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stutter when scrolling in browser

Question: stutter when scrolling in browser

This seems to happen no matter the browser. As i am scrolling up or down the page it will stop or freeze for a split second then continue. I have gone into the scroll settings an unchecked things and tried deactivating addons to no avail in pale moon or firefox to no avail. What global thing could cause this? 3 gigs of ram on windows 7 with a good processor. Nothing in startup other than a few things, i keep tghe machine lean. But it IS my PC at work so maybe a network thing. I can't ask IT to help, as they won't bother with this kind of thing.

I also have another symtom that i think is due to the same problem. When typing the cursor will freeze and the last few letters i typed will not show up for several seconds, then they all are rendered quickly.

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Preferred Solution: stutter when scrolling in browser

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: stutter when scrolling in browser

Hi iknowjohnny,

Please could you list the web-browsers you have used, in which this issue occurs.



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I just recently purchased an Lenovo X200 Tablet and whenever I scroll down the page in Internet Explorer, I get intermittent freezing or stuttering. The stutter/pause happens for about 3-10 seconds and then resumes to scroll. It appears to happen mostly on pages such as or and despite having the webpage fully downloaded, it still occurs scrolling up and down the same page. I tried updating my wireless network drivers thinking it could be poor wireless internet reception but it still occurs; there doesn't appear to be anything wrong with my router or internet broadband as I tested it on another computer.  I don't know if it has any relationship to the "buzzing" or "whining" noise, Centrino whine that people have spoken of in the forums, that I also hear with my computer when it's extremely quiet. If anyone has experience or can advise what's going on, I'd appreciate it.

Answer:Intermittent Freezing and Stutter while scrolling webpage in Internet Explorer on X200T

I would try using a different browser first like firefox to make sure it isn't an issue with IE and not something else. I personally do not use IE as the default browser and have never experienced such issues in firefox with my X200 tablet. let us know the results.

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I stutter to play games. In game stutter solve?
I stutter to play games and I don?t know why.

Soon after BF2 dreaded criminal release of patch 1.3 an open whole for hackers with mass server crashes and CTDs for players I developed a stutter. No not me, my computer. I will play for a while than I get a sound repetition/ slur sound break followed by a sound spike again and a quiet period and than I either return to normal game play or I get booted from server.

At first I thought it was my piece of refuse Audigy 2 ZS Gamer card. So I uninstalled it used my native A8N-SLI MB native sound (fresh install XP install) and I got no noticeable change. I loaded up with no sound at all and I got it too. I loaded Axis & Allies (crappy Atari version not the good Hasbro one) and I got the same stutter. Same with CivRome. I did a NLite minimal XP Install and got same. NLite Max Install XP and x64 install got same stutter.

Stutter only happens in games hmmm I?ll try super pi now. Okay it?s on and CPU is usage is reading 100% and I?m seeing nothing different. Let it run 30 mins no problem.

I 36 hour memtested my memory OCZ platinum rev2 2-2-2-5 previous with no problems once you increase the v to 2.75-2.8 range. I?m running them at 2.5-3-3-(?) can?t recall last number right now. Anyway I?ll rerun memtest all night tonight. But I didn?t have a problem previously.

So it seems like it?s not
1) Sound Card
2) CPU
3) Memory
4) The BF2 1.3 patch as much a... Read more

Answer:I stutter to play games. In game stutter solve?

Well that's a mouthfull!

I've seen BF2 stutter sometimes when the Internet connection is going slow. My system used to do that on my old video card, would stutter and then kick me out of the server. But my new video card solved that. And your video card is better then mine (X850 XT PE) I think.

Since this is a fresh reload you said, did you make sure to load all the latest drivers for the video and chipset? I assume you did.
Do the games play better if you lower all the quality settings?

The fact that the CPU is running 100% is somewhat alarming. It probably will run like that when the game is going, but the point is, if you run out of those resources while playing, that can cause the sound and video to stutter. It's not the sound or video cards fault, it's just that there isn't enough resources to compute everything (mostly CPU).

Can you give a rundown of your complete specs in a nice clean manor?

Otherwise it's hard to say, yes it can very well be a malfunctioning card or board of some kind.

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Hello I recent encounter a problem with scrolling in the browser. When page comes up with urls under a given topic I select "return," to commence scrolling to the urls in order from top to the next url and the scroll goes right to the bottom. I have to scroll back up to the top then click in the area of the urls before I can scroll secquenctially from top to the next url. Is there a setting that is causing this? Can you help? Thank you.

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Question: Browser Scrolling

I recently had to reload windows (XP) and now when I open my browser to a webpage, when I click on the right to scroll it up and down, the page scrolls up and down all choppy. What can I do to fix this? I've tried the advanced options setting smooth scrolling but that doesn't do anything. Can someone give me a little advice?



Answer:Browser Scrolling

Try installing the latest version of your graphic card drivers

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I have a friend who's browser ( ie & firefox) scrolls up and down on its own, thought the batteries might be going flat but no. cant seem to find a virus or spyware any ideas folks

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Hello. Hope some can help. I open a site anywhere in my browser and click the down arrow to scroll incremently and the scroller goes right to the bottom instantly. Can some tell if there is a setting to control incremental scrolling in the browser. I use Firefox but this also happens in any brower I am using. Thank you Xandr

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My IE window scrolls uncontrollably. up and down, up and down, and then sits at the bottom for a while and you can't scroll up. frustrating, very very frustrating. virus scan shows no viruses present, ive got spyblaster and spybot protection...anyone know whats up with this?

Answer:Help - scrolling browser

Do you have a scroll wheel on your mouse? it may be that you've inadvertently pressed it as this would produce the seemingly uncontrollable scrolling. Just press it again.

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Hewo people,

I have reformatted by hardrive and blah however, in firefox and IE whenever I attempt to scroll down it goes all 'blocky' like a beast. Before I could just scroll nice and smoothly. Now its like an earthquake each time I do. So if someone could help me out, it would be most appreciated.



Answer:Scrolling in browser.

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Hi everybody, I have just changed to firefox and my laptop touchpad wont scroll the webpage up / down as it usually does in other programs ie word ie7 etcLaptop is acer 1650 running xp, firefox version 2, scrolling usually works by running my finger up/down the right edge of the pad.Thanks in advance for your advice.Kerry

Answer:scrolling in firefox browser

try going to tools/options/advanced and tick enable smooth never know...

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Okay... so I recently (at the recommendation of a friend) installed Opera to try it out.

Well I like the browser just fine so far, but there's one problem: The scrolling feature on my touchpad just DOES NOT WORK at all in Opera.


So far, the following has been suggested:

Someone said "update the driver."
The only driver in existence (which I don't even know where I got it...) is the one I have.
It's an Alps touchpad apparently, and I'm running Windows 7 64-bit.

Answer:No scrolling in Opera browser? Why not?

Though I use Opera, I am not familiar with touchpads. But while awaiting an answer here, you can also try the Opera support forum, which specializes on this rather unjustifiably neglected browser:

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I have just reinstalled Windows XP after problems with it. Since doing so all my web browsers (IE, Firefox and Opera) do not scroll down the web pages smoothly but 'judder' as if the page is turning over.

This is difficult to describe but I am sure someone will know what I mean and have the answer!

Answer:All web browser not scrolling smoothly

Hey, I betcha it's your video card driver. Install the latest version and you should be good to go.

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Had no idea where to post this question, it kind of lands in a grey area, but seeing as my O/S is XP, thought this would be the most suitable place to start.

I have just performed a clean install, and am in the process of adding, all my AV, and program software. I have however noticed, that when I scroll with my mouse wheel, down the page, it kind of ripples rather than smoothly scrolling.

Have I maybe set my screen up at the wrong resolution? I didn't install any monitor drivers during the install, cos hey, the monitor is working after all. Could something be missing though?

It's not a major issue, but I would like to iron out all these little niggles early on to keep things working tip top.
Please feel free to suggest if this post would be better served in a browser area of the forum, or anywhere else for that matter.


Answer:Jerky browser scrolling.

Did you install the driver for your video card (and did you obtain it from the oem website)?

Also, please open device manager - any yellow or red symbols?

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I'm having a problem trying to get internet explorer favorites as well as the files like "my computer, pictures, etc" to auto extend. anyone have anything in mind to check ?

xp pro

Answer:Enable browser scrolling


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i just reloaded my operating system and hooked up my internet and everything is great except that when i scroll on firefox (the latest version) its very choppy. Please help!
thank you

Answer:choppy scrolling in internet browser

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I use Firefox as my main internet browser. I'm occasionally coming across a problem where the internet page I'm viewing will suddenly start scrolling - all by itself, without me doing anything. For example, just a moment ago I was reading a webpage, not touching my mouse or keyboard and suddenly the page decided to scroll down to the bottom. I couldn't do anything to stop the scrolling. I have also noticed this on the odd occasion I have used Google maps. I will be searching a location, and when the map appears, the screen will suddenly start scrolling sideways across the map (to the left).Nothing I do stops the scrolling - I can move the scrollbar buttons, but they just go back to scrolling. All I can do is close the browser screen and start again. It doesn't happen every time, but often enough to be annoying. I have run a virus scan and checked everything I can think to check, but all seems fine. If anyone has any clues as to what the problem is, I'd be grateful to hear it. Is it a Firefox issue? Something else?Thanks.

Answer:Firefox browser automatically scrolling

I had that happen to me quite a few times. You have to wait for the page to completely load. If your scrolling down or have scrolled down before the page loads, when it does load, it will follow your command.

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Did a clean install of Windows 8 and would like to get the middle button scrolling feature that came with the system. Anybody know what I need to install to get it?  Did the UltraNav drivers with no luck.

Alan KmiecikACKnowledge, LLC

Answer:X220 browser scrolling in Windows 8

Shot-in-the-dark.  TrackPoint needs to be enabled to use center scroll button.

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I learned the value of windows back up today. For years I had reformat to fix a messed up computer

I'm not a tard but I can't figure out how to fix my problem

I uninstalled programs most likely including some of the video driver stuff while I was trying to get rid of spy where. I can't find the driver or track down the model type from physically taking the video card out.

The actual problem is that when I use any windows browser or any internet browser it's lags on any scrolling. no other problems even with the file browser.

it's AGP, I don't have the install disc and have had difficulties getting the exact specs from the comp or the card itself

Answer:Video driver -- scrolling lag in any browser

I have the same problem, I would appreciate any advice.

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my web browser continuosly scrolling up & Down Automatically

Answer:my web browser continuosly scrolling up & Down Automatically

You may have inadvertently turned on "auto-scroll" by pressing the scroll-wheel on the mouse. Click any button to turn it off.

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I have a MS Intellimouse Optical mouse, whenever i scroll down and then scroll back up the browser returns to the previous page and sometimes forward after the back. I have only experienced this on other computers when i switch to them on my KVM switch. I have not had this problem on my main PC on the KVM. Suggestions?

Answer:Scrolling up causes browser to go to previous page.

check your mouse button configurations on that system.

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I've had a problem with the browsers I use hanging. It is most noticeable when I am using the scroll wheel on my mouse, scrolling down a page in an open window. It will hang for 1-3 seconds, as though a script is loading or something. At first I thought maybe it was a script or the page just waiting to finish loading, but I've let everything in the browser window finish loading and the problem just continues.

I thought at first it was a Firefox problem, so I tried IE8 and Google Chrome and the problem persists in those browsers as well.

There is no problem scrolling up, just down.

I've cleaned my system numerous times using Norton 360, Spybot S&D, CCleaner, PC Pitstop Optimize.

I've also thought maybe it was my mouse, so I downloaded new drivers and that solved nothing either.

It isn't causing any major issues, it is just a nuisance that I have been putting up with for a long time and have tried all I know to try to stop the problem with no luck. Now I'm enlisting the help of experts.


Answer:Browser Hanging, most noticeable when scrolling down

possibly an add on affecting all browsers have an experiment with firefox safe mode no add ons and IE also see if any better

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My browser windows, both of them (Internet Explorer 7 and Firefox) are lagging oddly whenever I scroll. There are no other lag issues with them, concerning buttons or loading pages. Whenever I try to scroll, however, it does so slowly and in bars. It seems to be worse the longer the page in question is. Is this a quick fix with resolution, or a more complicated problem? Can someone help me with it? It's getting very annoying.

Answer:Lags while scrolling in browser windows

Hi mercuis !

Run the task manager (ctrl + alt + del), look at the processes tab and tell us if there's any process other than the system idle process that's taking up the cpu ressources when that problem happens.

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sir,I could not use any application on my connected PC of operation system XP service pack 2 due to auto scrolling of screen in an uncontrollable manner. Seems due to Need help...please tell me what should I do .... I am using Kapsersky internet security and updating regularly... please do needful...

Answer:uncontrollable scrolling of browser-explorer- application

Try / borrow another mouse & then a keyboard.Don't spend any money.

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I wonder if anyone knows how to make auto-scrolling (particularly in browsers) cut out the jerkiness.?

I have been using Opera for some time now, and it auto-scrolls just beautifully on my 98se. It makes browsing a real pleasure to be reading a page as it scrolls down slowly and silky smoothly.

I would like to be able to have the same degree of smoothness in Firebird(very jerky) and /or MyIE2 (less jerky, but still not usable to read while scrolling)
The reason for this is that I am now finding Opera so buggy, crashing so often that I want to get away from it, sadly I must say.

Any information on how to do this will be very gratefully received.


Answer:how can I stop jerkiness in Browser auto-scrolling

If you are using smooth scrolling, the fix is to buy a faster processor. Smooth scrolling takes a lot of horsepower to so smoothly at any speed. I personally don't use smooth scrolling, I prefer to scroll by text rows, even with a fast processor.

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Hi there, Im working with a Dell PC at work and my boss reformatted it yesterday. Since then the internet browser has a quite nausea inducing cascading/wave effect when you scroll up or down. Ive searched how to fix it and have tried to "smooth scroll" set it which hasnt made a difference regardless of whether it is ticked or not...Ive seen that sometimes its the video card but i would have thought that since the pc is reformatted that the original settings should mean that this doesnt happen? I could be very wrong... :DAny ideas?

Answer:Browser scrolling funnily..cascade effect

The problem us that you do not have the proper drivers for the video interface. You obtain these from the computer or video card manufacturer.Formatting a drive is a preliminary to a clean install of the OS. In such an install ALL data and settings on the partition are lost.

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From a web development point of view can some tell me why the website will not scroll using touch, up and down, when using Edge Browser on a Surface 3? The site works just fine on chrome and Friefox

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Can someone please help me on a browser issue with Internet Explorer?  When scrolling, the image paints slowly.  Is there any way to eliminate or reduce the painting effect? Thanks!


Go to Solution.

Answer:Explorer browser image paints on screen while scrolling

Sorry, forgot to add, my machine is T42, 2378-R4U.

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Greetings Honorable Geeks:major

As posted in recent weeks, had two destructive malware attacks which leveled me (Thank you TimW for helping me through) The one thing I noticed prior to the malware attacks - is a scrolling browser - so rapid difficult to even type - it is random- shuts down my emails as I type them, and close out any database I have open (work). It will shut down my emails as I type them. (actually just closed out this request for help).

Two weeks ago I finally got my system clean and reset up my system. All fine for a week - and now the rapid scrolling is starting again. I did observe a post in 2005 - that attributed this to a bad mouse - I can get a new mouse. Also the settings on my browser (pops up blocks) keeps turning the settings off. Yes I downloaded all I was suppose to. Have licensed copies of Avast and Mbam - showing no virus.

TimW (Hi TimW) that the Anti malware and anti virus did not protect emails/browser activity (I may have misunderstood). Is there any software I can download to run and or protect browser issues or threats? Thank you! Just trying to stay afloat Anyone else have this issue?


Answer:Rogue Scrolling Browser & Word Docs - virus clue?

I don't understand alot of what you are saying. If you think you have got yourself reinfected then you will have to run through the usual procedures which you are familiar with. If it turns out that I am not finding malware then I will send you off to another forum to further discuss the problem.

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Recent Windows Phone update causing the MS Edge Browser to not scroll smoothly

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Hey guys,

Today, I updated my video card drivers, but put off the restart until later. Now I restarted my machine, but i notice that the screen resolution seems to be a little off from what it says in control panel. (it's supposed to be 1280x1204 but it looks more like 800x600) Also, whenever I shift something on my desktop, or scroll down in a browser, a line runs up or down the screen and then the view shifts. I'm going to run a virus scan later, but I was wondering if it may have to do with the video drivers I installed earlier?

(Latest drivers as of April 2nd 2009(i think) for Nvidia Geforce 7600)



Answer:Solved: Screen resolution wrong, wierd browser scrolling

As the problem has only been occuring since you installed the new drivers then yes it is highly likely. You can roll back your drivers by finding your graphics device in Device Manager > Right click and select properties > Select the driver tab then click 'Rollback Driver' any questions or problems let us know.

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I installed the latest ultranav drivers - played with all the browser and touchpad scroll settings every which way -  two-finger scroll jumps all over the place -- horizontal banding while scrolling (with scrollbar or two-finger)  -- also crashing browsers when playing videos - plugin container error -- anyone have any suggestions- I'm gonna return this machine if I can't fix this...

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T400, internal Ultranav, external Ultranav USB Keyboard.Installed a new Windows 7 64bit SP1 Version on my T400.Installed UltraNav driver AND Ultranav Utility.After first reboot, driver works fine, scrolling works fine, 2 Tabs (for Unav internal and external USB) in Mouse Config.After second reboot, no scrolling, not more UNAV Tabs in Mouse Config, just the standard synaptics ones. Need my unav scrolling, Need help and ideas on how to solve this issue. 

Answer:Scrolling with Ultranav int+ext / Scrolling stops working after Reboot (T400 Win7 64bit)

When it stops working, look in Processes under Task Manager (show processes from all users) for the following three programs:- SynTPEnh.exe- SynTPHelper.exe- SynTPLpr.rexe

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I appear to be having trouble with my firefox browser.
My operating system is Windows 8.1. I have an Acer Aspire V3-772G which I bought some 18 months ago.
System details:
Processor: Intel® Core i7-4202MQ 2.2GHz with Turbo Boost up to 3.2GHz
Installed Memory (RAM) 16.00 GB DDR3 L Memory
System  type: 64-bit Operating, x64- based processor
A few days ago my firefox browser, which for no apparent reason at all, just seemed to slow to a stupendously very slow loading of pages. I had recently just been working on an issue in which I posted a thread regarding whether there was a possible virus/malware after google chrome terminated with the following message from Hitman Pro Alert:
Attack Intercepted
'Google Chrome 49' has been terminated to prevent execution of malicious code. Please check your computer for malware and software updates
As it happened, it appeared to be because of a conflict somewhere in the Google Chrome, Trusteer Rapport and Hitman Pro Alert combination, and so the only way was to change the settings on Hitman Pro Alert as advised and shown in my thread:
However, there was no malware or virus detected by my own Avast or Malwareware bytes tools, and the tools used as instructed in the thread also showed my system to have none. Also, google chrome works fine, and my computer has not slowed in any way. My fir... Read more

Answer:Firefox browser issue. Really slow loading pages, and glitchy scrolling of pages

Sorry if I missed it, did you earlier, during the uninstall and reinstall of Firefox, clear Firefox's cache files, not any other files, just the cache files?

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I am currently experiencing a problem that is driving me nuts. Whenever I go to a web page on Chrome, and reading it, the browser will suddenly jump (scroll) to the bottom of the page. It does this un-commanded. It does this without me touching either the mouse, nor the laptop surface. The laptop is a Lenovo Y580. It makes it almost impossible to read a webpage without using my mouse to go back to where I was reading. What am I doing wrong? Thanks for your assistance.

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Hi. I have a Dell Inspiron 14. 2Gb Memory Core2Duo.

I can;t scroll Sideways but I can going up and down.

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Dell Touchpad not scrolling Sideways. But scrolling Up & Down

On both my Acer aspire one netbook (synaptics) and my Lenovo notebook (alps) I need to tab twice on the lower edge of the touchpad (to gain its attention?!?) and then it will scroll. Beyond that I believe you need to take a walk on the Dell support web site. There are number of 14xx models so you need to follow the steps there to find the freshest driver for your particular model. On both of mine the newest drivers have given scrolling as well as "pinching" to re-size pages, photos etc.

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When I operate the scroll bar, instead of a smooth scroll down or up the page, the scrolling occurs in jerks, making the page appear to "ripple". I am using windows XP. In addition, when I watch DVDs the crarity is not so good. It has only just started happening. Any ideas?

Answer:Strange scrolling or wobbling scrolling

Does this happen to the entire screen or portions of the screen (like a horzontal line), or just with the scroll bars?

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I recently updated/upgraded from windows 7 to windows 10. The default mouse settings is to scroll using two fingers. I want to go back to using one finger to scroll on the right side of my mouse pad on my laptop. I have tried the settings for the mouse including the advanced settings. I clicked on device settings and then settings underneath that, which led me to a different window. When I clicked on the scrolling portion, it gave me pinch zoom and rotating.
All other forums have told me there should be a one finger scroll and two finger scroll tab under scrolling. I don't know if this is an option for 8.1, or if I am just not finding where I should be looking, but this is an issue for me.
Thank you!

Answer:How do I change my mouse settings from two touch scrolling to one touch scrolling?

Check your laptop manufacturers website for trackpad/touchpad drivers for Windows 10.
My Thinkpad in the Mouse Settings (advanced) has a section for the trackpad and I can set this so perhaps your drivers are not up to date for your device. I know a friend had to manually download those for his Dell to make that work like he wanted.

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This morning, I decided to make the jump to Windows 10 from Windows 8.1, and I have to say, the design looks simpler to use, but this new OS software has done something with my touchpad. Originally, on my Windows 8.1, I was able to scroll through whatever web pages or folders in my computer with one finger using my touchpad. With this new update, initially, I thought it broke my touchpad completely, but the problem has been narrowed down to having to now use two fingers to scroll in the most awkward way as this touchpad doesn't seemed to be designed for two finger scrolling. Is there a way for me to change this back? Would I have to revert back to Windows 8.1 to get my one finger scrolling back?

The laptop I am using is a Gateway NE56R34u, and the touchpad is an ELAN. Any and all help would be much appreciated.

Answer:How to change from two-finger scrolling back to one-finger scrolling?

Would Gateway drivers for their touchpad be one area to explore ?

I was looking at a Logitech touchpad, and it appears their drivers are what controls the response/numbers of fingers/digits.

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Question: Stutter

I have a clean install of vista home premium 64-bit and every time I try to run an app or game it freezes and unfreezes so bad you can't access the app to shut it down.Anyone know anything about similer problems possable fixes I have no Idea why this is happening there is almost nothing but windows running in task manager like I said I did fresh install because of this behaviour with the oem 32-bit version of home premium.I am so tired of trouble shooting windows 4-gigs ram 2.4 quad core.


okay so I read about some virus tools that were suggested on this forum and ran malwarebytes (already use ccleaner)it picked up one file called something like hijack video display.I have no idea what this is anyone familier with this kind of thing.I was wondering if the free version removes these infectiouns?

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Question: DVD stutter.

When I'm playing a DVD on my PC(through power DVD) and open up another application (mp3mymp3 to extract sound off the DVD) it starts stuttering when playing the DVD. The PC evetually seems to 'catch up' and the DVD runs fine. Just wanted to know what is causing this, my graphics card is a bog standard 64Mb and I am running 512Mb DDR RAM and it runs through an Athlon 1700.Cheers.Steve.

Answer:DVD stutter.

rufustanner_II I have the same problem with the same app and was going to ask for help too! But you beat me to it.I've got 1GB Ram and 256MB 6600LE graphics card - My processor is AMD 64 3400.Can someone give us some Christmas cheer so I can was my new DVD's. Failing that it's Eastenders with the misses..... Oh the horror!

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Question: AVI stutter

Hey all,

Anyone else's Vista/WMP 11 have trouble with AVI playback?

I'm getting trouble where, randomly the video pauses but the audio carries on. Then the video seems to scan forward again until the AV is synchronised again. Whole process takes a few seconds but it's annoying to say the least.

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Question: 3D Blu-Ray Stutter


I've been having an issue with playing 3D on my HTPC. Basically if I try to play 3D I get EPIC stuttering. I use Power DVD 9 I believe as it came with my LG Super multi Blue BD-Rom. The specs of the system are as follows

4gb Kingston Valueram
1tb Seagate barracuda
Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit
LG Super Multiblue DB-Rom

That's about it. Can anyone please help me with this?

Note: 3D works fine it just stutters a lot.

Answer:3D Blu-Ray Stutter

As you know, BluRay requires massive data transfers to create the video stream. Everything on the machine needs to be optimal and the hardware needs to support that massive speed. Any programs running in the background, a too slow CPU, a too slow data buss, or priority settings of the player can all affect the outcome. Try setting the player to a higher priority first. Above Normal would be the best choice followed by High is Above Normal doesn't help. Never use Real Time since it can easily lock your machine.

Is the drive USB or internal?

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Question: The Stutter

I have recently changed from dial up to broadband with tiscali, but when I try to visit one particualr favourtie website, the macne stutters but wont let me onto the site. Can anyoine help please. This has not happened to me before.Thanks.

Answer:The Stutter

Which website?

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Question: DVD stutter

(This may be a software issue but...) Just got a dell inspiron 1501, AMD Turion64. Quite fast and stays cool. Never checked the dvd burner, then finally trying to play a dvd, got stutter in the sound and video. Played movies stored on the hard drive no problem, several movies could run at once with no problems. Calling dell gave no help and the only thing that solved it was system restore. Trying to narrow it down now, but as i've downloaded new software i've been checking dvds (both dvd-r and actual store bought dvds). Windows Media 11 seemed fine, nero 7.0.7 seemed to be fine and then as soon as i installed adobe premiere pro 2.0 i got the same issue. Any idea if this is the problem? Or why? Are there other versions that wouldn't cause such issues or items i could leave from the install. i'll have to wipe the computer again once i back everything up, but then i'll check adobe to see if that's the problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Question: HD stutter

I am having a problem with a periodic drive access issue that causes media to stall for a few seconds every 2-3 minutes. Games don't seem to suffer the problem but DVD playback and data transfer online do. I am running with a new Maxtor 10 SATA drive and my old IBM 45GB. I am going to remove the IBM since I have not determined which drive is being accessed. I wanted to ask someone to review my log file so I might be able to rule out any possibility of some software causing this. I have run spybot and cleared everything that came up.

Sys. Config.
Win XP SP2
Enermax 420W Noisetaker
DFI nforce4 Ultra-D
AMD 64 Winchester 3200
2x 512MB Mushkin Ram
MSI 6600GT
(can't think of what else you'de need)

Here is the log;

Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 11:10:29 PM, on 4/20/2005
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180)

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Panda Software\PavShld\pavprsrv.exe
C:\Program Files\Panda Software\Panda Titanium Antivirus 2004\pavsrv51.exe
C:\Program Files\Panda Software\Panda Titanium Antivirus 2004\PsImSvc.exe
C:\Program Files\Panda Software\Panda Titanium Antivirus 2004\AVENGINE.EX... Read more

Answer:HD stutter

Go here: and look up CCD and CFD. which may be the cause of you delays.
The rest looks OK.

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Question: Stutter.X virus

I reciently lent my external hardrive to somebody, when he returned it, it wouldn't read at all on my computer it would recognise that there was a usb device plugged in but nothing shows in my computer file?Also my computer started acting really strange, so i did a virus scan and avira showed up Stutter.x Everything is going really slowly, i'm having lots of trouble using my web browser, also it shows a warning that a program has corupted my search engineAll sorts or other little weird things going onPlease help!!!!

Answer:Stutter.X virus

Please follow the instructions in the following link and post your logs in the thread you create (NOT in this thread):,46313.0.html

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Question: VLC audio stutter

I want to play a video with subtitles (video filename ends in "hdtv.x264-2hd.mp4", subtitles in an .srt file).

When I try to play it in VLC (latest version, 2.1.3 Rincewind), the subs show up fine, but my audio is terribly choppy or stuttering, stopping every few seconds.

I've already tried setting "Skip the loop filter for H.264 decoding" to "All" in the FFmpeg Video codec settings screen... didn't help.

Running Windows 7 Pro SP1.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Answer:VLC audio stutter

I fixed it... by downloading and installing DivX Player

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Question: gaming stutter

when i play games after a time(not always the sames time)
the graphics start to slow and stutter
can anyone give me an idea to stop it or if i need any new bits for my system

cpu intel celeron 2.66 socket 478 running at 3.0 ghz
ati radion x1300 pro 256
1.5 gigs of pc3200
on a foxconn 661 MX Pro motherboard
in a generic shassis

Answer:gaming stutter

Can you say which games this happens in so we can know if you need an upgrade?And as always make sure you have the latest drivers for you graphics card and the latest patches for your games.

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Hello there. My computer has decided that instead of working, its gonna be a sod... a BSOD. Geddit?

The OS is windows xp. When streaming video or playing games, the sound and video stutter and then it crashes to the BSOD. I Have attached a compressed file containing some of the .dmp files assosiated with the crashes.


Answer:Stutter then BSOD... HELP!!!

Hi, please follow this link to get your system specs into your next post.

I see you had a problem with Daemon tools late last year and then there is a big gap before the BSOD's started again. The first three are connected with a display driver then all the rest are code 9C which is a hardware fault.

Did you change anything before the latest BSOD's started to happen. Have you changed any major hardware components or overclocked anything.

The last 17 BSOD's are all the same. Unfortunately the particular error only suggests a hardware fault and that could be any hardware in your system.

Once I see your specs we can start a series of tests. But, if you are overclocking return it to default settings and see if that fixes the problem.

Another immediate test you can start is to remove all your RAM sticks leaving just one in place, then run the PC for a few hours and play some videos to see if it will crash. If it does remove that stick and try another one, continue this with every stick in turn. You might find that only one of the sticks causes crashes.

You could also try running the PC on the onboard graphics output (if you have one) and removing the graphics card. Then see if the problem continues.

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Question: Internet stutter.

Im only hoping this is the right forum to post in and that i can get some help.

So im running windows 7 64bit out of a personal built PC
I have a 2.8 2300 i5 processor
a 450 nvidia graphics card
4gig of ddr3 ram
a 1tb hard drive
and im running off a Cisco Wireless usb device.

My problem is that when im playing games online my screen will freeze momentarily for about 15-30seconds then stutters back to a normal FPS rate. I can confirm that the programs do not jump in memory usage. The processor does not seem to almost kill its self as if trying to keep up with the running programs. And the problem ONLY persists when im playing game such as Modern warfare 3 online. Watching videos and browsing the internet seem to be uneffected.

I m using verizon fios as an internet provider and its not my first time with them. Im the only one being effected by this and it might be wireless related but im not entirley sure it cant be fixed. My sister uses a laptop and doesn't seem effected and my brother is plugged in directly. Its beginning to become inconvienent and im hoping someone can assist me with this. I ve been wireless for years not and a few small skips are normal but this isn't

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Question: sound stutter

have read the forum but not quite getting this worked out, I had to clean install my machine and have a stuttering when playing music/ movies etc. this is mainly when cpu gets busy. the mainboard is an msiky6v-lsr (ms-7021) with on board sound and I have installed the latest driver i could find,got stutter, then i put a version from mate's cd on which was a bit older vers but still stuttering. Was fine prior to reformat. i have installed then deleted windows live cam which i beleive installed drivers into sound card. so i see several drivers in the device section when running everest. if I list them, I would like to know which could go, as I'm unsure of what should be there and what shouldn't.and is there any obvious reason for stutter other than sound driver?
under sound>hardware>drivers
hl-dt-st dvdram gsa-4163b (obviously burner)
unimodem half duplex audio device (use adsl no modem needed, is this web cam? cam has microphone inbuilt)
realtek AC'97 audio for via (r) audio controller
audio codecs
legacy audio drivers
media control devices
legacy video capture devices
video codecs

under sound drivers in everest:
midi out ms gs wavetable sw synth
mixer.0 realtek ac"97 audio
wavein.0 realtek ac'97 audio
wavein.1 modem#0 line record
waveout.0 realtek ac'97
waveout.1 modem#0 line playback

I'm not sure about this modem#0 driver, is it needed or perhaps part of web cam and can be uninstalled? as I dont ... Read more

Answer:sound stutter

I'm guessing you're using XP.
Go to Control Panel>Sounds and Audio Devices.
On the Audio tab, is Realtek chosen for your Default Sound playback?
On the Volume tab, click Advanced in the Speaker settings.
On the Performance tab, is Hardware Acceleration set to Full?
If it is, you may need to slide it down some.
See if that helps.

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Question: Itunes stutter

My Itunes gives me a tiny stutter 10 seconds in to playing any song. It is the most annoying thing. I have searched high and low for a nice quick fix to this problem.

I double checked open processes using Sysinternals Process Manager to remove everything that wasnt needed. I also tried to get a peek at what process was using cpu time at the exact moment of the stutter.

You can plainly see the HD lights crank out at that exact moment. I wonder what Itunes is up to at that moment.

Anyways, I am back to using Winamp which works perfectly.

Win Media Player is fine and I used a couple of other players with no problems.

Has anyone dealt with this or seen this?

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Question: Stutter in Games

Any thoughts?

My parts

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Hello, i have finally come here for some final help, im at my complete wits end. in all my games, i have a form of stutter, in which during movement scenery etc looks like it skips, maybe frame skip (macro-stutter)? im not sure but its some kind of stutter. i've searched the web for countless hours and no luck,
can anyone make any suggestions to fix this? im soo annoyed because of the length of this problem,

also i have swapped out my HD6950 for my old GTX 460, the problem persists, i just installed a new WD caviar green from a samsung spinpoint F1 and the problem is still there. i recently also changed my mobo to the MSi G41, from my old G31 with 4 GB of DDR2. any help means a world to me!

Specs (as far as i know)

GigaByte HD6950 1GB (and 1GB GTX 460 spare)
antec truepower 650w
MSi G41 chipset
Q8300 Quad cpu @ 2.50ghz
Corsair 8GB DDR3 RAM
WD Caviar Green 750GB

Answer:Stutter in all games

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My computer sometimes starts to--every two seconds--stutter for like a split second no matter what I'm doing. This is the entire desktop and it goes right over into making videos and games stutter like that, making things unplayable and videos a headache to watch.

This seems to happen after moving the computer slightly. It used to occur without fail when plugging in my speakers to the sound card and it was fixed by turning off the computer--unplugging and plugging back in the GPU. That fix hasn't worked the past few times and it's just--eventually fixed itself.

I'd like to know how to actually fix this and stop it from happening. Brand new computer with all new parts inside.

DXDiag text file attached

Answer:Stutter every two seconds

Sounds like you have some drivers that are outdated. Don't just let Windows 10 pick your drivers. The first one I would replace would be uninstall the Video driver and go to the manufacturers website and download and install the newest driver.

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Question: Audio Stutter??

I have a problem with the Windows 8 preview, my audio driver and everything works fine, or so it seems. However when playing music or a game or a movie randomely sometimes often sometimes not the audio will have a slight hiccup or stutter, it does not do this right after a restart but it gets worse the longer the pc is on. If i restart the problem goes away for a bit. This does not happen in win7 for me. Whats the issue? My mobo uses realtec audio

Answer:Audio Stutter??


Realtek <<< Install HD Audio Codec driver from the right side.
Realtek HD Audio 2.67 audio driver download from <<< Mirror link to same driver

Very important to update all other drivers too, from manufacturers' sites, especially wireless network and then wired.

If you have 3rd party security installed of any type, uninstall to test.

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Question: cursor stutter

I have a new Envy 24 all-in-one desktop.  The cursor, a small arrowhead with time-run indicator flashes or stutters incessantly.  That is, the time-run indicator does.  It acts like its running something in the background but it never stops.  Can this be corrected?

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Question: Sound Stutter


I have a strange problem where sounds stutter in games the first time they play and then do not stutter again; this stuttering causes major performance issues as the game itself will stutter as the sound loads. This happens in World of Warcraft, Oblivion, and HL2. It is bizzare that once the sound has played it is fine, does anyone have a similar problem or know how to resolve this?

I have tried turning down acceleration in dxdiag, updating all my drivers (currently using the OMEGA display drivers), using a PC latency tool, running the games at the lowest display settings. What is also strange is that in WoW, if I turn the sound off I have no stuttering.

Running WinXP
AMD 64 3000+
ATI Mobility Radeon 9700
Realtek AC97 Soundcard (What is strange in this regard is that I tried using a PCMIA Soundblaster card and disabled the Realtek and had the same problem)

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Answer:Sound Stutter

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Question: Media stutter

Hi there. I had a power outage in my area and my pc was on at the time, when I logged back on all media I played had this periodical stutter and sometimes my pc becomes unresponsive in photoshop.
Any help would be most appreciated

Windows 7 Ultimate , 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU E7400 @ 2.80GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 23 Stepping 10
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 4094 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 9600 GT, 512 Mb
Motherboard: XFX , XFX Nforce 680i LT, 1, 1

Answer:Media stutter

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Question: Stutter win7

Can someone please advise on a very frustrating problem.
When I play any media file through any player (wmp, divx, vlc etc..) all the files jump/judder/stutter as though it's struggling to catch up on the frame rate. the sound is always ok and is always in synch.
My set up is a Packard Bell imedia 1538 pc, windows 7 ultimate, With Nvidia Gforce 6200 graphics card and all up-to-date drivers and codecs installed.
I have a VGA splitter to my samsung pc monitor and the other to my HDTV. when I unplug these the problem still occurs. I've searched for and installed all sorts of drivers and codecs but nothing seems to work!
Can anyone tell me what the solution would be? Is it my drivers, or do I need a better VGA splitter or booster, or what?
Any advice would be much appreciated.

Answer:Stutter win7

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A colleague at work had a problem playing CDs. HE syas that when inserting a music CD, iy plays fine through Media Player 11 (on Vista), for a few seconds, then stops with a "working" symbol on th emouse pointer. He described it as if the CD was being buffered, similar to playing online music. He si not too sure of system specs, apart from its a dual core CPU, loads of hard drive space, and probably a nvidia GPU. I havent had the problem, and couldnt find anyone else that has either. Any ideas would br gratefully accepted, but he does not wish to use alternative software. Apart from that, fire away

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Question: Mouse stutter/lag

Instead of my mouse moving smoothly, it feels like it skips. I'm a pc gamer, and this is really affecting the way I play. It wasn't doing this before, now it's all of a sudden lagging. I've tried plugging in a usb mouse, and that still didn't help.


Answer:Mouse stutter/lag

Hello and welcome XX mate some system specs please before we can do anything System Info - See Your System Specs

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Question: Stutter Problems

Hey, I need some suggestions here
My Computer
AMD 2500+ @ 3200+ (CPU temp only 100)
2x256 DDR 400 Corsair Ram
A-Bit NF7-S
Seagate 40 Gig
430 Enermax PSU
9600 PRO
Audigy 2
XP PRO w/ latest updates
What I have tried (but didnt fix it)
Windows 2K and latest
9800 Pro
Different Ram

So what I am asking for is there any easy fixes I coudl try, or possible software issues? (Drivers or such)

Answer:Stutter Problems

wow high temp...

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Hello,I recently did a fresh Windows 10 install with a SanDisk SSD Plus 240GB on a Lenovo X220t. The computer occasionally stutters/microfreezes. This is especially noticeable when watching videos in HD. I've done lots of research but to no avail. The most common solutions for other people seem to involve modifying SATA chipset drivers or messing with AHCI. Any help would be appreciated.
Moderator comment: Model added to subject for clarity.

Answer:X220T - SSD Stutter

Try installing the latest driver (it has to be modded to install on the older systems):

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ok so this is a little weird.....

when i replaced my bad mobo with this new one (same exact model and everything), all my games are crashing with errors. it may say not responding or fatal error, etc. i think it may have to do with my GPU cause nothing ele is crashing at all and everything is running fine. i also notice a quick 1 second freeze in games where it freezes (sometimes audio too when my default device is the GPU) and then returns to normal. before that tho, its running perfect, and after that its running perfect. this is happen in all games! ill try furmark next tho.

ive already clean wiped and reinstalled drivers.

event viewer is not showing anything except that the app was closed.

before mobo swap, i was having 0 problems, but again, its the same exact mobo. just an RMA replace.

Answer:Stutter and Crashing

ok i reseated the GPU, ill see how that goes....i just dont have time today.

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Alright, I'm trying to run EQ II and to the best of my knowledge my computer should be capable of this. What happens is my system stutter freezes. I'll be playing for about 10-15min when the image on screen pauses and the sound will loop and stutter. If I control alt Delete and then 'x' out the box the game goes back to normal... but then it sometimes freezes up right after that in the exact same way. Any help would be appreciated. I already ran the 'Can your system handle this game' thing and I passed the minimum and recommended specs.. so I'm thinking it's a Driver update problem... but any advice?


Processor: Intel Pentium 4 CPU 3.00 GHz
Memory: 1022MB Ram
Graphics Card: RADEON 9600 Series - 128.0 MB Memory
Driver: ati2dvag.dll
Sound Card: SB Audigy Audio
Driver: ctaud2k.sys

I updated the Graphics card to the most recent Driver but it gave me a lot a erorr-type messages.. I don't know if it correctly updated. I tried messing with the hardware acceleration tab but.. EQ II still freezes.

Answer:Stutter Freeze in EQ II

everblayde said:

Alright, I'm trying to run EQ II and to the best of my knowledge my computer should be capable of this. What happens is my system stutter freezes. I'll be playing for about 10-15min when the image on screen pauses and the sound will loop and stutter. If I control alt Delete and then 'x' out the box the game goes back to normal... but then it sometimes freezes up right after that in the exact same way. Any help would be appreciated. I already ran the 'Can your system handle this game' thing and I passed the minimum and recommended specs.. so I'm thinking it's a Driver update problem... but any advice?


Processor: Intel Pentium 4 CPU 3.00 GHz
Memory: 1022MB Ram
Graphics Card: RADEON 9600 Series - 128.0 MB Memory
Driver: ati2dvag.dll
Sound Card: SB Audigy Audio
Driver: ctaud2k.sys

I updated the Graphics card to the most recent Driver but it gave me a lot a erorr-type messages.. I don't know if it correctly updated. I tried messing with the hardware acceleration tab but.. EQ II still freezes.Click to expand...

is the graphic card's Fan working? the graphic card might be too hot, i had the same problem when playing EQ, bought a new video card fixed that

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Question: Computer Stutter

Hi Guys I'm hoping you can help me with a strange problem ive experienced recently.

I installed Crysis on my computer, which i assume changed some drivers, since then my computer has started stuttering when ive scrolled too fast in an internet explorer (any of them), and its really bad when i play online games like Guild Wars (my favorite game so this is annoying me a lot).

I have tried updating all my drivers plus uninstalled Crysis. I have even re-installed windows since then and nothing seems to work, could it be a hardware problem (overheated card) bearing in mind i played crysis for a while after installing before trying the other games?

Any help would be useful. Thanks.

Answer:Computer Stutter

Some specs of the PC would could try going into Device Manager and display adapters and under the driver tab Uninstall the video card driver and restart the PC.

Is this a plug-in video card?

And yes the V card could have heated up as crysis is a very demanding game

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HI guys.i've just recently bought i new system which has specs:gigabyte z68-UD3intel i5 2500k8gb ddr3 ram1 TB seagate TB550W gigabyte odin gt psuon this system is an HD 4870 1 gig which i didnt get new, it was part of my old pc.unfortunately im getting frame skipping or stutterring in almost all of my games. im getting a better fps than I was on my old system, but its much less playable because of the stutter. i have tried fiddling with all of the options (that i know of) in ati catalyst control center including v sync/ triple bufferring, anti aliasing etc, none make any difference, although the lower the fps the worse the stutterring, but generally so long as its below 60 it stutters pretty madly. overclocking/underclocking gpu/cpu also makes no difference, and drivers for the g card are the latest. 12.1 not sure if i dont understand the FRAPS program but if this helps, the only thing that can stop the stutter in games is when i record with fraps!!? ill be running fraps, at about 30fps in skyrim or crysis, then the moment i start recording, it drops to say 21 but completely removes the frame skipping. the frame skipping returns the moment the video recording friend said it might be that i need to disable some video encoding thing in bios that intel has on its chips? but i couldnt find this option because he wasnt sure exactly what it was.any help would be much appreciated!! thanks

Answer:stutter in 80% of my games

550W is pushing it.

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Hello, when I run Far Cry 4 I get terrible audio stuttering/lag. Video is fine.

Audio sounds like this (excuse the bad video, my GPU does not support video recording very well):

(skip to 1:30)

Other games such as Payday 2, League of Legends, Just Cause 2 and Borderlands 2 are 100% fine.

This happened ever since i first ran the game but as you can see it doesnt happen on the menu screens. Only when the game/cinematics are being played.

Tried verifying game cache and lowering graphic settings

Appreciate any help, thanks

OS: Windows 10 Home Single Language 64-bit CPU: Intel Core i5 2500 @ 3.30GHz RAM: 8.00GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 686MHz (9-9-9-24) Motherboard: ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC. P8H61 (LGA1155) Graphics: E2442 ([email protected]) GPU: 1024MB ATI AMD Radeon HD 6800 Series (Sapphire/PCPartner) Storage: 223GB Crucial_CT240M500SSD1 ATA Device (SSD) Optical Drives: TSSTcorp CDDVDW SH-S203B ATA Device

Using Corsair Void Surround USB Sound Adapter

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Question: Stutter & Drivers

Looking for ways to solve stuttering while listening to streaming audio, discovered that when stuttering occurred, System CPU usage was above 20%. At 20 or below, no stutter, although DPC Latency Checker might show latency around 150-200.

Checked all drivers, etc, as suggested by DPC info box.

Finally, tried stopping all services related to WD. Western Digital's file management software seems to be the problem. I did stop every one of them and have had not stutter for approaching half an hour. Stuttering was occurring every minute or so, lasting a moment, or several.

This may not be the only problem, but so far so good, and I hope it helps.

Answer:Stutter & Drivers

Mark this up to wishful thinking. All of a sudden, the stuttering returned, even though latency doesn't usually show figures above 200.

I guess the driver problem is somewhere else--NOT WD Smartware.

Sorry. If anyone else comes up with a solution, I'd love to hear it, instead of the stinking stuttering.

EDIT: Still, as the System (NT Kernel & System) process hits 20 and goes up, usually to 25%, the stutter hits.

FURTHER OBSERVATION SHOWS THAT WD SMARTWARE restarted itself. I am changing it to manual start, and will report back.

Any ideas on this?

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Okay so I have a few .MKV files. The 1gb ranged ones seem to play fine. Anything in the 4gb+ bracket stutter on playback. My laptop can handle it enough to play it clean for the main part but every now and then, say twice for a few seconds every 10mins the video will stop and stutter whilst the audio continues and then catches up with the images after a bit.

I presume this is due to my laptop just not being able to handle the massive quality of HD videos. So what are the standards for top quality video playback? My laptop is just below general standard I guess:

AMD Athlon Dual Core 2Ghz
3GB Ram
Windows 7 - 64Bit
NVIDIA GeForce 8200M G

I'm guessing the graphics card just can't handle it? Been using VLC.

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every couple of seconds there's a digital stutter, making listening annoying, first happened in the dvd-rom drive, restarted the computer and everything was okay, then a week later it happened, again, but restarting didn't fix it, then it happened to the cd-rom drive,tried updating drivers, uninstalling, using a:\ drive boot disks to update firmware, which temporarily fixed the cd-rom drive, but i've had to do that a couple of times, but the dvd-rom drive has been perpetually stuttering for 3 days, including, also, when playing DVDs

Answer:cds stutter in drive

There could be a couple of causes: - The drives might not be seated properly (slightly tilted) - If you leave you system running constantly, they might be heating up and causing performance issues. - You might want to check your system resources, if they are running low that can cause a problem as well. - Or the drives might be bad <= hope its not this one

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Hi all. I was wondering what everyone's experience was in regards to the best GPU in terms of smoothest performance. I keep hearing that GPU's in sli/crossfire suffer from microstuttering and that can really distract from the experience. However, I've also heard that this is really only a major issue with lower end cards and that higher end cards like the GTX 780 or titan in sli work very well. What are your guy's thoughts?

This question has stemmed from the fact that I have a OC GTX 770 right now for a 1080p monitor. I guess I'm wondering if in the future I want to upgrade should I try another 770 in sli or just go with a single GTX titan or 690 (even though I've heard the 690's multiple gpu setup can experience microstuttering as well, however much that is). I know everything will give me high fps but I really want a smooth ultra setting experience with future games like BF4.

P.s. sorry I seem like a NVidia fanboy. I also like video editing which I've heard NVidia's cuda cores are good for that. Also, lets say money isn't a problem. These are my computer specs

i7 4770k
750w xfx power supply
asus sabertooth z87 mobo
Cooler master HAF912 ATX case

Answer:GPU's and micro stutter

Micro stutturing has largely been addressed fairly well by NVidia. Currently, NVidia cards in 2 way SLI do a great job of both scaling and keeping stuttering quite low.

ATI cards have been derided very much these past few years since NVidia brought the issue to light and fixed it up on their cards, but the latest 13.8 beta drivers show that ATI has come up with a decent solution to stuttering.

TL;DR, it's not really a problem from now on.
And yes in the future a second GTX770 is probably going to be a good choice.

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This is really a good read and inside look at 'micro-stutter'

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So I bought lenovo z51-70 two days ago, and I'm a guy who likes watching HD, this is why I bought a laptop that is Full HD, even though the screen is bad compared to other laptops, I noticed a lag while watching videos on netflix or using a media player. Also AMD graphic card is disabled so the Intel one is the one that is working and I think that's the problem, how can I switch them? because I wanna use the AMD card. 

Answer:z51-70 video stutter

Hi Ahmad,
Welcome to the Lenovo community!
I don't have a Z51-70 here for testing but can you try the following:

Set the power plan to High Performance.
Boot into the BIOS and disable the DPTF (Dynamic Platform Thermal Framework) which optimizes power consumption in different usage scenarios

   - Link to picture
For online videos which uses HTML5 player like Youtube, can you try to disable hardware on your browser and observe.
How to Turn Off Hardware Acceleration in Google Chrome
How to Disable Hardware Acceleration (GPU Rendering) in Internet Explorer
How to Disable Hardware Acceleration (GPU Rendering) in Mozilla Firefox
Technically, the Intel integrated graphics is always active, although it is not always in use. Nvidia graphics will turn on and off according to need. Software from Nvidia called Optimus automatically switches between integrated (Intel) and dedicated (Nvidia) graphics, according to the application. The easiest way to see which graphics card is in use is to check the "Display GPU activity icon in notification area" option in the Desktop menu of the Nvidia control panel. It should automatically use the Nvidia graphics card when Steam is running. If it does not, you can add Steam to the program settings in Nvidia control panel and select that it should always use the Nvidia graphics.
Let us know how you get on.
Tap that kudos button if I helped  If you... Read more

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I just picked up the Envy 750-114, and I have found that the cursor will stutter and lag while a background process is loading (say a web page or something - nothing major). For a computer with 12GB of RAM and the newest i5 processor, this shouldn't be happening. Any thoughts on why it is? Thanks!

Answer:Cursor Lag and Stutter

So now I have established that no applications need to be open for the cursor to freeze, lag and skip. I have called HP support and their only suggestion is a system restore. They did zero trouble shooting or investigating background processes.  Any suggestions?

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Question: XP audio stutter

Hello- I just 'upgraded' to XP from 98. I have a 1.1 GHz, 256 RAM, 120G harddrive. Now, my computer won't play any audio, be it CD, streaming, video, without a stutter. When there is stuff going on in the background (like email check) or foreground (like opening menus, programs, etc.) it is intolerable. I have a M audio 2496 soundcard, and have tried reinstalling that, as well as the drivers (that I got new from the Maudio website). This card worked fine on my machine with 98, and ran up to 20 tracks of simultaneous audio and recorded fine.

I have also tried: turning off the XP visual effects, increasing the Media Control Devices (MCI) Sound buffer, turing off the hardware acceleration in XP and DivX (and settings inbetween), screwing with the network adapter settings.

I have read to try turning ACPI over to Standard, EPP mode to normal, or also turning off the USB and parallel ports to see if that works. These are done in the BIOS as far as I can tell, but when I go to BIOS setup, I can only get RAID setup options, no other selections.

When I look at the IRQ's, there appear to be about 10 different things on IRQ 4. Is this the issue? Is there a solution?

Any ideas? Any help would be appreciated! Thanks.


Answer:XP audio stutter

I think it's just other programs taking up to many resources.

Download and install hijack this:

run it and post the log here

Also did you upgrade to XP or format and install?

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Question: Stutter(?) Step

I find it difficult to describe my problem. In part because I don't know if it is hardware or software. Sometimes there is no problem. It happens in all programmes (including this message) but I will use Excel and Facebook to illustrate it.
I go into Excel and get a spreadsheet. When I go to put data into a cell (e.g. 6666). The first 6 goes in but then the cursor jumps to the far left of the far left cell and the 666 goes in there. If you then press any key (e.g. Shift) you can then reposition the cursor and put another number (s) in the desired cell.
In Facebook the effect is to prevent you scrolling down. The original view just stutters in place. If you press Shift then you can scroll down.
It does happen in Facebook, but usually I can go much longer in Facebook and in Windows Live Mail than I can in Excel.
It happens all the time, not just when you are starting up.
It is driving me nuts.
Help. Please. Cheers.

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About a week ago some PC games started to stutter. It was fine up until then.

Call of Duty in-game stutters when a new map is loaded and after a few minutes seems to get better.
Also the new Broken sword game sometimes is ok, but all of a sudden starts to lag/stutter Heres my specs

Win XP sp2
AMD 64 Atlon 3400+
ATI radeon 256MB

I know it could be many things, but could someone give me some info? The fact its only just started to happen could be a setting out of place?

Thanks, DJ.

Answer:Games sometimes stutter

ram issue i think, i had that with 256mb ram. Maybe your RAM is bad or dying. I upgraded to 2GB and now its perfect.

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Question: Sound stutter

when listening to music the track stutters on every media player i have and on youtube is there any fix for this?

Answer:Sound stutter

Update your sound drivers..

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Question: Sound Stutter

Dell Dimension 4550Intel Pentium 2.4Ghz1GB RAMSoundBlaster Live 5.1ATi Radion 9600 SE 128Mb RAMPlextor PlexWriter Premium CD burnerAOpen 16x DVD ReWriterMaxtor 60GB HDWesternDigital 120GB HDI have a real problem with sound stuttering lately. It is most noticeable while playing majosr battle scenes in games like Call of Duty 2. The problem first appeared after I installed my new AOpen DVD burner. I don't think the burner is the problem as much as maybe the trigger for the problem. The reason I don't believe that it's the DVD player directly is because I'm still getting the stutter when playing the games directly from my HD without a disc. I have tried changing my sound acceleration both in the game and on the PC itself, I've updated all drivers and firmware, checked the soundcard configuration, even used Creatives suggestions, all with no luck. any suggestions?

Answer:Sound Stutter

Is the sound-card integrated or a ADD-on ?If ADD-on:Try re-seatting (alternate PCI slot) the sound card away from the Video card.If built-in:Try re-assigning the IRQ reservations in the BIOS.Give the sound card (if possible) its own IRQ channel.Third:Try stabilizing your DVD device  with all four screws into the chasis. Do this for the HD too.

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Question: Occasional Stutter

Hi since the first days i built my pc ive been experiencing occasional stutter during video playback/games or even idle pc working. It lasts only for 1-2 secs during which everything freezes up and distorted sound played. Im not sure what is responsible for that so i decided to ask here.

Since it happens perhaps once a day or at least more than 12 hours apart it doesn't really cause any trouble, still tho by reading other posts with similar problem i found out that it could happen for numerous reasons, one of those being - video card updating large chunk of data or clearing of video/core/memory cache.

Im using vista x64 ultimate, 9800 gtx card, 2 raptors in raid, e8500 processor, 4x1gb corsair 4-4-4-12 800Mhz memory and asus striker 2 formula motherboard if it is of any help. I think all my drivers and bios are up to date aswell.

Answer:Occasional Stutter

Hello Celarion, welcome to Vista Forums.

Is the VCard oc'd?

Later Ted

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Question: Stutter and Crash

Alright, so before I posted a problem in which my computer would turn black and completely be unresponsive to the point I'd have to unplug the cord. I deduced that the problem was the video card but I managed to stop the problem. Now I get another error where the sound would stutter and the screen would freeze (i can still move my mouse slowly) then the screen may flash black before returning. I have uninstalled and reinstalled my drivers time and time again but there has been no change.

Below i have provided minidump and a picture of the error I would sometimes get.

thank you v. much!


OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium , Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad CPU Q8400 @ 2.66GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 23 Stepping 10
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 8191 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GT 220, 1024 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 349645 MB, Free - 256334 MB; D: Total - 350295 MB, Free - 83611 MB;
Motherboard: Acer, EG43M, ,
Antivirus: None

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Question: Audio Stutter


I've seen many threads around these forums regarding this issue but I didn't come across a "fix".
My situation is the following:

Every now and then, the audio of the PC stutters, its like it skips kinda when you're listening to music from a bad CD.
I have the latest drivers from my manufacturer, and yes it says they are for windows 8 and not 7.

My motherboard is Gigabyte X58A-UD3R. The built-in audio is Realtek ALC889.

If you're gonna suggest removing the Realtek drivers and stick with the windows ones, this is not a solution for me as I need the Realtek HD Audio Manager in order to map the sound channels.

Answer:Audio Stutter

The RealTek drivers are the preferred drivers. If someone only has the generic basic function Windows HD Audio Codec, the first thing I recommend is to install the proper drivers from the PC or motherboard vendor's site. Do you have the RealTek drivers from Gigabyte? or from RealTek? If not from Gigabyte get them as a first step.

If you installed the Gigabyte Easy Tune (version 6 came with my gigabyte motherboard) uninstall that. It is a known system "hog" and can cause a lot of system latency problems (which could cause your problem).

Skipping, noise, etc has been a problem since Vista. Unfortunately there is no "one fix" for the problem.

One suggestion, go to the Device Manager, RIGHT click on the entry for the RealTek and then LEFT click "uninstall" DO NOT uninstall the drivers. Restart the PC and when Windows starts it will detect and reinstall the sound. Sometimes Windows will install it on a different shared IRQ and fix or minimize the problems. The sound is always on a shared IRQ (Interrupt) with a higher priority device. The higher priority device can "interrupt" the lower priority device (in this case sound) and could also cause your problem.

While you are in the Device Manger, you should only have sound entries for your RealTek sound card and if you have HDMI audio from your video then you should also have the HDMI audio entry. Any other entries in there such as a rogue HD Audio Codec should also be unins... Read more

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I have recently found while playing my favourite game, that I get stutter at spots where I don't normally get any. I can CTRL/F within game to see FPS. I can see I am getting say, 68FPS and running smooth,then I'll hit this stutter, but my FPS do not change. I get full FPS before, during and after the stutter. It isn't like a 2fps slideshow....more like a 1940s B&W film where it's noticeably less than perfectly fluid, yet smooth enough to still know what's going on. I've tried updated drivers to no avail. Defrag didn't help either. I've asked a couple IT guys I know and they have no clue. I had it mentioned about moving my pagefile location, but this game is on my ext drive and the pagefile, I assume, is on my OS drive. Anybody have any suggestions ?? Oh, I've done virus and spyware checks and found nothing.

I have a reasonable enough spec'd PC to run this game. The game in reference here is GT Legends. PC spec in signature.

Answer:Unexplained graphics stutter

Is this the same problem as your other post? It gets confusing when you post the same question more than once.

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I just upgraded to Windows 10 a few days ago on my desktop. After it booted for the first time, everything worked just like before on Windows 8.1.

After a bit, it prompted me to restart for updates. After it finished with the updates, I noticed that the mouse started a major stuttering problem when scrolling.

I noticed it first in Chrome, so I switched over to another program (Notepad++) and it did it over there as well.

I am assuming that it was caused by the update after upgrading to Windows 10.

How should I fix this? I already tried another mouse and that didn't change anything. Help would be appreciated!!

Answer:Mouse Stutter Since Updating

What is the mouse type and did you run any software for the mouse setup other than what Windows provides? If so, set all settings for the mouse back to their default state and see how it works now. It worked for my Logitech mouse when I had altered the settings previously.

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Answer:ATI fixes OpenGL 'stutter' bug

Catalyst 3 unified drivers out. Ggggo, gggo get 'em from here! TC. :-)click here

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I'm using Vista Ultimate 64bit with SP1. When playing games or listening to music of videos the sound stutters every minute or so for a few seconds. I've looked around and it seems to be quite a common problem and the only solution seems to be to create 2 batch files to run when windoes starts up to connect to the wireless network. Has anyone else had this problem and managed to solve it? It's annoying when taking the computer downstairs and I got to use wireless then it is difficult to watch a film or play any game!

Answer:Wireless Network Stutter

Here's the answer to your problem: WLANOptimizer

I have not been able to play a game online without it. The spikes are caused by Vista searching for other wireless networks if I remember correctly. All you have to do is extract the files into a folder and place it wherever you'd like (e.g. C:\Program Files\WLANOptimizer) The program will prevent Vista from spiking and your connection will be smooth again.

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Hello all,
I've got an annoying problem. Every couple minutes my computer stutters or pauses. I first noticed it when I would listen to music.......the song would just stop for a second. Now I've noticed that the mouse stops and gaming is very difficult as the pause gets me killed alot!
I'm running norton 2006 anti-virus and it's uptodate and I'm virus free. Also, I've run spybot and adaware with no results.
I'm running an MSI mobo w/a Athlon 3400 64, 1 gig of RAM and 2 hard SATA and on ATA.

I've tried dissabling norton AV and turning off many task manager processes.
I am getting a spike in CPU usage when watching the task manager, but I can't figure out what's doing it.



Answer:Computer Pause/stutter

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Since i bought my new HP Pavillion Elite m9500y, my sound has been having major issues. I bought this PC to play games, mostly like The Sims 3 and World Of Warcraft, and the games run great graphics wise and performance wise. The only major issue i am having is that my sound is really glitchy, it sounds choppy in the way that videos will get choppy on a bad video card. It works fine if the computer is not used for a few days, and i can play my games and watch videos, but after a while it goes back to being really choppy, almost like the sound is stuttering, i recorded a sound bite from a video, hopefully you can hear what i mean. any suggestions would be great, just dont tell me to check the driver, i've done that and done that, drivers are not the issue. could it be i need a new sound card, or my computer is getting too hot?

here is the sound sample-

Answer:Sound is glitchy, stutter-y almost

have you complained to HP? if new, should still be under warranty?

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I'll try and keep this short and simple.
During games sometimes I will experience brief lag, as if the game freezes for a split second, specifically 1-2 seconds. These lag spikes occur randomly and it becomes relatively annoying especially when I'm shooting someone for example in CSGO, I die because of it.
It's not a FPS problem because I get a solid 350+ FPS on CSGO and a solid 120+ FPS in Overwatch, the freezing happens in both games.
Last week I got sick of it happening so I decided to reformat my whole PC hoping it would fix the problem, luckily it did, which means it could of been a driver problem of some sort.
However the spikes have appeared again recently, they don't seem as bad but I know it's definitely there. It's like I have bad internet but that's definitely not the case, I can't figure out what the problem is.
Not sure if this is related but sometimes randomly I would hear a brief grinding noise coming form the tower, I can't figure out where the noise comes from but it could be either the PSU or HD. Which makes me think it's the HD which is the problem, is there any tests I can run to determine what is causing this? The grinding noises don't appear regularly at all, it's a hard noise to describe, like two metals plates grinding against each other.
My PC is new, I've had this for around 3-4 months now.
click here I have tried.

Reformatted computer
Uninstalled all unnecessary software (Razer Synapse, Corsair Utility etc)
Updated all my drivers. GPU, Motherboard.... Read more

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