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Toshiba satellite pro l450-13r (wifi problem)

Question: Toshiba satellite pro l450-13r (wifi problem)

hello win 7 forum world i have a big problem with my laptop its a TOSHIBA SATELLITE PRO L450-13R .its got windows 7 64bit running.well the problem is to do with the wifi i have unistalled it and loaded ti up a bunch of times downloaded it also from this site
Driver Downloads - Computers | Toshiba - Toshiba

i know there is a fault because the laptop sees the routter and gets a signal as i got the bars on the signal sign on the bottom right of my screen but most of the time when i open my brouser it wont even show up google but shows that i have a connection.i can get internet no problem if i connect the cable directly into the laptop.this is a great laptop other than this problem.i know this is a problem because i have tried another toshiba laptop beside mine and it seems to get internet no problem when mine dont but both pcs show that they are connected to the same router and show that same signal that they have

any of you guys come across this problem.i was thinking of buying this maybe solve the problem but dont want my usb port used up and tis big thing sticking out either.

TP-Link TL-WN823N Mini 300Mbps WiFi Wireless USB Adapter 802.11b/g/n Windows 8 | eBay

TP-Link TL-WN823N Mini 300Mbps WiFi Wireless USB Adapter 802.11b/g/n

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Preferred Solution: Toshiba satellite pro l450-13r (wifi problem)

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Toshiba satellite pro l450-13r (wifi problem)

When the machine appears to be online but the browser doesn't seem to be working it's usually related winsock being corrupted.

To fix the problem copy/paste the following two command "one at a time" into an Elevated Command Prompt then reboot and test to see if the browser works or not.

netsh winsock reset catalog


netsh int ip reset reset.log hit

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Hi everyone! I am a new member to windows 7 forums and I came here having a problem with my built-in microphone on Toshiba Satellite L450-D laptop, so here is the story:
I used to have installed Windows 7 Proffesional on my laptop and the built in microphone was working perfectly but after upgrading to Windows 7 Ultimate my built-in microphone stopped working!
I tryed going into Recording Devices and enabling my microphone but no help it still doesn't work!I mostly use my microphone on skype chat so I need help! I hope for a fast reply

Answer:Toshiba Satellite L450-D built-in microphone problem!

Take a look at your device manager to make sure the correct drivers are installed. If not, head on over to Toshiba's website and download the audio drivers from there.

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I have a toshiba satellite l450D,Its a year old and was working fine.The left built in mouse key had slighly broken,I was using it today and it pushed inside the system,it instantly shut down,When when I power up up the fan starts and the drive spins and it shuts down again.I disassembaled it and everything seems fine.Could this be a short?If so how would I find out for sure?

Answer:toshiba satellite l450 powers on but......

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Hi. I've been having some trouble with my Toshiba Satellite L450. After starting the computer, the back light goes out after a few seconds. If I light up the screen with a lamp, I can still faintly see what's on it so the screen is still working. Closing the lid and opening it will make it light up for another few seconds. This happens regardless of software as the back light will go out even in the BIOS. I've tried to replace the inverter board with a new one (found one on ebay), but that made no difference. Since the screen is actually lighting up the back light has to be still working and since the inverter board wasn't the problem, I'm thinking that the screen is getting an order to shut off the backlight (as if the lid was closed). Does anyone have some tips?

Answer:Toshiba Satellite L450, backlight going out after a few seconds

You may need to replace the CCFL (fluorescent backlight) itself.
Process is similar to this: CCFL Backlight Installation|

Alternately, you could buy a new display screen, which would have the backlight attached.

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Does have Toshiba Satellite Pro L450 1GB RAM a build in micro?
Because I can not record voice.

Answer:Re: Does Toshiba Satellite Pro L450 has a build in Micro?

For final answer we need to know exact notebook model number.
Which L450 do you have (L450-xxx)?

Fact is that every notebook with webcam has built-in mic.
Has your notebook webcam?

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Hey can anyone advise on purchasing an external caddy to put a H.P optical drive into -- I have taken one out of a Toshiba L450 and want a case which is a good fit and which has a bezel that is compatible with the outside of the Toshiba optical drive.)

Thanks v much for any advice!

Answer:Satellite L450 - need external caddy to put a Toshiba ODD drive

Hey can anyone advise on purchasing an external caddy to put a HP optical drive into -- I have taken one out of a Toshiba L450 and want a case which is a good fit and which has a bezel that is compatible with the outside of the Toshiba optical drive.) Thanks v much for any advice!

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Hi Guys,
Could really do with some advice. I've tried to perform a recover on my laptop using the discs provided with the laptop when I bought it, as it was running very slow and thought I'd do a spring clean.
However, after loading it, and it all working, it is still very slow and it says there is a hard drive problem and I should back up.
I don't have a problem with this, or potentially wiping or replacing the hard drive and starting again. But I'm concerned that I will lose the partition on the hard drive set aside for the recovery (Toshiba did this) - and I don't want to lose my "copy" of windows 7.
I hope that makes sense and will love you forever if you can help :)

Answer:Hard Drive Failing on Toshiba Satellite Pro L450-17L

With my son's Toshiba, running Vista, we had created the restore DVDs when new. When the hard drive died I simply replaced it and used the recovery DVDs to reinstall as new. Everything was as factory set and we could even create the recovery discs again. Hope that helps.

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The microphone does'nt work. I checked everything under windows 7-32bit. I tried with Skype and others. Nothing is working. I looked for drivers for soundcard, but the diagnostic on the toshiba support site gives as result : laptop not found. Satellite L450 with extension 173 is not listed.

I bought Satellite L450-173 one year ago. It is not listed in the list of Satellite computers on Toshiba Site. When I do Autodetect, it is not found by the search motor. Why?

Any idea on the subject?

Answer:Satellite L450-173 - Microphone doesn't work and not listed on Toshiba page

Hi reibea2,

Is the microphone listed in device manager?
If yes the microphone should be working and probably you have to enable the microphone boost in Windows sound settings.

Furthermore the microphone belongs to internal webcam so I would reinstall the webcam driver instead sound driver.

The drivers can be downloaded on driver download page where your model is still listed: > Support & Downloads > Download Drivers
Notebook > Satellite > Satellite L Series > Satellite L450 > PSLYCE > Windows 7 32bit

Check this!!!

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Hey Guys,

I just installed windows 7 on a Toshiba Satellite A300 laptop that has Vista on it before. Everything works on it but the wireless won't connect properly, it says the network is public and has no internet connection even tho if i go to the connect to a network it shows me my wireless network. any help would be great.


Answer:Toshiba Satellite WiFi problem

You didn't mention which WLAN driver you needed to install. Once you figure that out by looking in Device Manager you can get the driver from the page below.

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Have a Toshiba Satellite 2435-S255. Installed a mini WiFi card from Broadcom that's 802.11b/g capable. This came out of another laptop of mine and I know it works and it's hardly been used.

I cannot connect to my WiFi router. I'm confident that I have the antenna corrections installed correctly. I have the switch set to on for WiFi on the side of the laptop. I've checked the Device Manager and the Broadcom Network Adapter is listed and shown as working properly. I do have MAC filtering setup on the router but I did get the MAC off of the mini WiFi and have triple check that it was entered correctly into the router. Using a DLink DI-784 which I've had no problems with my other laptop.

Any ideas? Installing this card in my girlfriends Toshiba so I can get her online.

Answer:WiFi problem with Toshiba Satellite

First thing you should do is turn MAC filtering off and any other security measures you have in place, encryption for instance. You should try the card in another laptop if possible. Are you using the utility that came with the card or XP wireless ocnfig utility? What is happening? No AP when you scan from the client? In other words, give some more details about your experirence other than it isn't working.

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Hi Folks,

A colleague passed me his poorly laptop (the Toshiba C660-18C of the title) as he is unable to connect to the internet after the re-installation of Windows 7 HP 32-bit.

Story so far...

His computer was slow - full of junk and stuff - so he asked me if I had a Win 7 disk for him to start again with a clean install.

I provided him with a disk and the re-installation went without a hitch - except now there aren't any drivers for the Ethernet NIC or WiFi and so he is unable to connect by either wired connection or wireless.

I've had a look and can't figure out what the problem is.

Device manager doesn't give any info - nothing like 'Realtek PCIe EE Family Controller' or 'Realtek RTL8188CE Wireless LAN 802.11n PCI-E NIC' that appear on my wife's Toshiba C660. Also there is no 'Microsoft Virtual WiFi Miniport Adapter' (not sure if that is needed). There is no description at all of the hardware.

I have found from the Toshiba UK website the following drivers and installed them, but still no joy.
The Network Device ID Registry Setting Tool, Realtek Semiconductor Corporation LAN Driver, Toshiba Wireless LAN Indicator and Toshiba Hardware Setup.

I went with the Realtek drivers as the Toshiba website lists these as 32-bit. The NICs may be Atheros but the only drivers I could find for them were 64-bit (will they still work on a 32-bit OS?) - and these were on Toshiba Australia's support site.

Several websites have links for what seem to be the correct drivers - but t... Read more

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I have recently installed an Intel 2200 Wireless Card into my Toshiba Satellite 1135-S1552.

The computer recognizes the hardware, and all the software and drivers are working fine.

The problem is when I try to Enable my Radio Switch. I need to be able to press Fn + F2, but on my Satellite the Fn + F2 switch accesses the Battery Mode.

Does anyone know how I can re-map my keyboard, or enable my Radio Switch???

Please help.


Answer:Toshiba Satellite 1135-S1552 WiFi Networking Problem

Perhaps you don't have to press Fn+F2?

On my IBM the radio is controlled by Fn-F4.

And you don't have to use the Fn+x combination anyway. The WiFi connection software can be used to turn on/off the radio. If you don't have any special software then disabling the wireless connection will effectively turn off the radio.

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Hi everbody!

I recently bought Toshiba Satellite L450-173 without any OS.

So I instaled Windows XP SP2 ... then I instaled almost every driver from Toshiba's site ...and I still can't get sound...and I stil can't connect to the internet ....

In Device manager I do not have any "?" ... i just have "!" on PCI Device in System devices

What now???

Answer:PCI device problem on Satellite L450


Unfortunately I cannot offer precise answer because I don't know what have you done exactly but I found out that your notebook model is fully WXP supported and what I can offer is exact installations order. Please check this order and be sure you have installed everything.

If you want you can try to install and configure WXP again installing all stuff again but following this installations order. Believe me it is very important to do it as described. So here we go:

Intel Chipset Utility
Intel Matrix Storage Manager
Toshiba Power Saver V2.62.0.3C
TOSHIBA Controls V2.62.0.1C
Zooming Utility V2.62.0.1C
TOSHIBA HW Setup Utility
TOSHIBA Supervisor Password Utility
TOSHIBA Power Saver V7.05.03.U
TOSHIBA Hotkey Utility
TOSHIBA PC Diagnostic Tool 3.2.11
TOSHIBA Assist 1.03.00_O
Intel Display Driver
AMD Display Driver 8.615WHQL_090609a-083247C-Toshiba
Realtek Card Reader 6.0.6000.86
Realtek Audio Driver
Realtek Wireless LAN Driver 2.00.0005_090623
Intel Wireless LAN Driver
Atheros Wireless LAN Driver
Synaptics Touch Pad Driver
TOSHIBA Software Modem 2.1.77(SM2177ALD06)
TOSHIBA Controls V3.36.4200
Bluetooth Stack for Windows by Toshiba v6.40.00.02(T)
Realtek LAN Driver 5.708.1030.2008
ConfigFree 5.90.14
TOSHIBA SD Utilities
TOSHIBA Software Modem Region Select Utility ... Read more

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Strange on this so bare with me,

We have 17 of these laptops specifically the 17R model of the L450 all have this issue.

When you stack the laptops.. ie closed laptop on the desk, and then put another directly ontop. It will NOT power on. If you move the laptop off the laptop below or move it an inch to the left right back or front it works!!

2nd Weird issue.. Once the laptop is powered on, if you put the laptop back ontop of another one the backlight goes off! again it you move the laptop an inch in either direction, or move the laptop it re works!

Basically dont stack the laptops is the fix.. just a very strange problem, some kind of interference?!


Answer:Satellite Pro L450 - Random Stacking Problem

> When you stack the laptops.. ie closed laptop on the desk, and then put another directly ontop. It will NOT power on. If you move the laptop off the laptop below or move it an inch to the left right back or front it works!!

Listen dude? it?s not recommended and not advisable to stack up the notebooks!
The weight of single notebooks can affect the notebook?s lid and the screen.

There are different sensors which enable and disable the screen when the lid is closed and I think the weight of the notebook which is lying on the first notebook could affect the sensor which disables the screen?

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My Granddaughter Toshiba Satellite can't find a WiFi net yet mine can connect quite easily. I click on the WiFi icon and it comes up "No WiFi available"

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Hi I bought a Toshiba with Windows 7 on it five years ago - I want to install an SSD now. Can I use the Belarc website to get the OEM Windows Key which came installed on the Toshiba, download the Windows USB download device, get the ISO from digital river, use to the OEM Windows key when booting up, then install Windows fresh on the SSD?

Answer:Fresh Installation of Windows 7 using ISO and OEM Key on Toshiba L450

You should have a sticker on bottom of laptop for the key

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in short my friends rebooted his little gil laptop to window xp 2000 and now we cant get the laptop to connect to the wifi its like the laptop doesnt reconise it has a wlan installed so imthinking maybe we lost a driver

ive ogne ito device manager and it say 1394 net adapto and unknown device

any help

Answer:Toshiba Satellite Pro a200 - Cant get my wifi to work

sounds like a driver issue. Reinstall the drivers for the device.

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Hi there

I am new on the forum and would like to say hello to all users!

London/Uk, ...was moving to a place with WLan access only, BT service+hardware in place//my Laptop doesn't recognize any network signal//internal mini pci card is a card bus controller from Texas Instr. PCI-1410//the PC has a Fast infrared port//XP Pro installed...saying device is working properly//would like to upgrade using internal mini Wifi card again//...any suggestions are highly appreciated...!

Answer:Toshiba Satellite 5205-704 / US product / Wifi Lan

Try new drivers. Do you not see any networks?

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Hi. Yesterday my WIFI stopped working. At times it will pick up a very slight connection but mostly nothing. Other devices connect to WIFI perfectly. I have tried updating the driver, turning off firewallls, resetting router. I'm using the laptop now via ethernet which works. I had a large windows update yesterday too.

Any help appreciated .

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I have a new Toshiba Satellite A505 laptop, and am trying to connect to wifi, but often can't get connected, and often can't even see my home network on Available Networks. When I do see my network, I am getting an excellent signal, but still can not connect sometimes.
Router is a Linksys WRT160N. The Toshiba is Windows 7 Home Premium. Any thoughts?

Answer:Connecting to wifi from Toshiba Satellite A505

I know I am having serious issues with my netbook and my wireless network. I can't figure out how to fix it, except to go downstairs and reset my wireless router. My work laptop and others connect just fine, it's only a problem with my netbook.

Have you tried resetting the router and see if it connects right away?

:wave:Welcome to TechSpot:wave:

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id the laptop isnt showing the hard disk as a bootable device, whats going on here and how should i proceed. Thx everyone. New to forum. all help is appreciated.

Answer:fixing toshiba l450 bios doesnt show hdd

If the BIOS doesn't detect the HDD chances are the HDD has failed.

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I recently purchased a Toshiba Satellite L875D and it will not connect to my home network. I have use a CenturyLink provided cable 660 Series Modem connected to an Apple Time Capsule router / back up drive. When "connected" to my home network it shoes full bars but is "limited". I have also tried connecting directly to the modem and the router with no luck. My iMac, iPad, all the families iPhones and two other older laptops run perfectly with this set up. Only my new laptop running Windows 8 is having this problem. As a result I can't update to Windows 8.1.

I have limited computer skills (as far as diagnosing and troubleshooting something like this) but any help would be appreciated.


Answer:Windows 8 Toshiba Satellite L875D will not connect to WiFi

Originally Posted by chrismug23

I recently purchased a Toshiba Satellite L875D and it will not connect to my home network. I have use a CenturyLink provided cable 660 Series Modem connected to an Apple Time Capsule router / back up drive. When "connected" to my home network it shoes full bars but is "limited". I have also tried connecting directly to the modem and the router with no luck. My iMac, iPad, all the families iPhones and two other older laptops run perfectly with this set up. Only my new laptop running Windows 8 is having this problem. As a result I can't update to Windows 8.1.

I have limited computer skills (as far as diagnosing and troubleshooting something like this) but any help would be appreciated.


I'm not sure why the wireless isn't working on your Toshiba L875D.

Toshiba has a special page to help walk you through the upgrade to Windows 8.1. You should use a wired connection for this.

How to Update from Windows 8 to Windows 8.1

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I can pick up all the networks around me and connect via ethernet cable but when I try to connect via wifi I type the password in and get "windows was unable to connect to (network name).

Answer:toshiba satellite C655D-S50852 wifi not work

connect to the wifi router by cable and reset the password, turn off mac can then take off the cable and use the wifi as intended.i hate computers!but cant help myself....

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My friend has a toshiba satellite L645D-S4040. I reinstalled windows 7 on his laptop but when I tried reinstalling the wifi driver it wouldn't work. I tried the realtek, the broadcom, and the atheros, and uninstalled each before I tried a new one. I even rermoved the wifi card and reinserted it, and that did nothing. I reinstalled win7 again and tried all of the above and still nothing happened. What could be wrong here? thanks!

Answer:Toshiba satellite wifi driver wont install?

Is there a hardware button on the laptop to enable the wifi adapter? You may need to press Fn + F8 key combination to enable the wireless adapter.

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I had issues with my laptop so i've decided to uninstall everything et install Windows 7 64 bits "brand new", but my bad, i didn't kept my previous driver...

I'm not able to make my wifi works could you help me ?

The network controller device is not installed correctly and I don't find anything on the website. I've tried all Atheros and Realtek drivers available without any success.

What should I download? Where ?


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'Lo Again,

Was wondering if anyone knows offhand if my 13-year-old Toshiba laptop can "take" a wireless card. If it matters, it's an original Pentium 90 running Win'95. The problem is, I don't even know where to begin to look for an upgrade slot/compartment on a laptop (this is my first one, fresh off Ebay).

Also, can Win95 itself even handle wireless networking? If necessary, I have my own copy of Win98 that I can install; will that work? (Unfortunately, I can't put any form/shape of Linux on this thing, as the particular piece of software I require--ExamSoft--only runs on Windows).


Answer:Can a Toshiba Satellite 205CDS be upgraded to accept a WiFI card?

Do you have any PCMCIA slots in that machine? If yes then what type?

Do you have an ethernet adapter there? If yes then you could get yourself a small access point.

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Before I begin, I appologize if this comes off as abrasive. I am trying my best, but am incredibly frustrated. So, I'm sorry in advance if I come across as bitchy, since thats not what I intend.

I have a Toshiba satellite c855d, with a realtek rtl8188ce wifi adapter, came with win 8, wich I updated to 8.1, then 10, then reverted back to 8.1 with a clean install after the bulk of my drivers not cooperating or being available and the computer crashing or hanging something fierce as a result.

I have had challeneges with this computer and wifi, off and on, since it's purchase. From the (exhaustive, albeit amature (I get computers, but am not formally trained, and am less up-to-date on both resources and troubleshooting techniques than I used to be)) research I've done over the last few years, it would seem that this has been due partially to win 8 being high maintenance when it comes to wifi signal, toshiba being lazy and completely lacking in interest or care for consumers of their product, and my model of realtek wifi adapter badically sucking butt.

However, having to reset my adapter every several hours is hardly normal or acceptable in my mind.

And, while I understand that fluctuations in wifi signals can vary drastically, I dont understand why the network I wish to connect to is only visable when my adapter needs to be reset, and disappears once I do so, nor do I understand this newest excitement, in which no less than 10 networks of varying strengths are visi... Read more

Answer:At wits end: wifi issues. Toshiba satellite, realtek adap

One solution would be to replace the WiFi adapter in the Laptop with a good one. This is usually pretty easy to do, but it depends on the laptop: good wifi card

How to replace the WiFi card

You could also try a USB WiFi dongle in place iof the onboard WiFi (also shown in the Google link above).

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hello i was wondering could you help me im in a stick i have one of these TOSHIBA SATELLITE PRO L450-13R.well i have a blue wd 250 sata hdd in in and i wanted to update my hdd to a wd 500gb sata black i got one and put it in to my laptop and put in my system recovery windows 7 home premium .i also downloaded service pack one and put it on my pc then made a system recovery cd onto my sd memory card.well the windows loads onto the pc and when tells me its finished and i take out the sd card and turn on the pc it says SETUP IS APPLYING SYSTEM SETTINGS then a box comes up saying windows setup could not configure windows to run on this computer hardware. i just am stumped i have tried changing bois settings but not work at all what so ever if you could help me i would be totally great full what i am doing wrong or will this cd work on my pc with sp1 and the windows product key also on it.also i have done a clone of my original hdd and that worked but system restore cds d
ont work and came up with the same error.but i downloaded a windows 7 from the internet and that worked but i needed a product key so i know my new hdd works ok but just like to use my orriginal windows restore cd that came with my laptop on it so i can system restore it with the cd any time i want.please help point me in the right direction

Answer:toshiba L450-13R from wd 250gb blue to a wd 500gb black system recove

it sounds like your install is corrupt, you may need to make a fresh backup if you can.

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I have a problem with my device Toshiba Satellite P50-C-18C: the WIFI connection drops unexpectedly and randomly. When this happens, restarting the laptop is not helping, the only way to solve it is to power off and restart the router.

The laptop has Intel Dual Band Wireless - AC 3165 as the WIFI card. I had updated the driver constantly, but the problem still remains.

Any ideeas?

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How do I connect my laptop to my Toshiba regza widescreen television?

Answer:Satellite L450-181 - How to connect to TV?

Hi ian guest,

Unfortunately your notebook doesn?t have HDMI output so you have to use the VGA port on your computer. The most TVs also have this VGA port so you can use a VGA cable to connector your notebook to TV.

If you have done this start both devices and select the VGA (PC) channel on your TV. Press FN+F5 key combination to switch between monitors (internal and external one).

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i have a problem with my Satellite Pro L450-12x. I have tried to install windows 7 but it does not work
So this is why i have installed Linux, but i am not happy with the os,

how can i get windows 7 to install?
thank you.

Answer:Satellite Pro L450-12x - Cannot install Win 7

?and why couldn?t you install the Win 7?
Did you get any error messages?

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I have just bought a second hand L450, I had it working fine just after getting it I shut it down correctly now have no power,no lights apart from green light to advise charger plugged in, when removed nothing.

Wont power on with or without power cord have tried all things reseating memory, hard drive and removing battery and pressing power button - still nothing

can anyone help please


Answer:Satellite L450 No Power

Did Windows Shut down completely? Or did it go into Hibernation or Suspend mode?

You could try resetting the system.

Remove the Battery and AC Adapter, hold the power button down for a few seconds to draw any excess power, then plug in the AC Adapter and see how that goes. If still no luck, you can try leaving the notebook without power overnight.

You could also try removing one of the RAM (Memory) Modules as well. One of them may be causing problems.

If still no good, you may need to send it to a Toshiba Repair Center for a quote.

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Can anyone help me to discover what the actual amount of ram system memory can be installed using windows 7 64bit? As far as I can tell it is 4GB or more? What is 'more'?

What about Hard Disc, what is the maximum size I am able to install and for which type e.g. sata etc

Answer:Satellite Pro L450-17K - RAM and HDD expandability

According notebok specification your Satellite Prohas Mobile Intel GL40 Express Chipset ant it can handle with 4 GB RAM max.
Unfortunately there is no precise info about HDD upgrade but it is SATA HDD what means up to 400 or even 500 GB should not be problem.

I recommend you to buy one 300 GB HDD and i believe it will be more tan enough for HDD upgrade.
What do you think?

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I am looking for a new hard drive preferably more than a _1tb_ with a price range of _around ?100_ and am hoping for some advice on the topic, I have found one I like but wasn't sure if it would be compatible, I have checked that it is the right size (_3.5"_) and just wanted to ask if it will work, thank you very much. rch

Answer:Re: Satellite L450-11G - new HDD & looking for advice


You need *2.5?* SATA HDD and NOT 3.5?
I think the 3.5? would not fit in the HDD bay.


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I have a firefighter that purchased his TOSHIBA SATELLITE PRO L450-17L in Qatar.
The tag on the bottom says TOSHIBA EUROPE GMBH

I am an AMERICAN with a US POSTAL SHIP ADDRESS AND billing address.

My predicament is this. HIS COMPUTER BE BROKE BECAUSE THE DUMB*$$ tried to update his own laptop using a PIRATED Windows & ultimate (I think)

I can't get the darn this to boot. The bloody darn thing keeps telling me there is no BOOT.EXE file. SOOO I tried to recover the hdd with the recovery wizard. NADA.

Can anyone tell that I AM FRUSTRATED????
Yes i am. I tried to order the recovery disk online. I'm NOT IN THE UK. THE COMPUTER WAS SOLD OUTSIDE THE US. UK WILL NOT RECOGNIZE APO, AE for the shipping address MUCH LESS THE BILLING ADDRESS being in TEXAS!

i'm about to be bald. Can anyone help?

Answer:Cannot get Satellite Pro L450-17L to boot


It seems that the Recover disks for Toshiba European notebook models can be shipped to the countries in the EMEA region only.

However, you could try to install the clean Win 7 OS on this notebook.
The missing drivers and tools could be downloaded from the Toshiba European driver page.

What do you think about that?

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Hi guys,

after getting nowhere with the blue screen of death, I did an out of the box reinstall,,but still the same BSoD
What do you suggest,

Answer:BSOD on Satellite Pro L450

Hmmmm... after recovery installation something like this should not happen, except there is some hardware problem.
Have you made something that can be responsible for this? Some hardware upgrade?

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Hi all!

I've got a Satellite L450-16K here with a microphone bug.
When the microphone is boosted up to 30dB it is beeping so loud.
I don't know why, but without boosting, just on the maximum volume it works normaly.
I tried the realtek driver, but the result was same.

Anyone can help me?

Answer:Satellite L450-16K Microphone BUG

> I don't know why, but without boosting, just on the maximum volume it works normaly.
Then use it without boosting. What is the reason for doing this?
I cannot say for sure but maybe this happen due to microphonic effect.
You know what I mean, right?

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My laptop won't let me log on to facebook.

Answer:Satellite L450 won't let me log on to Facebook

> My laptop won't let me log on to facebook.

There is no relation between laptop and facebook :) It looks like your Ip banned and you can't enter facebook site. Can you give us more information you mean?

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Any advice on installing a 128gb SSD in place of the hard-drive, using this for the OS (Windows 7), and putting the old HDD in the optical drive slot for use as storage.

Is this relatively easy to do on this model, and would a fresh install be wiser than cloning?

There are no files on the drive apart from the OS that need to be preserved - all documents etc are on googledrive, dropbox, and onedrive.

Would adjustments need to be made when doing a fresh install to preserve the recovery files on D?

I created a system restore drive a while back -- does this include Windows 7, or would I need to download it and get the licence number.

Is it easy enough to plug everything in and use the 'system restore' USB stick to re-load Windows?

Thanks for any answers

Answer:Upgrading Satellite Pro L450 with SSD

Any advice on installing a 128gb Samsung SSD in place of the hard-drive, using this for the OS (Windows 7), and putting the old HDD in the optical drive slot for use as storage.

Is this relatively easy to do on this model, and would a fresh install be wiser than cloning?

There are no files on the drive apart from the OS that need to be preserved - all documents etc are on googledrive, dropbox, and onedrive.

Would adjustments need to be made when doing a fresh install to preserve the recovery files on D?

I created a system restore drive a while back -- does this include Windows 7, or would I need to download it and get the licence number. Is it easy enough to plug everything in and use the 'system restore' USB stick to re-load Windows? Thanks for any answers

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Hello every body....

from 2 month I formatted windows 7 home premium (cumming with laptop) and install ultimate
seance that i can't use the Fn keys i try to download Toshiba Tvab from hear

and the newer version of it but i steel cant use Fn key this problem disturbed me alot
the other driver work well but i can't switch wireless adapter on or of except from bios

I want to restore all Toshiba software like factory sitting i have been searched a lot but i didn't get any solution .

Thanks ....

Answer:FN key is not working on Satellite Pro L450

If you have US model than use this page but if you have EMEA notebook model please use drivers from

Can you please exact notebook model?

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Hey got this computer yesterday and seems to be alot of small problems it got Windows 7.

When I sit on skype the sound gets incredibly bad after a while and same on ventrilo. on ventrilo it suddenly just stops hearing people and it lose connection to internet some times. I tried to install new drivers but Toshiba dont have the drivers for Windows 7 on there site yet.

Snyone knows if i can use drivers from another one or? please help :)

Answer:Satellite L450 - Where can I get new drivers?


I think you should check the Toshiba website again. I have eve checked it and for Satellite L450 I can already find Windows 7 drivers: > Support & Downloads > Download Drivers

In your case I would try to update the WLAN and sound driver. This could help you maybe.

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Interesting time doing a Windows 10 Upgrade with an old L450-17K notebook - the first time it didn't work, so used the Recovery USB, went back to Windows 7, then upgraded up to Windows 10 again, but again it didnt work, but the Recovery USB had recreated the Recovery Partition, so then restarted by pressing F8 (interesting that the new Recovery Partition looks quite different to the one on the Recovery USB by the way). Then instead of waiting for Windows updates, downloaded Windows 10 directly using the Windows Media Creator, and installed it immediately - this time it works. But then wanted to transfer the OS to a Samsung Evo 840 SSD - prevented by the Magician software which does not recognise Windows 10, so had to use Macrium Reflect, cloning all the partitions as they are. But it came out rather funnily because there is an extra drive which is very small, and the Recovery Partition was cloned over and takes up too much room, so am thinking of using Partition Wizard to shrink the Recovery Partition down to minimum size (would it work anyway having been moved to the SSD?) and merging it with C (where Onedrive is). But that leaves this odd Drive G, which is very small and appears to be empty (it contains an empty folder titled Recovery). This is all idle experimentation, when in fact the Windows 10 is now working pretty well on the SSD, though the Celeron processor peaks at 100% making the machine freeze quite often when asked to do many things - prob not a very good process... Read more

Answer:Windows 10 on old Satellite Pro L450

Correction - these are the views of This PC and Computer Management before and after - the first is the Disk before migration, with Onedrive on Drive C, and the Recovery Partion on Drive D.

The second is the Disk after migration, the third is This PC after migration (including detail of the MicroSD storage added afterwards). System G, on exploring, contains a folder named 'Recovery', which when opened is empty.

Data D contains the Recovery Partition. Onedrive Data is in C.

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I have a broken DC socket its on a lead that plugs on to the M/B , the problem I have I rang Topaz the official spares partner for Toshiba and I was told although it?s on a plug you cannot buy it separately ,you have to purchase the whole board.

They said it Toshiba's policy, so has anyone got any idea where I may get one?

Answer:Need new DC socket for my Satellite L450-136

I saw such parts on eBay. Check it a bit and try to find the right one for your Satellite notebook. As far as I know it is soldered on the mainboard so for exchange you need someone who can do it for you.

Of course whole notebook must be disassembled. I don?t know if you can do this alone. What do you think about that?

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I have a Satellite L450-188 and it has stopped working. I have tried to use the recovery disc but it wont recover and says the dics 0 and 1 no physical drive. Do you know what this means and how I can get round it at all?

Thanks emma

Answer:Satellite L450 - Won't boot


> it has stopped working
What does this mean? You can?t boot into Windows anymore or do you get an error message?

Well, usually to reinstall Windows you have to boot from first recovery disk and then follow the screen instructions to reinstall Windows. Everything happens automatically and you get factory settings back.

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Ok, before I go into the problem itself I would like to say that I don't have the slightest clue about computing and laptops etc. So I would appreciate no jargon and please keep guides so an absolutely uneduated fool could understand haha.

Basically, one day I just decided I had enough of my *Toshiba Satellite Pro L450-17L* going really slow so I went to restore the disk and I cannot remember how I did this. Anyway, everything seemed to be going fine until it came up with a white screen after fully rebooting saying PLEASE WAIT Finishing installation may take several minutes. Please do not interrupt or shutdown the computer!

I think at this point my laptop turned off because it needs to be plugged in at all times and the charger came loose (this is because the battery has been completely drained) and now all I have is a guest account and no other accounts whatsoever! I cannot reboot the laptop because of this and was hoping if someone could tell me another way I can reboot it because I can't believe this is the only way.

All help and guides are very much appreciated!

EDIT: I forgot to mention that this white screen comes up everytime now and never goes away!

Answer:I cannot reboot my Satellite Pro L450-17L

>... and I cannot remember how I did this
To be honest it is not easy to say much about this issue and in my opinion you should install recovery image again following description on

Do not do anything before your notebook is connected to AC power supply.

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I have a Toshiba Satellite L450 which has Windows 7 pre-installed. It does not have a recovery partition and no disks came with the Laptop. No older install points have been created.

So, how do I go about reinstalling Windows 7 as I want a fresh install to remove performance issues. Where do I get the media? I do not wan to spend ?200+ on purchasing something that was already pre-installed!!



Answer:Satellite L450 - How to reinstall Windows 7?

Hi Steve,

> So, how do I go about reinstalling Windows 7
First of all I would recommend reading the user manual. It can clearly answer your question how to reinstall Windows 7.

If you still have more questions, just post again. ;)

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HI can anybody help me please I have a satellite L450 and it 's mic does not work, it has in the past so no idea why not now

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My laptop had a virus so I used the Product Recovery disk that came with it, thinking that it would fix it but it ended up erasing the whole of my computer even windows 7.

So now I have a computer I can't use I have bought windows 7 directly from microsoft which I have downloaded and tried to install but it doesn't work.
I have also bought the product recovery disks from toshiba's backup media site in hope that they will work.

Can anyone help/advise on what I need to do.

Thank you

Answer:Need help in order to recovery my Satellite L450-16Q


The whole story is a little bit confusing for me. So lets see what you wrote:
>... thinking that it would fix it but it ended up erasing the whole of my computer even windows 7.
Thinking is wrong. What you need is exact info about recovery installation and this can be found in user?s manuals document. Recovery disc is not like Microsoft installation disc and cannot be used for repair. Recovery disc contains recovery image and can be used for clean OS installation (recovery image installation) only.
> So now I have a computer I can't use
Why you cannot use it? Recovery image installation installs OS again. Which OS is installed after running recovery image installation?
> I have also bought the product recovery disks from toshiba's backup media site
But why if you already have recovery disc that you have used at the beginning of the whole story?

What you need to do is to use this original disc for OS installation.
-start your notebook and press F12 several times to enter BOOT menu
-when the menu is shown put recovery disc into ODD
-select CD/DVD drive in the menu and press ENTER
-follow the menu on the screen

After recovery image installation you will have ?factory settings? again and everything should be OK.
More questions?

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Are you able to buy an advanced graphics card for this a TOSHIBA SATELLITE L450-188 instead of the bog standard one which comes with the machine because the frame rendering rate when i watch DVD's are appalling and also I am doing a Graphics A-Level so i need to use Adobe Photoshop's 3-D features but as expected the graphics card is not fast enough or big enough to support it please could somebody help??

Thank-you :)

Answer:Graphics card for Satellite L450-188

Generally speaking graphic card cannot be upgraded.
Please check this document -

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Hi everyone

I have just joined the forum and already I need help.

I have 2 questions (10) I am a OAP and I am a volunteer for a local blind group who all have laptops and I rewrite the users manuals into braille. Now one want's to know how do you start the recovery from the HDD drive and do you have to make disks for that.

and (2) Another has been given a Toshiba A 100 laptop and it will not start as soon as the Toshiba screen appears it want a password we have tried all sorts of passwords, startup dicks and a new programme disk but it will not start. Can anyone help please.


Answer:Satellite L450 - how do you start the recovery from the HDD?

For detailed instructions how to recover a Toshiba notebook with the HDD recovery procedure check please this document >

On Satellite A100 I presume you need BIOS password. Unfortunately there is nothing you can do about that. Toshiba authorized service provider can remove password for you.

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My partner is unable to get to grips with Windows 7 and would like to downgarde to XP Home Edition.
I understand to install XP I need to do an F6 at the start of the process and install a Sata driver,
Can anyone point me in the direction of this driver?

Answer:Satellite Pro L450-17K How to add SATA to Win XP while installation

That that model have a Core i3/i5/i7 CPU?

If yes, then try this Intel Series 5 Mobile Chipset driver:

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I have to recover this L450, but its owner didn't make the recover dvd.

The system doesn't start, and it says:
+BOOTMGR is missing+
+Press ctrl+alt+del to restart+

I've seen that the 320GB hdd is divided in three partitions:
first, hidden, is SYSTEM, 400MiB, with flag +diag+, and there are the boot manager (+bootmgr, BOOTSECT.BAK+ and the folder +Boot+) and a folder called +Recovery+ where there is a subfolder called +WindowsRE+ that contains +winRE.wim+
second is WINDOWS, 149GiB, with flag +boot+; here is the OS.
third is Data, 148GiB, no flag; here is a folder called +HDDRecovery+, size 6.4GiB and a folder called +MONICA-TOSH+ where there are lot of backups that I don't know how to use.

So, I tried to follow the manual, which sais to press the 0 (zero) key during startup to start the recovery from the hdd, but it didn't work, no screen appears and the error message appears again.

What do I have to do?

Thanks, and sorry for my english, I'm italian.

EDIT: I forgot to say that I also tried to fix the problem with the repair tools of the Windows7 DVD, but it didn't find any operating system while with a Linux Live I can see that all system files are in the WINDOWS partition!

Answer:Satellite L450-12W - How to use HDDrecovery folder?

Hi buddy,

The HDDrecovery can only be used if you are able to access the advanced boot menu of Windows. There is an option called ?Repair my computer? that will start the HDDrecovery from Toshiba.
I don?t know what user manual you have but as far as I know press the zero key will not work. You have to press F8 key to access the advanced boot menu.
Does it work?

If not there is nothing what you can do I think expect reinstalling Windows from Toshiba recovery disk. This will restore the preinstalled settings from Toshiba. If you don?t have this disk, you can order it here:

Alternative you can use a Microsoft Windows disk to reinstall Windows. After this you need all drivers and tools from Toshiba website.

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It clearly says DVD+ReWritable on the outside of the disc tray as well as CD+ReWritable but any attempts to burn a DVD end in "No burner found" . A burner is one of the main reasons I chose this model.
Does anyone actually know if there is supposed to be a DVD burner in the L450-13g?

The MS software is there. I checked the device manager and all I get is CDDVDW TS L633C which is not helpful.

If there isnt, it shouldnt be printed on the tray.

Answer:Satellite Pro L450-13G - Capable of burning a DVD?

Turns out L633C is not on the win7 64bit compatible list.

If this turns out to be the problem, why would both be on the laptop together

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I have a new Toshiba Satellite L450-181.

Whenever I go online now, the message balloon "Toshiba HDD/CSD Alert" comes up.
If I click on it, a window with the word "dwRet=12" appears, with a button marked "debug". Pressing this brings the message, "Unable to get disc info. Cannot use the alert feature."

Can anyone please help me with this? What does it mean and how do I resolve it?


Answer:Satellite L450-181 - How do I resolve HDD/CSD alert?

Has any preinstalled software been uninstalled?

Try this:

Remove the HDD/SSD Alert program from Control Panel -> Programs and Features
Remove the Toshiba Value Added Package program from Control Panel -> Programs and Features
Download and install the latest Value Added Package from the Toshiba Website
Download and install the latest HDD/SSD Alert from the Toshiba Website

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Win Xp pre installed by my company.

First question........why i get this advise? {color:#ff0000}Audio on bus high definition audio not recognize{color} if i have alredy on the list "realtek sound card" correctly installed?
Is a problem between hd designed for windows7 and software xp?

Second question...........does this pc have inside any blutooth divices? I didn't find any.............


Answer:Re: Satellite Pro L450-180 Blutooth and Driver

> First question........why i get this advise? Audio on bus high definition audio not recognize if i have alredy on the list "realtek sound card" correctly installed?

The Realtek HD audio sound card needs certain MS patches for Win XP.
The patches are a part of SP3!

So you have to install FIRSTLY the SP3 and then the Realtek sound driver.
Please keep this in mind

Regarding the BT:
Check if there is a BT label at the bottom of the unit. NO label means no BT module

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I recently supplied a client with a new Satellite Pro L450-13P (Windows 7 Professional). He came back to me the couple of days ago saying it was a great laptop but CD's/DVD's will not auto play. I Googled this problem and tried an all manner of suggested solutions including various registry changes, uninstalling and reinstalling the DVD device driver, unchecking and rechecking the always use AutoPlay tick box all failed.

I have a Toshiba Satellite A200 (Vista) and thought I would try inserting a autoplay disk into my drive. To my astonishment my laptop had developed the same problem, it used to AutoPlay but now it doesn't.

Any assistance people can give me with regard to this issue will be gratefully accepted.

Many Thanks,

Answer:Re: Satellite Pro L450-13P - CD's/DVD's does not auto play

Hi Mark

As far as I know autoplay can be defined in ?Autoplay? settings (control panel).
There you can define what should happen when you insert each type of media or device.
For instance I have all options set to ?Ask me every time?.
Have you tried to change these settings?

Have you tested it with different medias?

If you have noticed the same on your notebook does this means you have tested it with the same media as your client?

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*Hi all,*

Just want to know which series does _Toshiba L450 16T_ belong to?

That's in order to download the required drivers!

Have a nice life!

*Best regards!*

Answer:Satellite L450-16T belongs to which series?

Hi mate

It?s a Satellite L450-16T.
If you would take a look on the notebook model number label which is placed at the bottom of the unit, then you will see something like that; L450-16T PSLYCE-00xxxxxxxx

As you could see the notebook belongs to *PSLYCE* series ;)

Simple? isn?t it? ;)

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I have just got a Satellite L450-136 with Windows 7 and all Toshiba Utillities loaded. I dislike Windows 7 and much prefer Windows XP.
Can I remove all Windows 7 and install Windows XP on this laptop?


Answer:Satellite L450-136 - Can I install Windows XP?


> Can I remove all Windows 7 and install Windows XP on this laptop?
Of course, you can install every OS that you want :)

But don?t forget to create the Toshiba recovery disk as mentioned in user manual. If you want Windows 7 back with all drivers and tools you can restore it from recovery disk because it contains an image of factory settings.

Have you checked if you can get all drivers for your model and XP?

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I have bought recently this model

It works nicely , there is something strange with the cooling fan:
with win 7 , using performance battery mode fan turns on every 2 -3 minutes, runs for 10 second thens , it turns off.
This happens even with low temp
heasink seems working fine since cpu with stress test goes not above 53 degrees after 1 h.

after that i worked on power profiles ( even with advanced toshiba cooler option set to minimum )
using power saving mode it runs a little slower, but every 5 minutes.. that seems quite often.

Is that normal with this model
i got l300 and was running not so frequently.

Pls le me know if normal or not.

thx and BR.

Answer:Satellite Pro L450-180 fan question - issue

Every notebook is different in terms of the cooling system. Usually the fan spins more often if the CPU is more powerful.
You could try turning off Windows 7 Aero (3D rendering) and turning down the CPU Speed. A BIOS Update may also help.

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hello ...

i just bought 2 GB ram DDR2 to my Toshiba laptop L450-ez1541 and the system say that the maximum ram usable is 2.84 and i use windows 7 32 bit

is there any ? explanation to what i see and how to increase it to 4 GB ?


Answer:Satellite L450-ez1541 - 4GB ram but 2.84 usable

This Microsoft page addresses your post [ memory allocation in Windows 7]

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I have purchased a new Satelitte L450D-11X laptop.

Does anyone know if there are docking stations for these. So far I have not found any.

ta ta

Answer:Docking Station for Satellite L450


How do you want to dock the Satellite L450 with an docking station?
Does your Satellite L450 support a docking slot at the boot of the unit?
I don?t think so!

Only some Portege and Tecra series have been equipped with such slot which allows to dock the unit with a docking station?

You can use an Dynadock. Such Dynadock can be connected to a USB port
Google simply for Toshiba Dynadock.

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Hi to all readers,

I am trying to reset my laptop to it's out of box state. Have tried the widely recognised method of powering off the unit and holding for 10secs, and then restarting whilst holding down the zero key and waiting for the unit to bleep, no bleep occurs, the only results in a page being displayed showing detail of the Celeron processor ? I have made recovery disc's.

Can anyone help / advise with either procedure?

Many Thanks for looking, I hope someone out there can HELP ?

Best Regards

Answer:Satellite L450-18D and factory reset

Recovery image installation can be done on two ways:
-HDD recovery image installation -
-installation with recovery DVDs

If possible start HDD recovery installation as described in Toshiba document. If this doesn?t work use recovery discs if you have them.

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I am trying to work out how I can change the size of the parition on my hard drive my C Drive is nearly full and D is a pain to keep anything on as most of what I have links to my Ipad which doesn't detect it when its on the D drive!!

Is there anyway to remove the partition or change the size of it without losing my data or having to reboot my system?

Thanks in Advance

Answer:How to extend the C partition on Satellite L450-17K


It?s possible to change the partitions size in the disk management of the Win 7.

But you will not be able to shrink the D partition and to add this free space to the C partition using the Windows option because the free space would be created after the D partition.
To move the free space from D to C partition a 3rd party software is needed.

I recommend using a tool called *GParted.*

It?s freeware and you can use it to manage your partitions on the HDD.

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Two weeks old L450 started to beep at high volume while microphone is on. This came after Skype was installed.

Are there any settings that were modified on Skype setup for audio? Or is this Toshiba bug somewhere? If I turn microphone on and e.g. listen youtube, noice increases while adding volume, music can be barely heard while beep is on. If I mute microphone, I'm able to listen music, but not able to use Skype anymore 'cause I need to disable microphone. Any idea which causes this?

Answer:Satellite L450-14Q - Beeps if microphone is on


That?s really strange and I never heard about such an issue. I can?t imagine that Skype has something do with that. I also use Skype for years now and never had a problem with that?

But I?m a little bit confused now. How do you turn on the microphone? Normally it will be turned on if you use the webcam or make a call with Skype. And I think if you listen music, it?s not possible to use the internal microphone/speakers like a ?headset??

Anyway, in your case I would try to update the sound and webcam driver. Make also sure that BIOS version is up to date.

Furthermore it would be interesting to know which OS you have. Maybe restoring to factory settings would help you?

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I seem to have no mic, though win says its working but nobody can hear me.
Yes it?s turned up and it?s not muted. One thing in the past if I connected my head phones in front plugs, or any device, I always got 2 captions but they no longer appear.

Was wondering is that part of the problem. Is the mic part of the camera software?


Answer:Canot use microphone on my Satellite L450/136

Can you please tell us which application do you use? Do you use mic with Skype?
Have you checked sound options in this certain application?

One more thing: if the mic is installed properly it should be set as default device in sound properties > recording devices. Is there everything OK? When you make sounds near the mic does green sound bar react or not?

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Hi friends,

I have a problem that seems to be common on these treads, on models, L450, through to L500 and above, and that is little sound out of the built in internal speakers, common complaint is that you have to hold the laptop to your ears to just hear sound.

My old Satellite P10 I can hear other side of room , no amount of adjustment improves it, ok through head phones and external speakers ,the internal test facility says everything ok ,surely not.

Any thoughts please?

Answer:Low onboard sound on Satellite L450-136

Have you tried to change volume settings and volume level on player you use?

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i have a Toshiba laptop that i was fixing, i need to just take out the hardware a put it in the same model a Toshiba 6100 as was the one before but now the wireless is not working i checked the bios i add the driver i made sure the hardware was not physical damaged and i tried another shell from the same model line and it still wont pick up but it worked before not it wont even work in the original shell any tips thanks
laptop Toshiba satellite pro 6100
80gb hdd
windows xp(updated)
Updated bios

Answer:toshiba wifi problem?

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Hi guys help please

I don't know what my 5 year old niece pressed when playing on this rig but she managed to rotate the desk top to the right hand side, starts so it?s on its side, ok on post screen ,tried system restore but it said a file missing and could not complete this am sure has got nothing to do with my little problem, thats for later thanks

Answer:Satellite L450 - Win7 How to rotate the display?


I don?t know if this will help but check please follow thread

Please post some feedback.

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I have a Toshiba Satellite L450-18D, that was bought in England in May, and sent over to me in Portugal, so I chose Portuguese as the default language for my keyboard. However, for the past two weeks, I've been having this problem: ever since I installed Microsoft Office 2007 and the Office SP2 update, I've been having this curious situation with the accents - instead of seeing only 1 accent everytime I click a key, I see 2 accents (with only one click).

Something like this:
?? (1 click); ~~ (1 click); ???? (2 clicks) and so on. This is *huge*, _because we use a lot of accents in portuguese_ - for instance, I should be able to write +portugu?s+ (written in notepad) and not +portugu^^es+!!!

Now this does not happen when I use Notepad, but happens at every other program (Office, Works, OpenOffice...) and also in my internet browser (Mozilla Firefox). Is there any way that I can manually delete or manipulate the accent associated with a specific key? I've tried switching the default language to Brazilian Portuguese and uninstalling Office 2007, yet the problem remains... Could it be associated with any update regarding Office?

Thanks for your time!!

Answer:Satellite L450-18D - Keyboard language issue


To be honest that?s really strange behavior...

Interesting would be if you remove Microsoft Office if the problem still exist or not. If yes it seems to be related to Microsoft Office and therefore you must contact Microsoft for detailed answer.

Otherwise you can only check the keyboard input language. Make sure only one language is set.

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Can anyone help? Just bought L450 laptop and webcam is very grainy? Any solutions?

Answer:Satellite L450-137 - Webcam picture is grainy

Hi mate,

I think you have to play a little bit with the settings of your webcam or reinstall the driver.
Have you tried this?

Furthermore this is an interesting document of different webcam settings:

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Hi guys

I am busy doing an out of the box boot,all went well till it got to ,copying F to V hddrecovery its stuck on 1-7. What can I do?

Been 3 hours upto now,what can I do its all ready erased all data,how long should I leave it ,in its present state,thanks

Answer:Cannot finish HDD recovery installation on my Satellite L450


I?m afraid something went wrong during the recovery process.
I think you can try to repeat the procedure once again. Maybe it would work. In case the HDD recovery isn?t possible, you would need to recover the notebook using Recovery medium.

Did you create Recovery disk or Recovery USB flash memory stick in the past?

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For some reason, I am unable to on my laptop. When I press the power button, the on light comes on however, I am unable to see anything on the screen. I am only able to see a black screen. I have charged up my battery however, it is still not working. When I power on the laptop, the hard-drive does make a sound of moving for about a minute however, after that it does not.

What should I do to fix this problem. I have taken out the battery and pressed the power button for 30 seconds however, that does not work. Is there anything else that I could do in order to fix the laptop?

Thank You

Answer:Satellite L450-113 - Is not powering on and black screen


In FAQ section you can find already an interesting article what to do if your notebook doesn?t start anymore:

Follow the advices there and if it?s not work, you need professional help from an authorized service provider.

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I have a Satellite L300-1AQ laptop supplied with a PA3468E-1AC3 charger. I have recently bought a L450-11V laptop supplied with a PA3715E-1AC3 charger.

Does anyone know what the differences are between these chargers as they both have the same output voltage and current ratings, and, will they damage my laptops if swapped?

Answer:Satellite L300-1AQ - Charger from L450-11V compatible?

Hi panetony,

If both chargers have the same output voltage and ampere you can use it, of course.

Only the exact voltage is important but an higher ampere is no problem.

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A friend has a Toshiba Satellite L450-36 laptop running Windows 7 32-bit which he thinks has been hit by a Virus. He went to use the laptop some 3+ weeks ago and found that it would not boot up. Now, he has 3 daughters who, prior to this problem, used YouTube a lot and say that they had been seeing Adobe Player Flash updates appear on the screen at regular intervals, but that they have deleted them. When he happened to mention the problem to me I offered to look at the machine as I have certain disks which might cure it or at least let me rescue his files ? Paragon Rescue Kit, Avira Anti Virus Rescue Disk, AVG Rescue Disk & others.

When I turn the machine on I get a Toshiba Leading Innovations start up screen with a
Press [F2] for SETUP, Press [F12] for Boot Device selection menu at the bottom. I let the machine carry on and a window appears giving me the choice of {HD1}, <FLOPPY>, <NEXT HD> but nothing happens when I select one, so I turn off the machine and start again, this time pressing F2 which takes me into the BIOS. I put in a cd, Paragon Rescue Kit 11, come out of the BIOS and the CD boots up. I have done the same with the Avira Anti Virus System and it detected 4 infections. It then let me copy all of my friend?s files to an external hard drive, allowing me to complete one of the objectives.

I have booted from the Toshiba Product Recovery CD/DVD and I get a ?Windows is loading files? message followed by a loading bar with Microsoft Corporation ... Read more

Answer:Boot problems with Win7 32-bit and Satellite L450-36

In my opinion you should remove HDD and connect it to another notebook/PC and perform low level formatting and simply delete everything. you can use some tool like this one and after doing this put it back and try to install original recovery image using recovery disc.

In the past I?ve never had such problems but I think it is best way to remove all viruses or malicious applications.
Test it and please post some feedback.

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Hi, Please can you help?

I'm looking at a Toshiba Satellite L450-18D. It was puchased over 12 months ago so is out of warranty.

Upon switching on the laptop, it powers on and makes the usual noises, (fan, hard disk, cd player etc) but nothing is displayed on the screen. Not even the bios screen.

I've tried to connect it to a working external screen but this did nothing as well. (used the fn + screen swap).

Any idea's please?

many thanks in advance.

Answer:Satellite L450-18D - black screen on bootup

Hello Alec

I cannot say for sure what the problem can be. It can be display, it can be CPU I don?t know. Without exact test you will not find out what the problem is.
Best option is to contact Toshiba and ask for help. They can check these using diagnostic tools.

What else you can do about it?
Can you disassemble notebook alone and check all this?

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I am in need of a snapshop of description of where the CMOS reset is on this laptop as the battery is soldered into the motherboard. i know on other models of toshiba that you can short out two points to reset the cmos.
Please help.

Thanks Lee

Answer:Satellite L450-16Q - Cmos jumper reset

Hi Lee

Please don?t understand me wrong but BIOS password is very important security feature and you cannot expect to get such info on Toshiba forum (public portal).

Toshiba uses several different methods for password reset and who knows which of them must be used on your Satellite notebook.

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I get new lap top Toshiba Satellite L450-172, I use windows 7, and I can?t find drivers for wireless.
Can someone help me to find drivers for wireless?
Thanks in advanced

Answer:Need Win7 wireless driver for Satellite L450-172

According notebook specification your notebook has Realtek WLAN card.
WLAN drivers you can download from Toshiba WLAN portal on

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Satellite L450-136, Win7

Hi guys

Can you tell me how to remove the bottom transparency it interfers with some programs?

Answer:Satellite L450 - how to remove the bottom transparency?

You mean the Windows TaskBar?

Setting the desktop theme to 'Classic' will turn off the 3D transparency effects.

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satellite L450, win7,

hi guys

I am having trouble with flash player,
i uninstalled f/p, then installed latest version 11, but still when trying to use youtube it tells me i need to upgrade.
I have done most of the suggestions on diff forums ie: i made sure IE was set to 32bit, in fact i tried both 32/64, uninstalling each time, to no avail.

Any ideas guys,

Answer:Satellite L450 - Cannot install flash player for IE9

Forgot to say after installation flash player says it has successfully installed, and it in add/remove,,but not according to you tube

Message was edited by: sido1

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I am trying to fix a Satellite L450-181 for a friend.

I have had to replace the hard drive as a friend tried to load Yahoo messenger and when the laptop rebooted a screen came up to say a file was either missing or corrupted but we were unable to access any of the keyboard except the mouse and touchpad.

I replaced the hard drive and reloaded windows 7 64bit from a Microsoft disc as we were unable to find the Toshiba recovery disc. Everything works fine after downloading all required drivers from Toshiba except the entire keyboard. The keyboard shows up in the device manager as working fine with no conflicts but I cannot get any function from the keyboard at all.

I suspect my friend has locked the keyboard in some manner or there is a setting I need to enable but I am at a loss at what to try next as I have reloaded the flash card utility, the vap utility, tried the Fn/ F11 and the Fn/F10 combinations to no avail.

Any help would be gratefully received.

Answer:Keyboard doesn't work on Satellite L450

> Everything works fine after downloading all required drivers from Toshiba except the entire keyboard
Wait a moment. Has keyboard worked after clean OS installation and before you started to install Toshiba drivers?
Can you use keyboard in BIOS mode (arrows to change BIOS options)?

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Problem spiralled downward after suddenly turning off. Initially could not get windows OS to work so I used the recovery disc. After this was successfully used the entire computer went dead and won't start (whole machine dead) despite battery and a.c. power in place.

When power button pressed the green light comes on for one second and then immediately goes out, no attempt by machine to start.

Anyone seen this before or has any ideas?

Answer:Satellite L450-X13 will not turn on after using recovery disc

Remove the battery, disconnect AC power supply, leave the notebook for the while and try to start it with AC power supply only.
Does the same happen again?

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Hi everyone,

I tried to reinstall windows 7 through the advanced recovery method in control panel.
However, when it restarts there is a windows is loading files screen then the start up screen then its a black screen with a cursor and gets stuck here.

This happens everytime now, no matter what I do e.g. safe mode, booting from cd/dvd




Answer:Re: Satellite L450-181 - black screen while installing Win 7


Check the HDD!
Use the tool called Drive Fitness Test which can be downloaded for free.
This tool creates a bootable disk which runs a HDD test.

By the way; did you try HDD recovery in order to reinstall the OS?
Usually the HDD recovery can be started pressing F8 (while notebook booting) and then you should choose Repair My Computer option which contains the HDD recovery.
But possibly this option does not exists anymore if you already tried a new OS installation

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will the Creative sound blaster x-fi xtreme audio notebook soundcard plug into my Toshiba Satellite L450D which has a 4 in 1 media card reader or do I need some kind of adapter?

Answer:Satellite L450 - Can I use Creative X-FI sound card?

Hi pitza,

Do you mean this sound card?

If yes you should read the user manual firstly. The 4in1 media card reader is only designed for flash cards like, SD card, SDHC card, etc.

This Creative sound card requires a ExpressCard slot (34 or 54).

I have checked the user manual of Satellite L450 and it?s not equipped with such a card slot
=> You can?t use this sound card!

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I've had a big problem with my L450 D and was advised by the warranty provider to use the Product Recovery disc. I have done this but I am unable to get past the following command:


Can anyone tell me what this means and how I can get past it to continue with product recovery on my laptop please?

Many thanks

Answer:Trouble with Product Recovery for Satellite L450 D


have you tried to restore from hdd image?

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I have a two month old L450 running "windows7".

Within a week of purchase and for no obvious reason, the screen went black with a blue message box in the centre.
It only remains on the screen for a few seconds before shutting down so I don't have chance to read the message.

This has happened on a number of occasions since.
The only words I have managed to see are "crash dump" and something about removing hardware.

Is it possible to press a key when this happens to enable me to read the screen and is ther a "Problem Log" as in "Vista" that would enable me to see what the problem is?

I could return it to the supplier but as the fault is intermittent the chances are it would not show itself.

Answer:Satellite L450 crashes for no obvious reason


In order to disable automatic restart follow this:
- right click on ?My Computer? -> Properties
- On the left click ?Advanced System settings?
- Click on ?Setting? button in area ?Startup and Recovery? (it?s a last third area)
- Remove the mark from the ?Automatically Restart? box .
- Click OK and Apply the settings.

Now you will get all the details on the screen after the notebook has crashed again.

Why this happens?
Hmm? this is not easy to say? in many cases it?s just a software/driver issue.
Try to update the driver/graphic card driver?

You should also check if your BIOS is up to date.
As you know Win7 is a new OS on the market and there could be also an compatibility issue with different 3rd party applications installed on your system?
So be sure that Win 7 is also up to date!

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The HDU has packed up I beleive it had Windows 7 installed on it I am not sure if it is 32 or 64 bit the Microsoft sticker has the product key but the remainder of the details are worn down. I will order a recovery DVD from Toshiba but I dont know if the normal OS install on this model is 64 or 32 bit OS?

Alternatively anyone know how to check the OS version from the MS Product Key

Answer:Satellite Pro L450-17R - Windows 7 32bit or 64bit?

Hi buddy,

According the specifications the notebook was deliverd with Windows 7 64bit *preinstalled* and 32bit version on *extra DVD*.

The current Windows version you can check if you right click on ?My computer?. In new window you can see the current Windows 7 version.

If you order a recovery DVD I think you will get 64bit only because the 32bit you already got on DVD.

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Wondering if anyone can help. I have a Satellite L4500-13x and would like to know if it is possible to view streamed content on an old TV from my laptop eg YouTube. My TV has only got an RCA input.
I have an external monitor port on laptop and don?t know if I can use that with some kind of adapter. Or do I need an HDMI to RCA convertor from the laptops HDMI output port.

Answer:Satellite L450 - How to view streamed content on an old TV?

Hi buddy,

Normally it?s no problem to use an older TV as external monitor. You probably need an adapter, VGA to RCA but this is a common part and usually always been used with such older TVs they don?t have a HDMI port.

On eBay and other places you can purchase such ?VGA to RCA? adapter. That?s everything what you need for this connection.
After this you can switch between monitors using FN+F5 key combination. :)

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I've got a computer toshiba L450-19Z and I wonder he can read SDHC memory card. If not, how to do for it?
Can I download a driver?

Does somebody know about it?

Answer:Does SDHC card work on Satellite L450-19Z


Yes, the bridge media slot supports different cards.
The SDHC cards are supported too and you can use 4GB-16GB SDHC cards.

But as far as I know this info can be found in user manual ;)


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Sorry about this question but it driving me mad:
When i highlight anything on the taskbar I am only getting the 4 colors, instead of a view of the page.
Can't for the life of me remember how to change it.

Answer:Satellite L450-136 - How to enable taskbar preview using Win 7


This live taskbar preview should be available if Aero is enabled.
So check if Aero theme is enabled in your case?

Otherwise I recommend checking this Microsoft troubleshoot for Aero:

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I need to replace the HDD on my Satellite L450-136 and am looking for one compatible with it. Straightforward you may think, but I have found out the hard way that the Advanced Format HDDs that are on the market today do not work with the L450's Recovery Disk (because the version of windows 7 on the disk does not have SP1 applied). I have been told by Toshiba that there is no way round this apart from purchasing a "compatible" HDD.

However, I am having trouble sourcing a replacement HDD that does not have AF. So does anyone have any suggestions for a reliable replacement HDD but *without* AF?

Answer:Suggestions for a Non Advanced Format HDD for Satellite L450-136

Hi mate

I?m wondering about your message?
In my experience the common SATA 2.5? HDD should be compatible since the notebook supports the SATA controller.

It could be possible that you will need to format the HDD firstly before running the recovery procedure but this should not be a big problem.
You can connect such HDD using an external SATA controller-to-USB cable to another PC and could format the HDD.
Then put the HDD into the satellite notebook and start the recovery.

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I was wondering if anyone can help me.

My Toshiba Satellite L450-136 laptop will no longer charge with the AC adapter.

It has now run out of battery power and dead.
I'm not sure if the problem is with the computer or the power cable.

It was working fine yesterday and then not working this morning.
Nothing happened like the computer being dropped or anything.

Does anyone have ideas as to how I can figure out the problem and then fix it?


Answer:Satellite L450-136 no longer charge with the AC adapter

*Same here!*

If you see my earlier post (thread - "Satellite L500 wont power up on AC") I have a similer problem to yours - maybe the same.

Does your laptop run with your battery removed using AC? I've been scratching my head over this for three weeks now.

I'm just a few months out of warranty and this happens. My main laptop is a Lenovo Thinkpad T400 and although a similer age to my Toshiba L500 it has done twenty times more mileage without any hardware issues or breakdowns.

This is how laptops should be. When I researched my power problems I found Toshiba has had problems with DC-in/power socket on many other models too. I'm going to solder a 'blob' on my adaptor plug to see if this makes a better negative contact. I've tried everything else so nothing to lose.

I'll let you know if I find a solution - doesn't seem as if Toshiba have any other than paying out more money.

Please check your warranty status before you do anything radical

*Jaba x*

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