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public tv folder read only? mythtv needs read write persmissions

Question: public tv folder read only? mythtv needs read write persmissions

I tried unchecking read only.
When apply and look it is back to read only.

How can I make this read and write permission?

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Preferred Solution: public tv folder read only? mythtv needs read write persmissions

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: public tv folder read only? mythtv needs read write persmissions

You can do this by going into the C:>Users>Public folder properties, click the Sharing tab then click on the Advanced Sharing button showing in the first picture.

Click the box to share the folder like in the second picture, at that point the Permissions button will light up.

Click the permissions button, Add check marks for full control "third picture" then hit the Apply button, on all windows click Ok etc.

At this point the Public folder and it's subfolder will have read/write access.

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DVD-ROM suddenly (it can read/write CDs/DVDs few days ago)

cannot read DVDs, but
can write on empty DVDs

can read/write CDs

OS: Windows XP SP3

-----i cant see the upperfilters & lowerfilters----
-----when i run the microsoftfixit, it just loads and then exits itself-----

I've read & tried the applicable suggestions on these forums:

Answer:DVD-ROM sudden cant read DVDs, but itcan write on empty DVD and can read/write CDs

Re: DVD-ROM sudden cant read DVDs, but itcan write on empty DVD and can read/write CD

I don't burn much of anything, but when I have needed to, I have found it difficult. Got XP SP3 too, and what I have done is try to find software that will pick up the drives correctly. For example, I have one drive currently that reads in Windows as a DVD ROM, but it's a CD/DVD +/- burner. I had success with CDBurnerXP for a little while, then it wouldn't work, so I switched to Ashampoo Burning Studio 2012, which I got free on a giveaway. I know it works, because I just burned a couple of rescue disks recently. I have heard that the same software version 6 works real well and is free, but I haven't tried it, so I can't say.

Maybe if you try a few burner programs, you'll run across one that will work...

Just to add...I've had to be persistent to be able to burn. Most of the time, when it has worked, it took numerous efforts to get it do so. This could mean trying one program, then another, and so on...

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I have a network of computers in my office running on windows 7 and one main computer running on windows 10. I have a folder shared on my windows 10 pc and i can access this folder on all computers on my network. I can read but not write on this shared folder on my other pcs on the network. I tried sharing everyone (read/write) on the properties but still same problem...please help

Answer:Can read but not write on shared folder

Make sure you have the same Account (username and password) on both machines.

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I have a network of computers in my office running on windows 7 and one main computer running on windows 10. I have a folder shared on my windows 10 pc and i can access this folder on all computers on my network. I can read but not write on this shared folder on my other pcs on the network. I tried sharing everyone (read/write) on the properties but still same problem...please help

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How to get the folder name which is having Read and Write Permission(for all users)


Answer:How to get the folder name which is having Read and Write Permission

Hi Nidheesh,

Try the following in a CMD window:


dir /A-R
/A = attribute
-R = files that are NOT read-only files


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Not sure what's going on here or how to fix it. I've tried every workaround I can find, and nothing works. It's a folder in my Steam directory, and even when I try to manipulate it as an administrator I can't even read access it. I also can't see permissions
on it, so I can't change those or take ownership, either.

I really need to fix this. Any ideas?

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Guys, a real basic question. I am looking at buying a new machine and have a choice of DVDRW/CDRW or DVDRW. The CD write and read speed (16 and 24) appears alot quicker than the DVD write and read speed (4 and 8). Is this a true comparison i.e. the CD reads 4 times quicker than the DVD or am I missing something. Will be using the laptop for a lot of CD reading for itunes and this is an important factor in my decision. All guidance appreciated. Cheers.

On a side note anyone know what the differance is between these two graphics chipsets?? i.e. which is better or are they pretty much the same

Gaphics chipset - Intel 855GM NVIDIA Ge Force FX go 5200
Mem Size - 64mb 64mb
Mem type - Shared Dedicated

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Okay, so what I wanted to do is set aside a little bit of space, say 10gigs, for each person on my network besides myself (which would be 3) to have as a little space to backup important documents and such in case their computer goes south. This would, of course, require that the folder be accessible over the LAN and password protected. I don't care what's being stored on there, so I don't need the password, just them.

Now it gets trickier in that there are both Macs (Tiger) and PCs (Vista & XP) on my network and it would be nice to be able to read/write from either a mac or pc as some people use both. This would probably be giving rise to some sort of complication of file system. I don't know if this requires separate partitions for each person, but it would be nice if the size of the share could be increased without a bunch of hassle.

Finally, it would be nice if these files could be accessed from a remote location. I'm pretty new to networking so I know basically what FTP, VPN, SSH, etc. are but not too much more. I'm sure I can figure out most of the details once I know basically what I need to do and which software to use.

Answer:Create a shared, password protected folder for cross platform read/write

(This is based in a windows 2k/2k3 machine)
you could assign shares to each folder, within the properties restrict access to each share to an account on the server, give the user accounts unique credentials, give the user account info to only the person you want to have access to the share/folder.

When they try to browse to the share, it should prompt them for the username/password.

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We are using windows 7 and all our clients are under the domain. one of our dept member requested me to create a share folder in his pc in which user can create edit modify any of file but not to delete any of file.
So is it possible or not???
Please help me out this issue.

Rakesh Kumar

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i was bout to burn a cd today and my cd drive says insert a cd, so i try about 3 other cds, and then i tested to see if it would read cds at all and it wouldnt.i think it might have somthing to do with a virus

i noticed that my norton antivirus wasnt in the taskbar, so i open it up and it doesnt have auto protect on(and it wont let me turn it on and i cant reinstall either sicne the drive wont work), i scanned for virus and ran adaware too but same old problem--- it wont read nor write.....

my operating system is Windows XP

burner name is: CD-R/CD-RW CW079D

Might not matter but firmware version:11SJ

somone please help

Answer:CD BURNER won't read or write..PLEASE READ

A virus may be at may need to reinstall Norton AV.

If you have a fast internet connection (broadband), run an online virus scan at TrendMicro. Make sure to select the Autoclean option. Otherwise, make sure your antivirus program has the latest definitions and run a full system scan.

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Creating a new Folder as read only and would like to have all files placed into that new Folder become read only as they are added or moved into that read only Folder. If Windows 7 cannot handle this is there any kind of software utility Haddon I can get to perform this task?

Answer:Folder read only and want all files placed in to become auto read only

Hi and welcome to SevenForums,
You might describe your environment a bit more = how many users and what is yours and their user account status ?
See if this helps,

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I have a Memorex CD-RW 1x-4x 700MB/80minute and in the past have saved and updated files. Now for some strange reason I opened a file from the CD and after update I tried to save it back to the CD and I was told that the folder I tried to save it in was READ ONLY.

I searched HELP and the instructions they gave me were as follows:


In doing thiese steps it went well until I got in ACCESSORIES and there is NO WINDOWS EXPLORER

SO with the CD in the drive I selected the folder went to the GENERAL Tab and saw that the READ ONLY box was checked. I "unchecked it" but then got an Error Message stating that an Error had occurred and it wouldn't change the status.

In desperation I copied the CD Folder to the desktop and could then save the upfdated file.

HOW (If possible) can I re-format the CD so it will be R/W and I can put my folder back on in R?W status?




It is possible to format a blank CD-RW disc to use UDF packet writing. This will allow it to appear as a read/write disc. As far as I know, UDF packet writing is not built into Windows and requires third party software to format and write files to the disc. Windows XP may be able to only read files from CD-RW discs formatted and written by some UDF writing programs.

NOTE: UDF packet writing to CD-RW discs may not be 100% reliable and should never be used as the only method for storing irreplaceable files. Attempting to update, delete or add files at any time could cause any or all previous files to disappear without warning.

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I have a Gateway Computer running Windows 98. MY problem concerns a Philips 3610 Read/Write - Write CD. It has always been a problem i.e. - balky. I am using Adaptec Easy CD Creator 3.5 software. I can burn a CD but it is only readable on the Philips. I can't get it to initialize on the other CD drive on the computer or on the drive in my wife's Compaq laptop. I had to transfer a 5MEG file to her computer and finally had to install an old Zip Drive to do it. Sometimes (sometimes not) I get an error message after the CD is burned, but it reads OK in the parent drive.

Any thoughts will be appreciated.

Also, went to Philips website to try to find new drivers - It's lousy!


[email protected]

[Edited by mountaindance on 06-20-2001 at 11:56 AM]

Answer:Philips 3610 Read/Write - Write CD

I trust you have the updates from Adaptec/Roxio.

Try the Sony CD Extreme software: It should work fine with your burner. If you just select “data” in the opening wizard it will record session at once, close the session so it can be read and leave the disc open so you can add more stuff. Very robust software – make sure you don’t use a formatted CD. If that still doesn’t work I suggest trying some different blank media.

If you are recording to a formatted CD then you are packet writing and it can’t be read on any other computer until you install the reader for it from


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My PC is running Windows 7 Ultimate x64 and I have shared a few folders using advanced sharing. I have given 'Everyone' read permission to the folder. To test this I use my laptop which is running the same OS, press WinKey+R and enter \\<IP-address>. Windows then prompts me for username and password. The same happens if I try to connect directly to the directory by entering \\<IP-address>\<directory>. How can I access my files without having to log in with my account on the PC that is sharing files? All I wan't to do is to give ANYone on the network read permissions. They shouldn't have to authenticate.

Answer:Public read permission in SMB share

Thanks for your reply!

The reason that I can't use authentication is that I will be hosting a file server for a LAN gaming event, and it has to be really easy for the clients so they don't have to make adjustments. I think I should just stick with a local web server.

You said that those steps were necessary to make Windows 7 work with older servers, but the thing is, both the server and the client that I have been testing are running Windows 7 Ultimate x64.

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Hi guys
I have a very strange kind of a problem in my pc............I have a DVD writer(Sony DVD RW AW-Q170A) which is working very good with reading or writing cd's but when it comes to reading or writing dvd's it has some problem. Whenever I write a dvd it gives no problem during burning process but when it comes to reading it, it shows no data on my burned dvd...............When i checked the burned dvd properties i found it on RAW format which is not supported by windows........................Though all these dvds are working fine with my friends pcs.............i m using nero 7 for writing my dvd's...............can anyone tell me what is the problem???????Also I m not been able to read dvd's which is burned by my friends...All these dvd's shows RAW format on my system. One more thing my writer is reading dvd's which is burned in UDF or cdfs format..........So I don't think there is any problem with mah new writer. Is there any way to burn dvds with cdfs or any other windows supported format?????????I have also formatted my system 2 times and don't want to format it again.

Operating system
Win Xp sp2
Dvd writer

Answer:Can't read and write dvd's

I think you forgot to close the session ( never write again)

Can you try that ?

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With a USB-attached adapter, for 2.5-, 3.5-, and 5.25-sized drives, can I write, in addition to read? In other words, are they I/O? Are any adapters read-only?


Answer:Ext HD read and write?

I see no reason why you will not be able to Read/Write Copy...or whatever you want to do

Assuming this is PC and not Mac/PC

Yes there are some adaptors that have Read-only (Write-protect) Function

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I have 3 Win7 PC in the same home group, 2 of them are able to see the problem PC, but not able to read/Write to it. While the problem PC can't see the other two PC's. Can Ping other 2 PC's from problem PC, has discovery, shared, public turned on and P/word off.

IPconfig of problem PC provided below:
Host Name . . . . . . . . . . . . : Kim-PC
Primary Dns Suffix . . . . . . . :
Node Type . . . . . . . . . . . . : Mixed
IP Routing Enabled. . . . . . . . : No
WINS Proxy Enabled. . . . . . . . : No
DNS Suffix Search List. . . . . . : iiNet

Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection:

Connection-specific DNS Suffix . : iiNet
Description . . . . . . . . . . . : Realtek RTL8168C(P)/8111C(P) Family PCI-E
Gigabit Ethernet NIC (NDIS 6.20)
Physical Address. . . . . . . . . : 00-23-7D-C7-8F-26
DHCP Enabled. . . . . . . . . . . : Yes
Autoconfiguration Enabled . . . . : Yes
Link-local IPv6 Address . . . . . : fe80::c85c:1583:6624:f24a%10(Preferred)
IPv4 Address. . . . . . . . . . . :
Subnet Mask . . . . . . . . . . . :
Lease Obtained. . . . . . . . . . : Monday, 1 April 2013 9:22:44 PM
Lease Expires . . . . . . . . . . : Wednesday, 3 April 2013 9:22:44 AM
Default Gateway . . . . . . . . . :
DHCP Server . . . . . . . . . . . :
DHCPv6 IAID . . . . . . . . . . . : 234890369
DHCPv6 Client DUID. . . . . . . . : 00-01-00-01-18-36-58-E3-00-23-7D-C7-8F-26

DNS Servers . . . . . .... Read more

Answer:Win 7 PC will not allow other PC to read/write and others PC not seen

Hello there,

From the problematic PC, can you please try this?

Click on Start, in Search and Programs Files box type \\IPAddress\SharedFolderName (for ex. \\\TimFolder) then press enter, see if you're able to access the other computer.
You'll have to do an iponfig or ipconfig/all to obtain the IP Address of the other computer that you're trying to access.

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Had a cd r drive I thought go bad so bought a dvd/cd combo writer and installed. same problem will read a disk but won't write to disk. Drive came from store without drivers but XP pro recognised and installed its own drivers. It is a NEC ND 4570a DVD/cd writer. Also I'm using the German version of XP pro and I have a little trouble understanding the error messages but have someone I can call to translate.

Answer:CD/DVD will read but not write


Which one are you running?

You could try running the latest to see if it corrects it.

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Recently my CD burners decided they didn't want to burn any more. I have no problem reading CDs and DVDs but when I try to write them I get this message:

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Answer:I can read CDs but I can't write CDs


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I am trying to read a DVD movie (recorded on a DVD-R; recorded in DVD video format).The problem is Windows 7 thinks I am trying to write to it and does not give me any way of reading it. When I try to open the DVD it shows me a dialog asking me to give a title to the media and consider it as a USB flash drive. I cannot open the disc to see its content either with the File Explorer or with any movie player. It always shows me the same dialog.The disc reads fine in Windows XP. How can I read this disc in Windows 7???????

Answer:I want to read DVD, not write to it

Would disabling AutoPlay help? Go to Control Panel, type Autoplay in the search box, and see what settings you're running.

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With so many confusing formats in reading/Writing drives and understanding them, is there a drive that covers all the general formats, like writing photos to cd or dvd, copying films, playing audio, is there anything else?.Could i have suggestions as to some drives that will cover most formats please.

Answer:cd-rw dvd rw read write

The No. 1 drive in the PCA September issue in its feature on DVD Writers is the LG GSA 4163B. This is a full multi-format drive (includes DVD-RAM) and will do everything your query asks. It is priced around £30 inc vat. Try this link click here

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For a few weeks now I have been trying to debug this annoying problem but I have exhausted all the possibilities so I need your help. My DVD-Rom will no longer read any type of discs. I can create and burn DVDs or CDs without any issues. But I just can't back up any discs anymore (or read them). When I insert a disc, the light flashes and the drive windo comes up but it shows as empty. There is no exclamation mark next to the drive. And other than NOT reading, it works fine. Any help would be appreciated.

Answer:DVD rom will write but not read

I know an answer is better than a question but i have to ask...Are the cds readable in another drive. It's possibe the burner is writing coasters.What type of software and how old is the drive?What format are they being written in.Tryed a lens cleaner?

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Question: DVD Read and Write

Can a DVD R-RW Drive read from Audio CD and write to Audio CD?

Answer:DVD Read and Write

Most can as far as I know

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This one is exaperating the bejasus out of me.Both my DVD drives have started malfunctioning.LG DVD multiformat Burner GSA 4082B, Samsung DVD-ROM SD-616E,Windows XP Pro SP2,Athlon XP 2400 They existed happily together for several months, LG bought in June 04, Samsung in Dec 03. Used mainly for watching commercially pressed DVD's using PowerDVD, backing up and restoring data to CD's using Nero and backing up system and restoring using Ghost in Dos from DVD's.Over the last month or so they gradually stopped performing as follows:1) LG had occasional data errors reading home burned DVD-R's2) Samsung stopped reading home burned DVD-R's 3) LG stopped reading commercially pressed DVD's4) LG stopped reading it's own burned DVD's5) LG stopped writing DVD-R's They both continued to process CD's perfectly.I've tested the LG on a different system prior to requesting an RMA from ebuyer. It didn't work.I've tested another DVD-ROM on the problem system. It did work.I've tested media burned on other burners on the problem machine/drives. They aren't recognised.Ghost running in Dos cannot recognise blank DVD's in the burner or home burned DVD-R's in either drive.Everything points to both drives gradually knackering themselves and I had accepted I would have to return them.Until last night when I had to restore the system (from disk). I had just received the RMA number from ebuyer and decided to give the LG one last test. It worked and so did the Samsung.I was very gratified but puzzled. What... Read more

Answer:DVD+-RW No write no read

try this link click here

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I have a brand new LG GH22NS40 DVD-ROM, but it won't read or write anything. I tried to burn with 3 different softwares (Nero, ImgBurn, Ashampoo) and still nothing. I have the latest firmaware ( the second for this dvd-rom ) and there's no difference. I use Windows 7 Ultimate 32 Bits.

How i made it ?

I just reinstalled the driver and it worked just fine.

Answer:My DVD-ROM won't read/write

Quote: Originally Posted by mmimaa

I have a brand new LG GH22NS40 DVD-ROM, but it won't read or write anything. I tried to burn with 3 different softwares (Nero, ImgBurn, Ashampoo) and still nothing. I have the latest firmaware ( the second for this dvd-rom ) and there's no difference. I use Windows 7 Ultimate 32 Bits.

Can you go to device manager (Computer>System Properties>device Manager (top left)

Then go to your dvd drive>right Click>properties
Does it say it is working ok?

It more than likely is a hardware fault.

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Hey guys

Recently, I purchased a new computer as my old computer had a problem which didn't resolve even after changing most hardware (hard drives, disk drives, cables) so I decided to purchase a new one.

Anyhow, on my old computer I burnt a game onto a disk and now when I placed the disk into my new computer it ended up screwing it up just like the previous computer. Anyhow, I opened it up and found an unplugged hard-drive floating on the bottom of the case which I decided to plug in and now I successfully have Windows XP installed. Anyhow, I'm running a scan to hopefully repair any problems on my main hard-drive after formatting it fully to remove any stored files left by the last "quick" format.

Basically, before the results come in from the scan I was wondering if there could be a problem on the disk which could've caused this problem? It took me a while to reinstall Windows as I ended up getting the same problem in different words of course and before that everything I tried (programs, games) also give me the error about a corrupt file during the transfer and so on.

~ Mike.

Answer:Read / Write Error?

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Recently my PC keeps crashing when attempting to write to or reading from a cd-rom, the event log reports the following:-RSM could not identify the media in drive Drive 0 of library RICOH CD-R/RW MP7163A. An error was encountered while attempting to read data from the media. I use W2K Pro & am at SP4 level. Cannot find any help on the web or from Bill, Any help appreciatedSenrabi

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I have had two BSODs this morning, the first was PFN list corrupt closely followed by Write to read only memory.

This is a clean install of Windows 10, I thought it might cure the BSODs but no such luck. So glad to find this forum.

Attachment 82075

Answer:Write to read only memory

Hi fedupfreddie,

Welcome to the 10forums

Please check Gigabyte for BIOS updates.

Please uninstall everything of Nvidia using Display Driver Uninstaller and install new drivers from Nvidia. Be sure the clean install box is checked and only install the Graphics driver and the PhysX driver, you can use this tutorial to do so NVIDIA Drivers - Avoid Problems - Windows 7 Help Forums
Attachment 82138

ffffd000`f0ea0010 fffff801`a5042e0eUnable to load image \SystemRoot\system32\DRIVERS\nvlddmkm.sys, Win32 error 0n2
*** WARNING: Unable to verify timestamp for nvlddmkm.sys
*** ERROR: Module load completed but symbols could not be loaded for nvlddmkm.sys

2: kd> lmvm nvlddmkm
Browse full module list
start end module name
fffff800`29500000 fffff800`2a229000 nvlddmkm (deferred)
Image path: \SystemRoot\system32\DRIVERS\nvlddmkm.sys
Image name: nvlddmkm.sys
Browse all global symbols functions data
Timestamp: Fri May 20 03:34:38 2016 (573E69AE)
CheckSum: 00CF0FCE
ImageSize: 00D29000
Translations: 0000.04b0 0000.04e4 0409.04b0 0409.04e4

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[B]I had to reinstall everything on computer after it had problems and I have also upgraded to Win XP. In the past I could read and write to the small discs 21 min 185 MB SIZE.

Now I cannot and I remember that there was somthing I had to change settings on so I could read and write to these.

I have many things stored on these disks and like to use them to record on.

Could someone please help me, I have tried looking at my recording program and can't figure it out.

I have Roxio Creater LE Dell Edition.:


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I'm searching for a DVD/CD ROM Drive that can both read and write at 1X and 2X speeds.I'm using WaveLab Software on a XP OP system.A local PC dealer has told me that my software should allow me to read/write at the speeds mentioned and that it is my software which is letting me down - I doubt this as WavLab is a professional package for recording and editing audio.

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I want to be able to save to a cd-rw from windows 98 second edition. How can I format the disk for read/write access in windows 98?

Answer:Read/Write CD-RW Windows 98 SE

Any packet writing software should enable this. As it just formats this disk for UDF and locks it in the drive, so whenever it is accessed through a something like windows explorer you can just drag and drop files to the drive. I am almost positive you can save files directly to the drive from various programs. InCD is OK, but I have always preferred DirectCD

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Question: Read/Write speeds

What are the speeds referring to when they say a DVD writer is 8X or 20X? I assume all drives spin at the same speed, so how can they be different?Along the same lines, how do they get the lasers to move such tiny amounts?

Answer:Read/Write speeds

click here

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I upgraded an HP Pavillion Desktop from winME to XP Home. Everything was working fine. Few days ago, the "HP CD-Writer DVD Combo" simply stopped 'seeing' CD's. Oddly enough, it reads DVD's. I've inserted manufactured music CD's, blank cd's, cdrw's, and cd's with lots of different data--none of it is detected.

I'm wondering if perhaps this is being caused by p2p software (hijacking, etc?) or perhaps of another software installation (e.g. LitexMedia WMA Converter). Those are the only pertinent differences i can find between this computer and my other identical HP Pav computer which I also upgrated from ME to XP, and so far everything is fine.

I've tried updating the driver, but it says i've already got the latest version. From another posting i read, i thought it might be the laser, but they why would it be able to read DVDs?

I'm completely stuck. I have no clue what the problem could be. Ideas?

Thank you in advance--soooooooo much!

Answer:CD/DVD Combo cannot read/write CDs

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i have a serious problem with my WD Caviar EIDE 80gb hard drive. it is hooked up on primary slave. I have about 40gb of files on it that i need. now the problem is that when i try to write or read files to/from it, it will go unreconized by my computer and i get a yellow triangle in the box saying something about a write failure. now, when i read mp3 or videos from it, it will only go for about 1 min and then everything will freeze. i suspect that the drive is overheating, could this be the cause? or what else could this be?

Answer:HDD goes unreconized when write/read

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Hello again and thank you in advance,

XP Pro sp2
HP a1100y
Pentium 4 - 3.4Ghz
2048Mb Ram
C:\ 320Gb Sata - D:\500Gb Sata

I just installed a Sony DRU-810a DVD burner via the Master IDE channel (I have an HP DVD drive as a slave that works fine) and cannot seem to get it to recognize any disks whatsoever - even though it appears to be "working properly" in the Device Manager.

What is strange is if I open Ashampoo Burning Studio 7 and insert a blank DVD/CD it displays the correct type/size of said disk, but will not burn to it. Neither will it recognize any type of disk (DVD/software/music CD/Data CD) when simply inserted.

I've tried:
Updating the firmware - updating the drivers (although there really are none) - uninstalling the device(s) - changing the recording options (in properties) - changing the jumper settings - sfc scannow - changing the IDE ribbon - different brands of DVDs/CDs (all of them work on the HP, btw) - deleting the upper/lower filters - and connecting one optical drive at a time.

If I insert a disk, then try to open an Explorer folder, it just tells me to insert a disk.

I just pulled this Sony drive from another machine yesterday where it was performing flawlessly. That it can properly identify a blank DVD+R via BS7 (or Power ISO for that matter) has me thinking that there might be a fix that I'm overlooking.

Have I missed something?

Thanks again!

Answer:DVD drive just will not read/write

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I have had two BSODs this morning, the first was PFN list corrupt closely followed by Write to read only memory.

This is a clean install of Windows 10, I thought it might cure the BSODs but no such luck. So glad to find this forum.

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My laptop's hard drive is constantly running. I have been hearing the hd spinning since my system was unable to download a Windows update. After trying many things a tech at MS had me reinstall Windows and I was able to download the update. The spinning has continued. I thought it was related to the system trying to constantly install the update but it seems that it's not. I checked Resource Monitor, which shows random files being read/write. I turned off indexing both by Windows and Google Desktop, but it's continuing. My laptop is a Dell XPS M1330 running Vista Home.

Answer:constant hd read/write

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We deal with a government office that wants us to use Write Once Read Many tapes to backup our data e.g passport copies etc. I have been looking for suppliers the only two are sony and ibm.Has anyone used this system if so how much does it cost?

Answer:Write Once Read Many Tapes

Dell also supply suitable tape drivesImation click here supply tapes not sure about the drives though

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I have an Emachine with an NEC 2500A DVD+-RW (at least Nero 6 said it was an NEC2500A) drive running windows XP. Up until recently I could read and write DVD-R disks. Something has happened, DVD-r's are not recognized by the drive anymore. I did have Video Studio 7 SE on the computer for a while as well as Nero 6. They both worked for a while before the DVD recorder had problems. I've removed both and uninstalled and re-installed the recorder. Still does not work. Only other thing I think I did was an automated Windows Update. Does anyone have any ideas?

Answer:Can't read or write DVD-r, dvd+rw's and cdr's work!

try system restore: set to a date when your dvd-r's worked.

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I have a problem. I started working for a company that requires me to boot to a Linux system from a DVD. After about a week, the DVD drive just stopped spinning/reading. The drive is still recognized by Windows, I've uninstalled and the system reinstalls it no problem. I've also deleted the upper and lower limits that have been posted on similar sites. I tried the Microsoft Fixit solution as well. The first time it happened, after deleting the upper/lower limits in the registry, the DVD drive started working again. Then after shutting down from the Linux system, the DVD drive would not read again. I did the Fixit Solution and it worked again. After shutting down from the Linux system the next time, the DVD drive stopped working again. Now nothing will seem to get it to work. Any suggestions?

I've contacted the company and they say there is no way the boot into Linux from the DVD is changing any settings in Windows because it completely bypasses the system but something has to be happening to cause the DVD to stop working. Help!!!

Answer:DVD/CD Rom recognized but won't read/write

try cleaning the lasers

try a new data cable on it

try the drive in another machine

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HI Guys,
have new(ish) Toshiba, prob is it'll burn avi's on dvds ok, but won't play back those avi's. Will play dvd's ok, just not any avi's or data I've saved.

Win 7, using toshiba Disk Creator, other drive details:

*** HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GT30N ATA Device ***
Type: DVD
Firmware Revision: TN08
Device Type: DVD Writer
Media Loaded: No LUN: 0 Target: 0

*** GBQTIH SD2RCXMZ SCSI CdRom Device ***

Model: GBQTIH SD2RCXMZ SCSI CdRom Device Firmware Revision: 3.5Z ... Read more

Answer:Dvd drive will write but not read avi's

[You're burning the avis out as a data disk?
You're reading them in the same laptop?
You can directory the disk?
What happens when you double click on the file on the PC? on the disk?

Check the firmware version via NeroTool and see if there is a newer firmware on Toshiba's site.

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I have a HP Pavillion dv1000 and I'm trying to burn a CD. When I insert a CD it will read it perfectly fine but when I try to burn one it will go through the whole process of burning but then it will pop out a blank CD. Can somebody help me please

Answer:Burner will read but not write

Sounds like the drive may be gone.

Is this a new problem? When you right-click the drive, Properties, does it have a Recording tab?

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is there any way to set up permissions so that a user can write to a read-only file for an instant?

What I'm trying to do is create an inventory in excel in a network that's read-only for all users. The only time a user can enter information into that inventory is if they submit it through another excel file called enterToInventory.xls. Is there any way to do this through permission settings, or perhaps through vba on excel?

Is there such a thing? maybe give the user append only permission or something like that.

Answer:write to read only file

You could do it in VB. Just set the script to set write permissions, do whatever needs to be done, and then set the permissions back to how they originally were at the end of the script.

Setting file and folder permissions-VBForums

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I am running Win XP Pro SP3.I can write a DVD-R on my pc, but after writing and finalising the DVD is not read by the same DVD writer.I have two DVD players (one a writer) on the PC, and the other DVD player also does not recognise the DVD-R after its been written.I have tried three different branded DVD-R's.All of the disks work fine on my other laptop and two other PC's.Given the problem is with both of my different brand DVD players on the same pc, I suspect a Win XP Pro problem?Anyone know why, or have a solution? ThanksAlex

Answer:DVD will write DVD-R but will not then read disk.

A little more information on what you have written to the disk and what happens when you try to view the disk would help.What have you written to the disk.Is the disk recognised in explorer. Can you see the files if so the disk is OK.Are you trying to view a video. If its a video file it could be the program you are using.

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I have writen code to write to the user specifided database that works:

Private Sub cmd_Cancel_Click()
' Exits back to the main Page
Unload Me
End Sub

Private Sub cmd_OK_Click()
' adds a new record to the database
' Takes the Information that was entered and writes it into the new record
txt_Time2.Text = txt_Time.Text
txt_Date2.Text = txt_Date.Text
txt_BS2.Text = txt_BS.Text
txt_Carbs2.Text = txt_Carbs.Text
txt_AmountInsulin12.Text = txt_InsulinAmount1.Text
txt_InsulinAmount22.Text = txt_InsulinAmount2.Text
txt_InsulinType.Text = dbc_InsulinType1.Text
txt_InsulinType2.Text = dbc_InsulinType2.Text
txt_Notes2.Text = txt_Notes.Text
txt_PWR.Text = FirstName & " " & LastName
' tells the user the record has been entered
MsgBox ("Record has been written, " & FirstName & " " & LastName)

Unload Me

End Sub

Private Sub Form_Load()
' Disables the Main Page
frm_MainPage.Enabled = False

' Sets the database to use
dba_Info.DatabaseName = filelocation3
dba_Log.DatabaseName = filelocation3
dba_insulin.DatabaseName = filelocation3
End Sub

Private Sub Form_Unload(Cancel As Integer)
' enables the main page
frm_MainPage.Enabled = True

End Sub
Then I wrote code to read from the same file but it will only read from the original blank database.

Option Explicit

Private Sub cmd_AddRecord_Click()
' Checks to s... Read more

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hi I have compaq evo n620c p4 window xp pro laptop cdrom can not read and write the writeable cd's (blanke cd's) it does read other software cds but cdrom can not read blank cds and can not write pls help

Answer:can not read or write cdrom

Are you sure the drive is capable of burning CDs?
Have you ever successfully burned CDs with this computer?
Did you buy it used?

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I have a Micro Advantage 52x-42x-52x CD-RW drive. In device manager its name is CDWRITER IDE5224. Its the kind you get at OfficeMax for 10$ after rebate...

Before when I had Windows ME, the drive worked fine. The hard drive failed so I replaced it and installed XP. At first worked fine still, because I had to install a lot of stuff from CD's. I do not remember exactly when, but the drive stopped being able to read CD's

When I put in a CD, the drive spins up, the mouse cursor changes to working in background, and the name of the drive under My Computer changes from "CD-RW Drive" to "CD Drive". However, it does not show the title of the CD, and it shows its used/total size as 0 bytes/0 bytes. If I click on it it says "Please insert CD in to drive D:" I have tried many CD's of different types (the silver original ones, CD-R's, CD-RW's), and its all the same problem

The interesting thing is that I am able to burn CD's with Nero just fine. After the CD is ejected and I put it in again, it still cannot be read.

Device manager says its working properly. I did not update any drivers.

How could this be??

Thanks a lot,

Answer:CD Burner can write, but not read!!

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Using Sonic Record and DLA, Tecra A8 DVD won't read/write DVD-R 1-16x. Works ok on DVD-R 1-8x and CDs. DVD-R 1-16x tested sucessfully on both recent Toshiba Satellite Pro and HP desktop. Have updated Bios, DVD-RAM software and Sonic DLA.

Answer:Tecra A8 DVD won't read/write DVD-R 1-16x.


What you mean exactly? Does this mean you can?t burn DVD-R with 16x speed?
In this case you should check the specifications of your CD/DVD drive. Not all models support this burning speed. Furthermore I would recommend using 8x speed only, it will give you a better quality of burned medium/data.

You should also use different types of Medias. I believe your other computers have different drives so test different mediums. I have good experience with Verbatim DVD-R.

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I had 2 x 256mb ram cards plus 2 x 64mb cards installed and under "My Computer" properties it only said I had 496Mb of ram. I replace the 64mb cards with 2 new 256bm cards in slots 1 and 2 and moved the ollder 256mb cards to slots 3 and 4. The properties still only show that I have 496 mb of ram. Is this a hardware problem or a software problem and what do I do next. When starting the computere up, I get a message that says there is a read/write error at a certain location but then it continues to boot up. It is running slower now but still running. Dell dimention 8100 running XP. Thanks

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What I need to do to use cd-rw as floppy disk, to read and write on any PC and on any CD-RW drive?
I tried to use DirectCD from Roxio, formatted it .
Then I tried to use Win. Explorer or similar software to copy/delete/rename etc.
Sometimes CD just freezes, I cannot read/write on another PC.
What I'm doing wrong?

Answer:CD-RW read/write problem

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Hi friends

Im using compaq presario laptop with windows 7 home premium. Last 2 days im encountering these problems. I tried to write video files into dvd using nero.The first dvd is proper and burned in 20 to mins approx. Then i tried second one and it takes nearly one and half hour to finish and it says dvd burned. When i checked up its an empty dvd like a fresh one.

help will be appreciated.

Answer:CD/DVD Drive can read but not write

Hi, Welcome to forums.

Check out for any available updates for DVD drivers. Install them. If that resolves the issue, fine. Else, you can get a new drive. It might be corrupted.

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Hi, reinstalled os a week ago now no support for write features,have tried many things and no joy,In my computer;DVD-RW-properties-hardware-Properties, in box just CD-ROM shows,i have both cd&Dvd drives,Device manager shows no problem. I am running w/dows xp pro sp3, on a Phillips Freeline comp,have checked all cables,tried another DVD Drive,all to no avail,even checked filters in Regedit. Am at wits end,all else working normally,any and all advice,would be really appreciated.Thanks.

Answer:can read but not write discs


Originally Posted by zantebob

Hi, reinstalled os a week ago now no support for write features,have tried many things and no joy,In my computer;DVD-RW-properties-hardware-Properties, in box just CD-ROM shows,i have both cd&Dvd drives,Device manager shows no problem. I am running w/dows xp pro sp3, on a Phillips Freeline comp,have checked all cables,tried another DVD Drive,all to no avail,even checked filters in Regedit. Am at wits end,all else working normally,any and all advice,would be really appreciated.Thanks.

Can you see your optical drives in My Computer? XP only supports CD burning you will need a third party program such as IMG Burn to burn DVDs.

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My computer has suddenly and without warning become unable to read or write a DVD on either the built-in player or an external one, both of which behave identically. When I try to open a DVD which plays perfectly on my laptop, I get a screen showing files ready to be written to disc with a file named "desktop.ini" on it. When I try to write to a DVD I get a message that "Windows was unable to complete the format". As I said, I get the same results on both DVD players which pretty well rules out a hardware problem. I would do a system restore, but in a classical catch 22, windows refuses to open system restore even when the computer is booted in safe mode. No improvement after running the SFC/Scannow command or scanning with Regcure Pro. Deep scans of my computer with both Avast and Malwarebytes have failed to find any virus. Hoping to avoid a full reinstall of Windows, any help would be greatly appreciated.

Answer:Windows can't read or write DVD

Hi and welcome to SevenForums,
If you haven't already see if this does anything,
VLC media player can usually play any dvd have you tried it ?

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I use a MacBook Pro 17" with Dual Boot (Boot Camp) XP Pro and OSX

I want to be able to use the same external drive for both systems. Maxstor 1 Terabyte Firewire 800 drive.

I note that FAT32 can be used up to 2 Terabyte, so I made 2 partitions, one 120Gb for pure Mac use in HFS+, and the balance of about 850Gb in FAT32 for either. I used a Linux LiveCD (Ubuntu 7) and Gnome Partition Editor to do the partitioning. Linux seems to see the partitions OK. However WXP sees the partition as "Unknown" and offers to format it in NTFS.

I know WXP can read/write FAT32 bigger than 32Gb, as I am using an external 2.5" 120Gb drive on WXP formatted as per above method, purely in FAT32, with no read or write problems.

To save me performing multiple re-partitioning and re-booting as trial and error, I wonder if anyone can inform me of the largest FAT32 partition that Windows XP Pro can read/write to before if throws a fit.

Answer:How Big Can FAT32 be to be read/write by XP ?

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Hi , I have a 42q notebook, where the Optical Drive is not reading any normal CD/DVD, where it is able to read only Original CD/DVD. Please help me out. -Sadananda


so you mean it is not reading any pirated disks only original disks, have this problem always been occuring since you got it. There is a chance that the laser is worn out, if you got warranty then Lenovo maybe able to get it replaced, otherwise you should just get an external drive and use that.

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Hi people, i have tried to search, but it's hard sometimes because i dont know the computer "language" that you guys use lol. i have a Dell INSPIRON E1705 and i have been having problems with my DVD-RW/CD-RW drive. i have burned a few cd's and have had no problems. today i tried to burn some images to a cd and that didnt work, than i tried burning some songs to a cd and that also does not work. when i put in a blank cd, than go to my computer and right click drive "D" (dvd/cd drive), go to properties, it states that the disc is full. when WMP is open and im dragging what i want to burn there, it's telling me to put in a blank cd. but the cd is brand new and blank. but if i put in a dvd i can watch it just fine. i have a SONY DVD+-RW DW-Q58A burner, i have windows XP, Media Center Edition, SP3. i always just use windows media player for my burning. i have uninstalled it, than reinstalled it with no changes. has anyone ever had this problem?? thank you -Josh

Answer:DVD-RW wont read/write cd's

when i said that i have uninstalled it than reinstalled it i meant the burner drive. sorry if there was ne confusion.

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Cannot to work "Hotmail highlight - Go to index", help me, THANKS

Answer:Cannot to read/write my Hotmail

This forum is not able to assist with email problems of this nature, go here for support:

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Question: Read Write Speeds

I have Adaptec Direct CD, can anyone tell me please the best speeds to read and write music CDs. Current read goes-2 - 4 - 8 -16 and 32 and the write write goes -1 - 2 - 4 and 8.
When I first open the settings box they show - Read 32x and Write 4x. If I change these, when I start the next time they are back to 32x and 4x. Is this an automatic setting that is recommended or should I change them to the 1x 4x or any other speed that is on the CD cases. I have a HP Pavilion running Windows 98se.

Answer:Read Write Speeds

Reading CD's is normally done at whatever speed the drive can read them, typically about 8-12 times the normal playing speed. Since the information is all digital, the speed isn't an issue.

Writing is subject to some discussion, though I have never found it to make much of a difference. I write my CD's at 16x, since that's what the media I happen to have is rated at, and they sound just as good as writing them at a slower speed. Some folks swear by slower writing speeds to reduce jitter, maybe I just have a tin ear.

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I have an A0PEN DUW/1608/ARR that is reading all dvds or cds that I put in the drive but is not writing to them. I am using NTI 7 and nero 6 to burn but i just keep getting errors everytime I try. I did the windows troubleshoot and made sure that the drive was selected to record but it still doesnt write.


Answer:Dvd burner read not write

what kind of errors are you getting, Buffer under runs?
Is your PC on for a while before trying to burn discs, what about trying immediatly after a restart?
Is the Hard Drive & Burner IDE devices, or SATA.... If they are IDE, are they on the SAME cable??

We need more information about WHAT the errors are saying, and depending on that, your system setup.

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I have a Sony VGN-FW351J laptop (64 bit with Vista Premium) with a Blu Ray Read Only drive. I want to install a read/write Blu Ray Drive. Anybody have any suggestions on what to buy? Where to buy? Thank you.

Answer:Blu Ray Read/Write Drive

Search the net. see what looks goodFor Reviews:

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I'm trying to use CD-RW as a 'big' floppy drive to backup data.
I wrote a little script with some DOS commands like COPY.

But the problem is with CD-RW.Whatever I tried to do (format, erase etc.) and then copy files using Explorer or similar programs, I got an error message - can't write on a device.
What is wrong? Any ideas will really help me.

Answer:CD-RW read/write problem

do you have nero or something similar
nero has incd for this purpose

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Question: Read/Write Heads

If it worth replacing the heads on my Turing machine's drive(zigma1010)?They have been running for a long,long time!

Answer:Read/Write Heads

Beamish stock these.

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Hello, i got a problem, the problem is... i recently bought a new yet cheap CD-RW, it reads, but not that well, and it used to write, but I've had problems with writing cd's before.

Now my CD-RW doesn't write any CD's, and if it tries to read, it's simply fails, yet the cd-rw's are still readable.

So my question is.. what is going on and how do i solve this problem?

Answer:CD-RW, read but doesn't write!

What is the drive and please tell us the rest of your PC's components, its operating system and what burning programs have you tired. Also what media have you tried?

CD-RW or CD-R or anything else youve tried.

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Question: Read Write Speeds

I have Roxio Direct CD 5 and Easy CD Creator on my machine...TEAC CD-W554E CD Rom...

Having been given a rather large box of CD-RW 700MB discs it would be nice to be able to use them--ONLY-- they are not recognized by the software I have...I usually use 1 x 4 compatible...these discs are 8 x 12 high speed...

If I keep these discs, would I be able to use them when I get around to buying Nero...'been getting around to it for months now'...just hate spending money until I have to....only I understand Nero is a far superior software, so I will eventually shell out for it...

Can Nero use these discs or does it depend on the drive I have...

Cheers guys...

Answer:Read Write Speeds

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Folks: I am getting an error message all the time when I try to access my 3 1/2" floppy drive. "Diskette write protect tab must be closed" . The tab IS closed. I tried different floppies and even changed the drive for a known good one. Same result. Any ideas how to fix this? No ! marks or ? marks in device manager. Thanks.

Answer:Cannot read or write from floppy

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HI tech Experts,

I had a problem with some microsoft updates that screwed up my video playback, in general(news video,etc.) they took me thru some steps to correct this problem--But then I COULD NOT play my C/D DVD player--I think they did something to my CODECS and other applications,as well--Can you HELP -PLEASE

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Question: Read/Write Error?

Hey guys.

I'm fairly new to the community and after my experience earlier this afternoon I thought this was the perfect place to ask for a solution to my problems. I have basic knowledge of computers but not so much about hardware. Yesterday I installed Windows 7 Ultimate and all worked fine. Earlier today I installed the SIMS 3 and during installation I had a problem about a Read/Write error. I thought it could just be my disc so I ignored it. Anyhow I installed SWAT 4 earlier today and I got this error:

I started to notice a connection between the two so I decided to install another game to make sure and I got the same error just in different text. As I thought it was my Windows maybe I virus I tried to reinstall Windows 7 and I got yet again the same error and when I tried to do it from start-up I just get the BOOT READ FAILURE message and I don't know what else to do.

Best Regards,
~ Mike.

(( P.S: I don't know if I posted this in the wrong area so please feel free to move it if I did ))

Answer:Read/Write Error?

Does this happen with a lot of CDs you try? Additionally, do you by any chance have an extra optical drive to test this on?

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I have problems with my laptop, (Model : Satellite Pro L40-17F Cel-M 540 1.83/1GB/120GB /15.4).
I have problems with dvd drive. When I first got the laptop I was able to install a few things but now - about a two weeks later, I can't read or write CDs or DVDs.

I checked for many solutions to fix it but does not work. I uninstalled the driver and restarted my computer and it reinstalled the same one which once again doesnt work.

Please help me!

Answer:Cannot read and write CD/DVD on Satellite Pro L40-17F

Hi mate,

may I ask you which burning applications you?ve installed on your machine? I am asking because of the following reason:

Multiple installed burning applications can interfere each other, so the drive could stop working properly.
Please try the following:
Get from somewhere a linux cd or something which you can boot from, then try to boot and when the drive spins up and boots the CD then you know that your problem is not hardware related, it?s more a problem located somewhere in your Windows operating system.

If the drive wouldn?t even spin up or boot the inserted media then you know that the drive has some hardware malfunction and needs to be replaced.
I guess you have still some warranty on your machine, so if yes, then contact the nearest authorized service provider in your country and tell them your problem.
They are able to help you and fix that issue.


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I am putting in a blank cd-rw and it tells me to put in a cd. It is sony cd-rw crx216E but is not working. Not sure what the problem is; it won't read the cd nor write to it. I have win xp on dell desktop.

Optical Drive Properties:
Device Description SONY CD-RW CRX216E
Manufacturer Sony
Device Type CD-RW

Writing Speeds:
CD-R 48x
CD-RW 32x

Reading Speeds:
CD-ROM 48x

Device Manufacturer:
Company Name Sony Electronics Inc.
Product Information
Firmware Download

Answer:CD Rom Not Working, won't read nor write

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Question: Read/write drive

My Smart and Friendly read/write drive is suddenly acting like a read only drive. The firm ware has been updated and it reads fine but when I write the disk remains blank even though it says it was written.

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New hard drive installed w/ winxp sp2.

I have TDK CDRW241040B w/ updated firmware. It is installed alone (as TDK advises) on the 2nd IDE. it will play an audio cd but will not see a data disk nor, obviously, copy to it. The same issue as when it is a slave on 1st IDE or slave on 2 IDE. A hard drive will run on the 2nd IDE. I have tried several connector cables.

When i set it up w/ my USB enclosure, EVERYTHING works!! i can play audio, read data disks, install prog, copy and erase.

i have done all the troubleshooting in the world (MS site articles, registry changes, troubleshooting sites like these).

i had the same problem before i installed the new HDD.

UPDATE: now it WONT play audio. it did a few days ago

Answer:cdrw won't read/write

So it will work from a USB Enclosure but not Internally? This sounds like a hardware issue i will move it as i have no idea what to to other than leave it as a External.

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First, my apologies if this has been addressed before. Was not able to find it using search.

I have an HP Pavilion, a410n desktop which I use as a second computer. It has a DVD-Rom and a CD-RW drive. I also have an external LG Super Multi DVD Rewriter attached via USB.

All 3 drives can read recorded disks and appear to function okay. However neither the internal CD-RW nor the external DVD drives will write CD's or DVD's. Neither appear to recognize blank disks.

When I use XYExplorer to see the files is has a red circle (like the no smoking circle) on the drive letters. When I left click the drive letters I get a message "Currently not available" with the drive letter.

Device status says both are working properly.
Devive Manager says all are working properly.


Answer:CD and DVD drives can read, can't write

have you tried connecting the drives to another computer to see if they are fully functioning? if not thats would be the best place to start

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It just started hapening last night. It reads the DVD+RW as a blank CD, and it will not erase or read. Any suggestions?

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Hello, and thanks in advance for any help!

General problem: PC boots to floppy just fine, reads and writes data (to c drive) just fine, fdisks fine, format /s fine, just won't boot! After seeking floppy and CD, it gives me an error something like "to boot from a floppy, press the CTRL key" and then locks up.

It POSTs with no problem, BIOS looks good (boot to fdd, then cd, then hdd-0), boots to floppy fine, tried to find an ATAPI CD just fine, can fdisk and format /s just fine, can read and write data no problem, can boot to floppy and install Win98 from CD, the whole kit'n'kaboodle, but just won't BOOT to the hdd. Have verified that the Big 3 (io.sys, msdos.sys, are there.

Some notes: The mobo/processor did work fine with a different HDD before, the BIOS is auto-detecting the hdd parameters correctly, I have NOT tried fdisk /mbr'ing yet, no dual boot or other fancy stuff going on, have tried different IDE cables, removed all cards and other drives, reset the bios...... that's all I can think of that might be relevant for now?

I bet I'm just being a bonehead somehow. Hehe! Again, any help greatly appreciated!

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Hi Ma'am/Sir,

I would like to seek for help regarding my USB Drive, recently i just copied some video to it then it already became Write Protected, after few days, our I.T support tried to fix it but it even became worst while trying to remove the Write Protected, now, the flash drive cannot be accessed but it is still read by the computer. What should i do?

Thank you!

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Hi i was wondering if there is a way in which i can write some data using vb into a file but in binary format so that if someone opens it it cannot be read. for example a file called
"C:\windows\desktop\bin.dat" cantains that data "HEllo" but in binary.

also having done this is there a way in which i can then open the binary file and read the data and convert it back into text to display within a text field.

ive tryed doing it but something seems to go wrong. i would really appreciate some help on this guys its kinda difficult.

Thankyou have a nice day.

Answer:VB Binary Read/Write

A simple way of doing this is as follows, all this essentially does is do a replace of characters with others so that it appears to scramble the content. There is no real encryption and it could be decoded if someone wanted to spend the time:

Private Sub Command1_Click()
WriteFile "c:\development\test.txt", "Hello there how is this then?"
End Sub

Private Sub Command2_Click()
MsgBox ReadFile("c:\development\test.txt")
End Sub

Private Sub WriteFile(ByVal FileName As String, ByVal Content As String)
Open FileName For Binary As #1
Put #1, , Encode(Content)
Close #1
End Sub

Private Function ReadFile(ByVal FileName As String) As String
Open FileName For Input As #1
ReadFile = Decode(Input(LOF(1), 1))
Close #1
End Function

Private Function Encode(ByVal Content As String) As String
Dim aryBytes() As String
ReDim aryBytes(Len(Content))
Dim intPos As Integer
For intPos = 1 To Len(Content)
intChar = Asc(Mid(Content, intPos, 1)) - 64
If intChar < 0 Then intChar = intChar + 256
aryBytes(intPos) = Chr(intChar)
Encode = Join(aryBytes, "")
End Function

Private Function Decode(ByVal Content As String) As String
Dim aryChars() As String
ReDim aryChars(Len(Content))
Dim intPos As Integer
For intPos = 1 To Len(Content)
intChar = Asc(Mid(Content, intPos, 1)) + 64
If intChar > 255 Then... Read more

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I copy a movie and it does not read or register in the computer it has not got a region code or lock on it some programs say error Cyclic Redundancy blah blah blah and others burn no probs but go to play it and it does not work on one occation it work by only coming up as a black screen with grey squares at the bottom of the page another time it the computer picked up the files but played the dvd movie with slow and choppy scenes with pauses every couple of seconds, How can u watch a movie like that?
plz help


amd athlon 2600+
1gb ram
win xp pro
nividia gforce 5200
dvd cloner 2.2 (dvd copy program)

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Keep getting the blue screen of death saying Trying to write to read only memory - driver problem fault in file NTFS.SYSany ideas pleaseNev

Answer:XP crash - trying to write to read only mem

What OS do you have, and what are you doing when it occurs?

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My CD Rom won't read nor write info to a cd ; tells me I have to insert cd.    My a drive will not work either, tells me same thing.  I'm using the following: (Win XP)[ SONY CD-RW CRX216E ]       Optical Drive Properties:     Device Description   SONY CD-RW CRX216E     Manufacturer   Sony     Device Type   CD-RW       Writing Speeds:     CD-R   48x     CD-RW   32x       Reading Speeds:     CD-ROM   48x       Device Manufacturer:     Company Name   Sony Electronics Inc.      [ Floppy disk drive ]       Device Properties:     Driver Description   Floppy disk drive     Driver Date   7/1/2001     Driver Version   5.1.2600.0     Driver Provider   Microsoft     INF File   flpydisk.inf      [ ST380011A ]       Device Properties:     Driver Description   ST380011A     Driver Date   7/1/2001     Driver Version   5.1.2535.0     Driver Provider   Microsoft     INF File   disk.inf    ... Read more

Answer:CD Rom Not Working, won't read nor write

Ok you could try this methodStep 1: Start Registry EditorClick Start, click Run, type regedit, and then click OK. Registry Editor starts.Step 2: Delete the UpperFilters registry entry1.   In Registry Editor, expand My Computer, and then expand HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE.2.   Expand SYSTEM, and then expand CurrentControlSet.3.   Expand Control, and then expand Class.4.   Under Class, click {4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}.5.   In the right pane (topic area), click UpperFilters.Note An UpperFilters.bak registry entry may also appear. To delete the UpperFilters registry entry, you must click UpperFilters and not UpperFilters.bak.6.   On the Edit menu, click Delete.7.   When you receive the following message, click Yes to confirm the deletion of the UpperFilters registry entry:Are you sure you want to delete this value?Step 3: Delete the LowerFilters registry entry1.   In Registry Editor, expand My Computer, and then expand HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE.2.   Expand SYSTEM, and then expand CurrentControlSet.3.   Expand Control, and then expand Class.4.   Under Class, click {4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}.5.   In the right pane (topic area), click LowerFilters.Note An LowerFilters.bak registry entry may also appear. To delete the LowerFilters registry entry, you must click LowerFilters and not LowerFilters.bak.... Read more

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Hello all computer geeks out there who can solve this problem,

I've got a Sony 52X CD-RW drive. It used to work fine until recently, and I could read and burn CDs very well. But recently, I've noticed that I can read CDs but when I try to burn one, I get an error message that there is no writable disc in the drive. I've tried changing the CD and the manufacturer but it hasn't worked. In its drive properties I've checked that the driver is properly installed.
Sometimes I can burn CDs, but that is only if I use my Nero (version 6.
something), not the built-in Roxio one.
One thing. I used Nero InfoTool to collect information. It told me that 'System ASPI is not installed' and 'Nero ASPI is installed and working properly'.
Happy figuring!

Answer:To read but not to write, that is the question.

try using cdburnerpro and see if you are getting the same problem.

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I don't know what read means. I transferred some file to and from a USB 3 thumb drive. Files transferred much faster from the thumb drive to a hard disk. Looking at the image it seems that read means transfer to the hard drive but that doesn't make sense to me because in my thought process the thumb drive isn't reading it's writing to hard drive. Could someone explain to me what I am failing to understand? Thanks

Answer:Diskmark read/write

The data (on the thumb drive) has to be read by the OS. The OS is writing what it read from the thumb drive to the hard drive.

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Hi, guys
this is a question, related to CD-RW in general.
I constantly have problems with read/write access to CD-RW's.
I formatted CD in one PC , cannot write on another PC and visa versa. Many times because of CD-RW problem, the entire PC freezes. What about reliability?
Did anybody solve these problems? I tried Win 98, Win XP, different PC (mostly Dell's), different CD manufactures etc.

Answer:CD-RW read/write access

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Samsung Writemaster SH-222 (Seven months old). Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit.
The tray opens and closes, but that's all. If I put any kind of disc in it nothing happens. I go to Computer and open the drive, and I get a message saying, "Insert disc/Insert a disc/Please insert a disc into drive D", as the disc ejects. Device Properties reports the it as working properly, but it seems to be dead. It first did this a couple of days ago while it was on burning some files to a blank DVD-R, and hasn't worked since.
I've tried uninstalling the driver forit, rebooting, then reinstalling. No go.
I've tried various fixes that have come up on Google, but no go.
I've tried restore points. No good.
No loose connections. No sign of physical damage.
Can I safely assume that the writer is kaput, and I need a new one?
The DVD ROM drive was the only component to fail in my previous PC,, but tit lasted for five years before failing. I've also had a standalone DVD player conk out before, and that hadn't seen much use.

Answer:DVD drive will neither read nor write

Which fixes have you tried? Resetting upper and lower filters perhaps?
Whilst this is under warranty I would suggest that you consider returning it under that.

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Apparently, all signs point to my arranging funeral proceedings for my beloved Cd rom/dvd rom drive.

(I've already kinda posted this problem in another thread...if that annoys anyone, let me know, and I won't do it again)

The darn thing just doesn't read ANYTHING.

I put in a disc (blank cd, dvd movie, whatever, it doesn't matter) and the green light that is supposed to FLASH to indicate the process of reading the disc does not in fact flash--instead the green light goes on and does go off, for a very very very long time. Long enough for me to go outside and smoke a cigarette, at least.

--the device, according to device manager, is "working properly." Hah!
--I have not recently added/removed any new programs/software/hardware/etc.
---I have Sonic burning program stuff, which I have heard on other posts and such could have something to do with the problem.
---I have a Dell Inspiron 5160 notebook with windows xp pro.

Answer:R.I.P. Cd/Dvd read/write drive

CalvinMorall said:

(I've already kinda posted this problem in another thread...if that annoys anyone, let me know, and I won't do it again)
Click to expand...

Yes, double posting makes it confusing for the people trying to help you.

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hi, i have a HP pavilion laptop with a Toshiba ODD-DVD SD-R6252 dvd+rw/cdrw burner in it. I've always had media compatabilty issues with this drive, but now it seems none of my videos i've burned onto dvd+rws can be read with this thing! I did the firmware update and bios, tried all kinds of media, i just don't get it. It still burns dvd+r's ok and cds. I bought brand new verbatim dvdrw and burned a few movies, but now they won't play back, i can't even get the drive to read them to reformat them (HP support told me to buy verbatim!)...but they play flawlessly in my compaq and home dvd player!??? any help???

Answer:dvd+RW drive won't read or write anymore!

i think the eye on the drive may have weakened

a dvd rw reflects less light then a dvd r cd

this happened to the cd burner that came with my compaq 7470

and if it can happen to a cd burner, them theres a chance that it can happen to a dvd burner

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Have continued to use write.exe from windows 95 because of its simplicity, likewise cardfile.exe and calendar.exeBought a new pc with windows 7 installed, and cannot access any of my date in those 3 important programs...even after using the "compatibility" switch offered in the file options. HELP!

Answer:cannot read old write files in win7

Are you using the 64 bit version of Windows 7? I think the old programs you mention are probably 16 bit programs and will not work on 64 bit versions of Windows.

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I went to boot up my dad's laptop (dell inspiron 4000) and i received a

memory write/read failure at (memory code) decreasing available memory.
The amount of system memory has been changed.
Press F1 to continue.

i take it this would mean there is a stick of bad ram, eh?

Answer:Memory write/read failure

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Hi. My DVD RW drive is not working. I can still see the icon in my Folder view, but it does not register any DVDs put in it or write to any DVD. Although now I think that is because it was not reading the blank DVD I was using. Is there any way to restore
the drive?

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Have 4 HDDs mounted in case. 3 of them are fine. The WDC W20EADS tests at an average write speed of 1MB/s, read is 80MB/s. Every now and then it comes right and the write speed is also around 80MB/s.

Stuck in the bottom of the case it runs quite warm 35C to 45C.

Is the drive failing, or running too warm?

Answer:HDD slow write, fast read

I might suggest downloading Western Digitals data lifeguard diagnostic program to check the drive. It should tell you what you need to know.

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I put a cd in my read/write drive on my Gateway desktop to download some pictures.  Now I can't get the drawer to open when I push the eject button so I can't get the cd out.  Any ideas..Thanks  Rick

Answer:Read Write Drive won't open

beechman .....Ok ...... try this .... go to My Computer ........ put your cursor on the cd drive that won't open , right click and click on eject .If that won't open it , get a paper clip , open it up ( look for a small hole ) insert the end of the paper clip in the hole ( it should slid in maybe 1/2" )and then you should feel it stop.... put a bit more pressure and the manual release should move back and you will be able to open the drawer that way.dl65 

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