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Wired vs Wireless network, is wireless safe.

Question: Wired vs Wireless network, is wireless safe.

I generally don't have a need to network computers together. In fact if I do network in my home it will be for only one purpose and would prefer to have the network down 99.99% of the time.

I can run the lines needed to connect these two computers but wireless would be easier to get going.

I am just wondering if wireless is secure enough.

If I do connect two computers together I would want to set it up so I have a link on the desktop's where I can connect the network and disconnect it even if it requires me to hire out custom coding.

I guess what I am saying is would want the computers connected about once a week for a few minutes and then break the connection as easy as possible but also securely.

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Preferred Solution: Wired vs Wireless network, is wireless safe.

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Wired vs Wireless network, is wireless safe.

I'm not sure about the others, but i have tried this and its safe.

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Someone asked me about hooking up there xbox to the internet. Their home is wireless and the xbox is across the room. Is there something I can get that receives the wireless signal from the network then transmits it through the wire plugged into it? Basically, the opposite of a wireless access point. Thanks.

Answer:Solved: Wireless network - need something that does wireless to wired for xbox

The device you want is called a wireless bridge; e.g., see

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I'm trying to fix someones laptop. The wired and wireless internet won't work. The wireless card can see my home network, but after a about 30 seconds after trying to connect it says that the connection has been unsuccessful.

Since it didn't even work in safe mode I thought maybe it was something in the registry. I tried CCleaner and it didn't work.

Also tried, connecting to a different network, uninstalling the drivers (but computer keeps finding the drivers and reinstalling them) , some lines in the cmd that were supposed to reset my tcp/ip settings. I'm lost. Nothing else seems to be wrong with the computer, no other fishy activity. Thanks in advance.

btw Toshiba Satellite Win 7 x64, I have tried wireless and wired and multiple access points.

Answer:Can't connect to internet. Wired or Wireless. Even in safe mode.

In Safe mode few drivers are running, unless you chose Safe mode with networking, and even then it'd probably only be the ethernet port that worked anyway.

Has your router been programmed with a MAC whitelist?

Resorting to a registry scrubber isn't an awfully good idea...

Are the correct drivers onboard for ethernet and WiFi adapters?

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so I have the same situation as the user of the above link

1 PC connected wirelessly via a wireless card and via RJ-45 to a Linksys wireless router. And either:

i) from the wireless router to the wireless printer
ii) or from the PC's wireless card to the wireless printer

everything is working. But I want to "change the order of network protocol binding" as below. To make sure the PC is connected to the network via the RJ-45, NOT by wireless:

If I do this, can the PC still talk to the wireless printer? And if not, how would you connect to the network wired, but to the printer wirelessly?

Answer:For PC w/ wired & wireless, can it connect wired to internet but wireless to printer

If the wireless printer is connected to the router via wireless, all wired devices can print to it.
I know the Canon at a clients house works like this as that is how I have it set up.

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Hello, I have a Linksys router and Everything is connected right, but if I don't have my wireless adapter in, I can't get any response from the network. There's no other computers I can test anything but when I troubleshoot the issue it says "you may not have a internet adapter" or something like that, I can't remember and it won't come up while the net is activated... Please help.

Answer:Wired not working, wireless is (need wired cause I'm using room mates wireless)

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Under Winxp is it possible to have both a wired and wireless network?

Appreciate the info. Also what is needed to set up a VPN with Windows XP home? Is it possible or do you need Winxp Pro?


Answer:Wired and Wireless Network? VPN?

The short answer is YES. I am not sure what you mean by setting up a VPN on XP Home. You can set up a VPN client on any PC with pretty much any OS to connect to a VPN server but the other way around is different. If you jsut want remote access to an internal PC just use a VNC program.

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i am having wireless router, is there any problem while connectig to internet if i connect my computer to that router via wired and wireless using two NIC card, both are enabled(active), at the same time

Answer:is Two IP on the same network using wired and wireless possible ?

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Hey guys, in my desktop I have a wireless card and a normal wired card. I want to use the wireless card to access the internet and internet applications such as FTP and AIM. I want to use the wired card to access my local area network (which is also conencted to the internet) but I don't want to use it to get online.

The networks are NOT the same. They are completely different.
My goals:
Wireless = Internet Traffic Only
Wired = Lan Traffic Only (File Sharing Thats it)

Operating system Windows XP Pro
I also have the newest ZoneAlarm if this helps in restricting access to certain things.

Please lemme know how and if this is all possible


Answer:Wired & Wireless Network - Using both?

Easy. Don't connect the wired LAN to the Internet. I think Windows will then default to the faster wired connection for LAN access. To be sure, though, you could put the wired IPs on a different subnet and hardcode your hosts file to use those IPs.

Out of curiosity, though -- why? If you're running the cable anyway, why deal with the extra security issues wireless introduces?

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I currently have 2 desktop PCs connected to a 4 port router, which connects to my Cable Modem. I am thinking of getting a Laptop with a wireless card, but how to connect it to my wired network? Can I use a Wireless Ethernet Bridge, connected via CAT5 to the router, and then connect the laptop wirelessly via the bridge?I know bridges are usually used to connect dumb devices like a printer to a wireless network, so I guess what I am proposing is using the bridge in reverse.Will this work, and if not, how can I do it?Cheers,Robin

Answer:Wireless PC in a wired network

I think the easier route would be to purchase a wireless router?

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Hello there,
Can anybody enlighten me please is it at all possible to set up a network between two computers when one is on a wireless connectio and one wired but both connected to net through same router?

Originally i didn't think it was possible and had dissmissed it as an option for my mothers set up but i'm now questioning the logic for dismissing it. Anyway i'm sure someone here has the required knowledge. Thanks a million Max.

Answer:network, wireless and wired

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I'm just wondering if anyone knows how to setup a network with both a wired desktop and a wireless laptop. All the I have found online in regards to networks requires either all wired or all wireless setups. The few I found on how to setup this type of network weren't very clear or didn't work. I have a Buffalo WHR-G125 router, a desktop with an onboard nvidia nic running XP Pro SP2, and a Gateway laptop with an onboard Intel nic running XP Pro SP1. Connecting to the internet works flawlessly, but I can't seem to enable file and printer sharing between the two PCs. Any advice or links to guides will be appreciated. Thank you.

Answer:Network with both wired and wireless PCs



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Hi i was just wondering if it was possible to set up a wired and wireless network using XP. as there is only a wired or wireless option i was not sure. i basicly only want to share some files and the printer. i tried talking to linksys but they dont know what they are talking about and tried to get me to disable the firewalls on both computers! yer rite am i gonna do that neway if there is anyone that can help me please reply cheers himesh

Answer:Is a wired and wireless network possible on XP

Yes.Most people use a mixed networks. They are naturally more reliable and convenient than a wireless-only network.If you want specific rundowns on setup, let me know.

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I currently have a 4 computer network (Macintosh, Windows XP Desktop, Windows XP Desk Top, and Windows XP Laptop) one of my windows XP desktop cables went bad i beleive. I came to this conclusion by switching ports and getting the same result and trying to cable on my laptop and it wouldn;t work. It acutally detects the connection (it even says a network cable in unplugged when i unplug it) on both computers however there is no internet.

To fix the problem I'd like to go wireless so my lap top will be online and i can put a PCI wireless card in both the broken WinXP (so i don't need to run new wires.. it's really far) and the laptop (so i can go portable!). So i guess my question is what's the best way i should go about doing this. I can sacrifice network speed (my current network runs at 10mbps) but don't want to. I can go upto about $200.

Any help is greatly apperciated.


Answer:Wired Network & Wireless

rio.... ok first when you said it was far from each computer is not going to work if each computer is over 300 feet with consideration of walls and etc. To move on from that I would suggest( with your 200 dollar budget) to go with lynxsys wireless router G( can not speciify that enough) , G not B because u you will get better bandwidth and length with it. Try that out and see were it gets you.

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My setup consists of a Linksys Wireless Router and a Netgear (Wired) Router. My wireless router has 4 ports as does the Netgear. I've connected the uplink port of the Netgear to port 4 of my Linksys Router so that I am able to plug a computer by ethernet into the Netgear router to access the Internet. Problem is that it's not working. I'm unable to access the Internet unless I plug directly into the Linksys Wireless Ethernet port.

I'm assuming my setup is incorrect for the Netgear and/or Linksys router(s). Any help or direction would be greatly appreciated.

Answer:Wireless and Wired Network

Connecting two SOHO broadband routers together.

Configure the IP address of the secondary router to be in the same subnet as the primary router, but out of the range of the DHCP server in the primary router. For instance DHCP server addresses through, I'd assign the secondary router as it's IP address.

Disable the DHCP server in the secondary router.

Setup the wireless section just the way you would if it was the primary router.

Connect from the primary router's LAN port to one of the LAN ports on the secondary router. If there is no uplink port and neither of the routers have auto-sensing ports, use a cross-over cable. Leave the WAN port unconnected!

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I have 2 computers networked together with a wired router but my wife wants me to get a wireless network for a laptop. Is there a way to hook a wireless router into the wired router?

Answer:Wireless and wired network

Get a wireless access point, not a wireless router.

Plug it into you network.

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I have a question about networks. I would like to use my wired network while WiFi is off without disabling the wireless signal from the router's software. The reason I don't want to do that is I'd like to be able to quickly switch wifi on/off. I use a switch for my wired connections.
The pic here shows my configuration:

I have a switch connected to the modem, and the router to the switch. My computer is wired to the switch and my network player is wifi. My computer has internet access and I can configure my network player to do the same. The part where I have trouble is accessing my network player from the computer. It works fine when the computer is wired to the router's lan ports but not through the switch. How do I configure my network so I can access my network player? I have my router setup so that UPnP is disabled, I tried also disabling the DHCP server. The router is a dlink DIR 825.
Does anybody have experience with this kind of setup? Thanks for your help.

Answer:Using my wired network while wireless os off

reverse the locations of your switch and wifi router.

The router should be the first thing connected to your cable modem.

When done, both your PCs interfaces, and the network player will be on the same network, that's what you want.

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I have one pc and laptop on a wireless network, and I want to add another pc. I have a non wireless ethernet card for it. Can I plug it in to the phone line and run it on the network? Am I totally off the wall here, or will it work?

Answer:Is it possible to have a wired and wireless network?

Buy a wirless router that has wired ports on it. See my sig.

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hi all, i've currently got 2 computers networked using a cross over cable, and i have another 2 computer which I wish to join to the network, using a hub/switch etc...I can do that fine. However, I also have 2 laptops which I would like to use anywhere in the house, so by doing so I would like to have the wired network and the wireless joined. i knoww i need an access point etc, but how would I get that connected to the wired network? help please.

Answer:wired network along with wireless

click here and see the diagrams.Basically, you get a wireless access point, plug that into your router, and connect the laptops to the wireless access point.If you want to share web access between them all, get a router.

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When I use my W510 machine, the machine can switch to wireless automatically if I unplug my wired networked cable with a little delay. But my W540 doesn't do that. It cannot automatically switch to wireless. It can automatically switch from wireless to wired after I put the cable in. I have all updates installed from the update center. Do I need to do some manual configuration?

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I am trying to add a new network-ready printer (Brother MFC-7820N) to my existing wireless network. The printer is connected to a LAN port on the back of a wireless router.

The pre-existing wireless network consists of a Linksys BEFW11S4 wireless router, a wired Windows XP Home desktop and a wireless Windows XP Home laptop. The network has MAC address filtering and WEP security enabled.

I turned off both MAC and WEP security when installing the printer, and the wired desktop was able to detect the printer after going through "add network printer".

I got the printer's MAC address from the printer test page and added that to the router and turned the MAC filtering back on, and still ok: I was able to detect the printer from the wired desktop and print.

I then turned on the WEP security, and suddenly the wired desktop no longer detects the printer (tried pinging printer's IP address). If I turn off WEP, the desktop again recognizes the printer.

I'm not sure why WEP is affecting communication between two components that are both wired into the router. I haven't even tried to get the wireless laptop to communicate with the printer yet, since I can't even get the wired desktop fully working first. I don't want to disable WEP security, so that is not an option. Brother support says its an issue with the router. Is there some setting I need to change on the router? Alternatively, I think if I got a wireless print server and entered the WEP... Read more

Answer:Solved: WEP security with wired network printer on wireless network

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I need to start by saying I only have a patchy knowledge of networking.

I have been involved in the Networking of a museum with a set of "Show" computers which display video, and for this reason cannot have anti virus installed becuase of the performace hit, and also the risk of pop-ups on the videos. They do however need to be connected to the internet as some are interactive and allow people to send simple emails, and they all need to allow remote support when things go wrong.

It seems the networking was not thought out very well initially, and there is a single wireless router which serves the staff and public on a secured wireless network, but also serves the "Show" machines via a wired connection from one of its ports, which then connects to a master switch which serves the show machines.

Now the wired and wireless is on the same network, and everything shares the same IP subnet (, and this is not a good situation in terms of the securuty of the show machines on the wired network. So I need to work out a way to totally separate the wireless network (which will be very prone to people opening viruses in their emails etc), from the wired network (which will be the show machines which wont be touched by anyone).

I want to achieve this in the simplest and easiest way, and have been reading about the possibility of setting up a second wired router behind the current wireless one, with a different subnet IP address, to which the &q... Read more

Answer:Creating a secure wired network alongside a wireless network

That's the standard way to protect one set of machines from another, while allowing all to use the same internet access. The reason it works is the NAT layer on the second router--it protects its LAN from the other machines the same way it protects from the big scary internet.

If you are using Windows on the "show" machines try Microsoft Security Essentials. It should not adversely impact performance.

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Currently have a wired network consisting of cable modem, router with a few computers connected plus a switch, then more computers connected to the switch including a laptop.

As the web of cable grows through the house we've decided maybe we should investigate wireless for the next phase.

What we want to do is still have the laptop on the wired network most of the time, but be able to to take the laptop downstairs and use it's built in wireless network card to connect to a wireless access point which I imagine would in turn be plugged into the switch.

That is my first question - I have seen diagrams/instructions (for example on Netgear) where the wireless access point is plugged into the router - but I guess it could just as easily be plugged into the switch? Geographically this would be much better.

So next question: is there a problem in having the laptop set up for both wired and unwired? If plugged in to the wired network, would it just automatically detect and operate off that or would it be trying to access the wireless network at the same time and would this cause some conflict? Do I have to disable temporarily the wireless network when it's plugged in to the wired?

I guess you might say why bother - leave it on wireless, but the wired transfer speeds are so much faster. Most of the time it would be upstairs on the wired network.

Next , some general advice on how the thing is configured - I gather you set up the wireless access point first, ... Read more

Answer:Combining wired network with wireless

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I already have a hard-wired network with four computers on it. It is a Linksys router and I am satisfied with it.

I am looking to add a wireless connection to the existing network. My intention is to keep the hard-wired router in place and simply add a wireless router to the network. I already have what I will call a wired satellite switch running off the present router that I occasionally connect 1- to 3 additional computers to when I am working on them.

My idea is to set up the new router as another satellite switch and disable its internal DHCP server (can't use two DHCP on a single network).

Is 802.11g the fastest?
I use static IPs; will this present a problem with the wireless router?
Is there an advantage to having the same brand equipment throughout the wireless setup? Example: I recently got a 3com router and one wireless card and never got it to work properly with computers on the wired Linksys.
Are there any mistakes in my proposed setup?
Additional input appreciated.


Answer:Have Wired Network--Looking to Add (not change to) Wireless

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I have the following:
Dlink DI-524 wireless router

Netgear wireless game adapter

Dlink di604

I used to have the wireless adapter hooked up to my gaming desktop for its internet access. I recently bought a 360 and want to have them both hooked up to the wireless. I would like to hook the wireless adapter to the di604, and have the pc and 360 hooked up to it. How could i go about doing this since there would be two routers?

Answer:wireless and wired router on same network


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We've got two brand new Dell XPS PCs both with XP Media Center. One is a desktop, other is a laptop. We're using the existing Belkin wired router to share an SBC DSL internet connection with a modem (in different rooms). The laptop is now going wireless, and we bought a Netgear 54Mpbs wireless router that will replace the Belkin.

When we connected the new desktop to the existing wired router it connected to the internet easily, same with the laptop with the wired connection. No problem.

But now we're wanting to also share a printer, and the internet connection. I just am not sure how to start ... do I set up the new wireless router and have XP configure the connection, or do I use the Netgear setup CD? And in what order does it have to be setup, i.e., which computer?

Also, to further complicate things, I want to network my old Thinkpad laptop (Win98) so I can get files transferred from it to the new laptop. It's got an ethernet adapter, but in the past I've not been successful in getting the thinkpad networked, except for the internet connection.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

Answer:What order to set up XP wired & wireless network?

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I live right beside my friend. He ALLOWS me to use his wireless network that he has broadcasting in his house. I AM paying him $15 a month to use his internet...

Just wanted to state that so people aren't saying your stealing internet..etc.. bla bla bla...

Anyways. I have 3 computers in my room at the moment and was wondering if I can use my router that I have and turn off the wireless feature and still beable to share files back and forth with MY computers but also get wireless internet from my friend... I tried setting it up yesterday and he tried helping as well but it doesn't seem to work. I can get internet via wireless but even with all the other computers hooked up to my linksys router and the wireless disabled on the router I can not see any of my computers. They are on the same workgroup...

Anyone know if this can be done?

Little diagram to show what I kinda want...


Answer:Can this be done? Wireless and also an internal wired network?

Make sure you set the Default Gateways, and IP's on the other pcs, and make sure file sharing is enabled...

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Forgive me if this has been asked before. I having been looking around and don't see the answer. Endulge me please...

I have a BEFSR41 Linksys router and have recently bought my wife a laptop with a wireless setup. I want to keep the existing network here at the house, but I want to add a wireless router to the setup so that she can use the laptop throught the house. I am at a bit of a loss here as I seldom do much more with our networking than read and set up the system. Adding a new layer is a bit more than I have done in the past. I don't want to set up the whole house on wireless. It just seems like a large waste of funds on our miniscule budget. Any help would be appreciated. I get the feeling I am missing something here and it will be a simple solution.

Answer:Setting up a wired and wireless network together. Help please.

ok need way more info...
what hardware do you have already?
and what is all setup on the network.

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Here's what I have: An old Pentium 2 dell with a cable modem and Belkin 4 port wired router connecting to an even older Dell. All works fine and both PC's get internet connection fine. I am now buying a brand new Dell 4600. My question is...Can I plug a Wireless Access Point into my existing router and get a wireless adapter in the new PC so the new PC will be wireless while the other 2 are wired? And... will I be able to print from the new PC on the printer attached to the old PC? I need help as I am very confused???

Answer:Adding wireless to a wired network?

Yep, without a problem. You'll just have to share the printer on the computer it is connected to.

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I have recently purchased a laptop and want to use the internet wirelessly. I already have a wired router with 4 PCs connected and have purchased a Wireless Access Point (Netgear WG602v3) to give me wireless access. I can access the internet but I cant access the other PCs on the wired network. I'm also unable to access the settings page of the access point(

Answer:Adding Wireless to a Wired Network

does the laptop run xp home? if so the guest account must be on.

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Hey guys,
All wireless machines can get wireless internet access, but I cannot get the network functional for file or printer sharing. Here is how it is connected.

DSL modem ---to---Linsys WRT54GS router ---to desktop with windows 2000 (by ethernet cable).

All other machines in the house are wireless and can get full internet access no problem. However, I cannot get them networked to be able to see each other and share files, and I would like to share the printer as well. The other devices are running XP.

Any help or direction you could provide would be greatly appreciated.


Answer:wireless/wired - internet yes, network no go.

This should help you out or start you in the right direction:

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I recently bought myself a new Netgear Stora MS2110 (network storage), my network situation is a bit strange. I've got my computer connected to a wireless network with internet access, and the Stora now connected to the computer by a wired LAN without internet. I just now discovered that I needed to have internet to setup the Stora, so my question is this - Can I somehow Bridge the wireless network onto the wired network through my computer? giving the Stora internet access and access to the wireless network. if so, how?

Answer:Bridge between wireless and wired network

Hi there, please check put the cross-over cabling tut in my sig.

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I wish to extend my wired Home Network to include a single wireless connection for my laptop. The operating radius will be up to within 25 metres of a wired RJ45 socket on my existing network. Would appreciate suggestions re suitable components and setup. Unfortunately cost is a significant consideration (The Chancellor is showing little sympathy for use old wrinkles (83+))

Answer:Wired to wireless network connection

Now solved

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I have a home wired network connected to a Lynksys router / ADSL modem.My wife has a laptop and would prefer to connect to the home network and subsequently, the net with a wireless connection.Does anyone know of a device which will connect to the network that will enable a wireless connection from a laptop without the need to buy a new wireless router?

Answer:Wireless connection to a wired network

wightrob....... Will the laptop accept a PCMCIA ethernet adapter ....then just plug into the existing router ?  

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I have a Linksys WRT54G wireless router. The router is connected to a DSL modem. I have a desktop PC connected to the router via one of the 4 ethernet ports (wired). I have a laptop with built in wireless-G which communicates to the router wirelessly. Both machines run Windows XP SP2.

I have had no problem getting both the PC and laptop talking to the router, and no problem getting the router talking to the DSL modem. So both the desktop PC and the laptop can access the internet without any problems.

I do have a problem getting the desktop PC and laptop to share files or printers between each other. I went through the Network Setup Wizard on both the desktop PC and the laptop. That seemed to go just fine. The printers on both the desktop PC and laptop are now "shared." If I look at the computers in my workgroup (called "Home") on the laptop, then I can see both the PC (called "Desktop") and the laptop (called "Laptop"). But if I try to double click on the "Desktop" icon in my workgroup, I get an error message saying that access to the "Desktop" computer has been denied. On the other hand, if I try to look at the computers in my workgroup on the desktop PC, it only shows the "Desktop" computer as part of the workgroup, and the "Laptop" computer does not show up at all.

Is my primary problem with the router? That is, is the router not allowing the desktop and laptop to communicate with each other... Read more

Answer:Wired and Wireless Network Setup

I suspect your problems result from a combination of a firewall on the laptop, and mis-matched accounts between the computers. Here's some basic troubleshooting tips.

All machines are must be in the same subnet, i.e. 192.168.0.x where x is any number. The subnet mask should be for most small networks.

Turn off any firewalls for debugging. If the firewall is the problem, you'll have to configure it to allow access to "trusted zone" addresses. Note that some firewalls must be completely uninstalled to stop them from affecting your networking.

PING each computer by IP address, and if successful, PING by name. You can obtain the IP address of a computer by opening a command prompt (DOS window) and typing IPCONFIG. This should work for any Windows version.

All computers should be in the same workgroup for computer browsing to function properly. File & Print Sharing has to be enabled on any computer you wish to share files or printers from. You also need to actually share the resource in question from My Computer, right click on the drive/printer/folder, and select sharing.

If you encounter difficulties accessing computers that are visible in Network Neighborhood, make sure the computer being accessed has an account with the same name/password as the system connecting to it uses to login.

While the default NetBIOS setting is correct for normal network configurations, it's possible for it to be altered, and it costs nothing to make su... Read more

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I have a question...I am currently running a wireless network at home and would like to add a third computer. The signal is very low on this computer because it is travelling through not just one, but two concrete walls. Can I use an ethernet cable and just connect the two computers or will I have to create a wired network? If I create the wired network, will it interfere with the wireless?

Thanks for any help you can provide!

Answer:Wireless or Wired home network

What type of antenna are you talking about? How would it connect to the computer?

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Hello all,

I currently am unable to have Ethernet on all my devices i would like it to be on and have to suffice to wireless for a part of my home network. But this has caused an issue i can't seem to work out.

Basically what i have is my phone line plugged into my ADSL Modem, which then shoots wirelessly to my first PC. From there PC1 is connected to my switch via ethernet, and my other devices are then connected via ethernet tot eh same switch.

PC1 has all the obvious things, a working internet connection, internet sharing enabled etc. The issue is, PC2 and my Xbox, as well as anything else i've tried off the switch will not receive an internet connection.

At first i believed it was the switch causing the issue, so i swapped it out for one i knew worked. Still not internet. I then tried another switch and 2 routers to no avail. The issue is that my Xbox can connect to PC1 and view its files as can PC2 so i know the network is working, just not the internet.

Here is a diagram of my setup.

Your help on this issue is greatly appreciated, i will monitor it as frequent as i can. Feel free to email me as well, i can check that easier at the moment during business hours.


Answer:Wired/Wireless Network Issues

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/ | \
PC1 PC2 PC3 <--> wireless laptop to PC3

If PC3 has both nic and wireless card, is it possible to slip the laptop onto the network through PC3 using "ad-hoc" wireless networking between those 2 machines? Could laptop just have same workgroup name and as result get through to the modem?

(starting new thread because it's getting ignored in an old thread)....


Answer:Wireless peer2peer onto a wired network?

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Hi all,

I'm brand new here and I could use some help.

My wife has a conundrum at work. The internet comes into the office (broadband w/cable modem). A Cat 5 ethernet cable runs upstairs to the computer lab (elementary school) and plugs into a 10 port router. They then have their 10 computers hardwired into this router.

The problem----They have other computers thru-out the building with no internet hookups. They would like to give one or two of these some internet.
How???-- they went and bought a Linksys wireless 802.11g router and a USB wireless receiver to plug into the computer of choice.

I was thinking that to use the wireless router they would have to buy an ethernet splitter to place in line with the cable feeding the existing router, and plug the wireless router into the open port on the splitter. They would then install the USB wireless receiver software on the computer of choice and configure the internet connection. Some additional research indicates that I should use a switch, or Wireless Access Point. But the physical wireing is hazy for me. Can someone point me in the right direction.

I would appreciate any help that you can provide on this situation.


Answer:Adding wireless to a wired network

Follow these instructions to connect two broadband routers, and you can use the extra three ports on the second router to connect a couple more machines. No other equipment needed...

Connecting two SOHO broadband routers together.

Configure the IP address of the secondary router to be in the same subnet as the primary router, but out of the range of the DHCP server in the primary router. For instance DHCP server addresses through, I'd assign the secondary router as it's IP address.

Disable the DHCP server in the secondary router.

Setup the wireless section just the way you would if it was the primary router.

Connect from the primary router's LAN port to one of the LAN ports on the secondary router. If there is no uplink port and neither of the routers have auto-sensing ports, use a cross-over cable. Leave the WAN port unconnected!

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I have a netgear router (DG834PN)and have 2 laptops which both work fine connecting to the router which is WEP protected. The problem i am trying to solve is this;I have a HP printer (C5100 all in one)which has both USB and ethernet ports. I would like to be able to print wirelessley from both laptops. Currently each time i want to print i have to mess around connecting the laptop to the printer untangling leads each time to achieve this. Can i set the printer up, connecting it to my router with either a ethernet or usb cable and have the laptops configured to recognise the printer on the network?I am happy to have the printer wired to the router, assuming that a wireless printer is not an option?Any help advice greatly appreciated.. a novice ._.

Answer:wireless network to a wired printer

Your printer has an ethernet port - in which case you should be able to connect this directly to the router - there will probably be some kind of configuration for IP address etc on the printer itself....

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Hi, I want to set up a mixed network because I recently got a laptop and want it on the network. My current hardware is a Motorola SBG900 Gateway which has the internet connection, and a Network Everywhere Linksys NR041 (wired) router connected through wire to the Gateway.

The question would be, can I set up a mixed Wired\Wireless LAN with only that, or is a bridge\wireless router forcefully needed? I have 2 computers connected through wires on the linksys router, and they both have access to internet as well as complete LAN functionality between them.

The issue is that my wireless laptop cannot see the computers on the linksys router and I guess it could be a configuration issue. The laptop connects wirelessly directly to the Gateway and also has internet access (but it seems no LAN access to the wired router). Is worth mentioning that the wired computers connected to the router are running on Windows XP 32 SP3 & 64 SP2 and the laptop is on Vista home premium 32.

The gateway detects both the router and the laptop in the DHCP leases.

The configuration I have on the Wired desktop computers is the following:
(Static IP's)
IP: 192.168.1.XXX <---- each its different ip
Subnet mask:
Default gateway: <------ Linksys router​
The config for the linksys NR041 router is the following
(Static IP)
Subnet mask:
DHCP Server: Disabled <---- Use it for hosting needs.

(Automatical... Read more

Answer:Mixed Wired\Wireless network help

Setup is always confusing to all of us the first time...
But perhaps you have not given us enough information. Which of those two devices (Linksys or Motorola) has the wireless emitter? I assume that is the Motorola.
But if you are connecting the Linksys to the Motorla, it must have the Wireless emitter to make things work properly... and so your setup is not right on the LinkSys (assuming it also has wireless)
Tell us a bit more about how they are in the chain.
Both computers and the laptop ideally should be working off the same router. I assume the Linkysy has four wired ports and a Wireless emitter. If not, tell us what you have, and the order in which they are placed.
Is one (perhaps the Motorola) connected to your cable or DSL provider?

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I have a network of 4 computers at home, all connected to a modem and router...I will soon be introducing another computer (a laptop) and obviously with the portability I would prefer (with its built in wifi) to be able to go online anywhere in the house with the laptop...however I'd rather not have to fork out for a wireless access point when only the laptop will make use of it...

I have an idea, and would like to know if it is possible; could I add a usb to wifi converter to one of my existing computers, and then set the laptop up to connect to that computer as the gateway (which in turn connects to the router as the gateway) anything like this possible? or even just an rj45 - wifi converter or something lol

thanks for reading folks!

Answer:I would like to add a wireless connection to my wired network...Help if possible!


Windows XP comes with a bridging feature meaning you can "bridge" two network connections.

So you set up an ad hoc wireless network on one of your desktops and bridge the wireless connection with the wired one. Then you can join the ad hoc network with the laptop and you will efectively be a part of the wired network too.

A tutorial here:

A cheap access point would still be a much better solution..

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I currently have a wired network which distributes broadband access to 4 PCs using a router and a 6 port hub, it works well and I don't want to change it! Having just acquired a laptop the benefits of a wireless connection are very obvious. I have been told that it would be possible to configure a wireless connection for the laptop without disrupting the existing wired network, but I can't get my head round where I would put the wireless " sender" and whether I would need to change the network's settings to include the wireless connection. The 4 desktops are on XP Pro and the laptop is on WIN 98 SE. Can anyone help with this please?

Answer:Is a combined wired/wireless network possible?

plug wireless access point into ncurrent network hub.connect wireless network card (probably usb version) into laptop.follow the instructions that come with access point and wireless lan card.wired and wireless will peacefully coexist!mrdsgs

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I have a USR wireless router and wireless desktop card that I am trying to set up as a home network. One PC connects via ethernet cable to the router and the internet, the other PC has a wireless card and connects to the router and the internet. They both connect to the internet with no problems at all. I spent 4 hours last night running and re-running the XP home network set-up wizard. The wizard runs fine, the PCs have different names, the workgroup is "Hamilton Family" on both PCs. Yet each PC cannot "see" the other PC on the home network. When I re-run the wizard the workgroup name defaults to something like "MSWorkgroup" which I then change once again to "Hamilton Family". I disabled the PCs' firewalls and there isn't any MAC address or WEP security on the network yet.Please advise me what I'm doing wrong in setting up the home network so I can share printers, files and play games etc. Online help and MS' website don't give any solutions to this problem at all.Thank you,Mark

Answer:Cannot set up home network wired & wireless

I had a similar problem, although I was just networking two PCs with wireless cards and without a router. My laptop and PC resolutely refused to see each other, although the wireless utility told me the network was there. I did a couple of things that sound obvious, but after I did them, everything burst into life:a. Make sure that you have File and Print sharing enabled on both machines (Control Panel, Network Connections).b. Actually share a folder. Unless you do this, Windows won't see anything.c. At this point, I still wasn't seeing anything so I went to Search/Computers or People/A Computer on the network. In the search field, I typed *.* and pressed Search. As if by magic, the computers showed up. You may find that your wireless connection is a bit "blocky" - that means that the computers will take a few seconds to find each other, and that even after the connection has been made, it will seem to drop out every now and again. But once you have the shared folders in your "network places", you should be okay.To put folders in network places (or to map as a network drive), you need to use the convention \\computer name\share name.I hope that helpsregardsSteve V

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Hi all, thought this is the best place to ask...

Is there a way to plug my computer into my LAN and have access to my home network but avoid using its internet access altogether? So that I can use a separate wireless network for internet?

Answer:Wireless Internet, Wired Network...

Quote: Originally Posted by dragotron

Hi all, thought this is the best place to ask...

Is there a way to plug my computer into my LAN and have access to my home network but avoid using its internet access altogether? So that I can use a separate wireless network for internet?

You could consider a "Virtual Private Network"?



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This might be a little long but I'll try to give you all information on my setup that might be applicable. I just recently got a laptop that I wanted to add to my home network. Before the laptop I had three computers linked through a wired linksys router and all three shared the internet and could see each other. I got a linksys wireless router a while back but shelved it after I couldn't get the port forwarding to work.

I decided to add the linksys wireless router to the network as a switch by changing it's IP and disabling DHCP. I configured the wireless options in the router, password protected the wireless portion and fired everything up. Here is the problem.

The laptop sees the wireless signal and I can login using the password. The laptop is receiving an IP from the wired router like it should and I can access the internet through the laptop. However, I can't see any of the other computers through the laptop and the other computers can't see the laptop. All software firewalls (including windows) are disabled and file sharing is enabled. The laptop is on the same work group as the others. The thing that is really driving me crazy is the fact that the laptops name shows up in the network but when I click on it from one of the wired computers I get the "you don't have permission to look at this computer" message.

Sorry about the long post but this is driving my nuts and I have found nothing on the net that addresses this i... Read more

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Hello out there i'm stuck in making a home network. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!

So this is my connection

(internet)->(modem)->(DI-524 wireless router)->(destop wired computer Windows xp home)
->(wireless Laptop, windows vista)
I have finished the router's setup and the computers have an internet connection but i can't get the computers to use file and printer sharing.

I tried the home network wizard on xp and put the disk to the vista but there is a problem or error all the time.
I can't find the home networking wizard on vista and all i can find is the wireless setups. I checked all the other site and they didn't help.
PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Answer:How to Make a wired and wireless network?

Windows XP And Vista On The LAN Together

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Just a little over a month ago we networked 3 computers using an Intelinet Wireless Router, which is also an AP. At the time we had no intention of using a laptop. However, my husband just got a good deal on a Dell C600 wireless. It is on the way from Texas. I believe there is a way to network this laptop with our existing wired network. Can someone tell me what is involved in doing this? A friend helped us configure the router and we are very new with this, so if you could keep it just as simple as possible I would appreciate it. Thanks.

Answer:Add wireless laptp to wired network

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I have got a HP G6065 laptop wireless on a Belkin wireless router (N) which works just fine, I have an HP Pavilion 423uk pc wired to the Belkin router but I am unable to access the internet on the PC.I have a ethernet cable running from the Belkin router to the PC I know it sounds silly but do i need to do anything else to make it work? sorry for being dim. just expected it to work like this.can anyone advise many thanks Graham (uk)

Answer:Wireless & Wired Network problem

Take a read on how to set up the lan card and network on the desktopclick here

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I got a Belkin wireless router (got it for $10), that I am trying to connect to my wired network. I just can't get it to work.

The belkin has an option in the settings to make it become a wireless access point. When you do that, you must specify an IP address for the router to access it. I think what this does it make it seem like it is another computer with a normal IP?

I have it wired into a switch (which is conencted to my wired router). I don't have it in the uplink port, I have it on one of the numbered ports. I don't know which port to put the cable into on the wireless router.....I tried putting it in the numbered port, and the WAN, but neither work.

I am trying to connect to the wireless router by being connected to the wired router., but can't pull up the settings screen, it just times out

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I have a ThinkPad 510 with a docking station.  Within the same room, connecting to the same network I may use the WiFi with the TP only, or connect using the docking station which is hardwired to the network.  TP has W7 installed. What is the correct procedure for bouncing between these two environments?  Is there a setup which will allow 'automatic' access, depending on whether I'm using the docking port, or not? Thanks, 

Answer:Using both wired and wireless network Access?

in the Thinkvantage Access software, you can set the network preferences. So you can set the Ethernet to be your most preferred network connection method, while your wireless as the second most preferred method. Or which way you prefer.So for example, when you dock and the computer detects the ethernet network connection, it will automatically switch to the ethernet as it becomes available. And when you undock, your computer will switch back to wireless as ethernet is not available.

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Relevance 78.72% netgear wireless router and win 2000 based laptop work great together.

Here is my problem. My hard wired (cabled ) win XP Desk top browses slow, times out on email, and generally does not work well when wired to the router. When I unhook the router, and hook my Desktop right to the DSL modem, its fine. How can i speed up the desktop? Oh, and if i run a non windows online game on the desktop, its fine, no speed problems.
Here is what IP config looks like on the desktop. The lap top uses as an ip, and the same subnet mask and gateway.

Microsoft Windows XP [Version 5.1.2600]
(C) Copyright 1985-2001 Microsoft Corp.

C:\Documents and Settings\User>ipconfig /all

Windows IP Configuration

Host Name . . . . . . . . . . . . : Jeffdon
Primary Dns Suffix . . . . . . . :
Node Type . . . . . . . . . . . . : Hybrid
IP Routing Enabled. . . . . . . . : No
WINS Proxy Enabled. . . . . . . . : No

Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection:

Connection-specific DNS Suffix . :
Description . . . . . . . . . . . : Realtek RTL8139/810X Family PCI Fast
Ethernet NIC
Physical Address. . . . . . . . . : 00-07-95-49-AB-55
Dhcp Enabled. . . . . . . . . . . : Yes
Autoconfiguration Enabled . . . . : Yes
IP Address. . . . . . . . . . . . :
Subnet Mask . . . . . . . . . . . :
Default Gateway . . . . . . . . . :
DHCP Server . . . . . . . . . . . :
DNS Servers . . . . . . . . . . . :
Lease Obtain... Read more

Answer:Wireless network, wired issues

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I have never had any problems with my network with consists of a belkin adsl router with a pc connected to it with a cat cable, a laptop with a wireless connection and another pc with a belkin usb wireless connection. All was well untill recently. I have upgraded the firmware on the router and have installed zonealarm on each of the 3 computers. The networks have worked since these instalations but in the past 2 days the wireless pcs dont connect and have an x on the wireless icon on the task bar. The PC connected directly to the router can surf the web but when I try to "view workgroup computers" and hangs. Then on the screen comes"Server is not accessable. You might not have permission to use this network source. Contact the administrator of this server to find out if you have access permission. The list of servers for this workgroup is not currently avaiable. Any help would be great.

Answer:Wireless and wired network problem Help

have you put the individual pc's IP addresses in the trusted zone of zone alarm?

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I need help setting up my home network. I am planning to connect my custom built machine (wired into the lan) and my wireless Sony Vaio RB desktop. I dont want to have to connect my Vaio via lan because its two stories up and that would take alot of drilling and destroying of my nice walls. I know its possible to have a network like this (where wireless and wired computers communicate) but I don't know how to set it up. Can anyone help me?

Custom Computer (master)
AMD Althlon 64 3200+
Geforce 6600 256mb
10 gb master harddrive
120 gb slave
NEC 3450A dvd burner
Samsung Cd burner
Windows XP home SP1

Sony Vaio RB (secondary)
Intel Pentium D 930
2x 150 gb HDD Raid 0 (300gb total)
Sony DVD-RW-DL burner
Sony DVD/CD Drive
Windows XP Media Center

My custom computer would be the computer with all the networking tools on it.

Answer:Wired/Wireless network setup

What network devices do you have at the moment? If you happen to have a wireless router, then all you have to do is Read The Friendly Manual.

If you currently have only wired devices, then you need to buy a wireless access point and hook it up to your current network.

You can also get away with a wireless router.

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Here's the deal...
I have 2 computers, both running Windows XP Pro. I have a belkin 4-port wireless router connected (via ethernet cable) to computer A. I also have a dial-up modem connected to computer A (laugh it up... it's my only option out here). I have a wireless network card in computer B. B can see A, I can share files and printers just fine, and I ran the Windows Network Wizard to try to get B to be able to use the dial-up connection, but it just won't work.

If anyone can guide me through it over AIM, and get my dial-up connection working on both computers, I'll pay you $5 via paypal. $5 can buy you something fancy... so c'mon, help a girl out.

Answer:Troubleshooting ICS on a wired/wireless network

You can run a proxy server on the computer with the internet connection; it's not quite the same, but it'll still share the internet. Squid will do this fine. If you want to do it the ICS way, though, try a tutorial on how to do this.

Either way, if that doesn't resolve the issue post back and I'll help you out.


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I have a PC and 2laptops which i want to connect in a network. the PC and one of the laptops do not have wireless capability, but the other laptop does.What is the easiest way to connect the three together?I have a router which is not a wireless one, can it be 'made' wireless or do i need to connect all three computers with wires?hope this makes sense

Answer:comined wireless and wired network?

<<< What is the easiest way to connect the three together? >>>The *EASIEST* way is to connect all three by ethernet cable to the router and create a "wired" network.However, if you want a "wireless" network, you need to install a Wireless Network Adapter in the PC (either internal PCI or USB) and in the laptop that doesn't have one (PCMCIA or USB). You also need either to plug a "Wireless Access Point" into the router (effectively making it a "wireless router") or to replace the router with a wireless model. Stand-alone "Wireless Access Points" tend to be excesssively expensive and it may be cheaper to replace the router with a wireless one.With a Wireless Network, you can mix wired and wireless connections to the router, you don't need to be "all wired" or "all wireless".

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Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit. Kaspersky Internet Security 2013. Actiontec GT742WG. I lost internet connection a couple of weeks ago so powercycled my modem. Since then I've had nothing but network problems. The above computer is ethernet wired to my modem and I have a wireless network for a couple of other computers and 2 Droid phones. I haven't been on the other 2 computers for some time and haven't changed any settings etc. They do have a wireless connection though that I recently checked. I keep getting an unidentified public network intermittently so I use the windows troubleshooter to check for problems and fix them. I have some screenshots attached. Can someone please help me. Thank you...

Answer:Wired and Wireless Network Problems

Ok, I've seen this before with the DNS showing a valid DNS IP but also a default gateway of which usually indicates there is another router or a modem/router and then your access point.

Can you confirm if this is true or not?

If there is only one router then you need to define 2 DNS IP addresses in your routers set up page, as it appears now you seem to have one DNS server typed into your IPv4 properties?

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I've got a windows 7 pc running. usb wireless adapter connected to my fios router downstairs which connects to the internet...

I also want to stream hd media files to my western digital wd live thats on my desk right next to the windows 7 pc connected to my 32 lcd mounted on my bedroom wall.

I connected the ethernet port on the pc to a old netgear router (not wireless) and then connected the wd live to it.

Presto - windows 7 sees 2 networks, one says internet access the wireless one, and the other says no internet. Streaming works perfect over the hard wire network, but the pc wont connect to the internet... its like it doesnt know to use the wireless connection for the internet even though its the only network where it clearly says there is an internet connection...

what do i need to do so that windows knows to always use the wirless connection for internet, and the wired network just for local file sharing?

Answer:wireless network for net + wired for streaming... help

Set a static address on the wired interface with just the address and subnet mask, no default gateway or DNS servers configured.

Or combine the two networks, which seems to be the sensible answer...

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I currently have two desktops connected to the internet through a router using cables. This is a wireless router but it was easier to just use the cables. I would now like to connect a laptop as well (wireless). Do I need to create a new network connection? If so, how would I do that while still maintaining the two desktops as wired?

Answer:wired/wireless network connection

No. If you want to share folders and printers, you just need to run the network setup on the laptop to make it part of your home network. If your router is also your gateway and all you need is Internet access from the laptop then all that is required is the network key.

I have four computers connected. The two in the same room are connected to the router with cables. The two in other rooms have wireless adapters. I have printers in all three rooms that are shared by the four computers. They also share a scanner and fax machine.

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Hi all,

I'm hoping someone might be able to help me in setting up a wired network on top of an existing wireless one. Setup is as follows:
Downstairs: Linksys E3000 wireless router, Dell laptop (wireless adapter)
Upstairs: Dell Inspiron 518 Linksys AE1000 wireless adapter
Both systems running Windows 7 and work fine.

Problem is I have a printer upstairs that's too far from my printer to connect with USB without losing signal quality. I have an ethernet cable running to it from when my desktop used to be wired to the network. I would like to simply add one of my extra routers (dlink 655, dlink 634M or the wired EBR2310) and connect my desktop and my printer (Dell 1235cn) so that I can print, without having to buy a wireless adapter for my printer. Is this possible? When I first set it up, I lost my internet connection as it immediately picked up the new router as the internet connection even though I don't have it connected to the internet and don't want to. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Answer:Adding wired network to wireless

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Currently, I am connecting both wirelessly and through wire to my router when I run Windows 7. I know both are configured but is there a way to make the wireless (for instance) connect only if the wired connection isn't there?

ipconfig shows two IPs and it seems like a waste of power to keep the connections on when I'm only using one of them.

any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Answer:Do not want both wireless and wired network connections

I have a similar setup and don't know if you can have your wireless automatically enable if your wired goes offline which in sense your wired is more reliable. I have a wired connection to a wireless bridge and a wireless adapter I use both for connections but not at the same time. I have 2 shortcuts on my desktop to enable or disable 1 or the other I don't run both simultaneously.

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My pc and laptop are connected to a wireless network using a buffalo router. Internet connection and files/folders are shared. But I want to transfer about 10gb of data from pc to laptop. Doing it wirelessly takes too long. So I tried to connect the 2 using a cross over cable. One end is plugged into the laptops single network/ethernet port but where do I plug it into the pc? The router is plugged to one of the pc's ethernet ports but obviously I can't use this as it will disable the router. There's also another port which accepts the cross over cable but I tried that and it doesn't recognise the network. I don't want to alter the wireless network permanently - I just want to have a wired network to transfer some files and when I unplug the cables for it to go back to the wireless network.

Answer:How to convert wireless network to a wired one

Would it not work if you connect cable from laptop, to a spare ethernet port on the router?

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I have got a cat 5 wired network with 4 pcs running superbly and accessing the NTL broadband absolutely hitch free! I now want to be able to access this with a wireless lap top and pda - nobody seems to suggest how - anyone able to help?

Answer:connecting wireless to wired network

Although you say you have a wired system you do not state how your 4 Pc's are connected. What's you exact setup?

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I have a Linksys router and I am trying to run a Wireless connection ( and run a wired CAT5 connection (

I want to run the wired connection for remote accessto the computer through VPN using the Routing and Remote access Service.

I'm running Windows XP Pro MCE 2005.

I can connect to the VPN fine but have no internet access after I connect. I also do not Internet Acess before connecting to the VPN. Is this because of the two adapters running with sepperate addresses.

Can I configure this somehow to allow me to use both. I would like to have the incoming connections on the Wired adapter ( and internet access usingthe wireless adapter.


Answer:Wired and Wireless Network Connectionv

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Hi everyone :-)I have inherited (read: been given ;-)) a Fujitsu LifeBook L460 laptop (a few years old I know but it does the job) and am wanting to connect it to my home network. Currently, I just have two computers: mine, which is connected to the broadband modem and where all files are stored (could be seen as the server) and my sister's computer which is connected to my computer for the purpose of going on the internet and saving files, etc. With the laptop, I am now looking for the easiest way to add it into the current setup. It is equipped with an infra-red port which I assume could be used for networking purposes?If that is the case, then I want to know if by me just buying a device that sends out an infra-red signal, would the laptop be able to connect to my computer and access the internet and files that are on it? If this is the case, what do I need to buy (I'm not as clued up on this issue as I perhaps should be - apologies for that). How much would I be looking at spending? I am aware that there are routers and hubs with wireless connectivity but I believe they are quite expensive and me still being at school, lack of funding is a problem :-(Thanks a lot for any information you can pass on.

Answer:Home network - Wired and wireless!

My suggestion is a cable router for 32 click hereand some straight cable with rj45 plugs. This will give each machine independent access to the internet. Good luck

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Alright I need to secure my network. I am up at school living with 3 other roomates in a dorm. we have 4 wirless laptops and my wired desktop. I know how to secure the wireless network so only the 4 of us can use it, but I also want to network my laptop and my desktop so i can access files from either one. I setup a home network between my laptop and desktop and changed the network name from the default. Is this sufficent so that one of my roomates doesn't accidenty get into my network of my two computers?

Answer:network security both wired and wireless.

you'll have to tweak the shares and limit the special directories to only your username, and the other directories to however you want.

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OK here is the issue. I have a HighSpeed DSL internet connection and it is connected to a broadband router. The router has no wired connections, only Wireless connections. Basically I cannot connect an RJ45 cable to it other than the one that goes to the DSL Modem. My home computer and my Laptop both connect wirelessly to the broadband router with ease but my wife's computer does not have a wireless card.

So I dug out an old DLink 10/100 switch and have connected her computer to my computer in hopes of using internet connection sharing on my computer to get her's online. But that is where the problem lies. As soon as I plug a network cable into my computer it desides that the wired connection is the ONLY connection good enough for an internet connection and no matter what I do it will not use the wireless connection to access the intenet.

How exactly do I tell MY computer which connection to use for the internet and which to use for the internal network? I know that it would just be easier to get a wireless network card for her computer but i am stubborn and have never before given in to what is easy...

Any info would be appricated.


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I'm trying to setup a home network, i have a belkin wireless router with two desktops hooked up to it (through Cat 5 cables). The two desktops are networked fine. But i also have two laptops which i would like to put on the network that use a wireless connection... Is it possible to do this? if so how should i go about it?

Answer:wireless and wired home network?

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Good Evening Everyone!

I am new to the site and had a question thats frustrating me.

I have Internet that has a wireless router, and network plugs.

A wireless Canon Printer, connected to the wireless network.

1 Desktop Windows XP plugged by usb directly to printer, Works perfect

2 Laptops Connected to Wireless Network, windows 7, Works perfect

Then I have another Windows XP Pc connects directly to the router, but can't figure out how to access the wireless printer that is on the network. Do I need to have the printer plugged into the network for me to access it on the desktop?



Answer:Wireless Printer on Wired Network

The answer to your question is to install the printer manufacturer's software, and it will find the printer on the network, as long as the printer is on at that time. The CD that came with it, would have the manual on it, and the printer manufacturer's website would also have the info how to set it up.

You do not have to go out searching all over the Internet to find this info. You just need to follow the instruction sheet that was attached to the printer when you got it, if it was brand new in the box. If it was purchased second hand, see the first paragraph above.

BTW, you cannot have the printer on both the wireless network and plugged in via USB to a computer, otherwise it will not work as a wireless network printer. It works as a Shared printer off of a computer at that point.

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 I just bought a T400 w/ Win7 x64.  What's happening, basically, is that when I connect to a network using a wired connection, the wireless adapter suddenly becomes incapable of enumerating wireless networks.  When I unplug from the network and try to connect to a wireless, there are no wireless networks listed, even though there are networks in the area.  I have to go into Device Manager, uninstall the wireless adapter, and then allow it to find it and reinstall the driver.  Once that happens, I can connect to a wireless network. Anyone else seen this before or can help?

Answer:Wired and Wireless Network Issue

I've seen something like this on my T400 when it was running Vista.  Now that I use Win 7 it's been OK. I rather doubt that your issue is the same but I'm tossing it out here just on the off chance. Im my case, I had to downgrade my Intel 5300 card to a 5100 (as suggested by a Lenovo 2nd-tier tech) to get things working. My symptoms were a little different.  Wifi was fine until I went back to a wired network.  After that, trying to use the same wifi AP as before would end up associated, but no internet access.  DHCP wasn't working.  The GUI "find" app didn't work as expected either.  Some APs showed up, and some didn't. If I configured for automatic connection to my home AP it would try and fail.  Just rebooting at that point would again attempt an automatic connection that would succeed. What I have noticed now that I run Win 7 is that Access Connections is completely useless.  Often the "finder" doesn't show an AP 3 feet away.  I didn't notice that this happened after a switch from wired, but maybe. Are you using Access Connections?  If so, you might try uninstalling it. Sorry I can't be of real help,Z.  

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I'm hoping someone out there will help me set up a home network with a real basics/step-by-step response. I moved into my girlfriend's place and she's got Verizon DSL using a Westell 6100 Modem to connect to the internet. The router is a Linksys WRK54G, I had it at my old place with wireless Comcast.

What I need to do - Create an additional connection for wirless access on my laptop while leaving her desktop PC connected directly (wired) and without making any changes to her access.

Because she uses it for work, it's VERY important that I not screw it up and make sure her computer has web access directly... basically, *I need to make sure that when I'm done, she can sit down and get online without having any changes and without having to do anything differently then before.*

I called Linksys and they said I need to know if it's PPPOE or not, which I don't know, and want to know how I can accomplish this and reconfig the router.


Answer:Need help setting up wired & wireless network w/DSL

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well let me just show you the diagram of the actuall thing i have setup...

The problem i have are with the 2 computers (running xp pro)
I would like for them to get their internet connection from the the wireless access point in the office were these computers are located. The problem is with the conflicting wired network that shares the printer and files between the 2 computers.
In order to be able to go online through the wireless AP i need to disable the NIC, if i need to print something or share some files i need to disable the wireless card.
The only time ive noticed the internet work was when i disabled DHCP on the linksys router but then i still cant print. any tips?
im really frustrated btw

Answer:Wireless + Wired network Mix Issues :(

Can't you put the printer in the room where the netgear wireless router is and just print from there. It would eliminate the linksys router.

Or just run the printer from one of the computers and just share it with the network.

Just a few suggestions.

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Hi all. Hope Im posting in the right bit.

Here goes........

By some miracle I have managed to connect my laptop to a wireless router (Linskys wireless G broadband router WRT54GL) and can access the internet. I would love to be able to set up a network with my wired PC ( connected to the router through my cable modem and an ethernet cable - I think). The thing is my pc is running XP home and my laptop Vista and I am now so confused I think my head may actually implode. I have no idea what I am doing or indeed if the the thing I have no idea about is even possible.

Pleeeeeeeeeease help.:cry

Answer:set up a network-wired pc with wireless laptop

Not quite sure what you exactly mean, so I hope this helps...

The differing OS's shouldn't make any difference, as long as you haven't messed with any network settings on the XP Home PC you should just be able to connect it to the router with an ethernet cable and, providing the ethernet port is enabled, you should now have the internet on that machine too.

To access any shared folders on either PC, ideally both PC's should have a unique name and be in the same Workgroup (or domain). To check this:

On both PC's [Right Click] My Computer > Properties > Computer Name [tab]

There you will see three things:

Computer Description
Computer Name
If both computers have unique names and have the same Workgroup (defaut is usually "mshome") you can leave them as they are and you should be able to access any shared folders on either PC from the other.

If, in the unlikely event, both PCs have the same name, or have different Workgroups, you can change them by clicking on the "Change" button and make any necessary adjustments there (you may be prompted to restart your computer after making any changes).

Hopefully now you will have internet on both machines and access to shared folders on each.

Hope that helps


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I have 4 computers hard wired together using a netgear gateway router RT314. All these computers hooked to the internet by cable modem. Want to add a laptop to this network using DLink DI-624 wireless router.Laptop has
a wired and wireless nic installed.
What would be the step by step instructions to add this wireless router to the wired router.

Answer:How to add wireless router to wired network

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I am currently trying to set up a network at my home, so we can all access our adsl connection.

I am using a D-link DSL G604T Wireless ASDL Modem Router, the computer which is closest links through an ethernet connection, and has been used to set up the router. This is in the study and runs XP SP1

There is a laptop which also connects to the router via and ethernet cable, and this has been set up to connect to the internet. Initially there was trouble getting all the laptop to communicate with the study PC, but after adjustments to the Zone Alarm Firewall, this has been resolved. (My father set the laptops IP address as a trusted zone) Runs Win98

My own PC links via a wireless adapter, and I have been using this to connect to the internet, no problems. However, I cannot get it to talk to the other machines on the network. Again this may be a firewall issue. I am running XP SP2.

However both my machine and the study PC also have bluetooth dongles, and I am wondering wether it is possible to set up the connections so I can allow a Pocket PC (Compaq 3970) to use the ASDL connection via the bluetooth dongles.

All the acronyms that are used are really starting to confuse me, and I am not sure what to do or where to look without upsetting the whole thing.

Any help on any of these probs would be gratefully appreciated

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I have a new laptop with Windows XP. I connect to a wired LAN at work with a statice IP address but have wireless at home. when I use the laptop at home I loose my TCP/IP settings on the LAN and have to re-enter them when I return to work. Is there a way to prevent this from happening.

Answer:Switching between wireless and wired network

Each of your adapters (wired and wireless) should retain their respective settings regardless of what networks you connect to, so can you please describe the steps you take each time you switch networks (ie home - work and work - home)?

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Since neither of my onboard NICs are very reliable, I've been thinking about getting a network card. I was thinking I would like to get a card which has both a rj-45 jack and 802.11g wireless. Does such a thing exist? Google isn't helping me.

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I currently have three desktops all on a wired home network. I'm getting a new laptop Monday, and it would be great if I could access the Internet from anywhere in my home, but I don't want to go through the expense of purchasing wireless cards for all the desktops and new wireless router. Is there anyway I could create a wireless access point using the remaining Ethernet port on my router? I currently have a Dlink DI-604 ( and my Internet connection is at&t DSL Pro. All computers are running XP Pro. I would also like to do this as cheaply as possible!

Thanks in advance!

Answer:Wireless access on Wired Network?

Hi duzytata,

Sure, just pick up a Wireless Access Point (not a combo unit - just an access point). Plug it into the remaining port on your switch and then configure it for your network subnet and you will be able to use it with your laptop.

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I'm trying to configure my home network which has both a wired and wireless router (don't want to switch to all wireless yet). My basic problem is that I can't get computers on each one to talk to each other, nor can I get the Netgear wireless router to set the IP to the Wired address. Here's my config:

Into my house I have a cable line
From there, a line goes directly into my Linksys 4 port wired cable router (BEFSR41)
- I have a few pc's connected to this, all works fine
- Default network settings (GW=,SUBNET=
One of the ports from this has a wired connection to my Netgear WNR2000 wireless router
- I have two pc's connecting to this, can get to internet etc.
- Network Config (auto get IP, it gets set to 192.168.1.x, works fine)
- DHCP enabled to the wireless pc's, but this uses the default LAN settings of 192.168.100.x, not 192.168.1.x. When I try to set the Netgear LAN to be on 192.168.1.x, I get an error "IP Address is conflicted with wan IP Subnet, try again".
I can ping one way (from wireless to wired) but i can't go the other way.

Can someone help?

Answer:Wireless + Wired Home Network

Connecting two (or more) SOHO broadband routers together.

Note: The "primary" router can be an actual router, a software gateway like Microsoft Internet Connection Sharing, or a server connection that has the capability to supply more than one IP address using DHCP server capability. No changes are made to the primary "router" configuration.

Configure the IP address of the secondary router(s) to be in the same subnet as the primary router, but out of the range of the DHCP server in the primary router. For instance DHCP server addresses through, I'd assign the secondary router as it's IP address, for another router, etc.

Note: Do this first, as you will have to reboot the computer to connect to the router again for the remaining changes.

Disable the DHCP server in the secondary router.

Setup the wireless section just the way you would if it was the primary router, channels, encryption, etc.

Connect from the primary router's LAN port to one of the LAN ports on the secondary router. If there is no uplink port and neither of the routers have auto-sensing ports, use a cross-over cable. Leave the WAN port unconnected!

This procedure bypasses the routing function (NAT layer) and configures the router as a switch (or wireless access point for wireless routers).

For reference, here's a link to a Typical example config using a Netgear router

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I have 4 machines connected to a switch, which all can share files with each other via wired NIC. They are all in one workgroup, and have dedicated IPs ( ... ect)

I have been using this setup for quite some time now.

I just moved, and in the house I moved into they have a wireless network router for internet.

I added Linksys wireless USB adapters to each machine and they all can access the internet when they are unplugged from the switch, but the moment I plug them into the switch they lose the internet from the wireless router.

My question is then, how can I have the machines use the wireless USB adapters to access the internet but still be able to use the switch to share files with each other.

Im not totally noobish, but I must be missing something.


Answer:Wired Network adding Wireless

Is the switch a wired router with a switch built in?

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I would like to use both ethernet cable and wireless simultaneously in my laptop (XP Pro SP3) using the same router. Is this possible? Does it make the connection faster?

Answer:Using Wired and Wireless network simultaneously

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I have a simple ethernet network at home. I use a hub to connect 2 desktop and 2 laptops. The laptops are wireless enabled and I would like to know how to include them on the network wirelessly so I can use them more freely. The present network shares a broadband connection. The main desktop is connected by a Sagem USB ADSLmodem.Any help appreciated.Most of the machines are XP.

Answer:Adding wireless network to a wired one

You just need to plug a "Wireless Access Point" into your existing hub for the laptops to be able to connect wirelessly to the existing "wired" network. However, it might not be that much more expensive to get a combined Router/ADSL Modem and do the job properly, thus eliminating the need to use "Internet Connection Sharing" and to have a 'host' PC running and online to be able to have Internet access with the other networked PCs.

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Can anyone tell me how to connect to my wired network from my wireless connection?

Answer:Wired network from a wireless connection

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require an extension to our wireless network. is it possible to have the existing belkin wireless router at one end (end A) of our (long and twisting) house and run a cat5 cable to the other end (end B) of the house and have a wireless transmitter at the other end of the house (end B) the house twists and turns thru quite a few corridors so not ideal for wireless - and want to keep it cheap. needs to be wireless at the other end as one final wall has to be penetrated by the wireless to get to the garden shed which is now an office. pls let me know and if you can tell me what parts to get.thanks for any help

Answer:wireless / wired network need mixed

rsturbo,When you say its not ideal for wireless, do you mean that you have tried it and failed? If you haven't tried it, do so and you might be surprised.You could do as you suggest, or fit the pc at the other end of the house with a usb wireless adapter, provided it is one that comes with a base and usb cable, and experiment with the placement of this adapter.Regards,Felix

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Ok so I have a D-Link DSL-2640S-2.X router downstairs provided to me by my IPS. To this, I have laptops and a computer connected wirelessly.

Upstairs, I have my Xbox and another computer, neither of which I have wireless adapter for. What would be the most cost effective, and practical, way of having both of these permanenlty connected to the network?

I've been looking at repeaters, access points, bridges etc, but don't know which will be compatable with my router.

I do have a spare Belkin router lying around that I thought might be able to be used somewhere, but it's not compatable with DD WRT firmware.

Any help into what devices I should be looking at buying would be greatly appreciated!


Edit: I don't want to use Internet Connection Sharing, or have ethernet cables running through the whole house.

Answer:Wired devices in a wireless network

Powerline adapter or wireless bridge.

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Hey guys,

I have a laptop here, windows 10
User said wireless randomly stopped working one morning
When I looked at it, I could see it in device manager but could not see it in network connections.
Tried removing drivers, installing old/new ones, same result.
We even had lenovo come and replace the wireless card, same thing.
Wired was working fine until we removed every network driver, rebooted and now none show up in network connections.
They're showing up in device manager.
It's not in airplane mode, we checked the wireless key on the keyboard.
Am I missing something?
Is windows corrupt? Reimage?
Suggestions appreciated.


Answer:Can't detect wired or wireless network

Are they showing as working properly / enabled in Device Manager?

Tried a system restore to a point when they were working?

Did you choose to also delete the drivers when uninstalling, then re-install from the manufacturer's site?

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We have a working LAN set up in our business and just set up a wireless network in another office. (Same building, less than 200 foot away) Both networks are able to share the internet. The 5 PC's on our LAN work okay and can share files & printers. The 4 PC's on the wireless network also work fine.
Our DSL runs into a SMC Barricade Router that we have used for years on our LAN. We added a Belkin Wireless Access Point that we plugged into the router for the other office. Problem is that the PC's on the LAN won't see the PC's on the wireless, and vise versa, yet everyone has internet access. Hope all this makes sense.

Any ideas or suggestions are greatly appreciated!



Answer:Help setting up a wireless and wired network

"Don't see" means what? You cannot browse the network neigbourhood or you can't ping the other lot?

Are all the PCs on the same subnet? Windows network browsing does not work across subnets/routers unless you set up a WINS/DNS server.

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Hi all - wonder if you can help me.
I currently have a Sky router (with wireless / wired connnections) connected to a BT phone line in the top bedroom. There are connections from this router to a bedroom PC and it also acts as a wireless point for my iPad / iPhone when i'm upstairs.
I currently have an ethernet cable running from this primary router to the living room downstairs, for a hardwire connection into the downstairs PC as well.
However, my wireless coverage downstairs is incredibly weak and I am looking to boost this so that that the apple devices can function properly here. I would also like the option of connecting more hardwired devices downstairs (e.g. the laptop).
Was thinking of buying a second router
and connecting it via the ethernet cable to the primary router upstairs, to act as a switch / wireless booster for the wired / wireless devices downstairs.
Would this work, and if so, will there be any config required?
Thanks for your help,

Answer:Extend Wireless / Wired Network

If you get a second router buy a cable router to use as a wireless access point and plug you downstairs wired point into that.Or you could use a wireless range extender
Range extender

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So I had a very very very long post all ready to go because I lost my xp home network and could not get it set back up. After over a week and hours after hours of pouring over Tech Guy posts (and other internet sites) trying anything and everything posted to get the network back to working order I finally found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow here:

Of the four things listed in Services: Workstation, Server, TCP/IP Netbios helper, Computer Browser, some of them were disabled and not started. Once I made sure all four items were on Automatic and Started......I had my network back and running.

So, THANK YOU Tech Guys, you are the first place I turn when I have a problem.

Second, now I need help adding a laptop to the network or other suggestions: Two Desktops, both on wired network. Have laptop I connect wirelessly to router for internet. I attempted to add a wireless network to main Desktop, using the setup wizard, which has me use a USB drive to save settings, but when i put the USB into laptop and let it run, I loose internet connection I already had and it just says "Acquiring Connection" FOREVER.

Now the main thing I want to be able to do is access files on Desktop1 (used as server) and also be able to use printer, which is plugged into Desktop1 from laptop (my printer is not wireless). I can ping D1 from laptop by name and IP, but can only ping laptop from D1 by IP address,... Read more

Answer:XP Home Network Wired/Wireless

have a read here
TCP/IP Home Networking and File Sharing Tutorial

how to share a printer on XP network

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hi guys, bit of a random question, but is there any way i can make windows think that my wireless connection is infact wired?a program i need to use can only see wired networks as it is in pre-alpha stages.cheersRoss

Answer:Make a wireless network a wired one

Probably not because it is "interrogating" your Ethernet (Wired) connection adapter. You could just connect to your wireless modem with a cable and turn off, or disable, your wireless whilst you use the program - I suggest you ask those who have asked you to test "Pre-Alpha".Hope you`ve got everything backed up just in case.

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I'm pretty fresh to networking. My friend set up my existing wired network and it functions well, but he's not around to help me as I make the move from wired to wireless.

Let me describe the (currently functioning) network. Connected to the Westell DSL Router (A90-210030-04) is a Netgear Switch (FS605 v2). This switch then connects to a 'Generic' desktop PC in one room and to another switch (a Linksys EZXS55W) elsewhere in the house. The Linksys switch then connects to a Dell Dimension 4600 desktop and a Gateway laptop (which uses a Netgear wireless card).

I've already installed a wireless PCI adapter (WG311 v3) into my Dell desktop and loaded the software. I went through the steps whereby I replaced the Netgear switch with the new wireless router (WGR614) and rebooted the network in the right order. But then I get the error message saying the Dell cannot locate the internet.

And all my computers are running the latest updates etc. for XP2.

Am I doing something idiotic? Please help!

Answer:Switching from Wired to Wireless Network

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I want to add a wireless network in a way that will not allow wireless users to access my wired network. My thought is to put a hub or switch behind the cable modem then connect both routers to the hub. Each router would pull an IP from my ISP and this should totally isolate them. Does anyone see a problem with doing it this way? Would it be effectively the same if I plugged the wireless router into the main router but used a different IP range and subnet? Both routers need to be dhcp.


Answer:Isolating a wired and wireless network

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