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Microsoft - Lack of Support

Question: Microsoft - Lack of Support

Ever since I got my new pc I have been attempting to contact MS Support in the UK to answer a very simple problem.

I bought Windows Media Center from Arvato GmbH in Germany. Their email address is none functional. When I bought it it fitted into the pc great, then my pc broke.

I have a new pc and nobody seems to want to help. I called the UK support number to be told that the number has changed to a 'less expensive' number - so I dialed that. After the usual robitic responses I actually reached a human being, although speaking a barely distinguishable accent. I told her the full history. 'Now let me get this straight, you have Windows 8.1'? 'Yes' I said 'but the problem is Media Center product key not working in Add Features in 8.1 - I have paid for a product that I cannot download.'

*click* nobody on line

After several attempts to call them back, I got a phone ringing somewhere, and ringing, and ringing - you get the picture? Then another robot told me there is an error *click*

After another few attempts I gave up.

If Apple Macs were not so damn expensive I would stick MS where the sun does not shine.

Edit: Wow! finally got to 'speak' to MS via social media software. Gave them the details, we shall see ........

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Preferred Solution: Microsoft - Lack of Support

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Microsoft - Lack of Support

I purchased windows 8 pro and media center retail product keys when 8 first came out..
I recently re-used both key numbers to install on a NEW computer. this is allowed with retail keys, but it is limited in time frame.. You can not do this with oem keys... First disconnect from your internet connection, input the key, activate via phone.. had to do it for the pro key and then again for media center

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So I am sitting here on my MacBook Pro which in my opinion does not have any wireless issues whatsoever, it works. I still own this ThinkPad with a garbage wireless card, and I feasted my eyes on an Intel 7260 but lo and behold, it isn't on the whitelist! Scouring eBay and Amazon I did find a FRU, but would the number of that FRU be the same on the Hardware list? Lets see, well I cannot even find it. All I get are Page Not Found errors which to me is a hilarious joke of Lenovo's support. What does this mean for me? Is my X230 at a very very unnecessary end of life? Should I like, fork out 1400 for an "upgraded" model that probably won't fix most of my problems? My problems is money and saving money. Should i now look elsewhere? No, because I'd rather keep my money to actually FIX my current laptop's problems (the N2200 is a garbage card and would like to replace it with something that's up to date to todays technology but that isn't happening by the sounds of it) I am frustrated with my current laptop's problems and it's having a large effect on my studies. And possibly you can also lose customers by inadequate non-existent support and failure to give us the freedom to actually let us upgrade for those who do. For those who don't, more like.

______________________________________________________Owner of: ThinkPad SL510, X131e, X230 (not fond of)Other systems: MSI GT640, Sony Vaio PCG 709K, Dell Latitude D430,

... Read more

Answer:Lack of X230 information on Lenovo Support, where's my old support?

GLaDOSPulse wrote:
All I get are Page Not Found errors which to me is a hilarious joke of Lenovo's support.

Seems to work for me...
System service parts: click here!
X230 FRU: click me!

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Question: Lack of HP Support

I have had so much stress after buying a brand new HP 250 G4 notebook! I've only had it a couple of months but since the start there have been browser and sound issues. Wish I'd got my  money back! I've spent hours on the phone to many HP customer support reps who have tried to fix the issues. I've even had my notebook sent off for repairs. When it was returned to me the sound issues had not been resolved despite the speakers having been replaced. I called HP again who then got me to install new drives. Issue still not fixed. My case has been kept open and I've not heard from any HP rep for a week. I know I'll have to call them! I'm fed-up and wouldn't recomment HP to anyone! Anyone else have any advice on how to get some decent support. My issue has been going on for two months! I'm based in the UK!

Answer:Lack of HP Support



I have brought your issue to the attention of an appropriate team within HP. They will likely request information from you in order to look up your case details or product serial number. Please look for a private message from an identified HP contact. Additionally, keep in mind not to publicly post personal information (serial numbers and case details).

If you are unfamiliar with how the Forum's private message capability works, you can learn about that here.

Thank you for visiting the HP Support Forum.

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Question: HP lack of support

I have a x360 it scrashed, worked for hours online with teck and them they said we will send you a box i got it the next bad now i have been over a week for a return shipping lable that i was told would be in the box call after call goes no were, this is the same proble i account with my HP840 that was found to have the wrong parts and hard drive when i sent it to a purervisor and he looked inot, i sent the hp840 back to the factory twicw and it came back worst that when i sent it of, HP has a very bad QC/QP dept that need to have everyone of them ran off. even this new x360 has had problems straight out of the box, its time to close the door on HP as i have given them every change and move on th dell or something elese, I know how a computer works and can or may just build my own with American made parts

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I cannot get any answers from the support or accounts from this compnay. Are they going out of business? Anyone know? I heard the German mother compnay was fed up of funding a loser but do not know if this is still on-going?

Answer:1 & 1 lack of support

...signed up for their home web hosting package, and have found everything ok so far, but time will tell. Haven't heard any rumours about the parent co!

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about a year ago i bought an HP dv6605us laptop.

i wasnt sold on vista so i un-installed it and put xp on.

found enough drivers to make it function but its not enough now. i need something that'll let me use the video out.

just incase i figured i'd leave the Vista recovery partition still on the computer.

i boot up the pc, hit f11 for system recovery....nothing.

is it not possible to "recover" vista through xp? its probably a stupid question lol.

i know this is the only place i'd find the best answers. thanks guys.

Answer:fed up with hp's lack of xp support

platonjk said:

is it not possible to "recover" vista through xp? its probably a stupid question lol.

i know this is the only place i'd find the best answers. thanks guys.Click to expand...

I found a possible answer for you on the HP web site.

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I have Kaspersky running on my PC but it let in some malware that required a complete disk reformat and reload of all software. I folowed Kaspersky's advice for thi9s situation but it won't accept the access code. They have ignored 4 emails for help.Anybody with ideas? Maybe I have to cut my losses and use different protection.

Answer:Kaspersky - lack of support

Try the Forum click here

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I am returning the Dell described below. Decided to do that on or about Sept.23 and I began applying to Dell for their RMA number. The timing of my ordering and then receiving the Dell was an almost impossible time. I am blessed with the C.O.P.D. disease and a head cold began to make it's presence known---and how it did!! Still have it and you never want the combination of these two "killers" to hit you together. I began to have my anxiety depleted when I could not get in touch with Dell; or rather no contact with any sympathetic soul and in fact, it was pretty much just the opposite. Support in India is strictly for no one. Well, they got my Scotch/Irish anger burning and I didn't give up---it was like not being able to contact anyone at Dell Support. I really and truly felt helpless; it was like no one was home.
Dell kept saying that I had 21 days to return the computer and I had among the several items in the computer box this one page of printed info with Dell logo in several places so I scanned it and sent it attached to one of my many emails to anyone at Dell I could find a name for. Today, I got my answer. Who ever approved it said he(?) was making an exception and gave his approval. Don't really see how an exception was made when the "letter" I scanned and sent to them clearly said 30 days and in which I was well within the boundary. I did threaten Dell with letting PCMag and Smart Computing know about their lack of support and commu... Read more

Answer:Dell and their lack of support

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Has anyone had problems with the Lenovo Warranty not being honored? I sent my laptop to the Depot (USA) and they kept my laptop for 3 weeks and sent it back without repairing it.  The symptom was the laptop was overheating and shutting off. I have only owned the laptop since January, and the overheating started in April/May, i initially thought it was a 64-bit driver problem.  After sending it to the depot, they claim the following 1 - They claimed something had been spilled on the laptop, voiding the warranty2 - They were going to charge me $950 to repair3 - For my money they would not send back the replaced parts so I could verify what had happened I wanted the parts back so I could  a) see if a spill had occurred b) see if someone at a work site had sabotaged it. They sent my laptop back withyout answering any of my questions.  Starting to wonder if the warranty is worth diddly. Model is 4062-4JU.


Go to Solution.

Answer:Lack Of Warranty Support

if the depot claims spill damage, they are suppose to contact IBM service and give photographic evidences, which you can request to be sent to your email.

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Hi Does anyone know how to contact Gigabyte support in the UK. I am having trouble with my PC not booting and although I have their contact details which come straight out of the mobo manual, they are proving elusive. This is whats in the book:G.B.T. TECH. CO. LTD. ? Tel: 44-1908-362700 ? Fax: 44-1908-362709 ? E-mail:[email protected] ? WEB Address: click here I Have tried filling in their query form online but it it either does not submit properly or they don't bother to reply. I have tried the email address above, no response!and the telephone number takes you to Telewest... Weird.Can anyone help, has anyone had any luck lately with contacting Gigabyte support?. Helppp!

Answer:Gigabyte lack of support

If you ring 01908 362700 that is the GBT Office, I've just tried it.The 44 bit is the international number for dialing from outside the UK

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I'm curious who has had enough problems with the lack of 64 bit software support that they are considering going with the 32 bit version when Windows 7 is released in the Fall.

Personally, the lack of a Cisco VPN client, some poor software support, and a few driver issues, is really making me reconsider going with 64. Then again, I have not tried out the XP virtualization.

Answer:64 bit software support (or lack of)

Not me. I've got all the driver support I need to productively use x64. The only shortfall I see, for me, is the last of Flash for 64-bit. For that I just use 32-bit Firefox.

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Hey Lenovo team, The P50 website for Lenovo India ( ) does not have a configurator & online purchase platform unlike the US website ( ). I emailed TheDoStore support ([email protected]), requesting information on the configuration options available in India and got the following response: "... unfortunately we don't have an expert who would be able to respond to you. We would like you to please call 1800 3000 9991 where an expert will be handle your query and give you the best possible advice.  ..."  - Not the most encouraging of emails. And the 'expert' team at 1800 3000 9991 was not very competant. They could confirm only the configuration that was available in stock and could not even confirm if other options (see below) were either out-of-stock or not-launched/not-available in India. Could somebody help me out with the following?Processor: Are the i7-6820HQ & Xeon E3-1505M options available?Display: Is the 4k IPS non-touch available?Storage options?And what are the buying options for the P50?Is 1800 3000 9991 really the only option? Or are there other resellers? Is it expected to be listed elsewhere online, where I can see and verify the configuration, rather than just trust an 'expert' over a phone call?

Answer:P50 in India - Lack of support (even) for buying?

 I suggest you post this to the Feedback of Support Websites part of this forum. Lenovo employees will carefully read your post in my past experience.

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------TPs own: X31 (2003), X61T, X200T, Tablet 2, P50 (2016); Win 7/8.1/10, Ubuntu8.04-16.04.

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In May of 2011, I purchased a ThinkPad for my son to take to college.  With it, we paid extra for a warranty that we thought would ensure that he would be taken care of, if any problems with the computer came up.  In November, the computer ceased working and after three weeks of calling and waiting (and much frustration), a technician finally came out and made a repair.  Unfortunately, after one day, the computer once again ceased to work.  This time, it was not even possible to run the diagnostics because the computer would not even boot up.  Again, I placed a phone call to the customer support number, hoping to have a resolution before finals started.  A case number was assigned and I was given the name of the "Escalation Specialist" who I was told would be calling me in 24-48 hours. While I tried to be patient, there was no call and so after almost a week, I tried calling the Escalation Specialist.  Instead of reaching him, I was greeted with a message that his voice mailbox was full, so I could not leave a message.  The recording said that I could be transferred to an operator if I pressed the # sign, but when I did that, I was told that this was not an option available to me.  When I called customer support/service back to let them know this, I was told that I should stop calling because each time I called, I was being moved down in the list of people to receive return calls.   Wow!  is this what customer service has... Read more

Answer:Lack of customer service/support

hey UnhappywithLeno,welcome to the forums and apologies on what had happened.could you pm to me the following :Name:Country:Mobile:Email:MTM [machine type model]:(To locate MTM - Number (S/N):Date of Purchase:Case/Order Number : (if any)Screenshot of Error(if applicable) : (upload it to a hosting site and paste the link here)Location of unit : Home / Repair Center (delete where appropriate)Description of issue :Troubleshooting Taken : (if any)

WW Social MediaImportant Note: If you need help, post your question in the forum, and include your system type, model number and OS. Do not post your serial number.Did someone help you today? Press the star on the left to thank them with a Kudo!If you find a post helpful and it answers your question, please mark it as an "Accepted Solution"! Follow @LenovoForums on Twitter!Have you checked out the Community Knowledgebase yet?!How to send a private message? --> Check out this article.

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I have been trying several times over the past few week to get a response from Auslogics using their web based form (the only way I can find of contacting them) and have had no response whatsoever from this. This is concerning a registered version of BoostSpeed. Has anyone found a way of getting a response from them?

Answer:Auslogics Technical Support (or the lack of it)

What problem are you having with it? I assume that you have looked at the FAQs

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Can anyone tell me how to get Kaspersky to react and give support. I reported a problem 2 months ago, Kaspersky have taken on average 7 days to respond to each e-mail when they ask me to carry out various test. I am now no further forward and KIS is letting Malware in. Has anyone found a clever way to put the proverbial boot in? It is sad that their support is so slow when they get such an accolade for their IS package from PC Advisor.

Answer:Kaspersky Tech Support or lack of

No Security program can stop everything that is why you need good back up the likes of Malwarebytes or Superantispyware.Are they false positives or genuine malware infections.

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Has anyone had problems with the Lenovo Warranty not being honored? I sent my laptop to the Depot (USA) and they kept my laptop for 3 weeks and sent it back without repairing it.  The symptom was the laptop was overheating and shutting off. I have only owned the laptop since January, and the overheating started in April/May, i initially thought it was a 64-bit driver problem.  After sending it to the depot, they claim the following 1 - They claimed something had been spilled on the laptop, voiding the warranty2 - They were going to charge me $950 to repair3 - For my money they would not send back the replaced parts, nor would they tell me if the parts were refurbished or new. I wanted the parts back so I could  a) see if a spill had occurred b) see if someone ast a customer site had sabotaged it. They sent my laptop back withyout answering any of my questions.  Starting to wonder if the warranty is worth diddly. Model is 4062-4JU.

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So with the new round of games coming out I decided it was time to add another Radeon HD 5770 to my system so I could rock some massively overclocked dual GPU goodness.

Well think again! After screwing with this system for about four weeks I have determined that CrossfireX is bogus and I should have just attempted to sell my original 5770 and buy a better single card.

I'm currently on a clean (SUPER CLEAN) install of amd_catalyst_11.5b_hotfix_8.85.6rc5_win7_may25 drivers and using the latest amd_catalyst_11.5_cap3_may26_110525 application profiles. Windows 7 Ultimate x64, everything up to date. MSI Afterburner used for overclocking profiles.. etc.

The new games I was wanting to max for their splendid eye candy:

Crysis 2 - will run in Crossfire mode with little scaling evident, although if any AA is enabled there are all kinds of screwy visual defects going on. So in the end it runs better with Crossfire disabled and graphic options set to medium.

Need for Speed Shift 2 Unleashed - This game will run fine with Crossfire enabled, however only GPU #2 is being used, so 0% scaling. Upon further investigation the use of both GPUs was disabled via ATI's application profiles shortly after the game was released due to major problems with it.

Total War Shogun 2 - Now this game is one that is supposed to scale well when running in Crossfire mode. WRONG, because upon launch the entire system will freeze as soon as the intro movie starts... Read more

Answer:Totally fed up with (lack of) CrossfireX support

Bump for my frustration..

Is anyone actually getting good results with CrossfireX, or SLI for that matter?

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I bought a PC from Watford Electronics last July, and emailed them to ask about a problem with Windows XP. No reply, so I emailed Microsoft in the USA and they replied: ?Thank you for contacting Microsoft Customer Service. If you are using Windows XP and it was purchased outside of North America, your best resource for assistance is the Microsoft subsidiary in United Kingdom. There are significant programming differences between North American and localized versions of software. You will be best assisted by the subsidiary that specializes in your specific version.?So I emailed Microsoft UK, and their response was that because the software is OEM (original equipment manufacturer) then support is provided by the manufacturer.Two more emails to Watford Electronics, with no response. I have just found the email address for the managing director, Shiraz Jessa, so will try him.

Answer:Support (lack of) for Windows XP Home

What is the problem, maybe we can sort it on here?

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Right after i installed the 64 bit version, i assumed that chrome already had such a version released, but after a closer inspection i realised it was still a 32 bit one. After looking further into the matter i found out Google only released it for Linux users, which is beyong my reasoning.

After that, i tried firefox, which apparently had a 64 bit version available, yet it asked for no apparent reason for me to give my administrator name and pass, which were incorrect according to the installer, and it exited. It eventually crossed my mind to right click and select 'run as admin' and it worked fine.

Also, i have noticed the built in IE browser is 32 bit aswell, which seems odd.

On top of all those, is the information that adobe flash player does not support 64 bit browsers true? EDIT: i tried using the 64 bit version of firefox to browse youtube, but it keeps saying i need an additional plugin, i install the adobe plugin, yet it keeps giving me the same error, which to my mind means adobe does not support 64 bit yet?

Answer:Lack of browser support for Windows 7 64 bit?

Hi as of yet I have not seen any real support for the 64 bit browsing, so for the time being you will have to live with the 32bit unless someone else knows of a answer

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well just been in touch with support to find out if a new bios is coming out to support graphics cards that most people have. (HD5450 nothign over powerful) Sorry not suported in any way, only 3 crappy cards are supported officially. Basically told to sling hook Remind me not to buy IBM again from the total lack of support or updates.PCI-E standard - not if your IBM 


Go to Solution.

Answer:M57 and any graphics cards - total lack of support - and do not buy

just as a note i have a motherboard from over 2 years ago with a standard pci-e slot and it works on that!!!! 

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Greetings! I would to ask more attention for Driver Support!I'm not entirely satisfied with driver support although the product is good thats why i did choose Lenovo. I know this is not the newest series by Lenovo but still you should support. (other series as well)The latest Video, audio driver is from 2013! So this is the way where Lenovo must be improve to satisfy product users! Regards,Robert

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A friend will be moving to Mexico but was looking at buying G550 MFG#: 2958A4U laptop in Canada but needs to make sure that it is serviceable in Mexico. I phoned Lenovo web sales but they could not help since that p/n is not sold on the website. Is this model serviceable in Mexico and if so is it only by mail within Mexico ie no on site service??

Answer:Extremely Frustrated with lack of pre sales support

tell him " make sure your lenovo has valid international warranty "he can check it here, but he needs serial number. ps : do not post serial numbers here for security issue.

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I'm trying to open a port so I can set up my FTP. I've tried port forwarding, port triggering, etc. and no one can ping me. I set up the port as 21 and, using the router's IP address, which isn't my dynamic IP address from the ISP, I'm so firewalled I can't get out.

I did go to and got a number, which I pinged and got results on all four packets. When I run IPWatch, I get the router's 192.168._._ number.

BTW....this is a Dell 2350 Broadband Router -- brand new.

The wonderful thing is that Dell Support WON'T support Advanced settings -- they DON'T KNOW HOW! However, for $40, they will trnasfer me to a technician who can help me. Figure that one out. For a $70 router, I can't even get support to set it up. I'm dealing with tech support in India, so have the language problem and don't feel I should have to pay for something that the salesman assured me I could do (which was to be able to set up an FTP).

Presently I'm working on a Dell Dimension 2400 desktop with an Inspiron 8600 laptop and okay there re file sharing, etc.

I know I can't ping myself and even called my ISP provider who tried to see if he could see (ping) any or all of the ports. I'm freakin' stuck and MADD AS HELLLLLLLL at DELL!

I want to set up my Titan server so that I can share homemade media shows w/pics to family and also am working w/a company in Atlanta and I'm out here in the middle of the Pacific. I... Read more

Answer:Dell Broadband 2350 Router & lack of Support

You don't need to worry about quoting the "192.168._._ number" - everyone on the planet using NAT uses that (well nearly everyone!). It's the public dynamic IP address you may want to withhold from the rest of us!

For port-forwarding you need to set-up in the router port-forwarding to the LAN IP address of the PC on which your Titan server is operating NOT the IP address of the router. Your external user tries to FTP to your public IP address, that hits the router and the router forwards as per its config to the device on your LAN running your server: that way the external user gets through the firewall without knowing the internals of your LAN. If you have a dynamic public IP address that's obviously going to change from time to time (it does what its says on the box! - it's dynamic) which can make access for external users difficult -- so you may want to look into a Dynamic DNS service (such as offered free at or where you can get a domain name and your external users use that rather than an IP address and the DynDNS service keeps the domain name in line with the changing public IP address.

On the ping question: it may be that the router is configured to not respond to pings from the internet - some/many routers have this facility (for security reasons) and it is often the default but I do not know the model in question. If you have the possibility in the management GUI too enebale/disable ping you can switch on... Read more

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I have a household with Two Dell desktops and Three laptops the oldest laptop being a 37 month old N5110.  Kids in school you know the drill.  Of course the oldest is mine, the purchaser, the N5110, After reading about Dell not supporting this product for Windows 10 software update. I pulled my old Sony from the retired computer pile in my home office, and with a few auto updates I got a reservation for Windows 10,  So this past week I decided that if Dell drops the N5110 upgrade path I'm dropping Dell from my approved vendor list, Designating Dell to be just another Apple, stranding its customers by not providing a migration path.  The reasoning behind the Intel / Microsoft PC compared to alternatives in the 80;s was the future upgrades.  I have the Intel CPU & MS O/S but I guess I screwed up by purchasing Dells.
Oh I even tried the BIOS fix,  I already have that version installed.  I guess I just wait to see what Dell does after reading N5110 post I'm afraid that I'll have to select another Vendor, I did it to Apple in the 80's, But I'll stay with Windows and find another preferred hardware vendor if they strand this laptop with no future.  I think it is funny that someone defined the laptop lifecycle at three years at dell. Plus I use Dells in the office.   

Answer:N5110 Windows 10 upgrade and lack of Dell support

I have a similar problem.  The only laptop i have is N5110 Inspiron. It was one of the best configurations of that time. 
I am very much unhappy about the BIOS compatibility issue which stops me upgrading to windows 10. 
I blame both Microsoft and Dell for this. Now its like none of them wants to take up the responsibility to provide a fix. If this has to be the trend in future it will become a norm to washout devices after every 3 years. Which is not value for money. 
I hope dell comes up with a upgrade to BIOS or they reachout to Microsoft to fix the issue and upgrade on what ever is existing. I know its not a joke  cause every hour spent writing that code for a 1 person would cost too much of money.But again its  their duty.

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Does anyone have an email address that will put me in contact with someone in Canada? I spent three hours trying to get help that wasn't through the telephone, telling half a dozen people that I couldn't use the phone to get help. Technical support won't chat with people in Canada and I just jumped through a dozen hoops, only to end up in the same place. If anyone could please offer any kind of advice that would be greatly appreicated. Thank you.

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hey guys just picked up a nokia lumia 1520 running windows 10 last night ( os build no 10.0.10586.494 ) and am coming from android, i was trying to connect my google account via the accounts section of the people app and when i click google account it states that the browser is out of date. is there any work around for this? trying to bring my email and contacts over. thanks!

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Can anybody from developers tell me if there will be a future update for Lenovo Thinkpad edge 14 so it can boot from esata drive ?  I'm using bios v. 1.29 which seemsto lack esata boot support. I also tried boot from esata using both grub and grub2 (installed on my primary drive)but those cannot see esata drive. Any suggestions / ideas ? 

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I tried Windows 10 but first, I could not download my CD music to my MP3 player. Next I tried it with my Photoshop Elements and Photoshop CS5. It warned me not all components are supported.

As a photographer, I rely on Photoshop. Windows really messed up with this so called "up grade" You can put lipstick on a pig, but it is still a pig!

I have always been against Apple but this is the best Microsoft can do I am changing. There is no customer support live, just links to self help. My guess is unless they make some very quick changes, their customer base will drop considerably. Sell your Microsoft stocks!

Rob Langlois,
PhotoMagic Creatons

Answer:Windows 10 - poor customer support and lack of media player

Lack of What? Depends on which edition you tried upgrading to! Oh Welcome to the Ten Forums by the way! Travenston0

Upon looking over Windows 8 a few years back and finding WMPlayer was gone from the Home version while I would likely if then going for 8(ha ha ha ha hardy har har no way hose') would have had to download WMP 13 separately as I have always set WMP since it was first seen only as a separate download until Vista came along as the default player. 8 Pro and later however have the newer versions plus 10 now sees a Windows DVD Player if you look more closely at the Start>All Apps!

The Pro editions of 8, 8.1, and now 10 have WMP as well as 10 now seeing a separate dvd player since WMP no longer supportd dvd or video playback with MS saying there are already too many media players?! So this is what you get like it or not!

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Is Lenovo going to fix camera support in Thinkpad T410 with Windows 8? When will be Lenovo Settings Metro application available for T410?Lenovo is working on it for so looooooooong...... Regards,Wojtek

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The are problems with Intel SSD 530 and ThinkPad W520. Many people, including me, are complaining about startup problems ... see this thread also: month ago I bought an Intel SSD 530 240GB to replace the stock HDD of my ThinkPad W520 (4270CTO). When I cold-start the laptop everything is fine, but when I restart it from Windows 7 or even CTRL-ALT-DEL, the drive is not found. Both SSD and W520 has the latest firmware/BIOS.I had no problems with Intel SSD 335 240GB; Windows starts and restart without problem, but with the Intel 530 it fails when I do restart, the BIOS does not find it after a normal reset. I think BIOS implementation for W520 does not support the newer ATA feature called "Device Initiated Power Management (DIPM) for Software Setting Preservation (SSP)". There is a BIOS update for W530 but not for W520.Should I assume Intel SSD 530 is and will remain incompatible with ThinkPad W520 or wait for a BIOS update?

W520 | i7-2720QM | NV Quadro 2000M

Answer:Intel SSD 530 startup problems on ThinkPad W520 - Bug in SSD or lack of BIOS support?

I am also seeing the exact same issue. I have a ThinkPad W520 and a Corsair Force GS using a Sandforce 2200 series controller. According to the Intel SSD thread, there is some incompatibility between that controller and Intel QM77-chips which is causing the issue. The symptoms for my laptop are the same. SSD is always recognized on cold boot, but effectively never on warm boot / restart. Will we get a BIOS update that fixes this? I have dual boot configuration with both windows 8 and windows 7. The issue is happening regardless of what OS I issue the restart from. 

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NEVER buy a Lenovo  I just bought a brand new Flex laptop from the Microsoft Store.  A MAJOR PROBLEM for those who use the touchpad.  It doesn't allow the user to turn off the drag in the mouse buttons (only).  When I use the touch pad, i move the cursor (for example to select a radial button).  However when I go to click on the left or right mouse buttons on the touch pad it's so sensitive to movement that it moves the curosor away from the radial button. There should be a way to map the touch pad.  Lenovo blames the software and the touchpad company.  Yet they chose this touchpad.  I need support from one company.  They sent me to talk with the touchpad company.  Sorry.  It's your Laptop Lenovo.  To add to Lenovo's problem, their support is in India and it is almost impossible to understand the support person or their supervisor.  

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on the off chance that you are going up against any issue in utilizing Microsoft Office Program then you can straightforwardly dial the Microsoft Office Support Number as the help is only a summon. Our specific top specialist will quickly resolve any sort of issue opposed by you. To know more information, visit the website

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I thought I had auto update turned on so I did a manual check but each time I try to update it fails, so I checked my "History" and it seems that I have missed all updates for over a month, last succesfull update was "Windows Genuine Advantage Notification (KB905474)" everything after that failed, My XP pro (OEM)was registered OK years ago and never had any problems before.any simple solutions?

Answer:Microsoft updates...or lack of

Microsoft issues security updates etc on the second Tuesday in the month (with an occasional one or two updated in between).You can find out any security updates you've missed by installing Belarc Advisor from:click hereThis includes a section detailing installed and/or missing updates.Alternatively you can go to:click hereand download them manually.

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I'm sorry to write this kind of issue here on a public forum, but was forced to and I can see that I'm not alone In a short words ... after a long service repair of my Yoga 710 and a long way of proveing to the seller that the hardware has a defect (fan is blowing straight to the microphone making noise), I've got money refound on 03.04.2017 !Total time that I was without funds and without a laptop lasted from 10.01.2017 to 03.04.2017 (83 days, including Lenovo Service Support - 32 days). I have got only one sorry word from Lenovo nothing more. That's all for my effort to contact them, explain everything, loosing my nerves, all invonvieniences at my bussiness etc. I asked finally what will you do if I want to buy new Lenovo product in the future (maybe small discount for me) but didn't get answer until today...Where should I write an email concerning complaint about Tech Support  ?  

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I think Window 8's failure can be summed up by one phrase: lack of options. They forced their customers to adopt a touch optimized OS on their desktops and laptops. It wouldn't have been so bad if they had simply made it optional, and letting people still use their PC the way they already like it.
With Windows 10, Microsoft is finally aware that the simple solution was: options. Whenever I saw people complaining about Win8 (never had it myself), I always thought all Microsoft had to do is provide options. It boggled my mind such a huge company could not figure that out. Make the big changes optional. Let the people tailor it to their preference. That has always been the strength of Windows PCs. Some people will adopt the new interface options, some will keep the classic way. Everyone is happy.
Still, Windows 10 is lacking options in some areas. For the purpose of helping it improve, we could post Windows 10 faults that would easily be resolved by just making it optional.
On my laptop, whenever I press both trackpad buttons at the same time (same function as middle mouse-button, AKA pressing the scrollwheel on a mouse), Cortana is brought up. The problem is that I have always used that to open web links on new tabs while browsing. It's much quicker and practical than right-clicking the link and the clicking on "Open Link in new tab". I also use it to close tabs so I don't have to aim for the little X.
This would be fine if all I had to do was go into Cortana's setting... Read more

Answer:Lack of options - Microsoft's main problem is still there

It's dependent on your touchpad drivers/software... for example I have the lenovo y50-70 and they use synaptics. If I go open the touchpad settings via the synaptics software, there are different touchpad options you can enable/disable. For me, it is a three finger tap to activate cortana and I can enable or disable that as I please. Make sure your touchpad drivers are updated though, if you don't see an option then it could be that you need to update it.

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I keep receiving calls from fake MICROSOFT Tech support with various telephone numbers. Strange, they do not show up in my phone on line logs. They wanted me to go to FASTSUPPORT\763721586 ( do not use  these numbers). It is a company  called they also give you a complaint department where you can enter the number that you feel is causing you problems, the number of the LOGMEINRESCUE type remote access code. of course it is clear to them that you are suspicious and they will get rid of the  phone operator who didn't succeed. So do not bother to leave any complaint.


Appears you are dealing with a well known scam.Microsoft does not make unsolicited phone calls, display pop-up alerts in your browser to call a support number or send unsolicited email messages to request personal or financial information or to fix your computer.Avoid scams that use the Microsoft name fraudulentlyIs that call from Microsoft a scam?Tell Your Relatives: No, Microsoft Won’t Call You About Your ComputerMicrosoft calling? Mind the tech support scammer!Tech Support Scamming through unsolicited phone calls, browser pop-ups and emails from "so-called Support Techs" advising "your computer is infected with malware", “All Your Files Are Encrypted" and other fake "alert messages" has become an increasing common scam tactic over the past several years. The scams may involve web pages with screenshots of fake Microsoft (Windows) Support messages, fake reports of suspicious activity, fake warnings of malware found on your computer, fake ransomware and fake BSODs all of which include a tech support phone number to call in order to fix the problem. If you call the phone number (or they called you), scammers will talk their victims into allowing them remote control access of the computer so they can install a Remote Access Trojan in order to steal passwords and other sensitive personal information which could then be used to access bank accounts or steal a person's identity.These are a few examples.Call Windows Help Desk Immediately Tech Support Scam Fake Your com... Read more

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The Microsoft Product Support Reporting Tool facilitates the gathering of critical system and logging information used in troubleshooting support issues. This information helps diagnose problems in the software quicker and provide solutions. Download.

Answer:Use Microsoft Product Support Reports Tools for troubleshooting and support

Thanks for the link,,Very useful..

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My laptop is an ASUS U50F and has been getting worse and worse as I have tried to stay current. My latest status was Windows 10 which was totally up to date except for some drivers that I had to force because those pushed by Microsoft plain did
not work with my hardware. BTW: Microsoft compatibility check for Win 10 said totally compatible . . . Absolutely wrong. Many things did not work properly.

Even then things finally got to the point that the Laptop was SO slow under Win 10 that it was completely unusable. So I finally bit the bullet and decided to restore the laptop to it's original
2009 Win 7 OS & drivers using the restore DVD I created when the laptop was new. That seemed to work great. Hooray, like a new computer.

But not so fast . . .

When I tried to install my Kaspersky AV it said that t needed at least Win 7 SP1. So I started trying to update Win 7. The only "important" updates were Windows Live essentials 2011 and Office
Live add-ins neither of which looked that important, but I installed them anyway. When I run Windows Update "search for updates" now it just spins its wheels . . . forever, and does not find anything to update (i.e. no SP1). But when
I look at Update History it shows "Windows 7 SP1 for x64 based systems" as successfully installed even though SP1 is not shown when I look at Computer Properties under Windows Edition (it should say SP1 if that i... Read more

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April 8, 2014 ends Microsoft Support of Windows XP. Although no further updates will be issued, current ones will be available for some time, but order of installation is critical. As happened in older OSs at some point all will be removed from the MS site. Therefore users are advised to copy the final complete set to disc for future use.

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How can I get Microsoft help and support instead of that for HP Magic Canvas which I get now?

Answer:Microsoft help and support

What are you 'clicking' to get the support but actually getting HP Magic Canvas?

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Question: Microsoft Support

Hello all.

I recently contacted microsoft via an online form @

Basically I moved my domain to another server and now emails are blocked by hotmail...

ANYWAY. I recieved an email from ms telling me to put an spf record...which I already have...I was told to reply to them...

When replying to the email address the email originated from

>> [email protected]m

I get a bounced message...


So I ask...Does anyone know an email address at microsoft I can email to get back in touch with them?

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I put together some template sites for my business. I copy and paste from Word 2003 into HTML pages and apply the site syles to page.

It's not exactly the pro way to go but it has always worked well..

In these Word documents are VML graphs. Graphs created in Word. When I first began doing things this way, the graphs appeared perfectly in my HTML page using IE6.

For a long time the graphs were NOT visible in Firefox or Opera because of the VML language I assumed. Then Firefox and Opera evidently added something which allowed these graphs to appear. The quality of the images was not real good but at least the graphs were visible using IE6, Firefox and Opera.

Now in unusual ironic twist, these graphs are still visible in Firefox and Opera but nothing but a big white blank appears in IE7.

I don't know how experienced you are here with IE. Does anyone have any ideas of how to make IE7 show these Microsoft Word created graphs as IE6 did? You cannot copy and paste these graphs directly into a graphics editor with any quality. They look like crap. Like 36 dpi resolution.

I've had to resort to making screen prints and turning them into GIF's.

Here's an example page. There a graph on this page in Firefox (lower quality but there). In IE7 it's gone. In IE6 it's perfect. Did Microsoft simply drop there support for VML images?

Answer:IE7 and Microsoft VML Support

I am experiencing a similar situation with viewing graphs and even images when Microsoft Word converted documents into an html file. Now, when viewed in IE7 these are not showing for me. All I see is a large blank white space. Does anyone out there have a solution to this? Is there a patch of some sort that can be downloaded to allow the vml to be viewed? I am using a Vista machine with IE7.

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On 8th April 2014 Microsoft will not provide any support for Windows XP.
They say this will leave your PC venerable as security updates will not be made.
I run Windows XP as a virtual machine on Windows 7 Professional.
Will the security of this be affected in the same way as a ?stand alone? XP system?


Answer:Microsoft End Support for XP

Q: Will Microsoft remove Windows XP Mode support in Windows 7 as of April 8, 2014 via a patch or update? (XP Mode allows users with old XP apps to run them on Windows 7 Professional, Enterprise and Ultimate.)

A: No, XP Mode will not go away, a Microsoft spokesperson confirmed. However, Microsoft won't be providing any patches or updates to XP as of that date, so those using XP mode will be exposing themselves to potential security risks.Click to expand...


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TOP STORY from WindowsSecrets newsletter at this issue:

How to maintain XP after Microsoft ends support

By Stuart J. Johnston

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said recently that it's OK with him if you want to stick with Windows XP until Windows 7 is available late next year.

XP lovers may still be able to buy a new PC with that operating system installed for another year or so, but unfortunately, Microsoft plans to end most free support for the OS within months.

On that date ? Apr. 14, 2009 ? millions of PC users, some of whom bought their systems less than a year earlier, will be left in the lurch. These users will have to pay Microsoft for Windows XP support, although downloading critical security patches is expected to remain free of charge.Click to expand...


PTL for the support we get here at Major Geeks.


Answer:Microsoft to end support for XP

Ya Mark, I can understand someone buying an XP rig if they have expensive software and/or hardware to replace which won't run on Vista, but other than that I can't see why folks are skittish about moving on. It's not as if Vista has a steep learning curve to conquer.:confused

It's been RTM'd nearly two years ago along with SP1 and soon to be SP2 to improve. It is darn stable and recovers easily from problems. Case in point, I had an nVidia video driver problem the other day, the screen went black for a couple of seconds and then Vista recovered and then went merrily chugging on it's way wheras XP would have surely given me a BSOD or worse.

Man, it happened so fast that I only was able to read 'nvvxxxx' was restored or something to that effect.

'Ill advised' is the correct term, someone wanted to get rid of the inventory.

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I'm having a hard time getting in contact with online microsoft support everytime i go on the website the button is missing to start a chat

Answer:Microsoft support UK?

Originally Posted by Windows Central Question I'm having a hard time getting in contact with online microsoft support everytime i go on the website the button is missing to start a chat Are you going to this page?
there's a section about contact answer desk
If you need additional help or have more questions or details to share, please join the site so you can reply in this thread. See this link for instructions on how to join Windows Central.

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Does anyone noe weather vista Microsoft word support the old formated ones? Or is there any plug-in needed to support?

Answer:Does Vista Microsoft Word Support Old Format Microsoft Word?

I'm assuming you're talking about the new office 2007? meaning word 2007?

If that is the case, then yes it does run older versions of word. In the sense that if you have a word document that was made and saved in Word 2003 it would work in 2007.

Just like when you make something in word 2007 you are able to save it as a Word 03-07 document so it works on both versions of Microsoft Word.

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this whole mess started a few week ago when my girls MSN Messenger would not let them sign in. I uninstalled and reinstalled, updated, tried different versions, tried different restore points, and nothing worked.then on a MS forum, an expert or mvp gave me a program to run that would fix bad settings in messenger, however when i ran the program an error poped up saying "sorry, access is blocked", so i hit start>run>regedit and i get the same error. can anyone please help me before i pull the rest of the hair outta my head?

thanx in advance,

Answer:can anyone help me with this? (Moved from Microsoft Support)

You're signed in as administrator when trying to make these changes?

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i cant get onto the interenet anymore...i have a microsoft support live warning with a phone number to call....called and they want me to buy support for 6 months for 199.99 and to pay thru money gram...and a voice telling me to not go any further that there is a virus and i need to call the number immediatly....can you plz help me fix this..thank you

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I can't believe that Microsoft are offering such a meagre Timeframe for its support of Vista. What does this bode for those of us who want to stay with windows XP?which seems like a much better OS anyway.Having read numerous articles on the new OS,it does seem that unless you have a top-notch ,high-end Computer you need the more expensive Premium or Ultimate editions of Vista anyway.So all in all it's a very expensive business anyway.I hope that there is some time yet for support for XP to continue.

Answer:Vista support(non!)from Microsoft

You should not need support on XP by now and to be truthful you should, not need Vista support after 5 years. There will always be places like this forum.G

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not really computer literate, tried your tutorial, how to download windows 10 assistant to get updates quickly, will not connect, tried updates in my settings no joy states last update 2016,tried to get to Microsoft help, will not connect, my version of windows 10 is 1511, thanks dave h

Answer:cannot conect to

Hi Hank17. Welcome to the TenForums @hank17.

Have you tried running the Update Trouble shooter.

Troubleshoot Problems in Windows 10 with Troubleshooters Windows 10 Performance Maintenance Tutorials

Windows key + S, search bar appears, type troubleshooting into search bar, troubleshooting appears at top. Click it, window opens, lower right side "Fix problems with Windows Update", click. Window opens, click on ?advance?, click on Run as administrator, click ?Next?. Should run clean. If not run again.

You likely could also do a an inplace repair / upgrade. This process will update you to the Creators update. While nothing should happen to your data files I recommend backing them up off machine.

I would also recommend using a tool like Macrium Reflect to create an Image so you can get back to where you started, just in case. We have tutorial here.
In place repair / upgrade, likely need 8GB key.

Repair Install Windows 10 with an In-place Upgrade

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Hi, I just acquired Windows 2000 installation disk with SP4 & COA.

I'd been using Dell's XP and prior to that Win-98, both of which have been torture for me, so I decided to finally try 2000, because so many people said they had least problems with 2000.

Does Microsoft have any phone support hotline for help with conversion & transferring files from my present XP system to Windows 2000?

Also, please note that the latest [unresolved] problem I've had has been this:

Ever since I reinstalled XP months ago, I haven't yet had occasion to open Wordpad documents that I'd backed up onto my zip disks. Seems some of them had been done using Win 6.0.

Now that I tried, it's kicking out an error message:

can't load Word for Windows 6.0 files.​
So I'm wondering whether those files are transferrable to 2000.

Answer:XP to 2000 Microsoft support?

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Mods: If this belongs in Hardware, please move it.

I've looked here for help, & looked other places, & Microsoft SideWinder Precision Pro game controllers are not supported/compatible(?) with Microsoft Windows XP.
BIG to microsoft!

Has anyone found a workaround to use them in XP?

Answer:Microsoft SideWinder - no support in XP.

Welcome to TSG!

Really? I have an old Sidewinder 3D pro, that is found and works just fine in XP pro..

I think you may need to chose the driver, but there is a "sidewinder auto detect" feature I think..
It still shows installed for me, so I don't remember off hand how it installed..

I know it's in XP pro though.

Also says my Thrust Master wheel isn't supported by XP. But it too works just fine.

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I'm having some very strange issues with my media editing/playing files lately.

There are some clips and videos that I use to make vids for my website that I run and then just some videos I like to watch, backed up Dvds and such, ect.

About, oh say, 2-3 months ago, there were some files that WMP would NOT play. Said I had the wrong codecs or something. So I went, "oh, okay, well I just must've backed it up in the wrong format."

But no, they weren't. All done the same way, all AVI. Really irritating, but I let it go.

Shortly after that, my PAID FOR copy of Winx DVD Ripper Platinum stops working right. THANKFULLY, I switched it to my laptop, (Which is running on windows vista at the moment) and it works fine. So my DVD copies are safe from little brothers scratching hands.

Then, about 2 weeks ago, Windows Live Movie Maker quits working on me. I've tried uninstalling completely and restarting and then reinstalling and restarting 3 frigging times!

Now WMP won't even play videos that it has played before, as in a few hours ago!

Please, somebody help?

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My buddy got a call from An Indian accented person claiming he was from Microsoft and he had a fix for all the viruses he had on his computer. The weird part was the guy had control of his computer and all his personal information, phone number, address, etc. He ran a program and showed him a bunch of viruses and told him he can fix it for only $140.00. My buddy hung up and unplugged the computer and gave it to me to help him with.
We have not done anything to it yet and would like to clean this mess up.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Dss log:
DDS (Ver_2012-11-20.01) - NTFS_x86
Internet Explorer: 8.0.6001.18702
Run by Owner at 19:15:46 on 2013-06-17
Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition 5.1.2600.3.1252.1.1033.18.1534.1120 [GMT -5:00]
AV: AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition 2012 *Enabled/Updated* {17DDD097-36FF-435F-9E1B-52D74245D6BF}
============== Running Processes ================
\??\C:\Program Files\AVG\AVG2012\avgcsrvx.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\AppleMobileDeviceService.exe
C:\Program Files\AVG\AVG2012\avgwdsvc.exe
C:\Program Files\Bonjour\mDNSResponder.exe
C:\Program Files\Java\jre6\bin\jqs.exe
C:\Program Files\Edimax\Common\RaRegistry.exe
C:\Program Files\AVG\AVG2012\avgnsx.exe
C:\Program Files\AVG\AVG2012\avgemcx.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\AVG Secure Search\vToolbarUpdater\15.2.0\ToolbarUpdat... Read more

Answer:Call from Microsoft support (LOL)

Hello, Welcome to BleepingComputer.I'm nasdaq and will be helping you.If you can please print this topic it will make it easier for you to follow the instructions and complete all of the necessary steps.===Search and delete the AdWare, PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program) installed on your computer.Please download AdwCleaner by Xplode onto your Desktop.Close all open programs and internet browsers.Double click on AdwCleaner.exe to run the tool.Click on Delete tab follow the prompts.A log file will automatically open after the scan has finished.Please post the content of that log file with your next answer.You can find the log file at C:\AdwCleaner[Rn].txt (n is a number).=== Please downloadJunkware Removal Tool to your Desktop.Please close your security software to avoid potential conflicts.Run the tool by double-clicking it. If you are using Windows Vista or 7, right-mouse click it and select Run as administrator.The tool will open and start scanning your system.Please be patient as this can take a while to complete, depending on your system's specifications.On completion, a log (JRT.txt) is saved to your Desktop and will automatically open.Please post the contents of JRT.txt into your reply.===Please download ComboFix from one of these locations:Link 1Link 2IMPORTANT !!! Save ComboFix.exe to your DesktopDisable your Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware applications, usually via a right click on the System Tray icon. They may otherwise interfere with our tools.Double click on ComboFix.... Read more

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Anybody know how to post these links please? The click here bit comes up but leaves all after ; in black and consequently the link doesn't work. It has to be typed in (with spaces) and, of course, that means anyone who wants to try it also has to retype it in (without the spaces).

Answer:support. microsoft. com links.

click here

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I've been looking online for any article related to blue ray support for media center. So far I havnt found much. I found an article that microsoft is comming out with blue ray support but they dont specify if they will enable play back in Media Center or Media Player. It only sais they will enable windows to burn blueray disc. Microsoft is a soor loser, they still dont want to admit that Blue ray is supperior to HD-dvd like it stats in the article.

Originally Posted by Tom's Hardware

Just because one can soon burn a Blu-ray Disc more easily in Windows doesn?t mean that Microsoft is a true Blu-ray believer.

By the looks of it, it dont look too good for blue ray support in Media Center any time soon. If any one has more information on the topic feel free to add your info.

Answer:Microsoft with Blue ray support?

Originally Posted by Xephion

Microsoft is a soor loser, they still dont want to admit that Blue ray is supperior to HD-dvd like it stats in the article.

Statements like that are never going to get a nice response. How about asking your question without posting inflammatory remarks?

As to BD vs HD-DVD, the reading I have done shows that WiMP and WMC support neither. I currently have to use PowerDVD to watch BDs.

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i was trying to upgrade my pavilion s7400n put it keeps saying to install drivers and insert media disc i don't have either message edited by mikelafranchise

Answer:microsoft windows xp support

Trying to upgrade from what to what?Drivers will be found here: Pavilion s7400n Desktop PC Product Specificationsmessage edited by riider

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I was trying to get help from Microsoft with setting-up e-mail using "Outlook Express 6" but in order to get assistance, I am supposed to pay $59 for support via e-mail. This is outrageous. Apple gives free support. I have already loaded "Outlook Express 6" into my PC using Windows XP, but when I attempt to file/send a page via that account, a message appears that my SMTP could not be found. This has happened to me before with other PCs. Is there another e-mail I could use rather than "Outlook Express"?

Answer:Cost $59 for Microsoft Support

There are any number of good, free email clients. Thunderbird is one of the best, but if you do a Google search I'm sure you'll have many from which to choose.And by the way, support forums such as this one do the same thing as Microsoft Support and we don't charge nearly as much 

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For those who refuse to upgrade to Windows XP SP2, this was posted on another website:

It has been well-known that Microsoft has ended extended support for Windows 98, 98 SE, and Windows ME. This support ended on July 11 of this year. However, something that hasn't been as widely reported is that Microsoft is also preparing to end said support for Windows XP SP1 on October 10.

This isn't really a big deal, as SP2 has been out for a while now and is a free download for anyone who owns Windows XP. The security features of SP2 certainly make it worth anyone's while to download, but there may be a few applications still out in the wild that still have problems running on SP2. This probably explains Microsoft's addendum that they will make "Custom Support Agreements (CSA)" available to eligible enterprise customers.

In any case, if you haven't done so already (and why wouldn't you?) make sure you've upgraded your Windows XP to SP2, and download any critical updates.


Answer:Microsoft To End Windows XP SP1 Support

Agree and it is not just some site talk about SP1 support ending in Oct.

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Had an e-mail from "MS Assistance" which is yet another, presumably, to avoid...:-)Wording goes:"Microsoft Clientthis is the latest version of security update, the"October 2003, Cumulative Patch" update which eliminatesall known security vulnerabilities affectingMS Internet Explorer, MS Outlook and MS Outlook Expressas well as three newly discovered vulnerabilities.Install now to help maintain the security of your computerfrom these vulnerabilities, the most serious of which couldallow an malicious user to run executable on your computer.System requirements: Windows 95/98/Me/2000/NT/XPThis update applies to: - MS Internet Explorer, version 4.01 and later - MS Outlook, version 8.00 and later - MS Outlook Express, version 4.01 and laterRecommendation: Customers should install the patch =at the earliest opportunity.How to install: Run attached file. Choose Yes on displayed dialog box.How to use: You don't need to do anything after installing this item.Microsoft Product Support Services and Knowledge Base articles =can be found on the Microsoft Technical Support web hereFor security-related information about Microsoft products, please =visit the Microsoft Security Advisor web siteclick hereThank you for using Microsoft products.Please do not reply to this message.It was sent from an unmonitored e-mail address and we are unable =to respond to any replies.----------------------------------------------The names of the actual companies and products mentioned =herein are th... Read more

Answer:Yet another "Microsoft" support message...

Timely advice, Stuartli, Thank you.But "Remember, Microsoft NEVER sends out unsolicited e-mails..........."Maybe, but I've had 3 more of those pesky Hotmail e-mails today (one to each of my accounts), urging me to pay for an "improved" service which will give me more storage space, which I don't need.Isn't Hotmail MSN? And doesn't this count as unsolicited junk e-mail? I think I'm turning into a Grumpy Old Man :o(

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I'm fixing to buy Microsoft's Money 2006. When I go to Microsoft's support website and it says: "unlimited support requests are included at no charge", and it says that for all three support options, that is, email, chat and phone. But under that it says "all additional support requests are $35 per request".

That doesn't make sense to me. Since MS tells me that I have unlimited free support, how can it then say that "additional support requests are $35?

I called the phone support number and was told that the unlimited support is for one year, even though I can't find that anywhere on MS's website.

I guess that is the answer, but I would like to see if anyone has had experience with that?

Thanks, grandpaw7

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got an unsolicited call from the Microsoft Support Team telling me I had a virus and they were getting a message and they were there to help me. They asked me to press the Microsoft flag key and "r" key at the same time. That brought up a box with gpedit.msc in it. Then they began asking me to delete stuff at which point I short circuited. Told them I did not believe who they said they were and I hung up after explaining I am a senior senior (meaning old) and did not trust them, the government, the political parties, the IRS, the local pastor nor my wife and to go away.

Did I do right? Is it possible Microsoft Corporation has the money to help me with my computer when I am not paying them to do so, nor asking for any help, nor having any specific problem. I use MS security essentials and keep the system up to date.

Or am I an over suspicious old goat out of touch with the modern world??


Answer:Microsoft Support Team

It is a scam. Microsoft DO NOT call people

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I have a problem installing an update for Office 2003 on Windows 10 Professional RTM. Yes I know that Office 2003 is no longer supported. Since Windows 10 saw the update KB90741, it would install it. Windows update returned this error message: Error: 0x80096004.

I used the contact Support App in Windows 10. The attached pictures says the rest. Isn't Microsoft Technical Support Great?


Answer:Microsoft Technical Support

May be chat disconnect for unknown reason. we know that MicroSoft Windows 10 still in insider preview mode and they tested many things continuous. You should wait for official release of windows 10 and try to install office 2003 after

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I,ve been chatting with what I think is a lady, Vimal, who is with SP2 support.

Here's the problem:

I want to install SP2, plus I need it cause I have a Hyper Thread chip, and it causes my tv tuner to freeze. There's a fix included with SP2. I also have a PSX to USB adapter from radio shack. It supports feedback. It works with Direct X 9.0b, but not with 9.0c. SP2 auto installs 9.0c, which I dont want. Does anyone know how to keep 9.0c from installing on my computer. Or is there a Direct X fix for the feedback?

All this lady, i think, kept saying was install SP2 from safe mode, nothing else. I could have said the world was ending, and her reply, "install SP2 from safe mode." Then she insisted that DirectX doesnt get installed with SP2, so I asked her what was this then,

How do you work at the SP2 support, and dont even know what comes with it? Microsoft must have outsourced to some colony full of morons or something.

Answer:Microsoft Support is a Joke, please help

i have NOT tried this so beware

this one only seems to apply to OSwin9?

heres another notes file
BUT you may want to proceed with caution
1) get a copy of directX9B first
2) set a restore point at each stage of the process - ie before insatlling SP2 - and again before after - and before removing directx etcetc


I have two laptops one with XP SP1 on and it has directX9b - and is completely upto date on all windows hotfixes (except SP2 itself)
the second has SP2 and directx9c

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Toll Free: 0800-098-8569 for Microsoft related technical issues. Outlook, Office, Microsoft Helpline , Defender, Antivirus, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Servers, Windows 7 / 8 /10

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I am on XP 2002 with Service Pack 3 and current updates. For a few months, if I click on Microsoft Help and Support, I get the front page but if I try and click on any of the links, I get this message:
The page you are trying to view cannot be displayed. This may be because:

If you are trying to view this content over the network, there may be network congestion or a problem with your connection.
There might be an error in the page's address.
The page might not be available.
Please check your network connection or try another page.

Any suggestions on what I can do?

Answer:I can't access Microsoft Help and Support any more

follow advice here and post the logs those programs make

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I cannot login to page, also I cannot access the "Microsoft Knowledge Base". I always get the error message: Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage. I run "Network Diagnostics for Win XP" and I got the message:"Windows did not detect any problems with your internet connection over HTTP and HTTPS, but was not able to make a successful conection over FTP. The most likely cause of this problem is that firewall client running on your machine is blocking the necessary FTP ports".
NOTE: In Advanced tab (in Internet Options) the "Enable FTP folder view" and "Use passive FTP" are checked. I use the Windows Firewall (on (recomended)) in Win XP Pro SP2.

Please help

Answer:Cannot access

Hey, You could try an alternative firewall, i used to find windows firewall to be quite overly obtrusive... my advice is Comodo Firewall Pro (its freeware)... But if you dont want to go down that route then i dont know what else is going on (you can always just try disable windows firewall and see if it [temporarily] fixes the roblem)...


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With new builds appearing almost weekly & the RTM just around the corner, i thought i'd ceate a poll just to get a general view of how people will go about accuiring the RTM when it hits the shelves.

BTW, in support of Microsoft I voted for 'Buy it'

Answer:Support Microsoft - Buy Windows 7

Of course i will buy it!

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The following is a post from here:

and quoted:

"Microsoft is making changes to its support Web site in an attempt to clear up confusion over its plans for the consumer editions of Windows XP.

Until Tuesday night, a posting on Microsoft's Web site stated that support for Windows XP Home and Windows XP Media Center Edition would end on Dec. 31, 2006. That would mean no more security fixes or any other support items, such as warranty claims, for users of those operating system products.

But the posting was incorrect...
...consumer Windows XP editions, along with XP Professional, will be supported until two years after Vista ships".

This link accompanied the post:



Answer:Microsoft Reverses Itself on XP Support.

They do this all the time with their support policy. I think they're trying to "scare" people into buying the new OS when it comes out. That's out of the question for me, have you seen what you need in hardware to run Vista?

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Hey guys

Microsoft took the time to called twice this week for removal of spyware but however that seems odd because I didn't start a case with them nor I didn't have two laptops that supposed to have maleware on them. Can they get the information from that Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool monthly. It frustrate my mother when she answer the phone.

The same persson called before claiming to be Hughesnet but It was the same guy that called today.

So I downloaded MBAN and found something PUM infection but it has nothing to do with this called. I run COMODO CIS + Malwarebytes as needed. (Real time Protection is not enable on Malwarebtyes)

So was this a fluke call or something else

Answer:Microsoft Support Call

Microsoft definitely don't do any cold-calling, it will have been a scam:

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I have a retail copy (Not OEM) of windows vista ultimate on a laptop recently installed.

I've come across a problem which i cannot find an answer to on the web. As i've only just purchased and installed the OS i've decided to contact microsoft help and support.

Inputing my product ID for a retail copy (Not OEM), microsoft help and support states, "No charge support is not available from Microsoft
The product ID indicates that this product may be supported by your computer manufacturer. Contact your computer manufacturer for support or select a different support option below."

If anyone is interested the problem i'm contacting help and support regarding is you cannot send your bitlocker recovery password or EFS certificate to the bitlocker website via the control panel utility.

Any ideas?


Answer:Microsoft help & support - Product ID

This has now been resovled by contacting microsoft by telephone.

After installing Windows Vista Ultimate with a vaild product key and activating the software successfully, the activation process issued an incorrect product ID. Whilst on the telephone, i was issued with another prodcut key. The software was de-activated then re-activated using the new product key. This then gave me a valid product ID.

This is the Microsoft case confirmation:

Case Reference Number: ************

Dear Mr. ****,

I can now confirm this case as resolved. It was a pleasure assisting you with this issue; please find a summary of the key points for your records below.

Action: You tried to setup a free support for the windows vista product.
Result: You were not able to getting a message "based on the product id not eligible for suppprt and not offered 90 days of free support".
Cause: It is because some activation files and we are not getting a valid product I.d.
Resolution: We generated a new product key "*************" and we are now eligible for suppprt and also for 90 days of free support after activation.

Should you require any further assistance with this issue, please do not hesitate to contact us with your case reference number using our email/phone support option and the information mentioned below. We will be more than happy to help you on the same.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you once again for choosing Microsoft.

Y... Read more

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I recently read somewhere that Microsoft are going to withdraw support for NT on July 1st. Is this true?

Answer:Microsoft withdrawing support for NT

click here

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I just recently built a new PC, minus ps, gfx card and hdd and of course Windows 10 wouldn't reactivate for me with pretty much all new hardware. So I contacted MS support chat and allowed them remote access to my PC and showed them the Amazon receipt showing all the new hardware and they still reactivated Windows 10 for me. Great job MS support.

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 check out the transcript...
Please be educated that the corruptions are programmed in such a way that their activities are not identified so it might seem like there is no issues ,but they constanly multiply and might crash
the system without any warnings
this was in response to I can format and reinstall for free.
any idea how they can get away with this

Answer:fake microsoft support?

This has become very very common unfortunately. I received one of those a while back. I like to screw with them and give them a clean VM to connect to and watch how they try state I am infected.

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Just left the Installation & Setup forum where i 'think' i read a poster stating that Microsoft will shortly discontinue support for Win 8 (just as they're doing with XP) and one must get 8.1 ASAP to receive security updates, etc.!! ... i hope i am mistaken and didn't toally understand the poster's commment . I'm not thrilled with the idea of doing the 8.1 download because i'm just not computer -savy -. Thought i'd just live with '8' ! just bought my Lenovo and had it set-up today at the store ! please tell me what i read is incorrect !

Answer:microsoft discontinuing Win 8 support same as XP ??????

Microsoft Product Lifecycle Search

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not really computer literate, tried your tutorial, how to download windows 10 assistant to get updates quickly, will not connect, tried updates in my settings no joy states last update 2016,tried to get to Microsoft help, will not connect, my version of windows 10 is 1511, thanks dave h

Answer:cannot connect to

Hi Hank17. Welcome to the TenForums @hank17.

Have you tried running the Update Trouble shooter.

Troubleshoot Problems in Windows 10 with Troubleshooters Windows 10 Performance Maintenance Tutorials

Windows key + S, search bar appears, type troubleshooting into search bar, troubleshooting appears at top. Click it, window opens, lower right side "Fix problems with Windows Update", click. Window opens, click on ?advance?, click on Run as administrator, click ?Next?. Should run clean. If not run again.

You likely could also do a an inplace repair / upgrade. This process will update you to the Creators update. While nothing should happen to your data files I recommend backing them up off machine.

I would also recommend using a tool like Macrium Reflect to create an Image so you can get back to where you started, just in case. We have tutorial here.
In place repair / upgrade, likely need 8GB key.

Repair Install Windows 10 with an In-place Upgrade

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With my Windows ME, there is a help area located in the start area. When I try to click on the many areas of the help center like indexes, I get no response. What happened a few days ago was I was cleaning my registry, using a free software called Easy Cleaner and may have inadvertently removed some DLL's or file sttreams out of the the help center and now it doesn't work right. Do I have to reinstall ME to get the help center to work correctly or can I download the help center from Microsoft or somewhere else and then reinstall it. Now, this section is called Microsoft Help and Support. It has interactive training, etc. I would like to get it to work again. Please help!!!!!!!

Answer:Microsoft Help and Support problem

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You just can't beat Microsoft hardware support. I called them because the Wireless Desktop 2000 I bought occasionally, randomly misses keystrokes. They offered to replace it with the 4000 model no questions asked. I don't even have to send the old one back to them. You'd think mean ole Microsoft was trying to out-nice Apple or something

Answer:Microsoft Hardware Support

Hm. Think I could get them to replace my original Natural Keyboard with one of the new black ones? The problem with this one? It's old! And dirty. "I need a new mouse!" (rep to the first point that gets that)

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I recently had a problem with my installation of Office 2003 where when trying to Update via the MS site the progress bar would reach 40% and then drop out with an unable to continue message.I tried various fixes for this from search results with no success, then emailed Microsoft support, they responded within two days with one suggestion for a reinstall using a clean up utility - this failed to clear the problem. They then responded again in a day and a half with a new procedure involving removing all traces of office from the registry and a re-install, this fixed the fault. I consider this to be an impressive time scale considering the size of MS and the amount of software out there.If anyone has this problem I can post the fix or email it to them, although it does involve searching and deleting from the registry.

Answer:Praise for Microsoft Support

Test, to enable me to tick reolved!

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When I go into the Event Manager (Win XP-SP2) and click on an error indicator, then follow the link to the Microsoft Help and Support Center, the Support windows opens--but it can stays blank, even for hours. (Yes, I am logged on at the time.) Anyone else out there having this experience?ATB,Phrixos

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Microsoft is to limit support for three versions of Vista, including the most expensive, to five years rather than 10 years.

The company defended the difference by noting that the clock just started ticking. "End of life-cycle support for Vista is still five years out," a spokesperson said.

However, the software maker left the door ajar. "As we've done in the past, Microsoft will continue to evaluate the support life cycle for Windows Vista and make decisions about extending support if and when it is necessary," the spokesperson added.

Although the corporate editions of Vista - Business and Enterprise - will be supported for the usual '5 + 5' span that includes five years of what Microsoft calls 'mainstream' support and another five of ?extended? support, the consumer versions currently have an end date of April 10, 2012. Vista Home Basic, Home Premium and Ultimate will stop receiving updates, even critical security updates, after that. Ultimate, which retails for 313 (205 for an upgrade) on Amazon, is the priciest Vista edition, and is touted by Microsoft in its marketing materials as offering "all of the features found in Windows Vista Home Premium and also all of the features found in Windows Vista Business?.

Vista Business and Vista Enterprise users will receive security updates into 2017.

The decision to cut off consumer Vista support after five years seems odd in light of a January move by Micros... Read more

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Did I read a post here correctly that like XP, Microsoft will discontinue security updates, etc. & support for Windows 8 and the only thing left to do is ASAP upgrade to 8.1 ??? This upsets me because of non-support/security updates for XP, i just purchased a new Lenovo with 8 installed and wasn't going to do the free 8.1 upgrade because i'm not savy enough to handle a download like that - i'd just live with Win 8! now what ?! thanks for any help ... edythe

Answer:microsoft discontinuing Win 8 support same as XP ??????

You have 2 years to update to 8.1.


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For some reason, I wasn't able to do a Windows update yesterday.  I tried to get in touch with Microsoft Support by going to their website, but was only able to find online support but no phone number.  I did a Google search and found a number from the results page and called it.  This was a scam company pretending to be Microsoft. (When I later got suspicious, I called back and found out their name was "Vtech support" located in India).  They told me I had a virus which is why I couldn't update.  They had me log on to a site to give them remote access to my computer, then did an autorun scan which they told me showed my computer was infected with viruses.  They said they needed to check on my warranty and asked my name, phone number, and address, which I gave them.  Then they came back and said that my warranty had expired and I needed to purchase an additional warranty for 190 dollars.  At this point I became suspicious and hung up. 
So, I'm freaking now.  I gave these scammers my personal information, plus gave them remote access to my computer.  I've done the Norton Power Eraser scan, along with Microsoft's virus scan and they both came back clean.   Malware byes turned up 38 PUP files which I removed.  I'm wondering what I shoudl do.  I'm thinking about reformatting my whole computer but really don't want to do that.  Was wondering if anyone could look over a Hijack log and see if there's a... Read more

Answer:Fake Microsoft support got me

Hello Robb and Welcome -
I do understand that a lot of this is "after the fact" and you know that you may have had personal details already stolen, if there were many on your computer.
These links are used more as warnings, but I would ask you to change all passwords on your computer and also contact any banks etc that you deal with. Most of the damage has been done, and can not be reversed, but the details below are to help you clean up. You can follow all this up yourself, and redo computer / bank / other passwords you may use.
Often people will make a personal report to police, just to cover themselves if any future incidents occur, and questions are asked. Please remember that this is a business for these people, and the Fake $190 request may have been their target (many people do pay it) ... $190 is a lot to many Indian people so often that is their aim.
 Phone Scamming.

Cybercriminals don't just send fraudulent email messages and set up fake websites. They might also call you on the telephone and claim to be from Microsoft. They might offer to help solve your computer problems or sell you a software license...Neither Microsoft nor our partners make unsolicited phone calls (also known as cold calls) to charge you for computer security or software fixes...Do not trust unsolicited calls. Do not provide any personal information.

Avoid tech support phone scams: What you need to knowDon’t fall for phony phone tech supportAvoid s... Read more

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I would like to ask Microsoft in an open forum why in this day of 64bit processors how can they NOT....

1) NOT provide 64 bit JAVA services.... in IE7 64bit.

2) NOT allow other application providers IE mainly ADOBE FLASH as ther is again NO support or Flash for use in IE7 64bit

We have puchased MS VISTA Ulitimaie 64bit O/S yet it is cripples NOT only by MS but also Adobe.\

These are both required applications that ARE REQUIURED to ensure that IE7 works as expected when viewing all WEB sites..

When you purchase a car/TV/Stove/Fridge it comes with all facitilites enables and working.

I view this as a MS problem.

Answer:Microsoft and 64bit Support....

I view it as Sun Microsystems and Adobe's fault cause they haven't made 64bit compatible software.

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Is it true that support for Windows 8 has been stopped? I have a win 8 HP Pavilion Sleekbook 14.

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hi guys i had to re install windows due to problems and i never made a backup..(idiot) so i re installed it and it would not activate so i called them up and did the phone activation and it worked no surprise...but what did was how helpful they were.

thumbs up to Microsoft

Answer:Microsoft help and support actualy helps.

Haha, I see you even changed your sig for the occasion.


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A few of my friends who are still running XP are getting messages that when XP support ends, they will also no longer get updates for MSE. I thought I read that updates for XP-MSE would continue for another year. Any thoughts.
If the above is true, what FREE Anti Virus would you recommend?


Answer:Microsoft Security Essentials Support

It's not the antivirus that's going to save x-p users,
It's the supply of win-7 Professional,
The more you wait the more at risk you'll be,
An out of date os is a hackers dream = too easy

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I downloaded the XP Advisor from the Microsoft Web Site to test my system in advance of installing XP.

I get an error message: ERROR 3E6h - Contact Microsoft Technical Support. The advisor quits and there is no entry to the XP LOG. From what I understand if I attempt to install XP, the installation will quit with the same error message.

Well, tech support from Microsoft puts you on hold for an hour and generally, when you might get to talk to someone, if you haven't yet purchased XP, the representative doesn't really want to talk to you - and they just hang up on you. Very nice.

On the other hand, my system includes: A maxtor PCI Controller Card (which looks like a SCSI to the BIOS); another SCSI PCI card, a radeon video card, and some other typical stuff. I'm running a PIII 550 mhz with 256K memory. I'm running WINDOWS ME currently.

Any thoughts on what may be behind this problem.

Answer:XP Advisor Error & No Microsoft Support

I bought XP but looks like I have problem , I need help number

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Having trouble with Microsoft products or Windows 10 ? Microsoft can be help.
Updated since the launch of Microsoft Windows 10, the Microsoft Answer Desk page describe all of the support and Services options available to you as a Microsoft Windows 10 customer. You can also chat with someone online, pick up the phone and call or visit us your local Microsoft store for instant help. Some of the support and services options will cost you short of money, but some are free, especially those concern Microsoft Windows 10.
Microsoft is offer Windows 10 as a free activation and free upgrade to Windows 8.1 and microsoft Windows 7 users for the 1st year. To snag the free of upgrade and activation, you can also reserve your copy through the "Get Microsoft Windows 10" icon that appears in the Microsoft Windows taskbar in the lower right corner, and then waits for it to show up. Alternatively, you can manual upgrade to Windows 10 using Microsoft's free media creation tools.

So what other Support and services does Microsoft offer for a little bit free ? You can chat with microsoft techies team or call the Microsoft team. Microsoft can be help you with any questions concerning billing and accounts, apps and services, and devices such as printers and the Xbox. So Just click on the specific Microsoft Windows 10 Help Desk page and you can open up a email, chat or schedule a call.
Whether you have any questions about Microsoft products, want help desk with Windows 10 or need more extensive supp... Read more

Answer:How to get free support from Microsoft on Windows

SPAM Thread

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We all know that in order to use USB3.0 ports, we need to install 3rd party drivers (e.g. Etron, NEC etc.). Sometimes this can be a real pain in the bum. With the increasing popularity of cheap USB3 storage devices, it seems logical to me that Microsoft would write and support their own driver, but alas this hasn't happened.

What's the story? Why hasn't a USB3.0 driver been developed by Microsoft?


Answer:Why doesn't Microsoft support USB3.0?

Apparently it wasn't popular enough with Windows 7 and earlier. Supposedly they will support 3.0 in Windows 8.

Microsoft Throws Support Behind USB 3.0 With Windows 8 | PCWorld Business Center

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