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Single click to expand folder tree in left pane Vista

Question: Single click to expand folder tree in left pane Vista

I tend to use the left pane in Windows explorer a lot. I have multiple drives/partitions in my desktop as well as a "rack" of external drives that I connect via a USB hub. I spend a lot of time creating, editing, and saving/moving multimedia files.
In XP, all I have to do in the left pane of Windows Explorer is to single click a folder and not only do the contents of that folder display in the right pane, if there are sub folders inside that folder I clicked, all those sub folders will expand for that "level" of the directory tree.
In Vista, that doesn't happen. I need to double click, or look for that silly little triangle and accurately "zero-in"" on it before I can see the sub folders. This is an absolute pain - If I were to design a feature that would really annoy users, this would be on the top of the (my) list.
When I have to use a notebook, this need to zero-in on that tiny little triangle using the touchpad makes the user experience for me even less enjoyable.
Does anybody know of a way to make the Windows Explorer in Vista Home Premium behave the same way as it did in XP?

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Preferred Solution: Single click to expand folder tree in left pane Vista

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Single click to expand folder tree in left pane Vista

The triangle you are referring to is a single click item seen in 7 as well as in Vista. The settings in the menu bar>tools>folder options can be set for open by single or double clicking.

Single Click option

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Hi folks, Explorer.exe problemSearched through the Forum and not found my problem.With Explorer.exe in two pane mode, the Folder tree on the Left and files, folders & applications in Icon mode on the Right.With the tree closed, Single click + to expand to the drives etc., OKDouble click on (C:) or Single click + to expand, Drive (C:) Expands to first level. OKSingle click any folder(x), the folder(x) text highlights then (C:) highlights then the selected folder(x) highlights. Not OKie, the previous folder is re-selected and then the new folder is selected. This selecting back and forth should not happen. However the tree has expanded.Now Double click or Single click + to open this folder(x) or expand to the second tree level. OKSingle click any folder(y), the folder text highlights, then the previous folder(x) is selected and then the selected folder(y) highlights. Not OKOnce again the previous folder is highlighted again before returning to the selected folder.Is this making sense because it's going to get worse, but I will keep it shortNow try collapsing the tree.Single click folder(x), it highlights, then folder(y) highlights, then folder(x) highlights. Not OK.However - folder(x) and the tree collapses and then expands, Folder(y) highlights, then Folder(x) highlights. And the tree is left expanded. Not OKNow Single click - folder(x) and the tree collapses. OKAnd repeating this with Drive (C:) produces the same result.Collapsing to the Desktop is ok..If anyone has managed t... Read more

Answer:Explorer.exe Left Pane Folder Tree

I had a look at your problem just after you posted eary this morning.Was not sure that i understood what is going on.Thought you had got your Windows Explorer.exe confused with internet explorer.exe.I also considered you had poss a bad update of IE5 as it appears to only have one choice in the add/remove programs for it.Considered at some stage you may have had a virus,but you don't mention anything about a virus scan or any error messages.I would suggest that your problem is wide spread through-out your pc and i think you have issues with your registry and corrupt files within the windows installation."I could also be very wrong" You could go for a quick re-install of windows 98 over itself and see if that cures the problem. It may give you a chance to keep all software programs that are installed and running properly,if that be the case.If it was me, i would not hesitate to reformat and do a repeat clean install of windows.Unless someone can come up with a better idea.

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As with prior versions, in [Windows] Explorer's main window, you can enable hovering to select and single clicking to expand the folder (but that is a pain in the rear when working with files). Windows XP folder view nicely allowed single clicking the folder name to expand the folder. Was that removed from Windows 7? Looks like the only way to expand a folder in folder view is to either click on the small plus sign or to double click on the folder name. Or is there a switch somewhere I am missing? Thanks.

Answer:Single click folder name to expand folder in folder view?

It seems that you are talking about the navigation pane (the left pane) in Windows Explorer. Is that correct?
The feature is not present since Windows Vista. When we click on the item, the sub windows will be displayed in the main pane (the right pane). In the navigate pane we can only click the plus button or double-click on the folder to open it. Arthur Xie - MSFT

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Anyone have a trick when you single click a item in the nav pane it will expand the tree in both the main and nav pain? The only option seems to be double click (how quaint) or the triangle (3.1 lives!!). Fyi I'm using server r2 2012/classic shell pounded back into win 7 /rant/ god U SUCK ms the feature would be known as "Run Win 8 with legacy shell" or "one last shop to b-gates from burning in Helll!!!!" /end rant// But anywayyy.. the file explorer is straight out of 8 from what I can see.

Answer:Expand navigation pane tree when clicked?

Hello Scott, and welcome to Eight Forums.

I believe what you are wanting is to turn on expand to current folder.

Navigation Pane "Expand to Current Folder" - On or Off

Hope this helps,

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In former WinXP I could slowly (!) double click on a folder name on the left side of WinExplorer in the tree view. The folder name could then be renamed.

In new Win7 the slow double click trick does not work any more.
Ok, I could select "rename" from the context menu.
However I prefer the slow double click way.

Is there a way to enable this feature in Win7 as well?


Answer:How to rename a folder in WinExps left tree view by slow double click?

Have a read of this Single-Click or Double-Click to Open an Item

It may be a solution if not just press F2 on a folder to rename

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I get the message Windows Explorer has Stopped Working ... Looking for a Solution ... will notify you if a solution is available.

Any ideas

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I have the usual 2 panes when opening Explorer. On the right side of course are all the folders under C: expanded so as to view them. However, on the left side pane, my C: drive folders aren't expanded, it just show C:drive and I have to click on that C:drive to expand the folders each time. How can I open Explorer and have that left side pane with my C:drive already expanded in tree form and not having to click C: to expand it each time?

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I really need a help here. About two days ago I was trying to improve the speed of my system. I think I have delete an important file. My curent problem is that
1) When I rightclick a desktop icons I only get an hour glass, the system stops responding to any thing. The only way out of it it to either log off or shut down and restart.
2) When I open the recycle bin though it appears full on the desktop icon I could not see any item on it.
3) If I try do delete, move this folder or any of the command on the left file/folder task pane I only get hour glass. The only way out of it is ctrl+alt+del, task manager (program not responding) end task.
However, this problems do not occur on Internet Exp. pages
The following is my system info:-
OS Name Microsoft Windows XP Professional
Version 5.1.2600 Service Pack 2 Build 2600
OS Manufacturer Microsoft Corporation
System Name XP
System Manufacturer TOSHIBA
System Model S1800-752S
System Type X86-based PC
Processor x86 Family 6 Model 8 Stepping 10 GenuineIntel ~1095 Mhz
BIOS Version/Date TOSHIBA Version 1.80, 20/02/2002
SMBIOS Version 2.3
Windows Directory C:\WINDOWS
System Directory C:\WINDOWS\system32
Boot Device \Device\HarddiskVolume1
Locale United Kingdom
Hardware Abstraction Layer Version = "5.1.2600.2180 (xpsp_sp2_rtm.040803-2158)"
User Name XP\X P
Time Zone GMT Daylight Time
Total Physical Memory 512.00 MB
Available Physical Memory 157.23 MB
Total Virtual Memory 2.00 GB
Available Virtual Memory 1.96 GB
Page File Space... Read more

Answer:right click desktop icon, recycle bin, left file/folder task pane not responding

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I am sure that the left pane when exploring My Computer showed tree lines to indicate the relationship between folders and sub folders. However mine seems to have disappeared, perhaps someone knows how I may restore it.thanks in advance

Answer:Tree in left pane of MY COMPUTER has disappeared

I take it your on XP. Open My Computer, go to view > explorer bar > foldersHope this helps :)

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My pc motherboard was replaced a couple of weeks ago and when the engineer reinstalled windows me the left side of the explorer window remained greyed out.(It will show history and favourites, search, etc when selected).Although its only niggly I would prefer to see the folders on the left and the contents of these folders in the right pane.I have tried changing folder options to reflect the other pc I have access to but this has not resolved the problem.I don't want to reinstall windows with my original copy as I beleive it will uninstall all the hours of windows updated that I have done since.Has anyone got any ideas? Thanks

Answer:Explorer not showing me the left hand tree pane

If you are running XP there should be a button labelled "Folders" to the right of the "Search" button at the top of the window (when "viewed as a web page") Click this and the panel should appear with the folders in it.

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Hi Guys!
Sorry if this was posted already, really busy!

Well this is my problem...i have a couple of pcs with windows xp, and i want to disable the windows explorer view, like explore all users by right clicking on the start menu orb. Or simply as when opening the file explorer, never having the left pane with the file list tree, so that no program can activate this view...

I have older people working in this company and sometimes they just dont let go of the left click on the mouse, making them moving files they are not supposed to.

We use a access database that views its contents (like docs,pics,gifs) always with this left pane with tree listing of all the folders...

I would be gratefull for this solution...

Answer:Disable Explorer Left Pane Tree View

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How do I change from a double left click to open files or Icons to a single left click?

Answer:Changing from double left click to open files to a single left click

control panel>folder options

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Is there a way to configure the Vista Explorer (i.e. file explorer) so that
when I single-click a folder in the navigation pane (left-most folder tree)
it automatically expands one level down? This is the normal behaviour in Win
XP but not in Vista.
As it is configured now I have to click the little triangle to the left of
the folder in order for the folder to expand.
Best regards

Answer:Expand folders on single-click

Hmm ... Dont think so ...
Actually Vista has given both these options: click on the folder to open it;
click on the triangle to expand it ;-)

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I want to be able to hover over folders in my navigation pane and have them expand and then expand again in order that I can drag and drop files into the correct folders. How do I do this? Currently nothing happens when I hover.

Answer:How do I turn on the Folder tree in the navigation pane?

control panel > file options (folder options)

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Hi all,

I'm using Classic Theme, and in Windows Explorer, when I mouseover in the left-hand pane (Navigation), the plus signs (to expand folders) appear/disappear. They only stay displayed if I have a folder highlighted on the left. As soon as I select anything in the right-hand pane, the plus signs disappear again.

Does anyone know a way to display them permanantly?



PS Apologies if this has been asked already. I searched, but couldn't find anything.

Answer:Show Navigation Pane> Expand Folder? (+ sign)

Welcome to Seven Forums Mac.

The arrows/+ signs should show up when you move the mouse over the navigation pane. When you move the mouse over the right pane, they disappear. I guess the idea is that if the mouse isn't nearby they aren't of much use. Sorry, but I don't know of a way to change the behavior.


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When I open a folder using the tree in the left pane the position of the selected folder change.
It's like the layout of the tree pane is not working fine.
Maybe they autoscroll in order to display all the child's folders but I don't like this.
When the folder i want to open is in the middle of the pane (vertically)
it moves often to the bottom and i can't even see the child's folder, and some time it move the opened folder to the top of the pane

I just would like to have the thing working as it's in XP. When we open a folder, this one don't move and the children appears under this one.

Do you understand the issue?

Answer:bad scroll on folder tree pane (in windows explorer)

Yes, this is one of those "WTF were they thinking" mistakes in the W7 file explorer

I can't understand why in the world they would scroll the left pane DOWN to hide exactly the very thing you are trying to look at :/ It should scroll up to either the top (if the child folder list is long) or up just far enough to show the entire child folder list.

I do not know of any way to fix it, it's a built in behavior of explorer which would have to be fixed by MS themselves...

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Often, but not always, the navigation pane in file explorer makes quick up/down motions and in doing so collapses the folder tree in the Library section. As a result I cannot navigate in the left panel (navigation pane) of file explorer as I am not quick enough the click on a sub-folder before the tree collapses. I have the same problem when navigating an "open file" dialogue box which can make opening a file impossible. This happens mostly when disk activity is high such as when search is indexing or my virus scanner is doing its thing. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am using a desk top machine.

Answer:Navigation pane jumps and folder tree collapses

Hello rungek, and welcome to Eight Forums.

Turning off "expand to current folder" in the navigation pane should sort that for you.

Navigation Pane "Expand to Current Folder" - On or Off

Hope this helps,

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R51 Xp Pro The original IBM Rapid Restore Ultra utility created a System folder, "Single File Restore' - listed under My Computer.  TV System Update replaced that utility with TV R&R, but did not remove that System Folder, nor the 2 IBM RRU backup files inside.  Since TV R&R is not compatible with IBM RRU, I could not use it to remove the 2 backup files.  I tried to delete the folder, but its System folder status did not allow this. I used Disk Management to delete the Service partition and that got rid of most of the content in the files, but the folder and file tree remains. How do I go about removing that folder and file tree?

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When I clicked on a folder in documents, all the folders above were highlighted. When I double clicked a folder, all folders above opened in separate windows.

Answer:single left click highlights everything above the click

try new mouse.

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If the mouse pointer is on the left pane, a right click causes windows explorer restart. Otherwise, no problem.

Answer:right click on left pane causes windows explorer restart

Left pane of what?

Do a full scan with Malwarebytes | Free Anti-Malware & Internet Security Software and SUPERAntiSpyware - Downloads, followed by SFC /SCANNOW Command - System File Checker

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My computer has been having some problems lately and I really do not know what is going on.

I'm running a 2008 Toshiba laptop and about a month ago I started noticing that my cursor would randomly turn into a rainbow? this was the first problem I couldn't figure out, even going through forums and forums. Then I started noticing that every other website was being redirected to random spyware websites, even in the middle of viewing a website for over 3-4 minutes it could just randomly redirect me.

Finally, the most annoying thing of all has happened and I can't find ANYTHING about it; when I plug in my mouse everything works fine, but then i notice if i left click it'll open the property pane and also create a highlighted box.. basically any time i click anything, it acts as if i'm pressing the right click 5 times for every left click. This makes it very very difficult to click on links, play games, or virtually use my lap top at all. I have noticed something though, I swapped out my mouse for another and still had the same problem, BUT my touchpad doesn't have any of the problems above?? is it the driver for my USB mouse malfunctioning?
If you want the shorter version of that: My mouse changes into a rainbow randomly, i'm constantly redirected to websites for no reason, and my mouse will not stop spamming right click even when I left click but my touchpad doesn't have problems.

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Good night,

Is there any way I can disable Explorer's navigation pane for just a single folder when I open it from a desktop shortcut?

Thank you very much.

Answer:Disabling Navigation Pane for Single Folder

Hello Miguel, and welcome to Seven Forums.

Sorry, but the navigation pan can only be turned on or off for all folders in Windows Explorer.

You might see if using either option below may be able to help using the navigation pane eaier to use if that is the issue.

Navigation Pane - Show All Folders


Navigation Pane - Automatically expand to current folder

Hope this may help,

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This is driving me nuts, the left pane items auto expand randomly to show all the drivers in Computer for example.

I then collapse them again, but after a while they expand again.

How can I stop them from ever expanding?

I'm not sure what's causing this as on a fresh install this doesn't happen, I have a feeling when I install qBittorrent, after a file is downloaded for example and I double click on it to show it in its downloaded folder, that's when the left pane items auto expand

Answer:How to stop left pane folder from expanding?

Hello Phoenix,

It sounds like you're wanting to turn off "Expand to current folder" in the navigation pane.

Turn On or Off Navigation Pane Expand to Open Folder in Windows 10 Customization Tutorials

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I can get Windows Explorer to open to a specific folder in the Right Pane, but it only shows the "Computer" or "C:" level in the Left pane. I have tried pinning the folder to "Start", and have also tried various switches (n, e, select) as the target in Explorer.

Attached is an example where a shortcut in Start opens TechInfo in the right panel, but not the left.

Is there any way to open the folder in the left pane also? It's a minor issue, but a pain!


Answer:Open explorer to folder in Left Pane

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i love the new left side pane in folder view, but i cannot seem to get it to show 'Desktop'

id like to place it where the red line is

[also, can you change the icons for 'libraries' ]

Answer:Customize the left hand folder pane?

Hi al4x,

The closest I got with adding the desktop icon to the side pane is you can add the desktop Icon by clicking the Favorites arrow.(it might be already there). If you don't have any favorites or the arrow is not there you can add the Desktop Icon to it by Clicking and holding the icon and drag it to the favorites tab..

I have not been able to figure out if you can just add an icon anywhere in the side pane my guess in no..

And I have not found a way to change the icons for the libraries..(I don't think you can)

Hope this Helps..

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I just noticed Win Explorer does not refresh the right pane as I navigate up/down a list of folders via arrow keys in the left pane. It used to make rapid visual read of folder contents possible. Can that feature be switched back on?

I've seen this reported elsewhere few years ago but I cannot find it on this site.

Answer:Windows Explorer right pane does not match left folder

Hello Nick,

Do you mean to have the navigation pane automatically expand to the current folder?

Navigation Pane - Automatically expand to current folder

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I just noticed Win Explorer does not refresh the right pane as I navigate up/down a list of folders via arrow keys in the left pane. It used to make rapid visual read of folder contents possible. Can that feature be switched back on?

I've seen this reported elsewhere few years ago but I cannot find it on this site.

Answer:Windows Explorer right pane does not match left folder

Not sure if that's possible. Use the up or down button until you have highlighted the one you want. Then press Enter or Space to update the pane to the right. You use the left and right buttons to collapse/expand sub folders.

I find Space the best and fastest option since you use both hands. One to navigate and the other to refresh the right pane.

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I lost the ability of viewing jpegs (though bitymaps show ok) in the left pane of a folder using 2000Pro.

Any ideas?

Answer:Can't view jpeg's in left pane of a folder running 2k

take a look here...

also make sure there is an application associated with jpegs.

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I came up to a problem that I cannot solve. Using the Explorer (not IE but the plain explorer to organize folders and files) I cannot change the behaviour of an Active Desktop like in WinXP or others.

I am very used to this procedure: single click = mark an object / doubleclick = execute an object.

Unfortunately, the Explorer just uses the option single click = execute. I remembered the option in XP/Vista, that you can go to Extras -> folder options -> Select Elements and tick a radio button for the Active Desktop method or the classic method (execute via doubleclick). Just as described in the tutorial "Single-Click or Double-Click to Open an Item" within this forum.

I tried this, and now I'm getting nuts: The radio button is already put on the classic mode (execute by doubleclick, select by single click). The other option is grey, i.e. it cannot be selected.

I guess, there's some tick wrong in the registry or else, but I cannot find out which. Does anyone has an idea what can be done?

Answer:folder options / single-click or double-click

The checkbox/radio button option is under the View tab in the same dialog.

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Had a Security Shield Rogue infection and a couple of others that were finally removed by MBAM and Norton AV, but there's other issues remaining. I can't start apps from icons on the desktop or from Start/Programs.
Quick launch functions do NOT work with single left mouse click. Short cuts on the desktop or anywhere else do NOT work. Something has been changed registry wise, but don't know where to look for setting. I'm unabile to start up apps from Start/ any apps listed or to start any apps from the Start/All Programs with a left mouse click. If I right mouse on icon and select Open, I can start the application. IE works from the desktop, but not other application shortcuts. Any ideas as to what registry settings were changed to cause this?

Answer:left single mouse click won't starts apps

DownloadexehelperDouble-click on to run the fix.A black window should pop up, press any key to close once the fix is completed. DownloadaswMBRLaunch it, allow it to download latest Avast! virus definitionsClick the "Scan" button to start scan.After scan finishes,click on Save logPost the log results hereALso can you post your MBAM logs.

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This one is getting really annoying. I have noticed that sometimes when using Windows Explorer, if I rename a folder, the right hand pane shows the correct (new) folder name, but the left hand pane still displays the old folder name.

As a matter of fact, even if I right click on the folder name on the left hand pane, and choose "Rename", and then rename it there, when I hit Enter to save the name change, the folder name on the left (that was just highlighted and changed) will revert back to the original name....but the name in the right hand pane will show the change.

For some reason, it just doesn't seem to want to update the view in the left hand pane. And then, to top it off, after some undetermined amount of time, the left hand pane will "refresh" to show the new folder name, but it will STILL show the old folder in the list as well. If I right-click the parent folder and choose "Open in New Window", the view is correct, but the original window still shows the old folder names.

This may only happen after my Explorer windows (I usually have 4 or 5 up) have been open for a long time, as I tried to reproduce with new windows and the behavior is normal (left hand pane updates view immediately).

I've reported it already, but just curious if anyone else has experienced this odd behavior.

Answer:Windows Explorer left-pane not showing changes to folder names

Hi CorrsFan

I think this is just a part of it being a Beta still. I have tried to delete the HomeGroup section, and while it goes for awhile as soon as it refreshes it's back. Just like some sections of the Registry is locked out and some permissions can't be changed, these things will all be sorted out by RC1. Renaming any system item is locked down in the registry and Left (Navigation) Pane items seem to be a part of this lockout.

Make sure to send MS Feedback on this so they know what works and doesn't.

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Issue 1: When I vertical scroll in a web page (Chrome & MSIE) by dragging TrackPoint (stick) while holding down left UltraNav button, the cursor moves but the web page fails to scroll, or demonstrates scroll latency of about .5 to 1 second behind the stick movement.  Sometimes, I have to try a couple times to get the scrolling to occur. Issue 2: Very often I must double click on UI buttons and web page links with the UltraNav button, when I should, traditionally, only have to click once. Received the T510 about 7 days ago.  i5, Win7 64bit, integrated graphics.  I've disabled all eye candy and set theme to classic.  Updated to latest available UltraNav and display driver.  I've tried just about every adjustment in the mouse and UltraNav settings, going as far as disabling the touchpad and touchpad filters. Synaptics driver info:Driver provider: SynapticsDriver date: 3/24/2011Driver version: from: 6hgx37ww  This is truly annoying and I'm about to return this laptop.  I hate to resort to that.  Any help is greatly appreciated.  I've used a T43 and T61 for the last 7 years at work and never had this issue.  I love T-model Thinkpads, but this is a poor experience.

Answer:T510: TrackPoint scrolling hesitates and left single click often ignored

1. Does vertical scroll work elsewhere? Like in Adobe Reader or a long Wordpad document?2. Same here; do clicks work elsewhere?I've only seen the delay when my CPU is being maxed out and SynTPEnh.exe doesn't intercept the middle-drag in time.

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Win10 V.1511 and V.1607.
Example TaskBar Button - File Explorer

If you open an instance of File Explorer, then click the task bar button again, File explorer window minimizes. If you right click, a popup opens with Pinned, Frequent, and File Explorer. If you click on File Explorer, another instance of Explorer will open.

If you open an instance of File Explorer and then, hold down the "Shift" key and left click the File Explorer TaskBar button again, another instance of file explorer will open.

This works with most any application that can run in multiple instances. At some time in the past (i.e. probably Win7 era) I found a way to make individual Task bar buttons work as if the shift key was pressed (i.e. each Left Click would always open another instance of the app). After upgrading to Win10 and subsequently after loading the anniversary updates, I managed to lose that function. Since I've slept once or twice since setting this up, I no longer remember how I did it.

So to my question, Does anyone know of a setting or registry hack that will make a taskbar button function as if the shift key is pressed when it is left clicked?

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Win10 V.1511 and V.1607.
Example TaskBar Button - File Explorer

If you open an instance of File Explorer, then click the task bar button again, File explorer window minimizes. If you right click, a popup opens with Pinned, Frequent, and File Explorer. If you click on File Explorer, another instance of Explorer will open.

If you open an instance of File Explorer and then, hold down the "Shift" key and left click the File Explorer TaskBar button again, another instance of file explorer will open.

This works with most any application that can run in multiple instances. At some time in the past (i.e. probably Win7 era) I found a way to make individual Task bar buttons work as if the shift key was pressed (i.e. each Left Click would always open another instance of the app). After upgrading to Win10 and subsequently after loading the anniversary updates, I managed to lose that function. Since I've slept once or twice since setting this up, I no longer remember how I did it.

So to my question, Does anyone know of a setting or registry hack that will make a taskbar button function as if the shift key is pressed when it is left clicked?

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Personal folders fonts are too small to read easily. How are they made bigger?

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I have several folder trees each containing many sub-folders, say A, B, C, D and so on. The names of the sub-folders are mostly the same between the various folder trees, although there could be an X, Y, Z in one folder tree and not in others, or only 20 sub-folders in one folder tree and 40 in another.

Each sub-folder contains many files, most of which are the same as those in other sub-folders of the same name. For example, folder A in one tree may have 50 files, 40 of which are the same as sub-folder A located in another folder tree.

What I am trying to achieve is a single 'master' folder tree containing all of the sub-folders in each of the existing folder trees, each sub-folder containing all of the files in all of the sub-folders of that name, without any sub-folders or files in each sub-folder duplicated.

I can achieve exactly this by manually moving files to the corresponding sub-folder in the 'master' folder tree, clicking 'move and replace' and ticking 'do this for the next x conflicts', but it is tedious and very time consuming.

Thank you in anticipation that someone will know how to automate this otherwise laborious process.

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I have several sets of folder trees, each with multiple sub-folders, each sub-folder containing multiple files. I would like to merge all of this into a single folder tree, retaining the same sub-folder structure and each sub-folder containing a single set of files, eliminating all of the inevitable duplicates that will arise from the merging.

Doing this manually with Windows Explorer is both tedious and time consuming. I have to select all of the files in one of the sub-folders, then drag the selection to the corresponding sub-folder in the main folder tree, choose 'move and replace' and tick 'do the same for the next x conflicts' and repeat this process for each of the many sub-folders.

Although I did an online search before posting this plea for help, I have only seen utilities that will merge all files in multiple folders into a single folder, I have not seen a utility that will do what I need.

I'm hoping that someone will know of a utility that will save me doing this manually for the next many years!

Thank you in anticipation.


Answer:[SOLVED] Merging multiple files in multiple sub-folders into a single folder tree

I would really look into Robocopy from microsoft. It's a pretty simple yet very powerful tool for copying files, mirroring directories, and many other file tasks. Here is a small tutorial outlining some of the cool things you can do. If you'd rather have a GUI, look at Robocopy GUI.

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Thank you in anticipation of your help. This issue is driving me crazy

Answer:Left click on any folder pops up windows to send the folder and its contents to the recycle bin


Before we begin, I want you to have this in mind:

At the top of your post, please click on the "Watch thread" button and make sure to check Watch this thread...and receive email notifications. This will send an email to you as soon as I reply to your topic, allowing me to solve your problem faster.
Please do not install any new software during the cleaning process other than the tools I provide for you. This can hinder the cleaning process. Please do not perform System Restore or any other restore.
Instructions I give to you are very simple and made for complete beginner to follow. That's why you need to read through my instructions carefully and completely before executing them.
Please do not run any tools other than the ones I ask you to, when I ask you to. Some of these tools can be very dangerous if used improperly. Also, if you use a tool that I have not requested you use, it can cause false positives, thereby delaying the complete cleaning of your machine.

All tools we use here are completely clean and do not contain any malware. If your antivirus detects them as malicious, please disable your antivirus and then continue.
If during the process you run across anything that is not in my instructions, please stop and ask. If any tool is running too much time (few hours), please stop and inform me.
I visit forum several times at day, making sure to respond to everyone's topic as fast as possible. But bear in mind that I have private life like ever... Read more

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I'm referring to the "tree" I get when I right click My Computer and then click Explorer. Is there any way to expand it so the whole tree is displayed without the need to scroll?

Thanks, grandpaw

I have Windows XP Home

Answer:Solved: Expand Explore Tree

I'm guessing you mean to widen the tree pane?
Place the Mouse on the divider (outlined in red in the screenshot below) between the panes. When it changes to the horizontal dual head arrow click and drag the divider to resize.


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When I single click on any file or folder in my computer , it starts deleting itself.

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Hi Everyone,

After reading through the posts, my problem seems so minor. But to me, it's extremely annoying!

A search didn't list my problem.

My folder setting (Open each folder in the same window) doesn't seem to work anymore. No matter how often I make the setting, clicking on a sub-folder opens that sub-folder in a new window. If I go back to the Folder Options window, it shows that the same window option has been chosen. I have no idea what I might have done to cause the changed behavior.

And yes, in the View tab of Folder Options, I did choose Apply to all Folders.

Can someone please tell me what I can do to get a folder to open in the same window?


Answer:Folder setting (single click) won't hold

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If you go four levels down:

C: \ 1 \ 2 \ 3 \ 4 . . . and right-click on 4 to make a: New / Folder . . .

. . . if there are a lot of folders in the right hand pane,
and your mouse is hovering over one of them, after you click on the word "Folder,"
it doesn't do the expected action, to give "New folder" a name, instead,
whatever folder you were hovering over in the right hand pane,
it puts the focus on that, and leaves you with a folder called "New Folder."
You have to then go back, right-click on "New Folder," and rename it.
Alternatively, if you quickly move the mouse, and hover in the left hand pane after clicking on the word "Folder," it behaves as expected, and waits for you to give "New Folder" a name.

It seems to me like the default action should be to leave the focus on, first, giving "New Folder" a name, regardless of where the mouse is.

I see that it acts this way, because in:
Control Panel / Folder Options / General tab / Click items as follows /
I have it set to: Single-click to open an item (point to select), and Underline icon titles only when I point at them
If I have it set to Double-click to open an item (single-click to select), it behaves as expected - but I like Single-click

I think there should be an exception for this, when making a New Folder with Single-click

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I am just trying to get to grips with Windows 8 and would appreciate a little help. I like my folders and files to open with one click and have done for many years. I cannot seem to find the way with this new system. Can someone put me right please?
Also I have purchased an office package, (Office 2007-it is enough for me) and there are about six icons on the start screen with it. Is is possible to create on folder that I can put all the parts in? Some bits such as Access I will rarely use and would like to put them out of the way.

Answer:Single click files and start screen folder

Open control panel, select Large Icons under View by (top right). Select Folder Options, under the General tab dot the button for Single- click to open.... then apply then OK.
As for the tiles in the start screen, right click a tile not required, select 'unpin from start' at the bottom. To get a tile back to the start screen, right click a blank space then select 'all apps' at the bottom. In the 'all apps' screen right click a tile and select 'pin to start'.

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I seem to be stuck in single-click mode in Windows XP. I went into Folder Options to change back to double-click mode, but Double-click mode is already selected.

Tried changing the options and changing back, then restarting; nothing.

Anybody know of a fix?

Answer:Stuck in single-click mode; Folder Options not helping

Hi and welcome to TSG,

Did you try clicking on "restore defaults"?

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Ive been using Vista quite a lot recently and really appreciate the feature of adding the current folder directory in the address bar. Is there any way of doing something similar with XP? I currently use the tree in the 'Folders' explorer bar but I have many folders with very similar contents (web design) and it would be really useful to be able to check that im looking at the folder I want to by using the Vista style address bar tree.

cheers in advance for any ideas.

Answer:Vista style folder tree in address bar? or other place?

Control Panel | Folder Options
View Tab
check Display the full path in the address bar

You can't click on "upstream" folders like you can in Vista, but it does show where you are.



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Hi to all, i have a laptop running Windows 7 Professional. The problem is strange and havent had it on any other Windows 7 machine.

If i click the folder icon on the bottom tool bar (windows explorer) then in the left hand pane expand the C drive then right click on any folder it instantly displays a dialog saying Explorer has experienced a problem and needs to close, windows is
looking for a fix for this problem (cant remember exact wording) then Explorer.exe restarts. This happens on the local C drive and Network drives. 
I though it could be a permissions problem so have taken ownership of all files & folders on the C drive which made no difference, i have removed the laptop from our server / domain and it is still the same / no change.
Can anyone shed any light on this problem or offer any ideas on fixing it? the laptop is only a few months old and is i5 / 4GB RAM Dell machine running Windows 7 Pro SP1 office 2003 Pro, checked for virus & adware & all clean.

Answer:Explorer.exe crashes when righ click on item in left pane on windows explorer nothing in system logs, explorer.exe restarts.

The faulting module (Fault Module Name: SHELL32.dll) shell32.dll is a Windows system file however the file that is actually causing the crash may be a third party file which from the symptoms
may be a third party context menu handler.
The following link has some info and a download to ShellExView which you can use to selectively disable third party context menu handlers to find out a problematic one:
You could try disabling all non-Microsoft context menu handlers and then, if the problem resolves, re-enable them one at a time to see which one was the problem.
BTW, the error should be logged in the Event Viewer Application log as a Application Error involving explorer.exe

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Question: File Tree Pane

The latest PCA says (on page 98) "Right-click a folder, choose Create Shortcut and then specify any attributes you find helpful such as displaying the file tree pane."I've wanted to do this for ages. I found an article on the MS site but it doesn't mention this specific task.Can anyone tell me how to do this? I guess it's a switch after the command line but what is the switch?

Answer:File Tree Pane

Windows Explorer SwitchesWindows Explorer switches are useful in creating rooted folders:Explorer [/e,][/root,<object>,] [[<folder>]| [/select, <sub object>]]/e Use Explorer view (scope and results pane view). The default is open view (results in pane view only).For example this line in the shortcut properties target:C:\WINDOWS\EXPLORER.EXE "C:\My Documents\Page Plus", /eWill open Windows Explorer with the folders (scope) and files (results), showing my Page Plus folder.

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is this possible?
I currently have things like Favourites, Libraries, and Homegroup (all of which I don't care for). Not sure what that folder pane is actually called, so not sure what to search for.
I just want an expanded folder tree of My Computer.

Any suggestions?

Favorites - Add or Remove from Navigation Pane for Favourites apparently. still not sure about libraries or homegroup]
[another edit:
Libraries Folder - Add or Remove from Navigation Pane
for Libraries
ok, at least it's searchable now that I know it's called navigation pane]

Answer:Change/remove entries in "Folder view" pane (left side of Explorer)

I'm not sure why one would do this. Right click on what ever you don't want and select delete. Be very sure you want to do this. Those things do no harm being there.

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After re-install of Win7 Ult my mouse acts as though single click is selected. When I go to Tools>Folder Options double click is selected and single click is grayed out. I'm hoping to find a registry hack to overcome this problem. I am open to any and all suggestions. I really do not like single click.

By the way I have tried multiple mice with the same results

Answer:Cannot choose single/double click in explorer->tools->folder options

This should be the appropriate setting ... double click is selected by default, but you can change it to single click.

What you are facing might ve due to some system file violations. There are few tricks of solve it.

At first try SFC /SCANNOW Command - System File Checker .

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I have a strange problem. explorer won't open folders when I double click on them. My media player starts instead, even if there is no media inside the folder. To get into a folder, I have to left click and choose "open". Then explorer goes into the folder and displays the files.

I have directory opus installed, and it works fine except when I try to open a folder on my desktop, then the same behaviour as above occurs.

Any thoughts? thanks for reading.

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Since the day before yesterday, I have been having a problem where my mouse double-clicks when I single-click. This happens sometimes when I open a program (I ended up opening a Firefox window with a session restore that I wanted as well as a second blank window. I didn't minimize the session restore one, so when I clicked the X on the blank window it closed both and I lost the session restore links since it closed both windows). When I right click to open a link in another tab, it sometimes opens the site in two tabs. When I click on the google window or the address window, all of the text is highlighted for replacement as if I clicked on the text twice.

I've only noticed this in XP, although I have only done a little work in Word over the last couple days.

I've looked in google and found a couple links that say it is a hardware related program (the mouse is a Logitech MX110 and I can't find it listed at their site for a driver). That is possible, but it has been very sudden AND it seemed to start after XP's latest auto-update (I really should update my OS to one of the professional ones because I've been complaining for years about XP Home's auto-update and reboot).

Is it possible that the latest XP update could have done something to the mouse driver? I should add that I think I'm still using the old Intelipoint driver with the Logitech mouse because I heard that the Logitech drivers were buggy.

Should I try updating the Intellip... Read more

Answer:mouse double-clicking when I single-click (left and right clicking)

It is likely a problem with the mouse itself. I have experienced the same issue and there are numerous reports of this problem ... and I include a link to one of them for your interest and amusement:

The problematic behaviour may come and go: In my own case, my problematic Logitech mouse has been behaving itself recently. I have not been able to find any reason for the variation in its behaviour from time to time. When it plays up, I simply resort to using another mouse for awhile.

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I have what seems to be an odd problem. I have a short cut to open the D: drive on my desktop. When I left double click it nothing happens. The D: drive is the "My Documents" folder. I redirected this folder from its location on the C: drive to the D: drive. I can open it by right clicking and selecting "OPEN". All other shortcuts work normally including short cuts to other drives (E:,F:, etc.). Also when left double clicking on the D: drive from within the "My Computer" folder it opens normally. Does anyone know what's wrong here?

Answer:Folder short cut on desktop won't open with left click

The best think to do, since it is a short cut, delete it and redefine it.

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Hi all,
This might be a really dumb question, but in Windows 7 (Home Premium, no 3rd-party modifications), is there an easy way to get the tree pane on the left of an Explorer window to update to the current folder location?

For instance, if I navigate through folders using the folder icons on the right and the address bar at the top, the tree pane on the left still only shows the roots of each of the system's drives. How can I get the tree pane to expand to show my current location, without having to drill down through the tree manually, one level at a time?

Thanks for any help.

Answer:Getting tree pane in Explorer to update automatically?

it's quite simple, fortunately.

hit the 'Alt' button in windows explorer, this will make a menu bar appear - then press tools >> folder options

now tick the bottom box

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Good day Ladies and Gentlemen,
Possibly you can assist in an issue I created by carelessness. On Computer Display I had at the top Favorites \ Downloads \ Something Else. This is from a fairly new installation Windows 7 Ultimate 64- Bit. What ever was at the top of the right tree pane was the way it installed. Well I somehow deleted Download and the next lower item. I don't remember what it was as I have not yet used it. There was a space and then Libraries.
I wish to get it back to the way it was originally installed. I just made a Downloads New Folder and put it there and it did not work correctly. Can any please assist?
Thanks for any assistance.

Answer:Messed Up Locations of tree pane in Computer

Hi glennc and Welcome,

If you navigate to your Downloads location you can drag and drop the folder into the side Menu.
I've attached a screen print of mine to check that we're on the same page here. My only Customization is my Resources Drive. In case I'm not understanding you, please post a screen print.


EDIT: The default download location is %userprofile%\Downloads You can just past that into your Address Bar and press ENTER to check that it exists.

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I have just purchased a Satellite Pro A300 and downgraded it to Windows XP SP3.

When I left-click any folder icon on my hard drive I get the 'Windows Search' window displayed instead of opening the folder. When I right-click any folder icon, the first item in the menu (bolded) is 'Search'.

How can I change the order of these menu items so as 'Open' is the first item?

Can I remove (Control Panel-Add or Remove Programs) the Windows Search facility without affecting any software I have loaded?

Is having the Windows Search facility installed the likely cause of my problem?



Answer:Satellite Pro A300 - I get the "Windows search" if I left click any folder

Have just solved my own problem:

1. The order of items in the shortcut menu for Folders can be changed by updating the actions for specified file types in the Folder Options Menu. Select +Folder Options+ from the +Tools+ menu of any folder, select +File Types+ and scroll down to *Folder*. Click *Advanced* then click *New* and add *Open* with *Explorer* as the program to use. Click *OK* and *Close* and bingo! Appears the order of the short-cut menu in XP is Open before search, but in XP Pro is Search followed by Open/Explore.

2. The Windows Search utility can be safely removed despite the warning issued - the Microsoft website indicates the warning is simply a generic warning and it is highly unlikely that removal will affect any software installed since the Search utility was loaded.

3. The Windows Search utility was NOT the cause of this problem.

Trust this might save others the hours of research I had to do to find this solution ...

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The pic is fairly self-explanatory, but as you can see on the left hand side in the folders pane, there is 2 of nearly every folder. Any idea what I have done and how to rectify this?

Oops sorry it doesn't show up too well on here. It can be viewed at

Answer:Vista folders pane showing 2 of every folder

Hello Howie, and welcome to Vista Forums.

I believe it would be easier to create a new administrator account, then copy the contents of your old user account's C:\Users\(user-name) folders into the corresponding new accoun'ts C:\Users\(user-name) folders. If everything checks out ok, then you can delete the old user account while logged on to the new one.

Hope this helps,

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I'm having a little difficulty here. In succinct terms, whenever I double left click on a folder, it opens up a search window and not the actual window. Opening up "My Computer" and "Hard Drive" is not a problem. If I right click and choose explore or open, the file opens normally but at the moment, this is my only method of navigating my computer.

The problem seems to have occurred after I did some experimenting with Windowsblinds and Avedesk. Since then, I have been trying to sort it out but no luck. Does anyone have any idea how I can fix this?


Answer:Left double mouse click on a folder opens a search window

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I am unable to open files/folders/browser page with Left click.
Started about a week ago. Win10 appears normal with no new updates.

All programs open, but files/folders will not open in same window. Left click and Win10 tries to open but the parent file/folder remains in window. Right click - 'Open in new window' - and the file/folder opens as expected.
Same happens with browser (Edge, Firefox) - initial startup and search is fine but after Google results load, am unable to Left click and load page. Right click and 'Open in new tab' works.

Have tried Restart (all ok for about 30mins and then as above takes over).
Was unable to System Restore or Uninstall Update (no SR and UU was too old).
Virus and Malware scans were negative.

Reset Windows10 - no change. Completed a fresh install - no change.
Went nuclear with DBAN and clean install. No change.
Have know completed Anniversary Install - seemed OK for about 3 hrs - now the problem is back.
Have looked all over web for ideas but not getting anywhere.

Have 10+ other comps all Win10 - all on same update cycles - no problems.

Any ideas?

Answer:Unable to open file/folder / Browser page with Left click

I am not sure if I misunderstand something here, but by default a left click is not supposed to open a file or folder. It only selects an item:

A double click opens an item:

This is default behaviour. If you want to select an item automatically by bringing the pointer on top of it instead of a left click, and open it with single left click, you have to change defaults in Folder Options. See tutorial: Open Items with Single-Click or Double-Click in Windows 10


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When I try to open one of My Folders (One that I added to my desktop with application I added to it) with a double left click a search results window opens instead of the folder opening and displaying the contents of the folder with things I've put into it.
If I right click on one of my folders and go down and left click on open the folder will open and the contents displayed as I expect (The first opetion displayed is a search after I right click).
Any other folder including My Documnets folder will open the folder and display the contents correctly.

At one time it used to work correcly and its not a major issue but I would sure like it fixed > Any ideas?

Answer:Double left click on My Folders starts a seach instead of opening folder?
Hope it works for you

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My user folder appears immediately below Desktop in the Navigation Pane. The subfolders of my user folder are all duplicates of another subfolders and must be "linked" to these other subfolders. Proof of this is a subfolder in my user folder will disappear when I delete the same subfolder under the other folder.

So, I want to delete my user folder to eliminate duplication in the Navigation Pane. How do I do it? Just a simple deletion performed in the Navigation Pane? Thanks.

Windows Vista Home Premium

Answer:How to remove my user folder from the Vista Navigation Pane

Hello Steve, and welcome to Vista Forums.

You could use step 8A in the tutorial below to remove your user folder from the navigation pane in Vista as well.

User Folder - Add or Remove from Navigation Pane - Windows 7 Forums

Hope this helps,

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I use windows explorer a lot and I always use the left side navigation pain/tree view. The problem I have, first started after I switched from XP to Vista. When I click on the little red triangle, the folder should open, revealing the folders within like a drop down menu does. The parent folder does reveal the contents, but it jumps all the way down to the bottom of the explorer window concealing the contents of the parent folder, then I have to scroll up to see the folders within. Win XP never does this. What is really irritating is that the problem is intermittent. 50% of the time it works fine, the other half, the parent folder drops down to the bottom concealing the folder contents. I have three desktops in my home, two with W732, one with WXP32 and a laptop with W764, all have the same issue except for the one with XP. At first I was thinking that it was a bug specific to Vista and since Win 7 was due to be released soon after Vista, I dealt with it until I upgraded to Win 7. Unfortunately, Win 7 32/64bit also continued to have the same problem. This was really becoming a pain in the (you know what). If anyone has had the same frustrating problem, and found a solution they would like to share, or if someone has some input, it would be most appreciated. Thank you.


Answer:Windows Explorer: Tree View/Navigation Pane problem

I saw that too. It's a bug in Windows explorer. Researching a little on how to fix it, found that it has been reported to MS numerous times and they do NOT plan to fix it.

The only workaround I know of is installing a program called "Classic shell" (Welcome to Classic Shell). It adds a lot of options in Windows Explorer to customize and make it similar to WinXP, and even has a complete replacement for the start menu to look like previous versions.
The important part is, it includes an option to fix that bug among its customization options. I'm using it and so far it never annoyed me with that bug anymore.

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when on a directory press the down arrow button and the next directory will show in the file pane
this has been around since win 95
We have been using this paradigm for decades, who at MS is deciding to change everything for the worse?

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Please view the article below
Navigation Pane - Simple Folder View - Vista Forums
How to do in Windows 7? no the option in Windows 7, by Registry? how to do, thank you.

Answer:Show the Navigation Pane Folders Tree Lines in Windows 7?

You don't.

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Hi folks - just getting started here and really need some help. I bought a refurbished PC (Dell) in May and have been having problems with Windows 10 functionality since. Here are two issues I would love to get an answer for:
1. Using the Shift + Left Mouse button ALWAYS selected a large group of text in Windows XP. Place the selection point at the start of the text and then use Shift + Left Mouse button and presto: large group of text is selected. It does not work for me in Windows 10. I have to use the Left Mouse drag format and its a real drag. Is there a dialog box I can access where I can change a default setting so that it does work?
2. Folders - I cannot get them to remember their last setting. Open up one folder and the next one you open is in the same size and almost the same position as the last one opened. Close the folder and it doesn't remember its position and size.
I guess I am asking the obvious but ... why does Microsoft always tend to screw things up? Why take away (by default) the two of the things that we have gotten so used to in Windows?
My other pet peeve is the file overwrite confirmation dialog showing up BEHIND folders and programs on the desktop.
I mean, who was beta testing this OS and why wasnt this vehemently contested before the OS was released? I know that thousands of people beta tested this product. Was MS turning a deaf ear to their comments or did folks just accept these changes?
Hope you can help me out ....

Answer:Shift Click left mouse button to Select not working & Folder Options issue

Using Left Hand, hold down LCtrl + LAlt + LShift.
With Right Hand hold down RCtrl + RAlt + RShift.
Does this reset your Keyboard and Mouse settings?
Does this help?
Also see Reset Keyboard settings to default in Windows 10/8/7 and Cannot select more than one file or folder in Windows.
Regarding your other problem, open Folder Options, click on the Reset Folders button, restart your computer and see if it has helped.

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after update the window 10, the mouse cannot left hand double click to open file or folder

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First time post. A good number of times, I left click to open a Program, and nothing happens. Usually, I have to reboot and then try again. Any ideas?

Answer:Vista Does Not Respond To Left Click

Just in case your click speed is varying:

Right click on desktop. Choose personalise>mouse pointers>buttons. There's a click test there where you can reset the click speed.

It's probably not that if you need to reboot, but just in case...

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I have a Samsung Laptop with Vista Home Premium which I have owned for about a year an I have had no problems with it so far.

Today however the left click on the Synaptics Pad won't work at all. I have searched around and as far as I can tell, a few people have had this problem but they lose TouchPad function too- but I haven't. The Touchpad still works and so does the right click.

I have tried switching over th functions and although this works I was just wondering if there is any way I can regain the use of my left click - it would be a lot easier than retraining myself to use the right click!

Thanks for help in advance.


Answer:Left click on Vista Laptop won't work

If you changed it over and it works then your hardware is ok.
I would see if a new driver is available on the samsung site{compare version numbers}

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Example I am looking at a full window of folders with five coloumns of folders. If I double click on a folder in any coloumn except the far left coloumn, all of the coloumns move to the left by one coloumn space. Reseting file and view settings does not
fix the problem. I have seen this on Windows 7 Ultimate, Windows 7 Professional, and Windows 7 Enterprise. It does not matter if it is on a domain or not or if a group policy is setting the home page.
This means I have to click twice as many times to open a folder in list view and that is the view I really want to use. Clicking twice as many times is also not good for carpel tunnel. This happens on my home and work computers and I have seen it on other
Windows 7 computers. Neither does the reg hack for MIUs or something similiar to that.

Answer:Windows 7 Explorer in list view moves coloumns of folders to left when you double click folder to open it

That’s a by design feature, but you can apply view settings to all folders of the same type. Here are
the detailed steps:
1. Open a folder and make changes as you like.
2. Press Alt to display the menu bar. Click Tools -> Folder options.
3. Click View tab.
4. Press the "Apply to folders" button.
5. Click Apply and click OK.
Note: The "Apply to folders" settings apply the current view setting to all folders that are optimized for the
same content as the folder you have open. This setting will not apply to the folders which is not the same type.

Hope that helps.
Leo   HuangPlease remember to click ?Mark as Answer? on the post that helps you, and to click ?Unmark as Answer? if a marked post does not actually answer your question. This can be beneficial to other community members reading the thread.

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I would like to make my clickpad similar in that clicking down anywhere will left click, but using two fingers will right click. Basically I'd like to disable the left/right functionality from the bottom of the touchpad. Is this possible?

Answer:making yoga 13 clickpad completely left click/right click on two finger click/tap?

bump^^^^^^second that

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Please, before anyone suggests using the "favorite folder links" view-type in the left-navigation panel instead of tree-navigation, I like moving files around my hardrive by dragging into the left-nav and having them dynamically open up so I can maintain a large sub-folder listing.

That being said, there are some utterly useless folders that I could love to stop seeing. I have, of course, already removed Control Panel, Favorite, HomeGroup, Libraries, and Network.

I am very interested in removing the following from my left-nav tree, because even though I never need to drag files into them they are always there taking up space in my left-nav panel:

"User Folder" Sub-Folders:
- AppData
- Contacts
- Desktop

"Computer\C:" Sub-Folders:
- MSOCache
- ProgramData
- Users (I already have this listed in the Nav-Tree)

Answer:Win 7 - Removing folders from the Left Nav Tree.

Unlike special folders (Favorites, Libraries, Network and HomeGroup etc.) individual folders cannot be removed from that panel. There are simply no registry settings for them.

Looks like the only natural solution could be to set Hidden attributes to those folders (and some of them already are hidden) and turn ON option "Don't show hidden files, folder, or drives".

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In Start Menu, on the left there is an expand button, but how can I make it expanded by default (thus hiding that ridiculous huge list of apps by letter)

Thanks in advance.

Answer:How to Expand the left side of Start (by default)

Not sure I know what your after but look in Settings > Personalization > Start

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Perhaps I'm missing something but can the left side (non tiled side) of the start menu be expanded? If so, how?

I kind of find it a bit annoying that I can't expand that side out a little so I can easily read item titles.


Answer:Expand the start menu (left side)

Well........ ???

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Namely Libraries/HomeGroup/Network/Control Panel (and Public on a Vista Machine).

I found posts on these the other day, but my RegEdit doesn't have a CLSID folder, only CLS, so I couldn't follow those tutorials.

Answer:Deleting items from the explorer left nav tree

Hello LilSing,

This should be able to help you delete these items.

Libraries Folder - Add or Remove from Navigation Pane

Homegroup - Add or Remove from Navigation Pane

Network - Add or Remove from Navigation Pane

Control Panel - Add or Remove from Navigation Pane

Hope this helps,

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When I open Win Explorer, the folder tree in the left panel is very compact. Can I make it open with an expanded tree of my choice? With at least the C folders visible? (Sorry I expressed this wrong on my earlier query.)

Answer:Win Explorer expanded tree in left panel

Please read the rules and don't start more than one thread for the same problem. Reply to your original thread here:

It seems that you had the same problem 6 years ago here:

There was an answer given but you didn't reply.

Closing this thread.

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I've had this problem for a few months, just lived with it. In the attached screen shots, you will see I have no folder trees in any of the pop up Add, Move, or Copy pop ups in Explorer and Windows Media Player. I have no clue if this can be restored to show again. This has happened before I upgraded Media Player so it shouldnt be that. I'm thinking Windows Corruption somewhere. I have not and do not have any malware on this machine or any other that I have networked. My system is clean and runs 1000%. Any ideas on how I can restore the folder trees?

Answer:Solved: Folder Tree MISSING from Copy, Move, Add Folder popup

Click start > run > type regsvr32 /i shdocvw.dll and click ok. If you don't see immediate results, reboot.

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The Browse For Folder dialog broke for whatever reason and I cant link it to anything specific I have done.

Please see image. The left is what I get, right is what I should see. The issue is some programs I use don't have the box for manually typing the location so I cant use them, I cant select location to save files etc.
Any help fixing this? In what direction I should look?

(Please no reinstall Windows etc. Thanks)

BTW: I have another healthy machine next to me so I could maybe compare registry entries, or files which are different. If anyone knows what I should look for please let me know.

Edit: This is Windows 7 Ultimate x64

Answer:Browse for Folder dialog broken (Wont display the folder tree at all)

Seems like I was too quick to post. I looked again and found a solution.

I did a SFC /SCANNOW and it works now! Please excuse me for creating another thread with the same issue.

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Windows Explorer - Single pane

In XP how do I create a shortcut to have Windows Explorer open to a drive in a single pane.
Single pane = the whole window with nothing but folders.

Answer:Windows Explorer - Single pane

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I have some directory like: C:\contract\Bank_statements\self\main\2\ which I want to open in Windows Explorer (Windows 7).

I copy this path to Windows Explorer address bar and it opens the directory.

But I want on the left hand side of Windows Explorer to see the directory tree OPENED on this directory and not on Desktop. How to do this? Currently I need to click on lot of '+' in directory tree to consequently open each following directory to reach C:\contract\Bank_statements\self\main\2\ and this is really time-waisting.

Would appreciate any help in this subject.

Answer:Get directory tree in left side of Windows Explorer???

Welcome to the Seven Forums

You could put that folder you are trying to access under your Favorites column in the navigation pane have a look at this tutorial Favorites - Links - Add or Remove in Navigation Pane there's also some related tutorials at the bottom that may help also.


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Is it possible to change the size of tree view icons from 16 to at least 24??
100% dpi show 16x16
125% dpi show 20x20 but icon 24 (if 20 does not exist)
150% dpi show 24x24 this is good but
everything looks very big.
Interesting thing is if I re size the fonts in 150% dpi to be like on 100% dpi the icons also change to 16x16.
W. Explorer can be replaced by another program but what for other software that also uses tree view?
I'm on 1920x1200 24" do I need to use smaller monitor with smaller resolution for bigger icons or very big monitor that 150% looks small or there is some reshack to some file that can be done??
In Xp registry:
Shell Small Icon Size = 24
And job is done.

So if anybody knows what file needs to be edited let me know if U know

Answer:Windows Explorer - tree view (left side)


It lets you do a lot of custom things in Win Explorer.

Best SW plug in that I've found here.

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I'm new to this sort of thing so I hope I do this right!

I'm running Windows XP Home Edition with SP3.

Recently, I noticed when I tried to move to/copy to from the Explorer window, my folder tree was blank in the little box that pops up. Regardless of whether I use the links to the left of the window or if I go into Edit - Copy To (or Move To), it happens with anything involving the explorer - documents, photos, etc. The only changes made recently was I had made an account on the computer for my kids, then deleted it not long after, without saving their folders (because they never used the account). Any other changes (installing programs, etc) happened after I noticed the blank box. It's not a major issue but it is slightly annoying.

Any ideas? And thank you ahead of time!

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When in Windows Explorer in XP, when you click on a folder in the left-hand pane, it would expand.

How do I make it do this in Win7?


Answer:Why don't folders expand when I click like in XP

Double click it.

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WLM opens emails with a single click rather than just selecting the email. The boxes selecting double click to open are checked. This box is in the folders section and may be for folders ouyside of WLM. I want single click to select and double click to open emails.

Answer:How do I change single click to double click to open emails?

Quote: Originally Posted by flyboyo2

WLM opens emails with a single click rather than just selecting the email. The boxes selecting double click to open are checked. This box is in the folders section and may be for folders ouyside of WLM. I want single click to select and double click to open emails.

Correct. "Folder Options" refers to Windows Explorer. The "folders" within a program, like WLM, are under the control of the program. However I noticed that my version of WLM (2009) behaves the way you want without the "Reading" pane turned on. If I turn it on then a single click shows the email in the reading pane. If I turn it off, it takes a double click to open the email to view it. The reading pane is controlled via the "Layout" Viewing option.

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please slove it 
i am click single time but mouse take double times and files are open 
please slove it
thank you

Answer:double click problem in mouse i click single time

G'day hassensk, and Welcome to BC.
Windows 7 ?    windows XP...? Windows 8 ?......

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I'm using a brand new Yoga 13 (Window 8 Pro).  Clicking on the touchpad (not the touch screen) sometimes has issues.  Specifically, every once in a while, a single-click on the touchpad will result in double-click behavior. I'm not referring to tapping, but rather physical clicking (press, depress touchpad on the lower left). I disabled tap-to-click in case it was registering the tap, and then the click.  That didn't resolve the issue. I also increased the speed required (within Windows) for a double-click to the fastest (least time between clicks) possible.  That also didn't resolve the issue. It really seems like the touchpad, every once in a while, registers a double-click, like some sort of physical defect in the touchpad that presses, depresses, presses depresses immediately. Ideas? 

Answer:Yoga 13, Windows 8 Pro, Single-Click sometimes results in Double-Click

I'm running Windows 8 (Not Pro) on a brand new Yoga 13 and am experiencing the same probem.  It doesnt happen all the time but just enough to be really annoying.  It seems like if I try right clicking I can get it to stop.

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the cursor on my click mini, every now and then keeps moving left to finish on top left corner, this causes typing errors. what is the cause? and how can I put it right.

Answer:Satellite Click Mini L9W-B cursor keeps moving left to finish on top left corner

Try cleaning the whole touchpad, perhaps it may require recalibration. I previously had issues with the touchpad and removed the additional drivers that came with it

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so whadya think folks, what could i have possibly done to cause the left pane folders to disappear when i'm trying to save something, like an image, or when i try to install a program during the "pick other destination" dialog? my pc seems to be running just fine, and when i open explorer everything shows as usual in the left pane... any help would be appreciated!

ps - reboot does nothing nor does killing explorer in task manager and then restarting it....

Answer:Not Sure What I Did To Cause This? No Left Pane Content...

plot thickens.... if use the up arrow (next to the address bar) to navigate to the top, i get the following, besides being strange in that my c: drive isn't visible, neither is my d: drive... as mentioned before, everything is find in explorer...

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so whadya think folks, what could i have possibly done to cause the left pane folders to disappear when i'm trying to save something, like an image, or when i try to install a program during the "pick other destination" dialog? my pc seems to be running just fine, and when i open explorer everything shows as usual in the left pane... any help would be appreciated!

ps - reboot does nothing nor does killing explorer in task manager and then restarting it....

Answer:Not Sure What I Did To Cause This? No Left Pane Content...

plot thickens.... if use the up arrow (next to the address bar) to navigate to the top, i get the following, besides being strange in that my c: drive isn't visible, neither is my d: drive... as mentioned before, everything is find in explorer...

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Recently (in the last month) my computer has started giving me a double click on a single click of the left button.  This is very irritating.
It does this with both, a USB Logitech Track Man Wheel and with a wireless HID mouse.
I have tried adjusting the settings for the mouse but that doesn't seem to have any effect.
I have AVAST antivirus.  I have run Microsoft Security Essentials, Malewarebytes Anti-Malware, Spybot search and destroy, Super Anti-Spyware and Junkware Removal Tool.
I have updated all of my drivers and used Drive Booster 3.
When I click to close a window on Firefox it will double click and minimize the browser.
This problem is active in all of my programs that I run, not just the browser.
I have Windows Vista, 64 Bit on a Dell Inspiron laptop.
Does anyone have any suggestions.
I think this has to be a software problem, but I don't know how to correct it or which software is involved..
Thank you

Answer:Mouse will double click on single click of button

Personally I think your problem is an overused mouse. I used to have a mouse that does that, but the problem disappeared when it was swapped for another mouse.Have you tried another mouse to rule out the mouse itself?

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Just a goofy phenomena that seems to be puzzling me. Each time I single click on a desktop icon, it acts like it was double clicked and opens the file/program. When single clicking on a scroll-bar to the right of a window, it acts like it was double clicked, traveling much further down the screen than expected.

I'm using Windows ME. My mouse is an IBM Scrollpoint II, 3-button mouse with a small scroll pivot-lever. Any assistance to solve this problem will be appreciated. Thanks.

Answer:Single mouse click acts like a double-click

Hi there Amaul,

One thing to check is go into the 'mouse properties' in the 'Control Panel' and under the 'Buttons' tab there will be an option for 'Files and Folders'. Make sure the 'double-click to open an item' is selected.

Hope this helps.

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About a month ago my mouse started double clicking. Its random, like 20% of my clicks act as a double click.
Tested with logitech g9, steelseries sensei and razer naga, so its definitely not a hw issue. Did clean win install with the lastest drivers, firmwares, and win updates and its still persist.

Its driving me crazy so if someone got an idea go for it.
Thanks =)

Answer:Single click acts as a double click 20% of the time

Hello, there are various reports of such problems, typically last year. E.g.

- a very long thread, seems comment around pg 7 may be of interest.. I've not read it all!

A few threads I found posted in tenforums had no answer.

It's not a problem I've experienced or seen reported for a long time. Which build are you running?

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