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Explorer 10 Download Manager not allowing complete download

Question: Explorer 10 Download Manager not allowing complete download

I Installed Explorer 10 on my Windows 7 Pro 64 bit yesterday everything seems fine with the exception of download manager. When downolading files it completes download then says running security scan after that says files has virus and deletes the file so I am now unable to download files. I checked known safe sites such as NVidia and get same issue onall sites. This did not exisit until installing IE 10

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Preferred Solution: Explorer 10 Download Manager not allowing complete download

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Explorer 10 Download Manager not allowing complete download

As a follow up I did a reeset and selected recommended settings still same result

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I am running windows 7 home 64, and every time I download something the download window that shows the progress of the download goes blank once the download is complete. This is very annoying because I have to open up the download folder again in order to open the downloaded file. Any ideas what this could be?

Answer:Download window goes blank after download is complete

which browser are you using?
could be set to private browsing

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When I'm downloading something to my secondary HDD the internet explorer default download manager is first storing the file on my SSD-disk in the user temp folder, and after the download is finished it copy the content to my secondary hdd and deletes all data in the temp folder.

How can I prevent it doing so? I want to store the file directly where I put the file. I have to download maybe 1TB of data and I don't want my SSD disk to store and delete that amount of data.

Can I disable that feature? I don't wanna move the temp folder to another disk eighter.

Any ideas?

Answer:Internet Explorer Download Manager

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Ok i have been downloading rapidshare links with flashget for years, then about 2 weeks ago My Acer Laptop Aspire 4520 (vista home basic) started to crash..Now whenever i use flashget to download (i have premium account) paste all urls and press start then it downloads fine for maybe 10 mins then my vista just freezes and crashes and restarts....i have tried this on flashget 1.73 and latest version all the i then tried internet download manager 5.14 same thing happens, finally i tried orbit downloader and it happens with that too......wht the heck is hapened please help..i am using an acer aspire 4520 laptop with windows vista home basic...i could always download great until 2 weeks i can only get 10 - 15 mins tops and downloads i pay for every month have just been wasted this month...i have run every virus, spy ware scanner there is including, kaspersky, spy bot and avg & adware no infections!!!! i am at a loss please help??? I Have tried using your uninstaller and removed flashget and IDM and reinstalled but same issue...
ps vista and internet is fine only when i try and download.

i hope you can help, many thanks in advance


Acer Aspire 4520 , AMD Turion 64
1GB Ram, 80GB Hard drive, NVIDIA Geforce 7000m/nforce 610m
external usb 250 GB Hard drive

Answer:Vista crashes everytime i try and download rapidshare files with any download manager

Any ideas anyone please, my mkonthly downloads i pay for are being wasted please help i am at a loss.......

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Hi guys, I've searched for this but couldn't find the solution. The problem is that after a few 20 or so. The download on my Windows 7 stops working...Take a look at the picture.

It says connecting and the lights on the modem start blinking as if it is downloading but it doesn't. I can still browse websites but can't download even in Opera, Mozilla or IE. I've been using Spybot and KIS for 4 years now, so I don't think there is a problem of virus or malware. Please help!

Answer:Download stops working in Windows7, Internet Download Manager, Everywhere

Guys, I've updated KIS to 2010 and I think it is the problem as I exited the application and then started the download on IDMan. It started to work. But why KIS is doing this. Is there any settings problem with the firewall?? The problem still continues with KIS turned on.!!!!

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Hi guys, I've searched for this but couldn't find the solution. The problem is that after a few 20 or so. The download on my Windows 7 stops working...Take a look at the picture.
It says connecting and the lights on the modem start blinking as if it is downloading but it doesn't. I can still browse websites but can't download even in Opera, Mozilla or IE. I've been using Spybot and KIS [Kaspersky Internet Security] for 4 years now, so I don't think there is a problem of virus or malware. Please help!

Answer:Download stops working in Windows7, Internet Download Manager, Everywhere

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I'm using a slow network and need to download windows 10 iso file with IDM for the sake of resume ability. Media creation tool gave me too many challenges because of this slow network.

Anyone with links to download either the 64bit ISO or preferably one with both architecture?
I want to leave my computer downloading overnight.

Thank you for your help guys.

Answer:Windows 10 iso download link using internet download manager? Slow net

Hello mwaramba,

OPTION ONE below has the direct download links for a Windows 10 ISO file.

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Hi all,

I don't know if this is the appropriate section, but I'm having trouble with my MSN Explorer.

Whenever I try to open the "Download Manager" or try to download something (which automatically opens the Manager), the browser crashes. I can download things using either Firefox or IE and I've had this issue before, found a command somewhere online I could run (using "Run") and that solved the problem. However, I can't seem to find that command (which was on another forum somewhere) and was hoping someone here knew what it is.


Answer:MSN Explorer Crashes when opening Download Manager

Any ideas anyone? I know that maybe not many people have/use MSN Explorer but I thought I'd ask anyway here.

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I've been using IDM (6.25 build 3 most recently) happily for quite some time. For Christmas I purchased an online class which streams (?) from a .com website. I paid $128 for the class which remains online. Although I can view it anytime, I'd like to have it on my hard drive so I can put it on my laptop and watch it in bed instead of sitting at my desktop computer. Also I've purchased classes in the past and the website went out of business and *poof* my purchased classes went with them!!

When I use IDM to download the .flv file and play it back using Windows media player, I only get video.

Can anyone suggest:
-- what's going wrong?
-- a solution
-- another program I can use?

Thanks for the assist!

Answer:Internet Download Manager Plays Only Audio For .flv Download

IDM is currently at 6.25 build 12. IDM only downloads files it doesn't play them. That's the job of your media player. An alternate media player you might try is VLC available at Major Geeks.

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I've just upgraded my Windows 8 x64 to Windows 8.1. I've discovered that I cannot open the download manager window anymore using Ctrl-J keyboard shortcut. Web Channels list is opened instead. In Windows 8 before the upgrade that shortcut worked
just fine.
I still can open the window using main IE menu. Hotkey hint written next to the menu item is still Ctrl-J.
Is this a glitch in my system only? Does somebody experience the same issue?

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I get this message:

Problemh?ndelsens namn: APPCRASH
Programnamn: Explorer.EXE
Programversion: 6.1.7601.17567
Programtidsst?mpel: 4d672ee4
Namn p? felmodul: IDMNetMon64.DLL
Modulens version:
Tidsst?mpel f?r felmodul: 527b9932
Undantagskod: c0000005
Undantagsf?rskjutning: 0000000000017b64
OS-version: 6.1.7601.
Spr?kvariant-ID: 1053
Ytterligare information 1: 0d67
Ytterligare information 2: 0d672aa4362138698577bed070c5224e
Ytterligare information 3: 4589
Ytterligare information 4: 45893e26b30be6348604b66b4919463b

It started today. Two crashes within a couple of hours. It has never done this before and I am mystified because I have not made any changes to my system, apart from the automatic updates that is. It does not crash the entire system I get a dialogue box with the option to restart explorer.

I am running W7 64-bit Home Premium.

Anyone else has this problem?

Answer:Internet Download Manager 6.18 casues Explorer to crash

Build 9 apparently addresses this issue

Internet Download Manager 6.18 Build 9 Released with IE Fixes

A Guy

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Hello, from several days I'm struggling with an annoying issue. So, while downloading different files over the Internet with download manager my downloading in the certain point suddenly going down without any concrete reason. I have tried everything without any effects (even format), but I have only managed to get rid of this problem while sitting on virutal machine running Windows XP Professional SP3 but that's not the way for me. I have attached some screens showing what I have mean, maybe someone could help me because it's driving me insane...

1. Before.
2. After.

Answer:Download issues: Internet Download Manager

It looks you have a problem in IDM's dynamic file segmentation. Try to download the IDM again from its site, make a fresh install and check if the problem persists.

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TRUE BEGINNER  Windows 7, HP desktopI had a download manager then it suddenly stopped working.  I have deleted it , tried to reinstall it,  system restored more times then I can count but nothing seems to work. I get multiple error messages whenever I try to download any download manager or any other program.Here are just a few: server error occurred . . .; activation context generation failed . . . , RED ERROR . . .,  Error 5 . . .,  Setup was unable to create the directory (I tried every directory I had but it still wouldn't work),  Reg create Key EX failed; code 5I can download in Firefox using there down loader, but I can't get the programs to install.  When I hit finish I get the above error messages.If I am in the wrong forum would someone please tell me which one I need to go to.HELP!!!    I've been working on this for 4 days and I am at my wits end.Thank all of you,lin

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Ill cut a long story short. I need a video from youtube as i promised someone Id get it for them. FDL won't let me download them but it would a few days ago


Answer:Can't Download Videos With Free Download Manager

Try this one.

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Download Ninja is a Internet Download Manager & Accelerator that not only dramatically increases download speed but also allows you to resume and restart stopped / broken downloads. Download Ninja speeds up your downloads by splitting each file into chunks logical chunks and downloading each chunk using a different connection to the server, the result of this is much more reliable and fast downloads.

Download Ninja is 100% free to use on as many computers as you like.


Resume Downloads
Resume your downloads after stopping without having to restart them from the beginning
Download Acceleration
Increase your download speed by up to 10 times by using multiple simultaneous connections
Clipboard Monitoring
Download Ninja monitors your clipboard so to add a download all you have to do is right click and copy the link
Sequential File Writing
Unlike other download managers, DownloadNinja downloads files from start to finish so you can begin to preview audio and video files before the download is complete
Drag and Drop Support
Drop new links directly onto Download Ninja to add the new download
Login / Password Manager
Securely keep track of your various website logins so they are automatically set using our encrypted login manager
Shred your downloaded files
Once you are finished with your downloaded files Download Ninja can shred both the data and the meta data ensuring that they can never be recovered, even using specialist recovery and foren... Read more

Answer:Download Ninja (new Internet download manager)

I'm going to try it, but have you used it @Littlebits ?

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Hi Guys,
I recently downloaded bbc iplayer, when I click on it, it - rightly says I have no programmes to watch.

I click through the "download programmes" button which brings me to the iplayer home page - so far so good.

I select (for example) TV, John Bishops Britain, then select download options, for iplayer desktop-"click" and ....drumroll, nothing, nyada, zilch!!

I de installed and reinstalled thinking perhaps there was a corrupt file somewhere, this made no difference.

I then selected download for windows media player and got this message;

Software upgrade required
To download BBC iPlayer programmes please upgrade your version of Windows Media Player. Click here to get the latest version from Microsoft.

So far as I can see for my OS (XP pro) wmp11 IS the latest version available and the one I'm using.

It's really quite frustrating, I have had no luck on the support site or, so far by trawling through the net looking for answers. Anyone got any ideas?

Thanks in anticipation and best regards,

Answer:BBC Iplayer download manager - wont download!!!

Instead of downloading it through the desktop program download them on line they should go strait to your Iplayer desktop
go to
go to the required show
scroll under the video
click "download options"
then "for iplayer desktop"

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A free download manager designed to integrate seamlessly with Windows 7 is now available from Microsoft. Dubbed the Microsoft Download Manager, the utility is designed, as the label implies, to help users administer their downloads beyond the boundaries of the browser. More often than not, downloading very large files can be problematic, especially in the context of an unreliable connection. It is precisely in scenarios like these that a download manager will carry out any download tasks to the end, unlike browsers missing this functionality.

?The Microsoft Download Manager enables you to download files from the Internet in a more reliable and faster way than using a browser alone. Using the Download Manager makes it easier to download large files such as an application or multimedia files,? Microsoft explained.

According to the Redmond company, the Microsoft Download Manager comes to the table with support not only for Windows 7, but also for Windows Vista and Windows XP SP2 and SP3. Microsoft Download Manager was designed to work with Internet Explorer 8, IE7 and IE6 but also with Firefox 3 and Firefox 2.

Source -
Download Free Windows 7 RTM Download Manager - From Microsoft - Softpedia

Answer:Download Free Windows 7 RTM Download Manager

It's the worst download manager i have ever used.

The worst download manager-seven forums

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I need a free program to repair damaged and broken jpgs, everytime I find one on google, I notice they come as a download manager and never actually download. Please helpwhy are we not getting email notifications anymore after the upgrade ?

Answer:where download free jpg repairer without a download manager

Use Softpedia.Fix your Corrupted JPEG Photos!

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Hey guys i am trying to download windows 7 RC but everytime the computer crashes download manager restarts the download.Any workarounds or anyway i can restart the download without having to do it all over again again??I mean It's 2.3 GB and seems impossible to download.

Answer:Solved: download manager breaks download

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any idea ?..
My Free Download Manager can't download any EXE file. Every i clicked download the status always showed message that "*.exe - Stopped"

Answer:Download Manager can't download any application file

VIRUS REMOVAL / PROTECTION 1. Download MalwareBytes. Malwarebytes
2. Disconnect from the Internet.
3. Disable your present antivirus software.
4. Remove your present antivirus software.
5. Install and run the MalwareBytes Quick Scan (remove any bad guys)
6. Reconnect to Internet.
7. Update MalwareBytes.
8. Run malwarebytes quick scan again.(remove any bad guys)
9. Download and Install Microsoft Security Essentials.

Now I advise you disable MalwareBytes and only enable again when and if you need it..

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I'm on a cable modem in the 600 range for speed. I'm hooked up to a linksys router and in the past was unable to get previous Winmx versions to work. Recently downloaded 3.31 and was able to connect to both secondary and primary. People are able to upload MP3's from me, but when i try to download nothing happens, it either tries and then fails or does nothing. Any suggestions? Thanks


Answer:Winmx 3.31 Not allowing me to download

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I am using MS Office 2007 with MS Office Outlook 2007 on Win7 for 64 bit.All of a sudden, Outlook will not allow me to download anything.  When I view an e-mail and attempt to down load something in it (like a recipe). I get the following message:   ?This operation has been cancelled due to restrictions on this computer.  Please contact your System Administrator.?   This happens on all e-mails that I try to download from.   I have not, knowingly, changed anything.  I am the ?system administrator?.Any help or guidance you can render will be most appreciated.Thanks, eddie460

Answer:outlook not allowing download

What do you mean "download"?  Do you mean you want to click on a link? Open an attachment? Something else?

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Hi, I have been having some computer problems lately, mostly with being unable to play a game I had recently purchased. I thought the problem was many things before figuring out that my computer has not updated itself in over a year+

So I go and try to update it from security panel, and it will not do it automatically. I can see the list of available updates, and the service pack 2 and recent others have all failed. I then went to microsoft site and downloaded the service pack 2 manually and when i installed it, instantly said not successfuly installed. I ran a check on my computer and it fixed some files and some were corrupted it said. I have done some research and found that I need a vista dvd or cd to start up and repair this issue ( i think ). Now my computer came with 1 cd when i bought it because vista was preinstalled on my computer, and I have long since lost that cd.

I begin to browse on internet for topics : how to fix vista without your computers startup disc, and got some results. i guess microsoft released a .iso file that you can burn to a disc and use as a recovery tool. I tried this and the cd i have burnt it too does not load when i start up my computer, just goes right to my desktop like vista normally would. Did i burn this cd wrong, or is this not even possible to do? Any help would be appreciated, my computer runs fine and I can browse the internet, but I cannot download any updates or play this one game due to some updates needed to be installed but ... Read more

Answer:Something is not allowing me to download sp2 in vista32

More info please:Were you using any Virus, Malware etc software?What check did you run and what was the result?Have you tried fixing damaged files see: to C:\Windows and locate WindowsUpdate.log and see if there is more detail about the Update failures.

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Every time i t press the download button the virus don't allow it to download

Answer:virus not allowing me to download antivirus

Start your computer in safe mode click Start, click Shut down, click Restart, click Ok. During your computer starting process press F8 key on your keyboard multiple times until you see Windows Advanced Option menu, then select Safe mode with networking from the list. Download rkill from bleeping computer and run it.(or you can manually end processes that you think doesn't belong to normal windows startup) After that you should be able to download antivirus software.

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I recently deleted FF because of issues and then tried to reinstall only to realize that neither IE or Windows is not allowing me to DL anything. It will attempt to DL then when it gets to the execution I get an error saying that it is from an unknown publisher.
I tried changing all the security settings, disabling anti-virus, installing the certificate, all the normal thoughts and nothing. I did a system restore to before I deleted go. I did a complete system restore and still unable to download anything or even at this point update my virus software that is out of date due to the system restore.
Now after system restore it is showing that I have two versions of Vista running on my computer. Any ideas?

Answer:IE/Windows not allowing any program to download

Sounds like it's time to perform a factory recovery if possible.

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This morning I tried to download Adwcleaner from Bleepingcomputer and it reports it as a virus.
I have downloaded many times before no problem, is this a false positive.
If it is a false positive how to i download it and stop avast blocking the download.
If it helps, here's what Threatexpert made of it

Answer:Avast is not allowing Adwcleaner download

Yes....false detections by anti-virus programs for specialized fix tools are not uncommon.Certain embedded files that are part of legitimate programs or specialized fix tools, may at times be detected by some anti-virus and anti-malware scanners as suspicious, a Risk Tool, Hacking Tool, Potentially Unwanted Program, a possible threat or even Malware (virus/trojan) when that is not the case. This occurs for a variety of reasons to include the tool's compiler, the files it uses, whether files are compressed or packed, what behavior (routines, scripts, etc) it performs, any registry strings it may contain and the type of security engine that was used during the scan. Other legitimate files which may be obfuscated, encrypted or password protected in order to conceal itself so they do not allow access for scanning but often trigger alerts by anti-virus software.When flagged by an anti-virus or security scanner, it's because the program includes features, behavior or files that appear suspicious or which can potentially be used for malicious purposes. Compressed and packed files in particular are often flagged as suspicious by security software because they have difficulty reading what is inside them. These detections do not necessarily mean the file is malicious or a bad program. It means it has the potential for being misused by others or that it was simply detected as suspicious or a threat due to the security program's heuristic analysis engine which provides the ability to det... Read more

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Hey guys i am trying to download windows 7 RC but everytime the computer crashes download manager restarts the download.Any workarounds or anyway i can restart the download without having to do it all over again again??I mean It's 2.3 GB and seems impossible to download.

Answer:download breaks despite download manager

Your computer stats (all kind) are not very helpful. What OS are you using.? Is your download manager a 3rd party software prog or are you using the capability of resuming downloads on the MS site? Another point... Every time my computer crashes??? Does that happen a lot? if so, you may have a whole different kind of problem.


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Hi all:

From the MS Store.
I bought a FULL VERSION Vista Home Premium DVD actual disc not the downloaded version.
With the right to a FULL VERSION Win 7 when it releases on Oct 22nd.

I am thinking of getting it by downloading it from MS.

My question is really Simple.

How do I burn the iso to disk after Downloading it with the Download Manager to make it Bootable as if I got the actual disk?

A friend of mine said he downloaded his his was Vista without the Download Manager and there were (3)- Separate files and couldn't figure out how to make it a bootable disk so he returned it for the actual media.

NOW if I download my Win 7 Full Version disk to my Drive using the download manager, WILL IT be a single iso file so that I can burn it as a bootable disk?

And if it is suppose to be 3- separate files then how do I go about combining them to make it bootable?

I'd hate to choose the download option and not be able to make use of it, Only to have to pay FULL Price for an actual copy.

When I could just get my Free Copy for the price of Shipping and of coarse tax.

Any advice or Links I'd be most Grateful......

Answer:How do I burn iso after download using download Manager

It should be a single ISO file.

How to burn an ISO image to disc..

Its simple really, download this, save it somewhere.

When its done downloading, go to the location you saved it, and extract the .zip file.

After that, open the folder it created and run 'IsoBurner'

Click on this;
Attachment 29934

Then locate the .iso file and select it.

Then burn it, you should also set the speed to the lowest possible to ensure their are no problems burning.

Sorry if its not that clear, I'm half awake about to go to sleep.

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I need a download manager which will speed up the download.I am using Download accelerator plus,but the problem is when any thing getting downloaded other sited takes huge time to open.'Pls help

Answer:Download manager to speed up download

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Hey guys i am trying to download windows 7 RC but everytime the computer crashes download manager restarts the download.Any workarounds or anyway i can restart the download without having to do it all over again again??I mean It's 2.3 GB and seems impossible to download.

Answer:download manager breaks download

Download as a .torrent file. I will asume this is not illegal right?

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I had installed Free Download Manager. Since then I was unable to download any Zipped File attached to my mail. Why. Further downloading You Tube videos too is not always possible. Sometime it works, other times it stops after downloading about 134 KB. Is there some kind of conflict in FDM and any other Programme already installed on my computer. After Uninstalling FDM everything works fine.

Answer:Download Manager... Failure to Download Zip A

Use Internet download manager(IDM).We can not fight new wars with old weapons, let he who desires peace prepare for war - PROPHET.

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Hello everyone,

I have an older HP/Compaq machine that is using Vista home premium and for some reason it has decided to not let me use my Sandisk drives anymore. "This version of windows is not supported by the U3 launchpad on this drive', lpinstaller asks for passwords that I have no way to enter, 'Next' buttons disabled, and the ever popular 'do not have administrator rights' and 'must have administrator rights'. I am logged onto my own machine. Please help as I am at the end of my rope. Help! I apologize for buying Vista!

Answer:Vista not allowing Sandisk to run, cannot download new launchpad

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There are two people, both running Win7prox64. We run Symantec, as an antivirus.

Every few days, when they attempt to download a file from the web, they get the "your security settings do not allow download of this file". I then either completely reset the IE settings or enable file download (which is set to enable by default). What would cause the IE (10 &11) settings to keep reverting back to "disable" file download? Could It be something in Symantec settings causing this? Scans have been done and no malware or virus were found.

Answer:IE security settings changing, not allowing file download

I have been having the same problem with file download automatically converting back to disable daily if not more frequently despite selecting enable on repeated occasions.

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unable to burn a photo slide DVD with windows 10, have downloaded several media apps all say error or need a burner to solve problem

Answer:How to download a free burn drive allowing burning DVD

Are you sure you have a DVD burner? Try CDBurnerXP.

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I want to download some .exe file for my PC, as my PC does not have a days connection ,I have to download the files on my Windows phone.
Lumia 630

Answer:Why isn't my browser allowing me to download unsupported file types.e.g '.exe'?

More on Bowser
There is no information on how to defeat him though. Which Bowser in particular is blocking you from downloading .exe files?

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I got a popup earlier (while on Internet Explorer) that said I had a virus and that I needed to perform a system check.  I Ctrl+Alt+Deleted and forced IE closed.  I then went to do a system scan with Microsoft Security Essentials and an alert told me that I did not have sufficient access to perform that function.  I tried to download MSE anew and I got the below message at the conclusion of my download:
Microsoft Security Essentials contained a virus and was deleted.
What is going on here?  Can anyone help?

Answer:IE Not allowing download, Microsoft Security Essentials not running/uninstalling

From safemode with networking please do the following.
Please download MINITOOLBOX and run it.
Checkmark following boxes:
Flush DNS
Report IE Proxy Settings
Report FF Proxy Settings
Reset Ie proxy Settins
Reset FF proxy settings
List content of Hosts
List IP configuration
List Winsock Entries
List last 10 Event Viewer log
List Installed Programs
List Users, Partitions and Memory size
List Devices (problems only)
Click Go and post the result. 
Download Adware Cleaner run it Click the delete button allow it to run and post the log it creates.
Download the junkware removal tool save it to your desktop run it in safe mode post the log.
Download Emsisoft Emergency Kit and save it to your desktop. Right-click on and select Extract All.... Leave all settings as they are and click Extract. You will now have a folder named EmsisoftEmergencyKit on your desktop.
Open the EmsisoftEmergencyKit
folder and double-click Start.exe.
A new window will open. Under "Run Directly:" click Emergency Kit Scanner.
When asked to run an online update, click Yes.
When the update is finished, click the Back to Security Status link in the left corner. On the main screen click the Scan Now button.
Select the Deep Scan option and click t... Read more

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I am trying to reinstall Software onto an old computer (all the one I can afford) which uses Windows 95. To this end. I need a complete copy of Internet Explorer 5.5, including Outlook Express. Microsoft will allow me to download updates to IE 5.5. Microsoft product cycle says they will no longer allow me to download the entire IE 5.5. Although I can try to start the process, which errors off with a message about perhaps my Internet Connection is down, or my Modem is too slow, or the Microsoft site is too busy. My modem is 33.6 kbps, and is slow. I am still online. Microsoft clearly states they will not allow a complete IE 5.5 download, since last year. I suspect the problem is that Microsoft has disabled it from their end, without a clear error message. I will try to download again after midnight here. I hope some one of you out there knows of some one who has put the entire download out out on the web, somewhere. Or Outlook Express 5.5. I have a rudimentary version of IE 5.5 from an old AOL CD. I need Outlook Express as well as other things. I did manage to download a Windows critical update without any problems from the Microsoft site. So i do not think my slow modem is the problem. Thanks for reading this.

Answer:IE 5.5, I need complete download.

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Several times today I`ve tried to download Dan Elwells broadband speed test and could only manage 6% when everything froze. I tried an older version and actually got 81% before it froze. I tried other sites but got the same. I`ve run Avast, A2,Spybot,Adaware,SpywareBlaster and cCleaner all showing no problems. Win XP Pro, SP2, Tiscali BB uncapped.Can anyone throw some light on this, its beyond me. Oh! I have downloaded other programmes OK.

Answer:Can`t get a complete download.

Any problems with online tests such as this? click here

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I recently downloaded explorer 6.1 to satisfy my credit card supplier to access their web site .The down load was done and the site was then accessable . But each time I start my pc I get a message" DOWNLOAD IN-COMPLETE" ..... ANSWER YES TO COMPLETE THE DOWNLOAD OR CANCEL THE MESSAGE .So I say yes and get a message " SOFTWARE ALREADY INSTALLED..... " so I carry on normally til the next restart when the same message " DOWNLOAD IN-COMPLETE...............and I'm back where I was!!!!Anyone know how to kill the message ?Les

Answer:in-complete download

click hereRepair IE?

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This issue just started yesterday. I was downloading Zipped files from a very trustworthy source and later that night I tried to download a larger one. About 10 minutes into the download it says "Download Complete", though it was strange because the download was at 20% So I go in the Zipped file and try to access it and I get an error message, saying the file was corrupt or damaged or something of the sort. Anyway I've had this problem in the past and was wondering if it was anything serious and how to remedy it.

P.S. This happens on both my browsers (I.E. and FireFox)

Answer:Download not really complete

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when i start any download it never complete. it stop at point ana complete very fast and its tell me that the download is complete but ofcorse that is not true

Answer:download never complete read the above link and give us the info we need to help you, thanksSome HELP in posting on plus free progs and instructions Cheers

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Anyone any ideas about where I can find the full install file for IE6? The setup file of about 500Kb is no good because the system does not have ISP access until I have installed IE6.

Answer:Where can I download the complete IE6?

Don't worry - found the instructions on
really useful if you want to delpoy IE6 or 7 across multiple PCs and/or you do not have DSL or cable on them all.
Can someone mark this thread as solved please?

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Vista w/ IE8When I attempt to download it gets to 99% and stops. Microsoft sent me a hotfix...but guess what...I can't download

Answer:Cannot complete download

Welcome to CH....Download it with Firefox, or is that messed up as well.....

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When i try to download files using either ie or firefox they start ok but then it says download complete but its not downloaded it all, For example i was downloading a 174mb file and it said download complete at 74mb.

How do i stop this happening?

Answer:Says download complete when its not

Go here:

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i have a desktop which is linked to my husbands computer wirelessly. my system uses windows xp and i just discovered the downloadable digital games from the ea store. i install ea download manager onto my computer and then when i log in to it the two games i purchased say they are connecting and seem to be attempting to download. then i get an error message that says the computer lost connection during the download. that is as far as i have gotten. i have gone as far as uninstalling and reinstalling explorer 7 because the techs insist that the ea download was built off the microsoft explorer program and that maybe a file or something i've downloaded is giving me the error message. so i've gone through my computer deleting games and other programs that are rarely used because i have spent fifty dollars on two sims games that i cannot download from the ea store. please help.

Answer:cant download ea download manager

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I am trying to figure out why I keep getting a Microsoft Internet pop up message stating "Click YES to complete your download". It is very irritating and I don't know how to make this go away.

Answer:Click YES to complete your download

What is your operating system?

This sounds like a Windows Messenger pop up. You can likely stop it by disabling the Windows Messenger Service.

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because it says I need IE6In fact I have IE7So do I move forward or back?

Answer:bt desktop help cant complete download

A few more details would be good, is this what you are trying to download?click hereDo you get a specific error message?Why have you not upgraded to IE8?What is your operating system?

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Hello, I am new to this forum and decided to join the site recently because of all of the wealth of information. My problem is that I have been having issues, and have tried to DL Spybot. The problem is when I get to the box for downloading, it doesn't complete because I get a "[b]the server name or address could not be resolved." message. What does this mean? and what should I do? thanks

Answer:Can't complete download of SpyBot

This probably means you have a virus on your computer. Can you download Microsoft updates and is your anti virus not working ?

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My6 son has been downloading video help; files and the latest has not downloaded properly. When he clicks on the folder it appears to be still downloading and will not open. He has tried to remove it and has also tried System Restore all to no avail. He has Windows Vista as operating system.. Can he get rid of this without restoring to factory settings?

Answer:video download will not complete

Get him to try a Normal re-start. Sounds simple, but does sometimes cure minor problems.

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When i try to download files that are greater than 10mb my download bar goes fine for a few minutes and then a message pops up saying "source file could not be read" please do help me with this

Answer:download doesnt complete in my sys

Are you driving to a stable location in which you have all writing and reading permissions? In your place, I would check this:-If you download by "opening" the file, the file downloads into your temporary folder. I don't know if you have software that automatically clear your temp files or anything. But before anything try downloading it to a specific location you've known to handle big files.-If you are downloading your files to a specific location, check that this drive is properly connected and fully functionnal. What your describing here sounds like a case where the drive in which you download randomly shuts off for a fraction of second, thus breaking the chain. If you're using a USB drive make sure the connection as well as your USB ports are working properly, switch between ports. A faulty USB cable could also be at cause here.-Make sure that whatever the download location is, that is has enough free space, and that it is not constantly solicitated by background processes.-

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There's a little box that's started popping up in the lower right hand corner of my screen that says "Software download complete. Install now / Install later.

Well, I'm not going to install anything just because it tells me the download is complete, but doesn't tell me what it is. I can get rid of the box by selecting Install Later, but then it just pops up again. I rebooted the computer, figuring if it was something that was supposed to install, that would do it. Maybe dumb, now that I think of it. Anyway, nothing happened. I still get the popup. Is this familiar to anyone? Any suggestions to make it go away?

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I have been having a few problems with the sound associations on my computer under XP. I read somewhere that it was a known bug with XP.

I would like to know if I'm the only one like this or it's normal under IE 6. Here is the problem:

Usually, when I downloaded a program on the net (under IE 5.5), the message at the end of the successful download asked me if I wanted to open the program. There was also a clear sound accompanying this message.
My problem is that I don't have this sound with IE 6.
Is there still one for you guys or it's only me?

How to get it back???


Answer:Sound after download complete

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Hi all

Trying to follow malaware removal proceedure

I have been able to get all suggested software except SuperAnti Spyware

I have tried various URL's and links

Every time download gets to 84% quickly and then stops when using Free Download Manager

Same thing using no manager: gets 5.somthing Mb and halts for good.

My problems first started I think when somthing took out Commodo firewall -
subsequently can't install Commodo again.

Could malaware prevent this download?



Answer:SuperAntiSpyware Can't Complete Download

Welcome to Major Geeks!

Yes it could.

Please follow the instructions in the below link and attach the requested logs when you finish these instructions.

If something does not run, write down the info to explain to us later but keep on going.
Do not assume that because one step does not work that they all will not.
READ & RUN ME FIRST. Malware Removal Guide

If you run into problems trying to run the READ & RUN ME or any of the scans in normal boot mode. You can running steps in safe boot mode but make sure you tell us what you did later when you post logs. See the below if you do not know how to boot in safe mode:

Starting your computer in Safe mode

If you have problems downloading on the problem PC, download the tools on another PC and burn to a CD. Then copy them to the problem PC. You will have to skip getting updates if (and only if) your internet connection does not work. Yes you could use a flash drive too but flash drives are writeable and infections can spread to them.


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I`m using Chrome,windows 7.For some reason,I`m unable to download a complete website to my computer.Rather than getting the site in my download folder,I get a menu with the content of the site item by item.On my address bar,the losk symbol and the http is stricken out,red color,Would this have something to do with the problem,and how can I fix it?
Thank You

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(Hope I'm posting in the right place...)

Just recently, I've found that whenever I try to download any file to my computer or if I try to install a program, the message always comes up as "Internet Explorer cannot download (insert file name here) from (insert website here). Internet Explorer was not able to open this Internet site. The requested site is either unavailable or cannot be found. Please try again later." I've waited hours and tried again, but this message keeps showing up. Now, I find it hard to believe that all of the sites I've gone to have been "unavailble" or "cannot be found". My internet is working fine. All sites come up perfectly. But when download, my computer just doens't seem to want to give in.

Because of this problem, I cannot download things like Adobe Flash Player, or simplilar things like an mp3 file of my children singing. Also, on sites like and MySpace, my kids have found they are unable to listen to music. Is there something I need to take off my computer or something I need to install to fix this problem?

Please help! Thanks!

Answer:Download unable to complete.

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For some unknown reason, I have been unable to open attachments sent to my e-mail address (Hotmail). These include word documents and pdf files. Some of these have been attachments I have sent from my workcomputer and from another e-mail account I have on this same computer. I havehad no such problem in the past. There have been no changes that I have made to my computer or its programs. Myoperating system is Windows 7 64bit with Internet Explorer 8.When I double click the attachment the File Download window opens but displays no information whatsoever other than the graphic showing the paper travelling from the earth to the file folder. This has gone on for a long time with no change. I forward the e-mail to my non-Hotmail address but the same thing happened. Can anyone help me?Amar

Answer:Attachment download not complete!!!

What email client are you using?

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I try to "Get Windows 10" but it just says "Starting download" continuously and it never really downloads (apparently).

Answer:Windows 10 download does not complete

Hello, Thank you for posting in the HP Support forum. Welcome! Please, post the full product model >>'d like to check if your device is officially compatible and supported with Windows 10. If the device will work , you can try to upgrade to Win 10 via the ISO method (media creation) - download from Microsoft site >> creation tool for USB drive may also be available Burn the ISO to a DVD or write to USB thumbdrive, insert this DVD/USB into your computer and follow the instructions to upgrade.More information >>

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So I have this website that I want to completely download. It's like an online e-book place. What is the best way to do it?

Answer:Best program to download a complete website?

Uhhh I would like one of these too ... to download e-books ... yeah ... e-books =O

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All of a sudden this message appeared right above my taskbar.

Software download complete
Install Now Install Later

It has no identification where it came from and I had not prompted a download of any sort for at least 24 hours before. I checked the downloads file and there was nothing in there new. The problem is I can't get rid of it. I'm not going to install something that I don't know what it is. I went into Control Panel/Uninstall to see if there was anything there.But since I hadn't installed it,there appeared to nothing new.

I went into Start up and I didn't find anything there that looked suspicious. I have rebooted and it is still there.

Thanks in advance.

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I have a windows 98 machine which is not on the new nor networked in any way. Is their a way I can use a XP machine to download the complete service pack for 98 (NOT SE) and then burn it and install from a disk. I know you can do it as an option if I already had an 98 machine but I don't so I am either looking for a link or a trick to getting this done.


Answer:Download complete service pack for 98

There is no such thing as a "Service Pack" for Win98; that only applies to NT based operating systems.

If your Win98 PC is not hooked up to the internet, you're pretty much SOL - M$ has stopped supporting Win98 as of last year and the only way to get your updates for it are via the internet.

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As I am interested in photography, I would like to be able to download tutorials off the internet, on how to use Photoshop.I go to save as, pick a folder to save to it, saves it.But, it don't show the photos that are integral to the tutorial.I have got show pictures ticked in internet explorer, and the photos do seem to have downloaded.Any ideas?Ralph.

Answer:How do I download a tutorial complete with photos

just try saving the site in you favourites, and click the 'make available offline' box

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Hi, happy user of 7 Pro here, I've twice attempted to download an ISO of Win. 7 Pro from Microsoft as a backup in case I lose my restore partition in a drive failure, and both times the download ceases at 2.54 GB leaving me with a part file. Wondering what is going on here? Thanks for any clues.

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Went to the Download Windows 10 Disc Image (ISO File) site and after selecting the correct edition I tried to downloaded the ISO to a USB 3 drive (16 GB capacity). Each time I attempted the download, 3 times, it go to 97% and then said the download was interrupted. When I clicked resume it immediately said that the file could not be downloaded. Tried this on two different PCs and two different USB drives. Never had that happen before. When I tried it for the 4th time I downloaded it to my desktop and it worked fine. Any thoughts on why it wouldn't download to the USB drive?

Duh, problem solved: the 16 GB USB drive was formatted FAT32. I reformatted it NTSF and was able to copy the ISO to the drive.

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Around a week ago, any software that I try to download from websites, does not complete what ever browser I use - Firefox, Edge, Opera, Explorer - and all I am left with is a .part of the said file.I know there are ways to complete these .part files but to have to do every one is too much of a hassle. Up to a week ago all was working ok but then the files started to fail. Not sure if the problem is win sock related or not but it is not happening with a specific browser but all of themAnyone any ideas? Korat

Answer:Any software I Download does not complete in Windows 10

If all of your downloads originated from the Windows Store, this may be the solution to your hard-to-understand question (no offense intended) ... back to let us know if it help you or noti_Xp/Vista/W7/W10 Usermessage edited by XpUser

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I purchased Windows 8 and have my product key. When I attempt to download, the download begins but 'hangs up' at about 70% completion. My system is XP Pro. Download Assistance reviewed my system and indicated that Windows 8 would run on it.I ran CC Cleaner and MyTurboPC prior to starting the download. Download has failed 3 times.

Answer:indows 8 download starts does not complete

Whether or not your hardware is compatible with Windows 8 is irrelevant if the problem is with downloading it.Get rid of my MyTurboPC and try again. MyTurboPC and others like it are nothing but a scam and you are better off without it. It claims to be able to speed up your internet speed - absolute rubbish.

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I recently had norton antivirus that was given when i purchased my hp 32 processor laptop. but my c drive kept crashing. I downloaded webroot notebook and really liked it but again my systems c drive crashed. I want to download webroot complete but its telling me it cannot find a necccessary file could not be located setup cannot continue, what does this mean? I need help

Answer:cannot download webroot antivirus complete it

It probably means you didn't uninstall Norton properly. Go their website and download the uninstaller. Any registry items from Norton and nothing will work properly till they are removed.Some HELP in posting on plus free progs and instructions Cheers

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My sister just had a fresh install of Windows XP on her desktop computer, when she tries to download something from uTorrent, she gets this error- cannot complete download due to IO device error'I have a few ideas what this might be, the first was a missing driver, in her device manager the only one red or yellow is a yellow listing of 'Secure II driver'....I did a google search on this IO device error, and it seems others have this problem when trying to download to an external hard drive, which she is doing as well....But nothing I found has been helpful...She is on a XP Home Edition, Version 2002, Service Pack #3Sempron desktop computerAny idea where to go from here?

Answer:Cannot Complete Download Due To 'IO device error'

After the fresh install did you install the system board drivers?Can be called chipset drivers....

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Went to the Download Windows 10 Disc Image (ISO File) site and after selecting the correct edition I tried to downloaded the ISO to a USB 3 drive (16 GB capacity). Each time I attempted the download, 3 times, it go to 97% and then said the download was interrupted. When I clicked resume it immediately said that the file could not be downloaded. Tried this on two different PCs and two different USB drives. Never had that happen before. When I tried it for the 4th time I downloaded it to my desktop and it worked fine. Any thoughts on why it wouldn't download to the USB drive?

Duh, problem solved: the 16 GB USB drive was formatted FAT32. I reformatted it NTSF and was able to copy the ISO to the drive.

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I'm having some major trouble finish a download of a file. It starts out great, and I don't notice and lagging while it's downloading, and then with no warning, error message, or anything else, it just says the download is done, when it really isn't. I've tried downloading from multiple servers, web sites, using seperate browsers, seperate IP addresses (local not global IP). I'm using DSL from Qwest and I'm connected wirelessly through my WLAN card. Please help, and please ask for more info if you need it.


Answer:Problem download a complete file

tryed a download manager? ie, d/l accelerator etc.

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Hi!  I am having an issue attempting to download the latest software for our deskjet f4210 printer.  The download will not complete.    During the install an error comes up saying 'system cannot find an existing file.  The next step is to connect to hp for a correction via the inernet which completes.  Just after this the download kicks out, incompleted and goes back to the download in file.     I have tryed downloading from the disc, also from  the latest software available, followed the hp error installation program,   ran the hp print doctor which prints out a good test page.  Not sure what the problem is but am finding it extremely frustrating.  Hope someone knows a solution .      Txs. 

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My OS is windows 7. I have this box that has popped up in the lower right hand corner of my desktop. It states that my "Software Download Is Complete" and I have two choices: Install Now or Install Later. I can not find out what the download is for. There is nothing pending on my taskbar, all windows updates are up to date, and nothing appears in the Task Manager.
Any suggestion on how to identify this?


Answer:Solved: Software download complete

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Changes made on my pc within the last few days around the time problem with downloading started:

*Uninstalled NIS 2005

*Replaced Norton with Avast, ZoneAlarm, and OnlineSafetyShield (Trial)

*Installed Trial of TuneUp Utilities 2006 (used this to fix a problem with digital camera software)

*Disabled OSS, still installed but disabled, had a few glitches with it.


My Downloads are stalling. They are getting to almost complete then just going nowhere. The animation is still going, but all the numbers stop. I have a DSL, not the best speed connection, but before this downloads were max 3 to 4 minutes for a 15mb file. Used to get about 30 to 40 kb/sec. I know that's still slow for most people but I've never had this problem before the changes above. My DSL is through our local telephone company.

Most recent attempt to download something was CyberPatrol 7.6 Trial and it got to 76% complete the first try and 63% the second. Third try today it got to 99% with 17 seconds to go and just .7mb left.

After the download stalls I notice there is no traffic from ZoneAlarm, it's like it loses connection somehow, (but I'm still connected to the internet)

After waiting forever, I finally click cancel, then click download again, choose save to desktop and the download seems to pick right back up where it left off, starting right where it was when it stalled, after it completes, I go to the the desktop try to install and an error message comes up:

The content... Read more

Answer:Downloads Stalling, can't complete a download

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Ok this is driving me nuts. My new W520 came pre-installed with Win7 (as you know). So I installed VirtualBox so I could do my development at work. I failed to install Fedora in VB so I wiped the disk and installed Fedora 16 natively. That worked, but F16 refused to recognise my external VGA port so I couldn't connect it to a monitor. So the laptop was pretty useless to me. I wiped Linux and installed Windows 7 from a work DVD and the installation worked but there is no support for ethernet, wireless or USB. So I can't do anything with the laptop. I'm downloading individual drivers on my Macbook and I'm going to burn them to a CD. Is there anyway to download the complete Lenovo package? This is all rather painful and I'm this close (pinches fingers together) to returning the laptop and getting a MacBook Pro.

Answer:Anyway to download the complete Lenovo software?

You need two things:1. Wireless or ethernet driver installed.2. ThinkVantage System Update Then just run the ThinkVantage System Update to select what you want or don't want to install.

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If it wasn't for the beer earlier, I would have lost it completely.
Brand new machine (homebrew AMD FX6300, GA990FXA-UD3, 8gb ram, 120gb ssd, 1tb hd, ati radeon 5450) running Win7 Pro x64.  Regardless of which browser I use (Firefox, IE, Chrome), I'm having files not download completely, or at all.
Example:  As a test, I've tried to download XP SP3.  I know it's 316mb in size.  I get to MAYBE 30 mb (if I'm lucky), and the file stops download.  All three browsers think the file is done and quits transferring.  More often than not, I get MAYBE 3mb downloaded and it stops.  I've attempted to download other files of various sizes from various sources and the same thing happens.  No difference between starting the system normally or in a clean boot environment.
So far, I've tried both the on-board NIC and an external USB WiFi dongle, same results.  Win7 updates are up to date, drivers for both on-board NIC and WiFi dongle are up to date, BIOS has been updated, etc. 
I've got a Vista machine here sitting next to this one and it has no issues whatsoever downloading the exact same files.
MBAM has come up clean, MSSE comes up clean, ComboFix found nothing, TDSSKiller found nothing. 
Suggestions?  Thoughts? 

Answer:Unable to download complete files

how much free disk space do you have ?

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Not sure if this is the correct sub-forum - but here is the problem:

I am an enthusiastic user of Calibre, the ebook management software. I have been trying to download Calibre updates for months - and I always get a download that is 99% complete. but will not finish and close the download, just sits and churns.

I have tried switching off AVAST! and turning off the Windows Firewall, switching from Chrome to Explorer to Mozilla - but always imcomplete.

I have not experienced this problem with other downloads.

Any ideas?




Uninstall the version of Calibre you have, and restart the computer and then install the new version calibre - Download for Windows

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I am looking for some major help because i have came to many dead ends, a week or so ago i downloaded a program that i probably shouldn't have. It gave me a virus where my browser would randomly switch to different site or open new tabs going to a different site! so i thought i could fix it myself beings i had a similar redirect virus previsouly. So i followed these instructions: and it worked so now my computer doesn't do any redirecting. Only a couple problems now exist. I can't not download anything. The downloads gets to 1 sec left and it don't go anymore for a very long time, sometimes it does complete so i try running it and it gives me a "side by side" error (which i looked in my event viewer and it says "invalid xml syntax") but thats not the only problem. Now i can only view flash videos at random and most of the time i have to refresh them to get them to work (sometimes they don't load, or are a black screen or a green scree w/audio) I have reinstalled flash, updated everything and its getting very frustrating. I use firefox (also do work in IE) Please help.

Answer:Certain videos won't load and can not complete download

Hi buer93 and welcome to BC. If you haven't already pleasem

Please download Malwarebytes Anti-Malware. Run a full scan.

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Hi. I will buy a new PC with Windows 8, but I don't have the money until March! BUT, I need my old PC to work now. I just reinstalled Windows XP Home Edition from 2002. When I go to to download Service Pack 1, it almost completes and then it says 'Cannot connect to server.' That's impossible, my Verizon Fios Internet is working fine! Help!

Answer:Solved: XP Service Pack 1 won't complete download

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The "Get Windows 10 App" has completed free download on Windows 10 installation Folder "$Windows~BT". When I press the "OK, lets continue" Button, I get the the rotating dots with the message "Working on it..." that continues indefinitely and nothing happens.

After closing this App I tried to run Setup.exe in the "$Windows~BT" but on pressing "Install Now" Button I get the message that vBoot.wim file is missing with Error Code 0x80070002.

I do not know what is going on but I am unable to upgrade to free Windows 10 from 32 bit Windows 7 Pro SP1.

Can someone please help?

Answer:Get Window 10 App Download Complete but Windows 10 not installing

By running setup.exe in the $Windows.~BT folder, you have damaged the download. You need to delete this folder, and allow it to download again. Microsoft is rolling out Windows 10 in staged releases to subsets of people who reserved copies, so you might not get "triggered" right away.

You can always use the Media Creation Tool to upgrade manually.

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No matter what I try I cannot stop the download complete boxin Internet Explorer 10 from appearing. Every 2 weeks I update about 50diagnostic, anti virus files, updates or programs for my computer repair business and Iget tired of closing 50 download complete boxes.
I have tried
1. Clearing the "Notify when downloads complete"check box in tools - internet options - advanced-browsing
2. setHKCU-Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main\NotifyDownloadComplete = no
3. disabled ?Notifyme when my downloads are complete?- in view downloads box - options
And yet still the damn box appears. Does anyone have anysuggestions, please?
Doug S

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Any place where we can download the original drive Image for a T61 - avoiding the need to download 20-30 little driver images in a T61 with a brand new, blank, hard drive?

Answer:How to download a complete new back-up image for a new drive in a T61

You can the recovery media for your laptop, and then transfer the recovery partition to your new hdd, which will have a new recovery partition and OS with drivers loaded. Next time save the copy of the driver folders under c:, which contains all your laptop drivers. If you don't have the disks, you can buy it from Lenovo. 

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I got a new Windows Vista and bought the Sims complete collection to go with it. But when I try to install it will tell me to insert disk two. When I do just a folder pops up and the installation no longer continues. How can I fix this problem so that I can play the sims on my computer?

Answer:Problems download The Sims Complete Collection

If you BOUGHT it you should change the title. If you downloaded it you should read the forum rules before posting.

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I've been trying to download last few builds on a lumia 640XL and it gets so far and freeze at whatever percentage usually 72% it did go to 78, and 81% once I can't figure out why this is, I have a 640 and it is running last build like a champ.. any thoughts??

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Hi, I am trying to clean install XP Pro. On my m70-193 (done), but I was stuck in some of the drivers required to complete the installation. I downloaded all the drivers in toshiba for my machine(65 driver) but I can't fined the rest of them (almost 25 driver) would you please advice ?

Thank you in advance


Answer:Satellite M70-193: How to complete the drivers download list?

Can you please tell us the status of device manager? Are there some uninstalled hardware components. On Toshiba download page you will find many quick fixes. Are you talking about them when you have mentioned 25 missing drivers or what?

Install SP2 and check Microsoft update option online. Everything missing will be downloaded and installed automatically. It is important to install all drivers properly.

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Refurbed HP Compaq 8000 Elite
Intel Core2 Duo x 2
12 GB DDR3
Radeon HD 5450 graphics

I recently had a boot sector failure on my hard drive. I inserted a reformated on hand 320 GB drive. I then reinstalled Windows 7 Professional SP1 and proceded to rebuild my files and programs from back up files. Where I did not have a copy of a file to reinstall, getting that file from the Internet has been a NIGHTMARE! Some files download the first time. But most files seem to hang when 95-98% of the download is complete. After a while the download will signal complete but installation fails due to file corruption. Multiple retries using different browsers and multiple DL locations yield the same results. Rarely a DL stub will succeed where a full file DL failed. The problem is browser independent occuring with Firefox 31.0, Google Chrome, and IE 11. I do not know if this is related or not but Adobe Flash also crashes every time it is called. Viewing a complete video is impossible. Any ideas as to cause and fix?

Answer:Unable to complete file download using IE 11, Firefox 31.0 or Chrome

Welcome to the forum grichardt.

Lets see if I can get you started. Information will help others here to help you.

1. Have you checked Windows 7 Updated and installed them?
2. What are you trying to download and from where.
3. Are you using a torrent for downloading?
4. Do you have IObit any thing installed on you system?

**Check Adobe's website and check for updates.

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Trying to download programe for printer Hp officejet pro 8210 and cant get past Post code for location of printer nothing seems to work. any advice would be grateful. Located in Ireland

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I am in the process of paring down the size of my emails, consolidating tham, and archiving the old ones. I am using eM Client software to do this and will likely switch to using they software "permanently' for now.

Over the years, I made some Outlook 2007 archives (numbered 001, 002, 003, etc). At some point I attempted to access some of these emails and was greeted with a message indicating that I was only viewing the header.

Is there a way to trick Outlook 2007 into reaching out to one or two email accounts (one Gmail, one Yahoo) and getting the rest of the email? Can I tell OL to get the rest of the mail a)for archived files, and b) for current ones?

I have recently set OL to IMAP. It used to have both POP and IMAP enabled. At one point, I loaded 50,000 duplicates, then found an Outlook Duplicate File Finder ("ODIR") extension/plugin that took care of the duplicate problem.

So, can anyone tell me how to get OL to get the rest of the mail?



Answer:Make Outlook 2007 download complete mail

never mind - moving to another email client (eM C)

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As my updates to Win 10 Ver 1703 failed a number of times for various reasons I thought it best to turn back the clock with a Macrium backup, and then watch the update process more carefully as it proceeded. Last night I got to the Windows Update settings page, which showed several to be downloaded, one of which is the Cumulative Update for Ver 1607. which failed for error 0x800700002, and Feature Update for error 0xc1900107, which I have seen before. And it also says "We can't install others as other updates are in progress..." and suggest a restart. I've been through this drill before with no total completion of updates. Feel like I am going in a circle. My desktop did the 1703 update without a hitch or bobble so I am not rushed to get the laptop 'fixed'. I would be happy to format the HD and install my original Win 10 from my ISO and proceed from there as long as I had some assurance that that would work. Your suggestions and direction will be most welcome. The simplest way to fix the thing would be the best. My thanks in advance. PS: I just restarted and got back to the Update page and it says the Cumulative update is available and it is attempting to download it. Sorry for the length, but the story is long.

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I had this problem last week till now can't solve it,when i open a youtube video it stops at minute 3 or at the middle of the video and never complete loading,and this happened with facebook too some pages never complete loading and for downloads I have each 1Mb or each period pause the download and restart it cause it never complete any download,and this is really pissing me off cause it makes me feal that the browser is telling me "go to hell,I am not gonna load anything" or something like that.
yes I tried re-installing but nothing,worked for 5 hours and then nothing.

I really need help.

Answer:[SOLVED] mozilla can't complete any video loading nor a download

can somebody help?I tried everything possible already

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I only have 5 gb upload/download allowed on my internet provider is this ok to do a complete install

Answer:I only have 5 gb upload/download allowed on my internet provider is this ok to do a complete install

Complete install of what ???

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