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Using TrueCrypt on a pendrive

Question: Using TrueCrypt on a pendrive

Good day.
Been using True Crypt on my desktop and its working fine,I have several important medical info stored in the True crypt file.And I also have a backup of the files.
Now what I'm looking for is for some easy explanation on getting True crypt to work on my 8GB pen drive,Would that be possible on an 8GB drive or would I need a larger one,The files that I have saved on the desktop are in PDF format so maybe the 8GB would be okay?
Now is it straight forward for me to get this software on to my pen drive which a backup of the files in question are on it.
Looking for a straight forward method,Do I leave the pen drive in the FAT format or would it have to be changed?
Many Thanks In Advance.

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Preferred Solution: Using TrueCrypt on a pendrive

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Using TrueCrypt on a pendrive

See this:
Encrypting a USB drive using TrueCrypt (Windows users)

Note: I have not done this. Read the article and you know as much as I do.

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Hello everyone

I have Windows XP encrypted by Truecrypt (full disk)
Everything works fine but volume A: and pendrive is in read only mode
How to change this to make save data on diskettes and pendrive?.
This is very important to me
Sorry for my bad English.

Answer:I use truecrypt, How to make not read only for A: and pendrive

Hi, and welcome to MajorGeeks. :major

These links may help you understand TrueCrypt a little better:

Encrypting Using Truecrypt

Hope these help.


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I was looking to play around with TrueCrypt because i was bored and i read a bunch of interesting stuff about it.

What do you think about this? What do you use for full disk encryption?

Answer:Analysis: Is there a backdoor in Truecrypt? Is Truecrypt a CIA honeypot?

I can't speak one way or the other for this particular source, but paranoia is an absolutely appropriate sentiment towards your disk encryption.

The wikipedia article for Truecrypt cites this source as an example of where the Brazilian government and the FBI were unable to crack into a Truecrypt volume. Of course, if you're paranoid, you don't trust Wikipedia articles, which is where you apparently got the link for the analysis you linked to. On the other hand, whoever's running Truecrypt isn't trying very hard to keep the info from the analysis out of the wikipedia article.

You can go as far down the rabbit hole of paranoia as you want to with disk encryption, but as the writer of the analysis says, if it really is a honeypot, the government is unlikely to blow its cover on anything short of a Bin Laden type.

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I have a problem with two external-hardrives that I cant access. I keep getting incorrect password or not a truecrypt volume I have one drive that is a 2 terabyte drive and another one that's 1 terabyte. They both where working fine when I tested them about a week ago. Since Saturday I have been trying to access the 2 terabyte drive, but I just keep getting incorrect password.

I have been searching the net for almost 3 days now but still cant find any solution.

Yesterday I also tested the 1 terabyte drive but still no luck. I know that both the drives cant be malfunctioning.

I really have allot of important files on the 2 terabyte drives, damn I just cant lose them, I really hope someone can help me with this, thanks.

Answer:Truecrypt incorrect password or not a truecrypt volume

Quote: Originally Posted by EternalSeeker

I have a problem with two external-hardrives that I cant access. I keep getting incorrect password or not a truecrypt volume I have one drive that is a 2 terabyte drive and another one that's 1 terabyte. They both where working fine when I tested them about a week ago. Since Saturday I have been trying to access the 2 terabyte drive, but I just keep getting incorrect password.

I have been searching the net for almost 3 days now but still cant find any solution.

Yesterday I also tested the 1 terabyte drive but still no luck. I know that both the drives cant be malfunctioning.

I really have allot of important files on the 2 terabyte drives, damn I just cant lose them, I really hope someone can help me with this, thanks.

Sorry there EternalSeeker, but your out of luck if you don't have the correct password. No one here on Seven Forums will lead you to any password cracker.

A Question, What kind of data are you protecting on 3 terabytes of drives?


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my pendrive is detected but other pendrives are not detected my lapy.
i have windows 7 pro os registered but i dont have product key. i forgott my key.
now my windows 7 is format so i need product key.
could you please give a my win 7 pro product key?

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Question: TrueCrypt

Hi Folks, I have just created a file using TrueCrypt 7.0a in portable mode. I did so by reading the 'Beginners Tutorial'
As you see in my image, after 'Dismounting' the file :-

How do I safely remove my external hdd ?


Looking at the screenshot you have posted, your external drive is still open via explorer. If you close all the windows that are open does this still happen?

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Question: Truecrypt

A while back I had used Truecrypt. But I deleted the download. But later learned that the makers of Truecrypt dropped support and removed their latest program 7.1a download.

I know there are a couple of links claiming to have an unmolested copy of 7.1a copy i.e. not viruses or maleware. Anyone done any testing to confirm this on those links?

I was looking to re-download it, but learned of them removing the download from their official site.

Looked at alternative, but looks like people still recommend sticking with Truecrypt for the time being.


Here you go:
TRUECRYPT - Encrypt Data Folders

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Question: Truecrypt vs PGP

Hello.I would like to know the differences between TrueCrypt and PGP. Are they the same just one costs money or does the pay version (PGP) have some type of advantage over open-source software like TrueCrypt?Thank you for your time!

Answer:Truecrypt vs PGP is your not present,press F1 to continue...

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Question: re truecrypt

i also downloaded truecrypt of a disc from Witch magazine and not to happy either as this post is sent from my new laptop that i had to buy.the prog just seemed to wipe my machine so if any one has any ideas for my old acer laptop to get it going again that would be great errors include win app error 0xc0000017paging file to small to completeacrobat failed to load its core dllerror loading tcp mb libary etc etc

Answer:re truecrypt

I think there is a probability that you have misunderstood what you were supposed to do and have possibly encrypted your C: drive. You can try pressing F8 as the computer is booting up so that you can get into Safe Mode. You might be able to undo the damage from there by doing a System Recovery to a date previous to installing Truecrypt. If you can't get into Safe Mode then you will have to do a repair from the disks that came with the computer or from a Recovery partition on your hard drive.

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Question: TrueCrypt

How do I get TrueCrypt to encrypt my Thumb Drive and NOT my computer?


Using the first 10 words in your post and plugging them into the Goggle search box got this from among many other hits-

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Question: Truecrypt

I downloaded the Truecrypt software from to encrypt my files, but i dont't know how to use it , i want to encrypt video folder in D: drive , please tell me all steps for it.Thanks


I am somewhat puzzled as all the documentation is errrrrmmmmmm....on the truecrypt site. click hereG

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Question: Truecrypt?

I was checking the "Freeware Replacements For Common Commercial Apps" thread out and noticed some encryption programs. I've never used one before but I wouldn't mind checking one out, is Truecrypt something a noob to encryption like me should use?


It is probably one of the most widely used and highly spoke of encryption tools out there.

Having said that. You will get out of it what you put into it. Meaning, read, understand and follow the instructions. You should have no problem.

My suggestion is to create some practice documents to encrypt first. Should you make a mistake then nothing is lost.

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Question: TrueCrypt

I downloaded and installed TrueCrypt for Windows XP. I created a volume file. I went to go mount it but in the list of drives there wasn't a C:. Since my local disk is C: and its not in the list I can't mount the file. Is there a way you can add a drive to the list?


The way TrueCrypt works is it creates a file and then opens it as a drive. C was not an option because C was already in use by the Hard Dive. try choosing L,M, or N (Least likely drive letters to be used by your computer) it should open the file for you and mount it as a Drive in the My Computer window.

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Question: Truecrypt

Dear all,

I have seen today an issue where I am requesting your help. I have installed Truecrypt on a brand new laptop with a certain password, I know that the password is good because I have type it twice. When I wanted to restart the computer it was requested for that password but it did not work. The laptop is HP and is running on windows7 professional. Any idea why is this happening?

Please help me with a root cause for this issue.

Thank you.




It sounds as if you performed a full system encryption instead of individual folders or volumes? If its the latter, See if this helps:

TrueCrypt - Recover Corrupt Container


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Question: using truecrypt

i am having trouble using truecrypt. when i create the password-protected drive, all i get is this image. how do I use this?

Answer:using truecrypt

Unable to view the image

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Question: TrueCrypt 7.1a

TrueCrypt is a software system for establishing and maintaining an on-the-fly-encrypted drive. On-the-fly encryption means that data are automatically encrypted or decrypted right before they are loaded or saved, without any user intervention. No data stored on an encrypted volume can be read (decrypted) without using the correct password or correct encryption key. Until decrypted, a TrueCrypt volume appears to be nothing more than a series of random numbers. The entire file system is encrypted (i.e., file names, folder names, contents of every file, and free space).

This software is highly recommended for securing data on laptops.

TrueCrypt performs the following tasks:

Creates a virtual encrypted disk within a file and mounts it as a real disk.
Encrypts an entire partition or storage device such as USB flash drive or hard drive.
Encrypts a partition or drive where Windows is installed (pre-boot authentication).
Encryption is automatic, real-time (on-the-fly) and transparent.
Provides two levels of plausible deniability, in case an adversary forces you to reveal the password: 1) Hidden volume (steganography) and hidden operating system. 2) No TrueCrypt volume can be identified (volumes cannot be distinguished from random data).
Encryption algorithms: AES-256, Serpent, and Twofish. Mode of operation: XTS.

Change Log - Link.

Improvements and bug fixes:

Minor improvements and bug fixes


Answer:TrueCrypt 7.1a

Has anyone else used and or tried this? Because last time I did I messed up one of the usbs that I was using at the time.

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Question: TrueCrypt

I managed to open a file but the program I want to use to open it is Word2010. It does not work with TrueCrypt and will not let me open a document.

I give up!


Say wha? The doc is encrypted with TrueCrypt and you want to open it? Truecrypt uses 'containers'. You have to go into truecrypt and mount the file as a drive letter. Then open my computer and open that 'drive' if you mounted the file correctly you'll be able to open the files within.

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Question: Truecrypt and BSD

Several times when opening a TrueCrypt container for mounting, my system has crashed. Does not happen all the time but randomly. Have been using TrueCrypt for some time, only recent hardware change was installation of ATA SSD (OCZ Vertex 3) which is running stable in all respects (latest firmware installed).
I sm running Win7 Ultimate 64 bit. Hardware configuration and minidump are attached.

Cannot figure it out.
Thanks in advance for any assistance offered.

Answer:Truecrypt and BSD
Maybe there is somthing conflict.

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Question: TrueCrypt.

It's been brought to my attention that there are several "high risk" laptops at work that need to have some sort of encryption loaded on them as an extra level of security if the laptop ever gets stolen. We've been fortunate enough not to have this happen yet, however, why wait until it's too late?

TrueCrypt came into mind due to its free and open source nature, which is sorta-kinda pretty fricken awesome. I'm going to get a chance to tinker around with it in the next few weeks after the rush of my to do list begins to shrink, but meanwhile I figured I'd ask here and see if any users used it, what you thought about it, etc.

Thanks ahead of time for any input.


I use it for my school netbook, as do a few others, since we it for reasons I won't get into here :P But yes, I can recommend it totally.

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I have 1TB HD, and on the hard drive I created a partition (488Gb) that is TrueCrypt encrypted device with a hidden volume (200Gb). Mistakenly I re installed windows to that partition and TrueCrypt wont mount the device. I used "Volume Tools-Restore header" and got the device to mount (only the non-hidden volume tho) but I cant view the contents because im getting the "Do you want to format?" message followed by an error stating it cant read it. I used every kind of data recovery software and only got back a couple of the files. There has got to be a way I can fix the volume. Please HELP!!!**I ran CHKDSK r on it and nothing more came out of it other than my PC recognizes the partition now.

Answer:Need Help with TrueCrypt. I have no one else to help me.

Moved to a more appropriate forum.

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Question: TrueCrypt 7.0

For those who are not aware, TrueCrypt 7.0 was released on July 19, 2010.

TrueCrypt - Free Open-Source On-The-Fly Disk Encryption Software for Windows 7/Vista/XP, Mac OS X and Linux

Answer:TrueCrypt 7.0

Thanks for the update!

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Question: TrueCrypt v7.2

Have read at and one would want to STOP using said program!

Answer:TrueCrypt v7.2

Over on Krebs they're saying:
The anonymous developers responsible for building and maintaining the free whole-disk encryption suite TrueCrypt apparently threw in the towel this week, shuttering the TrueCrypt site and warning users that the product is no longer secure now that Microsoft has ended support for Windows XP.Click to expand...

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Question: Truecrypt anyone?

Just curious if any of you use this nice little program. I'm thinking about trying it on my home box and just wondering if there are any real cons. I also use Acronis True Image and I'm not sure if that'll really work anymore properly after installing Truecrypt. Thanks for any info!

Answer:Truecrypt anyone?

If there's anyone out there not using TrueCrypt in some way, they're probably a bit crazy.

I actually use it to encrypt my work-related files before uploading them to an FTP. It's a bit time consuming, but it seems to work out pretty well for me. I just mount the volume before starting Cobian, dismount it and upload.

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Question: TrueCrypt

Hi! Is this the correct Forum to Post for help with TrueCrypt? Thanks.


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Question: Truecrypt

How to protect files using Truecrypt

I downloaded the truecrypt software from site , but i don't know how to use it, i want to encrypt a video folder in D: drive please tell me all steps for it.


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Now that TrueCrypt has (apparently) taken itself off the market for securing Win7 Pro PCs (or any other system for that matter), and since MS BitLocker is not supported for Win7 Pro, what options are available for using encryption to secure data and hardware, including HDDs etc. for a Win7 Pro system? All I really want to do is to be able to encrypt entire HDDs/volumes as well as files, folders, etc. on my own PC, I do not need any remote functionality beyond use for local memory sticks and local external backup HDDs; but I do run a WinXP VM on my system so TC is nice to have for that as well.

Any help? That is, any help that won't require me to buy an Ultimate upgrade (which I have no use for), or some expensive 3rd-party software?

Pete B

Answer:Replacement for TrueCrypt in Win 7 Pro

There's nothing wrong at all with continuing to use TrueCrypt version 7.1a. It still works just fine.

A lot of people panic and start to think that just because something isn't developed anymore, or temporarily taken off the market, so to speak, that it's suddenly compromised or no longer works. TrueCrypt version 7.1a has been available and unchanged for the past 27 months... because there's no reason to change it or fix it. If you're using it, keep on using it. I know I will.

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I'm using TrueCrypt file container for portable firefox and some other software that uses internet connection. Alsom i use Comodo Internet Security.

Every time I start, e.g. Firefox, Comodo pops up and asks me if i wish to allow Firefox to connect to internet. I oress OK with "Remeber the answers" checked. But Comodo won't remember my answer and will ask next time when I start Firefox.

I guess it's because every time I mount the TrueCrypt volume, firefix.exe has different hash? Maybe i'm wrong, however, does anyone know how to solve this?


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OK, I need some help with truecrypt....

What I want to do, is create a Hidden Operating System, THOUGH, I need other users to first have access to their respective accounts on my computer, so, I would like to encrypt one user account, and have a hidden one, using a different password, that no one could tell it was there.

Well, at least, I THINK that's what I want to do... The site won't tell me the specifics on how to do this, unless there's something that I missed. I've been looking through things for a while, and haven't found anything that would help me... so, I was hoping that I could turn to some computer experts, rather than relying on my meager computer knowledge, and pure guesswork.

Answer:TrueCrypt.... is complicated...


You can't encrypt a single Windows User account. You actually have to encrypt the ENTIRE system drive, and create essentially two separate installations of Windows (which will require two license keys to activate them both, as well). They have instructions on how to do this in their FAQ. Here's one page that will probably help clarify things:

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I had certain partition on my HDD. I encrypted 1 whole partition using TrueCrypt. The partition is NOT where the Windows is installed.

Now, I can Mount and Open the partition using the password which I mentioned earlier.

What do I have to do to get the original partition decrypted and back as normal partition in HDD.

I have some data in the partition, so I haven't tried anything by myself. By the TrueCrypt website, as I think they are saying is, mount the drive and just drag the files (or copy-paste the files) and they will be decrypted. Is that correct?
I also had some programs installed in that partition, so where should I paste all the files? Do I need to create a new partition and paste everything there?

Using Win 7 64b.

What I am assuming is.....

Copy all files to another partition. They'll decrypt on the fly.
Format the partition.
Copy back all the files to this formatted partition.

Will the programs already installed in this partition will then work fine?
Just making sure before doing anything, as I have data on that partition.

Answer:How do I decrypt with Truecrypt?

Your assumption is correct.
Your programs should work fine, yes.

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After TrueCrypt is no longer safe, I installed VeraCrypt. But looking at this I was wondering, which one is better VeraCrypt or DisckCryptor. Is there anything better for best free, open source encryption software?
Thank you.

Answer:Better Truecrypt Substitute

Five Best File Encryption Tools

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Question: TrueCrypt issue

I have a TrueCrypt container I have some MS Word documents in. Whenever I open them, they open in read-only mode, so I'm unable to edit and save changes to them.

TrueCrypt settings screenshot attached (I don't have "mount volumes as read only" selected). The files themselves don't have "read only" selected in file properties, but the folder they're in has the "read only" box filled in (partial) on its properties. I've tried clearing that out and applying to subfolders and files, but it changes back.

How can I fix this?

Answer:TrueCrypt issue

No one?

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Hi guys,
I've got dropbox currently installed on my computer and I'm considering encrypting the entire Windows OS partition using Truecrypt (as the software provides one of these options).
1) Am I right in saying that as my Dropbox folder will be in my encrypted Truecrypt partition, it will also be encrypted?
2) Will I be able to access these Dropbox files from the Dropbox website on another computer that does not have Truecrypt installed (I'm guessing not)? What if I have Truecrypt portable on a USB drive?
3) How will shared folders in Dropbox work, if they will automatically be encrypted upon downloading on my Dropbox folder from another Dropbox user? Will others be able to access them?
Thanks in advance for the help

Answer:Dropbox and Truecrypt together?

In my knowledge:
1. Yes,TrueCrype will encrypted whole partition.
2. Yes,but it won't be encrypted. (Not sure because its docs not have about dropbox but I think it same with Network Share Folder.)
3. Not Sure,but I think it will be encrypted after syncing finnished.

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First off, I'd like to apologize, as English is not my first language.

I will be going to school soon and for the first time ever I will have to live with roommates. So I thought that it would be best to encrypt all of the data on my laptop (which is running XP) and my external hard drive. However, I do not really understand encryption all that well.

From my understanding, it basically means that whenever I come to turn my laptop on I will have to enter a password and if someone steals my laptop there is no way they can transfer my hard drive over and see what files I have.

I also know that TrueCrypt has an option to make a secondary OS, which I don't think I will need but I would like the added security.

I just don't fully understand the following: once I encrypt my laptop will any files I download or new documents I make become encrypted automatically as well? And if so, if I transfer the files to my external hard drive which I use to backup my files also be encrypted? Or would I have to encrypt those files again on my external hard drive. And I also use Dropbox often, if I upload an encrypted file, say a word document - to Dropbox can I still be able to open it and edit it?

Thank you in advance for your help. And I have searched around but I can't seem to find any clear answers about encryption and to be honest the tutorials I found for TrueCrypt were good, but I did not understand most of it, especially the terminology. So if anyone has some ... Read more

Answer:New Help With TrueCrypt Encryption

Really sorry, one last question, I promise.

If I encrypt say my resume or a photo and I email it to someone, will they be able to open it and use it as normal?

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First time using True Crypt. I encrypted a non system partition using True Crypt. I created a hidden volume within this partition. When hidden volume is created, I get a pop up box telling me to protect the hidden volume from being overwritten by the outer volume. I follow the instructions and protect the hidden volume. I then get a pop up stating that even though the hidden volume is protected, it still can get overwritten and I can lose my data. I am completely confused. I would appreciate your input. Thanks.

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Catching up on my Security Now! Podcasts I found out about an open-source program called TrueCrypt.

I am simply amazed by this program so far.

TrueCrypt has to ways to create an encrypted volume:

A) File-based: TrueCrypt creates a file which is stored on your harddrive, you can mount this file via TrueCrypt is a drive.

B) Partition: TrueCrypt can also encrypt an entire partition. However the partition must be empty first.

What I've been using is created a file-based volume on my USB drive, using the hidden volume option.

What this does:

1) Creates file-based volume with password A.
2) Creates a hidden volume with password B within the first volume.
3) When mounting, if you use password A, you get the normal, empty (or full whichever) volume. If you use password B, you get your hidden volume.

Anyway, you can read about it Use it to store your vital information or w/e you want, I just reccomend good passwords though!

Answer:Security: TrueCrypt - WOW!

Sounds like what PGP does. I'll be sure to check that program out. Can you post a link to those Security Now podcasts?

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Hi guys,

Since TrueCrypt is not secure anymore and may be buggy ( is there a good and hopefully free alternative I could suggest to a client for encryption or is Bitlocker the best option?

Answer:Alternative to TrueCrypt

TrueCrypt 7.1a is still secure, at least nothing proving otherwise is known and a.big audit is ongoing. I certainly trust it more than Bitlocker.

There's also for future development.

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In truecrypt there are two options to set your encrypted volume to load on boot: 'add to favorites' and 'add to system favorites'. Does anyone know what the difference is between them?

Answer:truecrypt add to favorites

Favorites just adds the file container. System favorites is for encrypted partitions. Like if you wanted your D: drive to auto mount on bootup.

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Question: Truecrypt question

can the company which made truecrypt reveal our passwords or decrypt the files if the government or police tells them to?
if for example Osama bin Laden had his info on an encrypted drive, would Truecrypt company have to give the government a decrypting tool or cracking program?

Answer:Truecrypt question

damn, this must be a hard question
0 replies

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Either I don't know how to figure it out or something, but it seems Bitlocker's only options are a TPM device or removable media.

You don't have an option to use a passkey... Which kinda sucks.

Only thing at this point preventing me from going to TrueCrypt is they don't support 7 yet.

Answer:Just me? TrueCrypt > Bitlocker

You can't get a usb drive and use that? I see them on amazon for like 6 bucks. [edit: Oh I see, you WANT to use a passkey, in that case I dunno. I'm sure truecrypt will be fixed soon.]

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Question: z560 and truecrypt

i recently tried to do a system encryption on my pc and when i try to start windows it freezes. so wat i did was remove the hdd from the bay then boot it without it, entered settings and changed achi to compatible, but if i change it back to achi it freezes again. then i format it. but i wanted to restore it to its inital point i does restore, but windows doesnt start it just freezes and show blue screen can someone tell me what i should do. because if the default settings is achi and its in compatible will that affect windows or something  another thing i cant adjust the brightness when i press fn and the up/down arrow it doesnt work even if i go to control panel and adjuest it from there it still down change plz someone try to help thanks

Answer:z560 and truecrypt

can't anyone help? i'm still having this problem any comment will help thanks!

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The new version supports system partition encryption (Windows family only) for an extremely high level of security. No more "information leaks" in the page file, temp files, etc.

I'll probably slap this on my laptop in the near future They seem to have done a nice job implementing it.

Answer:TrueCrypt 5.0 released

Very cool, thanks for the new release information.

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Schneier on Security > TrueCrypt WTFI have no idea what's going on with TrueCrypt. There's a good summary of the story at ArsTechnica, and Slashdot, Hacker News, and Reddit all have long comment threads. See also Brian Krebs and Cory Doctorow.Speculations include a massive hack of the TrueCrypt developers, some Lavabit-like forced shutdown, and an internal power struggle within TrueCrypt. I suppose we'll have to wait and see what develops.Tags: encryption, TrueCryptPosted on May 29, 2014 at 8:02 AM • 42 Comments 

Answer:TrueCrypt End of Life ?!

Details posted here.

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I have had this question rolling around in my head for several months now. I attended a presentation by a police officer who specialized in computer security. One of his main jobs is to scan computers for child pornography. He said he did this by inserting a flash drive given to the police department by a federal agency (I believe it was the NSA) and looking at what the flash drive came up with. I raised my hand and asked him what he did if the computer's owner had encrypted files and he said that it didn't matter. He specifically referenced TrueCrypt when he said, " Some people use encryption programs such as TrueCrypt to try to hide their files, but all it does is make the flash drive run a little longer."
So how can this work? I am not looking to start an argument about the overreaching powers of the federal government. I am just curious as to how this little flash drive can detect hidden TrueCrypt volumes and then see if there is illegal pornography on them. 

Answer:Is TrueCrypt/aes broken?

I wonder if they were talking about this. It would still be something of a roll of the dice, IMHO.
And for some happy news here is a thread from Wilders Security Forums explaining what it would take to break  a 256 bit key.

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Hello! I have my system drive encrypted with truecrypt. If i run combofix, is there a danger of the boot records being messed with? ThanksZEdit: Moved topic from Windows 7 to the more appropriate forum.~ Animal

Answer:Combofix + truecrypt

You should not run Combofix without the supervision of a Malware Removal Team member.
What are you trying to accomplish?

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I have a Truecrypt folder (not the system partition) inside which I have passwords for all my websites. Banks, market accounts, etc. I've accessed it hundreds of times over the years without a problem until now. It tells me the password is incorrect. I didn't think so, but I had backed up the file elsewhere and after getting the back-up I get the same result. So the file isn't corrupted, and the program isn't corrupted as it still works with other encrypted folders I have. Must be I'm remembering the password incorrectly. Right?

I know which characters I used, and the length, but must be mixing up which ones I substituted in my 27 digit password.

I know, I know. 27 digits would take an eternity to crack, but I know the specific characters and there are only 27 (coincidece I swear). I don't know how to make a wordlist for a brute-force cracker use just these though.
I used the numbers: 0,1,3,7
Symbols: @$!
and letters: a c e f i l s u r z (both upper and lower case are possible)

I looked into using true.crypt.brute, but it uses all 96 possible characters (which it estimates would take a billion years), and to customize the wordlist apparently requires me to be using Linux. John the Ripper only works with an eight digit password. I looked at Unsecured, but it only runs on Back-Track. I only know Windows and DOS. :-o

Can anyone help me? Anyone know of a program I (major noob) can use where I can define the character set ... Read more

Answer:Truecrypt: Remember most of pw, but not all. Help?

A 27 digit, non-dictionary case specific password is going to be pretty much impossible to crack right now . Even with a distributed network of thousands of machines.
I suggest working with your memory until you remember, provided that your brain is the only place you stored your password.

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Hello all,
I've been using TrueCrypt for a long time now, and recently changed it up a bit so I can use a static password on my Yubikey.
I'll type in the first part of my password on my keyboard, and then use slot 2 in my Yubikey. Normally this works fine, but a few times a week it'll just give me a bunch of beeps when I try using my Yubikey and only type half of my password. I'll have to keep trying for 10 minutes to get it to work, rebooting doesn't help at all, and I've tried multiple USB ports as well as unplugging all other devices.
I have a quick video actually showing what happens. Any ideas on what could be happening?


Answer:Yubikey and Truecrypt

1) What happens if you plug the Yubikey directly into a USB port on the computer, (instead of through a USB hub)?
2) Does the USB end of the Yubikey flex in the casing?
3) Has the Yubikey been wet?

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I am planning to encrypt the data on my new laptop to keep it safe in case of theft.

Found these two free encryption utilities; TrueCrypt and AxCrypt. Both have good reviews.

Anyone have experience using either or both who could offer any advice?


Answer:TrueCrypt or AxCrypt?

truecrypt has been around for years and has been solid forever. I have never heard of axcrypt, but looks interesting

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Are you able to use adobe with and encrypted file system using truecrypt? Below is taken from their site:

"Note: The issue described below does not affect you if you use TrueCrypt 5.1 or later and a non-cascade encryption algorithm (i.e., AES, Serpent, or Twofish).* The issue also does not affect you if you do not use system encryption (pre-boot authentication)."

So does this mean that after 5.1 this isn't an issue and you can use adobe with a system encrypted with truecrypt?

Answer:Can you use adobe with truecrypt

Hi DM2013, welcome to the Seven Forums.

Not knowing which Adobe program you are talking about (Adobe Flash Player, Adobe Shockwave Player, Adobe Acrobat, Adobe PDF Reader etc.) I can only use logics in answering you.

TrueCrypt supports three algorithms: AES, Serpent, and Twofish, and five different combinations of these algorithms: AES-Twofish, AES-Twofish-Serpent, Serpent-AES, Serpent-Twofish-AES and Twofish-Serpent.

Three main algorithms used alone are called non-cascaded, and the five combinations cascaded. Now a quote from your post:

Quote: Originally Posted by dm2013

"Note: The issue described below does not affect you if you use TrueCrypt 5.1 or later and a non-cascade encryption algorithm (i.e., AES, Serpent, or Twofish).* The issue also does not affect you if you do not use system encryption (pre-boot authentication)."

Combining the information I gave above and what you posted (quote) gives you this answer: If you use non-cascaded algorithm, and if you do not use system encryption, the issue (?) does not affect you.


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Hi Guys!

As the tytle says, which among Bestcrypt and Truecrypt is a better encrypting software in terms of better encryption, features and stability.

Thank you.

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Question: TrueCrypt question

Hello to all!
I've not posted in the tech sections for some time but here is a security question.

I'm aware of the recent fuss with TrueCrypt concerning the original creators abandoning the product and the code is being audited in an Open Source fashion.

A pretty well respected security website says that version 7.1a is secure. I went with that version. I'm not in possession of insanely secret info, but I'll opt for a bit of overkill.

Anyway... I have a USB thumb drive that I've encrypted. When I plug it in, it shows as a FAT32 volume. Double clicking on it will produce a format dialogue. That's the only option.

Now when I access the volume with my password and keyfile, then it shows up as a different drive and I'm in!

But what happens if someone gives the "format" command on the first volume that shows up before I access the encrypted volume? And why does it show up like that? As first one volume, then a second?

Thanks in advance.

Answer:TrueCrypt question

Hello, it would probably help if you explained exactly what process you used to encrypt your flash drive and what the file system was when you did.

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Schneier on Security > TrueCrypt WTF
I have no idea what's going on with TrueCrypt. There's a good summary of the story at ArsTechnica, and Slashdot, Hacker News, and Reddit all have long comment threads. See also Brian Krebs and Cory Doctorow.

Speculations include a massive hack of the TrueCrypt developers, some Lavabit-like forced shutdown, and an internal power struggle within TrueCrypt. I suppose we'll have to wait and see what develops.

Tags: encryption, TrueCrypt
Posted on May 29, 2014 at 8:02 AM 42 CommentsClick to expand...

. . .

Answer:TrueCrypt End of Life ?!

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Anyone here using this? I know it's open source and I used to use Drivecrypt because that's a commercial piece of software.

I read somewhere that trying to open a Truecrypt container file caused the container to become corrupt. Are there any other similar problems?

I guess I'm worried about it being open sourced. What problems are associated with open source software?


Answer:Opinions of Truecrypt?

There is no logical reason to deem a "commercial piece of software" a more logical decision security-wise just because it's commercial.
I have never heard about Truecrypt corrupting the files it's working on. Please post a link to that information.
What exactly worries you about the software being open sourced? How exactly is that a disadvantage? From the security standpoint, a piece of software for which you have the source code is much more safer from being manufacturer backdoored than a closed-source one.

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is there any other crypt software that is better than truecrypt now since it hasnt been updated i nages i want to protect my privacy online so people dnt know the data on my pc i have

Answer:truecrypt alternative is based off the version before truecrypt died, it is worth trying.

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Hello guys
Do you think that I should install Truecrypt?
Who use it?
Why he use it?
Is it a must have or a recommendation?
Thank you for your time

Answer:Should I install Truecrypt?

I'm using Veracrypt. You should be too, if you want similar to TrueCrypt. VeraCrypt - Home
Is there any reason that you want to install the vulnerable encryption software?

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Hi Guys!

I have some very very confidential date in my computer which I keep in encrypted format using Truecrypt. For testing purpose, I installed a key logger in my computer and then mounted my encrypted date using Truecrypt. After that I checked my key logger software and to my horror, I found that the password I typed was actually recorded by the key logger. This fails the purpose of encrypting the data as any key logger can steal my password.

I have used Bestcrypt before and it had a feature where in the typed password was also encrypted and so the key logger couldn't log the actual password.

Is there any such option in Truecrypt? What can I do that my password doesn't get recorded? I cant use a password header file. I need a normal encrypted file that can be mounted by typing the password.

Please help. Thank you.

Answer:Problem with Truecrypt?

A keylogger is going to record any pressed keys, so I doubt you can hide the password from them. You will simply need to be sure there are none present when you type the password, or find an encrypter that uses a key file instead and prepare it on another machine.

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Hi I am operating on Windows 7 on a new laptop. I downloaded Truecrypt and created several volumes for storing encrypted files. One is on my hard drive, one is on an external drive connected to my Airport Extreme router (for backups) and then I have a couple on USB Flash drives.

After I had been using this for a couple of days, my computer crashed - just like it did for Mindoc (posts were last year in Sept I think and the thread has been closed). This has happened a couple of times and I thought maybe I had a problem with my computer, but a friend who is new to Truecrypt also had the exact same problem.

It just happened again, but this time it gives me the message that my volume (the one on the hard drive) wasn't dismounted cleanly and do I want Windows to attempt to fix it. I answer no, but keep getting the same message every time I mount it. The data I have checked seems to be fine on it.

When I try to mount the volume on the external drive that is on the router, it says I don't have permission to access the file. I can access any other files on that hard drive. So something must have happened to that one during the crash.

From Mindoc's posts, it seemed he used a registry cleaner and that fixed it for him, but he was warned that that was not a good solution.

Any ideas or known fixes out there? Thank you

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Question: TrueCrypt Problems

Please help, I'm going nuts. Doing a new installation of friends computer using Win7 Pro 64bit. We use TrueCrypt to protect her data folder (confidential customer data) in case of theft. In XP, I had a simple batch file in the startup folder that 1) launched the truecrypt drive (she entered password) and made it drive X, and 2) and used the net stop server, net start browser, net start server commands so that Windows would map the drive again (so her laptop could sync to it, requiring a set mapped address). This is so she doesn't have to remap it everytime she logs in.

I'm able to use the scheduler to do the Truecrypt part, but NOTHING I've tried (or found online) is letting me automatically run the net stop/start stuff after. I've tried seperart batch files, calling batch files, runas command. [[pretty sure this has to doing with running commands requiring admin rights (she's the admin!!), but no tricks are working]] I'm not even close to being an expert on this part, and would love any help. Having the net stuff run a minute after log on would be fine, having it run right after she enters the Truecrypt stuff even better. Thanks for any help folks!!

Answer:TrueCrypt Problems

Check out the solution to this problem:
Command-line Argument for Admin Rights

For an example of how to run a program eith elevated proivs at a normal command prompt (third post down). Maybe that will allow you to run netstart/stop from a command prompt (batch file) Or launch an elevated command propt even then run the batch file...

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I downloaded a beta version of TrueCrypt Portable and used it via my USB flash drive to create two volumes. My question is, although I saved the volumes I created to the flash drive, is it possible that a copy of the files I put in the volumes [or the volumes themselves] could be on the host PC?

Thanks in advance,

Answer:Question about TrueCrypt

Anytime you mount a TrueCrypt volume as a drive, what ever is in that volume can be copy and pasted as normal files elsewhere.
You can even copy and paste that volume elsewhere and later mount it as if it's the same volume you started with using the original password, but it would be wise to use formatting that is common to all the operating systems you intend to use it on..........meaning a TrueCrypt volume formatted in NTFS isn't likely to be readable by a win 9x OS.

I'd recommend testing that first to make sure you get it down pat. Losing data on a learning experience is embarrassing

I haven't tried the beta. What are the new advantages/options over version

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So I'm surprised this hasn't been brought up. TrueCrypt's developer's nerfed the 7.2 update to only be able to read data, and is suggesting to move to another encryption solution.

Nobody is exactly sure why yet they've abandoned the project, but here's some links:

?TrueCrypt is not secure,? official SourceForge page abruptly warns | Ars Technica

Steve Gibson of the Gibson Research Corp. made some good points as well, and reassures that TrueCrypt 7.1a is alright to stay on:

Steve included download links to all versions/source code for all platforms for TC 7.1a at the bottom of the page as well.

Answer:TrueCrypt's Disappearance

the developers feel that True Crypt has been compromised

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Question: Truecrypt Problems

Hello all, wasn't really sure where to put this at in the forums. I'm doing a little experiment. I used the princeton cold boot attack and a few other tools to extract aes keys being used by truecrypt. I've been reading about how you can backup the truecrypt volume header (which is backing up a key) and things of that sort, but i can't seem to find out how i can input the key and decrypt a truecrypt volume with just the aes key. With the attack i obtained more than one key, so i'm assuming that i have both the private and public keys. Anyone with any knowledge about how i would decrypt this truecrypt file container using the keys, please let me know.

Answer:Truecrypt Problems

This topic is very near violating board rules. It may get closed.
The two keys you have are the TrueCrypt key and the XTS tweak key.
The implementation of this attack does not require the keys to be "cracked".
Merely fed back to the TC process that was running on a mounted encrypted
drive when the power was cut.
For TC 4 you also need the LRW tweak key.
If you manage to get a password it may only be the password for
the outer container. You still need a password for the inner container.
And if you mange to get both of those, TC can be configured to use
a "key file". Without access to the keyfile you still will not be able
to open the encrypted file. (container)
FYI - on a simple single desktop machine, trying to crack a 7 letter
password would take about 37 years.
So far AES has not been cracked.

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Hey guys, has anyone tried TC on Win7? I heard someone saying when a container is mounted the file whole thing became corrupt. Does anyone have any experience with using TC on Win7?


Answer:Windows 7 and Truecrypt?

I have used TrueCrypt with Windows 7 RC, but not extensively. No problems for me.

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I have done many full HD encryptions with truecrypt and with each I have a truecrpt rescue disk. Now my question is if it is possible to use that truecrypt rescue disc to make every full HD encryption I do from now on. What I mean is there some way I could get that key from there with out the need to generate a new one and go through that entire process again.

Answer:Encrypting a HD with truecrypt!

I use TrueCrypt but I've never done a full HDD... so I wouldn't know, sorry!

It sounds like a good idea though... I was wondering about Total Security earlier.

If you use the multi-protocol encryption does that actually make it more secure? I mean 3 layers of 256 bit encryption is pretty substantial. Of course as they say, any data is retrievable as long as the HDD is in 1 piece, it's just a matter of how expensive it would cost to recover it.

So with the full HDD thing, how do you boot up? Does TrueCrypt prompt you for a password first?

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Hello there alland good evening' i previously posted a post here: click hereAs i needed help as I have a few folders on my external 1TB seagate hard that i wish to encrpyt...and most people reccomended Truecrypt, and I have now donwloaded it.....but i'm really STRUGGLING to understand HOW to use it, and I actually consider myself a very technically savvy person, but i'm really struggling to understand how it works. All I simply wish to do is password protect a few folders on my external hard drive..............for example when i click on the truecrypt logo on my desktop,...its not even showing my external drive which is J drive, and its not even showing my C(computer drive either) is showing various drives like: I, L, M, N, O, P!!!! WHY is it not showing my external drive??!!!! I thot that it will be such a simple programme to use for instance just click on a folder, it askes for a password, and the files are protectected,......plain and pls help is urgently required or i'll remove the programme,..many thanks!!!!!

Answer:Help Needed on how to use TrueCrypt!!!!

click here

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I want to know wich is the best alternative to truecrypt ?

Answer:Best alternative to TrueCrypt

Veracrypt? The UI is almost the same.

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Question: Removing Truecrypt

I have a notebook on which I have created a drive which is encrypted.

I came across this article today and was surprised to read the comment "When TrueCrypt controversially closed up shop, they recommended their users transition away from TrueCrypt to BitLocker."

How to Set Up BitLocker Encryption on Windows

So, I now want to remove TrueCrypt and install Bitlocker (looks like my notebook, having been upgraded to Windows 8.1, does not support "Pervasive Device Encryption").

I'm just wondering what will happen to my encrypted drive and files when I uninstall and was therefore looking for a step-by-step instruction for pre , during and after uninstall.


Answer:Removing Truecrypt

You will need the key that TrueCrypt provides you.

Without the key you can not decrypt the drive.

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Question: Truecrypt problem

HiI installed truecrypt so that I could encrypt files for a new usb flash drive. It doesn't seem to work the way I thought it would. I created a volume (plus hidden volume) on the flash but I can't seem to access the files which I then pasted onto it. I would like to just get rid of the whole thing and try a simpler password method. Does anyone know how I would do this?Cheers.

Answer:Truecrypt problem


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Question: Truecrypt question

Had a play with TrueCrypt and it works fine, but now I want to remove that partition from my system and it is not particularly clear how to do that..

Has anyone done this before? I don't want to remove the 'keyhole' and risk having a dead spot on the hard drive.


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Question: LUKS vs. TrueCrypt

Which do you use.... which would you recommend, which one is better, and why?....

Answer:LUKS vs. TrueCrypt

Have you tried both? I've only used TrueCrypt and i only use it for my portable usb drive (in case i lose it).

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I want to start using TrueCrypt in my Dropbox. I've read quite a bit, for example How to Use TrueCrypt in Your Dropbox, and random comments, but I thought it would be interesting to start a discussion here.Have you used these together? Any tips or advice?

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hey guys, i've been playing around with TC, but can't figure out how to delete a hidden partition i made. even when i format the whole drive it's still there when i enter the password.

can someone help me out?

thanks guys

Answer:How to delete partition in Truecrypt?

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The website of venerable free disk encryption software TrueCrypt is telling us:

WARNING: Using TrueCrypt is not secure as it may contain unfixed security issues

Not only that, but the page goes on to state that the project has been closed down, following the end of support for Windows XP:

More info here: True mystery of the disappearing TrueCrypt disk encryption software | Naked Security

I know TrueCrypt was never officially supported on Windows 8 but I'm sure some folks on here use it... if so it may be time to stop.

Seems like a shame though.

Edit: I also note that The Register is suggesting the TrueCrypt site may have been hacked, so it may be wise to stay away from TrueCrypt's site itself for a while:
TrueCrypt considered HARMFUL ? downloads, website meddled to warn: 'It's not secure' ? The Register

Answer:The Mystery of the disappearing TrueCrypt

Due to budget cuts the NSA can no longer support both Truecrypt and Bitlocker, so they want us all to migrate to a single product.

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Hi Guys!

I have some VERY confidential data, accounts to be precise, which I have encrypted with Truecrypt 4.3a. Encryption details are as follows...

Encryption Algorithm : AES-Twofish-Serpent
Key Size : 768 Bits
Block Size : 128 Bits
Mode of Operation : LRW
Hash Algorithm : RIPEMD-160

I have set a password of 15+ characters with a mixture of uppercase, lowercase, symbols & numbers.

Now, is it possible for professionals to crack this encryption. Moreover, which is the best Encryption & Hash Algorithm.

Thank you.

Answer:How secure is Truecrypt ncryption?

I'm by no means an expert on encryption or anything like it and know zip about Algorithms, so take the following in that light.

I use an encrytion program called AxCrypt which I downloaded free from the internet. Then I used another free utility called Free Hide Folder which does just that. The folder is not displayed so it cannot be seen or opened except by the program which is passworded.

If you are interested, its a free download here.


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Tried to access the TrueCrypt site, today, and it now states:

WARNING: Using TrueCrypt is not secure as it may contain unfixed security issues

This page exists only to help migrate existing data encrypted by TrueCrypt.

The development of TrueCrypt was ended in 5/2014 after Microsoft terminated support of Windows XP. Windows 8/7/Vista and later offer integrated support for encrypted disks and virtual disk images. Such integrated support is also available on other platforms (click here for more information). You should migrate any data encrypted by TrueCrypt to encrypted disks or virtual disk images supported on your platform.Click to expand... Anyone know what's up with that? I can't find any news on the TrueCrypt developer(s) giving up - would have thought that would be front-page news SOMEWHERE...

Answer:TrueCrypt no longer supported?

Wow. Didn't see that one coming...

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I have a question about TrueCrypt if anyone knows the answer...

If you only use encrypted containers (as opposed to whole drive encryption), what do you do about paging files, memory dumps, temporary files, etc?

I am using an HP laptop that I plan on using for school. However I keep everything on my laptop (including all my financial info and passwords to all my financial websites). Wouldn't the best safeguard be to just encrypt the entire system?

Maybe it takes a lot of know-how to find information in temporary files and that sort of thing... I have read that the con to this method is that a corrupt sector on the drive or boot sector could bring down the whole system.

However, I dont want to leave any *significant* chance that I might have to scramble to change every credit and bank account I have if my laptop were to be stolen.

I am running Vista Home Premium SP2 RC1 64 Bit. System is a P7450 Core 2 Duo 2.13 Ghz, 4GB RAM, 250GB HD NVidia 9200M

Answer:Truecrypt Whole Drive Encryption

First of all, you should have a backup with your important files in a safe Thumb Drive in your house.

Then just encrypt it the way that you want.

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Is it true and well understood that Truecrypt wants the user to an administrator? I don't just mean running Truecrypt as admin but the account actually needs to have admin Privilege. If my acct is not an admin acct, Truecrypt will not accept my password but takes same password as soon as I give my acct admin status. Hope I'm just doing something wrong.


Answer:Truecrypt wants admin account

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I'm buying an SSD drive for my laptop and I'd like to dual boot Win7 and Ubuntu and use TrueCrypt to encrypt the whole drive but I don't know the order in which I should proceed. Should I...

A) Install Win7, install Ubuntu, encrypt the whole drive

B) Encrypt the whole drive, Install Win7, install Ubuntu (Is this possible when TrueCrypt is launched from within Windows?)

C) Install Win7, Encrypt the whole drive, install Ubuntu

Any suggestions?

Answer:Dual boot and TrueCrypt

You can't use TrueCrypt to encrypt Ubuntu or other Linux operating systems 'cos of a boot (Grub) conflict. You can encrypt Windows o/s if you want as explained here:

O/S that can be run encrypted

But both Windows & Linux can be used to create/operate hidden volumes.

Therefore, you could partition your hard drive so that you install Windows, then Ubuntu having left a large volume format NTFS that both Windows & Ubuntu can 'see' and access. You could create your TrueCrypt volume within that.

Just a thought.


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Greetings all..

I don't know if this was the case on Win8, but I've updated my box to Win8.1. I have a 250Gb Truecrypt file as my 'Documents stash' which I mount as a separate drive.

On Win 7 I could defrag this but on 8.1 the drive is greyed out not giving me chance to defrag it.
Can anyone help with this please?

(See attached screenshots from Win 7 HP & 8.1 Core)

Answer:Can't defrag a Truecrypt 'Drive'


Is the X: drive a solid state drive? if so Windows 8 will display such a message as solid state drives do not require defragging.


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Hey hey everyone

I recently installed my OS onto an SSD, and only in the process of doing that I found out that Truecrypts creators had declared it "over" and unsafe to use. So I started to decrypt my drives and partitions, so I can re-encrypt them with another software.

I began decrypting an extremely large drive, but had to restart my computer, and in the process paused the decryption.

Now when I select the option to resume paused decryption, it starts up just fine, but never moves. I left it running overnight and it hadn't moved at all. I can't even shut down the program, even by stopping the process. I basically have to restart my computer to get it to stop.

So as of now, I'm stuck with a partially decrypted drive that I can't access. I'd be really very irritated to lose this entire drive worth of stuff.
Can anyone help?

Thank you

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if someone were to pull out my encrypted drive while i had it unencrypted, and was running a backup, could they view the contents?

Answer:truecrypt - encryption problem?

If they pulled the drive it would require disconnecting the data and power cables.  I would think that this would return the encryption once it is rebooted. If someone were to do this and install it in another computer and try to boot from it there is a good chance that it will not only not boot, but may not boot once it is installed in the original computer. Here's an explanation for this: When you take a hdd with a Windows OS installed on it that you have been using on one computer and then install it in another computer which you are going to boot from the drive you are asking for major problems. The excerpt below is from a Intel article which describes in detail what happens. The article also mentions a reference to an article by Microsoft, it can be seen here."Moving a hard drive with Windows already installed to a new motherboard without reinstalling the operating system is not recommended.If a hard drive is moved to a new computer, the registry entries and drivers for the mass storage controller hardware on the new motherboard are not installed in Windows for the new computer you may not be able to start Windows. This is true even if you move the hard drive to a motherboard with the same chipset, as different hardware revisions can cause this issue as well.Additionally, moving a hard drive to a new motherboard may not exhibit any errors until you install new IDE drivers. This is because each chipset uses a different Plug-n-Play (PNP) ID to identify ... Read more

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I created a "Encrypted File Container" with AES, NTFS and 4.3GB. When I click "Mount" button and type password the volume is mounted. But, if I click "Auto-mount Devices" button and type password the error message appears. The password is the same (and is the right password). I guess it is a bug!


"Mount" button: volume is mounted!

"Auto-mount Devices" button: error: "Incorrect password or no TrueCrypt volume found".

I did the backup of header of my volume and I restored it, but didn't work!

If I configure TrueCrypt to initialize at logon and auto-mount my volumes thesame error appears. This function is very important to me. I need this function.

I can't access the TrueCrypt Forum because he don't allow e-mails of free providers (Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail, AOL, because of spam).

Answer:TrueCrypt password error!!!

Does your password contain characters that can move between different keyboard layouts? For example, " and @ with en-US and en-UK.

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I have accidentally deleted a TrueCrypt container containing a ton of important documents. I have tried using several recovery programs and the best I have been able to get is a 0 KB file with the correct name. Is my data gone forever? I am running XP sp3.

Answer:TrueCrypt Data Recovery

your data is gone.

that's what encryption is designed to do. make data unrecoverable if it is lost or stolen. sorry.

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I'd like to add a nickname onto a truecrypt volume that currently has no nickname & I can't do it through disk management without re-formatting the disk.

Is that possible? I don't see any option in Truecrypt to name a volume

Answer:Can you rename a Truecrypt volume?

See number four here: Tips When Using TrueCrypt

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I have my main media HDD that I would like to encrypt, is it possible to add Truecrypt onto this drive WITHOUT formatting it & having to re-copy all of the data back over? It's over 1 TB worth of data, so I really prefer to not have to format & re-copy.

Answer:Is it possible to add Truecrypt to an exsisting HDD with data already?

You want to encrypt 1 or more paritions or whole disk? It's not he OS/boot disk?

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I want to encrypt my Dropbox folder.


Answer:Can TrueCrypt encrypt just folders?

You can create an encrypted file in your dropbox and then use that.

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Hi everyone, I've got a copy of the Truecrypt installer for my Mac, but I need the Windows installer for my Windows 8 PC. I heard about how there was a version of Truecrypt on the web that came with a malicious backdoor.

I just wanted to know if anyone could confirm if this was a completely safe place to get Truecrypt from. Is there any way I can check if this is a safe file?


Please, help me!

Answer:Truecrypt: Is this a safe site to use?

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first post!

I have been using truecrypt on my win7 ultimate x64 with 4gb RAM, usually I have 15%-30% memory used when idling or with firefox open.

When I mount a truecrypt volume, the memory hits 90% and everything slows down. Even shutting down truecrypt fully doesn't help.. a full reboot is the only way.

Checking memory usage in task manager shows no application using much memory, just that 90% is being used..

It's a strange problem.. does anyone have any ideas?


Answer:Memory fills up to 90% and never goes down with Truecrypt - on or off!

Is volume in a "container" (or TrueCrypt file) on an otherwise normal NTFS drive? Is drive an external - USB, whatever? Is the TrueCrypt volume very large - say larger than 1 TB and nearly full?

It is either a too large volume with too many files or due to the external drive driver interacting with TrueCrypt. An internal drive with a 1TB volume and 2/3 full of files causes no problem here. An external USB 3.0 drive with a 2.5 TB volume and 3/4 full gets the same results you are getting, especially when copying or backing up for long periods.

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Well I decided to encrypt my external hard drive. I chose the non-system partition route with all standard settings. The last option I chose was to encrypt & wipe free space. This option is not supposed to affect data.

Truecrypt started the process. At about 65%, the program froze for an unknown reason. I've tried to resume the process but now Truecrypt states it cannot find any events to continue.

I hope my data is not lost. All my sensitive data is also backed up online, but the thought of lost programs, music, movies etc, makes me nauseas. I appreciate your help.

Answer:My first experience with Truecrypt=disaster.

Sorry to hear that. Unfortunately, no program is perfect -- not even TrueCrypt.

Consider this a learning experience

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why does w7 want always format a truecrypt partition ?

i have an external hard disk

2 partition ntfs file system

1 was encrypted with truecrypt 32bit under w7 32bit

everytime , w7 pop up with a request to format the drive

i don't auto mount the partition , i mount the partition always when i need

so when the partition is not mounted , w7 asks me to format

it's very boring

can i avoid it?


Answer:why does w7 want always format a truecrypt partition ?

I found this:

What you need to do to fix it is go into your “Computer Management” >> “Disk Management” and then right click on the drive letter for your device. Select “Change Drive Letters and Paths…”. Then click on “Remove”. You will get a “Disk Management” information box that states “Some programs that rely on drive letters might not run correctly. Are you sure you want to remove this drive letter?”. Select “Yes”. This will take care of the prompt asking you to format the drive and you will not ever see it again on that particular computer.

The drive will still show up in Explorer, it just won't have a letter.


A Guy

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i got nothing to hide, but i like making life difficult for info i encrypted my system drive with truecrypt, then i encrypted it with Bitlocker. Two very different and very long passwords for each (bitlocker needs my USB encryption key inserted) , plus the login password....

too much?

Answer:Truecrypt PLUS Bitlocker for sys drive?

My personal opinion: Yes, it is overkill.

If you want to encrypt your data use only one of them.
There is noway that normal thieve can break any of these encryption methods you mentioned.

In reality best method is not having your sensitive data on your computes at all. This way you can be sure that other people cant get hold of your informations through your computers.

And a thing about BitLocker with USB key.
I once thought about it and just like you planned to implement it.

But then I asked myself couple of questions.
Do I really want to put my USB every time I turn on my laptop?
Do I really need that kind of sensitivity?
So far answer was no.

I am really planing on encrypting my data in near future, but not now.

And if you still implement USB protection.
Make sure you have restore key(code) somewhere safe, incase something bad happens to your USB.
So, just have an insurance, and don`t lose all your data by just as silly mistake.

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If I use truecrypt to encrypt an entiredrive will it affect the recovery partitions ability to function?

Answer:Truecrypt and OEM recovery partition

Why would you want that? The recovery is a separate partition, so windows sees it as a separate drive but it might have a fit restoring to an encrypted hard drive unless you decrypt beforehand. Try it and see, but first create an image of your pc, assuming its clean and up to date with Macrium Free Edition.

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As the title says, does anyone know if TrueCrypt is able to encrypt a drive that's already been formatted and had files copied to it, without losing those files?

Answer:Can TrueCrypt encrypt a drive already in use?


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