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Specific desktop folders reset their view settings

Question: Specific desktop folders reset their view settings

We all know the terrible history of Windows and folder view settings. They've limited some of the customization options and most of the problems went away. Windows 8 is rather decent in saving the folder view settings. All the folders in my local drives keep their view settings and I have no problems. However, I have a couple folders on my desktop that keep reverting to the default view settings and it is a bit irritating.

Here's the situation: I have several folders on my desktop. Some of them are shortcuts and some of them are located on the desktop itself. The shortcut ones have no problems with the view settings. The ones located on the desktop on the other hand keep resetting to the default view settings. They contain only one type of files - shortcuts for my programs and games. I'm not sure if the type of customization makes any difference, but one of the folders I like to view in tiles and the others in large icons. I usually sort them by date created. No matter of the view or sort setting though, they reset to the default details view quite often.

I've tried most of the possible solutions. I've also deleted and created the folders again but the problems persists. I've tried to identify the actions that might force the reset but I have no definite answer. In past versions of Windows it seemed there were some "connections" between random folders and changing the view settings of one affected the other but I don't think that's the case here because I don't change view settings at all. Something else that might be causing it is just simple browsing in folders on my local drivers. Sometimes I browse folders on my system partition and then when I check, the desktop folders are reset to the default setting. However if I try to force that change I can't identify a pattern. It seems strange and I can't understand what mechanism could be causing such a change. Something else I thought about is starting a particular program or a game. I don't know if an executable file could initiate something like that. For example when I start one of my programs, it forces the first image in my wallpapers folder on the background. However I had the view settings problem even before I installed the program.

It's not such a big problem since it is affecting just some folders on the desktop but it would be nice if I fix it. I thought of some way of "locking" the view settings. However I'm not sure where that information is stored and how I can manipulate it. It would be great if I manually set the view settings via a configuration file or something and make it read-only. I've started looking for that option but also decided to post here. Maybe some of you can offer a solution. Thanks in advance.

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Preferred Solution: Specific desktop folders reset their view settings

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Specific desktop folders reset their view settings

I have 8.1 Pro so my View settings may not apply to yours.

If I set a View it stays that way unless I change it.

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Hi everyone,

I've made the switch to Windows 10 for about a week or so now. So far almost everything is working just as I wanted, except some sorting annoyances with File Explorer.

For unknown reasons, file sort settings for special folders like Desktop, Documents, Download are not saved. I always sort my files/folders by date (Descending: New above, old below) so that I can access to files that I use the most or recent downloaded file. The sort setting seem to work with all folders except the mentioned above. Moreover, the sorting for these folders seem to be random (not 100% sure). For instance, my Desktop would sort files and folders by Name, while my Download folder sorts file by Date (but ascending!).

In all.. those special folders are a mess! I have to move forward and backward non-stop between them as I work but their settings just keep resetting!
I should probably move my working folders to some other location and forget about it. But doing that mean I have to make changes for all my PCs so I'd like to explore a fix before making those changes.

Any helps, tweaks to fix this will be greatly appreciated!

Answer:View settings not saved for special folders (desktop, download..)

I have the same problem.

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As you may know, XP lets you select specific details to view in Details mode of a folder, for example if you have a documents folder, you can select to view author, owner, date created, etc, for a pictures folder, you can select items like date taken, camera used, dimensions.

However, you can only do this on a per folder basis, so for example, if you have a lot of subfolders under my pictures, you can't select multiple folders and choose what details that you want to be displayed for those folders.

Does anyone here know of either a third party program or a sample script (vbs or Windows script) that could modify the specific details settings on certain multiple folders at one time?



Answer:Specific Detail View Multiple Folders

You can make the details view the default for all folders (as I do).And you can still change the view of individual folders if you would like's just that the default will be the details view.When you get to My Computer (in the following), change the view to Details before moving on.Start\My Computer\Tools\Folder Options\ Apply To All Folders.Louis

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Hey people,
This is an annoying bug me and some other people have on Windows 10 (I Googled and I found a forum that people had this). Not sure how did it start but it happened like 3 days after I upgraded to Windows 10. Everything was fine and I was thrilled to use Windows 10 but then this bug hit me. So the thing is that one day I refreshed my desktop and I saw my icons changing places and sort themselves by name. It was strange so I figured out to change them back in the way I want. When I did refresh again they changed and sorted by name...again. I hate this and I always had my desktop shortcuts not sorting at all, just to align in grid. I don't even use auto arrange icons.
Funny thing is that I see NO dot (like selection) near any Sort by option. So that means I have the "Sorty by" feature off but they keep going sorting themselves. This won't stop here though. Everytime I start my PC or restart it the icons are ALWAYS sorted by Name. It never saves my options.
And this led to another "not saving" my options in Folder View settings. All my folders, BUT ALL MY FOLDERS, are in Details view. When I change a folder in List or Small Icons, Medium Icons etc and I go back and forth into the folder again they option I did wasn't saved at all. It's still back to Details view. This happened the same day with my Desktop icons.
All of the guys have this bug that hit desktop icons and the Folder View settings at the same time. So I guess, it's one bug that st... Read more

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Folders what gets reset when you Reset to Default All folders Windows 10

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Folders what gets reset when you Reset to Default All folders Windows 10

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When I change the view for pictures in shared pictures from tiles to thumbnails, it does not seem to stay at this view setting, I have checked the option to remember each folder's view setting in folder options, but still these folders settings still continue to change themselves, why is this, also when I change the icon of a folder, for music for example, this icon seems to dissapear and change back to it's original look after restart or when the computer is turned back on from standbye, thanks for all the help.

Answer:folders view settings

Try this, click here , Rhuddlan.

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To put it directly, I'm looking for the Windows 10 equivalent of this: Folder View Settings - Reset to Default in Windows 8

Answer:Reset folder view settings in Windows 10?

Post a screen shot of what it looks like now.
To me, both Windows 8 and Windows 10 look the same.

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One thing that really annoys me in XP Pro is that some folders do not remember the view settings (I have the setting checked in folder options). It seems that random folders will revert to "icon" view and every time I revisit them I have to put them back to "details" view which is my prefered view.

Does anyone know of a fix for this bug? It isn't just me. Some of my coworkers complain about this as well.

Answer:Folders not remembering view settings in XP Pro

happens to me too, only i have my music sorted by 'date created' and then itll go back to sorted by 'name' so i have to go through this process that lets you sort by 'date created' b/c on wouldnt let me sort by date...

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my folders keep changing their view settings after i change them.
i have looked in folder options and the "remember each folders view settings" is checked but they still change. any idea's?

i run on windows XP, NTFS file system

i have run:-

norton anti-virus
free online virus scan(trend micro)

nothing found on my system?



Answer:folders keep changing view settings

Test in safe mode and see if you still have same issue.

1) boot to safe mode -> make changes -> apply changes
2) reboot to safe mode -> test -> do you have same issue or not?

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Hi, I have many folders that I want to set a specific custom setting for.

I have about 100 folders (well, specifically, saved search files within File Explorer, that I want to open showing the results as View > Details, and only the details on top of Name & Date Modified. Also, the Name detail should be set at 440 pixels, and the Date Modified detail set to 160 pixels.

Is there an easy way to do this rather than doing it manually for each one?


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I'm not sure if this is a common problem. Although considering this web page:

Change Vista Default Folder View / Make Folders Same | Geeky Drunk

it seems like it is.

I have tried to solve the problem by doing everything that's said in that web page, but it didn't work.

Answer:Folders won't stay in the same view settings.

Hell CastellanKat, and welcome to Vista Forums.

The link you have above only applies the changes to folders with the same folder template, and not all folders.

If you like, you could use the .reg file in Option One of METHOD TWO in the tutorial below to apply "Details" view to all folders.

Windows Explorer Folder View settings

Hope this helps,

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I've configured Outlook (2002) exactly as I want it with one problem. I can't figure out how to make global changes in all the folders. I know how to change the current view in each folder and thus the font size of the messages, but do I really have to do this 100 times (assuming 100 folders) or is there a way to change it all at once.
And while I'm bothering you, is there a way of increasing the font of text in "To" "Cc" and "Subject—both as to the text you type in and the font on the program itself which says "To" "CC" and "Subject."
To be clear, this is not Outlook Express, and suggestions for OE do not translate to Outlook as I've learned.
My email address is [email protected]. Thank you for your time. Joel

Answer:Outlook: View Settings in All Folders

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I want to have my recycle bin in "Details" view, sorted by date descending. I can set it fine but then 15-30 mins later when I open the recycle bin again, it has gone back to the regular, alphabetic list view. This automatic change of view doesn't happen for a little while since I can change the view, close the recycle bin, open it again and see that all is apparently well. I then leave it alone but some time later (hour+) when I open the recycle bin again, the view has reset again.
I am using XpSP3, I am the machine admin, I have run avira antivir and spybot with no success. Not sure if this is related, but I can't change my DEP (data execution prevention) settings either. I can open the DEP window (system > advanced > performance settings > DEP) and change things on it, but when I re-open it immediately, none of the changes have been saved/retained. The DEP program exceptions list just goes back to how it was, ignoring all my changes.
Thank you for trying to help.

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Hi, i'm new to this forum, and i have some problems i'd like to ask about but i'm not really sure if this is the right section, but i'm just gonna post it here. Mods please move this if this isnt in the right place >_<.

Just yesterday, on Thursday, i found out that my folders dont remember my view settings anymore. I tried various method, but it still won't remember the view settings. I personally want the view settings that i chose for a specific folder, so that i can easily navigate and see the contents. But yesterday, I went nuts over this. It didnt happen for the past year, but it has to happen now. I read several threads and searched up many places, i found out that this problem suppose to be long ago and SP2 should fix it. I already updated my laptop to SP2 right when i bought the laptop, so i have no idea what is the problem with this.

Does anyone else have any idea what could be wrong with my laptop? I seriously did not do anything to the folders, besides opening and closing them when i want to find or open something.

Answer:Folders dont remember view settings, even though I'm using Vista x64 SP2

I hope that this excellent tutorial will help you as much as it has helped others
Windows Explorer Folder View settings

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Hy, recently my PC stopped working the way it is supposed to. The problem was that whenever I make a change to folder view settings, the view of icon or folders aren't saved, once I close the Window and reopen it, it reverts back to default.
I have tried sfc/scannow , chkdsk and the method but not have result... any suggest?

Answer:Windows 8.1 forgets icons and folders view settings at restart

Please see if something here helps you: Fix: Windows forgets Folder View settings

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When starting my Laptop, the view of folders and files and docs, and also e mails (windows mail) were gone. I know that docs are there, since I can access by opening "word" (or ppt or exel) and open recently used docs.
I've tried all the conventional stuff, eg reset to earlier date, repairing windows files (message: some files cannot be repaired, eg C:\WINDOWS\LOGS\CBS\CBS.log), etc.

regards & txs in advance,

Answer:Lost view of desktop folders and files

You said "the view of folders and files and docs, and also e mails (windows mail) were gone". Where are they missing from?

The Desktop
This PC
Windows Explorer

It sounds a lot like a corrupted user profile and you have been logged in with a new one. Maybe not but that's what it sounds like.

If you look at C:\Users, what folders are shown under there? For instance, mine looks like this:
The red one is my userid.

You could try right clicking on the Desktop and select View / Show desktop icons (if not already selected).

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I accidently placed a picture over my desktop and can't remove it. I want to go back to what was there previously but how?

Answer:reset desktop settings

Right-click the desktop and choose "Personalize"

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It's really weird, A few hours ago my PC was just fine. But a few moments later when I turned on my PC and logged in with my Password, it showed 'Preparing your Desktop' (seems that I have installed a fresh windows). When I saw my desktop, it looked like a clean Windows installation, most (not all) of the shortcuts and folders were gone from Desktop. There were no quick launch icons set by me. Even about all the Startup program is removed.

When I ran Chrome, Mozilla for browsing, they behaved in a way that I opened that application for the first time. This is true for all other similar programs. 'ClearType' text is also gone.
This is happening after each and every reboot, no matter you change any settings or what. All (yes all) are restored to defaults. Please help.

Note: I have been facing CMOS battery failure for few weeks, I ignored that for that time. I think I should have replaced the CMOS battery. Is there anything to do with CMOS and this problem? As far as I know, CMOS only stores BIOS settings.

Answer:Desktop and All other settings getting reset after Boot!

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Hey, so I have an odd configuration -- I have one hard drive for Windows/Software (C: ), and one for all files and stuff (A: ).

Under my USER file, I replaced the locations of all the main folders (Desktop, My Pictures, My Documents, etc) to A:\Users\Everin\etc instead of being on C:\Users\Everin\etc. This is something Windows 7 supports really obviously by letting you right-click on "My Documents," then go to "Location," and change it to another location.

However, upon auto-restarting from an update while I was asleep, it decided to "Prepare Desktop..." and then when it was fully booted, my entire user account was blank. There was a default theme, no shortcuts on desktop or start bar, all program history wiped from Start menu. It was usable, but right when I tried to fix anything (restore old file locations), I got the following issues.

After restarting any number of times, it says "Preparing Desktop" again, and these issues have appeared:
- the desktop loaded as completely black, with no images, and going to Personilize, I cannot choose ANY windows themes. It says "This theme cannot be applied to the desktop. Try clicking another theme." I can't get it to display any desktop images.
- I cannot change the default desktop items (My Computer, Network, Recycle Bin). No matter what I do, all of the icons are there and cannot be turned off.
- I cannot install any programs (Chrome disappeared, couldn't reinstall it) ... Read more

Answer:Desktop/settings reset on update

I tried to delete the old admin account, but the computer says built-in accounts cannot be deleted.

After restarting, the original account is still completely ruined -- hardly functions, doesn't load desktop/theme, didn't load transparency, can't install files, etc. It also constantly links itself to C:\Users\TEMP because it is broken.

The new account works fine, but I want to find a way to fix the other account. It cannot be deleted, so I can either just ignore it or find a way to fix it.

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Right click desktop. Properties. Settings. Settings resolution reset from larger pixels to smaller (and vice versa)......apply and back to desktop screen. All is fine. Later when changing programs, screen shifts back requiring desktop monitor settings reset yet again. Surely, once you click apply button the screen should remain in place?! Why is this not the case. Purpose in changing settings was to allow more desktop items (reduced in size) so as to not clutter desktop. Could use advice on this one. Thanks.

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All of my view settings seem to stick fine, except when I choose File - Open - Desktop in some application. Then it's Tiles view instead of my Details view, as saved for every other folder.

Win 7 x64
I already tried resetting Folder view options as per Folder View - Set a Default for All Folders

Answer:remember view settings for File - Open - Desktop

try to restore windows and see if that helps

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Answer:Reset Compaq desktop XP to factory settings

How does the owners manual suggest you do that?1/3 of highway deaths are caused by drunks. The rest are by people who can't drive any better than a drunk.

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Hi, all. For years now I've accessed my Recycle Bin via its original system-supplied desktop icon and it comes up in Explorer with the settings I made years ago - List view, sort descending by Date Deleted. I just accessed it and it is now coming up Tiles view, ascending Name order and changing the settings does not stick. When I call up Explorer directly and click the Recycle Bin there, it displays according to my old settings - List view and descending Date Deleted. I'm assuming there must have been a system update that did this(?). Just wondering if anyone else has noticed this and, more importantly, does anyone know who to fix it?

I tried the suggestions here:
Recycle bin folder view settings will not stick
I tried all the types under "Optimize the folder for" but that didn't work. I think this may be a different situation anyway since the Recycle Bin when clicked in Explorer displays correctly and, thus, the settings are actually saved. It's just, for some reason, now, when the Recycle Bin is accessed via its desktop icon, it's not using the Explorer folder view settings assigned it. Would appreciate any insight. Thanks.

Update: Windows Update I did on 6/11/13 fixed this.

Answer:Recycle Bin folder view settings won't stick when accessed via desktop

If no one has a better idea I would setup a new user account and test with it. I use all the same settings as you do and have not run into this issue; yet. Personally I always install programs for all users and keep 2 user profiles with the exact settings just in case one gets corrupted. (I guess I need to get a life) LOL

PS. By any chance are you using folder redirection for My Documents?

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I'm a tech savvy guy who can usually solve these kinds of issues myself. However, searching for solutions online hasn't solved my problem. I've seen other forum posts with "solutions" but none have worked for me, and I have those listed below.

I can't make permanent changes to the settings/customization of any of my folders and desktop.

The position of desktop icons can be changed, but when I hit refresh they become sorted. When I right click in a folder and change View/Sort by/Group by options they WILL take effect. However, when I reopen the folder the settings will not be saved.

I do not have a backup point. I'm not willing to use 3rd party software to solve this issue. I am hoping I don't have to reinstall windows.

Attempted Solutions
(1) Right Click Desktop > View > Auto Arrange - Was already unchecked. I checked it, rebooted, unchecked it but it did not fix it.
(2) Update Windows - I Installed all of the latest patches.
(3) Safe Mode - The problem still occurs in this mode.
(4) Antivirus - I ran a quickscan with Malware Bytes and a fullscan with AVG and found a couple threats but removing them didn't fix it.

(5) Right Click Desktop > Personalize > Change Desktop icons > Allow themes to change desktop icons. - This was already checked.
(6) Clean Boot [1]
(7) sfc /scannow [2] - No issues found.
(8) Microsoft Fix It [3] - (May have) fixed the problem for 10 minutes until I was forced to r... Read more

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Hi everyone,

I seem to be having 2 issues with Windows 10 Pro x64 that occur simultaneously. The 2 issues are that my desktop icon positions are not being remembered (always shifting to the left after reboot - auto align is off) and my folder view settings are not being saved (change folder preference to thumbnail view -> close window -> reopen same folder but always displays list mode).

The things I have tried so far is:
- Rebooting into safe mode and typing in sfc /scannow in the command prompt (did not fix)
- Rebuilding my Windows 10 icon cache using the .bat file and methods found here (did not fix)

It seems the only way to fix these issues to to format and perform a clean install of Windows or recovering from a previously working cloned Windows 10. However, regardless of the approach, after a few days the 2 issues will emerge simultaneously after some point.

I was wondering if anyone else was/is experiencing these issues or if there are any fixes I could try? Thanks.

Edit: 9/22/2015

It seems to be reported by a majority of folks here in the forums that there is a strong correlation between Windows 10 (any version) and ESET (antivirus or security suite - doesn't matter which version). Essentially, if/when ESET detects a virus and proceeds to remove or quarantine the virus, the result afterwards is that ESET does something to the windows registry that *borks* the registry and thus will result in the 2 issues being discussed.

Several members have attempted va... Read more

Answer:Windows 10: Folder View Settings and Desktop Icon Positions Not Saving

I have the same problem and I don't know how to solve this problem..
Did you find any solution?It's frustrating me..

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I have an old Compaq Presario MV540 that I use just for games. It's running on Windows XP.
I had two user accounts on the computer that were password protected. Somehow, my lovely brother figured out my password and got into my account. He then changed my password along with his password. Then he forgot both of them (what a genius). We tried unsuccessfully to figure out the passwords for sometime. When that didn't work, he kept pressing random buttons (he just keeps getting smarter) and somehow, he set a COMPUTER password. So when we turn on the computer, it won't even go to the account page now. It has a black screen and asks us to type in a "Computer password" which he doesn't know. I'd like to get this ordeal over with and just reset the whole computer (nothing on there is worth saving anyway). We don't have any recovery CDs or the Windows XP CDs anymore as we had thrown them out when we got a Mac for general usage.
How can we resolve this? Can I do anything without a recovery CD? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!

Answer:Need to reset my old Compaq Presario Desktop MV540 to factory settings

Hi and Welcome,
It sounds as if it's the BIOS p/w that's been re-set in which case this may not work. But ... if you can boot from a CD why not try and install Ubuntu? A free & legal Linux operating system? It would make the machine usable.

How to install version has changed, but method the same.

Hope this is some help?


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i notice windows 8.1 (or just mine?) doesn't save my "View" settings for folders, or doesn't save some folders' View settings, or decides to delete the View settings sometimes, sometimes not, despite no changes at all to any folders or subfolders or parent folders, such as folder names or properties. is there a way to make View settings more permanent since i like a different View for different folders that i open every day? (some being Details, others being particular icon view sizes, some being List, etc.)

Answer:windows 8.1 not saving folders' "View" settings

anyone? it's an annoying issue

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I'm having a brain fart moment.....

Can this be done?

To be clear I want to change the view settings for the folders, but not the contents of the folders. I want the contents (in this case its my music) to keep the view settings they have now, which are different to how I want the folders to be shown.


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Whether Indexing options settings are User specific or PC specific

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The only thing that doesn't work on my Helix 3XXX is the mouse driver ever since the update from the System Update program a long time ago. I'm sick of using Windows' mouse driver -- it's a pain. I want to reset the mouse Symantics driver back to what shipped with the Helix without resetting the entire computer. There is no partition on the hard disk. I found a folder called Drivers --> WIN --> UNAV and found a Synaptics file. Unfortunately, it was the updated one that doens't work well. Is there any way to get the original driver that came with the system that is not the updated one?

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so i was playing around with the recording settings in fl studio and i seem to have completly messed up my computers sounds. everything is echoing, and i was wondering if theres a way to reset the settings in FL studio 9 or even reset the sound settings on my computer or something?? anyones help would be great

Answer:reset fl studio settings? or reset sound settings?

hi, i was just wondering if anyone knew where there was a good audio recording tutorial for fl studio 9, ive been trying to figure out how to co record voice along with the musical track without the effects ... effecting eachother

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Can I set up Windows Explorer to display all folders to ALWAYS display all items, whatever their type, in list view?
Blow by blow instructions, please.

Answer:view all window explorer folders in 'list' view

In file explorer the View tab click navigation pane and choose show all folders.

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i m unable 2 view hidden folders even after i checked view hidden folders in the foldrs options.
i use XP-sp2.
i m administrator.
i tried using anti virus but it didnt solve da prob.

Answer:unable to view hidden folders (even after checking view hidden folders )

Did you set both hidden options?

Note, that even with both set to show hidden, some folders will still seem hidden, like Content.IE5 (actual Browser Cache). In this case, you type-in the \Content.IE5 at the end of ...\Temporary Internet Files and it will display.

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I created a new user acount for my son on my primary desktop. Upon creating it and logging in to the newly created account I see a bunch of my applications on his desktop. I want to make his desktop as clutter free and only have the apps he needs and uses.

Hastily I go and delete some of the shortcut icons only to later find that the same icons have also been deleted on MY desktop.

I later figured out that anything edited under "public desktop" would be shared & affects all users.

Is the only way around this situation to move the specific contents within "public desktop" into My (administer) "desktop" folder?

Answer:Specific desktop icons for specific users

Of course. The point of having a Desktop folder in your user directory is for this purpose. So use it for its intended purpose. I fail to see the reasoning behind wanting another solution when one is already staring you in the face.

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For example, if I change the view of one folder to "large icons" or to "list" or whatever, then ALL of the folders will have that view. But I want specific folders to have specific view types. How can I accomplish this?

Answer:If I change the view of one folder, the view of all folders changes?!?

Hello S35,

Is this within a Libray folder?

All Included Folders and subfolders in a library will always share the same folder view. You can have separate Arrange by view settings in each added New folder in the library though.

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I keep all of my folders in Large Icons view but sometimes they revert to 'Details' view on their own! How do I get them to stay in Large Icons view permanently?

Answer:Folder view settings changing after I select the view I want

Hello kidxp, and welcome to Seven Forums.

If you like, you can use the method in the tutorial below to set a default folder view for all folders.

Folder View - Set a Default for All Folders

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A website that I usually go to has all of a sudden stopped working for me. It is which I know is up because I have been on it outside of my home network. Every computer on my network will not allow me to go on . I have not added it to a firewall or anything. I have even set my router back to factory default and it still won't let me view from inside my network.

Answer:Can't view specific website

Sorry, we can't help you gain access to a hacking website:

Other Illegal Activities - As you might expect, we don't want anything illegal going on here. Users cannot post hacks, cracks, pirated software, or anything of the like. Furthermore, we do not allow instructions on how to complete illegal activities, such as pirating. Please don't ask for advice on using illegal software, as it will be removed.
Click to expand...

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i have two OS vista x64 and windows 7 x64 on other partition. the problem i face in both OS is that i cannot view the website and that happened recently .i have aol 9.5 on both os when i use it alone i can view the mentioned website above and even can view in internet explorer while the aol is activated but if aol stopped then i cant view this website using internet explorer or any other browser.this was never like that before two days ago and suddenly happened. i checked firewall and and my kis 2010 internet security and the site was not blocked.i changed the dns and reset the internet explorer in internet option advanced and all suggestion i read in google search but no avail i could not solve the problem.

Please the ones who can help me thanks in advanced.

Answer:cannot view specific website

It has been too long since I used AOL for me to give any specific help, and it will be a lot longer before I will consider using it again, because problems such as your's. AOL's software corrupts IE, and AOL decides what you can or cannot access. Consider using a different ISP service.

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A website that I usually go to has all of a sudden stopped working for me. It is which I know is up because I have been on it outside of my home network. Every computer on my network will not allow me to go on . I have not added it to a firewall or anything. I have even set my router back to factory default and it still won't let me view from inside my network.

Answer:Can't view specific website

Ok, I did that, It got to 20 hops, and then said it was unreachable.

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Hi Everybody,

If anybody could give me some pointers on my problem I would really appreciate it

I have Windows 8.1 on my HP Pavilion Laptop. I have this problem where after starting my PC, logging in and being dropped into the Panel view, I wait for about 10 seconds... and then the PC starts thrashing and constantly flicking between the traditional Desktop and the Panel view without me touching a button / clicking on anything!

The only things I can access on my laptop are:

Task ManagerGoogle Chrome (by clicking on the icon very quickly in Panel View before it flicks back to traditional Desktop)

This problem literally prevents me accessing anything else. As soon as I start opening something in traditional desktop mode, the pc flicks straight back to Panel view and it is lost! Even if I am quick enough to click on an application, it doesn't even load it!

I am almost certain it is some piece of software that I must have picked up along the way. I've been trying to use my Norton antivirus to scan and detect it... but I cannot even open that to scan, due to this very problem.

I even tried using the Trend Micro Home Call service, which I could access through Chrome of course. Unfortunately as soon as I tried downloading it I was told it had failed as there is no access to the internet(!?) very odd indeed.

I have not encoutered any details of this problem on the internet but if anybody could assist with this I would appreciate it so much! Thank you guys

Answer:Panel View / Desktop View switching constantly, no control

Hi ihill, welcome here.

Try scanning with Malwarebytes

Malwarebytes : Malwarebytes Anti-Malware removes malware including viruses, spyware, worms and trojans, plus it protects your computer

See what happens.

Update your video card drivers?
Monitor Drivers?
You haven't got any stuck keys on your laptop?

just a few suggestions to look out for, see how you go and let us all know.

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I have a label called To-Do. Whenever I log in to my Gmail account I'd like only my To-Do labeled stuff to show up, as sort of a default view. Any way to do this?

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Hey guys, im new here and wasnt quite sure where to post this question. Hope it's not the wrong section. Anyways, is there a way that i can change the view settings to folders in a folder? For ex. I have my Music folder, and i have my music organized by genre. I want those folders to be in Larg Icons mode, and the files(music) in them to be seen with List view. But everytime I change a folders view settings, it applies it to all my music library. Please help...


Answer:Can i apply a specific view mode for each folder?

Welcome Mrhank,
I think this is what you are talking about,
If not you can check the related tutorials at the bottom.

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Using 32-bit Vista Home Premium for several months without issue.

As of last night I've noticed being unable to delete/view/modify any files of one specific filetype universally across my system. The files are Photoshop project files (.PSD) and can be deleted only in safe-mode. I can understand if this would be isolated to one or even several files that were corrupted, but not every previously working file in any location.

To be specific, upon trying to open, delete, rename, move, cut, copy, view properties of, or try to access a file of this type (.psd), whichever program is trying to complete the action will hang indefinitely. As example, trying to delete doesn't give an error message, the system just displays the 'Calculating time remaining' which can be cancelled; or trying to rename will cause Explorer to stop responding; or using HijackThis to 'delete on reboot' will lock up the program when selecting the file in question. Even a command prompt running with admin privileges will hang on "del filename.psd". And so far as reinstalling Photoshop or somesuch solution, why would Windows need to consult with a file's associated program before trying to enforce a system-only action like deletion?

Can anyone shed some light on specifically what could cause this to happen? So much as system restore might correct the problem, I'd like to know what's behind it.

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Hi, May I know that how can I change the specific folders to have Large Icon view and some folders to be details view?

As shown photos attached, when I apply large icon view to my "Download folder", the folder in other location changed to large icon view as well, however, I just want that location to be details view. When I change the other folder view to details and hit apply, the folder view in Download will change to details view as well, that's what bothering me.

Can someone guides me? Thank you.

Answer:How to change specific folder view in Windows 8.1?

Hello HTHVampire,

When you click on the Apply to Folders button, it will apply the view of the current folder to all folders that use the same template.

Folders will open with the same view as they were last closed with by default, so you could just set them how you like individually if wanted.

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ethernet broadband

My ISP intermittently drops my connection, and using the win7 "trouble shoot problems" thing usually works, but takes too much time. I am looking for a way to do this manually.

These commands work:
netsh branchcache reset
netsh winsock reset
ipconfig /flushdns


netsh int ip reset

netsh int ipv4 reset reset.log

netsh int ipv6 reset reset.log

none of these work. Error is "there's no user specified settings to be reset."

All commands are being run from an admin command prompt with an admin account.

Any clues appreciated

Answer:netsh int reset: there's no user specified settings to be reset

What kind of Internet connection are you using, ADSL, Cable, Fiber, G3, G4?

Are you using a Router?

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Im at a bit of a loss with an issue.
Windows 7 machine started exhibiting strange behavior ( frined machine thati can remote into to fix).
using windows explorer  navigating to my pictures there are 35 folders visible.
When he is using gmail or yahoo, in IE trying to attach a phot he navigates to "my pictures" BUT only 5 of those folders appear.
IF ( using windows explorer i naviagte to organize/folder and search options/view/show hidden files and drives, THEN the folders will appear in the navigation window in IE.
Things i have tried in order:
none of the folders attributes indicated they were hidden, but i chnaged each to hidden/apply restarted and then changed then back restarted. Same issue
Renamed each folder by chnaging capitalization of one letter( not sure if that method was effective enough).  : same issue
Uninstalled IE10 as there seems to be alot of issue with this exact problem after users install it.  ( come to find out this was happening before IE10 installed and it continues with IE 9.
Any thoughts on how to proceed?

Answer:IE not seeing specific folders

Try moving the folders to a different location. You could place all the needed folders back  in a new folder on the desktop to test with, or on the root of the c drive. Then in IE, can you now see that new folder with all the other folders inside?

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HI I was wondering if anybody knew of a way to show a particular app on all virtual desktops. I have a password manager that interacts with any window that requires a password and I dont want to have to move it every time I have a window that requires access to it. I like my applications separated into separate desktops as it is now, but a few applications I need to see on every desktop. Is there a way to do that?

Answer:Windows 10 Task View: Showing a specific application on all VD's

trinsic said:

HI I was wondering if anybody knew of a way to show a particular app on all virtual desktops. I have a password manager that interacts with any window that requires a password and I dont want to have to move it every time I have a window that requires access to it. I like my applications separated into separate desktops as it is now, but a few applications I need to see on every desktop. Is there a way to do that?

In Task View, right click on an application:

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I have not factory reset my Windows 7 PC ever, and had it for years. I'm cleaning for a fresh new start but there were some things that are important keep, so I put these things all into a folder called "SAVE FILES". This folder is 26GB large. 
Is there a way for me to factory reset my whole PC but have one folder (the save I made) not get deleted??
Currently I am uploading the folder to a cloud storage (MEGA) but is going RIDICULOUSLY slow! Just can I reset my PC but this folder not get deleted???

Answer:Factory Reset - Am I able to keep a specific folder?

A factory reset will remove everything placed on the computer after purchase. For 26GB you could purchase a 32GB flash drive. That would push it close to capacity but would be faster than uploading to the cloud. You may want to purchase a 64GB flash drive.
These are USB 2 which are cheaper but slower than USB 3. 

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I'm sorry if I posted in the wrong thread. I'm new to this forum. So, no matter which wallpaper I choose, it gets changed to the brown wallpaper(in the architecture section) after I shut down and open the computer for a few times. I don't really know when it gets changed, but it doesn't take any longer than 2 days or so. Please help me on this. Thanks

Answer:My wallpaper is getting reset to a specific one no matter what I do

Welcome to Seven Forums amirali75. Have you tried deleting the TranscodedWallpaper.jpg?


Start> In search box copy and paste



Right click the TranscodedWallpaper.jpg and rename it to TranscodedWallpaper.old

Accept the change, and see if you can now keep your desired background.

The jpg is a hidden file, so if you do not have windows set to show hidden files, you will need to enable that 1st

Hidden Files and Folders - Show or Hide

A Guy

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I only want to back up certain folders. I went to the tutorial and printed "How to Backup User and System Files in Windows 7 & it advised to go to either Control Panel or Computer and then there would be options. These options don't exist on my system. If I go to Control Panel, I get a window to Backup and Restore My Files. There is no way to choose specific files. The default setting is "Backup Files in libraries and personal folders for specific users". Why don't I get these other screen options as the tutorial says? and how do I back up specific folders only?

Answer:Backing up specific folders only

Quote: Originally Posted by Myles Cooley

I only want to back up certain folders. I went to the tutorial and printed "How to Backup User and System Files in Windows 7 & it advised to go to either Control Panel or Computer and then there would be options. These options don't exist on my system. If I go to Control Panel, I get a window to Backup and Restore My Files. There is no way to choose specific files. The default setting is "Backup Files in libraries and personal folders for specific users". Why don't I get these other screen options as the tutorial says? and how do I back up specific folders only?

What version of win 7 do you have (ultimate, pro, home,etc)?

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I want to pin specific folders such as My pictures, downloads, and other frequently used folders. When I drag and drop the download, or my pictures link, I get a folder icon, but when I click it, it goes to an explorer window with library, my pictures, my documents etc on it and not the specific folder path which I want. Is there a way to customize this?


Answer:How to pin specific folders to taskbar?

Hello Mystvearn,

This can help show you how to pin folders of your choice to the taskbar. Those folders will be located at C:\Users\ (user-name).

Taskbar - Pin or Unpin a Folder

Hope this helps,

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I want to save the View settings for a certain document to show the two pages side by side. Check out the attached picture.
I press View > Multiple Pages to have them sit side to side and save the document. (Notice how the zoom setting in the bottom right corner states that it's at 121%). When I create a new unrelated document, the zoom is set at 121% still, so I zoom out to 100% and do whatever I need to do with this new document.

If I press the One Page setting (above the Multiple Pages setting) and re-open the original document, the view setting for this document is still using the "global" Word 2013 view settings and no longer shows the two pages next to each other. So when I open the first document again, the zoom setting went to 100% & the pages are no longer side by side.

How can I save specific view settings for certain documents, and not interfere with the default Word view settings?


Answer:How Do I Save A Document-Specific View Setting In Word 2013?

Word behaves as a word processor, not as a publishing package - when you are in "print layout" view - you are looking at the document as if it were to be printed, the view is not saved in the document.

You can cheat by using a page layout side by side (or in 2 columns) on a larger size of paper - say A3 size landscape for 2 portrait A4 pages - this information is saved in the document file.

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I've been happily using Deskview.exe for all windows versions up to Windows 7, but for some reason this tool won't work on Win 8 anymore.
Is there anyway to view desktop icons in List view?

Answer:How to view desktop icons in list view?

Originally Posted by hydeit

Is there anyway to view desktop icons in List view?

Probably not what you're looking for but,
you can list desktop icons in list view using file explorer > desktop

Running File Explorer and clicking the UP arrow until you reach the desktop.
Change view mode to list.

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Here is the list of things I tried to troubleshoot suggested by the BC's chat group
flush dns
reinstall chrome/firefox
change dns to open dns via IPV-4 protocol to and
scanned for virus (Full computer scan (3 harddrives ) no results)
made windows/system32/etc/drivers/hosts file read only
changed firefox/chrome networking preferences to "Automatically detect proxy"
Uninstalled VPN to school's network (Program: Cisco Anyconnect VPN client)
used MiniToolBox
I usually have to keep refreshing the reddit website to access it sometimes I get this page and does not send me to "Connection was reset"
I've also changed my Qualcom Atheros Killer Network Manager TCP settings to TCP No Delay (on) and ACK Frequency from 2 to 1
while other times I get the normal reddit page but sends me to "Connection was reset".
I can access imgur links on front page but comments will result in "Connnection was reset."
I recently mapped my school's vpn harddrive and uninstalled it if it was the cause of the problem. After mapping the harddrive, I started to have problems with the reddit website.
Here is my minitoolbox diagnostics:
Hopefully this will be enough information to help me resolve this issue.

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I have a Windows 7, 64-bit Dell computer.
One day, while going through some un-wanted programs and un-installing them, my theme suddenly changed from aero to basic theme. From there on, everything went horribly wrong; my audio and video ceased to work(they work in safe mode), Microsoft Security Essentials, Dell Webcam Central and Audio FX Engine have been un-installed without my consent, Sometimes it wont even start up in normal mode(I log in but it stays on the loading screen),windows explorer wont work, I can't go into programs such as "Services" for it says I have my theme will start in aero in normal mode and then switch after a few minutes, It states on multiple accounts when I want to open something "Error Message: Not enough storage is available to complete this operation" One along the lines sof,"You do not have the authority to access memory" and recently a Windows 32 message saying,"This service cannot accept control messages at this time".I can no longer rate my computer, my drivers seemed to un-install and I am at my wits end. I've seen multiple reports of Aero theme automatically switching to basic after a minutes of login, yet no solution(working solution) was provided. Doing a Please advise me on what to do. As I'm sure you've noticed, I'm not the brightest person, please carefully explain each step.

Answer:Is there a solution to my specific problem, or should do a fact. reset

It sounds like a reinstall is needed. F8 at power on will access the Dell PC Restore and allow restoring back to the factory condition. However, before you do that, backup (copy) all your user data to some other media such as CD's, USB flash drive or external hard drive as all data will be lost when you do the backup.

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I have a Windows 7, 64-bit Dell computer.
One day, while going through some un-wanted programs and un-installing them, my theme suddenly changed from aero to basic theme. From there on, everything went horribly wrong; my audio and video ceased to work(they work in safe mode), Microsoft Security Essentials, Dell Webcam Central and Audio FX Engine have been un-installed without my consent, Sometimes it wont even start up in normal mode(I log in but it stays on the loading screen),windows explorer wont work, I can't go into programs such as "Services" for it says I have my theme will start in aero in normal mode and then switch after a few minutes, It states on multiple accounts when I want to open something "Error Message: Not enough storage is available to complete this operation" One along the lines sof,"You do not have the authority to access memory" and recently a Windows 32 message saying,"This service cannot accept control messages at this time".I can no longer rate my computer, my drivers seemed to un-install and I am at my wits end. I've seen multiple reports of Aero theme automatically switching to basic after a minutes of login, yet no solution(working solution) was provided. Doing a Please advise me on what to do. As I'm sure you've noticed, I'm not the brightest person, please carefully explain each step.

Answer:Is there a solution to my specific problem, or should do a fact. reset

Sounds like it`s toast, I would re install windows. I wouldn`t think twice about it with all those problems.

But ............ you could try a system restore first. If you`re still not happy, then do a factory reset.

Backup your data before you try anything

System Restore

Clean Install Windows 7

Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7

Use your COA to activate windows.

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Hello everyone,

I'm kind of freaking out right now. I turned my computer off about 12 hours ago, and now that I turned it on again it took much longer than usual for it to prepare the desktop. When I got in, there are about 50 % of my desktop icons missing, the programs I had attached to the taskbar were missing, I opened chrome and all my bookmarks and other info were gone, most of my folders are empty (for example downloads folder contains nothing), my desktops wallpaper had changed to the default HP one, there are programs missing from the startup menu... I don't even know what other damage has been done yet. The only thing I can recall doing yesterday that could have caused this was downloading Red Alarm, but I'd love to know what is going on and how I can fix this.

Thanks for your time,

Answer:Tons of files missing, desktop reset, browsers and toolbars reset...

Some additional information:
I just found some of the missing files and folders from another location, but it seems like pretty much all software has reset somehow. Google Chrome's options, history, bookmarks etc are all gone, skype thought it was my first time using it and all the files my friend's have sent me at some point were re-sent. I even checked the trash bin, and I have no idea how but there are actually items there that I've emptied from the trash bin long ago.

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I'll do my best to describe my problem. Have a small home network with 3 computers. Call them "A", "B", and "C". On all three, I have specific folders shared.

However, I'm having a problem accessing only some of those shared folders on "A". Computer "A" has two users - Scott and Anne. Computers "B" and "C" each have only one user - Scott for "B" and Anne for "C". From both "B" and "C", I can access any shared folders on "A" that are in Scott's My Documents. However, I can't access any shared folders that are in Anne's My Documents. It doesn't matter whether I share Anne's entire My Documents folder or specific subfolders under it.

I'm guessing this is some sort of user issue. However, it would then seem that from computer "B" I would only be able to access Scott's docs whereas from computer "C" I would only be able to access Anne's docs. Instead, both "B" and "C" can or cannot access the same things.

Appreciate any help I can get. It's starting to drive me nuts. (And Anne is not real happy about not being able to get to her stuff.)

Answer:Can't get to specific user's shared folders

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I have an external HDD that I like to store music and pictures and videos on.
But I also put personal stuff on it like homework or notes I write to myself.
I'm sharing the entire drive across my home network.
So they have access to everything. Even the stuff I dont want them to have access to.
Can I stop sharing that one specific folder on the drive?
Or do I just have to take it off the drive and put it on my local disc?
I right click on the folder I dont want to share.
And it says "sharing" Then I hover over it. "Stop sharing" I click that.
But I test it on my sister's laptop and it still is accessible.
How do I hide that folder from my home network?

Answer:How do I stop sharing specific folders?

Welcome to Windows Eight Forums, breebreebran.

Please refer to these tutorials:

File Sharing - "Share with" & "Stop Sharing" in Windows 8

Public Folder Sharing on Network - Turn On or Off in Windows 8

Network Location - Set to Private or Public in Windows 8

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Not sure if this is the right place to post but I seem to have some weird problem with my PC

I have several HDDs connected to my PC and today i realised for 2 out of 4 drives, all files and folders starting with Q and beyond are completely missing. Not a single file remains. Either it's data corruption or some malware or someone deliberately tampered with my PC.

There's nothing inside the recycle bin and I haven't emptied it.

Answer:All files and folders after a specific letter are all gone?

Do you really suppose someone deleted your data ? Come on

Install and Use a Partition Managing program to explore the drives, I`m sure your files are still there.

Free Partition Magic alternative and Partition Manager Freeware for Windows XP/Vista/7/8.

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I am following WHS sticky to back up my entire system as an Image file monthly but would like to hear some recommended software or methods of backing up a couple specific folders daily or at least every 2 days..


Answer:Backing up specific folders daily

Hi kade119,

Are you backing up to an external hard disk or to a DVD?

If you are backing up to a hard disk I would use the windows file backup. If it is to a DVD it might be simpler just to copy the files occasionally.

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Ever since I unzipped a zip file from the temp folder, explorer seems to crash every time I click on a certain shortcut within that folder.

This seems to only happen in two locations, and it only began after I unzipped this folder. It has happened on two other occasions, but I can't quite remember how the problem was fixed--if it was fixed at all.

Has anyone else encountered this problem? If so, what would be my best solution to fix it.

Right now I'm running on Windows XP Pro SP2 with the Neowin UXTheme.dll hack for visual styles. Not sure if that's important or not, but I thought I'd post that info up.

Many thanks in advance

Answer:Explorer crashing in specific folders.

i have the same problem on a computer.. there is a folder with videos in it.. every time i go into the folder for more than about 10 seconds.. it crashes explorer...

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is there any way to password-lock specific folders in xp?

Answer:password-lock specific folders in xp?

from what i know is you cannot specificly "password lock" a folder. You can but you do it in a diffrent way. You add security to a folder which only a certain user can access. Which if the user has a password. I cannot explain it very well at all but, but basicly if you make a folder "Private" in xp, that is protecting it so only the user your logged under can access it and the owner of the pc.

I belice there are some 3rd party programs that will actully put a password lock onto a folder but it will cost some money...

Hope this is somewhat of help

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I have Four PCs, one is my home Desktop (HOME-PC) and Others are THREE laptops with different names connected to one wifi netowkr.
I often share folders from my HOME-PC so that other users can access them, but I can only share a folder with 'Everyone' but How do I share a folder in such a way, that only LAPTOP1 can access it?

Answer:How to share folders with Specific PCs on network.

This is what the Homegroup is for.

In this case you would want to create a Homegroup on the laptop1 or the Home-PC, don't allow the other machines to join this Homegroup and don't give them the password. At this point the two Homegroup machines will have full access to all shared folders on each others machines and will also have access to all shared folders on the Workgroup machines. But the Workgroup machines won't have access to any shared folders on either of the Homegroup machines.

The Homegroup creates Private Domain within the Workgroup.

Now lets assume that you want one of the workgroup machines to have access to a folder on one of the Homegroup machines.

You only need to add "Everyone" to the shared with list using the Homegroup style sharing settings in order to share that folder with the workgroup. The picture below makes this more clear. For this you would right click on a Library folder, choose "Share with" then "specific people" then use the Add button to add Everyone to the list, add read/write permissions as required.

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i have folders on the server that have subdirectories under them... each folder has a different name, but all directories below the different named folders are the same ( Folder 1, subdirectory A,B,C Folder 2, Subdirectory A,B,C Folder 3, Subdirectory A,B,C... etc...) ... 3 poeple log into this server... Chris, Tom, Mary.... I only want Mary to access Subdirectory C of all folders.... is it possible to do that? i obviously used simple names/examples above, but the actual folder i am trying to keep people out of is my "INVOICES" subdirectory... but new folders are added several times a week...

i am trying to make it so only windows lets MARY access any subdirectory called INVOICES automatically... w/out doing the custom settings each time a folder is added to keep everyone else out....


Answer:Securing specific named folders...??

Hi cadmaster...

Have you tried right click on the folders then selecting Properties then Security? From there, you will be able to grant/deny folder access to certain users.

Hope that helps :-)

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I have about 50 folders, within each of these is 10 sub-folders, these 10 sub-folders are then divided into a further 3 folders.Now what I need to do is extract the following into one folder:- for each of the 50 folders, I only need 3 specific folders out of the 10 sub-folders- within those 3 folders I've chosen, I need only 1 out of the 3 sub-folders- then extract all the files in this final sub-folderThis is definitely not a task I can do manually, as it will take forever. However, I can't just extract all files since I'm looking for specific folders.Is there some type of program I can write to specify which folders to extract from? I'm also relatively new at computer coding in general, so the simplest solution would be appreciated.

Answer:Extract files from specific sub-folders

You may get more help in the Programming forum here:

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I have copied my photos onto a mem drive, a portable HD and am in the process of storing them in the cloud.

I need more free space on my internal HD and would like to erase JUST most of the photo files (approx. 8k of them) from the internal HD.

How can I erase JUST specific photo folders/files? Thank you!

Answer:Erasing specific folders/files.

You'd have to highlight each one and then poke the delete key, unless they have something in common within their file names. You can of course highlight more than one file at a time and delete them all with a single poke of the delete key.

For instance, if you have a bunch of pictures named dog1.jpg, dog2.jpg, etc up to dog4400.jpg, you could delete all of them quickly from a command prompt.

But if they just have random names, you pretty much have to do it by hand, evaluating each one separately--presumably by eyesight.

Personally, I wouldn't get myself in a position of complete reliance on a cloud backup. But that's your business.

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Is there a way to alter the background colors of SPECIFIC folders. Win 7 Home Premium and Win 7 Pro (both 64 bit)

I use DAZ 3D and have my active folders of content. I want to have a different background color because I also have archives of those files plus additional content not installed. Often I am opening both and dragging files. On occasion I have moved wrong files because of confusion over which folder is which since they contain most of the same folder names.

If I can have the active folder with perhaps a pink background I cannot confuse which folder is which.

Also with folders with images it would be nice to be able to see which .png images have transparent backgrounds but you cannot tell on a white background.

There is a utility I found called W7FPB which you would think would solve the issue but it does not work. First try it gave an error on start. Now it seems to start ok but no changes are ever applied. There is not even an "apply" button.

I don't care if it is assigning a color or applying a background image for the color. Even if I could change text color to red or something.

Any help appreciated.

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I'm currently installing an application that requires me to block/unblock specific files/folders.  I'm not sure how to do this.  It doesn't specify a specific antivirus.  Right now the one on my computer is Norton Security Suite.  I looked around and didn't see any feature like that.  Is it common for most antivirus software to do that specified function?

Answer:blocking specific folders/files

What are you installing, and what folders are being requested to be unlocked?

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Hi everyone.This is Aamir from Lahore, Pakistan. i am using Windows Xp. i am facing some problem regarding opening some folders/files. Whenever i tried to open the file, an error comes that,"Access is denied". For example whenever i try to open a specific folder, i face this problem &#8220;H:\Folder is not accessible&#8221;. And when i tried to check its properties, it was &#8220;read only&#8221; file and the folder size showing was just 0 kb but the original folder size is more thn 2 GB. and when i tried to change &#8220;read only&#8221; status, i cudnt do that coz after changing it is again showing "read only". Kindly let me know about this problem and how can i resolve this problem? Thanks and Regards Aamir

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This is probably simple enough, but I've Googled the topic to death with little success.

I'm sharing a few folders between two computers (both Windows 7) on my home network. The folders are each set to be shared with "Everyone."

Let's call the two computers/users Jack and Jill. What I'd like to do: only allow Jill to access Jack's shares, and vice-versa -- excluding any other computers on the network from accessing the folders. Is this possible?

(Note: When modifying the user permissions of the shared folders, users on other computers are not presented for me to choose. I've attempted to create user accounts on each computer, with names corresponding to the user accounts of the other, but that didn't work. Thus! my only workable option right now is "Everyone.")

We're dealing with 7 Starter, unfortunately, on both computers (so no homegroups).
Any ideas? Thanks a lot.

Answer:Share folders to specific computers only?

It's a bit tricky to set this up but it can be done if you follow the procedure below. Posted by TomStitt awhile back.

When the users connect, you need to have password sharing enabled (i.e. they must put in a password to enter the shared computer (they can always save this so they need not enter it next time). You now need 2 local users on the Windows 7 computer, e.g. call them user1 and user2 with their own respective passwords. Don't make them ADMIN users.

Note that you also need to remap the drives and use these logins and passwords for the drive mapping.

Now user1 has access to everything, so on the outside folder give them complete access (or read only as you desire, including access to the special folder inside). Repeat this action for user2. Now go to the special folder that you only want user1 to have access to. right click on it and select properties/security. On the permissions tab, have a look and write down the current permission settings (this is an important reducndancy step should something you do fail later). Now look for a tickbox to inherit parent permissions and untick this. Now give permissions only to those users that you want to access this folder. Be aware that you probably need SYSTEM and CREATOR OWNER on there.

Like all good plans, switch user to user1 on the Windows 7 box and test that they can locally access what they are supposed to. Repeat with User2. Now remap the drives with the new passwords and give the passwords out to the users.

Th... Read more

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I work in an office where we do lots of different construction type jobs, each job is assigned a job file, when invoices roll in from the jobs i need to scan them right to the specific job folders. Does anyone know if this is possible instead of just having one destination folder. Ideally what i need is to be able to open any folder and select "scan" and BOOM there is the invoice right in the folder it belongs. HELP!

Answer:integrated document scanning to specific folders

You need some document imaging software. There are lots of such applications out there.
This is just one possibility.

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Hey all,

So I'm not gonna lie, I have a lot of porn on my computer that I don't want anyone getting into. It's not weird stuff, I'd just rather not have my girlfriend see it when she hops on here. Now if I click the start menu button and the search bar appears, if I type the letter "T" all that pops up is a bunch of Tori Black videos I've got saved. How do I prevent that folder from showing up in the search results?

I did it a while ago but I can't remember how I did it and I've since reinstalled Windows.. I tried removing it from being indexed, rebuilding the index, etc. and they STILL show up. What do?

Answer:How do I prevent specific folders/subfolders from being searched?

Hi and welcome to SevenForums,
Make a new Standard user account for anyone else on the computer,
Make sure no files are in a public library,
Make sure your the only administrator account on the machine,
Standard user accounts can't access files on an admin account
Untested though but the new account shouldn't access searches of another account that would be freaky if it did :/

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Hi,How do you move documents/files/graphics from Windows 7 document folder to specifically named folders on a flash drive? I tried highlighting said document and then clicked organized, then on the drop-down menu clicked send to. But it only shows the letter of the drive I wish to move the item to and not the individual folders. How can I put a document for say a cookie recipe in a folder on flash drive named Deserts? Or picture of my family into the folder named Family pics? I know I'm doing something wrong. But windows help has been of no help. Thank you for reading and for any advice,Ziva.

Answer:How to move files/documents to specific folders?

Open up My Computer. If you do not see a toolbar with File, Edit, View, Tools, Help click on Organize/Layout and check Menu Bar.

If you want to MOVE the files (which will delete them from your computer when you move to the flash drive) choose the file(s) then click File in the menu bar. Use MOVE TO FOLDER. Choose your flash drive and navigate to the folder where you want to put them.

If you want to COPY the files to the flash drive use COPY TO FOLDER under File.

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I'm the admin of my PC, and i would like to deny access from other regular users on this PC, to a all specific drive (not the OS drive), but to let them access one folder in that drive.

i don't get it how it can be done? i tried to deny access on the main properties of the drive, and then "allow' on properties of the folder that i do want allow access, but it doesn't work. the user cannot access the drive at all.

pls pls help......
Many thanks!

Answer:[SOLVED] Is it possible to deny access from specific folders?

To make it shortly: i know how to deny access from a folder, but is it possible the other way around to lock a the all dirve and open only one folder??!


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Does anyone know how to exclude specific directories from your roaming profile in group policy editor?I've fond this page: click here Quote:Exclude large folders from the roaming profile. By default large folders such as Local Settings, Temp and Temporary Internet Files folders do not roam. You can use the "Exclude directories in roaming profile" Group Policy Setting to add new folders to the exclusion list; once included in the policy these folders will not be copied to the local machine at logon, nor copied back to the server at logoff.I cannot find this setting on group policy editor myself... (I am using a 2003 domain).Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Answer:Exclude specific folders on roaming profile

In the root of a users profile (normally C:\documents and settings\USERNAME\ is a file called ntuser.ini. Mine has a section that reads:[General]ExclusionList=Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook;Temporary Internet Files;Cookies;History;Personal;RecentLooks like this may do what you need, just add a folder to be excluded in...I've not tried this myself so let me know if it works.Thanks,JamesB

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Running Win7 RC 64

Whenever I click on folders that contain mkv/h264 files, explorer crashes. But if I view the folders through the open feature of say notepad, then I can click and delete the folders no problem.

What can I do?

Answer:Clicking on specific folders causes explorer to crash

Quote: Originally Posted by XNemesis

Running Win7 RC 64

Whenever I click on folders that contain mkv/h264 files, explorer crashes. But if I view the folders through the open feature of say notepad, then I can click and delete the folders no problem.

What can I do?

Hi XNemesis, Welcome to SF,

Most of the cases it used to be the Context Menu. You could try this

Download ShellExView

The rule is to disable non-Microsoft context menu handlers *one-by-one* and verify if the problem is solved. If disabling one does not solve the problem, undo the disabled item and disable the next non-Microsoft handler. Do the same until the problem is solved and finally identify the culprit. Scroll right to see the Company Name column in ShellExView.

Hope this helps,

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I was wondering if it is possible in OE when sending a message to someone and also sending it back to myself (Cc or Bcc) to send the message back to myself to a specific folder in OE, E.G., Misc., or will it always need to come back to me in my In Basket? Thanks.

Answer:Solved: Sending Messages in OE to Specific Folders?

Maybe this will work, in OE, message>create rules for message.


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Hi friends,

Please guide me how to create a batch file to fit this scenario,

"I have a Folder Named Addons which has 110 Folders which themselves has many sub folders and files of differnet extentions for eg(C:\Program Files\OpenERP\Addons). In this I have to leave around 15 decided Folders and their contents in Addons. I have delete the remaining Folder and its contents. The Number of folders and Their Names may vary every time depending on the Computer.

I have to use batch file both in Windows XP and Windows 7.

I am new one to create batch files. Please guide me.

Answer:Batch File To delete Specific Folders

Let's say of the 110 folders in the AddOns directory and 10 are dedicated (not to be deleted).

Are those dedicated folder names constant? (they are never changed?)

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I have many folders that are Adobe Ill, Adobe Photoshop and Flexi with big files. I want to change the default view for my pictures folder including its sub folders, but not every folder because it slows it way down trying to come up with a icon for these big files. Not sure if that makes sense. Any suggestions? Thank you, Holly

Answer:ICON default views in only specific folders

I use the following reg file to set all folders to display items as general which makes every folder display files in detailed view. I do this for similar reasons to you in that some folders with lots of media crawl to a halt. I don't think Windows does a very good job at "detecting" the contents either as just a couple of videos and it decides to set the folder to "Videos" which is very frustrating. Anyway hope this helps, if not I am if you Google around for the reg key it uses you can work out a way to get it how you want.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Classes\Local Settings\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Shell\Bags\AllFolders\Shell]

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I have many folders that are Adobe Ill, Adobe Photoshop and Flexi with big files. I want to change the default view for my pictures folder including its sub folders, but not every folder because it slows it way down trying to come up with a icon for these big files. Not sure if that makes sense. Any suggestions? Thank you, Holly

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Does anyone have a recommendation on Windows XP software that you can set to delete a specified folder on a specified date? Thanks for your help!

Answer:Software To Delete Folders On Specific Date

Assuming this is a repetitive task, the only approach I can think of is to create a script using, for example, AutoHotKey, and set that script as a scheduled task.

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Hi ,
We are having SBSExchange 2003 in our office. We created public folders so that one group of email id's will be moved to that specific folder.. For example :We have a public folder named German and we setted up like moving all the our german based group emails to German public folder.Now we want to create subfolders under the German public folder and filter some specific Germain mails to those subfolders . I tried to create rules in one user outlook who has access to German Public folder . I created a subfolder under German folder and now I setup a rule from one specific email to move into that folder. But its not working. When we send trying test mail it still moves to main German public folder not the subfolder , which I created. Solutions for this issue please.


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I'm currently installing an application that requires me to block/unblock specific files/folders. I'm not sure how to do this. It doesn't specify a specific antivirus. Right now the one on my computer is Norton Security Suite. I looked around and didn't see any feature like that. Is it common for most antivirus software to do that specified function?

Answer:block/unblock specific folders/files?

What application are you installing ? That might give us a clue as to what it wants.

Do you mean block ACCESS to files and folders ? Then you would need to know WHO you want to block. For example, when you right click on any file, choose Properties and then Security tab, you will see a list of accounts and what type of access each has, in the box below.

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Create a Windows Homegroup results in: Documents, Pictures, Videos and Music.

What is the easiest/quickest way to add folders to the Homegroup (such as Desktop, \User\Mark\..., my own name for the location of documents, etc)?


Answer:Specific question regarding adding folders to a Homegroup

Right click the folder and Share with: HomeGroup

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Is there a way to change the parameters for Windows search so it only shows the folders that contain the filetype you search for?

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Since I am working ROM's for HTC Devices i oftenly need edit/see hiden files and also i need to see extnesions.
Problem is that i hate that in other folders/hard drives.

So can i somehow set those settings for only a specific folders, so that in other folders i dont see them
-show hidden files files and folders
-show extensions for known file types
-hide protected operating system files

Answer:Show hidden files in only specific folders

Just go to folder options then "view", you can check and uncheck what you want to see.

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I've had some issues with mirroring my root directory to a backup folder on my netbook in that the backup folder becomes hidden and a system file after Robocopy has run (note the backup folder existed beforehand).
To stop this happening i believe i can include the switch /A-:SH which would remove the system and hidden attributes to the entire backup folder and all folders under it?

However if i wanted to maintain the hidden attribute on a particular folder could i add /A+:H "//netbook/C Drive/Backup/hidden_folder" to the command line as well?
I'm assuming this would have the same affect as attrib +h "//netbook/C Drive/Backup/hidden_folder" ?

I currrently have:-
robocopy /MIR d:\ "//netbook\C Drive\Backup" /XA:S /XD d:\windowsimage d:\downloads d:\bittorrents "d:\bittorrents completed"

I'm intending to change it to:-
robocopy /MIR d:\ "//netbook\C Drive\Backup" /XA:S /A-:SH /A+:H "//netbook/C Drive/Backup/hidden_folder" /XD d:\windowsimage d:\downloads d:\bittorrents "d:\bittorrents completed"

(making all folders unhidden and non-system but add the hidden attribute only to the hidden_folder folder).
Would you say this is correct and will produce my required results?

Answer:Robocopy - adding attributes to specific folders

Quote: Originally Posted by duckson

[FONT=Arial][SIZE=2]I've had some issues with mirroring my root directory to a backup folder on my netbook in that the backup folder becomes hidden

in my opinion it is strange because you don't use /COPY: or /COPYALL switchers

robocopy /MIR d:\ "//netbook\C Drive\Backup" /XA:S /A-:SH /A+:H "//netbook/C Drive/Backup/hidden_folder" /XD d:\windowsimage d:\downloads d:\bittorrents "d:\bittorrents completed"

In my opinion it won't work.You can't use /A+:,/A-: switchers for only particular objects.You can use it only for all copied objects.
In my opinion it will be appriopriate -unfortunatelly it require two commands:

robocopy /MIR d:\ "//netbook\C Drive\Backup" /XA:S /A-:SH /XD d:\windowsimage d:\downloads d:\bittorrents "d:\bittorrents completed"
attrib +h "//netbook/C Drive/Backup/hidden_folder"

MS Technet about robocopy Robocopy

other Robocopy
Robocopy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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Basically I've got 4 computers networked together, 2 desktops (Vista Ultimate x64 and XP Home), 1 laptop (XP Home) and my media center (MCE 2005). What I want to do is share a folder on my media center but only have my desktop be able to access the files and block out the other 2.

I've tried setting different workgroups but the shared folders still pop up on all 4. Like I'll set my desktop and media center to "Media" and the other 2 to "Home" but the folders still show up in "My Network Places" on all 4 (and they can access the folders) and they would have to click "View Workgroup Computers" for them not to show.

Is this possible or am I asking too much? As a temp. solution I'm just running BPFTP Server on my media center, blocking out all IP's except my own, but naturally it has it's downsides (mainly that I have to put the files on my PC to edit them).

Or maybe there's a seperate app that'll achieve this? My main goal at the moment is to edit MP3 tags on the media center from the desktop while blocking out all other IPs on the network.

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Blocking specific PCs from accessing shared folders?

ACL's are generally setup for Users not Computers. To do what you want to do, you'd probably have to setup firewall rules to block the necessary ports from all but the one pc.

A better question is why the heck would you want to do this?

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We're running Windows SBS 2003, and would like a specific user account (which happens to be a restricted user) to have specific DNS settings, regardless of workstation.

That should be possible via GPO, but isn't working.

DHCP seems to be workstation-specific rather than user-specific, and manual modifications will affect other users on those workstations.



Answer:User-specific DNS settings?

What is the ultimate goal that you need specific DNS settings for? There may be a different way of going about it.


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