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Mic stopped working with programs, works fine with monitor check?!

Question: Mic stopped working with programs, works fine with monitor check?!

So this happened before. I bring my computer over to a friends house for a couple days, then when bringing it back to my house and hooking it back up the mic does not want to work with skype or any program that records.

Had this happen last week then it just fixed itself. As of right now everything is plugged in the right spot, all the checks and green bars move when i talk into it in the windows settings. Even when I go to monitor mic option i can hear fine, it is working.

Just for some reason it is not working with any chat program. It is not working in skype, steam, and windows recording. WTF is going on here

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Preferred Solution: Mic stopped working with programs, works fine with monitor check?!

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Mic stopped working with programs, works fine with monitor check?!

Check that the device the mic is currently plugged into is set as the default device:

The level indicator and monitoring functions will still work for non default devices, but only the default device will be used with applications (unless the applications themselves have the option to override this).

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Firefox 3.02 stopped working. I upgraded to 3.03, then tried a clean reinstall, then tried going back to Firefox 2. Tried running Firefox in Safe Mode. Also disabled Norton, and Windows Firewall. Also tried uninstalling Windows SP3. Nothing worked! IE and Outlook Express work fine. Before this happened I uninstalled the free Norton Corporate Edition which came with my new computer and installed my university's Symantec Antivirus I read somewhere that Norton uninstall can cause this problem, but don't know what to do.

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Tonight there was a lightning storm, I can't imagine how that could have had this effect, but I can't ignore the timing either. IE and Firefox just flat out quit loading anything

The address is not valid

Most likely causes:
There might be a typing error in the address.
If you clicked on a link, it may be out of date.

What you can try:
Retype the address.

Go back to the previous page.

But AOL explorer alone works beautifully......Though runs of speed tests are showing a shakey download/upload stream, although I'm still getting 8 megs/1 meg, and again IE and Firefox just flat won't work.

HELP please? Anyone?

Answer:IE just flat stopped working, but AOL explorer works fine

Have you tried a system restore to an earlier date?

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Hello,My name is Vladan and I have had a problem occur yesterday. My internet stopped working.I immediately tried my phone's wireless connection and saw that it was working fine, so I tried laptop wireless and it too was working. When I plug in my network cable it stops working.My ethernet internet connection status shows that Ipv4 and Ipv6 have "no internet accsess". It's not just my laptop's wired internet that stopped working, it's the whole network I have in my apartment consisting of two more computers who also lost their wired-ethernet internet accsess. I suspect something is wrong with my router since it relays my internet but wireless works fine so I'm stumped. When I plug in my cable it shows limited connectivity.I have tried ipconfig /release - /renew, I have tried netsh winsock reset and netsh int ip reset log.txt I have tried (netsh winsock reset catalog), also I tried (netsh int ipv6 reset reset.log) and it said the following ::::::Resetting Interface, OK!Resetting Neighbor, OK!Resetting Path, OK!Resetting , failed.Accsess is denied.Resetting, OK!Restart the computer to complete this action.::::I don't know what is this "failed and accsess is denied" but it might be the problem.I have rebooted my router several times but also with no results. I have checked DHCP settings for both router and laptop adapter and it all checks out. I have check IP filtering and MAC filtering on router and it all looks fine. I use no f... Read more

Answer:Network troubleshoot - Ethernet (wired) stopped working, Wireless works fine.

Did your ISP give you this router such as your leasing it etc? If so contact them for a replacement.If you own this router then I'd try factory reset button to set it back to factory default. If that doesn't cure this then buy a new router. They are pretty cheap these days.Your router could have been hacked, the access denied is strange!

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I've been having this problem for awhile now. I open programs such as Itunes, Bit torrent, even DVD's with internet extra's and they all pop up with check to see if you are connected to the internet. My internet is working fine. I can Google up a storm no problem. I have Windows Firewall on however all of these programs are allowed thru so it's not that. I have no Proxy settings in Firefox. Any ideas? Please?

Answer:Programs saying check internet connection when internet is working fine.

Hello, if it were me seeing that on my computer , I would update and run full scan of Malwarebytes Antimalware, and also SuperAntiSpyware , and see if I had any spyware or malware , I would also run my Anti Virus program. You can get Malwarebytes and SuperAntiSpyware free.

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I've been doing some online gaming (world of warcraft), and I kept getting these Error#131 issues. This would cause the game files to become corrupted and then I would have to repair, or reinstall. The WoW tech site says that chronic error #131 messages are either a Hard drive, Ram, or Motherboard issue.

Running the Windows Vista memory diagnostic tool has turned up some odd results, the initial test with a 1gb stick in slot #1 and a 1gb stick in slot #2 came back with errors. I then removed the ram from slot 2 and ran the test on slot 1 with 1 stick of ram.... no errors. I did the same with the other stick in slot errors. this lead me to believe that it was slot#2 giving me the issue so I moved the ram from slot 2 to slot 3, thus having 1gb of ram in slot 1 and 1gb of ram in slot 3. After a little while......error#131 appeared.

So I then tested both sticks in slots 1 and 3 together and came back with ram errors, I then tested both sticks in slot #1, and then again in slot #2 and both tests came back fine. Any ideas on what this issue could be? I know both sticks are the same brand, speed, totally identical.

Answer:Ram Works fine in single sticks, not working fine together :P

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Yoga 2-11 Yesterday the CTRL-C, CTRL-X, and ALT-CTRL-DEL functions stopped working; strangely CTRL-V works fine. It's very difficult to get the @  and ? symbols to appear, but capital letters using the same Shift key are fine. Also, when I would type, several of the same letter would appear, and when pressing the space bar several spaces would appear. I fixed this issue by adjusting my keyboard settings by setting the repeat rating to the slowest setting. I've used device manager to uninstall the keyboard, also updated drivers, etc, but nothing seems to fix things. Using Windows Key R and OSK to display the onscreen keyboard, and using my physical keyboard for input confirms that the Shift and CTRL keys work. One thing that I noticed: when I touch the CTRL key a round onscreen circle appears and gets smaller and disappears; this is also true for CTRL-X and CTRL-C, but when using CTRL-V the circle does not appear.   

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Yoga 2-11 Yesterday the CTRL-C, CTRL-X, and ALT-CTRL-DEL functions stopped working; strangely CTRL-V works fine. It's very difficult to get the @  and ? symbols to appear, but capital letters using the same Shift key are fine. Also, when I would type, several of the same letter would appear, and when pressing the space bar several spaces would appear. I fixed this issue by adjusting my keyboard settings by setting the repeat rating to the slowest setting. I've used device manager to uninstall the keyboard, also updated drivers, etc, but nothing seems to fix things. Using Windows Key R and OSK to display the onscreen keyboard, and using my physical keyboard for input confirms that the Shift and CTRL keys work. One thing that I noticed: when I touch the CTRL key a round onscreen circle appears and gets smaller and disappears; this is also true for CTRL-X and CTRL-C, but when using CTRL-V the circle does not appear.   

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I have a Dell Studio 17 with Vista Home Premium 32 bit laptop, I just brought it last June, I have a Linksys Wireless N Router and modem, I had some off and on connectivity issues. First it started with not connecting to a particular website, which I used often, it is, then it started saying that my network was unidentified, then saying local access only, then limited connectivity. So, I had Linux installed and I have no issues staying connected, but as soon as I switch to Vista again, I have more connectivity issues. There are no viruses, no spy ware, nothing is wrong with my network otherwise I would not be able to connect at all. I have had a technician try to figure it out, and they are stumped.
I have read through the forums and no one is having this same issue...there also is no peer to peer programs, no shareware, nothing of the sort. And there are a lot of sites and programs that are not Linux compatible, so I still unfortunately have to use Vista.
Any help I would appreciate, thank you.

Answer:Vista suddenly stopped staying connected, but Linux works fine

Have you tried updating your network card drivers?

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I have a MSI-875P neo motherboard with 512MB PC3200 DDR400 made by Infinion. I also have an ATI Radeon 9600 Pro card, and 3 Ghz prescott chip. My problem is that I cant see anything on the Monitor. POST comes on fine but I cant see anything. I know the Monitor works because ive used it with another computer. I have no Idea if my video card is working or if I have the wrong memory installed. I tried my old video card which is a Nvidia GeForce2 MX400 and I get the same result. Maybe it is not compatible with the two other motherboards. I also have a New ECS 848-P motherboard and when I try switching the motherboards I get the same result. I know the CPU works because it is brand new too. Most of these things were bought because of this problem. By the time I'll fix this problem I will probably have enough spare parts for another computer. I need help.

Answer:Monitor Works fine but cant see anything

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Both Google Chrome, and FireFox connect fine, but nearly everything won't connect.

Skype can't connect.
Steam can't connect.
League of Legends can't connect.
Join.Me can't connect.

But my browser works fine? (Just noticed, apparently my VPN can connect.)

My immediate reaction was to scan for viruses, scan'd with TDSSKiller- Nothing.

So I ran MSCONFIG, and disabled all start up programs, and restarted. Still won't connect.

Then I noticed their was a update on my windows update (which still connects to the internet), and there was a new service pack available, so hoping that would fix it, I installed it, restarted my computer, etc.., and still won't connect.

MalwareBytes didn't find anything serious.

Firewalls are disabled.

Never had this problem before today.

Btw, I don't have System Restore enabled.

I am on Windows 7.

Answer:Browser Works Fine, Other Programs Can't Connect

Hi, you say "Firewalls are disabled" do you mean you have more then one?

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All of a sudden, I can no longer print to pdf from IE8 (windows 7), the windows flashes for two seconds as though it were starting and then nothing happens, no pdf is created, etc.
I've thought about reinstalling Acrobat but am afraid it will also start to fail from MS office.

Answer:Cant print to pdf from ie8 but works fine from ms office programs

Welcome to Seven Forums -- It seems like I get a new update for Acrobat every week. Have you been installing all of them?

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I don't know what I've done or how, but for some reason whenever I try to run a program on my computer (Vista) I am getting an open with box as if the computer cannot recognise the file type. At first the only way I could get IE to open would be to click on the link in the open with box that said 'search the internet for the appropriate program.'

After reading around on the net I have found people with similar problems, where running as an administrator worked, which it does for me. If I choose 'run as administrator' from the right click menu the programs work, however I would like a solution to this problem rather than this workaround.

Someone suggested choosing the 'protect' option when right clicking one of the shortcuts in XP however I don't have this option in Vista, can anyone help?

Answer:When opening programs I get an 'open with' box, works fine with 'run as admin' though

Sounds like you could be infected with malware (been seeing this sorta thing very often at the college campus I work at). If you're able to, download TrojanRemover and run it to fix the .EXE file association. Then go through our virus guide: Spyware Asylum

You can also try running this reg file to fix the association, but I would also recommend still going through our guide to make sure you are clean: http://cid-b599a1bdfb157f71.skydrive...fix^_vista.reg

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My HP Pavillion XT 936 gave me an error messge, that said my CPU fan was not working, and that it was going to shut off in 5 seconds to stop it from overheating...and it did shut right off.

I took it to my techno buddy, who sat it on his desk...and of course, it worked fine...I took it home, and it gave me the same error message and I looked was off.

Dumbass me, wasnt thinking it had a thermostatic switch, and I Replaced the fan...plugged it in WITHOUT my monitor...and of course, NEW fan works perfect...runs with no problem, (just like the old one duh).

So. HEREIN lies the problem, The Second I plug my monitor in, I get the old error message and it shuts off in 5 seconds. Why does my computer hate my monitor?? HOW DO I FIX THIS???

Answer:Comp works fine, until monitor is plugged in. Says the CPU fan is off (its on and ok

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I installed my old ASUS EAH 4670 video card in my new desktop so that I could use dual monitors. My second monitor (VGA) flickers whenever I use my mouse. The problem is solved and the monitor works fine if I let the CPU go to sleep and then wake it up. I have tried twitching monitors and always the VGA flickers. Both monitors are Dell.

Answer:Second monitor flickers, but works fine after sleep

it sounds to me like there could be a internal hardware glitch of some sort causing the flickering. however; there is one thing short of trashing the monitor that you can try first; try seeing if you can adjust the resolution for the monitor in windows settings. Sometimes adjusting the refresh rate and or changing the resolution can fix the issue. Give that a shot and see if it does anything for ya to resolve the issue. If not report back and we can try and go from there.

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I just replaced a system board and double-checked to make sure everthing is plugged in right. So I turned it on and the backlight on the lcd screen goes on, but no words come up, so I connected an external monitor and that works fine. Any ideas? do I have a bad system board? I also tried to install new memory and it just beeps at me until i put the old memor yback in, and that works fine.

Answer:No lcd video on laptop but works fine on an external monitor

Regarding the memory, maybe tell us the specs of your motherboard and the two types of RAM you tested?

No idea about the monitoir. Maybe some wires plugged improperly. What happens if you use your old motherboard instead?

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I just recently bought a computer that came with 8GB of memory, and i installed windows vista 64 bit in it and it worked fine, but after i shut it down, and turned it back on, the pc goes on fine but monitor doesn't receive signal, but when i take out two sticks of memory and have just 4GB in, it works just fine. Does anyone know why this would happen and how i can run the 8GB i have?

Answer:PC works fine with 4GB of Memory but Monitor wont turn on with 8GB?

Either one of the memory sticks is bad, or a memory socket on the mothboard is bad. Try removing all the RAM and reinstall it, carefully making sure all the RAM is installed properly

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G'Day, I have attempted hooking my Y2 13 up to the HDMI port of my televison a few times but it always displays in grayscale instead of color.  I find this very perplexing because I connect my computer to an external monitor, which is HDMI, on a daily basis and it works great.  I;ve tried multiple HDMI cables, including the one I use every day with my monitor, resetting the Intel HD graphics to the factory settings, rebooting, and tweaking the settings for the diplay adapter - nothing gets me a color display. Anyone have any other ideas? Thanks,Ski

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Hi all this is my first time posting anything anywere, here goes on 9-4-08 I clicked on a link to a program and as usual vista wanted me to approve it so I did, my antivirus program went off with a high threat and I thought it stopped anything from happening however after I removed the bad stuff with the AV program I noticed my computer would crash to blue screen every few minutes or so.
So I quickly became frustrated I tried repeatedly to used the vista cd to restore it but it would crash in the middle of the process. Next I checked the Dell support link on my desk top and it scanned the computer for any hardware or compatability issues and said I needed to install bios update.So I downloaded it ,all was ok at this point , when I began installation it completed about 25% then crashed to blue screen again . Now I am banging my head on desk... well I try to restart computer and I now have nothing at all ,no monitor stays blank,no keyboard, no mouse CD drive runs and flashes and the little #4 light on front of tower stays lit now but no HDD activity .
So I remove my HDD and install it in my sons E521 , we have same computers, and it went back to crashing to bluescreen. So now I experiment with boot sequience and boot from cd first then I just had windows vista install cd in drive and restarted computer, and that seemed to take care of that problem , however when I put my HDD back in "my" computer stall nothing ? ? ?
Now does anyone out there have any ideas ? I am th... Read more

Answer:Hardrive works fine now, but no monitor,keyboard or mouse activity

Hi, roadan1971, and welcome to the forums.

It sounds like your BIOS was in the middle of being updated (colloquially called flashed) when it died. You'll need to contact Dell tech support and tell them exactly what happened, and see if they know of a way to restore your computer's BIOS - else you'll have o pay to have it replaced.

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Hello, earlier my computer BlueScreened on me, and since then I have been unable to do anything in 'normal' mode. Trying to open anything, such as browsers or game clients, or even the start menu, results in the computer freezing. They work completely fine in Safe mode+networking however. Looking through my Event Viewer, I am constantly finding these 2 error messages
Log Name:      System
Source:        Service Control Manager
Date:          1/26/2014 12:41:14 AM
Event ID:      7001
Task Category: None
Level:         Error
Keywords:      Classic
User:          N/A
Computer:      HP-PC
The Computer Browser service depends on the Server service which failed to start because of the following error: 
The dependency service or group failed to start.
Event Xml:
<Event xmlns="">
    <Provider Name="Service Control Manager" Guid="{555908d1-a6d7-4695-8e1e-26931d2012f4}" EventSourceName="Service Control Manager" />
    <EventID Qualifiers="49152">7001</EventID>
    <Keywords>0x8080000000000000</Keywords>... Read more

Answer:BSOD, Computer now freezes on opening programs, works fine in Safe+networking

to BC mate.
The Event Viewer errors you posted indicates possible issues with your hard drive. SO my first advise is nothing but to backup all important data to an external medium as an insurance. You can use USB HDD , Flash drive or DVD to backup the data. Then follow the below steps.
1. Download Crystal Disk Info Standard Edition portable from the below link.
2. Run the tool and it will display the SMART data of your hard drive. Now Choose Edit --> Copy and all the data will be copied to the clipboard. then open Notepad and choose Edit --> Paste and save the file.  Attach this text file with next reply using More reply options --> Attach files.
3. Specify the exact make and model number of your Motherboard and Hard drive with next reply.

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i'm in setup....don't know what to look at
Operating system not found was original statement
turned off for a few min...then on.....
the error was ctrl alt delete....did that and now in F2
under says bios revision was 10/14...which is when i suspect it went goofy. someone was trying to use it ...didn't know how and was pressing lots of keys....then black.
can you walk me thru this to see if i can restore

Answer:hp pavilion 1503 stopped working...and was working fine

Its either failed to find your hard drive or failed to find the boot files on the drive.
Asuume this is a laptop?
What operating system are you using XP Vista or W7?
While in the BIOS (setup) has the machine found and recognised the hard drive?
Is the boot order set as CD rom first and HDD second?
Can you remove and refit the drive to remake the connections as that may well solve a missing drive problem?

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I am having a really difficult problem at the moment...
I am an IT Tech and all our pc's work fine on the network AND Internet.
I have a clients laptop with me, it works perfectly on the network but NO internet what so ever. I done numerous virus scans, Malware removal etc but with no luck sorting the problem.

Also, if it helps, when I try to repair the wireless connection "Windows could not finish repairing the problem because the followng action cannot be completed: Disabling wireless adapter" also previously, same error message but something about the DNS when repairing the wireless connection. the drivers are up to date. Realtek RTL8187. I have configured it manually including the correct DNS.

Also if i try to disable programs to run on startup through msconfig while in the Administrator account it tells me i do not have administrative rights, even though the account does.

Need to get this sorted asap, without a format.

Here is an attached HJT log incase you need a look.

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 12:39:39 PM, on 11/18/2008
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\WINDOWS\system32\s... Read more

Answer:DSL not working, network works fine

moving to hjt forums.

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OK so here's the down-low i have a certified data headset and mic it was working really well one day me and my friend were talking in skype no problems but the very next day we try and talk to each other my mic was giving off no sound and he couldn't hear me i have gone it to advanced properties and everything it might be because of my IDT audio 1 but it hadn't given me problems before is there something i might have missed or done?

Answer:My mic was working fine then stopped the next day

The quickest test for this is to first try another mic. If you are quite certain that no settings have been changed then your mic has probably developed a fault.

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The laptop is a few year old. Today when I started it, the screen stays black. I connected it to an external monior using VGA cable, the computer works fine on the external monitor. Checked the display management to make clone or duplicate display, the laptop screen is always black. I unplugged battery and rebooted several times(with the external monitor), and the external monitor always works but the screen is always black. Can anyone give some suggestions? Thanks.

Answer:Ideapad Y550 screen goes black but external monitor works fine.

hi fouru1999 ,
Welcome to Lenovo Community Forums!
If the computer has a Winodws 7 OS
   You can try.  Using your external monitor to see the settings.
       Turn on the Computer and start hitting F8
Once you have the options, select enable low resolution
If you don't have a Windows 7 OS you can try booting into BIOS by hitting F2 when you turn on the computer.
These steps can check if the problem is with the LCD or LCD connection.
If the Issue stays the same.
You can try checking the LCD connection.
This Video is a guide on how to have access on the Cable connectors
 If all else fails
I suggest contacting Lenovo Technical SUpport for Hardware assistance.
Solid Cruver

Did someone help you today? Press the star on the left to thank them with a Kudo!If you find a post helpful and it answers your question, please mark it as an "Accepted Solution"! This will help the rest of the Community with similar issues identify the verified solution and benefit from it.Follow @LenovoForums on Twitter!

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Hi All,

I have a problem with my S1 in that if I boot it up, nothing appears on the screen, no promt no loading screen nothing. However if I plug a monitor in it the display appears on the monitor (laptop screen will still be blank) if I press FN & F5 nothing happens.

I hadnt made any changes, just hadnt used it for a while, last time i used it was on a big screen.

Can anyone help, its driving me mad?



Answer:Tecra S1 blank laptop screen, but monitor plugged in works fine.


I would recommend you to contact a servicepartner from toshiba, since the problem of your machine maybe just a loose cable is.

I had a friend with the same problem and they refitted the displaycable, after refitting everything was OK.
Here?s a link to a global ASP-locator


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I have a mid 2010 iMac 27" 3.2Ghz i3 4GB ram 1TB hard drive space ATI HD4870...

Running windows 7 x64 and OS X 10.6.6

I am using a wireless internet source from nearby, and the connection works great on OS X when I boot into windows the internet is completely un-responisive and when it does work its slower then glass (for those of you who don't know glass is technically a liquid)
I have no idea what the difference is...

Answer:Windows 7 internet not working...OS X works fine though

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hi,i had my laptop repaired for overheating and cooling fan issues from a hp service center. since the repair my laptop's touchpad isn't working. after that i formatted the c-drive and installed fresh windows 7 home basic on my 64 bit laptop. i installed synaptics touchpad driver but touchpad isn't showing in device manager. i then connected a usb optical mouse which works fine and then mice & pointing devices is visible in device manager. when i disconnect the mouse, mice & pointing devices disappears from device manager. also in mouse settings there is no tab for touchpad. i also uninstalled the mouse driver and reinstalled synaptics touchpad driver but no use. is it due to hardware problem caused during repair? or is it a driver issue? the touchpad worked fine before repair and i used synaptics touchpad driver earlier. how can i solve this issue?

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I have been using explorer vs 8 for internet work. Today it quit says there is an error and closes. However Safari will work ok. What am I missingDan

Answer:IE8 quit working but Safari works fine

do u mean ie8.i was having probs with ie8 as well it was saying connecting but would never connect so i went to google now i have no probs not sure what safari is but i think there is something wrong with ie8.dont know if that helps you any but alot of ppl seem to be having problems with ie8

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We have website on which we have used various JQueries. We are facing rather unusual problem in IE 9. 
For e.g-
When the page is loaded, on click of Jquery datepicker, calendar is not poped up, but when I press F12 and then refresh the page, the datepicker calendar is popup and I am able to select the date.
The problem resurfaces again if the browser is closed and open again.
We have this issue for datepicker, DataPagercontrol and phone masking Textboxs.
The Jquery version we are using is 1.8.9 which is then again updated to 1.12.1, but the problem still persists.
Please suggest.
Thanks in advance.

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Recently got some nostalgia and wanted to play AOE. I have the original, the expansion pack, and AOE2 age of kings.
The original AOE and the expansion installed, loads, and runs flawlessly, I didn't have to do anything special.

AOE2 however is giving me trouble.
I click to launch the game, the disc whirs in the drive, and then stops. No load screen, no error messages, nothing.

What I've tried-
Running it in every compatibility mode option there is, as an administrator, tried changing color resolution, tried a clean boot startup, nothing has produced any change.

What's going on here?
It's frustrating that the original works fine, yet this one does not.
I understand it's available on steam, but I own the discs, I don't want to pay $20 for something I already own.


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I've had my laptop since August and its great but about a month ago my touch screen stopped working. It had been working fine every since I bought it but I can't seem to find out what went wrong. It might be a setting but I've tried correcting that already... HELP

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Win8.1-TV Monitor resolution, need 1360x768 only allow 1280x720 & 1920x1080! Works fine in Win7!
I replace my win7 pc with a win8.1 pc. the TV monitor I was using with Win7 worked fine with 1360x768 resolution, however I don't have that choice with the Win8.1. I tried for months now with default & custom settings. I think is that Win8.1 sees the
display as Funai TV (Sylvania) where as Win7 as the Intel video display driver.
Some suggest edit the monitor.ini, not sure if that will work!
Any help is appreciated!

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A couple of days ago my Inspiron 8600 laptop screen decided to quit working.  Prior to that, it worked fine.  It hasn't been dropped, etc.
My laptop works perfectly with an external monitor, but the laptop screen shows zero signs of life, at any time (during the boot-up, or after Windows is launched.)
1) I've done the diagnostic that I found on the Dell website.  Everything checks out on the external monitor, but again, nothing is happening on the laptop screen.
2) I've toggled back and forth between the laptop screen and the external monitor using the "Function" + "F8" keys.  All that happens is that momentarily I can turn off the external monitor, but nothing seems to affect the laptop screen.
3) the only thing that is worth mentioning is that I have been using a docking station for a while, and sometimes upon re-booting the computer in the morning, I get a message saying that "the computer was improperly turned off" (or something like that), and that I need to be careful about heat damage.  I then need to press the "F1" key to complete the re-boot process.  This may or may not have anything to do with the laptop screen not working.
What do you guys/gals think?  What can I do about this?  The computer is no longer within warranty.
thanks much -

Answer:dead screen on Inspiron 8600 8500, but external monitor works fine....!! ??

Given the age of the system, a worn out backlight bulb is the primary candidate - an LCD repair shop can change this for $100 or so.

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When i plug in my memory stick at home and click on computer and on removable disk, it doesnt want to show me my files. The program quits responding and I have to take out my memory stick. Sometimes, it will show me my files but it won't let me access them. It will take forever to act like its loading and then it won't and "Computer" says it is not responding. Is it my device? I bought it Windows Vista compatible. I dont understand why I cant get to my files. After removing the stick so my computer will go back to being responsive, the program "My computer" will not recognize the device again. I have tried all my USB ports, they do the same thing. I have restarted my computer and it does the same thing. I need help!!!

>>>To Blind Dragon. I have no pop ups. I also use Norton Firewall Security.

>>>To jobeard, Windows Vista fails to uninstall USB devices on my computer. Also, when the program "My computer" freezes up, u cant do anything unless u remove the USB first bc it glitches the computer.

Answer:My USB isnt working with my laptop, but at school it works fine...

Obviously its not the device. It has something to do with your computer.

When you plug in the device just let it sit for a minute, vista should go and get the proper drivers/firmware for the device.

Watch you tray in the bottom right hand side of the screen. Does a box pop up when you plug in the device.

Do you have a firewall installed if so which one?

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I have a HP 15-d005tu laptop. The keyboard has suddenly stopped working when I connect to Wifi, but starts working when the airplane mode is turned on. When I connect to wifi I have to use the on-screen keyboard which really slows my work. Please help.

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I cannot access the internet through EI or Firefox on our home computer that is running Vista.Ofcourse my laptop running XP works fine. I have tried a number of fixes from different forums and so far nothing has worked. I'm working off the same wireless network for both, I have had the Vista computer for about a year, and the internet as worked relatively well until about two days ago. The problem existed before I installed SP1 and has persisted after the install.

Can somone work with me on this to figure out what the problem is? Thanks.

Answer:Internet quit working w/ Vista OS works fine w/ XP OS

Hi -

Please follow the instructions found HERE - but you will have to copy AutoRuns and the batch file over to the Vista PC.

Attach all to post.

Regards. . .



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I have an Ideapad U330 that will not get online using ethernet in windows. Before you ask, no it isnt my router. When I use an Ubuntu bootable disk, the ethernet works fine and I can surf the web without issue. I reformatted and installed windows 7 x86 (It had windows XP previously and the ethernet didnt work there either), installed all the drivers, and updated the BIOS, the ethernet still does not work while the wireless works fine. I thought this was a hardware issue until the ethernet worked with no issue in Ubuntu.


Go to Solution.

Answer:U330 Ethernet not working, wireless works fine

@ scstatus
possible driver issue.try these ones:
windows 7 32 bit :
windows 7 64 bit :
please, post back the results.

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Hello, I am new here. I have an HP Pavilion entertainment laptop. Everything was functioning just fine. Then, windows update happened. It was a critical update that cannot be undone. I performed the update. Immediately after all of the preinstaled HP software quit working. I fought and fought and I have most of it working again but all of it is very buggy and crashes a lot. HP Help and support and HP health no longer work. I had to install the vista versions and I run them in compatibility mode. They still don't work rite. Another critical update was released and then my internet port on the side stopped working. My laptop cannot connect to the internet through it but will via wireless. In the hardware manager my internet card shows up as the driver failing to load. It is Realtek PCB family controller. Uninstalls and re installs don't work. I even used a registry cleaner (registry first aid) to uninstall it so as to remove all the registry keys. Letting windows try to install the driver fails as does letting the realtek software try. Also, every reinstall just adds a number to the end of it. I am on Realtek (3) now. I need to get this driver to work but it will not. I am not seeing a whole lot about it so I guess this isn't a common problem. Everything else I have works fine so far as I can tell. I also tried using the file browser to hunt down all things realtek related and delete them. Windows just gives me the new hardware box, puts back what I del... Read more

Answer:Wired internet jack not working but wireless works just fine

Run Windows System Restore - choose a restore point prior to the installation of the Windows Update you mentioned -
START | type rstrui

What is the exact model number of the HP laptop - look on the label on the bottom.

Registry cleaners are unnecessary and can cause registry damage -

Regards. . .



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I have a networked computer that is experiencing the following issues:
1. Logmein traffic works perfectly, is it super fast and I have no issues.
2. Internet will not load, or loads impossibly slowly.
3. Dropbox does not load beyond 1KBs and then will drop out
4. Updates will not work/download
5. Downloads/ftp traffic fail

What I have tried.
1. switching ports it is plugged into on the router, to a port that another (perfectly working) computer is plugged into.
2. Changing IP address
3. Running the norton removal tool
4. Logging in under a different account
5. removing the hosts file
6. Setting IP to dynamic

I have had no luck beyond that...any ideas? I am a CCNA here and this is simply driving me NUTS lol



Answer:Internet, ftp, dropbox and updates not working but logmein works fine.

Please download MiniToolBox, save it to your desktop and run it.Checkmark the following checkboxes:Flush DNSReport IE Proxy SettingsReset IE Proxy SettingsReport FF Proxy SettingsReset FF Proxy SettingsList content of HostsList IP configurationList last 10 Event Viewer logList Installed ProgramsList Users, Partitions and Memory size.List Minidump FilesClick Go and post the result (Result.txt). A copy of Result.txt will be saved in the same directory the tool is run.Note: When using "Reset FF Proxy Settings" option Firefox should be closed.

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I need help on my pc's front sounds socket, the back works fine with sounds and mic. Im using realteck sound driver and its all set that the front and back sounds is supposed to be working but the front cannot detect anything.

Answer:Front sounds sockets are not working, back works fine

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So it just happens 100% random out of no where and I get this error:

(note i ripped this image off google but this is the exact thing that happens)
so I found TWO temporary fixes.

One: unplug router / modem for 10 sec and replug

Two: Go to the network settings and disable the ethernet (note I am connected via ethernet cable, 100% wired)
disable it

Enable it BUT i have to enable it about 30 times before it enables.

When it's enabling, it doesn't enable, it shows the message that it's enabling and I refresh the background and it's still disabled. I have to keep enabling until it randomly works (if anyone knows why I have to keep enabling it 30 times for it to actually enable please let me know)
why does my internet randomly stop on my PC? it works fine on other devices while its not working on my PC and it takes forever to enable the ethernet after i disable it.

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After installing a new Ethernet card, all audio output from my Dell desktop stopped working (front and back). I am using the factory installed Realtek High Definition Audio which is at Location 0 (Internal High Definition Audio Bus). Every diagnostic on the desktop, however, is showing no issues. This includes the volume mixer, the Realtek Audio Manager, Device Manger, the Control Panel's Sound tab and everything else I could find recommended in various online forums. These all show normally functioning audio. This means that when I play something on youtube, or invoke system sounds via Matlab, the mixer shows everything is good, but there is no actual audio output. I have a NVIDIA video card running two monitors, but they are DVI and their sound output is disabled.

Solutions tried:
-Restarting the computer
-Uninstalling driver and reinstalling driver
-Uninstalling driver and reinstalling latest Reaktek driver
-Sound troubleshooter (no issues)
-Fiddling with the Realtek Audio manager advanced settings, connector settings and speaker configuration
-Taking out the new Ethernet card
-Disabling and then re-enabling the reaktek driver
-Disabling and then re-enabling the NVIDIA sound driver
-Plugging into the front jacks
-Plugging into the back jacks
-Plugging into the monitors
-Connecting speakers to the above locations
-Connecting headphones to the above locations

We use this as an experimental machine in a research lab, and really need the audio for subject f... Read more

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please help screen has just started flashing pinks and greens, works fine on external monitor inspiron 17 3737

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So recently I've been experiencing a problem with my Windows Laptop. I run Windows 8, and my internet browsers have stopped working completely. I will type in an address on firefox or internet explorer, and it will load for like a minute and then just stop and keep displaying my homescreen. I am connected to the internet, and my anti-virus program does not block my internet access. My mail and Netflix programs still work on my laptop, so I know I am connected.Any help?

Answer:Browser's not working, other programs working fine.

Have you tried resetting Firefox or Internet Explorer?

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So recently I've been experiencing a problem with my Windows Laptop. I run Windows 8, and my internet browsers have stopped working completely. I will type in an address on firefox or internet explorer, and it will load for like a minute and then just stop and keep displaying my homescreen. I am connected to the internet, and my anti-virus program does not block my internet access. My mail and Netflix programs still work on my laptop, so I know I am connected.Any help?

Answer:Browser's not working, other programs working fine.

Have you tried resetting Firefox or Internet Explorer?

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Hello, basically i have been able to play the sims 2 on this same computer since the week it came out, as i brought it then, yesterday however, i was cleaning up the computer by uninstalling certian things that were making the computer slow.
I do not think i uninstalled anything relevant to the graphics card but im guessing i could have unknowingly done so. Im getting the same error that alot of people have but still havent been able to fix it.
The error says that it failed to find any directX 9.0c compatible graphics adapters in the system.
Helllllllllp pleaseee?

Also im using windows XP and my graphics card is fine as the Sims has been playing on it before alongside with various other games.
I have tried changing the hardware acceleration section but that was full anyway so i couldnt change it.
& i have downloaded directx9.0c but that didnt change anything.


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my computer randomly went blank like its going into sleep mode before the battery runs out but it didn't go into sleep mode at all it just stayed blank so i "illegally powered off" and turned it back on after that it became incredibly slow it works fine for the first 30 seconds then stops and everything becomes unresponsive such a document folders things like skype and goggle chrome even the task bar and start menu
i have done the following
-checked for viruses on McAfee (if done correctly i should be free of viruses)
-disk cleaned
-system recovery
-chkdsk /r
-sfc /scannow
-uninstalling items
i am really bad at the technical side of computers so if you can help please try be simple thank you

Answer:programs are slow and say "not responding" but works fine in safe mode

Hi and welcome to SevenForums,
Most people here view Mcafee as the actual virus please remove it using this,
How to uninstall or reinstall supported McAfee products using the Consumer Products Removal tool (MCPR)

If you suspect a virus use these instead,
Review Jacee?s instructions to run Adwcleaner here post #7,
Ignore the title of the thread,
Instant Savings App
Screen shot of the download button to use for Adwcleaner
You can use these free tools to see if they find anything,
Manually Update them before running full scans,
Try not to use your computer while the scans are running, (one at a time of course).
See this tutorial on how to download and run Malwarebytes,
Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Free
Also use the Custom scan option not the Threat scan,

Please Do Not clean/ Delete or Remove Any detections before posting the scan results first before review especially Malwarebytes,
SAS is safe to remove anything it finds
This one is the longest up to 4 hours, the others are only about 45 minutes,

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Hi, I'm new to the forum and I've been looking for a solution to this problem for about a week and have seen several similar problems but nothing seems to work.

There are two computers in the house, (both Compaq running XP) both connected to the internet the same way. (that is to say same phone line, modem, router). There is no file or printer sharing, everything is wired and the configuration hasn't changed for months.

Anyway all of the sudden on the PC that's giving me problems,(aka Cardarn Jr.) started coming up with Firefox's "server not found" error, and IE7 reports "page cannot be displayed" I took the my usual actions of letting the modem and router rest for a while before I started troubleshooting. I plugged Cardarn Jr. straight into the modem and got the same results I ran the ISP's support tools and it reported that everything was fine (and since this PC works, I'm inclined to agree.) I used the modems diagnostics and it also reported everything to be fine (speedstream modem provided by ISP) I can ping myself ( and google from the command prompt and the modem's diag tools. Also if I enter a sites IP address Firefox will show the page, but no links will work.

So far I have looked at ipconfig /all and it says

Host Name: CardarnJr
Primary DNS suffix:
Node Type: Hybrid
IP Routing enabled: No
Wins Prox enabled: No

Desc: Realtek RTL8139/810 Family Fast Ethernet NIC
DHCP: yes
Autoconfig: yes
IP ... Read more

Answer:DSL stopped working on one PC still works on the other

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My daughter called me and asked what was wrong with her monitor. She said that when she starts her computer she gets this message "Self check, check your PC and signal cable, monitor is working" and no other display...

kds x-flat monitor, onboard video, XP, AMD

She has unplugged and replugged the video cable several times... any ideas why this is?

Answer:Self check, check your PC and signal cable, monitor is working

That suggests that the computer is not booting, or if it is, there is no video output.

The monitor is simply saying "I am OK, but the computer isn't sending me anything"

A simple check to see if the computer is booting is to try the CAPS Lock key. Pressing it will toggle the CAP light on and off each press, if the PC is running.

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I have searched for this problem and can't find it anywhere. Every few minutes my IBM Access Connections keeps shutting down, then restarting all by itself. I usually don't have to do anything to restart it, but once in a while it takes too long to restart, so I reconnect manually. I don't know if it makes any difference, but it didn't happen until I downloaded Google Chrome. I've installed Service Pack 3, but no change. And while I'm at it, my laptop will no longer restart when I click "restart". It just powers off. Anyhelp would be appreciated. My computer model:R51 2883-ARU Message Edited by jnwest on 09-07-2008 12:52 PMMessage Edited by jnwest on 09-07-2008 12:52 PMMessage Edited by jnwest on 09-07-2008 12:53 PM


Go to Solution.

Answer:R51 Wireless keeps turning off and back on. Internet signal fine - 2nd computer works fine.

Hello, thatīs a strange behavoir. It seems that google chrome had problems with AC and interferred with it.I would suggest uninstall and then install google chrome. See if AC is functioning as designed when google is uninstalled. Or try to download the newest verson of AC from driver page of Lenovo.Look at the link supports&downloads, on the very top of this page! greetsAndreas    

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Hey, After removing the palm rest and reinstalling it (trying to fix a non working mouse pad/tracking issues, which failed too)I'm now with another problem.This laptop is falling apart. My monitor now does not display anything, everything stays black. The backlid works.If I connect it to the tv via hdmi out, it will display properly on the tv, and when I try to set multi monitor set up to try to force the screen to wake up, nothing happens.Is there any cable related to the display I might have broken in the palm rest area!? laptop is a thinkpad sl510 with intel graphics. 4gb ram. Not sure if you need some model number?Im using windows 7, but the same problem occurs in latest kubuntu Good point stating the obvious hehe   

Answer:LCD stopped working, only back lid works

Starting a new thread and asking questions without stating which ThinkPad you own may result in you being asked about which ThinkPad you own, or worse still, members who may be in a position to offer advice ignoring and not answering your post.
Maybe you could post or add to your signature, (my settings > personal information > signature), which ThinkPad you own.

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microsoft works 8 stopped working cannot get into my data on the calender
microsoft was pre loaded on my window vista system

Answer:microsoft works 8 stopped working

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I have no clue if I'm posting this in the correct place but here it goes my Sell insperion laptop worked just fine as of a couple of days ago. We ended up connecting it to the Ethernet cord and it works. We've tried restarting it numerous times and it doesn't recognize any networks. Any suggestions?

Answer:Wi-Fi stopped working now only works wired

Have you checked under your Device Manager to see if the WiFi was disabled for some reason? Does your Dell have a physical WiFi button, and is it turned on? You could also go to the Dell website and download the WiFi device drivers for your specific laptop. Un-install the WiFi drivers, reboot and then re-install them.

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I get the message microsoft 8 has stopped working when trying to print spreadsheet or database, i have tried the microsoft download solution and at the end i just get the blue screen, i am contimplating doing a uninstall and reinstall with the microsoft 8.5 disk. I am a little apprehensive about doing this with vista and would like to know if anyone has had success with the reinstall solving this problem and if this the solution? Can i expect any ny problems with the reinstall? I am using a dell dimension c521 with visa home premium 32 bit.

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pre loaded software microsoft 8 stopped working cannot get into my calender where my work is help please

Answer:microsoft works 8 stopped working

please do not duplicate posts here
closing this post

continue here

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Hi - Using IBM T42 with External Monitor. When booting Win XP Home SP3, both monitors work, then laptop monitor goes blank. External monitor works fine. I have tried everything I can think of - resetting displays, changing ATI Radeon mobility 7500 driver, disconnecting external monitor, Function key combinations, booting in safe mode. Nothing works. But when the laptop boot starts, the laptop monitor works for a few minutes then shuts down. Seems like a switch is not working properly.
Any ideas as to how to solve this problem. And the laptop monitor was working fine until a few days ago, the last time I used it alone, i.e., separate from the external monitor.

Many thanks in advance.

Answer:Laptop Monitor Not Working External Fine

Being that the ibm t42thinkpad is an older model its very possible that the whole screen will need replaced as the ribbon cable, inverters, or backlights might have gone bad.replacing the whole screen might be easier to do than trying to find the individual parts needed.

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Hello there TechSupport Forum!

It's been a long while since I've had any computer issues thanks to your well instructed threads.

Just 2 days ago...I went to open some programs (skype is one example) among others. Immediately when I started a call with no video error message came up to say 'Skype has stopped working......' and then it will tell me windows will look for a solution and suggest it. Well it only told me to update the program. In this case I had the latest skype. So not really a solution here.

I have a DV6 HP windows 7 laptop.

When checking event viewer... the error says:

- System

- Provider

[ Name] Application Error

- EventID 1000

[ Qualifiers] 0

Level 2

Task 100

Keywords 0x80000000000000

- TimeCreated

[ SystemTime] 2011-11-20T07:13:29.000000000Z

EventRecordID 83939

Channel Application

Computer BCG2009


- EventData

C:\Program Files (x86)\Skype\Phone\Skype.exe

Any help in the right direction will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you so much.

Answer:Programs have stopped working (causes crash of programs)

I don't remember...nor can I find the rules about bumping a thread. So I know you all are busy, but I still need help with this weird situation. I've restored to an earlier date, disabled all non important processes via msconfig, reinstalled the non working programs. But alas they all are not a solution. I'm not sure what else to do. I'm thinking some .dll file might be corrupt in windows 7. Just unsure how to go about that or find out if that is the case.

Thank you!

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I have dual primary display monitor is a Chimei CMV223D
My secondary display monitor is an Acer AL1916W.

My graphics card is an HD ATI Radeon 5800.


My primary display monitor which usually has a display resolution of 1680x1050 is currently stuck on 640x480 and in the property settings it won't let me change the resolution. The cable running from the Graphics card is an HDMI cable with a HDMI/DVI converter. I have also tried using the DVI port of the video card to the DVI port of the PC which comes up with same problem. Using a DVI/VGA converter and a VGA cable the VGA port on the monitor works fine!!! SOOOO long story short there is definitely something going on with the monitors DVI port.........

This randomly occurred overnight and is driving me insane to know what I need to fix. I have used different cables and to no such luck. My secondary monitor is just humming away just fine! But I really need my primary display.

I've uninstalled and reinstalled video drivers for the graphics card which is the Catalyst control centre suite and all monitor drivers appear to be up to date.

WHY oh why is my monitor locked at this resolution!!??? How to fix please help!!!

Answer:DVI port on monitor is stuck res of 640x480 VGA port works fine

Never mind!!!!


Force DVI/HDMI resolutions and refresh rates

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I got the typical Microsoft Works has stopped working message and then downloaded the KB933828.msp , which was supposed to fix the problem. This seems to be fine for the spreadsheet, but the tool I use the most, the calendar, continues to not work and I get the standard Stopped Working message.What to do? Thanx

Answer:Microsoft Works Has Stopped Working - Calenda that work for you?Some HELP in posting on plus free progs and instructions Cheers

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My laptop keyboard stopped working.When I running diagnostics on keyboard it never gets past obtaining required tools.  My laptop keyboard is not working?  Touch pad is OK.

Answer:keyboard stopped working. Touch pad still works.

RWMOSKY,In order for the forum members to help resolve your computer issue you will need to post the model of the computer as well as the OS that is installed. 

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Error C0000218-Registry file fail,Cant load{HIVE}file--/systemroot/system32/config/sam. Running XP spk3-HP Compaq Presario,Preloaded.Had to make 11 Recovery Disks on purchase.Dont have XP Disk.
i can run built in system restore,BUT i cant run PC Recovery so i can run system back to original. i dont know what has happened to cause this problem. Computer boots up and internet running-all a bit slow though-Somehow i've also lost all my spare H/Drive space-approx 40Gig.Only downloaded 1 small program, dont know what the heck is going on.
Any assistance greatly appreciated,
Sincerely TONY

Answer:pc recovery stopped working,sys restore works

I wonder what file you downloaded, and did you install any software or hardware in front of this crash? If not, it sounds like a HD crash to me. But check this:

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Ah please help me this is bizarre and driving me the up the wall!

I was playing a game then noticed keyboard wasn't working, randomly! I exited using mouse and found keyboard wasn't working in windows at all. I rebooted and got the same result.

Ive tried a different keyboard and it does the same.

What is odd is it works at the login screen, if I log in to my other acount its fine! yet on my normal user account it doesn't work

Tried driver reinstalling, system restore and msconfig to start up in diagnostic.

Any ideas?
Oh please someone must have an idea?!

Answer:Keyboard stopped working but works on different user!

Try removing the drivers and rebooting. Control Panel>Device Manager.

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When requesting spell check on Works 9 it says files missing needs a reload.
I cant do that as it came preloaded. New laptop circa 2 weeks old.

It came with trial offer of OFFICE 2007 which I'm using. Spell checks works OK.

Spell check did not work on email, but fixed that by changing from non-english then chossing english.



Answer:Office Works 9 Spell Check not working

Which file is missing?

You can request a Setup CD from Microsoft if you have purchased a license for the preinstalled trial version.

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I've got a Windows 7 SP1 machine that is no longer notifying me of Windows updates.

It is set to "Check for updates but let me choose whether to download an install them".

Until a few months ago, it always issued the appropriate notifications. Then it just stopped.

If I manually check for updates, it works fine, but I want to receive notifications for updates.

I've resorted to manually checking for updates every day. Based on the content of some of these "important" updates (which are really just ads for Windows 10), I no longer trust MS, and thus I do not want automatic updates.

I tried momentarily selecting "Never check for updates." and then re-enabling "Check for updates but let me choose whether to download an install them", but that did not help.

How can I fix this?

Answer:Check for updates stopped working

Hmmm... nobody else having this issue?

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This afternoon I left my computer on and everything was fine. I came to use it later and it had automatically restarted and was at the log in screen. The sound no longer works through my speakers. I plugged in my USB headset and the sound does work through them.


Windows XP SP3
Device Manager had a yellow ? for "other devices" then two sub devices like this:

(?) Other Devices
(?) SM Bus Controller
(?) High Definition Audio 65535


Windows XP SP3


Gigabyte P35 motherboard
C-Media HD Oxygen sound card


I googled the (?) missing High Definition Audio driver 65535 and found other people saying to go to your motherboards website and reinstall the latest drivers. I found three different drivers listed there and downloaded all three:

under 'audio'
"Realtek Function driver for Realtek Azalia audio chip"
"Microsoft UAA (Universal Audio Architecture) Bus driver"

under 'chipset'
"Intel INF installation"

I tried installing the "Intel INF installation" first. It was only a 1MB file but the installation progress just went from .. to ..... to .......... till it restarted and it didn't look like it was doing anything, so I alt+ctrl+del closed it. I then installed the Realtek Function driver and I think this is just for sound settings on the onboard sound, which isn't what I use since I have a separate sound card. I also rein... Read more

Answer:Speakers suddenly stopped working, usb headset still works

Oh and I also did a system restore and that didn't help either. I checked all of the connections with the speakers and they are all where they are supposed to be. When I turn the power from the speakers off and on I can hear the sound it makes, that low *thud* sound.

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My system is a dual boot system, XP Pro SP3 and Vista Ultimate SP1, Intel motherboard, w/965 chipset, and a E6700 CPU, 2GB RAM and it had a Geforce 6600GT 128M video card installed.

The other night I rebooted from Vista to XP, and when I booted back to Vista later, there was no video when the OS reached the GUI. (i.e. it has video through the boot screen with the scrolling bar.)

Back in XP everything works great, in Vista it worked in safe mode only, I disabled the video card in safe mode and was able to boot to Vista. I tried updating the driver to v.175.19 but the issue still existed. So I contacted Nvidia who had me try driver 175.16 and 174.74 but still no video with the video card enabled. Next they want me to try driver 100.65 but I was convinced the card had failed in some weird way so I installed a new 8600GT with 1GB RAM. Same problem....

I looked at the monitor's settings and there wasn't much to adjust in the OSD, and I am befuddled by the fact that the entire thing works perfectly in XP.

Of course I could try a restore point to see what may have changed, but that was when I found out about the problem with losing your restore points when you dual boot with XP ( info here)

Any one have a suggestion about where I should look next?

Answer:Videop card stopped working in Vista, works in XP

This is driving me nuts, my only remianing choice seems to be a reload of Vista, which means rebuilding the dual boot, and reinstalling everything! Anyone have any help?

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I had to re-install many apps and now found that while Audacity works fine with both headset and internal speakers and built-in mic, and Skype works with headset .... but the built-in mic no longer works with Skype

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Alright so all of the sudden all of my music stopped working in Itunes, it just sits at 0:00 play time for all tracks of all formats (protected and not) also playing directly from the CD (straight from the store) doesn't work either. I also tried playing everything in WMP (11) and i get red Xs next to all the songs and get error: C00D11D2 . I got fusturated and installed realplayer ( I hate it btw) but it plays all of my music without a problem.

All of the windows sounds work just fine. All programs, OS, drivers, are updated to newest version.

Running windows vista home basic
( ON)
Is the laptop.

I wish i could just reinstall windows but it didn't come with any disks (any other way to do this?)

thanks for the help all.

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My mute button works fine, but the light indicating mute on/off stopped working.  I had updated to latest "creator" version of Windows 10 (from Windows 10) which screwed up my printer drivers.  Reverted back to the latest version of 10 that I was on (before Creator's version):  everything seems to work but the light on mute key.   I have no idea if the light stopped working due to a hardware error (coincidentally at the time I upgraded and then downgraded windows 10) or whether in the software upgrade and downgrade to current OS, a software problem has caused the mute key light to stop working.  I'm currently running Windows 10, Home, version 1607 

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My dad is using Microsoft Works 7.0 on his Windows Vista laptop and for some reason the Calendar has randomnly stopped working.
Everytime I try to open the calendar I get this message;

I have tried reinstalling the program but it still shows that message.

Any idea how to get it to work again or what might be causing the problem?

Many thanks.

Answer:Microsoft Works 7.0 Calendar randomnly stopped working...


I don't think it's actually uninstalling Works completely because when I reinstall it the history in Works is still there...

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Okay, here's my situation;My friend went away for a few days, leaving his PC (Windows XP) at home. When he got back he attempted to turn it on and nothing happened. The fan spun for literally a second and then stopped.After doing this, pressing the power button did nothing unless you were to unplug the power chord and plug it back in and power on, and then it would just do what it did before.So after a while of fiddling around, i figured out that when you unplug his hard drive, the computer powers on and sits at the BIOS screen reminding me of the missing hard drive.So now we know what the problem is. However i brought his hard drive home and plugged it into my computer externally (USB) and it worked. All his files and folders are still on the hard drive and it's working fine.So what does this mean? Can anyone shed any light on the matter? Hard drive randomly conflicting with it's fellow hardware after 2 years of flawless behavior?Thanks for the help guys

Answer:Hard Drive stopped working but works in other computer?

Ah good Lewk, you found your way over here and got your post up.  Like I was saying in chat, something may have happened to the power supply, although it's strange that it starts without the hard drive. Perhaps it is overloaded by that one last piece.Like I mentioned in chat, try swapping it with a known working drive and see if it will boot.Do you have another working power supply? Might try swapping that out and see if it boots with the original hard drive. (This is more of a pain than the first suggestion, but it will help rule out the PSU.)

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I installed Win 10 Insider preview recently. And all torrent clients like uTorrent, BitTorrent and even Torrex App are not connecting to peers.
I tried troubleshooting methods (4 or 5) from YouTube but none helped!

Answer:Are torrent programs working fine with latest Win 10 fast ring insider build?

They are working fine in my pc

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first of all i will say i am only on my 2nd computer so im not exactly a brainbox on them.
I have a Satellite L300-1G8 with microsoft vista home premium 32bit.

I have only had this laptop for less than 2 months today when i was using microsoft works suite, word processor it suddenly shut down, i reloaded a document that it had auto saved and then closed it.
When i tried to open another blank document it let me do it but it wouldnt let me paste on what i needed.
Now i cant seem to open anything in microsoft works and if i try i get the message:

What is this and why wont it work?
I have not used it much in fact i think it might be the first time. I have been on the microsoft site and its all greek to me, anyway the bit i did understand was it said "if your windows was pre installed go to Toshiba" or words to that effect.

I have been on the Toshiba site and thats all greek too. I dont understand any of it and i cant seem to find any help from them, the only help i can find is this site with all you clever people on solving our problems out for us.
So can you help, in simple language please.

Thank you. Julia :D

Answer:Satellite L300-1G8 - Microsoft Works Suite has stopped working

The problem could be hardware or software. For example bad RAM may have caused file corruption.

You can test the RAM using memtest from
Its a bootable CD that runs in DOS.

Have you tried reinstalling Works?
Also try repairing the File system by running "CHKDSK C: /F" at a command prompt.

If its still crashing after that, you may need to backup your data and run Recovery from your Recovery Discs or from the HDD. The Users Manual should have Recovery instructions.

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Today my digitizer stopped working for the first time since I purchased my Thinkpad Yoga several years ago. Touch screen still works as normal. I don't think it's software related because I dual boot Windows and Ubuntu and it doesn't work in either operating system. Before it would work in both operating systems, and I haven't had any updates since it was last working. Is it possible for the digitizer itself to be broken somehow? I haven't dropped the device or spilled any liquid on it. I've read elsewhere on the forum that the digitizer is powered by a capacitor that is charged within the laptop. Is this still true for Thinkpad Yogas? Are there steps I can take to diagnose the issue?

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This is the weirdest thing. Last night my wireless adapter (Intel Pro Wireless 3945ABG) stopped working at home - I can view all the networks and try to connect but it just won't complete the connections to any of the networks I could use in the past (my own password protected network or the open ones).  Oddly enough, it does work in my office, connecting to our company, password protected wireless network. I've tried uninstalling the drivers as well as access connections and installing the latest drivers - but to no avail. Please help!  moderator note: type added to subject line. Message Edited by Agotthelf on 08-04-2009 09:32 AM


Go to Solution.

Answer:X61: Wireless adapter stopped working at home, works in the office...

Hello django, welcome to Lenovo forums!  Please tell us your type, model number, not S/N, and used OS please.That will help us to help you.  edit:typo.   Message Edited by Agotthelf on 08-04-2009 09:26 AM

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My 3 year old Inspiron 7537 (Service tag: 56H5812) w/ Windows 8, which until this time had been 100% problem free recently would not turn on. I would press the power button and nothing would happen (even w/ AC adapter plugged in)- even the charging indicator would not turn on. This was the case even when I tried using a friend's charger. I left the system pluggged in for a few hours and it eventually began to charge and has since been turning on reliably w/ either battery or AC adapter power.
The bigger problem is that since this time the LCD does not display any image at any time- not even a very faint one. Interestingly enough, the HDMI output still works fine (currently typing this w/ the laptop plugged into my TV). Also, the touchscreen somehow continues to work flawlessly. I.e when the laptop is plugged into my TV if I touch center of the (blank/dark) laptop screen it shows up on the TV as that part of the screen being touched.
My immediate reaction to these issues was to check for updates. I performed all available Windows updates and then I logged onto the dell website and used System Detect and the "detect drivers" options to find appropriate drivers and updates for my machine. A BIOS update was identified (7537A14.exe, A14).
I have spent hours trying to update the BIOS but keep getting either an "ERROR: Unknown or invalid AC & DC power condition." This happens with the AC adapter plugged in (including when I use my friend's). It persis... Read more

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For some reason, now my word processor (MS Works 7) won't allow even a tiny bit of text to be copied and pasted. I get this message:Microsoft Works Word Processor has stopped working. Windows can check online for a solution to the problem.>Check online for a solution and close program>Close the programView problem detailsI have no clue as to how I can fix this -- would greatly appreciate some help on this.Thanks very much deebeee

Answer:MS Works 7 Word Processor stopped working & Won't Paste Text

Re-install Microsoft Works. There's no need to uninstall it. Just run the installer and accept the default installation path as before.

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Yesterday, my internet through wireless stopped working all of a sudden. It was working good till I closed my pc and went out for a few hours. When I returned and tried to access, it simply does not connect. I get an error saying "Windows was unable to connect to abcd (router name)". I tried to plug it into the router through ethernet and it works perfectly.

I have tried to uninstall the wireless adapter and the lan adapter as well. I have tried it in safe mode. I have tried to delete the network also but now that left me with inputting the password everytime I want to connect.

I am living in a student accomodation with 6 more people and all of them's is working good. I am using Windows 7 Ultimate Edition on Dell Studio 1555. The router is a Netgear one for the Virgin Media Superhub.

Thanks a lot

Answer:Internet Access through ethernet works but wireless stopped working.

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My name is Vladan and I have had a problem occur yesterday. My internet stopped working.
I immediately tried my phone's wireless connection and saw that it was working fine, so I tried laptop wireless and it too was working. When I plug in my network cable it stops working.
My ethernet internet connection status shows that Ipv4 and Ipv6 have "no internet accsess". It's not just my laptop's wired internet that stopped working, it's the whole network I have in my apartment consisting of two more computers who also lost their wired-ethernet internet accsess. I suspect something is wrong with my router since it relays my internet but wireless works fine so I'm stumped. When I plug in my cable it shows limited connectivity.

I have tried ipconfig /release - /renew, I have tried netsh winsock reset and netsh int ip reset log.txt
I have tried (netsh winsock reset catalog), also I tried (netsh int ipv6 reset reset.log) and it said the following ::::::
Resetting Interface, OK!
Resetting Neighbor, OK!
Resetting Path, OK!
Resetting , failed.
Accsess is denied.

Resetting, OK!
Restart the computer to complete this action.
I don't know what is this "failed and accsess is denied" but it might be the problem.
I have rebooted my router several times but also with no results. I have checked DHCP settings for both router and laptop adapter and it all checks out. I have check IP filtering and MAC filtering on router and it all look... Read more

Answer:Network troubleshoot Ethernet stopped working,Wireless works

Have you tried doing a factory reset on the router?

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Probably this is something simple in IE7 options/settings but I failed to figure it out.

This is happening on my desktop (am writing this on my laptop). It's failing to connect, with the exception being "secure" sites - https://....

Email is working fine.


PS this happened after we did Microsoft livecare free scan and implemented corrective actions (malware/virus deletions); it then prompted us to reboot, then indicated new Windows updates to install, and then it prompted us to re-install IE7

Answer:Solved: IE7 fails to connect to sites with http, works in https; email works fine

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The spell check feature no longer works in Word - Office 2007, running XP. I've checked all the usual places to correct it, rebooted, etc. It does still work in all my other apps.


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All of a sudden my spell check has stopped working. I am using Office 2007. I showed to the technical staff members of my university but none of them could figure out as to what could be the reason.

In fact, three times, we deleted (uninstalled) the Office 2007 from the laptop and then installed but it did not solve the problem.

Some one suggested that I have to reload operating system-XP again. I was wondering if there could be another way to solve this problem without re-installing XP.

Fasi Rahman
[email protected]

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When using phone normally held up to head caller's can not hear me but I can hear them I turn speaker mode on then they hear me what the heck is wrong? Began not working a few days ago.

Answer:Phone mic stopped working but works on hands free speaker mode?

Is it a 930 or Icon by any chance?
If you need additional help or have more questions or details to share, please join the site so you can reply in this thread. See this link for instructions on how to join Windows Central.

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Hi guys,

I am having this problem since couple of days, my wireless internet connection is working fine i can go in my messenger but i cant browse any websites at all in normal mode.. i tried piniging these websites it comes back fail. but it works totally fine in safe mode, pls pls help me out as I have to study for my exams.

Thanks guys

Answer:My internet not working on normal mode but works fine in safe mode PLS HELP

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My F20-137 is almost 2 months old. One weeks ago, the pre-installed Adobe Reader stopped working (doesn't open at all and no message pops up, nothing happens after clicking the icon). Then the same problem happened to Windows media player and iTunes. Media Centre works fine. Can any one help, please.

Answer:F20-137: Some programs stopped working


Did you check if the new installation of these particular programs helps to solve the issues? The Adobe reader issue occurs sometimes on my notebook. The simply reinstallation have solved the problem. Also the disabling of the Adobe background process was successfully.
In my opinion you have installed 3rd software and it could be possible that this software has a bad influence on the standard programs.
Well, additionally you can try to use the system restore tool to roll back the OS to the early point.

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Recently I've bought a new Mainboard for my computer, because my old one was messed up. (one memory slot was broken, and 3/4 SATA connections was broken.)
Because of this, I had to install Vista again. Not so hard to do, backed it up already, so no trouble.

Now, running the fresh installed Vista, I've ran into some troubles.
1. Every single game I try to play, crashes after a while, (sometimes after 2 minutes, sometimes after half an hour). It is giving the message: for example: Crysis.exe stopped working.
2. My internet explorer often gets the same message. Most of the times after 15 minutes, but sometimes it runs a lot longer.
3. Some other files stop working too, some .dll's which I can't remember the name of ( I believe one is called Desktop Manager or something like that.)

(quick search in the log files: All Application Errors came up with different .dll files)

You'll understand, that this is really annoying, since it is a fresh install of Vista, so you wouldn't expect any trouble.

Can anyone help me please?


Answer:Several programs stopped working.

Heh heh, I would expect plenty of trouble from a fresh install of Vista actually, since it shipped with so many bugs. Have you tried installing the service pack (SP1) for Vista?

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Hi Guys I'm Currently Using Windows Vista Home Premium, My Problem Started When My Friend Borrowed my Sony PSP 3000 ( He Copied Some of My Songs & Put it on His Computer ) When He Gave It Back To Me, and I Put The USB Cable on to My PC & When i Restarted it , My Computer Star's To Become Slow & Laggy Not Just That My Regedit and Task Manager Has Been Disabled i started To Use RegTools.vbs But The Malware Keeps on Disabling it And Worse Some of My Programs Stopped Working Here's a Screen Shot

Any Help is Very much Appreciated

Answer:Some Programs in my PC Stopped Working

Hello and welcome to TSF.

We want all our members to perform the steps outlined in the link given below, before posting for assistance. There's a sticky at the top of this forum, and a

Having problems with spyware and pop-ups? First Steps

link at the top of each page.

Please follow our pre-posting process outlined here:

After running through all the steps, you shall have a proper set of logs. Please post them in a new topic, as this one shall be closed.

If you have trouble with one of the steps, simply move on to the next one, and make note of it in your reply.

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Hi all i need serious help.

All of a sudden some of my programs stopped working, for example catalysst control center is suposed to start as soon as vista starts, but now it gives me an error like:

"CCC.exe has stopped working"

Same with some others...

Yes i ran AVG, i ran malware, and superantispyware, none of them finds anything.
I cant even load daemon tools now, it gives me some error: "Engine loading was failed", cant uninstall it, it gives me another error, and some of the programs like netlimiter if i start them from my objectdock dock they automaticly stop working, only when i start them from the normal .exe they dont crash.

All this happened all of a sudden...anyone has any ideas??

Thx a lot in advance,


Answer:Programs stopped working

Hi Muff

What Firewall are you using? Have you configured your security software so that the Catalyst Control Centre is a trusted start-up program. Is Windows Defender or UAC blocking it from normal start-up. Did you run the Display Driver as an Administrator when you installed it?

Personally I found the Catalyst Control Centre lagging a little on start-up anyway so I only installed the Display Driver instead.

I'm assuming you are running the latest version of the ATI Driver?

I might be wrong, but it may well be a 'Permissions' issue.

One more thing, are you running 32Bit or 64Bit, and if 64, is ObjectDock compatible with it?

Kind Regards


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I am using Vista 64 bit version,

My problem is most programs stop working.
ones that I have tried using are skype, windows live, registry cleaners... pretty much all programs except a few and of coarse my internet programs are all fine. I tried a clean boot but got no where. Ran sfc /scannow as admin and got some files are corrupted and not all are able to be fixed.

this all seamed to start when I ran a virus scan using avast that I had on this computer for quite some time. It of course found 5 infected files I cleaned them, and it recommended doing something with the registry. well while scanning the reg my lovely computer over heated and shut down, now i am left with this issue .

Answer:Programs stopped working

same thing happens as well in safe mode. Guess i'm doomed to buy windows 7 or find a copy of vista to re install.

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Hi! I am going to explain the whole history to the problem...

I'm using Windows XP but wanted to dualboot with linux, so I started to download it and making my Pc ready for the install, I had to buy a new DVD player so I could read DVD disks ( my old one got broke)... Well Installed it and did some other stuff, did get some problem with the PC at the same time but worked it out with help from a friend. Anyway, after nearly 2 days working with getting all fixed I finally was done today morning. Turned my PC off and tonight I turned it on ready with all the stuff. Then I see that nearly all my desktop icons are "white" also are the ones in "all programs" And when I try to open any of them, programs,games or even my internet browser... (for example):

Windows cannot open this file:
Mozilla Firefox.lnk
Windows needs to know what program created it....etc
And then I can ofc choose to search the web or search the computer after the program...

So my question is, how to fix this? I really want to install linux and dont have my windows damaged MY friends says "reinstall whole windows" but I got so much important data on it so I dont want to.
I got 2 thoughts that maybe caused this damage...
1, Got virus on my Pc I belive, but my anti virus cant find it, it cant open allot of files.. (using NOD32, also ad-aware for spewers)
2, Got a program called CleanUp thats removes stuff like temporary internet files and such.. Maybe it damaged something els... Read more

Answer:Programs stopped working.. .lnk?

XP Repair is your best bet....
you would lose added XP Service packs and Windows Updates is all.
Hasve you tried System restore?

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i recently bought this PC in december. in february i played a round of system shock 1 (one of my favourite games), and it ran fine, no need for DOSbox or any of that silliness. however, in recent weeks, i discovered that my PC no longer likes running some DOS programs, including SS1, the tomb raider gold installer (which is how i discovered the problem in the first place), and a few of the older demos i got off

the exact error i get is:

(program path and/or filename, example would be CDSHOCK.exe)
The NTVDM CPU h as encountered an illegal instruction.
CS:c000 IP:dddd OP:ff ff ff ff ff Choose 'Close' to terminate the application.

the string of random letters and numbers is always the same no matter the program.

what happens is, i run the program, it goes to a black screen then immediately back to windows, complete with error message and beep, i must choose "close" then maximize the DOS window again, which then disappears. if i choose ignore then maximize, i just get the error message again.

cmd.exe runs just fine. several other DOS-based programs work as they should (in other words, they don't really work, but they give me the proper response.) running all DOS programs in DOSbox does not create an error (SS1 works fine in DOSbox, for example... a little slow, though, and i'd rather not use it.)

i have tried every solution i can think of where people had similar issues, but nothing works. i've scanned and re-scanned with nod32 and ad-... Read more

Answer:some, but not all, DOS programs stopped working

XP just isn't made to run dos programs without the help of third party programs. Some programs do work, others don't and you won't get any help from microsoft since they stopped dos support a looong time ago. My guess is some security update decided some operations your games were doing are now illicit and a security threat for XP.

I stick with Dosbox or VDMsound, whichever works best. Each program has options that allow to speed up or slow down the emulation speed, you may try to play with those settings to get your games running fine.

You may have some luck running your dos programs in compatibility mode (right-click the shortcut => properties => compatibility) but I wouldn't count on that.

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