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Decent Router at reasonable price? NOT TP-Link

Question: Decent Router at reasonable price? NOT TP-Link


I need to replace a TP-Link N600 router that is constantly dropping G-wifi. The N seems stable enough but TP-Link customer disservice is working at it's peak. Totally hopeless. I have been trying to get them to to take it back for warranty-repairs and all they keep telling me to do is update the firmware.

I had done that before I even contacted them the first time. I am now using some of their Beta firmware and still no change. I have had it with TP-Link.

So, looking for 4 x Gigabit LAN, G and N wifi at 450 to 600 Gb. An AC-wifi might be nice, but when N is working right, it does all I need. I still need G for my windows phone. {sigh}

I have just tried Zyxel, Edimax and Netgear. Returned them all as the TP-Link when running right had much better power output on both G and N ate distances. Linksys, not even slightly interested in, so what's left? If a Buffalo, I'd want a non-DD-Wrt version. DD-Wrt is great but too time consuming to configure.

Anyone with personal experience of a router they love that doesn't cost a $100+, care to chime in here.


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Preferred Solution: Decent Router at reasonable price? NOT TP-Link

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Decent Router at reasonable price? NOT TP-Link

I got a little-known Router from Western Digital [yeah, the hard drive company] over a year and a half ago, cost $60. When I first got it I'd have to turn the Wi-Fi off [switch on the front] about once a week to re-establish it. After about a month I got a firmware update for it and haven't had a problem since. It's been running 24/7 since 9/11 but we had a transformer blow down the road that day and were without power 6AM until about 7PM that day. Didn't help to also have 10" of snow.

I've set up D-Link and Netgear Routers and haven't had call-backs on them yet.

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Hi all,

I'm currently looking into buying a new server for the company I'm interning at. The issue is I'm somewhat clueless about IT in general, so I'm concerned an offer I've received for a Dell PowerEdge T430 server which I've pasted below is a rip off. The price I've been quoted is $4020,10.

Here are the specs:
"Server Dell PowerEdge T430 8B, (1)*Intel Xeon E5-2630v4 Processor (2.2GHz, 10C, 25MB, 8.0GT/s QPI, 85W), 32GB (2x16GB) 2400MHz RDIMM, PERC H330, DVD+/-RW, (2)*1TB SATA 6Gbps 7.2k 3.5" HD Hot Plug (up to 8x3.5"HDD), Broadcom 5720 GbE Dual Port on board, IDRAC8 Ent., (2)*750W, No Rails, 3y NBD"

Any advice would be very much appreciated!

Also if it helps the initial uses of the server would be secure data storage, hosting an email service for 12 staff members, and if possible setting up a hybrid disaster recovery solution, for instance linking the service to a cloud based service like Microsoft Azure.

If anyone out there can suggest a cheaper and viable alternative that would be ace!

Best regards,


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My nephew suggested recently that I buy some extra memory for my Dell Dimensiion 8250 computer, which is a couple of years old. Knowing that I have Rambus RD-RAM, he searched the Net and told me RD-RAM was both harder to find and more expensive than he expected.

He went to PrimeWatch and found only two websites which had RD-RAM available. Then he went to eBay and told me I could pay $400 for 1G of CD1066 RD-RAM or $256 for 1G of PC 800 RD-RAM.

I have two slots of 256 RD-RAM -- PC 1066, unless I'm mistaken -- which means I have two open slots. My nephew told me I could fill the two open slots with 512 PC 1066, which would give me 1.5 G total. Or, he said, my PC could hold up to 2 G of PC 800 RD-RAM. (All of this terminology is new to me, but my nephew appears to understand it quite well.)

I remember hearing a while back that the price of memory was dropping rapidly, but my nephew told me that seems to have changed. Is it possible that I could find better prices for RD-RAM than those shown on eBay?

Answer:How easy is it to find RD-RAM at a reasonable price?

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My other question is how much does it cost to upgrade Vista 32bit to Vista 64bit? My software source (school) only sells the 32bit versions (for hella cheap).

Should I suck it up and get Vista Home 64bit from Newegg for $99 or try to upgrade from 32bit to 64bit (which hopefully would be cheaper)?

Answer:what's a reasonable price for vista home 64?

Buy the 32bit version from your school, and acquire a 64bit disc by other means. Your serial will work on either (Vista/Win7 are both this way).

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I am trying to find a touchscreen monitor that is actually priced reasonably. It needs to be between 10 and 12 inches and the pixel resolution needs to be at least 1024x768.

I can't find any for a fair price. They make all kinds of good ones though... for $250 and up! They can't be THAT expensive since you can buy android tablets for like $150. Even mouser doesn't carry touchscreen LCD panels anymore that have a greater resolution than 640x480.

I have managed to find ONE that has a somewhat reasonable price but it's sold by a shady looking seller. Half of the reviewers didn't receive a working unit and the other half did.

I call ******** on these prices. They don't cost that much to produce. Something like that shouldn't cost more than $100. I'm not willing to spend more than $150 on a touchscreen monitor unless the resolution is 1280x720 or greater and even then I'm not spending more than 175-200.

So where is a place you can buy these from that are priced reasonably? If there are none, can I buy a $100-$150 android tablet just for the LCD panel, take it apart and somehow re wire everything up for use with a PC?

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Hi guys!!

Okay, my camcorder is a Panasonic GS-150 (I bought it 1 year ago and still not for sure if that was a good purchase or not, but oh well i'm stuck with it now) and I mostly use it to make movies w/friends and family. I write screenplays and direct them, act in them, what not and I'm hoping to finally upgrade to a better video editing software besides Windows Movie Maker. Now, I have no big complaints about WMM, its been very kind to me and user friendly, but I've way over-used all the transitions and video effects they have to offer. Also, my ideal software would have the ability to put a clip on top of a clip. I don't even know if that's possible, but it sounds like a neat idea to me sense I don't have a green screen handy! I am just a meager wanna-be M. Night Shyamalan here My budget is minimal and I'm hoping not to exceed $80.

Any advise, opinions, tips & tricks and what-not is very appreciated!! THANKS GUYS! YOUR AWESOME!

Answer:Best Video Editing Software @ A Reasonable Price

Hi mightyflail.On an $80.00 budget, you won't do much better then Pinnacle Studio Plus 10.5 Titanium.Looks like it's on sale as well.

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My Nokia Lumia 1520 screen got cracked recently, i already visited one Nokia care, they quoted me 21500/-. Please suggest me a good reasonable service centre in Mumbai

Answer:Is there a way to replace my Nokia Lumia 1520 screen for a reasonable price?

i cant suggest you something there since i am from another country but the most inexpensive way is to change it yourself... there are a lot of videos where you can find out how to do it... like this

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You guys hav been great to help me on most of my repairs.....the rest i'm not smart enough to do myself. Whats a average rate of per hour, to pay to get my pc going ....right....again [no updates /error on page]and[no printer connection found' I am at the end of my rope. any ideas please help thanks much

i live in michigan

Answer:Where can i get a decent repair price??

If you have your install disk and support disks, buy a new HD and start fresh then slave the old drive and copy files to the new, verify they are copied, and wipe the old drive and use it as storage?

If you want to pay someone for that, it shouldn't (if you buy the HD from them) cost more than ~ 60$ IF all the components are usable.

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Yep i know theres loads of similar posts but the whole dvd writer thing is a bit overwhelming. I want a drive that is pretty recent that can do "dual layer" whatever that is . my main use will be for backups of my (legal) dvd movie collection and for slide shows of my digital pictures for family use.Ideally i wont have to pay too much,i like the look of this click here because i've had several liteon products which have served me well.Any advice anyone on my choice ?

Answer:Is this a decent dvd writer for the price ?

No, pioneer 108 49.98 click here

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What do you think about this laptop? It's only going to be used for general email and internet usage. I thought it looked like a good deal for $399.99. What do you think? Not very up to date on my laptop knowledge so I'm looking for advice. Thanks in advance.

Sony - VAIO Laptop with Intel® Pentium® Dual-Core Mobile Processor T2310 — In-store only. Friday, Nov. 23. - Silver - VGN-NR110E/S

Answer:Decent Laptop for the price?

I don't understand, it's listed @ $749.99... I doubt a laptop like that will be $399.99

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Oh - its that old chestnut eh... can I get a gaming laptop for 350-380? Well, ok so I have a limited budget but also limited requirements. I am happy with older games but equally wanted good value for money so I have chosen to go for a refurb (or 2nd hand):I am looking at a Dell XPS M1530 2.4GHz T8300 Core 2 Duo 15.4" Laptop for 320 (Geforce 8600m GT)... I have a desktop and understand these but am new to laptops. I guess my question is, is this a steal or is there something i should be looking at as a viable alternative for a similar price?Size wise I don?t want anything massive as I will be using it on the train...Thanks guys!

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Is that a reasonable price for that card?

I'm gonna be using the P5AD2 Asus motherboard with an AMD 64 3200+ CPU and an Ultra X-Coonect 500W PSU.

Answer:Is this a decent price for this video card

xGunslinger said:

Is that a reasonable price for that card?

I'm gonna be using the P5AD2 Asus motherboard with an AMD 64 3200+ CPU and an Ultra X-Coonect 500W PSU.Click to expand...

I'll see your URL, and raise you this one.

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OK, not sure what soundcard I have, i think it's a 5.1 dolby compatible, in device manager it says CMI8738/ C3DX PCI Audio Device.
Does anyone know if I could get 5.1 surround sound speakers for this soundcard? The box says 4-CH. 6-CH. and on the back the box labled "L-8738-6C (L-Shape)" is ticked.
So will I need a new soundcard for surround sound speakers, is what I'm saying???!!!

Answer:surround speakers, but at a decent price!!


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Hello, I have been on a long journey to try to make my computer good enough to be World of Warcraft worthy. I was trying to upgrade my parents' Dell Dimension but was having no luck (First, it is almost non-upgradable in the first place thanks to Dell, and second, we had a $100 Dell Giftcard that I was using to upgrade our computer which we got a month ago and we placed the order and it still hasn't been confirmed). Now i am just really mad so I'm gonna try and buy a totally new computer (I wanted one for my room anyways). So, to the point. I was wondering if anyone could reccomend a decent gaming computer with plenty of upgrades available, the only catch is that it can't be over $1000 and if possible $700 or less would be awesome!
Thanks in advance,

Answer:A Decent Computer for a Good Price

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I know there's been a lot of threads about this matter before. But I really need help. I'm about to replace my TF-display on my x220 with the LP125WH2-SLB1 IPS panel. The question I have is if anybody knows where I could get one at a decent price (50-100$) that also ships to sweden. I'm going to change the screen myself (and have done so on several other thinkpads before).
I hope someone knows were I could get one that is fure sure the "real deal". And that's preferably the "second gen" screen with the fixed bleeding and ghosting.
Thanks in advance fellow thinkpad-lovers!
//JOHAN, Sweden
Moderator edit: Added detail to subject.

Thinkpad: L420 | 2.4GHz i5-2430M | (2x8)16GB RAM| Intel 520 60GB SSD + Crucial M4 (mSata) 128GB SSD | 14"Thinkpad: L420 | 2.2GHz i3-2330M | (2x4)8GB RAM| Samsung 830 128GB SSD + Crucial m4 (mSata) 32GB SSD | 14" (BROKEN SCREEN)- I'm going to repair this one!

Answer:X220 IPS display at a decent price that ships to sweden

Look at But they recieve the payments from chanees only.Also, x230 (it is almost the same laptop with the same display) are shipping with IPS displays with the following p/ns:mfg p/n 0A66673 (FRU 04W3462),mfg p/n 0A66702 (FRU 04W3919) in new laptops.You are correct with LCD vendor p/n, LG LP125WH2-SLB1. And it's possibly that new laptops have another LCD vendor p/n.

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Hi, I am a highschool student looking to buy a laptop that will incorporate all my needs for a relatively low price - which I know is hard to come across. I would like it to be powerful and preferably fast with multitasking. And I would also like to be able to play some games on it (obviously a want not a need).

So I came across this guy: toshiba satellite s55-A5274, which happens to be at a pretty good sale price on newegg. Now I am no Specs expert, honestly I don't know the rating system of much of what is out there. But from what I can see here, the specs on this thing arent half bad? Please tell me if I am on the right track here.

-Intel i5 processer
-Nvidia Geforce 740 Dedicated Gfx
- 750gb memory

To be completely honest, I am not sure what most other information about this is.

If anyone has this laptop or can tell me if this is a good buy Id really appreciate it! If not, maybe an alternative with a reasonable price?

Many thanks!

Answer:Toshiba satellite s55-A5274 - Decent laptop for the price?

Wave2020, welcome to the windows 7 forum

What is the price of the Toshiba that your looking at?

I saw one at Costco for $699 that has 16gigs ram, 1 gig hard disk and is an I7
What os does it come with.?

I personally have had nothing but Toshiba's since the 286 days for laptops.
No problems so far, knocking on wood.
Check my system spec's for what I have.


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My wireless router does not seem to be working for Internet connectivty despite many reboots. It's (Netgear fm114p) been in use for less about 10 months. The only thing I can think of is I had some wiring work done to an electrical outlet. Since then, it started requiring power reboots during the day (due to losing a signal); then within the week (yesterday), the lights are not working correctly.


Answer:What's the Reasonable Life of a Wireless Router?

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Hi, can someone give me a link to a good free registry cleaner please. Not something that says it's free then finds loads of errors and says will fix them if you register, then after you have wasted you time tells you how much to pay.

Answer:link to a decent free registry cleaner

Most of them are more trouble than they are worth The only one I would recommend it free included in CClener

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Question: New decent router

So CompUSA is going out of business and they are selling quite a few routers there. I currently have the linksys WRT54G. Which ones do you think I should upgrade to?

Belkin N1 Wireless Router, 802.11n draft, g, b

Belkin N Wireless Router, 802.11n, g, b

D-Link Xtreme N Gaming Router, 802.11 n draft, a, g, b

Linksys Wireless-N Gigabit Security Router with VPN, 802.11n draft, g, b

This would simply be for my house. I thought the d-link gaming router might be a good one but I have heard of many people say that the router doesn't last and it breaks after a couple of months.

Answer:New decent router

Out of that list...#3. As seen in the stickied "Router recommendation thread" top of this forum.

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I am looking for a router now that I have an XBox 360, swapping ethernet cables is getting pretty old. I currently have cable internet via Comcast and am using a Motorola SB5101 modem. I plan on connecting the 360 via ethernet to whatever router I get cause $100 for a wireless adapter is ridiculous and because it sits pretty close to my computer anyway. I've been doing some reading online and I'm under the impression that I need to get a router that has 100mb bandwidth or better. Is that the case and why? Does my internet connection determine or dictate the actual bandwidth that there would be to dispurse via the router? Does this spec even matter since I'll be using an ethernet cable to connect it?

I know with this planned setup that I could go with a wired router but my son is going to be getting a computer in his room pretty soon so I'd like to prevent from having to buy another router when that time comes. His room is about 30ft from my computer, if that matters.

I've heard the 802.11a is the most secure way to go, but the most expensive too. 802.11g seems to be the most common and 802.11n seems to be the future. That being said, I'd imagine "g" would be the way to go, am I wrong for thinking that? Or should I plan for the "n" revolution? One thing to consider is the fact that i'm not an early adopter of technology.

I've been searching for decent routers and am strongly considering these:

Linksys WRT5... Read more

Answer:Looking for a decent router, have a few ?'s

802.11a is just a link standard, it isn't more or less secure than the others. 802.11g is the most practical choice. From your list of routers, the WRT54GL looks to be the best one to me. You can flash DD-WRT or Tomato firmware on that without much hassle.

As for your bandwidth question, well, it all depends on what you get from your ISP, which I doubt is more than 100Mb. Anything on your LAN (whatever connects to your router at your house) would be able to utilize all 100Mb of that. This limit is controlled by the link speed of the router's interfaces, not the router itself. What that means is, you could have several hosts exchanging information between each other at 100Mb and thus have 800Mb+ flowing through the router at any given time. On your WAN (your ISP), say around 20Mb, is what you'll be ultimately limited by. Finally, on your wireless LAN side of things, even though it's 54Mb.. it's really about 20-30Mb on average for 802.11g.

I know it sounds a little weird, but hopefully that will make some to you.

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Excel '03, HELP!
I Need to link my price list to my order sheet via item #'s!!

ok, Here is my problem!

I work for a company that sells over 3000 products.
I have all my product's on a excel pricelist sheet w 'ITEM NUMBERS'
I want to create a second sheet "Order sheet" were by I only have to enter the order number, and the rest of the info pop's up! (like the wgt,unitcost,units per case,price,etc)

Can Anybody PLEASE Help? , I've been trying to figue this out for over a week!

Thank you so much in advance..

Answer:Excel '03, HELP! I Need to link my price list to my order sheet via item #'s!!

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Well, once I get my brother-in-law's computer fixed, we will need to network the both of them and probably 1 other computer. I'm looking for a router that is easy to set-up and isn't that expensive that is good for gaming. We have a 5mb/384k cable connection and I have never had to network computers for internet use other then putting in a nic card and plugging in the ethernet cable . I know that they all have some sort of built in firewall and that's going to be my issue. Like I said, it needs to work for gaming.

Answer:Looking for a cheap/decent router...

Gosh Dude, if your looking for someone to tell you which router to buy you might be hard pressed. Are you looking to use wireless in your network at any time? If not you can pick up a linksys, netgear, dlink, ect... for under $50.oo. Even cheaper if you look around the Sunday newspaper flyers. 99% of the SOHO routers you buy now will have Port forwarding and port Triggering built in. That is what you will need to game. Some manufacturers call it something different like virtual server but it's all the same. Shop around, look at prices, look at features and make a decision. All the main brands come with a web GUI interface to program the router, all will have quick setup instructions even a wizard to go through if you want. If you have specific questions about port fwd'ing on a particular router then thats when you need to hit the forum up.

good luck

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I finally decided to replace my old Belkin 802.11b router with an 802.11g one.

I first tried another Belkin model, the F5D7230-4. It would periodically have incredible lag when playing games, even on new firmware. Back it went.

I moved to the D-link WBR-1310. It seems to slow down often, especially when using bittorrent, and periodically reset or die for no apparent reason. Back it's going.

I'd like a suggestion on a quality router that can handle a decent amount of game/BT traffic. Doesn't need to be wireless, but it's nice (I can get an access point for the laptops). Doesn't even need to have a built-in switch (I have those). I'm not afraid of configuration (I configure Cisco devices such as routers and PIXes on a daily basis at work).

It does need to be inexpensive. The cheaper the better.


Answer:Decent, inexpensive router

Linksys WRT54G v1-4, nothing higher. then put DD-WRT on it

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Hello, Could anyone suggest me a great wifi N router? Something not too expensive. Maybe sub-$100 range. Two things that are most important to me - range and connection stability. I'm not too big on throughput and I dont stream any video wirelessly. I've heard a lot about the D-link DIR 655. Its one of the oldest around and seems to be still quite popular.

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Just having issue After issue with my Modem & i belive time has finally come too use a router, i know NOTHING about them so i would be VERY greatfull if anyone could suggest a decent one....ThankxOh btw ive got a pc thats broadband thirsty so it has too be a decent one...

Answer:Decent Router..? Any ideas.??

I have a Netgear DG834g which was supplied by the isp and it suits my basic needs.Won't your isp supply you with one?I believe many isps will so long as you give a further commitment.

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It seems like the only 5GHz routers available nowadays are dual band, which is fine if that is what it must be. But all I am looking for is a good 5GHz router that will be operating at 802.11a, not N.

It needs to have good range too.

So far I was looking at this one.

Also, will I lose a lot of range when compared to 802.11g? Right now the wireless G router being used is

Answer:Decent 5GHz router?

What is "good" range?

To me that could be 100ft in circular-diameter and to you it could be 1,000ft.

I mean it's like going into an Auto Dealership and saying "I need good mileage."

Ok, well is that 15 Mpg or 30Mpg?

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I have asdl with TalkTalk using their modem SmartAX MT882 and am wanting wireless.Whats a good network router to add, reliable and decent price?They all come with key WEP protection don't they?

Answer:newb - what's a decent network router...?

hi bansaw.upto last week i was on the same set up with talktalk,i purchased a netgear DG834G V4 off ebay.i am totaly new to wireless but found it easy to set up.hope this helps.

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I need a cheap router

But i don't want to buy a total piece of poop

I can get a new in box Netgear RP416 for $20.00 shipped

Hope it works with vista and optonline

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I have a cable hi speed connection. My main computer is a up to date windows XP and I have a laptop that is win2000 that I would like to hook up via the ethernet port.

First off I used a DLink ethernet and wireless router that worked fine for a couple months then started loosing the ability to do a look up IE site not found, check your spelling etc and try again". I took the router out and the desktop XP unit worked fine which told me it was the router messing up things.

Got rid of the Dlink and purchase a basic Linksys BEFSR41version 4.2 and it worked ok for about a month and is now doing the same thing. I take the router out and go direct to the computer and it works. Hook up the router and after a few days things go bad.

I use the set up software and it clones the XP computer MAC address to the router and I can hook up the laptop and it works fine as does the desktop XP computer. After a while tho things go bad and I lose the ability to find web sites.

Appreciate any help on what to do, or is this just the way cable and routers work or fail to work ?

Answer:Is there a decent cable connect router out there?

Sometimes you can have problems like that right from the beginning and sometimes you can go years with no such problems. Anytime you have those problems two things to try are

1) Update to the latest firmware;
2) Reset the router to factory default settings and reconfigure.

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I have been using a LINKSYS BEFSR41 4-port router for about a year and it just quit working. It wont even reset when you push the reset button/cut the power.

I am running a Win98 on a desktop, Win98 on a laptop, an old Power Mac 4400, and an XBOX. I have heard that the "Netgear WebSafe 4-Port Cable/DSL Router" is a decent router but i dont want to get the shaft on another crappy router.

Any suggestions would be appricated.


Answer:Need a decent router (not LINKSYS BEFSR41!)

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Ive got a Macbook pro and an xbox 360 and I need a router thats cheap and effective.
Im a giant noob something easy to use would be nice...

I have two Motorola WR850G routers but they lack the antennas (long story) is there any place i can get just the antenna?


Answer:Decent Cheap Wireless router?

ebay ?

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my two roomates and I are getting fed up with our router bogging down and slowing the internet and file transfer to hell in a hand bag. we have the linksys router that everyone and their momma has. recently got a wireless router to use as an access point for our wii's and laptops and what not. we decided to keep using the wired router b/c we had heard that the new linksys wireless routers had the hardware cut back due to people installing linux on them. well its a great setup but no matter what router we use nothing can seem to handle the 4 computer (one is the file server) and the wii's and laptop. can anyone suggest a good router that can handle the workload without emptying all of our pockets?

Answer:need a router that can handle a decent work load

You sure it's the router and not your internet connection ?

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I'm currently running a Netgear 3700 v2 as my wireless router. It's been running fine for about 3 months. However, I've been hearing some reports of these things starting to act up after about a year. I was planning on getting another as a backup since our household will "die (think teenage girl drama)" if we lose our internet for even an hour. What do you guys recommend nowadays? I had an Asus N56u laying around as a backup (couldn't get it to work though) that I sold to a friend and they couldn't get it to work/ setup either.

Thanks in advance for any advice

Answer:Netgear 3700 still a decent wireless router?

the 3700 out there now isn't the same as the v2 the v2 was renamed something else, not sure if it is still around though.

if anyone reads this you'll get a lot of people just saying use your router and replace it when it breaks. they don't break that often. time span is measured in years plural.

IMO if the people in a household can't deal with an hour of dead wifi, they need to have their wifi go down even MORE often. reality check time folks.

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I am having major dhcp issues with my old router and I think its time to throw that pice of junk out the window and replace it with another router. The only reason I use the router is to connect another computer and my gaming console to the internet. Out of these 3 routers which one would you recommend?

Netgear RP614

Linksys BEFSR41

D-Link DI-604

Any other router recommendations would help as well.

Answer:Simple decent router needed. Which would you recommend?

Linksys WRT 54g , I've used them time and again and they are pretty rock solid.

Other ones have caused me too much headache.

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Looking to possibly mod (and I don't mean loading customer firmware...I mean hardware mod) a Wireless N dual band router. If you have a hardware mod guide that will assist in boosting signal range and quality, I'm all for it. Barring that, I'll do one router on each floor of the house (one upper level - east end, the other lower level west end) as APs.

I'd like to have the ability to run DD-WRT or Tomato on the units. Dual band is required. As I am interested in boosting the signal as far as possible, a guide to hardware modding them, or a unit with standard sized external antennas would also be useful.

Not looking to spend more than $100 per unit (if getting 2x units), or $200 total (whether 2x units, or 1x unit with antenna modifications) to get this working. Units must have the following:

3 antennas per frequency (2.4 + 5.0GHz)
Wireless N support DD-WRT or Tomato firmware available
GbE uplink port (yes this ia required)
4x GbE LAN ports (switched)

Any help is appreciated.

Answer:Need decent Dual Band N router with DD-WRT or Tomato capability
BTW, 30 seconds on Google...

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I originally had my eyes on the Linksys E4200, but there seems to be some positive opinion about the Asus router. I presume the RT-N56U is capable of transmitting data in both the 2.4ghz and 5ghz spectrum? Is it also capable of installing a third-party firmware like Tomato?


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Hi all,

OK the time has come for me to at least start to think about wireless N.

The number or N capable devices is starting to increase and so with more wireless clients the whole 54G thing is becoming painful.

My requirements are:

to be able to have a MAC filter
to be able to use this device as an access point only
must support 54G devices as well

If you know of any wireless N access points that I can implement MAC filters on then they're an option too.

I've also very briefly skimmed on WLAN controllers and some decent acces points but the prices of these are too prohibitive at present, besides, if I can find a wireless N device with good enough coverage, I'll only need the one device.

Many thanks


Answer:Recomend me a decent Wireless N Router that'll take DDWRT or similar.

I recently picked up a Linksys/Cisco e3000 from Newegg..they have a batch of factory reconditioned units for 69 bucks. Can take it. It's dual radio...quite fast.

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Im just about to set up ukonline 2mb broadband and need to buy a wireless modem/router for my pc and laptop.where can i buy one at a good price?im looking for something thats compatible with a ukonline 2mb connection, is fairly future proof and if possible has a built in firewall.

Answer:where to buy wireless modem/router at best price?

Good selection here:click hereAs far as price is concerned, for the same model there is not much to choose between many of the major suppliers. I almost always use Novatech.Any of the devices in this section should be OK with ukonline 2Mb.

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I am loking to find out a web site that I can locate a price of this router.. any Ideas?

thks in advance

Answer:Price of an IneXq ISW050t Router?

Have you tried I got lots of hits on reviews and prices.

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I am looking for a cheap wireless router to use with my home DSL line. I am looking for something in the $40-$50 range. My only requirement is that the range performance must be decent. I have a Netgear Wireless G router (WRG614?) and it is a piece of shit. The router is located downstairs in my house and I have a really crappy connection when in my bedroom. How do I know that the router is the problem and not my laptop's wireless networking port? Because the neighbor's router which is located up the street a few houses away provides a stronger signal!! And no, my router does not have to penetrate any more walls to get to my room compared to my neighbor's router. He's using a MIMO router, but I feel kinda guilty leaching off his/her connection. Well, not really, but I don't want to be confronted about it. Anyway, all I care about is range and with about a 1 Mbps pipe (DSL service is relatively slow). Recommendations?

Answer:Looking for a cheap wireless router for home with decent range performance

I use a Linksys WRT54G v4 with the DD-WRT firmware on it. I haven't upgraded because it is rock solid with that firmware, and DD-WRT provides shitloads of settings. The only problem with the 54G is that it doesn't support 802.11n. If you aren't worried about the hype about Pre-N, Draft-N, and the other "Almost, but not quite"-N's, get the WRT54GS which is $74.99 on Newegg as of right now.

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I have had a lot of trouble witth my Belkin F5D7230 v 4uk wireless router.
It keeps disconnecting and really had enough
So I am thinking of buying a new one, but not Belkin again

Can you first of all tell me if will have left any files on my pc to interfere with setting up a new router?
Cant seem to see anything to uninstall. I just wondered if it could have messed up my settings as it wont connect at all now?

I was thinking of getting maybe the Philips SNB6500 or the Linsky WRT54g?
What do you think and are they easy to set up for a learner? Any tips would be great.
I have NTL and not sure of any settings I may need to know.

Answer:Best low price router in uk? Also whats left of Belkin on my pc?

you can just connect any router

But have you tried fault finding this router

have you updated the firmware ??

post an IPCONFIG /ALL when its working and when its not

then try these PING's

TWO Methods to do that - some people have problems with ONE----

ONE ---------------------------------
ipconfig /all

rightclick in the box
select all
control key + C key - to copy
then reply here and
control key + V to paste

TWO -----------------------------------------------

Start, Run, CMD to open a DOS window and type:


Open C:\RESULT.TXT with Notepad and copy/paste the entire results here.
NEXT lets see if you can get out onto the internet with both names and IP's - its possible the IP number you get back on the first test is different to the one I post {I'm in UK} so use the number you get instead of mine

try ping the name and then the IP see below


C:\Documents and Settings\wayne>ping {the default gateway ipaddress you got above }
C:\Documents and Settings\wayne>ping
Pinging [] with 32 bytes of data:

Reply from bytes=32 time=120ms TTL=243
Reply from bytes=32 time=107ms TTL=243
Reply from bytes=32 time=102ms TTL=243
Reply from bytes=32 time=101ms TTL=243

Ping statistics for
Packets: Sent = 4, Received = 4, Lost = 0 (0% los... Read more

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Small Business running 2 servers and 15 clients and just placed an order for a new server
They have DSL PPPoA handled by a rented modem that has a DHCP server and NAT firewall built in
They just had two employees start working from home and use terminal services to access a server and then remote to their respective desktops
The DSL modem is connected to a 8 port switch and that in turn is connected to another 16 port switch

This is where I enter the picture. I would like to help my friend get a setup that would allow him to have a secure network and have room to grow.

My questions are:

Would it be best to:

Use a basic D-Link, Linksys, or Netgear router with a firewall and DHCP server, and setup VPN on the new server?
Use a basic D-Link, Linksys, or Netgear router with a firewall and disable the DHCP server, and run DHCP and VPN off the new server?
Get a firewall, VPN, and DHCP unit that can handle minimum of 2 VPN connections?

If option c. which brand and model would be best?

He would like to keep the price down, but is willing to pay for a good product. The max dollar amount would be $400.

On the cheaper side I have found the Netgear FVS318 for $120, but has many negative reviews that state it just stops working after a short service life.

Your help is greatly appreciated.

Answer:VPN Router Firewall DHCP, best price/performance


15 clients on a DSL connection? Might want to research more on that. Just went to TS with under that amount of clients and had to go to a Premium cable service for decent perfomance and it's only a VPN to TS. Verizon DSL just couldn't handle it.

Since my vote is C, we are going with a Checkpoint. There are a few Opensource projects out there that could handle very easily what you are looking for.

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Hi Folks.

Very new to ADSL and networking in general. Therefore, I'd appreciate it if your answers were as much as possible in laymen's terms.

Here's my problem:
I bought a D-Link DGL-4300 gaming router and attempted to couple it with a Prolink Hurricane 9000C ADSL Modem/Router. Essentially, the Prolink is a modem with a single port router combined. Thus, it has a Ethernet output.

Now, when I connect the Prolink alone to my PC, everything works just fine. However, when I connect the Prolink to my D-Link router's WAN port (according to D-Link instructions) and then connect one of the D-Link LAN ports to my PC, the Prolink and D-Link does not communicate with each other.

In other words, I cannot get Internet access with the D-Link connected. But, all the LEDs light up properly. The D-Link WAN, Prolink LAN, D-Link port 1 (PC), Prolink LINK (synchronized with ISP), etc.

When I first setup the Prolink, I inserted the CD and provided Username and Password as requested and all was fine. When I connected the D-Link also I went to its homepage and entered the Username/PW combination. But it never accesses the Internet via the Prolink. The PC communicates fine with the D-Link, but D-Link doesn't do so with the Prolink.

What could I be doing wrong? Could it have something to do with the fact that I'm connecting two Routers together as opposed to a pure modem - router combination?

Any suggestions on how to solve this problem would be... Read more

Answer:How to couple D-Link Gaming Router with Prolink ADSL Single port Router?

you probly have both units configured to do dhcp and routing. They will conflict. Two routers=bad. I would turn off the nat and dhcp on the Pro link and let the dlink do the heavy work.

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I have a significant problem with my computers not recognizing my d-link router. I screwed something up today and now my router won't work. I have had the router for years working just fine, but today I was trying to connect a new kindle which wouldn't connect to the Wi-Fi and I lost the router after screwing around with configuration.

Basically I've been trying to re-install the router, I changed the SSID but it appears the d-link quick router setup software recognizes the modem as the router and won't re-intall my router thus denying me access. Has anyone ever ran into a situation such as this? Please help...

Answer:D-Link Software recognizing modem as Router, router not working

Find the reset switch (usually a smal hole and you press a paper clip into it for ~5sec).

That will bring it back to day-1 default settings.

Unless you are attaching to the modem/router using USB, there's no software to be installed
(that's only used for USB) - -
just cable the eithernet cable to a LAN port on the router and then you can configure it

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Hi friends ...

I hav bsnl broadband connection in my home.... I connected a tplink wired for browsing...

I also have a belkin wireless router..... I connected those routers.... And only wired communication is possible
and i cant access in wireless connection... Pls help me

i m sttuggling....

Answer:How to connect tp-link adsl router with belkin wireless router???

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In order to get my laptop onto the network at school I've been using a D-link DI-524 with the ethernet cable hooked up one of the lan ports. I picked up a pocket router on sale at OM in hopes of doing the same setup in a much smaller package, but with no luck. Both times I have had DHCP turned off with all off the other settings (90% positive) the same. With the pocket router I am able to get an IP address, along w. dns server, etc, but am unable to connect to the internet. Does anyone have any ideas?

btw: plugging the pocket router into my network at home works fine.

Answer:D-Link pocket router V D-link DI-524

Perhaps knowing what kind of network your school is running would help. Even better, why are you carrying a router in your pocket to attach to an already existing network? Most colleges have DHCPED WAP's or Ethernet connections you can easily attach to unless the Network Admin is a network nazi and has it locked down so tight you can't even put in a static IP to route through in which case, your SOL.

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My service provider just gave me the new Westell E90 router modem but with out informing me that its a router.

I already have a D-link DI-624 wirless set up and I am getting the internet connection fine, but I'm unable to access my computer remotely using PCAnywhere (or other apps) like I was before using port forwarding.

I don't understand Lan/Wan too much or DHCP or Bridge or PPoe so if someone can give me a hint I would appreciate it.
Strangely, I had a dynamic ip address before , but its not changing everyday now. ??

I got to the Westell config area but still haven't been able to set it up right.
I'll try to give some info here to help u help me.

D-Link gateway -
D-Link Submask -
DHCP Server - enabled

Westell VC1 Config - Protocol: Bridged
VC1 - Bridge Settings - mode: Routed Bridged
DHCP - enabled
Subnet Mask -
Gateway -

Westell discovered local devices:
di-624 -

Westell Private Lan DCHP start address
Westell Private Lan DCHP end address

Westell Public Lan DCHP Server Enable - not checked
Westell Public Lan Ebable - not checked

Answer:Westell Router/Modem with D-Link Router

Ok, very inofrmative

Microsoft(R) Windows DOS
(C)Copyright Microsoft Corp 1990-2001.


C:\>ipconfig /all

Windows IP Configuration

Host Name . . . . . . . . . . . . : ALAN1
Primary Dns Suffix . . . . . . . :
Node Type . . . . . . . . . . . . : Unknown
IP Routing Enabled. . . . . . . . : No
WINS Proxy Enabled. . . . . . . . : No

Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection:

Connection-specific DNS Suffix . :
Description . . . . . . . . . . . : SiS 900 PCI Fast Ethernet Adapter
Physical Address. . . . . . . . . : 00-16-EC-45-9B-6C
Dhcp Enabled. . . . . . . . . . . : No
IP Address. . . . . . . . . . . . :
Subnet Mask . . . . . . . . . . . :
Default Gateway . . . . . . . . . :
DNS Servers . . . . . . . . . . . :


My Wan IP is a number so .... ?

It seems like I need to some how make the westell just a bridge(?) so that it doesn't assign ip address and allows the D-link to be the router??


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Hi AllI have a D-Link Wireless Modem/Router but now I've changed from ADSL to Cable (NTL).I want to change the Wireless Router settings to act as a simple router so I can connect it directly to the Cable modem.Does anyone have any experience with this?Any advice will be appreciated.ThanksJ

Answer:Using D-Link Wireless Modem/Router as a Router

Cannot be done. You'd need an Ethernet WAN port on the back for the cable modem, the router would have to be capable of disabling its own modem and accepting the PPPoE protocol from the cable modem. If it could be done, we'd all be using the same type of modem. Get a WRT54 or something like that.

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I'm looking for some opinions on Linksys Max Performance Wireless N Dual Band Router (E4200-CA) and D-Link Xtreme Wireless N Router (DIR-825).
These are the 2 I've narrowed it down to, I just don't know which one to get.

I'll be mostly using it for wireless online gaming on 3 pc/laptop simultaneously. but it will all so be use for wifi on about 3 other small devices, wired on 1 pc and 1 xbox.

any help or opinion on either one would be appreciated.

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Dear sir,
I am trying to setup an IP camera on my WDR 4300 Router. ROuter is just purchased.
The camera says its ready at

However when i open the same address in my Computer, the WEBPAGE NOT AVAILABLE is shown up.

Both the camera and COmputer are connected to WDR 4300 via WIFI and firewall is disabled.

I tried using a D link router and the camera stared working right away!

Answer:IP camera not working on TP link router but working on D link router

Hello bhvm,

Verify that in your TP-Link router, the IP Scope is setup as 192.168.1.X same as in your D-Link router. Also, check the ports configured needed for your IP camera in the TP-Link router. You might want to compare the ports opened from D-Link.

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I recently made some changes to settings on my router and am wondering what effect they may have had or exactly what they do. Some backround first. I recently purchased a Roku Streaming Media box and am trying to get it connected by my wireless network to a new HD TV. The player connected easily to an older TV without any network problems so I know the signal can be reached at the location. Other devices in the room connect fine. I called Roku support and the tech was as helpful as possible. We ended up making some changes to router settings and it appeared to fix it but it isn't connecting again. That is another issue. I just want to figure out what the settings changes did to my network, if anything
The router is a D-Link DIR-628, Firmware 1.24NA 4/12/10
These were the changes that were made:
Going to, entered pass word and got into router settings. Went to advanced-firewall settings-enable SPI. SPI was checked and we unchecked it and rebooted router. What is SPI and what does it do?
Secondly we went into Setup-Wireless Settings-Manual Wireless settings. We unchecked "enable auto channel scan" and changed the wireless channel from Channel 1 (?) to 2.462GHZ Channel 11. What effect does changing these settings have?
Thanks in advance for any information. Since the box isn't connecting again I'm thinking of reverting back to the original settings.
Steve Rehmann

Answer:Router Setting on D-Link DIR-628 Router

have a read here on SPI - and some incomapatabilities with some specific routers

Changing to channel 11 - would be to avoid interference on the wireless signals
Wireless can use channels 1-13 some countries restrict those channes to 1 to 11
channel 1, 6 and 11 are far enough apart not to overlap and cause interference

post back an xirrus screen shot and we can see what channel would be best for your area

how old is the roku ? - it maybe faulty.
do you have other wireless devices in the same location working ok
{run Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector} Download and install
If you cannot access the internet with this PC, then you will need to copy the program across to the faulty PC
Direct link to the program is here
Then run and install the program
if you get an error - You need NET Framework installed for the WiFi Inspector to function.

Run the program

post a screen shot of the program running - if there are a lot of networks showing can you click on "networks" top lefthand area - so we can see all the network information, and also post which network "Adapter Name" (1st column) is yours on the list

To post a screen shot of the active window, hold the Alt key and press the PrtScn key. Open the Windows PAINT application and Paste the sc... Read more

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Good day , i hope to find a solution through your kindnessI live in Egypt my uncle bought for me hp split from US mar 2015it get issue on keyboard attach on oct 2015 and repaired through geeksquad (replaced the slate dock board )when my uncle was on US last jan 2016after just one week when he came back to Egypt it got hardware failurei try to solve it through hp Egypt agent (feb2016 ) and give them the receipt on (17 mar 2016) so i have all my rights for warranty servicehp respond that it wouldn't deliver theSpare parts while there is someone who in US find that the parts is available on 500 $ price where i shocked (the total hpSplit price is around 500$)i hope hp to solve this complicated as they have the parts why they didn't send it to their agent here in Egypt to solve my problemthere was a communicate with hp social didn't find a way to handle this problemAnd all what they can help me is to arrange for the unit to be shipped to a friend/relative within the US so that they can arrange for servicebut it isn't allowed to ship the laptop so they give me email for CEO and President Dion WeislerI send email by the problem 28 mar and there was no respond and send again on 7 apr and wait and no respond tooI really don't know who is the one who got the ability to take responsible for helpWith all my respect to you

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Today, the price of gold sits around $1660/fine ounce, maybe Huawei should put their E173 and E220 drivers on wall st. The price per unit would surely surpass that of gold before the close of trade.
On the Vodacom website there are two downloads for the E220, a pc software for vodafone and a VMC update for the dashboard. I downloaded and installed the software for Vodafone onto the laptop, and thereafter dowloaded and updated the E220 with the VMCLite_E220_3_2_1_156_standard program.

Now, since the modem's dashboard could be updated, it would be safe to say that the modem was detected, right?
Well, this is what happens when I open the Vodafone program:

I have been struggling to sort this out for a while, and I'm sure I'm missing something so simple...
Please can someone help out?

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Question: d-link router

I just updated my firmware for my d-link di-624 wireless router, now I can not get online using it I get the error message unable to find page. I had to take it out and run directly from my dsl modem to get on. Any help will be appreciated.

Answer:d-link router

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hi everyone i have a tp link routerTL-WR941ND today i turn on the router and saw that light of port (1,2,3,4) , pow and wan is on the (sys,WLAN) are blinking , now only the power port is plugged but still have tha same problem ,
plz help i cant fix it
thanx all

Answer:help me in TP-Link router

If its brand new - it maybe faulty - I would try a factory reset see below
if that does not change anything , then i would return under warranty

User manual

1.4.2 The Rear Panel - Page 5
There are two ways to reset to the Router's factory defaults:
1) Use the Factory Defaults function on System Tools -> Factory Defaults page in the
Router's Web-based Utility.
2) Use the Factory Default Reset button: Press the Reset button for five seconds and then
wait for the Router to rebootClick to expand...

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Question: D-link Router

Hey i had a question about my router...its D-Link WBR-1310 model and it says it supports 802.11G, but the thing is my wireless car is a 802.11N should it still be able to pick up a signal off of this router? because it doesn't seem to work.

Answer:D-link Router

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Question: D-link Router

My Wireless internet keeps turning on and off this has been happening ever since I've had my laptop. Well i have a D-Link 524 router, but i am having problems using it. i hooked the D-Link router up to my laptop using a DSL cable only, and thats it. i need to know how to get it working... help is greatly appreciated.

Answer:D-link Router

First welcome to Techspot forum.
Second have you updated the firmware on the 524?
Third have you udpated the drivers for wireless adapter for your laptop?

Try 2 and 3 and see if that fixes your problem?

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I was just wondering, if there is a way that I could possibly retrieve my router account somewhere I tend to forgot it since I'm not having problems with my router since I bought it 3 to 4 years ago. Also, does having its factory settings pressed at the back of the router needs to be installed again? thanks hope for your replies

Answer:D-Link DIR-300 Router

From the online manual - these are the login default settings, if you changed these and cant remember , then you are not going to be able to access , without doing a factory reset

To access the configuration utility, open a web-browser such as Internet Explorer and enter the IP address of the router (
Enter the user name (admin) and your password. Leave the password blank by default.

Also, does having its factory settings pressed at the back of the router needs to be installed again?Click to expand...

You will need to re-configure the router after doing a factory reset, however, it depends if you needed to make any changes 3-4 years ago, you may just need to set up the wireless security, or do nothing

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Hi guys wondering if you could help me out here, the thing is i just bought a new desktop and i am trying to connect it to my existing network i have set up, but for the life of me i cant remember the password for it, its a WPA personal password, when i type in for the router setup it comes up with username and password, i read on other forums that the username is admin and the password field you leave blank, but when i do the such said, it just flashes back up again, so does anyone know how to find the password or am i snookered

Answer:d-link DI-524 router

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Question: D-Link Router

Hi,I'm considering the D-Link di704p Router.  It's got an integrated printer server, however, I'm using an Epson multi-fuction print/scan/copy device.  As far as I know, D-Link uses its own software for printers, rather than the software that comes with the printer.  Will it work with a multi-funtion device such as mine?  In other words, will D-Link's software enable me to use the scanner function of the device?pg

Answer:D-Link Router

What does D-Link support say?

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Question: tp-link router

hi im new to this pc lark but i just bought 1 of those routers to play my nintendo wii online,im having problems connecting and i dont know if ive got my router set up right,all i got was a plug but how does the router connect with my pc,im with virgin media,thanx

Answer:tp-link router

Have you configured the router? Wired it up to a client PC, accessed its configuration screen and created an internet connection? It is not clear from your post whether you have got to this point.

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Question: D-link router...

My router has been fine till tonight....I left to go see a movie and my brother unplugged the router for some reason when I come back home I replug it in and I get a perfect signal but not internet. I reset the modem/router and it works fine but it seems to cutting off or not working at all....

Answer:D-link router...

Which model?

Cut the power to the modem and the router, wait like a minute, then plug in the modem until that's fully boot up, then plug in the router.

Works with my DLink Xtreme G router

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Question: D Link router

Hi all,

Frys today sell the D link extreme N daul band gigabit rounter for $99. Is it 825 model ? and good to buy it or not? I have netgear WNR834B and now want to upgrade it. Should i buy D-link 655 or this once on sell?

Thank you


PS: it's on bottom right

Answer:D Link router

Why do you need to upgrade?

What is wrong with the Netgear?

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Hi i got the D-link 615 from virgin last monday anyway i needed to open ports for my FTP server i run and i mannaged to do it because i had to open the DMZ and it all worked afterwards however the problem started today after i reformatted my computer, got everything running i re installed my FTP stuff to get the server back online but now the server won't connect though the URL or client

i have reset the router back to Factory to start again still doesent work
i have closed the ports and tried to open them still doesent work
i have evan opend the program to allow on my firewall still doesent work
i evan tried to open port 2000 with U torrent still doesent work

now i can't do it and it is stressing me out i had all this working last tuesday so i don't understand what has changed since reformatting my computer today.

i hope someone out there can help me please

Answer:D-link DIR 615 router help

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Question: D-Link Router ?

I just purchased a D-Link Router, DIR-625. I used to have a linksys and there was one good thing about linksys. I used to be able to get to my router ( and monitor my wireless netwrok users (Status/DHC Table). I could just click and remove selected users whenever I wanted. With D-Link, I don't seem to have this power. I tried looking for it, but no success. Can anyone please tell me if this is possible in DIR-625 and How.


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Well, I am getting rid of my old router. It can't seem to handle playing mutliple games. (2 games running on pc, one on xbox 360)

Which one of these would you choose?


I am leaning towards the first choice, the xtreme gaming router. However is the Wired ports just a switch or are they part of the router? If it is just a switch will it matter?

Like for example, the second choice it looks like the wired LAN ports are a router and not a switch.

Thanks in advance

Answer:Which D-Link router to buy?

Jzabi said:

I am leaning towards the first choice, the xtreme gaming router. However is the Wired ports just a switch or are they part of the router? If it is just a switch will it matter?

Like for example, the second choice it looks like the wired LAN ports are a router and not a switch.

Thanks in advanceClick to expand...

Like most home grade routers...the 4x switch ports built into the back are just the LAN ports for the built in 4 port switch that sits behind the router. If you need more wired ports..just uplink to another switch.

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I lost my Wi-Fi.Went through another installation process,and then got an error message " router must be reset to default username and pass word.How do I re-set to factory settings?
Thank You

Answer:Re: D-Link 615 Router

Use this search string
dlink 615 router support
Results [ hits ] will include emulator pages.

Manual at 615/manual/DIR_615_Manual_RevE_v5_20_US.pdf

Disconnect power from the modem & router. Turn off your PC.
On the back of the router is a depression < 3mm diameter. Insert a blunt, narrow object such as a paperclip tip or optical drive tray release device. Hold down for 30 seconds, by the clock.

Wait 30 sec to 5 min; depends upon your ISP tech support.
Re-connect power to / Turn on the ISP modem. When all the LEDs are solid green, except for stand by & PC Activity,
Connect power to the DIR 615
When the green LAN LED is solid, green, turn on your computer.

You are welcome.


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Question: D-Link 655 router

Just got myslf one of the above and for the life of me cannot connect to the internet with it.I have tried automatic set up and manual set up.I know 5the settings are correct as I copied them from my existing router a Netgear DG834G.Do I need an added modem with the D-link?

Answer:D-Link 655 router

You appear to have got a "Cable/DSL" router, which doesn't incorporate an ADSL Modem and which would normally be used with Virgin's *CABLE* broadband service. You could actually use it by plugging its ethernet WAN port into one of the existing LAN ports of the DG834G. By doing this, the D-Link would still give you a Gigabit LAN via its ethernet ports and 802.11n (300Mbps) wireless connectivity. This would be much simpler to set up than getting an Ethernet ADSL Modem and I cannot see any disadvantages.

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Today I bought a new TP-Link Wireless Router in China, (TL-WR845N), and set it up with followed instructions with the router IP setup too with
Before, it was only LAN and now I bought the wireless to use my iPhone with it. Now LAN wont work at all on either of my computers. I've uninstalled and reinstalled the Ethernet drivers, rebooted/checked the modem and router, but still couldn't get it to work.
My Windows XP shows connected, but Chrome says unable to connect to the Internet.

I've checked TCP/IP settings, made it automatic, still nothing.

Any tips?
Thanks, Chibichuba

Answer:New TP-Link Router, Can't Use LAN or Wi-fi

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Hello I have D-Link router 2650U, and I'd like to use QoS on my router
to get the highest priority for internet, for gaming, surfing or w/e.

I had some issues configure the parameters so help me please, pictures :

As u see I've enabled the QoS

I've enabled here QoS too, though I don't know what those options and DSCP means and if I even need it..
Here I've set its priority

This how it looks after I've done making the 'QoS' for my pc/ports, not sure if its good.
This is the window where I need help insert the right details to give the priority to my PC, the ports 7700~7800(range) are the ports for the game I play GunZ
I found out those ports through Port Forward website.
I just want to know if the QoS is right, or how can I make my whole PC with the highest priority and not just ports.
One more question : Will disabling items help/harm my internet?
And putting it in such order is better? or give the web client network higher priority?
And also disabling all those items?

Answer:Help using QoS On D-Link Router

Lol that ridiculous 800 people viewing and no one can actually help :|?

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AAArrrrgggg. I had a D-link DI-604 router for about a year. One day we were on the secondary computer and it locked up. When we restarted the machine the router stopped working. I unplugged the router and went straight thrU my DSL/Broadband modem and I could get to the Internet that way. I tried resetting the router. I started from scratch and unplugged every thing and started over and NOTHING. I lowered my MTU to 1400 and then 1482 and about 20 other numbers and nothing. I went to D-link tech support and followed there instructions on resetting the DSL and router and NOTHING. SSSSSOOOOO I bought a new one and guess what, NOTHING! I think I wasted my money. All the proper lights are on and blinking. I can get into the D-link software by going thru explorer and typing in the IP address but I just can't get it to connect to the Internet! I'm on a PC with OS/ME)
************* SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME *************

Answer:D-Link (DI-604) router HELP PLEASE!!

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I am trying to connect a d-link wbr-2310 router to my computer. My internet connection is sbcglobal dsl. I was able to go trough the set up steps connecting the router and it said the connection was complete. My problem comes when I try to get into the router to set up the security features ip address is the exact same ip as my SBC connection information page. I am unable to get into the router configuration page. I've tried accessing the IP address with my modem off which is useless as then I get a connection error/page can't load. HELP!!

Answer:D-link router & SBC dsl

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Question: to-link router

can some one plz tell me how o can put a password on it thanx steve

Answer:to-link router

Does that router come with instructions, if not , try google and look up how to put password in. If you have a BT Hub, then u need to put this into ur IE then u will gain access >> click hereBut with diffrent makes of routers, this number will change of course.

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Question: D-Link Router help

Hey i just bought a Dlink router and i was wondering why it wasn't being detected by my laptop and the drivers are all there and the wifi is turned on the light is on and i inserted the cd and went through set up...but when i connect the wire to my laptop it then detects it so basically it doesn't detect it wireless only when it is directly plugged into my laptop. Someone please help

Answer:D-Link Router help

So you saying that when you connect your laptop directly into the router via an ethernet cable to a LAN port on the router, the connection is fine but when it is unplugged, your cannot pick up the wireless signal?

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Question: D-Link router key

I have a D-link DIR 615 router, I set up a security key & stupidly didn't write it down (or if I did I can't find it!!) I have tried numerous combinations of admin, password & blanks but cannot log-in to find/change the code.Any ideas gratefully accepted.Thankyou, Lottie.

Answer:D-Link router key

The default login name is supposed to be 'admin' (without the quote marks) and the password is to be left blank. You can reset the router to factory settings, if you think you might have changed the defaults at some time. That will restore the defaults for you but you'll have to set the router up again with your ISP's settings.

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Hey my router is a D-Link Version DI-614+

I would like to know how to block APPLications with it .. like kazzaa, limewire,warez. But my main is to block ppl in my house from using limewire.. just cant figure out how so plz help

Answer:Help with D-Link Router

Setup, Advanced, Filters, and block whatever ports you feel are offensive.

You can also lock MAC addresses to IP addresses so you can filter specific machines, that's on the DHCP screen from the Main menu.

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Question: D-Link router

I need to know how to set my d link router to shut off at certain times of the day. Any help would be GREAT!!!

Answer:D-Link router

I don't think any simple router can be set up to shut off and back on at certain times of the day. You may be able to configure some routers to block/allow internet access based on time and day of the week. If you want the router to turn on and off at certain times, you may need to plug it into an AC power timer that can work with low power transformer loads. Some solid state timers may only be rated for incandescent lamp loads.

Might help if you told us the model number and version number of the D-Link router.

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Question: new d link router

we just got a D link DIR 615 and we have a persona modem we just switched from a bell modem/router and it always worked on my computer but now we set up the new router and my computers internet isint working. my parents computer has inter via wire connect and my ipod and sisters laptop via wirless work just my computer wont connect however it says its connected and the wire light flashes and the router flashes for the slot im in and we tried the wire on my parents computer and it worked so i dont know why my computer wont work can someone please help i dont want to go all break on my ipod


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I need to be able to communicate from my PC on the LAN (10.16.xx.xx) to a PLC / HMI is a furnace which have a 192.168.xx.xx type address and communicate with each other via a switch.

I was hoping to use static routing on a router (TP Link TL-R402M) to allow me to connect with the PLC. I have tried a few options but I am unable to ping. Please see attached for a layout and an example routing.

Do I need more than one routing defined ?

Any help would be appreciated.


Answer:TP Link Router Help

If the router portion of the TL-R402M has its LAN Address (Gateway Address) set as with a sub-net mask of, it will only handle communications for devices on its LAN ports having addresses in the range of ~ If you plan on using a switch, and not a second router, for connecting the PLC, HMI and Barcode units to the TL-R402M, they will need unique IP addresses in that range and the PC will also need a unique IP address in that range. The IP address for the PC will not work.

EDIT: Did some thinking over lunch. Are you connecting the PC to the WAN port of the TL-R402M and switch for the PLC, HMI and Barcode units to a LAN port of the TL-R402M? If so, please list separately the IP configuration data for both LAN and WAN portions of the TL-R402M

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Question: D-Link Router

I get internet access wired from a d-link wireless router, everyonce in awhile I loose connection for about a second and then it comes back, why?

Answer:D-Link Router

probably your ISP... do you lose the connection if you are patched right in to your modem does it do then?

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Question: Tp-Link Router

Hi, I just received my Tp-Link wireless router model TL-WR541G this morning and have been trying to set it up all day. I set it up according to the installation guide by connecting to the modem to the WAN port on the router, and connecting my laptop to one of the LAN ports on the router. All the led lights come on as they should but when I try to log in to the router by typing the IP address into the web address bar it just says page cannot be displayed and no log in window comes up. I'm not sure what to do.

My laptop is a dell inspiron 1501 that has a 2 GHz AMD turion processor, 896 MB RAM and is running on Windows XP if that helps at all.

Answer:Tp-Link Router

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Question: d-link router

I have a d-link 624+ router and the status light has stopped flashing, i have reset it several times and still no change. Can anyone tell me if the router is dead or if I need to upload new firmware. If I do how do I do that if I can't communicate with the rounter? Any help would be appreciated.

Answer:d-link router

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Question: D link router

I have a dsl connection now and purchased a Dlink router so I could bring another pc online in my home. The router says to take the ethernet connection from the internet router and insert it into the wan plug in the Dlink and then use the other ports on the Dlink for pc connections. Cannot get a connection this way. any suggestions ?

Answer:D link router

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in attempting to update AVG to the 2011 version click here but have reached a point where I am now looking for a competent replacement. I know there are several around but having not used them I would appreciate information on the experience of others.I am considering Comodo and Avast at this stage but any advice would be welcome.Many thanks in anticipation.

Answer:I have been more than reasonable

We have been using MS security essentials and windows own firewall since we purchased a lap top seems to work very well no problems and does not slow the l/top down. will be changing over the desk top next as this works well.

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Hey guys!
Previously had a belkin wireless router set up with my d-link ADSL modem but found that i had to keep restarting the router as the green lights would appear and work fine for an hour or so but then either dissappear or start flashing and the signal strength was crap.So just bought a new D-link DIR 615 router and installed it but in a way its giving me the same problem. It works fine but after an hour so maybe more i see that the led next to the power button that i believe is the internet led is orange and i i have to restart the router sometimes a few times to bring back the internet. what do you reckon the problem might be?any help is appreciated.Cheers guys

Answer:Wireless Router D-Link help!

Well, since two routers have failed in the same way with that modem, have you considered the issue may be the modem?

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So far my router has crapped out at least once a day for the last week, got it back by cycling the power. Today that 'fix' didn't work anymore. Here's what I've done so far:

1) Connected cable directly from my system to the cable modem. Works normally.

2) Switched out cable between router and modem, still no connection.

3) I was able to get into the admin panel and reset it that way, then I hard reset it through the pinhole. No go.

4) I then reset the router to factory settings through the panel, which was successful. Still out.

Oh, I rebooted between each step. Any ideas of what to try next besides buying a new one? Thanks all.

Answer:D-Link DI 524 Router Issue

Hi Augie

No sadly you have done all the options I would have suggested, I know some routers store logs of there opperation does yours if so is there anything that stands out as to causing this, sounds like the eprom is loosing the stored data to your settings, are they when you access the admin panel still ok or not?

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Hi, I'm trying to set up my router. I have it reset. Start with the modem and and plugging in the first ethernet cable in, then from there take that cable into the WAN of the router. I try to connect wirelessly with my desktop and an unable to maintain a connection. I've run the Setup Wizard and put the thing to Dynamic. I've tried static IP addresses, but I'm unsure of the problem. Thanks in advance.

Answer:Setting up a D'link router, DI-524

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So I live in an apartment complex and have my DSL runinng thru a D-Link DI-624 router. I obviously don't want random people connecting to it but what happened was i passworded it and my roommate was having trouble getting connected.

When I took the password off it works fine but I don't know if he is the only person connected to it. i want to be able to see how many/who is connected.

Is there a way to do this?

I also forgot how to password it so if someone could just brief me on that I would appreciate it.

Answer:How Can I see who is connected to my D-Link router

look for something in the web front end, on my older one its under the stats tab, and Wireless subsection, this gives me a list of connected devices by mac address (and connection time).

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Need some help on this problem.

I have a four machine home network sharing an cable connection through a hub. Everything works perfectly.

I just purchased a D-Link #DI-707P seven port router. The router is setup fine but two of my machines can not see the router, the other two work OK. I've tried pinging the router, changing the ports on the router, rebooting the router, resetting the router, gone through the network configurations on the machines, tried setting a static IP, all with no success. None of these machines are running a firewall. The only change to my network is replacing a hub with a router.....that's it.

However, if I reconnect these two machines to my hub, and then connect the hub to the router, everything works.

I called D-Link support and they tried to get things going but were unable to. The guy told me that he has never heard of this before. I find it hard to believe that I'm the only person that has had this problem.

I can't figure it out. Any ideas? All help appreciated.

Answer:D-Link Router Can Only See 2 of 4 Machines

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i have recently purchased the D-link dsl 504 router and i am having some trouble which is very frustrating !

I have ms 6.1 (latest version) and when attempting file sharing.....or 2 way webcam, i will get disconnected from the internet, have to turn the router on and off at the wall then reocnnect through
Control Panel -> Network and Internet Connections
As you can imaine this is very annoying and i would like this solved ASAP!
I have been told by msn to
"Open as many TCP ports as you can between 6891 and 6900.
Configure the TCP ports so that sockets on a port remain open for an extended period of time."
I have tried to do this but it has failed... i think i may have done it incorrectly !!

if any of you have any ideas on how to solve my problem or how to complete MSN's directions successfully please write back !

Any help is very much appreciated !


Answer:D-Link DSL 504 Router Trouble...Please help!

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