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Windows Movie Maker on Windows 7 Home Premium Suddenly Not Working

Question: Windows Movie Maker on Windows 7 Home Premium Suddenly Not Working

Hello friends!

I make a bunch of videos for YT, and ever so often, I want to make a quick video on WMM. Yesterday, I was working on a project (with a bunch of large files) when I split a clip. The first part of the clip turned black in the thumbnail section and wouldn't play in the preview. I've had this happen before, so I closed the program and reopened it but now the entire timeline was gray and neither the video would play in preview, nor the audio (an overlaid WAV) would play. So, I restarted my computer. Nothing. For 12 hours, NOTHING. So, today I decided to make sure I had all the correct updates and drivers, but when I downloaded my first update and tried to open the program it wouldn't let me and I got a new message:

"Sorry, Movie Maker can't start. Make sure your computer meets the minimum system requirements before trying to start the Movie Maker again, and then try to update the drivers for your video card if Movie Maker still doesn't start."

I had just updated all of the drivers, so I decided to uninstall and re-install the program. I remember an issue with this when I first downloaded it so I went on to this forum to be sure I was downloading the correct program but still NOTHING!

I am fairly computer savvy and am literally at a loss! I can edit my videos in a different program, but this particular video was about ten minutes from being complete, after working for about two hours and I would be pissed to have to start from scratch (four different cameras!!!!)

Please help me! Below are all my specs.

Windows 7 Home Premium
Service pack 1

Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-2310M CPU @ 2.10GHz
4 gigs RAM
64-bit Operating System


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Preferred Solution: Windows Movie Maker on Windows 7 Home Premium Suddenly Not Working

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Windows Movie Maker on Windows 7 Home Premium Suddenly Not Working


Not an answer Im afraid but was just wondering if you got it resolved? Im having problems too but with an "access denied" message although I did at one point also get the same message as you posted above? I have put a query on the boards specifically about my message but was just wondering if you had solved your problem?

Cheers, P

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I used it successfully as recently as yesterday, but today I can't open it; I get a message about "WLXPhoto...". I have tried to look for solution all over the web, but I get nothing but confusion. Also, there seem to be some suspicious outfits pretending to be WMM.

Thanks, Boyd Bilbo

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-2350M CPU @ 2.30GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 42 Stepping 7
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 4043 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics Family, 1797 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 584792 MB, Free - 213256 MB; D: Total - 21422 MB, Free - 2275 MB; E: Total - 4055 MB, Free - 10 MB; H: Total - 1907695 MB, Free - 885862 MB;
Motherboard: Hewlett-Packard, 1695
Antivirus: Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition, Updated and Enabled

Answer:Suddenly can no longer use Windows Movie Maker.

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Was able to do it before, now when I add them to the timeline it just gives me a red X. The pictures are viewable everywhere else.

Answer:Suddenly, I Can't Add Pictures To Windows Movie Maker.

Well it appears i jumped the gun here... for some reason, closing and re-opening WMM fixed it.

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I have used windows movie maker (v5.1) since I got my PC about 4 years ago and have hand no problems with it but suddenly,
some WMV files are now a blurry diagonal mess and they save this way too.

the only changes i have made to my computer recently:
* uninstalled Media Monkey - about 4 months ago
* Installed songbird but then unsintalled it again not long after about 2 months ago

I have no problem playing these WMV and FLV files in Windows Media Player 11 and Sothink FLV player

have i corrupted a codec or something?
please help

the attached image shows what I mean, the video I imported is a music video that worked in WMM about 6 months ago
but now looks messed up

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Hi! For as long as I have had Windows Movie Maker on my computer I have been able to import mov. files without converting them with another application. Today, I tried to and it won't let me. I can't figure out for the life of me why though. The only thing I can think of is that I recently uninstalled muvee autoproducer 5.0 off of my computer because I never used it and didn't even know what it was. I'm starting to think that maybe a codec came with it that allowed my WMM to accept mov. files. Anyone know why else this might be happening and if there is a special codec for it?

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I use a flip ultra to make videos to publish to YouTube, so I first download my flip videos to realplayer once I plug in my flip. Then, I send my specific videos I want to my realplayer library. After, I convert it to wmv generic in winFF converter. Finally, I take the wmv videos from my folder I sent it to into my windows movie maker, When I'm done making the video, I "save movie file" to be able to publish to YouTube. However, it says it cannot save to the specific location. Idk what I did wrong at all! All help would be so helpful! Thanks!
(p.s it is not too large of a video)

Answer:Windows Movie Maker save movie file not working?

Try saving to a different location, possibly one with a shorter file path.

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Hello.Can someone kindly tell me if Vista Home Basic comes complete with Windows Movie Maker :)I have Vista Home Premuim & it is included but I've seen various debates about wether Home Basic comes with it or not. It would be great if someone here has Home Basic & could check for me.

Answer:Vista Home Basic & Windows Movie Maker

I do not know is the honest answer but this suggests not. click here

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Is there any way I can export my windows movie maker files as real player, quicktime, or mpeg format?

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The transitions between photo/photo, video/video and photo/video are not all working inside of Windows Movie Maker. Some of them work correctly, but most of them only show up during creation as a ghost image which doesn't change -- when rendered, the transition doesn't show at all.The only "transition" that consistently works is.. no transition.What can I do to fix this? My DirectX seems to be up to date. My Kodecs are up to date. I have no idea why it's not working.

Answer:Transitions not working inside Windows 7 Windows Movie Maker

You may get better help here:

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Hi guys. I used to use windows movie maker to edit a lot of videos off my camera and it worked fine. but now i have a video camera which has MP4 files and it imports fine on WMM but every time I want to split a scene, the program crashes. Is there a way I can fix this or is there a better (preferably free) program I can use?

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It's supposed to already be on my computer, right?
Every time I try and open it, it says, "Windows Movie Maker cannot start because your video card does not support the required level of hardware acceleration or hardware acceleration is not available."
How do I fix that?

Answer:Windows Movie Maker not working

Try updating the video driver (available from your PC manufacturer's website).

If that doesn't fix it, the video card itself needs changing for a better one (unless this is a laptop you're referring to, in which case, no dice).

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Question #1- When I go to put moving clips on my windows movie maker (ex. moving Icons), they come out as 26 hours long on the movie! And even if I shorten them, they don't move. Can someone help me on that?

Question #2- I just recently updated my Windows Movie Maker to Windows Movie Maker 2.0. I think that was a MAJOR mistake! Now, Whenever I drag pictures to the timeline it either freezes and the thing "Not Responding" pops up or it just randomly shuts down.

Answer:Windows Movie Maker Not Working

I cannot solve your first problem, but I can give you a pointer that helped me a bit for your second problem, but does not resolve the issue. Go to this link: and download the file and install it. Doing this allows you to view all the files with WMM. Right click on the WMM icon in the Start Menu, select Properties and then click on Find Target, this opens the folder with all of the files for WMM. If this helps or if you have more info for me, please e-mail me on this e-mail:<removed by Mod, as requested> (no junk or spam please!)




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OS Windows Vista Home Premium
The computer we are using is a Amilo Fujitsu/Siemens, dual hard drive, 766MB memory
We have just updated from Home Basic to Home Premium and updated with no problems

Our problem is this....
The windows movie maker crashes whenever a video or sound is put onto the storyboard This happened with the home basic and is still happening now with the upgrade. We thought it wasn't working because we only had basic but now it is not working with the upgrade? Is this a glitch with Vista?
The error message is " Windows movie maker has stopped working." it says this for a few seconds then error message says "Windows movie maker is searching for a solution" and then error message says "Windows movie maker is restarting" then windows movie maker closes and the it re-opens itself again.
Can any-one help please? Many thanks and a happy christmas!

Answer:Windows Movie Maker on Vista not working???

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Everytime I try to add a movie to windows live movie maker, it crashes and stops working... I do it like it says, I drag the movie onto the working table. I went to the event visualizer and got this text. Can you please help me? I already tried uninstalling and reinstalling this programme, but it still doesn't work.
Nome da aplicação com falha: MovieMaker.exe, versão: 15.4.3508.1109, carimbo de data/hora: 0x4cda7233
Nome do módulo com falha: unknown, versão:, carimbo de data/hora: 0x00000000
Código de excepção: 0xc0000005
Desvio de falha: 0x0b68bab3
ID do processo com falha: 0x1334
Data/hora de início da aplicação com falha: 0x01cc047403735706
Caminho da aplicação com falha: C:\Program Files\Windows Live\Photo Gallery\MovieMaker.exe
Caminho do módulo com falha: unknown
ID do Relatório: 45920973-7067-11e0-9792-0090f592bd7e
In english:

Failing application name: MovieMaker.exe, Version: 15.4.3508.1109, Stamp Date / Time: 0x4cda7233
Name faulting module: unknown, version:, Date / Time stamp: 0x00000000
Exception code: 0xc0000005
Deviation of failure: 0x0b68bab3
Process ID failed: 0x1334
Date / start time of the application that failed: 0x01cc047403735706
Application path failed: C: \ Program Files \ Windows Live \ Photo Gallery \ MovieMaker.exe
Path faulting module: unknown
Report ID: 45920973-7067-11e0-9792-0090f592bd7e

Answer:Windows Live Movie Maker not working

No one knows how to solve this problem?

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oops i accidentally put 1012, its 2012. =D
Ok so it all started long ago. I could use movie maker just fine. Then one day my computer crashed for unknown reasons. So i restored it to factory settings and when i tried to use movie maker again it said...

Sorry, windows movie maker cant start. Make sure you have minimal requirements....... etc.

I have all the requirements and version 10 of the intel graphics card thing. So I don't know whats going on. Can someone pleasepleaseplease help?

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Windows Movie Maker, which came with MS Vista, simply stopped working one day. I tried to open it and I get a pop up that says "Unspecified Error." I know that is not much to go on. I don't think I did anything to prompt this such as do an update or install new hardware.

In an attempt to fix the problem, I did an MS update. It didn't help.

My computer is an HP Pavilion Slimline. My processor is an AMD Athlon™ 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 4800+ (2 CPUs), ~2.5GHz. I have 2G of RAM.

Any help would be appreciated.


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I'm breaking up a widescreen video into smaller parts and WLMM (Windows 7) is not letting me create the clips in widescreen. I split up the video, select "widescreen" under aspect ratio under the view tab, select save movie as standard definition, and my movie ends up the same exact format as if I had left it on the standard 4:3 ratio. Any help is appreciated.

Here's what it's supposed to look like:
Here's what I end up getting:


Answer:Widescreen not working on Windows Live Movie Maker

c00LaS1cE said:

select save movie as standard definitionClick to expand...

I think that step is what's tripping you up. Go here, click on the second question ("What video file formats can I choose to publish my movie in Windows Movie Maker?") and find out what setting you were using and what it actually does.

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Every time I try to save a video, I get the "Windows Movie Maker has stopped working" message and I have to close the whole program. This means that the software is completely useless until I can fix it. I've tried reinstalling and changing compatibility
settings to Windows Vista SP2 but, nothing has worked. I am on a Windows 7 PC. Any solutions? 

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Good day.

I've been struggling with this problem for a few days and I've searched high and low trying out different methods, but so far no dice.

This problem started last week when I booted up Spider-Man: Web of Shadows. I noticed my FPS dropped massively; I couldn't even turn the camera without huge amounts of lag and subsequent stutter. I rebooted, and then the same thing happened. Then I pulled out my power cord (using a laptop) and removed the battery, and then I let the unit sit for a few minutes. I put everything back and tried it again and viola—it was fixed.

I thought that would be it, but then a day later the same thing happened. This has been happening constantly and the battery-removal method kept fixing it. But now yesterday, it wouldn't fix itself.

Now ALL my games/programs are lagging, despite the fact that they were running swell.

I'm not sure what the problem is, and I've tried several different things:

- Malware cleaners (adwCleaner, Malwarebytes)
- CCleaner
- Windows Disk Check
- Advanced Systemcare 8 optimization (have been using this for quite some time now)
- SFC Scan (said there are corrupt files but couldn't fix them)

The only thing I haven't done is a Defrag, so that's my next move.

Answer:Windows 7 Home Premium x64 Suddenly Lagging


It looks like it has something to do with my AC power supply. I just got a message on the screen after a restart that my adapter is no longer recognized...

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Windows 7 does not recognize films from my new Olympus 820-ihs-digital-camera on Windows 7. In properties they show up as “Windows Live Movie Maker” format . I have no problems with my other two slightly older Olympus cameras these films are “Windows Media player” format. Windows Movie Maker can't read the films from the 820. Any suggestion?

Answer:Windows Movie Maker verses Windows Live Movie Maker

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I have windows 7. i can't find windows movie maker on my program list. 
i have tried to search windows live movie maker webpage on google. but i can't found it too.

so do windows archive windows movie maker?

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I recently downloaded this program onto my computer. I started to work on a project and saved it. However, now when I try to open it, the program just crashes with a message saying that the program has stopped working. Then it closes saying a problem stopped the program working and will notify me if there is a solution. But a solution is never shown and it just closes on me.
I am on Windows 7. Can anybody help?

Answer:Windows live Movie Maker - program has stopped working

It's certainly possible that the project was too large or complex especially with lots of transitions and effects.
Can we have Problem Report?

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Kay, this is my first post, so sorry if I muck up in some way. ^^'

Right, I've got the infamous "green bar problem" when publishing my videos from Windows Movie Maker, and after trawling through countless forums and trying out their solutions, nothing's worked. I've tried unchecking all the filters, including Xvid and DivX, and it's either not worked or got rid of the picture altogether so I just have a blank screen. I've also tried downloading Xvid and enabling the Compatibility Renderer in the Decoder's Output Options, which seems to have solved the problem for everyone else, and hey, what a surprise, it didn't work. Does anyone have any other solutions that haven't been mentioned here that have maybe worked for them or someone else? Making videos on WMM is a big hobby for me, and I really don't want to have to give it up because of this.

Also - sorry if you ask anything about my system or something and I either say I don't know or I'm very vague - I'm kind of clueless about it. <:P

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Windows Movie Maker green bar problem - no solutions are working

like this?
Windows Movie Maker: Fix The Half Green Bar Problem In The Movie Made
some old devices like tv cards or video cards with tv output used to be very fussy on driver versions causing problems with macrovision (green screen or green strip in middle of image) something else you may want to look into, update and clean out old drivers etc.

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I have had this new laptop for about a month. It's a gaming laptop and I've had no problems until today. Startup which usually takes about 20 seconds from power on to all startup programs functional, now takes 3 minutes with desktop items taking a long time to display.

Upon completion of startup, chrome browser still takes several seconds to open when previously it was instantaneous. New webpages take 20-30 seconds to open when shows a download speed of 31mbps.

Simply opening a program or an Adobe document takes way too long, with the blue spinning circle icon all too present in the simplest of tasks.

I downloaded AVG Free and ran a full scan which reported clean bill of health. I then bought AVG PC Tune Up. I have cleaned the registry, defraged the registry, optimized start up and shutdown, and defraged the hard drive.

I know this is a common problem but with many different causes, which is why I thought to start a new thread. When I ran an Event Log it came up with a lot of Warnings and Critical which I know nothing about. Thanks very much, if someone could please let me know what I should do next. Really don't want to do a clean install if possible.

I attached a .txt of the event log if this helps.

Answer:Windows 7 Home Premium Suddenly Running Very Slowly

Scan for both malware and spyware. For spyware use a program called superantispyware; download, install and run the program at the following link:

SUPERAntiSpyware - Downloading File

also; scan for malware using malwarebytes:
Malwarebytes : Thank you for download Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

Also; you might want to defrag the hard drive if it has not been done in awhile: start, programs, accessories, system tools, defragmenter

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For almost six years now most of the time when 'save picture' is selected, jpeg was the first option & bmp the second. Since yesterday png is first with bmp second. No option for jpg.

Issue started after deleting many gb's of old Norton 360 backup (N360_Backup) files.  All temp internet files cleared daily. 

Work around using paint is time consuming & a PITA.  Something tells  me there is a way to  reinstate the original option, just not being addressed by the right people.

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Hi everyone, A couple of days ago my laptop started to boot longer than it used to for the last six months. I have spent the last days searching for a solution and followed advices I have found. The boot time before the problem appeared was about 57 seconds, now it takes 120 seconds to boot up. I haven't installed any programs recently nor did I change anything in the autostart. What I did however, is upgraded Windows Defender and Live 2011 programs (10.23.2010). I uninstalled that upgrade (was only one with a matching date) but no improvement what so ever. I tried booting in diagnostic mode but with anti-virus program running and the computer booted like it used to in the good ol' days. Not sure what to do now... Any help would be really appreciated. Laptop: Acer Aspire 5740G Intel Core i5 430M 2.26 GHz ATI Radeon HD 5470M 4 GB RAM Avast! FREE Cheers

Answer:Windows 7 Home Premium - suddenly boots longer

Follow instructions and this will help you diagnose
How to troubleshoot a problem by performing a clean boot in Windows Vista or in Windows 7

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This happened suddenly a week or two ago.. after having this laptop for 4 years. Tried running Malwarebytes, Antivirus thinking it could be a virus. Am having no luck getting rid of this erroneous display. Can it be fixed without reinstalling OS (Which was bundled with machine and therefore would be years out of date? Thank you for any help or advise that will help to clear up this error. -Steve

Answer:Vista Home Premium suddenly reports Windows Not Genuine

When it asks you to input a product key you can type in the key on the underside of the laptop on the Vista sticker.

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I came home to and found my mother upset because her Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit laptop had suddenly become extremely slow. She had tried shutting it down, but it isn't shutting down right. THe task bar and icons disappear, but the background stays and it just stays there, like it was in a coma. So I had t restart it with the start button. It booted up in a reasonable time, and I was able to bring up task manager, but then everything slowed way way down. Chrome was basically frozen, as was every other program. I can only run the thing in safe mode.
I'm kind of tech savvy, ran a system restore and chkdsk/r. She ran antivirus programs. Nothing helped. I checked to see if she had any recent downloads. She said she hadn't and she doesnt visit many 'dangerous' websites. I'm kind of out of options, so I turn to you.

Answer:Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit Suddenly extremely slow, wont shut down

Welcome to the forums!

Well, first thing I would do for sure is run Malwarebytes and SuperAntiSpyware. Then a deep scan with your A/V. Even if she did it already, do them again so you KNOW. I would also recommend using Malwarebytes anti-rootkit. Its still in Beta but I've been using it since it came out with no problems. (A run with Ccleaner wouldn't hurt either)

After that run a sfc/scannow to check and repair corrupted system files. Heres a link to a tutorial if you haven't done that before :SFC /SCANNOW Command - System File Checker

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I have recently stumbled across a problem with regards to Windows Live Movie maker. This is on windows 7.

The problem is, that every time I try to save a movie, it almost completes the saving process - then indefinitely hangs at 99% complete and will not finish the movie, no matter what. Usually, it results in force closing, and losing all of my progress.

Any help would be appreciated.

edit: don't worry, it's just done it.

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I'm just wondering, why is it when I trim a video in either one of these programs, and then go and play the video back, the audio works but the video is a blank black screen??? The video worked fine before it was trimmed/altered...very frustrating...

Sorry just read the rules....
Vista Home Premium...Dell Inspirion 1525...Intel Premium CPU t3200 @ 2Ghz

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how i add a file that i made from windows movie maker in the movie factory wheni try to pen it says file mismatch

And another question can anybody tell me how to speed up the burnin process with moviefactory ,, i know it goes to 1X to 16X speed says mine was wriong at like 6.4 speed

Answer:Solved: burning a windows movie maker file to ulead movie factor 4.0

??????anybody know

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Using Windows Live Movie Maker you can create a good looking videos by making use of your digital Video clips or Photos and publish it on the web to share among your family,friends or even the whole world .
Windows Live Movie Maker wave 4 offers you various built-in settings that you can choose from when you?re ready to save your movie. But you can also save your movie with a custom setting you create. This lets you save your movie at a quality level and size that meets your specific needs and believe me creating a Custom setting is a very easy process. How it works
1. Download and Install Windows Live Wave 4
2. Run Windows Live Movie Maker from Start ?> Program files ?> Windows Live
3. After launch of Windows Live Movie Maker, Add some Videos or Photos and create your beautiful memories using tools provided
4. After everything done, now its time to saving your videos using custom setting
5. Click on the Home tab, in the Sharing group, click Save movie, and then click Create custom setting.
6. To create a new custom setting that?s based on an existing setting, click the Setting list, and then choose an existing setting.
7. Enter the Name of your new setting in the Name Box
8. Enter the values for your Video resolutions in Width and Height Field. * It always better to use same size as of the source video size.
9. Enter the Bit rate for your project in Bite Rate Box. (The Bit rate of a movie is the key to the quality of the audio and video of that ... Read more

Answer:Using Custom Setting to save movie in Windows Live Movie Maker

I'll probably just stick with the default settings most of the time but it's good to know. Most people probably won't really need this though, the presets are fine most of the time.

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When I go to publish a movie I have made in WMM, the bottom half of the screen is green.

I found this helpful article:

But when I un-tick the "X-vid" option in WMM, the movie still publishes with a green bar. Can anyone help?

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I'm working on a joke movie as a birthday present for a friend. Unfortunately, I seem to have a problem. I'm composing a movie using something like 30-35 AVI clips, 2 BMPs, and 3 music clips (2 MP3, 1 OGG). Anyway, I've get everything all set up, the clips are strung together, I've got credits, titles, the whole shebang, but when I try to save it to my PC, it gets everywhere from 39% to 54% before seeming to stop and the time just keeps increasing. The finished movie will be something like 94 MB, and it's over 11 minutes long. Does anyone know of a way to get around this seemingly endless wait time for my movie to finish saving?


Answer:Solved: Windows Movie Maker: Never Ending Movie Creation

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Hello!I recently tried editing and compiling video clips to make it into one short movie.There seemed to be no problem until when I finally pushed the 'publish movie' button,and when the movie was completed.When I opened the movie, the screen was split into two and the bottom part of the screen appearedas green... (I attached jpg file of how it looks...)Please help me with this problem.What should I do in order to make it into full screen just as it appears on the screen on the right of the movie maker program?Thank you very much in advance!![attachment deleted by admin]

Answer:When I publish a movie with Windows Movie Maker, the screen becomes split!!!

I had very same problem. This helped me:

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I have a valid .wmv file that I need to put into a movie maker project. It plays fine in media player.

When I attempt to import it into a project, I receive a message, saying that
<blockquote>The file C:\Documents and Settings\...\My Videos\russian.wmv is not indexed and cannot be imported.</blockquote>

I have verified that the indexing service is turned on, and even left my computer idle for extended periods, because my settings for the indexing service say that indexing occurs during idle periods.

I have the file set to allow itself to be indexed.

I am not sure whatelse to do. The only other strange behavior which I cannot explain is that fact that when I view my videos folder in thumbnail view, only this .wmv does not get a thumbnail. I am not sure exactly what to do. Any help is appreciated!

I am running windows xp home sp1, with all current patches installed...1.9 ghz pentium 4, 512 mb of ram, also logged in under and administrator account.

Answer:(Resolved) windows movie maker 2 - movie file not indexed?

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So my windows movie maker 2007 wont save my edited video that took me a long time to edit to my computer. I Need to save it on my computer in order to upload it on youtube. All My files were converted into wm

It will start saving and after 10% it says your movie was not successfully saved...
Please verify the original source files in your movie are still availablethe saving location is available and there is enough free disk space

Please help me thanks A lot

Answer:Windows Movie Maker wont let me save The Movie File

Hi and welcome to TSF see if the suggestions here can help How do I use custom settings to save videos? - Custom settings

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I have files I have uploaded from my handycam they are in Mpeg. How can I convert them into PAL mpeg-2 so that I can burn onto disk so that they can be viwed on a DVD player please?

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Hi! everyone I have same problem with the rest I read on the post but I could not find any solution, suggestion with the problem I mention above before my WMM is working fine and I can publish, later this week I am making on my video, editing and everything is finish but when I go to the publish button it freeze and just hang up, for many times I do it, it result same problem, I read through and through with the post thread but I couldn't find any clear solution, suggestion to my problem is there anyone who have a kind heart to help me this problem.

Below are additional info about the problem:

Problem name: APPCRASH
Application name: moviemk.exe
Application version: 6.0.6000.16386
Application time stamp: 4549b5b6
Fault module name: ntdll.dll
Fault module version: 6.0.6000.16386
Fault module time stamp: 4549bdc9
Exception offset: 00062086
Exception code: C0000005
OS version : 6.0.6000.
Locale ID: 1033



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I have files I have uploaded from my handycam they are in Mpeg. How can I convert them into PAL mpeg-2 so that I can burn onto disk so that they can be viwed on a DVD player please?

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hi, so i have created two short(2-3minute) movies on wmm 2.6.. the second one i have just created has taken a while to finish and when i go to save the movie as a movie file to play back, it saves the file, but when i go to open the file, it has only saved half of my movie! i have tried to save it as a different file, but it still only saves half of the movie... please help! this is very frustrating!

Answer:Windows Movie maker 2.6 not saving full movie!

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(Note: I don't mean saving the project file)

Okay, so. My friend's the one who's actually having this trouble, and I thought I'd help her out. So, I have all the files--including the project file she used--on my machine. I got the exact same message that she did--the message in question:
When she told me this problem, I'd assumed it was her PC. Yet, I've gotten the exact same error on my machine. Now, number one: I have all the source files. Number two: I have well over 300 GB of space, and 4 gigs of RAM. Yet, the video will not save, regardless of what I try. I've loaded in every missing file associated with it, and I've run the entire video through the preview--perfectly.

Now... I have two things that I'd like to ask: number one, is there a way to either force WMM to save it to a video file? And two: is there another video-editing program that will allow me to use a WMM project file, or that will allow me to convert a .mswmm [WMM] project file to a project file for their system?

(I know, I probably shouldn't have volunteered to help, but I couldn't help it. So, if anyone can help me out here, ANY assistance would be greatly appreciated.)

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I am trying to save my Windows Movie Maker project to a Movie File and it has been saving my movie file since last night with over 1 MILLION minutes remaining at 0% completed. Does this ever actually get to a point where it will start to save it or should I cancel out and then select a different type of file to save other then the recommended "best for computer playback" option. Please help!!!!

Answer:Problem Saving Movie in Windows Movie Maker

I don't know what's wrong with it. All I know is,, it's NOT normal that the remianing time is 1 million minutes over night. No! I'd def. cancel it once. Then, I'd save the project, restart the comp, open the saved project, and give just one more try with the same output setting, but I'd only wait for 30 seconds to 1 minute at longest to see if the remainig time starts going down. If that doesn't work, i'd cancel, and change the output setting. maybe you don't have a codec necessary to encode whatever output format you chose. If you change the output, then, it may work..

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When I try to save the project as a movie File, in opposed to a project file as it is already saved as,
It says

"verify that the original source files used in your movie are still available, that the saving location is still available, and that there is enough free disk space available".

Yes, I have it saved as a project first
No, i didn't change any of the source file names
Yes, I have enough disk space, (I have 16 Gigs free and it's a 23 meg file.)
Yes, I've tried saving in smaller size
I'm On Windows Xp,
I'm on windows movie maker 2.0 XP

So what's the problem and how can I save it or convert it to a normal mpeg either making windows movie maker work, or using some free coverter
because I cannot make my windows movie maker save
exactly what happens is it will get to the save screen
ill do the name quality etc.
it will get to the saving part
the bar will not move
and a second later the message Pops up.


Answer:Windows Movie Maker Won't save my Project as a Movie. Help?

Same thing happening to me, apparently you may need a codec pack...

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Windows Movie Maker cannot save the movie to the specified location. Verify that the source files used in your movie are still available, that saving location is still available and that there is enough free disk space available, and then try again.

This error is driving me nuts.

Not matter what drive I select, no matter what files I use as a source, I STILL GET THIS ERROR.

I have 2 hard drives, one with 35 gigs free space, the other with 90 gigs of free space. I have 2 gigs of RAM. AMD 64 3700+ processor.

It doesn't matter if I load a picture from C:\, an mp3 from E:\ or anything else. I will always get this error message, and all I'm trying to create is a 5 mb video file. Anyone know what the hell is going on here?

Using WinXP Sp2.

Answer:Windows Movie Maker cannot save the movie to the specified location.

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Whenever I try to export my .mswmm file in Movie Maker to a .wmv video file through File>Save Video File, it can't continue, and displays:


WMM cannot save the movie to the specified location. Verify that the original source files used in your movie are still available, that the saving location is still available, and that there is enough free disk space available, then try again.

I don't know why it won't export though. I manually checked all my source files to make sure they weren't missing or broken, and the two drives I tried to save the movie to had far more than enough space. I don't know what is the problem.

The only thing that might cause the error may be that I use some AVI and MPEG-1 movie files in there with codecs (from the K-Lite pack) that trigger ffdshow encoder icons in the taskbar.

Anyone know what's the problem?

Answer:[SOLVED] Movie in Windows Movie Maker won't export

Perhaps this site will be of some use:

Also this forum have top expertise when Windows Movie Maker is involved:

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I am extremely frustrated with movie maker! I have created nearly a 20 minute film of my holiday a couple weeks ago and it wont save after hours and hours of editing.

I have made several long videos using movie maker in the past and have had no trouble!

It gets to about 20% saved and then stops and tells me that my files are missing and I must remove the unusable items and try again! But none of the files are corrupt or unusable and all work fine, they aren't missing either as I have not moved them from the folder they have been in since I started the project!

If anybody has any advise or knows how to fix the problem I am having I would be highly grateful as I have many people depending on me to have this video done! Thanks!

Answer:HELP I Can't Save My Movie In Windows Live Movie Maker

Hi and Welcome to TSF!

What are you naming the project? For example "Christmas Video 2014.mp4".

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Good day ALL,

I am able to edit the divx file using the program but crashes whenever I try to publish it.

I have vista codec pack 4.4.0 installed and I am using Nvidia Geforce 6200.

Btw I do not have nero installed.

Hope you guys and can help me out on this.

Thanks in advance!

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This is my first post on this site and I hope someone out there can help. I have old home movies (Super 8) that have been put on a DVD. I have an Asus laptop running with MS Windows 8. The movies play perfectly on my computer but I want to edit and add audio on Movie Maker. When I try to import into MM I get an empty box with an exclamation point !....error 0xc946002c....something about the codec not being recognized. I have made commercial videos, familiar with some (free) audio and video editing software, I've just never run into this problem before. Thank you in advance for your help.

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 8.1 with Bing, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU N2830 @ 2.16GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 55 Stepping 8
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 3982 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics, -2040 Mb
Hard Drives: C: 444 GB (381 GB Free);
Motherboard: ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC., X551MA
Antivirus: None

Answer:Transferring movie DVD to Windows Live Movie Maker

Go get a free copy of Handbrake.
Then rip the DVD >>>

But W8 does not have a DVD maker to go with Movie Maker.

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how can i enable a movie i am currently editing in windows 7 to be able to edit it on a windows 2012? 

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OS is Vista Home Premium. I'm using Windows Movie Maker to edit home videos (add music, shorten videos) in attempt to make DVD. When I try to use Windows DVD Maker to create a DVD it stalls during "encoding". I've tried to make a DVD using the same videos with just Windows DVD Maker - it worked. I then tried to use the same videos in Movie Maker (un-edited) and then make DVD with Windows DVD Maker - it worked. It seems to be some type of encoding issue. How can I solve this issue?

Answer:Windows Movie Maker to DVD Maker mess

If it is working with unedited files it may be a problem with the audio(music) files and their encoding. Try with some other music files from a different source and see if that allows you to burn.
You could try downloading and installing GSpot 2.70a an analysis tool, usually used for video analysis, but will analyse audio as well. Once installed open it and open your music file in it. On the LHS panel it will tell you which audio codec is needed to encode/decode your file and if you have the correct codec on your computer.
The K-Lite codec pack (link in my signature) has a number of audio and video codecs bundled and may be worth installing.

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My os is not working anymore, not working as in it takes forver to open anything, and it cannot be shut down through windows, had to press the power button to shut it down. This doesn't occur when I am using it in safe mode. I am able to post this because I installed ubuntu as an alternative os, long time ago ( just to use the open office, hehe). The only possible cause I can think of is that I accidentally cut the power by unplugging the adapter few days ago. After the incident, the fan is running very loud every time I turn on the laptop. Is there any way to fix this?? I am using dell studio 1557 (shit product). Thanks.

Answer:Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit is not working . Need help, please.

Quote: Originally Posted by broccolee90210

My os is not working anymore, not working as in it takes forver to open anything, and it cannot be shut down through windows, had to press the power button to shut it down. This doesn't occur when I am using it in safe mode. I am able to post this because I installed ubuntu as an alternative os, long time ago ( just to use the open office, hehe). The only possible cause I can think of is that I accidentally cut the power by unplugging the adapter few days ago. After the incident, the fan is running very loud every time I turn on the laptop. Is there any way to fix this?? I am using dell studio 1557 (sh**product). Thanks.

Do you have a backup from before the problem started?

Do you have a win 7 dvd, or the restore dvd that came with win 7?

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Hello guys

I have a problem with my new laptop since Monday.

The laptop was working perfectly since bought just before Christmas. On Monday explorer was very slow and I couldn't close it through Task Manager so I restart the laptop manually and since then windows didn't want to start. It was stopping on the user login page, however the log in option was not showing. The disk light was switched off after few minutes. So I put in recovery disk, however it was unable to recover. It was doing exactly the same thing as before.

Then I used the windows installation disk. Started with recovering but didn't work and then with installation.

During installation following error was shown:

The file or directory D:\Users is corrupt and unreadable. Please run the Chkdisk utility.

Then followed when pressed OK with error code: 0x80070570.

When turning on the laptop without the CD, the message saying that the device is not connected to my computer.
File: \Boot\BCD
status: 0xc00000e9

But I think this message is showing because in the advance options I changed in BOOT to star with CD not with hard drive.

Can you please tell me how to perform Chkdisk?

And the steps I should follow to ensure that everything will be fine and I will be able to use this laptop again.

Really appreciate your help.


My laptop specifications:

Samsung RV510-A02
Windows 7 Home Premium 64b
VRAM: Shared
Memory: 3GB
HDD: 320GB
ODD: Super Multi Dual Layer (SATA)

Answer:Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit not working

Do you have a Recovery Disk?

If not using another Computer Make a recovery Disk and then boot into the Disk

See System Repair Disc - Create For More Information

After that Boot Into the Disk and then Attempt a Startup Repair if that Fails then please open Command Prompt and enter the Following:

bootrec.exe /fixboot

And then press enter after that enter

bootrec.exe /fixmbr
Hope This Helps,

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I created a short small movie (just under 11MB) in WMM. I imported a youtube clip that I converted from FLV to WMV. I also added a soundtrack (MP3). The only other aspects of the design were some subtitles. No real special effects to speak of.

When I try to save the movie it stops at 75%. It tells me that I have one of three problems:
-not enough memory in destination file (I know I am ok here)
-make sure original source files are available (WHAT IS THIS?)
-saving location is available (it is).

I am trying to save it for use on my computer. I actually want to use it for a meeting I am doing and project it on a screen.

What am I doing wrong?

Answer:Saving a movie in Windows Movie Maker

Your second point - "Make sure original source files are available" - You should be okay in this part too since you're able to start saving, which means the files you are using are located in your computer.

That means you're 3 for 3 and you should not be experiencing any problems at all, which means the problem lies elsewhere.

Need more to go on.

Try using a WMA file instead of MP3 and see if that works for you.

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how do i Compress a file with windows movie maker ?

Answer:compress movie-windows movie maker

Hello Jon,
Under Movie Tasks select Finish Movie then click on Save to My Computer.
From the drop down menu select the size you require.

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I know, I know, it's an old problem (judging by the number of hits you get when you google this), but my experience tells me that people on here are much more reliable and INTERESTED than your average MicroSoft 'helper'.

I'm operating XP Pro because I like it! I will not be persuaded to move onto Windows 8 (or above) because my wife has Windows 8 and I find it extremely frustrating to work with it.

I'm busy at the moment archiving my musical life of 50 odd years and I have a load of videos that I want to strip down into single song clips. I've been using VideoPad to date, but it takes an AGE to save a single song clip (typically 25 to 30 minutes for a 4-minute clip), so I thought I'd try WMM.

It all seemed to be too easy at first. The Start and Finish clip controls are easier to manipulate and since I'm using WMV files, it seemed logical to try out WMM. Everything went well until it came to saving a 'movie'. The process starts fine, but then just quits and I'm told that 'WMM is unable to save the file'. No explanation, no help.

So I went googling and found that, if I installed Service Pack 3 for XP, I'd get the latest WMM (with the inference that this would solve my problem). Well, what do you know? It didn't. I've since tried different settings for the process, but still no joy.

Any help (including suggestions of better - and free! - video editors) will be extremely welcome.

Answer:Windows Movie Maker won't save movie

Have you seen this page of possible reasons why the movie can't be saved?

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Good morning,

i'm editing a custom video of images synced with music track however, when i try to click anywhere within the middle of the full video editing, it automatically desyncs the music by 2 seconds further than where the images should be lined up with.

Playing from start, it has the first 6 box frames lined up perfectly with the song hitting a key point of 16.80 seconds.

but when ever i try to make an edit in the middle of it, for some odd reason the music plays at 18.60.

it is very bothersome to try and edit this entire piece without having to relisten the whole entire track over and over.

can someone help me find out why this is breaking up the sync? i need to get this project done for presentation and i cannot waste more time by rewatching it from beginning repeatedly just to make a few edits.

thank you.

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I have a Windows XP from HP here, and I've downloaded the latest version of Windows Movie Maker, and make a movie with it from clips and pictures and such, now comes the time to finalize the movie, but I can can't for some reason, the computer won't let me! Under "Finish Movie" I click "Save to my computer" and then I choose a directory and a name for the file, I click next, choose a quality (I've tried just about all of them none of them work) and then I click next again, the "Saving movie, your movie is being saved" screen comes up for about a second then is changed to : "Windows Movie Maker cannot save the movie to the specified location. Verify that the original source files used in your movie are still avalible, that the saving location is still avilable, and that there is enough free space available, and then try again"

Ok, well I've tried to save it to my desktop, My Movies, a folder anywhere as well as an external drive and none of those work, and all the source files are availble, if one isn't a different message comes up, so I don't think that's the problem and I have 90GB left on this hard drive! What is wrong?!?!?!

Answer:Windows Movie Maker: Cannot Finalize Movie

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I have tried downloading converters and codecs and movie maker will add the file to the timeline. The problem is when i try to save it. It will go through the first the steps of the saving process until it actually starts to save the file. a message pops up saying, " windows media file cannotsave the movie to the specified location. verify that the original source files used in your movie are still available, that the saving location is still available, and that there is enough free disk space available, and then try again." I MEAN, WHAT THE HECK! I have plenty of room on my hard drive and even when i try to use a usb it still says that when i have nthing on the usb! i swear i want to strangle this program... I upload my videos on my mom's computer that has windows 7 and windows LIVE movie maker and it saves fine, but i don't understand why windows movie maker on xp has to be so darn complicated! please respond A.S.A.P please(: THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Answer:Windows Movie Maker won't save movie...

try this: Windows Movie Maker cannot publish the movie to the specified location - Microsoft Answers

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I'm Using Windows 10, not Windows 7 or 8.1. I've added several pictures and some music to my movie. I want to add narration on top of it. It seems to be recording, but when I play it back, I only hear the music. Also, there's no sound waves shown on the
narration audio, which tells me that either the microphone isn't ON or it's volume is too low. I've tried boosting the microphone's audio, to no avail. I don't know what the problem is, but I'm NOT getting any audio. Can anyone help?

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I worked for hours on a video, but windows movie maker won't let me save it. I had the files in a WMV format and took them straight off of a flash drive to edit in the program. I've checked that I have enough memory on my computer, and I just don't know what else to do!

Answer:PLEASE HELP Windows Movie Maker won't save my movie

Hi and Welcome to TSF!

Are you running Windows Movie Maker 2011 or 2012? Can you Save As.. any time of file? How big is the Movie?

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Hi, I purchased this from ebay

eBay Australia: Buy new & used fashion, electronics & home d

and can't get it to work on my pc. It keeps saying cannot work on my OS. I have Windows 7 Home Premium.

Seller advised disabling my anti-viruses but it still won't work and they have not returned my latest query.

Can anyone help please?

Answer:TV USB digital not working with Windows 7 Home Premium

Welcome to the forum,

That looks pretty shaky on whether that will work, you can try Compatibility Mode

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I got a new computer yesterday and I noticed that the Aero theme is not working, there is no transparency and everything looks different than what it used to look like on my old pc with the same system.
Also, everytime I launch the PC, I get a popup which states: "Desktop window manager stopped working and was closed".
Here's what I tried to do so far:
-I updated my GPU drivers
-I tried to restart the desktop window manager in services.msc
-Troubleshooting in the personalize window
-In preferences I chose the system to adjust for best apperance
-I used the sfc /scannow command in cmd, after the scan it said that it detected broken files but was unable to fix them all, I added the log as a .rar attachment.
Thanks in advance!

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Recently upgraded from Windows XP to Windows 7 HP 64 Bit. Microphone was working fine before I upgraded the OS. Also I've noticed my previously working IDT Audio Control Panel is now missing, tried to re-install but to no avail. Currently in the Device Manager, the Audio Device is High Definition Audio Device. Also, under Sound, Recording, Microphone is not plugged in. I have already checked 'Show disconnected/disabled devices'. My speakers are working fine, just the microphone. It is plugged into the 3.5mm pink jack, I do not have any front microphone jacks. Have also tried to update the drivers but no changes.

I suppose installing an Audio Device Manager and identifying the devices according to the ports will work, but none of these audio managers like RealTek or IDT work for me, which I am not sure why.

Motherboard: Intel D946GZIS

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


Answer:Microphone not working on Windows 7 Home Premium 64 Bit.

The IDT (previously called SigmaTel) drivers are needed. The Windows installed HD Audio Codec are a basic function driver and will provide sound, but depending on the hardware sound chip may not provide all functions.

Here is the IDT driver from the Intel downloads. Install this and see if fixes the problems.*&DownloadType=

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i have an acer aspire 5551, in the middle of wiping my system, my battery died, and now when i turn my laptop on its asking for me to use a windows istallation disk, which i dont have as it didnt come with one, how do i fix this or by pass it? please help

Answer:windows 7 home premium lapop not working right

Hi and welcome to TSF contact Acer for recovery discs there will be a small charge

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Dear ALL

Please note the i am using a windows 7 home premium OS adn using PDF creator 1.3.0 Version but i am unable to generate PDF through PDF creator

Can someone help me with the setting of the same as it working fine with Windows 7 Professional version.

Answer:PDF creator not working with Windows 7 Home Premium

Try downloading 1.4.1

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I'm in a similar situation as this guy:

except when I boot up my disk, I only get to the 2nd step:

2) Progress Bar:
The next screen is a more graphical progress bar indicating Windows 7 is still working in the background.

it wont go past this screen.

The same thing happens when I boot it up normally(without the disk for windows 7 home premium), only with the disk in it has the windows 7 rather than the vista look.

Does anyone know what is causing this problem?

Answer:Solved: Replacing windows vista home premium with windows 7 home premium

You've got this thread started too

Is that one now solved too? You've marked this one solved, could you explain how you solved it in case others need to solve the same problem sometime in the future?



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Hi Guys,

I had a virus and so had to re-install windows 7 home premium in my laptop. Now, internet is not working. I went to device manager. There, I see a node called 'Other devices' under which 3 items appear.

This is what I see.

Other devices
-Network controller
-PCI simple communications controller
-Unknown device

In their properties, therer is a similar message - Drivers for this device are not installed (Code 28)

I have Dell drivers DVD that I purchased along with the laptop. But, I don't know which drivers to install. Can someone please help?


Answer:Internet not working after re-installing windows 7 home premium

Hi Guys,

I made some progress. I went to properties of each of the items and clicked on 'update driver' button. In the new window, I selected to search from my c:/ drive. This installed both 'Network controller' and 'PCI simple communications controller'. But the third missing driver for 'Unknown device' is still an issue.

Please suggest..


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Ok so it is a small thing but I was wondering if anyone could help.

Everytime I am searching around on the internet and find a video that would normally play in windows media player (only inside of Internet Explorer) I get a connection failure saying there is something wrong with my connection. No video ever comes up. But here is the kicker.... If I right click the link and go save as and download it I can play it in Windows media player. Any ideas on why in Windows Vista I can't play videos inside Internet Explorer itself and why I have to download the video instead. And I am not talking about huge videos either just small clips like film previews or something of that nature.

Thanks to whomever helps!

EJ Gonzales

Answer:Videos not working in IE7 and Windows Vista Home Premium

Do you have the most current version of Media Player installed? You can get it here:

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I am having a couple issues with my operating system. Hopefully you guys can help. My son oses another account and mostly for games and downloads we are not always sure what. recently whenever we open IE the system will ask if we want to continue working off line. we have to go the tools button and uncheck work offline. This is a worry and I am wondering if there are any registry issues. Here are the posts you wanted. When I ran GMER it said that nothing was altered.

DS (Ver_2011-08-26.01) - NTFSAMD64
Internet Explorer: 8.0.7601.17514 BrowserJavaVersion: 10.7.2
Run by Debbie at 7:18:32 on 2012-09-12
Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium 6.1.7601.1.1252.1.1033.18.5887.2532 [GMT -5:00]
AV: GFI Software VIPRE *Enabled/Updated* {445B48C3-0FA4-6B16-8F07-6506F305D800}
SP: GFI Software VIPRE *Enabled/Updated* {FF3AA927-299E-6498-B5B7-5E74888292BD}
SP: Windows Defender *Disabled/Outdated* {D68DDC3A-831F-4fae-9E44-DA132C1ACF46}
FW: GFI Software VIPRE *Enabled* {7C60C9E6-45CB-6A4E-A458-CC330DD69F7B}
============== Running Processes ===============
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k DcomLaunch
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k RPCSS
C:\Windows\System32\svchost.exe -k LocalServiceNetworkRestricted
C:\Windows\System32\svchost.exe -k LocalSystemNetworkRestricted
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k netsvcs
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k LocalService
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k NetworkS... Read more

Answer:Solved: windows home premium working offline

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My Windows Update and Windows Defender are no longer working. I cannot get updates automatically or manually. This problen began in June so I am concerned. I have tried many of the solutions offered,but to no avail. The "Windows Update Troubleshooter"
offered by microsoft does not work either; I get an error message,something about a CAB file. I would appreciate any help offered towards solving this issue. Thanks.

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Tried up dating Vista numerous occasions over the last few months but to no avail. I now have a little time to address this issue.
The windows update status in services is always "starting"! never gets to started.
I have run the Fix It and no detrimental results shown.
I have run Farbar and below are the results.
Farbar Service Scanner Version: 04-08-2013
Ran by James (administrator) on 12-08-2013 at 12:48:49
Running from "C:\Users\James\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\EQ615UYS"
Microsoft® Windows Vista™ Home Premium Service Pack 2 (X64)
Boot Mode: Normal
Internet Services:
Connection Status:
Localhost is accessible.
LAN connected.
Google IP is accessible. is accessible. is accessible.

Windows Firewall:
Firewall Disabled Policy:

System Restore:
System Restore Disabled Policy:

Security Center:

Windows Update:
wuauserv Service is not running. Checking service configuration:
The start type of wuauserv service is OK.
The ImagePath of wuauserv service is OK.
The ServiceDll of wuauserv: "C:\Windows\system32\wuaueng.dll".

Windows Autoupdate Disabled Policy:

Windows Defender:
WinDefend Service is not running. Checking service configuration:
The start type of W... Read more

Answer:Windows update not working in Vista Home Premium SP2

Have you tried running Windows Repair (All in one)?  you can find it under the download tab at the home page

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I meet all the specs for windwos vista Aero. I used to have it but now when i look under control panel, appearance and personalization, and it takes to a box, and i look at windows color scheme, and it doesnt have windows vista aero on it. How do i get aero back?

Answer:Windows Vista Home Premium Aero Not Working

Hi Buddy,

This any good?

Aero Glass Transparency

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I'm having issues in running windows update in my home premium 64 bit. I recently changed my hard disk it got crashed. Installed win 7 and activated windows using the key. I ran the update and installed many updated till yesterday. From today I'm facing the issues. I installed a few driver related to my laptop.

Diagnostic Report (1.9.0027.0):
Windows Validation Data-->

Validation Code: 0x8004FE21
Cached Online Validation Code: 0x0
Windows Product Key: *****-*****-3Q7Q4-R24G6-D223W
Windows Product Key Hash: MJQwtHCP/unNgqbCX60QqdgIUq0=
Windows Product ID: 00359-OEM-9807121-62452
Windows Product ID Type: 8
Windows License Type: COA SLP
Windows OS version: 6.1.7600.2.00010300.0.0.003
ID: {20E32E10-68BB-4546-9CF9-A28F379ED544}(3)
Is Admin: Yes
TestCab: 0x0
LegitcheckControl ActiveX: N/A, hr = 0x80070002
Signed By: N/A, hr = 0x80070002
Product Name: Windows 7 Home Premium
Architecture: 0x00000009
Build lab: 7600.win7_gdr.130318-1532
TTS Error:
Validation Diagnostic:
Resolution Status: N/A

Vista WgaER Data-->
ThreatID(s): N/A, hr = 0x80070002
Version: N/A, hr = 0x80070002

Windows XP Notifications Data-->
Cached Result: N/A, hr = 0x80070002
File Exists: No
Version: N/A, hr = 0x80070002
WgaTray.exe Signed By: N/A, hr = 0x80070002
WgaLogon.dll Signed By: N/A, hr = 0x80070002

OGA Notifications Data-->
Cached Result: N/A, hr = 0x80070002
Version: N/A, hr = 0x80070002
OGAExec.exe Signed By: N/A, hr = 0x80070002
... Read more

Answer:Windows Update not working in Home premium 64bit

This may simply be caused by a bad set of Intel Rapid Storage Technology drivers -

Installing the Intel Rapid Storage Drivers
try downloading and installing them from here -

(you want the iata_enu.exe download)

Once complete, please reboot twice, then post another MGADiag report.

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My Windows Update and Windows Defender are no longer working. I cannot get updates automatically or manually. This problen began in June so I am concerned. I have tried many of the solutions offered,but to no avail. The "Windows Update Troubleshooter"
offered by microsoft does not work either; I get an error message,something about a CAB file. I would appreciate any help offered towards solving this issue. Thanks.

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I haven't received any security updates or any for that matter for my windows home premium since October of 2016 please help

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i have tried many ties instaling the video card driver from the lenovo support site for my v570, after install and reboot , blue dump screen appears and i've to restore the windows. so far i'm running without the vga driver. someone pls help to resolve this issue

Answer:v570 video driver not working with windows 7 home premium 64 bit

I have been battling with this issue as well for several weeks now. I have gone as far as to try Windows 7 professional 64-bit, downloading the driver from numerous locations, reformatting the computer several times, and attempting to install it on an SSD as well as a standard hard drive. I finally decided to call Lenovo and just got off the phone with them... At first, the representative advised me that it was because I installed Windows professional 64-bit instead of the home premium version that came with the computer. I advised them that I was not willing to except that answer and that I disagreed with it (not to mention that at one point had it up and running with Windows 7 64-bit professional). The following response that I was given is to pay either $179 for ongoing support or to pay $90 for a one-time support issue. This is unbelievably frustrating the computer is not even six months old, I have never run into issues like this before, and let's just say this isn't my first barbecue so I know what I'm doing. Simply out of principle, I am now considering getting rid of this thing and going back to Asus... So tired of dealing with this garbage.

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Hi there, Last night when I was speaking to one of my friends on Skype, my touch pad started going beserk. The pointer jumped about the screen whenever I put my finger on the touchpad to move it, it would only keep jumping everywhere. I then decided to restart my computer to see if the problem would be fixed, which only resulted in the touchpad not working at all. I checked for any drivers that may need to be updated, but the thing is- I can't FIND my touchpad driver anywhere! I usually use a USB mouse (which works fine) when I'm working in my room, but if I'm around the house then I usually disconnect the USB mouse. When I tried to update the drivers, it would only give me an error message to say that the touchpad could not be found. However, the "Synaptics Touchpad Enhancements" icon is in my customized taskbar menu, although it hasn't been active. I also tried deactivating/activating the touchpad with FN + F8, but that hadn't fixed the problem either. I can't find any of the materials that came in the box with the laptop, and I'm wondering if I should take it somewhere to be repaired? I'd also like to add that the "clickable" mouse part of the touchpad isn't working either. I'll be fine with a USB mouse for now, but I'd like to find the answer to this problem. Thanks!

Answer:Touchpad not working! Lenovo G530 with Windows 7 Home Premium

download touchpad drivers from here and try to re-install.or/else you can update drivers from directly from here

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This is kind of interesting to me, because I installed Virtual PC 2007 to this Windows 7 Home Premium system a while back and it was running fine. I remember a blat that this is not supported for Windows 7 when I first installed it and got around this by installing using reverse XP compatibility mode. Then ran it with no problems for months.Then about 6 months or longer went by in which i didnt need to test anything in the virtual environments and I needed to test some software last night before using it on a real machine and to my surprise I got a message that Virtual PC 2007 is no longer supported by Windows 7. Tried to get it to run in reverse compatibility mode and it comes up with the blat and closes. Went to Microsofts website hoping they would have a fix for this and sure enough Virtual PC 2007 SP1 is for XP and Vista only!*Thinking that a Windows Update killed off VPC 2007 on this system. Nothing else could explain it breaking like this, when it use to run with no problems.    *Still waiting for the update that tries to kill off my desktop gadgets  Has anyone else hit this problem, and if so is there something better than Virtual PC 2007 out there for free or inexpensively that works with Windows 7 that will mount my already created VHD test environments, and be able to create new ones with just like VPC 2007 or better?

Answer:Virtual PC 2007, no longer working in Windows 7 Home Premium


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Im using a HP notebook with Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit. Gadgets are not working. When me add them they don't display.

Answer:Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit gadget gallery is not working

Hi prabhath and Welcome

Firstly make sure the gadget platform is enabled in control panel\programs and features\windows features.

Also have a look here - Gadgets not Displaying Correctly in Windows 7 - Fix
Its not quite the same problem as yours but the reset may help.

Also this may be of help - Gadgets - Restore Default Gadgets


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A couple of weeks ago the correct password for my PC stopped working and I have no idea why. I have tried many times the correct password (oh trust me it is not a matter of caplocks) and it does not work. I have alot of files on the PC that i really need (pics of vacations, Uni files, music etc).
My laptop is a HP Pavilion g6-2235tx
I dont know if this would be helpful but, whenever I go into the login window the window that appears when you hold down shift for too long appears.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Answer:Correct password for windows 7 Home Premium not working anymore?

User Account - Reset Password in Windows 7

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I have been working on a problem for days. The whole thing is explained in a different thread of mine, no one can figure it out, not the telephone company not the ISP Not tech guys (so far) So I was wondering if someone would do the courtesy of looking this log over for me, another person was concerened about the explorer.EXE since I am having problems with internet (long story 2pages on other thread) so here is the log, someone please let me no asap. thanks

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 12:45:04 PM, on 6/25/2008
Platform: Windows Vista SP1 (WinNT 6.00.1905)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.6001.18000)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Windows Defender\MSASCui.exe
C:\Program Files\Hewlett-Packard\On-Screen OSD Indicator\OSD.exe
C:\Program Files\HP\HP Software Update\hpwuSchd2.exe
C:\Program Files\AVG\AVG8\avgtray.exe
C:\Program Files\Windows Sidebar\sidebar.exe
C:\Program Files\Hewlett-Packard\HP Advisor\HPAdvisor.exe
C:\Program Files\Creative Home\Hallmark Card Studio 2008 Deluxe\Planner\PLNRnote.exe
C:\Program Files\HP\Digital Imaging\bin\hpqtra08.exe
C:\Program Files\HP\Digital Imaging\bin\hpqSTE08.exe
C:\Program Fil... Read more

Answer:Windows Vista home premium -been working on a problem for days-will someone look at t

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I loaded Windows Movie Maker 12 with Windows Essentials.  -This is exactly the same setup I am using on a HP desktop at work with Windows 8.1, but for some reason my C560 keeps giving me a "low memory" warning and will not load a AVI clip.  -Worse, after trying... my whole computer gets glitchy and nothing seems to work properly until I shut it down, and restart it. Quick recap on what I have tried.  Upgraded from 6-gb to 16-gb of RAM.  Increased the size of my Virtual Memory as much as it would let me.  Nothing has made the slightest bit of difference.   

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Hey there, I've seen some of the other posts and I'm having the same problem with my WMM crashing when I try to publish. I have Windows Vista and have made several videos with it before but more recently i'm working on a project with a couple of different avi files and some sound and pictures. Its about 4 minutues and 28 sec long. When I go to publish though the screen turns a translucent white and WMM stops working. The proble details are as follows:

Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
Application Name: MOVIEMK.exe
Application Version: 6.0.6002.18005
Application Timestamp: 49e0238f
Fault Module Name: StackHash_1703
Fault Module Version:
Fault Module Timestamp: 00000000
Exception Code: c0000005
Exception Offset: 08fdbab3
OS Version: 6.0.6002.
Locale ID: 1033
Additional Information 1: 1703
Additional Information 2: 2264db07e74365624c50317d7b856ae9
Additional Information 3: 1344
Additional Information 4: 875fa2ef9d2bdca96466e8af55d1ae6e

I have turned off all the filters in "options" and even wen t through and uninstalled almost all of the unused dvd converters, dvd burning software, audio editing software, etc on my computer. I spent hours editing this video and have no other way of editing it and I'm unfortunately on a time restriction. I would appreciate any and all input, I NEED HELP! Thanks guys.

Answer:Windows vista version of windows movie maker keeps crashing when i go to publish!!

Download Windows Live Movie Maker and give it a try....

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play on my television. used dvd used memorix dvd+r how do I solve this problem

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I do not know if I am posting in the right location.  If not, please forgive me. I am getting ready to launch my own campaign against Microsoft for ruining yet another laptop.I really believe that Microsoft looks into my laptop to determine what it
is that I use the most and when they know they go about destroying the integrity of the programs.After being forced, not my consent, to upgrade to windows 10, my laptop has all kinds of errors.  I do not have time to try and find out how to fix it. 
I have spent hours already trying to figure out how to get my Windows 7 Pro to function as it should.  I purchased this laptop March 2015 brand new because it had Windows 7 Pro and that is what I want to use.I have not tried to reinstall windows yet. 
This is the last resort for me since it is so difficult to get a reliable backup..Please help me to recover from Microsoft's intrusive behavior#1WHEN I REBOOT COMPUTER#2 WHEN TRYING TO OPEN PHOTO GALLERY#3 PHOTO GALLERY#4 Movie Maker#5 WHAT PAINT LOOKS LIKE

<object id="kpm_plugin" type="application/x-KPMPlugin"></object>

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Hi, My Win 7 PC has developed a number of issues recently,which may be related or coincidental.It began a week ago when I booted the comp and recieved a message telling me I may be the victim of counterfeit software,and that my copy of Windows may not be genuine (it is genuine).I've had the machine for over 10 months prior to this,with no such notification! I was able to 'activate' windows via control panel>system & security>system,and thought all was well..until my next reboot,when the comp was 'hanging' for several minutes on a black screen before the welcome/logon screen appeared,then again after logging on,until the desktop became visible. I also realised the was no audio,and the speaker icon was missing from the taskbar.Going into 'services' I could see that the plugandplay,audio endpoint builder and audio services were all stopped,even though they are all set to 'automatic' - once I started those services the audio worked fine,although with no speaker icon. I have to do this at every startup now,which is getting a bit irritating! Finally,I am no longer able to update my Avira AV - I receive a message 'access denied',although my other utilities such as Spybot and Malwarebytes all update correctly.I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling avira,but still cannot update. Any help or suggestions welcome! Thanks in advance.

Answer:Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit,slow boot up and audio service not working.

If tour AV program can't get updates you might be in the wrong forum. That is one sign of an infection trying to protect itself. I'm going to ask a moderator to move your message over to the Am I Infected forum so that you can get the trained help you need to determine the cause of your problem. AND they can solve it too!

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I just did an upgrade from Vista Home Premium 64 to Win 7 Home Premium 64.  After the install, I installed the Halo Lighting.  The install worked ok, but when I go to run it, I get an error "Please Install Driver for Halo Lighting".  I have tried doing a complete uninstall of the software and a reinstall, but I get the same error message.  Any thoughts?  DavidMore information:I found what I think is the driver in device manager.  I think it's the Lenovo icolor Controller.  It's version dated 5/25/2007.  The driver name is C:\Windows\system32\Drivers\setool.sysIt's showing as working, but Halolighting still give the error message to install the driver.

Answer:Y730 upgraded to Windows 7 Home Premium 64. Halo Lighting not working

Does anyone know if Lenovo is working to fix or update their drivers and software for 64bit?

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Hi all
Done a fresh install of Vista Home Premium SP2 on an old Sony Vaio laptop.  After activation I just can't get Windows Update to download anything apart from the latest Windows Update Client There's no error message, just "checking for updates" constantly.   It's been running for over 24 hours now with no progress.
Considering this is a fresh install - any ideas?

Answer:Windows Update not working on fresh Vista Home Premium install

For anyone that's interested the updates have now arrived after almost three full days of checking for updates.  It appears my new ISP gives piss poor connection speeds.

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ok my brother recently built a gaming rig, the only problem is that airo dose not work at all. so the task bar is the horrible gray color. all the graphics drivers are installed and the card (cant recall what it is but will ask him if needed) is windows 7 compatible.

additional info:
intel i5 750 quad core
asuse mobo
8gb ddr3 ram at 1600MHz
1 tb ssd
coolermaster elite 330 case
850w psu
runs all games on highest settings

please help as it looks ugly.

Answer:Windows 7 home premium 64bit Airo not working on custom build....

Well the info you gave is useless. Sorry but we dont need those specs. We need the Graphics Card information and the driver information. Since that item you mention, Aero, is completely controlled by this item.

Troubleshoot problems with Windows Aero

Can try that. Yes i know you said Win7, but it will still work.

Guided Help&#58; Troubleshoot Aero problems in Windows 7
Open the Aero troubleshooter
Windows Aero Glass visual effects are not working or displayed

Specifically for Win7.

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Hi all
Done a fresh install of Vista Home Premium SP2 on an old Sony Vaio laptop.  After activation I just can't get Windows Update to download anything apart from the latest Windows Update Client There's no error message, just "checking for updates" constantly.   It's been running for over 24 hours now with no progress.
Considering this is a fresh install - any ideas?

Answer:Windows Update not working on fresh Vista Home Premium install

For anyone that's interested the updates have now arrived after almost three full days of checking for updates.  It appears my new ISP gives piss poor connection speeds.

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