator of the site built into his homepage). Gateway suggested I update my drivers, but none of them needed to be updated (when I attempted to update it told me I had the newest version). What can I do to see where the problem is coming from? Thanks!

Answer:No Sound Coming from Speakers

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I am running Windows 98SE and recently reformatted, added more ram and a new hard drive. After all this was done, I downloaded winamp 5.1 and while the program runs, no sound will come out of my speakers. I went to the gateway suport website, entered my computer serial number and downloaded the drivers for my Soundblaster Live Sound card (model #CT4830). In the mix of changing settings, now i am unable to even open winamp and it gives me this wave output error "Another program is using your soundcard. Please change out device (in Waveout plugin configuration), switch to DirectSound output (in Winamp preferences/plug-ins/output) or get a sound card which can play multiple streams."

What in the world do I do to fix this problem?


Answer:Still no sound coming from my speakers....please help

you could always try uninstalling winamp, then do a fresh download and reinstall it. i had a similar problem with winamp, i think there was an interuption in the download and it didnt install alll of the files onto the pc.

Just a thought, but its worth a try.


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My computer had to be restarted fresh and windows was reinstalled. This is the second time this had to be done. Every time this happens, the computer does not recognize the speakers or anything plugged into the USB connectors. The first time this happened, some guy fixed it, but I have no idea how he did it. Sound will not come from the speakers. I went to the audio section under the control panel and my speakers do not appear. How do I get the computer to recognize that I am in fact plugging things into the audio/USB connectors? Thanks for the help.

Answer:No Sound Coming From Speakers

Do you have a sound card installed or do you use on-board sound? If a sound card, did you install the drivers for it? (I know nothing about on-board sound).

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About a month ago I turned on my PC to discover no sound from my speakers but there is sound from my headphones.
The speakers are only a few months old and work on other thing so it cant be them.
In the playback device speaker is selected and the bars are moving as normal.

Any idea's


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Ok I just got everything set up with my new computer, everythiing runs fine execpt there's no sound! Everything is plugged in correctly, speakers are go but still no sound. My volume is not muted, so what's up? I have onboard audio by the way. Updated drivers, everything. Thanks for the help!

Answer:No Sound coming from speakers.

What does it say in device manager?

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I was using my Dell Optiplex 210L desktop (old, but still quite useful!) and I noticed that my sound wasn't working. The only thing I installed was PaintShop Pro X2 which I found new sealed at a thift store for $2.50, but I doubt that would cause it.

What I have done:

Checked device manager, its fine
Checked volume on both windows and speakers, fine
Rebooted, didn't work

I tried booting into Lubuntu Linux, and it worked then.

Answer:No sound coming from speakers?

Nice - you have narrowed this down to a Windows issue . I would try updating the driver first or rolling it back if updating is not an option. If you go back into device manager and check the properties on your sound device is there an option to Update or Roll Back the driver to a previous version?

If that doesn't work I would try uninstalling it in device manager the right click on Sound in Device Manager and select Scan for Hardware Changes to have it detected / re-installed or just reboot.

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I'm having a problem audio problem. The audio on my PC was fine but suddenly, no sound was coming from the speakers. I'm using on-board sound. I've checked the connections at the back and nothing's disconnected. I tested my speakers on another PC and they're working just fine. I've updated the driver of the audio device and I've also checked the device manager but it didn't seem to detect any problems. I turned off my PC and unplugged it for a few seconds. When I turned it on again, the sound was working fine. I thought that it was just an isolated incident. Same thing happened a few days later. Is this a hardware problem, or is it something else?

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Please help! No sound is coming out of my speakers! I checked everything, and still no sound. And I don't have it on mute.

Answer:No sound is coming out of speakers!

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i dont know what happened, but i am not getting nothing from my speakers when i try to watch videos, etc. however, if i plug in my microphone, i can hear just fine through my speakers. i have googled to death, but nothing really addresses my problem.

i am well aware it is just something stupid, but please point it out for me if you can. i really need to be able to have speakers again. i am sure i just did something stupid

Answer:no sound coming from speakers.......unless

If this is a desk top, check to be sure the speakers are plugged into the correct place at the back of the tower..


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I recently moved and am hooking everything up to my PC. I cannot get any sound from my speakers. There are two places for jacks on the back of the PC and I have tried both. I am sure the power is plugged in. There are two places for jacks in the back of the main speaker, and the second speaker is plugged into one of them. I have ran XP troubleshooter and checked out the sound card. Everything worked before I dismantled it. Any suggestions??!!! could sure use the help. soon please!

Answer:no sound coming from my speakers

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my laptop's speakers stopped working after I tried plugin the laptop to my TV.

I've tried plugin headphones and that does not work either. Can someone help?

Answer:No sound coming from speakers

Do you have any buttons on the keyboard or laptop to mute or un-mute the sound?

Go to the Control Panel and then to Sounds and Audio Devices. You should see an Audio tab, make sure the right sound card is selected and that everything else is fine like the volume levels and so on.

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Hi everybody,
My speakers have been acting this way ever since I could remember. I recently borrowed speakers from my relative, and plugged that in to see if sound would come out from BOTH speakers, but interestingly enough, no sound came out from one of the speakers. So it can't be my speakers that are causing the sound problem. I hear that sometimes the sound card can stop working effectively, is this true? I wonder if that's the case. If anyone can help, that would be great! Thanks a bunch

Answer:no sound coming from the right speakers... help!

Just a guess ,, have you tried reinstalling/updating drivers ?? sometimes a kick up the arse will fix.

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My Altec Lansing speakers don't seem to be detected. I plug them in, but nothing happens. It was as if they weren't even there. At the moment,my sound is coming through the in built speakers and they sound terrible. I think my sound card is SoundMAX, not quite sure though as it doesn't say in the device manager.

Answer:Sound not coming through speakers

I agree with your assessment, it is likely your sound card. Make sure the hardware is compatible and the driver is updated: Update a driver for hardware that isn't working properly.

Windows Outreach Team

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I recently picked up a PC off a friend that he wasn't using, I formatted it and had to individually install all the chipset drivers as he didn't give me the motherboard CD, I'm having a problem with the sound, all the drivers are installed, I can get sound from my headphones but I cannot get sound when I plug in speakers.

Has anyone had a similar issue to this before?


Answer:No Sound Coming From Speakers

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When I try to play an audio clip, I hear sound coming from the computer itself but not from my speakers. How do I turn off the sound from the computer and play it through the speakers? I would still want the "Beep" to come through the computer if possible for new emails notification. Is there a way to leave that Beep or does all sound from the computer have to be turned off?

Answer:No Sound coming from speakers

Please post additional info,hardware specs, OS

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I'm on my dad's Dell XPS laptop (runs on Vista) and can't get sound. It's apparently been this way for a long time, so I can't begin to guess what triggered the problem. Here's what I am looking at right now:

The driver seems to be working fine based on what those pictures show. I get no error messages. Still though, nothing comes out the laptop speakers. There's headphone jacks on it, and I've tried them with no luck. I have a Sound Blaster X-Fi card, but it's not plugged in.

Any help I can get on this would be appreciated!

Answer:Sound Not Coming Out Speakers

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I have no sound coming out of my computer. It says I have no sound system connected on my computer. I use to have sound so I don't know what went wrong.

Answer:No sound is coming out of my pc speakers

Hello and welcome to TSG! Do you have a sound card or onboard sound

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I'm a bit clueless when it comes to this, so please forgive me if I don't make sense. Anyway; About a week or so ago my laptop died on me, and today I decided to re-install Windows XP. I managed to get it installed without any problems, but have now noticed a few bugs. The first is that I have no sound. I tried googling this and as far as I can work out I need to download some drivers or similar? My question is, how I can figure out which ones are for my laptop? Is there any program I can use to tell me the exact ones? Second, my scroller on mylaptop doesn't work and I really have no idea why. The third is that when I'm on the internet there is a weird (and very annoying) scrolling effect. It's almost as when your computer lags, and you try scrolling and when it does there is a weird sort of "wave" or ripple effect happening and everything is a bit delayed. It's incredibly irritating and I have no idea what to do. It's the same on both Flock and Explorer. If anyone could help, I'd be very very grateful.

Thank you


Answer:reinstalled XP and now have no sound and weird scrolling effect

Ok, never mind about the sound. I figured that one out, and I thought I had the other problems figured out as well. I had a look at and another one, and went looking for a driver that fits my laptop. The thing is that all those I found that seemed to be right, set off my avast anti virus scanner. Does anyone know how to go about this? Should I just go ahead and download and install or what? Thanks

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I'm having an issue with my sound, when I have my headphones plugged in both my speakers and the headphones generate sound but I only want the headphones to generate sound. It is simple plug and play headphones.

Would anyone know how I can block the sound from my speakers?

Kind Wishes,


Answer:Sound coming from both speakers + headphones

Please see the following resolution for Alienware Users:

DELL / Alienware drivers now available to download for Windows 10 at: Product Support | Dell US
which solves most of the issues. The sound driver solved the issue with the sound coming from both speakers and the headphones at the same time. Thread marked as solved.

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Hello, good morning, here's the deal, "sometimes" I have no sound on my computer, I've tried updating and rollback all my audio drivers, especially Realtek ones, dozens of times, and still nothing... (Understand that my computer recognizes sound coming out of the computer, but the speakers and puggled headphones dont work...)
When I say "sometimes", I mean I only get sound if I suspend (close laptop screen) for the whole night, and when I wake up and turn it on, I have sound... BUT, if I restart the computer, I will not have sound again...

I think the problem here is not from the drivers, since the drivers I've installed before and after the "suspend" during the night, are the same, and I think its not hardware problem, since the speakers and headphones work fine after that "suspend"...

I know its not a problem of sound in the computer, for that matter, because I can get sound out of a bluetooth speaker or so.

I've tried almost everything, but maybe something is missing, or it can be a bad connection "inside" the computer, but somehow, the speakers/headphones work after the "suspend"...

I hope you guys can understand what I'm saying, or indentify my problem...

Thank you in advance and I await your response :)

Good morning!

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There is no audio coming from the speakers of my laptop. When i try plugging in earbuds, there is still no sound. The audio button on the control bar says it's muted but it won't let me unmute it. the sound and mute buttons on the keyboard aren't doing anything. When i click on the sound button inthe control panel, it only gives me options to troubleshoot devices that aren't actually connected. I can't figure out how to get sound.

Answer:no sound coming from the speakers of my laptop

You have 32 bit Windows 8? Is that how it came from HP or did you put that on?

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My Dell Inspiron n7110 sometimes makes a buzzing sound from its speakers whenever I have audio playing.  This only happens when I'm using the built-in speakers, if I'm using my headset, my sound works just fine.  Is this a sign that my speakers are old, and might need replacing, or is there an easier fix for this?

Answer:Buzzing sound coming from speakers

I had this issue recently and I noticed that even when I'm using my headset the buzzing sound appear :|
In my case, the buzzing sound was not continuous and can only be heard while playing audio and using the browser or other things. I found out that (DirectX 11) somehow has something to do with the audio. So I downgrade it to (9.0c) and the buzz gone.

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i played an Audio File But No Sound coming From Speakers , i test the Speaker , but everyTime i test the Speaker i Get " Device in USE " Error. Some One help me to Fix This.
My Windows and All Drivers are Up-to-date. (IDT High Definition Audio).
I tried every available solution on Google but No help. 
Someone help me to identify which service/ program etc conflicting with my Audio Driver and causing This Issue...
Please Reply Soon.
Thanks in Advance... 

Answer:"Device in Use" No Sound Coming From Speakers.

I would try uninstalling the audio drivers via Device Manager...then reinstalling same from the Drivers CD or the website of the system manufacturer.
FWIW:  The notation that drivers are current...IMO, is practically meaningless since current drivers can/do become damaged and incapable of doing what they are designed to do.

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Hey everyone,

I recently moved and when I got my desktop set back up I noticed that it was making an awful siren sound. I know that can be a bad MoBo or heat issue but that sound comes from the tower itself, no? This is coming only through the speakers. It's the same sound repeating and the tone goes from low to high.

I'm assuming at this point that it's software related? Does this sound right to you all? The only thing I did between taking it down, moving it and setting it up was installed a wireless card in on the the PCI slots.

The wireless card's software included an option to install a trial version of some symantec junk which I turned down but I now find some symantec stuff on my HiJack log? Related? Maybe? I'm clueless. My AV software has found nothing.

Please help.

Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 10:10:14 PM, on 9/3/2006
Platform: Windows XP SP1 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP1 (6.00.2800.1106)

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Sygate\SPF\Smc.exe
C:\Program Files\Alwil Software\Avast4\aswUpdSv.exe
C:\Program Files\Alwil Software\Avast4\ashServ.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\VS7DEBUG\MDM.EXE
C:\Program... Read more

Answer:Siren Sound coming through speakers?

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there is like talk shows and just random stuff coming from my speakers when nothing is even up, no windows r up. if i go to listen to a song or something the random stuff comes on or the computer can just be sitting and sound starts coming from the speakers??

Answer:Sound coming from speakers when not needed

Is this very faint. I think your speakers are picking up radio which can happen if the wires are not shielded.

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I have 5.1 surround sound speakers and a realtek sound card, and when I do the sound test everything is fine, but when I come to play anything, the sound only comes through the front and rear speakers on the right. I have tried alot of things that I found while searching the net but still found no luck. I installed winamp and the sound comes through all speakers but is very bad quality no matter what play.

Can anyone help?


Answer:5.1 - sound only coming from 2 speakers in windows 7

I'm in the same situation, but with Supreme FX-II that comes with Asus Rampage Formula. Worked just great with Win XP Prof x86. I've now tested a lot of drivers with this and with every one of them the sound comes from the rear speakers while testing, but when I try to play music with winamp or watch videos with VLC the rear speakers won't work.

I'd appreciate some help also.

Ps. I think of trying to install the old drivers in compatibility mode. Will tell if I get lucky.

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Hi everyone, I recently discovered that I'm no longer getting any sound coming from my speakers. This I thought was strange as it was all working fine the day before. No matter if it's listening to tracks via iTunes or watching online videos via YouTube. I get no sound.

I firstly ran an "In Depth Analysis" using NOD32 antivirus, to see if there was any virus present which was capable of affecting my system. No damage seem to be reported.

My speaker system is an old Creative i-Trigue 2.1 system, which I've never used at full belt and I still always hear a little thud from the subwoofer, as I always did whenever I turned it on via the volume wheel. So I can't see how the speakers are bust.

Software I have installed are Creative's SB X-Fi Audio Processor (WDM) and Creative's Volume Panel and THX Console, which I've run tests from. The speakers still do not sound and through Device Manager it says my Driver software is up to date. I'm clueless, can anyone help?


Answer:No Sound coming from speakers, not sure why. Help needed please.

Is everything greyed out in control panel in the sound tab?

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I checked the configuration and it says the speakers are working. I checked the volume and it was unmuted. I checked the back of the hard drive and everything was plugged in properly. I checked for driver software updates and it says everything was updated. I don't know why there isn't any sound coming out of them.

Answer:Brand New Speakers Have No Sound Coming Out Of Them

What does your device manager say? Does it have any driver conflicts with audio?

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Just set up new asus essentio series desktop with windows 8.1. After initial set up the monitor speakers are on but no the connected external speakers. I assume I need to make some change in the control panel. Is that true. I want sound to come through external speakers.

Answer:No sound coming from external speakers

Sounds like you may have a monitor with an HDMI connection. If this is the case, Windows automatically defaults the default audio playback device to the HDMI, if an HDMI cable is connected to the PC. If you want the PC sound you must manually change the default audio playback device to "Speakers" (PC sound). And you will likely have to do this each time you boot up. I was looking at a new monitor at either Sam's Club or Costco and decided against it as it was an HDMI connected monitor.

The Sound/Playback panel can be accessed from start/Control Panel/Hardware and Sound

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I am currently running on a school issued T61. At school, we have a laptop central program where we get free repairs, and they usually solve this sort of thing... however... I am at home now. I have tried reinstalling and updating the driver, which didnt work. It actually said there was  no problem with the driver, etc. Rebooting (which is the universal solution) hasnt worked, tried multiple times. I guess the main thing is that, I'm trying to figure out simple instructions for an advanced solution. Thanks for the help guys!

Answer:T61: No sound coming from speakers, tried everything in troubleshooter.

bump for desparity !

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Dear All,

i really need your help.

i'm trying since last week to get my new Samsung HD TV to work on my Desktop.

after a lot of google researches, i've figured out how to get the HDMI output Option from BIOS setting,

i successfully set it up as default and everything seems fine, BUT the sound is not coming out.

My VGA is DVI AUDIO Enabled.

the connection is DVI to HDMI adapter, then HDMI to HDMI Cable to the TV.

i even treid to connect audio cables from the sound card to the DVI/HDMI 2 port in the TV, but again no luck .

any ideas guys??

Answer:Sound not coming out from the TV Speakers using HMDI

Quote: Originally Posted by zayoun

Dear All,

i really need your help.

i'm trying since last week to get my new Samsung HD TV to work on my Desktop.

after a lot of google researches, i've figured out how to get the HDMI output Option from BIOS setting,

i successfully set it up as default and everything seems fine, BUT the sound is not coming out.

My VGA is DVI AUDIO Enabled.

the connection is DVI to HDMI adapter, then HDMI to HDMI Cable to the TV.

i even treid to connect audio cables from the sound card to the DVI/HDMI 2 port in the TV, but again no luck .

any ideas guys??

First welcome to SF and thanks for filling n your system specs

Im going to start with the basics. you updated the audio driver to win 7 right?

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My computer has no sound coming from the speakers. But when I put in my headset (with mic attached) I can hear the sounds from my computer. I have all my drivers installed and even ran the Drivers and Utilities disk I recieved with my computer. I ran the tests for the sound drivers and they are perfect the speakers work but why can't they work when the test isn't running. Also, I have no volume control in my notifications aka the bottom right corner next to the clock and when I go to the volume control in the start menu and open it up its all greyed out. I cant click anything because it says I have no sound device. In the system information -->components---> sound device: it says nothing its just blank.

Dell Inspiron B130
System Model: ME051
I've had this laptop for 4 years and this is the first time this has happened to me with any computer I have ever owned or used.

Please help I want to be able to listen to my music and watch youtube with volume without using a headset.

Thank You,
Math_Geek =)

Answer:No Sound Coming from Speakers On Laptop

Welcome to TSG forums.
Go into device manager, is there anything with a yellow ! or ? listed there?

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I've googled and googled and everything I've tried I either don't have the options or it didn't work. The issue is whenever I plug in my headset.. both my laptop's speakers and mic work.. as well as my headset's speakers and mic. I'm plugging the headset into the audio and mic jacks on the laptop.

My laptop is an Acer Aspire 5570-2052 (Came with Vista, I installed XP Home)

Under the Device Manager's Sound, video, and game controllers list I have:
Audio Codecs
Legacy Audio Drivers
Legacy Video Capture Devices
Media Control Devices
Realtek High Definition Audio
Video Codecs

I also have Realtek HD Audio Manager installed.

What I want to happen is when I plug in my headphone's mic and speaker jacks the laptop's mic/speaker turns off. I've tried messing with all kinds of stuff with no luck at all.

Answer:Sound is coming from Speakers and Headphones

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Hey, I'm Draghy. I'm using a pair of Genius SP-S110 Speakers, which I bought about an year ago. Recently, the speakers seems to make some weird sounds when I play games, like some ocasional buzzz and then it fades. I tryed to put the headphones but it's the same thing. I even tryed all the sockets for speakers and I still get the same result. The sound doest come when there is no sound, instead, when I just sit and no sound comes from the computer, if I plug the headphones I can hear a small huming sound when the PC is silent. These things started happening about a month ago. Until then, they worked perfectly. When I listen to music in my Winamp, there is no problem with that weird sound, but if music plays from a game, then I'll get that sound.
Please, guys, I really need help. I dunno what to do but I want my speakers to be back to normal.

Reply ASAP

Answer:Bad quality sound coming from speakers

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My system is a Toshiba Satellite M115-S1061 laptop. A few days ago it started having problems booting. So I reinstalled Vista Ultimate, and now I have no sound. I made sure it's not muted, made sure the volume is turned up, but still nothing. I also tried updating the driver, but system says driver is up to date. My "Playback Devices" only lists headphones. But there's no sound from the headphone jack either. Any ideas?

Answer:No sound coming from laptop speakers...

Go into device manager and make sure that they are no "?" by anything. Most sound drivers have multiple devices. It could be that one or more of them is not installed properly.

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Hi, I'm having trouble getting sounds to come out of my speakers. I downloaded the SB live drivers and turned digital output on and yet I'm getting no sound coming out for my speakers. However when I turn digital output off I get sounds from my headphones just fine. I checked all the volume controls to make sure nothing is muted yet no luck. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Answer:No sound coming out of speakers but are for headphones

Well, Most speakers for computers do not take a digital input so that is causing a problem some where. Where are you plugging the headphones and speakers?

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I have got a Toshiba Portege M400 laptop, there only the left speaker works on it. I've tried going into properties making sure the right speaker is unmuted and made sure both speakers are balanced but still no sound from the right speaker. When i actually test my speakers, where you would expect there to be one sound coming from the left speaker, then that stops then there should be another sound in the right speaker shortly after, i get BOTH sounds coming from the left speaker. I get a loud tone the first time, then a quieter tone but still audible again in the left speaker. So my assumption is that the sound that is supposed to come from the right speaker is in the left aswel. This causes problems when i play my music because instead of sharing the sound between the two speakers, they are both being played through just the left speaker which causes crackling in sound and distortion.
Ive tested the sound when i put headphones in, and both the left and right ear speaker works, just not when i try and play from the inbuilt speakers.
I have a SgmaTel HD Audio CODEC, Vista SP2 , any help would be appreciated

Answer:Sound from both speakers coming from one speaker only

If only speaker is working on your laptop, it is possible that the right speaker itself on your laptop could already be failing and needs to be repaired. Since you tested the sound by using a headphones and the left and right works properly that means there is no problem with the driver. So my suggestion is send your laptop for repair and have the right speaker replaced.

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I plugged my headphones into my laptop and the sound plays through both the speakers and the headhphones. I tried restarting my laptop, deleting the sound drive and reinstalling it, etc. 

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I checked the audio device and it says its working fine. I pluged the sockets in different holes but thats not working neither. Then i tried the main plug into a diferent one, still nothing happend. I pluged in different speakers and still not getting sound. I checked to update drivers but they are alredy fully updated. then i booted into safe mode and i removed it with a check mark to delete software. then i couldnt install the audio device cuz of the error. then i downloaded audio driver from real tek offical site and went to device manager and installed it by going other device -> multimedia audio controller and its still no help.

Answer:No sound coming out of Compaq PC speakers.

this happend after i reformat my computer into windows 7

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Hi - since I had Win 7 reinstalled, I've realised that, when playing music, I only get sound from the two front speakers. I checked Control Panel/Sound and noticed that Realtek (which I had previously) appeared to be missing, so I downloaded it.
I've checked the Configure settings, and when testing all the speakers, the sound is ok for all five, so I'm not sure what to do next - can anyone help, please?

Answer:Sound coming from only two front speakers

Under configuration have you checked that it's set to 5.1 instead of just stereo?

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Hi I am running Windows 7 on my laptop and I have no sound what so ever on my computer I have checked all the basics and everything is up to date and enabled so I dont know what is wrong I am thinking it is something simple please help as when I look
at the sound device and everything is glowing green like there is sound but I cant hear it and my volume is up to the max

Answer:No sound coming from the speakers on my laptop

1) Have you installed the newest audio drivers? If not download them from the manufacturers website or try to run Windows Update - that might include the generic drivers
for your sound device.
2) Have you set the correct sound device? Click Start, type: sound. Then click Sound under Control Panel. Then set the default sound device.

More options:

3) Is the sound device disabled?

A. Right-click the speaker icon on your taskbar

B. Select "Playback Devices"

C. In the white empty space right click and select both Show Disconnected/Disabled Devices

D. Do you see icons for your speakers and headphones now?  
E. If you now see it you may need to right click on the correct sound device and select "Set as default device"

4) You can also try the troubleshooter below to discover any connection issues that may exist, instructions are below:

A. Click 'Start' > Select 'Control Panel'

B. Type troubleshooting in the top-right search field > Select 'Troubleshooting'

C. Click 'Hardware and Sound' > Select 'Playing Audio'.

5) Also go through the two pages below:
Low Volume
(or no volume):

There are many different places to adjust the sound. Are all of these turned up?

1... Read more

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I didn't have sound in headphones, so I used HP Support Assistant to get the right audio driver. Now sound comes out both speakers and headphones. Reading around the web, I tried uninstalling and reinstalling driver. That didn't help. I do not have an additional Sound software conflicting with it. I do not have a headset under Recording, only microphone. Looking at Sound under Control Panel, it has:Speakers and Headphones  IDT High Definition Audio CODEC - it says this even when I don't have headphones plugged inCommunications Headphones IDT High Definition Audio CODEC (Unplugged) -this option is grayed out.tia   

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Since yesterday sound has stopped coming from my laptop speakers, when i plug my earphones in sound comes from through the earphones.

Additionally when i click the volume control for the earphones sound will come through the speakers for a just few seconds before going silent again.

Ive uploaded screenshots to my skydrive to show what I mean by 'click the volume control for the earphones' as well as other images of my sound options

Anyone help?

Answer:No sound coming from speakers, headphones OK

Question, if you actually disable the headphones in playback devices will the speakers kick on?

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The speakers have stopped working on my Qosmio G10. I got a repair shop to replace both fans and during the repair the guy had to send the main board back to Toshiba. Apparently they supplied a new main board but when I got the computer back there was no sound through the speakers or the headphones.

I took it back to the repair guy and he got the sound working again by upgrading the BIOS which I had already done but I guess was lost when Toshiba supplied a new main board. After getting home the sound was working ok but the next day the speakers were not working again although sound is still coming out the headphones. The only new bit of software I had installed at that point was Perfect Disk 10. I ran the Toshiba Diagnostic program and that just says that Sound failed the test. I?ve checked all the sound devices in Device Manager and that says they are all working normally. At the same time I also got this error message whenever I re-booted:

TouchED Error
Retrieval of "THotkey" failed.
Error code - 0x00031402, 0x00000002

I have tried to check everything else that I could think of but can't find anything wrong. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated as I use my Qosmio G10 24/7 as a computer and as my Stereo and TV. Thanks for taking the time to read this. I'm desperate to get it fixed.

Answer:No sound coming out of Qosmio G10 speakers


I cannot say much about this issue but if the technician has repaired the notebook and the sound is not working again then I recommend contacting the guy again and to ask what he did at the first time.

I mean you can try to reinstall the sound card driver again, you can also try to recover the notebook and could check if you would get the sound back?.
This workarounds could help only if this would be a software issue but it there is a hardware problem then a technician should check it again.

By the way; check if the mute is not enabled and check if other volumes controls are set to a max level.

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I think I have a serious problem and I'm afraid the only way to solve it is buying a new motherboard, but instead of hesitating I decided to ask for help here...

I was playing guitar using amplifier and I decided to connect the amp to the PC (amp line out - microphone front panel 3.5; using TRS cables with jack converters) and everything was working correctly of course. But then I accidentally plugged the TRS cable to the "Phones" instead of "Line out" as I did earlier, and the computer screen went weird and I heard a beeping noise, after I plugged it out I realized this move affected the speakers through the motherboard, because they became "deaf" right after. So basically every audio speaker I use is completely silent now and I hear the same constant beeping noise and no sound at all.

Does anyone have any idea how to solve this problem? Thanks in advance!

Answer:Absolutely no sound coming from speakers

if you buy a new motherboard - you would also need to be a new windows OS
As usually the OS is tied to the motherboard

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Hi everyone, I bought a new computer recently and the sound doesn't seem to be working. I've tried updating the drivers, restarting the PC, downloading Windows Updates and none of them seem to work.

If anyone has a fix for this I'd be very grateful.

Answer:No sound coming from speakers/headphones

Hi Connor234,

Welcome to Seven Forums.

You can follow the troubleshootings steps mentioned on: No sound in Windows - Microsoft Windows Help

Keep us posted

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My computer monitor has built in speakers. They use to work fine and all of a sudden I can't hear sound out of my monitor speakers. I have speakers that I can hook-up to my computer, and when I connect them the sound works fine, but if I choose not to connect the speakers and just use the monitor speakers like before. I can't get any sound. I recently upgraded from Windows Vista to Windows 7. I'm wondering if that has something to do with it. I've ran all types of sound checks and I don't have any errors on my sound...but just can't get the sound coming from my monitor anymore. Can you please advise what you think the problem may be?

Windows Edition: Windows 7 Ultimate
Manufacturer: Hewlett-Packard
Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) 64x2 Dual Core Processor 3800 + 2.00GHz
System type: 32-bit Operating System

Thanks in advance,

Answer:No sound coming from monitor speakers

There is a cable running from the monitor to the Sound output on the back of the computer. Is the cable plugged into the monitor? Is the cable plugged into the Green audio out port of the computer?

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My boyfriend set up his super computer in my room and i want to connect the speakers to it, but when i turn it on, a siren sound comes out of it. i'm sure it's set up correctly and the spearkers are working, because i tested it on my laptop. the siren sound is these 2 repeating notes over and over. what's happening? and how do i fix it? Thanks...

Answer:Siren sound coming out of my speakers!

The super computer has a super problem. Have a read:

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COMPUTER MULTIMEDIA SPEAKER 5.1 CAN NOT SUPPORT PCSound not come from Speakers, Checked all sound drivers shows OK. (Manage system). Cable connection done, volume control checked, all found OK. But in Master volume it shows Front, Rear, subwoofer center shows inactive. All drivers are installed, softwares are also installed still problem not resolved.

Answer:No sound coming from woofer or any speakers

read >> How to ask a Question...

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Im running on Windows XP Home Edition and Ive had this problem for 5 days now...

I plugged my headphones in to listen to music and the music starting playing through the speakers too.

Ive got an Phillips iQon laptop and its so annoyin


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Operating system: W7 Homepremium 64bit

This has been happening for months, everytime when I scroll in google chrome, panning and zooming images through Windows Photo Viewer, my computer makes a buzzing sound through the external speakers not the internal pc speaker, typicaly in a weird frequency when I do scroll/pan/zoom. This also happens in some other apps but surprizingly it does not happen on Mozilla firefox.

By the way, my google chrome is updated to the latest version. Sometimes it gets really annoying as the frequency disrupts my ear.

Thank you very much. All help is appreciated!

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I have a PC windows XP Home.

My sound jack at the back of my computer doesnt work at all. My jack in the front of the computer changes all the sound that comes from the speakers and makes it very high pitched.

Please help me fix if not both jacks, then just one. I really need the sound.


Answer:Sound coming from speakers is very high pitched

The computer specs in your profile only show a laptop computer. I have never seen a laptop with audio jacks front and back. Can you please clarify?

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I just bought a Toshiba Satellite with Windows Vista.

One of the few issues I have is when I plugin my headphones to listen to music, sound still comes out of the Laptop speakers. When I turn down the volume on the laptop, the volume on the headphones also comes down.

How do I change the setting so that I can listen to music on my headphones without music coming out of the speakers..?

Answer:Plugging in Headphones. Sound Still Coming Out of Speakers

Hi CoocookachoHave a look in your audio manager. Mine is Realtek, yours might be different.Look for a setting about headphones.

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Hi I have a Dell Inspiron Q15R model. Recently the sound is coming only from my headphones, speakers don't work. I'm suspecting that I have a failed sense pin. Warranty is over. I have tried various solutions but they were all in vain. Is there a way how I can disable the headphone jack? Thanks for your response

Answer:Sound coming only from headphones. Speakers don't work

mgau0047Is there a way how I can disable the headphone jack?
Hello. All of the workarounds I have heard about are in section 5 of the Headphone Jack FAQ.
mgau0047I have tried various solutions but they were all in vain.
Did you run the audio tests in the ePSA or PSA diagnostic utility to make sure the speakers are still working?
mgau0047Inspiron Q15R model
I'm not familiar with that model. I wonder if it is a variation of one of the Inspiron 15R models, which are 552, 5521, 5537, and N5110. I can't find a Q15R on the tech support pages.
Finally, what is the operating system. If Windows 10, recent "updates" have caused all kinds of audio problems, so it could be related to that.

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My speakers work fine. Not sure how long it's been like it. I have a Creative sound card.
But basically, when I test or configure the sound settings the speakers work, but when it comes to the front right speaker, the sound also comes out of the rear right one, too. No idea why? Yet, when I test the rear right one, that works fine and just comes out the one. 🤔

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I have an HP laptop running 8.1. I did update my computer or I restarted after an automatic update but no sound comes from speakers or head phone jacks. I have checked my drivers and they are working. My sound is not on mute.
Any suggestions?

Answer:No sound coming from laptop from speakers or headphone jac

Control panel > Sound, are Speakers selected as default sound output ? Often HDMI would take precedence.

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I have a Toshiba satellite laptop that was running Windows 7...I apparently have Conexant Audio but it is not working at all. Videos on stores on my computer, youtube, anything I play I cannot hear any sound and the sound says its at 100%...

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I have the following problem with Dell Inspiron N5010 with Windows 7 Ultimate 64 Bit: When headphones are connected to the headphone jack, the laptop speakers will not disable.

The laptop recognizes headphones (test sounds are coming through) and they can be used for communications, e.g. Skype. The laptop has IDT High Definition Audio CODEC driver's latest version.

On the other hand, sound from softwares and games are coming from the speaker.

According to me, the problem would be that it is not possible to switch headphones as default device in control panel -> sound.
See the Attached pic, even if i click "Default Device" for headphones it does nothing, there is no tickmark even after clicking
Pls Help!

Apparently, This problem was caused after my motherboard and heatsink were replaced by dell service guy due to overheating.

Answer:Sound coming from speakers when headphones attached

Control Panel | in the box, top, right which says Search Control Panel, type troubleshooting | Under Troubleshooting, Find and fix problems | Hardware and Sound | you will have Playing audio and Recording audio.

Let me know if this solved your problem.

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Today when I plugged in my earphones (the apple ones) and there was no audio at all, but somehow it worked totally fine without the earphones. Even realtek detected something when I plugged my earphones, I also went to device manager to check if every driver is updated or not but still ended up no luck.

things i know:
- Audio is perfect without earphones plugged in
- only 'Speakers' is shown as my playback device
- went to device manager and i'm pretty sure all drivers are up to date and enabled
- everything was working fine the last time i booted into my windows10 (dual booting with linux)
- realtek detected my earphone as it popped up a notification saying 'you just plugged a device into the audio jack'

if you need to know more about my computer just ask
please help

Answer:No sound coming out of earphones (ONLY speakers work)

Hey mate,

Find your laptop here: ASUSTeK Computer Inc. -Support- ??

download the audio driver for Windows 10, and install it. If it asks, tell it to install or repair. It will first uninstall your audio driver, require a restart, and then install the audio driver. If this doesn't fix it, see if behind the computer (the green audio jack) still works.

Let me know!

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Good Evening,

I currently am experiencing the following problem with my speakers. I have the ASUS M3A79-T Deluxe motherboard. I have Logitech X-530 5.1 Surround Sound Speakers plugged into the built-in jacks on the MOBO. However, my system only recognizes the right front and right rear speakers has being connected and will only play in 2.1 Stereo. Any ideas on how to correct this?

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I recently had problems with my computer(pointer won't move, windows froze, really slow, etc- I assumed they were all virus-based), so I put an old image with Acronis.
Everything works perfectly, except for the speakers. No sound is coming out. I already tried the Windows troubleshooter, but I couldn't make them work. I think it's a driver problem, but somebody else did the drivers for me before, so I have no idea how to fix this.

I have an HP Pavilion dv6799, running on Windows XP.
Somebody else suggested that I should install Realtek. But I have no idea if that's what I'm supposed to install. And if so, how can I install it? I am no good when it comes to things like this.
I made some printscreens, since I'm not really sure what I should post in here.
http:[email protected]/6835896507/
http:[email protected]/6835896653/
http:[email protected]/6835896867/

Could you please help me? I got kind of stuck.
If you need any more info, please ask.

Answer:Solved: No sound coming out of laptop speakers?

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Okay, so here's the history...

The other night, I came home to a high pitch noise coming from my turtle beach headphones. Upon removing the headphones from my computer, I the sound started coming from my speakers. I then shut off my computer. I removed everything except the power cord. I could hear a different, yet similar whine. Upon opening my computer, I heard the noise coming from within. I then took out the video card, and started the beast back up. Same thing... After hours of browsing forums on my phone, I decided it was either my CPU or PSU. I then removed the PSU and jump started it to check whether or not it was making the noise. It ran fine and made no noise. However, upon connecting it to the motherboard and starting it, I then heard the noise again. When I listened closely to the CPU, I heard nothing, then I listened to the PSU which was outside of my case this time, and I could hear not only the high pitched whine, but also a slight... crackling noise...

It was then that I jumped on newegg and ordered a new PSU [...] 6817139011 . After 1 long, unbearable night and into the morning, the PSU was here, and I spent 3 hours carefully setting it up, and organizing the cords in and around my computer.


Upon turning on my computer, everything seemed fine. I quickly jumped on youtube and started a video.. no sound coming from my headphones...
I then pulled out my headphones from the jack... No sound com... Read more

Answer:Whining sound coming from speakers and headphones

Does it sound 100% like whining or maybe an interference type sound?

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This was not one of my better moments!! I got a message saying that my main
drive was low on space and to delete some programs. Usually I am very careful
about such matters, but this time, obviously I WASN'T!!! I went into START and
then ALL PROGRAMS and found what I thought was just Real Audio software that I
could re-install later. Anyway, to get to the point, after having uninstalled at least one
program, I had a lot of static on my speakers, but no actual sound. Would the
elimination of those programs cause this to happen, or would it be just a
co-incidence, and something else is the culprit??? Every time I try to play any
audio the message comes up that "The sound device has been deleted? How do I
get the sound device back?

By the way, I looked under START, System, System prop., hardware, device manager and sound, video and to game controllers I clicked on the properties of each one and they are all working!

Answer:Loss of Sound, but static coming from Speakers

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Hi I had to reinstall xp. Well I had to reformat my computer but I only had a XP disk not a dell one. So when I was done I installed all the drivers from the dell website. well now when my computer is working or I move the mouse or scroll the mouse I hear this awful nosie. Please help me I dont know what I did wrong.

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Hi there,

I have an ASUS P8Z68-V LE motherboard and I am having a problem with my sound. I just bought this new computer and after frigging things around to get my video card to work, my audio decided to stop working. It is weird because it shows that there is sound on screen (the volume bar goes up in green and down while playing a video etc), but there is no sound at all. I've plugged in my speakers in the proper 3 ports (green, orange and black) to no avail. My headphones will also not work. I've checked to see if the onboard sound was enabled and it was. I've downloaded and reinstalled the drivers twice. Nothing.

Any help would do!

edit: There is weird noise coming from my speakers when plugged in and when I turn the volume up and down it sounds like someone is blowing into a microphone

Answer:Playback Settings Indicate sound but there is nothing coming from speakers

If this is a Big Box computer such as an HP/Compaq please included the Manufacturer and Exact Model Number.

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So after my problems with my Altec Lansing speakers (detailed on another thread) I decided to bite the bullet and just buy new speakers. Except that now there is a problem with that too.

I have a HDMI cable attached to my laptop so that I can use my TV as a second monitor. That's fine and dandy, except that the sound only comes out from my TV, not from my laptop speakers or my new speakers. I've tried to use Windows settings to adjust things but there doesn't seem to be any such option.

On my last computer all I had to do was plug and play, so I'm not sure why this is happening. It's quite a hassle because when the HDMI cable is attached, all my sound comes from the TV.

Answer:Sound not coming from computer speakers when hooked up to TV?

Which settings did you try ? Control Panel > Sound > Playback tab > Speakers should be set as default.

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i wasent sure were to put this so i put it in here.

ok this morning when i went on my computer it was ok but then after i got back from school and went on it, i turned it on, got up to windows and then as windows loaded i had a high pitched sqweeking coming from the speakers, i have tried everything from installing new sound drivers and checking all the cables and still i keep getting this high pitch sqweek.

does anyone have any idea what could be causing this and what i could to to resolve it.

i have a tevion 5.1 surround sound system.

Answer:high pitched sound coming from speakers.

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I've tried searching Google for a fix but I can't seem to find anything atm. I'm using the Realtek High Definition Audio driver.

Answer:Sound coming from headphones and speakers at the same time

Update your Realtek Audio Drivers -->

Go into Realtek Control Panel and check settings.

Regards. . .



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Just got my laptop back from lenovo after getting the motherboard and keyboard replaced, and i cant get any sound out of my speakers. Uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers to no avail. 

Answer:No sound coming out of speakers W500 windows 7 64 bit

welcome to the community!
do you have any sound through the headphone jack?

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