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WEI score worse now

Question: WEI score worse now

Hello all,

I don't get hung up on my computers WEI score, no really, but. Why would the processor and memory scores be getting worse?

About three weeks ago I had a processor score of 7.8, it's an i7980x straight out of the box, not OC'd, it's now 6.3. My corsair ram has gone from 7.8 to 7.3.

Last week I installed a Highpoint Rocket Raid 620 PCIEX card and software, today I installed a MSI N460 GT Hawk Graphics card. Would these new cards effect the processor and ram performance.?

Previously I have run memtest for 24 hours and found no problems.

Can processors die slowly? Is there any way of checking if it's running well?

Thanks for your help


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Preferred Solution: WEI score worse now

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: WEI score worse now

Correct. Also, installing anything that would include filter drivers (antivirus, antimalware, etc) that would affect all I/O on the box can also lower scores artifically, because the tests will take longer to run due to the additional IRPs needed to service those filter drivers for every single I/O request on the system (thus lowering the scores for things like disk, memory, and CPU).

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Can anyone tell me why i have just brought a xpert vison cheap 9800gt 512mb then i sent it back 3 days later and got the BFG 9800 GTX+ OC 512mb my Vista rating went from 5.2 down to 4.0 on graphics and 4.5 on gaming graphics its a better card???????

...........Isnt it?

Answer:Better Graphics Vista gce it a worse Base Score ???????

I wouldn't put too much trust in the Vista rating. Use something like 3DMark06 to test your graphics card performance.

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Just installed vista on my new board which is an PQ5-EM. I installed intels latest graphics drivers which enabled the areo effects. Problem is that when i update my score or refresh the rating which is grey after detecting new hardware it still stays grey and does not update the score? it still has new hardware detected after running the update my score option?

Any one have any ideas as to why it's doing this?

Answer:My vista score will not update? it's detecting new hardware after updating the score?

Try THIS it may help.

Also go to your bios and set PEG as the display type since your using onboard graphics.

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My icons are disappearing
The computer is running slow
Viruses have completely taken over my computer
I am going through financial difficulties right now and would REALLY appreciate help.
I understand computers therefore I can take direction fairly well..
Just please tell me what I need to do.

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 12:19:43 AM, on 5/8/2008
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.6000.16544)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Windows Defender\MsMpEng.exe
C:\Program Files\Symantec\LiveUpdate\ALUSchedulerSvc.exe
C:\Program Files\Intel\Intel Application Accelerator\iaantmon.exe
C:\Program Files\Spyware Doctor\pctsAuxs.exe
C:\Program Files\Spyware Doctor\pctsSvc.exe
C:\Program Files\Dell Support Center\bin\sprtsvc.exe
C:\Program Files\Canon\CAL\CALMAIN.exe
C:\WINDO... Read more

Answer:It's Getting Worse & Worse. PLEASE. I cannot afford to bring it anywhere:( LOG INSIDE

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Hi all,

I started the day on a high note, before turning on the computer that is, thinking I was going to get some things done. This was not to be: So we start at:

After XP loaded it said that it had recovered from a serious error Product ID _251... so I did some digging around and got some info from microsoft's web pages complete with registry fixes (deleting bad entries, etc.)

I did a quick scan with malwarebytes and it found some stuff that I deleted and when I did a restart it didn't come up correctly.

Went into safe mode and it came up.
(made a HUGE mistake here. Did not copy files I wanted to save when I had the opportunity)
Closed out of safe mode and let it start normally.
Would not boot normally.
Tried to boot in to safe mode and now its recycling back to POST, we have gone to...
Hmmm. So I thought how about putting the XP disk in and then do an install leaving file system intact.
When I got to the point of doing the install I chickened out because it said that it might delete the My Documents folder (had some things in there I didn't want to lose) I've done this procedure before and perhaps I should have taken the second opportunity to recover gracefully but I did not.

I hit F3 to cancel out of the install to try and boot from my other HD that has XP (but with some driver issues that I had yet fixed.)

I went into the CMOS to change boot order and notice that the hard drive (the one that I was trying to boot into is not showing ... Read more

Answer:HD/Filesystem prob:Went from fair to bad; then to worse, much worse

Test the HDD with the drive manufacturers disk tools (preferably using a different PC). Run the short and long tests. If either test fails or has errors, the drive is faulty.

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I bought a Think Pad in April last year which does not start anymore, no lights,nothing.I wanted to send it back to Lenovo for guarantee.Ther ist only ONE problem, there is no sticker on the laptop which shows me the serial numer. Obviously there supposed to be on, but it is missing!!!I do have the invoice which shows the purchase date, but no serial either.I already quit wasted some time to with this bull**bleep**, I hopefully do not need a layer for that.Here you see the last response of the "support" manager -Dear Michael Mueller,Unfortunately I have to inform you that you have no guarantee for this machine.Repair of machines that do not have a sticker can only be carried out by a Lenovo service partner.Lenovo Service Partner: you have any further questions about this service case, please send us an e-mail to [email protected] or call us on the free phone number DE 0800 - 500 4618 / AT 0810-100-654 / CH 0800-55-54-54. Lenovo regularly conducts customer surveys on service quality.If you are selected, please take a few minutes to answer the questions.We thank you in advance.  Yours sincerely, Davor KrpanLenovo Technical Support IBM Hrvatska d.o.o. za proizvodnju i trgovinuMiramarska 23, 10 000 Zagreb, HrvatskaUpisan kod Trgova?kog suda u Zagrebu pod br. 080011422Temeljni kapital: 788,000.00 kuna - upla?en u cijelostiDirektor: ?eljka Ti?i??iro ra?un kod: RAIFFEISENBANK AUSTRIA d.d. Zagreb,... Read more

Answer:guarantee handling - bad worse than worse

I just forgot to mentioned, that the purchase was done through the Leonovo online shop itself -  VERSANDBESTÄTIGUNG Ihre Bestellung wurde versendetSehr geehrte(r) Michael Müller,vielen Dank für Ihre Bestellung im Lenovo Online-Shop, der von Digital River unterstützt wird.Die folgenden Produkte wurden versendet.Bestelldatum14. April 2017Bestellnummer23856585462Tracking-nummer1ZAF68846704024055Folgende Artikel wurden versendet: BestellmengeProdukt-SKUProduktnameVersandmengeVersandmenge gesamtBetrag120J1CTO1WWThinkPad 13 2G11800,52EURWenn Sie per Kreditkarte bezahlt haben, wurde Ihre Karte nun belastet.

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Initially it was Edge not working properly, now it mostly crashes. Even the new "amazing" feature of tab previews doesn't work properly. Imagine, I moved back to Chrome after so many years of being a happy IE user. Cortana was a bit iffy with "Hey Cortana". Now she doesn't listen to what I say at all, even when I press the button. The notification center has its own mood. Often decides to hide until I restart for absolutely no reason at all. Same goes for the sound volume and other flyouts on the desktop.
In short, there is massive degradation of various major features with every new build. And since I post all the issues I find using the feedback app, I know it is not just me experiencing these things. This is disastrous.
So, is it just me or you experience similar issues yourself?

Answer:Is it just me or does Windows 10 get worse and worse with every new build?

It's just you.

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Hi everyone,
My bottom fan on my PC was being very loud, so I opened up my case and unplugged the power supply, and flicked off the power switch on the back. I unscrewed the bottom fan and dusted it a little bit, and then I put it back together how it was before.

The part that I unscrewed also contained my hard drive, and now that it is reseated I cannot boot.

At first I got an error when booting:
Loading operating system . . .
disk boot failure, insert system disk and press enter.

THEN, I tried making sure everything was connected well and tight, and now I am not getting anything displayed on my screen.

Apologies for the lack of knowledge and thanks for the help.


Answer:Boot problem, getting worse and worse

It is possible that when you removed the fan and hard drive, you plugged the hard drives SATA cable into a different SATA port on the motherboard. Get into the bios, and make sure that the hard drive is being detected properly

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i've had verizondsl for about half a year or so now, and from last month to present, the connection has been horrible.. sometimes it would just hang for up to a minute at a time, with the modem activity light blinking slowly (loss of connectivity).. before it started, speeds were decent, and although slow compared to the optimum cable i was used to, it was sufficient. now it's just pure garbage. if it weren't for the fact that we're getting free cable, i would immediately switch to roadrunner

i figure asking you guys is probly much more helpful than those scripted outsourced fools at tech support. i tried all that "reset your modem" "unplug the ethernet cord" "make sure you're computer is on" crap already and would like some REAL answers..

PS- at my old house, we used to have verizon as well, and after a while it just stopped all of a sudden and when we called to see what happened, they said since there was construction in the area, they must have switched our phone line over to one with a further CO, and we were now too far to service. verizon is teh gay.

Answer:verizondsl getting worse and worse speeds

Well try plugging the modem into the demark jack if you have one (by where the phone line comes into your house). See if this still happensl. If it doesn't maybe something happened to your internal phone lines. (this probalby won't be the issue I'm betting).

Beyond doing that phone your ISP and get them to file a support ticket or whatever they call it there. When I was having trouble with my DSL connection a couple years ago I phoned up, they sent a guy from the telephone company to test the line and they replaced a device at the CO and the connection has been perfect ever since.

The [H]orde needs You!

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I was curious if anyone out there knows anything about this...

I have a self-built computer, three years old now...and day by day it's getting worse and worse!

AMD Athalon XP @ 1.1 GHz
Windows XP Pro.
Radeon 9500 Pro. 128MB DDR

The problems started about six months ago--every time I'd turn on the computer, it'd scan the hard drive for errors, claiming an improper shutdown. Then, two months ago, it started going to a black screen saying a windows file is corrupt, use the XP CD to restore the file--but simply restarting the computer at that point would get it going (only came up on a fresh start).

Then in the recent times, the screen is completely black. I turn on the computer, and no signal is sent (I'm guessing) to the monitor, so it's just flashing the power light...but after waiting approximently 10seconds, and restarting ('reset button'), it would go to the other problems--file corrupt screen, then the error scan...and this latest time, it took 4 resets for the screen to catch a signal...

All wires are plugged in good, and everything seems to be functioning properly, except for, of course, this problem I have...and I really have no idea where to start on fixing this. I planned on keeping this computer for another year or so--and hope this can be fixed! Anyways, any ideas/suggestions, please let me know!


Answer:My Computer - Getting Worse & Worse! Is there hope?

take the graphics card out and insert it back in firmly making sure it is sat properly in its slot. check the manufacturers websites for your motherboard and graphics card and see what the bios updates do, and see if they have any FAQ's to check if anyone else has been having similiar problems to you in terms of people who have the same motherboard or graphics card??

Email the manufacturer(s) for your motherboard company and graphics company.

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Hi, I just got a new dell laptop with a touch screen. I just received it and I updated from windows 8 to windows 8.1 and ran a Windows Experience Index Formal Test which scored .3 lower than the initial formal assessment. I was wondering if anyone knows what causes this. I've looked through the logs and the difference seems to be in the gaming graphics section. I will post the main sections of the tests below.

Initial Test:




<Version>V6.2 Build-9200.16420</Version>


<Title>Windows System Assessment Tool</Title>



<![CDATA[winsat moobe]]>







<ExecDateTOD Friendly="Tuesday October 8, 2013 10:01:52pm">735149:79312552</ExecDateTOD>












<VideoEncodeScore>7... Read more

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Hello my new bestest friends. I need help ! (as does everyone who comes here) My computer has been running like a bag of you know what for about 3 weeks. IE became corrupt and will not start even after uninstalling and re installing Versions 6 & 7. However this is not the problem as I am currently using safari and finding it great. The problem lies with my computer and it's sluggishness, ever since IE became corrupt my computer seems to have slowed. I am getting occasional Internal memory (blue dos screen) errors and several other little glitches like windows XP's search program will not close after I perform a file search. I have performed several Virus & spyware checks such as AVG and Spyware Doctor also several registry progs like registry Booster.AVG comes up clean, however Spyware Doctor and Registry Booster both show a lot of Registry errors inluding heaps of lnk file and url files. I removed most of these the first time around but discovered it to have deleted all my shortcuts and bookmarks that I much needed (well not so much the shortcuts) It did not remove the actual .exe files but was a major hassle as my dektop shortcuts where wiped. So I performed a system restore and now have everything back.I am wondering are/have these files become corrupt or is this just overkill on the software (spyware Doc & reg booster) behalf?? I have also noticed in my Hijack this log that there are several (missing files).I am so in need of help as i use my computer to p... Read more

Answer:Need Help Computer Getting Worse And Worse!

Hello Krisso,

Welcome to Bleeping Computer

Sorry about the delay. If you still need help, please post a new HijackThis log to make sure nothing has changed, and I'll be happy to look at it for you.


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I5 2500K CPU
AMD Radeon HD 6970 2GB
Crucial M4 64GB SSD
I don't know why the score is low for the CPU it was 4.2 a couple of days ago now it dropped down to 3.8 again.

Answer:I don't know why the score is low for the CPU

Quote: Originally Posted by KhajiitDovakiin

I5 2500K CPU
AMD Radeon HD 6970 2GB
Crucial M4 64GB SSD
I don't know why the score is low for the CPU it was 4.2 a couple of days ago now it dropped down to 3.8 again.

you ever update mother board bios ?

Also if you are running 6970 2GB you should be scoreing 7.9's

I would look into updating all drivers bios and firmware cause they could come into play with the low scores

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Question: RAM score

Firstly hello, my problem is one that no one i speak to about can help me with, and that is the windows score for the ram i am using, originally purchase OCZ $GB gold, (2X2Gb) and worked perfectly until i wanted to play games, when it became obsolete and nowhere near powerful enough, this ram scored at 5.9, now i have a friend who has just upgraded from the 6gb triple channel ocz gold at 1600mhz as standard, this has now been placed in my pc as single channel running 4gb and overclocked to 1800mhz and remains at the same score of 5.9 yet one a test before purchasing for a extremely great price on my side it has dropped from 7.8 to 5.9 again, could this be caused by a dodgy motherboard and not the ram after all?

Answer:RAM score

What made you think your memory was obsolete? You also need to keep in mind that the WEI score is not a benchmark, and is about as unreliable as they come. Most of us run WEI once when we install Windows 7 to make sure Aero is running and never look at the score again.

Play some games and see how they run. That will tell you if there's a performance issue or not.

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Question: Low RAM score

Guys, what's wrong with RAM's score? In previous builds was OK (7.x)...
It's DDR3 1333.

Answer:Low RAM score

Welcome to Seven Forums!!

Tell me something ... before we get into WEI .. are you satisfied with how your system is performing?? Do you have a specific problem that we can address???

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Question: WEI score

Just curious if this was an appropriate score in the WEI for a laptop with this much power ...

Answer:WEI score

The 7's are fine. The only way to get higher than 5.9 on the hard disk portion is to install an SSD. So, yes, your scores are fine!

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2 Laptops (Compaq 515 and Chrome CR-48)

Compaq 515
AMD Sata Controller with Drivers
WDC Sata (I guess 7200RPM) 320GB
WEI Score: 7.3

Intel ICH7 SATA Controller with Drivers
Sandisk SSD 16GB
WEI Score: 5.9

I thought that in general, SSD's were supposed to have higher read/write speeds, and I thought thats all WEI went for on the HDD score. I think it might be considering HDD space though too, but idk.

Should these scores be right?

Answer:WEI Score is HDD > SSD for me?

An SSD would get a score higher than 5.9, but only if it was on an AHCI bus, and only if it reports itself as an SSD - after that, the WEI tests would determine how high it would go. In general, I've seen SSDs score low on ICH controllers prior to ICH9 (and even then, some ICH9 chipsets were painfully slow), so an ICH7 might not be using the full AHCI spec properly and thus screwing up the score.

You could run the tests on both manually (winsat disk -v) and see what the scores are, and get an idea of why a particular SSD isn't reporting faster than a mechanical disk.

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I want to know how to get

from this

to this
(this scores are not mine)So,I need to get more information about it (I need it like the score 2.8 give little information and 5.7 score has more information about your computer and I don't know to make it like the 5.7 score.

Please help,

Answer:How to get more about your score?

I think what you're saying is you want more information like the one on the right?

If that's correct, press "View and print detailed information" right under the "2.8" there.

That will bring up the detailed report.

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Question: No Score for me?

I ran the 3dmark03 three times with no luck. The first time I got now score for any thing, the second time it locked up and the third was exactly like the first time. Any clues to what went wrong?

I do have Directx9 installed and have the following,

AIW 8500DV
AMD 1.4
1 gig of memory (133)


Answer:No Score for me?

does the 8500DV support DX 9? i don't think it does support the features of dx9......

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Question: wei cpu score

Just a small issue i built this desky out of ebay spares (no single component over ?50) 3-4 months ago. and untill recently had a wei cpu score of 7.9 i then had a small prob with my top fan (jammed with cpu cooling fan wire) tested it again a day or so later and the wei score has dropped to 7.3 ? any ideas

Answer:wei cpu score

oh and my ram score went up 7.4 to 7.7 (shrug)

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my primary hdd is a western digital caviar black 1 tb drive and it has a score of 5.9. i was browsing through's hdd page and was checking the price of a velocirapor 150 gb drive. i had assumed that anything over 7200 rpm would result in a score over 5.9. to my surprise, i saw this in one of the reviews:

to clarify my question in the post title, i'm referring to a single drive. although i don't know for sure, maybe two 7200 or 10,000 rpm drives in RAID 0 would yield a better score.

Answer:is an ssd the only way to get an hdd score above 5.9?

Quote: Originally Posted by mpcrsc562

my primary hdd is a western digital caviar black 1 tb drive and it has a score of 5.9. i was browsing through's hdd page and was checking the price of a velocirapor 150 gb drive. i had assumed that anything over 7200 rpm would result in a score over 5.9. to my surprise, i saw this in one of the reviews:

Your answer is yes. SSD is the only way. I dont understand the persiut of higher numbers. Its for comparison only.

Ken J

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ok guys I have installed the ssd and have successfully installed windows on it. I had to change the disk mode from ahci to ide.

Ive installed all the drivers but I only get a WEI score of 5.9. Weakest link being the ssd. So something must be wrong. I fully expected the score to be in the mid 7s.

Answer:low WEI score for new SSD

Why did you have to switch to ide?

In any case, WEI is not the greatest benchmark. What about boot times and seek times, have those improved?

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Just read a great post on the sister Vista forum about setting your WEI to whatever you want by altering an XML file. Me thinks that some less trustworthy people could start faking their scores when selling machines - link to post

One thing I have noticed in the Seven equivalent XML file is that if your RAM limit is less than 3GB then your score is always limited to 5.5!!! Shame for guys who have invested in state of the art DDR3 RAM!

Answer:How to get whatever WEI score you want.

Hi I have 4 gigs ddr3 ram and on the vista WEI I get 5.5, and I was never happy with it because I thought my memory should be better than that , having seen others with lesser ram and ddr2 for example getting higher than me ,I was getting 5.9 for everything and 5.5 for memory,now in Windows 7 I get 5.9 the memory being the lowest again.So can you explain what you mean about the ddr3 ram because you lost me a bit I'm sorry,Thanks in advance.

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scores are as follows.. (note: I know everyone says don't worry about the scores)

Processor: Calculations per second 6.3

Memory (Ram): Memory operations per second 5.9

Graphics: Desktop performance for 7.9
Windows Areo

Gaming Graphics: 3D business snd gaming graphics 6.0

Primary hard disk: Disk data transfer rate 1.9

1.9? WDC WD3200AAKS-00YGA0. this is a 7,200 SATA 320 GB. I thought this disk scored high from what I have read..

Answer:Bad HDD score in Win 7

I wouldn't worry about any scores you get from win 7.

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Question: low score

my score for (3d) and (2d) are very low (3d = 3.4) and (2d = 4.6).
i'm using a Leadtek PX8400GS TDH 256MB GeForce 8400GS
512MB (256MB onboard) 64-bit GDDR2 PCI Express x16 Video Card. i'm
guessing this is whats causing the low i'm thinking of getting
this card.
BFG Tech BFGE86512GTOC2FE GeForce 8600GT 512MB 128-bit GDDR3 PCI Express
x16 HDCP Ready SLI Supported Video Card - Retail

anyone no how good this card is? also i see it has ddr3.will that run
on my asus p5k-e motherboard and will my score go up alot or just a
little . thanks for your help ....scrooge

Answer:low score

Hi scrooge,

The main reason for your low WEI scores for your graphics is due to your current card having an interface of only 64 bits. Replacing the card with one that has an interface of 128 bits will improve your WEI score in both of these areas. Whether or not the card has DDR, DDR2, DDR3, or other type of memory on board makes no difference to its compatibility with the rest of your system. So long as you have a suitable slot available for the card (which, these days, means a PCI-E X16), there will be no problems. Just be aware that some graphics cards require extra power over and above that which is supplied by the main slot, and you will have to have suitable power connectors available in your system to supply it. Adapters are available (if needed) from computer hardware stores and may also be supplied with the card.

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Question: Score one for me

So, I'm backing out of my driveway earlier and I see a white box on my front porch leaning against the door. I'm not expecting anything being shipped to me so I jump out thinking its meant for my neighbor. Nope its addressed to me and its heavy. I pop it open to find this 1300 page book. Windows Server 2008 administrators companion. I didnt order it, but I vaguely remember someone calling me via contact info from the heroes happen hear launch event and offering me some book for signing up for technet or something.

Answer:Score one for me


Read up!!!

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Question: Is my Score right?

hey guys and girls, im new to these forums so i'd just like to say its great to be here

just a quick question about my windows experience index score for my RAM
ive recently upgraded my system's memory from 4gb ddr3 to 8gb ddr3 (as well as upgraded to 64-bit windows) back when i had 4gb it had a reasonable score (around 5.1 give or take) but now i have 8gb it's dropped to 3.0, does that sound right? cheers guys

Answer:Is my Score right?

What is the memory configuration? DDR needs to match so in your case the optimal configuration would be 4 two megs sticks or 2 four meg sticks (if those exist). I am not familiar with that Windows Experience score and like a lot of Microsoft built in utilities not sure it means too much.

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Yesterday I upgraded my RAM (or at least thought I did). I went from 8gig DDR3 10666 Of the stock memory that came installed in my system, to 16gig ddr3 12800 (8 x2 dual channel) PNY performance edition gaming ram. My windows experience index score on my memory went from 7.7 to 7.5. What's with the drop in score and should I be concerned about it?

Current other specs
Windows 8 64bit
Acer mobo
Intel i5 3330
Evga gtx770 OC
700wat PSU

Answer:Wei score went down?

Which spot specifically dropped, WEI is not too reliable as a score center for a PC because dpending on "Luck" and "Timing", your PC could score higher than it should. When I run my WEI, I get an 8.1, yet it will sometimes be a 7.9, and sometimes an 8.2 if im lucky.

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G' Day, this is not really a problem but i just bought a acer aspire 6930-733g50mn laptop, so after getting rid of all the software that was pre-loaded, i started to update drivers, before i down loaded the latest intel driver update for the graphics card which is, a mobile intel 4 series express chipset family, media accelerator 4500mhd, the W.E.I. Score was 3.7, after installing the updated driver the score went down to 3.2. just curious as to why.

Answer:w.e.i. score goes down

Originally Posted by vbn940ss

G' Day, this is not really a problem but i just bought a acer aspire 6930-733g50mn laptop, so after getting rid of all the software that was pre-loaded, i started to update drivers, before i down loaded the latest intel driver update for the graphics card which is, a mobile intel 4 series express chipset family, media accelerator 4500mhd, the W.E.I. Score was 3.7, after installing the updated driver the score went down to 3.2. just curious as to why.

Weird. There is a thread here where peeps post and discuss their scores. Post your WEI score there and ask the question.
Window Experience Index Scores

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Question: PCMark 04 Score??

i didnt look too much to see if there was a thread for this already...checked a couple basic pages where i thought it would heres mine:


-Naughty Nubs

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Question: Increase Score

i had 12 GB ram and score was 7.9 now I have 32GB (new rAM) and score went down to 7.7??
Plus, how can i increase overall score?

see attached

Answer:Increase Score

replace the hard disk with a SSD.

Your scores are excellent.

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Question: Low 3dMark05 Score

Hello once again, my specs are in my signature.

I ran 3dMark05 twice, getting 4616, and 4636.

I figured there is something criticle I am missing, as I wasa talking to someone else with similar specs but with a 3200+ that got 5100+.
Here are four Screenshots of what 3dMark05 said:

(Maximize the browser once open, and hold your mouse over the picture, then clickt he button in lower-right to see full size).

Here are the Driver versions I know of:
Via 4in1 Chipset - versioin 4.53
Via SATA Driver - 3.00b
nVidia 6 Series Video Driver - 66.93
AMD Athlon 64 Process Driver - (Should this be installed or not?)

Heres a shot from CPU-Z:

Any suggestions?

Answer:Low 3dMark05 Score

You don't need a processor driver? I think nVidia came out with a newer 6800... driver.

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Question: 3Dmark2003 score

I downloaded 3dmark2003 to run a test on my computer, and I got 1478 as a score. When I checked online, people online that it matched me up with had scores in the 5000s... Here are my system specs:

AMD Athlon XP 3000+
Radeon 9800 PRO 256MB
512 RAM PC 2700 (not perfectly sure of PC num)
Realtek built-in mobo sound
2 gig pagefile size
37 gig HD with 26 gigs open
Windows XP

I haven't OCed anything, and didn't have any background applications running... Is this a normal score, or do I need to question my computer provider?

EDIT: I also upgraded all my drivers via Windows Update and the Driver pages for the components... I'm using Catalyst 4.6. I also had "semi-formatted" my computer by using their restore service, because when I called HP service up about a driver issue I was having, they told me I would "lose all support and likely your warranty" if I deleted the main partition and created a new one.

Answer:3Dmark2003 score

What the HP rep told you is wrong. You loose definite support for the software and OS....only because they don't know how you installed the new OS, settings, etc. You will have hardware support, and for the software and OS you will have what's termed "Best Effort". No jokes here, as we have been #1 above Dell in Customer Suopport for over 2 years.

Second, you have something going on that is not giving you anywhere near the performance you should. Check what loads at start up, check for spyware, and don't EVER load drivers from Windows Update. They are for compatibility, not performance. Always load the drivers from each site. Remove all drivers, uninstall non necessary software, load the newest drivers, and defrag when done.

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I think I have decided that 10 is not perfect, especially if it has the prefix of Windows attached.

After numerous build releases, personally I feel that Windows 10 lacks in so many areas, that I really couldn't recommend it to anyone (unless they could not afford a new OS). Even with build 10130, many standard things simply do not work, with the impending release date, I don't see how it could be ready.

First, change for changes sake is never good.
Second, black as an install background, what is it a new-wave sadomasochist look, Goth is so yesterday. Hardly family friendly. <double snap> hated it.
I don't appreciate that so many of the personalize tools have been eliminated. I want to colorize things that match my home decor.
I am not a fan of the new menu. I still want my pinned items on top.
I also like having my Legacy apps separated from my Metro apps (as Start8 menu does in Windows 8/8.1)
I am not a fan of the tiled screen, I truly felt Window 8/8.1 were far preferable, OMG they even removed the enlarge icon.

Spartan (Edge) won't even load in this new build for me, just the start of what I don't like about it.

Can't try Cortana because I can't get sound working.

I realize some of these, are issues to be worked out, but come on, this far along and NO SOUND.
It may get some takers initially, because of the free thing. But personally I feel this will be a bigger flop than Windows 8, it simply is not fun to use and very limited. IMO

Remember when Windows c... Read more

Answer:When 10 is not a perfect score.

Depends on what you mean by perfect score.
Everything works on this system.
Cortana is disabled as I do not need it.

If you like other features found elsewhere, use 7 / 8 / 8.1 / other.
I use 4 Operating Systems on separate SSDs due to boredom.
It's not possible for 10 to include all the features of 7.
Lots of 3rd party solutions are out there.

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don't be shy, how much did you get?

Answer:who got a less than 3 score on vista?

I got a 3.

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I ran the windows experience index assessment and got the following scores:

CPU: 3.5
RAM: 4.5
GPU: 4.9
Gaming: 4.6
HDD: 5.8

The system I am running is an ASUS W2jb laptop with intel 945PM express chipset.

CPU: Intel Merom Core 2 Duo T7400 2.16 GHz
RAM: 2GB G-Skill PC-5300
GPU: Ati mobility x1600
HDD: 320GB WD scorpio

My concern is with the CPU score, seems pretty low, according to other forums I should be getting around 5. Could it be because I am running 64-bit? I never installed any driver for the chipset/cpu, I'm just using whatever windows update got for me.


Answer:Low CPU Index Score

try running the test again after a reboot. don't do anything while it's running, no not even a quick peep at a webpage.

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Question: 3DMark05 Score

Well, I just ran 3DMark05 and I got 2534, is that normal for a 6800? It seems kind of low to me.

Answer:3DMark05 Score

i dont know if thats normal or not, but 3d marks are getting pretty demanding, and none are the same, u will always get different scores eg. 3dmark "2534" aquamark "4000+" so dont get bumbed until u have alot of feed back.

it is prolly good for all you and i know :P

if not then something is bottle necking

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Question: Your Vista Score

Test Bed:

ASUS A8V Deluxe. All onboard devices enabled. RAID/SATA disabled.
Athlon 64 3500+
GeForce 6800GT

Score - 3.

I was kinda hoping for a bit more to be honest. That's some pretty stout hardware.


Answer:Your Vista Score

mine should be like 5-6
but becouse i have it installed on a 20GB hdd it comes up as like 3 lol
becouse it only thinks i have like 10GB free lol thay need to fix that so is based on total free or largest block of free space

so in light of that lets throw out HDD score and take the avg of the rest

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Here is my setup (not the best, but better than when i had the integrated video card):

1.3GHz Celeron Processor
80.0GB 7,200RPM Hard Drive
Turle Beach Santa Cruz 5.1 Sound card
ATI Radeon 9200 (128MB) PCI card (stupid PC doesn't support AGP)

Only on Wings Of Fury where i averaged about 47fps, but on all other tests, i averaged about 6fps

For the CPU score, i got 93. Test 1 i got 11fps and test 2 i got about 1.5fps

I did have it on 32-bits rather than 16-bits. Could changing it back to 16-bits have dramatic differences in performance?

If i were to upgrade my SDram to say 512, how much would it help? What's my weakest link? (i'm guessing the celeron processor. lol) Thanks

Answer:3dMark score is low....876 low...

ok. the stock spec on the 9200 are:

Core: 250MHz
memory: 200MHz

after overclocking it to:

core: 290MHZ
memory: 240mhz

my 3Dmark score went down to 755.

can anyone tell me what's going on?

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Well i downloaded 3dmark05 tonight. Its only the trail version so u cant mess with any of the setting's. I ran the test and i got a 2995, after reading around the forums i think this is WAY below normal from what my system is here are my specs.

Dell Xps
Pent 4 3.0 gig
1 Gig of ram
Radeon 9800 xt

I mean what the hell is going on here?! I understand you guys hate dells but i dont think i should be benchmarking that damn low =-/ any sugestion's or help towards this issue!

Answer:My 3dBenchmark Score yuk=-/...

That is not a bad score for the system you have. See mine in my sig, and I have a 9800pro, you have the 9800xt. You will see a little bit of a difference between the two. The settings do make a difference, but your score should be higher than mine.

If you think it is low, try runing it again with as few programs running as possible. Also you could run 3DMark03.

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Hi,I need your help I don't know to to update my win 7 score

I tried and tried but it still stays the same

please help.My laptop is a Compaq Presario V3000 (win 7 34)

Answer:Help how to update your score?

Re-run the assessment.. the link is in the bottom right hand corner..

Windows Experience Index - Update or Refresh Score

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Question: Low PcMark04 score

Now, my 3dmark and Aquamark benchmarks look good with 9971 on 3dmark03, 21401 on 3dMark 2001 and 54,221 on Aquamark 3. However, my PCMark04 score is 3795, very low for my system. What could be killing this benchmark? Any help would be great. Thankx in advance.

Answer:Low PcMark04 score

compare other systems with yours on PCMArk04, as if u have 9000+ on PCMArk03, what else you want to ask for? 1 Milion?

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This is the best score on 3DMark2001 that I have been able to get:

What other tweaks can I do to get a higher score without having to purchase a whole new vid card or memory, etc. I also don't want to burn the card out by overclocking. I am running the vid at 1024 x 768 at 32 bit, 75 htz refresh rate. The rest of my specs are down below....

Answer:how can I raise this score?

Other than overclocking, there's not much you can do to improve a 3DMark score except maybe eliminating unnecessary background tasks while you're benchmarking, trying some different video drivers (the newest isn't always the fastest), or tweaking some BIOS settings (ie. memory timings).

Keep in mind that Celerons and Radeon 9200's are mainly geared towards casual gamers, and not hardcore enthusiasts. ~6000 3DMarks is about what I would expect from that combination.

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RC1 gives my system a score of 5.9 based on the primary hard drive (I assume this is the one on which the OS is installed). If that's true, it's a Velociraptor, which seems to me should get a higher score. Is it possible it's set to SATA 1 mode instead of SATA 2?

Or is 7 just really hard on HDD performance?

If it's the data rate, what are the jumper settings to enable SATA 2 mode?

Answer:7 gives my system a score of 5.9?

Edit: Jumper settings are a thing of the past. Only older (SATA) Seagates have jumpers where they're initially SATA 1.5Gbps and you would have to remove the jumper in order to get the full SATA 3Gbps.

Edit again: Whoa, why would you even think of trying to self-cap your bandwidth to your hard drive, thinking it would yield better performance? I would have thought you'd know better by your signature....

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Hey everyone,

I recently purchased a Philips 244EL LED 1080p for $160 (Good deal?) and after installing it I refreshed my windows rating because it asked me to.

All the scores were normal except my graphics card has gone from 7.9 to 7.5!
The actual performance has not decreased because I checked my passmark scores and they were above the average.

So I was just wondering why this has happened? If it has something to do with larger screen resolution (I used to have 1280x1024) then post below and problem solved.
But if it doesn't then would you have any clue why it is doing that?


Answer:WEI score goes down after new monitor

Whoops I just realized I didn't have windows running in AHCI mode. Problem solved

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Hello All:

So, loads of people use Lastpass - just wanted to know, under security challenge, what's your score? Mine currently stands at 96%

P.S. Sorry if this is the wrong section to place this under, never too sure which one to choose from.

Answer:What’s your Score?

Well yours is better than mine at 86%.

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Why is my Vista Score so low with the specs in my sig. I hit update and refresh and it runs through the test and still gives me a 1.0 for graphics and gaming.

Answer:Why is my Vista Score so low?

Does your computer run well? Games, UI, etc?

If so, don't worry about it.

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Question: WEI Score lowered

Not sure if this is an issue or anything common, but my build prompted me to refresh the WEI saying new hardware detected. That isn't true, nor have I updated the drivers recently. Perhaps Windows Update did...

So I run the WEI analysis and my graphics and gaming graphics show the same number (4.6). My gaming graphics has always said 4.6, but the graphics score was higher (4.9).

Drivers really affect WEI scores???

Low scores I know. I am looking at upgrading my card.

Current card: PNY NVidia GeForce 9400GT 512MB GDDR2

Answer:WEI Score lowered

Quote: Originally Posted by merkat106

Not sure if this is an issue or anything common, but my build prompted me to refresh the WEI saying new hardware detected. That isn't true, nor have I updated the drivers recently. Perhaps Windows Update did...

So I run the WEI analysis and my graphics and gaming graphics show the same number (4.6). My gaming graphics has always said 4.6, but the graphics score was higher (4.9).

Drivers really affect WEI scores???

Low scores I know. I am looking at upgrading my card.

Current card: PNY NVidia GeForce 9400GT 512MB GDDR2

WEI was lowered? Looks like it was increased. I've had driver changes increase WEI subscores by a tenth of a point but never three tenths! Bonus!

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Good or bad?

Answer:is this a good score

I'd guess probably better than 90% of members of this forum.

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Can someone help me please, I have a Toshiba satellite A200 and my base score is 3.0 I have games that are 5.7 how can I get my base score up to 5.7 or do I have to get a new computer

I would much appreciate it thank you Leigh.

Answer:How can I get my base score up to 5.7?

Helllo Leigh, and welcome to Vista Forums.

Double check to make sure that you have all of the latest versions of your device drivers installed. These can affect your WEI score. Especially for "Graphics" if you didn't have them installed already.

If not, then unfortunately, that would usually mean that you will need to buy faster hardware to replace the ones that you have low WEI scores on.

Could you post a screenshot showing your full WEI screen to see what it says?

Hope this helps for now,

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I am having the strangest readings from WEI.

Currently I am running Corsair 4 x 1GB PC6400 DDR2 RAM (5-5-5-18). At stock speeds, WEI is reporting a score of 5.5.

My roommate also has 4 x 1GB of DDR2 with SAME timings and he is getting a WEI score of 7.1. A HUGE difference.

I have tried overclocking my RAM to 4-4-4-12 at 900MHz and 2.1V. WEI STILL reports a 5.5 rating.

I have also recently bought 2 x 2GB DDR2 G-Skill RAM with 5-5-5-15 timings. WEI STILL gives a 5.5 rating.

I have also tried running 2 x 1GB of my Corsair RAM... HALF of what I usually run. WEI STILL gives a 5.5 rating.

Also, on the Sticky thread in this forum about memory assessment, mine hovers around 5863 MB/s... I've seen people post in there with slower timings then what I have mine overclocked at and get faster speeds...

Edit: I just put my RAM back to default timings... I am still getting the same MB/s rate. WHY?!

Edit: Roommate just ran winsat mem in the command console and got a 7000 MB/s rating whereas I am getting 5863... he has the SAME RAM just different companies.

What the crap is going on? Massively overclocking my RAM doesn't even change the rating slightly. Any help into this would be awesome. Thanks guys.

Answer:WEI RAM score never changes despite overclocked/new RAM

Quote: Originally Posted by icer22x

I am having the strangest readings from WEI.

Currently I am running Corsair 4 x 1GB PC6400 DDR2 RAM (5-5-5-18). At stock speeds, WEI is reporting a score of 5.5.

My roommate also has 4 x 1GB of DDR2 with SAME timings and he is getting a WEI score of 7.1. A HUGE difference.

I have tried overclocking my RAM to 4-4-4-12 at 900MHz and 2.1V. WEI STILL reports a 5.5 rating.

I have also recently bought 2 x 2GB DDR2 G-Skill RAM with 5-5-5-15 timings. WEI STILL gives a 5.5 rating.

I have also tried running 2 x 1GB of my Corsair RAM... HALF of what I usually run. WEI STILL gives a 5.5 rating.

Also, on the Sticky thread in this forum about memory assessment, mine hovers around 5863 MB/s... I've seen people post in there with slower timings then what I have mine overclocked at and get faster speeds...

Edit: I just put my RAM back to default timings... I am still getting the same MB/s rate. WHY?!

Edit: Roommate just ran winsat mem in the command console and got a 7000 MB/s rating whereas I am getting 5863... he has the SAME RAM just different companies.

What the crap is going on? Massively overclocking my RAM doesn't even change the rating slightly. Any help into this would be awesome. Thanks guys.


Its just a number. It means nothing in the real world and it can be faked. You didnt specify if your roomates ram is corsair.

Are the cpu's identical?
Are the mobo's identical?
is the ram identi... Read more

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I know this is still beta (x64) but my lowest index point is my HDD on both 32 & 64 bit but on 32 it was 5.9 on 64 it is 2.9 . Any ides why? thanks in advance

Answer:WEI Score difference 32-bit vs 64-bit

Is it the same HDD with a fresh install over the old one or did you create a new partition on the same drive?

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Question: CPU poor WEI score

Just thought I'd share this with folks. After installing Win 7, I noticed that my overall WEI score was coming up at 2.7, which I thought was strange considering it was 5.4 with Vista. The processor score was 2.7 which was really low for a Core 2 Duo E6700, which btw was detected correctly by Win 7. I thought this might just be a bug in Win wrong was I?

I downloaded the Intel Processor identification utility just to check the specs for my processor and noticed that each core was running at 0.91 Ghz???? Rebooted the pc and checked bios settings for the processor and it was detected at 1.49 Ghz!!!! Noticed the temp of the processor and it was 89 degrees!

Anyway after removing the cpu fan, it looked like the thermal paste hadn't spread across the cpu even though the cooler had been fitted correctly, so I cleaned it and applied some fresh thermal paste properly. Booted the pc back up and the cpu was now being detected correctly in the bios and the temperature was hovering at 45 degrees.

Checked with the Intel Processor identification utility again and both cores were now running at 2.66Ghz. Re-ran WEI and my cpu now has a score of 6.1 and the overall score is back up to 5.5. I've completely stripped my pc down and cleaned everything including fans, psu, hard drives and case and it is now running great with very little cpu usage.

Answer:CPU poor WEI score

Nice Result Hammerhead, thanks for sharing, lucky the CPU resurrected itself after applying the new thermal paste.

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I get 5.9 on my ram, why is it so low?
It seems to be fast, but not according to WEI.

What's your memory assessment speed?

Show Us Your WEI

Answer:Why memory score so low?

It depends on what build your running, if your on build 7048 or less then the WEI score was capped at 5.9 for 4Gigs of DDR2 and you could only get a better score with DDR3, but with the latest builds you can now get allot better scores, mine went from 5.9 to 7 with latest build, just remember it's a BETA and there are bugs.

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Question: 3d mark score

what is a good score in 3dmark2001se for a gf fx5200
mine managed a measily 4200
does the cpu and ram count in the test?

it makes no sense, my m8 got a gf4mx-440....his (overclocked) managed 5900......mine is overclocked as well :angry:

considering my
290mb sdram
(unfortunatley) 1-2*agp

what would be the reason for the low score?

i need to know so i can fix it

Answer:3d mark score

My system is a 2400+, 768Mb 266 ram plus a Radion 9700pro

them main upgrade that boosted my 3dMark score was the graphics card.

My score is 11,400

Other threads have shown that there has been some cheating with scores and setups by manufacturers but I don't really care about that. My score has always improved when I've upgraded so I feel that my money has been well spent - especially the graphics card.

My overall feeling is that when you start to notice underperformance when using the computer it's time to upgrade. If you aren't noticing delays or stutter etc then there's no need to rush out and buy the latest spec.

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Specs are...

[email protected] (stock)
EVGA 8800GTX (stock)
2gigs of ram
680i motherboard

My 3dmark 06 score is

is it to low or perfectly fine?

Thanks for help.

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Download from this link, and try out Belarc Advisor.

I?d like to think my PC was pretty secure against nasties invading it.
Delving deeper and clicking on Belarc Advisor CIS benchmark score, I see that I only score 3.13 out of a possible 10.

A PC is rated on 12 categories, or sub-categories, as follows:

Service Packs and Hotfixes
Current Service Pack
Critical and Security Hotfixes
Account and Audit Policies
Password policies
Audit and Account Policies
Event Log Policies
Anonymous Account Restrictions
Security Options
Additional Security Settings
Available Services and Other Requirements
Available Services
User Rights
Other System Requirements
File and registry Permissions

Within those headings a PC is rated on 156 different points.
My PC passes only 72 out of the 156 points.

As I have a single user, non networked, dialup PC, I think I am hardly done by in some categories.
Obviously there are lots of links to the Belarc Advisor explaining their recommendations, and cures, and it will need a lot of my research to consider adopting their recommendations.

For example. I fail the Minimum Password Length, although my password is Alpha and numeric and 11 characters long. I have no idea what they recommend, as yet, but will visit their site to check this, and other points out.

I?d be very interested in the score, out of 10, and out of the 156 points, that your PC rates according to Belarc Advisor, particularly from ... Read more

Answer:How safe is your PC? What score out of 10?

hi, i just downloaded and ran belarc, it says i have a score of 3.75.
it also says in the virus protection box 'unknown' - very odd, i have AVGpro

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I recently re-installed vista home premium back on my vaio vgn-fz17g laptop after the system crashed and i noticed a few problems. 1. the computer wont read an sd card. 2. the computer does not recognise my graphics card. 3.i have an unknown device on my device manager. 4. my "UGX"? has no drivers (and none can be found) 4. my base score used to be 4.0 today i installed another gb of ram and i checked my base score and instead of going up it went down to 1.0 i cant even use aero anymore. the base score is where i realised my graphics card disappeared all that shows up in device manager is standard vga graphics adapter when i have a 512mb graphics card somewhere inside. I dont know what to do can anyone help me please?

Answer:my base score went from 4.0 to 1.0

download and install this >>> GeForce Release 179

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Question: 3D Mark score

could people post their 3dMark scores?, i know they are only synthetic benchmarks, but i just want a general idea of what each computer is capable of

Mine's nothing to be proud of... but its a peice of junk computer...
4177 i think my signature is wrong...

Answer:3D Mark score

kwon, i think it may be your graphics card that need a little improvment

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So, I just recently built my new rig here the specs:

-6 GB Corsair Dominator
-intel i7 930
-1 tb western digital caviar black
-28 GB SSD
- ASUS EAH5870/2DIS/1GD5 Graphics adapter - 1 GB - GDDR5 SDRAM
- Windows 7 home premium x64

Alright, so here's my problem now am aware WEI is a bad measure of well just about anything, but i would like to know why my 5870 is only scoring a 6.0 for gaming graphics.
So far, i've tired using Amdcpuclock tool to set the gpu clock to 800 mhz and 1200 for the memory clock, getting the card out of its energy conserving 157 mhz for gpu clock speed and 300mhz for memory clock, but i still had the same score. Any one have any ideas?

Answer:5870 score 6.0 on WEI

Try doing this here -

Wrong WEI Score!!!

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i just got a new computer and all i get is this

Answer:new computer and have this WEI score??

Well, if you aren't a gamer, that probably won't be an issue at all. If you are a gamer, you will likely want to replace that onboard video with a dedicated video card and that problem will go away.

Personally, I don't worry much about the WEI. As long as the scores are in the ballpark and the PC performs as expected, it's just a number.

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Hi all,

I know that WEI is just a tool to see where your performance is but I had something REALLY weird happen.

My CPU is a AMD Turion X2 Dual-Core Mobile RM-75. I used to get a 5.2 or so on my processor when I was using Windows Vista and now, running Windows 7, I get 2.9 for the processor. This seems REAL bad and makes me thing the processor is not being utilized properly. Is there something that could cause this? I looked in the bios but this is a laptop and there is not much in the way of options in there. I checked the task manager and looked under the "Performance" tab and it shows that there are 2 cores working like it should but I notice that the system seems sluggish. The mouse is not too fluid on the desktop.

Thanks in advance!

Answer:REALLY weird WEI score

Hello Ripklawe, and welcome to Seven Forums.

You might check to see if you have the latest motherboard chipset drivers (Windows 7 version) installed and BIOS flashed for your laptop model number to see if a newer one may address this issue. The laptop manufacturer's website should have all of these driver downloads available for you.

Hope this helps,

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i have a pretty nice machine in my opinion
amd x2 6000
4gb ocz platinum ram
seagate barracudda harddrive etc.

is just over 10,000 a realistic score? i have no idea when it comes to 3dmark tbh
it was 3dmark 06 btw

Answer:3d mark score of just over 10,000

Sounds about right for that setup.

The Processor is whats holding you back quite a bit.

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I am testing my new build and ran 3Dmark06 several times and am really disappointed with my score. With this I achieved an 8100

Asus P5K-E 650i
Intel Q9300
eVGA 8800 GTX
4 x1 gb Corsair XMS2 800 MHz
Antec Neo Power 650w

I could reach 7800 with my Dell with a Pentium D Proc and the eVga 8800 GTX. What would be bottle necking my system? Does anybody see anything wrong with my system config?

Answer:3Dmark06 score low! Why?

Your score isn't low.... anything over 7500 is pretty respectable with 3dm06. Most of the 3dm benches are mainly testing the video card; RAM and CPU don't figure in as heaviliy as one would think. I proved this by running 3dm with various amounts of memory from 512mb up to 2gb and the score varied by only about 150pts, and the 2gb score wasn't the highest. I then swapped out the CPU (from A64 3200+ to A64X2 5400+) and the overall scores only increased by maybe 300-500pts.

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Question: Low 3dmark score

I'm using a pci 6200 until I get my replacement card for my 6800 and I wanted to test it to see what I would get in 3dmark05. I was expecting around 1500 since the card is a little over half the power of my 9800pro which got 2800 but I only get 580. I have forceware 87.25 drivers and according to rivatuner its running at the proper 350/400.
Is pci just to slow to run at those speeds? Or is there something else that could be wrong?

Answer:Low 3dmark score

A Pci slot runs at about 1/8 of the speed/bandwidth of 8x AGP slot that is your problem.

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Question: Wrong WEI Score!!!

Hello Folks & experts Out there, i would be highly obliged if somebody can answer my query and rectify the issue i am facing for the past one week.
Below is my System configuration & corresponding WEI score for your reference.
The Build:
OS: Windows 7 Ultimate Retail 64 Bit Build: 6.1.7600
Motherboard: Gigabyte GA MA785GM US2H
CPU / Speed: AMD Phenom XII 550 BE 3.1 Ghz WEI - 7.3
Memory / RAM: Dyenet 8 GB 800Mhz - WEI - 7.3
Graphics Card(s): Saphire 1GB DDR5 ATI Radeon 5850 - Prev WEI - 7.7 Current WEI - 6.0
Monitor Display(s): Samsung 17" (soon changing)
Hard Drive(s): 2x320GB WD Cavear Raid 0 WEI - 5.9
PSU: CM 500W Extreme Power
Case: Cooler Master Elite 310 with side panel
Cooling: Corsair H50 Hydro
Keyboard: Logitech
Mouse: Logitech
Internet Speed: 1.3 MBPS
Antivirus: Kaspersky 2010
Other Peripherals: 2x120MM CM LED FANS
1x1TB WD Caviar HDD for storage
1x1TB Seagate External HDD storage
1xMS VX1000 Webcam
My above system was running fine as i tested them rigourously with Prime 95 & Memtest to which all it passed.

Issue: I recently upgraded from an OEM Edition of W7 Ultimate 64 Bit to Windows 7 Ultimate Retail 64 Bit Build: 6.1.7600. After this i noticed My ATI 5850 Graphic card score went down to 6.0 from 7.7. I was utterly frustrated at this did the following steps to rectify but in vain.

Tried installing & reinstalling all the known Drives from the ATI's website including the current 10.2

went here: C:\win... Read more

Answer:Wrong WEI Score!!!

It's something to do with these later ATI drivers. Seen quite a few mentioning it going to 6.0, including it happening to me a few times.

Go here: C:\windows\Performance\WinSAT\DataStore

And delete what's in that Datastore folder. Go back and re run it.

Control Panel-Performance Info and Tools-Advanced Tools (on left side) -first option. I can run it one time and it will give me 6.0, then turn the fan up on my card or something, re run it again, and it will give the right score again.

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I have just purchased a Gigabyte Geforce G1 Gaming graphics card and have done a benchMark test using FurMark. I have the resolution on FurMark set to 1024x576 and I'm getting a BenchMark of 3602. I then do the same test with my 970 overclocked  more and then get a BenchMark that's actually lower 3601? Can someone tell me why I'm not getting a benchmark over 4000 plus like many other people get using this card? Thanks!Motherboard: Gigabyte X58a Ud3rCpu i7 930 overclocked 4.0 GhzRam 12 GBPsu Collermaster 700 WattGraphics card Gigabyte G1 Gaming 970.

Answer:BenchMark Score low?

Curious as to if your games run better at this overclock or if there is any noticeable flaws while running overclock. As for an overclock does not always guarantee faster/better performance. Reason why i state this is because I once overclocked my CPU and GPU to the max and my frame rate in the games instead of holding steady was now jumping all over the place due to lag and surging. it wasnt until i backed off on the overclocks which were 12% initially down to about 10% that I found the sweet spot to where I had a performance gain and no problems. I also ran the benchmark at baseline wrote down this value, after 12% overclock and wrote down this value, and saw oddities in the results measured, but when gaming the flaws in these overclocks stood out like a sore thumb vs staring at Windows desktop. When I backed down to 10% I had consistent overclock scores showing the gain and games ran better and most importantly the system was running ok and not crashing.I was using passmark 30-day trial edition for my benchmarks.

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I know 3dmark2001 is quite old,but on my Athlon 2400+ (see system specs) I get only 4351 points, and 3Dmark is the only process running, I killed everything else. I think this is very low, because a quick google search revealed better scores with systems much inferior than mine

Example (from

AMD Athlon(tm) Processor 1402MHz
512MB PC2100 DDR
Abit KG7-RAID Motherboard

3DMark2001 Score: 5378Click to expand...

My system is not new anymore, but I expected a lot more than this. Does anyone know why it´s so slow?

Answer:Low 3dmark2001 score

I think your specs say it all.

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Question: WEI score screwed

My WEI score seemed to be screwed...atm its unrated and it looks really crap...i cant update the score or anything..when i go to Performance menu where to update score it shows some weird please

is there some other way of updating my score or at least at system screen show a score...

Answer:WEI score screwed

Try resetting Aero:

Copy and paste the following command into either Vista’s Start Menu Search box, or run box, and hit Enter.
rundll32.exe Dwmapi.dll,DwmEnableComposition

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my 3dmark05 score was in the 1600s with my geforce xfx 6600 256 slight oc'd. im running it with p4 2.4 ghz and 1gig ram and agp. this is way to low compared to other tests. it also says my core clock speed is 9.7, which is actually around 325

Answer:3dmark05 score way too low

Does it perform well in games?

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Alright my setup is athlon 4400 x2, 2 gig corsair xms pro pc 3200 memory, and a x1900xtx 512 card.

The first time I ran 3dmark05 not 06 without updated drivers I got a 9219.

Next I updated my drivers and got the follow scores in this order... 11015, 10857, and finally 10833.

This still seems low for my setup any input on why its reading like this.

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Hi, I recently got a dvd which has an isolated score option and I wanted to rip it out to burn to cd.

I've tried various dvd rippers but all they seem to to is produce the dialogue versions.

I also recently tried dvd decrypter which basicly copyed all the files to my hard drive and there were 6 1gb vobs. I converted one of the vobs to a wav file but that also produced the dialogue version.

Any help would be appriciated.


Answer:dvd isolated score rip

You can try this
Never used it personally.

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i have been using windows vista for three months with 1 GB of ram consisting of two 512 sticks.

my motherboard has 4 slots for RAM, two black and two blue . yesterday i added 1 GB (one stick)

to my PC to get more responsive system.
before i added the 1GB ram stick, windows vista has rated my ram and give it subscore equals to

4.5. however, when i added the ram stick to get 2GB of ram, vista give it a subscore equals to

4.4 .
im sure that im using 2GB and it works fine (but not that much)
im using DDR1 , 400 Mh.

i noticed when i add the stick, the bios gives me a message "serial presence detect" and in the

message i remember the number 333 .

what is the problem ?

Answer:weird sub score for my RAM !!!

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Question: 9800 pro score

Have just replaced my Geforce 4 Ti 4200 with a Sapphire Atlantis 9800 pro 128mb. After running both 3dmark 03 and 2001SE I wasn't overly pleased with the outcome.

3DMark 03 = 5593

3DMark 01 SE = 15118

I'm not too hot with what marks my system should get but my 2001 SE marks are pretty much lower than I expected. Are these marks normal fort his system, and can anyone spot any bottlenecks that might ber slowing it down.

I ran the benchmarks with the latest Cat 4.2 with AA and AF off, and the slider to full performance.

P4 2.4ghz (HT enabled)
Abit A17 mobo
Crucial 512 pc2700 (2x256 in dual channel)
Sapphire Atlantis 9800 pro 128
Seagate Barracuda 80gb SATA
SB Live 5.1

Running on Windows XP proffessional SP1


Answer:9800 pro score

I have a similar machine, the main difference is I have an AMD CPU. However, your scores seem reasonable. I've gotten between 15-17K in 3DMark 01, depending on the driver I use. Older drivers used to give me better scores. One thing I have noticed is that newer Catalyst drivers don't always give you better benchmark scores, but they do improve actual game performance. Don't go as much by what the benchmark tells you, look at how the card performs with an actual game. As long as you get 15K 3DMarks in 3DMark 01 you'll be fine. The 3DMark 03 score looks just fine and gives you a better idea of your system's performance with current and future DX9 games. Don't sweat it man, you're in the top system's league.

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Question: music score

how do I find an old music score for a made for tv. movie? 1987
blood vows the story of a mafia wife. artists vesta williams/gary taylor
actors millissa gilbert can't remember the mans name. but! the song is
wherever love takes me. I have tried through the original album by gold.
still can't find the music score. The person that the original album was buy
Elmer burnstein. So! the music was then recomposed by.
William Goldstein composer. for the movie blood vows the story of a
Mafia wife. on the gold label. If someone can help me please let me know.
e-mail me at [email protected].


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Question: 3DMark03 score

Here's my friends rig:-

AMD Athlon XP 2000+ @1.67ghz/133mhz
Gigabyte GA-7DXE
1gb of RAM (not sure of frequency...)
Winfast GeForce Ti4200 128mb (AGP 4x)
Soundblaster Audigy live
Windows XP Home SP1

He gets a score of around 1500 in 3DMark03. Does this sound right?

Answer:3DMark03 score

It sounds about right, its based on your video card, mainly.

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System is:

P4 1.7Ghz
Intel D845HV
GF4 Ti4200 128MB
Win XP

Getting a score of 6827!!

How can I improve this? It's really bad.

Answer:Very bad 3dMark score

Turning DSL off gives me an extra 100 points, go figure!

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Question: win 7 index score

hi guys after an upgrade and installling win 7 i feel im getting a low sub score on my proccessor in the win 7 index its currently rated at a 4.9, can somone help with this?

cpu: phenom: 2x4 black edition 955
mainboard :asus m4n68t-mv2

Answer:win 7 index score

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I think my computer is fairly decent but some benchmarks would suggest otherwise...

Antec 500w PSU (NeoHE)
Gigabyte K8N-SLI @ 210mhz
Athlon 64 X2 3800+
Zalman CNPS7700Cu
2x512mb Generic PC3200 CL3
BFG Geforce 7800 GT OC (overclocked even further to 483/1.16) - 81.98 drivers
WD Raptor 740GD and Maxtor DiamondMax 10 (300 gig)

I get just under 8,000 in 3dmark05, whether I test in Windows XP or x64.

It seems my system is where it should be at otherwise, though.

Sandra CPU arithmetic: 20816 MIPS, 9203 MFLOPS

Sandra CPU multimedia: 31440 its/44202 its int/float

Sandra memory test: 4780 mbs/4784 mbs int/float

Answer:Why does my 3dmark05 score seem so low?

Looks like a pretty good system with the exception of the doggy generic PC3200 at CL3. Generic DDR is bad news. and Cl3 is as slow as it gets. still 8,000 is a pretty decent score for 3DMark 05.

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im trying to get only the max score from this table but it isn't working.. any ideas?

i.o o,
e.e e, et, al
o.oid=al.aid and
al.aid=e.eid and
e.eid=et.etid and
o.oid =12345

the result of this gives me two records because the descriptions are different.

oid eid etid description score
12345. 3. 3. daily 3.79
12345. 5. 5. monthly 0.01
12345. 5. 5. monthly 0.51

Answer:DB2 SQL question - max score

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I recently downloaded 3dmark03, and ran the tests, and yadda yadda yadda, and long stort, I got a score of 711, which is unthinkably low! I have an athlon xp 2200+, a 128MB radeon 9200SE overclocked about 10%, and 512MB pc133 SDRAM

Answer:Why is my 3dmark03 score SO LOW?

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Question: 3D Marks score

Is this the right score for a XFX 7600 GT AGP?

3DMark Score - 4794

Pentium4 3.0GHz HT
2gb RAM
XFX 7600 GT
Windows XP SP2

Answer:3D Marks score

Seems on track, my 7900GS KO scored ~7500 (I only have 512MB ram, this is 3DMark05 right?)

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Just purchased a new video card and ran the benchmark software. My score was only 2509. Is very low. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. My prevoius score was 1509 using a 6600le. i have installed the latest nvidia drivers.Help!!

Are these scores normal for my setup ?
CPU AMD 3700+
Gigabyte K8NF-9 motherboard
Antec 450w true power supply
evga 7800gt oc copper core video card 256mb
kingston DDR ram (2x1gb) pc3200 200mhz
Lg dvd burner
Sharp 37" lcd screen
1 x Maxtor system drive 80gb
2 x Western digital 250gb games drive in raid 0 (done under windows)

Answer:Very Low 3dMark05 Score

Do you have the latest motherboard and video card drivers installed? The drivers that come with video cards are usually out of date. Your score should be 5500-6000.

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why is my score so slow? i had closed all other applications and stuff. is my computer just that crappy?
amd 64 3200+
1gb dual channel pc3200 ddr400 memory
VisionTek Radeon x700 256MB PCIe-16x


Answer:low 3dmark06 score?

You could upgrade your video card. But keep on mind that 3dmark 2006 is programmed to make your pc look VERY OLD AND CRAPPY.

But, like I said, if you upgrade your video card, you should notice more speed in REAL games. Just don´t care too much about 3dmark.

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Ok, Almost a year ago I had a not so great comp.

-1.6 ghz P4
-256 mb DDR
-geforce 4 ti4400
-msi 845 ultra mobo

I then upgraded recently to
-1.6 ghz p4
-894 mb DDR
-geforce 4 ti4400
-asus p4c800 DLX

Now as you can see, the new setup is A LOT better. Better mobo and triple the ram. I ran the 3dmark2001se test when I first got the computer and I got about 7500. Then I ran it again today after formatting and i only got 6500... Shouldn't my score have gone way up? I mean I tripled the ram and got a much better mobo... what can I do to tweak this thing and utilize some of its potential?

Answer:How come my 3d mark score is going DOWN?


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Someone I know has a music notation program named "Score" - The program itself seems to work fine, but it won't print his work!

It's a DOS-based program, an executable set to run within Windows98. His machine is fairly old: a Pentium 100MHz, w/ 1GB HD, and 64MB RAM. However, Windows 98 runs fine on it. (A bit slow though). His printer is an HP Laserjet 5000 n that works fine.. when printing from Windows. However, running Score and trying to print from it just give an error message along the lines of "this DOS program has encountered an error. Hit A to abort or R to retry. Hitting R does nothing, while hitting A quits the program altogether. Any ideas?



P.S. Should I also try posting this in the DOS section of the forum?

Answer:Printing from Score

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I just finished building my PC as follows:

Asus 4870 DK 1GB (stock: 750MHz GPU, 900 MHz VRAM) (stock cooling temp- idle: 41 celcius, load: 50-55 celcius)
WD Caviar Black 500GB
2GB G.Skill DDR2 1066 RAM (Running at 1.1GHz)
Intel Core2 Quad Q8200 2.33GHz (Running at 2.40GHz)
Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3L
Rosewill 530W PSU

Windows XP 32-bit (the reason I haven't bought 4GB ram)

My 3D mark score doesn't seem to be particularly impressive when comparing it to other's with the 4870 gpu.

3D Marks - 13046
Shader 3.0 - 5038
Shader 2.0 - 6027
CPU - 3949

Any idea if there's a bottleneck or something? Btw, in practical terms Crysis is getting some annoying FPS drops; this shouldn't be due to the 2gb ram...

Answer:3DMark 06 Score Low?

well with an ati 4850 i get 13050 3dmark 06 score but my cpu is also clocked to 3.8GHz. i think you would see a nice jump if you overclocked that cpu to around 3Ghz.

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hi guys
this is my score on 3dmark03 15307 was my score..thats look rite?

System Configuration

General Information
Operating System Microsoft Windows XP
DirectX Version 9.0c
Mobo Manufacturer Intel Corporation
Mobo Model OEMD975XWT2G1
AGP Rates (Current/Available) N/A / N/A
CPU Intel Pentium D 2800 MHz
FSB 200 MHz
Memory 1022 MB

Display Information
Graphics Chipset NVIDIA GeForce 7800 GTX
Driver Name NVIDIA GeForce 7800 GTX
Driver Version
Driver Status Non WHQL - Not FM Approved
Video Memory 256 MB
Core Clock 9 MHz
Memory Clock 1197 MHz

Sound Information
Sound Adapter Driver Name SB X-Fi Audio [1000]
Sound Adapter Driver Version

Benchmark Settings
Program Version 3DMark03 Revision 6 Build 0
Resolution [email protected] bit
Texture Filtering Optimal
Pixel Processing / Antialiasing None
Post Processing false
Vertex Shaders Optimal

Main Test Results
3DMark Score 15307 3DMarks
CPU Score 800 CPUMarks

Detailed Test Results

Game Tests
GT1 - Wings of Fury 288.2 fps
GT2 - Battle of Proxycon 127.2 fps
GT3 - Troll's Lair 106.1 fps
GT4 - Mother Nature 90.4 fps

CPU Tests
CPU Test 1 85.3 fps
CPU Test 2 14.9 fps

Feature Tests
Fill Rate (Single-Texturing) 4153.7 MTexels/s
Fill Rate (Multi-Texturing) 9973.7 MTexels/s
Vertex Shader 43.6 fps
Pixel Shader 2.0 331.5 fps
Ragtroll 65.2 fps

Sound Tests
No sounds 67.8 fps
24 sounds 61.0 fps
60 sounds 55.7 fps

Core Clock 9 MHz
Memory Clock 1197 MHz?????? ... Read more

Answer:my score on 3dmark03

hi guys after closing some program it went up to 16020...need ur feedback

how can i get my score up?

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I don't really know if this should go here, so please move it if you think it belongs somewhere else.....

I've experienced some very slow computer loading times, and I don't really get very good graphics when playing games...... So I asked around and someone suggested I should try benchmarking (3DMark from futuremark) to see if my comp was up to speed..... I got a score of 835 or something, which is very low I think.....

I have a P3 650 MHz.
System is winME.
Graphics card: radeon 9000 saphire pro (drivers are installed and got the updated drivers from ati)
Directx9 is installed
I've uploaded the results of the benchmark and more details of my system here......

Can someone help me out with this? I have no idea what to do, or where to look......

Answer:Low score benchmarking

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Question: muse score 2

so i just started using muse score 2 after looking for a "sibelius like program" and that fits the bill perfectly but i got a question. is there a way to get the note names to appear on the notes instead of above them in a jumble like i could get them to do on sibelius?

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I have removed my graphics card completely and ran 3dmark. My cpu has biult in graphics. My score with card is P1305. Without the card it is 4844. Which is better?


Answer:What is a better 3dMark Score

I just don't know if the higher the score the better. I did test with card installed w/3dMark 11. with card not installed 3dMark 06. I got an error trying to test with 11 w/o card. I don't believe the integrated graphics on the chip is directx 11 compatible. Also I noticed the letter P preceding my score with 3dMark 11. I wonder if these test scores are comparable since I used two different 3dMark versions.

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