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Robocopy Backup - ERROR 5 (0x00000005)

Question: Robocopy Backup - ERROR 5 (0x00000005)

I'm wondering if anyone might be able to shed some light on why I am getting the following such errors when running a robocopy batch file (as administrator) which cause the backup script to stall (- albeit temporarily):

2013/07/30 21:10:43 ERROR 5 (0x00000005) Copying File C:\Users\Tim\My Documents\Harey 8-128.jpg
Access is denied.

Waiting 30 seconds... Retrying...

2013/07/30 21:12:20 ERROR 5 (0x00000005) Copying File C:\Users\Tim\My Documents\TimsData\Year1.pdf
Access is denied.

Waiting 30 seconds... Retrying...

2013/07/30 21:15:27 ERROR 5 (0x00000005) Copying File C:\Users\Tim\My Documents\TimsData\Tim\Heddon's Mouth - Printable Walk - South West Coast Path.htm
Access is denied.

Waiting 30 seconds... Retrying...

I am using the following backup command:

robocopy "%srcPath%\My Documents" "%dstPath%\My Documents" /b /v /ts /fp /bytes /tee /e /dcopy:t /copy:dt /a-:sh /xf desktop.* /np /log+:%logPath%\mwk1log.txt
I realise that if I limit the retries and wait time from the defaults the stall time will be shortened and the file(s) skipped. However, that does not resolve the issue why robocopy is having a problem copying the file(s).

I have found that if the erroring files are moved from the source location to the desktop, the following errors arethen recorded in the log:

2013/07/30 21:11:13 ERROR 2 (0x00000002) Copying File C:\Users\Tim\My Documents\Harey 8-128.jpg
The system cannot find the file specified.

2013/07/30 21:13:53 ERROR 2 (0x00000002) Copying File C:\Users\Tim\My Documents\TimsData\Year1.pdf
The system cannot find the file specified.

2013/07/30 21:15:57 ERROR 2 (0x00000002) Copying File C:\Users\Tim\My Documents\TimsData\Tim\Heddon's Mouth - Printable Walk - South West Coast Path.htm
The system cannot find the file specified.

... which is understandable as it has been moved. Then the backup script continues. But when I check the destination directory I find the file has been copied anyway!

Additional Notes:
The target device is an attached external USB drive.
I have already checked that the permissions on the files/folders concerned are correct.
The files affected appear to consistently be .jpg, .pdf or .htm files.
The files do not appear to be corrupt as they can be opened and worked on as required.
The batch file works fine apart from the intermittent errors copying files.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Preferred Solution: Robocopy Backup - ERROR 5 (0x00000005)

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Robocopy Backup - ERROR 5 (0x00000005)


I have seen instances of a bug with the dcopy:t switch - try the script without that switch. You could also try the COPY:DATSOU switch, although I'm unclear if that copies the folder time stamps too.

robocopy "%srcPath%\My Documents" "%dstPath%\My Documents" /b /v /ts /fp /bytes /tee /e /copy:dt /a-:sh /xf desktop.* /np /log+:%logPath%\mwk1log.txt

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I'm trying to robocopy a large folder from the command line (run as Administrator) and on certain files I get an error 5 "Access Denied." Looking at the files' security reveals that the only user with access is a garbled, nonsensical user name as seen here:

I tried using the takeown command to take ownership from the command line but this had no effect. I tried deleting this user but it tells me that the permissions are inherited (even though the folder in which the file exists does not have this garbled user) Is there another command I can use to fix this? I have several hundred files in this folder with the same problem.

Answer:Robocopy ERROR 5 (0x00000005) and Corrupted User Permissions

I figured out the solution. I ran these commands on the directories:

takeown.exe /F * /A /R /D Y
icacls.exe * /grant Everyone:(F) /grant Guests:(F) /grant Users:(F) /T /C /Q

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Evening all,

Just curious to know if anyone uses the built in utility to backup software on your machine, im trying to backup my itunes folder to an external HD but having a few issues to get this to work properly! I also use sync toy for backing up but just really want to know what everyone else uses?

As for image backups you cant beat Macrium Reflect imo

Answer:Anyone use robocopy to backup?

I don't use it myself, but have you tried the Robocopy GUI? On the same site there is a write-up of the RichCopy tool.

I haven't tested RichCopy on Win7 but I have tested the Robocopy Gui and it works fine.

EDIT: I just downloaded and installed RichCopy and it appears to be working fine in Win7.

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i cant print, it says access is denied!? when i send something from my computer to the printer, it says access is denied, it also says "error0x00000005" i cant do anything about it except click on the little X.

Answer:says acess is denied, error 0x00000005, i cant print a thing

What program are you using to print from? Are you connected to the printer through a USB cord or is it wireless?

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Can someone please help me?
My front jack panels wont work so i decided to download Realtek Hd Audio Codec. While it was setting up, it said that there is an error. (error 0x00000005)

Also, I am using a windows 7 32bit

Please help me. I need to plugin my headset for gaming.


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I have a main server runing Windows Server 2012 R2 and a client compter with Windows 10 Pro on my Network. The client computer was printing fine from HP Laserjet 4015 on the domain controller but later there wasan hitch in printing from the network printer. I removed the network printer "HP LaserJet 4015N" from the client computer and try to re-install it. I call up the printer from the main server but trying to install it on the client computer by double clicking on it, it displayed this message:

"Operation could not be completed (error 0x00000005). Access is Denied.

Please I need help from guy who have experienced this hitch.

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I have a main server runing Windows Server 2012 R2 and a client compter with Windows 10 Pro on my Network. The client computer was printing fine from HP Laserjet 4015 on the domain controller but later there wasan hitch in printing from the network printer. I removed the network printer "HP LaserJet 4015N" from the client computer and try to re-install it. I call up the printer from the main server but trying to install it on the client computer by double clicking on it, it displayed this message:

"Operation could not be completed (error 0x00000005). Access is Denied.

Please I need help from guy who have experienced this hitch.

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Please help! A little info to get this issue resolved: using an administrator account, Windows 7, 64Bit. Approx. 6 laptops connected together with a RAID and printer that needs sharing capabilites, no internet connectivity allowed. When I select the printer
properties or any part of this printer I get an "Operation could not be completed (error 0x00000005). Access denied". I have tried to become the owner and again I get an error message. I am not able to remove device ether. Please let me know if there is any
other information that I need to add to get some help with this issue. i cant find much help online.

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I have a standard Windows 10 build and I'm using robocopy to backup my data to an external drive. The goal is just to capture all my data so if the PC fails/gets stolen etc. I can restore my data on to another PC.

I'm doing a backup of c:\users\ as this seems to capture all my data. Are there any other folders you think I should backup?

I've excluded the 'AppData' folder as this seems to have a lot of stuff which is not data. Is that OK or do you think that should be backed up? Are there any other folders you think I should skip?

Thank you very much for your comments.

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I have created a batch file for copying my Documents folder to an external hard drive:

robocopy C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents J:\Desktop-Backup\Documents /copyall /e /LOG+:c:\users\USERNAME\documents\backuplog.txt

The log file shows that it is backing up C:\users\USERNAME\documents\My Music and C:\users\USERNAME\documents\My Pictures.
That's fine, because I want those backed up anyway, but when I go to J:\desktop-backup\Documents, the Music and Pictures folders aren't there (or anywhere else on the J: drive).
I have "view hidden files and folders" turned on. It seems that the files are actually there because my Documents folder is only 700MB, yet several GB have been taken up on the J: drive.
Anyone have any thoughts?

Answer:Robocopy backup for personal folders


Can you re-write your post and use some punctuation and paragraphing to make it easier to read please? I'm having a hard time working out your robocopy command lines.

See if this will help you:

ROBOCOPY - Create Backup Script


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I have the need and i was looking for the best combination of switches to backup a folder over the network but i had some doubt. I started from here:

robocopy D:\data \\Server_Share /mir /XA:SH /R:3 /W:5 /np /log:backup_log.txt

but the user is a bit worried to use the /mir switch who delete a folder in the destination if is removed from the source. So I thought to use the
/e switch:

robocopy D:\data \\Server_Share /e /XA:SH /R:3 /W:5 /np /log:backup_log.txt

In this case I copy all everytime a run the command overwriting folder and/or files with same name. Correct? If yes this could make the copy slower. So with the
/e swicth there is a way to tell "copy the file only if the file is newer"

What make some doubt is what i found on this link:

where are used the switch /e and /mir together:

robocopy F:\Data3 Q:\Backups\Data3 /e /mir /np /log+:backup_log.txt

if /mir is /e plus /purge has sense use them together?? what they do together?

Do you have any adivice? considering also that i have to backup over the network?

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Hey all,

Well this place helped me write my first cmd script so i would like to share it with you all and hope you enjoy it.

This particular script allows you to back up selected files or folders from a client computer through to a server after answering a couple of questions.

Its a great script but unfortunantly i have no need for it as it does not meet our requirements any more (note i only wrote it last week ).

The script comes with a backup version, and a restore version... so the theory is that you can back up selected files and folders from one client to the server, then restore it from the server to a new client, all with simple prompts.

I have also commented throughout the batch file as much as i could so hopefully it should be fairly easy for any admin guys using it.

The items it backs up are:

My documents
All pst files on the system
NK2 file - outlook file that remembers email addresses when creating new email and entering email it automatically suggests previously used email addresses
Outlook signatures

Its easy to add extra things to this script aswell. Also it is fairly easy to create it to do all of the backups without any prompts...

basically this is a batch file that is simple, but i spend a day or so writing it, and im proud of my crappy script so if anyone can find any use for it please do try it.
(now i just have to work out how i upload it)...

Thank you and commends are definately welcome


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Hi, I have to carry out 2 data migrations this weekend and keep encoutering the error below when using robocopy:

ERROR 5 (0x00000005) Copying NTFS Security to Destination Directory i:\DATA\
Access is denied.

I added myself into the owner group for all area of data I am moving (Source and destination) earlier this week, and can copy files manually with right click copy\paste option so do not understand why I am getting this error. The users still have access to the source area but will not get access to the destination area till final copy is complete.

Running several jobs, all failing! Here are the two sets of option I am using for my two different jobs:

/mir /copy:dato /np /r:3 /w:5 /log+:datacopy_2402071500.log and
/e /copy:dato /np /r:3 /w:5 /log+:data2copy_2402071500.log

Our Server support moved to KL and this is not included in core business so up to us onsite support guys to help customers with data moves. I have been on maternity leave for two years, not long back and have lost all my notes and scripts I previously had cos they deleted my original account! So could be just doing something supid thats easily resolved - well thats what I hope anyway as need to get this data moved this weekend!

Thanks for any advice!

Answer:Robocopy error ERROR 5 Copying NTFS Security to Destination Directory

Your destination ACL may be getting deleted

Hi there,

Sorry for the late reply, I came across your post when researching a similar problem. My first suggestion would be to make sure that you are explicitly in the share and NTFS ACLs at both source and destination. Make sure you check this before and most especially AFTER you get this error.

In my case, I started out with full control on both the source and destination shares. The problem was that Robocopy was resetting the ACL on the destination share to a null value (nobody has permission) before it began recursing subdirectories. After some quick tests, my conclusion is that Robocopy does not handle inherited permissions. Say you are copying C:\Share1 to D:\, and C:\Share1 is inheriting its permissions from the C:\ root directory, it actually has no explicit ACL. Therefore, when you copy its ACL, you are actually copying... nothing. By copying an empty ACL to your destination your permissions are removed in the first step of the copy, and all subsequent writes to the share fail with Error 5.

This is only a problem when you are copying from a source which you are accessing WITH inherited permissions and a destination which you are accessing WITHOUT inherited permissions. If you copy C:\ (which has you explicitly in its ACL), to D:\, there is no issue. If this is indeed your problem, you can resolve it by adding yourself explicitly to the source ACL with full control. When the copy runs, your ACL entry is duplicated ... Read more

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Question: robocopy error

I use the robocopy command all the time and it works perfectly, but for some reason I'm running into an issue. I'm
trying to copy the content of one network share to another. I've never had an issue before doing so.

I run the command like this: "robocopy n: x:\Misc /e /copy:dat /xo /zb /w:2 /r:2

Error message, "Error 4390 (0x00001126) Accessing Destination Directory x:\Misc The file or Directory is not a reparse point."
I did open CMD as an administrator prior to running command.

What is a reparse point and why does Microsoft need a reparse point for this particular copy job to copy these folders and files?
I noticed while searching for an answer I ran into this post:
This guy had the same issue but nothing was resolved.
If I use a 3rd party software like Teracopy I can copy just fine but not with robocopy.

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Question: Robocopy error

I'm trying to use Robocopy to copy from My Documents to a network path similar to the following: \\it\shared documents\my folder. When I try to use Robocopy, I receive the following in the log file.

D:\Documents and Settings\<my user>\My Documents\TMI\
2008/09/29 13:05:45 ERROR 31 (0x0000001F) Changing File Attributes D:\Documents and Settings\<my user>\My Documents\TMI\
A device attached to the system is not functioning.

Googling this error code hasn't gotten me very far. Any ideas?

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Hello All,

Am pretty new with robocopy, am getting below error when I'm trying to copy folders from one server to another server using robocopy below are the error I'm receiving in the log file.

Error 1 -- .1.txt:274352:2017/10/30 07:59:44 ERROR 1463 (0x000005B7) Copying File \\<IP>\d$\-=BNO-GRPS\BNO - Common\IT\Rock \master\Exceptions\AdobeMuse7.0-mul\Install Adobe\Contents\Resources\Adobe Muse\Contents\Resources\META-INF\AIR\extensions\com.adobe.linguistics.extensions.HunspellNativeExtension\META-INF\ANE\MacOS-x86\HunspellNativeExtension.framework\HunspellNativeExtension
Error 2 -- .1.txt:274447:2017/10/30 07:59:45 ERROR 32 (0x00000020) Copying File \\<IP>\d$\-=BNO-GRPS\PKS-DATA\NHSD Documents  Documents du DGLHN\HSMBC   CLMHC\HSMBC Plaque Images  Images des plaques de la CLMHC\National Historic
Persons  Personnages historiques nationales\COSBY_~1.JPG

OS in both servers in Win2k8

Thanks in advance,

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I am using robocopy to perform a data migration and running into an issue with copy...I am also trying to copy permissions from NT 40 server to a NAS...I am using the correct switches and get hte following error "The security id structure is invalid" and nothing gets copied over.

If I leave the security switches out will copy data with no problem...
Any ideas??

Answer:Robocopy error message

Try running a chkdsk on the PC your copying from. It sounds like there may be a problem on that end.

Please note that all files have a security IDs assigned to it and usually a chkdsk will find this and fix it.

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I have a Robocopy batch file that works wonderfully when copying from Windows to a USB, NAS or server share.  I recently tried to use my Microsoft OneDrive as the target but could not get it working.  I mapped a drive using the WebDav address.
 This works fine and using Windows Explorer I can create folders, etc.  When I try to use Robocopy to copy files from my Win7 PC to my OneDrive mapped drive I get Error 2.  After some testing I am finding that Robocopy will work if the folders
are already in place but if it needs to create a folder it will error.  So it seems as though Robocopy is unable to create the folders it needs to when using a WebDav mapped drive.  Why would this be?  I can create folders in the mapped drive
using command line such as "V:\md testfolder".   

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Hello folks,

I know similar questions have been asked but I "might" have a unique one. What I have been trying to do is to copy the "C:\Users", "C:\Program Files", & "C:\Program Files (x86)" to another clean hard drive "D:\".

I'm doing this to make more room for the OS in the C: drive while date will be in the D: drive. Now I have successfully robocopy Program Files & Program Files (x86). I also have copied most of the Users directory but for this stubborn Real\update directory. This is I think the real player program. I get this Access Denied and "Error 5" error. I am in elevated command prompt. I achieved this via the Repair your computer prompt on the Windows install DVD.

I also have rmdir for Program Files & Program Files and have made a mklink for both of them so windows knows where they will be. But I have not did a full boot because I don't think windows will access my Users directory because they have been moved over to the new drive. What I can only do will have to be via the command prompt.

I can't make a mklink for Users because I get an error saying something about duplicate areas? What I was trying to do is go to this Real\update directory but even trying to access that directory via cd commands will not work, giving me a access denied. Again I am in elevated command prompt "Administrator:X:\windows\system32\cmd.exe How can I get to that directory. I just want... Read more

Answer:Robocopy - Access denied Error 5 Real Directory

You probably just can't move your program files due to the possibility of config files and registry entries that are looking for your programs on the c drive since that's where they where installed. They should be reinstalled if you want to move them. Also if you move the profiles folder (under c:\user) it will break your profiles and you will need to change the location in the registry. I suggest that you put everything back and just move your personal files, music, pics, & videos on another drive. That should free up a lot of space.

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Question: 0x00000005

Can't log into phone with msft account. Im running build 10.0.15252.0

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I keep all my personal and business data on a 2TB Passport external drive and back up key parts of it daily to two other external drives using robocopy. I've been doing this for years.
Since I upgraded to Windows 10, however, I keep getting the error I mentioned above (in the subject line). Robocopy complains that some file or directory on the **destination** drive is unreadable, and sure enough, I am unable to delete the file. I've tried both File Assassin and File Unlocker. File Assassin complains that it cannot see the file. File Unlocker claims to delete it, but I still see it in Windows Explorer, even after rebooting. The only way to get rid of the file is to boot in safe mode and delete it.
Problem is: this keeps reoccurring in different places in the filesystem !!!
Relevant facts:
* It occurs on *both* of my backup drives, which suggests to my mind that the problem is not with the backup device.
* Again, it occurs with different files in different places. There's no detectable pattern as far as location.
* CHKDSK reports no problems on any of my disks
* SFC reports no problems on any of my filesystems
For now, I've settled on the following work-around: I tell robocopy to ignore read errors:
For EX: robocopy g:\data q:\data /mir /R:0 /W:0
So now robocopy runs to completion instead of hanging, but it reports FAILURES.
I am worried about my data and would appreciate guidance and suggestions.

Answer:Windows 10 robocopy ERROR 1392 (0x00000570) file or directory is corru

Have you disabled Fast Startup?

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I'm trying to migrate a robocopy based backup from XP (where it does work) to Windows 7.  The backup job simply copies a directory on the local PC to a network drive on the file server using a batch file which contains the following:
robocopy "C:\projects" "N:\backup" /e /s /r:1 /w:1 /log+:backuplog.txt
The user account it is running under has full access to the network drive (N:).  When I run the batch file directly from the command line it works perfectly.  It also used to work without issue on a Windows XP machine.  UAC is disabled.
Whenever the task runs it fails with the error code 0x10.

Answer:Robocopy fails as scheduled task in Windows 7 with error code 0x10

10 (0xA) The environment is incorrect.
I would reciommend using UNC paths (\\server\share\folder\) instead of mapped drives and specifying full paths in quotes whenever possible (not backuplog.txt, but "c:\logs\backuplog.txt"MCP/MCSA/MCTS/MCITP

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Creating a restore point produces a pop up System Protection error box with the message:
The restore point could not be created for the following reason:
Insufficient storage available to create either the shadow copy storage file or other shadow copy data (0x8004331F) 
In the Alert Logs there are 5 alerts, an error and 9 more alerts. 
I have the full body of the alerts and the error attached.
But to give you an idea:
Volume Shadow Copy Service warning: GetDiskFreeSpaceEx() for \\?\Volume{b0925567-62df-11e0-a439-806e6f6e6963}\ failed with 0x00000005.  hr = 0x00000000, The operation completed successfully.
   Removing auto-release shadow copies
   Loading provider 
   Check If Volume Is Supported by Provider

   Query diff area for this volume

Volume Shadow Copy Service error: Unexpected error calling routine ConvertStringSidToSid(S-1-5-21-532801799-3035078314-2431601770-1012.bak).  hr = 0x80070539, The security ID structure is invalid.
   OnIdentify event
   Gathering Writer Data
    <Data>0x80070539, The security ID structure is invalid.
   Query diff area for this volume

Any suggestions ... Read more

Answer:VSS GetDiskFreeSpaceEx() failed with 0x00000005

Please download MiniToolBox  , save it to your desktop and run it.
Checkmark the following checkboxes:
  List last 10 Event Viewer log
  List Installed Programs
 List Users, Partitions and Memory size.
Click Go and paste the content into your next post.
Also...please Publish a Snapshot using Speccy - , taking care to post the link.

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Hello, I need your help. When I restart my computer I get the blue screen with the following message:
Windows login process terminated unexpectedly with a status of 0Xc0000005 (0x00000000 0x00000000]

I have no idea what this means, could you please help me to try and fix? Thank you in advance


Answer:Stop code 0x00000005'

is this XP?
If it is XP then do this.;en-us;811270

If not say so, it is a completly different fix/ problem in other OSs.

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Hi, I got the next blue screen on Windows 2000 sp4:

Stop: 0x00000005
(0xFD157BC0, 0xFF8F8600, 0x00000001,0x00000000)

It happen at anytime. any help would be appreciated.


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Something about windows updates, but there were no updates available. Check the driver verifier. Couldn't really read the blues screen since the sides were cut off. Haven't installed anything recently. Don't know what to do next.
MS WINS XP Version 2002 SP 3
Dell Dimension Intel Pent 3 GB

Answer:BLUE SCREEN....0x00000005...0x8054BFCB

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Where can I find the descriptive definitions of the “reason codes” reported in the Activity Logs when a Backup fails? I have searched all of the DELL site and non-DELL URLS.
Errors with undefined “reason codes: 2, 5 and 32” are reported under the Activity Logs when using the current DELL Backup and Recovery software (Version ran as Administrator in Windows 10 (Version 10.0.10586 Build 10586)
Data Backu- - <date at time>
An error occurred during the process
Scheduled Backup No
Multiple files Yes
The following files were not backed up:
C:\Users\Pat\AppData\Local\Comms\Unistore\data\0000000a000000031013.dat (reason code: 2)
C:\Users\Pat\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Office\16.0\OfficeFileCache\CentralTable.accdb (reason code: 32)
C:\Users\Pat\VeriSign Root Certificates\DS_Store (reason code: 5)
OS Name - Microsoft Windows 10 Pro – Version 10.0.10586 Build 10586
System Type - x64-based PC
DELL Backup and Recovery – Dbr.exe – Version – 04-JAN-2016
DELL Update Tray – DellUpTray.exe – Version
DELL Update Service – DellUpService.exe – Version

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I'm running Windows 7 Ultimate connected to network with Server 2008 (R2).

I am trying to backup the System Image [only] to a share on the server without success:

[Window Title] Windows Backup: Troubleshooting Options

[Main Instruction] Check your backup

[Content] Windows Backup cannot read the backup destination.

[Try to run backup again] [Change backup settings]

[Expanded Information]
Backup time: 8/05/2016 6:20 PM
Backup location: \\Server2008\backup\
Error code: 0x8078006F

The backup location is a valid share on the server and is accessible (and read/writeable) from my Win7 machine. Both SYSTEM and Administrators have "Full control". When setting up the backup, the location is tested and a username and password requested - these are accepted (and wrong ones are not, so some sort of check is being carried out), however when I attempt to run the backup (either manually or on schedule) the backup runs briefly (a few %) then fails with the message "Windows backup did not complete successfully" then the message box as above. No files are created at the backup location.

A search of the web finds a lot of similar questions and a lot of wrong and useless answers. This has been an ongoing problem for some time, but I really would like to have a regular scheduled backup. Has anybody got any clues, please?

Answer:Windows Backup cannot read the backup destination, Error: 0x8078006F

Hi Seven,

include the domain name of the network drive (not the computer you're backing up, but the network device): NETWORKDEVICE\Username\backup\

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OS WinXP Pro
Trying to backup the registry using the utility backup from system tools.
error =
"Error returned while creating the volume shadow copy:Catastrophic failure."

Research shows that it is possible to turn off the volume shadow feature .. but not if the backup includes the System State selection.

I have an ethernet connection to an ADSL modem and a 40gb hard drive in two partitions c: and d: with about 20gb used in total.

Any help much appreciated ..

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Trying to back up using Vista, backup fails with error message access denied Ox8007005.

Any ideas? Thanks.

Answer:trying to backup in Vista, but backup fails with error message

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I'm about ready to consider this a bug.

Traditionally, I share a folder from my Desktop to my PC via SMB and it works perfect as can be. The HDD on the Desktop has PLENTY of space and is in NTFS format and not being used as a NAS.

I browse network to find the folder I want, there it is all ready to be used. I select and enter the same information (my live email and password, and also tried Desktop username/password) as I did with getting the folder to share in the first place.

I keep getting the error 0x80070544 which tells me that it's the network credentials.

There is only a grand total of one post on here that I can find that error code and it was never truly resolved. I don't know what I should do. I would despise using alternative software over something as trivial as this.

Any help would be GREATLY! appreciated.

Answer:Windows Backup: Set Network Backup. Error: 0x80070544

Prefix your username with the name of the pc your connecting to assuming you have an account on that pc so if the pc is called fredspc you enter fredpc\username

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Hi. I am trying to perform a full PC Backup on Vista Service Pack 2.  I have a recently purchased Seagate Backup Plus 2TB drive which has 1.6TB free space.  When I do the normal 'Backup Files' option it backs up onto this drive no problem  When I then try to do a Complete PC Backup onto the same disk (size of backup estimted to be 67Gb), it bombs straight away, with the error message 'One of the backup files could not be created. (x08078002A)'. I have only performed a full backup once onto multiple DVDs which worked fine.  This backup however, is seriously out of date now. Could someone please assist? Thanks.

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Regrettably I learned too late that Dell Backup & Recovery 'might' encounter problems in Windows 10 if a user did not update 'DBaR' version 1.7 before an upgrade from Win 8.1 to Win 10. I have a Dell Inspiron 3647.
When I only select a few files to backup (e.g., pics, docs, printer software and a few apps) it would backup to my 32 GB USB flash error free.
But when I try a significant back up -- e.g., 8 GBs -- I get a display after 20 minutes, or so, that the backup created an error. [head scratch]
Even something less challenging for DBaR like running a Factory Recovery Media backup resulted in the same error. Yet using the Windows 10 Control Panel Recovery app completed a backup error free.
I tried more than one USB flash, I ran Dell Update, defragged my hard drive, disabled firewall and AV protection. Nothing seemed to help.
Am I correct to assume that Dell Backup & Recovery 'might' encounter problems in Windows 10?
Sure would be nice to at least backup costly apps like Microsoft Office.
Michael T.
Software Engineer (retired)

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Hi, I have spent the last 6 hours or so backing up about 480GB of data onto a 1TB external hard drive, only for it to tell me that: "The backup was not successful. The error is: There is not enough free space on the backup storage location to back up the data. (0x80780048)."

What is most peculiar is that all the folders and files I selected have been backed up and are restorable from the backup.

My hunch is that after the backup completed backing up my selected folders it failed because the 'include a system image' checkbox was ticked (by default) and there obviously wasnt enough space left for an entire system image (800GB+).

I just unchecked this and ran the backup again (it just added a few new files I had saved while the original was running) and it has worked fine and the event log now says 'backup completed successfully'.

Can I just check that my hunch is indeed correct here, I want to be extra sure that the error was just because there wasnt enough space for the system image and it hasnt borked anything else up.

Thanks for any help!


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Hi there,
Storage pool with two storage spaces created using Windows 8 Release Preview and then ported into Windows 8 RTM. I'm now trying to delete one of the storages spaces and getting this access is denied error message.
Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

Answer:Unable to delete Storage Space "Access is Denied" 0x00000005

I solved the problem for me.
Again... No file lock on the storage pool and no application is doing anything with this virtual disk. But it's not possible to remove it from storage spaces. This has nothing to do with ownership of the drive, access rights or an access of a process. I
had a clean windows setup with no programs installed. I'd say that this is a bug of windows!

Anyway here is my solution:
* Opened an explorer with "Computer" open.
* Opened "computer managment" and selected the storage list.
* I selected the storage pool which I wanted to delete but wasn't able to.
* Right click -> format... I think I have chosen NTFS but it's not so important...
* Warning that the drive is in use (what a nonsense) -> yes yes ok
* waited a few seconds until the bar with the free space disappeared at the "Computer" folder for this drive (on the explorer).
* stopped the format process. some error msgs that this couldn't be canceled and then he said he couldn't finish... (wtf ;))
* then back to the storage spaces overview... manage storage spaces... delete storage pool... pool disappeared... finish

hope this helps someone

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Question: Using RoboCopy

I'm trying to use RoboCopy to backup my data files to a USB stick and External HDD.

I created a folder in each destination called DataBackup and run the following command.

robocopy "d:\datafiles" "e:\databackup /e

Problem is it doesn't copy to that folder. It simply puts the folder DataFiles in the root of each drive and copies it's contents.
In fact the folder I specify in the command is removed after the copy.
How do I get robocopy to copy the folder to the folder I specify?

Also, after the initial copy, when I want to backup again, how to I tell robocopy to only replace files that has been changed since the last backup?


Answer:Using RoboCopy

I don't know much about RoboCopy. I use a 3rd party program that is a GUI version of RoboCopy called: FastCopy

But also one thing that I wanted to point out to you was that you seem to be missing a "close quote" after e:\databackup

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Question: Using Robocopy

I am trying to use robocopy in a batch file to move log files that are older than 5 days into a subdirectory of the current directory.  Also I want it to report only how many files were copied just like copy and xcopy do.
Here's what I have now:
robocopy . ./OldLogFiles *.log /MOV /MINAGE:5 /NS /NC /NDL /NJH /NJS
When I run it, it looks like it recopies the files in the /OldLogFiles folder too.  It list all the filenames and the filepath.
I am trying to run this also on Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard (if that makes a difference).
Thanks for any help,


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Answer:Robocopy how to do it.

Just read the documentation. It's pretty clear.

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Question: Robocopy

Hi there,

I want to use ROBOCOPY to move any file that is older than 30 days.
I've tried this command but it seems to move the file anyway, even though the file is only 4 days old:

robocopy * C:\b2d C:\archive /mov /minage: 01-04-2011

From "/minage: 01-04-2011" i thought it would only move files that are at least 30 days or more old. But this seems to move everything.

Can anybody explain why this is happening? Is it because i used a wildcard on files, will that not look at the file age?


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Question: RoboCopy

I found sme information about RoboCopy. I would like to use this utility to copy information-permissions, etc from one server to another. can someone give me some guidance on starting this project.

i would like to use robocopy to move things from old serve ro a new server. And continue to use robocopy to do diffrential backups. I can restore files, etc for those users who have lost certain infromation. i will use tape backups as a disaster recovery tool.

I'm not understanding where to begin using robocopy. Does anyone have a website with detailed information for this project? I would like to use the log file feature to inform me of how the backups went, etc.


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Question: Robocopy

I have Windows Vista Home Premium and somebody recently mentioned to me about Robocopy to use from cmd. Unfortunately I got into a mess and cmd froze so that I had to force shut down.

Can somebody kindly let me know how to use robocopy to copy files and directories my document on C: drive into external hard drive J: in a simple language as possible.

Thank you very mcuh.


This is how robocopy is used:
How to Copy Vista to Another Hard Drive |

That being said, I would like to mention that in several years of helping out at the Vista Forum, this is the first question about robocopy. Most members use Macrium Reflect to make monthly backups. These backups are always available in the event of a catastrophe with the OS. It can also be used to transfer to another drive.
Macrium Reflect FREE Edition - Information and download

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Question: Robocopy

how do I access a command line to be able to use robocopy? when I use the regular command prompt, I get an error message that says Robocopy is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file. What am I doing wrong?


Where did you get the program? Sounds like it's corrupted.

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Question: ROBOCOPY

i downloaded the robocopy gui and it turns out once you start the transfer you cant tell the progress it just kinda runs in the background is it suppose to be like that you just start it up and dont know whats going on?


I've never used the GUI, always CLI. I'm sure you could tell the GUI to log to a file since you can with CLI. Just have it log somewhere and check it or the best choice of all, use the CLI.

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Question: robocopy?

is robocopy for use only with operating systems with NT?

can i use it for windows xp and windows 98? like through a network?

and have any of you guys had any experience? good bad?

I need to find a good backup program, and a peer referred me to this program, but i have no idea what it is... so any of your advice or opinions would be appreciated.


I'm reserecting this topic because when I searched for Robocopy it was all I found.

I'm feeling dumb. It was suggested I use robocopy, I have done some minor googling and gotten pretty much no where. I would like to use robocopy on my Windows Xp laptop to copy media files automatically to my backup drive. I am told it is ideal for this. I have no idea how to call the program. I tried the run menu and I tried the command window and always got that it is not a recognized program.

I'm sorry to hit you all with such a basic question but any references wil be helpful. Thank you.

I found a website that gives you commands but I am unsure how to use them.

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Question: robocopy

We are looking to migrate a SQL database to a new server. The database is for an imaging software and has pointers to the images. We are going to move the database in the next week or two. I wanted to start copying the image files to the new server to prepare for the migration (about 300 gig of 17k files). I understand that robocopy is a good program to accomplish this. I am looking to copy all the files, folders, and subfolders over, then copy only the changes over nightly. What is the correct command line that I should use to accomplish this? Can I save it to a bat file and use windows task scheduler to have it run nightly?

Thanks in advance for all of the help!


Are you migrating to a server that will be running the same software? Why not use an SSIS package? That way, you can migrate the complete database to the new server and just point your programs as necessary.

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Question: robocopy

I have a question about using robocopy. I used to use Xcopy in XP but now im on vista and can no longer use Xcopy. Now this is the command line switch I used but cannot figure out how to achieve these results in robocopy. Is there a how to for dummies on this software because I read the help file it came with and its got me all confused.. Xcopy was so much easier...thanks,


robocopy /?

Plus, you can always ask what you're trying to do here..

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Question: Robocopy bug

I am runing  window 7 32bit.  I run  robocopy to backup  files and dirs  ? I noticed lately that the process is coping files that are not subject to copy, ie the source and target files are exactly the same ? I use the /mir robocopy

When  roboopy copies a file from the source to the target, it will tag the copy in the log, ie ?newer? ?new files? ?older?   - etc ? in this case there is no tag on the copy log  and the summary at the end of the job reports all the source
being copied. 

I have windows 7 on other computer and this  operation works  correctly on those computers  ? the only difference were this is not working it seems that version of windows 7 has fix  KB2639043 installed. 

I went  as far as to write a program to show the 64 bit time stamp (both the modified and create times) and an compare them  on the source and target files and they are EXACTLY the same (the file size is also the same in both files) 

Lastly, I tried ?synctoy? and that ?did the right thing? ? so there is some sort of bug with robocopy  ? How can I report this issue?   

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Hello all,

To save my life I could not get the Robocopy GUI to work. I have no problem using it with command line by dropping in to CMD.

Tried the GUI it reported that the job is finished as soon as I click "RUN" but nothing copied.

Thank you kindly,

Answer:I need some help with Robocopy GUI please.

Why not just put the command line commands in a bat file and run them like that? It's how I do my backups.

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Basically I would like to copy from my Skydrive to copy to my NAS once a day everyday. I know some of the basics but need help with specifics like copy to folder and making sure the newest file exists as the saved copy.

Here we go!

Robocopy C:\Users\Clive\SkyDrive\Documents B:\ /
Thanks guys for comments!

Answer:Robocopy. Can someone help please!

If your looking for a clean way to do that, you should look at Microsoft Richcopy which is a GUI'd + version of Robocopy. I've used it for years and it works fine under Windows-8.

For more info see: Free Utility: RichCopy, an Advanced Alternative to RoboCopy
Online Guide & extra info: RichCopy Guide - ETCwiki

Hope it helps.

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Question: Robocopy

I have been forced by the man to switch to vista. I had a simple xcopy to duplicate a folder structor. Would someone be kind enough to translate this into robocopy for me?

xcopy r:\_DND\*.* r:\SMcbrid2\ /E /O

Thanks for the help


Here you go:

ROBOCOPY r:\_DND\ r:\SMcbrid2\ *.* /E /COPYALL

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Question: Robocopy how?

Need to back up data-drive regularly on drive F and send to data-drive G

Robocopy has been mentioned as win7 built-in. I'm confused what is it & how to use it?

Answer:Robocopy how?

ROBOCOPY - Create Backup Script

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Question: robocopy help

I need a robocopy command to copy a specific set of folders from a c drive to a d drive. The command should check for new files and update them and purge from the D what is no longer on the C.

Answer:robocopy help

cyr0n_k0r said:

I need a robocopy command to copy a specific set of folders from a c drive to a d drive. The command should check for new files and update them and purge from the D what is no longer on the C.Click to expand...

Type robocopy /? for a list of all the switches and how to use them. It's just a matter of combining the ones you want.

If you'd prefer to do it through the GUI, SyncToy sounds like it might work for what you want to do.

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Question: Robocopy

I have created a robocopy.bat as below :

robocopy C:\Users\Faust_000\Documents\Alfredo "F:\Backups Documents" /e /mir /z /np /tee /log:Alfredo_log.txt

and I have created a Planned Activity into the Planning Utility to run at certain time every day.

Now my question is :
1. if manually activeted by double click robocopy.bat it perfectly works and the log.tx file is created
2. if I execute the robocopy by the Planned Activity (by manually Excute or automatically at the planned time) the robocopy is done correctly but the log.txt file is not created or updated.

I did both on W7 Professional 64bit and on W8.1 64bit but no difference.
Could someone help me to understand why the difference of results manually and via Planned Activity ?
Thank in advance.


I don't use Robocopy or Planned Activity but it might perhaps be related to the current directory when the bat file is executed. If so, the other log file should be somewhere on your system and you could search for it.

I mean when you manually run the bat file you get a certain "current directory", but in the other scenario you get another directory. You can try to include a path for the log parameter or move to a certain directory with the cd command in the bat file, before the robocopy command.

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Dear all,

I have Robocopy software with me and now I have to copy one folder from my local system and back it up to the server folder every day ... Can any one tell me where will i get Syntax and how to write the script ...

Any website to write scripts for Robocopy or any E- book ...


Sandy ...

Answer:How to use RoboCopy ....

There are some sites with a FAQ here: - this GUI should be easy to use.

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Question: Robocopy

Due to a Vista crash I am trying to copy - in DOS - my complete C: drive over to an external drive, letter O: but keep getting the error Destination folder not found. I am using the commands: ROBOCOPY C: *.* O: *.* as in the old DOS syntax. Do I have to write the commands diferently in ROBOCOPY as the instructions on MS web are clear as mud.

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Question: robocopy

I'm trying to use robocopy to copy files and subdirectories from a zip drive to a hard drive and include the original modification dates using the /copyall attribute. By just copying it within Windows 7 professional every subdirectory shows up
with a current modification date. So when using /copyall I keep getting the error message "you do not have the manage auditing user right". Don't know what that means - right as in correct, or right as in permission. Either way, is
there some way to do this?

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Hi, I have 2 questions which I desperately need help with. Here's the question: 1. robocopy shoud Run in a separate terminal window and recheck file system changes every minute. 2. write a continous logfile that contains all detected file system changes including full pathnames of affected files. How do I do this?

Answer:Robocopy (help please)

This is one way, put this in a batch file:

robocopy command here
timeout 120 > nul
goto Start

Lots and lots of robocopy parameters, one of which is /log:file (file being the file you want info logged ion). > nul hides the Timeout in n seconds message.

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Question: Robocopy /MIR

Does Robocopy /MIR copy all files or just the ones that are added and those that are changed? I don't want to start this if it is going to take hours and hours. thanks...

Answer:Robocopy /MIR

Just the changes.

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During Windows backup, which wants to backup the 'C' drive and my games drive 'E' (for some reason), I get the following error message after the 'C' backup has completed but not the 'E':

'The backup operation that started at '‎2015‎-‎12‎-‎20T06:00:25.459859400Z' has failed with following error code '0x8078012D' (The operation failed due to a device error encountered with either the source or the destination. If the source or destination volume is on a disk, run CHKDSK /R on the source or destination volume, and then retry the operation.). Please review the event details for a solution, and then rerun the backup operation once the issue is resolved.'

I ran CHKDSK \R and received several errors of the type: 'A disk read error occurred 0000185. The disk does not have enough space to replace bad clusters detected in file xxxxxx of name xxxxxx.'

My 'E' drive is 2TB with 205GB free. I really don't believe that the cluster(s) in error are bigger than 205G, but what do I know?

Anyone have experience with this problem?


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I am trying to create scheduled backups for my computer on an external drive (H:\) and am having a bunch of trouble. I had one successful attempt but did not have "create image of C:\" checked. I chose to check it and attempt again. No success. I unchecked the image and now cannot create any backup. I received the following error:

A shadow copy could not be created. Please check "VSS" and "SPP" application event logs for more information. Details: Insufficient storage available to create either the shadow copy storage file or other shadow copy data.

It can't be a space issue because I have 260GB of free space on H:\ The only thing else on my external drive is my iTunes library. I've posted a similar thread before but got no where.

Please advise any thing. I'd feel more comfortable knowing I have backups.

Answer:Backup Image Error / Cannot Create Shadow Copy / VSS error

Have you checked in System Properties to see if System Restore is enabled on your Windows drive?

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I'm trying to add a switch /MAXLAD:n Excludes files with a Last Access Date older than n days or specified date. If n is less than 1900, then n is expressed in days. Otherwise, n is a date expressed as YYYYMMDD.

I only want files that has been modified starting from Sept. 01, 2008 to current.

Am I inputting this correctly? Help


Answer:Anyone familiar with Robocopy?

DUH, I figured it out, I took removed the "/" from the date portion.

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Hi all, quick question.

I have used Robocopy to back up all my photos etc. for yonks, set it so that it mirrored by files on my main laptop. I have since had the need for faster and bigger storage and so have invested in a NAS. Awesome.....BUT...

when I run my script it no longer detects that a copy of the file already exists - it thinks every file is 'newer' and so it copies everything again (not funny given it's 50Gigs!)

My script consists of several lines like's very simple(!)..

robocopy "c:\Users\Steve\my pictures" "\\LS-XHLA97\backup\sr-backup\pictures" /mir /xd *.lrdata

robocopy "c:\Users\Steve\Modo" "\\LS-XHLA97\backup\sr-backup\Modo" /mir

Any ideas? Or suggestions for another way of doing this type of backup?

Many thanks

Answer:Robocopy and NAS problems...

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With the Robocopy command of Windows 8.x, how do I do a copy of a file (renaming it) in the same directory of the source file?



Answer:Robocopy and same directory

You can't. Use copy or xcopy if you want to rename.
xcopy c:\test\old.txt c:\test\new.txt

Note xcopy will always prompt you with "Does c:\test\new.txt specify a file name or a directory name on the target" so you would probably be better off with
copy /v c:\test\old.txt c:\test\new.txt

where the /v verifies the copy.

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Hi all. I have a batch file I wrote that copies my important files over to a networked computer. I have been successfully using this file for awhile. I updated both machines to windows 8 recently. Note, the batch script was working fine with the source being win 8 and the destination being win 7.

But now when I try to update it with the new path (which is correct), I get an error code 5 access denied. I'm not sure what else I can do with it. The destination machine has the destination drive shared. I can remote connect onto that drive, drop files, delete stuff, everything. I can also remote desktop into that machine, but for the life of me I can't get robocopy to work anymore. Anyone run into this?

No I haven't tried another form of copy yet, I just prefer robocopy's ability to mirror and purge.

Thanks for any ideas!

Answer:Win 8 & Robocopy over network

Access denied to which file?

Have you tried using Process Monitor to see what resource it's tying to access that it doesn't have permission to?

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Question: RoboCopy question

Within ROBOCOPY i need to write a script that will compare one folder to the other. The differences will be copied to a third folder and after copied to a third folder be copied back to the second folder.

Compare Folder 1 to Folder 2. Differences in 1 to 2 get copied to Folder 3 and after copied it will be copied to folder 2.

Anyone have any ideas?

Answer:RoboCopy question

Hi and Welcome!
May be better in the development section of the forum, as that is for scripting.
Click the red triangle next to your post and ask for it to be moved.
Kind Regards

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Question: Robocopy Synology

Hello everyone been lurking around for awhile, so much knowledge on this forum.

I hope someone can help me, I am just a noob, don't know to much.

I ecently purchased a synology Network Attached Storage (NAS).

and I would like to set up so that files tranfer from one folder to the next automatically, I am not sure what type of line to put into the command prompt?

The original folder is C:\user\recordedtv the other one is on my network and shows up as DISKSTORAGE i have a folder on there called beyondtv and would like to copy all files from C:\user\recordedtv.
How would I do this?

Answer:Robocopy Synology

Welcome to Seven Forums,

You may definitely setup to sync and backup files automatically to your NAS. Pls check out SyncToy, its a Free cool utility from Microsoft and its easy to setup. Sync files with your NAS ? Cogito, ergo sum

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We are migrating our file server from Novell to Windows and I will be using Robocopy to do the copy. i know I cannot move the Novell rights so I have setup the folders (blank) on the destination ahead of time with the rights I want. I was going to just use the MIR switch to keep things in sync but read that MIR could overwrite the rights on the destinantion, is this true? I am not trying to do anything with rights and don't want any rights being assigned or changed.
Am I better off using /E /Purge or /MIR.....or would I be better off with a different program like RichCopy.
Thanks for the advise,

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Hi i dont know if this is the correct section for this, so please forgive me. i have been using robocopy to copy a folder from one location to another on same drive. Robocopy does the copying ok with no errors, the log that robocopy producrs shows that all files and folder copied without a problem, however when i compare folder size, files and folders numbers they are different. these to only happen with large folders. small folders logs and compares the same.any advice would be gratefully revived.thank you

Answer:Robocopy log issues

alos forgot to mention that the original files i am copying is hidden.

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robocopy is amazing, but i can not find a version for windows 2000. Any ideas?

Answer:robocopy for win2k?

mjz_5 said:

robocopy is amazing, but i can not find a version for windows 2000. Any ideas?Click to expand...

Download the XP or 2003 Resource Kit from Microsoft, in there you will find Robocopy which has been updated and will work on a 2000 system.

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Question: Solved: RoboCopy

Having trouble with quotes and folder names with spaces.
Cannot get it to run w/o an error.

SET _source=\\fs1\data\shared\"Carolyn Kris Nancy"
SET _dest=\\fsarchive\archiveshare\"Carolyn Kris Nancy"

ROBOCOPY %_source% %_dest% %_what% %_options%

I receive this error;
E:\Batch Move>robobatcharchive
ROBOCOPY :: Robust File Copy for Windows :: Version XP010
Started : Wed Apr 25 10:35:14 2012
Source - \\fs1\data\shared"Carolyn\
Dest - E:\Batch Move\Kris\
Files :
Options : /COPYAT /R:1000000 /W:30
ERROR : Invalid Parameter #3 : "Nancy \\fsarchive\archiveshare"Carolyn Kris Nanc
Simple Usage :: ROBOCOPY source destination /MIR
source :: Source Directory (drive:\path or \\server\share\path).
destination :: Destination Dir (drive:\path or \\server\share\path).
/MIR :: Mirror a complete directory tree.
For more usage information run ROBOCOPY /? or read Robocopy.Doc.
NOTE: Read "True Replication" in Robocopy.Doc prior to first use of /MIR !
**** /MIR can DELETE files as well as copy them !
E:\Batch Move>robobatcharchive

Answer:Solved: RoboCopy

You need to put the quotes around the entire path:
"\\fs1\data\shared\Carolyn Kris Nancy"

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Problem description: after my Vista laptop crashed (hung up in windows start-up loop) I used

robocopy c:\ d:\complete /mir ..... from the restore cmd prompt to make a backup of ca. 50gb to external hdd.

I then installed Windows 7 on the machine and used

robocopy d:\complete c:\complete /mir ... so I would be able to pull whatever folder I need to the new system.

The problem is the in both version I can see robocopy in the cmd shell copying the files in their respective folder hierarchy (which takes ages!). But on both, C: and D:\complete, I only see a folder "4d0a0xxxxx00e8e4c7332a3a394c". Right-click on the folder gives a size of approx. 6mb only, although my c: hdd space was reduced by ca. 50gb???? So, I assume the restore did work, and this is a permission problem.

I tried to take ownership of the folder under the new system to no avail. (just to clarify: i use the same username and pwd under win7 as under vista, and lost pwd is not an issue, in case i would need it to gain access)

All input highly appreciated! Thanks,

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Question: Robocopy Issues

I'm attempting to consolidate a large list, and exclude a pre-determinded selection of folders.

This is what I'm trying to fun:

robocopy "C:\Source\Folder" Destination\Folder /MIR /DCOPY:T /XD <large list of folders>
I used to have no issues, until my list of folders to ignore jumped drastically. So now my problem is that I can no longer successfully perform this action because I receive this error:

<Folder_Name_Here> is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.
This issue only comes up when I try to exclude (with /XD) a very large list (~1000 folders to exclude). The full length of the input folders comes down to less than 16000 characters (including spaces and quotation marks). The error also only shows up further down the list of folders and appears to an insignificant number of characters or words (there are no special characters breaking it either).

The only way I've found to do what I need to, is copy over ALL the folders, then run multiple instances of window's remove directory command "rd /s /q <large list of Folders>". But...this is inefficient and takes time...

So my question is: is there a character limit on the input for the /XD parameter or a limit on robocopy at all? I Google'd this, but only found a command prompt line limit of ~32000 characters.

I'm also open to other suggestions on how to do this as long as it works as well as roboc... Read more

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anyone tell me why this isnt working?

robocopy "C:\Users\klepp\AppData\Local\Plex Media Server" "U:\Backups\Plex Media Server\AppData\Local" /e /xo /purge /xd "System Volume Information" "$RECYCLE.BIN" "Recovery"

trying to take my plex media server folder that has all my metadata etc and back it up to my backups folder which I have structured as backups/plex media server/appdata/local(want /Plex Media Server to come next) This way I know where it goes when/if i have to replace it which I imagine may be part of the issue with robocopy working (the folder structured the way I have it)?

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Question: RoboCopy Issue

I have been using xcopy to copy data from a file server to a flash drive. That works OK, but after some time the flash drive is cluttered with files and folders that have been moved or deleted from the file server.

I want the flash drive to mirror what is on the file server, so I decided to give ROBOCOPY a try (version XP010 on a Windows XP computer). Here is the line in my batch file:

ROBOCOPY \\fileserver\share\frank\somefolder E:\somefolder /COPYALL /B /MIR /R:0 /W:0 /LOG:MyLogfile.txt

This works fine except the log file reports Error 3 "The system cannot find the path specified" for files in only one subfolder, and deletes all the files in that subfolder from the flash drive.

The subfolder name is "Computer" (which as far are I know isn't a reserved name), and it has the same attributes and NTFS permissions as all of the others.

Any ideas what the problem could be?

Answer:RoboCopy Issue

Noone uses Robocopy?

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How can i tell robocopy to exclude a certain final folder, with the folder above changing.
I.e in c:\users\USERNAME\appdata\local\microsoft\windows\WER

I don't want to copy any WER contents, however the USERNAME section of the path obviously changes depending on what user account it is currently backing up... can i use a wildcard at the USERNAME section or how would i do this?
robocopy \\$compname\c$\users\$tname \\destination\$tname /E /ZB /COPY:DAT /XJ /TEE /R:1 /W:1 /MT:10 /XD \\$compname\c$\users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\WER.
Help would be muchly appreciated...

Answer:Robocopy Wildcard /XD

Hi Tarrley,
/xf could excludes files that match the specified names or paths. Note that
FileName can include wildcard characters (* and
?). Now that there is not all the files in the directory. You could use /xf command to exclude specific files.
Best regards,
Karen Hu

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is robocopy for use only with operating systems with NT?

can i use it for windows xp and windows 98? like through a network?

and have any of you guys had any experience? good bad?

I need to find a good backup program, and a peer referred me to this program, but i have no idea what it is... so any of your advice or opinions would be appreciated.

Answer:robocopy for windows nt only?

We used robocopy during our conversion to Active Directory. It was set up to automagically copy the files w/o our interaction, so can't tell you how to set it up. We ran it from a floppy disk from the Windows XP command prompt as part of a batch/cmd file. We didn't use it on Win9x computers. (I believe Windows XP is Windows NT 5.1)

For the most part, it worked great, but once in a while it ended up deleting either the source files, the copied files, or both...

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I've just recently realized that copying folders to a backup hard drive resets their "created" date. Should my computer ever crash, all my backup files will state to have just been created on that certain date.

Me, being the organize-freak I am, have been looking for a solution so my backed up files can have the same time stamps as on my computer right now.

I've done a little searching, and have found that people always recommend Robocopy. Problem is, I can't understand a word of the tutorials. Is there anyone with a layman's explanation for how to run Robocopy to carry out what I want?

And also just for the heck of it, is Robocopy the only solution? Is there some sort of back up program on Windows 7 that can do that?


Answer:Timestamp/Robocopy help

Some of the other posters have had similar problems, book1245, so here are a couple of references to other posts that might offer a little bit of guidance:

There’s some help for you in this thread: "Date Modified" changes when copying... Take a look at the post from Bill2 which has, among other things, this site: How to copy or move files and folders whilst maintaining their original time date stamp. |, (and offers advice about your Robocopy problem as well), and the post from Casca which offers this advice: In a command window, run [xcopy] with the following switches: /s/e/c/a/k/h.

See also the post from huge in this thread: "easy transfer" resets folder modified date who apparently found a way to fix his problem, with only a mild amount of pain.

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Question: RoboCopy Query

I am copying files with dates in the filename (filename_20091127.txt) from one location to another. How can I drop the date from the filename when moving/having moved the files accross? The file types and filenames vary from file to file but the date format will always be '_YYYYMMDD'. Is this something that can be done with RoboCopy and if so, how? If not, with what and how? Thanks in advance.

Answer:RoboCopy Query

Robocopy doesn't rename files.

Welcome to TSG!

For this, I'd use RenameMaster, and just remove the last 9 characters of the file name.

It's on the Scripting tab, about 8th item down, Remove Beginning/Ending

If this is a daily occurrence, you could write a batch file to remove the date after all the files are copied. Not too hard to just remove the last 9 characteers in a name.
If you need to check for resulting duplicates or confirm it's actually an underscore followed by a date it would get more complex.
Setlocal EnableDelayedExpansion
Set _Folder=C:\Location of Files
PushD %_Folder%
For /F "Tokens=* Delims=" %%I In ('Dir /B "%_Folder%\*.*"') Do (
Set _Fname=%%~nI
Rename "%%I" "!_Fname:~0,-9!%%~xI"


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let me explain what im trying to do.

I have a ton of data sequestered on different hard drives (apart from my system drive) and this obviously helps me have data backed up and helps me when/if i need to format by saving a tremendous amount of time.

Unfortunately due to costs theyre all mechanical HDD's which can fail at a moments notice and put years of work a tons of data at risk. (plus theyre getting full).

Ive managed to ship some stuff to the cloud, and otherstuff ive backed up in multiple places. The last thing I have left to take care of before I start upgrading drives is to copy all my hierarchy/directory trees.

If i ever had dataloss having these available would make "returning to form" (for lack of a better phrase) much easier. (i have a bad memory).

Anyways, without any more carrying on - Ive used xcopy in the past with success. Now ive tried using robocopy but Im hititng a snag.

I plan to create a "folder structure" folder and inside it have individual folders with all my drive letters. D, T, U, etc.

Inside each of those folders will be the folder tree I have on said drives. Then I'll take the conglomeration of folders "folder structure folder" and put it in the cloud, on a usb stick, etc.

The specific folder im having trouble with - which is the first one I tried and the reason im posting. I expect to have the same issue with others going forward so I figured id better ask for some help.

I use robocopy "U:" &... Read more

Answer:Anyone familair with robocopy?

Do you have 'show hidden folders' enabled? If so, see if not showing them helps.

Copying a drive/to a drive can be done, but Robocopy is better at being a folder to folder copy. It should also avoid your problem. See if this helps, it is for Windows 7 but works the same on Windows 10. ROBOCOPY - Create Backup Script - Windows 7 Help Forums

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Question: Robocopy script

Hi All,

Quick question regarding robocopy. I am not that great in using it but I did manage to figure out that how to do basic copying and mirroring. My main issue is copying over files that have security permissions.

At this point, I have this:
robocopy c:\foldername e:\foldername /copyall /mir
What would I add and does it matter where I place the syntax for it to work?

Help appreciated.

EDIT: Figured out the security part. How would I get the script to still copy everything in the folder if its being used by someone else or they forgot to close it?


Answer:Robocopy script

Robocopy cannot do it by itself.

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I have a few batch scripts to backup or restore files, and for some of them, I have the /ETA switch in them as they will move some larger files. In W7, It would always give the time to transfer, but in Win10 (x64), this switch doesn't seem to do anything. When I do Robocopy /? it lists the ETA switch, but nothing happens.

My question is does anyone know if this eliminated this switch in W10? Anyone know of anyways to get it back (will robocopy from W7 work on W10 you think?)

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I've never had a backup routine but am about to begin. Was going to implement RAID 1 but after some forum education am finding out a removable backup disk is what I really want. So, should I assume Robocopy (likely with GUI) is still the way to go for my simple /E /Purge needs? I will be mirroring both a small system drive and a 2Tb data drive.


Answer:Robocopy still the best option?

Use Macrium Reflect Backup and Hard Disk Imaging for Windows 7, Vista, XP and Server 2003/2008

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I have a computer that is running Vista HP on its original C\: drive, that has a maintainance program that was preinstalled on my pc. I also purchased Vista Ultimate (retail version), that is installed as a dual boot. I originally ran HP for the business, running a program that used Sql Server, but it became corrupted, and was unable to be fixed, so I abandoned the drive with HP (C:\) and only use the drive with Ultimate (M:\) on it.I realize you cannot simply copy a program from one drive to another, because it will not result in an installed program. I am hoping that Robocopy will be my answer.  I tried the following steps:I created a folder on my M:\ drive, the drive I now use, with the same program name as the original program on C:\.  I then tried to run a command prompt script, with Administrative priviledges.  ROBOCOPY C:\Program Files\[program name] M:\Program Files\[program name]Each time I run it, I get an error message:Robocopy is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.I realize I may have been able to add several switches to the script, but for some reason, my computer doesn't even want to recognize the Robocopy command.Any advise would be appreciated.ThanksDave

Answer:Unable to run Robocopy

open a command prompt and type echo %path%and then post here (by copy and paste) what the response is.

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I have been running Robocopy under Windows 8 for a long time without any problems. Now, all of a sudden, I keep getting the error that Robocopy cannot find the Backup_log.txt file, even though it is quite visible in the C: tree directory. Following
is the BAT file we have always been using:-

robocopy Z:\     F:\backup

robocopy Z:\IDENTITIES        F:\Backup\IDENTITIES /e /mir /np /z /tee /log:backup_log.txt
robocopy Z:\LIBRARY           F:\Backup\LIBRARY /e /mir /np /z /tee /log+:backup_log.txt
robocopy Z:\EX_MEMBERS        F:\Backup\EX_MEMBERS /e /mir /np /z /tee /log+:backup_log.txt
robocopy Z:\Magazine_index    F:\Backup\magazine_Index /e /mir /np /z /tee /log+:backup_log.txt
robocopy Z:\VENUES            F:\Backup\VENUES /e /mir /np /z /tee /log+:backup_log.txt
robocopy Z:\MEMBERS           F:\Backup\MEMBERS /e /mir /np /z /tee /log+:backup_log.txt
robocopy Z:\CATHS EVENTS      F:\Backup\CATHS EVENTS /e /mir /np /z /tee /log+:backup_log.txt
robocopy Z:\COMPANY LOGOS     F:\Backup\COMPANY LOGOS /e /mir /np /z /tee /log+:backup_log.txt
robocopy Z:\EQUIPMENT         F:\Backup\EQUIPME... Read more

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Howdy folks

Hope someone can help me out.

In the middle of a data migration - moving data from an old domain into a new one

I ran robocopy last night via two batch files on folders stored on a server in one domain to a server in another (two way trust set up between the domains)

Both seemed to go through OK (the odd file not copied because they were in use but no major errors reported in the output logfiles generated)

However, looking in Windows Explorer on the new server, one of the folders is present, with all data intact, but the other is not. I thought it might have been copied across as hidden or super-hidden, but enabling the option to display hidden and system files/folders makes no difference - they're still not visible.

To make matters even more odd, if I run dir /ad from a command prompt against the directory the folder was copied to (root of C, it shows up as being present (and therefore not hidden!)

Does anyone have any ideas?

Answer:Odd issue using Robocopy

No takers for this one then?

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Robocopy is a nice tool for backup scripts but for casual use there are a large number of Gui interfaces and Shell Extensions to make using it easier but i am trying to find the one that is the most intuitive and i was wondering if anyone has a list or knows of a place where i can compare the various utilities out there.

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I've been using Robocopy for a while now and I have found it to be a simple and mostly efficient tool to mirror contents from one drive to another, and I've created a couple of batch files to simplify typing in parameters, like "AF ? ?" to copy my data files from one drive to another.

The thing is, for the last two days my data contents have been mirrored to my HDD partitions and a USB device absolutely fine - only a few files have been modified each time and I can rest assured that the contents are identical. The whole process has only taken a few moments.

But last night, the clocks went back and then earlier today I ran Robocopy once again to mirror my data contents. The HDD copy went without a hitch, but when running it to mirror contents to the USB device it started to recopy EVERYTHING over to it, naming all the files "Older"! What's more, I check the "modified" date/times on both sides and they're identical! I can only assume that the change in the clock from yesterday is the cause, and something unique to FAT32 file format (which the USB is).

The least I want to do is not to copy files with an older timestamp on top of new ones (if that's what's happening) so is there a way I can still use /MIR and use the /XO (exclude older) switch as well?

Answer:Robocopy help required

Well, I'm trying the /XO switch, and it seems to have worked so far.

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I have a quick question, is the Robocopy.exe in Windows 8.1 compatible with Windows XP or do I have to use the one in the Resource Kit?

I could download the kit, but I don't want to download the entire resource kit on each client that uses our software, as our software that utilizes it only requires the robocopy.

Answer:Question about Robocopy

You can use the Download Windows Server 2003 Resource Kit Tools from Official Microsoft Download Center for XP

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Question: Robocopy Issue

Good Afternoon,

I am trying to do work for a client of mine, and I am having problems with the robocopy command that i am using.

Here is the command
robocopy.exe \\USER2\Photos \\SERVER1\photos /e /m /R:10 /W:2 /XF CLIENTroboPhotos.bat robophotos.log /xd c:\photos\photos-add /V /log:\\USER2\Photos\robophotos.log

Copys from Users 2 photos folder and copies it to the server photos directory

then i put a command to do /xd c:\photos\photos-add which is suppose to exclude it, which it doesn't.

It just keeps replicating each other in each folder.... Catch my drift?
Please someone who is good with Robocopy, take a look at the script and see if you see a flaw in it.

Thank you!

I just cleared 15-16 extra space on the server, and now i am back to where i use to be 256 megs free.....

Answer:Robocopy Issue

anybody? have an aswer for this?

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Question: Robocopy Issues

Hello Everyone,

I have been working on this for the past three days getting no where.

The system I am trying this on is a Win7 64 bit Home Ed., what I am trying to do is get a batch file created where it copies certain files to an external hard drive. Yes I am already using the Windows Backup that is included but I want to do this as an extra measure.

I have been trying to get the following command to work:

robocopy C:\Users\pare80\Documents E:\backup\Docs /E /CREATE /MIR /SEC /ZB /R:3 /V /FP /TEE /XJ

It looks like the command ran, but when I go to the E drive the folder backup is there but nothing else.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Thank You,

-- ParE

Answer:Robocopy Issues

Take the switch /CREATE away from your string. It only copies the folder (directory) structure with 0-lenght files (placeholders). Your command string should otherwise work just fin. Remember to run command prompt as administartor.

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I provide IT support for a small business with about 5 users each with their own computer. Their last IT guy setup Retrospect backup backing up the user folder to the server and then CrashPlan Pro was installed on the server to backup to their cloud service (because they let you backup an unlimited amount of data on a single computer for $10 per month).

The first problem was that Retrospect doesn't save the data in a format that can be easily viewed to compare the backed up copy to the copy still on the original drive. The next problem was that one of the users got a message that their computer hadn't backed up in a few days so they uninstalled it from the server and reinstalled it but now it is asking for the key which nobody knows.

So, I figured for so few users I could make a basic xcopy script set to run at login and I did and it worked...but several people have told me that robocopy is worlds better than xcopy.

So, I know the format would be something like this for each user:

robocopy c:\Users\Brittany \\server\Backup\Brittany /e /mir /z /fft /w:5

Would this work? Anything you would change?

I have a few questions also...

1. What exactly does multi-thread copying do and how do I know if I should enable it?
2. Will this only copy new/changed files or everything?
3. I know the mir option deletes files from the backup that are deleted from the it possible to have it back up the new and changed files daily but to wait a week or so before deleting a de... Read more

Answer:Help with Robocopy user backups?

ROBOCOPY - Create Backup Script

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