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Help choose: Windows Home Server 2011 vs. Windows Server 2008 R2

Question: Help choose: Windows Home Server 2011 vs. Windows Server 2008 R2

I have a file server at home with a Quad core, 4gb ram, and a 3tb of storage. It is running Ubuntu Desktop and sharing video files primarily. From my school I have access to a free copy of Windows Server 2008 R2. Other than the server I have 2 Windows 7 desktops, 1 Windows 7 laptop and 1 Windows Vista laptop.

I am interested in moving to a Windows setup as I am done with the ?Ubuntu? experiment. WHS looks like what I need, but I have a free copy of WS 2008 and I would miss the $50 for WHS. My goals can be described best as:

Need to Haves:
? File/media server (local network)
? Dedicated game server for various games for friends.
? Print server

Nice to Haves:
? Music/Video Streaming over the internet
? Automatic backup server
? File server over the internet
? Ability to manager other PC?s from the server

My ability as an admin:
? No experience
? Willing to learn and put forth initial effort to get setup
? Don?t have time to really spend more than 1 day moving from Ubuntu to the new setup.
? Don?t want to be stuck constantly screwing with things to get it right or keep it running.

What is going to be best option for my situation?

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Preferred Solution: Help choose: Windows Home Server 2011 vs. Windows Server 2008 R2

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Help choose: Windows Home Server 2011 vs. Windows Server 2008 R2

Honestly, I use both in their proper settings, and unless you have a domain at home with multiple users, Windows Server 2008 R2 is overkill...and would require much more tweaking and add-in apps to do what you want. Given your write-up, WHS 2011 is the way to go. It does much of what you want out of the box, and is designed for people who don't want to become server admins (or at least not be forced to).

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Can anyone please explain how to backup my Windows Home Server onto a network Drive?

Answer:Windows Home Server 2011---Server Backups over Network

First you need to have a location where your backing up to. Do you have another server or network location (NAS?) that you are backing up to?

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I have 2 servers; windows 2000 & windows 2008, I can always access them via XP but my system 7 home can't authenticate. It appears to add the domain name as a preamble my user name in the authentication....does this make sense?


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Is there an iTunes Server for WHS 2011 available?

Answer:iTunes Server for Windows Home Server 2011 ?

Other than installing iTunes?

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Hi, I hope I'm posting in the right section. Especiall since this is windows 7 based forum.

I had near the same dilemma a few years back, and now I have the opportunity to get a server and some client computers for cheap from an office closing. I'm being offered either a dual core work station that have windows server 2008 loaded or a quad core server with server 2011 small business. Then some workstations with windows 7. I pretty much need some advice and path of direction, because I'm beyond rusty with server 2008, and 2011 I only helped a friend installed it a while back. What I want accomplished is to be able to do the following:
Log off one workstation as a certain user account then log back on through another workstation with the same account and have access to all my previously saved work. (maybe virtualization?)
have certain network drives setup for each user account
Setup a vpn to synchronize certain folders.
Have the user accounts and data on the server.
setup printing limits.

Pretty much Even though I'm not there yet in the real world I'm trying to emulate an office network. Currently, I have 2 routers and a switch. The main router has on dd-wrt and handles dhcp, and the other router is pretty much an extension. Any advice and help is appreciated. I'm leaning towards the dual because it's cheaper, but I can try to sell my laptop to get some money for the quad core.

Can I also create "guest" like accounts that have no access to certain items ... Read more

Answer:Windows server 2008 r2, or 2011

I found some info, it seems as if I have to use a domain controller. I know it houses a user database, but is the content and any information that is for the user account handled locally on the workstation or the server?

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I am having the KMS Server with Server 2012 KMS Key,which is hosted on Windows server 2012 R2.

We need to update the KMS Server 2K12 Key to 2K16 KMS Key, Is there any way to Get the detail that the key will activate these OS Versions?

MBAM Report Feature Error Alert

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So, I really like Windows Home Server a lot, but I want to use a domain with Windows Server 2008. What kind of software could I use (third party, Microsoft) to get the functionality of WHS? I'm looking at the media streaming and easy backups for all client users. I can do remote access using VNC, so that's not a problem. And I know of software that can make the library online (as a web server).

Would my best option to make the Server 2008 a web server and just put a page on there to stream the music that way (as well as shared folders for the XBox)? And what software can do effecient backups similar to WHS?


Answer:Server 2008 -> Windows Home Server

Why not just use 2008 server as a file server
- shares for the Xbox
- web page for the music (although you can use shares as well)

theres all sorts of backups you can do.
Acronis backing up to the server autmatically
NTBackup backing up files/folders to the server
- all those should work fine on server 2008

Are the computers going to be part of the domain too?
XBox would probably need some sort of user/pass to access a domain server

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I'm trying to decide between Windows Home Server and Windows Server 2008 R2 for my home server PC. Ordinarily it would be a clear cut choice, but I've got a free copy of Server 2008 R2 through my academic MSDN subscription. I'd like to avoid spending extra money if Server 2008 R2 would do the job. But I'm willing to buy Home Server should it prove necesary. Any input is appreciated. Thanks.

Answer:Windows home server vs Server 2008 R2

Server 2008 R2 is a more fully functional product. You will be able to do similar things, but it might be a little more involved getting it set up and working. Plus, if you are interested in IT, you could use the Server 2008 R2 experience....but you won't get hired for your knowledge on Windows Home Server.

My vote is Server 2008 R2 without a doubt.

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from my MSDN subscription i can get a copy of server 2008. (x86 or x64)

but i was toying with the idea of windows home server.

it will be going onto a 3600X2 on a k9agm2 with 2 gig of ram in my sig (which you cant see!) as i retire the old fileserver and upgrade the development box.

It will need to run SQL server 2008 (low load) and a couple of websites. as well as the families Media sharing, Document sharing and backups

i like the simplicity of WHS buti'm not bothered about the configuration of server 2008 either,

i really like the idea as hard drives appearing as one pool.

question is is the simplicity wortth the 100 for WHS and can i do everything i need to on WHS

Answer:windows home server or Server 2008

It is insane how much system requirements for Windows servers are now. I setup a 266mzh overclocked Nslug for a client office. They only have five users. It runs Debian like a champ. Another Nslug is handling OpenVPN at 266mhz. They only eat 5 watts each.

If Windows is only option, I would go with 2008. Windows Home servers have so many issues.

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In Optiplex 3040 - There is no option to choose 'ATA' mode from  BIOS. 
Due to this, i am unable to deploy windows 2008 server on optiplex 3040. 
"Once i boot from USB and try to deploy the windows, the setup is asking for the "windows deploy share path". 
Please advise how to enable 'ATA' SATA operation mode in optiplex 3040 BIOS and install windows 2008 server.

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I recently decided to play with the Server OS's again, I have been mostly using XP Pro for these functions, since its a local server, and mostly just used for file sharing, and as a download box (anti virus updates, etc).

Should I look into Windows Home Server or Windows Server 2008.

I have access to both OS's, just need to choose one.

Also will my legacy Windows XP Apps, work on either one? Thanks.

Answer:Windows Home Server or Windows 2008 Server

Same situation here. I decided to go with Server 2k3. HS is based on SMS and I absolutely hate the concept. 2k3 is blazing fast and easy to config for most uses.

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I recently read the following about Windows Home Server 2011

..... Microsoft announced that they are removing Drive Extender from the next version (Version 2) of Windows Home Server 2011. Drive Extender is a critical piece of technology that allows you to easily add more hard drives to your server, have a single pool of storage for all your data, and it provides for data redundancy - so if one hard drive crashes, your data is kept on a 2nd hard drive....Click to expand...

Can anyone confirm whether the above statement is correct/incorrect?

The report does not state whether "Drive Extender" is to be replaced by newer functionality, it simply states that this functionality will no longer be available in WHS.

My own view of WHS was that the functionality provided by "Drive Extender" was the heart of the system and in fact the primary purpose of having another layer of OS functionality in addition to the local layer (e.g. XP, Vista, W7).

I am confused as to what the purpose would be of installing WHS if it did not have "Drive Extender" technology. Am I not understanding something of basic importance here


Answer:Windows Home Server 2011

Pretty sure I can confirm that. I beta tested most of the WHS versions and I did get an email straight from the WHS Manager a few months ago saying that they were going to do that. I think with the advent of really cheap Terrabyte hard drives they no longer felt Drive Extender was needed.

I had heard a rumor that 3rd party developers were going to write their own add-ons to work like Drive Extender.

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Although this is not related to the Windows 7 OS, I do have a question regarding the Windows Home Server 2011 software. I have bought this software online today and was wondering if anyone has used it and/or has had great success with it. I was thinking about running it and deploying its features/functions across my network through a virtual machine. Would this be a good or bad idea? Essentially, the VM would only be ran when a network machine was needed. The alternative was going to be using an XP tower that's about 6 years old and I don't know if I would trust it on for 12-24 hours because of its age.

Any suggestions?

Answer:Windows Home Server 2011

Cody, Windows server 2011 is a subset of server 2008. It works fine as it will allow you to backup your local machines and allow the sharing of files. It should be on a separate machine that is on all the time. Not a VM as that would not be as reliable as a separate computer.
Just install it on a separate machine and make sure that the ventilation is good.


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I see Windows Home Server 2011 is $52.99 on Amazon, while Windows 7 Home Premium is $99.99. I understand generally that the two versions are targeted for
different uses, but ..... what's wrong with using WHS 2011 on a workstation/PC?
Is WHS 2011 missing important features for normal PC users? Thx, Gus

Answer:Windows Home Server 2011

It is missing some features, but mainly the compatibility will be issues. It is a server OS, meaning you'll need server-compatible system utilities. WHS is also designed to be headless, and managed remotely.

The main point is, if you go to the store looking for a hammer, don't buy a screw driver just because it's cheaper. Use the right tool for the job.

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Can u please tell me how to club windows 7 64 bit, window server 2008 R2(64 bit) and SQL Server 2008 in a single DVD.?
please reply how? Give Me Details

Answer:how to club windows 7, window server 2008 and SQL Server 2008 in a single DVD

Hi welcome
I beg your pardon, what do you mean for "Club Windows 7, windows 2008 in a single DVD"?
Can you please use a synonim?
Thank you

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I am thinking about getting Windows Home Server 2011 to keep secure backups and help organize a lot of stuff at home. I don't really have a spare computer that I could dedicate to it, except a main computer running windows vista (which wouldn't have enough juice to run that AND Windows Server on a virtual OS at the same time), so i had a crazy idea. Is there a way one could run a virtual computer on an external hard drive, and have Windows Home Server installed and running on there?

Answer:Windows home server 2011 on external HDD?

In short - no.

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Hey - I am looking to get some help with a WHS 2011 dump file. Can I use the same instructions/utility for Win7/Vista listed in the instructions?

Answer:Windows Home Server 2011 BSOD

Hi and Welcome to TSF
Can you list the specs of your Computer? Make and Model if custom build then list the parts
Also you can upload the dump file here

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I have installed WHS 2011 several times onto 2 separate Sata HDD's and received the same random BSOD on both installs. 0x00000019 BAD_POOL_HEADER

Ive ran a full chkdsk on both the HDD's I have and also ran memory tests on the 4GB of RAM I have with no errors.

I have an unknown device that is not installed correctly in device manager a media audio controller.

The RIG im using is a HP workstation xw6200 which shipped with XP installed and runs fine but still has the unknown device in device manager.

I have tried to DL the drivers from HP website for the vista 64 bit version for the audio drivers it supplies but they do not resolve the unknown device, that doesnt really matter as Im not playing sound from my server anyway, just thought you would want to know in case its whats causing my problem.

This problem happens randomly whenever it feels like and whether the RIG is logged into the admin account for the server or not.

I remember reading a fix for windows server 2003 for an NTFS corruption but im unsure of whether this will resolve this issue?

I have attached my dump files in the zip so if your into it and can look through it then please tell me what I can do to fix it.

If you want anymore info let me know.


Answer:HP XW6200 Windows Home Server 2011

The 13 dump files all show "BAD_POOL_HEADER" with Ntoskrnl.exe... This usually points to memory issues. What program did you use to check the memory? Can you swap it out for test purposes?

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So, I'm doing the preliminary work to potentially replace an aging file server that I currently have in my house. A few days ago, I did the research on simply doing a NAS device (like the NetGear Ready NAS Ultra 2 Plus) and am generally pretty happy with what I have found. Now, I am considering the alternative of using something else like Windows Home Server 2011 and giving it a fair shake.

My original goal was to have something
1). Simple...didn't really want to have another system to maintain
2). Inexpensive....I don't need astounding performance
3). Quiet and Low Power Consumption
4). Data Protection is important, although I will back up regularly and keep offsite.
5). Offer DNLA support for streaming to devices like my PS3 and Xbox 360.

I'm starting to reconsider the use of the NAS device, as the RAID 1 will cost me 50% of my usable space. With something like Windows Home Server, I can choose to NOT duplicate some of the non important stuff (Internet downloads, ISO's...all that stuff that I can simply re-download in the event of a catastrophe)...and this means that I will have more disk space usable within my server.

Originally, when Windows Home Server came out, I was very excited about the Drive Extender technology that allowed for easy drive pooling..but then Microsoft decided to discontinue DE for Windows Home Server 2011. From what I have found, there are 3rd party vendors out there, making Add-In support that seems good (StableBit...I te... Read more

Answer:Considering a Windows Home Server 2011 Build

Y'know - I went down this path 6 months ago. Eventually I ended up on Windows 2008 R2. The main reason instead of WHS 2011 was that I also run WSUS, Coldfusion, Firebird DB Server, and IIS. WHS was not the right choice.

But, I was previously running on Windows XP, and it did everything I needed. The only reason I upgraded to Win 2008 R2 standard was so I could take advantage of more memory.

I have a Technet subscription so cost of the OS was largely moot.

My system has 7 x 2TB WD EARX SATA 3 drives ($400~), though I don't have 7 SATA3 ports, so some of the drives are running at SATA 2.

I settled on an Intel I5-2400 CPU ($177), which is only marginally overclocked, 8 GB Corsair CL7 1600 MHZ memory ($69), on a Gigabyte Z68X-UD3R-B3 mobo. I put in a GTX 450 1GB Video card ($80), because I had it lying around, and there is no Video on the Z68X mobo ($149). The case is an Antec 900 - 2; Only because I like that case, it costs $90 and its easy to keep cabling tidy and with 7 drives I was worried heat would be a problem. As it is, temps are running at 27C most of the time. All fans are set on low speed, and I'm running a stock cooler.

The PSU is an ANTEC Truepower 750W ($132).

The system costs approximately 8 cents per hour to run. (Given that we pay 26.5c per Kilowatt)

The Z68X only has a single Gigabit NIC. On reflection, the only thing I would change is running two NICs. I have gigabit cabling and switches throughout the house, so I could have improved overall per... Read more

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The Microsoft website is mostly geared for corporates, so how does a home user get a copy of Windows Server R2?

I want to use it for Sharepoint 2010 Foundation self training as I am interested in learning more about multi tenancy.

Is there a cost effective way I can achieve this?

Answer:Best way to get Windows Server 2008 R2 for home use

Quote: Originally Posted by jnevans

The Microsoft website is mostly geared for corporates, so how does a home user get a copy of Windows Server R2?

I want to use it for Sharepoint 2010 Foundation self training as I am interested in learning more about multi tenancy.

Is there a cost effective way I can achieve this?

Welcome to the Windows 7 forums Jnevans.

Microsoft has a trial version of server 2008r2 at

Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2

that page should give you a start, Also you can buy windows home server
which might do what you need.


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Any word on the newer version of Windows home server? I have 2003 and love it was hoping to get some kind of update on the next version.

Answer:Windows home server 2008

WHS v2 will not be out this year. It will be based on 2008 and be x64 only. Beyond that we don't know anything.

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I created the following performance counter using logman.exe. 

logman.exe create counter US_Triton_Perf_Log -b 9/23/2015 09:30:00 -e 9/30/2099 18:30:00 -r -s $server -si $frequence -cf $folder\$server.txt -f $logtype  -o C:\local\logs\Perfout_$Server --a -v mmddhhmm  -rf  $max_duration

When I do this across multiple servers specifically for Windows Servers 2008/2012, the counter is created to repeat and run everyday at 930PM and stops running everyday at 430PM. This works perfectly fine as intended. However, When I do this for a Windows
2003 server, my created counter is very different.
For example, in this case, I have set to the counters to start at 930AM and end at 1830PM, because I have set a maximum duration of 9 hours, the job terminates and begins on the next day, since I have the repeat option on. However, this does not apply to
our 2003 server; logman creates the job to run once a week in this case it would be on a Wednesday. In addiiton, I noticed that the job doesn't not even start at it's indented time. It actually does not start at all. I also notice that the jobs on all windows
2003 servers are created in a pending status, which then prevents me from removing the counter remotely. 

I would like to know if windows 2003 is capable of working like my win 2008/2012 servers using logman, and if historically, the job has to be kicked off through scheduled task. 

Both Jobs are using the same criteria, but a... Read more

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Have many of you guys tried this out?

one line
"IT's @#[email protected]#ING GREAT"

a little background:

I just migrated all of my music / pictures / home videos to a WHS 2011 machine, and you can access it remotely via a <somename> , which is great if you have a fast enough upload speed @ home.

If you enable media streaming, you can get access to all of your videos / photos / music, and it sorts it for you, even if they were all in 1 folder, the interface will split it.

Music and Movies play in a silverlight player that is pretty fast and decent quality on video, great on Music.

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I have an office of three computers and new file server running Windows Home Server 2011.
Two of the three computers are running windows 7 64bit Home Premium, and connected to the server dashboard hassle-free.
However, the last computer, running Windows 7 64bit Professional, displays an error message after I enter the server password.
"cannot connect this computer to the network"

I can clearly see the server on the network map, and I can successfully ping it.
I cannot however access its website at http://servername/connect

I have tried all of the troubleshooting steps listed here

I have also disable the antivirus, and opened ports 55000, 56000, 1138 and 8192 for inbound and outbound traffic.

Whatever it is, its definitely isolated to the client, because I have two other machines running windows 7, on the same network, that have connected fine.
All clients and server are also a part of a home-group, in which i can clearly see other computers and server folders from the troublesome client.

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My WHS Dashboard will just close out after a few seconds of it being open. I cannot do anything in that time period. It also happens from the web, and from the server itself. Help?

EDIT: M$ helped me and it is all fixed.

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Microsoft today announced that Windows Home Server 2011 is now ready for release and the process to make it available for purchase wil now start.
Affordable and easy-to-use, Windows Home Server 2011 is the ideal solution to help families keep their important digital files and data automatically backed up, organized, and accessible from virtually anywhere. Many OEM?s and System Builders have already started building specific form factors and solutions based on WHS 2011. We expect to start seeing them in the market starting May.SBS 2011 Essentials will be released in 19 languages including Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional, Taiwan), Chinese (Hong Kong), Czech, Dutch, English, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese (Portugal), Russian, Spanish, Swedish, and Turkish.The evaluation experience for WHS 2011 will be released in early April.WHS 2011 will be made available on MSDN and TechNet also in early April. Windows Home Server 2011 is Ready for Release
Also see: What are the new features in Windows Home Server 2011 Final | The Windows Club

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Is anyone running new Server 2008 as a normal operating system ?

Also do you use Vista 64bit drivers for it as i remember Windows XP 64 bit shared a lot of drivers with 2003 Server and was even recognized as Server edition from time to time when i had it.

Answer:Windows server 2008 as home system ?

Server 2008 is "aligned" with Vista. It uses Vista drivers, though depending on the device and the hardware maker Server 2003/XP drivers may work.

It does take considerable tweaking to get 2008 to run in a desktop-ish way. I don't know if there's any real benefit to this, and unless one gets 2008 free, it's also outrageously expensive.

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How to set security on home drives for domain users.

Steps I did

Created a folder in my C drive

First did security and gave full control to domain admin minimum to users

then permission gave full control to domain admin and less to users

but when a user logs in they can access other users accounts and delete folders

and the users can even disconnect the home drive

any help on this?

Answer:Home Drive in Windows Server 2008

In an Active Directory domain, home drives are the users' personal space and they should have Full Control of the folder that will be their home drive. The location for their home drive is set in the AD properties for the user on the domain controller.

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My computer running Windows Home Server Vail (Acer Veritom M464) has been up and running for a while now.

I've managed to sort out all the problems with it bar one. It refuses to show up on networks unless you look for it manually and type in the IP address etc.

When I go into device manager the ethernet driver (the one on the motherboard) is installed but there are three (that's all of them) WAN Miniports that refuse to start (IKEv2, L2TP, SSTP).

I believe the problem may be they are running on 32bit drivers but this is not fort?.

Windows update and the automated driver update thing both throw up the same dodgy drivers.

Just so you are aware the Ethernet networking driver is an Nvidia nForce one.

If you require any more information or want me to be more specific please just ask.

On a related note is anyone aware of a way to add a Windows Home Server Vail (or Just a 2008/R2) shared printer to Mac when the server does not show up in a workgroup.


PS I believe this is my 1000th post (Ironically not on the subject of Windows 7 )

Answer:Windows Home Server 2008 R2 Vail

How many ports do you have open for those 3 that won't start?

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I'm building a NAS, using FlexRAID and I have a choice between Windows 7 and Windows Home Server 2011.

I've been told that Windows 7 is perhaps easier to use, but what do I gain from WHS? I've never used Windows Home Server before..


Answer:What's the difference between Windows 7 and Windows Home Server 2011?

You can read about Windows Home Server here:
There's a link to the 2011 version with the changes.

Windows 7 wiki is here:

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Hi Guys,

I have Win7 Home Premium 32bit on my Laptop. I heard about installing Win 2008 Server(Not Windows Server 2008 R2 bcoz its 64bit and my Win7 is 32bit)on vhd in Win7.
My first question is, can I install Win server 2008 on vhd in Win7 HP 32bit. or I need other versions of Win7 like Professional or Ultimate. I tried installing Win Svr 2008 on vhd in Win7 Hp 32bit but did not work, this is what i did:

Created a new fixed size/extnedable vhd in win 7, initialized and attached the vhd. Then put win server 2008 dvd and ran setup inside win7, it asked me where to istall. I selected the newly created and formatted vhd drive(F). But it says load vhd HBA driver, i tired to find the driver online, in win7 and win svr 2008 cd but no joy. I dont know wether, win svr 2008 can be installed on a vhd in win7 Hp. I read online how to isntall win svr 2008 r2 on win7 ulitimate, by pressing SHIFT+F10 at install time and then doing something in diskpart and then doing dual boot with win7.

Do i need to updgrae my win 7 to professional or ultimate to accomplish this job or there is way to do with win7 HP. as vhd is just virtual, can any windows version be istalled on vhd.

My main thing i need is having Windows 7 as main OS and dual boot with win svr 2008 which is on vhd.

Please help me with this. I will highly appreciate your kind help.

Answer:Install Windows Server 2008 on VHD in Windows 7 Home Premium?

You don't need to upgrade but you cannot install the way you are...

Install-WindowsImage PowerShell Script - Home

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Get an overview of the new Windows Home Server 2011 Dashboard and it's features.
Also enjoy: Learning Snacks for Microsoft Office 2010 Learning Snacks for Silverlight from Microsoft More Windows 7 learning Snacks.

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I have two Windows 7 machines which both flawlessly access my Home Server 2011 via Remote Desktop.

When I attempt to access the Hone Server via Live Live Mesh "Connect to this Computer" I receive a log in screen request for a Ctrl-Alt-Del. Clicking the Remote Desktop Window link to issue the request has no affect. No other action is available except to disconnect from the server.

How do I solve this issue?


Answer:Windows Live Remote Acces to Home Server 2011

Have you tried pressing Ctrl-Alt-Del ? Remotely the command is Ctrl-Alt-End. If it's what I think it is after doing so you should have a login screen to enter your user name and password for that computer.

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Released yesterday. Servers have been very busy. Use the MS Download Manager.

Answer:Windows Home Server Vail 2011 Preview Released

This has been out for a while, no?

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If I should not Post this on this forum, feel free to help me and tell me a forum for this.

The other day, I built my first server (Well, not really built it, It was an HP Pavilion XD) I set it up perfectly with Windows Home Server 2011 and when I went to set up remote access, I get this (the attachments)

My router is a Linksys WRT160Nv2. I set up UPnP and did what Microsoft said here for my router: Windows Home Server Router Setup - TechNet Articles - United States (English) - TechNet Wiki

Any help?
P.S. My ISP is Wave Broadband here in Bow, Washington.

Answer:Remote Access not working on Windows Home Server 2011

Well, the first thing we need to know is, does the server have a static IP address or Dynamic? Normally a server will have a static IP address but sometimes not.

1. Check for a static ip address
2. If not static, change it to a static ip address

Report back what you find and we'll dig a little more.

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I have created a Windows Home Server 2011 VM as a guest OS inside of Windows 10, which is the host OS. The VM is working and the networking is working (whew!). But I cannot figure out a way to get the integration services working. I've already selected Enhanced Session Mode in the Hyper-V Manager and Guest Services in the Integration Services portion of the VM settings. Can someone please provide me with a clue on how to get this working?
Thank you.

Answer:Hyper V: Integration Services for Windows Home Server 2011 VM?

elessar25 said:

I have created a Windows Home Server 2011 VM as a guest OS inside of Windows 10, which is the host OS. The VM is working and the networking is working (whew!). But I cannot figure out a way to get the integration services working. I've already selected Enhanced Session Mode in the Hyper-V Manager and Guest Services in the Integration Services portion of the VM settings. Can someone please provide me with a clue on how to get this working?
Thank you.


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I have created a Windows Home Server 2011 VM as a guest OS inside of Windows 10, which is the host OS. The VM is working and the networking is working (whew!). But I cannot figure out a way to get the integration services working. I've already selected Enhanced Session Mode in the Hyper-V Manager and Guest Services in the Integration Services portion of the VM settings. Can someone please provide me with a clue on how to get this working?
Thank you.

Answer:Hyper V: Integration Services for Windows Home Server 2011 VM?

Originally Posted by elessar25

I have created a Windows Home Server 2011 VM as a guest OS inside of Windows 10, which is the host OS. The VM is working and the networking is working (whew!). But I cannot figure out a way to get the integration services working. I've already selected Enhanced Session Mode in the Hyper-V Manager and Guest Services in the Integration Services portion of the VM settings. Can someone please provide me with a clue on how to get this working?
Thank you.


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I have been given a PC with Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit
This was a client PC from a small old Windows Home Server 2011 system which has now been dismantled as the server PC failed.
My unit works fine but I cannot remove the irritating Server client items from it - Launchpad and Alert Services etc etc.
Have looked everywhere on the disk but cannot find any uninstall file anywhere.
All the relevant files seem to be in the ?Program Files?, ?Windows Server? , ?Bin? folder but nothing found there. No separate uninstalling prog will work either.
Have considered starting up the PC in Safe Mode, physically removing the Windows Server folder and contents then running a registry cleaner to tidy up the loose ends.
Am concerned that this might make the PC unstable so ask if anyone has any useful suggestions. For now I have worked through the Start Up process and inhibited the ones considered relevant. Also CCleaner has stopped the Launchpad.This has worked but would like to permanently remove the unwanted items.

Answer:Removal of Windows Home Server 2011 client software

No one has supplied any suggestions as to my programme removal so decided to risk it and do it myself as described.
Backed up whole HD plus registry, restarted in basic Safe Mode then physically removed all traces of WHS 2011 in file system.
Emptied Recycle Bin then restarted as normal.
No disasters occurred so used CCleaner and Advanced Uninstaller PRO. They mopped up the loose ends and everything seems to be fine now. Job done!
I suppose the same process could be used for most difficult to remove items.

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I have 2 computers (one with Windows 7, one with Windows Server 2008), but only ONE monitor. Ultimately, my goal is to network the two computers so that I can use TeamViewer (or a similar remote access application), so that I can control my Windows Server 2008 machine from my Windows 7 machine. I want this connection to go through LAN so there is minimal lag. I plan to use my crossover Cat-5 network cable to connect the two computers. How would I go about setting this network up so that they are connected to each other and I can use TeamViewer (etc) over LAN?

TL;DR: How do I setup a wired crossover network between a Windows Server 2008 PC and a Windows 7 PC? So that I can remotely access the Windows Server 2008 from the Windows 7 machine using TeamViewer.

Answer:Crossover home network with Server 2008 and Windows 7

Buy a small workgroup switch to connect the two computers together and buy a KVM switch to switch between the tow computers using one keyboard mouse and video connection.

KVM Switches:

5 Port switch:

Not sure what teamviewer is, but you can RDP to any server on your network.

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I have a home server that I use for the following:

1) ASP.NET web development on IIS
2) Hyper-V guest instances (linux and win)
3) TFS 2010 instance

It also supports a couple other small things, like email server, FTP, file share, etc.

I have a MSDN license, so I have access to either OS, so cost is not an issue.

I'm curious manly about performance vs features. I understand some improvements to Hyper-V in 2012+. Frameworks I use, such as .NET 4.5.1 are still supported on 2008 R2, but no idea if newer versions will be supported (forcing me to move to 2012).

I'm also running this on an older (former workstation) PC, a C2D 2.4ghz with 8GB RAM.

Does anyone have insight? Thanks.

Answer:Rebuilding home server - Windows 2008 R2 or 2012 R2?

If you have no reason (cost, compatibility, etc) to stick with 2008 R2, I would go with 2012 R2. The only downside is the UI, which is much better than vanilla 2012. If you don't like it, then you can make things better with any of the start menu replacements.

I've got a 20 Node 2012 R2 Hyper-v Cluster hosting 250ish VMs, and it's rock solid.

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The online evaluation experience for Windows Home Server 2011 is now ready.
"This provides customers the ability to walk through both client and server interaction freely, or follow a suggested demonstration path with the evaluation manual which will also launch with the online experience. Available 24 hours per day, it provides a super simple way to experience WHS without the need for hardware."
This evaluation provides a hands on ability to experience the product including the following areas:
?Adding a user
?Using the client Launchpad
?Managing PCs to ensure its health and security
?Protecting the server and PC?s data
?Adding server storage capacity
?Using Remote Web Access
You can check it out here.

Answer:Windows Home Server 2011 online evaluation website is now ready

are they gonna provide free evaluation disks like they did last time...

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Hello,everyone.I have a doubt:There's a single hard drive in my laptop,and it contains two partitions(besides the 100 MB "system reserved" partition).The "C:" drive contains the OS and boot files.The "D:" partition holds personal data and backup files.Both are primary.I would like to set my laptop to dual boot mode,with Windows Server 2008 R2 as the new bootable OS.I would achieve this by shrinking the "D:" partition,creating a new one(e.g."E:")with the unallocated space,and installing the new OS into the new partition.Nevertheless,I fear that installing a new OS will overwrite/modify the current MBR,leaving me with only the Server 2008 R2 boot entry.
So,will Server 2008 R2 really mess with MBR or boot entries on the HD,or will the boot manager still report two boot entries?

P.S.:I've tried creating a VHD drive,installing and booting Server 2008 R2 from there,however that can't be accomplished because my notebook Windows 7 edition is Home Basic x64,whereupon this feature isn't enabled.If I try to install the desired OS to the virtual disk,the setup disk manager GUI will report this error message:

"Windows cannot be installed to this disk. The selected disk is a surfaced virtual disk.Windows cannot be installed to this disk. This computer?s hardware may not support booting to this disk. Ensure that the disk?s controller is enabled in the computer?s BIOS menu."
This is the guide I've been following in order t... Read more

Answer:Dual booting Windows 7 Home Basic x64 and Server 2008 R2 without VHD

When you install a later Windows version its boot environment will replace that of the existing OS.
It very well possible to install Windows 2008 R2 to VHD.

The message you receive can be ignored as Windows 2008 R2 boot manager can boot VHD's.
Moreover a dual boot will be created automatically.
The new boot environment (files) will be placed in System Reserved (and replace/amend the existing).

If you prefer shrinking d: and installing R2 on the newly created space you will have a slightly better disk performance everything else is the same for VHD or native partition install.

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The very hungry Windows Home Server continues to whet its appetite on unfortunate users files as the scope of the problem grows and grows

Like the children's book, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, the scope of the Windows Home Server bug simply grew and grew as it ate its way through users' files. Although Microsoft promised that a solution would be made available to resolve the current issues, a full fix will not be available until at least June 2008.Click to expand...

Answer:Windows Home Server Broken Until June 2008 (earliest)

Hmmm, I guess I'll use Linux Home Server Edition instead. Oh....wait....whoops.

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I'm not sure if this is the correct place to ask for a help in hand here, but i'm having trouble tracking down the source of a problem. My dedicated server provider has informed me that 1 of my servers has been sending syn flood attacks to another one of my servers connected to the same router and has unplugged the network cable on it for now as a precaution.

I can still remote desktop to the machine to work on it though.

Here is what they sent me:
This was a flood of traffic between the following two IPs 174.*.*.218,
174.*.*.219 Mainly traffic from 174.*.*.218 to the 174.*.*.219. All
4096 packets, that are the limit for a capture on the router, were strictly
traffic to and from these two IPs, and mainly traffic from 174.*.*.218 to the
.219 IP. This traffic was causing the CPU on the router to spike, thus causing
packetloss on the device.

It would appear that the 174.*.*.218 server was
performing a syn attack to the server 174.*.*.219. As this traffic was
originating from a host on this router to another host on this router. Cisco
Guard would not have mitigated this issue.


Now I have done some tests with netstat -o to try and find any rouge applications but everything seems normal to me, I have done a scan with Avast server edition and also MalwareBytes to see if anything could be picked up but both came back clean.

Has anyone got any advice?


Answer:Dedicated Server - Windows Server 2008 Standard. Been told it is sending syn floods

Re: Dedicated Server - Windows Server 2008 Standard. Been told it is sending syn floo

Welcome to Major Geeks!

Please read ALL of this message including the notes before doing anything.

Please follow the instructions in the below link:

READ & RUN ME FIRST. Malware Removal Guide

and attach the requested logs when you finish these instructions.

**** If something does not run, write down the info to explain to us later but keep on going. ****
Do not assume that because one step does not work that they all will not. MGtools will frequently run even when all other tools will not.

After completing the READ & RUN ME and attaching your logs, make sure that you tell us what problems still remain ( if any still do )!
Helpful Notes:

If you run into problems trying to run the READ & RUN ME or any of the scans in normal boot mode, you can run the steps in safe boot mode but make sure you tell us what you did later when you post logs. See the below if you do not know how to boot in safe mode:

Starting your computer in Safe mode

If you have problems downloading on the problem PC, download the tools and the manual updates for SUPERAntiSpyware and Malwarebytes ( links are given in the READ & RUN ME) onto another PC and then burn to a CD. Then copy them to the problem PC. You will have to skip getting updates if (and only if) your internet connection does not work. Yes you could use a flash drive too but flash drives are writeable and infections c... Read more

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Please help! I have installed Server 2008 x64 and as soon as I install the motherboard Initial Configuration Tasks stops working.

this is the errors I get

Stopped working

Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: CLR20r3
Problem Signature 01: oobe.exe
Problem Signature 02: 6.0.6001.18000
Problem Signature 03: 47917945
Problem Signature 04: Microsoft.Windows.ServerManager
Problem Signature 05:
Problem Signature 06: 4791ad96
Problem Signature 07: 1f26
Problem Signature 08: 1e
Problem Signature 09: System.NullReferenceException
OS Version: 6.0.6001.
Locale ID: 2057

I have no idea what it means and I cant find the .exe that opens Initial Configuration Tasks to try and start it again without restarting, I have tried going into msconfig and disabling all start programs to see if that helped, it didn't

Someone please, please, tell me this has happened to you and you have fixed it?.:banghead:banghead

Answer:Server 2008 x64 Windows Server Initial Configuration Tasks has stopped working

I got the same problem after installing my mother board driver's.

I'll let you know if I find something !

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I have install the administration toolpack on Windows 7 and enabled remote connections on my server 2008 box, When i try and connect with my Windows 7 server manager it does not work.

I see stuff on google about enabling a trustedhost with winrm but can't find a way to do this.

this seem more difficult than it should be?

this is what I keep getting

Answer:Can't connect to Server 2008 via Windows 7 Administration tools/Server Manager

Check Technet for the WinRM reference and or make sure that WinRM is enabled on the servers you are trying to access.

Use group policy to enable it if you need to do a bunch of machines at once. I'm using this with no problems.

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Heroes Happen {Here} is what Microsoft calls the promotional tour for three of its 2008 products which will come to many cities in the United States this year. Users who attend a launch event will get a promotional kit of the three Microsoft products Windows Server? 2008 operating system, Microsoft? SQL Server? 2008, and Microsoft Visual Studio? 2008.
Not everyone can just walk in though and grab the copies, you need to register to be able to attend an event and even then kits will only be given out as long as supplies last. Events will also take place in other countries. A quick check revealed one event in Germany where attendees have to pay a fee to be able to attend the event. They still get the software kit with the newest versions of the applications though.
News Source:
You have to give a company name and job title during registration. It is unclear if Microsoft will reject applications if they do not meet certain criteria. The first event is on February 27th in Los Angeles, the last on May 22nd in Reston.

Free Copies of Windows Server, SQL Server and Visual Studio 2008 : Welcome To Tech-Dump

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I have received a new windows 7 pro computer to replace my old windows xp computer. I have used the Windows easy transfer tool to move the files from my old computer to the new one. The old computer is still connected for the time being. I named the computer the same name and have the same password. I did an update from xp to windows 7 on another computer and it seemed to work fine using the same process. It connected to the server automatically. I would really like to have it where the computer is just a workstation on the network and anyone can sign in with any name and password. How do I do it?

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We have a requirement to get the windows services from one of our remote server. We already have a group with admin rights on that machine and users added to it. But while fetching the services from that details we get below error.
We are using to fetch the services.
InvalidOperationException Was caught
Cannot open Service Control Manager on computer :"". This operation might require other privileges.

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Hi, I am going to install windows 2008 server on the IBM server x3650 7979 and couldn't get the supportive RAID Serv as the I am currently got the IBM ServerGuide Setup and Installation CD version 7.4.17 for adaptec RAID controller 8K but it does not have windows 2008 server option. Do assist me in this regard. thanks

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We had:

1) 1 Windows Server 2003 running Active Directory services to manage logon and permissions for file sharing.
2) 15 workstations.

We now want to have:

1) 1 Windows Server 2008 R2 server running Active Directory services to manage logon and permissions for file sharing.
2) 15 same workstations, with their same user profiles.

So I joined the 2008 R2 server to the domain, and then used the dcpromo tool to make it a domain controller.

Problem is, whenever I take the old server offline, (the 2003 one) everything flips out, logons are slow, and the 2008 server gives people trying to access shared files weird errors like that the server that authenticated them cannot be contacted, and asks them to log in again with their username and password before accessing shared files on the server.

What did I do wrong? I must be forgetting something.

Answer:Replacing a Windows 2003 AD DS server with a 2008 R2 AD DS server

1. Transfer all FSMO roles to your 2008 R2 server
2. Uninstall AD on 2003 server
3. You can now permanently take 2003 server offline

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Hi guys,
What free Antivirus software for servers?
What free anti-malware would NOT be a good idea?
My friend has purchased a Poweredge server to act as a fileserver for a private network not connected to the internet..  He uses 2 laptops at the most  to access files on the server.
However at some points he will update Windows Server 2008 plus odd bits by temporaily hooking up to the Internet., and obviously leave himself open to malware etc. for a short time.
The cost of server Antivirus is very high and usually effective for 10 workstations upwards, and obviously he would appreciate keeping costs down.
I would appreciate thoughts on ideas for avoiding a costly solution.
Also, if he got Malware on it (e.g. Rootkit or Delta) would current Bleeping Computer tools (e.g. Rkill, RogueKiller etc) still work on the server - or does it require another approach? 
I am asking fior advice BEFORE he gets started while options are open.
Thanks in advance guys

Answer:Free Server Antivirus ? e.g. for Windows Server 2008

The answer is fairly simple. Just read the details on the site -
Microsoft Security Essentials is available for small businesses with up to 10 PCs.
• Microsoft Security Essentials:
Microsoft updated it’s free Anti-Virus solution at the end of 2010 to support Windows 2008/R2.
This is easily one of the better free offerings as Microsoft has updated this solution to complete directly with some of the biggest solutions, such as Mcafee and Symantec paid versions.

When downloading, simply choose Windows Vista / Windows 7, as Microsoft has yet to update the website.
Regards -

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Why? Because I need proper codec and audio support, and no-brainer stuff that just does not work. I have Windows 7 Professional x64 setup on dual-boot to Server 2008 and intend to use it for video encoding and related.

I am looking for suggestions similar to -- except the other way around and starting with Windows 7.

Answer:Converting Windows 7 for server use (or Server 2008 clone)?

It probably depends on what aspects of Server 2008 you want. What server roles do you want to be able to perform with Windows 7?

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As my final project for the year i am setting up a server that we will eventually move all our computers on to. I am using a poweredge 2900 as a server with windows server 2008 installed. As of now i have 2 computers connected to the domain which they can log on to.

- what i need help with
- How do i give all users access to programs?
- Each student needs to have access to her own drive through the server not locally.
The client computers are connected to a switch using dhcp.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Answer:setting up a server for school help (windows server 2008)

I'm quite sure your instructor/teacher did not intend for anybody but you to do the final project for the year and nobody else.

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I have install the administration toolpack on Windows 7 and enabled remote connections on my server 2008 box, When i try and connect with my Windows 7 server manager it does not work.

I see stuff on google about enabling a trustedhost with winrm but can't find a way to do this.

this seem more difficult than it should be?

this is what I keep getting

Answer:Can't connect to Server 2008 via Server Manager on Windows 7?

edit, I was wrong. https requires a non self signed cert
do the following in powershell, this is for powershell remoteing but it does the winrm stuff as well:

on the server:

Enable-PSRemoting &#8211;force
on the client:


Start-Service WinRM
Set-ItemProperty &#8211;Path HKLM:\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System &#8211;Name LocalAccountTokenFilterPolicy &#8211;Value 1 &#8211;Type DWord
Set-Item WSMan:\localhost\Client\TrustedHosts &#8211;Value <ServerName> -Force -Concatenate

Be warned that this is very insecure.

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So Im finally putting my big boy pants on and setting up a real home server. There are going to be 3 main uses for this server

1) Home server - Mainly for streaming to all my raspberry pi's and other windows devices but also as a network drive for my ssd only pcs

2) Remote server - Grabbing files away from home, remote vnc etc

3) Web server - Been working on a small personal website for a while now that I want to be able to host myself once it goes live. This isn't my main use for the server and if it isnt going to jive well with my primary uses I can always build a seperate pc for that use.

So if cost wasnt a concern between home server 2011 and server 2012 which would you choose based on my planned usage? I plan on using drive pool or drive bender with whatever I choose. So I would also appreciate some recommendations on which application you would choose with your choice of operating systems. Also, I can't seem to find definitive differences between the server 2012
releases (standard, foundation, essentials) It seems to be more of a licensing thing, so furthermore, which version of server 2012 would you go with?

Sorry guys, Im a total noob at this

Answer:Home server 2011 or Server 2012?

Personally, I'm going with WHS2011. I'd rather start with an OS that has most of it's bugs worked out, over an unknown. Since you can get a license for ~$50, why not start there to get your feet wet, then upgrade to Server 2012 once the kinks have been worked out?

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I plan on doing a straightforward upgrade from Win 2008 Server (x64) to Win 2008 Server R2 on my work computer Monday. I assume the process will be painless but wanted to know if there may be any surprises. I'd like to keep any time to fix upgrade errors to a minimum since this is my work computer. Thoughts? Thanks.

Answer:Windows 2008 Server R2 upgrade from 2008 Server?

done it many times, works fine.

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Hope this is the right place to post this

Just set up server 2008 r2 on a older box I had that I was using for a few things. Tried Linux but became tThanks of a pain for such simple tasks. Here is what I'm using it for.

Csgo server
Mumble server
Media server?

My main concern was for media server to stream to few devices in the house. I was thinking plex. Does anyone have any other ways I can go about it.


Answer:Server 2008 for home server... Opinions please.

Not sure what opinions you want. All I can say is that you don't need server 2008 R2 to complete your desired tasks. Any basic Windows client OS should work.

EDIT: It should be noted that Windows Server OS's are enterprise standards therefore a lot of home license applications will not install unless it is open source. You will need to purchase enterprise licenses of software for them to be installed on the server. This is particularly important with Anti-Virus solutions.


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Ok I am lost. Could someone please give me a simple way of setting up my Windows 2008 R2 server to allow me to FTP into it from my local network and will allow me to FTP from outside my local network? I am new to the Windows server 2008 system. I previously tooled around with Server 2003 so I am more or less lost in this area. If someone could tell me how to configure it such as what feature and roles need to be installed and what settings need to be in place.

Answer:Windows Server 2008 R2 File server

open the link below. follow their instructions.

assuming you have a router, setup port forwarding on the router.

Installing and Configuring FTP 7 on IIS 7 : The Official Microsoft IIS Site

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Hi all
Have been a LONG LONG user of Linux as a server (hosting VM's XP / W7 mix) and file / print sharing.

I used to avoid MS like the plague as far as SERVER environments are concerned - probably because my first experince was Windows NT (Windows NeanderThal or Windows No Thanks) which was SO HORRIBLE that it put me off Windows servers for ages.

(Note I'm using a server in a HOME environment where we have around 8 machines (most of which are actually mine for testing -- not a corporate environment which has other considerations).

The problem now with the latest Linux distros that they are trying to be "A Better Windows than Windows". You can of course customize them but I haven't got the time or patience to do this any more. To select what packages to install / leave out now is a 100% pain and if you do it wrong the chances are the system will give errors.

I've looked at the new SUSE 11.2 -- slick and polished - bit I don't NEED "an alternative Windows".

I've just been looking at Windows Server 2008 R2 (got it from Technet) and I'm REALLY IMPRESSED with it so far. I've installed the STANDARD version - you don't need datacenter or Enterprise version for a home server.

It runs vmware server on it just fine (although I might go the whole hog and use the Hyper-V virtualisation -- need to do a bit more research).

I'm quite happy letting MS do the updates than having to mess around with Kernel compiles etc.

Incidentally as a HOME server there ... Read more

Answer:Windows 2008 Server or Linux for server

Windows servers have come a very long way in the last few years, I will never use a linux server ever again.

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I've been reading that the Windows Server Backup that is included with Server 08 R2 is pretty good. Is spending $400 on a third party utility worth it?

I'm asking because we're purchasing a new server soon and I want to know if the included backup is going to be good enough. Will be backing up server state as well as data to tape and possibly an off site server (server 2003) if I get my way.


Answer:Server 2008 R2 Windows Server Backup


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Iam working on a windows server 2008 where is my domain Server and a file server.

I want to do the following if it is possible and if you know pls help me.

When a client logins to the pc with the correct username and password that the company gave to him, and when hit the button to enter the file server, i want the file server to show ONLY the files that this person is add in the security tab and has full permissions to these files.

If you have more questions pls ask me ..

Thanks in advance

Answer:Windows Server 2008 - File Server

You would do it under GPO.

You really need to be reading the books on WS 2k8, since a lot of it is in there for admins.

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Hey All,

I am building a new home server/NAS

I have server 2008 R2 (Got it free), I want to install it and set it up like WHS 2011 (i am cheap and dont want to buy WHS)

Is it possible to convert Server 2008 R2 into WHS or make it have the same look and feel?

8gb ddr2
500gb OS drive
3x1tb Data drive (Raid 5) will expand later also
GTX260 (overkill, but left over after a build)

Any help would be great.

Answer:Can Server 2008 R2 be made to work like WHS 2011

The only difference that I am aware of is that WHS has it's own gui. The normal tools are still there, so they operate similary, one is just more automated.

If you're looking for a GUI tool for Server 2008, that looks like WHS, then I think you're SOL.

WHS 11 can be bought for $50 if you want the GUI. Otherwise, Server 2008 is so easy to set up, even a noob can do it.

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Hello all!

I wanted to double check with you guys on whether or not I should do this or not. I am currently using Windows Vista Ultimate as my home server. The home server currently is nothing more than a file server for all my media. I experience constant "hangs" when trying to access media from my laptop and main PC (also both Windows Vista Ultimate). All are on gigabit lan (DLINK DIR-655) and move things back and forth fast...but at times if I try to open a song or something from another hangs and generally takes 20-30 seconds before it plays the song. Something is screwy with Vista for sure!

The current setup I have is as follows:

* CoolerMaster Elite 330 Case
* Gigabyte GA-MA78GM-S2H 780G motherboard
* AMD X2 AM2 BE 2400 2.3GHZ
* 3GB Kingston ValueRam
* 1 Samsung 80gb SATA (Operating System)
* 2X Western Digital 500gb SATA (media is stored on these)

Now, I would like to move to either Windows Server 2003 (which we all use at work....right) or Windows Server 2008 (something I am just getting into). I would prefer to install Server 2008 so I can familiarize myself with the OS, but is it a bit overkill for a "File Server"?

I would like to setup an FTP server on this server so all my family can share all that they want and possibly access all of my media too. What do you guys suggest I do?

Answer:Server 2008 - Home Server Use

Try XP first, I had network issues as well that seemed to be resolved doing that.

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Windows Updates have been a real thorn in my side since moving to the country where I have limited bandwidth ISP. I have 6-7 Windows PCs I (try to) keep updated, both XP and W7. I've tried downloading updates just ONCE using the Microsoft Update Catalog, but then I still have to note what pc needs what updates and install them manually.

Newegg's sale on Windows Home Server today has me wondering whether I might dedicate a PC to WSUS just to manage updates.

Can folks here with WSUS experience suggest whether this is worth doing? Or might be more trouble than it's worth vs. the manual "Update Catalog" method? Or tried w/WHS and that's a problem in itself? TIA for any feedback...

Answer:Windows Server Update Services and Windows Home Server -- worth doing?

I manage the WSUS implementation where I work. Overall, it's a pretty straightforward product. The only hassle will be going through the list of "all updates" for Windows 7 and for XP and declining the ones that don't pertain to your systems. The good news is that WSUS will determine for you, which are needed and which aren't and will place an icon next to the ones which you need.

I don't have experience with running WSUS on WHS myself....but I'm guessing it would be pretty much the same as doing it on a straight up Windows server.

As far as getting the clients to use your WSUS server, that's a simply registry change.

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I am going be moving all the shared folders on my Server 2003 file server to my new Server 2008 VM and want to do it in a way that will allow my clients to be able to access them as if nothing happened. I have been reading about the Windows FSMT (File Server Migration Toolkit) and it will copy over all the permissions and everything but I am not sure how to go about making sure the client will still be able to access the shares especially if they have mapped any of them. If i change the IP and host name of the new machine to the old one after the migration is complete and then shutdown the old server will everything run smoothly? What is the best way to go about doing this?

Answer:Migrate Server 2003 file server shares to new machine (Server 2008)

you can do this or you can change DNS so that the old server name points to the new server IP. You need to turn off StrictNameChecking

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


this means that you can name the server what ever you want but if you go to the old host name it will also take you to the new server.

Don't forget this needs to be completed and rolled out after the users log off but before they log back in

As old user move on and new users join make sure that you link them to the share via the new host name so eventually the old host name is fased out and you can remove the above reg key.

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And the keys are right there on the page.

It is *only* available in 64-bit flavor.

For the 'server faster than workstation' crowd. I've been messing with it most of the day, it's pretty slick. Still had to add the Aero cursors manually.

Answer:You know Server 2008 R2 (aka Windows 7 Server) is available too, right?

I converted Server 2008 into the 'workstation' mode. It matched Vista frame for frame in benchmarks and had a lot of desktop features missing. Forget it.

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Hey all,

I'm inexperienced with Windows Server 2008 and am setting up a "lab" or test server here at the company I work for's network.

In the intial configuration process, when setting up the Active Direct Domain Services, I'm stuck at the DNS server

Questions are...

-Do I install it?
-Will this interfer/mess up things with our main file server?

Sorry, a bit amateur with this stuff

Any help is appreciated

Answer:Windows Server 2008 - DNS Server..?




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I run a home server on OEM 2003 Standard Server. I have seen that Home Server allows you to schedule a Hibernate / wake cycle. Is there any free software that can do this for 2003 Server?


From 2:00am until 12:00pm I want the server to be in Hibernate mode.

Answer:Windows Home Server Schedule Hibernate / Wake on 2003 Server?

I've always just used a scheduled shutdown command, and the BIOS power on at a certain time feature available on most motherboards to do that.

That's what I do with my media PCs.

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Maybe worth a heads up to some on Vista as application compatability is high on the agenda for many Vista users and this update should be filtering through now on WU.


This article describes the May 2008 Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 Application Compatibility Update. This update is a package of software updates that address common application compatibility issues that occur in Windows Vista.

This update is cumulative. Therefore, it contains all fixes that were included in previous application compatibility updates. These fixes improve application compatibility in Windows Vista for the following applications:

? Absolute Poker Version 5.7
? ACDSee 8
? Adobe Creative Suite CS2
? Adobe Acrobat Reader 7.0 - 7.07
? Adobe Photoshop 7.0.1
? Adobe Photoshop CS 8.0
? Adobe Photoshop Elements Version 4.0
? Adobe Premiere Elements 3
? AOL 9.0 - x64
? AOL Safety and Security Center
? ArcSoft PhotoImpression 5
? Auslogics Disk Defrag 1.0.3
? AVG Anti-Spyware
? Azureus 1.0
? Battlefield 2 Deluxe

and many more but see link below for full list and manual download if you have not been offered it yet on Windows Update ( WU )

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i am removing my old server with 2003 and installing a new tower with server 2008. can some one tell me where to find some info on migrating the network setting to the new server? any help would be much appreciated.

Answer:replacing windows server 2003 tower with windows server 2008 new tower


With the info you have supplied I hope this is what you are after HERE as Daniel Petri has a great guide on migrating network DHCP settings to Server 2008.

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Is this possible? I've got my free copy of server 08 and a 'older' spare PC that I'd like to install it on (I hope). Putting system requirements aside, is this attainable? The main thing that attracts me is the advertisement that server 08 can run php and side by side.

I've searched and looked around, but I haven't really found anything useful. That might be a sign...

Answer:Server 2008 as a Web Server/File Server/Print Server

I tested Server 2008 on an old HP Compaq nx9600 laptop (P4 3ghz, 512mb RAM, ATI Radeon Mobility X300) I had lying around in my cabinet in an attempt to practice migrating and upgrading WSS 2.0 from a 2003 server to WSS 3.0 on the 2008 server on the laptop. It ran slow as shit when the WMSDE database running lol.. but without it, it was as smooth as Win2003.

I say give it a try.

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According to Maximum PC, this is the best OS to use when creating a media/file server. I am considering getting a license, but I need to know the following:

I hear its a real task to set up. Anybody know any good guides?
Will it accept the WinTV PVR 150 (non-MCE)? To make it simpler: Will it accept the hardware I have that works with Windows XP Professional?


Answer:Windows Server 2003 for my home's media server

It was no harder than XP to install. Now, setting up could be a different story as that wasn't my job.

Be aware, though, that a lot of software will not install on that OS. It recognizes it as a "server" os and aborts the installation.

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When you try to connect to the Microsoft Windows Update Web site or to the Microsoft Update Web site, you may receive the following error code in the windowsupdate.log or CBS.log:
0xC80001FE, 0x80200010, 0x80070643, 0x80246002, 0x80070490, 0x80070420, 0x80073712, 0x80246007, 0x80000FFF, 0x80070424, 0x80248007, 0x8007064C, 0x8024D00C, 0x8007066A, 0x80245003, 0x8024402C, Failed Service pack installation. KB2509997 discusses how to troubleshoot these issues.
Also check out this post: Windows Update Troubleshooter from Microsoft.

Answer:Unable to install Windows Updates in Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008

nothing you said workd on 7 ultimate , also nothing microsoft has will work either I been try ing to download updates for 3 1/2 months cannot do it.
What exactly is happening when you try to update? Getting error code? or nothing? Also what internet security do you use. Could possibly have something installed that is blocking access to the Windows Update site.

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I have an old ACER EasyStore H340, which figured out it should crash on me the other day.
In the unit I have 4 HD's, 1 for OS and 3 for DATA.

I have done restore (not factory reset) on the unit earlier, and that has been successfull. However I never had the amount of data on it as I do now.
So in a mildly panicked state, I need to restore again.

I started with that yesterday, and restore seems to be OK, but when the WHS v1 connector software shows after restore, it's just hanging and do not continue the installation so I can set a password on the unit.

So my questions are:
1) Would the connector software struggle due to my Windows 10 Technical Preview version?
2) Does it make sense to remove data disks, restore and put in data disk when done? If possible for WHS to reckongnize the data drives afterwards
3) Am I screwed?
tl;dr - Server recovery WHSv1 doesnt complete, and hangs when Connector software is about to be installed on Client computer.


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I've been running here at home Server 2003 Enterprise 180-Day Trial for about 3 years now. I received 2 cds/keys from my MCSE books I bought in college.
I can re-install this O/S as many times as I want and fully patch it no problem - must be MOL or something :shrugs:

However the only annoyance is every 180-days I need to take the time to re-install the O/S and whatever programs I run on it, set up the file and print, re-write permissions, etc....
It takes a good 3-4 days for it get to back up and running how I want it, or a wasted weekend.

Can I assume though Windows Home Server does not do FSMO roles?
As well are there any major features that would be lost? I havn't found any comparison charts......


Answer:Server 2003 Ent. or Windows Home Server

Windows Home Server is not gonna be your solution. It does the same thing as your Server 2003 and there is a flaw with Home Server. You MUST format your ENTIRE Hard drive. If you have more then one you must format all of them.

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The above 2 updates keep coming to my Windows Update but when I install the (2) KB's it says download not installed "Try again" and in History "Install Fail". Please help me, sooo frustrated at this point, usually don't have

Ruth M. Stauffer

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Hi, I bought p50 recently in US and got it shipped to me through a friend. My upgraded Config:  64 gb ram512 samsung 950 pro(M.2 nvme)  - windows 10 installed 1tb samsung 850 pro(replaced lenovo hdd) - windows server to be installed on this. Please assist me in achieving this or any pointers to it in detail. I look to be able to choose different OS during startup. Lenovo P50 international warrantly details: I have standard warranty. Please let me know the International warranty /support details My P50 impressions:  Case not aligned(some minor gap) at the sdxc card location. I feel not satisfied being the condition of a premium laptop. fully functional though and the laptop some scatches(grey dots) on laptop.  I feel bit ok and hope it serves my purpose to install server with big ram requirement Thanks.


Go to Solution.

Answer:P50:: Install 2 os( windows 10 and windows server) and ability to choose during bootup: Help request

There's no special tricks to install two copies of Windows (regardless Windows 10 or Windows server). After you installed the 2nd copy, a new entry will be added to the boot menu (bootloader).  You may choose which Windows to boot from there. Hope this helps!

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Is there somewhere similar to this where I can get help with Windows Server 2011?

All I'm trying to do is add Google as a search provider in IE8, and I'm hitting rafts of problems, and not getting even remotely close to success.

I go: Tools -> Internet Options -> Change search defaults Settings -> Find more search providers

I get a new IE8 window with a "Content is being blocked" for (and then several others). I don't have a clue what to do about this, so I just close the window.

Eventually, I get a webpage that mentions Google with an "Add to Internet Explorer". I click that button, but all I get is "! Error on page"

Answer:How to get help with Windows Server 2011

Why can`t you just go to when you want to do your search ?

Set it as the home page. is the home page on everyone of my computers.

You gotta remember, server editions behave a little different then regular consumer oriented versions of windows.

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I just installed a windows home server 2011 box on the network, all the other systems on my network are Win7 64 Ultimate, with Kaspersky KIS 2011 as the AV/FW.

The only thing I have done to the home server 2011 is all of the MS updates and added one user name (so I would be able to connect to it)


No matter what browser I use I always am getting a 404. Ive tried both firefox and IE9. the syntax i am using to try to connect is http://servername/connect

I should note that I have tried TWO installs at this point with no luck, any ideas?

Answer:Home Server 2011 help! cant connect

also tried doing a http://IPADDRESS/connect to no avail, trying to rule out the DNS

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Hi all,

I have a Home Server 2011 that the MB fried. Put the HD in another MB but am having trouble getting it back up and running. My guess is the drivers for the SATA controller.

I rebooted into the install USB drive, but repair seems to only work if you have a saved image. That won't do me any good since I don't even have an image, and even if I did, it still wouldn't do me any good since it would have old driver information, right?

Anyways, I got into the command prompt and tried doing bringing up the device manager with compmgmt.msc but get the "Need to select a program to start this file" message.

I'm stumped at this moment since I can't even start up the device manager to remove the old drivers. I can open the registry, but I've read its going to be a pita to program the new driver in there to recognize the hardware.

Is there anything I can do besides reinstalling to make this work?

Answer:Home Server 2011 - Changing of MB?

If you think it might be the SATA drivers have you tried changing the SATA mode in BIOS to IDE? This might allow you to get Windows to boot so you can load the new SATA and chipset drivers and then enable AHCI or RAID or whatever you need. If it's already in IDE mode and still doesn't boot then a repair install or fresh install is probably your best option. If data loss is an issue then do a fresh install on another drive and after it's done hook up the old one and transfer your files off.

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Question: Home Server 2008

Has anyone got Microsoft Home Server 2008 running and is Windows 7 able to delve into it?

I ordered 3 trial copies, and I wanted to know if I will be able to access my information on it. I will be putting all of my movies, pictures, and other such stuff on it.

I still have Vista in my quadboot if it becomes a problem.

Answer:Home Server 2008

I hope to be able to do this over the holidays. Gotta fix a heat issue in the machine I will be putting WHS 2K8 on.

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Hello, I bought a Lenova K330A to host MS Home Server 2011.  Strictly for personal use here, and given the low sys requirements for the OS, I thought I would be clear in the water. The install for HS2011 is different than most other MS server installs though...  And due to the nature of the issue below and the type of (new?) OS, I am unable to complete the OS installation. "This is a gist of the error message:Errors occurred during installation.A network device driver was not found. Install the appropriate drivers for your network device, etc. etc...." The ethernet controller, pci simple communications controller, and sm bus controller all require drivers other than what is provided on the disc.  I cannot move forward without these drivers working. Lenova/IBM support sites do not (yet?) have any drivers specific for my machine type, 1169. Any ideas?  

Answer:Driver Help for Home Server 2011 on K330A

Hi Stormy2021, and welcome to the Lenovo User Community!
Try using the Windows 7 64-bit drivers. Windows Home Server 2011 is built on the Windows Server 2008 R2 code base, on which Windows 7 64-bit drivers usually work.
Hope this helps!

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Lenovo Team, I recently installed WS2008 on a T61 here and have finished getting everything to work, except Thinkvantage RR and CSS.  Is there a way to get Rescue and Recovery or the Client Security Solution to run on that (or any server) OS? Sorry for the double post, I have no idea what happened. Nick Message Edited by brunnern on 06-16-2008 12:23 PM

Answer:T61 & Windows Server 2008

Nope.  Server is not a supported operating system on Thinkpads.

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is the new 2008 windows server uptodate as vista, would you use it over vista?

Answer:windows server 2008

Generaly speaking you wouldn't use a server os on a home machine. One they are expensive(server std is like 700 bucks). Another reason is compatabilty. Generaly speaking they are not as compatable with drivers and programs as some programs run an os check before installing.

On a side not server is generaly a little faster then the windows it is based off of. IE 2003 is a little faster then xp. This is due most of the time to it just having less running in the background by default.

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Do all Windows Server 2008 allow you to enter the serial into 5 computers?
Thank you

Answer:Windows Server 2008

I believe 5 client cals and 5 server licenses are different.

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I am starting up a Windows web host. I have a server configured with 2 public IPs. I have a domain with and pointing to the correct IPs. I have the DNS role installed. How do I configure nameservers to work with my server? Also, does anybody know how to set up the quicksignup in WebsitePanel? I followed the guide, to no avail.


Answer:Windows Server 2008

I got the nameservers set up. I still need help with WebsitePanel

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Can I install Windows server 2008 R2 on my external hard drive so that I can use it as means to practice network on my laptop?

Answer:Windows Server 2008 R2

Windows switches from the bios usb drivers to it's
own during boot,which would cause a usb drive
installation to crash.
I would suggest you consider using some virtual machine
software so you can run it from an image on your windows drive.

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friends i need some help concerning this edition of MW. Basically i know nothing about it . I am not too lazy but i prefer getting info from reliable sources .

PS i own a license have not activated it and do not know the real value of it

Answer:Windows Server 2008

Using this if you are dealing on business way since its more on networking properties Operating System.

Configuration, Optimization and Performance Guide

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so i know this is a windows seven forums, but i wasnt sure where else to post so please excuse me

I purchased windows server 2008 a while ago and have misplaced the CD, luckily i have backed it up by copying it (backup freak haha)

now my problem is i need to reinstall it but cannot boot from the CD, i have first boot device set to CDROM drive in the BIOS and it doesnt read it and give the option to boot from it?

any ideas on how i could burn a boot image to make it bootable?

Thanks in advance!

Answer:Windows Server 2008 help please

Hello mate, have a look at this link below and be sure to post back with any further questions you may have and to keep us informed.

How to create a Windows Vista / 7 installation disc using ImgBurn

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im trying to set up an FTP on windows server 2008 i have done these two things

1.Install IIS
2.Install FTP for IIS 7

on the server computer i can access the ftp on windows explorer but on a computer on the same network i do not get the same results.

after i can get access over the internet is there a way to give access to certain people like my brother to get on who lives somewhere else.

this is used in a home setting. thanks

trying to setup FTP using FILEZILLA

Answer:trying to set up FTP on windows server 2008

If other on the lan can't see the ftp it's probably the firewall on the server.

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