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Vista x64 - XP 32bit sharing printer

Question: Vista x64 - XP 32bit sharing printer

I have Vista Ultimate x64 as my main rig and have a Lexmark z645 printer connected through usb. I am sharing the printer with my roomates XP 32bit machine. Prior to upgrading to Vista (I had XP 32bit before,) printer sharing worked.

I have installed the x64 and x32 bit drivers from Lexmark onto my Vista machine. I have the proper drivers installed on the XP machine. The two computers can communicate with each other. I've added the networked printer onto the XP machine and can send jobs to the printer.

At this point, the jobs will show up in the printer properties on Vista. However, nothing prints. I've tried editing the Group Policys to enable print spooling from client computers, but still nothing.

Is there some fancy trick I'm missing to get the printer working with x64 vista and x32 Xp? Any help is appreciated.


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Preferred Solution: Vista x64 - XP 32bit sharing printer

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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I have a Canon iP4500 printer wired directly to a Windows 7 64 Bit desktop PC, and wish to share the printer with a Laptop that is running Windows Vista 32 Bit. Each time I try to get it to work I run into various problems. I've even tried installing the relevant drivers onto both machines, but still it will not work. Both machines reject the others drivers due to the different acchitecture. Although I've shared my Internet connection before with no problems, this is my first attempt at printer sharing. What am I doing wrong? Thanks

Answer:Printer Sharing - Win 7 64Bit & Vista 32Bit

Anyone have any idea please? This problem is doing my head in lol. Thanks

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I have read on this forum a few people with printer sharing issues, but my problem seems to be a bit different, heres my problem:

I have a HP Server that is running XP Pro 32bit, & has a HP Laserjet 1220 printer shared across the network on a parallel port, all machines running XP (32bit & 64bit) connect with no problems, no drivers needed. I then installed Windows 7 32bit on a old laptop of mine, this also connects to printer over network, no drivers needed. I then installed 64bit 7 on my PC & another laptop, both of these machine could not connect to the printer, they can see the printer with no problems, but when I go connect, it says something like loading driver, then connecting to windows update, then comes up with an error & says driver not found.

It gives me an option to load the correct drivers myself, which I have been unable to do, the drivers for the printer are part of the XP & Vista & Windows 7 CD\DVD, HP says the printer will work with 32 & 64bit, no Windows 7 drivers (32 or 64bit) or Vista(32 or 64bit) are on the HP site for this printer.

As a test I tried the following:

I then tried something else, I got an old Dell PC i had around & installed 32bit 7 on this & connected the HP printer, then shared across the network & within a few minutes had all computers working with printer fine, XP & 7 (32 & 64bit) machines.

I then connected the printer to my PC & booted up in XP 64bit & shared p... Read more

Answer:Printer Sharing Driver Issues - 32bit vs. 64bit

I've had success creating a new port, then pointing to the network path of the printer, like this:


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i need help.
i have one desktop pc and onw notebook.
if i had OS vista on my desktop all was fine - sharing was OK,no problem. but now,when i boot new win7 ultimated 64bit a cant sharing files with my notebook (vista 32 bit). i set up sharing for everyone...but a cant connect to my notebook. when i try it - desktop, show me-attach file

can me someone help?
thx, budis

Answer:sharing between win7 64bit and vista 32bit


Hi and welcome

when you installed win 7 what kind of network did you set up? homegroup, or workgroup? Can you see the computers in network neighborhood, but just cant acces them?

We could use soome more info about you network setup and how you shared folders



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Both my son who knows a lot about pc and I have tried to get these 2 pc's to see each other with no success. I followed this tut give to me in a different forumn, who also recommended I come here. Nothing seems to work. I followed the tut here for Win7 to set up for file sharing but they list a home group & vista lists a workgroup so not sure how that works, even set the clocks on both pc"s to the same time. What am I doing wrong? any suggestions? I should also mention my printer is a Lexmark X2470. I have also downloaded the win7 drivers for my Lexmark printer.


Answer:File sharing between win7 64 bit desktop & vista 32bit laptop

Hi PinkRose, Welcome to Seven Forums.
This is how I did it. File sharing.pdf

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Hello there,

My name is Ed.. I have a Widnows XP with my HP Color Laserjet printer connected, which is Share on my Network Workgroup.

I also have new Vista Computer, I've got the Vista connected to the Share Printe from XP, but, once, I shutdown and restart my Vista computer I loose the printer share connection to my Windows XP/Hp color laserjet printer. I try to access the printer from my Vista it said access denied.. I have to delete the printe and locally again reconnect the printer.

I thank you in advanced for your help with this dilema.


Answer:Printer sharing access denie Windows Vista to XP Printer

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G'day all! (first post here!! :P) this is my situation:

I have a server...and i have installed a printer to it - the Canon LBP 3200 - the server is a 32bit machine running win7 pro...anyways...this printer does not have ANY 64bit drivers (which my main machine runs win7 ulti x64) so i am unable to install the printer on my main machine...

I was wondering, is there a way to share it from the server to the 64bit machine without installing any drivers?

Or is there a way to install 32bit drivers on a 64bit Machine?

Or can anyone find any 64 bit drivers/custom 64bit drivers?


Thanx all!!

Answer:Sharing a printer from 32bit machine to 64bit machine without drivers.

ok so i tried this method: Go to Control Panel. Choose printer. Then choose Add Printer.

Choose Add a local printer. Click on Create a new port. The default in the drop down box is Local Port. Do not change that. Click Next.

A dialogue box will appear asking for you to enter a port name. Type in the \\computer name\printer name ie. My computer's name is basement and the printer name is EpsonSty so I typed in \\basement\epsonsty

But when i make my own port name it says access is denied... :S

any help?

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I have an old Canon inkjet printer that has been working for me for many years with my WinXP desktop.
However, over past few years I have acquired a Vista 32-Bit and Win7 64-bit and this Canon will not work with either of them.
I also have a Lexmark Lexmark X2250 that will not work with Vista 32-bit or Win7 64-bit. And besides, this Lexmark has been very troublesome and hard to manage, etc. I use it now just as a scanner for my desktop WinXP computer.

I was wondering if anyone could suggest a new printer/scanner that might work with my desktop WinXP; Vista 32-bit and Win7 64-bit? And wouldn't be too large.
My neighbor suggested a wireless printer, but I don't know anything about printers and wouldn't want the wirelless printer to interfere or cause problems with my WiFi DSL!!!
Someone suggested the
Epson Stylus NX420 All-in-One Printer, such as the following:


Or isn't there a printer that would work with all three?
Can anyone help me please?

Answer:Win7 64bit / Vista 32bit printer

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I've got a problem connecting to Hewlett Packer LaserJet 1020. Vista x64 connects fine and the printer works but Vista 32bit refuses. I'm constantly getting this error message:
"Windows cannot connect to the printer. Operation could not be completed (error 0x000003eb).
I installed Vista 32bit drivers from HP's website.
Strange that Vista x64 works and 32bit doesn't.

Answer:HP LaserJet 1020 as a network printer on Vista 32bit

Hi IvanI

Would suspect a driver problem for the 32bit

you may want to try re-installing the 32bit driver

Both 32 and 64 bit here ...

HP LaserJet 1020 Printer series*-* Download drivers and software - HP Business Support Center

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with VISTA HOME BASIC 32BIT (laptop) may connect WLAN ( Thomson tg585 v7 modem/router) with VISTA 32BIT HOME PREMIUM (desktop) ? May share printer or files Wirelesslyif modem is connected to desktop ?

Basically what ever we do via cables/LAN we may do via wireless/WLAN for networking (with above PCs&Modem) ?

Answer:VISTA HOME BASIC 32BIT - WLAN - share printer or files, can I ?

this woulnt be a problem at all

you can do sharing just like you would wit cables

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Here's the issue:

3 systems: XP, Vista 64 Home Premium, Win7x64.

The system with Vista has the printer installed. Password-protected sharing is DISABLED (and nothing but the printer is shared to begin with), but I'm still being asked for a login and password when connecting to the printer.

This means I have to enter \\SYSTEM4, enter the login and a blank password, and then doubleclick on the printer before it works with the other systems. "Remember password" does not work when the password is blank. After this is entered, everything works 100% fine, until next reboot. It's still tedious, and something I'd like to get rid of.

Is there a way I can change it so I'm not prompted for a password at all?

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Hey guys. Was wondering if you could help me with this problem. I'm trying to use a printer through the network, but I have the XP (desktop) computer connected to the printer.

I found a good tutorial (Printer sharing between XP and Vista) that unfortunately, didn't solve the problem. The Vista system still isn't detecting the printer through the network.

I am using the correct drivers (vista 64 bit) and have the printer sharing enabled on the xp computer. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks in advance

Answer:Printer sharing between XP and Vista

Originally Posted by magadu

Hey guys. Was wondering if you could help me with this problem. I'm trying to use a printer through the network, but I have the XP (desktop) computer connected to the printer.

I found a good tutorial (Printer sharing between XP and Vista) that unfortunately, didn't solve the problem. The Vista system still isn't detecting the printer through the network.

I am using the correct drivers (vista 64 bit) and have the printer sharing enabled on the xp computer. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks in advance


sometimes you have to install the printer as a local printer on the vista machine before it can work as a netwroked printer. Hope it works


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I posted the following in the Vista newsgroup for printing and faxing, but I also thought I would pose the question here.

Hello all. I would like to thank you in advance for any answers that are given in this thread. I am an MCSE and would consider myself pretty savy overall, but this particular problem (which exists in my home network) has me frustrated.

I have a PC running Vista Ultimate x64. Attached to that PC (via USB) is a HP Photosmart C3180. My wife's laptop is running XP Professional x86. I am trying to allow her to print to the printer attached to my Vista x64 PC.

I install the printer properly and confirm it working on my Vista x64 PC. I then share it out under the name HPC3180. I disable password protected sharing and under the security settings of the printer I give "Anonymous Logon" permission to access the printer.

I know generally I would have to specify the x86 version of the driver under the "Additional Drivers" area in the properties of the printer; but in this case I do not know where to get the .INF files. I can download the drivers for the 32 bit version of XP from HP's site, but they aren't self extracting EXE files so I cannot get the INF file out of them to use.

I even tried setting it up (on XP x86 laptop) as a "Local Printer" with a "Local Port" that points the printer. I then tried to use a variety of older and generic drivers. At worst it refused to print entirely. At best I got some sort of seemingly ... Read more

Answer:Printer Sharing From Vista x64 To XP x86

Hi Richard,
I assume the HP file you downloaded is an .exe file? If so you can use Winzip or Winrar and right click on the exe file and that should allow you to extract the contents to a folder. Winzip or Winrar should even create the folder name for you. Then go to Start > Settings> Printers> File > Server Properties > Drivers tab > Add the printer driver there. That should fix you up.

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Are there known problems with this?

I try to add the x86 printer to the additional drivers section on my printer device to share out to my x86 periffs, but when I try it says that I don't have the right driver for my CPU. Anyone else have this problem or have a known fix? Thanks in advance.

Answer:Vista x64 sharing printer to x86

On windows Xp, or maybe just server 2003.

1. go to printers and faxes
2. click the sharing tab
3. click additional drivers
4. It will let you chose the operating system.
5. manually point to the xp compatible pcl6 or pcl5 driver you want to use.

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I have a Lexmark 3400 series printer connected to an XP 32 bit PC. I am trying to make it so that I can print documents from my Vista 64 bit pc. Both PCs are on the same network (obviously). I enabled printer sharing on the PC with the printer. The printer's sharing name is "LexmarkPrint". I installed the vista 64 drivers on my other pc. I clicked "Add New Printer" on my vista machine and successfully connected to the printer. However, if I try to print anything, I get an error from the lexmark program saying "Communication Not Available - The printer cannot communicate with the computer." I'm not sure where to start. I can print perfectly fine on the xp computer. I made sure that the firewall exceptions were made. Maybe I need to forward a port on my router?

Answer:Printer sharing between XP 32 bit and Vista 64 bit

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Can anyone tell me haow I can get to share a printer wirelessly between Vista and Windows XP?

Answer:printer sharing between vista and xp

That's like ringing up the garage and just saying... "my car won't start!"

Can you at least offer some more information?

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Having managed to negotiate my way round the nightmare settings to get my printer visible on our home network in Vista, I can't get the printer to install on the other machines (All on XP- Pro) as it says there is no driver for that printer.

We're using a Lexmark C522 on the Vista machine which works with the x64 drivers w/o problems. I tried the universal drivers on the XP machines but can't get it to work

Any help would be greatfully received..


Answer:Vista - XP Printer sharing

You need to install the additional drivers.
Click on Start.
Click on printers.
Right click your printer and select properties.
Click on the sharing tab.
Click on change sharing options -->continue.
Click on additional drivers.
If you have 64bit or 32 bit xp will determin your next choice.
Tell vista where to find the drivers on the cd.

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I have a main machine running Vista and connected to net through wireless router,my other machine is Vista also and it is running on a wireless adapter to get on net through my machine ,u get the idea.
Anyways I have a printer connected to my machine which works for me ,but I can't get the other machine to work with it. I have printer installed on both machines.

Any help pls.

Answer:Sharing Printer Vista

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I have a PC with Windows XP and a laptop with Windows Vista. The PC is wired to a printer and wired to the internet. I have a router and am wirelessly connected on the laptop. I am trying to share the printer with the laptop but am only coming up with a "No printers were found" message on the laptop. I am only mildly computer literate and in need of serious help. PLEASE!

Answer:Sharing Printer between XP and Vista

have a read through this guide - shows how to share between XP and Vista

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I have a problem sharing a printer attached to a Vista Dell. Vista shows printer sharing as yes, but with password required. I don't use a password on my puters. Can't I still share like I did with XP? Sharing folders seems to be no problem.
Anyone else experience this problem?

Answer:Vista Printer Sharing

Trying to share the printer with an XP Pro computer

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I have a workgroup that is a mix of XP, ME and even a w98 box. They all see and share printers, no problem. I put a Vista machine with a printer I would like to share with the group. I sees some of the other printers but cannot install them. The printer on the Vista box is invisible to the network. Is there a checklist of settiings, proceedures etc, I can reference to help me use this vista machine?
DC :cry

Answer:Vista printer sharing

Successful Sharing involves some general consideration in Network settings,

As well as specific adjustment of each computer according to what it is allowed to be shared.

Vista File and Printer Sharing-

Windows XP File Sharing -;en-us;304040

Printer Sharing XP -

Windows Native Firewall setting for Sharing XP -

Windows XP patch for Sharing with Vista -


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Hi All,

Problem: I connected 4 Vista Dell pc, networked them as a private network. I also have 3 XP pc in the same network. After installing LLTD and changing the network workgroup name, I am able to share the folders. But, on of the Vista pc, I have 2 printers directly connected:
1. Panasonic DP-1810F (parallel port) = driver found on vista and connected properly
2. Datasouth A3300 Series ( Serial port - dot matrix) = vista driver not found, so not yet connected

With the Panasonic printer, its printing from the other vista stations (so the vista-vista networking is good), but the XP can see this printer but I cannot add it. I tried innumerous times by adding the network printer, but the printer is not being added.

I have tried installing driver for the Pansonic printer on XP as well, but no luck !

Please help me print to these printers from XP. I cant afford to put the printers on XP, because then the Vista machines cant print, because of incompatible driver (NT 4.0 Driver).

Any help will be appreciated.

Answer:Sharing Vista printer on XP

This is a procedure that may work for installing network printers when the normal install doesn't work properly.
Select: Control Panel, Printers, Add Printer
Choose Add Local Printer.
Uncheck the box marked :Automatically detect my PnP printer.
Click Next
Select Create a New Port and leave the default in the drop down selection as Local Port.
Click Next
Windows displays a small dialogue box asking a port name.
Key in: \\<computer_name>\<printer_name> See note below
Click OK
Windows will show a list of printer vendors and models. The list looks just like the Windows Add Hardware Dialog. Select your printer manufacturer and printer model from the list. If your specific printer isn't shown, you can click on Have Disk and browse to the folder where you have the unpacked drivers for your printer.

<computer_name> - Computer name from Control Panel, System status display.
<printer_name> - The actual name of the network printer viewed by browsing to the shared printer on the network.​

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So I am trying to set up printer sharing over my wireless network. My Desktop has Vista 64-bit (RC-1), and both of my laptops have Win XP (one is Home, the other is MCE).
Anyway, Vista does not have the whole thing that XP does with setting up a workgroup or something like that, so i have no Idea how to get the two laptops to see teh desktop and its attached printer...

Any suggestions?

PS All three are wireless...

Answer:Vista and XP printer sharing

Problem Solved

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I have an HP Photosmart printer connected to a desktop computer running Windows XP Home SP3. I am trying to share it over my wireless network, which includes my laptop -- running Windows Vista Home Premium SP1. The trouble seems to be that my laptop cannot detect the printer over the network. I have enabled printer sharing and detection of devices on both ends. I have opened a bunch of ports as suggested in a Microsoft support article. I seem to have taken every possible step to resolve the issue, yet it persists. Any help would be appreciated!

Answer:Printer Sharing -- XP and Vista

Hi. . .

This is an issue that I myself have been trying to solve for a relative - no luck yet.

Check this Microsoft item out -

Regards. . .



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please help. i have go 2 pc's, a desktop which is running xp, and has a usb printer attached via usb. and a laptop running vista home premium. they both connect wirelessly to my router. i have networked them together, and they can both see and share each others files. the printer shows up on the vista machine, but when i try to connect to the printer , it says that i need to install the drivers. this is where the problem starts. after clicking the button windows vista shows its circle timer thing but nothing happens. (i have waited upto 7 or 8 minutes), eventually the program stops responding and i have to end it. my first thought is that the xp driver was not compatible with vista, so i have downloaded the vista driver to the laptop and installed it, but i still cant figure out what to do as click on the shared printer to connect it still says that i need to install the driver. any ideas?

Answer:printer sharing between xp and vista

try going to control panel and choose printer, then add printer, click add local printer then click create a new port and leave it as local port, click next then when it ask's for the port name put in \\computer name\printer name (replace computer name with the name of the pc with the shared printer and replace printer name with whatever the shared printer's name is) so if the pc's name is bedroompc and the printers name is sharedprinter you'd type \\bedroompc\sharedprinter

hope that helps.

good luck

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I have a XP Pro machine that I use as a PC and as a host for my printers. It has three printers on it - HP Laserjet 4L, Epson C88+ and a Canon MX850. I have used this successfully for several years. Other XP machines in my home use the Shared Printers w/o any problems. I just purchased a HP Laptop that is running Vista64. I am able to print w/o problems to the HP Laserjet from the Vista64 machine. However, when I try to print to the Epson or the Canon it complains about missing drivers on the host machine. I connected the Laptop directly to the printers (via USB) and made sure the drivers were loaded on the Laptop and that I could print.

So why can I print to the Laserjet and not to the Epson and Canon? What do I need to do to correct this problem? I doubt I can load Vista drivers on my XP machine so am I stuck?


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I think I've done everything correctly, but I still cannot get this to work.

I followed this guide -->;posts#2395292

(and I will copy/paste the gist of it below):

Go to Control Panel. Choose printer. Then choose Add Printer.

Choose Add a local printer. Click on Create a new port. The default in the drop down box is Local Port. Do not change that. Click Next.

A dialogue box will appear asking for you to enter a port name. Type in the \\computer name\printer name ie. My computer's name is basement and the printer name is EpsonSty so I typed in \\basement\epsonsty

Yahoo! It worked. Go figure! I guess Microsoft thinks printers on a intranet are local.

I hope this helps, I scoured many forums b4 finding this fix. Microsoft's support docs and HP's tech support were no help

Where am I going wrong, please?

Answer:Printer Sharing XP & Vista

We're sorry, but the page you requested could not be found.Click to expand...

Your link.

Well you seem to have your printer working.

But it would be nice to know some details to offer comment.

Have you for instance declared the printer for sharing on the computer it is connected to?

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I just reformatted my desktop with 7 and I wanted to share the attached HP PSC2355 wirelessly to my Vista lappy. I had this connected and functioning previously when the desktop was running XP but now I cant seem to get my lappy to connect to the 'homegroup' to find the printer. I found some other posts of sharing a printer on a vista machine over to 7 but not from 7 over to vista. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Answer:Sharing a printer from 7 over to Vista

will anyone assist me in this matter?

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I currently have an HP2300dtn and HP3600 connected to my XP Pro workstation, which is a member of a domain. These printers are shared with another XP Pro computer on same network and it works fine.But my pc is on the way out and another has been ordered. This will come with Vista Ultimate.I would welcome some advice as to the best way of continuing to share the printers which will be connected to the new Vista machine. I have Vista drivers for both, and of course XP drivers. There is a option to install alternative drivers within the share dialog, but I have no idea what they mean - Itanium 3 and X64 mean nothing to me.Very grateful for any help.

Answer:Printer Sharing Vista & XP

This article from MS covers it click here Any problems let us know.

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I have an HP DeskJet 840c printer connected via a parallel cable to my XP Pro desktop computer. I've shared the printer and can see it on my Vista laptop. However, when I try to print, nothing happens! There are no error messages but nothing appears in the print queue on the desktop and nothing prints.I also have an Epson printer shared on the same network and it is working fine.Any ideas what's wrong?Thanks,Gary

Answer:Printer sharing - XP Pro and Vista

Something to try but no guarantee of success. In Vista in Control Panel, Network and Sharing Center, you will see top right in small writing "View full Map"The chances are if you check that it will show the XP machine at the bottom of the page. In other words not on the map. LLTD is required to create the map and it is installed by default in Vista. LLTD for XP can be downloaded click here and the map will then work. This should identify if the problem is a network issue.

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Ok i HATE windows Vista

I have 3 vista machines im trying to network. One machine is a desktop, wired, and the other are 2 laptops. One of the wireless laptops can print to the desktop perfectly and view files on the desktop.

The other laptop has a shared printer and C: however, when you go into the network folder on the other laptop, you can see all the computer access them EXCEPT the other wireless laptop with the shared printer. You can see it but not access it, like what the FREGG, i can't go \\ i can't ping it etc etc, but it's there and it shows up in network, just not accessible. What gives ?

I hate windows vista.

All the printer and file sharing features are turned on, i even shared c: with full permissions so i can see if i can access it at all. NOPE no go, i turned off the trendmicro security suite and windows firewall, still nothing.

Ideas ?

Answer:Vista Printer Sharing ?

network discovery turned on? User accounts with same password identical across all machines?

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I have 2 PCs on XP and 1 on Vista Home Premium. I have a printer on the Vista machine. My network must be correct because I can print from 1 of the XP machines. When I added the network printer on one XP machine, it automatically found the printer on the Vista machine. On my other XP machine, it cannot automatically find the Vista (server) machine printer. I've tried entering it manually like this: \\server\printer name. I also tried entering it as the http: address via instructions I found on the web. I've tried enabling and disabling bidirectional support of the printer on the Vista machine. All machines are in the same workgroup.
When I manually install the \\server\printer it shows up as a printer. But when I try a test print from it I get the message that it cannot find the printer.

Help! I just cannot figure out how to print from my XP laptop!

Answer:Printer sharing with Vista and XP

This article might help:

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Hi, I have a Vista and W98 laptop with a printer connected to the latter. The printer is not supported by Vista but I wondered if I could print from Vista via the W98 laptop.TaDave

Answer:Vista and sharing W98 printer

Yes if you network them, that is the computer using your BB router, and windows network wizard

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I have been doing some searching online but have been unable to find anything pertaining to my issue. I have two laptops and one desktop. All three of them are running Vista Home Premium 32 bit. I have an HP 1410v All-In-One printer that I have connected to the desktop. I would like to be able to print to this printer from my two laptops without being required to walk into the other room and unplug the printer from the desktop and then plug it into the laptop. I have already double checked to make sure that all computers are on the same workgroup and I have gone to to the desktop where the printer is plugged in and made sure that "Share this printer" was selected. Still not able to print to it. Any thoughts would be great.

Answer:Sharing a printer in vista

Review these 2 articles - May possibly be a "Password Protected Sharing" setting. (Look in second article for this item.)

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As the above of course I can turn it back on but with it turning off after every boot it is very frustrating, HP Compaq laptop 6720s with Vista Business on board any ideas anyone any help would be much appreciated thank you.

Answer:Printer sharing keeps turning off in Vista.


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I just bought a desktop and a laptop, both HP, and I set up a wireless network through a linksis N gigibit router. the desktop is wired, the laptop is wireless. for some reason the desktop can see and access public folders and files, but the laptop cant even see the desktop, much less the attached printer that i want (need) to use. i'm really getting frustrated, any advice?

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So I'm having some issues.

I have a Win 7 box with an HP Deskjet F4400 series printer hooked up to it. And it works, drivers are updated.

I also have a Vista laptop that is networked with 7 box (through a Belkin Play router). I can find the printer, I can connect to the printer, but I cannot print with it. If I try to print a test page I get the message, "The page failed to print. Would you like to view the print troubleshooter for assistance?"

I hooked the printer directly up to the laptop to make sure the drivers were working correctly and they are. I have checked and double checked the print sharing is enabled on both computers and that they belong to the same workgroup.

I am clueless what to do in order to fix this...

Answer:Win 7, Vista Printer Sharing Issues

is the printer installed on the vista machine?

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I have an Xp laptop and Vista laptop sharing modem/router to connect to the internet. The Xp pc is connected to a HP printer and I cant seem to print to it from the Vista pc. I have installed the drivers from the printer on vista pc and have added a local port name to the printer settings e.g. \\computer name\printer name. I can see the printer as "online" on the vista pc but whener I print a test page it just sits there... pending....
What am I missing?

Answer:Problem sharing printer between Xp and Vista pc's

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I have a wireless setup with no problems. Only problem I have is when I want to send a print job from Vista to Win7. The computers see each other - see printers, etc. but always comes up with a print error - dll. I have come to understand that Win7 and Vista don't "share". Is that true? Is there a fix? Thanks!

Answer:Printer Sharing between Win7 & Vista

Hi smnich!

I have a tutorial that should help you solve this problem. The link will go to our sister forums, Setting up a shared printer

I hope this helps,


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I downloaded Windows 7 RC 64 Bit Build:7100.0.090421-1700 x64.

After I installed it, I only had to install my wireless network drivers and Windows 7 downloaded the rest of all of my system. I did not have to install any driver at all.

My problem is when I try to print from my Vista 32 laptop nothing prints to my printer. Under active documents listed for my printer it just says under status | Error - Printing.

Under the ports tab on my Vista 32 laptop, the check is in the box \\[Windows 7 64]\[printer] | Local Port

Under the ports tab on my Window 7 64 Desktop, the check is in the box USB001 | Virtual printer port for USB

The 64 bit drivers for my printer are on the Windows 7 64 Desktop and the 32 bit drivers are on the Vista 32 laptop.

I do not know why I cannot share printing.

On Windows 7 64, share this printer is checked and Render print jobs on client computers is checked.

I know this seems to be a much talked about problem but I tried the best I could to follow the posted suggestions.

My Desktop has a Canon iP4600 printer.
My desktop's computer name is AGP-001 and the printer share name is CanoniP4.

Answer:Printer Sharing Windows 7 RC 64 to Vista 32

are your PCs in a homegroup? or did you manually share out the printers?

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I have a printer plugged into a XP machine that I would like to network share to a Vista machine. The "connect to" found it, but wuold not connect. Is there a way to do this? Or is this not compatible?

Answer:WinXP printer Sharing to Vista

Maybe this will help:

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I was visiting someone today and they have a laptop that is connected to the wireless LAN in the home, as well as a computer that is in the living room which has a printer attached to it. The computer is running Vista Home (I think Premium), and the laptop is running some derivative of Windows 7. The first problem I ran into was the fact that the names of each computer were the same (owner). So I changed them both. The next problem I noticed was that, despite configuring the printer to be shared, the "Server" service was not enabled in the administrative tools > Services panel. After enabling it on the Vista machine and restarting, I could access the computers shared network resources from itself (browse to network, click on the same computer I'm working on and it opens up with the printer shown). But when I try to connect to the Vista machine from the laptop, I run into a problem. An error message that mentions the possible cause of failure to connect to the computer over the Network might be due to "blank passwords" being unaccepted (or something close to that).

I did some digging and have come to discover that in order to change the setting necessary to allow Vista to accept blank passwords (the user names on both computers match and neither have a password, in case you were wondering) you have to open up Administrative Tools > Local group policy editor (or Run> "mmc gpedit.msc"). Unfortunately, this panel doesn't seem to e... Read more

Answer:Problem sharing a printer from a Vista to 7 over the LAN

Update: After a lot of googling, I've found the registry key that is edited by gpedit.msc (if your system even has it) for disabling the blank password limitation:

Open registry editor (regedit.exe) from Windows Vista start menu search and go to the following registry keys:


Now create a new DWORD value named “limitblankpassworduse” and set it to 0.


I won't get a chance to try this out until tomorrow but I have a good feeling this is going to solve the problem.

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On Vista I have setup a separate user for my wife who is just now learning computers so I have tried to simplify her experience when she logs in. On my user, I have 2 printers that I use but when she logs in and tries to print her recipes or whatever from websites, the printers aren't accessible. To make it more confusing, if she goes into MS Word the printers are visible but most of her printing is from print pages on websites.

So the question is how do I make my printers visible to her user login? TIA for any guidance


Answer:Printer Sharing between Users on Vista

Type devices and printer in search

Go to your printer

Right click go to printer properties, not just properties which appears at the end of the list

Go to security.

Give her permission.
Works with 7 and Vista.

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I have successfully set up printer sharing in the Administrator account using a wireless connection.However, when another user logs on, the shared printer is not shown in his list of printers.How do you make a shared printer available to all users?

Answer:Windows Vista - Printer Sharing

... log on each separate user and go to Start > Control Panel > Printers. Then choose Add a Printer > Add a Network, Wireles or Bluetooth Printer. Then select the printer which has been set up to be the shared printer.

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I have just set up two new laptops running windows 8, and can successfully share files, and the printer connected to one of them, but I would like to also connect my laptop running Vista to be able to print. I can see both Win8 machines in file manager/devices on the Vista machine, but if I try to connect it asks for a username and password.

I haven't been able to work out what username it is looking for - tried a lot of combinations for each PC name with the homegroup password and log on passwords, but nothing seems to work.

Can anyone help where I am going wrong?


Answer:Sharing printer connected to a win 8 PC with one on VISTA

The username and password used to log into the Vista machine is what it is asking for.

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Hey guys,

I'm not too knowledgable with networking, just the basics, but ive got two computers networked with each other, one is a Vista machine, the other is XP.
The XP machine has a Printer (HP Deskjet F4180) attached to it via usb.

I wanted the Vista machine to be able to print documents off via the printer attached to the XP machine.

I did this by installing the printer drivers on the Vista machine aswell as them already being on the XP machine, i then selected the printer on the XP machine so that it could be shared, then on my Vista machine added a new printer via 'local port'. (the port being.....\\Computername\Printername), this then allowed me to print via the Vista machine, yet i now cant print off the XP machine, i get the error message "Windows cannot print due to a problem with the current printer setup"

I turned off the sharing options on the printer and it still doesnt work, so ive now ended up only being able to print off the Vista machine.

Any help would be appreciated, as im not totally stuck and dont know what to do!


Answer:Printer Sharing Issues (Vista and XP)

I think I'd uninstall the printer and start over.

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Hi i have a vista desktop and have just bought myself a windows 7 netbook i cannot seem to link the netbook to my desktop to use the printer can anyone help?

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Worked for me...

1) Go to the XP Machine and go to Start - Control Panel - Printers and other hardware and then printer and faxes.

2) Double Click Add Printer to start the Add printer wizard and click Next.

3) Click on Local Printer, clear the Automatically detect and install check box, and then click NEXT.

4)Click CREATE A NEW PORT and then click LOCAL PORT in the PORT TYPE section.

5)In the Port Name box, type the path to the printer in the following format where SERVER is the name of the print server and PRINTER is the name of the printer:

6) Click NEXT and then select a Windows XP driver for your printer.

7) Click Next and the follow the intructions to finish the wizard.

NOTE: When you use this procedure, the print job is printed locally and then redirected to the network path. If you use this procedure, you do not receive printe updates from the printe server when you update the printer driver on the print server.
I hope this process help with your problem. It works for me and was so easy to do.

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After getting a new PC with Vista and unsuccessfully attempting to have it share the printer attached to my old PC with XP (the new PC couldn't find the shared printer), I removed the USB connection between the old PC and the printer and connected the printer to the wired router via ethernet connection. The new PC was able to find the printer and print but then the old PC would not print unless I replaced the USB cable leaving me with both connections in place at the same time. I tried adding the printer in the old PC as a network printer and again as a local printer, to no avail. I would much rather have just the one connection to the router and free up the USB port. I'm obviously missing something. I'm also not sure if this problem is more appropriately presented in the forum on networking, but since the Vista machine is using the printer I suspect this is an XP issue. Can anybody shed any light?

Answer:Xp And Vista Pcs Sharing Network Printer

Please give us the Manufacturer and model of the router. We will be able to look for the correct port drivers for this router for WinXP.

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I have 3 computers on my home network. Two desktops and one laptop. I am able to share my printer between the 2 desktops, however I cannot share the printer with my laptop. I continually receive the error message that windows cannot connect to the printer. I can see the other computers on the network and even see the printer that I want to share, but when I click connect I receive the message that windows cannot connect. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Answer:Printer Sharing with Vista on Laptop

This is a procedure that I've had success with installing Vista printers when the normal install didn't work.
Temporarily connect the printer to the Vista machine and install it as a local printer using the proper Vista drivers.
Disconnect the printer and move it to the XP machine it normally connects to and make sure that it's configured as a shared printer.
Open the Printers and Faxes folder on the Vista machine, right click on the printer and select properties.
Create a new Local Port for this printer with a name of the full network path name to the shared printer, i.e. \\computer_name\printer_name.


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OK i have a vista pc that has a brothers printer connected locally via usb, and the pc connects to the internet wireless way via a little wireless usb adapter.

Ok now theres another xp pc in the living room connected via wired to the wireless router for the internet. Ok since ones vista and the other is xp Can you guys please help me in configuring in how to share and network the brothers printer so the XP pc can print to it? tHanks...

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I am completely confused. I am having issues networking my laptops with my PC. Both laptops run Vista home premium. The PC also has home premium after being upgraded from XP. I have read many posts on the issues that arise trying to share between XP and Vista and that is why I decided to upgrade the PC from XP....but I'm still getting the same issue. All the computers can see each other and I can share files from the laptops to the PC but, even though the laptops can see the PC, when you click on the PC icon you get the message " \\Office is not accessible. You might not have permission to use the network resource. Contact the administrator of the server to find out if you have access permissions.

Logon failure: the user has not been granted the requested logon type at this computer."
Sharing is enabled for each computer and everything has been set to private network. I've bounced around looking at a lot of XP advice on this subject but haven't seen anything when all machines are Vista operating systems. My router is a linksys wireless N (WRT300N) and my laptop network cards are also linksys wireless N (WPC 300N).

Answer:Need Vista File & Printer Sharing Help

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I have a family member that is having trouble sharing a printer with Vista. There are three computers involved. The printer is attached to the desktop running XP. Two laptops are running Vista. The printer is shared but the Vista laptop can not access it.

In fact, Vista can not even access the desktop. It can see it in the network, but when I try to open it, it says something about it is not accessible. But XP can see the laptop no problem. I find that strange.

The laptops connect to the internet fine. I have tried everything I could think of. On the laptop in the Network and Sharing center, everything is turned on except for password protected sharing and media sharing. Sharing is allowed through both firewalls. I have installed the printer driver on the laptop manually and that did not help.

I have read in a few places that the guest account needs to be enabled. What is the deal with the guest accounts? Should this have to be done? I have not been able to look at his setup again since I read that. Next time I go up there, I will do this just to see if it helps.

I have ran the network setup wizard on the desktop and found something interesting. The desktop is connected to the modem so I should choose the first option, which is directly connected. But it says it can not complete the wizard. But if I choose the second option, residential gateway, it goes through the wizard fine. But that did not help anything.

I was told by someone that runs a com... Read more

Answer:Problems sharing printer with XP and Vista

It makes a big difference to know the printer make and model. Also check that the laptops and desktop are all using the same workgroup name. In XP the default workgroup name is MSHOME. In Vista and W7, for some reason they changed it to WORKGROUP. Try setup wizard to make the network a Private Network. Turn off all firewalls. But the main thing is if the XP driver does not serve itself over the network, you may need an XP driver client program to run on the other machines. Get the pritner make and model, then go online to the printer manufacturer support page and see what drivers, if any, are available for download. Some USB printers only have drivers in firmware.

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hey guys, i need a little help. I have searched on how to do this for about an hour I just can't seem to find it out. I have two laptops connected on a home network, one is xp, one vista. The printer I want to share is connected to the XP laptop. I enabled sharing on the printer, my vista computer just cannot seem to find it for some reason. There is no firewall blocking it or anything like that. Do any of you know the exact way to get it to work? or maybe a link to a guide or something? Thanks a bunch.


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I have been trying to figure out how to share my Lexmark printer with my Vista laptop. My network is working great. I can read all my shared files and transfer them as well with no problems. I have a desktop that is running XP and this is where the printer is plugged in. I have 2 Vista laptops that I would like to be able to print from but nothing seems to work. When I open the "Network and Sharing" folder, everything is recognized - all computers and even the printer. When I try to add the printer a warning message appears (to use the shared printer\\torres\scribe, you need to install the printer driver on your computer. If you do not recognize or trust the name and location of teh printer, do not install the driver) So I click the "Install driver" button even though i already have installed all necessary Vista compatible drivers. Then an error pops up(Windows cannot connect to the printer. Operation could not be completed. Error 0x000003e3) I have tried adding the printer as a local printer and it doesn't work. Maybe i am doing it wrong. And whenever I try to go to the Chicagotech site it says that i cant connect to their database. If anyone has any info that could help, I would really appreciate it.

Answer:Sharing An Xp Printer With A Vista Laptop

I have tried adding the printer as a local printer and it doesn't work. If this doesnt work, you wont have much luck trying to run the printer as a shared connection either, I'm afraid. You should probably try to get a succesful local installation first. In Vista, when you go to add a printer, is you make/model of printer listed in the list?About the Chicagotech database, how would you normally connect? http, telnet, other?

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have a Laptop running Vista and I want tos share a printer on my network. My Desktop PC , running XP, has a Epson 1290 printer connected via cable. The network is connected via a Netgear DG834 wireles router. When I try to add the Epson Printer, it says that I will have to install printer drivers, I click on to install the drivers, but it says that it cannot find the 'printer monitor'. I have installed another printer and that is ok. I have looked at the Epsom website, to install the drivers for Vista, but it says that the Operating System already has the drivers installed. Can anybody help?ThanxDD

Answer:Sharing Printer via Vista & Wireless

I have eventualy found a way to share the printer on XP to Vista using various tips from posts. - Connect, install and share printer on XP- On Vista PC, In Printers Click "Add Printer" - Local Printer on LPT1 and install to there.- Right click on printer icon, go to Properties, Ports, Add port - New port - "\\XPComputerName\XPPrinterName" I sent this to Epson earlier in reply to an email from their tech team which sent me to Microsoft for a whole lot of dribble not really related.Hope this helps.

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I have a family member that is having trouble sharing their printer through the network. He has three computers on the network, two Vista laptops and a XP desktop. The printer is connected to the desktop and works fine on the desktop. The desktop is connected to the modem through a router.

The problem is with the Vista laptop. He can not see the printer or even access the desktop at all. Both are part of the same work group. I have file and printer sharing allowed through the firewall. I have tried running the network setup wizard and that did not help. I installed the driver for the printer manually on the laptop and did not help. Everything that I know of related to sharing is turned on.

What I find strange is Vista can not access XP but XP can access Vista.

I talked to a guy that runs a computer shop and he said Vista and XP are not compatible. And I would need to download something from Microsoft and install it on the laptop. But he did not know what it was called.

Answer:Problem sharing printer with XP and Vista

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Have a linksys home network it is also wirelss. One of he PC's on the network has a printer that is shared out to the other PC's and laptops. This PC that has the printer attached to it is running XP Pro SP 3. All of the other PC on this network either wired or wireless are running XP pro with SP 2 or better. Recently a new laptop has arrived and it arrived with Visa home premium. It see all the PC on the network and it also see the shared printer(attached to a PC running XP pro).

Here is the problem: I try to add this printer to the Vista laptop and it goes off I guess to get the driver from the XP PC that is attached to the printer and it give the message something like "drivers are not correct", of course they are not. Now it wants me to point it to where they are.
I went to HP(the printer's maker) and downloaded the vista 64 bit drivers onto the vista laptop(it does not tell you where it placed them, really hard to track them down).
How to I get vista to see and load these drivers?
Thanks much !!

Answer:Printer Sharing between Windows XP and Vista

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And yes a very big mess!! I have a Gateway desktop running XP Home SP2. The desktop is running a Free version of Avira. An Epson Stylus Photo RX500 is attached to this desktop by a USB port. I also have a Dell laptop runnnig Vista Home Premium SP1. My laptop has PC-cillin Internet Security 14. I am currently using a Wireless G WRT54G router. I would like to share the Epson printer between the two computers but when I select the printer in the Windows Vista Networked Printer Selection it says connecting then gives me an error message that says "Could Not Connect: Access Denied". I have tried all the tricks possible that I could find on the web. Including using the local port and connecting the printer to my laptop. I have not been able to find any solutions to this problem. If anyone has a solution for me, please post it.
Thanks so Much Everyone,

I tried the local port method from the desktop that the printer is attached to (Ex. I entered the address of the shared printer: \\Computer\Printer as a local port and my desktop also gave me a Access Denied Error. This leads me to believe this might be an issue with a firewall, but so far i haven't found any conflicts.

Answer:XP, Vista, Printer Sharing and One BIG Mess

I was thinking that maybe it was your firewall blocking it, which one do you use on both machines ?
You have allowed sharing on the XP side of things as well I suppose.

I've just found this, see if there's anything in it that will help.

Network XP & Vista

Have a read of the above link re Vista File and Printer Sharing.

Permissions/Share info is there as well.

If using Norton, McAfee, Trend Micro I.S., make sure file and printer
sharing is enabled in THEIR firewall (or LAN allowed, depending on how their
Exceptions are worded in their Firewall)

1st thing to do is make sure that the Workgroup Name of ALL the computers is
the SAME.

In Vista Network and Sharing:

Network Discovery: ON (So it can see the other computers)

Network set to Private (Public is for hotspots, airports, etc)

File Sharing: ON

Public Folder Sharing: ON (Vista’s Public Folder is the same as XP’s Shared

Password Protected: OFF (unless you want to set up identical usernames and
passwords (passwords can be different) on ALL computers in your Network) If
you have it ON, you will be asked for a username and password when you try to
access a Vista computer from an XP computer, or a Vista computer.

Also, run the XP’s Home or Small Office Network File and Printer Sharing
Wizard to include Vista in your “New” Network, even if you had an XP Network
set up prior to adding a Vista computer to it(r... Read more

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I need help to connect my laptop to the printer connect to my main PC, the laptop works by been connected to a wireless router and the PC. What I want to do is to connect to the printer through the PC, but how do i do it?

PC running XP Professional
Laptop running Vista Premium
PC is not wireless but connect to a wireless router so my laptop is wireless

How do i do it?

Create a workgroup in XP PC

Matching Workgroup names to Vista and all other associated names

I know im asking a lot but I dont want to screw the job up please help urgent

Answer:XP Computer Printer Sharing to Vista Laptop

Here's one of many articles:

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i thought the process was going to be as short and simple as you would do in xp i don't know what the problem is

what i did was simply go to the control panel, selected printers, and highlighted the desired printer and right clicked, chose the sharing option and checked the option share this printer and went to another computer to access the printer went to printers in control panel and selected printers, then add printer. selected network printer the browse printer the nothing came up

Answer:what is the process of sharing a printer in windows vista

The computers must be in the same group.
XP, by default uses MSHOME while Vista, by default uses WORKGROUP. You need to change the workgroup names so they match.

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I am fairly new to Windows 7 (having come from XP Pro, been using that for years) and I am having a little problem trying to successfully share my printer.

Desktop machine running Win 7 Home Premium 64bit. Cable connection to router and printer. Wife and kids all have Vista Home 32bit laptops and are all wireless to the router.

With my old setup (Same wiring, different desktop PC) I didn't have any issues sharing the desktop printer with the laptops via the router. However, trying to do the same setup with Windows 7 and I can't seem to get it to work!

When I changed the desktop machine I deleted the old printer setup from the laptops and set it up again. Each laptop can find the networked printer (as it is setup as shared by the desktop), programs (i.e. MS Word) will see the printer if you try to printer but it won't actually print anything.

Anyone think of any particular things in Windows 7 that I may have missed? I am assuming it is something on the new machine as that is the only thing that has changed.


Answer:Solved: Sharing printer with Vista laptops

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First post....

We have a pc with XP and a new one with Vista ..... both used as DVRs here in our development with 9 cameras on the XP and 4 on the Vista. We don't need the internet. We wanted to connect the two pcs and share a this point, we'll settle for just sharing the printer.... We've downloaded many different solutions from forums, and nothing works. Tried crossover cable - did not work. Tried ethernet hub...can't see each other......

Since both computers have the DVR software installed, I guess all we need is to printer share, but can't get that to work this something easy, and we're just dumb, or are there problems doing this?

Thank you, pat pelton

Answer:Network or Connect Vista & XP with Printer Sharing

Below is a computer networking version of "Can you hear me now?". Until you get this working there is little sense in hoping for file or printer sharing to work.

To open a Command Window: Start - Run &#8211; cmd (command in 98SE) &#8211; OK
(if Run not on Vista&#8217;s Start menu, just type cmd in the Search box)

To determine a computer's IP address: open a Command Window and type

Now for some troubleshooting:

1. On each PC open a Command window and type
ping IPofOther (where IPofOther is the IP address of the other PC)

Do you get Replies, or do you get packets lost?

If you got Replies,

2. Do the same ping except use the Computer Name of the other computer:
ping NameOfOtherPC

Replies or lost packets?

Also, would be good if you show us for both PCs ...

Start, Run, CMD, OK to open a command prompt:
(For Vista type CMD in the Search box after Start)

Type the following commands:

nbtstat -n


[Note that there is no space between the slash and ALL.]

Right click in the command window and choose Select All, then hit Enter.
Paste the results in a message here.

If necessary use a text file and removable media to copy the results to a computer with internet access.

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Hey, here is my issue. I have one computer running Windows XP Home. The other one is running Vista Ultimate. These two computers are connected by a wireless router. Ignore the wireless part, because the whole thing is wired. The router is the gateway to the internet.

I want to be able to easily share drives and printers between both computers. So far I have noticed that from the XP machine all the shared drives on the Vista computer are all available, and so is the printer. The printer on the Vista machine is just the driver to make things work.
From the view of the Vista computer however the XP computer just isn't showing itself. I can ping the XP computer from the Vista computer just fine, and Zone Alarm firewall on the XP machine has been set to accept connections within the network over a certain range of numbers, which more than compensates for the IP address both computers are given. The drives and even the printers on the XP machine are of course shared, and I think I remember it working once before.

Once I can view the drives that are shared from the XP computer, I bet I can manage the printer part right after that (the main goal). I have no idea what is wrong with the setup. Anyone able to help?

Answer:Solved: Drive/Printer sharing between Vista and XP

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I'm trying to connect my Toshiba laptop running Vista Home Basic with the printer connected to my Dell desktop running Windows XP Home. I've disabled the firewalls on both computers, run "add printer" it "sees" the printer connected to the Dell, I select it, it says "connecting Samsung ML-2510", after a few seconds tells me the printer has been added but when I go to print a test page nothing happens. If I try to print an email or word document, again, it doesn't print. I've removed and added the printer many times but just can't it work even though it says it's added. Any suggestions?

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i want to share a printer attached to the computer with window vista, how do i do it ? what are the procedures?

Answer:what are the procedure of sharing printer on window vista

Try this:

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Have home network, 3 desktops, internet through wireless router hooked to windows XP via cables, other two pc's are wireless, new gateway pc has printer that i want other two pc's to be able to print on, i have allowed sharing, verified that all are using same workgroup name, i do have other pc seeing the vista pc but when i double click to see items shared says access not allowed, see system administrator, path not found, on the vista it shows connected to network, printer shared, so i am completely at a loss, anyone able to help, that has had this problem. thank you in advance for any help

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Hello, I am really desperate for help. It seems as if I have already tried everything. I have two Asus notebooks, each running Windows Vista business, and I have one Desktop PC with XP professional (SP2). They are all connected wireless to the internet through a router (Linksys WRT54GS). My XP machine has a USB printer witch I would like to share as well as some other files. I have the LLTD protocol installed on the XP machine and this had made no difference. They are also both in the same workgroup called VOGEL. Although all can connect to the internet, none of the notebooks does see the XP machine nor does the XP machine see any of the notebooks. If anybody has a suggestion, please tell me. Thank you!

Answer:File and Printer Sharing between Windows XP and Vista

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Hi.My PC is running win 7 Ultimate and I have the 'sharing files & printers enabled. Connected to this is an Epson Stylus photo RX62 and everyone needs to connect to this printer via our home network. (no problem when all were running XP)I have tried looking through the help files etc and nothing I have tried will get the cp laptops and vista laptop to connect to the printer.Anything I might have missed might be helpful.BTW I've tried without and with the firewallsTrend Internet Security, MacAfee and win firewall.TIAD

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I'm still in the process of learning what I can do, and what I can't do when it comes to Vista Windows and XP Windows. The question I have is, am I able to share a printer between the 2 different windows (computers) without any problem? If so, what are the steps to take in order to successfully get a printer shared between the 2 computers?The reason I'm asking, is before in the past before I had gotten this computer I had tried to do it and was unsuccessful. But when I finally did get it, I ended up having like 3-4 different shared groups in the network (I hope that makes sense). If anyone knows how to "correctly" do it. I would highly appreciate some steps in how to do this.Thank you so much!

Answer:Windows Vista - sharing printer network

1) First thing you need to do is to make sure that the 2 computers are on the same workgroup (Vista is called WORKGROUP by default and XP is called MSHOME - you can name them whatever you want to). Do this by right clicking computer, properties and then computer name. 2) Run the network setup wizard on the XP machine, turn on file and print sharing and restart that. 3) Next on the VISTA pc you need to make sure the network you have created is set to private, so network discovery can be established. 4) Have a look through both computers firewall settings and make sure you allow file and print sharing and that you trust the network. That should be all the steps you need to set it all up. Just go to START and then NETWORK and the XP machine should appear. If you want to connect to the printer, you can just navigate on the VISTA machine,to the network connections, find the XP machine and then find then find the printer, right click and click connect. It might ask you to install the drivers and just press accept. Just in case when you find the printer over the network and try to connect to it you get an error message:what you need to do is install the printer on the vista machine with a local port (just so vista has got a correct driver, as xp does not hold drivers for vista), then go to printer port properties and create a new local port and use the path to the printer as the name for that port (ie \\\hpprint) or whatever else the printer is named. also use the compute... Read more

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have a canon mp530 printer connected to an xp desktop. can sucessfully share/print from another xp desktop wirelessly (linskys WRT54GP). just purchased an vista home premium laptop. have successfully tapped into the network, can access the internet, view shared folders on both xp desktops, etc. (even downloaded the LLTP update so everything can be mapped by vista)

vista laptop 'sees' the mp530, can access the print queue, etc... but cannot connect and print to the mp530 ('access is denied' error). vista and xp printer drivers are installed on the xp desktop that the printer is connected to. all other aspects of the network/file sharing seem to be fine.

i've tried everything else i can think of to no avail. any help would be greatly appreciated. thx.

Answer:Solved: vista/xp printer sharing issue

nevermind. after 2 days of looking just found this post on cnet. haven't tried it, but many have already had success:

if you're having a similar issue, check it out.

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So i've got an XP desktop with two printers (HP, Epson) connected by USB and a laptop with Vista Home Premium. Now I scoured the forums with a few different search terms and I found some things that were somewhat related but not quite the same so please bear with me.

The laptop is wireless and we want to print from it. Its on the network, its online, it sees the shared printers on the network and it can freely move files from the xp machine to the laptop and back. When we try to connect to the printer, or add the printer - no dice. No response from the printers, and it usually tosses a 0x800f0214 error back at me (from the laptop). Both printers work great from the desktop - something is just getting fouled up when it tries to send data to the printer. I'm losing my mind. Perhaps someone else has run into this before and can lend some advice.

Answer:Issue: printer sharing from xp to vista laptop

This is just one of a few websites I read through briefly.

You laptop (with Vista) is having troubles getting the drivers to install. I have not have this problem, but a simple google search to other websites may be of help to your issue.

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I've got 3 computers at home:
- CompA = Vista Business 64-bit SP1 and has shared drives and a printer attached
- CompB = Vista Business 32-bit SP1 and has shared drives
- CompC = laptop with Windows XP SP3

CompA and CompB can see each other and CompB can print on CompA's printer fine.

CompC can see CompB just dandy and use the shared drives.

CompC cannot see CompA at all. trying "net view \\CompA" gives
System error 58 has occurred.
The specified server cannot perform the requested operation.I am able to ping CompA from CompC, but not use net commands.

All computers have workgroup set to WORKGROUP.

I've tried turning off the firewall on CompA but it makes no difference. The only difference I can see between the network configuration of CompA and CompB is in "Network and Sharing Center" in the "Network discovery" setting. CompA says "On" and CompB says "Custom".

I've googled "System error 58" and tried setting network security to NTLM v2 on the XP machine, but it didn't make a difference.

Since CompC can successfully work with CompB I don't think I need to change CompC much, so if anyone has suggestions on what to try with CompA I'd be very interested. Thanks!

Answer:Help needed with file/printer sharing on Vista

Sorry can't help.

Good luck...

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So far I have tried everything I know of and a lot from other sources, but I have yet to be able to share either. I have been able to "see" the two (vista & xp) PCs in the work groups, also I see the files to share, but that is it.
I am using a linksys wrt54g2 router in front of a ISP modem. No problems there.
Can anyone there shed some light on this problem? Is there anything I can do besides returning to school for a degree? Help!!

Answer:Solved: file & printer sharing: vista & xp

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In Windows Vista Ultimate...with a Brother MFC 7820N printer added...(or deleted)...I visited the Network & Sharing Center...I have a broadband home network with a designated location as Private. I can activate via radio button all options (network discovery, file sharing, public folder sharing, password protection sharing, & media sharing) evidenced by the radio button turning green....However, when I select the radio button to "turn on printer sharing" and press "Apply", I get the usual UAC box and press "Continue". Thereafter, the radio button remains grey...indicating that printer sharing is not active. I have reviewed settings in the Windows Firewall and confirmed that file and printer sharing exceptions are allowed...Likewise, my Antivirus software firewall is set to allow incoming and outgoing traffic but I did disable the AV firewall...but still get the same negative result.

All of my research indicates that file and printer sharing work together...but not in this case. Any ideas?


Answer:Cannot activate printer sharing in Vista Ultimate

Here is a MS Tech Net article that explains how to set up file and printer sharing. I would go through the paper and make sure your config is correct and go from there.

File and Printer Sharing in Windows Vista

I hope this helps. Reply back after you do that and if does not fix you up, let us know

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I have a desktop with XP Pro with a HP LaserJet 1018 connected to it and am trying to share it with a Vista laptop setup on a home network. I can print but do not have the functionality that comes with the driver when connected via USB cable. Specifically, I am trying to use the print on both side from the laptop. It prints one side, but will not prompt me to change paper orientation or to hit continue to print like when I print locally. I reinstalled the drivers from the HP website but no luck. Any idea how I can get the printer to work wirelessly the same as when hooked up directly?

Thank you.

Answer:Sharing Printer on XP desktop with Vista Laptop

Hi, theking, and welcome to the forums.

Did you install the software for Vista and specify that you are printing wirelessly, or is it printing through the network?

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I have the exact same problem as described in this thread:
To bad I cant see the answer.........

Answer:Solved: Unable to enable printer sharing in Vista

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OK, I have read forum and support posts until I am tearing my hair out. I am running Windows Vista Home Premium SP2 (32-bit) with Windows Firewall and Microsoft Security Essentials. My problem is that somewhere along the line, my home network stopped allowing me to share files and my one printer. Each computer can reach the internet on its own, but they cannot share anything. I am thinking that sharing has not worked since I contracted and removed a nasty virus some months ago.
I tried enabling file sharing and printer sharing on the Vista computer (where the printer is) in Network and Sharing Center. But when I click on the button to turn on printer sharing, or file sharing, or anything else there and hit Apply, absolutely nothing happens. After reading some posts I tried to enable exceptions for sharing in Windows Firewall, but when I bring up the exceptions window I don't see anything except two Skype entries. I added exceptions there for Ports 137, 138, 139 and 445 per another post, but that hasn't helped either. I have also checked my services and BFE and MpsSvc are running.
Now what? Anybody have a suggestion?
Here is my setup: Gateway Desktop PC running Vista Home Premium 32-bit. It has Windows Firewall and Microsoft Security Essentials running. It is Ethernet wired into an Actiontec PK5000 wireless DSL gateway modem. The printer is connected to the desktop PC via USB. Windows Vista Defender and User Account Control are turned off. It has only one user and it has admin... Read more

Answer:Can't Enable File and Printer Sharing Windows Vista 32

Hello -First - Download Security Check by Screen317 from HERE* Save it to your Desktop.* Double-click SecurityCheck.exe* Follow the onscreen instructions inside of the black box.* A Notepad document should open automatically called checkup.txt; please post the contents of that document.Note: If a security program requests permission to access the Internet, allow it to do so.  Next - Please visit This Page from Expert Broni, that has some specific directions for - "Unable to open iphlpsvc registry key". Thank You -

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I've looked through the previous posts and have tried many different things, but I can't make any progress. Basically, I have a new Windows Vista Home edition computer that is connected to a router to the internet. I can get on the internet fine. I also have a XP computer connected into the router and connected to the internet. I have a printer connected to the Vista computer.
I cannot see any files from either computer. In addition, I can't share the printer (at a minimum that is what I'd like to do).

I have:

Updated the XP system with the LLTD patch.
disabled (as best I can tell) all firewalls from both computers.
enabled file and printer sharing
can ping both computers utilizing network addresses
from Vista can see my XP computer under "Network & Sharing Center"'s "View Full Map"
Created a user account on XP with the same name and password as my Vista account and logged into it.

Cannot get to anything on the XP computer from Vista or see anything within the workgroup.
Cannot ping either computer utilizing computer names - I tried adding the Vista machine to the LMHOSTS file on the XP machine - didn't seem to have any affect.
And again cannot see any files from either computer or get to the printer on Vista.

Any help is appreciated!!!

Answer:Solved: Vista and XP Printer File Sharing Issue

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I am running Windows 7 Ultimate and sharing a printer to other laptops running in the household using Vista and XP. I installed sp1 last weekend and then laptops stopped being able to print. Spent 3 hours on it yesterday and finally rolled back and things are now working again.

I did notice that after sp1 my home group had been changed back to the "MSHOME" default. After changing it back to the exiting name, I could see the network printer and also edit files on any of the machines I had set access for. I also could set the print on the Vista release and my desktop with 7 would work just fine so no network issues. When I moved the printer back to 7, the Vista laptop would get an error while trying to load the drivers.
Let me know if there has been another patch to fix this problem or if someone got it to work after installing sp1.

Answer:Windows Ultimate 7 SP1 breaks printer sharing with Vista

I have Win7 with SP1, Vista and XP on the same network, sharing two printers. I used the printer install disc on the machines, so that they had the necessary drivers. I share through 'workstation'. By trial and error, I was able to share the Win7 printer with Vista by turning on Windows firewall

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Please assist me in configuring File & Printer sharing network between my Desktop (XP Pro) & Laptop (Vista Home Premium 32bit); connected to internet through WiFi ADSL2+Modem.

Done the intial setup. Named my desktop as 'OfficeDesktop' & my latop as 'SonyVaio'. Now I am able to view my laptop in my desktop network & vice-e-versa.

The issues am facing is:
1) In OfficeDesktop (XP Pro);
I am able to access only the PUBLIC folder but others are coming 'Access Denied'.

2) In SonyVaio (Vista Home Premium);
I can view OfficeDesktop, but is not accessible.
Message: "Logon failure: the user has not been granted the requested logon type at this computer."

Pls assist.

Answer:Help configuring File & Printer Sharing Network between XP Pro & Vista

To share files or a printer from XP computers, follow these procedures:~
1. Download and install the Link Layer Topology Discovery (LLTD) responder:~

Read the instructions!

2. Check these out as well...

Windows Technet:~

File and Printer Sharing in Windows Vista

Most Valuable Professional:~

How to share files or a folder in Vista
3. Don't forget to configure (Input ip addresses in subnetworks) your Firewall to accept sharing from other computers.If you have Kaspersky check this below:~

Kaspersky Blocks My Network

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I have just installed Microsoft Windows Vista on two of my computers, and I have Microsoft Windows XP on a third computer.

I would like all three computers to be able to share files, and use the one printer (which is installed on one of the computers with Microsoft Windows Vista).

Can anyone give me some ideas on how to do this?

Answer:Solved: File And Printer Sharing In Windows Vista

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Okay, here is my little story: I have two pc's, one with vista64 ultimate and the other is vista32 home premium. My canon multifunction printer is hooked to my vista64 machine. My second pc with vista32 is networked to the first wiressly through my router. It was originally done to just access the internet, but I decided to make a small workgroup network to be able to share the printer and be able to use files/folders from the computer i'm not currentlly using.

I'v gotten to the point where I was able to see my printer from my second machine(add a network printer option), but it requests a driver before it finishes. Now, what is this driver? Same driver in my vista64 machine? Another driver which I need to get from canon??

I used to be able to do this without requiring a driver in XP for many printers.........So, what's the deal here? I'm not 100% sure, but I think I've also done it with this canon in XP.

Bad combination ( vista + my canon printer) maybe?

Please help if you can,


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Is it possible to set up a shared printer with one laptop running Windows7 and the other laptop running Vista?
I have tried setting all the required sharing settings on both units, but without success!
Anyone know an answer to this please?
Brian Bartlett

Answer:Setting up a home group or sharing a printer with laptops using Win7 and Vista?

The best way is to set up a homegroup - have a look at this article and video. Once you have set the homegroup up then it is easy to share printers, etc. The other alternative is to add your printer to your router and then any pc can access it. You will need to add your IP address to the printer and make sure that all pc's have the relevant printer driver. You may also have to access your router and enable the live printer.

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Have a program that will only install and work on 32bit vista or xp business/professional systems. Toshiba Laptop I use is a 64 bit machine and currently has win7   64bit home on it. I am considering to install on seperate  partition Vista business 32 bit os . Will i be able to use program on that partion/ os ? Main point is will the Vista 32bit act as 32 bit or will it install as 64 bit and be  of no benefit for my program ?

Answer:if i install vista business 32bit on 64bit machine will os operate as 32bit


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My parents got an Equium A200 - 1V0 (Model #: PSAF5E)

I ran the Windows 7 Upgrade advisor and have been trying to address the issues reported. It's been going fine, with the exception of one item, "Value Added Package". It reports that an updated version is available, but the link only leads to the generic URL

I believe the original version was 1.0.x and I installed the latest version I could find for Vista 32bit when I went to the product page.

But after updating to 1.1.7 the advisor still reports that there is an update available - but I can not find it. Nor does the advisor state if the update is required, it just says they don't have compatibility information about this version.

So I was wondering if anyone knew if I can ignore that warning then?
Anything to be aware of when upgrading the product? Or can I just insert the W7 DVD and hit Upgrade?

Answer:Equium A200 - 1V0 Upgrading Vista 32bit to Windows7 32bit


i checked on Toshiba driver page Win 7 32 bit available for equiim a200 including Vap utility:

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We have two desktop computers, both running Windows XP in our house. They both share a wireless broadband internet connection which works perfectly but I don't understand why file and printer sharing doesn't work. We have run the setup wizards on both PC's but we can only print from the computer directly connected to the printer. What have we done wrong? I'm not good with computers!

Answer:Internet connection sharing works, but file and printer sharing doesn't work? Help!

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I have a netbook (home 64bit win10) and a PC (64bit pro win7) sharing the same wired hub. I want them to be entirely 'un-networked' so that no communication between them is possible. I have tried to turn off 'file and printer sharing' on my PC (because i assume i should) but when i reboot i find it turned back on. I've seen this problem addressed in this and other forums, but no solution that i could comprehend.

I also have a (VMP74) media player running off the hub and would like to access video files on my PC from that device, but only if that does not compromise access between netbook and PC.

I should add - in case it's not obvious - that i really don't have much of a clue what i'm doing and am very confused with the myriad options. Particularly the 'local' 'home or work' 'public' 'all' and media streaming options, whatever they are.

I'd be grateful if someone could explain and/or confirm what radio buttons to tick to achieve what i want to do. Many thanks

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With no real issues.

Will I have any issues if I upgrade to Windows 7 64?

My computer came with Vista 32bit

Answer:Went from Vista 32bit to Windows 7 32bit.

It more than likely can do x64 without knowing something about your hardware no one can be certain. Most chips made since the introduction of vista do support 64 bit though. The only real question is if your cpu runs 64 bit instructions or not.

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I have a Belkin F5D7632-4 Modem with wireless G router which I am able to access the internet with my laptop absolutely fine.

But I would like to know how to share my printer on my desktop PC and files with my laptop using the router.

I am a beginner at routers and wireless networks and I had a bit of a game at setting it up a few months ago. It would be nice to share the printer between my desktop and laptop as well as other files.

Can anyone help me?


Answer:Solved: File Sharing/Printer sharing - wireless help

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I have recently set up a wireless network to 2 laptops and to a desktop (ethernet connection from XP desktop to wireless router, broadband modem to router). I can access the internet from all 3 computers, but I am unable to share any files.The laptops run on Windows Vista & the desktop on XP. I can view the map of the network including the XP desktop (had to download software patch from Microsoft for this). I want to use the printer attached to the desktop as the network printer; however I cannot do this. The Vista message is that it cannot find the printer. I cannot see how to do this from the laptops or from the desktop. Please can you advise?

Answer:Allowing file sharing/printer sharing on network

click here

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