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Row Length in Excel

Question: Row Length in Excel

So im using Excel 2010, and i making a timetable.

Right now the row going across saying period 1 2 3 they are all different sizes, some will be bigger and some would be smaller. I was wondering if there is a way to make them all the same size.

If you dont know what im talking about ask for a screenshot.

Im to busy to upload one now

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Preferred Solution: Row Length in Excel

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Row Length in Excel

do you want the rows to all be the same height?

click on the first row number on the left - shift-click on the last one to select all the rows.

then right-click on the row numbers >> row height >> type in a number...

you can do a similar thing with the columns too.

is this what you meant?

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Not very fluent in Excel. I am setting up a positive pay format for my company to transfer check information from my PC to a bank via an ASCII Flat-File. Question is, I have so many columns that need to be set at 10 characters fixed length.

Is there way for this to be done? Example if I key in a check for $1.95

I want it to automatically put it as 0000000195.

Can this be done?


Answer:Fixed Length in Excel

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I am new to Excel and can't find out how to limit my "book" to 2 pages. I know how to print only 2 pages (the other 424 are blank and will remain so) for my own purposes. However, I am e-mailing the file to others, so I want to simplify their work by eliminating the blank pages.

Still looking for a way to convert this to Word....

Thanks in advance for your help!

Answer:Excel - document length ???

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I have 2 Excel files that I create for my company, a list of items we sell, one with prices and one without.  I use 2 columns on a page for both of them.  Other than the prices, they are exactly the same.  However, when I print them out, the one with prices breaks one row lower than the other, even though the margins, row height, and other page setup settings are exactly the same, as well as the printer.  I would like to make them the same, as it makes it easier to copy and paste new data between them.  Any help would be most appreciated.

Answer:Excel worksheet page length

A suggestion for a quick and dirty fix !  You say it is the list with the prices that is breaking one row lower. Go into 'Print preview' and 'Setup . . .' and increase the bottom margin very slightly, say by 0.1 cm. this should make it break a row earlier to match the other.
Apart from the elegance aspect, does it make a difference that it is the printed version that is showing this behaviour ?  Surely, any copying and pasting you are doing is done on screen and you imply that any misalignment is only showing up in the printed version.
Chris Cosgrove

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Hi i am Jo

would need help in finding the length of the third side of a triangle in excel

I have three points number: AB- 235 BC- 156 need to find length AC - it's not a right angle triangle,

Answer:Find length of side of triangle in Excel

Welcome to the forums Jo.

Having the length of two sides of a triangle isn't enough to calculate the length of the 3rd side, for a non right-angle triangle. You'll also need to know one of the angles.

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Hi all,
I am wondering how to overcome the problem of Excel chopping off data.Is there a way to set a large limit or possibly keep the record length unlimited.This data is the results retreived from Access queries. The data after querying is exported to the Excel sheet via the following do command:

DoCmd.OutputTo acQuery, "queryName", "MicrosoftExcel(*.xls)", "Report" & ".xls", False, ""

Answer:Exporting from Access to Excel-length limits?

If you are trying to put the entire string as one line it will never work. I believe the charachter length is 255. You can however create a new cell in Excel for each record like a line break.

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Excel has a limitation of 240 characters when saving a file as .PRN. I need to create an ASCII file of greater record length with multiple records.How can I do this? Is there an Excel workaround or will I have to use another program? Will Access allow me to do this?Thanks for any assistance in advance.Squeals

Answer:ASCII fixed length files in Excel

You MIGHT be able to do this using a macro click here

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My lady wife is having a small problem with a formula she is trying to use in an Excel spreadsheet.

She is trying to make a formula that she can copy and paste into various spreadsheets she utilises to organise her staff's workflow.
The five staff deal with about 30 suppliers and she wishes to be able to associate each supplier with a particular member of staff, so, for example, if column A is 'Suppliers'and column B is 'Staff Member', a formula using the IF function is placed in column B using the following syntax:
=IF($A1="aaaa","Rashmi",IF($A1="bbbb","Laura",IF($A1="cccc","Linda",IF($A1="dddd","Denise",IF($A1="eeee","Mark","")))))Click to expand...

This works just fine with only a few suppliers, but if the string is lengthened to more than about 9 suppliers, as here:
=IF($A1="aaaa","Rashmi",IF($A1="bbbb","Laura",IF($A1="cccc","Linda",IF($A1="dddd","Denise",IF($A1="eeee","Mark",IF($A1="ffff","Rashmi",IF($A1="gggg","Laura",IF($A1="hhhh","Linda",IF($A1="iiii","Denise",IF($A1="jjjj","Mark",IF($A1="kkkk","Rashmi",IF($A1="llll","Laura",IF($A1="mmmm","Linda",IF($A1="nnnn",&quo... Read more

Answer:Solved: Excel formula length problem

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the answer to this might of been found with a search but hey i'm lazy today and wanted to see who the excel masters are

using excel 2007, cell a1 contains an array formula (CSE) like so - {=MAX(LEN(A2:A470000))}
cells a2 through a470000 contain dates such as
etc, you get the idea, i need the formula or something else entirely to return 10 not 5

thanks in advance

Answer:Solved: excel length of date field

i'll answer if myself thanks to another web site, Mike these guys are slackin' 'round here it looks like


exit celll with ctrl, shift, enter

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Question: Get length of INT


I was wondering if anyone could tell me the best way to get the legth of an integer in c/c++ e.g:
int N_Num = 4634;
Basically if I could somehow have an output of 4 because there are four characters 4634...anyone know a way?



Answer:Get length of INT

Don't worry I got it except I used a char:
char Number[10];
int NNumbers = 0;
while (Number[NNumbers] != NULL)
Anyone got another way though??

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Question: page length

Not for default but for a single page, I want to extend the printing below the point at which the print begins a new page.

Answer:page length


In what program do you wish to accomplish this? (Excel, Word ... etc)?

Have you tried setting a custom paper size, specifying it as longer?

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Question: video length?

How do I shorten the lenght of a video clip or just pick a certain clip of a video to play over and over? Basically there is a certain part of a video that i want played over and over. I am getting the video from someone else's site and want to play it on mine with just that certain part.

Answer:video length?

Generally, you can bring the loop into an NLE, copy the clip as many times as you need, and play it. If you want to burn the loop to a DVD, you can set up the loop to endlessley play.

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has anybody out there any idea what is the maximum length that I can have a USB cable to drive my printer.I know they make USB cables 5m in length but is that the maximum that can be effectively used.

Answer:USB cables...max length

Has purchased a 10 Mtr from maplins. click here

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Question: USB cable length

I need to run a usb cable with a wireless usb adapter at the end of it to my pc. I`m using an Huawei E5331 MiFi mobile Wi-Fi hotspot and unfortunately it doesn`t have an ethernet port. The best signal in my house is in the attic and with the house being very old cottage the wifi doesn`t tend to travel too well so what i want to do is put the wireless usb adapter as close to the mifi lite as i can so as to maximise the wireless speed.
What i`m wondering is if i go over the usual 16 feet limit for usb 2 do i need to put a powered usb hub in the middle or is it possible to use a longer usb cable without losing too much strength of signal?

Answer:USB cable length

A powered hub does nothing to the signal. It is solely for providing electric power for attached devices. I'm not aware of any "USB amplifiers", but if there was ever a demand for them, I'm sure someone made them. The problem is that it would need to amplify signals in both directions, for sending and for receiving.

The cable manufacturer should have specs available on maximum lengths. Specially designed cables have longer reaches. If you don't get a sufficient signal (and I wouldn't in general recommend trying to extend the USB cable as a means of improving it), you might consider putting a repeater somewhere else in the house (if your setup permits it), using a better antenna in the attic, or even extending that antenna to an external location. There are also USB adapters that have larger, extensible antennas.

Others will propose other ideas. Many of them will be better than a long USB cable, though that is still a possibility failing anything better in practical terms. If you can't find specs on your particular cable, at least make sure that it is erll-insulated. They have pretty good USB cables at the $ store, but they are nearly uninsulated and only good for some uses.

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Whats the longest i can run a USB cable from a printer to a PC without loosing the signal strength?

Answer:Max USB Lead length


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Question: GET Header Length

I'm getting GET Header length of 32 bytes. is this the RFC Standard? If not, what should it be?

Answer:GET Header Length

are you talking about an HTTP header?

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I will be running from my (wireless) D-Link Broad-Band Router to my daughters upstairs room PC. I plan to use standard cat-5 (cable run about 125ft. with all the wire curves etc. How long can that cable be before distance becomes an issue?

OR.. I also will be toying with doing it wiresless as the D-link Router is wireless, but will compare cost or cable to buying another wireless NIC and adding a "Booster Antenna" from the router.

Thanks for letting me know.

Answer:What is the LENGTH limit for CAT-5 ?

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I'm fairly new to computers and need to change the length of the wep key code in vista. It wants 5 or 13 character code my modem wants a 10 character code (no option available here). Is there a way to change the wep code length in vista? I really don't want to go unsecured wireless.

Thanks for the help.


Answer:wep key change length

If you can go with WPA or WPA2, that would be better than WEP.

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Question: cable length

want to network my computer with my daughters so she can use my broadband internet connection. What is the longest cable i can use to network our computers? Our computers are about 15 feet apart.

Answer:cable length

here's an article on home networking:

If using ethernet cards, 328 feet.

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Question: typical length?

i have google set to display 10 results/page; this usually works just fine.

but then when i google the following, i get 2!"symphony+41"+"typical+length"&btnG=

are others seeing that?!

moreover, nothing particularly useful in either of the results shown. those very search terms used to yield dozens and dozens of hits (mostly CD reviews) clearly quoting "...typical length of a performance is..." yadda yadda pertinent information.

now i'm not sure HOW to google it up.

is "typical length" some sort of magical phrase which triggers google to play with its parameters?

Answer:typical length?

If there are less than the set amount of results to show, as is the case here, then you will see all they have. Google has 2 results based on your query.

Instead of:

mozart "symphony 41" "typical length"
drop the quotes and try this:

mozart symphony 41 typical length
You will see About 1,290,000 results.

The use of quotes can be helpful in refining a search, sometimes a hinderance. Maybe just quote one of the terms you are using instead of two...

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Question: USB cable length

Is there an optimum length for connecting a USB printer to my laptop? Lexmark say my 3m cable is too long and it should be 1.5-2.0m max? I have a problem with my X85 not being recongnised everytime I start up my computer. I then have to uninstal the software and then reinstal before I can use the printer.This sounds like waffle but they say that "the information is being lost due to the long cable"Any answers?

Answer:USB cable length

The maximum length for full speed devices is 5 metres and for low speed it is 3 metres.AH

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Question: Cable Length help

I use win xp pro and I know that the new BIOS that talk back and forth to the Devices have a Length Limit.What I meen is I have a Scanner and it uses a USB Cable. Do I hjave to make shure that the USB Cable I use is not more then 15 Feet?I ask because I thought I remembered something about if a Cable is more then 15 Feet.Something about the way a Device works is it sends Data to the computer and the computer has to send Data back to the Device. And if the Cable is more then 15 Feet you may get problems.Or is this just with Serial Cables

Answer:Cable Length help

QuoteDue to the maximum length of the cable between two devices of 5 metres and a maximum number of 5 hubs , it is possible to create a chain 25 meters in length.

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Question: IDE Cable length

What is the maximum length I can make My IDE cables?
I know it probably is drive specific (due to variances in voltage etc) but as an average, how long can I go without data loss?

Answer:IDE Cable length

the ATA spec that a cable can be safely 18" in length before data cooruption occurs.

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I have a small problem. I am currently creating a 2 dimensional array (or matrix) of size 100 by 100. Now I get errors when I make my matrix larger than 210 by 210.
The problem is is that I need a matrix 10000 by 10000.

example code:
double data[10000][10000]; //this gives errors
Okay, which would be the best way to go and will work?
First, don't do 2 dim array, do a 2 dim vector.
Second, don't do 2 dim array, do pointers in two directions.
Or Third do the 2 dim array but go in another direction.

I understand that that is like 800 Megabytes. I can shrink it down to 1000x1000. But that is the lowest I can possibly go

Thanks for the thoughts

Answer:C++, Matrix Max Length

The data is going to be read in from a file. It is actually a docuement that is about 800 pages in length. My program parses the data, and stores all the necessary information. I believe I am going to store the data into a 2D Vector. THe problem is that I have no examples that are functioning, so I cannot see what I am going wrong. If you could help me out in this area (providing me an example of a working 2D Vector), I would be most appreciative.

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I'm running Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit and I'm trying to change the password for my main administrator account, but I come across the following error when I click the 'Change password' button:


The password you typed does not meet the password policy requirements. Check the minimum password length, password complexity and password history requirements.

I did some Googling and came across how to change these things under the Local Security Policy window but couldn't find anything pertaining to setting the maximum password length.

If it helps at all I actually have a Yubikey. If you don't know what it is, then long story short this is a security-centric USB device, and it can be configured to punch out the same static text string everytime if you wish (it acts like a very secure keyboard, basically). This is what I've done with mine and I currently have it set to punch out a 64-character string which I would like to use as my password (much better security :D). But entering this gives me the above error which brings me here to ask for some help. I'm quite proficient with computers but this one has me stumped .

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks :).

Answer:Max password length?

Well it's supposed to be 128 characters but it's really 32 characters.

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Question: Y50 Battery Length

It says on the battery length is ~5 hours yet when my new Y50 is fully charged and on power saver it only holds for 2 hours while doing absolutly nothing on the laptop. It also drops from 100% to 95% charged when I take out the charger. Any ideas whats going on? did I get a faulty battery?

Answer:Y50 Battery Length

try doing a gauge reset via energy manager

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Question: Length Required

Please help! I just got Hughesnet satellite high speed ( its my ONLY option for anything other than dial-up). I am using an HP Pavilion a1118x with an AMD Athlon 64 and Windows XP. When I try and sign into Myspace I get " Length Required" on a white screen. Here's the kicker..on the SAME computer...if I sign out of Windows and sign back in on my wife's user name..I can go to Myspace and sign in with no problem. What settings do I need to change to fix this? PLEASE HELP!

Answer:Length Required

Welcome to TSG....

Try this site it might help:

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I'm using Windows XP 64. This version has two shell32.dll, one in system32 and the other in syswow64.
The first (ver: 6.0.3290.1830) should be 10492416 bytes long, but when I try to open it with an hex editor (XVI32) it shows 8379392 bytes exactly like the other.
Obviously when I save it and reboot windows crashes.
Does someone know how it could be possible and if there's a workaround ?


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Question: USB cord length

Anyone know if there's a working restriction on a length for USB 2 cord im running A 20FT cord, I have a touch screen on my media center screen as I use as the control for Media, Video, music and my big screen, any how it seems to work for about 15mins and then goes a little flakey and stops workin. the only way to rectify it is pull out the USB to the back of the monitor and plug it back in,

Answer:USB cord length

According to Wikipedia it is 5 meters. USB - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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Question: Ethernet length?

Hey Guys,
I don't quite understand how/why this works. If you have a piece of....oh let's say, CAT5e cable the maximum length that you can run is 300ft. before you need to put in a repeater,hub,switch etc. But why is it 300ft.? Why at that distance do you start to encounter problems with the transfer of data?( I understand all that I posted just not as to why.)
If anyone could shed some light here that would be great!

Answer:Ethernet length?

Wire has resistance so when it arrives at the other end it might have lost too many volts.

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Hi Folks, I recently bought a S440 and would like to add a SSM (M.2) now to install the OS on it. Unfortunately I'm not able to find an answer about the length of the SSM (2242, 2260, 2280). Is anyone able to provide me with this detail or can refer to a source? Thanks in advance.


Go to Solution.

Answer:S440 - M.2 Length (SSM / SSD)

There are no "SSMs". They are still called SSDs. You will need a 2242 M.2 SSD.

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Question: USB Cable Length

Does anyone know if there a limit to the length of USB cable that can successfully be used with a printer and a scanner?I was looking at 5m cables. A friend of mine suggested that this might cause problems?

Answer:USB Cable Length

click here for a guide to length of cable for different items. j.

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I have a question regarding files. How many levels of subfolders can there be? I've seen the max amount of characters is 260, does this include the path with slashes? I remember back in the day when files could only be 8 characters long and I had to make shorthand notations to remember what the files were. I have several files with multiple levels of subfolders or categories of information, and I'm wondering at what point do I need to start making shorter names.

Answer:Max file name length


Thats in NTFS.

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Question: encryption length

Can a plaintext character string be encrypted to a ciphertext string where the resulting ciphertext string is the same length as the original plaintext string?

Pointers to references would be big help.
Thanks in advance.

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Hey guys. I ran ethernet wire through my attic to my computer, which is roughly 90ft. from my router. I am using the standard Verizon DSL router, and from that I use a hardwire/wireless router. The wireless router is used for my laptop, but the 90ft. of ethernet chord is used to hardwire my computer. When I play CS, I often get ping spikes of up to 800...I'm so confused I don't know what I can do to lower my ping/latency. Any help or advice would be appreciated.



Answer:Ethernet chord length

Cat5 and Cat5E can go upto 100 meters, or about 330 feet. One thing that you may want to look into, is to see if the cable is near any thing in the attic that could be putting out nasty Electro Magnetic Feilds. Which could cause distortion of the data on the wire. Which would make the PC and or router have to resend data and thus increacing the ping in your games.

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I have to make a cable run that is around 640' and setup two PC's in a workgroup. I know that 10BT max is 100m or 328'. Are my options here installing a hub or a small switch half way to break it up or act as a repeater? I need to keep these two PC's off my main network due to traffic issues.

Answer:Max 10BT cable length?

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Hello all,
Does anybody know where the maximum user defined path length is set. As I understand the situation 255 characters is the default value, with the actual maximum being 511.

Best Regards,

Answer:Windows XP path length

It depends on the actualy path...
If you are talking about an endless heirarchy then thats 255 I believe.

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On installing my broadband modem the software came up with the message that the distance from the phone socket should be no more than 3 metres. I had already bought a high quality 5 metre cable so I installed it anyway with the extra length cable. The internet works but the connection has been a bit hit and miss losing it sometimes altogether. My son, who is doing Computing A level mentioned something about an 8 bit serial signal starting to break up after 3 metres and so deteriorating. Could this be causing the on and off problems and would it be better to keep the cable from the microfilter to the modem to 3 metres and lengthen the USB cable between the modem and the computer.

Answer:Length of modem cable

yes the information may be correct. i had a similar problem until we moved the pc into the new office downstairs. personally i thaught it was something going wrong with the ISP and they had fixed it until recently!hope im useful!Nathan

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If the length of cat.5 wire is over 100m (~130m-150m), the signals will be lost using normal 10-100Mbit switch, so What is the solution? Is Gigabit switch will resolve the length problem?

Answer:Over 100m length. . Solution??

At work we had to decrease the speed from 100mb to 10mb and things started working fine at that length. Don't really care to think why it works b/c 10/100/1000 speed cables are all cat5/cat6 which top out a little over 100m. All I know is that it works.

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Ok heres the scenario folks. We have a user in the warehouse who has a machine that needs to hit the network. The existing network drop was to long and he had something like 50% packet loss. So I spliced it half way and put a switch in. He gets close to 0% loss now but still cannot surf the net or access our ERP system. He can barely check email and virus updates taken FOREVER. It uses an onboard NIC and windows 2000. Would adding a PCI NIC give me better signal? Also how can I boost the signal more.


Answer:Ethernet length question

If it was my warehouse, i would setup a new closet\rack and i would run fibre to it from the main wiring closet. You then shouldnt have to worry about distance running cat5 from the warehouse wiring closet to workstations there.

Different nic most likely wont help unless there is something wrong with the onboard one.

Have you put a pentascanner, fluke or some other test equipment on the run to see how long it is and to verify the path back to your existing equipment?

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I have to run some CAT6 for about 300ft.

the maxium for the ethernet standard is 100m which is about 328ft.

but since this is so close to the max would you recommend running CAT6 that far without a repeater.

will I experience signal lose and lose in performance?

-thank you-


Answer:would you recommend this length of CAT6?

First I am curious why you are using CAT6. If you are talking gigabit then it is doubtful you will go 300ft.

I have successfully used CAT5e in runs of over 450 feet. Now, your overall cabling design comes into play a little. I've noticed that if most of your cable runs are short, you will be fine. For instance, here is a cable run at one of my schools:

<router -- 3ft -- switch -- 3ft -- switch -- 100ft -- switch -- 450ft -- machine>

While the one run is long, I am nowhere near the maximum end to end distance of a network (5*328ft). If you had longer runs in between, or more hubs, you could have problems.

<router -- 328ft -- switch -- 328ft -- switch -- 328ft -- switch -- 328ft --switch -- 450ft -- machine>

Would be likely to have some problems. The problem is that the beginning of a packet has to reach the farthest end of the network before the device finishes sending. If the device finishes before it gets to the furthest devices, CDMA/CD cannot work and packets could potentially become jumbled together.

Long story short, if you are using good hardware (3com, Cisco, HP, etc.) you should be more than fine, and see no loss at all.

Brian Taylor

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Recently an application program I use will not recognise a CSV file with more than 8 characters in the file name.
I am using XP Pro SP3 and the program has been working for months/years with a files of length between 15 to 25 characters.
I have no updated the application since it last accepted 15-25 characters.
Tech Support for the application (normally VERY good) is ADAMANT that it is an XP problem and not the application.
Windows Explorer works fine with more than 8 character CSV files.
Message is ?Unable to Open Data File? followed by the Path.
If I reduce the length, by Rename of the file, then it works perfectly.
Windows Explorer Folder Options
CSV has a file type of CSV file and is opened with Notepad.
If I change it to
CSV has a file type of MS Excel file and is opened with MS Excel
I get the same result.
I am nor sure if it is relevant but in WINZIP the default program to open CSV files is Notepad even when ?Folder Options? show CSV as MS Excel files.
Any ideas?

Answer:File Name Length 8 characters max only

This could be more related to the length of the full file path rather than just the length of the file name.
You might sometimes see this problem if the directory which contains your files is nested among several other folders.
A possible solution could be to simply move the file path closer to the root of your hard drive.
i.e If you have a folder called "work" containing your data, move it to C:\Work.

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Question: HDMI Cable length

Not sure if this is in the right place, but I'm looking to connect my TV to my PC upstairs with a 15m HDMI cable. Do you think this will be ok as I've read for certain lengths you need to use a repeater?



Answer:HDMI Cable length

Hiya pal

15m is the max you can use without a repeater, but in certain circumstances it's still pushing it a bit

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Does lengh of Firewire cable siginicantly affect performance? Using external HDD via 2m cable, would like to use a longer one e.g. 4m

Answer:Length of firewire cable.

Looks like it is 4.5 metres click here

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I have a network with /30 address and I have to the last available subnets for 6 interfaces.Will I use .245, .246,.249.,250,253,254 or.241,.242,.245,.246,.249,.250.I will be very interested to know ?

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So, I'm stuck using satellite in one of my shops....and I'm having some pretty big connection issues. Because of some recent remodeling, we've had to move the modem to the other side of the shop, and because of this, we've got about 250-300 feet of coax round trip.....and speeds are slower than dial-up at this point....

Anybody know if the length of the coax could be effecting connection speeds?


Answer:Coax length question...

Length shouldn't, at least not at that length. I would put my money on a bad end or something of that nature. That would very easily cause problems. See if you can get the ends reterminated.

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Back in April I read that BT were conducting trials,with the intention of increasing the maximum line length for Adsl to 6km.Has anyone heard anything since, BT claim to have no knowledge of when/if this may happen.

Answer:Broadband line length.

It is called RADSL - see click hereAs always, go to the site and enter your phone number, if you want to know whether you can get DSL /ADSL / RADSL through your local phone exchange

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Hallo, I bought Lenovo T500 in April of 2009, but my warranty ends in November of 2011, I have sent attached paper to Lenovo, but no change Moderator edit: Removed link containing serial number to forestall any misuse. Message Edited by bananaman on 05-25-2009 09:09 AM

Answer:warranty length problem

This date on Lenovo's web site is probably the date this laptop was made or when it left the warehouse. Your warranty starts from the date you have bought it. If smth happens after the date on Lenovo's web site you probably have to turn to your reseller.That is just my opinion and might not be completely true 

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Hi all
just a quick question

What's the maximum length of a directory PLUS file name -- the reason I'm asking this is that I've some CD's (a lot BTW) ripped into directories into FLAC format.

Tidying up the music folders I sometimes get a warning -- Name too long to send to the re-cycle bin.

I need to know the max nr of characters so I can select the ripping parameters correctly. If the combined directory / file name is too long then I might have trouble backing up the data (music) too.

I usually use ALBUM name (extracted from GRACENOTE or FREEDB depending on what the ripping program is) as the directory name and a number of parameters added to the track title - including a number for the music tracks with the album name as the directory.

However I can't seem to find anything on Max file name length for NTFS.


Answer:Max length - Directory plus file name

The max file name length is 255 (UTF-16) for the full path the limit is 32,767 (UTF-16).

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can anyone offer insight as to why i absolutely cannot adjust the length of the address and search bars in windows explorer in my fresh install of win7? this is my first time working with win7 so i have no frame of reference if this is any kind of normal thing or not.
if i mouseover the little segment in between where i expect to be able to drag i get the double horizontal arrow but clicking and dragging does absolutely nothing. i can adjust the length correctly in save/open dialogs but not a regular explorer window. it's driving me nuts.

google has turned up limited results of similar issues but they were discussing win7 beta and said it started working in a later build. i'm using release (i.e. 7600). the only possible thing is it's the $30 student upgrade instead of retail but i can't see how that would make a difference

Answer:Win7 Address Bar Length

Hit the alt key, right-click an empty area of the menubar and see if "Lock the Toolbar" is checked.

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Ok, a few months ago I posted here asking why I couldnt update my BIOS because I had a frequent crashing problem with graphics intense video games and it was suggested (by others in the games who fixed the same problem) that upping the RAM or CPU voltage by .1 to .2 would stop the crashes but my BIOS doesnt allow me to change that.

So I went to the PC forums specifically for M848ALU motherboards and discovered that I didnt need to change the voltage, rather I needed to change the clock ratios between the CPU and the RAM. I found a stable ratio and was doing fine for a few months.

Well a couple weeks ago there was a minor electrical storm in my area and I forgot I had mt pc turned on until the power flickered and rebooted my PC. I went to shut down the PC once it was finished booting but there was another surge and rebooted my PC again. So I shut it down from the power supply before it started to post.

The next day I tried to boot up the machine and you could hear the fans and HDD spin up but wouldnt post. So I reset the CMOS thinking maybe comething in the surge changed something. Still no post. I took it in and had the power supply tested and sure enough a line in the power supply went out. I replaced the 450 with a 480 watt and again I started suffering game crashes.

I tried to look back into some of these forums to see what I did to fix it last time and made the BIOS changes. But now I am having a heat problem. My CPU used to idle at 48C and now it idles at 51C. Wh... Read more

Answer:Heat problems (sorry for length)

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Hello all,

We are troubleshooting a system in which our keyboard (PS2) has just stopped working. It is not the keyboard as it works on another system. We thought we had it narrowed down to cable failure for when we plugged in another keyboard it worked.

On this particular system we have to have the monitor setup across the room and we run the cables under the floor. Today we replaced the PS2 cable and it still doesn't work.

It's too far for Bluetooth and Wireless so now we are thinking of trying a USB Keyboard and cable. So my question is what is the maximum length for a USB cable to still work?


Answer:Maximum cable length for USB?

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Question: Sata Cable Length?

I was wondering if they made some shorter HDD Sata cables. Something along the lines of 4-8". The standard ones that came with the my mobo are just fine, but it'd be nicer if I could get my hands on some shorter ones for cable management.

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Sata Cable Length?

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I want to connect a scanner and a photo printer to my computer with a USB cable. Due to the location, the cable will be about 16 ft. long. Will this length affect the efficiency of the scanner or the printer?


Answer:Maximum USB cable length

Hi and welcome

From what I've read the maximum USB cable length is 16.5 ft with out a signal boost, so you might be just barely OK.
It may make a difference if it's USB 2 or the slower USB 1.

If you have signal problems or need to go longer a powered USB hub would help. There are also some cables that have a built in signal booster available.

Here are some items for that purpose, there are no doubt many other places you can check if needed:

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DocFletcher is shown on my desktop as taking 14 minutes to download. Is that normal?
Adblock is shown as taking nearly as long. Is that normal.
A computer magazine suggests dumping Flash then the next news item I wanted to run demanded that I run with just that. What should I do to get it to run?

Answer:Length download time for add ons.

Flash player is riddled with security flaws.
unfortunately a lot of web sites still run Flash files and have not yet changed to the more secure HTML5.
Best advice is to dump Flash to stay secure and avoid the sites that still use it.

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I was wondering what is the best length for connecting a scanner by parallel cable (LPT)?
We have a scanner which is a few meters away from the computer and wanted to know if it wouldn't work if the cable is too long.


Answer:Cable length for scanner

The physical maximum length for parallel cables is only 3 meters (ten feet) so your peripherals need to be pretty close to the computer.

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Question: Cable length cat5

Just wondering does the length of your cat 5 cable mean anything? will it slow down the speed?

Answer:Cable length cat5

In most cases, No. I've seen cable runs of over 100 ft in commercial buildings running to a hub and it did not cause any problems.

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Question: File Length Query

I have a number of users who are recently having problems accessing files using MS Office products . They are storing files within folders and subfolders and its been suggested that the filename length is too large for Windows to handle . The problem is this only started to be a problem a couple of weeks ago , when i log in with Admin rights i can open these fields no problem but as an ordinary user Office (word or excel) hangs , to compound the problem 1 "ordinary" user has no problems whatsoever - , You can browse to the files via Explorer without any problems and open the files . My understanding is file length is restricted to 250 characters but does this include the preceding file extension eg\\data\managers notes\etc\123.doc ??By the way this isnt a desktop issue as the 1 ordinary user can access the folder from any pc .

Answer:File Length Query

You are saying that you, or a user, is having difficulty opening a word file greater than 250 characters?I am currently looking at a file on my PC in word which is approx. 14,500 characters long and took less than a couple of seconds to open.

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I need to connect a new HP printer for two users in an office. Due to the "looks" of the office, I am extremely limited on how cables are allowed to be setup and the cabinet where is located that this needs to be.

The bottomline: It requires approximately 38 feet of USB cabling to go from the printer to the computer that it will connect to. I can figure the length and how many cables I need from a catalog: 2-16' and 1-10' will do it.
QUESTION: Will the printer work properly with this length of cabling? Or are we seriously sacrificing performance?

Thank you for your input.

Answer:Solved: USB Length Question

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I am having to attend a clients site this week to troubleshoot connectivity issues. I don't know if its Wifi or his actual link to the internet (via radio) that is the issue.

Part of the information given to me is that he has AP's on ethernet runs in excess of 300 feet. I think 350' was the number I was given. This guy is going to be one of those difficult guys, as he presents himself as an "I/T person", and this wiring "worked before"....

So this is a bit of pre-visit leg work. ...and here come the questions...

- The recommended maximum run for ethernet is 280', allowing 10 at each end for connecting equipment...300' total.

- is it ever "OK" to go beyond that.
- what actually can happen at excessive lengths?
- is there a way to "boost" the signal so it can travel the distance?

These are straight from the VoiceMail Iw as forwarded.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news on jobs like these, but I have a feeling about this one....
I would think he'd be better served by some kind of wireless bridge, the kind of thing I've put in at other locations. While this is may be the case, the above situation is what I am going to have to address.


Answer:Ethernet length limits

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My X100e battery only gives 1.5 hours per charge on a clean Win 7 Starter install with no additional software. Is this normal?

Answer:X100e battery length

If you have the 3 cell battery it's normal. With the usual 6 cell battery you should expect about 3,5/4 h

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Question: Music Video Length

ok, i got this videos from yahoo...

using LyFOX and VLC (if this is illegal stuff please delete the post)

the video plays (the whole video) but the timing stops at 1 minute and some seconds (1-17)
since i want the video for my ipod, i tried converting to MP4, but it only converts the time that the video timing displayz..

it happens with other videos too not just with one...

how can i fix that problem? or set a proper timing for the video..
ex) the video is 4 min long, and it plays. (the whole video) but the time bar or thingy stops at 1 minute and some seconds..

how can i edit so it stops at the correct time, (i want to do this because it prevents me from converting the whole video to mp4, it only converts the minutes that it shows.)

hehe.. sorry if i didnt make my self clear.. but i dont know how to explain it..

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So I have a MP3 file from a while ago. The song itself is about 2.5 mins long, but every media player displays it as being 16 mins. The track ends when the counter is at 2.5...
So is there a way to get it to display at 2.5 rather than 16?

Answer:MP3 Song length error

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I sell scientific software that uses an A/D converter. These require full-length PCI slots, which are getting harder to find. Any computer resellers that offer full-size slots with their PCs?

Answer:Full-length PCI card

Is a rackmount enclosure an option? Check out and

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Recently, I started having a serious problem with some of my *.mpg video clips. WMP 10 will report the length of the clip less than the actual length, even then it will play the full clip.

This also happens with other players except of VLC which is the only player will report the correct length of the clip.

I checked the clips with GSpot and it reported the correct length also.

I think this is some kind of codec or OS-based problem. Like I said, this just started recently- these files used to play fine and still play fine in any other PC. I uninstalled all my codecs and reinstalled them, but it didn't make any difference.

This doesn't happen with AVI files, just with certain MPEG-1 files,

Any ideas?


Answer:mpg playing length problem in WMP

don't know, but i would run chkdisk in case a file is out wack or try restore. wmp10 does some funny things.

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What is the maximum length for the IDE cable for a Floppy Disk Drive?

Chris the Tiff

Answer:What is the max length for a floppy cable?

I can't give an exact figure, but I would say not very long at all. The problem with long parallel cables is that the data moves along the individual wires at different speeds. In long cables you get to the point where the data being read is corrupted, because the data in each wire is out of phase with its accompanying data in the other. I think the correct terminology is propagation delay.

Hope that helps a little bit.

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I recenlty had to change to another machine.  Both have Windows 7.  I custumized the startup and exit sounds, which last about 6 or 7 seconds.  However, on the new machine, the same sounds (and sound files) get cut off at 1 or 2 seconds on both startup and shutdown.  I didn't know that was changeable.  Why will the new machine not play the whole 6 seconds but the old one did?  How do I change it?

Answer:Startup sound length

I have searched this problem, but only found that it was because the original sound file was not as long as thought, but that is not my circumstances.  I am using the same files as before and I even played them to make sure.

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How do I determine the length of the CCFL tube I need for my T60 (2613 EAU, SXGA+)? The maintenance manual doesn't  say. 

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Quite often when trying to download using IE11 I get a ridiculously long file name such as:
?ui=2&ik=acdc3903a8&view=att&th=14663c30ccd1d8f0&attid=0_1&disp=safe&realattid=f_hvzr744c0&zw&saduie =AG9B_P-FtfgnOX5ROWzSvZ3Cu7wM&sadet=1401887667849&sads=593AO88LVcxYWe5fNXIoO-iErus

If I use firefox or chrome I get the normal file name.
What's going on?


Answer:strange filename length

Am not sure Mike but maybe you can run these first to eliminate any OS probs < use the /f and /r options in Option2 if necessary

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Hey guys, I am new to the forums.

I was just wanting to ask a question that I have been wanting to ask for a little while now. I was going to upgrade the RAM on my old netbook. It is a Samsung N130.

When I went on Amazon, I googled "2GB Netbook Ram", and it came up with a lot of searches. In the images, some of them look bigger than the others (length, and width). I was just wondering if the RAM was all the same size.

Because I really don't want to spend like ?15 on RAM when it don't even fit in my Netbook..

Thanks guys, have a nice day!

Answer:Is all RAM the same size? (As in, length and width, etc.)

There is RAM for desktops and then there is RAM for laptops which is much shorter in width. Second there is DDR, DDR2, and DDR3 which one you get depends on the hardware. More then likely it is DDR2.

This is the best (Fastest and larges capacity) memory you can get for your netbook:

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What is simplest solution for connecting 2 PCs to one printer where wireless isn't an option?
Wondering about max length of USB printer cables, if ran around perimeter of room and if an A/B switch is definitely necessary?

Have and HP 5100 series printer - wired w/ A/B USB cable to desktop - sits beside printer.
A wireless upgrade kit is avail, but fairly expensive & read lots of users have problems.

Wife's wireless laptop sits across small office from printer. Usually, she unplugs the cable from my desktop at the printer & plugs another cable from printer to laptop.

She doesn't use the printer daily by any means.


Answer:USB printer cable max length?

Tip: USB Power Limitations

USB 1.0 data rates of 1.5 Mbit/s (Low-Speed) and 12 Mbit/s (Full-Speed).

USB 2.0 Added higher maximum speed of 480 Mbit/s

USB 3.0 reaching roughly 4.8 Gbit/s by utilizing two additional high-speed differential pairs for "Superspeed" mode, and with the possibility for optical interconnect.Click to expand...

USB Guides

I did post somewhere the max limitation length of the USB cable, but can't find it !! (the post that is)

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Please don't use capitals all the time, its more differcult to read and is considered shouting.The limit on USB cables to answer your question is 5 metres click here you can increase the length but you have to boost the signal using repeater I believe but have never tried it and its likely to be pricey click here

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Hi all--

I am trying to create a file in Excel in a fixed record length to provide to a customer. I have it pretty well worked out except that they are asking for a record that is 535 characters!!!!!! I have my data and added spaces to account for the rest.

When I open in Access or Wordpad, however, Some of those spaces are missing. I need it in .txt format but don't know if I can go beyond 255 characters in record length.

Any ideas?

Thanks so much!!!!!

Answer:Maximum Record Length

I'm trying to figure out what you want.

Is it how many characters you can have in a single cell reference?
From Excel help:
Length of cell contents (text) 32,767 characters. Only 1,024 display in a cell; all 32,767 display in the formula bar. Click to expand...

Are you referring to the name and path of the file?
From How Windows Generates 8.3 File Names from Long File Names:
Windows supports long file names up to 255 characters in lengthClick to expand...

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Question: Video Length Wrong

Hello, I recently imported videos from my DVD-RAM Camera onto my computer, and the video says its 3 seconds long, even though its nearly 15 minutes. Problem with this is, even after 3 seconds, the video still plays, but the bar that indicates the length of the movie is maxed out. The video file format is .VRO, and this happens in every player. I've also deleted and re-imported the video.Thankyou

Answer:Video Length Wrong

is thereported video length 3 sec or actual length of copy

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An application failed to D/L .Net Framework Version upgrade from MS, apparently because the Server did not specify content length.

Does anyone have any idea how I can fix this ?

I recently installed Firefox and re-installed my OS, I am sure it needs updates but I would like to proceed, I have been having problems updating.

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Can anyone tell me how to search in a Windows 10 window for all music files longer than (say) ten minutes?

I have got this part ...

"kind:=music length:>xyz"

..but I can't find what format the 'xyz' should be in.

When viewing folders in "details" view; there is a parameter called "length", which displays song lengths in hh:mm:ss format, but that format doesn't work in searches (unsurprising, as it contains colons)

Every other format I have tried doesn't help
. descriptive text ("10 minutes");
. decimal fractions of a day ("0.006"),
. and various other delineators between the hh mm and ss).


the preset searches length:Very short; Short; Medium; Long; Very Long" don't suit me.


This article talks about a parameter called "duration"
Advanced Query Syntax (Windows)

...but, again, the syntax for using it is not given (also, that parameter doesn't display ANY values when enabled in the Details view of folders).

I can just do a *.* search, then rank the results ascending by length, but (1) that takes forever to complete on a large number of files, and (2) it is pretty tedious.
While I'm here, a related question - it seems that some of my mp3s have erroneous data in their headers (bit rate and file length/duration). Is there some way to edit that?


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I need to extend my usb cable and I can get 15 foot extension cables.
What will happen when I plug my usb device that has its own 5 foot cable into the 15 foot cable?
Will it fail? USB is limited to 5 meters?

I have 3 usb devices. GPS, Keyboard, Mouse to plug in. Each would have its own usb extension 15 foot cable.

If that wont work, what about using a powered hub?

Answer:usb 2.0 extension cable length

A very quick google search came up with this statement:

If you are using a regular cable (max length of 5 meters for 2.0 and max length of 3 meters for 3.0/3.1) with an active cable, then the maximum length for USB 2.0 is 25 meters(about 82 feet) and the maximum recommended length for USB 3.0/3.1 is 15 meters (about 49 feet).

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Is there a limit to the length of lead that you can have on a USB device?T

Answer:USB Leads. Length limitation

Iv'e gone to great lenghts to find this example for you and the short of it is here,exampleclick here

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KB3102429 for Windows 7 causes MAPI to deliver a zero length attachment to Thunderbird (or any other eMail client).

And they moved it from "optional" to "important", so if you had it "hidden", you got it back again.

And if your computer is under PCI (Payment Card Industry) security, hiding it makes you "non-compliant".

Does anyone know of a way to work around the issue other "hiding" the bad update?

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Question: Cat5 cable length

Can someone remind me of the max length of a cat 5 cable, before degradation. 100m rings a bell, but can anyone confirm it?

Answer:Cat5 cable length

I think it may be 300ft.But I'm not totally sure.

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Hi all ,first for me ,hope i do it right. Ihave searched all the appropiate posts on my problem with noe sucess . I'ts down to you all there . I have Win XP / Firefox/ Hotmail 250 mb and I just like to write long and descriptive e-mails ( why use 10 words ,when a hundred will do ) and i run out of space by the time i have typed 12 lines of text. Any tips on how to increase the size of my type face.Thanks in advance, Francie.Mode Edit: Closed open tags. ~ Animal

Answer:How Do I Increase The Length Of My E-mails

The only tools in hotmail are spell check, dictionary, and thesauraus. Did you mean DEcrease type face? Out of curiosity (I have the same programs) I ran a check on how many lines I could type in hotmail and stopped at about 40. Maybe there is a different program for Spain. There are other free emails such as Yahoo and Gmail. Gmail allows you to change type and colors.

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I asked recently about the max length of cat 5 cable, which it turns out is at least 100m. I have set up a network with a PC connected to my router by a 60m (approx) cat 5e cable. No lights on the nic show and the connection is listed as diconnected. I have tested the cable with a cable tester and it is fine. I then connected the PC to the router with a 5m cable (after I'd moved it ;-) ) and the PC works fine, lights on nic and it can see the other PCs on the network.Whilst checking settings on the router and refreshing the client list, an extra IP address was shown, but the host name was (null), after refreshing that IP would disappear.My question really hangs on whether the nic/router has enough umpf to communicate over 60m, and are nics with a bit more available?TIA

Answer:Network cable length

what type of NIC is it? not sure if it matters but 10BaseT and all those sort of things...but I am sure someone else will know...

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i want columns length to be equal how can i do that

in ms word

forgive my poor english

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Hello all,Does anybody know where the maximum user defined path length is set in Windows XP Professional. As I understand the situation 255 characters is the default value, with the actual maximum being 511.Best Regards,nosbm

Answer:Windows XP path length

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i want columns and row length to be equal how can i do that

in ms word

forgive my poor english

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I've heard (and read) that USB cables cannot be over 15 feet in length; if it is, the device on the other end will not be able to 'push' the signal. Is this true? I need to run about 35 feet of USB cable. Is there some kind of powered "repeater" I could use? Maybe put one at the 12 foot point, and another at the 25 foot mark. Any ideas will be appreciated. This isn't for a printer so a wireless print server won't work, unless I can use other USB devices in a wireless print server. I don't think I can though. If I could, they'd call them 'wireless USB device thingamajigs'. Any ideas from the geniuses (or is it genii?) here at MG will be appreciated. Thanks.

PS- I'm pretty sure that 'thingamajig' is a technical term.

Answer:USB cable length limitations

See if this will help you out dlb
Powered hub.

And the correct term is whatyamacallit.

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In column A, I have the following data: 2, 2, x, 2, b, 3, 4, 5. A total of 8 rows of data. The first data can be in any row, I mean the starting row will vary. Now I want to insert 3 rows after the ?b? and place the sum of all data above it directly below the ?b?. In this brief example, the total would be 6. The macro cannot be column specific as the data will not always be in column A. Further, the macro cannot be row specific since data can start at any row and I may want to add just the first row or add the first 25 rows. This macro was exceptionally easy in the spreadsheet I was using but in Excel, I can?t begin to write the necessary code. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Answer:How to sum a column of unspecified length?

re: "This macro was exceptionally easy in the spreadsheet I was using but in Excel, I can?t begin to write the necessary code."What macro are you talking about? What spreadsheet were you using?How did the other macro work? How did it know about all of the variables (row, column, number of cells, etc) that it needed? Did it ask you a series of questions?Click Here Before Posting Data or VBA Code ---> How To Post Data or Code.

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Write a program that asks the user to enter a word. The program will then repeat word for as many times as it has characters:

Enter a word:


To do this you will need to use the length() method that counts the number of characters in a string:

String inputString;
int times;

. . . .

times = inputString.length()

//The above is the question and when run its tells me that the java.lang.String cannot be applied to (int)

and it refers to the line times = inputString.length(word);

Answer:Need help wiith length() method

What is "times = inputString.length(word);" supposed to do? I am not aware of any length method that takes a parameter. What type is the "word" variable?

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Hi All,

What is the maximum character length for a file name?

What is the maximum character length for a file path?

If this combined maximum is exceeded, is there a recovery method for the file?

I have 3 files that have exceeded the maximum length; I don't know how... they just have...
I am unable to delete the files ithe the current location, I can copy them but not move them. I can not rename them.

WinXP sp2, files are stored on a mapped (2003 sp1 server) drive.

Interesting hey!


Answer:XP Filename/Path length

According to:

The max length of a filename path is 32768 characters.

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I have two desktops running XP pro. I am connected to the internet via Verizon DSL with a Fujitsu Speedport modem. I had been using a Linksys wireless broadband router to connect to the DSL modem and ran my two computers (via hardwire, rather than the wireless mode) as a home network off of the router, manually setting the IP addresses for the PCs off of the router (192.168.1.XX). I replaced the Linksys router with a 3Com OfficeConnect Dual Speed Switch 5 because I didn't want to use the wireless network anymore. Initially the 3Com wouldn't allow me to connect to the internet; then after talking with Verizon, they said to shut down the modem and the switch, allow two hours for the Verizon network server to lose the MAC address of the router, then turn the modem back on and the 3Com, so the server would pick up the MAC address of the 3Com. I then turned one of my PCs back on and it was able to sync up thru the 3Com and go out on the internet - picking up the IP address from the network. However, the NIC card in my second PC will not pick up an IP from the network, instead taking it internally from XP. When I try releasing and renewing with IPCONFIG, it comes back and says it can't contact the DHCP server and I get a limited or no connectivity message from the Local Area Connection icon, even though it says it's connected at 100Mbs.

What I don't understand is why my first PC takes it's IP off the network, but the second one doesn't? I'v... Read more

Answer:IPconfig issue? (sorry about the length)

I replaced the Linksys router with a 3Com OfficeConnect Dual Speed Switch 5 Click to expand...

Howdy sashurst...

There's your problem a switch can't asighn an IP address, where as the Liknsys router can act as a DHCP server and asign an IP address...

then turn the modem back on and the 3Com, so the server would pick up the MAC address of the 3Com.Click to expand...

Don't know what their talking about here as a switch doesn't have a MAC address...

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