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Microsoft Wireless Laser Mouse 5000

Question: Microsoft Wireless Laser Mouse 5000

Hi People, very simple question. Maybe I could get an answer to my question that I should had asked when I was buying. This wireless mouse uses two "AA" batteries or rechargeable batteries. Question: What about turning it off for the night or whenever I leave my computer? So that I don?t change them every two-three days. Thank you for your help with such a stupid question.

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Preferred Solution: Microsoft Wireless Laser Mouse 5000

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Microsoft Wireless Laser Mouse 5000

The mouse should go into a low power mode so it doesn't use that much battery power.

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formatted to no avail trying to solve this problem and found out unplugging this from the USB port made the Screensaver and all come on.

but I have yet to find a fix for it when it is plugged in, the HID Filter or whatever update did not fix this issue, if nothing else was probably responsible for it more then anything.

I even went into device manager power settings to disable them to wake up the computer and it didnt fix the problem either.

anyone got any ideas?

Answer:Screensaver dont come on with MS Wireless laser Mouse and Keyboard 5000

You could try taking the mouse batteries out. This will rule out that it is making tiny detections of movement even if unintended, while away. If the screensaver comes on, then you know it's doing this. Then, you can try lowering the dpi it uses, if it has that ability. Basically, test it out like this for a minute.

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I have a new Packard Bell Imedia A5518 UK computer with AMD Phenom 9650 Quad-Core Processor, 4.00.GB Ram, 32 bit Operating System, running Windows Vista Home Premium SP1.

I installed my Microsoft Wireless Laser Mouse and Keyboard 5000 and Wireless Desktop Receiver 3.1, with a USB connection (a Xmas present from my wife!), instead of the wired mouse and keyboard which came with the computer. The wireless mouse works perfectly but the keyboard doesn't work at all. I have tried to find information of conflicts with Vista on Microsoft Maze, but no luck, although there are many, many other conflicts shown on their website. I have also looked for any updated drivers, again with no success.

I am having to use the wired keyboard and mouse, but want to use the wireless set if possible. I would be grateful if anyone resolve this problem for me.

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I have just bought a Microsoft Wireless Comfort Keyboard 5000, which came bundled (in one box) with a Microsoft Wireless Mouse 5000. The box says they are both compatible with XP.
The keyboard started working the moment I plugged the supplied USB tranceiver into the computer, but I can't get any response from the mouse.
The optical LED beneath the mouse lights up, but the pointer won't move on screen and the mouse buttons don't generate a response either.
I have downloaded the latest mouse driver from the Microsoft website (and restarted the computer), put new batteries in, made sure any other mouse is unplugged, and tried the tranceiver in different ports, but to no avail.
With previous wireless devices there is a "connect" button on the receiver, but there isn't one on the USB device.
My assumption is that the mouse itself is faulty, but before I trail back to the shop for a replacement, are there any checks I can carry out to try to establish where the fault lies? Presumably as only one tranceiver is supplied, it should recognise both the keyboard and the mouse??
I've tried the solutions on the Microsoft help pages, but without success.
Many thanks.

Answer:Microsoft Wireless Mouse 5000

Have you tried looking under the mouse as there could be a button you need to depress this to get the mouse talking to the USB dongle. Also double check that the batteries are inserted with the correct polarity.

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I have this great mouse and it works okay with the generic driver with Windows 7. However the software it came with lets you program the buttons and also see the power left in the batteries and the wireless strength.

If I install the software it came with the scrolling is not adjustable. It's way too slow. I can't deal with it because the scrolling is so slow but I want the extra capabilities the software has.

I have tried other USB ports for the signal-sender it comes with, replaced the batteries, cleaned the mouse, ect......

I think it has something to do with the software or maybe Windows 7. It works fine in Vista.

Has anyone seen this? Do you know what might fix it? All I need is to make it scroll faster. Is there something besides the registry I can do?

Answer:Microsoft wireless mouse 5000

The Wireless Mouse 5000 is advertised as working on a wide variety of surfaces. Unfortunately, on every surface (rubber mouse pad, gel mouse pad, plain paper, desktop surface, etc.) the mouse will function normally for a while and then the pointer becomes sluggish and unpredictable. I initially installed the IntelliType 7.1 software that came with the mouse and tried the fix suggested by MS, which is to uninstall the 7.1 and install the 8.01 version of the software for Windows 7.

The mouse exhibts the same problems with version 8.01 as with 7.1.

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I had to replace my keyboard after 3 1/2 yrs since the keys were sticking and the letters worn off. I bought the Microsoft Wireless Laser 6000 Mouse with the wireless keyboard. It works great with one problem. If I enable "allow this device to bring computer out of Standby" for either the mouse or the keyboard, the computer never goes into a full standby. The fan is always running and so are some other parts of the computer. If I dont configure the mouse or keyboard that way, the computer will go into regular and complete standby but will need to be turned on with the power button to bring it out of standby. The Receiver is USB so Im thinking the reason the computer doesnt completly power down is due to the receiver needing to be active. Is there a work around or do I just stick with using the power button?

Answer:Microsoft Wireless Laser Mouse and Wireless Comfort Keyboard

I'd stick with using the power button

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I am considering purchasing the Microsoft Wireless Laser Mouse 7000 as the Logitech MX Revolution I have had replaced twice since I initially purchased it in Feb 2008 has developed the same fault again, i.e. The Freespin wheel has begun to wear out and as such intermittently the Freespin feature stops working, the last MX Revolution suffered the same fault and eventually the fault got worse. Very disappointed as otherwise I find the mouse to be goodAnyway that's beside the point:I was wondering if anyone uses the Microsoft Wireless Laser Mouse 7000, and the Intellipoint V6.2 software and could tell me if it is possible to set the mouse up with the Intellipoint software to allow the two buttons where your thumb goes to go back and forward a page on IE7 & Firefox?

Answer:Microsoft Wireless Laser Mouse 7000

I think you will find the software is upto v6.3 well thats what im using at this time with a 5000 and yes the buttons can be configured.The two buttons on the left side (thumbside) have been set to lower button (magnifier) top button (Back button)

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Hi, i have recently bought a Microsoft Wirless Laser 5000 Keyboard from maplins. The keyboard works fine apart from the fact that the @ key and the " have switched places, the # key has replaced the pound sign key. which at the moment no button produces. the original # key now produces \. i suspect this has to do with the drivers. i have donwloaded the lastest drivers for the keyboard, but still the problem persists. Can you help me?

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This is really starting to annoy the hell out of me. I just picked up a Microsoft Bluetooth mouse, the Notebook 5000 mouse to be exact for my home entertainment center.

I have my PC ran to a monitor and a 55 inch Samsung LED LCD TV for watching movies etc. The problem is, the HDMI cord is run threw the wall so the PC is in another room so I cant use the normal mouse on the PC. I bought a bluetooth mouse due to the increased range but I'm having nothing but issues.

I have the Microsoft Bluetooth dongle btw, didn't come with the mouse, the mouse actually comes with no dongle.

Anyway it connects fine but if I stop using it for like an hour or whatever it disconnects and nothing I do will reconnect it unless I take my other mouse, go into bluetooth devices, delete it and readd it all over again.

WHY THE HELL does it keep doing this lol?

It's very annoying, I sit down to watch a movie and discover I cant start it without first going into the other room and readding my mouse.

I'm well within range and I've tried moving the bluetooth mouse to the same room as the PC to use it with the PC and it still does the same thing.


Answer:Issues with Bluetooth mouse. Microsoft Notebook Mouse 5000

Quote: Originally Posted by kdogg

This is really starting to annoy the hell out of me. I just picked up a Microsoft Bluetooth mouse, the Notebook 5000 mouse to be exact for my home entertainment center.

I have my PC ran to a monitor and a 55 inch Samsung LED LCD TV for watching movies etc. The problem is, the HDMI cord is run threw the wall so the PC is in another room so I cant use the normal mouse on the PC. I bought a bluetooth mouse due to the increased range but I'm having nothing but issues.

I have the Microsoft Bluetooth dongle btw, didn't come with the mouse, the mouse actually comes with no dongle.

Anyway it connects fine but if I stop using it for like an hour or whatever it disconnects and nothing I do will reconnect it unless I take my other mouse, go into bluetooth devices, delete it and readd it all over again.

WHY THE HELL does it keep doing this lol?

It's very annoying, I sit down to watch a movie and discover I cant start it without first going into the other room and readding my mouse.

I'm well within range and I've tried moving the bluetooth mouse to the same room as the PC to use it with the PC and it still does the same thing.


It's your dongle. I have the same mouse and it works absolutely fine. I'll bet you have the USB option set to power the dongle down when unused. How's the radio in the mouse supposed to wake up a sleeping dongle?

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My Bluetooth mouse is not working. PC settings seems to see the mouse but cannot connect to the mouse. It tries but, the mouse willnot activate.

If the PC Settings screen says it sees the Bluetooth mouse but also says "offline", I remove it from the list. Then, I click on the Bluetooth icon then click on "add Bluetooth device". This sends me to the PC Settings screen where I click on "Add Device". It looks and finds the Bluetooth mouse then tries to connect with it. That process never completes. It shows the device but indicates it is "offline".

Has anyone had similar problems with the Bluetooth mouse or any other Bluetooth devices?

This is a bit of an issue for me because I have arthritic hands and it is easier for me to use a mouse than a trackpad or my fingers.

The laptop is an HP TouchSmart tm2. It has 4 gB memory and a 280 gB hard drive. Running Windows 8 Consumer Beta, Build 8250.

The mouse worked just fine under W7.

Rick York

Answer:Microsoft Bluetooth Mouse 5000

I use that mouse with my VAIO SR290 notebook and Windows 8.

Try removing any instance of the mouse from Devices and Printers (leftover from previous attempts). Then turn on the mouse, press the little button on the bottom to turn on "discovery" mode, then try to add the mouse again.

Best of luck to you!

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Hi Guys

I recently bought this microsoft laser mouse 8000 " bluetooth"
I bought it to replace my logitech laser mouse which was giving up on me after 2 years
I thought it was just because it was old that it was not working right as i tried everything i could. It would work fine for a while and then the cursor would just slow down and go really slow across the screen for a few mins, then it would work fine, then it wouldnt.....and on and on........ Finally it stopped working alltogether so i brought it to the shop and got the microsoft one to replace it.

I've had it for less than a month but right from the off it is doing the same as my logitech did..The cursor just randomly slows every so often and is very annoying, it just gets worse and worse till i have to revert back to my cable mouse, which i dont like at all....

So im wondering at this stage is there something wrong with my pc?
The logitech worked fine for nearly 2 years...

I have all updated microsft mouse software and drivers,
I have tried uninstall and reinstall several times
The microsoft mouse works via a bluetooth dongle that came with it which works fine when sending and receiving things with it
I dont think its the recharable battery in it because i tried putting a brand new battery in it when it goes funny like microsoft suggest bit it still doesnt work right!
Ive also installed on different profiles on my pc aswell to see if any difference..

The mouse has a light on it thats green and goes ... Read more

Answer:Microsoft Laser Mouse 8000

Has anyone got any ideas?
Please Help

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Yesterday I bought a Wireless Internet Keyboard And Wireless Laser Mouse from the Brand:Micro Innovations and I did everything it said but when im about to install the software I leave the non wireless mouse that I used to have plugged in to install the software... so I install it and the wireless keyboard works great but the wireless laser mouse doesnt work... any suggestions....PLEASE HELP

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Microsoft 5000 mouse worked fine for a month, now doesn't. Inspiron 1520, Vista Home Premium 32bit. Changed batteries. Plugged dongle in to different USB ports: get message: USB device not recognized, USB device has malfunctioned. Uninstalled drivers, reinstalled; device manager says device is working properly. Disabled, enabled. Downloaded driver IntelliPoint 8.2 32-bit for Windows Vista (EXE) from it crashes, computer crashes, never quite gets to the end. Once this morning I replugged dongle in and got "installing hardware...your device is ready to use"...and it worked for 2 minutes then stopped again and "USB device not recognized." Very frustrating. Not a bluetooth issue, right? since it's got a USB dongle...thanks for any suggestions. Can't think of anything else to try.

Answer:Microsoft 5000 Mouse doesn't work

My suspicion is either the mouse or USB dongle has gone bad.

If it's still under warranty (I think Microsoft has a 3 year warranty), I'd go to the Microsoft website and check out your RMA options.

Hope this helps.

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My system wont recongize my Notebook mouse. When i try i install it, when it "searches" for it the icon for the mouse shows up, i select it, but it wont complete the installtion. Ive only had it for a year, it worked like a charm with Windows Xp. i have a $60 paperweight or should i just hold out until MS fixes this prioblem?

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I just bought a Microsoft laser mouse 6000 from Newegg (specs here). I'm trying to get the back and forward buttons working in Ubuntu 7.04 (Feisty). I did some modifications to configuration files as suggested by Google search results. Unfortunately, that screwed it up so that the scroll wheel controls back and forward, and the real back and forward buttons don't work at all.

The imwheelrc config file (/etc/X11/imwheel/imwheelrc) says that the xf86config file needs to allow for enough mouse buttons. But locating xf86config in the terminal returns nothing.

What can I do??

Answer:Microsoft Laser Mouse 6000 on Ubuntu 7.04


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Hi all,

Has anyone come across the issue of the Microsoft Bluetooth Notebook Mouse 5000 suddenly stopping and will not work again unless you reboot, this works occasionally, or I have to re-install the device again.

I'm guessing it's a Bluetooth issue but want to know if others have run into this.



Answer:Microsoft Bluetooth Notebook Mouse 5000 issues


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I have a laptop lenovo ThinkPad T420 and I had the OS upgraded from Windows 7 32Bit to Windows 7 64 Bit.

My Microsoft Bluetooth Notebook Mouse 5000 can be detected and is listed as one of the Bluetooth devices, however the mouse does not move.

I did some google-ing to try to trouble-shoot and I tried the following:
Go to the Power Management page and clear the checkbox ?Allow the computer to
turn off this device to save power?. And finally, relief! No more disconnects.
Apparently there is a bug in the power management of the Bluetooth driver
under Windows 7.

But it did not help.

Can someone help me ?

Answer:Can't get Microsoft Bluetooth Notebook Mouse 5000 to work

Found the following link where member: jetpack1976 resolved my problem:

MS Bluetooth Notebook Mouse 5000 not working

Hi Durden,
Went to another site and found a solution that worked. You might want to try it out.
Go to START icon and type in services.msc and select services.
The dialog box that opens has a long list of stuff but look for BLUETOOTH SUPPORT SERVICE. Double click to open. Make sure it is AUTOMATIC. Go to the LOG tab. Choose THIS ACCOUNT and type in LOCAL SERVICE. A list of password (a 15-dot string) would appear. Delete all the password in the PASSWORD and under CONFIRM. Choose Okay.
It will ask you to restart the service. Once restarted, turn on your bluetooth adaptor again. Put your mouse in pairing mode and add the mouse. It works perfectly!!!
Give it a try and see if it helps.

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Hello,how is it possible that the Mouse can connect to the Laptop ? Regards

Answer:T500 and Microsoft Bluetooth Mobile 5000 Mouse

Well and what is the problem. I use this mouse with T400s, just switch on your laptop bluetooth on (Fn+F5), pair your mouse with laptop (blue BT icon in system tray and small button on bottom of the mouse) and that's it.

----------------------------------------------------Lenovo T440s, 20AQ0067MC, Windows 8.1 Pro x64 UEFI, Samsung 840 EVO SSD 250 GB, 8 GB RAMLenovo T430s, 2356LQG, Windows 8.1 Pro x64 UEFI, Intel 520 SSD 180 GB, 8 GB RAMLenovo T420s, 4171-6SG, Windows 8 Pro x64 UEFI, Intel 320 SSD 120 GB, 8 GB RAMLenovo T400s, 2808-CYG, Windows 7 Ultimate x64

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I cannot get the Microsoft Bluetooth 5000 mouse working running in Windows 7 RC 64  bit on a Lenovo T400 laptop.First I was getting as popup when the mouse was detected asking for a pairing code.  Since this mouse has no pairing code, I disabled the "Alert me when a new Bluetooth device want to connect" checkbox in Bluetooth settings.I then clicked add a device and a popup let me select no pairing code.The problem is the mouse does not work.  It only stays connected for a short time.Is this Mouse supported? 

Answer:Microsoft Bluetooth 5000 mouse not working in Windows 7 RC

Try using the Vista driver(64 or 32bit, whichever version of Win 7 RC that is installed) for your bluetooth module from your manufacturer. I suspect it is the module driver and not the device. (mouse in this case). Once the module driver is installed, then use the Vista software for the specific device to enable the configuration and features.

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Hey guys,
so as the title says, i'm having some problems with my Microsoft Blutooth Notebook Mouse 5000.

I'm running Windows 7 Professional on an Acer Aspire 5740G (1 month old).

When i first paired the mouse with the laptop (a couple days after getting the laptop), everything worked fine. The mouse paired, and it simply worked.

Then, about two weeks ago the mouse starting not working half the time. As in, it would randomly disconnect and nothing would get it working until i rebooted the laptop. I thought it was the batteries at first, but new ones did nothing.
After a few more days, the mouse stopped working altogether.
In attempts to get it working i've changed the batteries, uninstalled and reinstalled the driver software, tried to re-pair the mouse with the laptop, told the laptop it is not allowed to disable the bluetooth device to save power, changed the startup setting for bluetooth support services from manual to automatic, etc...

Now, i think the problem i have is that i cannot seem to remove the mouse from the laptop, so the laptop obviously refuses to find the mouse when i try to add a new device, since they are already paired. The mouse does NOT appear in the list under bluetooth devices(there are no items displayed since the mouse is my only bluetooth device).
The only place the mouse appears (permanently, whether the mouse or my bluetooth radio are on or off) is under "Devices and Printers" under devices, but there is no option to re... Read more

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alright so it all started when I accidently unplugged my laptop and it turned off, i plugged it back on and turned it back on. then i realized my wireless mouse stopped working, so I tried removing the device and installing it back again like i always do. I added the device, and it says i was successful at adding the device. after this, it says windows is now checking for drivers...blah blah.there's usually this window that pops up on the bottom right of my screen saying that its done installing. but this didn't happen! the icon for the mouse in my Device and Printers menu is grayed out. its weird. and waited and waited and i still didn't get any response. i cant get it to work. this is strange, cuz it usually works. help?

Answer:microsoft bluetooth mouse 5000 stopped working......again

Sorry for this but have you checked the batteries?

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Hello. Is there any way to replace the rubber on the wheel? I have a Microsoft 5000 mouse and the rubber has stretched and broken off.

~ Russ

Answer:Microsoft Mouse 5000 Wheel Rubber Has Broken

In the United States and in Canada, you can contact the Microsoft Supplemental Parts team at the following telephone numbers:

United States: (800) 360-7561, Monday through Friday, 5:00 A.M. to 7:00 P.M. Pacific TimeCanada: (800) 933-4750, Monday through Friday, 5:00 A.M. to 7:00 P.M. Pacific TimeTTY customers: (800) 718-1599, Monday through Friday, 5:00 A.M. to 7:00 P.M. Pacific Time
Ref:, Windows Entertainment and Connected Home MVP

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I bought a new wireless internet keyboard and laser mouse yesterday but when i install the software in the computer only the wireless keyboard works but not the wireless laser mouse.....when I install software I leave the other mouse in to control you think it is because of that...but if I dont leave the other mouse in how am I going to control things to install software....Could Somebody Please help

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Not sure what it is, I tried even adjusting my mouse speed up even more, it was already 3/4 of the way up, now almost 90% and it's still sticks, is lagey & just unresponsive.

I have the Microsoft Explorer mouse with the blue laser

Any idea why this would be or what I can do to fix it?


Answer:Microsoft Blue Laser Explorer mouse really lags a lot lately

Anyone have any ideas, this is getting beyond frustrating. I've restarted my computer & still have the same issues.

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I originally had a Logitech optical mouse, but lost the usb mini receiver. (btw can i get a new one anywhere?)

So i bought a microsoft wireless laser mouse 6000, and it worked great. Then one day, in the middle of a game, it just stopped working. The device manager says all things are good, yet it still wont respond. The green light is not flashing, is on, and when i try to reset the connection on both the mouse and receiver, it never resolves the issue.

Is there anything i can do?

Answer:Microsoft Laser mouse 6000 wont respond :(

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Hello there,
I have this weird problem with my bluetooth mouse. First of all im having hard time connecting it on the system startup, second is i feel like having wrong driver (the one that windows is installing automatically, and i cant download any from the microsoft site coz theres none :|).

I shuld see my mouse icon in the devices and printers instead i see generic icon:

also going to properties shows that the driver is not valid:

Does anyone know how can i install the apropriate driver for my mouse? I would aprichiate any help.

Answer:Microsoft Bluetooth Notebook mouse 5000 no dedicated driver

Hi there Read the link below hope this helps

MS Bluetooth Notebook Mouse 5000 in Windows 7 - Microsoft Community

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I just bought a Microsoft Bluetooth Notebook Mouse 5000 and it works fine when connected but it disconnects when my computer is idle. Once disconnected it is not recognized again when I start using my computer again. To get my computer to connect to it again I either have to restart or delete the drivers and reconnect the mouse. Is there a way to change the bluetooth settings so that it doesn't "sleep" after a period of time? I dont know if that is the problem but I cant think of anything else. I'm using the mouse on my desktop outlined in my system specs.


Answer:Microsoft Bluetooth Notebook Mouse 5000 Disconnects when Idle

Are you using your on-board bluetooth adapter.

Have you checked the device manager to see if your bluetooth is allowed to be turned off to save power (disable if so)

Do you have the Asus BT Go! Bloatware installed? is so you could try removing it. If you dont perhaps it could help (I dont have on-board bluetooth so don't know)

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My hp wirless laser comfort mouse scrolls horizontally and vertically but exhibits strange behavior. By strange I mean the pointer does not respond when it hovers over minimize, maximize or exit buttons on opened windows of applications. Also, when I remove it, this behavior persists in my laptop using its touchpad and so I have to reboot and omit the use of the comfort mouse entirely. What causes this?

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Several minutes, and sometimes less, after boot-up, the mouse becomes erratic, sometimes coming to a complete halt. Thinking it was either the interference of an outside signal or a build-up of static electricity, I have tried several things, including 1) rebooting, 2) disconnecting the power sources, 3) moving my external hard drive away from the mouse, 4) using different keypads to limit potential static build-up, 5) moving my entire system to a somewhat different location (fortunately, it's all on wheels) -- absolutely none of this works! Disconnecting the main power source and reconnecting it solves the problem sometimes, but only temporarily.

Has anyone had similar experiences? Its an MX™ Revolution

The world’s most advanced mouse.

Highlights: Cordless, Hyper-Fast Scrolling, Laser Sensor, MicroGear™ Scroll Wheel, One-Touch Search

Answer:Logitech Wireless Laser Mouse

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I believe I'm having some sort of signal problem with my wireless mouse. I play an online game in which you can hold down the right mouse button to look around. Occasionally it will get locked like that, and I have to click the button for it to fix itself.

I surmise that for whatever reason, I click and hold down the button, but when I release it, it is not registering that I have done so, so it just acts as if I am still holding the mouse button down. Clicking it once gets the signal sent that I have released it.

My friend reports having the same problem with his wireless mouse, yet far less frequently.

I've always had little annoying problems like this with wireless mice, and I'm beginning to think they are inferior in overall design to something much less complicated, like a wired mouse. Does anyone know what my problem might be?

Answer:Problems With Wireless Laser Mouse

Well, the connection between a wireless mouse and its receiver occasionally drops, sometimes for a millisecond or so, sometimes for longer. In your case... It'd seem a bit odd for it to only do that kind of errors.. Anyways, if you want to get rid of this problem, start by testing with a decent wired mouse... The wire is always there, whereas the wireless link isn't.

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Just installed software and driver forWireless Laser Comfort Mouse - Product Number XA965AA#Abb When I go to the HP Mouse Control Center it says "No device found" All the basic functions of the mouse work, left / right clicks and scroll but i can not configure any of the other buttons. I've look up the support for this mouse on the hp site and it's was less than helpful, only gave me the chance to download a quick start up leaflet, very useful! Any help anyone?????????

Answer:Wireless Laser Comfort Mouse

Just purchased the same mouse, installed on HP PC running windows 7 as per instructions but am having same issue. Have you had any joy rectifying?

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I have recently bought a MS Wireless Mouse 5000, and the scroll wheel seems to be a bit flakey. It does not happen all the time, and seems to be worse in some applications (for instance, Safari), than others.

Any ideas?

Answer:MS Wireless Mouse 5000 - Poor scrolling

I have two MS 5000 but I still don't know what flaky means. First thing is to make sure you install 2 new batteries in the correct fashion. Use the little pictures inside the mouse. They will work with one battery being bad but not well. They will also work with one battery in backwards but not correct. Here is a simple test for the batteries. Install one battery and if the blue light is bright its a good battery. Then check the next one the same way. One at a time.When the batteries get really weak a little light will flash on the top of the mouse. Now when you no your batteries are good and installed properly try it again. Next thing I'm thinking of is what pages you are scrolling on. Your mouse doesn't know a Firefox page from a Safari page. Because it is a Microsoft mouse you can check Windows Updates and see if it list and new drivers for the mouse.

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Just stopped one day, 3 months after installing. Subsequently tried removing and adding a new device (deleting old one), checked services.msc (all OK), mouse works fine on other systems. Googled the problem without joy. Any inspired ideas?

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As title. This mouse is still available in the official HP store Uruguay in two versions (HP# LB423AA, HP# LB425AA) but I have not been able to find it anymore in Europe. Any advice on a place where this can still be purchased would be very appreciated!

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Hoping this is a simple fix.....
the scrolling on my mouse is choppy, when I scroll an IE page it has like a delay? Its not a smooth scroll. I have been all over my manual and support for it and cannot find anything that will change this. The settings offer up slow-fast options but it only causes the page to flip faster or slower duh lol sorry I am at a loss as to how to describe this. Let me know if I can tell you anything that would be of help.

Answer:MFST wireless laser mouse 6000

No one familiar? I have been digging but cannot find a solution. This really seems to be a simple fix with-in the controls but there is not any option that corrects this. You scroll and the page moves with a delay and a line as if going page by page. I had first thought it was a setting within IE but it also does this in notebook and other software programs. Even sliding the sidebar vs. scroll is choppy. Any suggestion would be nice thank you.

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Hi all,

I recently bought a Trust MI-7770C laser mouse and I installed the drivers and everything worked fine.

A few days ago I ran Malwarebytes and Spybot S&D and now the mouse doesn't work.

I've tried restarting, uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers, but nothing works.

Any ideas?


Answer:Trust MI-7770C Wireless Laser Mouse

Does the mouse light up, show up in the device manager?

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I am new to this forum and please forgive me if i didn't do something by the rules.
Here is my problem, i'll try to be as concise as possible.

Just yesterday i bought Wireless Keyboard/Mouse (laser) combo from Sweex (product code KB225US).

After two hrs of work the mouse pointer stopped responding. This happened after i rebooted my machine because of system freeze while playing with keyboard costumisation and copying files into the external HDD . I recall killing two or three processes, don't remember which one.
Receiver works ok on whichever USB port i put it into.
Mouse buttons work ok
Keyboard works ok
Pointer reacts (a little) only when exposed to direct light.
Batteries are new

Went back to the store this morning for replacement but it worked fine on their newer comps that were for sale. But same problem occurred with two older comps at work this evening.

My actions wereSwitched USB ports several times
Swithced off WiFi/ changed channel (to prevent interference)
Driver uninstall/reinstall several times (from CD/website)
Mouse uninstall/install (device manager)
Uninstall Wacom Intuos3 Ddriver

Nothing worked

I am willing to fight to the death for this mouse
Please help me. Should i go safe mode or registry or whatever? Just don't tell me to format, i have so many softwares installed. However, no other mouse software.

WinXP Pro
Version 2002
AMD Athlon 64x2

Thanks in advance

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I am having problems with installing this mouse on Windows XP. I tried all the suggestions mentioned above by DAI and while the computer recognizes the new hardware, the mouse does not work.

My husband got it to work for a bit, but it stopped working again. Can anyone help me?


Answer:Natural Wireless Laser Mouse 6000

check the batteries are ok
reinstall the drivers
reset the mouse with on the mouse reset button on the bottom of the mouse and on the receiver

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New Years Greetings!
I have an HP Pavilion dv6000 (March 2007) with Vista.

I just installed the Natural Wireless Laser Mouse 6000...several times in fact!
First time it worked. Then after rebooting, it came up with a message with 3 choices:
- install driver (had already done that)
- don't ask again
- (I forget what this said)
So I said "don't ask again" and that's when the mouse went dead! Argh!
After uninstalling and installing from the disk TWICE, (pressing all the correct buttons on the transmitter and mouse and unconnecting the USB before this)
I finally downloaded the driver from online just in case it was the driver that came on the disc. It is Driver Version
Finally got it to work, HOURS LATER! but not on my mouse USB port which is the PS/2 Port that says IRQ 0x0000000C (12)

I had to move the USB connector to another port.
I spent [email protected]! trying to install and uninstall this and am coming to the conclusion that VISTA is the problem. Am I right?
I went to all the help features and did all the right things.
Device Manager says this new mouse is there. Says it is working properly.
But then nothing happened until I moved it to another port.
I would like to plug the USB into the normal mouse port. But it probably won't work. Why?
Am seriously considering a Mac for the first time since I started using a computer in 1980s! Thanks for any and all suggestions. Cheers!

Answer:Natural Wireless Laser Mouse 6000

use an adaptor

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Ive had this mouse + keyboard package for a few months seemed fine now the MS wireless mouse 5000 (bluetrack) seemed to periodically stop working more and more over the last few days, i changed the batteries about the same time it was working for a bit then freezing the green light comes on the top then fades out, the blue lazer underneath appears to be working fine i would plug the recivier in and out and it would work for about 10 secs then stop now its saying USB device not recognised when i do this or not detecting it at all, this is weird as its workign fine on the 2 other laptops i used it on both run vista. the problems occuring on this toshiba a500 17x running 64bit windows 7.
ive just reintalled the IPx64_1033_8.0.225.0 intelli 8 driver but now only have the ps2 driver listed on my hardware tab in mouse propities and its just calling the mouse unrecognised usb device & 'Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43)'
I even re-installed the toshiba new hardware driver. arrg its driving me mad please help.
I tryed a different wirless mouse cheap lazer jobbie and this is working fine in my usb ports :S

Answer:MS bluetrack wireless 5000 mouse no longer working.

I learned the hard way to never ever buy Microsoft mice, looks like your about to too.

The mouse i have (wireless mobile mouse 6000) is terrible, the wireless lags A LOT, significant dropouts in connectivity, and i had to buy two because the usb connector for the first one literally burnt out after one day of use (2 hours actual, about 6 plugged in but turned off)

Always go Logitech IMO

I know this doesn't help fix your problem but its a warning for everyone else.

Judging my the fact that its a Microsoft mouse, I would say there is no known fix for you problem. Microsoft doesnt care, as long aas they get the money, they are happy.

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My keyboard died so I thought I would try wireless and bought a 5000 series set. I can't find a way to set the wheel to double click as I have with all others I have ever owned. Can this be done? Also people talk about the wheel tilting sideways in videos as well. Is there a function to this? They never mention that part. Lastly there are side buttons that function as forward and back. So far I'm hitting these by accident and they are awkward to use. If I don't get used to them can they be disabled? Thanks

Answer:Wireless Mouse 5000 Wheel Double Click

I don't know if you loaded the software that came with your hardware. The controls you are mentioning should be available.

But what you really want is "Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center". You will find the needed info at:

Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center | Microsoft Hardware

Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

It will work on your Win 7 OS.

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I have one of these and every so often it the mouse pointer sticks for several seconds which is annoying when gaming etc. I've only had it a few months of which its been for the last 2 to 3.

I haven't got the software installed as I see no reason why it would prevent it sticking + sucks up system resources.

It does it both on my desk which is a plastic surface with a bubbly effect and a mouse mat, both clean.

Is there anything else which could be causing this or is it just due to wireless-ness?


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Hello all,

I am having an issue here and I am not quite sure how to resolve it. I have a Microsoft Wireless Laser Mouse 8000 and I also have a wireless home network using a D-Link WBR-2310 wireless router. I am using Windows Vista, and when I am using the mouse with my computer and the wireless network enabled the mouse pointer moves very erratically and does not move smoothly at all. The computer is plugged in directly into the router with an ethernet cable, it is not using a wireless NIC card.

I am fairly certain this is from interference from the wireless router, i have tried different channels to see if I would get less interference but none of that seems to help any. There does not seem to be any settings for my mouse where i can choose what channel it is running on, it runs on Bluetooth. The wireless router is running 802.11g and as far as I know, this and Bluetooth both run at 2.4ghz.

Any ideas/suggestions?

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I ordered a new MS wireless laser mouse 5000 because after several yrs my old one went bad. Well, I have retained the MS wireless comfort keyboard 4000. Now, when I try to install software through CD MS intellipoint 6.3, I essentially have the following
msg.:  I'm told that that this cd is blocked because it is not compatible w/ windows 7. Another problem is that with the new mouse I can not type anything. This, of course, could be the result of not being able to install the CD that came w/ the mouse.
Now, I've tried about everything---all the downloads which  I could find, and apparently, I'm current w/ the software/drivers.  I just don't know what next to do; I'm not very experienced w/ these things.
Does anyone have any answers; those laser mice are expensive.

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I ordered a new MS wireless laser mouse 5000 because after several yrs my old one went bad. Well, I have retained the MS wireless comfort keyboard 4000. Now, when I try to install software through CD MS intellipoint 6.3, I essentially have the following
msg.:  I'm told that that this cd is blocked because it is not compatible w/ windows 7. Another problem is that with the new mouse I can not type anything. This, of course, could be the result of not being able to install the CD that came w/ the mouse.
Now, I've tried about everything---all the downloads which  I could find, and apparently, I'm current w/ the software/drivers.  I just don't know what next to do; I'm not very experienced w/ these things.
Does anyone have any answers; those laser mice are expensive.

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Hey, I recently bought a Wireless Laser Mouse 6000 v2, and when I put the install CD in, it says it is not compatible with my version of windows which is Windows 7. So I went online to look for the software on Microsofts website, and I found it. So everything installed ok, and the mouse was working. Only problem is whenever I try to open the Control Panel for the mouse, to change my buttons or something, nothing happens. It shows a loading cursor and than stops. I've tried reinstalling the program, and I dunno whats wrong. Thanks.

Answer:Problem with Intellipoint Wireless Laser Mouse 6000 v2.0

why isn't anyone replying?

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I'm used to periodic lapses when Windows forgets that I have a Bluetooth mouse & keyboard but today's behaviour was really weird.
Fortunately I keep a wired mouse and keyboard strategically hidden just in case.

I just booted into W7 and noticed on the log-on screen that the mouse was behaving erratically - would judder around the screen rather than glide.

Anyway I uninstalled it once I'd booted up and went to reinstall it. It worked but Windows asked for a restart. This had never ever happened before. It even asked for the WEI to be refreshed! I've checked and I can't see anything different driver-wise. I've gone through the motions of uninstalling/reinstalling mouse and keyboard dozens of times but never had this happen.

Comments anyone?

Answer:W7 Bizarre Behaviour w/Wireless Laser Mouse 8000

Have you updated anything lately? How about installing anything new?

Perhaps your mouse is running low on batteries?


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I just received an MX3200 keyboard/MX600 mouse combination and installed it on my Vista 32 machine. (I had previously used a no-name wireless combo that ultimately wore out.) I installed the latest Logitech drivers, made sure batteries were fresh, that it was properly connected. However, the mouse is not behaving properly. It acts like a regular roller ball mouse does when the ball is jammed or on the wrong surface--the cursor doesn't track the mouse motions. I have to repeatedly swipe the mouse on the pad to just get it to move a little. In fact, I had to turn my pad over (i have a stiff pad designed for laser/optical mice) to get even lousy responsiveness. I've tried the mouse on soft pads, on the table, on a piece of white paper, to no avail. I made sure the BIOS enabled USB mice. I"ve checked control panel settings, the logitech utility, but nothing there improves the situation. Any advice?

(I used my wired mouse to create this note).

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Bought a Wireless desktop 7000 just after New Years Because I had issues with my Microsoft bluetooth desktop in Vista. I Had one hickup in windows 7 with this bluetooth set and found a driver updated and just had to roll it back and has been fine. So to avoid problems I went to regular wireless in the hopes to eliminate any issue. Well after using the new keyboard and mouse the mouse started to freeze and got progressively worse till it became unuseable. When it freezes the keyboard would stop as well but no disconect sound just freeze then come back. I figured bad desktop set so i put the bluetooth set back on and no problems. I put the other set on a laptop running XP and have been useing it without an issue all day so the set must be fine. I know My PC is way outdated but it actually runs 7 perfectly even with dreamscene on. My usb is the SiS 7001 controller and i've tried drivers new and old, switching ports, resyncing, new batteries, every power save option is off, still the same issue. Funny is that the bluetooth receiver requires 400mA of power and the regular wireless receiver says only 100mA, so it can't be a power issue. I'm lost, i got a brand new keyboard that i can't use. Any help is greatly appriciated.

Answer:Microsoft Wireless laser desktop 7000

Hello CuzzinChris, Welcome to the Forum.

If I understand your post correctly, there are 2 sets of wireless input devices involved here.

First you had a MS Bluetooth set. Then you replaced that with a MS wireless set. Is that correct?

If so, did you completely uninstall the old Bluetooth devices from the Device Manager before you disconnected them from the computer? This sounds a lot like conflicting drivers.

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So I'm currently having an issue with my Wireless Laser 8000 (Bluetooth) and hoping someone here might have some insight on it as my googlefu is not getting any results and I really don't want to replace the mouse as I'm using it in combo with the Wireless Entertainment Desktop 8000 keyboard and pretty much love this setup right now.

As of late my mouse has decided to basically throw itself in to sleep mode after about 3-5 seconds of no activity. This doesn't happen all the time but it's getting kind of insane as bringing it out of sleep causes some serious mouse lag and/or quite a bit of moving or a click to reactivate it.

Anyone with this mouse ever run in to a problem like this or in general? The keyboard isn't running in to any issues in regards to losing signal and/or sleeping and not kicking in right.

Unfortunately the Wireless Laser 8000 has been discontinued so I can't even get a proper replacement for it and have to get one of the new bluetrack mice, but none of them are rechargeable .

Any help would be appreciated.

Answer:Wireless Laser 8000 - Mouse sleeps after a couple of seconds

Frist thing comes to mind for me is; have you checked the battery status to see if it needs replaced. On rechargable batteries, there is a set number of recharges it can have and they do go bad from time to time. I would start there first, replace the battery. Here's a link to the mouse if you have not already checked it out.

Wireless Laser Mouse 8000

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Hi everyone,

Hoping someone has some suggestions for my new problem.

The problem:

My new Microsoft Wireless Laser Mouse 6000 installs on my laptop the way any normal mouse should. I have since decided to use this new mouse on my desktop PC instead, which was successfully using a wired mouse. When plugging the new mouse in, the New Hardware Wizard could not install the mouse. On top of all this, when I reverted back to my old "wired" mouse, the wizard could not install this mouth either. Something has gone wrong and now I can't install any mice. I have tried all three mice that I own, and it seems that my computer is just having trouble installing mice in general. All the mice install fine on other computer.

-wizard says, "cannot install this hardware"
-mouse is listed in DEVICE MANAGER as "other device" with a yellow exclamation mark
-pointer arrow remains in the middle of screen, mouse doesn't work to move it around.
-USB ports work fine for my other USB devices. I've tried them all
-Microsoft Intellipoint software is up to date, installed and seemingly ok when I open it in control panel

Already done:
-tried replacing DRIVER.CAB from WinXP installation disc
-tried uninstalling the mouse in DEVICE MANAGER, unistalling Intellipoint, and starting the whole process over again.
-tried changing channels from the mouse to the receiver, but that isn't relevant to the problem anyways since I know the mouse w... Read more

Answer:Wireless Laser Mouse 6000 refuses to install... looking for suggestions.

Have you tried system restore?

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When I type in Word 2010, frequently my keyboard will refuse to type. It will type a couple letters and then I have to wait to get it to go on. Then it will type a few more, etc. Another time it will type without an issue. Very annoying! I have changed the battery. Any suggestions?

Answer:Microsoft Wireless Comfort Keyboard 5000 not working right

Try uninstalling and re-installing the driver that I assume you got with it, you could also check the manufacturer's website to see if there are any updates.

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All of the sudden , I have no volume control whatsoever on my Microsoft Wireless Comfort 5000 Keyboard . I am using Intellipoint 8.2 and I think that is part of the problem . I don't think I am the only one with this problem. Any ideas?

Answer:No Volume Control , Microsoft Wireless Comfort 5000 Keyboard

I used to have volume control with my Microsoft Media Keyboard, but suddenly it was not working anymore.
I reinstalled the included drivers and the problem went away.

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I picked up a used Microsoft Wireless Comfort Keyboard 5000 off of Craigslist and really like it a lot - except for one very annoying thing - the function keys don't work as they are supposed to! Specifically, I always used the "save" function key (formerly F12 on my old, wired keyboard) and made things much faster for me when transcribing. Now, if I hit the F11 key (which is supposed to be the save key), it starts my transcription software (ExpressScribe) dictation and starts it in the v-e-r-y slow speed. What's up with that? It doesn't help if I try to reprogram the key - and yes, my function lock key is on. Any thoughts? I have to physically pick my hand up off the keyboard, go to my mouse and hit the little "save as" icon that I have added to my quick access toolbar ribbon (sigh) - really slows a girl down, ya know? Thanks for any suggestions!

Answer:Microsoft Wireless Comfort Keyboard 5000 Function Keys

Did you install the intellitype software?

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I recently replaced my old keyboard and mouse with this Microsoft system. I am having a problem with the volume control buttons on the keyboard not working. The Mute button works fine, as do all of the other Special function buttons. Pressing the Volume Control buttons does nothing. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the software several times. Trouble Shooting the system says everything is working properly. I have checked everything I can think of, but the problem persists. It does seem strange to me that the Mute Button works, but the Volume buttons don't. Can any one suggest something to check or a setting I may have missed? Or do you think I've got a bad keyboard that I need to take back for another one. Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

BTW I am using Windows XP Professional.


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I have a microsoft laser 5000 keyboard and mouse I purchased in Dec. 08. The mouse works fine, but the keyboard is inop. I went on a trip in Sep. when I came back it would not work. I use Windows XP SP3. I have tried removing/installing the old software, installing new software, but nothing helps.

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As mentioned in the title, I've got a Microsoft Wireless Laser Keyboard 6000 v2.0.
I want to assign a string of 14 characters (13 digits + 1 carriage return) to one of the 5 favorites buttons.
I wasn't able to find any direct of indrect way, so any help is welcome. Thanks in advance.

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Lately I have been having an annoying problem with my wireless mouse. For some reason the pointer will lag, and be very sluggish and jumpy. I've had this mouse on this computer for about a year and I've had no problem. Out of nowhere this problem is happening. I've tried re installing drivers with no luck. I tried uninstalling intellipoint and re-installing it, but when I tried I got the BSOD, and then it completely disabled my mouse and keyboard so I had to use wired peripherals to go in to safe mode and do a system restore. Now everything is working again, except my mouse is still jumpy.

Thanks for any help.

Answer:Annoying mouse lag - Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500

Erratic behaviour from wireless peripherals, especially keyboards and/or mice, particularly where they were working correctly before, generally points to a dying battery in the peripheral. Have you tried replacing it? If it is rechargeable, it may no longer be holding charge and will also need replacing.

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We just recently purchased a new computer but am struggling to get our printer installed.  My printer works on my desktop ( I work from home so yes I have a desktop).  The printer also works with our other laptop via USB. Something happened sometime back that disrupted our Wi-Fi connection so I just never got it back up and running.   Anyway, we have this brand new laptop. I have been on the Support website and downloaded the drivers. save the files to the computer , unzipped them and executed the setup. The printer shows on my computer but it still says the drivers are missing.  It doesn't work hooking it up to the USB port etc.... 

I am ready to send my new computer frustrated.   Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Answer:Dell Inspiron 15 5000 Windows 10 - Need help with installing Dell 2130cn laser printer

Please list exact Dell model. Ex: Dell Inspiron 5000 5567, windows 10. If you don't know, type msinfo32 onto the [Cortana] search box, and then look for System Model.
In the meantime, type Device Manager on to search box, and then check and see if there's any Printer listed. If yes, expand printer, right click on it, and then update it. Please click on links for additional information.
How to Troubleshoot Dell Laser Printers | Dell US
Fix printer problems in Windows 10 - Windows Help

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Hi everyone, i'm a newbie here so hi!

I wondered if anyone could help me, I just bought a Microsoft wireless mouse for my ASUS notebook as I have it connected to my tv via hdmi and wanted to be able to browse the net and control other things from my sofa rather than sitting on the floor! (as the hd cable is v short)

If Im using the mouse, how would I get the onscreen keyboard to stay onscreen so I can type? my laptop is touchscreen and the keyboard only pops up when I tap the screen.....

think I might have wasted my money!

Answer:Wireless Microsoft Mouse

You'll have to bear with me as I don't have a touch screen device and therefore don't use the on-screen keyboards, however do any of the following ways help?

1) Right click on the Taskbar at the bottom of the desktop, then go to Toolbars > Touch Keyboard. That will put an icon in the Taskbar, which you can click to toggle the on-screen keyboard.

2) From the start screen, type OSK, then click On-Screen Keyboard in the search results. This will launch an on-screen keyboard that will stay on screen until you close it.

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I cannot get my computer MS-XP,ComPAQ sr1110nx to see my new mouse. I have a wireless keyboard also and don't like the fingerpad to play games,
How can I get both to work? I had wireless mouse that worked fine before it didn't. For some reason it would not hold a charge and could not find anyone to sell me a new battery pak. (Gyration ULTRA GT)

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I got this a few months ago for my new machine and finally started using it to find a few issues. Its OEM boxed and doesn't come with any Intellipoint or Intelitype pro software nor is their any option for this model in it as I tried it.I found getting the Keyboard to synch/connect to the RF wireless thing impossible so tried changing the batteries. Still no luck, so I tried it on another machine again with Windows XP Home and managed to get the keyboard working as well as the mouse.The keyboard doesn't have any indication light for Caps Lock on/off or Number Lock On/off nor is there any on the RF reciever which is connected to PC via single captive USB cable.Does anyone else happen to have this keyboard and mouse set and know if there is any microsfot software or driver dedicated for this prodcut.Some other ID numbers of the box and mouse as follows:-JUA-00013Model No. 1132 1133 113492317-OEM-4863185-00803thanks for any assistance

Answer:Microsoft Wireless KB & Mouse 700 v2.0 help

if this is the one this is all the info i can find which is probably what you have found already click here

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Hello everybody! i have a question for you allis there any way to fix a Microsoft wireless mouse model 1383 and the receiver likes to not work with the computer (Microsoft XP says unrecognized device) and the receiver likes to overheat to the point of burning my there a way to fix this?? does Microsoft offer a replacement??thanks to all

Answer:Microsoft Wireless Mouse

You should contact MS customer support or the retailer from whom you purchased it.

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Does anyone else here use a wireless keyboard and mouse? My mouse died a couple days ago, so I was going to purchase a new wireless one. Well Bestbuy was sold out of every single wireless mouse except for the $90 ones. I looked over and saw this really nice looking Microsoft wireless keyboard and mouse for only $60. I said, heck with it. I bought it, and I love it. Just thought I'd share my experience with you all. I bought the Microsoft "Basic Wireless Optical Desktop"

Answer:Microsoft Wireless Mouse and Keyboard

So does anyone else use a wireless keyboard/mouse?

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well ive' got this wireless mouse and just wanted to know if other peeps with it have the same thing happen with their wireless M$ mouse. first,my mouse doesnt turn all the way off when my comp is shut down or its idle for a long time. the laser just blinks every half a second or this normal? also,it scrolls kinda jerky when i use the weel on it.any one else have that prob? and just curiouse,how long will the batteries normaly last in this one.i just got it yesterday so i was just curious. the jerky scrolling gives me a headache when trying to scroll while reading and if i just didnt end up with a crappy one by bad luck,im taking it back and getting a logitech or something,screw moneysoft. thanks for the reply

Answer:2 Q's about microsoft's Wireless optical mouse 2.0

It's normal for the light to blink... It's jerky... The batteries don't last long... I gave mine away and bought a logitech MX and couldn't be happier. Microsoft Intellimouse stink.

The other best choices based on experience are:

Fellowes optigel optical wireless mouse, (better than logitech and Microsoft)

Gyration optical wireless mouse, The range is killer, and can be used in mid-air, but kinda odd feel when useing on a mousepad.

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I always have lag on my Microsoft Wireless Mouse 1000 and Microsoft Wireless Keyboard 850. My keyboard has absolutely no lag at all. My mouse on the other hand, fails to meet up with where I'm trying to point. It's as if it's getting to where I point,
but then just freezes, then darts across the screen. I play a lot of fast pace action games, so this is a huge problem for me. The USB for the combo is in the front port of my computer, and it's about 2 feet from the keyboard and about 3 and a half feet from
the mouse. I'm running Windows 10, and all drivers are up to date. I put brand new batteries in the mouse, but it still lags. Please help me!

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I picked up a Microsoft Wireless Mouse/Keyboard Combo (Wireless Optical Mouse 2000), and on my old wooden desk, it worked great.

I picked up a Z-Line Legacy Glass desk, and ever since then, the mouse is nothing but problems. Since its a glass desk, I bought a Mouse pad. The pointer essentially jumps. If I move the mouse fast, the pointer *Generally* works. If I'm going to click on a link, or change a song, adjust the volume, etc.. The pointer will usually just stay in one spot, then jump past what I was trying to do.

To solve this issue, I've changed USB Ports, Placed the receiver in multiple places (Including next to the mouse, on top of the desk, a few feet away, on the keyboard tray), pressed the connect buttons on the mouse and receiver multiple times, and changed the batteries. On the other hand, the keyboard works great with no issues.

The only things I can think of that can be the issue would be either the mouse pad is a piece of junk (A black fellowes microban one), or since the desk is glass and metal, I'm getting interference between the mouse and sensor, but I want to rule that out since the keyboard is working fine.

Any ideas on the issue? I was going to try my wired mouse on the mouse pad to see if that helps the issue, but I paid enough to have the wireless combo I don't want to loose it, but can't deal with how unresponsive the mouse is.

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Microsoft Wireless Mouse Problems

Hi temiller

It would be normal for the keyboard to operate normally given that the optics for the mouse is located at the bottom - with the glass desk and possibly the existing mouse-pad (which I'm hoping is not one of those with a shiny surface), the optical tracker would have a hard time trying to focus.
Try the mouse with a different mouse-pad - black mouse-pad would be ideal or better still, for now, try to use a dark piece of paper as your mouse-pad

Hope this helps and regards

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I'm just wondering if the desktop sets that MS do come with one Receiver for the Mouse and Keyboard, or one each?
I only ask, because i was going to buy them separatly, but I don't think that MS do a wireless keyboad thats not part of the set?

Answer:Microsoft Wireless Mouse & Keyboards

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We had a wireless mouse on the computer that me daughter was using. She doesn't use it no more so I want to use the mouse. The problem I have is I cannot find the CD that came with it. Is there a way I can get this to work on my computer? Thanks for your time and help.


Answer:Solved: Microsoft Wireless Mouse

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I recently purchased the wireless keyboard and mouse. The mouse shows a red light underneath, (purpose unknown) but this light flashes all the time including when the computor is not in use and every thing switched off, obviously using up battery power. Is this a fault or can this be expected. Any ideas please.

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Is it unusual for a 3 month old wireless mouse to quit working?

I tried three different batteries and the light on the bottom still doesn't light up.

We hooked my son's mouse up and it works so I know it is not the pc.

I have already purchased another one as I didn't feel like going through the trouble of trying to return it to MS all for $39.99.

Answer:Microsoft 6000 Wireless Mouse

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i am looking at buying a wireless micorosft mouseclick hereabove is the link on the dabs site. But will things interefere with it, ie sony sereo remote?any ideas?thanks

Answer:microsoft wireless mouse will it get interference?

Mine works fine with several remote devices close by. Even the keyboard which is on a different frequency, mobile phone, cordless phone etc. j.

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I purchased a Microsoft wireless desktop 700 a few weeks back. After installing Windows 7 64 bit, I had some trouble getting the wireless desktop started. However, I got it working after a few restarts.

For a few weeks the hardware worked just fine. since yesterday (i.e. 20-Jun-10) the wireless mouse is not working properly. The problem is:

1. The left click does not work
2. The right click works
3. the movement of the mouse is detected by windows

This happened after I got a message saying the drivers did not work properly. I don't understand what went wrong.

Anyway, I tried looking for the necessary drivers for this hardware on windows 7. I am not able to find the same online. The wireless set did not come with any CDs.

Please help. I have a legal copy of Windows 7. Do I need to reinstall the drivers from this. Can someone please guide me as I am a rookie.


Answer:Problem with Microsoft Wireless Mouse 700

Try uninstalling the drivers in Device Manager. Then reboot, and let Windows automatically install drivers.

Can you test the mouse on another machine? That way, we can confirm it is not a hardware problem.

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Installed new key & mouse.Everything worked fine for couple of weeks. then key & mouse started freezing up about once an hour. Checked sending unit and now 2 lights showing instead of one. Installed new unit and single light is on and working good for a week, then started freezing again and 2 lights on the sender.Changed the sending unit with new one and after a period of thime same problem. Stumped !
IntelPentium4 3.20GHz 1.00GB of Ram, Win.XP Pro.
Kaspersky Pro Virus Scan.

Answer:Microsoft Wireless Keyboard & Mouse

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I just got a brand new Microsoft wireless mouse. It jumps around on most webpages. It does not seem to have any way to recharge? It's also very slow, and it's next to impossible to focus it on something I want to click on.

Answer:Microsoft wireless mouse jumps around Please help!

Normally these work with a battery. Try putting a fresh one in.

Then Enable hardware auto-updating via Windows Update (Steps 3 and 6)
then Check for UPdates, install all Important and Optional updates which might include a newer driver that may have failed to autoload when you plugged it in, or possible patches to make hardware work better.

The drivers in Win7 are pretty dated due to no SP2 and it may not be set to connect to Windows Update to check.

If that fails try a different surface - on a pad, notebook, piece of paper of different colors.

If this fails, does it work correctly in another PC?

Let us know how it goes.

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Hello everyone,

I've been having problems with two of my Wireless Arc Mice from MS. It only occurs when using this computer.

The problem is.. When I use my mouse, sometimes it'll just stop taking input (moving the cursor) and it will take a bit before it'll start taking input again.

Now, I know its not the mouse itself as it did this with my other Arc Mouse, and it doesn't happen when I'm booted Linux.

So.. anyone have any suggestions? I've tried just using the standard HID_Compliant Mouse driver, and the driver provided by Microsoft via IntelliPoint. No differences with either.

Answer:Microsoft Wireless Arc Mouse problems

same problem here. Mouse stutters and freezes and so on...

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When we use our wireless Microsoft mouse, it does not let our computer go on standby. CAn you tell me why this is? And what I can do about it? I love havi ng a wireless mouse.

Answer:No standby with wireless Microsoft mouse

Go onto your settings, ( sleep mode ) and adjust your wake up settings... GL

P.S. and Welcome to SevenForums...

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I would be very grateful for some help with the microsoft wireless mouse 3500.

I am running Vista 64 bit and have installed the intellipoint 8.2 driver.

The mouse takes quite a while to respond after startup and coming out of sleep mode. Usually about 30 seconds.

Is there a fix for this?

Look forward to a response

Regards, jess collie

Answer:Microsoft wireless mouse 3500

go to hardware and right click on the mouse, there will be able to set the mouse response time after waking etc.

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have has the Microsoft Wireless Optical Desktop 1000 for the last few days. My probes with the mouse. I keep getting a message saying that the batteries are low and that I should replace them. I know the batteries are fully charged. Even the mose software says the bats are charged.
Is there anyway of disabling this message or is there a reasonable way of sorting this out before I take a sledge hammer to it!! Breath 1 2 3 4 ....

Alsyou can suggest a better wireless optical keyboard mouse package, that would be great.


Answer:Microsoft wireless mouse problems

That is a strange one. Not really sure as to the solution to your problem, but as far as a suggestion for wireless keyboard and mice combo I would suggest looking into getting one from Logitech if you cannot fix your problem!

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I just ran my Microsoft Windows Update a couple of days ago which included Microsoft - Keyboard - Microsoft USB Dual Receiver Wireless Keyboard (Mouse and Keyboard Center). I think this is the culprit causing my problems. Now both my mousepad on my laptop and my mouse are active at the same time and I am unable to uninstall or turn off the mousepad. I've tried uninstall two different ways and neither worked after restarting and shutting down as per instructions. It is driving me crazy because it is extremely hard to type as the cursor will jump on the page and insert my typed letters into the wrong place. I have to get it uninstalled! Typing this is a nightmare and I am not dragging my thumbs on the pad or touching it in anyway. Any suggestions?

Answer:Microsoft - Keyboard - Microsoft USB Dual Receiver Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Update

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I just bought a Microsoft Wireless Keyboard and Mouse combination. The KB is model 800 and the mouse is model 1000. I just noticed, in Device Manage, both are shown as HID Compliant and I wonder why the don't show up as Microsoft devices. Should I be concerned?

Thank you.

Answer:Microsoft Wireless Keyboard and Mouse -- Hid compliant

Hello jsquareg,

USB human interface device class - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Hope this helps,

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My brother received a wireless keyboard and mouse and asked me to install it tomorrow, i dont have one and never installed one. All i know is it is made by microsoft, he is running XP
Is it difficult to install

Thank you


Answer:Solved: Microsoft Wireless keyboard and Mouse

Nope, real easy. I have a Logitech set, and all it took was plugging it in to a USB port (mine has a 'base station' for the wireless mouse which is also the receiver etc), and installing the drivers. Then once installed, press the 'connect' button on bottom of mouse and kb. Yours is probably very similar.


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I have a dell laptop w/Windows 7 and for some reason this morning my wireless mouse is not working. The error message is that the computer is not detecting a mouse, however when I tried to re-install the software it says it can't download because there is already a later version.

I just did a defrag on Friday because the keyboard started acting up---there was a delay or it would not sense the keystroke at all. I put in a new battery, what else should I be looking at? Thanks for the help!!!!

Answer:MicroSoft 4000 Wireless Mouse Not Working

Is the transmitter properly seated and working? Did you put the battery in correctly?

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Hi guys,
I have a Microsoft Wireless Optical Mouse v. 2.0a which is supposed to have very good battery life, but i'm forever getting pop up mesages telling me my mouse batteries are crtiically low, even a day after I replace them for brand new ones. I have the latest drivers for the mouse, but I keep getting the messages, some times many times in a day, sometimes once every couple of days. The battery level and signal strength are both high in the wireless mouse hardware profile in control panal. Is this a regular problem people have with these mice or is it just mine? Maybe someone had the same problem and knows of a solution?

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I have recently purchased a batch of MS Wireless keyboard and mice 2000.  Within 1 week the USB has stopped working rendering the keyboard and mice unusable.

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I've had a DELL laptop for awhile and have long since had problem with the sporadic mysterious "scrolling mouse." SO far as I have learned, it is a known problem without a TRUE fix, thus I use an alternate mouse.

8 months ago, I began using a Microsoft wireless notebook optical mouse. And its been GREAT. However, 2 weeks ago it stopped working (or I should say 'connecting'). Changed batteries, no help. Seems to work sporadically, it will connect sometime and then I'll later get the error, "...USB device not recognized....One of the USB devices to this computer has
malfunctioned, and Windows does not recognize it."

It then ceases to work. Other times, this message appears once I plug it in.

On the M$ support site is says to ensure that the hidparse.sys, hidclass.sys and hid(one I forgot).sys files are in the appropriate folder....done

I've searched other forums about this and didn't see a good fix for this....

Anyone with any thoughts?????
THanks in advance

Answer:Microsoft wireless notebook optical mouse

The "USB device has malfunctioned" error suggests to me that it's a hardware error in the mouse, and time for a new one.

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I have a Microsoft Wireless Notebook Laser Mouse 7000 that I am using. Sometimes the cursor just sticks and won't move properly and I can't figure out why. I am trying to use it about 10-12 feet from the tower where the receiver is plugged in. When I use the mouse about 2 feet from the receiver it works fine. I thought this mouse was suppose to cover a 30 foot distance. I also have the router right next to the mouse's wireless receiver and not sure if the 2.4 GHZ Frequency interferes. I have tried new batteries and downloading updated drivers, but had no luck. Any ideas would be appreciated.

Answer:Microsoft Wireless Mouse with patchy performance!

You have pretty much determined its a distance issue. Distance can vary by the quality of the hardware and any interference within the room. Not too mention it's a notebook mouse, so the primary concern wasn't in achieving great distance.

Is the receiver out in the open?

I know on my computer case, the case extends out beyond the rear USB ports for the receiver and the mouse hardly worked 2 ft away. It worked fine when attached to the front panel of the case, but that wasn't conveinent so I used a USB extension cable to move the receiver under my desk over by the mouse.

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Hey everybody I know its been a while since I have last posted in the forums, but I am having an issue with my wireless mouse in which everytime I plug it into my laptop it says USB Device Not Recognized and I have no idea on how to fix it or why it is popping up like this, I have searched everytwhere for a solution and not getting nowhere and I went into Windows Update to see if I was missing drivers or software for the device and that didn't do any good because nothing showed up there, I even tried to connect this device to another computer and got nowhere so then I decided to come here in hopes of somebody who might be able to help me figure this problem out because I am going to have to start using it because the left click button on my touchpad is not working as good as it did when I first bought the laptop, thanks for the help

Answer:Microsoft Wireless Mouse 1000 Not Working

Hi if mouse did not eo t k on another computer then I would say mouse is fualty.

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I was delighted to receive a new wireless keyboard and mouse - inserted the disc and setup doesn't/can't continue - error signature:-AppName:setupstb.exe AppVer.5.2.413.0 ModName kernel 32.dll NodVer.5.1.2600.2180 Offset 0001eb33Have been in touch with Microsoft and due to come back to me - but not holding out much hope - apart from finding it very hard to hear/understand what's being said etc - any ideas please!

Answer:microsoft wireless multimedia keyboard & mouse

You did install the drivers first?The 5.1.2600.2180 listed is the standard MS keyboard driver and it would appear to be missing.

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I have windows 7 64bit. My system sees mouse but it's frozen. When I move it nothing happens. What may be possible solution to this problem ?

Answer:Microsoft Wireless Mouse 3500 Not connecting

For the mouse issue, please try the steps in these KB articles:
Troubleshoot a wireless mouse that does not function correctly
Troubleshoot response failures in wireless keyboard or mouse
Hope these could be helpful.Kate Li
TechNet Community Support

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can anyone help me? I plug the reciever into the usb port and the wizard goes for the usb human interface device. but when it comes back it say that it hasn't passed Windows logo testing. if i continue it says th installation failed. whats up? hey , its a microsoft product.

Answer:microsoft wireless notebook optical mouse

Look for newer drivers on the web? Is your motherboard driver current? USB 2.0 can be fussy, so newer motherboard drivers might fix it.

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