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HP laptop no sound from speaker but there is sound through headphone

Question: HP laptop no sound from speaker but there is sound through headphone

I have hp dv1738od and have upgraded to Windows 7, previously Windows XP. Everything seem to be working ok except, for the sound. Window 7 automatically installed the driver, and said the sound card was working properly. But there was no sound through speaker.

I removed the driver and reinstall the driver that I got from HP website that work for Window Vista. Installation went through with no problem and Device manager indicated no isssue on sound driver. However there was still no sound coming out from the speaker, only through headphone jack.

I read tons of forums, and some has suggested that it may be the jack connection. I tried plugging in and out numerous time, and that did not solve the issue. Sound could be heard for like a sec, when headphone was being plugged out but it goes away quickly. To determine if it was hardware or software issue, i reinstalled Window XP and there was sound through speaker. So for sure it is not the speaker issue.
If anybody can help me out, I greatly appreciated.

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Preferred Solution: HP laptop no sound from speaker but there is sound through headphone

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: HP laptop no sound from speaker but there is sound through headphone

Hi imek and welcome to the forum!

I would assume that you are running the 32-bit version of Windows 7. If you are, you're in luck. Please download the latest BIOS and software for your HP Pavilion dv1738od, here.

I would suggest that you try using the audio driver found in this page to check if that resolves your issue. If it doesn't, it is highly recommended that you update your BIOS, found in the link provided, that might correct the issue you're having.

Let us know how it turns out

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My wife HP Pavilion DV6175ea laptop running windows 7 ultimate 32 bits was fine with the sound until a month ago. Note that upgraded from vista since the windows 7 launch.
From that date till now it as no sound from the speakers but it is ok from the headphones.
Tried different audio drivers but no results.
Tried to insert and remove headphonde jack several times with no results.
Any ideas of what can be the problem?

Answer:HP laptop no sound from speaker but there is sound through headphone

Laptop speakers are generally very delicate and if played on full volume can be blown very easily. My Dell Vostro's right speaker has gone like that while I was watching a movie on VLC player with volume more than 100%. So people using VLC player, should be careful with the sound controls within the player. This is my experience with laptop speakers. I hope you did not have this problem.

On the system tray right click on the speaker icon, select Playback devices.

On the opened Sound Dialog box, make sure that Speaker icon has a green check mark as shown below. Click on Configure button and test the speakers working or not. Complete the speaker setup and close the dialog box.

Check the properties and make suitable adjustments in available tabs.

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HI I am facing audio problem for the last few months. when i install window 7 its automatically install audio driver which plays built in laptop speaker but exteranl headphone/microphone do not play sound. Same like this if i install given audio driver of hp probook 6550b which is sp48147 then headphone play sound but spearkers do not. I have installed windows many times to solve this issue but still this problem is existing. Please help in resolving this issue

Answer:Laptop speaker play sound but external headphone or speaker ...

Hi, Please try to enable it using the following steps (a) Right click the speaker icon,(b) Click Playback devices.(c) Right click External speakers (or similar) ,              (d) Click Enable,(e) Click Apply/Ok Regards.

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no sound from my laptop speakers but headphone works. I have been reading so many forums in online to solve this problem but i couldn't solve this one. Someone help me to solve this one please. I am using hp pavilion "notebook-15-ab216tx with windows10 64bit"

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Hi Guys...          I'm using a HP laptop and Windows 7 OS. Several days ago I found that my laptop buit in speaker is not working.Before this problem occured, I played a DVD and it  produced a poor sound from laptop speaker. Now  I can't hear any sound from laptop speaker. But I can hear sound well through headphones.  I checked PLAYBACK Settings.  This how playback setting appears even when I plug Headphones in to the laptop. I can't see any option/setting for headphones. Only for speakers and headphones are working under this speaker option/mode. I'm really really confused with this problem. Does my laptop still run on Headphone mode...? If so how can i fix it?        Guys....Can someone please help me to solve this problem...please....!! thnks.

Answer:No Sound from my laptop speaker but Headphone works....

Hi, Can you post back with the full Model No. and Product No. of your notebook - see Here for a guide on locating this information. Regards, DP-K

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No Sound from my laptop speaker but Headphone worksi tried at settings and i can see the speakers are enabled but not sound from speakers 

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When i installed Windows 7 everything was fine but only my sound from speaker aren't working. I have Gateway CX2724 laptop. When i had Vista and XP it worked fine but now it doesnt. Please let me know how to fix it. I will appreciate a lot.

Answer:Gateway laptop has no sound from Speaker but it has from headphone

The headphones that work.... they aren't USB ones are they?

Can you check in DEVICE MANAGER to see if your soundcard is listed there and if it has a driver loaded for it?

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No sound from speaker but headphones works well

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hi,i have a HP  Evo n610c laptop,   while i had the headphones plugged in i accidentally dropped the laptop..  To my utter total disappointment this left me with no sound in the headphones and in the internal speakers.. decided to take the laptop apart and found that the headphone jack has been ripped right of the main board...     like i say i have no sound through the normal internal speakers... does the laptop think it still has headphones pluged in?  Is there anyway i can disable it?,   its a shame to think that little headphone jack can destroy all the sound on my laptop.  Or do you think i can bypass the head phone socket with a new wire on the main board.. the only problem is it has quite a few solder  points where the socket originally snapped off..... Please help.

Answer:Hp Evo Laptop headphone jack fault. No internal speaker sound Help!

There may be more extensive damage than just the headphone jack.  Is it still under warranty?As far as soldering on a laptop mb, it's dicey at best.  Alan <>< 

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Hello athere, I have noticed recently my headphone/external speaker port does not work. No sound comes out at all when I try to plug my headphones or external speakers into this port. Oddly, my volume is not "muted" and my default laptop speakers (the sound coming out of the hardrive) do work. Can somebody fix this problem? I have attached my general computer information and soundcard information.



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I have Lenovo 3000 Y410 laptop having Windows 7 Home Premium installed on it. Realtek HD Audio latest driver is installed. But from the last 3 days, when I connect headphone through laptop, following things happen : -
1) Headphone connected popup doesn't show up.
2) Mic of Headphone connected pop shows up.

3) When I play video, sound coming from both headphone & laptop speakers.
4) When I mute sound by muting sound icon in taskbar, sound then comes only from headphone.

What I have tried?
1) Installed new Realtek HD Audio Manager.
2) Installed OS again.
3) Tried to change settings in Realtek Hd Audio Manager. But Nothing changes.

When I input headphone & mic jacks into laptop, & then check Realtek HD Audio Manager. The following image shows this : -

The green in realtek hd audio manager is for headphone & red is for mic. In the image, it is shown that headphone not connected & mic connected. But even headphone not connected shows up, sound coming form headphone.

I want to get sound from only headphone when headphone is connected. Is this a hardware problem ?

Please help....

Answer:Sound coming from both headphone & speaker but headphone is not detect

My Realtek HD Audio Manager has more options than yours.

Also, I notice you only have the microphone in the Recording Section of the Sound Panel. RIGHT click in an empty space in that Panel and then LEFT click Show Disabled and Disconnected devices. The Stereo Mix should be shown and you can enable that and make it the default Recording device.

Where did you get the RealTek driver that you installed? If you are not using the Lenovo supplied sound driver, get that and install it as a first step. I have a Lenovo Laptop and it has Stereo Mix and other functions. I haven't looked at the RealTek HD manager so I'm not sure what all it shows.

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I have windows xp and no sound is coming from the right headphone or right speaker, I've checked volume setting sounds and audio says everything is working no mute except on microphone but nothing is fixing the problem.

Answer:no sound from right headphone & speaker?

Have you checked, whether the balance of the sound in the mixer is set to middle position?Click Here on HowTo ask good Question to get best HelpLet us know, if the problem is solved !!!

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So here's my story:

I decided to see if I could listen to music directly from my sound card instead of my speakers. I unplugged the speakers, plugged in my headphones. No go. So I plugged my speakers back in and then I couldn't hear any sounds from it. So I restarted my computer. This half-fixed the problem.

Now I only have sound from my left headphone/speaker. I have checked all the balances and they are normal. I do not blast my music.

I would be very thankful if someone could help me with this problem. Thanks.

Answer:Sound Gone From Right Speaker/Headphone

Welcome to TSG....

switching the speakers to the headphones could have caused a mismatch with the sound card circuitry since the resistance or impedance of the devices is greatly different and could have possibly made one or both sides not work. I would suggest turning-off the computer for a few hours and then plug the speakers back in and reboot it might be that just letting the circuitry cool off will fix it. If it still does the same thing I would have somebody look at it who is qualified to fix this type of circuitry.

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Hi Guys,
Facing a weird problem for a long time (3 months or more but got chance to google it today). Its a dell studio 1555 with IDT High Definition Audio Codec with windows 7 x64 Ultimate OS. I had to give a clean OS after a fatal crash and sound is giving a weird problem from then. No sound through my speaker;only through headphones. If I remove headphone then IDT setup options pop ups and I cant' work until headphone is there....

Downloaded the latest driver from dell's recommended site and still not good...
tried to uninstall and restricting the auto installation by windows from "gpedit.msc" and manual installation through the latest driver..yet nothing happened...
growing Mad...I know it is drivers problem but can't fix me plz...

BTW: Systeminfo.exe shows two sound card
1) IDT
IDT High Definition Audio CODEC

2) Microsoft
High Definition Audio Device

Please help me out...please please...

Answer:No sound in speaker but in Headphone for IDT Codec

On a Dell you need to use the Dell supplied sound driver for proper operation. Delete the "Microsoft" which was apparently installed when you installed Windows. Go to the Device Manager and uninstall the Microsoft, just leaving you the Dell. Uninstall the Microsoft and then restart the PC and see if it gets corrected. Make sure your IDT sound card "Speakers" are set as the Default Playback device in the Sound Panel.

Why did you do a manual reinstall? There is a Dell recovery partition on the hard drive (or at least was when it was new), accessed by F8 at POST that would have restored everything to the original factory condition (and no discs or driver downloads needed). That is the best way to reinstall.

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Suddenly, out of the blue, plugging in my headphones or external speakers no longer automatically mutes my laptop's internal speakers. I guess it could be a problem with the headphone socket/jack, but sending it in for this would be a pain. Is there any way simply to disable the laptop speakers without having to open the laptop? I use the external speakers or headphones for sound anyway, so that would do fine as a solution. Any ideas anyone?

System info:

BIOS flashed, chip set and audio drivers updated to latest versions already.

Acer Aspire 1350

Realtek AC'97 audio


Answer:Simultaneous headphone and speaker sound

Welcome to TechSpot

Looks like either the jack has gone on the blink (unlikely), or one of its wires has come undone.
Either you open the laptop yourself and fix it by resoldering or replacing the jack one way or another, or send it in.
If it is still under warranty, the last would be your best bet. If not, it is cheaper to do a bit of DIY.

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I just recently encountered a problem with the sound on my desktop computer. As the title says, audio out of the right speaker or headphone is barely audible. It happened after returning back from school so there was probably some shaking of the computer during transit, I'm assuming this would have something to do with it. I'm fairly certain it's hardware related.

I've checked every audio setting that I'm aware of (driver software, Windows configuration, looked at the sound device properties in Windows hardware window) and can't find any reason for the low sound. All of the audio is balanced, Windows says the device is working properly, none of the configuration utilities indicate any sort of problem with the device. I've even tried playing with every setting I could fine, to see what effect it may have on the problem. Nothing really affects the problem in any way. I have also tried reinstalling the drivers.

I also have a front panel sound port that I can and have been using that works perfectly fine, though.

Here is my motherboard:

The audio specifications according to that site are:

Realtek ALC888 codec
High Definition Audio
Support for S/PDIF In/Out
Support for CD In
I realize that's really more of a list of features but I haven't been able to find anything more technical than that. Windows identifies the device that I'... Read more

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hi, i am facing a problem from a month that whenever i put headphone sound came from both internal speaker and headphone  i have the latest idt driver but nothing works also if I put HDMI cable there also same problem ...plz help mee and my enhanchment tab also gone...

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No sound when I pluged in my headset or speakers.can you help me?

Answer:Aspire One E14 Speaker/Headphone - No sound when h...

Hi,Go to Acer download site and download the original Sound driver(even if it's old) and install.

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I just bought a new PC which has AC97 sound drivers (S755MAX Motherboard). All the mixers are fine and I have tested all the my headphones, seems like there is no right side sound signal.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.



Answer:Sound from left speaker (headphone) only!

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Windows 7 - 64 bit - PC: Has front headphones & mic jack and rear 6 speaker jacks.

I have been fiddling with this for the passed 3 hours, no luck.

I do know its's not a hardware issue. I have tried multiple jacks, all same issue, the headset works fine in other devices, no lose wires or anything such. No bad jacks.
I have also tried updating the realtek drivers, uninstalling them, rebooting, reinstalling. Disabling all other drivers, etc.
Also in realtek audio manager I have tried it with every setting checked and unchecked, nothing works.

I have a brand new 7.1 surround monoprice headset. My headset will play fine if I plug it directly into any audio jack, and configure it, but this is not true surround. When I connect the headset into the inline DAC/Decoder box(to get true surround), and then the PC, I lose audio in the right headphone. Also, the realtek audio manager reads my 7.1 headphones as 7.1 speakers.

The only thing I've came close to fixing it is rolling back to the original drivers, but then under the sound menu the configure button is greyed out and won't let me switch from stereo to surround.

To clarify the monoprice headset setup:
Headset plugs into DAC/Decoder box, then the decoder box has 3 outputs. 2 usb's and one auxiliery. Aux is currently plugged into the front of my pc in the headphones slot.(I tried the back jacks and get the same result). The usb's are just plugged into 2 available usb ports in the back. This is how the directions instructed me... Read more

Answer:Computer only plays sound through one speaker/headphone.

Ok, free case of cheap beer to whoever can provide the solution.

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Hey guys I have a lenovo G51-35 I bought a week ago and its running windows 10. I want to know how to set different volume levels for the speaker and headphones. I tried the volume mixer but for some reason it didn't show my headphone volume, only my speaker. It didn't even show under playback devices with hidden devises ticked. I looked online for help but it didn't work. I updated the audio drivers, I installed the windows 8.1 audio drivers but that didn't work, I installed the windows 7 audio drivers but that didn't work either. I need help with this, because I can't see my headphone volume, only my speaker volume. The sound works fine, but the speaker and headphones share the same audio volume, which annoys me. Please someone help me.
Mod's Edit: System model added to front of Subject line to improve visibility / clarity.


Go to Solution.

Answer:G51-35 - Is it possible to separate speaker and headphone sound? Lenovo G51-35

Hi Zaker_Choudhury
Welcome to the Community Forums
If you have Realtek HD Audio Manager Go into your realtek audio manager similar to this link. If there isn't an icon in the bottom right, go to control panel, hardware and sound, realtek hd audio manager. In the top right there is a "device advanced settings" where you can select to make your outputs as 2 different streams 
Then you may just adjust volume on each.
Another option within windows under playbackChoose properties Listen and Level tabs to change.  
Software tools can also be helpful similar to Virtual Audio Cable . 
Physical modifications via splitter audio jack to USB  is also an option.  
Update us how it goes for you. 

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Ok, so been using a dell XPS 13 2015 edition for about a month now.
An hour ago I tried playing some music and it wasn't playing. This led me to clicking the volume icon in the system tray and the following popped up: . Sometimes the "looking for errors" screen turns up instead, and it find something along the lines of "driver malfunctioning". I don't know the specific drivers for my sound card. Anyone suggesting something?

Answer:No sound: plug in the speaker, headset, or headphone

Open device manager, right click on the audio device, click uninstall, tick the box to remove drivers. Let that uninstall.

Download and install this driver: Dell XPS 13 2015 Audio Driver (Win 8.1 x64)

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My Dell Studio 540 has lost its output to attached speakers.  I cannot tell if the problem is caused by upgrade to Win 10 or if I have experienced a coincidental motherboard failure.  I have tried a number of fixes that include uininstalling drivers, roll back drivers, and even installing the original Vista drivers that I have from the original system disks.  Nothing works. 
I do notice, by looking at the sound panel, the HDMI output seems to be operating because I can see where it indicates sound when playing some music.  However, I cannot get speakers or headphone input to work.  Even though I try the speaker plugs in any of the inputs, the sound panel still shows unconnected speakers or headphones.  
So, how do I get the system to recognize that speakers have been plugged in?  Is there another driver that I can use.  To date I have tried a number of Realtek driver and configurations, to no avail

Answer:Dell Studio 540 no Speaker or Headphone Sound - Win 10

Apologies for missing your post. The Studio 540 was never validated for Windows 10.

My advice is to disable the integrated Realtek HD audio in the Bios- Advanced- Integrated Peripherals. Then install a current PCIe x1 sound card in one of the PCIe x1 slots on the motherboard. A current sound card will provide Windows 10 drivers.

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Hi guys, sound is still coming from my laptop speaker despite headphone was plugged in after reformat.
Attached a screenshot of my default playback settings

Answer:Sound is still coming from the speaker despite headphone was plugged

I see you only have the generic, basic function, Windows installed "High Definition Audio Codec" and not the correct sound driver.

The first step is to get and install the correct sound driver.
Support for VPCSB18GG : S Series (VPCS) : VAIO? Notebook & Computer : Sony Singapore

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Hi again. I just had sound issues resolved last week but I'm here again for my computer...and it involves the sound.

Here are my computer's details:

computer is HP COMPAQ dc7100 SFF
Win XP Professional - 64bit
Service Pack 2
Version 2003

Sound did reinstall but now, we can't get the sound to play out of one area. If I plug in the headphones, sound should only go to the headphones but it doesn't. Can someone tell me know to get this straight?

thanks again...


Answer:sound coming out of headphone and computer's speaker!

Open the audio manager, look for the advanced settings option then check the option to mute the rear output device when the front headphone is plugged in.

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Hi all,

When I plug in my headphones, my laptop's built-in speaker continues to have sounds coming out from it. Is there a way to work around this?

Answer:Sound coming out from speaker and headphone at the same time.

What audio do you have?

If Realtek, for example, go into Windows Control Panel and look for Realtek Control Panel. There are various settings that can be changed.

Regards. . .



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If speakers are on, when plugging in headphone, headphones won't work unless I go into the control panel playback settings and change the headphones to "Default".  Then to go back to Speakers when the headphones are removed, the procedure is reversed to set the speakers to "Default".  in the playback panel the option for speaker shows "speakers" not the typical "speakers/headphone".  The option for headphone is "headphone" which is correct. Is it true that the device wanted has to be selected as default each time??  I find this strange and very inconvenient.  Typically the option for speaker would show both "speaker/headphone" so that when plugging or unplugging headphones you can go back and forth between speakers and headphone.  In this situation with just "Speakers" listed that is not possible.  Anyone else with this problem. When chosen as default, each device works properly.  Using Windows 10.  Everything else seems ok.


Go to Solution.

Answer:Aspire One Speaker/Headphone - No sound when headp...

have you tried uninstalling your audio device from the device manager and rebooting? I know its sounds counter productive, but often times when you uninstall something, then the system recognizes that you have a device installed, it re-installs the factorty default drivers for theat device and Voila!! it somehow works. A bit nutty in how I described it but try it, simply right click your audio device fromt he device manager and select uninstall, it will give you a prompt window with something like "You are about to uninstall Yada, Yada Yasda" but follow through and then reboot. I have fixed udio issues in this manner before. Dont forget to reboot.

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Sound is coming out of speakers and only the left headphone simultaneously. I already tried headphones on other devices and they work perfectly. Same thing happens with every headphone I use on the notebook. Still can't tell which is the problem, is it a hardware thing or maybe a software setting issue? This happened right after an update of windows 10, I've searched online for similar cases but haven't been lucky. I would really appreaciate any help.
Thanks in advanced!
ps: sorry if there are some miss spellings, I´m doing my best :)

Answer:Sound from speaker and left headphone at same time

Right-click the sound icon in the taskbar (bottom right) and select Playback Devices from the context menu.
Select the current playback device in use and by default it should be the speakers. change to headpones click OK
then change back to speakers.
see if that makes a difference

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I have spectre x360. Recently I have it repaired by HP for various HW issues. (It is amazing that how much component failures you get just right after manufacturer 1 yr warranty period) Now those major issues are fixed. However, I find one of the behavior of the laptop's sound system has changed. Originally, the way my laptop worked was that even if I put the speaker on mute mode, when I connect my headphones, I could still hear sound. Then, if I disconnect the headphones speakers stay muted. I found this feature very useful. For example, in a quite library, when you listen to music and accidently pull the headphone wire off the socket, you don't disturb anyone. Now, the problem is that the headphone is muted when the speaker is muted. How can I get the original behavior back?

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One of the PC's i have to support only has Audio working through the head phone jack on the front of the case and not through the PC speaker when no headphone's are connected.  I have checked the PC speaker connection \ the PC speaker it's self and both are working.  Any suggestions. ? Thanks.

Answer:No sound from PC speaker, only headphone jack ( 8811-EWM )

Open the speaker control panel to make sure nothing is muted and volume is turned up

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Hi I have 13-d029tu 2 units the both one have same problem.1. Left speaker have buzzing example Play Windows Background sound  on 80% or upper volume2. Then I plug headphone buzzing noise example play Stereo on 30% or upper volume I just open case on HP Thailand Refence case number 4778420275The HP Technical1. change mainboard2. change Left speaker3. Reinstall Windows and update Audio driver But the problem is still not resolved.

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Lenovo P50sAt work I am using USB headphones.Returning back home, I am plugging my 3.5" headphones and the sound is coming from the speakers.If I plug my USB headphone they work, but I want to use my headphones.If I reboot , the problem is resolved .. till I use the USB headphones again.I noticed that under "playback devices" no entries are listed when the issue is happening.I have the latest drivers and tried uninstalling realtek drivers and reinstalling.

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I am using Dell Inspiron 15R N5010 laptop. Yesterday, I made several updates (Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit updates, upgrade to K-Lite Mega Codec Pack 7.8.4 and K-Lite Codec Pack 5.3.0-64bit, upgrade to Avira Free Antivirus 2012 and so forth...). After that, when I play sounds and plug my headphone, the sounds keep playing through BOTH headphone and speaker.
This is extremely annoyed me because I have to work in the library, lab and class room with my laptop usually and I can't listen to music while studying with this problem.
Do anyone know how to fix this issue?
Thanks in advance.

Answer:How to stop play sound via both Headphone and Speaker [Urgent]

Did you install a different sound driver? You must use the Dell supplied sound driver for proper operation.

Here is the Dell IDT driver. Reinstall it and see if that corrects it.
Drivers and Downloads

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Hello there, I noticed this happened awhile back on my X200 tablet but it's starting to annoy me now. One day my speakers decided not to work, but my headphones still work. I checked all my audio drivers and devices and even uninstalled and reinstalled them with this: Didn't work. I have included some images that may help: you can see, it shows level changes as music is playing, but I hear no speaker sound! Help would be appreciated thanks!

Answer:No Speaker Sound, Headphone works, Windows 7, X200t

Did you make any changes to the laptop right before it quit working? Add or remove any programs? Did the laptop get dropped, jolted or banged?  

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No Sound From Speaker Or Headphone, Realtek ALC665 AC'97 -Windows 7 64-BIT

Hello everyone.

i have problem with my onboard sound card, i can't hear any sound from speaker or headphone,
i have in the back panel 3 jack, (i don't have front audio panel)
1 Blue - Line In
2 Green - Line Out/Headphone
3 Orange - Microphone
i try all the 3 jacks and nothing it's working.

when i install the windows, windows update install the realtek drivers from microsoft update, no sound from speaker or headphone.
i install the realtek driver from realtek website, still no sound from speaker or headphone.
AC97 Audio Codecs, version number is 6305, file named
the AC97 Audio Configuration utility (sound manager) in the system notification area of the taskbar Does not display.

in the sound properties (playback) the speaker icon is show and when i paly music the green bar are bouncing but no sound from speaker or headphone, and when I click on speaker properties there is no information about the "jack informaion" (green jack).

in the sound properties (recording) the are microphone icon, cd player icon, line in icon, aux icon, mono icon, phone line icon, setero mix icon, but when i plug the headphone with microphone the mic green bar not bouncing.

I have tried all kinds drivers and nothing works,
I have tried all kinds solutions,
I have tried the solutions "Windows 7 - Realtek HD Changing Jack output reassignments ( FIX )" not working.
Realtek HD Chang... Read more

Answer:No Sound From Speaker Or Headphone, Realtek ALC665 AC'97 -Windows 7 64

It could be that the ALC665 uses the Realtek HD driver and not the AC'97, which you can find links to the latest version here,

Latest Realtek HD Audio Driver Version

if you haven't tried it yet.

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My name is Anbu, I am using Portege R700 Series. I am facing a strange problem

When i am using head phone for listening (I am plugging only speaker pin - Green colour), it works properly i.e i am hearing sound from head phone only.

If I *plug both Mic & speaker pin* of the headphone (Both Red & green colour pin) into the respective slots, both *laptop speaker and headphone speaker makes sound.* Ideally only +head phone should work, not laptop speaker+

Help me in finding the what is the problem behind this & how to resolve


Answer:Both Portege R700 speaker and Headphone makes sound

Is the Mic a Mono or Stereo Mic?

Do the headphones have a Mic built in?

Have you tried updating or reinstalling the Sound Driver from the Toshiba website?

Are you using HDMI Audio/Video output or use a Port Replicator?

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Today, I try my headphone in the first time.

Any expert here can tell me why my speaker can't stop the alarm (VIVIVIVI sound), after i pull out my mircophone and headphone?
The sound will stop by itself when I put my microphone back!

How to stop that alarm?

Answer:Sat L450D - Speaker can't stop alarm sound after i pull out mic & headphone

Hi buddy,

To be honest I really don?t know what you mean and I never heard about such an issue?
Maybe you can post more details about your notebook model, Windows installation and upload a sound record file about his?

Anyway, have you tried updating the sound drivers?

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hi everyonesorry for bad English Problem description :  Before installing Realtek HD Audio Driver in control panel > sound > playback windows show headphone jack but red led in headphone jack is on and I have only speaker sound when I put headphone in jack don't recognize it . After installing Realtek HD Audio Driver in playback device only show Speakers and I have Sound in speaker and headphone at the same time together. Solution that not work :I am Test this Solution but don't work !!!! :1. tested in windows 7 , windows 8 , windows 8.1 64bit2. tested with last driver from Realtalk and Lenovo driver download (and also orginal driver)3. tested with 5 headphone4. realtalk control panel don't show headphone that in jack (but after driver install headphone and speaker work at same time !!!!)5. I am checked to show disable device in playback sound window.  I am Thinking problem is : 1. Drivers that is in the Lenovo site have problem !!!!and should be updated because after I install driver it recognize the headphone but cannot stop the speaker at this time 2. my headphone switch in the jack have a problem anyone has an idea ?    


Go to Solution.

Answer:Y510P Speaker and Headphone Problem Play sound same time together

I may have a solution. Remove any Realtek/Lenovo driver and let Windows install generic driver. If the problem persists, then my guess is it is a hardware issue with the switching mechanism.

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hi there, i just got myself an x100e and still configuring by myself on how to use it. it runs on windows vista with 250gb. this is my first time using a lenovo and windows vista product. just a little question. i have plugged in my headphone into the audio jack. but, the sound still came out from the internal speaker. also, how do i enable the internal and external microphone? i've been experimenting with the 'sound recorder' function to know whether the mic is working or not. but, i did'nt hear any sound being recorded although i have been speaking loudly on the internal mic which located below the 'ctrl' key. or, did i got the position wrong? about the headphone, i have tried using the 'sound' in the control panel. amazingly, when i test the headphone function over there, it works fine. i mean, i hear the sound in the headphone. but, if i were to play any audio using other apps such as youtube or windows media player, the sound still came put from the internal speaker phone, although i have plugged in my headphone at the same time. am i missing something? or should i change any setting over there?  also, i keep on hearing clicking sound from my laptop. not sure whether it is coming from my hard disk or not. the clicking sound is similar to the ticking sound from a moving seconds dial on a clock. the sound usually came out whenever i am running any programs on the laptop. so far, the laptop is working fine, but, just curious about the sound.. a... Read more

Answer:thinkpad x100e-speaker/headphone/clicking sound/webcam probs

Ive had the kind of same problem with what i think is the hard drive. If its sitting quit, it sound like the hard drive is spooling up and then clicks, then spools, then clicks. If I run a program that takes any computing power, it clicks away. It come from the right side of the computer, below the enter key, on my laptop. Right now there isn't anything I can do. As i need the laptop for school and if I sent it off to lenovo it would take time to get it back. Right now I am saving everything to my google documents for the time being. Ive tested the hard drive on all the lenovo hard drive tests as well as seagate ones, nothing shows to be wrong. So I just have to live with the clicking until I send it back to lenovo under the warranty. To me clicking = bad. So its just a matter of time. Here is my thread for more information. cpbs

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I met a strange issue. The sound from the internal speaker is automatically shut off when my T410s CPU temperature is high (e.g. >72 C after playing some youtube videos for a while). But the sound from the headphone works fine regardless the temperature. The sound from the internal speaker is usually back after I press the volume up/down button, but it only lasts for a short while so that I'll have to press the volume up/down button very often to get the sound continuously in high temperature. This is really annoying. So I was wondering if anyone knows how to fix this problem? Thanks. BTW: I bought my T410s (model:2901CTO) with windows 7 pro about 3 years ago. TPfancontrol was used.

Answer:no sound from internal speaker when my T410s CPU temperature is high (>72 °C). Headphone works fine

Welcome to the forum!
I'd suggest booting a "live" Linux CD/DVD and verifying whether the issue persists in that environment.
Good luck.

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Hello, Something is stuck inside my headphone jack (really no idea what, it looks like some amber colored resin) This caused no problems until i tried to stick my headphones in (because i didn't know there was something else inside)Now the little switch inside is activated and i can't use my normal speakers anymore. Pulling the thing out is not possible it really seems glued inside, i can remove small parts of it by scratching with a screwdriver but i see no way to remove it without a drill. I googled for ways to shut off the port so i can revert back to the normal speakers (i really don't care about losing the headphone jack, i normally only use speaker sound) It seems the installed realtek drivers allow no option to deactivate it. I tried reinstalling the realtek driver, changed registry option "EnableDynamicDevices" but didnt find the more promising "ForceDisableJD".  The Windows driver also didn't help and i didn't find any other drivers available for this notebook. The BIOS also didn't have any option for this (but maybe i'm just bad at finding it) Is there any way to disable the port on the software side or a way to disconnect the hardware? I have soldering equipment here. I really don't care for a clean solution anymore, just hoping for a way to get the sound. Thanks for your help. Edit: whoops almost forgot the essentials: this is a lenovo z510 with win7 64bit that was not pre-installed (bought without OS)

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i encounter the same problem. my laptop is thinkpad e431. please help
Mod's Edit: Updated Subject line and moved post to the Thinkpad forum from the Lenovo Y & Z series notebook due to the difference in models.

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My dell inspiron 14z 5423 no longer have sound from both the speakers and the earphone jack.
This happened after I replaced the Battery and also the hard disk from 500gb to 1TB and upgraded to windows 10.
Before this, I was using Windows 8.1 and everything was working well. I have returned it back to windows 8.1 but the no audio problem still persist.
Also, my speaker symbol on the task bar shows a "cross" sign with "no audio output installed" displaying when I hover on the speaker icon.
Please I need help. have tried all options i can think of including driver updates.
One more thing, the sound driver are not showing up on the device manager window where other drivers are displayed.


Answer:No Sound From Speaker & Headphone Jack On my Dell Inspiron 14z 5423 After Chnaging BAttery and Hard Disk

pizzz4allthe sound driver are not showing up on the device manager window where other drivers are displayed.
Hello. Download this Win8.1 IDT audio driver for the Inspiron 14z 5423. There are two versions there -- get the one that says "File Format Hard Drive". Follow the installation instructions and see if the driver shows up in Device Manager.
If it doesn't, perform the PSA or ePSA sound test. If no sound during the test then there has been hardware failure. Could have happened during parts replacement.

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Hi, I've just got my Windows 8 through Dreamspark Premium. I was using windows 7 and did a clean install of windows 8.

After installing windows 8, there's no sound from my speaker. Sound only works with earphones. What should I do?

My laptop:
Asus N53J

I went to the asus website and update the audio driver, it partially works now. The sound is there, but I keep getting error message about SRS audio cannot be found. I go to the add/remove program and saw two programs have been installed:
-Realtek High Definition Audio Driver
-SRS audio contro panel

I uninstall the SRS audio control panel and it seems the error message is gone. But I hope I didn't corrupt anything.

I remember I don't have this problem with Windows 8 release preview...why?

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I usually listen to music with speakers through the headphone jack. When I unplug the speakers, the music plays through the stock laptop speakers like it is supposed to do.

However, all of a sudden, the sound has only worked through these external speakers. It plays fine through the headphone jack, but when I unplug the speakers, the laptop speakers do not work.

I have restored the computer to an earlier point that I know they were working, but still nothing.

The laptop is a Dell Inspiron E1705.

Any help would be appreciated.


Answer:Sound through headphone jack, but not laptop speakers

I don't know what happened, but they are working now.


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I've recently bought a laptop online with no OS installed on it. I've installed Windows 7 Ultimate Edition and downloaded all drivers from the manufactures website. Everything works fine except there is no audio coming through the headphone jack or built-in speakers. I have spent majority of today looking online for answers on how to fix this issue and have found nothing that works.

The laptop model is a HP Pavillion dv6-1007tx.

Thanks in advance.

EDIT: When I plug in a HDMI cable to the laptop, sound comes through my TV.

Answer:No sound through headphone jack or laptop speakers

Do you see any yellow (!) in the device manager? Are you sure you have installed the proper audio driver for Windows 7 64 or 32 bit?

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I have an HP laptop running 8.1. I did update my computer or I restarted after an automatic update but no sound comes from speakers or head phone jacks. I have checked my drivers and they are working. My sound is not on mute.
Any suggestions?

Answer:No sound coming from laptop from speakers or headphone jac

Control panel > Sound, are Speakers selected as default sound output ? Often HDMI would take precedence.

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I just bought a X1 carbon. When I plug in the headphone, there is no sound from it. And the system shows that the headphone is not plugged in, even if I did.  The Realteck manager didn't detect the device either.   I've tried to update the sound driver, but this didn't work. What should I do? Many thanks.

Answer:Headset plugged in, sound still comes from computer speakers, no sound in headphone

Hi Wandou,
Welcome to Lenovo Community!
Open Realtek HD Audio Manager on the top right corner click on ?Device Advance Setting? and select the option use ?Multi-Stream Mode?.
Hope this helps.
Best regards,
Hemanth Kumar

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Like the headline says, I have a problem with sound on my Toshiba laptop (model is Satellite L755-S5110). Sound just randomly switches to headphones, even though they aren't connected. The sound just stops playing from the speakers, and when I plug in headphones, it plays normaly through headphones, and works fine while using them, but when I unplug headphones, the sound then plays from speakers for some time and then again just stops on its own and if I plug headphones again, it plays through them.
First, I thought it was some driver issue with win 10, so I did clean install of windows 7 (it was first installed when I bought my laptop), then again installed all the required drivers from the toshiba site (I checked in the device manager couple of times if all audio drivers were up to date, tried reinstalling/installing again), and the exact same problem remained. I also tried reinstalling audio driver provided from toshiba site, and used microsoft audio driver, and again the same problem.
Also, for example, when the sound stops playing from speakers, i just open Playback devices (where my default speakers device is listed), and the sound starts playing again through speakers (didnt change anything there, just opened it...)
I'd really appreciate if someone could help me with this issue, since I've already tried everything I could think of, and none worked yet.
I'm also not really good with computers, so if you have any possible solutions, please let the instructions be... Read more

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Two days ago it was working.Yesterday I turned it on no sound.I found my headphones today and they work.There is a red speaker icon above the key pad that I think means the speaker is muted.When I tap on that icon a volume scale appears on the screen.Tap it ,sound off ,tap it again sound on(I have volume set at 100%)The red speaker icon stays on no matter how many times I tap it.The scale on the screen says it turning on and off,the red icon says its not.It does turn off and on the headphones.I cant remember when was the last time I used headphones on this computer that is almost 3 years old.

Answer:No sound on laptop speaker

Since this recently happened, two things to try.
1. Use the System Restore and restore the PC back to a date when it worked OK. If that does not work, System Restore has an "undo" option to undo the System Restore.

2. If the System Restore does not work, Uninstall the sound in the Device Manager - RIGHT Click on the entry for the sound device and then LEFT Click "Uninstall". DO NOT check the box to uninstall the drivers. Restart the PC and when Windows starts it will detect and reinstall the sound.

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Sometimes, sound only comes out of the left speaker of my laptop. I can log off or reboot the machine and it works again but it is very annoying for obvious reasons. Also, when I plug in speakers the sound only comes out of one of the speakers. So I get frustrated.I am running WinXP on a Lenovo ThinkPad T61.Thanks.

Answer:Sound out of one speaker of laptop

Have you tried reinstalling the sound drivers?Do you have service pack 2installed for Windows XP?

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Hi, A few weeks ago i got my new Satellite M60.
Sound on laptop-speakers is great (Harman/Kardon) but is it possible there is a problem with the mini-jack for the headphone?
Sound via headphone is very week and i can't find how to improve it.
I often used my previous laptop to see movies on my TV (S-video + mini-jack for sound to AV-receiver). Sound was great... but now, when i connect my AV-receiver (or headphone) sound is very low...
Who could help me?

- I tried different headphones (who work fine on other laptops)
- I know about the sound-level wheel in front of the laptop :-)
- I tried the volume control tool in control panel

Answer:Satellite M60: Low sound on Headphone (perfect sound on speakers)

Hi Mark

Did you check the headphones settings in the ?sound and Audio devices??
Please go to ?Control Panel?-?Sound and Audio Devices?. In the ?Volume? tab you will find the ?Advanced? button. Press it.
There you will find volume controls. Please check if all controls are set to high.
Hope is helps.

Best regards

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Hi Everyone
                     I bought my XPS15 2years ago and now out of blue its just decided to make distorted sound when i watch any movie or play any song but all the windows sound are clear, thats the only thing confusing me because if the speakers are faulty then there shouldn't be any sound but my lapy's default window sounds are normal. When i go in audio setting and preview any of the audio sound "Windows default" it plays it normally but when i play a movie or a song it just creates whisper distorted sound. Can anyone please help me on this. Any kind of help will be much appreciated.


Himanshu Kamal

Answer:Laptop Speaker distorted sound

Thank you for writing to Dell Community Forum.
* Please uninstall the audio driver from the device manager.
* Restart the system
* Download the audio driver from the Dell Support site
* Install the driver
Run the on-board diagnostics <F12> and capture any error code or message you receive.
Does this happen when a speaker or headphone is plugged in?
Please private message us the service tag of the system along with your email id.
(Note: please don't mention the service tag or email id on the public forum as it contains your personal information).

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I bought a new emachines notebook and am very frustrated as there is hardly any sound, i have checked the volume and checked to see it is not muted plus checked the device manager and it says all the sound stuff is working ok??? cant even watch a youtube video without resting my ear on the notebook, does anyone know how to fix this or should i take it back? thanks.

Answer:New emachines laptop with xp but very low speaker sound?

Go into your Control Panel > Sounds and Audio Devices. Check the settings there and look for something that might increase the volume. I can't say off the top of my head which setting you are looking for so you will need to look around and see what you can find. If you change any settings make a note of what you changed in case you need to change it back later.

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After updating to Windows 10, my sound didn't work at all so I updated my audio driver to the newest one on HP's website for my specific laptop model. Now, sound comes out of both my headphones and the speakers. Can someone help?

Answer:Sound comes out of both my Headphones and the Laptop Speaker...

I understand there is sound coming from both the speakers and headphones. To resolve the issue, please try these basic steps:-Go into Control Panel by pressing 'Windows key' + 'R' key on the keyboard.-Now on the 'Run' dialogue box, type in 'Control panel' and hit 'Enter'.-Now find 'Sound and Audio device' and open it.-Look for the Recording tab.-Select your microphone/headset as the default device, and press OK. Hope this will help you.

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Hi I just bought an emachines N12 laptop for my daughter for Xmas.I just wanted to install the XP and leave it at that until Xmas but noticed all the system sounds including the windows media player test tunes comes out of teh right hand inbuilt speaker only the left I only can hear the computer fan etc out of..this is not normal is it? emachines have told me to download the latest driver see if that works.I am waiting on a wifi router to connect this and desktop at Xmas..I can try to download AOL and try to connect this notebook thru wires on my own modem if I disconnect teh desktop and then try and downlaod this driver? any ideas at all? is my laptop bust ?Sorry to go on........

Answer:Laptop sound from only left speaker !?

Why not download to your desktop and transfer to flash drive move fdrive to laptop and install

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hello again,

I now have a problem that when I download video from you tube,I only hear sound from the left speaker ( laptop )

I can't wait for windows 7 to come out

I'm trying to upload a .flv file.... I guess not allowed

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I can see that it registers that there is audio playing but I don't hear anything. It is set as default also.

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Hi, Could you help here please? My speakers are working properly, just after each Windows sound for example when you click on a link, the sound is played but after is the speaker makes sound similar to big speakers when you switch them off. I know it's a small thing but it really bothers and I have to have them switched off while not listening to music or on Skype. thanks

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So, i bought a HP laptop about few months ago (feburary ish) and it had been consistantly making me buzzing sound but i was so cbbs to visit the shop again, buzzy sound normally happens when im watching youtube or playing games and the screen freezes or sometimes whatever im doing exits out and makes a loud buzzy noise. I honestly don't know if the sound is happening from the speaker or microphone but buzzy noise is consisitantly there and giving me aiddd. At the moment using windows 10, can't downgrade it cuz itts new..Model number: 15-ac111txSerial number: CND5381Y9BProduct number: N8L58PA#ABG Need helppp, can't even watch a video properly cuz i don't know when they buzzy sound is going to appear or not... 

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I acquired a used T42 thinkpad (Win 7) and just realized that I can't hear audio.
I can see the video-action via Win-Media, but not sound.

I also tried clicking on one of the music pieces which came with the laptop, i.e. Kalimba. But again - did not hear sound.

I can see the slider moving, but there's no sound.
Yet on the taskbar - when hovering it states: Speakers 100%
And the Win-Media VOLUME slider is at the highest - i.e. all the way to the right.

I vaguely recall a similar issue long ago, and at that time, I believe one of the FUNCTION buttons fixed it. But I forget which. And I'm not sure that this time its the same culprit.
Can it be a sound card issue? How do I check? I did try clicking the "Sound" link in Control Panel, but wasn't sure how to proceed to check things out.

Just so you know, I also contacted the seller, hoping he could help. But previous questions I'd asked dragged out so long that I decided to try here as well, in case any of you can clue me in. Thanks!

Answer:[SOLVED] Just acquired laptop. No Speaker Sound.

Go to Control Panel/Sounds, Highlight Speakers, press the Configure button. Select Stereo and press Test.Sound should play out of each speaker, if not
Try plugging Headphones into the front Green Audio port.

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I have a Gateway 7320 and I have recently installed Windows 7 evaluation copy on my laptop. The mixer is displaying output from the sound card but there is no audio playing from the laptop speakers. I have gone to the Realtek page and downloaded the current drivers. I know the speakers work because I have a Linux OS installed on this computer and the audio works fine.

Also I tried to install a USB external audio card and no sound was hear from that installed device ether.

Any ideas?

Answer:No laptop speaker sound Gateway 7320

Quote: Originally Posted by bschrox

I have a Gateway 7320 and I have recently installed Windows 7 evaluation copy on my laptop. The mixer is displaying output from the sound card but there is no audio playing from the laptop speakers. I have gone to the Realtek page and downloaded the current drivers. I know the speakers work because I have a Linux OS installed on this computer and the audio works fine.

Also I tried to install a USB external audio card and no sound was hear from that installed device ether.

Any ideas?

bschrox; Welcome to Windows Seven Forums! We are glad you stopped in.

Please let me ask some basic questions first. What do you find when you click on the "speaker" icon, lower right task bar?

Open the "Volume Mixer" and "Sounds" and first see that sound has not been muted.

In sound properties, make sure the sound driver has been enabled and check the properties.

Under the "Levels" tab, you can also check sound levels and muted sounds.

Finally, skipping "Enhacements" over to "Advanced", you can test several sound bit levels.

Post back and let us know what you find?


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Hello, first post, first Lenovo.I am a teacher.  A Lenovo A57 9702 was donated to our school and I got it.  It has a Vista basic sticker on it, but has been upgraded to Vista Business.  I think it?s a brand new machine.  My problem is that the only sound I get is from the onboard speaker.  The front and back sound jacks are not outputting sound.  Plugging in speakers or headphones won?t even cut out the onboard speaker sound; it?s like they are not even connected. If you have a clue, thank you!

Answer:A57 sound from onboard speaker only; integrated sound jacks do not work.

I installed the A57 audio drivers.  Afterward it said that they may not have installed correctly.  It still does not work. Thank you.

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My Y50 had the left speaker clicking sound and muffled sound from day one (last month) March 2015After much time and pain I worked out the problem was the cooling fins next to the cooling fans were flexing and I presume touching the left speaker wire which runs along under neath the cooling fins. I could get the clicking sound to happen every time if I applied a small amount of pressure on the cooling tubes that sit on top of the cooling fins.I then placed a small piece of cardboard on the left side under the cooling fins to raise them only about 2 mm and this has fixed the problem. no more damm clicking sound and muffled sound Hey Lenovo fix you effin Y50 laptop !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Answer:Lenovo Y50 left speaker clicking sound and muffled sound FIX !!!!!

Hi Techguy1,
Welcome to the Forums        
As per the query we understood that you are facing issue with left speaker clicking in your Lenovo Y50 laptop.
As there must a wire loose inside the machine, suggest you to visit the nearest service center for further  details.
Click here to open a link where you can select the country and get the exact contact support number. I?m sure they will be a great help.
Hope this helps. Do post back if the issue persists!                                                   
Best regards,                                                          
Ashwin. S

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I'm looking for sound effect program.I had program 10 years or so , I think it was sound blaster live ( not sure) had some thing similar .Want I wont is program that will add sound effect to sound coming through my computer speakers or headphone. The different sound effects that make your voice sound deep ,less muffled voice, tunnel ,echo ,slow talking ,sound like you talking in small room ,car or out side.

I wont it for both music/sound/audio streaming from the internet and music/sound from the computer , I have on the computer.And be able to go in setting and turn it or off or add or remove effects.

I'm not sure but I think it was sound blaster live I had ,that had some thing similar to add effect to sound coming through the computer speaker or headphone.

Note I have windows 7 .So some thing that works with windows 7.

Answer:I'm looking for sound effect program , sound coming through the computer speaker

Creative (ie: Sound Blaster) has had that type of setting in their software for years. The Creative/Sound Blaster software is for their chipsets only. There could be a similar audio tool that works with any audio source, but I'm not familiar with any.

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I have an MSI 785GTM-E45 Mother Board. I have no sound coming from the speakers. Tried new speakers and still no sound. If I click on the speaker Icon on the bottom right it shows the speaker graph going up and down as sound is being produced. I tried the head phones and nothing coming from them either. I tried playing a CD and nothing from there either. I first noticed it when I was trying to play something from YOUTUBE and thought it might just be the site but then I tried off line as well. I am running Windows 7 Home Premium. This is the first day that I have noticed it. Thanks for any help. I have checked all the settings I can think of but probably have missed something somewhere.

Answer:No sound from speakers but showing sound graph on speaker control

Go to the Control Panel/Hardware and Sound and finally the Sound Panel. In the Playback section, set your "Speakers" as the Default Playback device (if it's not now set). Then see if you have speaker and/or headphone sound.

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Whenever I plug in my headphones into the jack, I no longer get a notification telling me my headphones are plugged in and Audio comes out of both the Headphones and the laptop speakers. This happend recently and didn't happen before. I have tried multiple headphones, all to the same effect. I am thinking this is a hardware issue. Does anybody have any solutions to fix? 

Answer:Both Speakers and Headphone play sound when headphone is plugged into Jack

Dear AlvinLee
Welcome in lenovo community
Method A:
1.  Go to the Control Panel by right click the bottom left corner in "Desktop" mode.
2.  Search for "Realtek HD Audio Manager".
3.  Set the headphone as communication device (see image below).
Also please let me know if you can hear also the sound from the headphone itself

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I just purchased a new notebook, and I have a bit of a problem. When I plug headphones into the side headphone jack, the sound quality is downright terrible. Very shortly I noticed that it didn't sound as good/decent as my older notebook.
The speakers seem to sound fine, well you know - as good as laptops can sound. 
Right now I have two notebooks side by side: 
a friends Samsung Series 3 (NP300E5C), with Windows 8 (upgraded from W7) / Microsoft High Definition audio
my Toshiba L50 Windows 8 / Realteck High Definition
I dont have my older notebook anymore, but I do remember it sounding better. Comparing this Toshiba to the Samsung (both sitting on the desk side-by-side), the Toshiba sounds a little better through the speakers, but there is no comparison with the headphone - The Samsung is pretty decent while the Toshiba makes me cry. 
Now granted, I'm not expecting a symphony, but if I cant solve this I'm going to have to sell the Toshiba.
I've tried uninstalling Realtek, but I couldn't get the sound to work.
Re-installing Realtek solved nothing
One thing I noticed, there is no 'headphone' icon in the device manager (Control Panel > Hardware & Sound > Sound / or simply right click the audio icon in the taskbar). Are the headphones not high definition or something?
screen capture:
The above link show the speakers playing, when I actually... Read more

Answer:Unacceptable headphone jack sound quality - no headphone icon

Well, I just went to Realtek's official website and installed their audio driver - still no luck.

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Dear All,

No sound on my laptop's built-in speakers and headphone on Tecra A8 series, even while booting the system sound is not there. while u connect headphone and speakers thru USB port it works. All other operations r normal.

My laptop runs on windows xp sp2, all drivers are installed, even I tried reinstalling the sound drivers(realtek) from toshiba website, doesn't help. please can anyone help in this regard.


Answer:Tecra A8 No Sound on internal speakers & headphone but USB headphone works

Did you downgrade to XP or upgrade to Vista? Mute can get stuck if an OS has been changed.

Go into the Windows Volume Control, then click MUTE. Click MUTE again to unmute.

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My laptop only has one built-in speaker, and this outputs the left channel only (annoying!).
After much tinkering and Google searching, I cannot come to a definitive solution.
Is it possible to output both channels through one speaker (AKA mono)?

Answer:Can I play stereo sound through one laptop built-in speaker?

You should be able to select mono on your sound card . Go to your audio devices and have alookaroud

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I have a Dell Laptop Inspiron 5150 running Windows XP Home Service Pack 2 and I am trying to use Harman Kardon Sound Stick Speakers. These were connected via the speaker/headphone jack and worked for a fews days and then stopped. I have tried all the hardware tests within Windows and checked back with Dell. I have also loaded the new driver that Dell suggested, but still no good. There is either no sound or sometimes there is just distortion. The Sounds Sticks work fine with my MP Player. It may be a coincidence but at the time the speakers stopped an Halogen Bulb in my ceiling light fitting also blew. It was shining onto my desk where the laptop was located. Any suggestions?

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I can't get live sound playback on laptop speaker's through line-in on my via hd audio sound card any body got any ideas?
terra laptop
1.60Ghz intel duo-core2
win xp pro
512mb nvidia geforce go
2Gb ram

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my laptop`s speaker stop working. sometimes it gives broken sound during playing songs.
bt now it fully stopped. i used external audio device which work properly.
plzz help me.....

Answer:Sound problem with in-built speaker of Vaio pcg-k13 laptop

Use headphones while away from your external speakers. lol

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PLEASE HELP ME IN SOLVING THE LESS SOUND EFFECT FROM MY COMPAQ PRESSES C-700 -WINDOW VISTA HOME BASIC 32 BIT OPERATING SYSTEM NOTE BOOK Also please guid me how can I upgrade this window to the best suitable latest window available I mean Window 7 / window -8 / window 10

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I just upgraded my OS to Win 7, but I realised that when I play any sound, it come out of my speakers fine, but my headphones has no sound at all. How do I solve it? I plugged my headphones into the original jack, I have also tried plugging them into the other jacks, but still there is no sound. How do I fix it so both my speakers and my headphones has sound? If I plug my headphones into the jack I plug my speakers in, there is sound in my headphones though ..

Answer:Problem with sound - Speaker works but headphones has no sound

try double clicking on volume control and see if headphone is muted.

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I've NEVER heard this out of my computer before. While World of Warcraft is running the box itself suddenly makes what sounds like an "alarm" from im guessing the internal speaker. The moment I close the game or minimize it the sound stops.

Can anyone help with this?

Answer:Internal Speaker makes what sound like an alarm sound

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I just bought the Y50 yesterday with the GTX 960M. Unfortunatly i noticed while playing that the left speaker started to do a clicking noise, in addition the sound became muffled. When i tilt the laptop the problem is resolved i.e. the clicing stops and the sound returns to normal. After a few minutes the same problem returns until i tilt the laptop or lift it again.
Please help.
Model Number:
Serial Number:
Mod comment: Serial number removed for members protection.

Answer:Y50 clicking sound from left speaker and muffled sound

Hi Goldenbird,
Welcome to Lenovo Community!
As per the query we understood that you are facing issue with left speaker in your Lenovo Y50 laptop.
This might be issue with the speaker cable which is not seated properly, please visit the nearest service center fo further details
Click here to open a link where you can select the country and get the exact contact support number. I?m sure
they will be a great help.
 Hope this helps. Do post back if the issue persists!
Best regards,       
Ashwin. S

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Since upgrading to windows 10, my bluetooth speaker connects to my laptop, but the sound still comes out of only my laptop speakers

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I recently installed windows XP on my laptop. After the installation I noticed that when I place headphones to listen some music, I get sound from laptop speaker too. earlier I had Vista on my laptop & it was working fine. My laptop details are as below

Model :- Hp Compaq Presario V3700
OS :- Windows XP SP3

Could someone please help me in fixing it.



Answer:Headphones doesn't stop laptop inbuilt speaker sound

Have you enabled front-panel jack detection?

Using Sound Effect Manager Compaq Presario 5060 Desktop PC - HP Customer Care (United States - English)

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I have a Acer ASpire V3-572GWhen I unplugged my headphones the audio didn't switch over to my speakers. When I replugged my headphones the sound returned ony through the headphones. Things Ive triedChecked in playback devices to see if speakers were checked as default audioReinstalled and updated my Realtek Audio drivers. 


Go to Solution.

Answer:No Sound From Speaker but Sound returns when Headp...

Was finally able get the sound to return to my speakers. Seems the issue was my audio jack sensing that something was plugged in when nothing was there.  I went Realtek Audio Manager and messed with the Speaker retasking options.Using user Helped?'s solution and audio into my speakers briefly returned. Then went away.So I turned off my laptop took some compressed air and a toothpick and lightly went around the edges of the jack. Turned it back on and sound returned.  

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Hi guys i've hard this problem for ages now, whenever i play music or videos in windows media player (version 11) the sound only comes out of my right speaker and in poor quality.
All other programs like i tunes and youtube vids etc. play fine through the speakers so i think its possibly just a fault within the pogram.
I have checked all sliders and stuff and are all where they should be.
Please help guys!
Thanks in advance!

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If this is the wrong forum for this question then I apologize in advance.

I'm having some problems when I try to record music.

I have my microphone plugged in, but whenever I sing/play into the microphone, the sound only comes out from the right speaker. Therefore, when I mix my songs using my software, the sound is still only coming out of the right speaker, which is very frustrating. This also means that if I listen to my songs on my iPod, the music is only coming out of the right headphone.

If I listen to songs from CDs or whatever, or just any other sound on the computer, the sound is coming out of both speakers simultaneously as is normal. I only have problems when I am using my microphone.

I am using Windows XP (2002 Home Edition) and Realtek HD Audio Manager. My speakers are ViewSonic Speakers, which entails a subwoofer and two smaller speakers (the left and right ones). I plug my microphone into the blue 'Line In' port at the back of my computer rather than the pink 'Microphone' port, because this is what works best for the recording/mixing software I am using, but even when it is plugged into the 'Microphone' port I have the same problem.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks very much,


Answer:Sound problem: Mic sound only coming out of one speaker

Either the Microphone cable is not plugged in correct.Try not to plug it in all the way/or push it in further. Sometimes you have to play around with it to get them to work. Or you might have the balance on the microphone on one side which is a setting in the Sound Icon. Double click on The Icon and then options and then on Properties. Make sure There is a check mark next to Microphone and then click OK. You should see the Microphone settings on the screen and make sure the balance is in the middle. If none of this works you might need a new Microphone.

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Can anyone help please. I have had my HP Pavilion TS 11 Notebook PC for a little while now and from day one there has been no sound fom the internal speakers. If I plug headphones into the headphone socket the sound is there. There is a circular symbol and "dts/Sound+" written on the notebook if that helps. How can I get this rectified? Kind Regards Steve  

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I recently bought a Mini Bluetooth Speaker to use with my Laptop. I am an English Teacher in Italy so I do lots of listening exercises, and the speaker would be a great addition...
When I tried the speaker with my LG G2 Phone the sound was fantastic. Clean, clear and good bass. From the PC, it sounds 'Low-Res'....Poor in other words....I have gone through different settings and all seems ok...I can't seem to solve this....
Any help much appreciated...

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Recently, I have been having trouble with my laptop. Let me say this first but my laptop is probably the worst in the world because of the many things it has done to me and also it's small amount of RAM.

Recently, my laptop had crashed probably due to using all it's RAM and when it had finally finished booting up. It was running normally. There was sound coming through the speakers in the front. When I had plugged in my headphones, there was no sound coming through them. Now, I have encountered this problem before and it has fixed itself a couple of days later when I had left it running. In the past and recently I have tried restarting my sound services via Microsoft Management Console, updating my drivers, disabling the speaker and enabling it, and even restarting my computer and nothing works.

Is there a way to fix this without waiting for a couple of days to fix itself or how to prevent this from happening again once it's fixed? I would really like to know.

Answer:No Sound Through Headphone but Sound Through Speakers

If you go to Control Panel, Sound, Playback after plugging in your microphone, are your headphones shown as installed?

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HP Compaq Laptop Generates Continuous Sound In Speaker On Power Up And Shuts Down Automatically.
Could any one know how to fix this laptop?

Answer:HP Compaq Laptop Generates Continuous Sound In Speaker On Power Up And Shuts Down Automatically

try disconect from mains take battery out for ten minutes this stopped an intermitant bleep i was getting on my lap top

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My Dell Inspiration laptop will not boot up past the initial windows loading screen. For a little while it had been getting to the login screen, but not now.  Half the keys on the keyboard do not work, whole right half.  So, even when it would get to the login screen I couldn't type in my password.  We plugged in an external keyboard and that worked fine, until it stopped booting past the loading screen...The cursor is erratic. The speakers are making a clicking sound occasionally like the dilophasaurus in Jurrasic Park. Usually on start up.I did drop it last night but not from very high up. Could be a virus maybe?  I don't have any antivirus right now because I was stupid... I was in the middle of switching antivirus software.Is there anything I can do at home to help it?  It is brand new, only a couple months old, no warrenty though because I got it refurbished off Ebay.  Windows 7 operating system.

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Hi All,
* I want to Make the audio Play in Headphone as well as laptop speaker at the same time. How to achieve this?

* Is it Possible to play one application (example: VLC Player) with laptop loudspeaker and another application (Example: Windows Media Player) via Headphone at the same time ? without each sound interfering?

Thanks in Advance.


Answer:How to play With Laptop Speaker and Headphone simultaneous

as for your first question this should help: (Video is for Win7 but concept should be the same)

Play Audio with Both Headphones and Speakers with just Windows 7 - YouTube


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Hi Everybody!

All of a sudden my speaker icon is missing from taskbar & sound is only coming through the LEFT speaker. The RIGHT speaker is still working but you can only hear SOME sound and it's very low, all the rest of the sound is going to the LEFT speaker now and the volume icon on the taskbar is gone now so I can't even check the settings there. This all happened out of nowhere! Everything had been working fine for a long time before this happened. I don't understand.

Is this some kind of malware problem rewriting the codes or something? I saw this could be the problem on previous posts. I am NOT knowledgeable with computers but I learn fast if you can walk me through the steps.

I have windows 7 professional on a 32 bit system.

The option "Show or hide volume (speaker) icon on the taskbar" in the Control Panel is grayed out and I cannot change the setting on it.

I've been looking thru past threads and I'm still not finding a solution that works for me.

Any suggestions would be very appreciated!!

Thanks so much!!!

Answer:Missing Speaker Icon from Taskbar, Sound only coming thru One Speaker now.

Hello there, check to see if your drivers are up to date, then head to the Malware Forum if you want to be sure your system is clean.

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I have a Acer ASpire V3-572GWhen I unplugged my headphones the audio didn't switch over to my speakers. When I replugged my headphones the sound returned but only through the headphones. Things Ive triedChecked in playback devices to see if speakers were checked as default audioReinstalled and updated my Realtek Audio drivers.   

Answer:No Sound From Speaker but Sound When headphones ar...

It looks like you resolved the problem in this thread.

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