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Recovery Drive almost full: Should backups be in D drive or in the C drive?

Question: Recovery Drive almost full: Should backups be in D drive or in the C drive?

Okay, here is a pic of my hard disks.

My backups go into my Recovery Drive, and it is nearly full. I repeatedly uninstall prgrams that I don't need, and delete old backups. Why is it still full? How do I make more space? My OS drive is so BIG, but I have next to nothing in it! Are backups supposed to be going into C drive?

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Preferred Solution: Recovery Drive almost full: Should backups be in D drive or in the C drive?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Recovery Drive almost full: Should backups be in D drive or in the C drive?

Not to worry. The recovery is probalby just restore points. As you need more space the oldest point is deleted and a new one made. If you want to make space. Turn off the System Restore, deleting all points. Then make a new point, you will need it in case of problems.

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Hi, I had memory issues, as have many on these boards. Following the advice I first updated my lenovo system and then pointed the rescue and recovery to an external hard drive and saved a new base backup. At some point I was asked if I wanted the existing backups deleted and I said yes, however, I don't think they can have been deleted as their has been no increase in memory available. I also ran the SpaceMonger program recommended on the boards and it was unable to scan 60% of the hard drive. So, can you please let me know how to get to, and delete the original backups? thank you 

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Hi all, I purchased a external drive to back up files on our desktop and laptops. I am looking for easy way to do this, do I do all files or do I have to go into all of them one at a time. I say this because one laptop is my daughters, can I just send all her pic and music files all at once. Our main computer(desktop)is windows vista, everyday it's getting louder and louder and each morning its shows a message says configuring and it's like counting down. This takes long time. I looked at the space left. It shows space available on (c) and on d it's full which is recovery so I don't have a clue how files got on there. My hubby doesn't know much about even getting on computer, but when he does it seems something goes wrong. I want to clean up and get rid of files so my son who's 11 can use it for games. It's so slow and I don't want to delete wrong things.  From reading here and just knowing not to delete recovery. How do I clear out space on D...I tried opening some files on it but they all seem to do with the windows system. What can I do with my desktop ?And is it possible to clear out all files from is about 5 yrs old...and she has alot of music and pics on there..just wondering if it's worth time to clean out the files. It takes forever to get online and when we do its so slow. Hope I'm not sounding to confusing.any suggestionstygreat site so far

Answer:need help with using external hard drive also my recovery drive(d)showing full?

Welcome!Computer Hope is the number one location for free computer help. The forum will help everyone with all computer questions. You have presented more that one issue. The forum will help you, but some detail is needed. What OS are you using?  What make and model of eternal drive do you use?The proper way to remove programs is in the con control  panel. But Music and pictures files can be copied to a CD-R or DVD-R and removed from the computer. The external drive can also be used to transport files from on PC to another. But using DVD-R or CD-R is preferable. The best use of an external drive is to make a backup of the operating system and programs.Avoid putting files on the recovery partition.

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Basically I was trying to restore my system defaults by using the Recovery DVD (at the time, this seemed like a good idea). I suppose it's installed whatever was on the recovery thing to my D Drive, and now it's full. I do believe I've royally screwed things up on the C drive, because after you pass the log-in screen it's going to a black screen with a dialogue box that says something about my Microsoft Office drivers, and it tried to load something for about 5 minutes before I gave up. Is there an easy way to transfer everything from the D to the C drive? Or should I just take this somewhere?

Also, are there directions to wiping a hard drive, but leaving the Op System? Ideally I'd like to have the computer back to how it was when I got it. I'm new at this, obviously.

I'm using a Dell Inspiron 1501 with Vista HomeBasic 2006.

Answer:D Drive Full-Used Recovery DVD-C Drive not working.


before you do anything further, have you tried booting into safe mode and using last known good configuration?

------> enter safe mode..turn on and keep tapping the F8 key.....

there is also a hidden partition in that particular model we can get to if needed.

Also do you have the dell recovery disc?


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I have a R61 laptop with 140 GB running Windows Vista. It's about 18 months old. Windows explorer says 82GB of 140GB is used. When I add up each folder I get only 45GB of space used. All I really have on this computer is 26gig music & some holiday photos. I have had this problem since I first got the computer. I have looked through threads here who suggested that backups may be the issue, and a program called Rescue and Recovery was the problem. However, when I open that program it says that there are no backups avaliable. However, that program definitely tries to run on my computer every Wednesday as I get a popup telling me my computer was turned off and do I want to run it (I say no). The SW Tools folder is only 2GB. On windows explorer when I right click I see that there are something called "system recovery points" of which there are many. However, I can't figure out what these are, where the data is stored, or how I would delete it. Please help me as this is very frustrating as I have about 40GB of music I would like to move across but at present that would use a lot of my remaining space.    


Go to Solution.

Answer:40GB missing from hard drive! (R61) - Rescue and Recovery says there are no backups?

download this and you can see everything on your harddrive,64425-page,1-c,downloads/description.html

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Sorry I am a computer novice; but, I am running out of hard drive C space and I thought maybe I could put Recovery Drive D on a flash drive in order to free up drive C space.

If this is possible, can you refer me to some instructions on how to do this?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Answer:Can you put Recovery Drive D on a flash drive to free up hard drive

To be honest a recovery drive won't give you much space (10 GB or so?). You are better off with a USB external HDD and move your less accessed data to the external.

I wonder what others will say.

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Hey there,

I'm just wondering about the recovery drive I have, the (D:) drive is almost full, and I was just wondering what should I do when it runs out of space? My friend has his recovery drive full as well and needs help, which is why I'm posting this. I was told not to modify or even touch anything in the drive because it is a backup of the system or something? Well I don't know what to do because my friend's recovery drive is full and he's getting a notification on his taskbar about it, I have 1Gb left and was just wondering as well since most of mine is used up. Should I just leave it? Thanks for the help.

Answer:My Recovery Drive (D:) Almost Full.....

I'd get a larger drive, and use Acronis or Paragon partition managers to dupe the drive onto the larger partition.

Tell me about it... I started with 250GB Hard drives in my XP system, when I Upgraded to Win 7 I had to get 320 GB drives, then 500 GB drives, and finally 1 TB drives. Right now I have 2 500 giggers, they are totally packed... Last month I bought another 1TB drive, it is totally full now. I just don't know where the space goes, I absulutely require everything I have saved, cos I build and repair computers, I have to keep an exhaustive library of Drivers, OS's. I even run a program that allows me to read my Mac partitions as if they are attached right to my PC.

If you are not sure about what you need... And if your backup is bursting at the seams, then do this:

1) Check your system - Make sure it is in absolute perfect order, no little glitches. If that is the case then:

2) Delete your entire Backup drive. Sounds drastic, but if you are in no danger, you should be OK.

3) Once you clear ouot all that space, just make one Brand New Backup, and then tell your Backup program to make a Backup ONLY When you tell it to.

Cos it counds like you have some kind of Automatic Backup going, I'd dhut it off, do it manually, cos if you keep going, your backup partition will soon get totyally filled.

Ideally, you want to keep all of your drives about 1/4 full for best computer performance. Now myself, I keep them 80% full, causes me a lot of problems cos I'm a packra... Read more

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I don't know much about computers..I have a 2007 HP laptop..I don't use it for much, since I am only a college student. (Word files, etc.). For some reason, every time I turn my computer on, I get a warning that my disk may have a corruption and needs to be checked. I wait while it checks, and nothing ever happens. Then, once I get to the main screen, I get a warning that my recovery drive D is close to being full. Considering that I only save files on the C drive, and I don't even backup, I have no idea how this file would be full. I feel like my computer is running slower because of it, and honestly it has become quite a nuisance. PLEASE HELP!

Answer:My Recovery Drive (D) is full

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Hello and thank you in advance!

My D: Recovery Drive only has 654 MB of space left and I'm concerned that it should have more space. I use Mozy and noticed that the Temp folder is filled with 3.88GB of files from today.

Can I increase the size of the D: ? I've always heard that you shouldn't mess with this drive.

While I'm asking, I noticed that no documents or pictures or anything are stored in this drive, even though the drive contains folders for these things. Should I be concerned by that?

Thank you!

Answer:D: Recovery Drive is FULL

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Hello There

Computer Specs:
HP dv6000 special ed.
AMD Turion Processor.
Windows Vista Home Premium - 32 bit
Avast 4.7

So, my computer is falling apart. Numerous programs just "stop working" . My inernet connectivity is sporadic at best. I run diagnostics, but the diagnostic framework is unable to diagnose or repair my problems. All of a sudden, I'm unable to get updates for windows because of my firewall settings.

So, I deduced that something was very wrong. Either my computer has gone far too long without updates. Or it has a virus.

The past few days I've been running System Restore repeatedly. And now I'm down to maybe 7 restore points, all consecutive, and all restore my computer to the same dysfunctional state. So, I decided a System Recovery was in order. Now, I began my back up to the D drive, which is the recovery drive. About 70% of the way through, the back up stopped and reported that the drive was full. Now, I have a full drive and no way to back up my computer - until I can get a jump drive that is. Also, for some reason the computer won't recognize my network drive.

I'm worried that I've created a serious problem. The recovery drive remains consistent no matter how many times the computer is restored. How do I create space on the drive? Can you think of any other solutions to my problems or areas to investigate?
Your help would be very much appreciated. Thanks for reading my thread.


Answer:Full Recovery Drive

By the "recovery drive", do you mean the recovery partition of the main drive on your machine? If so, it is more intended to contain the recovery for the operating system than a backup of your drive. The Windows installation files should be there.

Do you also have recovery media that you made or got with the machine?

It would be far safer, and should have been done anyway since a drive can fail suddenly at any time, if you had backed up everything somewhere other than your main drive. Any backups there will be of no use if the drive fails or if the data or partitions get damaged during the installation process. All would be lost.

If you are thinking of buying a drive, you might consider an external hard drive. Not only would it serve you for this backup, but you could use it in the future to keep backups of things you don't want to lose when the drive fails. Or you could even use it with an imaging application to back up the entire drive, operating system, programs, and files so that you could recover from a disaster or even a failed drive in the few minutes it would take to restore the image.

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my recovery drive is almost full,its only got 327mb free of 5.56Gb
is there anyway i can reduce this without having to un-install programs?
i dont have that much on my pc

Answer:Recovery drive almost full

Hello Jaffa,

It sounds like your using the OEM's (Ex: Compaq) recovery manager program's restore points instead of the one for Vista. You should have a option in that Recovery Manager program to delete the restore points so that you can start over with new ones.

If you would like to use System Restore from Vista instead, then see System Restore Point - create, and the related links in it for more information on how.

Hope this helps,

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I keep getting this message.  That my Recovery Drive is full and that my data may not be backed up.  I have deleted all except the most recent backup point on the options, but I still get this.  It pops up all the time and drives me nuts!   It does just have one recovery point, because I tried deleting some programs (as it requested) and it messed up, so I used the one recovery point to restore my settings.  So I know I get that.  Is there any way to get rid of possible junk on this drive?  It shouldn't be full.Thanks.

Answer:Recovery D Drive Full

What information should I provide?

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I am helping a friend with her computer running Windows Vista 64bit. She unfortunately was held captive by optimizer pro and mypcbackup. She had 475 files for Malwarebytes to remove. Vista keeps popping up and telling me her recovery drive is full. Indeed the D: drive has 7mb left out of the 15GB. She is a basic user and would have not set up any backup.

On the D: (recovery) drive, what do I need to make sure that I do not delete? And then, would the backup that seems to be going to the D: drive be Vista driven or would it have been the MyPCBackup mess?

Answer:recovery drive full

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Hi. I'm using an old computer on work and it's got a 13,5 GB recovery drive. The FPP.WIM is now 12 GB and I'm constantly getting a warning about low disk space on this drive. What can I do? I'm not sure I need a recovery drive, I'm just going to buy a new computer if this one breaks down.

Answer:Recovery drive full

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I am continuing to tidy up my wife's laptop, which runs vista home basic.I have noticed the recovery drive is full, with only7 MB of the 10GB remaining.I am perplexed as to why this should be- most of the files date back to when I bought the laptop (system files etc), and I presume these are important.If vista was running scheduled back ups, and has filled the disk this way, surely I would see that from the file dates? How do I go about deleting the non essential stuff here? My excuses again for my ineptitude, but the members were so helpful re. my RAM querie.

Answer:recovery drive full

im assuming you mean the recovery partition , all it contains are the files you'll need to reformat/set back to factory defaults , its fine dont delete anything there

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my recovery d drive is full i need to clean it up can someone help me please

Answer:help - recovery d drive is full

Hi and welcome to TSG.

Have you been saving things or installing software to the D drive? The computer manufacturer normally reserves the D partition for storing the software needed to restore the main C partition to fresh from the factory conditions and sizes the partition accordingly.

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My recovery drive D is full. I went to the HP link about how to delete ONLY the back-up files in it from a previous post. (of course, I can't find the site now) I have selected under EXPLORE ALL USERS-----SHOW HIDDEN FILES, NO HIDDEN EXTENSIONS, NO HIDDEN PROTECTED OS FILES So, now when I try to get into Recovery D, I can't get into the HP file. I get the lovely message about NOT ALTERING THESE FILES, ETC...... Now what?? I know I need to change the backup option about D drive.

Answer:Recovery D Drive Full

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Hello all...Had to run recovery disk and it created an " ( I ) drive recovery " section on my hard drive...Thing is its now full and i can't save any more to it...The "C" drive part of it is only 4% full and I'm wondering if any of you experts could tell me how to get my cpu to again start using the "C" part of my hard drive...I've read about partitions and stuff like that but i'm really a noob as far as computer repair/restore...its a dell I560 running windows 7 home premium...The computer seems to run as it should except for this annoying problem...ANY help or advice would be much appreciated...........

Answer:Recovery drive full...Now what??

This might help you make more space for your back up but you should invest in a external hard drive for back up's Resize a Partition for Free in Windows 7 or Vista

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A month ago I upgraded from Vista Home Premium to W7 Home Premium on my 8 mon old Toshiba Satellite L300 recovery d drive is full..only 7 gigs ..I guess the backups have been going there and have not removed previous backups processing is slower and I worried about a total freeze.( could some components of my OS be there as well?)
I used the disk manager and tried to add space onto my d from c but only ended up with an unallocated partition of 20g's ..couldn't figure out how to add to D..

CIs there a way to get into the d and delete backup files ..or as I read in another forum.. do I remove the partitions letters for the d ? would that just make it one big c drive? ..would that effect computers performance? how can I get that unallocated partion back to c ..or to d ? I could sure use some help ..thanks, gerry

Answer:D Recovery Drive full

Quote: Originally Posted by gerrmcke

A month ago I upgraded from Vista Home Premium to W7 Home Premium on my 8 mon old Toshiba Satellite L300 recovery d drive is full..only 7 gigs ..I guess the backups have been going there and have not removed previous backups processing is slower and I worried about a total freeze.( could some components of my OS be there as well?)
I used the disk manager and tried to add space onto my d from c but only ended up with an unallocated partition of 20g's ..couldn't figure out how to add to D..

CIs there a way to get into the d and delete backup files ..or as I read in another forum.. do I remove the partitions letters for the d ? would that just make it one big c drive? ..would that effect computers performance? how can I get that unallocated partion back to c ..or to d ? I could sure use some help ..thanks, gerry

Gerry Hi and welcome

I dont know how big your HD is. but there are a few things to consider.
1-do you want to back up (a good idea)
2-how big is the C:\ partition? win 7 needs about 25 gigs
3-slowness. can be either from a fragmented HD, too little space, too little ram etc

If you give us your specs we can help more

Ken J+

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I have not noticed before the recovery drive on my computer. The bar is red!!! It shows only 1.93 gb free of 20.8 gb. I do not know what this means. I remember seeing it in the past but it was not red. I am afraid that this could be a warning of something to happen. Should i do anything??? Please try to be simple with your answer, i am technically challenged!!! Thanks, ag

Answer:Recovery drive almost full

An additional comment. I have never stored anything in this drive. When I click on it, it shows a warning from HP in blue lettering indicating that it should not be touched. I also right clicked Properties and under Previous Versions it shows something modified on 11/16/14. Not sure what this means, I have never done anything in this drive. Thanks, AG

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Hi everyone
My computer keeps popping up the message that my recovery drive is full. I have cleared all old backups, but it still has no room to create new backups. This is what I see when I open the recovery drive:
Is that what's supposed to be there? I did a full install of Windows 7 over my old Vista install a while ago because I was having so many issues with my computer, and I'm wondering if somehow I screwed something up during that install. Can someone have a look and help me figure out what's going on?

Answer:Recovery Drive Full

Try this. Right-click CORINNE-PC (this is your backup file location) and select 'Restore Options'. Then select 'Manage Space'. You should then be able to Delete any previous backups that are taking up space.

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First off, thanks to all of you. You guys are the best!

My husband's friend has a Compaq Presario F500 running Vista Home. He bought it used. We had it repaired (virus removed and junk cleared) last week. When he got it back, he kept getting a message about backup needed, so he clicked the balloon and clicked the ok button. Not sure if this was done with the HP program or the Vista one, though. Now he gets a message saying the last backup failed, and another saying the D drive is running out of memory. I followed the instructions for cleaning up the disc, but it only offers to clear the recycle bin, which is empty. I looked up similar posts, but with this pc being second hand, I've no idea about purchase date. Not sure how much significance there is between "date created" and "date modified" so hoping you guys can help. Here's a screenshot:

Answer:another full recovery drive

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Hi I have a compaq presario laptop, everything is running slow and i am unable to install updates, when I type this is also very slow and lots of letters are often missing. I have been through the helpfiles to try to find out if files other that recovery are being stored on my D drive, I have went into folder options, selected show hidden files etc, I am still unable to access drive d files to find out as i get a recovery partition warning message and am unable to go any further. Having spent countless nights on line trying to find a solution I am no further forward. Can anybody offer a solution please? Many Thanks....

Answer:Recovery Drive D is full

My Computer - select drive right click -propertiesDo this for all your Partitions.How much free space is being shown on each partition?What operating system are you using?

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I just bought a new Spectre x360 2 days ago and when open it i saw that the Recovery drive (D is full.How can it be and what should i do? I am not very computer orianted so please if you can explain in simple terms  Thank you.

Answer:Recovery Drive almost full

Hi,        Try the steps listed below to fix this issue.

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Recovery drive d total space, 19.3 GB- free space 767 MB just in last days.  Before, almost all total space was free space.  HELP!!!

Answer:Recovery drive d full

@lojohjr, welcome to the forum. The "D" partition is for HP Recovery media.  It should not be used for any other purpose.  It appears that a program/s is saving data to it arbitrarily.  You can carefully move any of the information that is not related to HP Recovery.  Then, make certain when you save data that it is not being saved to the "D" partition. Please click the Thumbs up + button if I have helped you and click Accept as Solution if your problem is solved.

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my recovery drive  has turned red. there is a file of 570 mb inside despite 15 gb space. want it back to normal (at least half empty) is it possible to reduce its size by removing my personal datas from other drives? may be this image is a reflection of all files stored on my other drives (like image of them). recovery should be the original laptop softwares and drives to be able to go back anytime you want. no need for hp to take image from my datas and keep it on recovery drive have made different drives just to be ablae to save them safely . so what is the reason of having such a huge recovery shows 15 gb is almost full.but there is just a 570 mb file inside .even i tride to show the hidden files but nothing inside. may be hp hide it inside that drive to keep it safe.good. but how to return my rocovery drive again half full and not red.please help me about it. many thanks. 

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I am using the new Vista Ultima on an HP m8150n quad core computer. Things have been mostly just fine. Recently however, my recovery drive D is showing as RED, 734mb free out of 9.23 gig. My main drive C has 190gig free out of 288gig. I have a drive E also, that has 276gig free out of 298gig. On the side of my machine HP put a sticker indicating that the machine has a 640gig hard drive.
Is my hard drive partitioned to drive C,D and E?
I do use the automatic backup for files only and I have set this to be backed up to drive E. The backup has been performing just fine on Sunday nights.
My main questions are
1. Why is my recovery drive D filling up?
2. Is microsoft's automatic updates filling it up?
3. What should I do at this point, obviously I will make a external recovery disc, but is my system about to crash when the recovery drive gets completely full?

Sorry for being so long winded, I truly appreciate any help.

Signed, I think I'm about to hit a MSWall.
Thank you.

Answer:Recovery Drive D is Red - almost full

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I know that there are several threads about similar problems, they are different enough that I can't get to a solution.
Here's the problem:
I was given this Dell Inspirion 530 computer because it had Vista on it.
I have used it very little since setting it up in 2010.
Now I am getting messages that say "drive (D) RECOVERY is full". I checked with "properties" to see what was on (D) all I found as 6 GB of recovery files, but the drive says it has 15 GB on it. I tried disk cleanup more options but found nothing.
I was checking windows updates, automatic, and found that all of the updates were being stored in (D), all 420 of them, most of them were for programs I never use.
Here's where I get lost. I have never changed anything to do with drive (D), I never changed anything having to do with windows updates, or for the restore points that are there too. All of the disks that came with the computer are still sealed in their envelopes.
On the internet all I see is "nothing should be in this drive except the recovery programs". I have to believe this is the way Dell loaded it. Of course Dell won't own up to it and for $129 they will fix their screwup. It's out of warranty, because it took 2+ years to add the 9 GB of updates. I didn't know there was a problem and now I get stuck with a bill?
If anyone can help me untange this I would appreciate the effort.
If not, It didn't cost me anything and the landfill is still accepting trash.

Answer:drive (D) RECOVERY full

If still functioning, why not use the restoration partition to restore to the way you were when you bought the computer. I doubt that the recovery partition (D) was the original recipient of your updates, something probably changed. Once you have all your updates and everything is the way you want, download Macrium Reflect and make an image of your HD on an external hard drive, you will never have this problem, again.

EDIT: I have always owned a Dell and never had this problem.

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Please can someone help me? I own a windows vista home basic and it has been telling me I was out of space on drive D. I backed up my files and then tried to do a disk clean-up, but when it gets to the point where the files should come up so I can choose which ones to erase all that comes up is recycle bin and office set up files. Those say they have 0 bytes in them. If I try to look in D under anything but properties it tells me access is denied. I have run about every test and scan that I know (which ain't a whole lot), and they all say everything is fine, that there is plenty of space everywhere. I have had this computer for about a year and it does get a lot of use, as I attend an online college. The computer is running ok, and I don't see anything missing so far, but it is slower than usual. I would really appreciate it if someone could give me some ideas as to what it might be. Thank-you in advance to any kind souls who respond.

Answer:Solved: full recovery drive D

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Vista Recovery (D:) drive is full. It was not used by me to copy any data to it. Please advise.


Answer:Vista Recovery (D:) drive is full

Hi -

Check to see if system restore is on for recovery drive - it s/b OFF
START | rstrui - go through screens to CREATE restore point - if drive d: has checkmark, un-ckeck it. Re-boot.

Regards. . .



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Hi - If this has been posted somewhere else, I do apologize, just point me in the right direction.

I have a Compaq Presario V5000 laptop that I purchased 2 years ago - with a 44 GB C Drive and 12 GB D recovery drive.

I caught a horrible virus and had to do a F11 destructive recovery.

I did this, and the computer loaded up fine, factroy pre-sets all good.

However, when I checked my D recovery drive, it is completely full! 11.8 GB used, and 491 MB free.

I did not notice this until after the destructive recovery.

I do not have any backup disks as an FYI, and I used the F11 because everything was preinstalled on the laptop.

Is this normal? Or were there items that were not deleted from the virus that went on the D drive?

Thank you again.

Answer:D Drive full after Destructive Recovery

The D drive should only contain the recovery files and usually it's hidden by default.

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Hubby has a Medion E6212 desktop, for about a month now a message flashes up saying the recovery drive almost full,not enough space for backup.
The laptop is about 4 years old we have never tampered with this but I thought if it was set to do auto backups then maybe that's the cause of the message appearing.
I did try to find something online but cant find anything that is specifically for a Medion E6212.
Can anyone advise as to the best way to proceed?

Answer:Recovery drive shows as almost full (Red)

I have sorted this, there were two backups shown on the recovery drive I deleted the smallest one, now the drive shows room to do further backups.

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I've been receiving messages that my last backup has failed. When I try to do a backup I get the following message: The backup did not complete successfully. A shadow copy could not be created for the following reason: Insufficient storage available to create either the shadow copy storage file or other shadow copy data.
When I look at the recovery drive space it has only 10.1 MB free of 10.0 GB. The C drive has 235 GB free of 10.0 GB. What can I do?

Answer:Recovery Drive D is almost Full - How do I clean it up?

Hi - Makes sure that system resore is turned OFF for your recovery drive d: -
START | type rstrui

Regards. . .



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When doing backups of both C & D drives I use an external drive to back up onto. However I think backups have gone to the D drive "somehow".
How can I get space back on this drive? I am using Vista home Basic.

Answer:Solved: Recovery Drive D full

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Also why is my hard drive almost full when i have very little on the computer?

Answer:Why is my recovery drive almost full and how do i clean it.

If I understand the question, your recovery drive is the portion of your hard drive dedicated to files necessary to restore your operating files. My recovery drive has always been almost full because HP divided my hard drive leaving just enough room for those files. I'm not sure why your hard drive is filling up even though you aren't storing much on it. 

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Hi Everyone,

I'm as illiterate as they come for computers so I'm throwing myself on to your intelligence court - any assistance would be most appreciated. I can't stand to think i'd have to sit on the phone for hours with HP having them trying to figure out how to help me and then messing me up even more. Okay - here's my issue.

I have a HP pavillion slimline s7700e PC vista home premium service pack 1 64 bit thingy.

amd athlon 62X2 dual core processor 3800+ 2.00GHZ.

file system NTFS

I hope this is enough information. this Recovery D thing came up after I tried to do a normal backup - i did not mistakenly try to do a backup to the recovery D drive - i know i specifically did it to the drive that holds the DVD backup disc (e drive?)

it says my recovery D drive is low and to clear out files - but there aren't any files to clean or clear. it says: 4.41MB free of 6.26GB (and it shows it in RED!)

should i just leave this alone and ignore it - or should i take any action? thank you!

Answer:Recovery D: Drive States Full - Don't Know how to Fix

Hello Olivesangel, and welcome to Vista Forums.

It sounds like the Recovery Partition is also being used to store System Restore points on. You might check with the tutorial below to make sure that the D: drive is not checked in the System Protection page settings.

System Restore

Hope this helps,

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I have backed up my data and I want to set my computer back to factory default setting, including Recovery Drive.

My recovery drive is full. It has the capacity of 18.57 GB and has only 179 MB of free space.

When I start my computer, I get a black and white screen saying "Windows Boot Manager" and asked to choose between two Windows 7.

Previously, I was using an upgraded Windows 8 (using download from Microsoft website) on my C drive. Then I wanted to switch back to a factory default Windows 7. I didn't know I could do so from Recovery Drive, so I instead used CD. And I made a wrong step, and Installed Windows 7 on Recovery Drive in addition to what was already in there. Not only that, since I didn't realize that I was in the wrong partition, I downloaded some of the essential programs like browser, and antivirus programs - which explains the full Recovery Drive.

Now I want to bring back my Recovery Drive just the way it was when I purchased it. Which files can I safely delete from Recovery Drive?

PS: I tried to format the Recovery Drive using Disk Management and diskpart but neither would let me do it. Will formatting Recovery Drive in my case a bad idea? Will it remove crucial components for operation of my machine?

Answer:Recovery Drive (D: ) is full - what can I delete?

If you format the Recovery partition then you lose that capability. Since you say you installed Windows to it, or tried to, then you need to delete the failed Windows installation on the D: drive. If you can boot from C: then open Computer then double click on D: Expand to full screen then post a screen shot here so we can see what is there.

How to Use the Snipping Tool in Vista - Vista Forums (says it's for Vista but also works with Win 7/8).

Once you have the image saved, click on the Paperclip Icon next to the Smiley Icon. In the Manage Attachments window, click Browse and navigate to where you saved the image and select it.
Click the Upload button.
Close the Manage Attachments window.
Click on the Paperclip Icon again and select the image you uploaded. It will be placed in your post.

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Running XP on an HP Pavillion 500.For several months now, I've received a low disk space warning for my recovery drive (d). When I select the disk cleanup, it "cleans up" nothing really ... an already empty recycle bin, etc. It continues to show 4.87gb used and 32mb free. I've opened the folder (with show hidden files option) and I cannot find anything taking up that space. The files in the folder aren't a fraction of the 4.87gb. However, I ran chkdsk d: and here's what it found:Microsoft Windows XP [Version 5.1.2600](C) Copyright 1985-2001 Microsoft Corp.C:\Documents and Settings\Owner>chkdsk d:The type of the file system is FAT32.Volume HP_RECOVERY created 1/5/2003 2:51 PMVolume Serial Number is 7EFA-09BDWindows is verifying files and folders...File and folder verification is complete.Windows has checked the file system and found no problems. 5,108,092 KB total disk space. 984,768 KB in 36 hidden files. 624 KB in 125 folders. 4,089,924 KB in 8,954 files. 32,772 KB are available. 4,096 bytes in each allocation unit. 1,277,023 total allocation units on disk. 8,193 allocation units available on disk.I don't see those 8,954 files anywhere in the folder. How do I find them and delete them?I also ran the following from command prompt, dir d:\ /a and here is the result. Microsoft Windows XP [Version 5.1.2600](C) Copyright 1985-2001 Microsoft Corp.C:\Documents and Settings\Owner>dir d:\ /a Volume in drive D is HP_RECOVERY Volume Serial Num... Read more

Answer:Recovery (d:) Drive Full - Can't see Files

You should not be touching your recovery partition. It should not have a driver letter associated with it.You have placed your pagefile there and its one gig.You have 4gig in files. Total disk is 5gigIf you are serious in thinking you want to delete all the files related to your recovery partition then format it and be done. Of course this will kill any future recovery good by.Answers are only as good as the information you provide.How to properly post a question: Sorry no tech support via PM's

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I have been getting a message that my "Recovery D drive is almost full. Click to see how to clear more space". I click, and the program shows that I have 0 bytes I can clear. I don't put anything on that drive (at least on purpose). There are two files that are on there which got there 6/8/09: MediaID.bin and what looks to be another copy of my document files. I am running Windows Home basic on a Dell Inspiron 1525 laptop. The message flashes almost constantly. The drive shows that I have 1.19 GB free of 9.99 GB.

Answer:Solved: Recovery D drive almost full

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I've been using my new notebook since last week. The allotted space for the Recovery drive D is 13G. After a week, I suddenly noticed that it is now almost full, with only 1.46G free. When I open the drive, I only see recovery folder (16KB) and HPSF_rep text document (4KB). When I viewed protected program files in that drive, I saw a lot of files which I did not dare to modify or anything.

What should I do? What will happen if D: becomes full?

Answer:Recovery Drive D: almost full in one week

Welcome Ann to the Seven Forums.

As far as I know when working on a computer nothing gets added or removed from the recovery partition by default. Do you remember how much stuff was there when you first got the computer. Actually 11 gigabytes of data is quite normal for a Recovery Partition for HP Computers.

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Okay, so my recovery drive is almost full, like only 1.25 GB of space left out of 9.76 GB. I only have 1 backup file that is 1.85 GB. So what are other files that I can get rid of? The dell file in the Recovery Drive is 5.29 GB, that's a lot of space. Are there any files from any of them, the dell, Tools, Users, sources, Windows, or Program Files that I can delete safely without ruining my PC? If you have had experience with Dell laptops, I would appreciate any advice you can provide.

Method suggested by richc46:
I think the easiest way is to go to the MY Computer Icon on your desktop, Right click, go to properties, go to system protection, then remove the check mark indicating that you want to shut down automatic checkpoints. Then restart your computer. Your D drive should be cleared. I would then make a manual restore point, since now you have none. Go back and replace the check for automatic restore points.
Will this methid affect my bookmarks in my Google Chrome, my Microsoft documents, my pictures, my downloads, my music, my Windows Mail, ANYTHING but the Recovery Drive? Cause when I look through the folders in it, they seem mostly like extra junk, and I just wanna clear it and start fresh, but I'm afraid it will delete my saved files and settings for other things. Your method SOLELY clears the Recovery Drive, and I can just click the automatic checkpoints and make a shadow copy for backups, and it will be fine? I don't want to mess with my other stuff.

Plus, how d... Read more

Answer:Recovery Drive nearly full, but only have 1 backup file...

You need to delete the restore points. When done make a new one.

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my recovery drive and other drives are getting full slowly as i start working,is there any virus or it's an internal problem.can you help me getting out this,is there any solution?

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Hi All,  I've recently purchased an HP Omen running Windows 10.  Windows constantly prompts that the recovery partition is full.I've checked the partition and it has about 5mb of space remaining.  The laptop is straight out of the box, so I've not stored anything on the parition.   I've ensured that drive protection is turned off for the volume, and I've deleted any restore points.  Does anyone know what else can be done? Resizing the parition seems a bit extreme considering it's a new device. Surely it wasn't ment to ship this way? Thanks in advance!    

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My computer keeps trying to save programs that I download to my recovery drive which is full instead of my OS drive. How can I fix this?

Answer:Recovery(C:) full and I can not save programs to OS (D:) drive

Hi Fitzy,

Can you send a screenshot of your disk management screen please?

1. Search "Disk Management" in the search box and press enter.

2. Confirm and type in an admin password if UAC pops up.

3. Take a screenshot and upload it here!

Kind Regards,


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My Vista Recovery (D drive shows nearly full at 9.9GB, but isn't if you add up the folders [about 5GB used]:
Dell 3.2GB
Program files 6.7MB
Sources 999KB
Tools 1.52MB
Users 262KB
Windows 797MB

Please advise.

Answer:Vista Recovery Drive D is full popup

Check out if you have the Vista Recovery or Backup program on. This program does a screenshot of your configuration in regular intervals and tends to get pretty big, consuming a lot of space.

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Hello Everyone at Bleeping computer!

I'm new, just saying hello.

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Hello! For a long time I have been unable to use my webcam, itunes, or other programs without having to click through a message saying "Bad Image: odbc32.dll was either not designed to run on windows or..." like 30 times!

I did an sfc /scannow and it found corrupt files on my CBS log, but was unable to fix it. I could not find answers online, so I gave up and re-installed Windows 7 with my disk. NOW I can't download anything, because my Recovery Drive has almost no space... and my computer is alerting me that the space is low.

I had no knowledge of drives or anything prior to this! I did a disk cleanup to remove unnecessary files, but I only have 2 programs on my comp now! I cannot find the thing that is taking up so much space on my E: drive! Can someone please help me? I found other threads where people had a similar problem, but the answers didn't help... Thanks so much! TT_TT

Answer:Re-Installed Windows 7, Recovery Drive is now almost full

Welcome to Windows Seven Forums.

It sounds very much as though you installed Windows to your computer's recovery partition when in fact you should have installed it to the Windows partition.

The recovery partition is typically around 15GB and should only be used to recover your system to it's out-of-box factory state.

Who manufactured your computer?

Did you create a set of recovery discs?

Can you please upload a screenshot of your fully-expanded disk management layout?

Screenshots and Files - Upload and Post in Seven Forums

If your system is truly messed up you can carry out a clean install using your COA product key to activate the system, as this tutorial explains.

Clean Install : Factory COA Activation Key

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I went throught the HD recoevery process so I could sell on a clean laptop to a friend.

The process worked well and I've spent several nights downloading updates etc.

When I look at my C drive it shows a dissapointing 8GB free and 20GB used from a possible 30GB. Data E drive shows 26Gb free.

Any ideas what can be using all that disc space?



Answer:Satellite Pro L40 Recovery - C drive virtually full

You have notebook in front of you and you can check which data are saved on partition C.
How should we know this?

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Hi,  After a couple days of buying my HP Envy (Windows 10) I started to constantly receive alerts that say my recovery drive is almost full. I am not sure what is causing this since it's brand new, and I have not been saving anything to my recovery drive (recycle bin is also empty). I am wondering how to: a) Delete what has been filling up my recovery drive. I am not even sure what the contents are.  b) Prevent my recovery drive from filling up so quickly again   Thanks in advance,R  

Answer:Recovery Drive Full - New HP Envy Windows 10

rm18 If your Recovery drive is showing as having a drive letter, that could be the source of the problem as there may be a default download setting (like in a Browser you are using) that is writing its temp files to that drive, instead of to the OS drive. You need to go into Disk Management to look at the volumes to see if the Recovery volume has a drive letter.  You can get there the following wauys:1) Right click the start button and select Disk Management.2) In the search box type Event Viewer.3) Hold the windows key down (the one with the flag on it) and press R. In the Run Box type Services.msc. IF you see the Recovery volume has a drive letter, then do the following:1) Right-click the volume and select Change drive letter and paths2) Highlight the drive letter and click Remove3) Close Disk Management Since that volume no longer has a drive letter, windows apps can not write to it anymore. But you still need to open your browsers and see where they are writing the download files -- and change that to your OS volume. Good Luck

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 I keep getting the error message that my recovery Drive is full.After turning off the drive protection & clicking on the properties to show hidden files I came up with the follwing. Three folderson Drive D) $RECYCLE.BIN - Empty System Volume Information - Empty RecoveryImage - one file, Install.wim which is 5.58 gb. Is this normal & if not how do I fix this.I checked my other HP desktop & it has alot of smaller files.Have I been hacked? Thanks for taking the time to help Victor

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Hi, Sorry but I have a lot to learn about computers.
I followed the Vista prompts to back-up my computer but didn't have any discs at the time. I told it to back up to the computer. Now my Recovery D: drive only has 2 GB of 9.65GB available. The computer has given me warnings about it almost being full. Any way I can remove this back-up and put it on a Disc instead? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Answer:Accidentally Backed Up To Recovery D: Drive, Now Full

Did you use the built in Vista backup tool? If so, which one did you use - the file backup or the complete PC backup?

Also, please check your PM's for one from me.

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I had to re-install my 'operating system' windows 7 dvd today and as my laptop was completely cleaned up presumed I also had to reinstall my 'drivers and utilities' disc which also came with my laptop. When I inserted the drivers disc there was no instant start up asking me to download to my laptop as there had been with my operating system disc and as there were so many files I had no idea which if any i had to download. So, I went onto the Dell support website and downloaded all drivers recommended for my inspiron 1545 laptop (14 downloads in total). Anyway, as you have probably guessed I have no idea about these things, so do not understand why i was even doing this, i am clueless. So now, (presuming this is the cause), my c recovery hard disk drive is full (3.80MB full of 14.6GB) and i am unable to download anything. Problem is i have no idea what I can keep or delete and i was unable to compress the files or create more c drive disc space through system restore - configure (as advised by another user).

Can anyone please help??? Remember I am a dummy so please explain in plain english!! Thanks in advance

Answer:Hard disk drive recovery c full - help!

Hello niccih and welcome to Seven Forums. First, I'd like for you to double check some info. You state, " c recovery hard disk drive is full (3.80MB full of 14.6GB)..." On most Dell computers the internal hard drive is divided into 3 partitions. One is the recovery partition. This is around 12 - 15GB and contains the exact image of how your computer left the factory. Another partition is usually called Healthy (or perhaps something else that makes no sense) and is 100MB. This is the boot loader partition that lets you start (boot) the computer whenever you hit the power button. And the last partition is called C: NTFS which contains everything else you've put on the hard drive like photos, files, programs, etc.

Did you mean to say your recovery partition is using 3.8GB out of an available 14.6GB? It takes (approximately) 1000MB to equal 1GB. If you only have 3.80MB being used out of 14.6GB there's no way your partition can be full, let alone the entire hard drive. Can you post a snip or screen shot of your disk information? From the start menu type in "disk management" (without the quotes) and then click on create and format hard disk partitions.

You also said you used your 7 dvd to reinstall your operating system and your laptop was completely cleaned. That sounds like you might have erased everything on the hard drive (including the recovery partition.) If that's the case then you should have only 2 partitions: the 100MB boot loader and the C: N... Read more

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About 2 weeks ago I performed a system recovery to my PC to reset my PC to its original factory settings. Hence wiped the PC clean so it's in the same state it was when i first bought it. Now it's informing me that i have low disk space on recovery (d). I opened up the file to see what was on there and there's 2 folders recovery and windows 10 upgrade. (I tried upgrading to Windows 10Recently). What's going on? Thanks.

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my recovery is full and my drive c is low

recovery drive information

windows 78.33%
USER 6.41%
OTHER 2.45%

Answer:FULL disk space in recovery AND drive c is low

Welcome to Seven Forums!

So you want to free up disk space? You did not state much in your post. =)

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Hi. Around 2 months ago I got a virus that ripped my system apart.
I formatted my hard drive(C:\) and reinstalled XP, and all was fine. But as its a Compaq(or HP) the recovery partition drive that holds the system recovery data is still full of virus, 100s of files worth. So anyway I understand that the Recovery Partition will never work again that was fine until I just ran a spyware scan and as it was scanning the small RP drive (H:\) and as it was scanning, my AV started catching all the virus's although the spyware didnt detect them, obviously it opening them awakened them.
When I ask my AV (AVG8) to remove threats, after a couple of seconds it comes up with a long list of 'Threat not removed, Healing not successful'. My system is working fine and I was wondering if it would do any harm to format the RP drive? I also own another AV(Avast4pro),. should I let this program attempt to remove the threats before I go ahead with the format?
I am just presuming that my OS isnt using that drive anymore.

Thanks in advance


Answer:Recovery partition drive full of virus's

have you tried a online scan ie trend micro try google for others if problem persists you can format

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I keep getting an error message stating that I need to free up space on my recovery drive (D).
After looking at contents of the drive I have 3 folders ( & yes I clicked on show hidden files, folders, & drives)
2 folders , $RECYCLE.Bin, & System Volume Information are empty.
The 3rd, Recovery Image folder has one file, which is 5.8 GB
My question is how do I address this problem, & is this normal.
The computer is prone to freeze ups, slow spells, & I've heard this condition can cause problems.
We are talking about a machine with an I-7 chip & 8 gigs of Ram being used for simple task like email, quickbooks, & office tasks, so we are not putting heavy usage on it.
I did create a repair disk but have yet to make the recovery media disk(s) till I get a better understanding of what I'm up against.
Thanks for looking.

Answer:Recovery Drive (D) is full error message

Post your model computer and operating system. It is normal for the hidden system folders to appear empty. Make sure you did not use. add to or change the recovery drive D. That is not to be tampered with or used for backups. It was only for returning to the original factory image.
Open Disk Management to see a visual of the disk partitioning.

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Windows 10The recovery partition/ d rive is 23 GB and has filled up with 20 GB of who knows what - I am getting memory warnings.Plenty of memory on the c drive.363MB is system and reserved,  20GB is 'other' - no details.What is this and how do I get rid of it?

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Hi. Around 2 months ago I got a virus that ripped my system apart.
I formatted my hard drive(C:\) and reinstalled XP, and all was fine. But as its a Compaq(or HP) the recovery partition drive that holds the system recovery data is still full of virus, 100s of files worth. So anyway I understand that the Recovery Partition will never work again that was fine until I just ran a spyware scan and as it was scanning the small RP drive (H:\) and as it was scanning, my AV started catching all the virus's although the spyware didnt detect them, obviously it opening them awakened them.

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Just got a new desktop, HP Pavilion a1740n. Used the Easy transfer program and cable to bring files, settings, etc. from old emachines pc to the new machine, running Vista Home Premuim. Now I'm getting a message every few minutes that the Recovery (D drive is full. Drive (C) has tons of room left, 87% of 291 GB free. However, Drive (D) has 0% of 6.27 GB free. Can't seem to get a read on the space being occupied by (D)'s contents:
1. Recovery last modified 3/17/07 (before I bought this machine)
2. System restore, last modified 5/25/07 (after I bought the machine)
3. Aluria Cache file 7/13/06 (before I bought it)

Using the Disk cleanup I can "use Dsk Cleanup to free 0 bytes of disk space on Recovery (D)" Well obviously that doesn't help. Spoke with someone at HP and he couldn't figure it out.

Couple questions:

A. Is this a concern?
B. What is this drive used for? and if it's full, what will happen when it is needed?
C. If the only part of (D) that has been modified since I bought the computer is the "System Restore" did I import something from the old machine that is too large?
D. If so, what to do?

Many thanks!

Answer:Brand new computer and recovery drive full?

is the D drive another partition?

Most new systems are full of bloatware. Remove it with CCleaner (Free)

turn off system restore when using CCleaner.

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my recovery drive is full i dont know how to clean it pleas help and thanks.

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I have a two year old Satellite Pro L40 which came pre loaded with Vista.

Now having constant problem with "Low Disk Space on Vista drive C".

As there is a data drive E I am baffled as to what to do to use the 26.1 Gb of unused space on the E drive.

As you can probably tell I have very little techno talent so please keep explanations simple

Answer:Satellite Pro L40 - Vista Drive C full data drive E empty


Why you don?t store all you stuff like images, videos, mp3 etc? on the E partition?
I use the C partition (system partition) only for my Windows system, programs, tools and utilities?
All other files (images, videos, mp3, docs, etc?) are stored on second partition.

I recommend doing this as well? you can move some files to E in order to get more free space on C.


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I need to download new Nvidia drivers, and it automatically tries to download in my (OS) C: drive, and the launcher doesn't provide an option (as far as I can tell, even when doing custom installation) to select which drive to install the new drivers -- it just automatically tries to download in the C:, and then fails because of a lack of available volume.

The problem, of course, is that the C: has 116 GB used of a total 118 GB. My D: drive, however, has 670 GB free of a total 930 GB. Each drive is on separate disks (Disk 0 and Disk 1). As the two disks are not parallel, shrinking volume on the D: won't automatically free up space to expand volume on the C:.

How can I keep both drives, and expand the available space in my C: to download the drivers?

Answer:C Drive Full, D Drive Empty, Each on Separate Disks, and Need Space

Device drivers usually cannot be installed on a drive other than the one Windows is installed on. If C: and D: are 2 separate physical drives you can't expand the C: partition. There usually are inaccessible partitions on the boot/system drive that one can't or shouldn't change. I run an ASUS computer with Win10 on a 150GB C: partition on a 1TB drive with the D: partition being about 750GB or the remainder of the only drive in the system. I put all my downloads on the D: partition along with the few large programs I need, right now C: is 91GB full and 56GB available while D: is 170GB full and 610GB available. There's a few 'tricks' one can do to free up space, in Control Panel, Internet Options you can empty the TIF/Temporary Internet Files. Press the Windows key and R then type %temp% and use Ctrl+R to select all the files in that Folder and Delete them, won't get them all but will make some room.

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I was having some issues with my Windows XP SP2 and when I did defender 5 in 1 cleaning all my restore points were deleted, and so I did a full C: drive recovery.Defender 5 in 1 says that there must have been some infected files in the system recovery points and that is why they were removed.
After that I wanted to check my system restore and all I get is a big white square box with the name system recovery at the top. Any ideas?

Answer:Lost System Restore after I did a full C: drive recovery

Not really sure what you are looking to do .. but once the recovery points are gone .. they are gone .. unless you had a backup clone of your drive you are now looking at a fresh new installed system ..with no way to get back ..

Learn by this lesson .. backup before you make changes .. backup when you're not making changes ... and backup frequently in case of disaster .. if you're prepared you'll probably never need the backups .. Murphy's Law!

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I have an HP laptop and windows 7. The recovery d drive is almost full. It is storing program files (86) which consists of an 'Adobe' folder and when I click on that it lists my Adobe CS3 and Adobe bridge etc. a 'recovery' folder and' HP_WSD. dat' and 'HPSF_ Rep' are also listed on the drive.

I have an external drive where I hope I have backed up my files following the back-up procedure. When I look at the is lists 'SHAZ HP', Windowsimagebackup and mediaID.bin

MY 2 QUESTIONS ARE: Can I delete what is on the recovery d drive and do I appear to have backed up properly on the external drive.

any help much appreciated

Answer:Recovery d drive storing program files (86) and is almost full.

Why are you installing programs to D: drive?
& not C: drive.

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I have an HP PC, which came with a manufacturer "recovery" partition as D letter.
everything was OK in Vista, then with Window Seven home upgrade, then Ultimate 64 bit.
After a problem, I reinstalled Seven Ultimate 32 bits (as I use two old applications and founder Virtual machine very slow)
The point is that the partition stayed the same,
- C drive : 917 go, (781 free)
- HP recovery drive D : 13,4 go (1,25 free).

I know the free space on this recovery D is small, but it always have been so, and the content is the same size (manufacturer recovery) - whitout red bar warning.

Now (since my last clean reinstall) Window detect this D (recovery) miss space and give a "red bar" low space warning.

Is that a way i can delete this red bar warning just for the D (recovery) drive, and keep it for the other drives, without changing or disabling this D partition ?

Everything is working fine, just the bar, which is a annoyance.

That surely must be a way as previously (on Vista, Seven home and Seven ultimate 64 bit) this was not such red bar

Thank you in advance !


Answer:How to remove red bar (full drive) for manufacturer recovery partition

You get the red bar when the partition has less than 10% freespace. But in the case of the Recovery Partition, that is really nothing to worry about.

HP always cuts their recovery partitions very short. There are a few possibilities how stuff could have gotten into that partition.

1. Because some files were erroneously placed there. Open the partition and see whether there are any of your files that do not belong there.

2. The partition could be activated for restore points that take space. Check that in elevated Command prompt with this command: vssadmin list shadowstorage

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I have Equium P200D running on Windows Vista, my C drive is full whilst E drive has 60% free.

I gather it is possible to uninstall programs and reinstall from C to E so as to make C drive less full and hopefully ensure computer runs optimally.

I am a complete beginner and have no idea how to do this.
Also, what content on C drive is it essential not to move?

Answer:Equium P200D C drive full, E drive empty. What to do?


Of course you can uninstall the programs and install on E: partition. Why not?

But in your case I would leave the programs on partition C: Why? Well, if you have reinstall Vista you have to install all other programs too. On this way the installed program files will be deleted too and you haven?t to do this yourself.
What you can store on the second partition is your documents. Of course also the pictures, music, videos, etc. For example if you have to reinstall Vista using the HDD recovery option these files will not be deleted. HDD recovery deletes only first partition.

Furthermore you can also reduce the second partition using this guide:

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On a Windows 7 machine, have the OneDrive and Dropbox folders on a separate 150GB hard drive, E:.  When I open Computer, it says my E drive only has 500MB available, when I highlight everything on the E drive (i have hidden files and system files visible)
and do a properties it only adds up to 65GB of data. 
I ran a chkdsk on E and it didn't find any issues.  How can I reclaim my 85GB (150-65) of "lost" space back?  Or how can I figure out what Windows thinks is using it.

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My daughter's PC has an 8.4GB HDD which is almost full, I have bought a 20GB disk, which I have set up as the slave, to replace it, as I want to transfer everything across to that disk. Having studied this forum it seemed that Drive Image 7.0 would be the easiest solution, but I don't seem to be having much success as the PC now won't boot - something to do with the PQRE but it's all a bit beyond me! I have loaded XP PRO on to the new HDD, can I just drag across the programmes that I want and load any programmes that I have the disks for, or is it not that simple? All advice appreciated.

Answer:Best way to copy full hard drive to larger drive?

but I don't seem to be having much success as the PC now won't boot - something to do with the PQRE - Give some more details?can I just drag across the programmes that I want and load any programmes that I have the disks for, or is it not that simple? - you would to reinstall programs.

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Hi All,

I am trying my best to copy all my entire C: pics, files and programs.

I thought it would be easy, map network drive, drag and drop! Bob's your Uncle. But, alas... is wasn't to be.

Can anyone please help? after waiting 24 hours, thinking it was copying all my files... it didn't.



Answer:WD Network Drive copy FULL Local drive?

Are you trying to make a backup that could be restored? You need an imaging application like Acronis True Image if you ever expect the programs to run after they're restored.

What exactly are you trying to do? What is the exact model of the WD disk you're using?

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Hi! my laptop recently erased all of its windows 7 files, I took it too geeksquad and they explained to me that I needed to get the operating system disk and I could install it and everything would be okay. I installed everything properly I thought, but when i tried to install all of my updates again I got that I was very low on space and i couldn't install the updates. I know I have well over enough space on my laptop, I tried to restore to factory settings and that didn't work, and the previous version of windows 7 is still on the computer which is useless. If anyone can help me I will greatly apreciate it. Thanks

Its A Dell Insprion 1440. I would include a picture but it wouldn't let me save it.

Answer:Re-Installed windows 7 home premium, now RECOVERY(C:) drive is full.

It seems that you accidentally installed windows 7 onto your Recovery partition. While not ideal this can be remedied. You could attempt to install Windows again, but this time, delete all partitions and create a new one with the unallocated space and install again. It should be possible to delete the old partition and extend the one you currently have Windows 7 installed to, although I remember that this is usually difficult to do. If you do not wish to reinstall Windows again, I will be asking gregrocker, our resident expert on such matters, to take a look at this thread just in case.

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Greetings. My Tiny has a 128GB SSD. I have not installed any apps yet and already I am receiving a warning saying that drive Q, the recovery partition, only has 774MB of 12.42GB left. Is this a known issue?   Any idea how to remedy this? Thanks!  


Go to Solution.

Answer:Out of the box m72e Tiny shows Lenovo-recovery drive almost full

Where are you gettting this warning message from??  Windows 7 or 8?  Or Lenovo Solution center?? Screenshot??

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I have backed up my data and I want to set my computer back to factory default setting.

I tried to do that by installing from the system CD of Windows 7 that came with the computer when I purchased it onto OS (C: ).

My recovery drive is inaccessible because it is full. It has the capacity of 18.57 GB and has only 179 MB of free space.

When I start my computer, I get a black and white screen saying "Windows Boot Manager" and asked to choose between two Windows 7.

Previously, I installed Windows 8 by accident on Recovery Drive (D: ). I was supposed to install it on C:, but I didn't know the difference. It is since then my Recovery Drive has been always full. I want to fix this. What are my options and how do I do it? Can I create a brand new Recovery Drive again?

Answer:Recovery Drive Full and asked to choose from two Windows 7s at startup

Sorry, I'm new here and not used to how to use this forum.

I edited my question and reposted it to "General Discussion." It's here now:

Thank you so much for your help. I really appreciate it.

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So I will lay out the basics that I know that should enlighten the situation.

I'm currently using a 250GB HDD and it is partitioned into 2 Logic Drives:

C: Local Disk (222GB)
D: Recovery (10.2GB)

I'm using a Home Premium copy of Windows 7 32-Bit OS. So, when I click the Start Menu (Windows Button) and then select "Computer", I can see both of the drives.

The Local Disk (C) drive says "77.7GB free of 222GB"; this changes every so often throughout a daily usage, generally by .5GB - 2GB of used space.

Recovery (D) drive says "5.07MB of 10.2GB"; this is what is prompting the windows messages.

Now what I know:

Your actual physical HDD is split into 2 Logic HDDs, called "Partitioning". Here they are the 2 HDD listed above. The Recovery (D) is used to store your System Image so that you may recover your System to a certain date.

At one point in time this drive was a 25GB and I have no clue what happened; it's possible I might have uninstalled a program with the name "*something* Backup". Anyways, having such low space remaining prompts windows to present messages to alert you.

What I have done:

Windows 7 puts up a little flag that shows you the "Alert Center" in the bottom right corner of the default taskbar. I selected the flag and when to the center and then clicked "Turn of Backup warnings" and that resolved one problem.

Then I went to the Start Menu again and Righ... Read more

Answer:Recovery (D:) Drive prompts "Low Disk Space" Warning. Issue creating Backups.

who makes your machine? i'm guessing they installed software to automatically backup data to this recovery partition. you would have to look up or speak with a support rep about how to create multiple different backups.

what os you running? we may be able to find a different software to accomplish your goal.

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My C drive is almost full which limits what programs I can run. How do I either expand the C drive or move some of its contents?
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro, 64 bit
Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) II X4 640 Processor, AMD64 Family 16 Model 5 Stepping 3
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 5887 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 6150SE nForce 430, 256 Mb
Hard Drives: C: 28 GB (1 GB Free); D: 0 GB (0 GB Free); F: 1385 GB (786 GB Free); G: 11 GB (1 GB Free); H: 298 GB (166 GB Free);
Antivirus: Windows Defender, Enabled and Updated

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I have been plagued with a nearly full hard drive forever on my notebook. I just bought a 16 Gig flash drive ($25 at Meiers!) and am looking for ideas on how this can help.

My biggest hogs are 2 Call of Duty (3-4 Gb, total) games on my C drive which I suppose I could delete and reinstall on the new flash drive.

Any other ideas on how I can use this newly available space?


Answer:30 Gb hard drive 91% full. Can a 16 Gb flash drive help?

Do a little bit of spring cleaning for your hard drive. Try Ccleaner. You might clean 3-5gb of space if its been a long time you last do your computer maintenance.

Also, I wont advice putting long-time running programs on a flash drive. I'd recommend files such as documents, installers, back-ups be put on the flash drive to save disk space.

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I'm in a bind and need help fast, so excuse me if this has been covered before. My gigs are separated into C drive and D drive. The C drive is just a hair away from being full (10 gigs) and I'm getting tons of emergency messages. What do I need to do? Is there a way to combine the two so that I have all 30 gigs in one place? If so, how do I do that? I tried to move the Program Files folder into D drive, but it said that some programs won't work if moved.

Please let me know asap. My computer is super slow now and I'm worried about it crashing on me.

Thanks so much!

Answer:C drive full - need to move stuff to D drive!

Is your D\ drive a recovery partition set by the manufacturer? If it is, you won't be able to use it for that purpose. Try deleting some of the programs you don't use,to free up space. If you're not sure what something is for, just ask. You really should consider a bigger drive. It's not hard to do and they're packaged with a program to move your OS to the new drive. You can also use the old drive for data like documents,MP3s and pix. BTW, when is the last you defragged the drive? That might help speed things up.

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Hope I’m not looking for the impossible.
I want to use full drive capacity in NTFS without reinstalling a bunch of stuff (or anything if I can help it), and without locking myself into some proprietary disk management utility (outside of MS Win itself).

I got the machine described below a couple years ago with WIN XP installed in FAT32 format in the first 31GB of drive space.

ASL Marquis C438-T Pentium IV
Intel P IV Prescott 3.20gHz / Socket478/1MB L2 Cache
2 x 512MB DDR SDRAM 400mHz
Seagate Barracuda 7200.7 #120026AS 120GB SATA150
ASUS V9570/TD GeForce FX5700, 425mhz engine, 256MB DRR,
500 mhz memory, 400 mhz RAMDAC

Originally, the idea was to install another OS in the remaining disk space, but for now I won’t do that (and will buy another disk when I do). My storage requirements have increased, so 32GB won’t cut it. I thought I could reformat to NTFS (did that with convert.exe no problem), extend the existing partition to include most of the rest of the drive, and just use it. However, apparently you can’t extend a system partition, so I’m looking for a solution to make Windows act like I have one 112+/- partition.

So, what I need to know is how to use the remainder of the disk space as storage for data files in such a fashion that Windows thinks everything is still in “Documents and Settings”. How can I get the “Documents and Settings” directory into the remaining 81GB of disk space and have... Read more

Answer:Want to use full drive capacity in NTFS drive

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how can I get rid of the many and I mean many as half the files on my C drive are duplicates without spending money?

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Hi all. New to this site but am hopeful that someone may be able to help. I have a problem. My hard drive(77GB) was nearly full, also my D drive. I noticed this while trying to burn a DVD of a 4wheeling trip. I performed a disc clean and tried to do a de-frag but was told I didn't have enough space to do a correct de-frag. I have deleted everything I could, run virus scan,compressed files ,ect, ect. I have always been very watchful of scheduled tasks and just for the hell of it ,checked disc space. Now all my disc space is gone. Any suggestions? Dell pentium 4 windows XP 2 years old

Thanks in advance

Answer:Hard drive and D drive full un-exceptilly

Is D drive an optical drive (CD-ROM, DVD-RW etc) or a hard drive?

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My friend has a 3 year old labtop that is running Windows XP. His C: hard drive is full but the D: hard drive is practically empty. He runs Quickbooks from his C: drive but it pops up with error warnings that his drive is almost full and he is woried that he won't be able to use it anymore. What do we do?

Answer:Solved: C: drive full but D: drive almost empty

The easiest solution would be to move files to the D: drive - you can move any data to D: as long as they are not program files. For programs you must uninstall on reinstall them on D: drive. An alternative would be to use a third party program to resize the existing partitions to make the C bigger and D smaller - Partitin Magic comes to mind but there a few other programs that do this as well. Some are free but I hvane't tried them, maybe someone else can recommend one of the free ones.

Edit: You can also uninstall any old programs that you don't use, move the swap file to D (Control Panel -> Ssystem -> Advanced -> Perfornmance Settings button -> Advanced -> Click Change and then select No Paging File for the C drive and then set System Managed Size for the D drive) , run Disk Cleanup from Programs -> Accessories -> System Tools, and delete all temporary files.

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Hi I've a Lenovo ideapad 100s my C drive is nearly full and updates can't download I fitted  ssd 120Gb D drive but all updates try to download to my full C drive can I alter this or transfer some date my system reserve takes 25Gb and I only have 3.8Gb spare would really appreciate any help I'm a novice cheers

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Quick background: Received new hard drive. Installed OS (Vista) and drivers. Also installed Firefox, Skype and Adobe. Computer now runs slowly.

I checked the storage on both drives. C has 437 MB of free space of 14.6 and D has 218 GB of 218 GB. I don't remember ever seeing my old hard drive like that. I am computer illiterate so I don't know if it is supposed to be that way or if that may be what's causing it to tun so slow.

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft® Windows Vista™ Home Premium , Service Pack 1, 32 bit
Processor: Celeron(R) Dual-Core CPU T3000 @ 1.80GHz, x64 Family 6 Model 23 Stepping 10
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 985 Mb
Graphics Card: Mobile Intel(R) 4 Series Express Chipset Family, 269 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 14999 MB, Free - 432 MB; D: Total - 223434 MB, Free - 223323 MB;
Motherboard: Dell Inc., 0G848F, , .BXVPWJ1.CN7016698303XR.
Antivirus: None

Answer:C Drive totally full D drive empty

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My hard drive failed last Saturday, reading "operating system not found." BIOS testing resulted in error 10009, replace hard drive. At this point, the drive won't boot, but data can still be read.

I have a new hard drive. The backup disk I made for Vista isn't working.

I thought of borrowing one from a friend, but my OEM key on the bottom has completely worn off. HP says they cannot help and Microsoft wants me to pay for a replacement key. I'd like to avoid that if possible.

Is there any way to use the recovery partition on the old drive to install Vista on the new drive?

My laptop has two hard drive bays, but I only have one caddy, so ideally I'd like to connect it using an enclosure.

Also, I do have access to another computer that I could use as a "go-between" if needed. For example, if it's possible to simply copy and paste the recovery partition files, I could use the enclosure to copy them from the old drive to the working computer, then put the new drive in the enclosure and copy the files onto that.

Any advice appreciated. Thanks.

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Hello People,
A computer of mine failed and I want to reuse its single hard drive as a general purpose drive in another computer. That drive was created with three partitions: Recovery, System, and Windows. The drive is now mounted inside the second computer. (To repeat,
the second computer is configured perfectly normally with its own three-partition drive to boot from.)
The environment is:
Windows 10 Professional Version 1601 (Build 14393) 64-bit
User is an administrator
Hard drive is WDC 320 GB 2.5" attached to an add-in SCSI/SATA adapter card.
Using DiskPart I trivially deleted the System and Windows partitions from the drive I want to reuse.
However, the Recovery partition cannot be deleted. DiskPart (run from an elevated command prompt window) reports that the partition is "Hidden" and does not have a drive letter assigned. After selecting the disk and the partition to establish focus,
when I type "delete partition" I get the following error message:
   Virtual Disk Service error:
   Cannot delete a protected partition without the force protected parameter set.
I do not know what that message means. 
How can I eliminate this 13 GB partition so I can use all of the available space on the hard drive?
Thanks in advance.

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Due to various rement programs and fear of viruses, I would like to wipe clean the "C" drive and restore the system to its original out-of-box settings using either the "D" partition or the system produced recovery disks.

Answer:Clean C Drive & reinstall Vista from Recovery Drive D / Disk

You can use either. Make sure to save any thing of value to you on cds/dvds. Then just follow on screen prompts and that's it.

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My Satellite Pro M40 hard disk has died and I want to install a new drive. Unfortunately my old drive is 60Gig and the Toshiba parts website has only 40 Gig or 80 Gig drives.

Will I encounter any problems with the recovery disc if the hard drive is not exactly the same?

Your advice would be appreciated.


Answer:Satellite Pro M40 hard drive failure - Recovery disc on new drive?

No, there shouldn?t be any problem with the Toshiba recovery CD.

On the recovery CD you will find a Windows OS, Toshiba drivers and utilities and additional software.
These whole applications are packed in image files.

You should only be sure that the HDD is compatible with your notebook and will be recognized in the BIOS.
Then just simply boot from the recovery CD and the installation should start.

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Hello, We have purchased a Lenovo G40 Notebook with Windows 8.1. I have successfully made a Recovery Drive to a USB flash drive, and it does run when accessed from Windows.By this I refer to the procedure which commences with:Pointing your mouse upper right side corner, or lower right side, and accessing the USB device from the:?Use a device? dialog box, by clicking: ?EFI USB Device?.Then the: ?Choose the language? dialog box, is displayed.(If the device is not connected, an error message is instead here displayed!) What I would like to know please, is how I can boot from this USB Recovery Drive in the event that it may not be possible to access it (through the above method) using Windows. I know how to access the "UEFI" (formerly called the BIOS) in order to see the boot order, but can find no method for changing the boot order. When I turn on the notebook with the Recovery Drive attached, the machine ignores it and boots to Windows. How I can boot from the USB Recovery Drive in the event that it may not be possible to access it using Windows? Regards. Robert333 

Answer:How to access Recovery Drive on a USB flash drive if Windows 8.1 should not be accessible?

Hello and welcome,
Are you using the novo button to get to the boot menu?  If you don't see the recovery drive there try turning off secure boot.
If it is shown in the menu can you arrow up or down and select it?

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I just noticed that I am only able to use ~500GB of the 750GB I have on my hard drive. On Disk Management, it says that "System Reserved" takes up 100MB, "RECOVERY" takes up 179.67GB and "C:" takes up 518.87GB.

Answer:Why is my recovery drive taking up 179GB of my 750gb hard drive?

Post a screenshot of Disk Management as described in Disk Management - Post a Screen Capture Image

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Other than TestDisk, what are some other free software downloads that
a person might try to recover data from a formatted drive? The drive was
formatted by accident.

This addresses an issue form one of my previous post but I have not
had any luck with TestDisk.

Thank you,

Answer:Free Drive Recovery programs for accidental drive format.

Please don't post duplicate threads. If your thread is in an inappropriate forum, please report it and a moderator will move it.

Continue the problem resolution here:

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Is it overkill to create both a USB Recovery drive and a bootable flash drive to install Win10?

HP 2000 laptop. Win10 Home (x64). 1.60 GHz AMD E-350. 320 GB HDD. 4/8 GB RAM
I recently revitalized my friends HP 2000 laptop. Win10 Home (x64). 1.60 GHz AMD E-350. 4 GB RAM and it's running very well. I 'm wondering about creating both a USB recovery drive and a Bootable USB Flash Drive to Install Windows 10 per
Create Bootable USB Flash Drive to Install Windows 10 Windows 10 Installation Upgrade Tutorials .
Is that overkill?

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Do I have to purchase the recovery media from Lenovo or is there a download link out here on the Lenovo site?

Answer:Windows 8 Pro Rescue and recovery on a new hard drive(old drive died)

Hopefully, you've already burned a set of DVDs from the recovery partition. Recovery media is not downloadable. If your old HDD died, and you did not burn the DVDs beforehand, you'll have to contact customer support with your model number and serial number to order a set.

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