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Accidently deleted/recreated HDD Volume, did NOT format, need recovery

Question: Accidently deleted/recreated HDD Volume, did NOT format, need recovery

Ok I am going to create a new thread on this, as I had been posting on one dated from 2012 that was an identical issue, but I think starting a new thread would be better.

I have a 1TB Western Digital HDD.

It is not my OS.

It is my data storage drive, with over 850GB of data and applications installed on it; while my OS resides by itself on my SSD.

I also have a small 1GB usb drive.

I was attempting to set up the USB drive as a bootable and was about to wipe it clean.

I was in Disk Management in Windows 7.

The WD showed up as 932GB.
The USB showed up as 934GB

I got the two mixed up, and I accidently deleted the Volume on the WD.

I did nothing else at that point, other then have a complete and total panic attack, nearly lost my dinner into a toilet... then started Googling for a solution or fix.

Google brought me here, to this thread - Undelete Hard disk Volume and recover data!

The poster appears to have done the exact same thing I did, and even posted that they found their own solution.

Quote: Originally Posted by panais

Well the solution was very easy,just few clicks.

Iv downloaded and installed the Free Partition Magic alternative (no need to pay\buy anything).

I run the minitool partition wizard,even after the hard disk volume is deleted you can see all the hard disks physically installed in the list.

So i right click on the hard disk,i click create,apply,restart,and tadaaaa the hard disk is back to life and with everything inside unharmed,programs,data,files etc.

No any undelete program is needed.

I followed their solution precisely, step by step, even downloaded the exact same program that poster claims to have used.

After my reboot however, my HDD was still wiped clean... and I panicked even more.

I then started googling some more, and I found the following...

Active Partition Recovery
EaseUS Partition Recovery Software

I tried the EaseUS first, and it found all my lost data, and claims it can recover it all, but I'll have to "upgrade" their software first by purchasing a $70 version...

Can't afford that, so I then tried the Active Partition Recovery, and it too has found all my Data.

But now I get the following...

It is (34: ) and its files and data that I need recovered... so I am confused as to why it claims there are other partitions over lapping it?

Under "E: Local Disk (2: ) [Excellent]" .. I do not recognize anything. It reports as an active live partition so I am presuming it is the newly recreated volume from my attempt to repeat the solution found in the other thread. The software will delete it, as that picture shows "delete invalid volume" will allow me to recover volume 34...

But the software again, wants me to upgrade by paying $40 for an upgraded version...


Before I spend money...

Is there ANY other way I can accomplish this, cheaper (free) and quicker?

Once again, to recap, this is where I'm at...

1. Accidentally deleted HDD volume, then recreated new Volume - thinking I was doing so on a USB drive
2. Realized my mistake, realized it was my data storage HDD...
3. Did nothing else...
4. Did not Format.
5. Did not add ANY new data of any kind to drive...
6. Googled for solutions and downloaded programs for partition recovery onto seperate SSD.
7. Ran scans with said software on HDD...
8. Found Data, ready to recover, for a cost...

Relevance 100%
Preferred Solution: Accidently deleted/recreated HDD Volume, did NOT format, need recovery

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Accidently deleted/recreated HDD Volume, did NOT format, need recovery

So I could really use some help with this...

I'm not too familiar with this Active Partition Recovery program...

Should I just bite the bullet, spend the money to buy their full version that will allow me access to their "delete invalid volume" and "recovery in place" options...

Or is there some other way I can recover this lost volume for free?

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Hi I had 2 external hard drives connected and in disk manager I clicked delete on the wrong one? So now the drive wont show up, so I simply created a Simple volume and know it is a RAW drive? How do I recover the files there was over 100GB and some of them are really important such as records and work related stuff, it is currently a RAW partition and all the hard disk recovery softwares dont recognise it because it is a RAW drive? do i have to format it to recover the files? Please Help!?!

Answer:*Important* Accidently deleted volume in Disk Manager, how to recover?

Do not format the disk.
this would make your task more difficult or even impossible.

There are free partition recovery tools available on the net.

Question the deletion, was it your operating system or are you still able to boot into Windows. I have never been in this position but someone will post some software for you. Just don't muddle the disk any further.

If you are able to boot into Windows this link will give you an idea of what you are looking for. Hang on because I know some forum members have done this will be suggesting more software.

[email protected] Partition Recovery Freeware Toolkit.Recover Deleted Partition, Volume.Undelete NTFS,FAT,exFAT,HFS+,Ext2/Ext3.

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I've a feeling there is no solution to this but here goes, my daughter deleted the recovery data on her L300-299.
Is there any way of retrieving it ? The partition was formatted so I couldn?t get anything back.
Does Toshiba do standard iso's or anything in these circumstances? Any help would be appreciated.

Answer:Accidently deleted recovery data

Unfortunately there is no way to retrieve all these data.
Recovery data are also not downloadable.

Only thing you can do is to order new recovery DVD under

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Hi. I got a lenovo thinkpad edge 15" 0301 J6G. With Windows 7 The other day I messed up, I installed a program, but I installed it in the wrong direction, so I un-install it. AND some more program files in the same folder. That was not my intention, off course. Trying to fix the problem I looked in to the rescue and recovery options. When I tryed to create a recovery disc the computer got stuck and nothing happened, so after a while I canceled the operation. Now I can't create a recovery disc anymore as there are some files missing. Is there now other way I can reinstall windows that was in the computer?

Answer:accidently deleted my recovery disc...

Press F11 at boot to see if you can get into the ThinKVantage recovery environment. You should be able to restore from there.

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Answer:I have accidently deleted my recovery partition, i...

Hi Anne, Did you create the factory recovery media?Which version of Windows do you use?What model do you own exactly?

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Hi there..I've a lenovo Y50-70 laptop. Accidently I deleted my recovery drive while partitioning my hdd. Now that I don't have recovery partition, one key recovery app is not working. when I try to make a backup it says "current system can not support backup". How can I get back the recovery function?P.S How can I make a recovery partition for Lenovo OKR?

Answer:Accidently deleted recovery partition of Lenovo Y50

Arjunj7 wrote:Hi there..I've a lenovo Y50-70 laptop. Accidently I deleted my recovery drive while partitioning my hdd. Now that I don't have recovery partition, one key recovery app is not working. when I try to make a backup it says "current system can not support backup". How can I get back the recovery function?P.S How can I make a recovery partition for Lenovo OKR?There are several options available:1. Contact Lenovo and inquire about their OKR disc sets for your unit OR2. Search for OKR engineering program. This will require further research on how to go about using it. You might encounter a thread suggesting to create a USB recovery drive if you have Win 10. This will not include the OKR feature as claimed but will only restore or install Win 10. So be aware of this.

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I have accidently deleted  (formatted)  the recovery drive D in my NotebookIf possible download it again and put it back in the partition D Thanks

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Hi this is my first post, because this time I really don't have any ideas left how to repair my U310 (Windows 7, 500GB HDD + 32GB SSD) Before I had such a configuration:SSD: FFS - Raid0(stripe) - 8GB (raid cluster 0)          CACHE - Raid 0(cache) - 21,8GB (raid cluster 1)HDD: Cache - 29,8 GB (Raid cluster 0 + 1)           Data - 465 GB (no raid) I had a problem with the Cache-Partition on the SSD which I could not fix. So I deleted the raids in Intel Raid configuration tool (Ctrl + i) and tried to recreate them. It does not offer a type Raid 0(cache), so I first created only a 8GB data partition with Raid 0 (stripe) and rebooted to install Windows7 64Bit from USB. In installation progress I have to choose the target disk where to install Win7. But there I only see the 8GB partition FSS. I can choose the extracted Intel RST drivers ( but still only the 8GB partition. After a restart I have no possibility to enter the raid configutation tool with Ctrl-i anymore. It is missing since this moment. BIOS settings:iRST enabled or disabled (no difference)UEFI enabled or disabled (no difference)controller setting = RAID If I change the controller setting to AHCI and start windows setup, I do see all disks:29,8 GB Volume SSD100 MB System Partition HDD465 GB Partition HDDI can now either install Windows on HDD or on SSD. SSD installation worked, so ... Read more

Answer:U310 - deleted raid pairs (FFS & CACHE) cannot be recreated for Intel RST

Hey,got the same issue here but with a U410. Screwed up my raid configuration and the utility is not showing up anymore. Tried everything I found

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and when i say everything, i mean EVERYTHING please I'm new at this so bare with me and I'm really trying to soak up and absorb as much as i a friend had recently given me an old ( I'd say 03-04 ) dell dimension 4600, he said he didn't want it anymore and that i could have it, so i figured "*censored*..ill just reinstall XP on it and sell it on like craig's-list and try to make a quick buck"..when i turned it on it was obvious that this thing had ALOT of viruses so i decided to run D-BAN (deriks boot & nuke) on it just to make sure that i got rid of everything on it but when i re-installed windows XP on it i realized that i had deleted drivers (i guess) and i cant get on the internet i cant really do anything...i dont know how to:A) determine what network card i haveB) what drivers i need other than the network driverC) download these driversD) install these drivers on the dellif you know what D-BAN is than you know what it does and what kind of problem ive just created for myselfcan someone help me!?!?PLEASE?!thank you... ps. im a noob..i know this.. but who ever takes the time to help out this "noob" is a saint and will have my ever lasting appreciation (just incase you dont know what d-ban is)

Answer:HELP! i accidently deleted everything X(

Yes, we know what d-ban is. It really does wipe out everything.Here is one way to get the LAN card up.1. Remove LAN card from the victim.2. Place in in the good machine, let windows find it.  Maybe it wont; work.3. Try using Windows update. May not work either.If the above is no help, get a program like Everest to identify your hardware. only the free Everest program, not the other stuff.Use a USB flash to bring it over to the victim and run the program on the victim.From there, you should be able to do the rest on your own.Do NOT use driver detective. Waste of time and money.

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I was recently removing application from my computor that i did not use, i have accidently unistalled the volume so i can now not listen to anything, i have searched for the volume to reinstall but now luck as yet, is there any way i can download the volume again from a website? Thanks

Answer:Unistalled Volume accidently

If you are talking about a volume driver, then go to the vendors website, they may have the driver for you to download.

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Hi guys,

A few days ago I ran CCleaner and Eusing registry cleaner and one of them seems to have deleted MS Office 2003 right off my HD. I don't have the disc, or at least I can't find it right now. I'm on my parents computer (home from college for the summer) and my Mom is not happy. I tried doing a system restore but for some reason that keeps coming up as "incomplete."

I dont have to shell out the money for a new disc, do I?



Answer:Accidently deleted MS Office (help)


Those programs would not just delete the software from the hard drive. Check in the C:\Program Files\Office folder. It could also be under Microsoft Office. But those apps do not delete software from a hard drive like you are describing.

If you can not find the media and you do not have the serial available then yes. You will have to buy a new copy.


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Hi, I seem to have deleted the photo app from the apps screen, just wondering if someone can point me in the right direction to get it back, I have looked everywhere and can't find it.

Cheers Shane.

Answer:Accidently deleted the Photos app

click on the windows icon lower left ,go all apps, just below the power icon , ,its alphabetical ,so go to the P section, and its there ,just right click on it and pin to start

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My crappy antivirus software detected explorer.exe as having a worm, but this was a false alarm. BUT i accidently deleted explorer.exe and now when i log onto my account nothing happens. The background is still there but the toolbar disappeared and nothing works..only Windows Task Manager works. I run windows XP btw.

I REALLY need to recover my files back so please tell me how i can either restore explorer.exe and fix this problem or AT LEAST get my files back. THANK YOU!!

Answer:Accidently deleted EXPLORER.EXE

Okay, well.. you shouldn't have been able to delete explorer in the first place - It is very hard to do.

Explorer is basically the thing that lets you use your computer. Here, Refer to this post -

or try this.

Fire up the task manager, run cmd and then c:\windows\system32\restore\rstrui.exe from the command prompt (edit the command if you didn't install windows in c:\windows). See if system restore can rescue explorer for you. If that doesn't work, run appwiz.cpl from the command prompt. This will fire up the add/remove programs panel. Uninstall sp2 and your old explorer.exe should work again. If you want sp2, reinstall it. Then make a fresh copy of the sp2 version of explorer.exe and store as backup. Make another copy to feed to resource hacker.

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hi! i somehow managed to delete the integrated microphone of my t61p. can anyone tell me how to reinstall it? it doesn't show up under "sound" at the control panel anymore. thanks phil moderator note: model added to title. Message Edited by Agotthelf on 26-03-2009 10:45 AM


Go to Solution.

Answer:T61p: I accidently deleted my mic

Hello Phil,  please tell us your OS also.   

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when i try to re install it via google it only come up with quicktime 7, which i have to pay for, is there a way to get the free one i had oroginally?

Answer:Accidently Deleted Quicktime

From here? click here

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i accidently deleted an important file from my computer(from the bin). is there a way to bring this file back?? plz help. its urgent

Answer:file accidently deleted

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Re: format and reinstall

I accidently deleted some files out of the path on my Acer Win98 computer. I have a floppy reboot disk that I can format the C drive with. Will I then be able to reinstall win98 with my resource disc, or do I have to replace all the missing files first, using a dos path with a floppy disc?

Answer:Accidently deleted files

By resource disc, you mean restore cd that comes with the computer? That will do. Just boot it up.

You don't need to boot up a floppy & format the harddisk before reinstalling 98. 98 setup will ask you.

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I downloaded a registry cleaner, so I used that, but i noticed that there were certain regestries it wouldnt delete, so i went into regedit and deleted them myself. Apparently that was bad, and i realized it so I quickly wanted to do system restore, but system restore wouldn't open, nor could i use Run on the start menu. So i tried restarting my computer, and I can't even get to my desktop anymore, it stays at the windows logo. What do I do? Help. :(
(I'm willing to lose anything I have on the comp)

EDIT: (im posting this from a notebook since i cant use my pc)

Answer:Accidently Deleted Regestries, Help!

Hi mny1337, welcome to TSF....

Have you tried system restore from Safe Mode?

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As I was cleaning out some unused programs from my laptop (Dell Inspiron E1505), I accidently deleted the ATI driver. The computer restarted and I've gotten a few pop-ups saying that video card can not be found. The graphics look terrible now and the scrolling on webpages is extremely choppy. Any help would be appreciated.

Answer:Accidently Deleted Driver

If you don't have the drivers disk and there are no spare cache copies on your hard drive, you can download all drivers direct from Dell for free.

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i accidently deleted some films from my external hard drive today is there any way of getting them back?i tried several systemrestores to no avail.the folders are there with the names but they are took me a long time to get them and i am an ass for not backing them up to dvd.any help please

Answer:accidently deleted files help

This one is free,click here I have never used it but it is from the same company as C Cleaner.

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Answer:accidently deleted pictures

This direct download will rescue your pictures herePlease note, all Capitals is considered to be shouting!!

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Help me restore my accidently deleted Adobe Photodeluxe 4.0 pictures. The thumbnails are still in My Photos. The thumbnails have an inverted green triangle with an exclamation point and says the file does not exist. It seems to me that if I can see them as a thumbnail there must be some way to recover them.
Please help me - my Trash can is empty so no luck there.
Carol in Michgian

Answer:HELP accidently deleted Pdd's but thumbnails still there

Those aren’t really Photodeluxe pictures. They are simply defaulted to open in that program. You could change that association with a couple of clicks to the Windows Picture and Fax viewer or Irfanview and every JPG on your computer would suddenly stop being a Photodeluxe file. Nothing would have changed in the file except what program would open if you clicked it.

I’m guessing you are looking at Photodeluxe when you see the thumbnails and get the message. It isn’t common for My Pictures or the Windows file system to give that message and keep thumbnails for photos that were deleted. Since the photos didn’t show up in your recycle bin it is possible Photodeluxe just lost track of them.

Write down the file name of one of the images then close Photodeluxe. Start > My Documents > My Pictures and see if they are there.

If they aren’t in My Pictures, Start > Search > All Files and Folders. Type in the file name of the picture and “Search”.

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this is the hardware id's in the devmgmt.msc:  PCI\VEN_10EC&DEV_B723&SUBSYS_2231103C&REV_00,  PCI\VEN_10EC&DEV_B723&SUBSYS_2231103C,  PCI\VEN_10EC&DEV_B723&CC_028000,  PCI\VEN_10EC&DEV_B723&CC_0280.

Answer:I accidently deleted my Wi Fi connection

Hi, Please try: Regards.

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Hellooo! Can someone pleaseeee help me i accidently deleted soundmax from my control panel! And i literally tried everything i just can't get it back! :'( CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME?

Windows XP !!

Answer:I need help i accidently deleted soundmax

Moved to software. And welcome to MG's.

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Hi everyone hope you can help . . . This is my first post, so forgive me if I mess up.

I have accidently deleted a file on my C drive . . . C:\Users\David\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows
It is the Temporary Internet Files and is now causing problems.
If I run CCleaner it Hangs/Freezes, when it comes to that file and even Task Manager will not close it! I can't even restart the PC, I have to crash out.
When I then restart, CCleaner is closed but the samething happens if I run it again.
I have tried to create the file again, but it says "Confirm folder Replace" This destination already contains a folder named Temporary Internet Files . . . Do you still want to merge this folder.
If I say yes, it still doesn't appear. I have Administrator privileges and it is not hidden (I have a reasonable knowledge of computing)
Hope somebody can put me on the right track.

Regards, davevont

Answer:accidently deleted a file

Have you tried system restore ?

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Is there any way that I can retrieve files that were deleted from my computer?   It has Windows XP.  I tried a system restore with no luck.  My wife will KILL me!!  

Answer:Accidently deleted files

Look in the Recycle Bin.

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Hello, I was trying to expand a partition but deleted a partition in the process. I have a SSD and HDD the the partition which took about half of the HDD space.
On the HDD was a storage partition, system reserved and the deleted partition. So it is currently unallocated. I've tried running recovery programs they find it but
it will cost me money to restore it since I'm using the free version. What should I do now? I've attached a picture of what it looks like currently
I've tried using testdisk I cant really understand it.

Answer:Accidently deleted partition

Was the partition you deleted = to the unallocated space or was E: the partition you were expanding. Did you actually expand E: or stop after you deleted your partition? The less you write to E: the better as this could be overwriting data you are trying to recover if E: was indeed expanded into your previous partition space. If the unallocated space was equal to the partition you deleted and E: was not expanded then you have a good chance of recovery.
Do you have an external drive with enough free space to recover your data?

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i was playing with my new zune and was having a very frustrating time transfering my pictures to it. while doing this, i deleted a picture album from my zune library to try and resend it to the zune, only to find that for some reason it actually deleted the album from my computer too.
is there anything i can do to recover these pictures??

Answer:accidently deleted files!

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I accidentally deleted my audio device. Please Help! I've tried system restore and it won't work. Is there anywhere I can download the device from? Thanks in advance.PS system is a dell optiplex GX620 with windows XP

Answer:Accidently deleted sound

Dell OptiPlex GX620

Make sure "Microsoft Windows XP" is selected for the operating system.

The audio driver is apparently what you need.


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I had to do a System Recovery yesterday on my WinsXP-Pro, media edition.

It caused me to lose all my documents that were in "My documents" and the ones that were being kept in WordPad...Grrrrh...

I checked the recycle bin. It's empty.

Is there any way to get them back without taking PC to a recovery specialist?

Thanks. Foxbluff

Answer:Accidently Deleted My Documents !!

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One of the Wild Tangent games locked up, decreased size and tried to do the task master to get it to close.  But was able to bring up the wild tangent game list - couldn't see the whole list as it was hidden under the game that was stuck on my screen.  Therefore when I made a guess, I accidently deleted the whole Wild Tangent Game App and it automatically took away the HP Games.  I tried to download the wild tangent game app and it will not allow me too.   Checked and made sure it was still not on my apps/programs and it wasn't.   Even did a recovery back a few days and still the system will not allow me to download the app.   Any help at there?

Answer:Accidently deleted game app

Greetings, You may be able to find Wild Tangent games in a folder on the C drive called SWSETUP. Also try HP's Recovery Manager. See if you have it (SWSETUP) and check Apps or other subfolders carefully. It gets a little murky if you upgraded to Win 10.  Cheers!

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Someone put my desktop contents in my contacts folder, so then I went into the contacts folder and dragged everything onto my desktop again. I deleted everything from the contacts folder so I didn't have duplicates, didn't want to take up space.

And nothing is in the recycle bin, I pretty much deleted everything I had saved on my desktop

Answer:Accidently deleted desktop.


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I tried uninstalling, and a lot of things, however, it doesn't work, it does open (most of the time), and close, Help please please please!! Anything

Answer:Accidently deleted CD!!

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I accidently deleted the partition on my external hard drive while doing a reinstall of Windows. I had the drive still plugged in and when I was deleted the partition on I though was my hard drive on my computer, I choose to delete the partition on my external. Is there anyone that knows how if possible to restore this lost data?

Answer:Accidently deleted partition

Take a look at PC Inspector, it should be able to restore the partition.

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Please, help. I accidently deleted 2 important emails by using outlook express. Is there anyway I can get them back? please let me know and thank you in advance. My OS is Window 98.

Answer:Accidently deleted email

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yes...i know...stupid and how??

i right clicked to empty it but selected delete by accident ... stupid autopilot

so its gone from the desktop, and no recycle means no open recyle bin and just click restore

ive never done it before therefore im not sure how to fix it my question is how do i get it back??

thanks in advance


Answer:Accidently deleted recycle bin

There is a setting somewhere.. I forgot where it was.. Look it up

You didn't delete it, just the shortcut (but I didn't even know you could delete that :P)

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i need help on how to get my recycle bin back on my desktop..thank you

Answer:i accidently deleted my recycle bin

Did you try right clicking the desktop>personalize>change desktop icons>
tick the recycle bin box>click apply?

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I accidently deleted the partition on my external hard drive while doing a reinstall of Windows. I had the drive still plugged in and when I was deleted the partition on I though was my hard drive on my computer, I choose to delete the partition on my external. Is there anyone that knows how if possible to restore this lost data?

Answer:Accidently deleted partition

did you do a quick format? because that will affect whether or not you can retrieve those files or are your drives formatted?

Well...i googled some information, and came up with this....try these programs? its worth a shot! Good luck!...

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Hey guys:

That's what happened. I am running Windows 7 64-bit SP1. Now at bootup I get the error:

Windows cannot find 'regsrv32.exe'. Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again.

I didn't type any name so I'm assuming I have to something, but, I'm not sure what??? It sounds like it wants me to type something. Not sure how to proceed.


Answer:Accidently deleted regsrv32.exe???

Hi,Please download Autoruns and save the file to the Desktop- right click the file Autoruns and choose run as Administrator, let the program do the scan- open the Menu Options -> Filter Options... -> unckeck Hide Windows entries- let the program scan again- click File > Save...- save the file AutoRuns to the Desktop but choose Type Text (*.txt)- open the file AutoRuns.txt located on the desktop and Copy & Paste the content to your replyAny virus recently detected on your computer?

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Hello, sorry to bother you all, but I accidently deleted an important word document. I think it was down by CCleaner, since they have an option where it deletes Word files. Is there anyway to recover it? This file is important! Please and may God bless, thank you!
By the way, I'm using Microsoft Word 2007.

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate , 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 CPU 6420 @ 2.13GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 15 Stepping 6
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 4092 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 7600 GT , 256 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 238472 MB, Free - 143733 MB; D: Total - 238372 MB, Free - 238270 MB; K: Total - 99 MB, Free - 70 MB;
Motherboard: Intel Corporation, OEMD975XBGG1, AAD59331-205, BQBG650000J8
Antivirus: Microsoft Security Essentials, Updated and Enabled

Answer:Accidently deleted a file

re:Accidently deleted file

There is a software called "Restoration", it might help. It undeletes files. Here is the free link: Download it and install it. When it lunches, there is a box you can type in your file name or part of the name and it should recover it for you. Hope this works. Be blessed!

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I accidently deleted bluetooth driver and now there is no sign of bluetooth in my laptop. However I tried to troubleshoot it but it's showing bluetooth railink driver problem. I tried to reinstall it but was unble to do that. Please help !! My model no isHP Pavilion 15-n259tx Notebook PC (ENERGY STAR)

Answer:bluetooth driver accidently deleted

@kajal_123? Please try: Regards.

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I have Vista basic.

In a half-wake bone head move I deleted my thrash can icon thinking I was deleting something else. How do I get it back? Unfortunately I just got the laptop and doesn't have a restore point.

Answer:Accidently deleted thrash can from desktop

Try this file recovery tool is is called Avira UnErase Personal If the files are missing try this tool.

Click here for:
Home page
Download Mirror 2
User Manual (PDF file)
Download home

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One time I accidentally put a shortcut of my downloads on my desktop, and then deleted it and it deleted my whole downloads folder. Fortunately, I had a backup and got everything back. But programs like Opera and Bittorrent think my downloads is on my desktop. Is there anyway I could change this?

Answer:Accidently deleted my downloads folder

Hello Craig,

Double check using the tutorial below to make sure that your C:\Users\(user-name)\Downloads folder is set to it's default location. It sounds like it may be set to the Desktop instead.

User Folders - Restore Default Location

Hope this helps,

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So, I was trying to reformat my external (WD 7500AAC External USB Drive) , when I right clicked on the drive inside of Computer Management. Now, it doesn't show up anywhere, except device manager. I am running XP, as well.

Partition Magic see it as well, but I'm still not sure what to do.

Is this at all fixable?

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Hi folks,I've stupidly accidently deleted the "everyone" account on my computer.I am the only user but when I boot it boots as normal but hangs at the windows xp screen with no box to enter my password.Does anyone know how I can get my computer back?I've tried safe mode to no avail.Thanks.

Answer:accidently deleted user account

System restore?G

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Hello I am hoping someone can help! I did some disk cleanup and in add/remove programs, I deleted programs that, according to add/remove, had not been used in a few years and were taking up space. I did this b/c my PC was running super slow. (if anyone has advice for this ailment I will welcome all responses)

Anyway, I inadvertently deleted my calculator, character map and iexplore.exe. I found a free download for calculator, but the other two apps I am at a loss for. I have searched for the files and looked under "all programs" and cannot find either one.
Any help is appreciated.

Answer:deleted character map & iexplore.exe accidently

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Hi,  I accidently deleted the HP tools files on the F drive. How can I restore those files?The computer is a HP Pavilion G6 notebook. Help appreciated! Cheers,CPM 

View Solution.

Answer:accidently deleted F-drive with HP Tools

Hi, Try reinstalling the uefi support environment, although it does usually default to wanting to install on the original D partition - it's on the following link. Regards, DP-K

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I was cleaning up some old programs, deleting them from the control panel and i accidently deleted the audio for my laptop, what do i do?

Answer:I accidently deleted the audio off my laptop.

Have you tried a system restore ???

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Hi People,
So i have accidently deleted my windows 8.1 shortcuts (shortcuts for :notepad,control panel,paint...and other default windows tools) i was wondering if someone upload his shortcut file on free file sharing website or give me a link for a place where i can download them back.

Answer:Accidently Deleted Windows 8.1 Shortcuts

Which ones you need ?

A list please.

I'll try to help.

You could go into System 32 & SYSWOW & create shortcuts from the .exe files.

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I accidently deleted my SYSTEM.INI file for my windows 98 computer.... I do not have the disks to recover the file from them.... is there anywhere on the web that I can download the file then extract it onto my computer. I tired microsoft;s website... and of course I can not find what I am looking for... any help greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time.

Answer:System.ini File Accidently Deleted...

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I accidentally deleted Internet Explorer 10 from my computer. Is their a way I can get it back on the computer? It's not in the Windows Store and can't find it on Microsoft's site.
If anyone knows how I can put it be back on that'd be great, thanks!

Answer:HELP! Accidently deleted IE10 from Windows 8

How do you mean deleted? Worst case you have to re-install, but I am guessing you accidentally unpinned the tile which you can get back just like on Windows Phone, go to the app list and pin it again.

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Hello, so I downloaded a duplicate photo delete program and I didn't realize it had some system photos to delete as well.

Well it's been a while since I ran it (over a month ago) and well now in some spots of Windows 8.1, there are just rectangle boxes instead of the actual photo that should be there.

I'll attach some pictures showing what I mean.
Now is there any way to get them back without formatting or resetting and losing all my programs?

Answer:Accidently deleted some system photos

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I accidently deleted the Ethernet drivers while updating using Driver Detective. Now I can't find the installation CD and can't connect to the internet to download the drivers I need to connect. Can you Help?

Answer:Accidently deleted Ethernet drivers

Closing duplicate thread too:

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While playing around with Command Prompt I accidently deleted the users on my computer. Now when i logon to the "Select User" screen there are no users listed and cannot logon. Please help.

Answer:HELP! Cannot Logon... Accidently deleted users

You accidentally deleted the users on your computer? You'll have to explain how you've done this? did you delete the user folder's in "Documents and Settings"?

This could be recoverable, but the way i'd go about it is in a way quite long winded and you need a copy of XP (not for a complete re-install or anything, it's a requirement for a copy of bartPE)... then either a usb stick or CD-r/rw and access to another pc...

If you want details on how to fix it using this (long) method then please reply (including details of how you deleted the users)...

Actually i have another idea, re-boot your pc and boot in safe mode (to see the administrator account):

- reboot
- tap F8 until you see a "configure how windows starts" screen [or something like it]
- choose "Boot in safe mode"
- if there's an administrator account then try log into it (I think by default there is no password so just clicking administrator will log you in)..
if you cant log on as administrator then you may have problems fixing it...

Now, you need to find a way to download the program "Free Undelete":

- To do this either:
> [i can't remember if internet functionality is the same in safe mode or not] but try download it
> or you could download it then copy it onto the pc through a memory stick
> you may have to be creative with this because safe mode imposes some restrictions
(which i cant remember in ... Read more

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I accidently deleted my Downloads folder, and it moved to the Recycle Bin. I was about to restore it again, but I had to go do something for my brother. When I came back, I totally forgot about restoring it. I had to delete some of my files, and those files went into the recycle bin. I opened up the recycle bin and empty the Recycle Bin WITH my Downloads folder in there. How can I recover it? I have all of my Itunes songs in there, and now I can't listen to any songs :|
Please help. Thanks

Answer:I accidently deleted my Downloads folder...?

Hello Rebpiz,

You should be able to create a new Downloads folder in the same C:\Users\(user-name) location to restore that folder. If that doesn't help, then you could use OPTION TWO in the tutorial below to restore it.
Personal User Folder - Restore Missing FolderIf you had system protection turned on, then you may be able to use Previous Versions to restore the folder and it's contents.

Hope this helps,

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Hello Everyone, HP Pavilion with Windows 7. I thought I was deleting files from a DVD in E: and I accidently deleted the four files in D:.  It did ask me for administrator rights to do that. As soon as I realized what I did (immediately) I went to the Recycle Bin and moved them back to D:. D: now reads as: HP_RECOVERY (D.  I am not positive it said that before.And the 4 files in it are:RecoveryHP_WSD.datHPSF_Repmsdia80.dll Am I okay?  And is everything back where it should be?  Or do I need to do something else to fix my mistake? Thank you for your help. Rick 

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It went into the recycling bin with a bunch of junk, I emptied the bin, and I didn't even realize that the file was gone until I went looking for it a few hours later. How can I get this file back?

Answer:Accidently Deleted a file - how can I get it back?

If you are running XP you can go to System Restore and select a restore point just before you did the deed .

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My sister accidently deleted SoundMax without realising what it was, now I dont know where I can download it. But, before that my sound wasnt working either.

Answer:Accidently Deleted SoundMAX, No Sound

click here

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So i duess my spybot deleted csrss.exe
because now when i start up my com,
these errors pop up about csrss.

I'm not that good with computers
so i have no clue what to do.
help me...

I've found a registry mechanic support software
which might fix it
but i need to pay to use the full version
which will fix the problems.
If i just use the trial version,
my only option is to delete the problem areas
and i'm not sure that's a good thing.

Is it safe to just continue with the software and delete?
Do u guys know any other software that does the cleanup too
but can fix as well... and is free?


Answer:Spybot Accidently Deleted Csrss.exe, Help!

Spybot normally keeps a record file prior to fixing/deteting. I have happily never had to look for it but it may be in the sub folders of Spybot in Program Files. Worth a look.

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how do i get it back

Answer:accidently deleted whatsapp icon

If what you mean is for mobile then swipe to your apps list and select Whatsapp. Long press and a menu pops up with options. Select pin to start and it will be on your start screen again.

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Hey i accedently deleted an 12 gb nbu file.Is there any change to restore it ?

Answer:Accidently deleted 12 gb backup file

Can you restore it from the recycle bin?

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i have deleted 2 very important texr documents by accident and also emptied recycle bin, is there any way of getting these back?

Answer:Accidently Deleted 2 Important Documents

Drive Rescue click here

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Good afternoon everyone, well here's another newbie who does not know what they are doing!!!Well, I was cleaning up my desktop on Friday last and accidently deleted 2 or 3 DLL Icons! Since I did this my All in one is now only a Printer!!! I have re-loaded the installation disks again but to no avail. The All in one is a Lexmark X1180, the DLL files were/are (Not 100% sure) Something to do with a flatbed scanner. Any idea on where I can go from here? I downloaded a registry fix because that is what my web search recommended but this seems to have had no effect at all!! Plese Help!!Thanks in advance for any help given.Regardsskthecat

Answer:Accidently Deleted Some DLL Files on Desktop,

If you are using XP try a System Restore back to before things went haywire.

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Ok, so I went to defrag my computer and accidently some how deleted the games that come pre-installed with windows, like Solitare, Mines etc. I have Xp BTW. anyone know how to get them back?

Answer:Accidently Deleted the Windows XP Games

I just Googled and here is what I got for ya'.

To restore the games go to Control Panel, then Add / Remove programs. In
the new window go to Add / Remove Windows components, a new window will then
pop open if you double click on 'Accessories and Utilities' then go into the
'Games' folder and make sure they're all checked.

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I was merging hard drives using partition magic 8 and disaster happened.... I lost the lot. I ended up with one part of the drive formatted to nstc and the other part unallocated. can anyone recommend any software that might save me here and help me recover the lost files please?

Answer:Accidently deleted my hard drive

There are companies which can recover lost data and even deleted files, not 100% but do a google search...

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Go to Solution.

Answer:I accidently deleted TrueHarmony. Can I reinstall ...

Hi,TrueHarmony is part of your audio driver, if you reinstall the driver, it will install TrueHarmony as well. Go to Acer support site and download the Audio driver, install it:

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i accidently deleted my sound device and i cant get no kinds of sound or nothing, so how can i get the sound back on my puter?

Answer:I accidently deleted my sound device.

how did that happen?? is your sound onboard audio, or do you have a seperate sound card? if its onboard and you deleted the audio files you can try restarting the computer and see if you get the found new hardware message, and reinstall that way. otherwise youll have to find out what audio device is onboard and get the drivers off the web

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Just found this utility which could be very helpful for recovering deleted files click here it is a free download

Answer:Lost or Deleted a File accidently

Thanks for that, I have downloaded it, it may come in handy one day when I make one of my many mistakes.

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H, I'm writing this on behalf of my father.He was trying to change fonts and went in toview - current view - and was sliding across to customise current view, when he accidentally pressed delete (he thinks!).At that point all his inbox vanished, which unfortunately goes back years!Deleted items is empty. Inbox is saying there is 3 new messages, but is pane is blank.Dad can send mail out and sent items are all there.He has outlook with windows Xp. He has tried system restore back three days but no change.Dad is unable to register here as he can't recieve the password etc, but will be reading your posts and will be doing everything you tell him too.The computer is his life line - please help if you can,Best Wishes,Sally

Answer:Accidently deleted inbox. Urgent help please!

Hi, see if this is any help here

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ok, here is my sad story....

I had Mozilla Firefox and didn't like it and wanted IE 7 instead. I (thought) installed IE7, went through all the steps and restarted my computer. Then I deleted Mozilla Firefox. Then I went to check my IE7 and it doesn't work. What do I do now? :cry

Answer:accidently deleted Mozilla Firefox

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So I downloaded a new anti-virus program and foolishly I just let it automatically remove all threats without checking what was being quaratined/deleted. It quarantined/deleted my winlogon.exe so when I restarted my computer it will just restart over and over again.

Then I tried to boot from my windows XP disc so I could access the command prompt to put this in:
copy d:\i386\winlogon.ex_

Although before I can get there this message always comes up:
Stop: c0000221 unknown hard error

So does anyone have advice as to how I can get my winlogon.exe that's been removed from my system32 folder back to where it belongs?

Is there an easier way to do this other than using my windows xp disc? such as burning a new winlogon.exe to a cd and copying/pasting it from that?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Answer:Accidently deleted/quarantined my winlogon.exe

you could use something like BartPE, Linux Live or Symantec Ghost to copy the file outside of Windows or the recovery console.

Worse case scenario you could try a repair install but you'd have to get all the Windows updates again after doing that.

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Hi, When trying to install print shop version 15 I was asked to uninstall printshop version 12 first. When I initiated the uninstall I was asked if I wanted to delete certain shared files. I said yes, which was probably a big mistake. After that when I tried to install version 15 it would load about 19% and then stall and I would get an error saying component transfer error, and remote access procedure failure. No Error code number. I tried to install countless times to no avail. And when I tried to re-install version 12 I get the same error messages. I tried a system restore, but it wouldn't allow me to restore from any previous date. I tried getting the files out of the recycle bin, but that didn't work. Printshop no longer offers any tech advise for these versions.
Any suggestions?
Running system xp
Thanks, Lowfire.

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Hopefully I just deleted the shortcut?

Any way to get the recycle bin back on the desktop?

Answer:Please help: accidently deleted recycle bin in vista.

This should take care of the problem:

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So I accidently deleted my sound card the previous day and I tried looking at system restore. Sadly, it's not there. Is there any way to restore it? I don't have sound coming out of my speakers or the headphone jack. this is the information on the model laptop I have

so I found the download for it...

problem is I started downloading it and this popped up, should I override? I'm just confused, if the file is there, why is no sound coming through?

I've tried downloading it again, and it keeps saying that there is an error in downloading.

Answer:Accidently Deleted Sound Card (HELP!!!!)

Hello candidheart,

Welcome to Vista Forums.

You should be able to re-install it through the Device Manager by clicking the button, "Scan for hardware changes". It should detect the card and attempt to re-install it.

BTW, overwriting the driver installation files shouldn't hurt anything.

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I've accidently deleted my user name from the user name on the control panel on my computer, now some of my files are now missing . If I go to hard drive, I ca not see the "Documents and Settings".I am using window XP

Answer:I've accidently deleted my user name from my Windows XP PC

perform a system restore of ur system at a time previous to incidentcomputers are a second home NVIDIA GeForceGS_Toxict51

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I have accidently deleted my docoments folder and now I can't seem to recover it, it is not in the recycle bin, so can someone help me find where I can recover it. I am using Windows Vista Home Premium. Thank you.

Answer:Accidently deleted documents folder

If a Documents folder doesn't exist, type "shellpersonal" (without
quotation marks) in the Start Search box of the Start Menu, and press Enter
on your Keyboard.
A new Documents folder will be created, with the
appropriate (hidden, system) Desktop

.ini file inside it (which enables the
special icon). The default location for the folder is C:\Users\(Your

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Today i was transfering files from one folder into a temp folder created by windows and then onto cd. While the files where moving from the temp folder onto cd I moved some more files into the temp folder. The problem is that after the files are copied onto the disc windows deletes ALL the files in the temp folder not figuring that i may have moved files in other than the ones i had just copied to disc. So anyway is there a way to get back the files that were deleted by windows? Unfortunetely i had made too many actions before i realized what was happening to use the edit:undo feature. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Answer:Accidently deleted some files can i get them back?

There are programs that can recover deleted data. I use the one that comes with Tune Up Utilities 2003 but there are others out there. As long as the area on the hard drive where the files once were have not been written on again, its possible to recover your files.

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Hi allCleaning my keyboard I have accidently deleted my IE desktop shortcut.Have replaced it with the annoying little arrow shortcut icon.Anyway I can get original icon back. If not what would the best "tweak" program to lose the arrows with Windows 2k Thanks in advance for you help.

Answer:Accidently deleted IE Desktop Icon

Have you checked the Recycle Bin to see if you can restore it from there?

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hey ive got this problem that happened to me yesterday

i had an unexpected shutdown, i tried to reinstall the windows 7 as it wasnt working. i formated the partition that the operating system was on, but then was unable to install the new OS.

it wont let me delete partitions or create new ones.

now everytime i start the computer it is missing bootmgr.

ive tried unclicking the hard drive cables which gets me into the repairing windows bit. but this doesnt help as i deleted the OS.

Please someone help?

Answer:Bootmgr is missing, accidently deleted OS

Quote: Originally Posted by koleolsen

hey ive got this problem that happened to me yesterday

i had an unexpected shutdown, i tried to reinstall the windows 7 as it wasnt working. i formated the partition that the operating system was on, but then was unable to install the new OS.

it wont let me delete partitions or create new ones.

now everytime i start the computer it is missing bootmgr.

ive tried unclicking the hard drive cables which gets me into the repairing windows bit. but this doesnt help as i deleted the OS.

Please someone help?

I am not sure what procedure you used to install, so I will just start from square one. == Put the Windows DVD in the DVD drive. Boot your computer. This should get you up and going to install. When you get Windows installed you can then adjust your partitions. === You said above "you were unable to install the new OS". What problems did you have? Fill us in a bit more on what happened when you tried to install Windows and we can go from there. Thanks,

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I accidently by mistake deleted my usb port drivers so my mouse and keyboard aren't working. I don't ps2 ports. And I don't know how to fix my computer. I'm typing on my laptop.

Answer:I accidently deleted my usb port drivers

USB ports don't use 3rd party drivers, so just tell us EXACTLY what you did - EVERYTHING that happened.

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dear friends
i had deleted my administrator account.but iam not able to recover it.i am running in with windows 8.1
help me to recover it

Answer:accidently deleted Administrator Account

Were you running the actual normally-hidden Administrator account or a User account with administrative rights? For normal/standard use I've not seen where that hidden account could be easily deleted but I guess if someone works at it they could be successful. It's hidden by default and has to be activated for temporary use then deactivated [probably to protect us from our own foibles].

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I'm having difficulty recovering someone's Outlook Express emails and was hoping someone might have a solution to this (w/o the use of 3rd party apps):

The main OE mail folder and backup folders were accidently deleted. When they were deleted, a message said the Recycle Bin was full and "would you still like to continue deleting them"-or something like that. And they were deleted. Now I'm trying to recover those dbx's. I ran ActiveUndelete 5.1 and it found some dbx's-probably all the folders but they were empty when I brought them back into OE.

There are too many recovery email programs out there to run and test, so if someone can provide better help to get these emails back in OE, I would appreciate it!!! Thanks

Answer:Trying to recover OE emails accidently deleted

There are several good ones, usually free, at I can recommend, in their Data Recovery section, Restoration, Recuva, Recovery 4 All Pro but it costs $69, File Undelete (which is good if you are needing documentation for a client, and PC Inspector.
My favorite is one I cannot find at the moment called ABC Recovery. It is free for the first 30 days. Works great on internet files.
At, look for Recover My Files, Restorer2000 Data Recovery, and a few others listed there... all good.

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Ok....I'm really having a bummed week with my computer. In the XP forum I've been getting tons of help. Because I'm having some problems, I feel that I need to copy my document folder onto a CD. So. As I'm trying to do this, I realized that for some unknown reason I apparently decided I didn't need Record Now any longer and uninstalled it. I cannot locate my microsoft CDs that came with this computer -- because I thought I'd look for it there and see if I could reinstall.

Ok, LuLu, get to the point:

Is there another program that will allow me to burn My Document folder to a CD and I just don't know it?

Thanks !!!!!

Answer:Accidently deleted my CD burner program

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WINDOWS\System32\smss.exe and C:\WINDOWS\system32\winlogon.exe were accidently deleted. How can I get them back. My system retore was turned off so no chance going there if this was any possibility. Help I can't even shut down my pc. Please help.

Answer:Solved: Help two files were accidently deleted

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New here and was following old post on how to delete emails that would not delete so would have to delete inbox folder and followed prompts succesfully until i accidently deleted the complete folder instead of opening it and selecting affected inbox folder. Unfortunatly lost the saved emails i transferred to another folder for the timebeing. Is it possible to locate the lost folder and recover files i wanted to save? thank you, regards bill.

Answer:how to recover accidently deleted OE folders

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My free avg software stated my ofps.exe had a problem. I selected to take care of it. I think it was deleted and now it won't boot. I can boot insafe mode. Is this file the problem and where can I get a copy to replace it?


Answer:ofps.exe file accidently deleted

Hi, first check AVG virus vault.


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I accidentally emptied my recycling bin which had some very important deleted files in there.. How can i get them back??????? Is it possible

Answer:Accidently deleted my recycling bin files

I found this undelete utility see here: Haven't tried it myself, but it looks promising.

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i accidently deleted one email on yahoo how do i retrieve an email on yahoo that i received. i either spamed it or deleted it. i do this alot accidently. i have so many emails.sometimes i just want to delete them all so fast . and then i reallize i just deleted someting from a friend. how can i get back those important ones i need? i cant seem to get any help from yahoo. thank deletedis there anyway you can just email me with the answer?edited by moderator: delete personal information

Answer:i want to know how to retrieve my accidently deleted email

You can't unless you get a court order to get access to all of them.A Pit Bull is like a gun you can pet. And there is no safety on it.

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Earlier last month the SRS premium sound 'audio enhancement' feature stopped working on my computer, just as it did to the user in the following thread although I haven't upgraded.  I hadn't done anything it just stopped working for no reason. It's very annoying as the speakers on this computer are just too quiet without this enhancement, especially when streaming films online - even at full volume you can't hear the dialogue very well.  I researched the problem and found a link to a driver that would make my speakers louder, it worked but it sounded terribly overdriven (I can't remember what this driver was called), anyway, that has stopped working too.  And then I discovered that whatever I had downloaded  had deleted the SRS software/driver from my computer, the icon was no longer in the 'Hardward and Sound' panel. I have tried to find the SRS Premium Sound software to re-install it on my computer but all I can find is a different version with a small interface that doesn't seem to do anything. It's too late to do a system restore as well. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

View Solution.

Answer:Accidently deleted SRS Premium sound..

Pusscat1 wrote:Hi thanks very much for the link, it did get SRS back but the audio enhancement feature still doesn't work.. the graphic equaliser on there is good to have back though.  Is there a fix for the audio enhancement feature or Is there any other way to get the speakers louder?Try the older versions of the audio softpaq. There are a total of three versions on the following web page. 

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Items such as administrative tool, paint, notepad etc.were deleted from my system ,what can I do

Answer:accidently deleted items from program


Guessing your using XP?

So does System Restore still work, if so roll back to the last restore point.

If not it will look more like you will have to do a repair install of the OS, you will need your CD for this and follow the below ( but backup any important files first )

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