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Photo thumbnails load, then quickly disappear...HELP!

Question: Photo thumbnails load, then quickly disappear...HELP!

I have encountered this problem just a few days ago and cannot find a single solution anywhere online...

On BOTH my PC hard drive (windows vista) and my external hard drive in which i use to store extra photos...the photo thumbnails will load and then within a few seconds, will disappear and the icons will be the default photo icon (blue landscape, or whatever it is)...

Why on earth does this happen? I cleared up some extra room on my PC hard drive, which solved the problem for about 12 hours, then it started happening again...i also plugged in my external today to store some more pics, and noticed that it is happening on there too!!


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Preferred Solution: Photo thumbnails load, then quickly disappear...HELP!

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Photo thumbnails load, then quickly disappear...HELP!

Insufficient memory
Memory problems
Graphics card or driver

I think these are the most common reasons.

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For a while, I could open Spybot and use it accordingly. Then, suddenly, it began to go away quickly. Also, can no longer view the Properties of a website. When I right-click on a site and select Properties, something shows up, but only stays on the screen a milli-second.

When I click on Spybot, it goes away so quickly that I can't tell if it opens at all. As a result, I can't run it occasionally to get rid of bad stuff on my PC. I de-installed and re-installed this program, but have the same problem.

Your thoughts?

Answer:Spybot or Properties QUICKLY DISAPPEAR

did you try System Restore?
get Ad-aware and try to delete spyware with that program.
check for virus infection.

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my turn for some help please, as above when ever i get any error messages they vanish before i have time to read/digest the question is this, is there any way i can set the amount of time the message stays on screen so i get chance to read it and take appropriate action.cheers.johnny.

Answer:xp pro error windows disappear too quickly

You can view them again by pressing the "PRT SCR" on your keyboard as soon as the message appears and then open"PAINT" from windows accessories and then open EDIT and select paste,but you have to be a little sharp,hope this helps you.

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I put my win7 wd hd in a usb3 enclosure to use w/ my new win8 laptop. worked fine for 2 months. one day I removed the usb cable without using sw disconnect. Now ext. hd shows directories correctly, proper amount of space is used, but files have disappeared. HELP!

Answer:Can Quickly removed USB device cause files to disappear?

Hi 10012Survivor,Could you connect the hard drive on a different system to isolate the issue?If the hard drive property shows the existence of data but the data does not show up in the drive, try using unhide application. Refer to the link mentioned below:, try creating a new user account and then try accessing the hard drive. Refer to the link mentioned below: The link is for Windows 7 however, the steps are similar on Windows 8.Thanks & RegardsManshu S#iworkfordell

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I'm sorry, I don't know the technical language to describe this problem. When I click on the icon to display, say, all open programs of a type the previews pop up and then fall down again within about a second. The same thing happens with alt-tab... pressing alt-tab brings up the usual screen, but it disappears within a second preventing me from tabbing through anything even though I'm holding down alt.

I'm going to install a keystroke monitor to see if something's stuck without me knowing it, but I don't get the keyboard failures on startup that I should get if that were true.

Answer:Program previews popup then disappear quickly

Welcome to the Seven Forums!

See if you can use the operating system's on screen keyboard to test things out.

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Command Prompt Continues to Appear/Disappear
in windows 10 after upgrade the windows

Alaa adel

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I have Windows 2000 OS and have been recently experiencing the problem with opening the task manager, Disk Defragmenter and other system tools. Some other system tools like Disk Cleanup work fine. Just finished the clean install/ update of Win 2000 and still have the same problem.

I know these system tools are there since they open up very briefly and then disappear.
I have tried renaming them in WINNT/system32 folder and run them again but with no success.

Is there a setting that needs to be changed somewhere?

Thanks in advance for your HELP!

Answer:Task Mgr, Disk Dfrag.. open quickly and disappear

Start by running this on line virus scan

Then, download, install and run SpyBot

Before doing a full scan, use the online update feature.
Then, allow it to delete what it finds.

Then, download, install and run HiJackThis

Copy/paste the log that is created, back here for review.

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Please help me!!!
I have a custom made computer with front audio jacks. I have recently added in a new motherboard and I decided not to connect the front jacks because I won't need them. How I found this problem was I saw my cpu usage very high for some reason and found out the dcomlaunch is using up 20-50 cpu. I then found out that dcomlaunch is to do with the plug-ins aka the front audio jacks which are disconnected? Every time my headphone and microphone devices within sound start disappearing and reappearing the dcomlaunch skyrockets using cpu.

When headphones was up I quickly went into the properties and it has (Jack information L R Front panel 3.5mm jack) as well as microphone the same. I have tried disabling them however that doesn't work I've tried re installing the high definition audio driver but that is not the problem I really think it is because the front panel is disconnected and I want to know if there is a way to get around this without reconnected the front panel.

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I'm not quite sure if it's a virus or what but when I go into thumbnails the words below the folders and the pictures disappear?

Answer:Titles beneath thumbnails disappear in my photos.

It's actually a feature of XP. To get the names back: In Windows Explorer, with the thumbs displayed in the right pane, click View, Details(or any other view but Thumbnails). Now hold down the Shift key, while reselecting Thumbnails.


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Well? I dont know if there is even an answer to this question, but recentlymy family has decided to digitize all our photo albums (in case of home fire, and also for easy viewing). Is there a way to quickly scan multiple photos?

We have thousands of photos and it would take literally days of nonstop scanning to do this... is there an easier way? A quick google search was no help....

so, to all you guys that have scanned your family albums.... howd u do it?

Answer:quickly scanning photo albums?

you mean the regular photo albums with the plasic protector? I scanned in 10 photo albums about 25-30 pages each in about 2 hours.....

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Hey guys, is there anyway to quickly and easily downgrade the resolution of a photo? I have some wallpapers that I'd like to use but they're too high resolution for my screen. As all of you know if you try to use too high resolution of a picture it's far too blurry to be usable.
My screen is 1368x766. I can use 1080 pictures--it's not perfect but it's not horribly blurry like higher resolution pictures are.
I'm not good with editing photos and such so I'd appreciate help.

Answer:How can I quickly and easily downgrade the resolution of a photo?

You can try 'Fill' in background settings or resize the photo using ms paint. I don't have such problems but windows should automatically scale. Right click on the image and choose edit.

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Question: photo thumbnails

Hello guys, I have a problem with my computer or rather with the Operating system. I have found today that I cannot open the thumbnails of photographs. I double click on a thumbnail and the hourglass comes up as thought it is going to open but, that is all that happens and the hourglass symbol just closes. I have checked the file associations? and they are all jpeg so therefore I cannot understand why they will not open. Could you please help? Best regards jonni65. 

Answer:photo thumbnails

What happens if you right click and choose open with?

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Hi there chaps.

I have this problem with File Explorer. I have checked the box "Always show icons, never thumbnails"

But not all of the thumbnails are showing. I get a mixture of the "mountain" icon as well as some thumbnails.

I have tried to delete the thumbnail cache and nothing seems to work. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I could do? Any help would be appreciated.



Answer:Not all photo thumbnails showing.

Having always show Icons not Thumbnails is your problem. Default is that box is left unchecked.

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Hi all
All my photo thumbnails have suddenly disappeared and been replaced by icons - I have ensured that the folder options 'Always show icons never thumbnails' is unchecked and also looked in the Control Panel display settings which appear ok
Occasionally when changing the icon size the thumbnails appear frustratingly briefly but then change to an icon!
Any ideas?
Win 7 64 bit 8Gb RAM

Answer:Photo Thumbnails have disappeared (Win 7)

Google has turned up two suggestions Thumbnail cache clear and reset or Thumbnail previews enable/disable Let us know if either of them work for you.

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When I open up any photo with Windows Photo Viewer, it automatically begins cycling through the all the photos in the gallery very quickly until it gets to the end, and then it stops. I've tried restarting my computer and unplugging my mouse and keyboard, but that didn't help. Does anyone know how to resolve this annoying issue? Thanks for any suggestions.

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I have a strange issue that is hindering my work since I am a web developer that works from home and this is occurring on my production machine. The issue just started tonight after I downloaded some pictures from an email a client sent to me. Every time a picture is placed on the desktop explorer crashes in 5-10 second intervals. It doesn't matter what image it is. The same thing occurs inside of safe mode. I had to open up task manager launch command prompt and delete the picture I placed on my desktop in the command line in order to make the computer usable again. It now also crashes when I try to back up my files , of course I probably could do this via command line, but I was hoping for a easy fix.

Here is the log from the event viewer. It seems to be the same for every crash
BODY{font:x-small 'Verdana';margin-right:1.5em} .c{cursor:hand} .b{color:red;font-family:'Courier New';font-weight:bold;text-decoration:none} .e{margin-left:1em;text-indent:-1em;margin-right:1em} .k{margin-left:1em;text-indent:-1em;margin-right:1em} .t{color:#990000} .xt{color:#990099} .ns{color:red} .dt{color:green} .m{color:blue} .tx{font-weight:bold} .db{text-indent:0px;margin-left:1em;margin-top:0px;margin-bottom:0px;padding-left:.3em;border-left:1px solid #CCCCCC;font:small Courier} .di{font:small Courier} .d{color:blue} .pi{color:blue} .cb{text-indent:0px;margin-left:1em;margin-top:0px;margin-bottom:0px;padding-left:.3em;font:small Courier;color:#888888} .ci{font:s... Read more

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I was wandering around in the option menus of my Windows 8.1 where I had no business being, and I accidentally chose an option which disabled the thumbnails of my jpeg files from showing.   How do I get the Windows to show a thumbnail of the photo
inside my jpeg's, PLEASE ???

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I have Windows XP Pro. About a week ago I received 2 Microsoft automatic updates. It was about Net frame SP1 and I also installed Internet Explorer 8. Yesterday I went to my Photos folder and all the Jpeg image files with the picture preview thumbnails used to identify the photos have all been replaced with the jpeg file type magnifying glass icon. Others have the Bitmap image type icon. I can no longer identify my photos with the thumbnails. Furthermore, when I open any of the current magnifying glass thumbnail, the photo appears in Internet Explorer. I don't like that. Before this, it used to open in Windows (I think). I opened another magnifying glass thumbnail and it looked like a bar code all scribbly. How do I get my Jpeg and Bitmap images back to the preview thumbnails like it used to be before I installed the updates? Or maybe it was something else that changed the settings? I tried to do a System Restore only to be disappointed by System Restore having been turned off with no restore date to choose.

Answer:No Preview thumbnails in photo folder

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Hi. All thumbnails for pics on windows folders have recently disappeared. I have double checked all folder and performance settings and tried repairing Windows photo gallery, deleting thumbnails cache, restoring pc to previous state, changing file associations etc etc. No joy.

When I open the pictures folder, thumbnails appear briefly and then quickly revert to icons. "Always show icons, never thumbnails" is definitely unchecked.

I have successfully installed another picture browser which works fine when I work through it directly, unfortunately I still need thumbnails on the standard windows folders for selecting & uploading pics online, which is an important part of my business.

Anyone any suggestions? I have already tried all the suggestions for similar problems I have found on the forums but nothing so far has made any difference.

Answer:Windows Photo Gallery No Thumbnails

Maybe, you should check to see if they are properly turned on
Thumbnails in Windows Explorer

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Whenever I have Corel Photo Paint X8 running, Microsoft Excel 2016 takes a very long time to open when I double click on an xls file; but it will open eventually. If I close Corel Photo Paint while waiting, Excel opens immediately. This does not apply for xlsx files (as opposed to xls). When Excel is already running, xls files are also openned immediately.

I made this video demonstrating the behaviour.

I already tried reinstalling both Corel Draw Graphics Suite and Office 2016 to no avail.
The Windows task manager shows me that Excel is in fact not running until I see its green splash screen.
Any ideas how to get to the bottom of this? Thanks!

Answer:Excel not opennig xls files quickly while Corel Photo-Paint is running

This issue is apparently known to Corel. I now got the response from their support:

"Currently, the only workaround I can offer is to have Excel opened before you start to work in Photo-Paint X8."

Let's wait if this is fixed with a future version...

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Win 7 Compatibility system indicates that PSP Photo X3 is needed for use on a 64 bit version of Win 7. My copy of X2 works perfectly well except that, when using Print Layout to set up a page for printing, the thumbnails of photos I import show only as black-filled rectangles. Since this appears to be the only problem, I am loath to spend money on a replacement programme. Does anyone know a way around it, please?

Answer:PaintshopPro Photo X2 - no thumbnails in Print Layout

I have Ult 64 bit and PSP X2. Print layout iworks fine. The image is a .jpg and was open before I went to print layout. I tried opening the same .jpg with print layout open and again it worked fine. This is probably useless info but it will open the files either way.

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Hi, When I want to make the size of the pictures bigger, but I can not, it stays the same size

this does not work:view> Extra large Iconcrtl + mouse wheel I have Asus laptop with 4k Touch Screen

Answer:windows 10 photo thumbnails are always small with 4k screen

Hold down the ?Windows key? and press ?R?.Type ?regedit? and click ?OK?.Navigate to the following location in the registry.
HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionExplorerLook for an entry on the right side for ?ThumbnailSize?. If you can?t find it, then right-click on ?Explorer? and select ?New? > ?DWORD Value? and type ?ThumbnailSize? for the name and press ?Enter?.Double click ?ThumbnailSize? and set the value to a number between ?32? and ?256?. The higher the number, the larger the image thumbnails.Close the registry editor and you?re ready to view your photo thumbnails in the size you wish.

İyi g?nler!

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Hi,I have several websites on Claranet and on Rootsweb/freepagesRecently I have been unable to load the Rootsweb site easily; it takes ages to do so. My enquiries at Rootsweb say it is my ISP's fault and my ISP say no, it is Rootsweb.The URL is at:- click hereCan anyone throw some light on this please? Thanks for any help

Answer:Rootsweb URL that will not load quickly

It was quick when I visited it just now.

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Hello! All my mp4 and wmv video icons on my desktop and folders suddenly changed from convenient photo thumbnails to generic mp4 and wmv icons. The photos enable me to identify the vids, especially if there are no captions for them.

How do I get the photo icons back? I considered system restore, but my restore points don't go back far enough.

Using Windows 7. Thanks for your assistance!


Answer:changing desktop and folder icons to display photo thumbnails

Welcome to the Seven Forums

First check to see if you have Thumbnails enabled Thumbnail Previews - Enable or Disable


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I noticed yesterday that after using File Explorer for a short while, it stops showing any thumbnails, and only shows a plain white icon, not even the default icon for a file type. I tried all the usual methods for showing thumbnails, but to no avail.

Then, after a short while, it just stops working altogether. If I try to change folder, I get the message "Working on it..." and a green (lack of) progress bar in the address bar, but nothing happens. It just sits there and refuses to show me the contents of any folder, even "This PC".

The only way I have found to solve this is to restart the machine. As you can imagine, this isn't very practical!

Anyone any ideas? It's making it really hard to do any work. Thanks.

Answer:Thumbnails disappear in File Explorer, then Explorer freezes

1. Do you have any system restore points or disk images you can use to restore your PC to how it was on a date prior to this problem developing?
(We strongly and repeatedly recommend people use disk imaging.. it means you can often recover your PC to a working state without assistance, quickly and efficiently without stress).

2. As an interim measure, try using a different file manager.
Best Free File Manager | Gizmo's Freeware
The best freeware file manager: a comparative analysis -

3. If (1) is not available to you:
Does this also happen
a. in Safe Mode
b. if you create a new user (for test purposes)
c. If you do a clean boot?

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I have a really urge computer problem.. please help.
Here is the problem:
Whenever my friend tries to restart his computer, it lags up and does not load up. (in regular mode)
He tried to do virus scanning when it does get into the regular mode. But then it locks up in 10 minutes or less... so he can't have a complete scanning at all.
In his MSConfig (via Safe Mode), there is this problem: YFIJV17721328.EXE, he unchecked it from StartUp, but still his computer can't go through regular window load up at all.
Here his HiJack file log:

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 12:58:30 AM, on 3/13/2009
Platform: Windows XP SP3 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.6000.16735)
Boot mode: Safe mode with network support

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\Iexplore.exe
C:\Program Files\Google\Google Talk\googletalk.exe
C:\Documents and Settings\Joey\Desktop\HJTInstall.exe
C:\Documents and Settings\Joey\Desktop\HJTInstall.exe
C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe
C:\Documents and Settings\Joey\Desktop\HiJackThis.exe

R1 - HKLM\Software\Micr... Read more

Answer:Computer won't load up properly. Or if it does, it locks up very quickly

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My songs are showing 5 in number. Any i delete all are unplayable. Photos-4 in number. One delete all are removed. Please help me Nokia.

Answer:When I click a photo my Lumia 520 store 2 same copies, if I delete one or the both will disappear, what's happening?

Are the media files stored on microSD?
If yes, do you have a Windows 8 or 8.1 computer?
If yes, install this Metro UI app: Windows Phone app for Windows in the Windows Store
Connect your Lumia 520 via USB cable and open the Windows Phone app on your computer. It will re-index your card...
Always eject your card and power down before removing it. Always insert the card with the phone powered down and then reboot. In fact, try that as well, it may help the card get re-indexed.

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When using the photos app on Windows Phone 8.1 on a Lumia 535.. My Back/Home/Search buttons aren't there, which means I can't back out of the photo.. The only way to get out is to edit the photo so the buttons come back and then hold the back button & swipe the app away.
Is this a common problem? Is there or has there even been a solution?
Thanks for any help you can give.

Answer:Why do my Back/Home/Search buttons disappear when viewing a photo in the photos app?

Swipe up from the bottom bezel.. it will appear again

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I have rebuilt my windows live photo gallery multiple times. Following these instructions:

Windows Live Photo Gallery freezes or does not start

Why do my thumbnails go away!!! I didn't use CCleaner or anything that would delete temporary files, to my knowledge. Very frustrating... This has been an ongoing problem for years.

I am on Windows 7, but also happened to me on Vista.

Thanks for you help!

Answer:Why doesn't Windows Live Photo Gallery Save my Thumbnails! It Drives me crazy!!!?

Anyone have any ideas?

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After all the thumbnail previews of a folder full of images load up. Later it will have to load/create them back up again which takes a while. Is this my HDD slowing down? I doubt. Or running out of space for stored thumbnail cache? C: has plenty of room. I have alot of images, folders etc, so any suggested settings I can do in the registry? so similar

please help, ty

Answer:Always have to load up Folder Thumbnails

Do you have ccleaner or other disk cleaning software installed, or do you use disk cleanup very often?

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hi everyone,

I have this issue with thumbnails of photos taking a very long time to load when I open a folder in windows explorer. I mean a really long time, like 5+ minutes, for a folder that contains say 200 pictures. And this happens all the time, regardless of what else may be running, and regardless of what size thumbnails I select. What's weird too is that if I have an external harddrive hookep up through a USB 2 or 3, and open a folder in windows explorer with a similar number of pictures, those thumbnails load normal, fast. So it's only slow when it's reading thumbnails from my internal harddrive. Otherwise I don't believe my internal drive is slow, as everything else like launching programs etc works fine.

Can anyone tell me why this is happening? It's really annoying.
btw, I'm on an Envy 17 laptop, i5, 8 gigs RAM, 640 gig hars drive, Win 7 home premium. But I don't think my system config matters, since as I said, thumbnails load fine when reading from an external drive. Please help! thank you

Answer:thumbnails take too long to load

Hi Envy,

There are a few things you could try:

1. Is your internal hard disk heavily fragmented?
Heavily fragmented hard disks cause slower access times, although you would notice this with other file types too. Please follow the instructions in this tutorial, and let us know the outcome.

Disk Defragmenter - Open and Use

2. Has disk indexing being turned off?
Disk indexing allows faster search times for files in Explorer (I'm unsure if this could be the issue but please follow it up). Please follow this tutorial and let us know if it helps.

Index - Enable or Disable - Vista Forums

Another thing you can try, is to open up Task Manager, and watch which processes are utilising resources whilst you attempt to open one of those thumbnails. You can get more information on what is going on by usinjg Resource Manager too:

Resource Monitor

Lastly, can you tell us which anti-virus software are you using at the moment? We need to make sure you have at least something installed and running, and that the symptoms you describe are not virus-related.


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I'd like them to load faster, what can I do? I've tried this but it didn't help.

Answer:Thumbnails load slowly in Explorer

Hey, anyone???

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Hi !!

I'm having an issue with the loading time of my thumbnail movie files. The drive itself is not a network drive by the way, it's in my local computer. (Windows 7 Ultimate 64)

For some strange reason, since a couple of days, the thumbnails take forever to load. The green bar is a never ending story...

Here is what I did to date to try to fix it:

- Reset windows cache
- Applied a patch to the registry to reactivate the cache
- In the properties of the folder, changed from "videos" to "General Items"
- Reinstalled codec pack
- Reinstalled chipset drivers

*I do use CCleaner (not on a daily bases),but disable the option the clear cache.
* Windows file indexing is turned on
*Hard Drive is 0% fragmented
Any help would be appreciated !


Answer:Movie Thumbnails are taking way too long to load

Solved lol.

Ad-Aware was the problem....Uninstalled it and problem solved.

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I have Win 7 64-bit machine and all of a sudden some image file thumbnails show, and some do not. I have logged in as a different user on the machine and problem still occurs. Other machines on my network do not have this problem. I have tried the following below, but still no fix. Any suggestions without having to wipe the machine?

1. Folder Options: Always show icons, never thumbnails is unchecked
2. Disk cleanup
3. Reset Folders

Answer:Windows Explorer: Some image thumbnails do not load.

Hello WonderBot,

You might see if clearing and resetting the thumbnail cache may be able to help if it may have gotten corrupted.

Thumbnail Cache - Clear and Reset

Hope this helps,

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It first started to happen only in my pictures but now has occurred in my documents or any other folder with pics or videos. If I view files in list view everything is ok but I don't like this view. When my documents open in thumbnail view, it takes only a few second for that "we are sorry for the inconvenience" message to show up and so I press don't send which closes windows explorer. I copied all files in my documents into a external hard drive and the same thing happened.

Is there a corrupt file causing this? is so then how do I find it. I have tried scannow in cmd which didn't work.

Or is the problem with windows xp files?


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So I have a few external drives connected to my main desktop via either usb or sata cables.
I do a lot of video editing and processing but I've found the biggest time waster for me is whenever I
browse through my video files on any of my external drives, they take such a long time load the thumbnails.
I can hear my computer working to load each video file's thumbnail and I'm just sitting there watching
them appear 1 by 1 with hundreds of files.  Isn't there a way for the computer to cache these thumbnails and remember
it each time I shutdown and load up the computer so in the future when I revisit a folder, all the video thumbnails 
should appear instantly?  I would estimate 50% of my time is used up simply during the 'waiting for thumbnails to load'
process.  It would save me enormous amount of time if the thumbnails could just appear instantly.
Any advice?

Answer:How to Load Thumbnails on External drive faster?

The only thing I can recommend is to reduce the number of thumbnails per folder. If you computer has USB 3.0 then purchase a USB 3.0 drive. Thumbnails in Windows 7 are stored in a cache file by default. 

See this page. You can try the enable reg file but I am not sure it will help.
Edit: If you use CCleaner make sure Thumbnail Cache is unchecked in the left pane.

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hey everyone, well the title says it all really. up until a couple od days ago i regularly visited, and and the pictures loaded up fine. but now all the appears next to the description is a tiny box with a little red cross in it, and it is driving me crazy! youtube won't work either, same problem. I have a flash player and it is installed, so it is not that. whatever could it be? any ideas? any help appreciated. emma

Answer:Thumbnails won't load up on catalogue websites - little red cross appears

i am having the same problem as well with the littlewoods is driving me nuts..please help....sue

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In the last day, I'm experiencing problems browsing pictures (mainly jpegs) in My Pictures. When I open the subfolders in that folder, thumbnails are slow to load. Even if the view is set to 'details', the mini icons against the file name build very slowly. This wasn't happening until yesterday when I loaded some images to a subfolder in My Pictutes from a CD.

If I try to navigate away from the folder, my computer freezes.

I have tried deleting all the pictures I loaded yesterday and have defrag'd, but still getting the slow behaviour.

Running Windows XP.


Any thoughts?

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Hi, I get a T400s 2808 CVG. I degrade to XP Pro SP3.The Hard-drive is Toshiba MK2529CSG. I experience Hardrive clicking (or ticking) when the hard drive is idle. Forcing the drive to be busy silences the ticking sound.On the other hand I get the issue that "Load unload cycle count" SMART attribute is  decreasing very quickly. I loose 1 point each 4 or 5 days. I also make a little test to check the correlation between the reported number of load unload cycle count and the ticking sound. Postive. Each time I hear the tick, each time the SMART attribute report one more Load/unload cycle count. Any one get the same issue?Any solution?I already see and read Thanks and regards, Patrick

Answer:T400s Hard Drive Clicking - Load/unload cycle count SMART Attribute decreasing very quickly

any harddisk that make any unusual mechanical noises probably means the the harddisk will die soon

----------------------------T400s - 2815RW1 + Win7 Ultimate Don't pm me for help! That's what the forum is for. Also, Google's nicer than me. Ask him.

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Hi there, I'm wondering if you can help me...
Up until a few days ago my Satellite Click Mini with Windows 10 on it has been completely fine... I was creating a movie on Live Movie Maker so I was downloading some footage from an SD card when a message popped up saying that the files on the movie maker couldn't load as there was not enough disk space; which there wasn't as I had completely filled the small drive with videos. Then all the videos on the movie maker acted corrupt, so I closed it so I wouldn't lose any footage, only to find that all the thumbnails in all my folders would not appear, and that some of the icons in the task bar appear invisible, but I can still click on them?? The task bar icons have disappeared before but have reappeared, but this time it hasn't resolved after several days.
If I double click a video in the Movie Maker to try and 'find the file location', it makes my screen go blank and I can't do anything with it unless I hold the power button and fiddle around with it for ages for it to turn back on. This is really frustrating for me as I'm afraid that moving the Movie Maker files to another computer won't allow me to continue my project. I did delete a few files so there is more room on the computer (around 250MB), but still nothing. However, if I do refresh the page some of the photo thumbnails appear for a few seconds then disappear back to no thumbnails.
Please help!

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I have at last uploaded my site, click here However none of the photo's on the site will load up. I just get the "x" where the photo should be. I have used front page to create the site. I have had this before, but have forgotten what caused it. The FTP, terrapin, checked all the files before uploading, and all was supposed to be ok. Somebody must know what I have done. Any ideas?Steve.

Answer:photo's will not load

into your FrontPage web before you upload to the server, then a copy of each picture will go onto the server and be loaded with the page. That's the first thing to check.In addition, make sure that all your filenames are in lower case, and that there are no spaces. If you want to have a filename space do it like this: example_filename_to_demonstrate_spaces

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Question: photo down load

I use XP windows and have updated SP2Recently when I try to down load photos from camera to PC either using card reader or direct with USB cable I do not get a window opening requesting instructions on what to do with the image data.Any ideas pleasegel

Answer:photo down load

Connect the camera to the PC and it should show up in the "My Computer" as another drive.... Right-click it and select "AutoPlay" tab.... then select the content type using the Drop List and select what you want it to do.... Alternativally, you can use a program like "Paint Shop Pro" to "capture the image"

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Recently I downloaded a file converter which, after installation, associated all my video files with itself. Previous to downloading this programme my .avi, .mkv files etc were all displayed simply as an icon, yet now they are all displayed as a thumbnail picture. The only solution I have found for reverting my video files back to being displayed simply as an icon is via Folder Options, 'Always show icons, never thumbnails'. However, selecting this option also disables the thumbnail preview for my .jpeg and other image files. Is there any way to disable my video files being displayed with a thumbnail whilst keeping the thumbnail preview for images? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Answer:Disabling video thumbnails whilst keeping image thumbnails enabled?

Does anybody have any ideas on this please?

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I have unchecked the option to 'show icons instead of thumbnails' (view>options>folder options) and I have checked 'show icons' (performance>advanced) but still I get icons instead of thumbnails. I have closed and restarted file explorer multiple times to no change. I have posted the screenshot below to show the current settings. Any help would be appreciated!

Thank you.

Answer:Thumbnails not displaying: Unchecked 'show icons'/checked 'thumbnails'

When you right click on the folder itself and select properties, there is a tab called customise. In this tab you can select what type of folder you want and choose Pictures. You can have this cascade down to subfolders as well. As for the other settings you mentioned, I usually keep my folder settings as the defaults.

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I can't attach photos to hotmail. microsoft's photo upload tool has some kind of problem with activeX

Answer:photo upload tool won't load

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My friend having problem with photo in CD.

I did put all in photo in XP Home and gave to Mary. Then she told me her photo wont load and i have a look and vista wont load any photo.

Why is that?

by CrazyComputerMan

Answer:Why Vista Wont Load Photo?

How did you create the CD?
If you used InCD or DirectCD programs, then the CD will be unreadable by a computer unless thos programs have been loaded.

When you say "photo won't load", please explain exactly what happens.

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When I started my computer today, got a message that Corel Photo House 6 needed to update. I agreed and the next window said to insert the Photo House disk, which I don't have. Evene though I cancelled any further action, it keeps looping around, asking for the disk again and again. Possible malware?? Any other fix for this anyone has to offer? Thanks.

Answer:Corel Photo House 6 will not load

so you dont have the disk was it installed VIa download or a disk originaly? Do you still have a valid

license for the software? If you do then not to worry as you might not even need a disk but please

answer the above questions and we will go from there.

also was it part of a package like photoalbum suite?

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I am in the process of moving files from my old computer to an external hard drive to put on my new computer. I put a bunch of folders with pictures in them into just one folder. I moved this folder to the desktop. (I wasn't thinking-I should have just copied the folder from 'My Pictures' to my external hard drive). I also moved a folder of mine containing word documents. Now I am unable to view the pictures (Error "Failed to load photo" comes up) and I can no longer view my word documents anymore. Any suggestions?

Answer:"Failed to load photo" error

Did you check the default programs for opening these files?

What's the Word error message?

In any case...move the folder from the desktop...then run chkdsk /r command on the partition to which you move the folder.

How much RAM installed? How much free space on Windows partition?


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I have a windows xp program. Today a pop-up window appeared with a message that "photo gallery" was attempting to load. I tried several times to cancel out unsuccesfully. Then a second window appeared telling me that I needed to load the cd in order to continue. NO matter how many times I attempt to cancel out the window, it keeps popping up. I searched on google to find that photo gallery is a program of windows vista, something I do not have, nor wish to have. From time to time another window will appear with a small bar asking for a user number, with the number one in a pull down section of the window.

All I want to do is make this go away. Too difficult. Should I get a hose, or sledge hammer? Help...

Answer:photo gallery attempt to load

i also have this very problem and have no idea what it may be. i'l let u know if i find a fix for it.

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Win 8.1 Unable to install photo for desktop background. When I right click on desktop then click on Desktop Background and select any photo it will show up in the Desktop Backgroun icon on the personalize screen but does not show up on the background. Clicking on any photo and selecting set as desktop background will modify the image in the desktop icon on the personalize screen but not show up on the actual background. Can modify any color ok but image will not work. Any suggestions?

Answer:Desktop Background photo will not load

Hello Bob,

Double check using the tutorial below to see if you may have mistakenly set to show only a solid background instead of an image.

Background - Show Image or Solid Color in Windows 8 or 8.1

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Running xp pro with service pack 2. Pentium 4 2.4Gigahertz and 1 Gig Ram. Unable to load version 20 with these error messages.
1. Fatal Execution Engine Error (OX79Z713ACA).
2. tps.exe - Common Language Runtime Debugging Services
Application has generated an exception that could not be handled.
Process id=0xa44 (2628), Thread id=0xc20 (3104)

Click OK to terminate the application.
Click CANCEL to debug the application.
Note: This Version 20 will load on my second desktop computer and also i have purchased two new version 20's and one discounted version 20DVD directly from Broderbund with the same above problems.
Any help would be appreciated.

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well,when i open any picture with Windows photo gallery,it's just open with blank-white screen

but i can open the picture from other picture viewer program
anyone can figure it out?

Answer:Windows Photo Gallery cant load anything

Right click the picture and select "open with" then scroll down in the box until you see Windows Photo Gallery and select it. What happens?
Also, what version of windows are you running this on?

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I just received a keychain with pictures already on it of my great grand kids. I want to copy them to my Win7 PC. It wants me to format the keychain first. Won't I lose all the pictures if I format it? Since I don't have the software on my machine already I can't do anything.

Answer:Digital Photo Keychain Won't Load software

The "Digital Photo Keychain", a pocket-sized digital photo frame, is (or should be) supplied with driver software on a CD when bought new. You need to install this driver software in order to transfer the pics to your PC.

Some brands of photo keychains already have the driver software built-in but it looks like yours doesn't.
Ask the person who gave you it if they have it's software.

Definitley DO NOT format it. That will make all the pictures disappear!

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The experiment I did:

1. Copy a moderately sized (400-500kb) jpg image on desktop (from some other location i.e. folder/web etc.).

2. Double Click the file (it will load pretty fast in Win Photo Viewer).

3. Now close Windows Photo Viewer, double click the file again (This time, it will take about 2-3 seconds to load).

Has anyone else experienced similar issues? I am running a Dell Inspiron15r with 512MB AMD Raedon Card installed.

Answer:Windows Photo Viewer is sometimes slow to load (but not always)

Hi Anurag

It could be lots of reasons..... Try looking at the task manager see whats causing the delay.... You will see some king of CPU spike when this happens could well be the AV thats scanning the pic while phtoviewer is using it...

Here is a post in the similar line.... let me know

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I have a DIGITAL PHOTO VIEWER FC when I connect the viewer to the computer it asked me USB CHARGE ,USB UPDATE. The unit has charged over night so I pick the second choice. At that point the display changes and it says UPDATING. When I check my computer I see the Viewer, once I click on it Iím asked do I want to format the unit. If I say ďnoĒ I am returned to my computer view. If I choose yes, an error message pops up (Windows was unable to complete formatting).
Info Re Unit:
Software: I understand the unit comes with a mini disk, mine didnít come with any software, and I have since misplaced the packaging, so I need to know what to do
*Digital Photo Viewer FC written on back
*Reset Button (hole size of toothpick) on rear
*Keychain style

NOTE: I checked on-line found some info (unit doesnít need to be formatted, there seems to be some kind of software that would allow you to transfer pic from your PC), however I am unable to determine what kind of software I should use.
Thanks in advance for your help. B Wright


Answer:Digital Photo Viewer Y Wont It Load Pic

Would this item be either a 1.8 inch or 3.2 inch 'Digital Photo Album"?

This link still has drivers for Windows or Mac and an instruction manual. Click on the item and the downloads will appear.

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Help, I am extremely frustrated. I downloaded the windows essentials, looking forward to using photo gallery but it will not load. I've had some temporary success when I troubleshoot and open it as a windows 7 program. I save the settings but the next time I open photo gallery it just says loading! Ive uninstalled essentials and reinstalled. any ideas?

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Photoshop taunts the benefits of Camera Raw images. Downloaded Addins, Plugins, and Shoveins. Still doesn't load the images. Very little help from Adobe, Nikon, or Microsoft.
Any ideas or solutions?

Answer:Can't load Camera Raw images into Photo. Elements 6

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Hiya. I'm trying to disable the Thumbnails for those ugly "Live Folders". However, I can't seem to figure out how to turn them off without also disabling the thumbnails for individual image files.

Does anybody know how to disable *just* the Live Folder thumbnails?

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I admit, I love Vista and since drivers have become stable, Iíve not had any big issues, but there is one thing that Iíve been trying to figure out for a while now with no success and its really bugging me.

Live preview thumbnails seem to go ďblankĒ after a while. If an app has been running for a while, the live preview gets replaced by a static icon. Seems to be some sort of resource management issue, but Iíve been trying to figure out if there is some sort of configuration that can be adjusted to increase some sort of resource limit or turn it off altogether.

Answer:Vista Live Thumbnails become Dead Thumbnails

i've formatted, but last i checked, i had realtime previews of windows, only if the window was open

if i minimized the window, i would only get static images. Are you having the same problem, that might be the way it's supposed to work, i' m not sure

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Hiya. I'm trying to disable the Thumbnails for those ugly "Live Folders". However, I can't seem to figure out how to turn them off without also disabling the thumbnails for individual image files.

Does anybody know how to disable *just* the Live Folder thumbnails?

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So i backed up some old pictures and music onto a dvd from my old pc, i put the dvd into my laptop and the music works fine but i get the error message 'Photo Gallery can't open this picture or video. This file format is not supported, or you dont have the latest updates to phot gallery' when i try to view any pictures, I have tried to open them with different programs but no such luck, these are pics from about 2007 but i figured they would still work? I also tried to open xml files for example an old MSN conversation but that doesnt work, have i lost these files for good? Some help would be amazing because i really hope i can get them back Thank you in advance

Answer:Pictures wont load on windows photo gallery

Whats the file extension on the photos ? ?

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OS: Windows 7 Professional 64-bit

My Windows 7 Professional 64-bit experience is just not going so well.

I've just tried installing Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo X2 and Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo X2 Ultimate. Both hang at the load screen on "Loading Command Libraries..." 100% of the time.

Anyone else expierence this or know of a fix? Thanks in advance.

Answer:Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo X2 - Hangs at load screen

Hello Launchpad,

Welcome to Seven Forums. Try right clicking on the installer and select 'Run as Administrator'. If that doesn't work then try this. Compatibility Mode

Hope this helps.


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My computer still try's to load Photo gallery on start up I have try'd to find the program within mscconfig but it isn't there in both the start tab, or service tab, I am running XP home, and norton antivirus, and pc mechanic, I suppose the next step is to do something with the registry, but I am not sure what, where, or how??.

Answer:I Still haven't resolved my problem my computer still try's to load photo galler

Do you have Photo Shop or other graphics editor loading at startup?

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Hello Guys!
This is my problem: Icons won't disappear when I move to recycle bin, only when I click REFRESH it disappear, I scanned my computer and I found threats with my Anti-Virus, all threats are deleted! and the problem won't go! PLEASE HELP!

P.S: I have explorer.exe error: not responding when right-click, I replaced it with another one (explorer2.exe copied from my brother laptop) then restore the old explorer.exe and right-click problem solved!

P.S 2: icons won't disappear when move to recycle bin problem come after the right-click problem solved!

Sorry for my bad English !


Answer:Icons won't disappear when delete, only disappear when refresh!

Just restart explorer.exe!


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Hey all,

Another minor, non-life-threatening irritation:

Running Windows XP Home Edition on a PC, "5.1.2600 Service Pack 1 Build 2600".

When i browse my folders on Thumbnails view, Windows seems to assign *random* pictures from throughout my hard drive to act as the thumbnail for some folders. Actually it's not totally random; when i assign a picture to act as the thumbnail for one folder, it works fine, but then a week or so later i will find that windows has used that picture as the thumbnail for some other completely unrelated folder, elsewhere on the hard drive.

I can easily fix this by right-clicking on the folder and going to:

Properties -> Customize (tab) -> Choose Picture/Restore Default.

Often, that doesn't work: The properties screen will tell me that the default has been restored, for example, but when i actually look at the folder again, it hasn't actually changed anything.

But then, that problem can be solved by going to

Properties -> Customize (tab) -> Change Icon.

...and re-selecting the icon that was already supposedly being used by that folder. That usually solves the problem.

This is mildly annoying, and if anyone knows a permanent fix, i'd appreciate it. But the main problem I wanted help for was for the "My Documents" folders.

The fix given above will not work for "My Documents", "My Music", "My Pictures", "My Videos", because the properties screens f... Read more

Answer:Thumbnails view: XP picks thumbnails randomly; Can't reset "My Documents" to defaults

My first worry is that I see you have not installed SP2 yet, is there a reason for that?

SP2 has a lot of fixes in it, which one could be the answer to your problems.


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I installed an updated version of Norton (360) from a previous Norton online , which had been updated the year before. After update, my cell phone would no longer auto upload photos to pc (not sure how to do it manually), program icons missing from desktop (program also missing), along with the wallpaper picture I used for background. I 'had trouble with adobe and thought I needed to upgrade. Troubles upgrading, which I couldn't accomplish.

What is causing all of these sudden problems? Is it Norton? or something else. How can I track down the problem and fix this?

widows vista home premium (2007)
service pack 2

Dell Inspiron 1501 32 bit Operating system

My end goal is to prevent program loss in the future, I need to update adobe flash player and I need to fix the auto load, for pictures taken on my cell phone to my computer.

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Hello there
What ways or software you know to move huge folders quicker than the time Windows Vista takes to do this task?
What ways or software you know to erase huge folders quicker than the time Windows Vista takes to do this task?
Also, you might know these software programs:
Teracopy for moving huge folders and
Mass directory eraser to erase huge folders
Do you know whether they are reliable? Would you suggest them as a good choice? Do they have any drawbacks agains using just Windows Vista for these tasks?
Thanks in advance for your opinion.

Answer:quickly erase huge folders | quickly move huge folders

Teracopy (free here: )

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It seems that any time I edit a photo in Windows 10 Photos (i.e. crop, filters, etc.), then save a copy of the edited photo, Windows 10 automatically reduces the resolution of my photo. This is causing an issue when I then try to print the edited photos or use them in photo books. Is there a way to save the edited images in the same high resolution as the original photo?

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Hi everyone, sorry I have not been here quite awhile. I didn't want you to get tired of me. .

Anyway, I have a question. I have Nero Photo Shop and Paint Shop Photo album. How to make Paint Shop a default photo editor?

I've done it before and forgot how.

Thanks in advance.


Answer:Solved: How to make a Paint Shop Photo Album a default photo editor?

I found the old response, and solved it. Thank you anyway. ☺

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Hi, I am looking all over to find an answer to my question about the windows photo viewer and cannot find anywhere. Please if you can't answer my question at least set me in the right direction??? When I go to print, it tells me that I can choose
only the "full photo" size. I know it also has choices of wallet, 5x7, double picture side by side, stuff like that. It will not ever show up when I hit print and go to put in all the variables for how I want the picture to be printed. Where are
my choices? how do I find them, why are they not available on my photo viewer print option? I am working on an asus laptop, I think it is an 8.1 operateing system. But,,, I also have the same problem with my other laptops and desk top  programs. It will
not give me the option to print out wallet size pictures or any of the other options except "Full Photo". Help! Thank you in advance. Oh and I have no idea where to find the answer to this question so I am giving you my email to send it too if your
able. Please send to don ee me be at hot mail .com (I hope you figure this out because it says I can't send you any links and now I don't know how to get your answers. ) . Please this has been a mystery for the last 3 years now.
I give up trying to find a repair on my own. I am not so tech savvy. Again, thank you, thank you , thank you in advance. sincerely, donna 

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Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1Scan saved at 9:16:28 PM, on 10/1/2006Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180)Running processes:C:\WINDOWS\System32\smss.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\winlogon.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\services.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\lsass.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\Ati2evxx.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost.exeC:\WINDOWS\System32\svchost.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\brsvc01a.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\spoolsv.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\brss01a.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\Brmfrmps.exeC:\Program Files\Common Files\Command Software\dvpapi.exeC:\WINDOWS\eHome\ehRecvr.exeC:\WINDOWS\eHome\ehSched.exeC:\Program Files\Common Files\LightScribe\LSSrvc.exeC:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\VS7DEBUG\MDM.EXEC:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\dllhost.exeC:\WINDOWS\ehome\ehtray.exeC:\Program Files\HP\Digital Imaging\{33D6CC28-9F75-4d1b-A11D-98895B3A3729}\hphupd08.exeC:\WINDOWS\eHome\ehmsas.exeC:\dfndrff_e19.exeC:\kybrdff_e19.exeC:\WINDOWS\ms0565769-1243.exeC:\WINDOWS\win32099-12436576.exeC:\WINDOWS\System32\svchost.exeC:\Documents and Settings�... Read more

Answer:Msn Photo Virus Http://

Hi and welcome to Bleeping Computer! My name is Sam and I will be helping you. Please download ComboFix and save it to your desktop.Double click combofix.exe and follow the prompts.When it's done running it will produce a log for you. Please post that log in your next reply.Important Note - Do not mouseclick combofix's window whilst it's running. That may cause it to stall.

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I recently downloaded some digital photos to my computer. I could never figure out how to enhance the quality in Ulead Photo Explorer 8.0 SE Basic, so I opened the photos in Adobe Photo Deluxe 4.0 and enhanced the photos and saved them there. But there is nowhere in Adobe Photo Deluxe which will let me burn these photos to a CD. The photos were saved as a PDD file instead of a JPG file. I need to know if I can correct the way these 92 photos were saved and send them back to Ulead Photo Explorer so I can burn a CD from there!!! This is a mess. Please help me!

Answer:Adobe Photo Deluxe transfer to Ulead Photo Explorer 8.0 SE Basic

Hi and welcome.
Firstly why do you need to burn photos to a cd from a photo programme? You can use any burning software (your drive would have come with one or there's free ones available) to burn them as data.
Burning them as data though means they will stay as .PDD format. This is ok if you only want to view them on computers with photodeluxe, photoshop or photoshop elements installed.
I love Photodeluxe and use it all the time. It's only drawback is you can't save as .jpeg quickly on the file, save as, menu. To save your pics as .jpegs from photodeluxe :-
Click file, export, file format, in the drop down menu 'save as file type' in the next box, choose .jpeg.
That will be a pain to do 92 times. The other 2 adobe programmes I mention would be able to batch convert them all in one go. Irfanview is a free programme that can batch convert but it doesn't seem to do .pdd files.
Don't know if anyone else can recommend a free batch converter that will convert .pdd files to jpeg? If so chip in.
Otherwise one at a time from photodeluxe, or burn them as .pdd files are your options.

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Attaching a single photo seems to open my entire photo library to the recipient of the e-mail. How do I restrict this to a single photo

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delete photo albums contents on a pc & turn off the photo album app

Answer:How do I delete the contents of photo albums on a pc & turn off the photo album app

I too would like to know how to delete an album in the new Windows 10 Photo App. 60 albums popped up with the most ridiculous selection of photos. I am not about to go into each album and delete the pictures. . . the album is still there. . . . my only option at this point is to disable or delete the app. Also, I can't get anything but tiles. . .how do you switch to list of dates???? I have the biggest tiles in the app. I can see only see 3 pictures at a time!

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Is there any file management or photo app to pin photo folders at start screen? Actually I'm getting Asus vivotab 8 or surface 2 rt at throw away price and planning to use it as my marriage album... Photos will be in separate folders , I need to pin those separate folders to start screen.. Possible?

Answer:Is there any file management or photo app to pin photo folders at start screen? Actually I'm getting

Navigate to the folder containing the sub folders you want to show on the Start screen. Right click on the folders and select "Pin to Start". That should do it.

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Windows 10 entered my computer when the auto update for windows 8.1 came on. My computer went bad! Spent about 10 hours on the phone with Microsoft techs. For example, I sent an e-mail to some friends with photos (not in attachments, but straight on the e-mail).
When the person received the e mail and opened the attachment with a photo, they gained entry to my total personal photo collection! I am now back to windows 8.1, one drive has been disabled. However, I am left with the problem that When I go to my folder with my photos and click on a thumbnail to enlarge it, I get an error message. The photo won't enlarge.
Can anyone help me fix that problem?

Answer:When I click on a thumbnail photo in my photo file, I get an error message. How can I fix this?

Originally Posted by Windows Central Question Windows 10 entered my computer when the auto update for windows 8.1 came on. My computer went bad! Spent about 10 hours on the phone with Microsoft techs. For example, I sent an e-mail to some friends with photos (not in attachments, but straight on the e-mail).
When the person received the e mail and opened the attachment with a photo, they gained entry to my total personal photo collection! I am now back to windows 8.1, one drive has been disabled. However, I am left with the problem that When I go to my folder with my photos and click on a thumbnail to enlarge it, I get an error message. The photo won't enlarge.
Can anyone help me fix that problem? is it possible the program for photos isn't installed correctly? Can you open the photo using another application?

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I've got myself a real pickle. First of all, does this look like the correct location [thread] for the Pictures Files;

The problem I have, is that none of my Pictures Files will open in Windows Live Photo Gallery, or even Windows Photo Gallery for that matter, because, as I am told by these windows, 'a' Folder is hidden. Here's the info I get;

How the heck do I get myself out of this mess? All my Picture Files are there, it's just that I cannot access WL Photo Gallery, to do any editing etc.

I also suspect that something isn't quite right with my Folder set-up here;

Any advice appreciated to assist me to clean-up my act

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A short time ago photos I open in Photoshop cc or Elements 11 open in huge size files.  I realize that these programs open the uncompressed files, which are larger than what shows on my harddrive, but when a 6 MB file opens as 51 MB, that seems excessive. As I work on the photo, the file rapidly become unworkable, using huge amounts of memory.  Can anyone help me with this?  I have been on an Adobe forum and haven't been able to resolve this.

Answer:Opening a photo in photo processing creates huge files

Welcome to Bleeping Computer. Whether what you're describing is unusual depends on a few factors. As you say the size variation can just come down to compression, as well as layers. What are the file formats and when you say "huge" amounts of memory, how much?
A 6MB .JPG could easily be compressed enough to be 51MB in RAM, especially if it has layers. Photoshop if I recall correctly uses default allocations that should allow filesizes over 1 GB to be handled. A more common cause of bogging down or instability is if the image RAM allocation is set very high to handle large images, but then a lot of effects plugins are used. Photoshop allocates a dedicated memory pool for plugins, and setting image memory very large robs this.

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Hi Guys,

I have just recieved a couple of emails from an Auntie and they have have arrived with no attachement just a bunch of code.

I imagine it is the text equivalent of the photo.

I tryed to copy the text into a text document and change the file extention to a jpg but it didnt work... Any other ideas?

regards Reuben

Answer:Photo recieved via email has turned into text how do I get the photo back?

Get her to resend them as attachments, I can't seem to be able to convert it from that code to photo ...

Also double check that it IS a jpg, get her to send you the exact file extension.

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HiHas anyone used the photo editing software from ACD Systems, called "Photo Master Suite"? It is said to include Corel Photopaint 11, but I can find nothing out about this particular element of software in a standalone format. I use Corel Photopaint9 (part of the CorelDraw 9 graphica package), for photo editing. If I can upgrade to Corel Photopaint v9 via the Phot Master route, it would be a bargain.Can anyone advise please?

Answer:Photo Master Suite (Corel Photo-Paint 11, ACD Phot

I use Photopaint version 9 "by default" so am biassed.Also I feel that latest versions of Corel are web orientated or extra frills rather than huge improvements from the bottom.A Photo Master Suite website says "includes Photopaint 11.......Photo editing".I don't think it is a good idea. Paint Shop Pro which has a strong following in this forum is only 10% more, and Corel v. 11 from 300% to 600% more, presumably whether upgrade or outright full version. On the basis of "owt for nowt" - Any bits of Photopaint v.11 you buy for that price will be lonely and not a lot of use compared with your v.9

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I am using adobe photo deluxe home edition 4I have created an album under the heading on the front page called My photos.When I try to send the photos from the album created under My Photos, the images are not there in either Adobe or via explorer - any idea

Answer:problem uploading photo in Adobe photo deluxe home

I'm not familiar with Adobe photo deluxe, but are the saved photos compressed into an album, or are they saved as individual files. If they are individual files, what file format are they in. Jpg is generally used because almost any computer has the software to display them.

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I have my photos stored on an unRAID server. I can browse to these files and open the photos in Windows Photo Viewer. However, if I try to open in Win 8 Photos, the app crashes and I get the error message:

Windows cannot access \\ path to photos
You do not have permission to access \\ path to photos.

I seem to be able to share all file types other than photos. Win 8 Video will open a video file from the same directory that Photo will not. Also, since the photo files will open in Photo Viewer, this doesn't seem to be a permission issue on the server end. Any ideas?

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I have a large number of photos on my Vista PC, and use Windows Photo Gallery. The view tab lets me change to "List". This list could be very useful, but how can I print it out, or cut & paste it?

Answer:Printing a photo index from Windows Photo Gallery

You could allways 'print screen' and paste into a word processing program.
(button on top row of keyboard next to F12)

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which photo film would be compatable for a medion professional photo printer? trying the net but it says nothing!! Cheapest too!!

Answer:photo pack for a medion photo printer?cheap

Printers don't use film, are you asking what type of photo quality paper to use?

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I have a digital photo solutions photo key chain problem, it is suppose to automatically load software once it is attached to the USB port. It does not, I've tried rebooting with it attached, the port works fine with my digital camera and other devices. I read a post on another forum to attach it and when it read connect to PC to hit the M button and it would start, however it did not, but did allow me to set date time etc., but still does not load pictures and software does not load. I am currently running Windows XP service pack 3. Any suggestions or help is greatly appreciated.

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Photo machine in the photo shop cannot read jpg pictures from my CD
Thank you!!

Answer:Photo machine in the photo shop cannot read jpg pictures from my CD

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Jpg photo unable to open in windows photo viewer. i reset default apps. i choose default apps by file type.


Answer:Jpg photo unable to open in windows photo viewer.

Try doing it from the CP. Under "Associate a file type or protocol with a specific program" you should be able to make the change.

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I'm thinking of getting a new PC and printing photos is posing a few issues.Does an all-in-one printer (mid spec, up to £300) print the same quality (to the naked eye) as you could expect from a dedicated photo printer (mid spec, £150)?Can anyone speak from experience?

Answer:Photo quality comparison - MFDs Vs Photo printers

By its very nature an MFD is a compromise (often a low cost one at that) - individually each component can normally be bettered by a dedicated version, whether printer, scanner etc.

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after taking a photo, the photo will then process and changes resolution and became dimmer/darker. i'm using nokia lumia 830. even i adjust all the camera options it still changes. why is it like this? is it normal and does it also happen to other lumia 830 phones using lumia camera?

Answer:why does Lumia Camera changes photo resolution after taking a photo?

Originally Posted by Windows Central Question after taking a photo, the photo will then process and changes resolution and became dimmer/darker. i'm using nokia lumia 830. even i adjust all the camera options it still changes. why is it like this? is it normal and does it also happen to other lumia 830 phones using lumia camera? It is conversion process to .jpg... .--------. / A TIP \ If you need additional help or have more questions or details to share, please join the site so you can reply in this thread. See this link for instructions on how to join Windows Central.

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I took a photo on my Windows Phone 7 (I know it's old) and I can't figure out either how to find the date it was taken or transfer it outside of my phone to see the date on a less limited device.
I tried syncing but the sync process just seems to jump between 0% and 1% with some security error or something, and if I try to email it to myself from the phone I get an error about not being able to send the email.
This is beyond ridiculous, can someone tell me how to find the date this photo was taken or get it out of my phone so I can see on my PC?
Edit: Do newer Windows Phones have a way to see the date photos were taken? If not I'm likely switching to Android (unless they have the same limitation) as much as I want to stay with Windows Phone, if they can't provide such basic functions I'm switching to something else.

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1. Open windows explorer, Browse to photos
2. Ctrl+Click to select the pictures
3. Rclick, and PRINT - Windows Photo Viewer opens4. Select on right side the number of pics you want on a single page. eg: 2, 4, 9, etc.
You will see all the pictures you selected on a single sheet of paper. Click Print!

Answer:Solved: Windows 7 Photo Viewer won't print 4up photo

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