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How to use front Pink Headset, USB Headset, and Rear Speker outputs atthe same time?

Question: How to use front Pink Headset, USB Headset, and Rear Speker outputs atthe same time?

Hi All,

I want to know in Vista,

At the Same time,
How to get the Head Phone Front Jack on, output
the Rear output for the Speakers -5.1 Surround
a USB Headset for another Mic ONLY that is USB.

Three things all Going at once?

Is it possible,
I cant even get the Headphones front output-pink and the rear speakers playing at the same time

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Preferred Solution: How to use front Pink Headset, USB Headset, and Rear Speker outputs atthe same time?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: How to use front Pink Headset, USB Headset, and Rear Speker outputs atthe same time?

Hi Dash,

I know its possible with Realtek HD devices...What type of device do you have?


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Hey all!

I am trying to get my headset (which plugs into the Front-Green-Out) to work along side of my speakers (which plug into my Rear-Green-Out).

Both are being recognised and both work, but not at the same time. That's because in the screen where you manage your Audiodevices you can only have 1 "standarddevice", which it uses to play the audio.

Is there any way to have more than 1 standarddevice? (or another way to make both work at the same time).

By the way, for anyone using the same motherboard as me: Asus is not supporting it anymore =/. I use the P5K-EPU sounddrivers. Also, if you want the front jacks to work you have to set them in the BIOS to AC97, not HD-audio.

Answer:Front headset and speakers at the same time?

I know on mine when I plug into the front panel it disables my rear inputs. I don't think there is a way to do that using the same driver. What I do though is use a sound card for my speakers/monitors and use the onboard for my headset. I have WMP set to my sound card so I can listen to DVD/music through my monitors while gaming through my headset simultaneously. Helps when the Mrs is scrapbooking and wants to listen to music.

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Hi guys, I just recently got windows 7, but I can't get any sound to my headset! My green main output is in the back, but I broke off a piece of a headset plugin some months ago. When I had XP, it worked fine plugging in my headset in the front, but now when I got win7, the broken piece seems to be stealing all my sound. How do I tell windows to send sound to the black output in the front, rather to the broken off plugin in the main green output in the back?
Here is a pic of how my device panel-thing looks like. I've tried turning on and off all these things, but it none seems to be the headset I have plugged in the front, as nothing works.

Btw. The post I'm quoting from the pic is from another forum.

Answer:Broken piece of a headset is messing with my outputs!

Plugging various component jacks into sockets switches some functions. If you break a jack off, any functions it disables remain disabled. The only way to fix that is to extract the broken piece. Plugging headphones into some sockets automatically disables the loudspeakers for instance.

Reassigning sockets might work for some things, but the only really sensible thing to do is remove the broken jack.

I must stress once again that using various "workarounds" to try and solve problems with broken or otherwise faulty equipment is a very bad idea.

Regards....Mike Connor

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This is possibly a dumb question but here goes ...

I have a sounblaster live audio card with the following back connections

Analogue/Digital out (connected to my surround speakers)
Line in
Mic in
Line out 1 (connected to my surround speakers)
Line out 2 (connected to my surround speakers)

I need to use a headset for openwengo/skype ... I have a headset, the mike lead I plug into 'Mic in' and it works a treat, the earphones ..... ?

Is there a way to split the 'Line out 1' output so I can connect my earphones to it ? (According to docs Line out 1 can also be used for headphones).

Any suggestions



PS USB Headset is unfortunately not an option ...

Answer:connecting headset to soundblaster live - need more outputs !

Radio Shack has these:

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I have a SoundMAX Superbeam directional array and people always hear echos in my transmitting on ventrilo because it picks up my speakers sound. so I got a really nice sony headset and plugged it into the jack where the speakers used to be plugged in and now it wont pick up all appropriate sounds like youtube because the computer still things its speakers and not a head set. My sound manager says that any headset should be plugging into the "front panel jack" and I have no front panel jack I have an Xclio full tower computer case and there is nothing but huge fan in the front.

How can I make my computer use headset in REAR panel?

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I bought a Turtle Beach Ear Force Recon 320 yesterday, and I have a major issue with the surround sound. Whenever I play a game, audio that is coming from the front is very quiet. For example, when I play Skyrim, and someone is talking to me, I can only hear them properly, if I turn my back to them, so that their audio is coming from the back, because it is too quiet from the front.
I tried to reconfigure my headset, by going into the sound options (I have Win7) and changing it from 7.1 surround, but the audio is still too quiet. I tried messing with this step of the configuration:

But the front audio is still very quiet. I noticed, however, that when I clicked on the speaker circled in red, the noise that was played was much quieter, than the ones played if I clicked on the other speakers
I hope that was enough info, but I can provide more if needed

Answer:The front audio of my headset is very quiet

I messed around a bit in properties, and found, that if I turn Dolby off, the front audio is even quieter

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So basically, will this headset work with windows 7 ?

Answer:Tritton AX 720 Gaming Headset with 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround Sound Headset

Yes it will. Google for reviews.

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Hi All, I have Nokia BH-900 bluetooth headset and X60s laptop, how to use the headset for VoIP calls? The OS is Windows XP. So far I have added the bt device to the device list, but for some reason the device connection does not activate, ie the headset keeps blinking green, not blue. And I can not find the bt device from any settings. I already tried the search on this forum, but the given instructions did not seem to match my case, or I did not understand them  BRJorma

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HelloSo three days ago I wiped all of my drives and installed Windows 10. I have a Corsair Vengenace 2100 headset. I installed the realtek drivers from ASUS download section for my motherboard and then I installed the headset drivers.The problem is that my headset does not record anything through the microphone if I set it to be the default device for audio output. If I have my other computer speakers as the default output device my microphone works just fine.This goes for all the USBs in the back of the motherboard. The headset works just great if I plug in the wireless reciever in the front of the computer.I have tried to reinstall the drivers multiple times and checked a bunch of different settings in the sound manager in windows but nothing seems to work.Have also googled all kinds of things but nothing seems to relate to my problem.I do not have any external sound card plugged into my computer.Thanks for any help provided!

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So three days ago I wiped all of my drives and installed Windows 10. I have a Corsair Vengenace 2100 headset. I installed the realtek drivers from ASUS download section for my motherboard and then I installed the headset drivers.

The problem is that my headset does not record anything through the microphone if I set it to be the default device for audio output. If I have my other computer speakers as the default output device my microphone works just fine.

This goes for all the USBs in the back of the motherboard. The headset works just great if I plug in the wireless reciever in the front of the computer.

I have tried to reinstall the drivers multiple times and checked a bunch of different settings in the sound manager in windows but nothing seems to work.

Have also googled all kinds of things but nothing seems to relate to my problem.

I do not have any external sound card plugged into my computer.

Thanks for any help provided!

EDIT: Can be closed as I found the win 10 forum after I made the thread. Sorry!

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HelloSo three days ago I wiped all of my drives and installed Windows 10. I have a Corsair Vengenace 2100 headset. I installed the realtek drivers from ASUS download section for my motherboard and then I installed the headset drivers.The problem is that my headset does not record anything through the microphone if I set it to be the default device for audio output. If I have my other computer speakers as the default output device my microphone works just fine.This goes for all the USBs in the back of the motherboard. The headset works just great if I plug in the wireless reciever in the front of the computer.I have tried to reinstall the drivers multiple times and checked a bunch of different settings in the sound manager in windows but nothing seems to work.Have also googled all kinds of things but nothing seems to relate to my problem.I do not have any external sound card plugged into my computer.Thanks for any help provided!

Answer:Headset microphone not recording when headset is default audio device

Hi iBSOADed and welcome to TenForums,

First of all, you shouldn't have had to worry about installing any drivers after installing Windows 10 as Windows should do that automatically.

Have you tried using the Corsair Gaming Headset Setup program in the Downloads section of this page? Vengeance® 2100 Dolby 7.1 Wireless Gaming Headset

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On Lenovo Thinkpad x1 3rd generation with windows 10, i'm pluging in my iPhone headset (I also tried with my samsung headset and one plus headset), but it will not recognize the mic. the headphones speakers works just fine, but the array mic stays on and no indication on windows, what so ever, that a mic was plugged too. Thank you for your assistence Idan 

Answer:Thinkpad x1 iphone headset plugged. headset Speakers works but not the mic

I'm not sure, but I think that this answer, about enabling multi-stream solved the problem 

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Hello. My audio / headset jacks on the front panel of my PC running Windows 8.1 will not work. I had the Beats Audio Panel installed and was using the IDT High Definition Audio Codec and had rear sound through my speakers only. After checking your forum, I unistalled that driver (and Beats Audio) and installed the High Definition Audio Device driver only (no Beats Audio) and both rear jacks work. So, I can get sound and recording in the rear, but not it the front. I hope you can help me. Thank you.  

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the topic pretty much says it. I bought myself a new headset(C-media headphone set or something) which uses a USB-port instead of an original sound-port-thing. The problem is, whenever I plug the headset in the USB-port pretty much nothing happens and I can't get the sound in the headset, it just stays in the speakers...

It used to be no problem when I used a headset with the sound-port on the motherboard to just change it. Anyone have any suggestions on what I might do? :(

edit: forgot to say that it works just fine after rebooting the computer.

Thank you

Answer:Problem with USB-headset(Can't switch between headset and speakers without rebooting)

Hi Foonksh,

Try going into the Control Panel and go into Sounds and Audio Devices. From there you can pick the default device for recording and for playback. In the playback section, set the headset as the default device instead of your speakers.

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I can't figure out how to fix this. I noticed that, when I'm watching a video, my headset's mic will relay the audio coming into my headset. Disabling Stereo Mix doesn't fix it. The physical controller that's on my headset cable doesn't stop it from happening, as even if I turn the volume knob all the way down and flick the mute switch, it's still picking up the audio. Muting my headset from within the computer stops the mic from hearing it, as does switching to my speakers that are plugged into the front jack. My headset is a 3.5mm jack type plugged into the back of the computer, directly into the motherboard.

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I have an Acer Aspire V 15 (V5-591G-55pv) laptop. The laptop has a HEADSET jack (it shows a little symbol next to it referring to a headset with mic and headphone) and i have a headset that has 2 wires. 1 is for the headphones and the other is for the microphone, so i am using a headset adapter that came with the headset itself. I have used the microphone and the headset adapter on my PS4 controller and it works so the microphone is not defected. my computer does not detect my headphones but still plays audio through it, and the microphone is not detected. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!

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I am knew on the board. Greetings

I installed a NEW Logitech USB Headset 350 onto my Winows XP Service Pack 2 generic 'puter.

I now have no speaker sound and no option shows except the headset and "Modem #1 line ".

It sorta looks like I have no speaker drivers .

Unplugging the headset does not help.

Anybody know how to fix this problem so I am not forced to wear a headset for audio ALL OF THE TIME ?



Answer:Installed new USB Headset NOW no speaker audio even if I unplug the headset

Yeah, my USB headset was a little weird at first as well.

Try going into your volume control (Start > All Programs > Accessories > Entertainment > Volume Control):
1. Click Options
2. Properties
3. Change the mixer device from the USB headset to your speakers.

Should work.

Also should note you can change the output settings in most audio software (for example: Windows Media Player, Winamp, etc.) so if you can't hear anything from your speakers when using those programs, try fiddling with those settings as well. I know for Winamp it's Options > Preferences > Plug-ins > Output > double-click the plug-in you use (mine is out_ds.dll) and again change it to your speakers using the drop down menu.

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With my old headset i used to have a blast recording sounds/music coming out of my comptuer directly using wave out. Often for MSN voice clips and such.

I haven't changed anything, but now that i have this new headset, the only recording i seem to be able to do is voice recording in sound recorder, i can't seem to record wave out mix on sound recorder, and can't record anything whatsoever in msn voice clips.

I can hear voice clips sent to me though, strange thing is, when someone invited me to an audio conversation earlier, i got the annoying ringing noise alright , but i couldn't hear anything.

I checked my volume controls nothing is muted.
Any help would be fantastic! Thanks in advance

Answer:New Headset dilemma (C-Media USB Headset to be precise)


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I've searched around a lot about this topic, but after hours and days of searching, I've found nothing to fix my problem. I have a headset that has speakers and a microphone (3.5mm jacks) that work fine, except when I'm trying to talk to someone using the microphone, they can hear the sounds coming from my headset (youtube videos, game sounds etc). I've tried installing the Realtek HD Audio Codec but it disappears after it finishes installing and after I restart (although it still remains in the Programs and Features uninstall page), the program files for it is empty with the exception of RtlUpd64.exe which doesn't do anything when executed and a few other files.
In device manager, the things I have under sound, video and game controllers are Audio Device on High Definition Audio Bus and the Intel Display Audio. I've updated everything to the latest. Also, I recently system restored my computer and before I did I had IDT High Definition Audio Drivers, but after updating they were changed.
I think the problem is that stereo mix is enabled somewhere or something to do with my drivers as when I tried plugging my headset into my brother's computer, it worked fine (he has the Gigabyte Realtek Audio Manager thing and was able to adjust the stereo mix settings).
If there's a program or workaround to this, or how to disable the stereo mix like through registry or something, please let me know.
My computer is a HP Pavilion dv6-7040tx running Wi... Read more

Answer:Headset mic recording sounds through headset?

You are correct, that is the usual cause of this problem. And aside from being set in the drivers, it can sometimes be set in the application (used for the communication).

That model does appear to use the IDT High-Definition (HD) Audio chipset. The problem is likely in the fact that you upgraded to Win10 and I don't see that HP supports nor supplies drivers for Win10 (I only see drivers for 7 and 8). Which means you are using generic drives supplied by Windows. The generic Windows drivers often work well enough to get hardware functional, but quite often don't support all hardware or all features of all hardware.

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Sound does not go through headset. A headset is not working. 

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I have 2 headsets both from different companies, one from Andrea the other from Altec Lansing. I have them plugged into the front ports of my tower. My computer detects them both and says that they are working. However, I can hear out of them, but I cannot say anything. It does not hear me at all. I've tried various testing procedures and it doesn't detect anything.

What do I do?

Answer:Headset detected, not working (2nd headset)

Hi Cdn, The Vista default setting under audio and microphone is rear line in. Right Click the speaker
icon in your task bar or system tray. Click on the Recording tab at the top. Make sure that Front Mic.
is enabled and has a green check mark next to it. Click Apply and Okay. Try it now.

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I have a almost broken headset, but the microphone still works fine, The microphone is connected on the wire right before the headset, Its not actually touching the headset itself.

Would this microphone still work if the headset was cut off?

Sorry but I can't manage to take a photo but

Answer:Will a Headset microphone still work if I cut it off the Headset?

Is the microphone actually supported by the headset, by that I mean when the set is on your head is the microphone carried close to your mouth so you have both hands free. If this is the case then cutting off the headset will mean the microphone will not have any way of being held near your mouth.
If you cut it off you will have to be very careful you don't cut the wires for the microphone & it's possible that there is a common return wire for the earpieces & the microphone in the form of a shielded cable, so it would be very difficult, but if you have skills in this area it could be done.

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I have tried 2 different headsets using front ports of my computer. The headsets are detected by the computer and I can hear fine out of them, but no voice is detected. I have tried numerous tests and other small things, but nothing seems to work. The headsets are supposed to be working properly according to the system.

What do I do?

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Ive got an Logitech 250 headset USB, And i have a stereo soundsystem. So i wont be using the headset, but only the microphone. Is there anyway to 'split' the microphone from the headset, like with a software or something, Cause i dont want to hear everything on the headset when i plug the usb in, but i want to hear it on my soundsystem.

Any help? Without ripping my headset apart? :b

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I recently got a new pc and i got this headset with a mic connected to it like any headset but only one 3.5 cable. So the problem is i cant connect the mic and the headphones at the same time i can either choose having a mic or sound. The headset worked on my previous pc an laptop.

Answer:Cant use mic and headset at the same time

Chances are that the Headset requires a socket that connects the two. Most laptops have such a socket as do Gaming PCs, but some have a separate Socket for both Mic and Cans.
This is what I think you need Audio/mic splitter adaptor

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I would like a usb headset to function at the same time as a pair of speakers. The speakers plug into a 3.5mm jack. And I would also like a microphone, that plugs into a jack, to function at the same time as the microphone on the headset. I have Windows 7. My intention is to allow another person, with whom I am talking on Skype, to hear audio of a video that I will play. There are Youtubes on the subject, but they have not helped me.

I would appreciate any help, thanks.

Answer:Using a headset and speakers at the same time

Have you considered using the swap screen function in Skype? It allows the person you're chatting with to view your computer screen and (I could be wrong) hear its audio.

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Here's my problem.

I have speaker that I use for music and a USB headset for games.

I'd like to make it so I can just turn the volume down on one and just use the other for what I desire, instead I have to open my sound settings and switch the default every time.

Any solutions?

Answer:Trying to run a USB headset and Speakers at same time

ok so u want to be able to listen to music through the headset while your speakers are on as well?
theres the problem
your computer has one audio out (which is hooked to your speakers) the reason the usb mic works is when that out is disabled it goes to your next default, your usb port.
so basically sound can only come out of one place at one time from ur comp.
i hope i helped

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As the Title says.

My Speakers and Internal Speakers along with the Microphones are screwing up.

This problem only started today, I haven't got a clue why and I haven't changed any settings whatsoever, Everything was working fine until one moment they weren't.

I've gone into Sound to try and fix the issue, I set my Sounds as Default for the headset, and I still have them playing through both, and I did the same for the Microphone, only on that one.

In Playback Devices, Speakers / Headphones is one and Communication Headphones is another, even if I disable the first, I can't get the second as Default for both, it won't let me have Default Device for only the Communication Headphones.

Under Recordcing it's much the same issue except the first one is Internal Mic, it's allowed me to put the Microphone / Line In as Default, except it won't pick up sounds from the Mic, only the Internal Mic even if it's not enabled.

So any help would be useful, searched your other threads 4 or 5 on here and none have been helpful in fixing my issue as they're different to mine, so please don't revert me to another thread.

Answer:Headset Mic & Sounds Playing At The Same Time

First thing, do you have the correct Dell sound driver. Non-Dell sound drivers tend to not work or not work correctly. This is the correct Dell IDT sound driver:
Drivers and Downloads | Dell [United States]
The "Speakers" should be the default playback device. In the Recording section along with the mic you should have the System Mixer (could be called Stereo Mix) and that should be the default recording device.

I'm not sure about the IDT, but many systems have a sound device control panel, located in the Control Pane/Hardware and Sound and they can be configured for both headset and speakers at the same time or configured that the headset mutes the speakers.

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Just installed a big update for Vista. Afterwards my Labtec headset's mic is broadcasting all the time, when it is just the desktop, over media player (and VLC) and all the time on apps that are set to push to talk. I have Realtek audio. Driver version DX 11.0. Audio controller HD Audio. Audio Codec ALC888S. I can't find a setting any where to reset this.

Answer:Solved: Headset Mic Broadcasting All The Time.

Check start/control panel/sound under the recording tab.
If you click on the mic then click properties,there should
be a selection that says listen to this device.
Uncheck that and click apply/ok.

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i just wonder is there any possibility to hear music from speaker and headset at the same time? i got a headset now, but i also want to use the speaker to listen the alarm sound.
Thank you for viewing this tread and also any advise will be appreciated.

Answer:speaker and headset operate at same time

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I have two audio jacks in the back of my computer. I just bought a headset today and no sound is coming through them and I just want to be able to play sound through the speakers and the headset at the same time. I'm using windows 7. Can someone please walk my through the steps and help me with this! Thank you!

Answer:Hooking up my Speakers and Headset at the same time?

Depends on your PC and what audio I/O jacks you have. The GREEN jack is the Speaker (or can be used for headset or line out). If there is a second Speaker/Line out jack you could use that, however most new systems only have extra output jacks for surrond systems and that won't do you any good.

If you have a headphone jack on the front of the PC, and again depending on what you have, some systems have a sound control panel and allow configuring either both the front headphone and rear speaker are both active or the headphone jack cuts off the rear speaker (usually the default mode).

Post some system specs, or better yet fill in the My System Specs so we know what we are dealing with.

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Hi all, When I plug my headset, the sound come into the headset AND the laptop...  How to mute the laptop to have the sound only in the headset. Thx.  

Answer:Z510 sound in headset and laptop same time

Hi RyYo,
Welcome to Lenovo Community!
As per the query we understood that you are facing issue after Audio settings on your Lenovo Z510.
Have you checked updating the Audio driver from the support site?
Hope this helps!
Best regards,
Hemanth Kumar

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I have a USB headset that I use for gaming, but want to use the 3.5mm jacks on the back of my pc to run a pair of desktop speakers to play music or youtube, etc. I do not want to have to switch the default between the USB headset and the speakers, but to have sound coming out of both at the same time. Is this possible with windows 7?

Answer:using USB headset and onboard audio plugs at same time

ctanner, welcome to the forums.

In Windows default audio settings, no it isn't possible. You can however do it if the media player you are using is anything other than WMP and allows you to select which audio device to use when more than two are present. Winamp for example allows you to choose which device to use for playback in its settings.

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I had following audio set up on my PC - Logitech Z4 speakers and headset plugged at the back of PC in Realtek integrated sound card. As Realtek offered at that time connector re-tasking option, I was able to use speakers and headset in the same time without loss of volume and quality (at least for my ears). Than I build a new system on Asus M5A97 LE R2.0 motherboard also with internal  realtek sound card. But connector re-tasking is gone. I have bought two internal sound cards from Creative (gone now) and Asus Xonar DG 5.1. assuming that all external cards have those options - well, obviously not. I am completely unaware about sound card options and what it all means, so can someone help me please to find sound card which can allow me to use headset and speakers at the same time from the back of PC, not using front jacks. Or explain what I need. I have cable splitter at the moment, but loss of sound is 50% on each - headset and speakers. My budget is around 50 pounds and I am running windows 7 64-bit. On Asus Xonar DG 5.1. (PCi), there is additional line out jacks, but when I plugged headset or speakers in - nothing happened. I have looked for sound cards for some time now, but jack re-tasking is not mentioned in specifications, and as I have bought two cards already without success - I don't know what to do, but that set-up is important for me. Any advice would be appreciated

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I just bought a new pc and received it today, and i plugged my headset in to check if i hear audio from both speakers and headset but its not working. When i plug my headset in i only hear audio from my headset and not the speakers. Ive been googling and found something about it but with the newest realtek hd audio i dont have the Playback Device there, only the Recording Device. In this picture it has both the playback and recording device.

Answer:No Audio coming from speakers and headset at the same time

In the Playback Device section of the panel you have displayed. Check the Make front and rear output devices playback tow different audio streams simultaneously and see if that does it for you.

The usual default mode on PC sound cards is to mute the speakers when a headset is plugged in.

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I'm trying to setup Gigaware USB Stereo Headset with Microphone and Bose Headphones. To be able to have both of them pluged in and working at the same time. When I have both of them pluged in my Headset with Mic works fine. But my Headphones won't work. Then I have to reinstall the Creative SB X-Fi software to get the headphone to work again. I would like to be able to use the Headset with Mic for work. And use my Headphones for music or movies. They both work fine by themselves. But not with both of them together. Please help.
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) II X2 250 Processor, AMD64 Family 16 Model 6 Stepping 2
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 4095 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 9600 GT, 512 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 953766 MB, Free - 40019 MB; G: Total - 953866 MB, Free - 13316 MB; H: Total - 476936 MB, Free - 1011 MB;
Motherboard: ASRock, K10N78M Pro
Antivirus: Norton Security Suite, Updated and Enabled
Creative SB X-Fi

Answer:Trying to setup Headset with Microphone and Headphones at the same time.

You likely don't need to reinstall the Creative drivers. You simply need to select the Creative audio chipset as the default audio source. You can only have a single audio chipset set as default, so you cannot use the Creative chipset and the USB chipset at the same time.

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Reconnecting bluetooth headset to Lumia 635. I have to re-pair everytime. Also after a powercut it does not reconnect to wifi automatically
My Nokia 800 connects very quickly to the plantonics explorer 240 headset and reconnects to wifi after a power cut.
Bluetooth is off on both phones except when using the headset

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i have a compact presario C700(CND8094VHY series number). when i plug my headset into the headset jack, i recognized dat d sound plays in both device(headset and speaker). how can i solve this problem.. i want it only plays in headset when i plug it into headset jack.. and wen i unplug d headset, i want d sound plays in speaker as normal.. can anyone help me out.. thanx

Answer:headset jack and speakers play sound at the same time

In device manager what sound card do you see listed?

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Not very knowledgeable about this so excuse any obvious stupidity!

Due to an ongoing problem with my (previously OK) wirelss network I have ditched it and my PC is connected to my NTL cablemodem directly via ethernet. This works fine connection-wise etc. I Also use a laptop wirelessly but, since the cablemodem isn't connected to my wireless router (actiontec R3010UW) it obviously can't access the network any more.

My question is, can I leave the PC connected to the cablemodem via ethernet and somehow connect the wireless router (to the modem?) so that I can have wireless access to the laptop as well? There is a spare USB socket on the modem and the router - can I connect the two if I use the correct cable or is it impossible to run wireless and wired connections from the same modem?

There might even be a better solution to the problem - any suggestions very much appreciated!

Answer:Wired and Wireless atthe same time?

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I have a newer Dimension 8500.  Cant get audio to come thru external speakers and headset simultaneously. Seems like have always had issues with this in my Dells.  In previous models there Realtek drivers also came with a REALTEAK AUDIO MANAGER app that had some hidden setting that you could select to do both.  Now, it was always hard to find this software, but you could always make it work.  Now the Realtek software seems wrapped in a Dell Audio Manager shell without this option.  My device manger shows an Nvidia HD audio manager and the Realtek HDA.  Tried every realtek driver I could find, got the latest from Dell, and tried to find older Realtek KHA manager app.  Cant find it anymore. 
Tried every combination of rear and front jacks and most of the solutions I found online under Sound Mixer options.  But no love.
My neighbor has a very basic HP and if I plug my headphones into the rear of his both his speakers and my headset audio work plug and play.  Why is Dell so difficult?  Sure it may be User Error, but ....
I went to a newer HP and it fires right up.

Answer:Always an issue with Dell/Realtek: Audio from speakers and headset at same time


Did they ever work simultaneously before??
Have you tried working on the stereo mix options under recording options. 


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Hi all,

I recently upgraded from Windows 7 to 8.1 using the same hardware as before, and have encountered a strange problem that I can't find the solution to.

I'm using an Alesis IO|2 usb audio interface (which my speakers are connected to) and a Razer Megalodon usb headset. Both are completely functional when used independently (ie. if I'm not using my headset, everything plays through my speakers fine, and vice versa).

However, there are many situations where I'm used to having audio coming through my headset and speakers at the same time. For example, if I'm on a Skype call I'm used to having the call audio coming out of my headset while still being able to play music etc out of my speakers.

The problem: Since using Windows 8.1, when trying to do this, both my speaker and headset audio breaks down completely into sporadic glitchy & loud crackles. If I want to listen to music while talking on Skype I have to disable my speakers (in windows playback devices screen) to force all audio out of my headset.

Neither of my USB devices has drivers associated with them, and I have the latest firmware on both, leading me to believe this is some problem with Windows. Has anyone got any ideas? I've spent hours trying to resolve this and have yet to even find someone with the same problem...

Answer:Broken audio when playing sounds through speakers and headset at the same time


I guess this problem really is a rare one huh?

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I have a RocketFish Bluetooth 2.0 EDR Class II Wireless USB Adapter, connected, and installed. Drivers are in and the device is working.

But when I use the Windows Bluetooth device app, and search for the headset, it's not finding it.

What am I doing wrong?


Answer:Trying to use Bluetooth headset as a Mic/headset on my PC

Bump. Help please?

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Today i just bought some ear phones, with a connected mouth piece. Problem is that my two front ports are dodgy for the microphone and headphones. So if i put the jacks from my headset into the back, i have to take out my speaker input.. Is there any way i can have the speakers in, and the headset and revert back to each without going at the back and changing them? Any help appreciated

Answer:Headset not working, front ports not working

First, its possible inside your computer case, there is just a loose cable that is causing the problem with the front jacks on your computer. Check inside, right behind where the earphone jack is for a cord running to somewhere on your motherboard or Sound card.

If that dosn't work,
Do you have a CD/DVD player with a earphone jack and have you tried that?
Assuming its the port that is bad itself and not just loose, you could check in at radio shack, bestbuy, or for a cord that splits the output. If you get lucky you might find one with a chanel select that will allow you to swap which recieves the output.
The other option, from radio shack I got a Bluetooth USB adapter for $20 and a good pair of BT earphones, again purchased online for cheap (I recommend samsung BT500 earphones).

Another alternative, my speakers have a earphone jack in them as well (the computer speakers, as well as the reciever I currently have my sound card plugged into).

If you have a quality home theater set up, for $80 on new egg you can pick up a good soundcard with optical, Coax, and AV out which you plug into your home entertainment center that again will allow you to use headphones.
Good Luck

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Hi all,
I recently upgraded to Windows 10 from Window 8.1. My desktop has a front audio and mic jack and also a rear audio and mic jack. While watching movies , I connect my rear jack to a large set of speakers and for better voice clarity I plug in earphones onto the front audio panel. This setup was working fine in Windows8.1 and below. But now after upgrading, if I plug in rear audio jac, I loose the sound in the front and vice versa. Kindly help.
In addition, during the fresh install of Windows 10, I did not install any drivers for monitor, default inbuilt sound card of motherboard,inbuilt lan card,etc. Do I need to install these as they seem to be functioning except well except for the audio part which I mentioned above.

Answer:Front and Rear Audio cannot be used simultaneously !

This was resolved by installing latest Realtek Audio Codecs for Windows 10

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Tried the two soft resets. The power button and the volume down button pressed down simultaneously and the turning off and pulling out the battery for 5 mins. Tried the first one about 5 times and no effect. Tried the second one and the camera worked for about three times before not starting again.
Don't know what to do. Just had the phone for a week and three days. Help!

Answer:My Camera, both front and rear, won't start in any app. How can I fix it?

Bring your phone, whatever model it is, back to the store and try to have it replaced especially since it is still new.
If the store won't replace your phone, and then if your phone is a Windows Phone, you could try using the Lumia Software Recovery Tool or Windows Phone Recovery Tool to reinstall the OS of your phone.
If that doesn't work, then you would need to have your phone repaired in-warranty.

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Hi all,
I recently upgraded to Windows 10 from Window 8.1. My desktop has a front audio and mic jack and also a rear audio and mic jack. While watching movies , I connect my rear jack to a large set of speakers and for better voice clarity I plug in earphones onto the front audio panel. This setup was working fine in Windows8.1 and below. But now after upgrading, if I plug in rear audio jac, I loose the sound in the front and vice versa. Kindly help.
In addition, during the fresh install of Windows 10, I did not install any drivers for monitor, default inbuilt sound card of motherboard,inbuilt lan card,etc. Do I need to install these as they seem to be functioning except well except for the audio part which I mentioned above.

Answer:Front and Rear Audio cannot be used simultaneously !

This was resolved by installing latest Realtek Audio Codecs for Windows 10

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Hey, my headset was working fine in Windows XP but ever since I upgraded to Windows 7 it hasn't worked, I've tried pretty much every setting in the Realtek command center, updating drivers and so on but nothing seems to work, all I can record is static noise

Any chance someone can help me out here.

Answer:Mic not working in front or rear panel.

Any chance your using an ASUS board?

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I'm having a rather annoying problem, i use this surround system: Z-5500 Digital 5.1 Speaker System (Z-5500 Digital 5.1 Speaker System)

And recently something has gone wrong, the front speakers have stopped playing and only my rear/centre and bass are working. my first conclusion would be they failed ofcourse, but there is still a humming sound coming from both of them + they stopped working at the exact same instant.

Realtec HD audio still recognises all 6 of my speakers, and if i do a soundcheck on my front speakers it plays sound , but the sound is played through my rear speakers and when i test my rear speakers the sound is also played through my rear speakers (only softer)

I didn't used to have this problem and i'm not aware of any changes i've made.

Thanks in advance,

edit: i have tried to plug them in and out. I've also checked the wiring, if i put the wires of a front speaker into a rear one the front speaker still refuses to work and the rear speaker works. so i doubt the problem lies there.

Answer:Front and rear speaker problems.

Have you checked for the windows automatic updates. Go into the settings for your speakers and try to reset them.

Have you tried this speaker system on a different computer?

Do all the speakers connect to the base system like The Creative systems.

The Humming sounds like feedback or electrical interference, have the speakers been moved or an ac source or cable added.

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W7 does not seem to recognize front or rear mic jacks. Tried with 2 mics, one brand new, I am using built in W7 recorder.

Thanks, Luis.

Answer:Cannot record from front or rear jack

Hard to say. Please fill in the My System Specs so we have something to go on.

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Hey guys,

I installed the Hyper 212+ this weekend, but after installation, the audio stopped working. Thinking that this was a hardware issue, I went back and replugged some of the cables back into the mobo to make sure they were securely in there. No luck.

My setup (other specs in profile):
- Phenom x4 955
- Radeon 5850
- ASRock 870 Extreme3

Sound appears to work (green bars move, Windows doesn't detect any problems), but there's no output. Here's what the Sound control panel looks like:

(Note that I do indeed have speakers/headphones plugged in.)

I also went into the Realtek HD Audio Manager to see what's going on and it lists only Digital Output. None of the analog jacks appear to be active in the Manager window, unless I disable front panel jack audio detection. Here's what it looks like with front panel detection enabled:

And with front detection disabled:

I've done a couple of things so far:
- Tried headphones and speakers in front and rear audio jacks.
- Even tried microphone in front mic-in jack - didn't work. A USB (connected to front panel) mic did work, however.
- Restored BIOS to factory defaults.
- Disabled/re-enabled onboard audio in BIOS.
- Installed/uninstalled/reinstalled audio and video drivers.

I've also messed around with the Realtek HD Audio Manager itself:
- I disabled front panel jack audio detection. This added two additional in/ouputs: Speakers and FrontMic. Neither work.
- Changed default device to speake... Read more

Answer:No Audio Output via Front and Rear Jacks

flaergr, welcome to the Seven Forums.

Might help if you set the Speakers as the default device instead of the digital one. Unless you're specifically using the optical/digital connections on the back, both the regular and front panel jacks are analogue.

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I have a Gigabyte ma770t-ud3p board and My headphones and stuff were working fine until my realtek kept asking me if i was plugging things in even when i wasnt, now my rear sound ports dont work and my microphone ports wont work either, When i went into the Realtek jack information the plug for the front and back microphone port is lit up.

Answer:Help, no rear sound or microphone front or back!

Go ahead and install the latest realtek drivers for your sound card.

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I would like to seperate the front and rear audio panels on my audio card ( Dont ask model all I kn ow is it is Realtek), how would I do this? Is there a program I could download that will do this?

Answer:Separating Front and Rear audio panels

Is what you are asking how do you determine which plugs to use for a 5.1 channel speaker system? or how to set it so you can use it? if the latter you should look in Control Panel for something like Realtek HD Audio Manager or Realtek Audio Manager.

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I'm wonderind if both these onboard devices are linked somehow. Haven't made any hardware or software changes. Computer started giving 1 beep at startup. No conflicts in Device Manager. WMPlayer reports no sound devices installed. Is my motherboard dying? Emachines T4511 with Trigem, VG31 motherboard made by FIC. 478 socket with P4 2.53 ghz. Is this situation worth risking a sound card on? Any help appreciated.

Link to MOBO specs.

Answer:Lost both onboard sound and front/rear USB

After submitting previous post, my power supply went down. I replaced PS hoping it might fix sound/usb issues but it didn't. I guess I'll try a sound card. if it doesn't work I can use it on another pc or new motherboard if I need to replace this one.

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Ever since I update to windows 10 pro from win8 pro 64bit my front panel headphone and rear speaker jacks have combined into one playback device. How do I separate them back into their original two?

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My speakers work fine. Not sure how long it's been like it. I have a Creative sound card.
But basically, when I test or configure the sound settings the speakers work, but when it comes to the front right speaker, the sound also comes out of the rear right one, too. No idea why? Yet, when I test the rear right one, that works fine and just comes out the one. 🤔

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I have an expensive motherboard (ASUS P5N32-SLI SE Deluxe) with 5.1 sound (Realtek AC'97) IO on the back panel and an internal 10 pin (with 2 pins missing) AC'97 header to which I should be able to attach the AC'97 lead from my case's front panel headphone + mic sockets.

However, when I plug in the internal header, I lose the front left and right speakers from my 5.1 back panel socket (without getting it out the front socket either). I assume this is something to do with the way vista has only one "speakers" thing in control panel's "sound" thing and how it detects if things are unplugged. The only way I have been able to get the back panel sound back has been to unplug the front panel from the internal IO header.

Does anyone know how to fix this so that I can use both the front panel (headphones) and back panel (speakers) without turning my computer off to attach a lead to the motherboard?

Answer:Front + rear panel sound in vista

try disabling hd-audio in the BIOS

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I have USB2 ports on my rear panel and they work OK at USB2 speed. I also have 2 front panel USB connectors on the front panel of the case and have just connected them to the motherboard (Shuttle MV43V). I'm using XP2 SP2.The front panel USB ports appear to only operate at USB speed because any USB device I plug in generates a message to say that the device will operate faster on a USB2 port. Any ideas why these front ports are not seen as USB2?

Answer:USB ports on front and rear panels - USB and USB2

I had the same problem, the MOBO has only USB1 ( I think) and as such the front ports are 1 though the rear are via a USB2 Card and therefore are 2.Brian

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Hi all,

I'm currently having trouble using the front/rear mic jacks on my computer. Working microphones plugged into either of these jacks will be recognized by the computer (through Realtek Sound Manager Connector Sensing), but no sound will be received through the mic (testing through Sound Recorder for example).

I've checked through all the sound options, and there's no indication that the mic volume is too low or muted. Is there any way to diagnose or solve this problem? I searched through the forums and couldn't find the answer, so any help is appreciated.

Here are my system specs:
AMD64 3700+, 2.21GHz
Windows XP Pro
ATI Radeon X800
DFI NF4 Lanparty Ultra-D
Coolermaster Centurion case


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i know linksys makes one. but i need it to be a box since something needs to sit on top of it. around 8-16 ports. any suggestions?

to clarify what i need: status LIGHTS on the front of the switch and all the cables on the rear of the switch.

Answer:need a 10/100 switch with front lights cables in rear

Here's one, at least.

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Good Evening,

I currently am experiencing the following problem with my speakers. I have the ASUS M3A79-T Deluxe motherboard. I have Logitech X-530 5.1 Surround Sound Speakers plugged into the built-in jacks on the MOBO. However, my system only recognizes the right front and right rear speakers has being connected and will only play in 2.1 Stereo. Any ideas on how to correct this?

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I got a M5A99x Evo Re2.0, brand new board and the audio from the rear doesnt work at all when I plug the pink and green plugs. I have an HDMI connecting from my TV to my Gcard, I get audio through the TV but cant seem to get those jacks working. Ive used two different headsets to see if it might have been the headset itself. im really stumped.

Answer:New board, no sound from front or rear jacks

Have you gone into the sound menu in your control panel and set your default audio device to your headset?

If, under the "playback" tab, the HDMI output is ticked, then this is the problem.

Just click on the correct device(It should either list your headphones or say "high definition audio", or something similar) and then click "set default".

This should solve the problem.

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do u need to install the front audio for the rear audio to work? becuz ever since i changed my case i get no sound and i havent installed my front audio.

Answer:Do you need to install front audio for rear to work?

no the front audio just plugs into your mobo but isn't needed. You probably need to reinstall the audio drivers for your motherboard and make sure your speakers are connected into the right socket normally the green one

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Hey all,

I have a really annoying issue with Vista Ultimate SP1.

My PC specs are as follows:

Intel Core 2 Quad CPU Q6600 @ 2.40 Ghz
Nvidia 680i SLI PCI-E
2x Geforce 6800 GS
HD Realtek Audio (onboard)
4.0 GB RAM

My issue is that I can't get any non-USB microphone to be picked up on any input, front or rear panel. I have installed the newest Realtek Audio HD drivers (2.00) and just recently did a fresh install of Vista with SP1 thinking that that would solve the issue. My system is fully up to date according to Windows Update.

However, though the sound manager realizes when I plug in a microphone, there is absolutely no level of input no matter how much I yell into it. I have two separate microphones (both working on other computers i.e my laptop's Vista install) which are not picked up at all.

I have cross checked and triple checked that the sound settings are all unmuted and corresponding within Realtek's sound manager as well as Vista's. This solves nothing. There is still no recognition of a working mic.

I am totally stumped as the microphone used to work on Vista when I had the automatic HD Audio Driver installed from Microsoft and then suddenly stopped. However, I have since tried to revert to the old driver but to no avail.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Answer:Microphone not working in front or rear panel

Hi, ezisk, and welcome to the forums.

First off, I moved your post as you posted in the general informational post about the RealTek drivers, which is not really a help thread.

On that motherboard, have you verified if you have all the connection correct for using the HD audio with the front / rear panel? I know the rear is automatic, but with the front panel, IIRC there is a specialized place for connecting the mic and speaker out jacks for HD versus non HD....

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hello everyone,My friend has recently bought a USB 2.0 card with front sockets that fit in 3.5" floppy space as well as rear ones on the card itself. The card is working OK as far as using "flash" memory, but will not work her external HDD although it has its own power supply.Anybody got any ideas why this is?Pamy

Answer:USB 2.0 card problem with front and rear sockets

?? are the usb front sockets 'unpowered' click here

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HiI've recently upgraded to windows 7 and installed the latest Realtek drivers, those it seems that Realtek's "features" are more counter-productive than it's worth.All I want is to have both my speakers and headphone plugged in (via rear and front panel phonejack) at the same time, and get the same audio feed from both (so if i ever need privacy, all i need is to turn off speakers and put on headphones)though it seems that the Realtek driver forces one of them to be "default device", where all the sounds would go to one or the other (depending on which is default)this really sucks, how is it helpful to have a secondary device if nothing plays through it??Is there a way to duplicate the main speaker audio feed to the headphones, at all?(my Realtek is the onboard sound device, on my P5Q pro motherboard, if it helps)

Answer:play same audio feed from front and rear jack

though it seems that the Realtek driver forces one of them to be "default device", where all the sounds would go to one or the other (depending on which is default)this really sucksYou Motherboard is set to only use oneWindows through PnP will respond by disabling the rear plug when the front plug is plugged in (I think I have that right)Anyway, Realtek is not doing it.You can only have one, unless you split the wires and run two from oneI think there was another way as well, but I can't remember this second

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My speakers are connected to the rear audio output panel and my headphone in the front audio output panel. I tried changing the setting in sound/playback devices.  I can only use my speakers as default devise. My headphone can only be set as default commucation device but not default devise (click set as default devise but nothing happens). Beats audio control setting doesn't seem like there is anything to switch default devises. This computer does not have realtek control. I like to be able to switch all audio output between speaker and headphone. Please share with/enlighten me how I can go about this. Thank you.

Answer:switching audio output between rear and front panel

Hello @EasyEnemy, and thank you for your post.I understand that you are having some issues with the audio outputs on your computer. I am happy to help with this. On checking the support page there are not any specific drivers for Windows 10 for your computer. With that in mind there are a few things you can try. Try out the HP Support Assistant to see if it can find any other drivers that could be compatible.HP PCs - Using HP Support Assistant (Windows 10, 8, 7)HP PCs - Troubleshooting HP Support Assistant (Windows 10, 8) If not, or if any drivers it finds do not help, you can try in installing the Windows 8.1 drivers again from the support page. HP ENVY Phoenix 810-192d Desktop PC Another option would be to try installing the older drivers using compatibility mode in Windows 10. This Microsoft forum page shows several things you can try: How to: Install and Update drivers in Windows 10. Please let me know how that works for you, and if it does resolve your issue, please mark this post as a solution. Kudos would also be appreciated.

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I'm sure I've seen how to do this before but can't seem to find the right area of XP Help.I have microphone input sockets at the front of my PC and the sound card input at the rear.The PC is currently set up to use the front input, but I want to amend to the rear so I can keep the wire out of the way.How do I do it? Any help gratefully recieved!Thanks in advance.John

Answer:Microphone input socket change (front to rear)

There is an option in my sound properties/advanced under microphone to use an "alternate micrphone" i dont know if that means a different microphone or socket,as i have never tried,the only other option i have is to use the microphone socket for my centre speaker and subwoofer.

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Every time I wanna use speakers instead headphones,I have to use the same headphones output (green one - back panel), and therefor to disconnect and connect cables.. not very comfortable

I've tried to use the black output, and it worked, but only as a 'rear speakers', both left and right channels worked!

Is it possible to make the rear black output to work as FRONT speakers ?? this way ill be able to have both speakers and headphones available at the same time

In other simple words:Can I use rear speakers as FRONTS ?(when connector to the black rear output)

BTW;I don't wanna use the front panel, only the back panel

Thank you!

Answer:REALTEK|using front speakers through rear output jack - possible?

Easiest way would be to use an external speaker switch, since you do not want to use the conventional method with the front panel headphone jack.

With an external switch you could select either the speakers or headphone.

I don't know what sound you have but the only option is RealTek audio is to mute or not mute the speakers when a headset is plugged into the front panel headphone jack. There's no way, that I know of, to route primary audio to some other jack.

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Trying to record a tape in desktop, but either mic input I use,  will automaticly mute and turn level down within a few seconde. Have done driver up dates several times.  Internial mic on my monitor works with skyps. None of inputs on tower stay on. Anyone have a possible clue about what my problem could be. Thanks, Mike 

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This just started yesterday. I installed Windows 10 two months ago, so I can't blame that. I did all the recommended in computer repair steps with drivers and the speaker icon, but the computer says that the speaker or headphones are not plugged in. They were tested and do work. There are two jacks in the front, and the speakers work through one of them. I thought maybe the sound card was fried, but with the front jack working, what gives?

Answer:Inspiron 545 rear audio jacks not working, but front ones do.

What model sound card--integrated or separate? Check the ports in the back again with a flashlight. Make sure you are using the light green port in the middle for the speakers. The blue and the green look very much alike. 
Brave of you to install win 10 on such an old model. 

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I am trying to listen to both at the same time so i can hear double the kick in the bass you know? when i plug both in it mutes the rear and i can only hear the one jack in the front.
i have an Emachines windows 7 64 bit

Please if you have any feedback i will take it! greatly appreciated

Answer:How do I use 2 audio jacks simultaneously(front and rear)for 2 systems

BruteDubstep welcome to the Seven Forums.

Even if you can do that it won't double the bass. You want more bass in your sound you're either need to play around with the bass/EQ settings, or get a set of speakers/headphones that have more bass.

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As the title says, my front and rear audio panels are not working.

Came home on Friday and there had been a power cut, rebooted in safe mode and restarted.. everything was fine apart from the audio.

Red X in the bottom right over the audio volume logo, 'speakers not plugged in'. The speakers were plugged in, so thought it was a dodgy cable going from the speakers to the rear panel on the computer. Changed out the cable and still got 'speakers not plugged in'. The speakers are 100% working, I have tested the usual set AND another set of speakers on both front and back and still getting 'not plugged in'.

I have uninstalled, rolled back the drivers, rebooted and installed the newest drivers, disabled and enabled in the BIOS and still nothing. It's on-board sound from the Gigabyte
GA-MA785GPMT-UD2H board.
I gave a look at the green port on the rear panel (usual port for the speakers) and it seems to be fine, not loose etc.. Any help would be greatly appreciated, have searched the whole of google at this stage and nothing has helped. Could the powercut have caused a problem?

Answer:Rear/Front Jack Port Not Working - Win7

Do you have power to the speakers?

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I bought 5.1 sound system and JVC receiver, connected to PC via S/PDIF... All components work(play sound) but the problem is that for example in game when i must hear something behind me, i hear it from the front speakers... left/cntr/right balance works fine but rear/front.... the receiver adjusts the mode to 'LINEAR PCM' automatic and the mode goes to 'DOLBY DIGITAL' only in sound options, where i can test the DD... when i test it everything`s great... i can hear every single speaker playing alone for itself but thats only from the test ... in the applications i hear the sound not 5.1 but 3.1 ... the rear speaker work but they work at the same time with the front... And so... any ideas how to adjust the thing correctly to have a nice surround sound ... is it from soundcard or maybe some codecs(driver`s are the latest btw) or maybe some options on the receiver i dont know ...can i make somehow the receiver to work in DD mode all the time or it make`s it only automatic... i don`t know I just want to hear sound from behind when someone talks behind me sound Realtek HD audio ... pls help

Answer:5.1 surround problem-rear sound through front speakers

what game was it?

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Asus M4A78-EM motherboard using Realtek drivers from Asus site.

The front headphone jack did not work until I installed the Realtek drivers from the Asus site.

Actually they didnt work until I checked on Disable Front Panel Detection. That got it going but the rear speakers are still playing.

Mute the Rear Output Device When Front Input Is Plugged In is checked on.

From what I've read this is simply a result of having the front audio panel set up as AC97 instead of HDA. 5 wires versus 7(or is it 9)

I'll include some pics. First one is how the wires are currently configured and the second is a page from the manual.

ImageShack? - Online Photo and Video Hosting
ImageShack? - Online Photo and Video Hosting

With 2 extra pins on the left end of the front audio board not being used I'm wondering what they might be for? Are they not used or would running 2 wires from those pins to the Presence and Sense_send connectors on the audio header on the mb do anything.

Or are there an extra 4 wires used on an HDA front panel? Presence, Sense_send, Sense1_Retur and Sense2_Retur.


Answer:Front headphone jack does not mute rear speakers

Hi FrostyWinnipeg and welcome to Windows 7 Forums

Have a look at this: AC'97 and HD audio front panel layouts

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hey guys,

i use a couple of speakers which is plugged to the rear speaker port, I'm using windows 8 pro atm and i cant access my front panel audio port to connect my hp, so can some one suggest me an app to control the audio ports which will allow me to plug my speakers and headphone and just to make 1 audio output,

reply fast thanks

Answer:Front and Rear panel audio ports control

That Motherboard number of G41d3b in your System Specs indicates a Biostar board [which should have been included]. Have you checked the maker's site for any software they might have that will do that?
G41D3B :: Motherboard :: BIOSTAR

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hey, so i have the realtek hd audio and the plugs on the back work fine, but the ones in the front, the green and pink, dont work at all.... even when i try to plug and unplug, sound effect manager doenst detect them.

Anybody can help?


Answer:Realtek front green and pink problem

The cable coming front of the case, where the audio-jacks are, isn't plugged into the motherboard.

Open the case look for any cables that aren't plugged into anything.

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hi, i installed a new operating  system in my mini pc and now there´s no sound, i tried to download  a lot of drivers and used also driver pack solution 2016 nothing changes, can someone help please? in hp website can´t find the specific driver.

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This doesn't work. Very irritating.
(I don't know if this RealTek sticky at the top of this forum is a solve for this, I'm not hot on registry changes and I'm not sure if this is a fix for this issue.)

Firstly I have to turn off the front-panel detection in order for the front panel to be detected..?

Secondly, I can't get the speakers to mute when the front phones are plugged in. I can do a manual switch from one to the other, but the front panel won't detect when things are plugged in.

Is it fixable?


Answer:Realtek Mute Rear output when front input is plugged in

Sorry, but no. You will have a Realtek HD codec on board, and, like many others (myself included), are having to use an AC'97 front panel. These will work, but there are limitations like you have mentioned. The only way that you can have the speakers that are connected to the rear panel (the motherboard connectors) mute automatically when plugging headphones into the front panel is to have a HD compliant unit.

See AC'97 and HD audio front panel layouts for an explanation.

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hi, i installed a new operating  system in my mini pc and now there´s no sound, i tried to download  a lot of drivers and used also driver pack solution 2016 nothing changes, can someone help please? in hp website can´t find the specific driver.

Answer:HP600B with no sound, no jack detection front or rear inputs...

Install the Window 8(64-bit) audio driver in compatibility mode. Use the following link.  Download it. Right-click the installer and choose and click on properties. Click on the compatibility tab. Choose the operating system that the driver last worked in. 

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Right, i've been having this problem since I THINK starting to use a HDMI wire. But now, i cannot get any audio from the audio jacks, they are detected, but no sound is produced and I just cannot figure it out.
I've disabled the HDMI, installed, un-installed, re-installed audio drivers and pretty much any method and i can find thus far and nothing at all has worked. I'm a huge lover of music, and the is driving me insane!
Note: The speakers are fine, they work with my iPhone.

Any help will be greatly appreciated and i pray it be swift!

Answer:Front&Rear Audio jacks not working, can't find a solution!

Right click on the little speaker icon on the taskbar, select playback. Do you have it set to Speakers ?

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I am fairly new with W7 so please excuse my inexperience with this.

I have headphones connected to front headphone jack (Dell Inspiron 560 W7 Home 64). I want to have cable connected to rear jack (for speakers in other room). I can't get audio from the rear if anything is connected to the front jack. I do get about one second with the rear pink jack and the yellow jack - but not the green jack - but after one second it stops.

The sound card is RealTek High Definition Audio, driver from 10/09 Vers

Note that when making a similar connection to my XP machine the RealTek card/jacks do play in both front and rear at the same time.

I have attached screenshots of the Control Panel ->RealTek image (annotated with mouseover text) and the Volume->Properties image.

Answer:Can't get Rear Audio jacks to work While cable connected to front jack

I do a lot of support on the Dell users forum. Dell uses a custom implementation of the RealTek audio, only the Dell RealTek audio drivers will work or work properly. Some models of the RealTek audio chip have the capability to do what you want and some do not, on others it's up to the PC/Motherboard vendor whether to implement certain functions or not. It may be possible but I don't recall seeing any posts on the Dell forum about this particular item.

Usually, the default setup is to mute the rear connected speakers when a headphone (or whatever) is plugged into the front headphone jack.

Here is the Dell on-line manuals for the 560/570 models

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Question: headset

is that a good headset for CS:S and if it isnt what is?


those are good for cs:s and games, but that's about it; if you want somewhat decent sound but not too expensive, refer to the ones above

btw, also take a look at the sennheiser hd280 pro's

the hd212's are great and cheap for gaming, but they carry a lot of bass and unless you love bass..uhh...yea

right now i'm using the senn 497's

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I just bought a Logitech 350 USB headset for my computer. I got it all installed and working by adding new hardware, but I couldn't get it to work for play CS 1.6. I have used other headsets before that weren't USB, but I dont think thats the problem.

Answer:CS 1.6 USB Headset HELP!

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Question: a new headset/mic

I just bought a new headset with mic and I plugged it into the holes with the icon for each. I restarted the computer and have no sound nor able to record voice. I tried switching holes but it still doesn't work. I really am not sure just how to check it and the only instructions that came with it are troubleshooting but the trouble I am having doesn't fix with what they have listed.

Answer:a new headset/mic

Welcome to TSG!!

Is it mic and ear phone in the same plug? if so, you need a spliter so you can plug them into their appropriate jacks. They are about 50 cents or so at radioshack. (many things such as phones use them on the same 1/8 in mini plug)

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Hey guys so long story short my headset went kaput one day but it was old so I saw this coming, got a new headset and plugged it in, it was working fine for a short while then this one went kaput for seemingly no reason (while it was working i did some set up and noticed some sporatic static not sure if its relevant or not). I opened up device manager and it showed two unidentified devices, one under "Universal Serial Bus Controllers". I tried to update drivers, uninstall then scan for hardware changes and it seems like nothing I do works. When I try the latter immediately after I get a (what I would describe as) whooshing noise and then the sound audibly cuts and it pops back up in device manager as an unidentified device I'm at a complete loss as to what to do in this scenario, I tried a couple of other ports on the pc but the scene played out the same way. I have also gone so far as to have dont a restart of windows with deleting all of my personal files but the problem persists, the sad part is that I guarantee the headset works as well as the usb port because other devices in the usb port work and the headset on other devices works. I'm completely out of ideas at this point and would love any help :/
FYI I tried out the headset on another computer and it got the same error oddly enough but the first time I plugged it into my computer it was working just fine albeit with a slight amount of static. The headset has one 3.5 mm jack that plugs into a contr... Read more

Answer:Headset Help Please

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I am using a eDimensional AudioFX Force Feedback Gaming Headset. The sound works great but i can not get the microphone to work on it. I have tried everything i can think of. It is currently in the front audio and mic jacks and that is the only way i can get the sound to work on it. I have tried them in the rear jacks and i get nothing. I have also tried changing my default devices and still nothing. I am running Vista Home. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Answer:Need help with headset

You might have to get into the "Sound" settings and see if you can enable the rear sound jacks from there

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Question: Headset help

Does anyone know of any really good headsets I can get? I mainly play games on my PC and am on Teamspeak a lot talking to my friends. My second Plantronics 370 gaming headset, it's mic just died on me yesterday, same thing happened as last time. I just use it normally and when I go to monitor my mic I just hear a loud screeching sound, and no one on TS can hear me. I'm pretty fed up, I can go get it replaced cause I'm under best buy's plan...but I really don't wanna get a new one and go back in a week again.

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Question: headset

i just got a headset for my computer. if i plug in the headphone jack to my speakers, i can hear through the speaker, but cannot use my mike
if i plug both into my pc, i cannot do either one
what am i doing wrong? already made sure nothing was muted, even tried unplugging my speakers, still nothing some one please help!!


A headset should have a MIC-OUT that would plug into the MIC-IN on the soundcard. Does the headset have two connectors? If so, they need to go into the appropriate connections.

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