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PS/2 keyboard makes ticking sound

Question: PS/2 keyboard makes ticking sound

My PS/2 keyboard makes a ticking sound with each keystroke. There is a different sort of click for alphabet keys, numbers and arrows. The same ticking sound is heard also when logging in or shutting down. The ticking sounds play for all users. I have tested a wireless USB-keyboard and there was no sound. I have not tested with another PS/2 keyboard yet.
Systems sounds are all off, but ticking continues. The clicking sound responds to volume control, e.g. volume off=no ticking.
The Filter Keys function in the Ease of Access center are un-ticked.

What could be causing the sound? Please help!

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Preferred Solution: PS/2 keyboard makes ticking sound

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: PS/2 keyboard makes ticking sound

It was the Asus Xonar DGX soundcard that was picking up interference from the PS/2 keyboard port. I don't know why it started doing it, but this appears to be a hardware problem instead of a Windows 7 problem. I switched to the mobos soundchip, and everything is nice and quiet when I type my important documents (or actually, play Skyrim).

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Anyone know if its normal for a cpu to make a quiet ticking sound when ac power is plugged in. This happens even with the bare motherboard/cpu on the bench with nothing else attached. It's a laptop, the machine died with no warning. Before disasembly there were no lights or any other activity when plugged in; could
hear this ticking sound, and took apart to find out what was making it.
I've never noticed a cpu by itself to make noise before.
Thanks in advance for any info.

I removed the cpu and "YES" its still making the sound without it.
Anyway, I removed the cmos battery and left it overnight. After reassembling the laptop now the disk drive light comes on steady as soon as its plugged in. Still wont start. Light goes out a couple seconds after power disconnected. Now I dont hear the ticking sound anymore as well. Maybe its a bios problem.

Answer:CPU makes a quiet ticking sound

no the CPU isnt supposed to make any noises at all. Seeing as there are no moving parts in a CPU, the only reason it would be making a 'ticking' noise, is if you are actually hearing an electrical spark, which of course is bad news.

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I got a new HP probook 450 g3 from an autorised hp reseller. when i turned it on i noticed iy was making a strange ticking sound so i called the person i had bought my laptop from and told him about the problem he told me to send the laptop to him so i sent it to him when he checked it he said that there was nothing wrong with it he said it was normal that my laptop made a ticking sound  but i still think something is not right in my laptop any help about the problem will be appreciated  

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I bought a faulty laptop (ACER 1355LC) off ebay and found the problem to be the graphics card. I bought a new motherboard, ram and HDD for it and it ran fine the first few times then it started to boot with nothing on the screen... but if u turn it off then on it would start as normal.
Now the laptop doesnt boot at all. So i send the motherboard away for a replacement. I get it here set it all back up and it worked for the first few times then nothing again. Same problem.
I pulled the motherboard out of its enclosure with everything still attached and noticed when the power button is pressed the the Processor will make a series of ticking/clicking noises and then the laptop will die after one second.
I pulled the Processor out, fired it up and there was no ticking noise, the fans would spin and it would last about 5 seconds longer then it would reboot itself.

Is the motherboard stuffed or is it the CPU? I don't want to have to get another mobo...
Oh, and also, I asked our local computer man and he said it was most probably shorting out on something. but what?

Answer:CPU makes ticking noise

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Hi guys. Srry for bad english. Than im doing something on computer some times screen shuts down but computer is still working after couple seconds computer starts to make a strange noise like watch tik tak tik tak like restarting all the time and than i press restart button but it do the same.. After some time hes start to working but for not a long time period.. What is the problem? (wich is not in screen becouse on my old screend everything was the same) Please help me Thank you for yor time

Answer:Computer makes funny ticking sounds

The hard drive might be failing. It's hard to be certain with the information you provided but that's what it sounds like.

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So I have a 3 year old dell inspiron 15 3521 laptop. I've had to replace the hard drive as the laptop decided to freeze on me. I replaced it with another hard drive and again same problem. My cmos battery is loose. I've powered it on and it still makes that same clock like heart beat sound. I've got a recording of the sound but don't think I can post it haha.

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keyboard keys aint working and just making a weird clicking sound when typed something

Answer:keyboard makes clicking sound when typed

OK, laptop or desktop? they are 2 different type of animalsSome HELP in posting on plus free progs and instructions 7 Medals

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When I play the game Need For Speed 2 SE on my windows 98, then during the game the speakers through my builtin speaker monitor start making lot's of ticking sounds. When I play the game on my Windows XP, nothing is wrong. On the XP, I have the exact same monitor as the Windows 98 has. When I listen to other things like music on the Windows 98, there is no strange sounds. Why? I know for sure that there is nothing wrong with the monitor, the builtin speakers, and the game. So what is it? The Video Card, The Sound Card, Or What????????

Answer:Solved: Windows 98 makes ticking sounds from the monitor speakers during Need For Speed 2 SE

I guess on the 98 the game doesn't work correctly. When I put in Need For Speed 3 Hot Pursuite, everything works correctly. When I put all of the games on my Xp, they all work correctly. It probably doesn't match the 98.

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I have a 15 month-old HP Pavilion I bought for my mother but she isn't interested. It's been rarely used, the last time was when I upgraded to WIN-10 in June 2016.  Upon start, I am successful in logging in using the keyboard.But after that, the keyboard only makes a tapping sound.  I must open the Touch Keypad screen to type in anything. What's up? -db2262

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Help the four button on my keyboard doesnt work. when i press it it makes a camera sound and nothing comes on the screen. and no i dont have filter keys on

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I have a Dell Latitude D630 laptop that really hasn't seen a lot of use but it has this problem:

If I press on the lower left Shift, Ctrl, Fn or Win key, the whole keyboard bottoms out and makes a ker-plunk sound once it unflexes. If I lightly touch the keys, everything's fine. With normal use, the annoying ker-plunk is there.

Is this something that can be fixed?

Thank you.

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Question: Ticking sound

My system has frozen a couple of times recently, accompanied with a ticking sound from inside the machine. I think it's coming from one of my hard drives but I can't be absolutely sure.

I'm assuming I'm very close to losing one of the drives. Are there any utilities available that can inspect the drives to determine if there is a problem that can be fixed?


Answer:Ticking sound

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Question: Ticking Sound!

I went to a legit site (Lifetime TV channel) to try to view a video of a TV show. I never got to see it, but it made a loud skipping sound as if it was stuck.

NOW from now on, whenever I go to ANY site or click on something w/i ANY site, there's a a ticking sound while I'm waiting to get to the next thing.

How do I get rid of this? I've tried turning off the main switch to reboot.


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I have been having a problem with my computer for a while now. Whenever my speakers are on... even when the tower is off... I get this stupid ticking sound that just keeps going on forever. The sound has spread into my tv and into my roommates tv. When I troubleshoot, I am told that everything is operating normally. Is there anyway to get the ticking sound out of my computer, tv?

Answer:Stupid Ticking Sound

I had a similar problem. My spekers would make a popping sound. It turned out to be bad ground in the house. They pop whenever the refrigerator compressor comes on.

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Hi I bought my laptop last august, now its HDD makes ticking sound when idle but it is fully functional. That sound is very annoying .

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Hi Dell Dimension 4300 Windows XP Home

On my home pc last night l logged off and left the room for about an hour. When l came back the screen was black and on the left hand corner was a message saying to reboot hit F1 or l believe F2.
The first thing that l did was to turn the p/c off and restart it. That's when l heard the clicking noise. After turning the p/c off and off several times l tried to follow the prompts but came to a screen that listed a breakdown of the entire system. I was completely lost.

By the way when l turned the p/c on and left the room for about 5 minutes the clicking stopped.

I will be taking home my laptop tonight so that l can communicate with any help that l can get.

If it's my hard drive it will probably be cheaper to replace the tower then to just buy a new hard drive. My p/c is around 4 yrs old or newer.

One more thing l just downloaded a 4 gbtye CD.



I will be here another 3 hrs and then l will be on my way home.

Answer:Strange ticking sound then nothing!!!!!!!!!!!

Mostly it's a hardware issue especially the harddisk issue if the system downs with a ticking sound. To confirm this, enter the BIOS to detect the harddisk. If it runs fine, let me know which phase you can enter when power on the machine, POST/Startup menu/Windows loading?

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Hello, I recently came across this issue where in opening the lid freezes the laptop and there's a clicking sound. Not sure what the problem is. Any suggestions would be really appreciated. Thanks,K**bleep**ij

Answer:Ticking sound after opening the lid

Where is the clicking noise coming from?  The speakers?  In the middle of the machine?  Try downloading Crystal Disk Info and see if it tells you anything.

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Question: Y460 Ticking Sound

When I boot up and use my Y460 with Windows 7 HP 64-bit EE, I hear an inconsistent ticking sound, which is not the same frequency as the flashing of the hard disk activity light. Is it a hard disk problem, fan problem or other hardware problem? Please advise.

ThinkPad T460s: Intel i7-6600U, Nvidia 930M 2GB, 8GB DDR4 soldered+8GB DDR4 installed, 512GB SATA3 SanDisk X300 SSD, LG FHD nontouch display, Intel 8260 Wireless


Go to Solution.

Answer:Y460 Ticking Sound

do you hear it when you click any button on keyboard or using touchpad?

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I came down this morning to find my computer had switched itself off. When I tried to start it, the little green light came on, but nothing happened. There is a very quiet ticking sound for about 15 seconds ............ then silence. No whirring or usual noises. The scanner (which is plugged into the pc) starts up though. If it was the power pack, would the scanner still start up ?

If it is the hard drive ..... why would that stop the PC starting up?


Answer:Ticking sound from computer

A faulty hard drive can stop the PC from starting up
Due to the Bios continuously trying to auto detect the faulty hard drive itself

Depending upon your hardware knowledge and abilities, you are best to detach the hard drive internally, to confirm that the PC will still POST

It sounds like a faulty hard drive , but not confirmed yet

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Can anyone help... I've got a constant and highly annoying ticking sound from my speakers (Left channel only, constant volume regardless of speaker volume). Anyone had anything similar and know a way of eliminating it? I've got an ASUS A8V deluxe motherboard using onboard sound, speakers are stereo with subwoofer and other than ticking reasonable quality. Please help and make my life more peaceful!!!

Answer:'Ticking sound from my speakers'

Any outside electrical stuff near the speakers? Also make sure the cables are plugged in firmly. How long has this noise been happening?

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my computer keeps loading, and the CPU jumps up to 40 to 90% constantly accompanied with loud loading noise of the HDD arm attempting to read the hard drive. This loading noise even continues when there is no programs running. For example, when I boot up the pc, I let it load all its programs for 10 to 15 minutes, and even when its done loading all programs, it keeps buzzing/ticking as if its loading something.

At first I thought it had to do with malware, so posted in the malware thread on this forum. Kestrel13! kindly guided me through the procedure and checked my logs, and it turned out my pc is clean of any malware, yet the ticking/loading is not resolved.

Some hardware parts in this pc have been recently replaced with new ones, such as new DVD drives, graphics card, etc, but I am still using my old mother board, HDD and power supply. This HDD has been re-installed with Windows XP, Vista or Linux Ubuntu about 8 to 10 times now, with complete harddrive wipes, but the last 4 reinstalls I kept having a lag problem with my pc within a week of reinstall. I figured out that the person who reinstalled my pc, kept putting a illegal version of windows on here, so I purchased a legal version of windows XP last reinstall. At first the pc ran faster, but kept having the 'bzz' sound every few seconds and it has now gotten worse and is affecting my CPU terribly.

I hope I have given you enough information. Is there any way to check if my HDD and motherboard ... Read more

Answer:HDD Keeps making Ticking sound

1. Backup your documents ASAP on that computer
2. Check the event logs to see if there are disk errors being reported.

It reads like your hard drive is going bad and might want to replace it. $.02

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using XP 2006-- like a clock, and goes away if I mute the spkrs, however no other sound (other than hiss) is present: the CD payer doesn't have audio, neither do web videos
I believe I may have stopped some process, but even a restart and enabling automatic starts doesn't help

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Hi I have Win XP,m 512 ram, WD 160 gb, it will not boot and has a ticking sound. I removed the cover thinking it was the hard drive making the sound. It was the floppy drive, so I disconnected it. The ticking sound obviously is not there, but it still won't boot. I get nothing on the screen at all. Could the motherboard be gone? What should I do next?

Answer:No boot, ticking sound

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A couple of days ago, I woke up to find that my computer wouldn't turn on. The front light flickered and there was an odd ticking noise coming from inside.

I decided to the RAM and video card,

The ticking persisted and I have no idea what's wrong with it. A few days before this happened, when I pressed the power button, everything started up but there was no attempt to POST. It just turned off again. I had to turn it on several times before it would POST, then it would turn on perfectly fine.

Jumpstarting succeeded so I'm not sure if it the PSU, the Motherboard or maybe another part. None of the fans turn. During my first attempts to diagnose, the fans would start "twitching". It would turn just slightly (2 seconds or less) or very slowly. Now, none of them turn.

On the motherboard, there's a green light that turns on and a right light that blinks (much smaller) right beside it. I've also tried removing and reinstalling the battery.

Any help would be great. I'm not too tech savy so I might need a little expaining.Thanks.

Answer:PC Fails to Start (Ticking Sound)

That hard drive has reached the end of its useful product life as the bearings failed or the magnetic material began to peal off the plates and ticked against the side of the hard drive case... must be a...
What is the brand and model. Are you up to opening the case to see the brand and model of the hard drive?
All hard drives have bearings to keep them turning smooth and cool... But if there is a bad bearing, it can result in a ticking sound as the drive spins... Also can be the little arm that moves back and forth seeking with the reading device on the end...... as the control arm fails.
Sometimes the magnetic media on the outer edges of one or more plates can bubble up from age, metal defects, and centrifical force and bump against other plates or spin off in strings of metalic compoung that strike the edge of the hard drive case...

Actually, any noise from the hard drive nowadays is an indication of failure... they are designed to run quietly no mater what.

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The laptop fan (I think its the fan) seems to be creating a ticking sound. Is this normal. It is not loud but noisy enough to disturb me when I am trying to concentrating on work. I would expect this laptop to be quiet. Please help?

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My brand new xps L501X arrived last week (Wednesday).
Since the first time i hit the startup button, i noticed a ticking sound from
the bottom subwoofer (2.1 JBL speakers + waves audio:
stereo speakers and subwoofer). I
updated all my drivers and bios and it’s still there. So did something go wrong in the assembly?
Or did I miss something? Someone with a simelar problem? 

Some observations:
There’s no steady pattern
It’s happens a few times a minute
No cell phones or whatsoever nearby ((tried it on different locations, still there)
It’s really annoying me

Answer:xps L501X: Ticking sound from jbl subwoofer

I just received my new custom built L501X on Tuesday (30th Nov) and I have the exact same problem.  It is a minor clicking / popping noise that occurs seemingly at random whether I am on the desktop, running an application or even playing a game.  I noticed it first coming from the built in speakers but now have external speakers plugged in and can hear it coming though them as well.  Also when wearing headphones it is quite noticable so I have to assume it is something to do with the sound card.  It's not the worst thing in the world but as with any new expensive long term purchase like a laptop we want it to be as perfect as possible.
Same basic observations as the above post.  I have also tried disabling the built in mic as I figured this might be
causing some interference but popping noise still occurs.  One thing I have noticed is that the noise seems to occur much more frequently when I am navigating around "my computer" or when I am working in the control panel windows.  I also notice the popping noise just before the windows sound effect when I click to transition back or forth into folders and then it will always occur again 4 seconds after.
Aha....I think I might have actually just solved the problem while writing this!!  I have gone into control panel, sounds, and turned off the sound effect for "start navigation" and presto...I'm not hearing the click at all any more.  Will have to see if... Read more

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What is causing this constent ticking sound while running and can it be corrected..Its not the hd it knew..All opinions welcome

Answer:Compaq Deskpro Ticking Sound?

not the hd? sounds silly, but maybie a wire touching a fan.

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So, there is a ticking sound coming from my laptop and my HDD light is blinking. Also it feels that my computer is runnning slower than it used to. Everytime i start my computer it goes to startup menu, and i have done all the tests but my computer passed all of them. Sometimes the ticking ends and my computer freezes and few minutes later it says that there is an error and the computer is going to restart. Can somebody help?

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i was running a program called spin again (converts vinyl to pc). it didn't work so i stopped using it. afterwards there was a ticking noise coming from my pc speakers but no sound. i tried updating realtek audio software drivers, i checked the hard drive, i checked for loose connections, i switched the pc on and off. can anyone help!

Answer:ticking noise from speakers and no sound

You did not rule out "BOMB!!!!" OMG run.

Sounds to me you may have radio interference from a nearby source, have you moved any furniture lately ?

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some cds i make make a ticking sound, i record them on windows media player,

i think it may have something to do with volume leveling,

i hear the ticking when i put the volume on my boom box all the way down to 0, the ticking sounds like it is coming from the lazer needle,

and then some other cds that i make do not have the ticking sound,

does anybody know why this might happen?



Answer:music cds make ticking sound

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Hi all,
Booted computer on Thursday morning and realised there was no sound, checked all hardware and that was ok then suddenly a pop up appeared (virtually a full page ad), realised something must have become infected. Run antivirus (at that time Mcaffe), also adaware and spybot. Antivirus did not get anything, adaware and spybot found nothing significant (tracking cookies etc). Decided to download AVG9 and run that, also totally removed Mcaffe and downloaded Comodo as firewall. AVG9 found nothing except saying a digital signature for nero was broke or something like that. Problem still persisted though. Can't quite remember where but found that computer was accessing through IE (i use firefox), also on another forum someone else was having very similar problems its ok to post link) Gave up until today and followed advice on your 'Read and Run First' thread with following results:

SUPERAntiSpyware Scan Log

Generated 07/09/2010 at 01:53 PM

Application Version : 4.40.1002

Core Rules Database Version : 5177
Trace Rules Database Version: 2989

Scan type : Complete Scan
Total Scan Time : 00:55:56

Memory items scanned : 436
Memory threats detected : 0
Registry items scanned : 9058
Registry threats detected : 0
File items scanned : 28509
File threats detected : 0

Malwarebytes Anti-ma... Read more

Answer:Sound dissapears, pop ups, now a ticking noise.

Download bootkit_remover.rar
Click the underlined DOWNLOAD text to download the file and save it to your Desktop.
You then need to extract the remover.exe file from the RAR using a program capable of extracing RAR compressed files. If you don't have an extraction program, you can use 7-Zip
After extracing remover.exe to your Desktop, double click the remover.exe file to run the program.
Attach or post inline here, the output from remover.exe

NOTE: The Command Prompt window text can be copied to the clip board by right clicking on the top bar of the window and using the Edit commands to Mark, Copy, and Paste.

Now use windows explorer to find and delete:

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Hal (my computer) has never done this before, it just started a few hours ago.

It is a 1.6 year old laptop that has had already had its keyboard, harddrive and motherboard replaced due to a) an issue with the keys not functioning after 5 months, b)the motherboard melting and taking the harddrive with it...

It does not matter what I am doing, every 30 to 260 seconds, there was a strange popping or ticking noise like someone clicking a mouse that comes from the machine (I am hearing it from the side of the computer with the harddrive and the fan) This noise seems to have subsided for now, but another new noise started up, it sounds like my computer is making a sorts of mumbling sound.. like "Mur" every once in a while, this noise may be normal, but I haven't noticed it 'til now.

Ive backed-up everything that I could because I have an insane fear of loosing everything all over again. D:

Does anyone know what this is or what to do?

Also, the sounds are not that loud, its quite quick and quiet.

In case anyone would like to know... I use my computer mainly for art, music and gaming. My college course-load is almost entirely digital artwork and photography. I bring my computer to school (it gets turned off and transported in a laptop-backpack). I am on my computer for about 6 to 16 hours a day and generally play graphics intensive games.

I do not throw my computer around or allow liquids very close to it. It also does not charge its own battery.

Answer:Mysterious Ticking/Mumbling sound

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Can you tell me if there is some way to stop this ticking sound comming from my computer?

Answer:Ticking sound coming from Computer

what sort of ticking,
Sometimes webpages can have a background tickig if they are auto refreshing, close all web browsers and see if that makes it go away

it could be a harddrive - how old is the machine, a ticking is often the first sign that the harddrive is about to break..
Make sure you backup / copy any of your wanted data - quickly.....

can you decribe the ticking any further
make and model of the machine

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Hello !,

I hear a ticking sound from my cpu most likely from the Hard disk soon as I switch on the computer. The ticking sound goes on continously and then I get a message on screen 'Operating System Not Found'.
There are times when I dont get that ticking sound and I get to my desktop fine but after a few minutes before I manage to do anything, the ticking sound starts and computer freezes and as I restart computer, ticking sound starts again and get the message 'Operating System Not Found'.

How can I resolve this Problem? All help highly appreciated!!

Answer:Ticking Sound from Hard disk

Your drive is dead. If you have any data on there you need, you ought to put it in another computer and try to salvage it. Don't try to use it for anything else. You can always use a restoration service, but it's not cheap.

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So ive had this this ticking problem before with my old HDD so thats the reason i bought a new one and the problem is still there. When that happens (only when playing games) the game freezes for about 10-20 seconds and just continues but sometimes i also get BSOD with error: MEMORY_MANAGEMENT. Ive been trying to find a solution to this but still no avail. Checked the HDD and its health is at 100%, ran multiple memtests and no errors found.
My specs are
Cpu: fx 6300
Gpu: rx480
Ram: kingston ddr3 1600mhz 8gb
Hdd: toshiba mq01abd100
Psu: 900w hantol 720 real power
Mobo: gigabyte 970a-ds3p
Please help me

Answer:Strange ticking/ticking noise coming from HDD
Ive managed to record it. After this i got a bsod with memory_management and after it restarted it was normal again but its still there while im playing.

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My Y580 does a ticking/popping sound when it heats up during gaming at around 70C. The sound comes from the exact spot every time, which is pretty much under/around the touch pad. Any idea what that is?

Answer:Y580 popping/ticking sound when heating up

It's hard drive. Y580 has a very unfortunate placing of the hard drive, which causes it to overheat. HDD overheating is dangerous when it's like that for extended period of time. The standard hard drive in y580 has an operating temperature of up to 55°C. Everything above it will shorted drives' life. You can check its temperature using many apps e.g. CrystalDiskInfo. There are two ways to make sure it won't overheat. The first is to remove the bottom cover and use an active cooling pad. When it comes to HDD temperature it is very effective. Don't expect much regarding CPU and GPU temps though. The other is to replace the HDD with SSD, and put the HDD in a caddy instead of optical drive.

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Our company recently bought Toshiba Tecra S5. I notice that the harddrive have this ticking sound like there is a watch inside. Is this normal? Did anyone from you experience this also?

Advance thanks for your reply

Answer:Tecra S5 - Hard drive ticking sound

By the way the harddisk is Hitachi. Do you think this is normal?

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Hi, I'm getting this random clicking sound(more of a tick-tock-ish) that's coming from within my system. I'm not sure where but it's adequately loud for me to notice. It just goes 2 clicks(tick-1 tick-2) then goes away. It doesn't have a specific time frame, like it doesn't happen every how many minutes or so.

I actually wasn't worried until I've read some sites that it could be a start of a so to be hdd failure. If it is, is there any way I could fix it? Or at least how long do I have before it goes total bye-bye on me?

I've attached a .wav file of the sound being recorded from my mobile phone.

Answer:Random ticking sound inside Laptop

Could it be you cd/dvd drive? I have it happen and its a driver issue.

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So start it out i'm very pleased with the product, but recently it started to be very frustrating to use. My WIFI worked fine until, some weeks ago, could game very easily no lags from network. But now i have lag spikes and i don't know where it comes from because i have good  ms. And when i did that full recovery it worked all day/night until i turned off my computer then when i started to play today it's back. That annoying lag spikes, i guess it's a windows update that's interfering with my WIFI. Ive tried uninstall just all network drivers and reinstall but its still there.Second issue: Have some weird sounds from pc whens its idle, like a ticking sound . But it goes away when i do some stuff on the pc or i just don't hear it due to fans and other sounds. Ive contacted support but i thought it's good to write the problems here for future reference. 

Answer:Y50-70 2015 960 gtx model WIFI and ticking sound

Welcome to the Lenovo Community !
Regards the wifi issue.... have you tried going into Windows Device Manager and uninstalling the wifi adapter and then reboot the computer.  After the reboot, Windows will automatically reinstall the wifi.  That might correct the problem.
Regards the ticking.... check out the discussion below for a possible solution to the problem......

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My IOMEGA is making a whining and ticking sound. We purchased a DELL desktop computer in June 2012 and this IOMEGA came with it.

Answer:My IOMEGA is making a whining and ticking sound

What is the Iomega device...?

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I have bought a Dell Inspiron 15 7567, and yesterday I noticed, that my laptop makes very quiet ticking sound. The sound very similar to HDD's head movement sound, the only problem is, that in my laptop there is no HDD. I use just 2 SSD (1 X M.2 PCI-E x4 [Samsung 960 EVO], and 1 X SATA 3 2.5" [Samsung 850 EVO]). In this model there's no optical drive, so the only mechanical part of this laptop, that coud generate this sound, if it would be mechanical sound, is the fan system. but strangely the ticking sound only hearable when the fans stop spinning.
So I don't think, that the fans would create this sound, because when I can see in AIDA64 that fans speed is 0 RPM, the ticking sound exactly then hearable.
Additionaly strangely, when I unplug the laptop from AC, the ticking sound almost stops (It not stops, but the click sound becomes rare)... After I plug the AC back, the ticking continues...
Do somebody sensed the same? Is it normal? My opinion, that the sound caused by on of the electronical units bad groundings, or something. Although there's no power or other issue with my laptop now, but I don't want to wait until it gets bad...

Answer:Dell Inspiron 15 7567 ticking sound issue

Hi lightpowerKB,
Just to eliminate the AC adapter, can we try another adapter on this system? Update the BIOS and chipset driver to the latest available from our Dell support site.
Please click my DELL-username and send me a Private Message with the Dell Service Tag number and your email address.

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After a inactivity period, sometimes, hard drive emits a strange sound and system don't respond for 30 - 60 seconds,  I can't open or close an application, only the mouse function correctly. Two times the system returned an error message on a blue screen and it restarts, during all this time the noise, a strange "tic tic tic", continues, the system don't restart correctly and I must turn off the notebook.All hard drive tests are ok, I read about Hitachi hd protection system, who can help me? Best regardsDomenico

Answer:HD strange sound, "ticking", and system stop working

Hello domtomas, welcome to Lenovo forums! Please tell us your model, not S/N number and used OS please.So itīll help us and other members, to help you.

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I got my new W520 last friday afternoon, then in the evening, the AC adaptor started to make "di...di...di..." ticking sound and stopped working. I made a phone call to customer service, technician told me that AC adaptor had been dead, they would send me a new one. today,  I call them again,  they tell me the replacement is in backorder and can not be shipped until September!!! Actually, I am not sure if the problem is really from adaptor. That means I should wait for almost 2 months to test if it is the problem with AC adaptor? It is really ridiculous. I fell very disappointed. 

Answer:"dididi..." ticking sound from brand new W520's AC adaptor

I had similar issue with an IdeaCentre - dead AC adapter, lenovo RO refused to service it right away, I returned that unit.  Lenovo support is CHEAP (sell units for $1500, and can't afford to change a 30$ adapter). 

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So I got an external harddrive that's 320GB. My dog knocked it over and now it keeps making a ticking sound. The warranty is void so I might have to manually repair it.

This is the harddrive:

It turns on fine, but it keeps making a strange ticking sound. It isn't getting detected by the PC. I fear a component may have fallen out of place.

Can someone walk me through how to manually repair this problem? Also, some precautions I should take? I've never done this before.

Answer:How to Repair I/O Magic 320GB External Harddrive Ticking Sound Problem?

I don't know, go to school for 8 years for engineering, embedded electronics, and micromechanics. That oughta do it.

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So I got an external harddrive that's 320GB. My dog knocked it over and now it keeps making a ticking sound. The warranty is void so I might have to manually repair it.

This is the harddrive:

It turns on fine, but it keeps making a strange ticking sound. It isn't getting detected by the PC. I fear a component may have fallen out of place.

Can someone walk me through how to manually repair this problem? Also, some precautions I should take? I've never done this before.

Answer:How to Repair I/O Magic 320GB External Harddrive Ticking Sound Problem?

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I would hope my subject title is all encomposing enough for anyone with a related issue to find this thread.  Sooo, here's the problem: My AC Adapter/charger/Power brick makes a ticking sound all the time unless I plug it into my laptop when it is under 100%. Under all other conditions, it makes a ticking sound. I am unable to leave it to plugged into the outlet when my laptop is fully charged without it making a ticking sound. And the ticking sound persists even if I unplug the charger from the laptop. Looks like the charger has a problem when it has nothing to charge. Anyone has any insight into this? Is this bad for my laptop or charger? Whenever I try to talk to hp online support, they want to mess up my BIOS and remove and uninstall things when my laptop is in perfect condition. I went through a lot of laptops to find 1 that works and I really don't want them to mess up any of my settings just to try and fix an accessory that came with the laptop. Does it make any sense for them to remote access my laptop and play around with it to fix my adapter? Thanks in advance for any and all feedback.

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It's a new Dell and it has been making crackling sound since I got it.
I spent an hour on the phone with a technician who restored the laptop with Windows 8.1 to an earlier point in time and it stopped crackling for the rest of the day, but the next day, the noise was back.
The worst are "ding" sounds, they have more crackle than ding. Video playback is bad but at least we can understand what is said. Youtube is bad. mp3 audio is bad. Crackle is there with earphones too.

Answer:Dell Inspiron 11 (3147, Mid 2014) makes crackling sound whenever sound is played

lelouIt's a new Dell and it has been making crackling sound since I got it.
Hello. If it made the noise right out of the box you probably should have returned it as defective during the brief return period. 
Does it make the noise only when running on battery power or also when plugged into house current?

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Whenever, I lean on the Lenovo Fle 2 15 to type, on the right where the dvd burner/reader makes a whirring and then a click sound. This is so annoying when I am typing or just leaning on the keyboard.

Answer:When leaning on laptop, dvd reader/burner makes a whirring sound and a click sound!

Dear Apad121
Are you sure that this sounds are comming from the optical driver ( DVD rom ) ?
Let me know

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Did my searching and couldn't find this one...

When I modify the speaker volume using the "Volume Mixer" icon, it generates a sound. When I adjust using the "Speakers/Headphones" icon, it does not make a sound.
I would like to mute the Windows 7 sound that happens when I adjust the sound, preferably without effecting the other system sounds? I can't find out which system 'event' it is that causes a sound to be generated when I modify the speaker volume. I'd like to mute it, i.e. no sound when I change the volume.

Answer:System Event - Changing sound makes a sound, how to mute it?

Maybe the solution is in this tutorial
Sounds - Change

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I've NEVER heard this out of my computer before. While World of Warcraft is running the box itself suddenly makes what sounds like an "alarm" from im guessing the internal speaker. The moment I close the game or minimize it the sound stops.

Can anyone help with this?

Answer:Internal Speaker makes what sound like an alarm sound

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I recently got the pop up to download windows 10 I did I turned my sound up and it started making this constant sound like a crashing sound although my computer isnt crashing its perfectly fine I can't turn the volume past 18 or I get that sound .. but with the volume being at 18 I find it really hard to watch videos or listen to music its impossible.
my audio is Realtak high definition audio
and my computer is HP Pavilion
any help would be very much appreciated

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Back around the first of the year I sent my xps 17 L1702x back to the depot to replace a bad motherboard. Ever since then I have noticed a buzzing sound in the speakers when the volume is half way up or louder. I can press down on the top of the hand rest area, and the buzzing stops Has anyone else experienced this problem? I would hate to have to send the computer back to the depot for this but it's driving me crazy!

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My keyboard make alot spaces when i press the space button, as you can see here...

It starts about 5 minutes after i log on my computer.
It's really annoying also when i do my homework.
I was thinking if i should buy a new keyboard but i would try to ask you guys first
I hope you can help me!

Answer:My keyboard makes to many spaces!

here is a picture

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there is a button on the top right hand side of my has a half moon crescent logo on it.if you press it the pc crashes and goes to blue screen and memory dump,any idea why this happens and what can i do to fix it,also what is this button for,i tried googling the q and also helproom search,hence the post,thanks

Answer:keyboard button makes my pc crash?

The Moon emblem indicates that it is a Sleep button. I have it on my keyboard too, but I never use it. I suggest you never use it, just ignore it.

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Whenever I click caps lock, I click. Say I was to hover over something and press caps lock, it would make me click. Not to mention that when I press the ESC button, I click twice. When I press the left arrow key, it does some random keyboard spam. Its like I placed tons of random macros on my keyboard, but I didn't. I'm using a Dell laptop, and this effect happens on both keyboards. The one on the laptop and the one that is connected by USB. I HAVE tried restarting my laptop, I have tried changing my keyboard language settings, and other random stuff. Please help. Please.

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Hi,I have just re installed windows on a friends PC, now every time I press @, a " appears. Any ideas please?Thank you

Answer:Keyboard problem - Pressing @ makes " appear

You need to change regional settings from US to UK...

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Just looking for some help on my gaming problems. I play medal of honor (all of the expansions) but my problem is I just got a new computer. A gateway with windows xp, gig of ram, 120 gb hd, pentium 4 3.2 Ghz, but my gameplay is different. In the game you can lean (left or right), strafe (left or right), and move forward and backworks. Well say I lean left, move to the left, and walk forward at the same time, that would move me in a diaganal motion. Well on my new computer, I hold those keys down and my keyboard beeps. It is sort of sluggish to my moves. I cant run to the left and lean and jump. Its like the keyboard can only handle so much. As you can imagine this effects my gaming because I have to change my whole way of playing. Its almost to the point where I wont play the game anymore because I can't play to the games full offerings. If anyone could help I would really appriciate it. Thanks


Answer:Medal of Honor/Keyboard makes beep

I;ve always been limited in my keymoves in MOH (get the beeps.... in all things actually)

On a side note, I've never seen anyone move diaganal in game........ try a few binds.

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I tried changing my administrator password and the website sayd to push control, alt, delete 2 times which I did. thereafter nothing worked only beeped. i tried pushing all controll keys i know nothing helps. What do I do my computer useless now.

Answer:My keyboard makes beeping sounds and i cant type, only my mo

Have you tried unplugging & replugging your keyboard?Simple solutions are often the best

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first time posting..

just recently re built my system with Home Prem 64BIT, system specs:
intel core duo 6850
evga 680i mobo
onboard sound
8gigs ocz ram
evga 8800gtx
wd raptor 150 gig 10k

my issue is while playing ET:QW my sound cuts in and out? only when gaming on a server...

i have installed all the latest drivers for everything-- all 64BIT drivers.. so i am at a loss why my sound cuts out..

any thoughts???

thanks in advance...

Answer:ET:QW makes my sound cut in & out

Do you have any lag on the server?

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Well, this just started happening today, no idea why either... When I press my right shift key, the page on either Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox goes back... This is very annoying for when im trying to fill out a form or something, because im so used to using my right shift key... Any ideas on how this could be happening?

Answer:Keyboard - Pressing R Shift makes page go back?


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I have a brand new Lenovo Z500 laptop with Windows 7. After installing the drivers for my Genius MousePen 8x6 tablet the keyboard becomes unresponsive. I got the latest driver from the Genius website and the tablet works fine but the keyboard is as if dead. I tried re-installing the keyboard drivers and the chipset drivers, it didn't help. When I uninstall the tablet driver the keyboard starts functioning again.  Please help!

Answer:Tablet driver makes my keyboard stop working

Hi, thanks for all the help...Anyways, I found the problem. It's the Synaptics Touchpad driver that's causing the keyboard to malfunction. I tried installing a driver for a different tablet brand and same thing happened. So, it's the Lenovo driver, it should get fixed.

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I suspect this is a hard drive idling. I have Win8.1 installed on one HD and opensuse on another HD. When I am using the Win8.1, sometimes I get a hissing sound from the case. The sound that the hardware makes when I shutdown the system, except there is no shutdown, no error, no flickering of the screen.

I see a lot of threads on other forums suggesting that this is a PSU issue. I hope that my brand new Corsair is not to blame. The last reply on this page suggests that it is the secondary drive shutting down to conserve energy. I would be perfectly fine with that but is there any case that going on-off it damages the drive? Should I cut the power to the drive completely?

Answer:PC makes shutdown sound

HI Sailor, long time not chat.

I would check in the power options and set the HDDs to always on (especially if a desktop PC) and location is Control Panel\Hardware and Sound\Power Options\Edit Plan Settings

Then scroll down the list to Hard Drives and set to always on > apply and reboot and test.

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Dell Vostro 100 laptop computer
Windows xp professional
service pack 2
Just formatted the hard drive
Used all of the drivers on the resource cd
Device driver has no cautions of any kind
Even so, I cannot get on the internet
I am new to this. So what else do you need to know?

Answer:modem makes no sound


Welcome to Tech Support Guy

The first thing is to download and install SP3 as soon as possible
Support for XP with SP2 has finished and did so on July 13 2010
That means that no security updates etc have been offered to you since then

You may well find that SP3 will solve the issue for you

As you cannot of course connect you have two choices - one sort out the connection
1. If it is the wireless that will not connect - connect it hard wired from the ethernet port on the laptop
Also ensure that wireless is stwiched on on the Dell - usually Fn plus an F key

OR if you cannot

2. Download SP3 to another computer and then install to the Dell

I know it says do not use on one computer but it will still work and t MAY solve the connection problem for you

3. If you are on broadband and you refer to the modem, as the modem/router provided by the ISP eg BT etc then it does not make a sound
If you refer to the modem in the computer that WAS used for a dial up connection and is not used on broadband
The computer has a modem port where a telephone line was connected for dialup and a ethernet connection I would think, where the line is connected for broadband from the modem/router provided by your ISP BT etc

YOU MUST not connect to the wrong port on the laptop

Additionally I cannot find a Dell Vostra 100 laptop where are you please as some models are only available in some areas
If by chance it is the Vostra 100... Read more

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Why does CPU make small sounds, especially when scrolling. Also the CPU sometimes makes a light grinding noise(high frequency sounds)

Answer:CPU makes sound when scrolling?

hey Stealthsz,there shouldn't be a grinding sound at all. I suggest heading to >> , do an update of your system; especially the bios.

WW Social MediaImportant Note: If you need help, post your question in the forum, and include your system type, model number and OS. Do not post your serial number.Did someone help you today? Press the star on the left to thank them with a Kudo!If you find a post helpful and it answers your question, please mark it as an "Accepted Solution"! Follow @LenovoForums on Twitter!Have you checked out the Community Knowledgebase yet?!How to send a private message? --> Check out this article.

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Hi my PC keeps making an alarm sound which is consistent, what does this mean?How do i stop it? Will it blow up?

Answer:What does it mean if my PC makes an alarm sound?

That's overheating triggered by the BIOS. And may be a fan Failing. Take the left side cover of the computer case, See if that stops it. Also check for Muck round the CPU fan

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my computer is a windows vista home premium. I don't have speakers as i only use the speakers from my monitor... this is a fairly new computer and the sound devise is Realtek HDMI ouput ... i have done all that i can to try and make this work but no sound ever comes out.

ive checked everything that is slightly related to sound and they all they are 'working'. but they are not working because i don't hear anything... ive also tried downloading Realtek ATI HDMI Audio Device Driver 1.59 from
but in the end it just says 'no driver was supported in this driver package' ...?!

ive tried other sites too but for those, i need a user name and password, and i have no idea what that is... i don't know if i even have one. so since i cant give them a user name and password, i cant log onto the downloading page so i cannot download...what is WRONG with my computer??


Answer:My computer makes no sound!

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hello , while listenning to an audio file or whacting a video , my sound makes a vibration for 1 sec , i feel like the laptop stops for 1 second with a vibration audio and come back  , is my sound driver is okay ?? is it something with the sofware  or the hardware !!

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Hi i just noticed my monitor sometimes makes a high pitch whistling soound, should i be worried?

Is it like (this might sound stupid) leaking radiation waves or something which could be dangerous to me?

Answer:My monitor makes a sound!?!!?!

This is very common on all TVs and also large-screen monitors. The integrated high-voltage transformer (IHVT) has windings that are laminated in place under the black surface skin. Through age, heat, and vibration, the laminations deteriorate. What you get are 15KH noises that a lot of people…can't even hear. The reason you hear it coming and going is that different brightness [settings] require different currents through the transformer, [which] causes the laminates to start singing. You need a new IHVT.

This sound usually indicates that the monitor is on its way to equipment failure. I believe that a new or refurbished monitor is your best option, unless by chance, your monitor is still under warranty.

For your safety i would like to note......Do not open the monitor!
Computer monitors are a prime example of hardware that should be serviced only by qualified technicians. The electricity that builds up inside these units can kill you, plain and simple. Furthermore, even unplugged, monitors pose a serious threat; it can take days for the electric charge to dissipate from within one.

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I am going to read the tutorial online. My keyboard not working was really the major problem, Thanks for being here and I apologize for taking up a thread like this. May the Lord bless you all.

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Ive got this 60GB Maxtor external USB hard drive and sometimes when I shut down the PC this drive makes a strange chirping sound and the light on the front flickers.
The drive still seems okay, but is this sound anything to be concerned about and how would I stop it, as currently I restart the PC and shut it down again.


Answer:Maxtor makes strange sound

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Hey guys.

Recently purchased a Gainward GTX 570 Phantom. When I start the computer up it makes a strange "clicking" noise. There are no loose cables or anything...+the gainward phantom fans are covered anyway!. I tried replacing its slot from pcie_1 to pcie_2 and same thing occured.

When I first bought it made the sound for about 30 mins. After I installed drivers and unistalled old AMD drivers and the let the computer run for a bit, the noise stopped.

However when I start the computer up now, for about the first minute I hear the same clicking noise>

I want to ask if is this something to be concerned about? Do some fans just sometimes make weird noises while "warming up"? I used GPU-Z and fan speeds+temp. seem perfect.

(P.S I have warranty, but I already had to RMA my last KFA2 GTX 570 and replace it with this last week, so unless its a potentially bad thing I dont really want to RMA it.)

Answer:GPU makes Clicking Sound On Startup

Well its not a normal sound so you definitely need to be concerned. There may be something in one of the fans or one of the fans may be faulty. Or it may be a power issue.

What is the brand, model, and wattage of your power supply?

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For a while my computer have been making a electric leak like sound whenever the CPU usage gets high. However, lately it started to make it more often. For example with anti-virus searches and malware search softwares, the CPU usage goes up to 80 percent and this weird noise comes from the CPU.

This sound sample i have recorded for you to picture the sound. This was recorded with microphone very near to CPU. The background humming noise comes from the fan, but I am very certain that this leak-like sound does not come from fan because it does not have a specific pattern and only occur with high CPU uges. The CPU usage was around 80% in this recording.

For information, my configurations are:

Intel Pentium 4 CPU 3.00 GHz
Motherboard MSI 915P/G Neo2 Platinium ed.

so not that bad.

Thanks for your help in advance.

Answer:CPU makes an electric leak like sound

P4 has always been a power hungry CPU, that said, I'd say you better check your PSU first, is it providing correct voltage on all the rails?

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Hello Geeks!

Recently my 2 year old CD/DVD burner (NEC) has started making a clicking sound when spinning a CD (it's especially noisy with burned CDs) as well as accessing newly loaded CDs and DVDs rather slowly. Any idea what this might be a sign of?

Not sure what other info you might need on this, but let me know if there this.


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When i start playing a game (any game) and my temp. reaches 41 it starts beeping. My alarms are off in bios. I have a thermaltake skull case with the temp. sensors and i did unplagged it from power but the sound was still on. The weird thing is when i minimize the game, the sound goes off right a way, eventhough the temp. is still the same. The sound seems like to come out from the part where dvd and harddrives located along with my sensor thing.
Can anyone suggest what actions can be taken.

Thank you

Answer:My computer makes an Alarm like sound!!!!

maybe it sounds stupid and nooblike, but once i unplugged the power of my temp. sensors i was surprised. Usually unplugging staff work with anything. But this mf really wants me to do smth stupid. May be new kooler will eliminates this problem>? Can HD or DVD rom makes beeping sounds or motherboard>???

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Yesterday everything worked fine. After waking up and wanting to look at a video, it just started making loud noises and you couldn't make anything out what was being said or played.
Then i switched to my headphones, but the same thing happens there.

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Whenever I run a certain video game, 5 minutes into it, an internal speaker repeatedly makes two annoying beeps, the first one is a high pitched beep followed by a lower pitched beep. It sounds like an old police siren. If anyone can tell me how to stop this I would be very grateful.

Answer:Need help with an annoying sound that my computer makes

Not really suited for the security forum so pm a moderator and ask it to be moved to hardware as it may be a heat issue on the processor.

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i bought lenovo m82 ssf it makes beep sound...  specially i added 4gb ram.but right after add ram.  computer booting is OK. after one day. i carry out PC from my home to my friend home. now.. computer makes beep sound what is it? thx..

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Wondering if someone can help me? I have a brand new Sony Vaio with Vista. This computer makes a clicking noise that is the same sound as when I click on something to open it, but it makes this noise on its own (while I type this message it is doing it, when my screen saver is on and nothing is running it does it). I can't see any programs running in the back ground..... anyone know what might be the cause?


Answer:Laptop Makes A Clicking Sound

I've got voice recognition software on my tablet that does this constantly - I shut it off and the problem goes away!

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The computer make a really lound continuous buzzing sound. sounds like the fan is going crazy but its not the fan. please help 

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lately my computer is making a lot of noise, not clicking noise, but noise as if it's workng overtime; sounds like when u put your car on the acceleration pedal - constantly like thta; i tried rebooting but during the reboot process, the noise didnt go away; only went away when i did shut down.
What cause that noise? the disk, cpu, or god saying give mercy to the computer??? should i be worried?

Answer:computer makes funny sound

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I have a Western Digital 80GB/ 8MB cache hard drive and it makes a sound on boot. I just formatted the drive to zeroes with Dianostics Lifeguard Tools from WD and installed win xp pro with sp1. It sounds like the arm or what you call it is grinding or something. It happens when POST is done and the MBUltra133 BOIS tries to detect and when the screen goes to windows xp screen it sounds like the arm is at one side then rushes to the other side. It only make this sound at this point and never anywhere else. I have 90% free space and I just defraged it and still makes this sound. Is the drive needing to be replaced or do hard drives make this sound at this point normally.

Answer:[SOLVED] 3 mth old HDD makes sound on boot

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I think it's my harddisk (Samsung HD501LJ), thought I am not sure. The sound is high pitched and comes only sometimes. But it certainly sounds like something is spinning. The sound goes in the interval of a sound per 1,4 second, or so. Sometimes it's a single sound, other times its double or even tripple. It continues sometimes for several minutes and then it can be quiet for some time. I have scanned it with checkdisk, and no probs.

Do you think it's the harddisk? Can this be a serious problem?

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Something makes creaking/squeaking sound

It's probably your hard drive or a fan. When you're hearing the sound, carefully stick your finger in the fans to momentarily slow them down. If the sound goes away, then it's the fan.

You should also run Samsung's utility to test the hard drive. I've never used it before, so read the instructions carefully:

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I am having this weird issue with sound card lately. It only happens on WinXP. Never happened on Win98, but i need to be using WinXP, cause of most applications.

When i run some applications, the sound gets rusty, cannot explain what the **** it means, or what is the source of the problem, cause driver is the same as on Win98, and on Win98 this has never caused problems like that.

The BSOD it caused resets my PC automaticlly.

Answer:Sound Card makes BSOD

Hi again,

There could be several things. Let's start by making sure that your PnP is set to "Disabled" in the BIOS setup menu. Also, many sound card drivers do not work on both the 98 platform and the XP platform. I would suggest that you search google and download the latest drivers that are XP compatible.

Also, might be good to list your motherboard type and general setup including the brand and model of sound card.

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i bought lenovo m82 ssf it makes beep sound...  specially i added 4gb ram.but right after add ram.  computer booting is OK. after one day. i carry out PC from my home to my friend home. now.. computer makes beep sound what is it? thx..

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When ever i play music my sound will crackle every once in a while. When i try to play some games the crackle will be constant. I put in a new sound card think that it was my onboard sound card causing the problem but it was not. I have all the volume controls set to 50% and it still does it. It does not matter what volume they are set at it still does it. If anyone knows what this could be please help me.

Answer:Sound Makes Funny Noises

So tell us something about the new sound card you put in and what speakers your are using.

Disconnect your current speakers and use headphones (as a test) does the crackle continue?

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I just got a brand new e540 laptop in the mail last friday, and I found through using it, that it makes this really annoying sound. I myself cannot quite describe it, but it doesn't sound normal. It comes on at random intervals, kind of reminds me of the sound that a very very older desktop computer would make. The sound is really annoying and drives me up the wall, and I can't quite tell what it is. I've never had a laptop that has made a sound like this, even my older models didn't make this sound. Since, I can't quite describe it, I have a link to a small recording I made with my mobile: Anyone have any idea what it might be caused by, or if that's just how this laptop is supposed to sound? (I'm not well versed in computers) and that if it is abnormal it's something I can get repaired under my warranty.  The laptop itself has worked fine, it's just this sound is driving me insane. When I am using the laptop normally, it will happen at irregular intervals, and sometimes the laptop will be silent, and then if I run chkdsk this sound intensifies and gets much louder and persistent and much more annoying. I don't have time to contact support until this friday so I figured I may as well make a forum post here for now.

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Hello Team,
I just recently purchased a brand new dell XPS 15" corei7 I am pretty happy with my system but it is making a silent but annoying buzzing sound while browsing the web, scrolling over the toolbar or opening a web page with moving graphics on it and even opening a new folder or file makes a buzzing sound.
I tried to search for a solution over the net but wasn't helpful. If anyone can help me hear please.
Kind Regards

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I have installed Windows XP because i had to get rid of Windows 7 beta(Because it keeps shutting down every few hour!) Now most things works pretty well, except for sound. I know that this have some thing to do with driver, does not show the volume speaker icon at corner.
I tried Google and i could not find anything useful to problem. Then now i have found this helpful community. I know most simple computer stuff but not drivers

If you can help, that would be great!

Thanks A lot.

Answer:Sound does not work, makes me maad

Go to the PC manufacturer's website for the onboard sound driver. If you have a separate sound card, go to the sound card manufacturer's website for their latest driver. If you have onboard sound for a custom built or self-built PC, go to the motherboard manufacturer's website for drivers. Without knowing which you have, I can't be more specific.

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As of a day ago my pc won't start. I hit the power button, lights turn on on the tower, the monitor shows nothing, and there is a very quiet repetitive buzzing sound coming from the speaker on the motherboard. I think it buzzes six times and then nothing. I can then hit the power button again and all the lights instantly turn off.
Yesterday I opened it up and blew it out (it was VERY dusty) but that didn't help.
Any ideas?

Answer:PC won't start and makes buzzing sound

Try another power supply.

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Got home after two months (Things were fine before) turned it on like i always do and the pc starts making clicking noises and does anything else. Thanks, guys.

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