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Shortcut icons have gray X's

Question: Shortcut icons have gray X's

My friend's new Sony laptop started having the icons on his desktop shortcuts change intermittantly. The usual curved arrow is on them most of the time, then they will change to a gray X for about 10 minutes, then to a green checkmark for a while, then back to the curved arrow. The only backup software he has installed is Carbonite, and the Carbonite support tech says the X's are not from Carbonite, which uses green and orange dots. (And I don't think Carbonite backs up shortcuts anyway). He does have Dropbox installed, but it is only set to monitor one folder. Any ideas?


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Preferred Solution: Shortcut icons have gray X's

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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Earlier they were green checkmarks, and now they are grey Xs? What are these and what do they mean?

Answer:What are these gray Xs over my icons?

Are these Network Shares?
To resolve this problem, reinitialize the cache of offline files. To do this, follow these steps:Click Start, type regedit in the Start Search box, and then press ENTER.
If you are prompted for an administrator password or for a confirmation, type the password, or click Continue.
Locate the following registry subkey, and then right-click it: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\CSC
Point to New, and then click Key.
Type Parameters in the box.
Right-click Parameters, point to New, and then click DWORD (32-bit)Value.
Type FormatDatabase, and then press ENTER.
Right-click FormatDatabase, and then click Modify.
In the Value data box, type 1, and then click OK.
Exit Registry Editor, and then restart the computer.

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I recently purchased a new Windows 10 laptop, and it has an odd issue which my old Windows 10 machine didn't...

All the icons on the desktop (except the Recycle Bin) are showing shortcut overlays (little blue arrows on the lower-left corner of the icon) - whether the icon is an actual shortcut (just a pointer to a file/folder stored elsewhere) or whether it is a file (stored in the "C:\Users\MY_USER_ACCOUNT\Desktop" folder).

This is really irritating me, since I frequently use the desktop for temporary files (like downloads, etc) and like to clean it up every so often.

I have attempted to "restore" the default shortcut behavior via registry settings (Shortcut Arrow Icon - Change, Remove, or Restore in Windows 10 Windows 10 Customization Tutorials ) but that didn't change the issue I am seeing.

I would like the overlays to display properly - with overlays on actual shortcuts, and no overlays on files/folders located in the "Desktop" folder on disk.

Has anyone else experienced this behavior? Any ideas on how to fix it?

Thanks in advance!

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I have tried everything on this tutorial but the results stay the same. The volume (and everything BUT the clock) is gray and cannot be touched or changed, like so:

Quite frankly i don't care about the other icons although i'm pretty sure they aren't supposed to be gray.
Does anyone have any other solutions? I'm not sure what to do anymore.

Thanks in advance

Answer:turn system icons on or off volume gray

Hello KinoDro,

Try this: SFC /SCANNOW Command - System File Checker

Which version of Windows 7 do you have?

Do you have a Windows 7 install disk?


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Can change folder and shortcut icons with XP features, but is there an XP feature or 3rd party software package (possibly freeware) that can change (all extension types) file icons ?
Am looking at shareware (about $20) 'IconChanger 3.7' but not sure what file extensions it can work with (have emailed IC tech support for that list, but have not yet heard back).
Any ideas ?

Answer:How to change file/s icons in addition to folder & shortcut icons ???

I've found a couple of free ones. There's the XP Transformation Pack which will make XP look like Vista (I think). I have another one, but I can't remember what it's called or where I downloaded it from. I think I have the info at home (I'm at work right know) and if I find it, I'll be sure to post it...

Edit: here's one I found whilst Googling. It's an icon pack for about 30 or 40 different extensions.... Their home page provides access to a bunch of other icons... check it out.. If you're interested in making your own icons, there's lots of tools out there. The free ones are OK but usually limited in features. IconCool is one of the better ones, but it's not free. I Googled "XP icons" and found lots of stuff...

Edit #2: if you have seen icons already on your PC that you'd like to extract for personal use, use IconSnatcher. It will look inside EXE files and DLL files (and lots of others)

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I was playing with Virtualbox and decided to instal Win 7 32 sp1 Ultimate. And one of the things I noticed were that protected folders have a lock but on my host computer (the one running virtualbox) in the protected folders instead of the lock I get a shortcut.
This is what i get in the new windows installation:
And this is what I get on the same folder but in the host (the real) computer:

The host computer has Windows 7 64 sp1 ultimate so the only difference is the virtual computer has 32 and the real one 64, I don't think that affects the problem.
So, how can I get back o restore the locked icons?

Answer:I've got shortcut icons instead of locked icons on protected folders

Have you changed permissions? Are you running under the hidden Administrator account or have UAC turned off?

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this is a new build. i have 3 x asus monitors. all 3 monitors are working, but on monitor #3, there is a small rectangular dark gray box (sort of near the center of the screen) with two light gray arrows on the bottom right of it. the box is not clickable or moveable.system specs:windows 7 pro 64bitasus p8z68 deluxe mobocrucial m4 128gb ssdsilverstone 1000w atx psug.skill ripjaws x series ddr3 1866 16gbintel i5 2500k cpuasus vw246h monitor x 3what i've discovered so far:if i change the order the monitors appear in windows, the dark gray box will always appear on monitor #3, so i don't think it's monitor-related. if i go into the monitor menu and select system setup, then splendid demo mode, and select on, the dark gray box turns light gray on the left side. this has been the only way i've found to interact with's a screen shot (i've cropped the image, but the box actually appears near the center of the screen and about 3 inches from the top of the screen):

Answer:gray box on screen with light gray arrows

Looks like some program is displaying this box - could be something that's auto-starting.  AutoRuns is very handy for identifying (and selectively disabling) such programs.

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Question: Shortcut icons

Using Windows 98 SE the shortcut icons all contain in the lower left corner a curved arrow. How do I eliminate this arrow? I have tried Tweakui but the arrows remain. Is it necessary to fiddle with the registry?

Answer:Shortcut icons

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Question: IE shortcut icons

I have changed the icons on folders I have on the desktop using jpgs and gifs and an icon converter. The IE explorer shortcuts I have, wont be changed this way. Is there any ideas out there.
Using XP & IE7

Answer:IE shortcut icons

Are you trying to change the original IE icon that doesn't have the shortcut arrow? If so, you won't be able to change it. Instead, RIGHT click the IE icon and choose create shortcut. Now you can change the shortcut icon and delete the original from the desktop.

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Question: Shortcut Icons

Is there anyway to remove the arrow in shortcut icons WITHOUT screwing over the favorite links folder??


Answer:Shortcut Icons

Hi Colt,

This will show you how.

Shortcut Arrow


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Hello, I'm new to windows 7. I got everything set up the way I want it except, the Internet Shortcut Icons. Lets say that I drag Google to the desktop. When I do it creates box/page thing around the icon. In xp it didnt do it, does anyone know how to fix it?

Answer:Internet Shortcut Icons

It's doing that because it's using the default icon for an Internet page. I you might be able to right click and go to properties and change the icon if you'd like.

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Hi TechSupportGuy,
When I boot up my computer I get a warning that the specific Module CTMBHA DLL is missing.
My shortcut icons on my screen have turned white and I cannot access some sites such as Facebook.
I would appreciate if you could help me sort this out.


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hello can someone please help me i have a acer Aspire here while back i hid all my short cut icons and now i don't know how i did it and i don't know where to even start i'm not very good at computer issues please help thank you

Answer:hidden shortcut icons

Where are these icons?

Why do you want to hide them?

When you did this the last time, did you hide them one-by-one, or did you hide them all at the same time?

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I have just read on anothers string, that I could put all my shortcut icons from my desktop, onto the taskbar (the area beween the Start button and the System Tray)and then have a completely clean desktop.Please, before I do so, have I understood correctly or not? It makes for neatness and if so, it would suit me.Advice guys please

Answer:Shortcut icons onto the taskbar

Only you will know if it suits you,Try it if you do not like it change it back.

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Hey guys! I am sure this is a simple fix, that you guys can help me with.
In Office 97 on Win98 se, the Office Shortcut Bar icons have all changed to what looks like a sheet of paper. If you roll the mouse over them, it will display what each icon is. I have closed the bar and re-opened it, removed all the buttons then readded and it is still the same. I imagine that I can uninstall and reinstall, or even repair the current installation, but before I do that is there a quicker solution to getting the correct icons back.

Thanks a lot guys,


Answer:Office Shortcut icons

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I hope it is OK to just ask a question here - apologies if I breaf forum etiquette!
When I create a new desktop shortcut to a webpage, I like to assign a distinctive icon to it - either an ICO file, or it seems possible to assign a BMP bitmap image.
Trouble is, windows keeps changing it back to the default internet shortcut icon.
Any ideas why, and how to stop it?

Answer:Internet shortcut icons

Have you tried this
How To Change The Icons In Windows Vista

To change my Icons I just use tuneup uttilities 2009.


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I have had some problems with the computer recently but it now seems to be working OK. However, I have lost all the shortcut icons from the blue strip at the bottom of the screen. I cannot make a short cut on the desktop and transfer it to the blue strip. When I open programmes their icons appear there OK.Another problem is that System Restore has ceased to function. I had this happen before and have the way of restoring it but this might provide a clue for someone looking at this posting.Is there a way of (a)getting the shortcut area back and (b)retrieving the shortcuts themselves.I am running Win XP with SP3.

Answer:Lost shortcut icons

Restore Quick Launch bar; click here

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My shortcut icons on my desktop are too big, I'd love to have the MAC style where they are sort of hidden on the left and right sides and sort of wheel around, ( can we do that), but either way, how can I make them smaller...........

Answer:shortcut icons on desktop


A fast way is to hold the Ctrl key while scrolling with the mouse wheel.

Good luck!

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I run Windows XP Home SE. I left my computer for a while yesterday and when I returned all of my shortcut icons on my desktop were on the left side of my screen and there was a vertical panel on the left side with icons for the control panel and lots of other things. I can't get rid of the panel and when I try to line up my icons by dragging and dropping them, they will not stay in place. They just go back to the other side of the screen. It seems to me that I had this problem once with Windows 98, but I can't remember how I fixed it. Could someone help me get my desktop back in order. Thanks in advance.

Answer:Shortcut icons on desktop

Right click on a blank area of the desktop and mouse over to 'Arrange Icons By >' and a menu will come up. Make sure there is no check mark next to 'Auto Arrange' by clicking on it. I prefer to enable 'Align To Grid' to keep the icons lined up neatly, but I can still put them where-ever I want. As to the vertical panel thing with icons for the control panel and such... I know what you're talking about, but I can't remember how to get rid of it. I'd have to be physically sitting at the PC and I'd just start trying to drag it here or there, right click on it and see what options come up, and just mess around with it. Yeah, not great advice, but without actually using the PC, I'm not sure exactly how to remove it.

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Is it possible to place different sets of icons on different desktop ?
For example, having desktop 1 empty, desktop 2 full of files, desktop 3 with shortcuts to programmes/games, etc.
Also is there a way to have a different wallpaper on each desktop, to tell them apart faster ?

My guess is all of that is not possible, given that additional desktops are not supposed to be "permanent", but rather added/deleted quickly. But maybe with a bit of tweaking ?

Answer:Different shortcut icons on different desktops

Did you ever get an answer for this?

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My son and wife, (dangerous combination) were using the pc last night. When I switch on this morning, all the shortcuts on the desktop have gone!. Curious, even the undeletable ones, Recycle bin etc has dissapeared.How did they do it?How can I recover it with the min. workCheersLandyman

Answer:Win 98, all shortcut icons gone this morning?

Have you checked the obvious? Right click the desktop and from arrange icons by is show desktop icons ticked?

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I hope I'm in the right area of the forum and also hope that it's okay that I am here even though I run windows vista home premium. I have a gateway LX8610-01 with XFX GF6800 XT gpu, Intel core 2 quad q8200 2.34 ghz processor, Antec VP450 psu, MCP7AM01G1 mobo, vista x64 home premium, and use Mozilla Firefox browser.

I'm having a problem with my shortcuts that I create on my desktop. To create a shortcut I just drag the little icon that looks like the planet earth up in the address bar (left side) and place it on my desktop. What happens is I get a cosmetically unappealing shortcut icon. The link works, but it's just terrible to look at. I inserted a screenshot of my desktop so you can see the yahoo fantasy basketball and the 7forums shortcuts I made; they look hideous. I've researched online for a fix, but have not been successful in fixing the issue. Any help is greatly appreciated, thank you.

Answer:Help with desktop shortcut icons

You can change them to anything. Right click on the icon > Properties > change Icon

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It used to be that if you dragged a url to the desktop to create a shortcut, the site's icon would be the shortcut icon.... recently all of those kind of desktop icons disappeared (although when you look at properties, they are still there).

Anyone know how to make this happen? All those stupid Es on the desktop suck <g>



Answer:IE shortcut icons disappear???

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I am quite a new user of Windows Vista (not because I have ever wanted to use it, but because I was forced to do so -> standard laptop equipment).

I have a problem with icons. Recently, having installed some video codecs (_probably_ because of that), I found that my explorer (and desktop as well) icons of shortcuts crushed. It means: there are still those beautiful big and so on icons, but in their left bottom corner there is another, standard "unknown" icon present. To make it more clear I attach a small jpg with this phenomenon.

The question is - how to 'repair' them? I tried uninstalling all the programs I have installed recently - did not help.

Thank you for any clues!

Answer:Problem with shortcut icons

Just delete them and then remake them unfortunately we don't have tweak-ui yet in Vista to rebuld them and i don't see anything else to use..

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I'm not sure what happened, but some applications and their associated files have lost their icons somehow. Tried looking up some solutions to this, but I haven't found any that worked for me.

word document
office icons missing

Answer:missing shortcut icons

Hi eft890... welcome to sevenforums
try to re-install that program...

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I scanned the external seagate hdd with detected two viruses which i moved to the vault. Then i typed the command attrib -H -R -S /S /D I:\*.* in comand prompt and pressed enter.But still the icons on my hdd are shortcuts although my hdd shows free memory available

Answer:icons changed to shortcut on hdd

... not sure what you are trying to do!... some antivirus may of offered to fix the problem(?) ... have you tried renaming the extension of one of the files?.Angel Decoy... Posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties

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Shortcuts used to be indicated by a fairly unobtrusive arrow in the corner. A few days ago they changed to an overly visible white arrow in a green circle in the lower middle of the program icon. Then they changed to a gray X in the corner. Now they're back to the arrow in the green circle. What's going on?

Answer:Shortcut icons keep changing

1. Try right click at the desktop > click Refresh.

2. Go to your Resolution window, change it to a different resolution and then back.
Settings > System > Display > right side, click Advanced Display Settings > change the resolution and then back to Recommended setting.

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I'm using office 2000 in windows XP, and the graphics on the icons of the office shortcut bar are really crappy. Is there an explanation for this?

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They look like that and I don't know what I did to have them change to that.
And I don't know how to change them back..

I want the normal arrow icon back, not the opened disc box thing..
Can someone please help?

Answer:Shortcut icons look wierd...

Follow Shortcut Arrow - Change, Remove, or Restore and post back .

Is all the other system icons intact in your system? I mean drive icons etc ?

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I just finished downloading the new update today and was playing a few games of Warcraft 3. But after I closed that I realized that a majority of the shortcuts on my desktop have reverted to basic icons. I thought it might be the new update so I used the sticky and was about to make the changes to my registry but I checked and the Verclsid.exe program that the windows help tells you to do here is missing. So I haven't done that yet because I didn't want to screw up my registry in case the d word value screws something up if the file isn't there. As I used my computer, a few of the icons reverted back to the correct image but some are still the same. I know it seems like a minor problem but I'm afraid it could be the tip of the ice burg to a larger problem. And it is still fairly aggravating. I would appreciate any help at all. Here is my Hijack this log incase you need it.

Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 5:28:25 AM, on 4/26/2006
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180)

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Symantec\LiveUpdate\ALUSchedulerSvc.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\... Read more

Answer:Missing shortcut icons

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Hi everbody
My friend lost all shortcut icons on her computer.
No new programs installed
Started today and the shortcuts were missing the non shortcut were still operational.
Would a restore help.
I run 98se yet and would like to know how to restore in XP.



Answer:Restore shortcut icons

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I have been using Windows 8 for a while now and I have noticed a strange problem.
It appears that the shortcuts on my desktop keep having the icon changed (the arrow).
Here is what it should look like normally (I think):
Here is it with a different icon:
Here is it with another icon (from sync center?):
And another (notice the two UAC Shields on the second one):
And here with nothing at all:

What do you think could be causing this? I'm pretty sure I re-installed once and still had the problem. It seems absolutely random and rebooting doesn't really change it. Also I am not sure if this is the right thread, couldn't really figure out what fit.

Answer:Shortcut icons keep changing?

I can do things like that with Microangelo on Display.
Do you have Microangelo ?

See picture--

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HiOn my desktop I have shortcut icons, each time I switch on my comp, some of my icons appear like this: Any idea how I can get the icons to appear showing the correct website?ThanksPaul

Answer:Desktop Shortcut - Icons

I'm confused as to what you're asking.Icons appear like what?Icon showing a website? - what do you mean? - do you mean what the icons link to, or what they look like?

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Is that possible to add  shortcut icons to page as a button on my browser.I can add shortcut icons to page  on my desktop  but i want to know is that possible to add it on my browser. I have using internet explorer 6

Answer:Adding shortcut icons

You can if you are running FireFox...            Not sure about IE.

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My 5yo grandson shares his PC with his Mon and Dad. They each have their own desktop. My grandson has about a million game icons on his desktop.
When we try to delete these shortcuts form his mother's desktop it also deletes the icons on his desktop. How can we delete icons on one desktop and not the other? Windows XP

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help please when I start a program using icons after I close the program the shortcut icon remains lit up till I click anywhere on screen how to fix this problem please

Answer:shortcut icons on desktop

Skeggy run these

ADW download from bleepingcomputer delete any rubbish found with themalware scans
Be wary of the add ons that ADW use now.

and if you haven't got it use CCLeaner
CCleaner - Delete Junk Files

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In XP, using the "Tweak UI" tool it was possible to dim or remover the little shortcut arrow from desktop icons. Is there any way to do that in Win 10?

Answer:Modifying shortcut icons

Hello FrFrog,

The tutorial below may be able to help for what you are wanting to do.

Shortcut Arrow Icon - Change, Remove, or Restore in Windows 10 - Windows 10 Customization Tutorials

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Since installing IE7, I've found that some of the icons of my Internet Shortcuts are getting changed on the fly.Not only is it annoying that Microsoft allows websites to change things that I have specifically set-up (i.e. the icons), but I have the problem that, on the Quick Launch for example, several shortcuts now have the same icon ('cos they point to different parts of the same website). It's no good just changing them back to what I had before as the next time I visit the site they just get overwritten again.Is there a setting somewhere that I can use to prevent my choice of icon being overriddden?

Answer:IE7 changes Internet shortcut icons on the fly.


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Shortcuts used to be indicated by a fairly unobtrusive arrow in the corner. A few days ago they changed to an overly visible white arrow in a green circle in the lower middle of the program icon. Then they changed to a gray X in the corner. Now they're back to the arrow in the green circle. What's going on?

Answer:Shortcut icons keep changing

1. Try right click at the desktop > click Refresh.

2. Go to your Resolution window, change it to a different resolution and then back.
Settings > System > Display > right side, click Advanced Display Settings > change the resolution and then back to Recommended setting.

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hi, im kinda young and new to vista so i need some help..

the thing is... i want to change the overlay text for my shortcut .. something like this.


so.. yeap. thats all for now. please help me .. thank you. ^^

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I need your help. I was "playing" with icons, icon packages and so on...but after doing I don't know what I noticed that my desktop icons and other folder (mainly applications) icons changed their look. Now they have some addition - something like a small white CD disc in front of small white package. I think that this little white "package" is changed shortcut sign (before there was a black arrow in white box). I would like to restore previous look of shortcuts... but I have no idea how... I appreciate your time and help I also attached a picture of some of my desktop icons it this can help... Many thanks!!

Answer:Help please! Shortcut icons problem...


If it is just short cuts, try with one first, to see what happens; delete it and create a new short cut.

better yet, create a new short cut first and see what happens. Then you can delete the replaced one.

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So I know how to do this: Shortcut - Change Icon

But I want to do this:

Add some other icons then the default ugly boring window icons.

Any ideas on how to do that? For some reason I don't trust the video on youtube to be the right idea.

But know of any program that helps you with this? Resource Hacker maybe?

Also is it shell32.dll or imageres.dll that is the right file to edit?

Answer:How to add more shortcut icons to the shell32.dll?

Hi that I know of the icon doesn't have to exist in the icon tray it just needs to exist and be the right size and extension as .ico
As far as the windows logo is this what your referring too because yes it is much different than a simple icon ?
How to Create Custom Start Orb Image

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Is it possible to place different sets of icons on different desktop ?
For example, having desktop 1 empty, desktop 2 full of files, desktop 3 with shortcuts to programmes/games, etc.
Also is there a way to have a different wallpaper on each desktop, to tell them apart faster ?

My guess is all of that is not possible, given that additional desktops are not supposed to be "permanent", but rather added/deleted quickly. But maybe with a bit of tweaking ?

Answer:Different shortcut icons on different desktops

Did you ever get an answer for this?

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Since I started using Firefox (set as default browser) several weeks ago, some of the Internet Shortcuts on the desktop have changed to the Firefox icon, while some remain showing the old IE icon.The ones that have changed to FF have done that on their own, I haven't done it.I don't get the FF icon choice in the "change icon" dialog for the IE shortcuts, so how can I get them all changed to the FF icon.Is it something to do with the IconCache, which I've read about, but don't know enough about to proceed.

Answer:Internet Shortcut Icons

What operating system are you using?

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There are two flavors of shortcuts, "*lnk" and "*url".
My "*url" shortcuts are not a problem.
However, all my "*lnk" shortcuts have been deleted (552) :-(

There is an MS documented issue when there are 4 or more broken desktop shortcuts.
If there are more than 4 broken desktop icons, then all the *desktop* icons will be deleted.
My icons that were deleted were not on the desktop.
As a matter of fact, I have several desktop lnk shortcuts that were not deleted.
So I think my problem is different.

I had several system crashes, and that is when the lnk shortcuts were deleted.
I counted the number of lnk shortcuts from my archive backup.

At first I thought this was a HDD going south.
But all my other files appear to be intact.
So this seems like a software problem, not a hardware problem.

I plan to run MS disk check, and then copy the lnk shortcuts from backup.

I searched around and did not find any report similar to mine.
Is there anything I should try before running disk check and copying shortcuts back?

I see that lnk shortcuts at C:/users/xxxx have not been deleted.
I keep my files at C:/mystuff not C:/users/xxxx
I wonder if my odd location for files somehow caused this?
thanks for reading

win7 pro
new WD 320G disk

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I am running XP Home and have created shortcuts to my DVD Rom and CD writer from the My Computer Icon onto my desktop, however after a couple of uses the icons refuse to change to the icon that is on the CD and when clicking them, windows gives the error message that it is searching for the Q:\ drive, or that the icons target has changed and would I like to delete it. If I delete it to the bin then open the bin, the icon is displaying the CDs icon picture! If I then restore it to my desktop the Icon reverts back to the normal CD icon but still won't connect to the CD. I can make a new Icon from My Computer, but then it all starts again after a couple of uses. I have checked for viruses and found none using Symantec antiVirus 2002. Please can anyone help sort out this annoying problem

Answer:DVD/CD Shortcut Icons not behaving

i found that after a fresh install of xp home my D:\ drive cdrom was labled as Q:\ for some reason also.i would try renaming it.first,make a restore point then delete the shortcut to the drive. change it back to D:\ again by clicking:control panel/administrative tools/computer management/disk managementright click the drive and select change drive letter and paths,rename it back to D:\ again.create a new shortcut.

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Shortcut images are missing,only arrows and white images (.exe shortcuts).

Answer:Shortcut icons are missing W7

Teem, Check out the links below.How To Rebuild Icon Cache In Windows 7 To Repair Icons Cache Rebuilder For Windows 7 your pick.Tufenuf

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My shortcut icons (which I created on the websites) are empty. When I go into their "properties" the target is a google app. When I try to change the target to the appropriate web address I get an error message that target is invalid. Is something interfering with me?

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my shortcut icons changes to vlc whenever i install it

Answer:all my shortcut icons changes to vlc whenever i install it

Download the vlc file then instead of running it Save it somewhere.Double click the saved file and see if that installs any better.Always pop back and let us know the outcome - thanks

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Hi guys,Have been with Win 7 since release and had a small niggle with shortcut icons being slow to appear. For example the shortcute in my start menu - More programs. Also I have a folder on my desktop with my game shortcuts in, the folder opens imediately with the game nems but the pictures are slow to appear. Mayb a second or two, is this a clow hard disk? My WEI shows my Hard disk as having a low rating.Thnaks

Answer:Shortcut icons slow to appear


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The shortcut (icon) for Internet Explorer somehow dissapeared from my desktop. How do I get it back?

Answer:Solved: Shortcut icons

CanAm, Which XP SP is installed and which version of Internet Explorer?

Did you try this:

Right click on any open area of the Desktop
Click [Properties], select the [Desktop] tab, then click [Customize Desktop] button
Select the [General] tab
In the [Desktop Icons] section place a checkmark next to Internet Explorer

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Original Plan: Change IE Icon Ver 6 SP3 and all Updates
(I like 6 and kept it)

Action Taken: Opened Regedit

HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\InternetShortcut - Modified EditFlags
Changed Value from 2 to 0

Changed IconHandler Name From:

Finally, I opened Explorer\Tools\Folder Options\File Types\Internet Shortcut and chicked on the "Advanced" button to get to the "Change Icon" button. Changed the Icon but did not make a note of the existing location. After changing, all my self created Internet shortcuts are the same as well as icons in "Favorites".

Also cannot replace icons in self created shortcuts as they still point to the ICO files I created for them. Do not want to take additional actions until I recieve some guidence. Thank You for the assist.


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Hey everyone, recently all my icons on my desktop and in the start Menu have disappeared (except a few such as iTunes and MSWord).  I can't figure out what happened.  Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Answer:Shortcut Icons issues...

Welcome to Computerhope soccermandude. Have you tried right clicking on the desktop screen...when you get arrange Show Desktop Icons ? :-?

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2011dec20: Our 5 workstations and 1 server are hard wire networked. 4 of our workstations and the server are running XP something. My system is XP Pro and is about 5 years old. Couple months ago, I had just opened My Network Places, where there are 4 or 5 shortcuts to folders on our server, then went to the other room to get a number for a drawing I was going to look up in the Drawings folder on the server. When I came back, the window was still open but all the shortcut icons, even the window itself, everything was gone - nothing but white was left in their place. I tried opening and closing the window a couple times which didn't help, then I rebooted a couple times and that didn't help either. About an hour later I opened MNPs again and the one connection I needed at that time, Shared Documents, was the only connection that came up. After a bit I closed the MNPs window and reopened it. This time 3 icons came up. By the end of the day everything was back to normal. Maybe twice since then not all icons would show, but everything would return to normal very shortly. This morning I had the MNPs window open, had one of the connections open and was working in one of the folders when everything simply disappeared. No one else here seems to be experiencing this issue.
2012feb02: All but one of the shortcut icons have been gone from my MNPs for two days now. All the rebooting and window opening and closing does no good. From another workstation similar in age and manu... Read more

Answer:Shortcut Icons Disappeared

Maybe moving this to the Networking Forum in a more succinct version would be better than here in the software forum?

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Hi all.
I have a really frustrating situation. I want to get rid of that overlay on my app shortcuts on desktop, but can't do it.
I tried all methods - deleting icon cache file, lowering UAC, replacing icon with another etc...but no avail.

I don't want to lower UAC settings as its for security.

Thing is, I'm logged on as administrator, but just a few app shortcuts have this overlay shield (Lotro for example).
I thought it's use is for non-admins to run certain apps easier, but why is it showing overlay if I'm admin?

It' not just that icons become really ugly, it's also I need to confirm I want to run that program. Isn't it unneccessary if I'm admin?

Thanks in advance.

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I am running XP sp1 my computer is virus free as far as I know, but some of my short cut icons have started not to work, if a make a shortcut for the desk top for my A Drive (floppy) or E Drive (dvd/cd) or my F Drive (cd/rw) they will only work for that session ie once the computer is switched off then on again they will not work any more, however I also have a D Drive (zip) and that always works ok as does the C Drive (hard drive) shortcut. Can anyone help ?

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This one is kinda weird, and isn't just limited to our W2k pcs at work, I have seen it happen on Win95 as well...

For some reason, we have this problem where people's icons for shortcuts on their desktop and quicklaunch bar are changing. It's simply the icon, not the shortcut itself, because it still points to the same program. Does anyone have any idea what is going on?

Answer:Shortcut icons changing

Do they all change to the same looking Icon?
What does it look like?

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Vista 32-bit Ultimate... Rig in sig...
My icons on my desk all have the little arrow stating it's a shortcut. Is there a way to get rid of this?

Answer:Remove the little arrow from shortcut icons

google is your friend

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Hello, my name is Benjamin Hall. I have Windows 7 Home Premium and I'm having a problem with my Desktop, the Desktop Shortcut Icons are missing (unknown icons).

The image below will understand what I mean...


~Benjamin123 (Benjamin Hall)

Answer:The Desktop Shortcut Icons are missing...

Hello Benjamin, and welcome to Seven Forums.

Your default shortcut arrow overlay on the icon has gone missing. You could use the tutorial below to change the shortcut overlay back to the default arrow to fix this.

Shortcut Arrow - Change, Remove, or Restore

Hope this helps,

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Today i clean installed windows 8.1 [again] because every time i booted up, it will not show the desktop shortcut arrows until i hover over it with my mouse?
Once i boot up, this is what all my icons look like

Then when i hover over them-

Answer:Does anyone else's 8.1 Enterprise not show shortcut icons?

Hello Alt, and welcome to Eight Forums.

Do they continue to show after you hover over them until the next time you reboot?

You might see if rebuilding the icon cache may help.

Icon Cache - Rebuild - Windows 7 Help Forums

Hope this helps,

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I think this is a Vista Problem. I do not know how this happened so please do not ask. As I was working all my shortcuts converted to 'get diz' links. Well I figure that one of them I knew was an Adobe Reader File (opens in Foxit) could be redirected. So I went to properties and changed it to Foxit. All links, desktop, menu, anywhere on computer were turned into links to Foxit. Now I can change it to other programs but why?

I tried the safe mode to delete the IconCache.db and that failed to remedy the problem. Now I need help badly. All other Icons of folders and applications and actual file are OK --- just the shortcuts are messed up.

Anyone, please.

Answer:Solved: Shortcut Icons gone wild

Please read my post above and advise.

Thank you.

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When I select a shortcut icon and go to change it by right clicking on it, then clicking on properties,and then in web document, I click on change icon and on some of the icons I only get five icons to pick from and not the usual larger amount of icons.

This is the address shown for the five icons shown for the five icons.

C:\Windows\System32\url.dll ................................. Only five icons

And on some shortcuts, I get the normal amount of icons
%SystemRoot%\system32\SHELL32.dll................ This one has all the icons which is normal.

Please help. Thank you.

Answer:How do I fix changing my desktop shortcut icons...?

Hi and welcome to the Forum. It depends which icons you wish to change! What type of shortcut is it, a web site or a program or perhaps a shortcut to a folder or file?

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Hi, I recently created about 20 desktop shortcut icons, which mostly had little pictures related to the site they were shortcutting to, and some of them were pretty cool. When I fired up the computer next day, they had all gone, and were replaced by some sort of generic 'e' icons, an e on a page of paper type icon. The day after that, my youtube icon reappeared as before, but all the others are still the 'e' on a page type. I deleted some of them, and went to the sites again, and created a shortcut, but they appeared as the 'e' one again. I want my cool icons back! I have windows xp running. Thanks in advance!


Answer:Shortcut icons changing appearance

AM-DeadLink Works for me.

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All non shortcut icons on my desktop and windows explorer windows are showing a check mark image on the lower left side of the icon.
How do I eliminate these unwanted check mark images on the icons? I'm running Windows 7 Home Premium.
Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

Answer:Icon Issue - Non shortcut icons

Have you tried rebuilding the icon cache? Goto Start Menu, Control Panel, Folder Options, View and unhide Hidden Folders, next try the following: %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Iconcache.dbClose down all explorer.exe processes using the Task Manager (Or else it will create a faulty file during logoff/restart)Use the Task Manager (CTRL+SHIFT+ESC) to launch the explorer.exe again (Or press CTRL+ALT+DEL to perform a restart/logoff)When the Windows Explorer (explorer.exe) starts again, it will recreate the icon cacheanother way described in another post by HappyAndyK is

Kill Explorer.exe process. To do so, click Start button > Hold down Ctrl+Shift & Right Click on empty area in the Start Menu > Click "Exit Explorer".
Click Ctrl+Shift+Esc keys and open Task Manager.
Click File > New Task > cmd.exe > OK. This will open the command prompt.
Type cd /d %userprofile%\AppData\Local
Click OK
Type attrib –h IconCache.db
Click OK
Type del IconCache.db
Click OK
Type start explorer
Click OK.
Your Vista Icon Cache would have been rebuilt.

found here: How to rectify the corrupt icons problem in Windows Vista

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Some new software created shortcuts on the desktop to a couple of its sites. The shortcut icons were significant to the site. But after a reboot, the icons reverted to generic Windows internet shortcut icons. I went into the properties of each shortcut and chose to change the icon, then browsed to the ICO files that I wanted to use. I selected them and applied them, but they don't change on the desktop. This is also occurring on my Windows 8.1 laptop.

Am I missing something? When looking for icons, shouldn't icon files be perfect?

Answer:Should I be able to use ICO files for Desktop Shortcut Icons?

I would load the icons in an icon editor. You can get the last free version of IcoFX on this page:
Last Freeware version: All Programs (listed alphabetically)

or use another. When loaded it should tell you the size of the icons, color depth etc..
Maybe they are not standard size or some other weird problem. Usually when Windows just drops an icon it shows a blank page icon instead. So it may be the icons themselves.

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I've a system (win 7 Pro) which is mamber of a domain (server-win 2008).
In this PC,user making shortcut icons in the desktop to access directly files/folders stored in the server.

But problem is those shortcut icons to the server disappieared suddenly.
And its happened few times. Is it a bug of win 7 or anything else?

But no problem with default/regular shorcut icons.

Thanks in advance.

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Since installing the RC x64 version from MS my desktop shortcut icons keep going transparent.
I've tried deleting the IconCache in app data and letting it recreate, but still they disappear.
Done several clean reinstalls and after several installation of different programs the icons go transparent again.

Hopefully someone will have had this and sorted it out.

Answer:Blank desktop shortcut icons

Hello DJS,

Could you post a screenshot of this to help determine what may be happening?

Thank you,

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All of my desktop shortcut icons have turned black.

I first deleted my Explorer thumbnail cache and then my icon cache. I did not get the icons back to normal until after I deleted the icon cache.

But after I shut down and restarted the black icons were back. I went through this twice and both time they came back after I shut down and turned the laptop back on.

How do I get rid of these black icons permanently?

Answer:Desktop Shortcut Icons Are Black

Does anybody have any ideas?

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Years ago I created a folder and named it Applinks. The folder contains shortcuts of various programs that I frequently use. In creating the folder I would find the application then Send To > Desktop as Shortcut then drag and drop the shortcut into the folder. The location of the folder is C:\Applinks. The folder is opened from the RocketDock program.

In no other folder on the computer does this strange presentation of shortcut icons occur. Interestingly, when the items are viewed as Extra Large Icons the black boxes are not present. All other (list, details, small, etc) views and the black boxes are present.

It kind of looks like it might be associated with the area where the shortcut arrow normally is. I've had it set for the arrow to not be visible for 4 years. In the registry the value for the 29 string value is C:\Windows\Blank.ico,0. What in the world might I be dealing with here?

Answer:Strange appearance of Shortcut Icons

How long have you been using IObit anything. Their products cause many strange things to happen. You could be one update of IObit away from disaster.

So called clean up, tune up, registry fixers, ect. can cause these problems in a heart beat.

Can you use a Restore Point before this happened.
It would be the easiest way to fix the problem.

You could also consider what programs you just installed or updated that is causing the problem.

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Hey all, just got Office 2010 TP, and was wondering how I go about changing the icons of the shortcuts, in the start menu.

I took ownership of the folder them and it didn't help. Any thoughts? I want to use this icon pack I found

This is what I get..

Attachment 25565

Answer:How to change MS Office Shortcut Icons?

You can try deleting the ShellIconCache and reboot..

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I have used the Office XP shortcut bar with every windows version up to windows 7 without problems. When I upgraded to Windows 10, the Icons only show a ? and the program associated with the icon will only execute if I right click on the icon and click either open or run as administrator. The program name associated with the icon will display when I hover over the icon.

Is there any fix for displaying the actual icon picture? I have more programs that I use daily than would fit on the task bar. I don't want to clutter my desktop with icons. The shortcut bar allows me to organize my program icons in different task bars so I would like to continue using it.

Answer:Office xp shortcut bar Icons do not display

It's been a dozen or so years since I last worked with Office XP/2002 but have you tried right-clicking each of the icons and choosing Properties then at the bottom click the Change Icon? Doing things on Win8.0/8.1 and 10 became more problematic with old programs, might be because of the Tiles feature.

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How do I get my homepage shortcuts for websites icons back?When I used to connect to Mozilla Fox internet, my homepage would come up. With my homepage, were a row of icons. Large Icons, down the middle of my screen. There was one for Facebook, Yahoo, Youtube, etc. Well, now they're gone and I don't know how. I can't get them back and it was really convenient. Help!

Answer:My shortcut icons on my Homepage are gone. Not my toolbar.

When you open Firefox, whatever is displayed IS your homepage. Your links are (or should be) listed under bookmarks.

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If I don't start IE, all my desktop shortcuts work just fine.
However, if I open IE and close it, then none of my shortcuts
work. No error messages, I just can't click on them or get
them to work. Er, I confess I recently ran chkdsk\F
(Lord know why, but I did) but I don't think the problem started
right after I did that. In any case, any ideas?

Also, if I do the ctrl-alt-del thing and stop the explorer.exe
or ieexplorer.exe process, the icons I clicked on with no
success will then open. Some that I didn't click on too. ;>)
After killing the IE process, my icons work. So clearly it has
something to do with exiting IE, but beyond that, I can offer
no clues.

Answer:When I exit IE, all my shortcut icons don't work


You can try:
1. Resetting Internet Explorer by running this Microsoft Fix-It:

2. Install/Reinstall IE8 which you can download from here:

3. Run system file checker:
Go to Start -> Run -> type sfc /scannow -> Enter
Note you might need your Windows XP CD handy if corrupt/missing files are found.

4. Go into safe mode and see if the same problem occurs.
To go into safe mode restart your PC. Start pressing F8 until the Windows Diagnostic Startup Menu is displayed. Select Safe Mode. Note Internet Explorer will not open web sites in safe mode. If you want you can select Safe Mode with Networking - IE should then display web pages.

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When i insert my Kingston 2.0 pen drive i couldn't find my data instead i got shortcuts of my folders. I successfully retrieved my folders but the problem is even after i formatted my drive i still get the shortcut of my i appreciate any tips as how to get rid of the shortcuts....

Answer:Why folders change to shortcut icons?

i got the same prob.all folder in my external harddisk n my pen drive are convert to shortcut.can i get my data back?before this,i scan it first using avira or panda antivirus but they didn't detect any viruses.plz help email,[email protected]

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On my new HP computer, Win7 64bit was installed. All of my desktop shortcuts worked until I installed Windows Office Standard 2007. After the installation, which was successful, the desktop icon shortcuts stopped working. I can right click and open them or do so in the start menu but cannot double click or single click on the icon to open the program. My icons on the taskbar still work. Help!!!:cry

Answer:Desktop Icons shortcut broken

Welcome to MG's!! I have moved your thread to the software forum for further assistance. In the mean time, if you right click an icon and choose properties, check the target! If it is wrong, correct it to the proper exe file.

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Hi. I have a problem that's been driving me nuts for a few years.

I have a desktop and netbook that are both running 64-bit Windows 7. Each computer has a 'Games' folder that I keep my installed games shortcuts in. I like to turn up the icon size to around the 'large icons' option in the folder bar, making the icons larger than the standard 64x64. I like how the large icons look and it's pretty handy to have larger icons on my netbook's 11.6" screen.

The problem is that Windows seems unable to keep all the shortcuts locked in at the same size. It doesn't matter if I'm using a custom icon that's 256x256 or using the game's base shortcut icon that scales larger than 64x64 -- Windows will undoubtedly shrink some icons to 64x64 the next time I open the folder.

What's really annoying is that it's completely random what icons it resizes. There will be days where a certain icon is 64x64 and then suddenly it scales back up to 256x256.

How can I lock my icons to a certain size and not have Windows decide to mess with them? I've tried rebooting, reassigning new icons, changing a shortcut's name (this will sometimes take care of the problem until I reboot), and saving my Windows theme. I would think this would be pretty stuff for the OS to handle correctly.

Here's a screenshot so you can see what I'm talking about: Guaranteed the icons will be sized differently next time I access that folder.

Cheers... Read more

Answer:Shortcut icons re-sizing randomly

Welcome to Seven Forums macschwag14.
Two things to try are try the Extra Large icon option and change how icons are displayed. In Folder Options in Control Panel, View tab, toggle the Always show icons, never thumbnails off and on to see if that helps.

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Since doing a clean uninstall/reinstall of the latest Comodo Firewall Pro today I have had the following happen. I did it by the book and everything is working as it should but in my Taskbar where I previously had shortcut icons to my soundcard, BoClean and Avira antivirus as well as the CFP icon. After signing out earlier this afternoon when I signed in again just now I only have the Comodo Firewall Pro icon in the taskbar. The others have disappeared though after checking they are all working in the background.

I have checked using Autoruns and they are all still ticked on my start up programs just not showing in the taskbar. Can anyone advise me how to get these icons to reappear again?. I have also posted on the Comodo Forums but no reply as yet. My PC is running Windows XP Home Edition SP2 and completely up to date.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Answer:Disappearing Taskbar Shortcut Icons

See if this works:Right-click the Start button.Click Properties.Click (select) the Taskbar tab.Uncheck (clear) Hide inactive icons.Click Apply.Click OK.

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On two occasions, several of the shortcut icons have disappeared from my Desktop for no apparent reason or action on my part. Any thoughts?

Answer:Disappearing shortcut icons from Desktop

Hello JE, and welcome to Seven Forums.

If you mean that the shortcuts have been removed completely from your desktop, then it may the System Maintenance Troubleshooter doing it if the shortcuts are broken or haven't been used in 3 months. Turning this off will stop this.

System Maintenance Troubleshooter - Turn On or Off

Hope this helps,

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When I place a shortcut icon on desktop, it displays the icon with a windows icon on top of it. Is there a setting or work around for this ?

Answer:Problem with desktop shortcut icons

Hello mike !

You may try the instructions of the tutorial Shortcut Arrow - Change, Remove, or Restore to restore the default shortcut overlay arrow, and let us know the results.

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 :PI feel embarrased to ask this question but I cannot find a solution to removing the desktop shortcut icons attached to my screen without removing the shortcut from the application or removing the application itself. I have spent an exorbitent amount of time trying to locate an method for doing this thatdoes not includeusing the registry,ordeleting the icon from the screen. I have used the Show Desktop in the context menu, Hide Desktop, etc. The icons remain on the screen. Ultimately what I am seeking to do is have a clean screen with only the Startup Button showing in a taskbar that shows only the Desktop>> bar next to the hidden icon bar containing the time. Thanks for listening.

Answer:desktop shortcut icons problem

Right clik the icon...Select Delete.

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Have a brand new Dell 4700. Running XP

The following "problem" has happened for the second time now,and am now geting quite concerned as it's a brand new PC.

Everything else "seems" to be just fine, though. Not using any games.

I was away from PC for about an hour yesterday, and when I went
back I found that double clicking on any or all of the desktop shortcut icons would do nothing. Wouldn't open.

Also, going to the pull-down menu, and selecting OPEN, wouldn't work either.

Problem has also happened just now again during normal usage.
Re-booted, and all fine again.

What might have caused ?
Any thoughts on would be most appreciated.


Answer:Dektop Shortcut Icons Becoming Inoperable ?

If this is a new PC from Dell you need to get in touch with their tech support people.

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how can i enable/disable the ability to change the shortcut icons in microsoft office(97 or 2000) for "open office document" and "open new office document"? is this done in the registry?

Answer:office document shortcut icons

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After i find a picture i liked changed desktop to not show any shortcut. I like it but after using desktop all years full of icons and downloaded files (lazy) i feel odd.

So is there a shortcut to close or open this process with keybord using windows key (very lazy) or can i make a one.


Answer:show desktop icons shortcut ?

Hi obi_hal,

Right click on the desktop and highlight 'View' from the menu that appears. In the sub-menu that appears, click to place a tick next to 'Show Desktop Icons'. The icons should reappear.

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Is there a way to remove the shortcut arrows on the desktop icons??

Answer:Removing shortcut arrows on Icons

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I connect my portable harddrive to one of my friends computer. Suddenly all my files turn into shortcuts. I scanned with Avast anti virus software, it didn't work. My computer still can read the available space and use space on that harddrive. I tried with K:\>ATTRIB -H -R -S /S /D K:\*.*(K is my Portable HDD drive)No Go.. Any Further resolution...?

Answer:Portable HDD shows Shortcut iCons

Your problem is caused by the TOEUW.EXE malware/virus.. a few other aliases Koapee.exe, Vaapoq, vaapoqx? Here is how to remove it?How to Remove TOEUW.EXE Virus/Malware

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I don't know how I did it but I have some icons in my folders that have gained the little shortcut arrows and they are not giving me permission to access those folders now.
I don't know how it happened.

When I try and edit security permissions I get a message "an error has occured while applying security information".

Some of them already show full control in all the users on the list.

I have a three machine network, wired through a router gigabit switch. I guess I was doing some setup stuff and fat fingered something.

Answer:Shortcut Arrows on Icons with No permissions


Try it from Safe Mode, often you can then access files, even if you have locked yourself out of them. You could also try System Restore. Don't worry yet, it is EXTREMLY unlikely that we cannot unlock your files.

Here is how to take ownership of a file and then change its permissions from Command Prompt. I have used the C:\Users\ folder as an example. This also works on specific files. Do not change %username% to your actual User Name, leave it as it is.

takeown /f C:\Users\*
icacls C:\Users\* /grant:r %username%:f

If this does not work, download the small program attched to this post (the .exe is the same as the .exe in the .zip file - someone else had a problem with it) This program will remove all permissions from the file, folder or drive specified, so make sure you add SYSTEM and yourself back at the very least. DO NOT use this program on any drive yet, only problematic files and folders. DO NOT MISUSE THIS PROGRAM!

Download the small program and put it on your desktop.Start Command Prompt.Navigate to your desktop ("cd C:\Users\{Enter your Account Name}\Desktop" and press enter)Type "Takeown.exe C:\" and press enter.Right click on your C:\ drive and give full access to SYSTEM and yourself and then CAREFULLY re-assign your permissions. If this does not work, you can try this program from safe mode.
If this does not work,

Make sure you exchange "{Account Name}" with your actual account name such as "Richard". Sounds obvious... Read more

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After checking and configuring my router I went to the regular desktop view which is plain and looks like Win7
Only the quick access, internet icon, notices, lanquage and clock icons were visible.
I had created a new toolbar which referenced the start menu in Windows Program Data.
It was spread across the taskbar rather than compacted and previously available by clicking on the title Programs tucked in beside Quick Access.
There was no visible line to use with the cursor for dragging this bunch of links across into the right side area.
I removed that toolbar.
The few daily use Taskbar shortcut icons when created cannot be dragged to the taskbar even if I lock it.
(Browser, email, Notepad++,Everywhere search and a link to a Quick Stack popup collection of shortcuts)
Any open application is not displaying on the taskbar
Considered a 'Restore' and checked the list of restore points with a utility System Restore Explorer and it lists Oct.20 as the last restore point. I'm assuming Win10 does not do a daily restore point.
The last system image is Oct.7 so several Windows updates would have to be done over and there are a couple of those.
Is there a registry edit or workaround to restore the taskbar so shortcuts can be pinned there?

Answer:Taskbar shortcut icons disappeared

Well...I don't know what caused explore.exe to stop allowing the taskbar....
I used the icon that allows all views of apps (looks like monitors side by side) to see what I had open.
Opened Task Manager. Stopped Explorer.exe
Created a new task...explorer.exe
Desktop refreshed and there was the taskbar with my most used shortcut icons.
Thankful to have it back but what a bunch of fiddling around to get to applications and keep track of open windows.

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Many of my shortcut icons changed from the default to a small blue box with a double chevron type arrow. Looks like it changed icons in all directories as well as the desktop. I tried the Tweak UI but that only changed some. I've searched the net with no real luck. Any help on why or how to change them back would be appreciated.

Answer:Solved: Shortcut Icons changed

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Hi I just recently installed Windows 7on my computer.  I am trying to personalize the desktop and had downloaded a few icons for my shortcuts and changed them with no problem.  When I shut down the computer and rebooted the next day these icons were gone and just left the generic icon .  I cannot change them back. When I go into change icon off the properties tab It shows that its changed but on the desktop it is not.  Any ideas on the problem and how to fix this.Thanks

Answer:Can't change desktop shortcut Icons.

Are you clicking "Apply" ? ?

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I had some 20 shortcut icons on my screen and the last time I booted up they had all disappeared.

Going through IE/Desktop they are all there. I have tried dragging them from the desktop window to the desktop screen but that is not possible as the destination is the same.

I have tried right clicking the desktop screen and creating a new shortcut - the new shortcut is created but only in the desktop window and not on the screen.
It slows things down when there is no icon to bring up the Internet and other favourite programmes and there is no Recycle Bin.
Can anyone help please.

Answer:Solved: Shortcut icons have disappeared

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