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crackling surround sound

Question: crackling surround sound

Hi team

I have a surroundsound system which I've plugged into my speaker/headphone output.

I don't expect it to work in full surround sound put when i put it into surroundsound mode the extra speakers crackle and then cut out, and the whole system stops making any noise. It only works with surround sound feature disabled on the soundsystem.

I have looked into the sound settings on my laptop and it doesn't give me the option of any satellite speakers, that box is just greyed out.

Does anyone who knows more than me about sound systems (not very difficult) know how I can make use of my extra speakers?


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Preferred Solution: crackling surround sound

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: crackling surround sound

You forgot to mention what sort of sound device you are using on your laptop...

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Hi all

For the last six months Ive been using a creative T7900 7.1 surround sound speakers for my pc with no problems. Id also like to point out that i upgraded my sound card from a Creative audigy 5.1 to a Creative sound blaster Xtreme gamer 7.1 card.

Anyway the other day I was hearing crackling from the right side and right rear speakers, it is worse when no music is playing, and only crackles occasionally when music is playing.
Thing is i have no idea what is causing it.

I have tried - Using the 2 speakers on the tv home theater system so i know the speakers are ok
- reinstalling sound card drivers
- disconnecting the 2 speakers, but the the sub makes similar noises instead.

Somehow somewhere just these 2 speakers are getting some kind of interference. Ive air blown out my pc an the cable connections clear of any dust.

I don't know how it occurred. it seems to have just started 'itself' in other words I can't think of anything Ive done, installed etc to make it happen.

any ideas please?? very much appreciated. BTW speakers we new and only 6 months old

Answer:Solved: Crackling from surround speakers

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It's a new Dell and it has been making crackling sound since I got it.
I spent an hour on the phone with a technician who restored the laptop with Windows 8.1 to an earlier point in time and it stopped crackling for the rest of the day, but the next day, the noise was back.
The worst are "ding" sounds, they have more crackle than ding. Video playback is bad but at least we can understand what is said. Youtube is bad. mp3 audio is bad. Crackle is there with earphones too.

Answer:Dell Inspiron 11 (3147, Mid 2014) makes crackling sound whenever sound is played

lelouIt's a new Dell and it has been making crackling sound since I got it.
Hello. If it made the noise right out of the box you probably should have returned it as defective during the brief return period. 
Does it make the noise only when running on battery power or also when plugged into house current?

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Hi guys...
I just plugged my Onkyo 6.1 Channel (S-680) to my computer. I connected the receiver to the Digital Out port of my motherboard (Intel 915GV Chipset-Asus PTGD1 - LA). It uses the Realtek ALC880 drivers. Whenever I open Sound Effect Manager and do the Speaker Test, sound comes only from my front speakers. The rears/centre/sub all light up but no sound is played. However, while running games/music/films I get sound from all my speakers (though not very satisfactory and not real surround sound). Can anyone please help me with this?

Also, I can't open Realtek HD Audio Manager (RTHDCPL.exe). Only RTLCPL.exe (Sound Effect Manager) works. When I click on RTHDCPL.exe nothing happens. Please do help out.


Answer:No Sound From Surround/Centre/Subwoofer In Realtek Sound Effect Manager Test

try this:

1) try to go to the settings of your sound effect manager & there are selections there for 2.0, or what ever you may find that corresponds to your speaker channel.

2) if nothing corresponds to the given selections,try to download the latest audio driver from your motherboard's manufacturer website.

3) otherwise,you need to plug-in a sound card that has the feature to play with 6.1 channel audio.


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Dear readers,

I'm the owner of a toshiba l665D and there is a problem.
Every time i have to use something involving
sound it sounds rubbish.
The sound isn't played smoothly there are pauses and there is a big cracking
sound sometimes in it.

This is not because of the speakers, I have also tright it through the headphone tube.
Could this possilybe because of a damaged soundcard.

It's sound really rubbish and the laptop isn't even 2 years old yet.

What could it be?

Answer:Satellite L665D - sound isn't played smoothly - crackling sound


I think this is not related to faulty sound card but due to old iRST (Intel Rapid Storage Technology) driver.

I found an thread about very similar issue.

Update of the iRST (Intel Rapid Storage Technology Driver) to version V10.1.0.1008 or higher should solve this problem.

I recommend trying this out!

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Hi.My laptop model is hp 15g009ax.When i stop hearing song or any audio in earphones, after approximately 6 seconds I hear a quick crackling sound. The crackling sound comes after any sound that ends or After the specific application that is playing the audio is closed). I will tell you what is did to stop this.1) I updated the sound driver from hp support website specific to my model. Didn't work2) Tried the earphones in other phones and lapotps. Working fine.3) Thought the problem is with windows. So dual-booted windows with Ubuntu 14.04.1. When I tried Ubuntu without installing it, earphones seemed to work fine without crackling after sound ends. But after installing Ubuntu and checked, the same problem repeated, but this time crackling sound started coming before the sound starts and after the sound ends.This is very irritating and after reading some articles about this problem, Some said the problem is due to interference(Not sure) of motherboard with soundcard.Can you please specify the source of this problem and a solution to it.Thanks In Advance

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Hello, about 3 days ago i bought a sealed brand new HP OMEN 17-W03np which comes with Windows 10 Home (64-bit), i noticed there were some problems with the sound which have been a constant problem since day one. Before and after any sound plays there are these pops/crackling sounds that are noticable (and pretty irritating), the sound appears to play fine after it starts but in a few occasions the sound actually started breaking and there were random pauses while playing sound. There was also this one time the volume randomly went up and down on its own when pausing a sound (in this case it was a video) and then playing it again.Random pops/crackling have also happened while i was on my browser on web pages but there was no sound sources in the web page at all. I've attempted to use earphones while testing sound, and while using them the pops/crackling sound sometimes come out through the earphones, but sometimes they also come out through the notebooks built-in speakers despite the fact the sound is then played through the earphones (which i found pretty strange). This is my first experience with HP and i have to say i am feeling quite dissapointed, could this be a software problem or will i have to send my notebook back? I'd also like to point out that no major program/software installations have been done as this is a brand new notebook so most of the programs/software in it right now are the ones that come pre-installed with the notebook. I will a... Read more

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I've been having issues since February's windows updates with crackling sound typically in DirectX games and some video playback such as Steam. In an effort to isolate the problem out I've gone over all my drivers and dust contamination yet again this month. I removed both the 3.51 and 4.01 Klite packs and the VLC player I had been using. Registry cleaned and defragged.

My sound card is an Audigy Fatality champion series with the front panel breakout box.

June 3 2009 driver for it #

Dxdiag attached as well.

Next on my list is to see if maybe there's new drivers for my tv tuner capture board which does have sound card resources apparently.

As a side note, I use Ventrilo daily. When ever I launch it after a fresh reboot and connect to a server it locks the PC up for like 90 seconds before behaving normally and displaying the MOTD. It's done this for maybe 6 months. Whenever I have bad game problems I can generally disconnect and reconnect from the vent server without that little annoyance. I want to lay the blame at DirectX, but I've tried several forced updates of it without any improvement.

Playing in the APB beta as well, and thru tips from those players disabled multimedia network throttling in the registry which improved in game performance there a ton.
I really do not want to reload this machine as it takes an eternity to get everything back the way I like it.

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Hi folks,

Recently I was setting up a VPN client (PacketIX), and the setup wizard suggested some Audio/Video Streaming "Optimization" tweaks. I didn't pay attention and confirmed.

Since then, I often hear some crackling / popping noises. For instance, this systematically occurs when I Alt/Tab between a running game and my desktop.

An obvious guess is that the damn VPN client messed up some sound settings, but I can't figure out what to do.

I've found a good deal of DPC latency workarounds around here which I tried in vain.

Any ideas ?


Answer:[Sound crackling ] VPN client messed up my sound settings

Try a system restore to before you installed the VPN client. (System Restore)

Then reinstall the VPN client and don't let it fiddle with the audio settings.


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Hey guys,
I just recently bought a Sound Blaster Live! 24-bit external sound card to connect my 5.1 speaker set into. I plug the Sound Blaster into my laptop which runs Windows Vista Business.
I have been able to get all the speakers working with the Windows drivers installed using the "Virtual Sound" option (Control Panel -> Sound -> Speakers -> Enhancements.) Windows tests all speakers correctly also.
However, when I install the updated Creative drivers it will continue to use only 2 speakers even with DVD's etc... even though Windows understands I am using 5.1
I would just leave it without the Creative drivers, however I need them in order to record audio properly through its inputs.
Has anyone else encountered this, or know how to fix this? Damn Vista always causing problems
Any help would be appreciated.


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re JAL Cb 2800VS system running Win Xp Home- Altec Lansing 251 speakers- surround sound

"I bought this system 4 months ago. i am concerned that I may not be getting the full 5.1 sound. When I went to play a DVD film with the bass woofer speaker set to 6 the 2 rear speakers produced no sound. It is only when i switch back to 2/4 setting that they work but I suspect are just duplicating the front L& R speakers to simulate surround sound.

Is it anything to do with how i have wired them up. the back of the base unit doesnt correspond to the 251 system booklet. The 3 top vertical connections ( back of base unit) are marked ( from the top) cntr/lfe pink; rear purple, s/pdif-yellow. The leads are unhelpfully BLUE, GREEN and YELLOW so do not match. Also the yellow jack is too small to take any lead.

The horizontal set of 3 below are coloured yellow ,green and blue! Yellow has a microphone symbol, green has a " tree" symbol above it as has the blue.

Help please so that I can get all the speakers working as they should with the sub woofer switch in 6 channel position"

Well I sent this email to the PC supplier and talked to them on the phone. they confirmed that connections OK and sound card fitted to operate 5.1.channl sound.
Checked Sound properties in Control panel and even the test zone dialogue box tests all 5 speakers as OK but still no sound from rear speakers on the 6 channel position.
All they could offer was for me to send speakers back to them f... Read more

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I just bought this sound card and installed drivers for Windows 10. (and a crapton of bloatware with UI of Win XP media player...)
Everything works well except one thing: when I change the sound (or mute) I don't see Windows 10 volume bar. I mean these:

The sound itself changes, but there is no indicator. Is there a way to fix that?

Answer:Sound Blaster X-Fi Surround 5.1 Pro - default Win sound indicator?

In desktop computers changing the volume is only indicated at notification area (clock) by the number of "waves" there are next to the speaker icon. The volume bar is only visible when you change the volume from dedicated keys or key combinations (usually in a notebook). So when in a notebook you press the key combinations for audio level, you see the volume bar on screen, but in PC there is rarely such combination on the keyboard. Changing the volume from the speaker icon doesn't show the volume bars.

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- Surface Pro 4 (just turned off Dolby Digital on it but haven't tested.)
- Mini DisplayPort to HDMI 4K quality cable to TV
- TV infrared to my Nakamichi NK 6 soundbar/subwoofer setup.
For some reason my surround sound sounds amazing with TV and Xbox on blast. No distortion.
Yet, When I'm playing movies with my SP4 (which I think is connected the best way possible for qualities sake), During certain frequencies my speakers distort. like a tinny sound. not all the time but noticeable when certain people will start talking or certain music.
Hopefully it's because Dolby Digital was enabled. I never use it I think it makes the audio junk...
Thoughts? I'm new to SP4 and SP in general. So any help would be great.

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In the last week, all sound on my laptop has started to crackle slightly. I changed headphones, but realized that thats not the problem. If i increase volume, the crackling gets worse, and distortion really sets in. Strange....only started happening last week. I have tried reinstalling my sound card driver, but no change there. Have looked around all my audio settings but cant find any clues. music etc is still listenable, but there is just a faint crackle constantly annoying me. and distortion if i turn the volume up louder.

Does this mean my sound card is wearing out?? or is it a physical prob inside?

my sound card is : Conexant AC link audio
i have windows xp home edition on a HP compaq nx4800

any help would be much appreciated!!


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Hi Everyone,

This issue has been going on for about a year now, both on 32 and 64 bit XP. My computer is around 3 years old, and no hardware has changed since then.

All my drivers are up-to-date, BIOS updates, software, patches, windows etc.

I have had lots of "theories" or "temp fixes" sent to me but in reality are not suitable.

When I play music (with any player) sometimes the sound crackles, to resolve the issue I have to pause then unpause the song and it stops for the duration of that song.

My Sound Card:

Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Xtreme Audio 7.1 Sound Card - OEM (PCI-Express) to expand...

I have found lots of information, but non suitable.

Sound issues with crackling and popping
A number of owners of X-Fi cards have come to experience what is known as a constant popping and crackling noise during use of the cards. Creative has attributed the case to be NVIDIA nForce motherboards, however many other users who do not use these motherboards continue to experience the sound issues. Creative has not provided a fix as of yet for this to expand...

I have 680i SLI NIVDIA motherboard.. but none of the above fixes work.

There's tons of websites/webpages with people having the same problem. Read more

Answer:Sound Blaster X-Fi [Sound issues crackling]

It's a bit hard to suggest without going through everything to see what you might have tried already (although I did have a look at your second link and a very quick look at the third). So please excuse if you have already tried the following, or if they seem too obvious (more hardware than software suggestions, as you have perhaps been trying mostly software, by the look of it).

It kinda sounds like something's deteriorating, and when you give it a moment to rest, it resets itself.

You haven't mentioned anything about your speakers (or headphones). Are they OK? Have you tried others, or tried yours in another computer? Can you try a USB speaker (if you haven't got that already)? How are the connections/cables/jacks?

Do you have an onboard audio driver you can try (ie take out the sound card)? Can you borrow a sound card to try?

Maybe it's a poor connection, including solder joint, in there somewhere. Hard to track down - have to try swapping things.

Is your problem confined to one medium (CD/DVD, stored audio files, downloaded music), or does it happen with all types?

Does it happen when you're eating Rice Bubbles? -D) (It's late, OK?)

Any possibility of interference from nearby electronics or electrical appliances?

Is your power supply unit OK? (Don't know why these last two items would be fixed by pausing the song, but I'm running low on ideas - maybe I'll stop here and let someone else have a go...)

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My motherboard is a PCCHIPS M848LU V1.2 and the onboard sound is a C-Media AC97 (I don't know the exacts of it, but I think I can find out) It has up-to-date drivers

I just bought this comp from, its an AMD Athlon XP2600+, maxtor 30gig 7200rpm hd, 128mb ddr pc2100 ram (512 PC2700, whenever it gets here...) nvidia 128mb geforce4mx440, Windows XP Professional SP1a, 52x24x52x cd-rw..onboard NIC, onboard sound.

Anyway, whenever I play *most* (I say most because a few mp3s either from winamp radiostations or mp3s on my harddrive dont crack, but the sound quality is still alittle bad) it cracks some-what badly, some worse than others.. I've tried reinstalling the drivers and messing around with the settings, no help...everythings brand-new, so think it might be defective, or an hardware conflict? Thanks in advance.

Answer:Sound crackling, bad quality (onbored sound)

Well you could visit the PCCHIPS website and see if they have any updates for the Sound.

Also try another pair of speakers, could be bad speakers or a damaged cable/plug.

Thats a fairly nice machine, however you shouldn't have skimped on the motherboard - its one of the lowest end manufacturers of mobo's.

You may be better off by simple buying a PCI soundcard - I recommend a Creative Soundblaster - and disable the onboard sound. You'll get better quality sound and better performance in games.

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I upgraded my Win XP to Win 7 like 1 month ago.
Downloaded all drivers (from their sites) updated them... then i open WMP 11 and start playing some music. After listening to that i heard some weird sound lag, I believe its called crackling. I searched on internet found some solutions, but none worked and none was for mine sound card.
This wasn't happening on Win XP.
Oh and if i have older version of driver it works way batter (only hear crackling when my cpu goes up to 1000MB (100%) ), but then my Microphone goes really quiet like I disabled microphone boost.

Hope you understand my problem.


"Windows","Windows 7 Home Premium Edition (Build 7600)"
"Internet Explorer","9.0.8112.16421"
"Memory (RAM)","1023 MB"
"CPU Info","Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 2.80GHz"
"CPU Speed","2802,0 MHz"
"Sound Card","Speakers (C-Media PCI Audio Dev)"
"Display Adapters","NVIDIA GeForce FX 5600 | NVIDIA GeForce FX 5600 | RDPDD Chained DD | RDP Encoder Mirror Driver | RDP Reflector Display Driver"
"Monitors","1x; Generic PnP Monitor | "
"Screen Resolution","1024 X 768 - 32 bit"
"Network","Network Present"
"Network Adapters","VIA Rhine II Fast Ethernet Adapter | Hamachi Network Interface"
"CD / DVD Drives","2x (D: | E... Read more

Answer:Genius Sound Maker Value 5.1 Crackling Sound

Here Two Pictures from two programs (DPC Latency Checker V1.3.0 and LatencyMon), while playing music.
The results are pretty much the same.

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I have a SB Audigy soundcard... I also have a subwoofer and 5 speakers hooked up to it. I have 5 slots in the back of my computer for the sound... in order left to right they are black, light green, pink, light blue and orange.

I have four cords that come out of the main speaker, one of which hooks into the subwoofer, and the other three plug into the sound card. Black, green and orange.

Out of the subwoofer I have 4 slots for the other four speakers. left speaker is white, center speaker is red the two rear ones are yellow and black. Each speaker manually plugs into the subwoofer.

Going back to the soundcard, If I plug the green cord into the green slot, only the two front left/right speakers work... and none of the others work. If I plug the orange cord into the green slot only the center speaker works. The left and right stop working.

The only color that seems to work coming out of the subwoofer is the white one. What am I doing wrong here. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers and can't get this to work. I want all 5 speakers to work, but can only get 2 to work.


Answer:Sound cars surround sound problems?

it's simple really, all you have to do is plug in the green plug in to the green jack on the sound card and then the orange one to the orange jack and then the black in to the black jack. you have to have all 3 plugged in.

and if you are only playing music that is 2 channel then you will only get 2 channel audio. you need a 5.1 program/game/music/DVD to get sound from all of your speakers. or you can use the CMSS3D to "stretch" the sound to your center and rear speakers. i have a 5.1 setup and a xtrememusic card so i was just like you when i hooked it up and i realized that there was no music from the rear/center speakers.

also what audiology card do you have?

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just bought logitech x-530 5.1 surround sound speakers for my pc. The box said it now comes w/ surround adapter for use w/ pc's.

I have a hp pavillon desktop A335
sound card is: realtek ac'97

how do i tell if i have multi channel capability?

how do i get all 6 speakers to work

i only have 3 jacks on the back of my pc: audio out, audio in, mic 1

my book that came with my pc says 6/5.1 front goes into audio out, rear into audio in,
center/subwoofer into mic -1

then it says i need to configure in the multi channel sound manager but i cant find it, book also has note if u cant find speaker configuration tab then your pc doesn't have multi channel capability!!!
does it or doesn't it I DONT KNOW!!!
what other ways can i hook it up possibly, do i have to get a new sound card, can I add a sound card! HELP PLEASE!!! want all 6 speakers to work

Answer:Solved: sound help setting up 5.1 surround sound

You only have 2 Channel audio.

You can use the Matrix(Surrround) button on the speakers to get audio from all the speakers when using only a 2 channel input but its not as good as having true 6 channel output from the PC.

Or you can buy a Creative Live! Or Audigy card such as this:

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hi, i have the yamaha surround sound, and was wondering how u could hook it up to the comp...if some-one knows please tell me.

Answer:can u hook ur computer's sound to your surround sound?

hook it up to the AUX of the surround set.

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I have the Logitech Z5300e set of speakers. Right now I have my PS3 plugged into my computer monitor through hdmi. How can I receive surround sound through my speakers?

I plan on getting a sound card for my PC, is there a way to run my PS3's sound through the sound card and then to the speakers? If this is possible could you recommend some sound cards that would work for this.

Would I be able to plug in an optical cable from the console into this card and then plug my speakers into the card to receive sound from the console?

Auzentech HDA Digital X-plosion 7.1 DTS Sound Card BGI-HDAXP-D in Canada at

Answer:PS3 surround sound through computer sound card.

I'm pretty sure you can put optical in and headphone jack out from the same sound card.

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on one computer, i have a creative labs zs sound card. I was wondering how would I hook it up to the BOSE system I have in the family room. I have a Lifestyle 25, and it works only with the 2-channel RCA plugs (yet creates INCREDIBLE surround sound)

Answer:sound card to surround sound system

i dont know the name of the plugs, but... u know the plug used on your headphones, thy make a cord with one end like that, and 2 RCA plugs on the other end.

but since i, like many others just have old cords layin around, i just cut the headset plug off, and spliced in 2 RCA plugs.

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I'm looking to connect my W520 to a tv for watching movies. The video is all set up with a DP to HDMI adapter directly from the laptop to the tv. The sound, however, must pass through a receiver first. The receiver only has RCA inputs - it's quite old. I know the hypothetical setup would definitely work because I have a cable tv set top box connected that way.What's missing is an external sound card that is:- compatible with the w520- capable of outputting 5.1 surround sound- capable of connecting via RCA, be it through an adapter or notCan anyone recommend a reliable external sound card for the job?

Answer:Surround sound via external sound card  

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Question: crackling sound

i wnt sum hlp to fix dis problm
my audio outpt is terrible , its crackling 2 much
its jus in case of songs , windows sounds etc.
bt in case of video its fine
pleeeeeeeeez help me !!!!

Answer:crackling sound

Are you using a wireless mouse or keyboard?

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Question: Crackling Sound

When I listen to music using Winamp or Windows Media Player (CD and MP3) after a while it gets crackly and sounds funny. If I stop it then play it again its fine. Its really annoying to have to stop and start songs all the time. Is there a way to fix this?

Answer:Crackling Sound

how much ram does your pc have? if it's less than 256 on xp then that can cause this type of problem. if this is the case then you can go to and go through his tutorial on xp and that will help free up the ram. Also download latest drivers for your sound device. if you have onboard sound the drivers will be located on the manufactures site for the mainboard or pc if you have a namebrand ie dell, hp. If you installed a soundcard then you'll have to go to the soundcard manufacturer's site to get the latest set of drivers. you probably know where to find your driver's but I add this info just in case you do not.

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Yesterday my sound was fine, i havnt installed any new software at all for ages. Today i turned my pc on and all the sounds are crackling even the normal windows sounds. I tried a new set of speakers and still the same problem. I updated my NVIDIA nForce Audio drivers and still the same. I checked all the sound settings and everything is fine, they are the same as they always been.

Any suggestions???

Please help, thanks!


Answer:Crackling Sound!!!!

u said all the settings were the same but u may have missed this, check to see if your sound settings are set for digital out instead of analog....if you dont have digital speakers and it is, all you will hear is crackling.

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Question: sound crackling!

The sound is crackling through my speakers, an ideas on how to solve this problem?
Im using onboard Realtek with the newest drivers applied. It only seems to happen online listening to music or watching videos so could be a flash player issue. Any solutions would be helpful


Answer:sound crackling!

Originally Posted by jpg123

The sound is crackling through my speakers, an ideas on how to solve this problem?
Im using onboard Realtek with the newest drivers applied. It only seems to happen online listening to music or watching videos so could be a flash player issue. Any solutions would be helpful


Hi jpg, Welcome to the Forum.

It might be best if you visit your motherboard manufacturers website to download the drivers. They might not be the newest but could be specialized for your particular board.


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Sometimes randomly i have crackling noises in my sound and i have no clue what is causingit i have the latest drivers for my soundblaster xfi fatal1ty soundcard just seein what u guys can come up with.

Answer:Crackling in my sound

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I have an Acer Aspire 5534 with Windows 7 Home Premium. I've had it for about 2 years and in the past three months, the sound on is crackling. At first it started with the start up sound and the log in sound and then it spread to my music and video. I can't figure out the problem with it. I have more details if someone will help me. Thanks, Windfang21.

Answer:Sound Crackling Help?

1- I presume you tried updating your sound & video drivers?2- Did the laptop come with windows 7?Some HELP in posting on plus free progs and instructions Cheers

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Question: Crackling sound

when I'm playing music from files or when I've been using my online course I hear this crackling sound now and then like a scratched record.Remember vinyl!!!! I dont think it's the speakers as Ive tried headphones and get the same problem.When I have time I'll try and reinstall drivers to see if that works.

Answer:Crackling sound

I've recently installed a webcam could this be causing the problem

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I am leaving for India and having problem with sound on my new Dell. The problem was not there before. Strange. I have Vista Windows Business and 32 bit.

I have a crackling noise in my sound. I went to personalize and went to look for Start Navigation settings and it has a question mark in a yellow sign. What does that mean??

I need to fix this problem.


Answer:Help my sound is crackling up!!

Go to start button, search. Then go to device manager. Update speaker driver
The driver associated with that yellow sign must be updated.

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Question: Sound Crackling.

Hello all,
I have a refurbished Toshiba Satellite L650D laptop that I got exactly a year ago. Lately I've been having a problem where the sound goes crackly and even distorted when playing, and up until today I thought it was just me playing sounds too early because it would always go away a few minutes after start up.

Today it stayed around for 10 minutes, before I rebooted. After that it seemed normal at first, even the startup sound wasn't distorted, but about an hour later there is still at last some crackling in my music. It doesn't just happen with window's media player, but youtube as well and it first started to show up around october when I played Skyrim (I just blamed how much memory the game takes up).

I've tried disabling the enhancements (which seemed to be the solution for most others with this problem), I have done virus scans, I have even used the task manager to end some non essential processes that took up memory.

I have noticed in my searches that most reporting similar problems found it got WORSE the longer the computer was on, while in my case it's usually at its worst around startup.

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Question: crackling sound

Whenever I try to play a CD or DVD on my computer, the sound crackles, but when I listen to Itunes, it is usually clear and just fine. how do I fix that crackling noise problem?

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Question: Sound crackling

Hi everyone,
For the past few months I've had a problem on my desktop PC, where for seemingly no reason after a few hours of being switched on, the sound will start crackling.
I'm using windows 7 service pack 1 as my OS, and at first i thought the problem was with windows but now I'm not so sure, as the crackling will also happen on my VM using win 7 pro, and also Ubuntu (the only 2 OS installed on my VM).although they are set to use the host audio.
I then began thinking it must be my speakers so i checked the connections, which seemed fine and them plugged in some headphones to listen for the crackling through them, and found the crackling was also happening throught the headphones so this must discount it being a problem with the speakers.
The crackling sound can best be described as like the sound of when one plays an LP and it kind of crackles at the start. It can get worse than that at times though where it will pop and can distort the music.
The crackling happens when i play youtube video's or if i listen to internet radio, or use Winamp or Windows media player, and sometimes even with windows system sounds such as when you click to go into a folder.
I'm using Realtek high definition audio and recently updated the drivers hoping this would fix it, to no avail.
So basically guys, i have no idea where to go from here, and was hoping people with far more knowledge than me could help me out, if you can I'd be eternally gratef... Read more

Answer:Sound crackling

to Bleeping Computer Community shinobiTry downloading Speccy and then install the program.  To post and publish a snapshot of your PC.. In the Menu bar, click File -> Publish Snapshot. Click Yes > then Copy to Clipboard. On your next reply, right-click on a empty space and click Paste on reply box then click Post.

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I have all the latest drivers installed on my P50, but I still hear pop/crackling sounds whenever some audio is playing, irrespective of the source. There's a thread here which addresses pop sounds when nothing is playing, so this is a different case. You might think this might me due to clipping as I'm overworking the onboard amplifiers, but this is not the case because even at very low volumes I still hear the pop/crackling sounds. It's the type of sound you hear from someone with a severe cold trying to clear his very clogged nostrils. It's really irritating having to hear it about 5 times every minute. The most weird part of it all is that if I reinstall the drivers, the pop/crackling sound disappears entirely. However, they return after 2 or more restarts. I only experience this issue when the onboard soundcard is being used because I don't notice the issue through my external dac + amp combo. Can someone help here ?

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fitted a new liteon 16x dvd rom to go with my philips dvd rw dvd 8701 ive got the dvd rw as master and the dvd rom as slave and when i play a dvd in the dvd rom the sound crackles and a bit distorted but when i put the dvd in the dvd rw ithe sound is ok... the pc is a dell dimension 1100 with a celeron d 2.6 gig processor 256 mb of ddr memory 250 w psu didnt install the driver because windows xp reconised it when i used the dvd rom it used most of the cpu usage

Answer:HELP crackling sound

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Question: Crackling Sound

My friends PC is running Windows XP Media centre. It has been working fine, until recently,now the sound crackles on startup, and during the radio from the BBC website, although playing the sound sample in media player seemed OK. I have updated the sound drivers, and turned off hardware acceleration, but still no joy. Please help.

Answer:Crackling Sound

Faulty/dirty audio output connector?

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Question: Sound crackling

Hi, A few days ago the sound on my Acer Aspire V3 - 772G, about 1 year old, started crackling and getting distorted. It doesn't matter if I'm using the laptop's speakers or my headphones, it's the same crackling noise. The noise doesn't start right away and isn't constant. This is however very annoying and frustrating. I did reinstall the audio driver but it made no difference.  I'm using Windows 8 if that matters. I'm really no good with technical stuff, please, I'd really really love to get some help here.

Answer:Sound crackling

Try to update chipset drivers too if any update is available.

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I have a 6 month old Toshiba laptop. The other day I put in a dvd; it made a huge whirring noise (this might be totally irrelevant btw) and since then, when I play sound on my laptop, it crackles. I recorded myself on Audacity and that came out poor quality too. I'm not very good at describing it but obviously something has gone wrong. Would it be a damaged soundcard? It's bound to be under guarantee so that's not an issue but I would like to know what the problem is.

Answer:my sound is crackling

Loose or dirty connection?.

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Question: Crackling Sound

Hi all,

Am new to the forums so please be patient with me!

My machine is fairly old but runs Windows 7 32Bit perfectly fine. In fact I was amazed to find all the hardware is picked up fine and runs nearly as fast as XP did.

Have been using it for some time without issues but recently the sound has become what I would describe as crackly and breaks up. It happens when Windows boots and it plays the little intro tune, then when I log on its fine. Then if I play a Quicktime movie trailer for instance it crackles or Youtube etc.

My MSI motherboad doesnt have any downloadable drivers for Windows 7 so its using whatever is the defaults.

I have tried changing the sound settings to different qualities and also reducing it from 5.1 sound to 2 channel stereo but to no avail.

To make sure its not a hardware fault I have reinstalled XP and also Ubuntu with no issues at all.

I then reinstalled Windows 7 and immediately the crackling returns which puzzles me as I ran Windows 7 for months without issues.

I have also tried changing the emulation in the BIOS from AC97 to Azalia but again to no avail.

Any suggestions would be gratefully recieved.

Many Thanks


Answer:Crackling Sound

Sounds like your on board sound isn't properly supported by windows 7. Did i read correctly that the crackling only happens on certain things? Also does your mouse lag or any applications lag when the crackling happens?

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I'm been having trouble lately with my PC. Admittedly it is 5 years old, however I don't really have the money for a new one at the moment.

What is happening is that when I run a game that it has never had any problems with before often everything slows down and the sound starts to distort with a crackling noise. This has been most obvious in Race 07 when there is a full grid of cars around me. Everything practically stops at this point. Normally I would chalk it up to the computer not being powerful enough but it has never had this problem before in that game. It sometimes also happens when watching a HD Youtube video. Some less intensive games such as Super Meat Boy seem to be okay.

I have also had an occasional BSOD on startup, I took a photo which you can see here.

I have the system information from dxdiag here.

My guess is the graphics card is on it's way out but apart this everything else is fine so I am hoping there is a fix for this. Any help would be appreciated.

Answer:Crackling Sound and Lag

The BSOD is referencing nvlddmkm.dll - which is a nVidia driver file.

Go to Visual Computing Leadership from NVIDIA and update your GPU drivers for your card to see if that alleviates the issues.

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So i finally got windows 64 bit running rather smoothly...
(I need 64bit for my computer specs)

unfortunately.. when I play music some of the songs crackle. (WMP)

I know this isnt interference, but seems to be a driver issue.. (so I think)
even tho the drivers are the latest version.

I plugged the speakers into the motherboard and they worked fine.

motherboard has got latest bios update (but that didnt fix the problem)

Ive looked for solutions, new drivers, fixes etc without any luck.

Ive googled this problem many times, but always find the wrong information or unanswered posts.

an example of the music crackling:

open WMP play a song, the song may crackle. if it does, press Pause, then click play, and the crackling will be gone.

Im totally baffled! and just dont know what to do. :confused

Sound Card:

Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Xtreme Audio 7.1 Sound Card - OEM (PCI-Express) to expand...

I would be very grateful for a reply or two!

Thanks, Chris :wave

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this is really weird after my pc is on for a while like after i turn it back on from standby. My sound will be crackling when opening a file,program,website anything that uses cpu usage. Its more of a crackling sound like if i was moving around the plugs or something from the speakers. I know its not my soundcard because i tried another sound card. I put both of them in the same cab and i got about the same problem. After i restart my computer it seems to go away but i want to know whats the problem here.

THERMALTAKE Silent Purepower W0014RU 480W Power Supply
AMD Athlon 64 3400+ 800MHz
Sound Blaster Live 5.1 digital
Logitech® Z-5300e speakers
NEC FD1231H-302 Black Internal Floppy Drive
NEC Black IDE DVD Burner

Answer:crackling sound help

Check to see if your speaker wires are near any power sources, and move them around. On a side note, you might want to read the rules and edit your signature accordingly.

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Question: Crackling sound

I have one game in which I get crackling sound its Sword of the Stars and the expansion Born of Blood.

Only problem is I have absolutely no idea what sound I have I used to have realtek, but now all I can see on my system is this.

I don't want to get the latest realtek if it is not what I have, anyone know what mine might be, I realise it will be hard but I have no other idea of where else to look, to be more helpful. It just says High Definition Audio Device

Hope someone may know

Jekyll and Hyde

Answer:Crackling sound

I don't want to get the latest realtek if it is not what I have

It is, or at least according to what is available from Abit it is,

Universal abit > Motherboard, Digital Speakers, iDome, AirPace, Multimedia

Seeing as what they have is the R1.90 and the latest is R2.10, I would go with the latest,

unless some of the other Realtek users have a better recommendation that the current driver.

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Hi guys! I have had this problem a lot of time ago... then I did a clean installation of win 10 and for a bit of time the problem seemed to be solved. My machine has been having a LOT of crackling sound in videos and music , especially on youtube since a couple of weeks and I don't know why. I did the update of bios yesterday and the crackling seemed to be even worse than before... what should I do? It's for sure a software problem. I have also tried the DPC latency checker and the back to the clean installation was working fine ; now it says I should have problems... before the value were always on the green level and now they are all yellow/red this is a link to the crackling I have. the sound is the same I hear, so it's not a problem of the mic I have used.  You can hear it very well at 16 seconds and so on....

Answer:Crackling sound y50 70

I hear a bit of static. Have you tried updating the Audio Drivers yet? If not, you should try doing that to see if that can fix the problem. 

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Question: Sound crackling?

Hello, just wanted to say sorry for my poor english.
So... My sound has been crackling/popping in alot of games and not only , also for mumble and this kind of stuff, same with Skype.

I have read many forums about this but couldnt find solution , i have heard that "outdated drivers" might be the problem... but the thing is i dont know what sound card i have :\

I'm using Windows XP
Heres what i have in my "Device manager - Sound , video and game controllers"
- Audio Codecs
-Legacy Audio Drivers
-Legacy Video Capture Drivers
-Media Control Devices
-NVIDIA High Definition Audio
-NVIDIA High Definition Audio
-NVIDIA High Definition Audio
-NVIDIA High Definition Audio
-VIA High Definition Audio
-Video Codes

And it happens even in games and things that used to sound fine , it all started happening after formating pc? I think

Please , help! Sorry if i didnt provide enghout info , please ask if u have any questions about my pc :\ and pardon my bad english once again

Answer:Sound crackling?

-NVIDIA High Definition Audio < are most likely the video card HDMI port audio drivers

-VIA High Definition Audio < should be a motherboard audio chipset and most likely the default audio chipset.

What is the brand and model of the computer? Or the brand and model of the motherboard if it's homebuilt?

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Hey guys, My sound started a few days ago to start randomly cutting or crackling how ever you say this. It started some how this week on my Compaq Presario cq56 model tell me what i need to provide for you'r help please I found some answears online none of them worked.Please help. Thanks. Some system infowindows 764bitModel: Presario cq56 notebook pcProcessor: Amd athon ii p340 dual core processor 2.20 ghz4 gig of ram but 2.3 usable some reason..Ill post more if u need it.

Answer:Sound keeps crackling when i put mp3

It would be helpful if you posted what you have already tried so we don't waste our time and yours making the same suggestions.

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Question: Sound crackling...

So here is my problem,

I just got a new Win XP Media Center PC with 2 gigs RAM, 360 GB HDD, ATI Radeon video card etc.. I usually don't have many app's open at a time, but when I began playing the Sims I started using more RAM. The Sims 2 takes up about 550 MB of my PC's RAM. The sound on the game's sound crackles when the game is loading or if I am zooming in/out, even when I am clicking on items and giving commands. I tried EA tech support, but I then realized that the same sound crackling happens when I have many app's open using over 600 MB of memory.

I am using a Plantronics Gamecom Pro headset (USB). I tested the sound using a pair of stereo phone jack headphones, but the same crackling still happened.

What could be the problem? I checked all my sound codecs and everything seems to be working normally there.

Thanks everyone!

Answer:Sound crackling...

anyone have any ideas on what could be wrong?

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Question: sound crackling

sound cracking when starting windows or shutting down windows...sound does not crackle after windows has started...i am using an external usb sound adapter...when i use the built in realtek sound it hums...i am wondering if it is the video card or power supply

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Question: Crackling sound

I've just started to get a crackle which goes up and down with increased volume - any ideas? Dust??

Answer:Crackling sound

Loose connection?

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I have a ASUS LGA1156 Intel P55 DDR3 - 2133 ATX Motherboard

I was told this mobo has surround 5.1 integrated with it.

I just do not understand how to use it, or at least I think I don't.

What cable do I need and what slot do i have to connect it to.

I have a slightly old home theater but i've never changed it because I feel it is enough for what I need. It's a Panasonic SA-HT720. Will this work with using the surround sound from my PC?

Here is a pick of the slots in the mobo.

Here is a link to the Guide of the Panasonic SA-HT720.
Panasonic SAHT720 user manual - Operating Instructions
Thanks and please help!!

Answer:Help with Surround Sound

The best you are going to get from that Panasonic is a stereo connection from the computer, as it only has stereo audio inputs (red and white RCA jacks). If you do connect it the only way to get suround out of it is to use the Dobly Prologic II setting.

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Question: surround sound

new computer, new surround sound speakers.why am I getting only a tiny amount of base playing Cd's but when I watch TV on the PC there is loads of base through sub whooferdownloaded songs are also very tinnygame sounds seem ok

Answer:surround sound

Might sound stupid, but have you used the correct soundcard socket for your speakers' feed? Some cards have several jackplug sockets.It could also be that your bass speaker (i.e. sub woofer) requires a separate power supply.Other possibilities include inadvertently muting one or more of the line outputs in the volume mixer, not turning the mixer's sliders to maximum output or using the mute facility in, say, Windows Media Player.

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I rented a classic comedy, National Lampoon's Vacation 20th anniversary edition (1983 original).

I cannot get surround sound at all, at least I'd like to get stereo 2x like I do on my mp3's and
general video clips (online like Godtube or local). I have a Logitech 5500 5.1 surround system
and set the settings to Coax Stereo x2 (2 speakers duplicated to rear). It works with
everything but this dvd, and there is no audio options on the dvd menu for the movie.

I tried another movie, released last year and it worked fine on x2 stereo mode.

One thing I noticed, with Vacation I only get sound coming out of the center speaker. Strange. Also, the LED display on my Logitech receive says "digital", whereas usually it should say Coax Stereo x2. It was on that setting until the movie started playing, it switched itself to digital only and center speaker only.

I'm watching via Media Center dvd, through an hdmi connected to my 1080p TV.

Probably irrelevant, I have a Creative Soundblaster Live 24bit external sound card with official 64bit drivers from Creative (latest drivers).

Vista 64bit Ultimate SP1
DVD watch via Media Center / HDMI cable to TV
Logitech 5500 5.1 Speaker System / Coax Stereo x2 Settings
Media Center: 5.1 audio settings

Answer:no surround sound on dvd

Hi folks, hope someone can help me out on this. Thanks.

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Question: Surround sound

Hi all. Upgraded my OS from XP to Win7 (again) Before I had just headphones.. Now I have problem.

My sound card Realtek ALC883 @ VIA VT8237A High Definition Audio Controller
Cpu AMD Athlon 64, 2200 MHz (11 x 200) 3500+
Motherboard Asus M2V-MX (2 PCI, 1 PCI-E x16, 2 DDR2 DIMM, Audio, Video, LAN)

And I got Suond system
LG HT355SD Home Theater System - 300W Home Theatre System - LG Electronics SA

I connected my Home theater with RCA connector

My problem is that I can hear surrond sound.. (only 4 speakers work..) I've tried everything, but nothing helped.. It let me chose Stereo or surround, but it still the same effect.. I'm tired of all this ... I know I could hear 5.1 Sound, but I don't hear. I haven't heard with XP and I can't hear with Win7.

Do you have any solutions?

Answer:Surround sound

You may need to use the optical or Coaxial out, vs a stereo adapter as well as setting it to 5.1 in Windows.

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Question: No Surround Sound

I think the problem started after i upgraded the realtek drivers but i cant be sure. The surround sound i have on my system just stopped working. Currently, i only have the stereo sound. Also my microphone isnt working at all.

Computer Model: MSI GT60 2OC
Windows 8.1
8gb ram
Intel i7
480ssd and 1tb hdd
Latest realtek hd audio driver

I have tried reinstalling my whole system to fix it but it still didnt work.

Answer:No Surround Sound

If reinstalling the "whole system" did not fix it, I would suspect something other than the Realtek drivers.

What speaker system do you have? 2.1, 5.1 or 7.1? Is the speaker type set correctly in the Sound Panel, Playback section for the type of speaker system you have?

In the Sound Panel/Recording section, Stereo Mix should be set as default recording device.

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When i test the speakers they all work and are all plugged in correctly but windows media player only uses 2 of them. Can anybody help please?!?!


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My friend is looking for a new surround sound setup (5.1) after his previous system had broke, but he is looking for a setup which costs around £100, so I guess it can be a bit lenient. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.


Answer:Surround Sound >£100?

Do you have a Wal-Mart in the UK? Start there...

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Question: Surround sound

Before we start i am very new to pc stuff so go easy please.I have just bought a surround sound system for my pc, i have wired the speakers up and connected the red and white plugs u get to my aux in and still have no sound anyone any pc is advent 3400 if thats any help

Answer:Surround sound

Do you have a multi-channel sound card or onboard audio? Older onboard audio is only 2 channel.

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i am looking for a surround sound system for a tv, and i was wondering if this is made for tv or pc, or possibly both. if not then if you could suggest a good system for my tv for not more than maybe 150 dollars, it would be really helpful. here is the system:

and the tv is a samsung 61 inch 1080p dlp, if that matters, its got a LOT of inputs and outputs. thanks for any help everyone! and happy holidays.

Answer:surround sound help.

Get the real deal.

Something like this would be more appropriate and would serve as a hub for all your stuff. Check your audio outputs versus the inputs on the receiver. You'll also have a remote.

Read the customer reviews.

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monarch just emailed me today telling me that my mobo is finished with RMA and being shipped out today (unfortunately a long journey though, from georgia to so cal)

the reason it was being RMA'd was b/c the onboard sound didn't work; so now that it will (i hope), i'll need new headphones (im currently using a $5 one that only has sound coming out from the left and one of the wires fell out..heh)

these are more in my price range (around 15-30)

these are a little more, but have surround sound

is there a great noticeable difference here? is surround sound really worth the money?

i'll be using them for occasional fps gaming and frequent music listening and they need to have a volume controller on it

so what do you guys think (i've asked this before and the major suggested the pc-150, but it's kinda outta my price range @ $60 or so)


Answer:Surround sound vs. Non-Surround sound

HELL YA!!!!! Surround sound is rich, clean, and has high highs and low lows.

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I've been hearing only the front speakers for some time. The back speakers work, to be sure, but I figured that ordinary mp3's were incapable of surround sound as they weren't created for surround. So, I was content to have only the front three speakers playing unless I was in a game like Knights of the Old Republic. However, on one of those rare moments I got out of my computer chair (I had to clean my room), I had music going on, a mp3 from I bent down next to my rear speaker, and lo and behold... sound!I reset the balance to favor the back and side. All speakers were set to 100%, but I took the front left, right, and center down to 50%. Then I turned it up. Now, I have sound out of all my speakers. I am of the mindset that good music is meant not to be heard, but experienced, so this is good news for me -- very good news. However, I have to ask: What makes a sound "surround sound", then, if all my sounds can be heard out of all 8 speakers?

Answer:Surround Sound and me

Have you set Windows to know that you have this many speakers? If you don't configure the settings, don't expect it to work properly.Flame

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Question: Surround Sound

I have bad eyes can anybody tell me how to find the Height of this Surround Sound System?

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Question: 5.1 surround sound

I have 5.1 surround sound speakers, but every time I go to set that in my sound settings, it ends up putting it back to just 2 speakers.

I click on advanced and select the speakers that I have, but after a restart or after a while, it puts it back to just 2 speakers. Is there some other setting I need to check?

Answer:5.1 surround sound

Are you talking about the volume control in Windows, or the volume control for your card?

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I want to make some cd's to play on my surround sound. I was told I need an encoder. Where do I go to get it and would this also allow me to put the same music on my ipod? Please help me I am ignorant to all this.

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I want to play the latest dvds on my computor with full surround sound. My processor is an AMD Athlon 2600 I have creative 5.1 speakers and an Nvidia soundstorm (on board) sound card. Do I need extra equipment to produce full surrond sound? Alternatively is there a sound card which I could buy which will give me the result by just plugging in my speakers and loadong software.

Answer:surround sound from my pc

It would be easier if you could quote your motherboard mak and model number.

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I know the question sounds easy to answer and hopefully it will be something simple I've missed.
I have a 5.1 speaker set and onboard 6 channel sound but there is only 1 physical port for sound output.
the motherboard (ECS SM-M V1.0) manual talks about 'adopting' ports for surround sound but there's no explaination on how to do this.
The computer was bought pre-built so I guess any clues (extra parts) that came with the mobo didn't come to me.
Can anyone suggest what to do or suggest a decent,cheapish 6 channel sound card?

Answer:How do I get surround sound?


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I purchased a 5.1 system.  How do I tell if I have a 2 or 5 channel system??Both my computers have on board but 5.1 system has a black jack which only audio cards possess.  Big problem is I purchased the speakers for sound surround for movies but not getting it.  Do I need to purchase a sound card?Thanks for any help you can all provide.

Answer:How do I get sound surround?

Yes...You'll need to purchase a sound card supporting 5.1.What do you have installed now?

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I have 2 sets of stereo speakers rigged for 4.0 surround sound but my rear speakers are in reverse order. Long story short the cord wont reach and I can't switch them physically. Is there a way that I can reverse the rear audio to correct this? I have an Asus P4S800D-X motherboard with onboard Soundmax digital audio. I already checked the driver control panel and there was no option to reverse the speakers.

EDIT: Can I just cut open the audio wire that is going into the speaker and switch the two wires inside?

Answer:Help on my 4.0 surround sound

I'm not entirely sure but I've seen a similar question on another forum I go to.

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Question: 5.1 Surround Sound

Hi Guys, I am just about to buy a PHILIPS MMS460 160w 5.1 SURROUND SOUND System for my PC, but I have no idea whether my Dell Dimension 3100C will support 5.1 Surround sound, how can a dummy like me find out?Thank you in advance.

Answer:5.1 Surround Sound

If these are the correct specifications, then the answer is No as it only supports onboard 2.1 sound:click hereYou can "upgrade" to Creative's 2.1 SoundBlaster Audigy..:-)

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Question: surround sound

I have an A30 8198 81U. Someone has given me a dynex 5.1 surround sound card and logitech x-530 speakers.Will this work on this computer?

Answer:surround sound

O.K. I'll answer this myself, now that I have it installed. It will work but, I had to install SRS Audio Sandbox for the surround sound to work.

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Hi guys.

Was hoping someone more capable could help me figure out how to get 5.1 surround sound on my PC.

My setup is: I have an optical cord going from the back of my PC to my Amp. I don't have a separate sound card. I think its just part of my motherboard.

I get surround sound on my PS3/4 no problems, but the most I can get on PC is 2.1. Tried playing around with all the sound settings and the Realtek HD audio manager, but nothing works. I can't even set it to 5,1 in the audio manager.

In the PC I have:

Intel Core i7 2600K Processor LGA1155 3.4GHz CPU
Asus P8Z68-V PRO Socket 1155 Intel Z68 Chipset
eVGA GTX580 1536MB SuperClocked 797Mhz PCIE

Answer:Need help getting 5.1 surround sound on my PC.

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hello i recently bought the logitech X 540 speakers for my pc. I have downloaded and updated my drivers for my onboard audio but when i use the speaker configuration test for a 6CH speaker on realtek audio manager it does not play sound out of the front left speaker also when i play music the sound coming out of this speaker is to low volume to here. I have swapped speakers around and it is not the speaker its self, i have also tried the surround sound on my xbox and the speaker works fine it is something to do with my pc. please help thank you.

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I have my PC hooked up through an HDMI outlet to a Sony A/V Receiver with 5.1 surround sound. Last week, I was able to set the audio under playback devices to 5.1 surround sound under the Sony AV amp, and it worked PERFECTLY. But now, it only has stereo available. Anyone know why the surround sound option isn't showing up all of a sudden? All my speakers are hooked up and working.

The only thing I've recently done different to my computer was re-install a nvidia driver as there was a graphic adapter update that tried to push through Windows Updates that failed and froze up my computer, thusly making me go back to Nvidia's site to get the driver. Any help is much appreciated.

Uploaded with

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 CPU 930 @ 2.80GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 26 Stepping 5
Processor Count: 8
RAM: 16375 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 470, 1279 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 953766 MB, Free - 63530 MB;
Motherboard: EVGA, 132-BL-E758
Antivirus: Norton Security Suite, Updated and Enabled

Answer:Can't set 5.1 surround sound. Please help

The HDMI audio drivers are part of the video driver package. As you upgraded/changed the nVidia (video ?) drivers, that is likely the cause. Try reinstalling/upgrading/downgrading the nVidia drivers (again).

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Hello everyone, I'm totally new to this forum. I purchesed an IdeaPad Z580 couple of weeks ago. Today i tired to connect my laptop, tv and home theatre system to watch an hd movie. I connected my IdeaPad to my Samsung lcd tv with an hdmi cable to transfer both video and audio. Then connected my tv and Sony dvd player - home theatre system with an optic cable. I was hoping to transfer audio in 5.1 surround but unfortunately i only got stereo. Is there a way that i can do what i want? My TV can transfer in 5.1 with an optic cable. I tried it in normal cable broadcast. If there's a solution please help.

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Hey guys im new here and i want help ......i have audionic xboost 5.1 ch speakers it has a switch at its back on sub woofer to switch from 2.0 to 5.1 ch but it works on 2.0 and not when i turn it to 5.1 why s tht so plz help???i also have installed a 5 channel sound card with it and works fine on 2.0 switch can any1 help me guide to its wiring i think its a prblem there or how 2 plug other 2 wires in sound card cuz i tried everytthing doesnt work when i switch it to 5.1.

Answer:Help me with 5.1 surround sound?

Did you try switching the sound settings in windows to 5.1? Or if it?s a creative sound card there should be a creative audio console that can use that as well. Do you have xp or vista? If its vista than you can go to Start-control panel-hardware and sound-sound then in the playback tab then click speakers one time not twice than click configure than set it to 5.1.

One other thing you might want to know is you won?t hear anything unless you close than reopen the programs. If you were to say play an a video or some music than you were to change the audio settings to 5.1 or whatever it would just stop making sound even if you change the setting back but if you close the program than change the sound settings than reopen the program or just restart it after you set it to 5.1 it should play it in 5.1.

Yet another thing is unless the music or video is already in 5.1 you will not only hear it from 2 of your speakers unless the speakers upmix (I think that?s the right word but I?m not sure if any speakers completely do that) or if you have a creative sound card or any other sound card that can upmix it to 5.1 but if not it will only come from those 2 speakers.

Any of that help?

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Question: 5.1 surround sound

New owner to a laptop after having desktop with sound card and using logitech z530 can i use these speakers for true 5.1 suround sound from my laptop. it only has a earphone jack point. Is it possible to use hdmi cable to 2 rca then use a logitech game adapter to split into the green red and black connection? or would a logitech z506 speaker system do what i want. only want it for music.important i am after ture 5.1 surround sound. not just a stereo output too the 5 speakers thanks for any help givendv6 3136 laptop

Answer:5.1 surround sound

You have to connect the sound card to an amp that can produce surround sound. To do that, you have to buy a cable with the proper jacks. They don't cost much. The sound will improve tremendously. You'll really like it.How do you know when a politician is lying? His mouth is moving.

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Question: Surround sound

I'm using a Samsung 32" LCD tv with my pc and I'm trying to figure out if its possible to have proper 5.1 surround sound. I have a 5.1 home theatre system but so far the only way I can connect audio from pc to tv is with the headphone jack to a similar jack on the tv. When I run the windows sound test thingy it just seems to be in stereo but not surround sound.

I have an ATI Radeon 5770 gfx card which the tv is connected to. Motherboard has speaker jacks but cant use them at the moment because they are different connctors to my speakers, would they work if directly connected even though the tv is connected to gfx card?

Not sure if something is wrong or incompatible cos of the tv or what. Any help appreciated.

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft® Windows Vista™ Home Premium, Service Pack 2, 32 bit
Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) II X4 640 Processor, x64 Family 16 Model 5 Stepping 3
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 3326 Mb
Graphics Card: ATI Radeon HD 5700 Series, 1024 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 610477 MB, Free - 418061 MB;
Motherboard: FOXCONN, A88GMX
Antivirus: AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition 2012, Updated and Enabled

Answer:Surround sound

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Question: tv surround sound

hi all i have a sony tv with optical output to connect 5.1 surround sound , problem my surround sound system only has phono lead connection,is it possible to get a optical to phono converter and if so anyone know where fromthanks

Answer:tv surround sound

to the Helproom.

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Question: Surround Sound

Hmmmm...just bought some replacement speakers (left and right)for my desktop PC. Obviously installing them's no biggie...stick the plug in the hole etc.....

But whereas my last speakers were just bog standard stereo, the new ones are 3D surround sound. However, even if I disable the 3d surround sound (by pressing a button on the front of the speaker, I'm still not getting true stereo. If I use the balance control on my software...although music is coming from both speakers, it seems to be just from one side....for example, with the balance control in the middle both speakers work. I push it to the left and both work too. Push it to the right and both go off.
I have a built in sound no massive capabilities there. Any way I can rectify...or have I just bungled it by buying the wrong speakers ?

Answer:Surround Sound

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I have Creative Labs Sound Blaster 5.1 sound card, and an Altec Lansing 5.1 speaker system. I cannot get the center channel to out put any sound. I have tried everything on the creative's website, and spent 40 minutes long distance talking to their tech support. The tech guy, said both the speaker and card were bad, and to take them both back. So, last night I did just that. But, I still have the same problem. I tried all the settings, and still cannot get the center cnannel to out put sound. The other speakers work fine, and really sound great. But I want the center channel to work too.

Under Creative Miss.

Gameport joystick, I get this message,

MMDEVLDR.VXD device loader for this device, could not load the drivers for this device.

Under Sound Video game controllers I get this message,

NTKERN.VXD and MMDEVLDR.VXD device loader for this device, could not load the drivers for this device.

Everything else is fine.

I already did everything that was on the Creative website too. CMSS was the first thing I did. And the center channel speaker does work, I switch the it from 5.1 to 4 speaker setup on the sub-woofer, and sound came out of all channels

Thanks for your help.
Here is my omputer specs.

P III 1 GHz with Advanced Cache Transfer
512 Megs of PC-800 RIMM RDRAM
Visiontek Xtasy Ge-Force 4 TI 4600 128 MB DDR AGP
Dual 45 Gig Ultra ATA 100 Hard Drive with controller cards
12X Max. Var. DVD-Rom with Decoder
8X 4X 32X CD-RW
Sound Blaster Live Dolby Digital 5.1 Gam... Read more

Answer:5.1 Surround sound ?

try reinstalling the software that came with it if any and any programs that play music like winamp and windows media player try to look at those settings.

if that dosent work get new speaker brand w/center... 5.1 try that.

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Hello everyone,

I am trying to set up my surround system from my computer, and so far am having little luck.

It used to run off a set of three 1/8in cables, but I figured that optical is the way to go. Now, the system works this way - I have a Realtek AC97 ALC850 on-board sound "card" hooked up via an optical cable into my amp (Quest QSR5000 which fully supports a 5.1 system). The amp recognizes the availability of the 5 channels. All looks good, but once I do the testing (the sound "card" driver software provides me with individual channel testing) I only get the two front speakers.

So the software sets up for 5 speakers (sub isnt working right now), and the amplifier receives the signal that 5 speakers are possible. Running the sound test on the amp, I made sure that all the speakers are working properly.
And yet I actually get only stereo output.

So, does anyone know what did I do wrong?

And thanks!

Answer:Help with surround sound

You need to make sure your audio management software is set to 5.1 and spdif for it to work correctly!!!!

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Question: Surround Sound

I recently received a dell 5.1 surround sound system for the computer, it has 3 colored hookups, black, yellow, And white. I decided to buy a new motherboard with 8 channel high definition audio built onto it so that the speakers would work. The colored jacks on the motherboards audio is, gray, black, and orange. I tried hooking up the yellow to orange, white to gray, and black to black, But i get no sound, Ive installed the required driver with the motherboards disk, i get audio from regular speakers but not the surround sound. Do i need something else to make it work?

Answer:Surround Sound

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Question: 5.1 Surround sound

Just wondering with widnows 7 if it is capable of outputting 5.1 surround sound? I have noticed when upgraded from xp sound does not come out of every speaker connected?

Answer:5.1 Surround sound

Yup, it works fine. If you use onboard- and it will probably be realtek if it is- there should be an icon in the lower right hand of the task bar, looks like a speaker. right click and choose sound manager- it should show what you have there.
Also try adjusting in the sound applet. Control panel/ sound- click on the speaker setup, go to configure (bottom right) and again choose the speaker setup. Should work ok then

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Hi all looking in vain for Surround Sound System, that isn't a dvd/Blu-ray player or a AV Amp System, just need it to work for sound 5.1 or higher with a sub out, optical in, is there such a thing ???
cheers web

Answer:Need Surround Sound

Quote: Originally Posted by web

Hi all looking in vain for Surround Sound System, that isn't a dvd/Blu-ray player or a AV Amp System, just need it to work for sound 5.1 or higher with a sub out, optical in, is there such a thing ???
cheers web

Ok this must be the wrong place to ask anyone think of anywhere to ask?, with out giving too big a plug to outside places ........ and as I've been looking need a surround system that will work with 4K TV most old av systems wont sync sound with picture on a 4k TV

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According to microsoft and nokia website (I can't post link because I have less than 10 posts; silly rule), I can find the surround sound setting somewhere in the video setting section. But when I tried to do so, all I found is framing grid, resolution, audio bass filter, directional stereo and use default setting.
Where is the option to switch surround sound on/off?

Answer:Surround Sound; Where is it?

What is your phone model?

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Question: Surround sound

I just got a set of Logitech Z-5500 speakers and connected them to my Asus P5E's onboard SoundMAX HD audio via the coaxial S/PDIF. I'm running the latest drivers from the Asus website.

THE PROBLEM: the output is entirely 2.1 channel in WinXP64, when it should be 5.1. I cannot coax even a whisper from the rear speakers, or from the center, or from direct-to-woofer output.

The surround speakers test just fine in the speaker-controller's own built-in test mode, and in Vista, but not in XP. In the SoundMAX control panel, I have set my configuration to Dolby Digital 5.1, but when I perform the channel test, the only sound comes from the front L&R speakers and from the subwoofer.

The LCD screen on the speakers' control center displays the text "No Digital Data" whenever no sound is being output to it, and this is precisely what it does when it ought to be playing through the rear speakers.

I'm almost certain it's some bit of configuration I've neglected to do, somewhere deep in the bowels of SoundMAX or in Windows. I need to get 5.1 working.

Please help, for to assist the needy is divinity. And divinity is sexy.

Answer:Surround sound


For a moment I thought I had fixed, but alas, 'twas not so.

I did find that VLC will not properly play multichannel audio on my computer. I played a DVD with Zoom player and the rear channels worked just fine.

Problems still persist: When I set my speaker configuration to 5.1 in the SoundMAX control panel and cycle the test noise to each speaker, the center and rear left and right channel remain silent. I have a similar problem in games (e.g. in Oblivion, when something is behind me I cannot hear it at all).

SOMEONE has a big enough brain to help me. Please, any ideas at all are welcome!

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Question: surround sound

is there a way i can plug my computer into my surround system so it uses that as the speakers for my computer???

Answer:surround sound

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Question: Surround Sound!!!

Ok. I want to get surround sound. I have already chosen my speakers.. but now I need a new audio card (i have onboard audio which sucks).. so I am looking for a card under $45 that will support 5.1 and all of that stuff..
BTW.. I am living in an apartment right now.. how much will the surround sound bother my neighbors?? Thanks

Answer:Surround Sound!!!

I have surround sound with my sound blaster. Not sure of current prices, but as far as you neighbors go, it depends on how loud you turn it up!

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Question: 5.1 Surround Sound

Hey everyone, I just purchased these speakers:

and I own a 15" Macbook Pro. Can anyone tell me what I need to be able to utilize the 5.1 surround sound that is possible with these speakers?

Answer:5.1 Surround Sound

Does the Macbook support 5.1 audio output? Most do not. In which case, all you are going to get is stereo.

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i have a 4.1 surround sound system on my Xfi card, my sub woofer is attached to my front speakers, and i wanted to know if anyone here knows how to dedicate all bass to one pair of speakers, that way i dont get such great bass from one side during my gaming, and a horrible bass from the other with no sub.

Answer:4.1 surround sound help
there is a rough put together of my system

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