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Vista + Office Suite 2003 issue

Question: Vista + Office Suite 2003 issue

Since I switched over to my Vista Home Premium system (new PC included) my Office extras have been glitching something fierce. A prime example, one that annoys me to no end, is that my office assistant won't change - it keeps trying to tell me there isn't enough memory! I know that is false considering my PC has at least 432GB free memory and runs at 3Gh, but I don't know what to do to fix it. Help!

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Preferred Solution: Vista + Office Suite 2003 issue

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Vista + Office Suite 2003 issue

Take a look at this and the what others are downloading section on this page, see if you think any of those would be the ones that would help. Download details: Office 2003 Service Pack 3 (SP3)

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I'm having trouble with my office assistant. I have an Office Suite 2003 product on my new Vista Home Premium OS PC. Anytime I try to fix my office assistant by using the gallery it gives me an error message that says there isn't enough memory to complete the operation. I'm only using about 22 GB out of a total 227 GB available, so I don't really believe that. Help! Also, there are times when I'm using an application and it tries to automatically update my Word 2003 to 2007 - and ends up getting stuck. I close out of it, but what's going on?

Answer:Office Suite 2003, Vista OS

Did you computer come with a Office 2007 trial pre-installed as well?

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I installed Office 2003 on a computer and any attachments of Word Documents are being routed to notepad and then the messages are scrambled. I also can not save any files in office 2003. It appears Vista is not recognizing the installation. What do I need to do?

Answer:Vista/Office 2003 issue

what happens when you right click on a file and select "open with... / choose default program" ?
(and select ms word as the default)?

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Hiya Everyone.

Here is the little problem I have encounted.
This evening, I installed in my computer Microsoft Professional Office suite 2003.I installed all the components, ie, Word, Publisher, powerpoint, excel and access.
All the applications worked immediatley and correctly except, Access. This application will neither open or run ? I have uninstalled it, re-installed twice, but that particular component will not run.
Any advise would be appreciated.


Answer:Microsoft Office Professional Office Suite 2003

Have you tried downloading Office service pack 2? bike, still wish I had my '67Mark

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Hello all, the entire Office 2003 suite one day looks old like 2000 or Windows 2000 icons in general.

Does anyone know why this happened and how it could be fixed?


Answer:Entire Office 2003 suite looks like Office 2000

This had happened to me once but in office 2007. It happened when I tried to open an older file type so It went into compatibility mode, which also changes the layout.

Not sure if its the same thing with office 2003 but go into options, advanced, and see if you can find something like compatibility options or layout.

Anyway if its not their your looking for some kind of option like that so snoop around all the options, views, and windows menus.

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Hi all,I was hoping someone could help me with these questions:1)  Currently I have Office Suite 2002 Profesional version.  I'm thinking of replacing it with the 2003 version.  Do I need to do anything special to save all my existing emails and files in Word and Excel, along with the format I've set up for my mail in Outlook and in my Word and Excel files, when I install the 2003 version?  Are there any extra steps I have to go through or will all my existing mail, files, and format be automatically transferred after the installation?2) From the little research I've done, Office Suite 2007 is not worth the trouble, as the improvements are not especially noticeable and ther new interfaces are quite different from the previous versions and will take time to get used to.  Is this true?  I'm relatively happy with the 2002 version and just want to have the additional  features available in the 2003 version without having to start all over again.Thanks for your help!

Answer:Replacing Office Suite 2002 with 2003 Version

Are you talking about Microsoft Office?Installing a new version of office usually just upgrades any old versions you have installed already.  Most files and settings are left intact.

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I installed office 2007 ultimate alongside office 2003 professional. Microsoft outlook and publisher was removed from my office 2003 prior to office 2007 installation. I also opted not to install microsoft outlook 2007.

It seems that each time I load word 2007 or 2003 after previously opening the other version (ie. load 2003 followed by 2007 OR load 2007 followed by 2003), a window would opened up indicating that either the configuration or installation process is taking place, hence delaying the startup. However, once the program has started, it would run without problem. I do not intend to unistall my 2003. There was no problem loading excel 2003/2007, powerpoint 2003/2007 and access 2003/2007.

I am running on Windows XP SP2 that is regularly updated. Thank you

Answer:instaling issue Office 2007 alongside office 2003

Try deselecting Word as your Outlook Email editor. I suspect that will be the issue, as it reconfigures Outlook 2003 each time to the changed Word version?

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We have it on 2 of the 3 computers we have and it doesn't seem to be compatible with Word as it is said to be. When my daughter attaches her assignments to her professor it doesn't work.

It is on a refurbished Dell ( XP PRO Interl® Celeron® CPU: 2.40 GHZ, 2.39Ghz, RAM: 504 MB).

What might I try to get these programs to sync?

Thanks so much!

Answer:compatibility of "open office" suite and Microsoft Office Suite?

Hello alpad,

When she saves the document to send to the professor, which format is she saving it in? If she saves it as the default .odt, Word won't be able to open it. In the small window by "Save as Type" she needs to click the arrow to cause the drop down menu to come up, then select the proper Word version to save it as. My version of Open Office has the following MS Word options:

MS Word 97/2000/XP (.doc)
MS Word 95 (.doc)
MS Word 6.0 (.doc)

There is also an XML version. The latest version of Open Office, version 3, is also compatible with MS Word 2007; however, I don't know how that appears in the drop down menu as I don't yet have that version of Open Office.

Once she has chosen the proper Word format, then she needs to save the document. This is the version she should submit to the professor.

Orange Blossom

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This is a two part question. I recently bought (from a third party) a Sony VAIO laptop with Vista as the OS. I have downloaded multiple copies of Windows Office from a source lets call....LimeLine or LemonWire, but keep getting prompted to enter a 16 or something digit verification number. I DONT HAVE ONE!!! How can I get a copy of windows that will work with Vista for free so I can utelize the Office Suite. Or Should I replace Vista with XP Pro and then start the whole process over? Signed, super frustrated

Answer:Windows Office Suite for Vista

These are pirated copies of the Office program are illegal to run on ANY machine.

You need to BUY a copy of Office which will give a "Key Code" to use, then you can legally use the program.

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I recently purchased a new HP laptop with Vista basic.....I have a system at home that I have Windows Office Suite 2006 installed on ( XP - OS ) and it works fine.....I installed it on the laptop( which by the way, apparently upgraded itself to 2007...that's what it says on the task launcher screen ) and when prompted for the product key I CORRECTLY entered it and was immediately told it is in invalid code. I still have the original box from when I purchased it with the key right on the box. I uninstalled and re installed with no success....MS wants $49.99 to send me an email...... That's BS as far as I am concerned.....I can purchase a new Office for less than that.....Can someone help me.....shouldn't this program work?? I have only installed it on the one original machine here at home.....I thought the license was good for 3 machines at a time at least.....according to the error message I keep getting - I will only be able to use the program for 5 times w/o registering it.....HELP me daughter at college is about to have a nervous breakdown and I can't get any work done here until I have this problem solved.......

Answer:I need help installing MS Office Suite 2006 on Vista


I dont think its a vista problem but an office problem. are you sure you are using the right letters and numbers. 0, and "O", l, and "I" can be confusing. if you are sure then it might be because of the upgrade.

One thing that might work is if you re-installed the OS, and then office. It might clear whatever incorreect info there might be in registry

Im not sure how I can help.


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Hi, I run a Windows XP Media Center Edition (2005 Version), and recently purchaced the Microsoft Office Small Business Suite upgrade version for this computer. Because it is MCE, I cannot access my work domain network (MCE blocks this application). Kind of defeats the purpose of having the suite, I wanted to link my Full Outlook version to my Web Access version. Anyway, my question is, if I purchased a new computer with a Vista operating system, would the office suite I've already purchased work?

Answer:Solved: Microsoft office suite compatible with vista?

Office 2003 is supposed to work with vista if that is your version.
You would need the original install disk along with the upgrade disk.
The upgrade is not a stand alone product and can't be used for
a cean installation.
Have you checked your firewall to make sure the needed ports aren't blocked
or possibly looked into setting up VPN to login?

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Recently I got a new laptop with Vista and Office 2007 pre-installed. Since I am new to Office 2007, I would like to install Office 2003 without disturbing Office 2007. Is it possible to do so?



Answer:Office 2007 And Office 2003 With Vista

Sure is! Just uninstall whatever of Office 2007 is on there from START ORB > CONTROL PANEL > PROGRAMS > UNINSTALL A PROGRAM (organized view, not classic)

Choose Office 2007 (might say Trial, or Student and Teacher, etc etc etc)

When that's done, pop in your 2003 disc and go. You shouldn't have any problems with office 2003 running on vista.

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I'm getting notifications/pop ups from AV security suite saying my computer is infected, "Application cannot be executed. File xxxx is infected. Do you want to activate your antivirus software now?."Thank you so much for helping with my desktop last month - still doin O.K. But this post is about my wifes laptop running Vista.

Answer:AV security suite issue on Vista machine,46313.0.html

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Question: Office 2003 issue


Excel 2003 and generally offfice (I have tried also in Word) wont display imported images properly. After you import an image, you just see the outline to roatate and resize. If you rotate or resize it then the image is displayed. However It normally doesnt require this. It also isnt visible in print preview. I have tried various images differnt resolutions and sizes. I have also tried to reinstall Office and applied SP2

Any other ideas, thanks.

Answer:Office 2003 issue

Can you tell us what file type the images are. Right click one of the files>>then click properties

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I have a problem I can't figure out. Let's start from the beginning, I recieved a call for a business computer not working properly. I get the laptop that has been to about 3 other computer techs else where. They claim there was 8 virus infections on this laptop. I have no clue what they did nor remove because there was nothing malicious on this laptop period when I got it.

Initially when I got the laptop it would not connect to the internet. I tried everything possible to get it working, nothing worked. I decided to run Reg Supreme Pro just to see, it found over 2000 problems so I figured it needed a repair. I did a repair reinstall of WinXP Home. Once the repair was completed it booted up and restarted over and over. I finally got into the system and it had error after error so I just explained in detail what had to be done. I backed up everything he requested and formatted, reinstalled WinXP Pro per his request.

I have about 50 documents in Excel and Word. The documents were copied to a disc and burned, no errors. They open perfectly fine, no errors. When you attempt to print you will get an error "This document failed to print". Well, if you cancel or leave it alone it will print about 20 mins later. I tried these documents on my personal computer, they printer perfectly fine. I reinstalled the printer, same thing. I opened a new document in Word, typed some junk, printed fine.

Basically my problem is this, I have some Word documents that are... Read more

Answer:Office 2003 Pro Issue

Im not real good on this subject so somebody else may need to help, when you repair some folder names are changed, this is where i think your problem might be. ed

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Question: Office 2003 Issue

I am getting message "This operation has been cancelled due to restrictions effect on this computer. Please contact your system administrator" when I attempt to open You tube file or Web link in Outlook.

Running MS Office 2003. I have not done any resetting of anything on computer. I have run both Malwarebytes (updated) and Avast (updated) but found nothing. This started about 3-4 months ago and I have been trying to find problem. Any help appreciated.

TSG Sysinfo below
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Service Pack 3, 32 bit
Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) II X2 260 Processor, x86 Family 16 Model 6 Stepping 3
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 2813 Mb
Graphics Card: ATI Radeon HD 4250, 700 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 476929 MB, Free - 444846 MB; D: Total - 476937 MB, Free - 342750 MB; J: Total - 476937 MB, Free - 300154 MB;
Motherboard: Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd., GA-880GM-UD2H
Antivirus: avast! Antivirus, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Enabled

Answer:Office 2003 Issue

On initial post, I forgot to mention that I can copy and paste URL directly into IE 8 and link works fine.

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Ok i'll start from the begginning here.

I work for a factory as an IT guy, recently we have added a new expansion area and one of the secrataries for the company big shots is getting a new office..and will have a total of two in the new expansion in the old area. So..what has to happen is she has to have access to her email both at the old and the new..and have everything the same at both places. Her email was stored locally in a .pst file due to being over the size limit for the network mailbox. Now I have her .pst file set onto a networked drive personal to her. So on the new computer i imported the .pst file, and set it to save/read emails from that file at both old and new locations. This works just fine..she gets all her emails sends edits saves...etc.... both locations are affected, However..other than the inbox and default folders...all of her folders that she has created on her old machine with emails in them for some reason do not show up on the new one...however the new one did grab emails that were sitting in the inbox read and saved, sent box, drafts etc...

Any suggetions on this would be greatly appreciated as this is supposed to be up and running early next week. I'm not sure if its something I'm missing that i still need to import...but the file size of the .pst is over 1.2GB...and its only showing all of....6 to 8 recent emails all under 100kb.

Answer:Office Outlook 2003 Issue

Can you set up a network between the two offices? Then check to leave mail on the server. This will allow her to retrieve mail from either office.

NOTE: Deleted mail will need to be deleted from the Deleted Items box regularly.

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I have a user who reported that he could not open Microsoft Access. (Office 2003 Pro) When he goes to open Access or any DB, it tries to install.. something. I would assume Office... and then.. nothing happens. He is able to open up Word, Outlook and all the others, just not Access. When we go to Add/Remove programs and try to run a repair, we get the same issue. We also get it when we try to uninstall. I've also tried to install over this install and we still get the same thing.

The user was recently reimaged.

Any ideas?

Answer:Microsoft Office 2003 Pro issue

Has he tried putting the CD in? Maybe Access is trying to repair itself. oops, I see you have tried a repair.

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Okay -- I have a user with my company that is constantly having issues when trying to edit calender entries. What happens is she'll try to double click on an entry and it will pop up stating that the "object could not be found". I have installed all Office updates, and all Windows updates prior to SP2 (Due to internal application settings, Windows SP2 is not yet supported).

The only way I have found to fix this issue, is to simply remove the Outlook folder under C:\Documents and Settings\%username%\Application Data\Microsoft, and then restarting Outlook. This seems to fix it --> either that, or I create a new profile for the user.

This is ONLY affecting this one particular user, and once I fix it she manages to break it 1 week later.

Has anyone seen this? FYI -- this user can edit this info if using our webmail access.

Thoughts -- suggestions?

Answer:Windows XP SP1 and Office 2003 issue

just out of curiousity, have you talked with the exchange admin on this problem? seems like a configuration conflict that is cauing the error. Might also try setting up cached mode and see if that helps.
options, mail setup, email accounts, Next, change, then click the check box for cached mode. this allows you to hold all of the exchange details for your account local.
Have you done a detect and repair in outlook yet? also what version of webmail are you on?

good luck

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Hey Guys,

Weird issue:

We are generating a report in our database system (Access 2003). This file is generated as a XLS file in the users temporary folder...

Once the report button is pressed in Access, one can see that a query is running, afterwards Excel is launched, but does not show the data of excel, see screenshot

In my case the file is saved in C:\Temp. When I browse to this location and manually open the file everything works correct....

Anybody Ideas????

Thanks in advance!

Answer:Office 2003 Issue (Access + Excel)

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Over the past three years I have had the same problem crop up intermittently, but now it seems it is here to stay.

I monitor several email accounts via SMTP/POP3 access. All the mail comes through just fine. But while I am using other programs, the window asking me to enter the email address and the password for various accounts keeps popping up with no sounds. Then I am typing along in the password bow without knowing it and it's very frustrating at times when it's quite frequent.

I asked a knowledgeable friend and he said he had seen it before and I needed to flush the cache in outlook. So I looked online and there is no clear method I found, nor were any of the related problems similar to mine, where flushing was concerned.

Anybody have ideas?

Thank you in advance,

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Have been running Office 2003 for a long time now...apparently the 'key' can only be activated 4 times ??

Problem is I just changed motherboards on 2 computers running Office 2003 and now on my main one I am getting the "# of keys has expired" message upon activation after the new MB

Is there a way around this since it's the same PC that two activations were used on....#1 when I upgraded to Win 7 Pro 64bit from XP Pro via Seven Forums tutoruial...and #2 after the installation of a new motherboard and HDD ?

Is there a method for Office 2003 Activation similar to the Windows clean/custom install using the Win 7 Pro Upgrade DVD for Windows ?


Answer:Office 2003 and activation/key issue after new motherboard

If you don't have it you can extract it from the registry using one of these freeware tools
Tools to Retrieve Product Key

Belarc Advisor - Free Personal PC Audit - Not only does Belarc extract product keys, it reports on a WHOLE BUNCH of other stuff you want to know. Printing the report, or saving it is probably a good idea. SIW – System Information for Windows (portable app), the install keys for Windows, Office and some other programs are displayed. Start SIW (no install required) and click on Software | Licenses. (SIW for Win 2010 Build 0714g- Office 2003 OK, 2007 ???, 2010 Wrong, Win Vista OK) V 2.0.8- Office 2003 OK, 2007 OK, 2010 na, Win Vista Wrong) - Enchanted Keyfinder Beta Portable- Win (9X, ME, NT/2K/XP, Vista, Win7), MS Office (97, XP, 2003, 2007, 2010), Recover key for 484 other software and counting V1.45- Office 2003 OK , 2007 , 2010 , Win Vista ) License Crawler V1.2 B98 (Office 2003 , 2007 , 2010 , Win Vista ) - License Crawler for Vista XP (Office 2003 , 2007 , 2010 , Win Vista ) (Office 2003 , 2007 , 2010 , Win Vista )

Hope this helps.


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I still use Microsoft Office 2003. I have a database built that I have used for years with the Access. Since I upgraded to Windows 7 Pro, I have been unable to get it to open so I can add information. Well, it opens but only as "Read-only". I tried everything to get this to work. I finally called Microsoft and tried to get the Windows 7 group to help but they told me they would have to get the Office group involved in a three-way conversation. Anyway, long-story- short, they each blamed the other for the problem. No one wanted to say it was their issue. Finally the Office tech support said they would help but it would cost me because of the software being so old. Even though it worked great until the upgrade to Windows 7.

So, I fixed it myself. This is how. I downloaded the New Microsoft Office 2007 trial version and installed it. Opened my old database and it worked fine. So, I saved that datebase again with a different name. Closed the Office 2007, uninstalled it. Ran my database with Access 2003 and it now works.

Don't ask me! I can't say why or how but it works now.

Believe me ... I tried everything before installing that trial version of Office. I could not get it to quit telling me it was "Read-only". I changed everything I could find.

Anyway, it works now. Just in case one of you out there in the world runs into this same issue and doesn't want to pay the Office Tech Support group to try and fix it ... and then tell you they... Read more

Answer:Office 2003 with Window 7 Issue solution

Quote: Originally Posted by Yochanan

I still use Microsoft Office 2003. I have a database built that I have used for years with the Access. Since I upgraded to Windows 7 Pro, I have been unable to get it to open so I can add information. Well, it opens but only as "Read-only". I tried everything to get this to work. I finally called Microsoft and tried to get the Windows 7 group to help but they told me they would have to get the Office group involved in a three-way conversation. Anyway, long-story- short, they each blamed the other for the problem. No one wanted to say it was their issue. Finally the Office tech support said they would help but it would cost me because of the software being so old. Even though it worked great until the upgrade to Windows 7.

So, I fixed it myself. This is how. I downloaded the New Microsoft Office 2007 trial version and installed it. Opened my old database and it worked fine. So, I saved that datebase again with a different name. Closed the Office 2007, uninstalled it. Ran my database with Access 2003 and it now works.

Don't ask me! I can't say why or how but it works now.

Believe me ... I tried everything before installing that trial version of Office. I could not get it to quit telling me it was "Read-only". I changed everything I could find.

Anyway, it works now. Just in case one of you out there in the world runs into this same issue and doesn't want to pay the Office Tech ... Read more

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In the above picture, you can see the office program open on the left, and the picture on the right beside it. The picture is the wallpaper the user has on her desktop.

What I did... mashed printscreen, then reopen Word, ctrl-v and it puts both side by side... when it should just be actual desktop I did a printscreen of.
anybody have any ideas ?

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So - a problem that I came across in a co-workers Outlook 2003 today was that when they receive an email with 2 (or more) attachments they are unable to Ctrl or Shift select them, right click and send them to print.

Now, I find this odd as this was a function available in office 2000 and is available in 2007 and 2010.

Anyone got any ideas?

Cheers -


Answer:Office 2003 Attachment printing issue

Anyone got any idea?


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I have been using Office 2003 (mainly Word & Excel) for many years with no problems.

Just before Christmas it started playing up.

When I save an Excel or Word file to the Desktop it takes at least 2 minutes for the 'Save As' function to find the Desktop.
It finds all the other locations on the far left of the 'Save As' screen with no problem - it's purely when trying to save to the Desktop.

I've decluttered the desktop and this hasn't helped.
I've uninstalled and reinstalled Office 2003 and this hasn't helped.

I'm hoping there is a solution somewhere... please help me!!

Answer:Office 2003 Desktop Save Issue

I just tried it with my Word 2003 and no problems "Saving As" to desktop.

Keep in mind Office 2003, like Windows XP, is no longer supported by Microsoft. Thus updates may not be available, but check for Office 2003 updates anyway. There were several Service Pack updates and one of those may help.

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I tried to install the Office 2003 suite on my vista home premium notebook and got this error message:

Error executing file
The requested operation requires elevation.

And will not continue - is there a incompatibility issue here or is there something else.

Answer:Solved: Office 2003 Setup Issue

Right click setup.exe and select "run as administrator"

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Hello. I am trying to set up Public folders in both Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2003 and am having no luck. My basic issue is I don't have the rights to add any new folders. I went on my server and into server management and went to the Public folder and added myself as an owner but still no luck. Any ideas?

Answer:Office 2007 And 2003 Public Folder Issue

Anything in here help?

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Hi guys,

I've got server 2003 running and many users logging into office 2007 on the machine. However, if there is anything in the autorecovery it shows up for everyone and won't go away. Checked in the user's applicationdata folders (in recent and microsoft) and can find shortcuts to the autosave docs sometimes. Would migrating to one autosave dir versus individual folders for users be something that could resolve this? Is there anywhere else I can look to see where office may be autosaving or the list of what it has to list for autorecovery?

Thanks in advance for any help.

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I've run into a bit of a weird issue with my Microsoft Word. Whenever I highlight/select text, and press any button (space, "x", backspace, delete, etc.), instead eliminating all that text and performing the action that I pressed, the text just stays in place as if I never highlighted in and the action is carried out at the beginning of the selection. I've never seen anything like this before, and I'm really not sure how to search in the help function for it, so does anyone have any idea how I might fix this? Let me know if you need more information or anything and I'll be happy to share. It's just a very irritating, very bizarre issue. Thanks!

- Carder

Answer:Microsoft Office Word 2003... Weird Issue

I don't have Word on this comp to test, but hit the insert button, and then try again, see if that changes anything.

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Here's a new one on me that I have no idea what's going on. Very basic P2P network with a DLink Router doing basic DHCP etc. Only 2 computers on the network, workgroup and networking working fine, they can talk to one another and see each other on the network.

First PC:

New laptop running Windows XP Pro and Office 2003 Pro. All updates have been done for Office and Windows. Laptop runs great, removed Mcrappy 10 and disabled all firewalls etc and installed AVG Free Antivirus.

Second PC:

Older Dell PC, running Windows 98 SE and Office 2000 Pro, used basically as the main file share PC on the network, no Firewalls.

The new Laptop can connect fine to the older PC and go to open the files. When opening any kind of Office document, excel spreadsheet from the the new laptop to the older PC (over the network) only a blue page comes up... no error message, nothing (it says the document is "ready" in the bottom left corner but it obviously isn't). If the file is actually transferred over from the older PC to the new laptop ,the document or excel file opens up fine...????

...Also an older laptop (which is being replaced by the new laptop) running Windows 98 SE and Office 2000 can open files fine from the older PC...

Anyone have an idea on what the issue might be? Thanks. (oh and this appears to be a Networking issue as opposed to an Office issue since you can open files correctly by moving them to the new laptop... which is why I put this under Networkin... Read more

Answer:Office 2003 opening files issue across a P2P network.

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Trying to load CD copy of Office 2003 on a new laptop running Vista. When I first tried it crashed trying to read the old CD. When I try again it fails telling me it can't find file on the disk. This is actually on the disk but I've tried copying the file to another place on my hard drive to read it from their but it wont let me.Anybody any clues how I can sort this out?Cheers

Answer:Office 2003 on Vista

Try running this click here (Vista included)Have a look at click here look at posts 9 onwards, although it discusses XP.Google page click hereHTHbretsky ;0)

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I have Office XP disks and I bought a new laptop running Vista 64. Per Vista compatibility web - these do not play well together and it is suggested that I buy new software. I have free Office trial software on the laptop and I don't like the new Office product. I thought I saw a note when I searched this topic last week that the problem is with Outlook and Vista 64 (no details could be found from Microsoft web search). I don't need Outlook on this laptop - is there any evidence that everything else might work well?

Answer:Office XP 2003 w Vista 64

Which one is it Office XP or Office 2003? These are two different versions, Office XP being older than Office 2003.

I used Office 2003 for about 7 months with Vista 64 and had no problems. Furthermore as one who lives by Outlook, I can clearly say I had no problems with Outlook under Vista 64, even synching it to my Windows based Treo 700wx.

In short Office 2003 + Vista 64 got along just fine. I can?t speak for Office XP.

Hope this helps.

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We bought my grandparents a new computer for internet and e-mail but my grandpa gets lots of those silly Powerpoint slideshows with music that old people send to each other all the time.

However, we don't have Office for Vista. Can I install my Office XP or Office 2003 on a Vista machine so he can use Powerpoint?

Answer:Can I use Office XP or 2003 on Vista?

as long as he isnt creating power points, i believe he can download a power point viewer free from ms.

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Can Office 2003 be installed on Vista? I heard that you can't.
I just want to make sure.

sorry if this has already been answered. Looking for a direct answer.

Answer:Vista & Office 2003 = ?

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i cannot load office student 2003 version onto our new laptop running vista. does anyone know why this could be?

Answer:office 2003 and vista

What error messages do you get?

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i have upgraded to Vista?? now every time i open and office 2003 application it asks me to acept the END USER LICENSE AGREEMENT the application works fine once i do this.
All the software is Genuine and activated and worked fine for years on windows XP

Answer:Vista and office 2003

AAShort said:

i have upgraded to Vista?? now every time i open and office 2003 application it asks me to acept the END USER LICENSE AGREEMENT the application works fine once i do this.
All the software is Genuine and activated and worked fine for years on windows XPClick to expand...

You know, there's an old saying that goes "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."

But seriously though, I would suggest uninstalling Office 2003 and reinstalling it, restart your computer, and see what happens.

My Office 2003 didn't work AT ALL when I installed Vista so consider yourself lucky!! I had to shell out some cash for Office 2007 but I don't regret it at all, it works great and it transfers all of my old 2003 documents into 2007 documents with no problem at all.

Let me know what happens though!

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Hi,Will office 2003 XP work on Vista.Thank you

Answer:Office 2003 on Vista

I have Microsoft Office 2003 and it is working fine on Vista if thats any help

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I just bought my wife a laptop with Vista on it. I have a teacher/student edition of MS office that I installed on both my XP laptops. When I put the disk in the vista laptop it doesn't ever seem to recognize it is in there. I looked at my computer and clicked on the DVD/CD drive and it just shows a data file. when I clik on that it tells me access is denied. Can I not use this program with Vista? I appreciate any help.

Thank you,

Answer:Vista and Office 2003

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According to everyone/where i have asked it is ment to work on vista

so i installed it but everytime i start my pc up on lgin and when i open browsers etc the windows is installing office box pops up.

I just started my ecdl advanced teachin course and its all based on 2003 so i have to try get it working with vista or im going to have to format and just run xp again untill i have finished my course.

Any help is apreciated guys


Answer:Office 2003 On Vista

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I am in the process of purchasing a nre Laptop, currently thinking of a Dell 1721. My question is this: Can I use my MS Office, professional edition 2003, on the MS Vista operating system. I have heard that they are not compatable, but I need to know for sure as I will need to purchase the upgrade if necessary (another $229.00).


Answer:MS Office 2003 on Vista

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I purchased and loaded Office 2003 onto my laptop (windows XP) a couple of years ago. I now have a HP Pavillion (vista) and will no longer be using the laptop. The desktop has Office 2007 loaded, but the trial ran out. Can I uninstall Office 2007 and then install Office 2003 rather than buy another product key? Thank you for your assistance.

Answer:Can I run Office 2003 on vista?

Yes,you will probably need the compatability pack to be
able to deal with newer file formats in office 2007,if
the need arises.
See instructions here.
2007 compatability pack.

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Nice easy one! Can any one tell me if Vista will run Office 2003? Have got a new laptop running vista for my son at Christmas, and just want to know if I can install 2003 without any problems?Many thanks in advance and have a good Christmas!

Answer:Vista and Office 2003 Pro

No problem at all on mine.All the best

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A friend of maine has bought a new laptop with Vista installed and he tried to install Office 2003 Pro and Adobe 6 with no results. Can these program be used with Vista and if so how.

Answer:Vista and Office 2003

Adobe 6 is not compatible. I haven't had any luck running it in Vista and when I try to install it, I get a very specific message about the compaitbility issues.

Office 2003, I was finally able to install under Vista by browsing the CD, right clicking the set up file and choosing to run as administrator.
Runs perfectly.

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can i install this on vista,i have tried but it will not let me run disk

Answer:office 2003 on vista

Locate the setup file on the cd, right click it and choose Run as Administrator from the menu.Office 2003 runs without any problem on Vista

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Hi I have office 2003 on the Vista OS, having trouble with the office assistant, can't change it. Error can't do this task not enough memory, I have 2g's Memory on a laptop that is less than a year old. 1.6g cpu, 100G 7200 rpm hardrive, 128mb integrated graphics. ?????
Have all the sevice packs and updates. ?????

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Issue: Norton Security Suite blocking edits in Win Photo Gallery (Win Vista 32 bit) - unresolved by Norton support tech

Norton Security Suite is blocking a ""heuristic virus"" which in the most recent incident is labeled as file "a&j\appdata\local\temp\~pi193a.tmp" and in 23 instances over 3 days was referenced by Norton as "~pi(individual number).tmp (bloodhound.Exploit.13) .

Despite working with a Norton tech via live chat and remote desktop, the same error is occuring where Norton is blocking me from saving edits in my Windows Photo Gallery.

All of these blocking actions happen while I am attempting to edit/save a photo in Windows Picture Gallery.

Prior to May 3rd I was able to use Picture Gallery without issue. Since working with the Norton tech I succeeded in saving two edits, then BLAM! Norton pops up a notice that Auto-Protect blocked a heuristic virus. As before I contacted Norton, when I try to save an edit (or delete a photo) in Windows Picture Gallery, the Gallery shows a message that "changes cannot be saved..." so the normal automatic save of an edit or deletion in Windows Picture Gallery is prohibited from working.

Yes, I have checked all the administrative options for each file and photo. There is no property issue here.

I went on live chat with a Norton tech last night and he asked permission to connect remotely. I watched as he checked EVERYTHING and I gave permission to remove 3 progr... Read more

Answer:Issue: Norton Security Suite blocking edits in Win Photo Gallery (Win Vista 32 bit)

Re: Issue: Norton Security Suite blocking edits in Win Photo Gallery (Win Vista 32 bi

One possible workaround that springs to mind is to turn off Norton's scanning on saving/writing files when you're using that photo editor, just allow it to scan on opening/reading. Make sure you turn it back on when you're back to browsing the 'net.

Have you tried using another editor (Paint, for example) to see if the symptoms are the same?

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Just changed my O/S from XP Pro to Vista. When trying to load Office 2003 to Vista, I get the following message.
"Error executing file" The requested operation requires elevation".
Any ideas about how to continue the installation?

Answer:Loading Office 2003 in Vista

Hello moonbeam

Load the Office 2003 CD and cancel the automatic setup.

Go to My Computer, right click the CD drive/Explore.
Find the installer/setup or exe file
Right click this file/Run as Administrator.


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I am very confused.

Vista 32 bit Business Premium with all critical updates
Office 2003 Professional SP3; SP3 installed 17 Nov 2007.

Fresh installation of both Vista & O 2003.

How do I update Office 2003? informs me that Office Update is not supported in Vista. I shall refrain from ranting about the incompatibilities of an OS that is almost 11 months old & a recent Microsoft Office product. directs me to use Vista's Windows update utility, which does NOT list Office 2003 updates.

Perhaps there are not updates for O 2003 available.

As I noted, I am very confused.


Answer:updating Office 2003, using Vista

Hi. Vista can definately update Office 2003. I did it myself last week. Used the windows update function which is in my start menu.
Service pack three apears to be the last update.

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I just bought a new computer with Vista and it came with a trial version of Office 2007. I uninstalled it and installed 2003. Every time I open Excel or Word or Access, it tries to configure BCM for Outlook 2007.
I have a CD for BCM 2003, but am not even sure I need it. I've uninstalled everything and reinstalled it. I've tried to change the registry. It still seems to want to install and configure BCM 2007. I'm at my wits end. What can I do?

Answer:Vista, Office 2003, BCM 2007

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I?ve just bought a new, highly specced PC running Vista Home Premium. It came with a 60 day trial / evaluation copy of Office 2007. As I already own a copy of Office 2003 Professional, I decided to uninstall the 2007 version, (as I did not wish to purchase after the trial period), and install the 2003 Professional version.The uninstall went well. With no problems. Upon trying to install 2003 Professional, the autorun performed OK to bring up the selection menu. As soon as I click on ?Install Office 2003? I get an error message window from Windows Installer: ?Error opening installation logfile. Verify that the specified logfile exists and is writable? At this stage I reach an impasse. Can amyone throw any light on this for me and advise of a possible solution?

Answer:Installation Of MS Office 2003 on Vista PC

Looks a bit involved I'm afraid. click here The link comes from here click here which suggests a potential for a number of answers to your question.

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quick question: does m/s office 2003 work on windows vista ? Or do you have to have 2007?thank you

Answer:m/s office 2003/ windows vista

I have office 2000 pro and it runs fine on vista home premium so I assume 2003 will.

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I purchased MS Office 2003 Professional on eBay and ran it successfully on MS XP. I can not, however, run it on MS Vista Home Premium. When trying to install the programme I receive the message "Data Error (Cyclic Redundancy Check)". The programme is shown as being compatible with Vista. Is there a solution to the problem or do I need to invest in another Office programme?

Answer:Office 2003 compatability with Vista

You can run the programme. You need to open the files and manually select the setup.exe. It will not run automatically.G

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At one time I thought I could update my Office 2003 suite on my Vista based laptop. However, none of the updates will take now. What does it take to allow these updates to load? I suspect others may have had the same problem. If so, I'd appreciate any suggestions.



Answer:vista updates for Office 2003

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I want to buy a new notebook which will come with Vista. I have Office 2003, which was installed numerous years ago, on my old notebook, which I am going to give to my Mom. I do not have the Office 2003 Disk. Am I able to transfer/copy Office 2003 along with settings and data to the new machine, leaving Office 2003 still usable on the old machine? If so, how? Also, is this legal? Thanks!

Answer:Office 2003 on XP to new machine with Vista?

There isn't a way to "copy" a program like Microsoft Office from one computer to another. It has to be installed. Whether or not it's legal to have it installed in both places depends on the specifics of the licensing agreement for the type of license you purchased originally.

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Hello..glad to be a new member, and thanks for the help. Here is my dilemma...recently purchased a new Dell inspiron 1420 notebook with Windows Vista.

My old laptop is a Dell Inspiron 9100 with Windows XP purchased in 2004. On the old dell is Microsoft Office 2003 (came with the machine).....I used a usb "pc-to-pc file transfer for dummies" tool to transfer files from the old dell, to the new dell.

So far the process has worked brilliantly...I have been able to bring all the old files and applications to the new dell that I wanted. I had Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver, itunes...Filezilla, and other goodies on the old machine, and all transferred successfully, and I was able to reinstall the applications on the new dell, once the transfer was complete.

Except......for Office 2003.
The files for office 2003 are in the program files of my new dell as we speak, but every time I attempt to run (as an administrator) one of the applications (say, Excel, for example)...I get the same error message....."THE OPERATING SYSTEM IS NOT PRESENTLY CONFIGURED TO OPEN THIS APPLICATION".

Anybody got any idea how i can configure my machine, or what I'm doing wrong?


Answer:Office 2003 and Vista..can they be friends?

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I don't like Office 2007 and need to know if Office 2003 is compatible with Vista.

Answer:Office 2003 compatible w/Vista?

Indeed it is.
Had office 03 running with vista home premium, before i got 07 from school

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I got a new HP laptop with Vista. I don't want to buy Office 2007. I have Office 2003 and would rather use it. Are Vista & Office 2003 compatible? Thanks.


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Prior to installing Office 2003 on a Vista (32-bit SP1) laptop, I was prompted to select a user and enter a password when logging in to Vista. After installing Office 2003, I am no longer prompted to log in when restarting or returning from sleep mode. I've tried adjusting the Vista settings to require u/n and pwd, but no go. Can anyone shed some light?

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How do I installing Office 2003 on Vista 64 bit? It is a HP laptop tablet.

Answer:How do I installing Office 2003 on Vista 64 bit?

Hi notdeadyetagain
Welcome to Tech Support Guy Forums!

It should be as simple as inserting the Office 2003 CD and following the prompts to install the software. Is it not working as it should?

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For some reason, the program won't install because it claims it can't modify some obscure .inf file. This happen to anyone else? I checked on MS compatibility page and it says that it should wtf...

Answer:Office 2003 Won't Install on Vista 64

I've installed Office 2003 Professional on three different Vista 64 builds with absolutely zero problems.

Are you logged in with an administrator account when trying to install?

And what is the exact name of the inf file?

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Anyone had any problems running Office 2000 or 2003 on Vista?

Answer:Vista and Office 2000 or 2003

office 2003 runs great on vista home premium :cool

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A tech at Best Buy told me that on Windows Vista you can install and run Microsoft Office 2003 but you cannot do any updates for it. Is this accurate?

I'm looking at getting a new laptop that comes with Vista but don't want to buy Office 2007.

Answer:Windows Vista and Office 2003

That is not correct, u can run updates on it

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Hey guys,

im trying to install office 2003 on a Vista system, and mid way through the prep for instalation, it quits.

It seems to happen during the configuration stage,

Any ideas ??

Answer:Office 2003 Vista Install

The procedure outline here might help

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I have loaded Office 2003 on a vista computer. I am getting the following error when I run word....

runtime error has occured. Do you wish to Debug? Line 1 Error:Syntax error

Any suggestions?


Answer:running office 2003 on vista?

If you have not done this yet, get online and download SP2 for Office 2003. Does that resolve the problem?

You initiate the Office update by going to Help in any Office component and selecting Check for Updates.

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Whenever I use office 2003 (word for example) Office constantly pauses like its crashing, will even say not responding in the title bar, then 10-20 seconds later it will work. I go to use the spell checker or save and it does the same thing.. 10-20 seconds later it will start responding. If if switch active windows it does this also when trying to go back to Office. Anyone else experience this and know of a fix?


Answer:office 2003 and vista 64 problem

Did you install any office updates?

Where did you install office? IN the Program Files 32bit portion, or elsewhere? A fix I've done, tried and suggested for many ppl is to install office into c:\Office

Post back with results.

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I had an XP PC with MS Office 2003 installed, and am replacing that PC with a new one that has Vista Home Premium installed. I have my original MS Office 2003 CD that was purchased with that PC, and have already wiped the old PC to prepare it for donation.

When I try to install MS Office, after typing in the product code the install window indicates "Now Installing" and installation just stalls there.

Here is the weird part. I actually have 2 old PCs being replaced with 2 new ones, and they each had their own legit Office license. Moving MS Office onto the first PC went without a hitch. On the second one, it stalls. Of course the product codes are different. This is legit software-- we don't run the same copy on multiple PCs. I ran the setup.exe on the CD "As Administrator," so that's not the problem.

Any clues?

Thanks-- JT

Answer:MS Office 2003 install on Vista

Does the new PC have any trial Office software installed? If so I would uninstall it and then reinstall 2003.

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I'm getting a new Vista machine in about a week. Don't want to purchase the upgrade for Office 2007 yet. Has anyone used Office 2003 in Vista successfully?

Answer:Office 2003 & Windows Vista

Yes, it works fine... except for Outlook. But that's okay because Vista comes with Window Live Mail... which works splendid.

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Hello Friends,

I have Vista and (strangely) office 2000 premium on my notebook. To convert office 2007 files, i tried to install the office 2007 converted. It requires office 2000 SP3. But Sp3 can not run on vista as it is a 16 bit program. What is the solution.

Further to install SP3, I needed to install SP1R. This got installed but everytime i start word or excel it starts to install again and report that the file "seetup.hlp" is not found. I searched in my comp and the web, I could not find this file.

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Hi all,

Hoping somebody can help me out here. I sent this off to Microsoft about a month ago and have since received three emails in response, one of which said 'try reinstalling' another saying 'are you sure this is the only program in which there is a problem' and a third saying 'please bear with us, we're experiencing high levels of requests right now and need more time.' That was ten days ago.

Yes. Well. I'm hoping somebody out there can help instead

So some background information. I purchased a new laptop about two months ago, on which had Windows Vista (business) automatically installed. I installed myself Office 2007 and updated all the necessary security features and upgrades and so forth. All programs are genuine. This is a decent quality laptop - decent speed (set me back around $2k AU)

About six weeks ago now I began having problems with my computer. It would suddenly freeze on application - the screen would go white and I would lose the ability to click on anything else. alt+ctr+delete had no effect, nor did leaving it alone for a while. Every time this happened I would need to hard restart.

After a system of elimination, I realised the problem occurred when I was opening 2003 Word Documents. (Almost) every time I opened such a document I would freeze up. As a uni student, I'm constantly receiving various documents from other parties which I have been left unable to access.
I say almost. After some testing on my... Read more

Answer:Freezing issue when opening 2003 Word docs in Office 2007

Office 2007 can read previous versions of Office no matter which program in Office you are using, other versions will need the compatibility pack from Microsoft so they can read 2007 version.

I did use Office 2007 myself recently in a temp job for seven weeks and I don’t remember seeing an option to save a document in an earlier version format, is the computer is still under warranty?

What ram and processor have you got? Some problems with Vista are caused because If buying a new PC or laptop beware of the differences between ‘Vista-Capable’ and ‘Vista Premium Ready’
A PC that is &#8216;Vista-capable&#8217; can run Windows Vista, but won&#8217;t necessarily get everything working. <<<<<<<<

&#8216;VistaPremium-ready&#8217; PC, can get all of the more demanding features such as Aero working correctly.

At the very least Vista needs a truckload of memory and a lot of the cheaper notebooks only come with 512mb of ram unless you have paid for extra, where at least a gig is needed, Ideally 2 gig of memory would be the way to go.

But you did say a reasonable lap top and going by what you wrote it obviously was not like this at the beginning. (Two weeks after you brought it, it started to play up, or is that when you installed Office and its been playing up since you installed it? (I am still thinking will post again if something comes to mind)

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Having run office 2003 (student version) on our home Pc running XP for a couple of years now, we have just got our daughter a laptop with Vista on it. When trying to install the office package we get an error saying the system can't find file on the cd.Anyone any ideas?ThanksNeil

Answer:Problems loading Office 2003 on Vista

Check the cd for damage/fingerprints/other dirty marks and clean it if necessary.Sounds like the cd is not being read correctly.

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Contacted Microsoft today and they had never seen this before and told me to buy a new copy of office!!! I had XP home with an original OEM version of Office 2003. I have upgraded to Vista ultimate (X64). Office installs fine and opens, it asks me to accept the EULA and then activates and tells me it was successfull. However ever time I now open any office application I have to keep accepting the EULA but it keeps working fine - anyone any ideas??ThanksStu

Answer:Office 2003 EULA on Vista Ultimate

You've upgraded the old PC that you had Office 2003 on to Vista? Then you shouldn't have to buy a new copy, it's still on the PC it was sold for. Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling Office?

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can i load my copy of micriosoft office basic edition 2003 onto my new pc which uses vista x64 OS?

Answer:using microsoft office basic 2003 in vista

why you shouldn't be able to do that. MS Office is 32bit software, and Vista 64bit will recognise it as such.

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Contacted Microsoft today and they had never seen this before and told me to buy a new copy of office!!! I had XP home with an original OEM version of Office 2003. I have upgraded to Vista ultimate (X64). Office installs fine and opens, it asks me to accept the EULA and then activates and tells me it was successfull. However ever time I now open any office application I have to keep accepting the EULA but it keeps working fine - anyone any ideas??

Answer:Office 2003 Activation on Vista Ultimate

You are not the only one, seems to be a lot of it about click here=

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Can anyone tell me if it is possible to instal Microsoft Office Small Business Edition into Vista?I would also like to know if I could instal Word Perfect 9 in Vista. This is quite old 2001 I think.Thanks JF

Answer:Instal MS office SB edition 2003 into Vista

click here

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I have just bought a new HP laptop DV9000 and I'm trying to install office 2003 pro. I have loaded without a problem on my desktop but on my new laptop I get the following error message.Error 1335 The cabinet file 'E3561405.CAB' required for this installation is corrupt and cannot be used.I have vista home edition on both I worried that my new machine has the problem and not my office disk, any help please as I'm out of ideas!

Answer:vista & office 2003 install problem

click here - Try this - most forums give this as a possible solution to your problem

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I have a recently purchased laptop running Windows Vista 64-bit. The computer came with a pre-installed, trial version of Microsoft Office Student and Teacher edition 2007. I purchased Microsoft Office Student and Teacher edition 2003 a couple of years ago and wish to install this on the laptop running Windows Vista 64-bit.

Will this work? I should probably go ahead and uninstall Microsoft Office Student and Teacher edition 2007 before installing the 2003 version, right? I've also done some searching on this website and others on how to do this. Some suggest installing Office 2003, then visiting the Windows Update website before opening any Office programs.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks for your time,


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I've just upgraded my computer and Vista 64Bit was pre-installed on it. When I installed my MS Office 2003 everything went fine except that at the Start Button - All Programs, it didn't install a short cuts to either 'New Office Document or Open Office Document'. When I looked on my wife's computer which also has Ms Office 2003 installed, looking at properties for the shortcut , to see where the shortcut pointed it had no target for the short cut. Target was greyed out with Microsoft Office Professional Edition 2003. Is there any way that I can get back this very handy shortcut.

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Here is the base issue. I have tried to install Office 03 on my laptop that is running Vista home Premium. My account is the administrator account. The installation works fine untill it tries to edit the registry keys at which point I get :
Error 1402. Setup cannot open the registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run\OptionalComponents\MSFS. Verify that you have suffencent permissions to access the registry or contact your Information Technology department for assistance.

Now things that I have tried.
1. Running the setup as administrator.
2. Tried changing type of install (i.e. typical, complete, etc.)
3. Tried to change the permissions for the registry keys as listed in and was told that I didn't have permission to view the current permissions much less change the permissions even while running regedit as the Admin.
4. After trying to change the permissions on that particular key, I tried to change the permissions on the :HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE. It let me change that one but still won't let me install.
5. Tried installing after a "clean boot". (no difference)
6. Threatened the computer with violence. (hey, it sometimes works.)
7. Searched for someone else as having listed the same problem. (didn't find anyone with exact or similar problem that wasn't resolved through the means I have tried above)

As the Administrator account running setup as administrator, which is the typi... Read more

Answer:Problem installing Office 2003 on Vista

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Just curios if my copy of Office 2003 is going to work ok with Vista?

Answer:Office 2003 work wtih Vista?

Copyright said:

Just curios if my copy of Office 2003 is going to work ok with Vista?Click to expand...
My 2k3 Pro worked with the RC's, so I don't see a problem with it working with the RTM version.

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I have used Office 2003 on an XP version and was always able to see a list of all my document/excel etc files by selecting Open on the File menu. I am now using the same Office 2003 on a Vista and I cannot find how to see a list of all the documents I am working on. They seem to stay in Recent Documents for a few days then disappear and I can't find them again. Help please.

Answer:Viewing 2003 Office Files on Vista

It's an Office feature, not an OS feature:

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I have heard different things from different people. Once and for all, can you tell me if a new laptop with Vista Home will work with Office 2003? I'm being told yes by Dell but no by another hardware tech support guy. Any input would be appreciated.

Thanks. [email protected]

Answer:Does Office 2003 work on Vista Home

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I just purchased a PC running Vista. Can anyone tell me if Vista is compatible with MICROSOFT OFFICE 2003 ?

My machine came pre-loaded with a 60 day trial of MICROSOFT OFFICE 2007 but I'd like to use software that I already own rather than spend more $$$ on a different version.

Answer:Does Microsoft Office 2003 work with Vista

HI! Recca
I have been using Microsoft Office 2003 student edition since Vista Ultimate 32bit Beta. The functions I use work OK.

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Installed MS Office 2003 on vista home premium and every time I start one of the programs such as Word, the user license pops up and asks to be accepted. I read that one can go to the folder and start Word with a right click and administrator rights but I can not find Word, Access, Outlook, or any of the other office programs only the shortcut.

Any one have a suggestion or a different solution?

Also removed office 2007 student trial version. Laptop also came with works software. I also have not registered Vista as I can not find where to register it.

Answer:MS Office 2003 on Vista user license

which verison of office 2003, upgrade cd, full retail version, pro, student/teacher, burn copy cd.

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I recently installed Office 2003 SBE onto a Vista system and activated it. Everytime I start up one of the applications (Word, Excel, etc.), I get a licence adherence prompt (ie I got to click that I agree with the terms of the licence agreement). Any one come across this problem? Is there a compatibility issue? (Please do not tell me I have to get Office 2007!) I have checked that the licence is activated.

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Microsoft Office Prof. 2003 with Vista

Did you install it as Administrator and for all users??

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Okay, short story: .DOC files won't open Word. Word will open .DOCs, but I cannot get double-clicking a .DOC file to open word.

I'm not sure what's going on here. I've made two completely clean installs of Office 2003 on a Vista64 Premium machine. Everything installs properly, all the office components work, and most importantly, word works perfectly. All the other office files set their associations correctly. Powerpoints open with powerpoint, spreadsheets in Excel, etc. .DOC does not register.

.DOC will not open Word, but Word will open any .DOCs. - Edit: Wordpad is the default for opening .doc files, but my listed problem below keeps me from changing it to word.

Now, I've tried a few things:
Completely uninstalling Office and reinstalling it.
Repairing office.
Manually setting .DOC files to open with WINWORD via the office folder. (And this is where it gets weird. If I double click word (WINWORD) from PFx86\MS Office\Office\WINWORD.exe, it doesn't show up in the master dialog box to select an open-as or default, but if I select any other office program (powerpoint, excel) those will show up as options to open with or set as default.)
And finally: Trying to trick windows into doing it via 'clever' mods to the .DOC extension in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\FileExts\.doc

Like I said, the long story short is that office is fine and works perfectly, and my Vista installation is showing no probl... Read more

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I am trying to import files. FAVORITES, CALENDARS, CONTACTS, etc. I keep getting an error message that says "Microsoft Office Outlook cannot start the required translator. The feature is not currently installed. Would you look to install it now?" I select "yes" and then I receive the message "Microsoft Office Outlook cannot start the required translator. Microsoft Office Outlook cannot install the necessary files due to Microsoft Installer error 1635." The happens with CSv files as well as excel files. I have the same problem in Explorer with Htm files.



See if this helps:



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Everytime i go to a "New Message" or "Reply" i get the message "The Add in "C:\WINDOWS\system32\fxset32.dll" could not be loaded or installed.

Detect and repair from the help menu failed. Resinstalling failed. Is there any other way to stop this annoying message?


Answer:Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 On Vista

Did you install the program in XP SP2 compatibility mode with Run as Administrator also selected? If not, uninstall it, then reinstall it using the compatibility wizard.

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I've just bought a Toshiba A135-S4527 with Vista installed. Originally I took off the Office 2007 trial(beta)ware. Installed my Office 2003 and every time I opened (or launched an app) I got a "windows is installing config..." You know the story. I found no fix so I figured I could use that copy (2003) on an XP machine for my son. Got a brand new copy of Office Pro 2007, etc, installed it AND I have same d-mn problem to a T.

Additionally when opening Excel I get an alert box with "stdole32.tlb" and thats all it says. This alert only occurs with Excel. When I dismiss the box (alert window) then it starts running a "Process Configuring..." event, as does Winword, Powerpoint, Publisher, etc. I have checked the register IAW MS KB and the factor is in the registry with a valid path.

Outlook is not an issue as I prefer not to use it.

Anyone know how to fix this, I would be VERY grateful. I might even donate my first born son or something.

CPU Intel T2080 @ 1.73Ghz
RAM 2038 Mb
32 Bit OS (Vista)

Answer:Solved: Vista with Office 2003/2007

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Hello! [I thought] I new a lot about computers until I bought a computer with the Vista Operating I just feel "dumb".

I was trying to reinstall my MS Office 2003 and as I installed it, my computer is looking for files from the various disks, this was not asked of me during the original installation [using XP] - they were found on the disk and installed.
I tried to find the files, but the program just sits there.... thinking.

So I bought MS Office 2007 Enterprise and during the installation, I keep getting messages the wwenterprise\msi or another [wwenterprise\cab]
simliar file is missing.

I am so depressed, I do not know which way to turn. I do need to have MS Office, so I need to determine if it is better to re-install XP from my old Dell Computer, or find a way to get MS Office 2003 to be compatible with Vista.

You folks out here are the "smart" folks... Please advise me as to what I should do to remedy this situation. Thanks.....

Answer:MS Office 2003 on the Vista Operating system


Office 2003 and more so 2007 are Vista compatible as I have had both running ok in Vista, use 2007 Enterprise as worksupplies me with this.

Are you logged on as Admin on the PC? if not do so to install the Office application, once installed its available for all users on PC.

What are exact messages you are getting on install? these will help trace issue and fix

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I am using the complete (and paid for) Office 2003 on an old computer and have now purchased a new PC.I need to ensure that when I put Office 2003 onto the new one it's going to allow me to use it as it was activated on the old PC.Is there an official precedure that needs completing before I lose my licence by binning the old computer. I was told that I would, somehow, need to 'close down' the old activation licence and have it transferred to the new computer.Does anyone know of this, please?

Answer:How Do I Transfer Office 2003 Licence To Vista?

All I did when transferring from my old XP PC to my new XP PC was to uninstall from the old, install on the new and activate. No problem whatsoever.

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