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Win8 Hidden Recovery Partition deleted.How do I re-create?

Question: Win8 Hidden Recovery Partition deleted.How do I re-create?

I was using win 8 which was original came with notebook , then I installed win8.1(not upgrade from Store , just from .iso packet ).Because of some errors I re-installed another win8 . iso and now I can't download Recovery from SW Update .It says recovery partition doesn't exist.I was able to use that before.How can I re-create my recovery partition again?

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Preferred Solution: Win8 Hidden Recovery Partition deleted.How do I re-create?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Win8 Hidden Recovery Partition deleted.How do I re-create?

Have you made the OEM manufacturer's Recovery Disks?


We always assume you have made your Recovery Disks using the OEM manufacturer's Recovery Media Creator app the first day you had your new PC.
& made the Startup Repair CD. (Windows 8 only)
Recovery Drive - Create with USB Flash Drive in Windows 8
System Repair Disc - Create in Windows 8 (Windows 8 only)

I would recommend you making the OEM manufacturer's Recovery DVD's or USB drive.
You can order the Microsoft official OEM Recovery disks from the OEM manufacturer's website.

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Hello!I just bought a Lenovo IdeaPad with a windows 7 32 bit version. There was no system disk added. I learned that the windows 7 version is hidden in a recovery partition. I now want to create a system disk to save the windows 7 32 bit version just in case and install a windows 7 ultimate 64 bit version on the computer. Can you tell me what I have to do? Thank you!

Answer:How to create a recovery system disk from the hidden recovery partition?

Hi and welcome,
One way is to save a recover set ... with OKR ... or better do this Backup before  ...but no way to get a  pure Windows 7 Install Disc if you mention this  ...  
And Windows 7 64 Bit will not run on Atom based machine.. i.e. S10/S10e/S10-2 ,S12 Intel/Nvidia ...
(and even when, it lacks of memory 2GB (due the intel chipset restrictions) is good for 32 Bit based systems, but not really enough for 64 Bit based systems, so there is no benefit for use a 64bit on a netbook)  
S10-3t W7 64 ?
sincerely KalvinKlein 
-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- --
Want more ? For further information to get the most of your S-Class machine 
Lenovo Energymanagement Backup  Windows 7 Driver Windows 7  Install
XP Startup  Small WebCam Guide  Lenovo Easy Capture    Clean XP Install
Resolution > 1024 x 576 / 600  Works with XP Only Try this for a Windows 7 Solution 

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Ok, here's what I want to do.

If I was to build a new pc from scratch and install windows 7 home premium, how would I go about creating a bootable hidden recovery partition on the hard drive, so I could reformat it back to these settings at any point if needed?

(like the proper manufacturers do themselves, normally loaded by pressing one of the F keys)

Thanks for your help.

Answer:Easiest way to create a hidden recovery partition?

Ah yes, my motherboard in particular lets you create one of those. Quite a useful feature, that I don't really use.

What you can do is store a partition containing a backup, and restore from that when the time is right, even though you will need a optical disk to begin the restore process using the backup program. You won't be able to get something like one of the F keys when your computer starts up like most manufacturers do, but you might be able to give it the option when choosing between boot choices when your computer starts.

How to create custom recovery partition - MSFN Forum


You won't be able to get it to start by hitting F keys, but you can modify your boot loader to boot into a hidden recovery partition.

I've used grub for this in the past. Have a "System Recovery" option in the list and set the timer to 1 or 2 seconds. "System Recovery" boots into a scripted DOS or WINPE partition which has at least a couple of prompts to back out (incase you boot into it by accident) and eventually restores the system partition back to the original image.

I have used 3rd party tools to do the imaging myself, but you could easily use ImageX if using WinPE.

I've only used it for other people's computers, so I can easily instruct them on how to restore it back to a working image and saves me from having to look at the machine myself. Saves them playing around with boot options trying to boot from a CD/USB as well.

... Read more

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Today I received 2nd hand X200 without any recovery disks. I reinstalled everything from scratch but I was just wondering is it possible to recreate hidden recovery partition for future recovery? It would be perfect if I would need to sell the laptop and make the customer happy. Anyone tried to do this?

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i wiped my t61p to install korean windows and now i want it back to factory status. I tried to do it from R&R but i wont work and i think b/c i dont have the hidden partition. I've got no recovery cd or windows cd on me rite now....I really want it back to fresh factory status. need help thanks.

Answer:i deleted the recovery(hidden) partition and want it back..

Welcome to the forum! You'll need to obtain a set of recovery disks to be able to re-create the hidden partition.

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Good Morning to All, I am using Windows 10 Single language Home edition on Intel i5-4210U CPU @1.70GHz, 2.40GHz, with 4GB RAM and 1TB hard disk. I deleted my recovery disk by mistake. Now I want to create 2 more partitions, one for data and other for REcovery disk. How do I Do it. Also I want to create recovery disk. How do I do it and what should be my partition sizes. Thanks

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Notebook Toshiba Satellite L850 - 19C (PSKDLE)

Hi, ich have new partioned my hard disk, befor this i have deleted all partions! :-)

I have installed the OS new, everything is ok and works well, i have loaded all needed drivers from the toshiba homepage......

I need a description how i create a new empty recovery partition, so that i can make a new backup with the recovery wizard!

Thank you.


Answer:Satellite L850-19C: Recovery partition deleted. How can i create a new one?

Unfortunately you cannot do it anymore. You must install original recovery image using recovery media and this recovery partition will be created automatically.
Have you created recovery DVD or recovery USB before you have changed partitions structure?

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What are the differences between these two methods? Does win8's native method back up only window's system files? and OneKey recovery method back up entire C disk? Per help doc from win8's "create a recovery drive", it looks like by default Win8 preinstalls a hidden partition on HDD with preinstalled recovery image, and when user creates recovery drive, Win8 will copy the preinstalled recovery image to target backup storage. Is my understanding correct? I tried win8's "create a recovery drive", it said it needs at least 16G space on target USB drive. I tried OneKey recovery, it said it needs 90G space. Does this mean OneKey recovery would backup all files under my C drive? If I just use win8's method, would I have problem if I have to restore the system on a new HDD if the old HDD was dead? Thanks,

Answer:differences between OneKey recovery and win8's "create a recovery drive"? (G500, win8.1)

hi lenovo-user-kw,
Regarding your questions:
1. The difference between OneKey Recovery and "Create a recovery drive" are as follows:
OneKey Recovery (OKR)
- can be triggered by clicking the OneKey Recovery inside the OS or by pressing the OKR Button.
- running the recovery triggers the hidden factory default image preloaded in the drive
- using OKR's System Backup method backsup the system partition only (eg. Drive C:\). If you have many files on the drive, you will need an external drive to save the backup.
Recovery Drive
- needs to be created within the OS. Can only be triggered by booting from the USB drive.
- on an OEM PC, this requires at least 16GB as it copes the hidden factory default image from the HDD for a full factory restore. Otherwise, 4GB will be enough to create a system repair disc.
More info:
Introduction to Lenovo OneKey Recovery 8.0
How to Create a Recovery USB Flash Drive in Windows 8 and 8.1
2. There are reports that you can't use the recovery drive with a blank HDD (like in this thread) but ideally, the recovery drive can be used to restore on a blank HDD as discussed in this article.

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There are discussions on creating recovery disks with OneKey Recovery 7.0. But my G500 is  with win8.1 and Onekey 8.0. I didn't see it support creating CDs. And when I tried to create such a recovery image, OneKey 8.0 said it needs 90G space. It looks like OneKey will backup all files from my C disk. I just want to create factory recovery disks, in case the HDD failed. Can anyone tell me how to create such disks? (It doesn't make sense to spend 60$ to order such disks from Lenovo)

Answer:how to create factory default recovery disk with OneKey Recovery 8.0? (G500, win8.1)

hi lenovo-user-kw,
Thanks for Posting!
Yes that option is not available on Windows 8 and 8.1.
This is tha way i think possible to extract a recovery media
Solid Cruver

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I would like to know how to create a hidden partition?

The reason for this is that I often have to repair friends & family's PC's & would like to make a backup within the hidden partition of the OS using Acronis True Image.

I'd appreciate any help in this matter.

Answer:Create hidden partition?

Hello Midnight Mick,
Acronis True Image has special secure zone (hidden partition) where you can keep your backups. Manage it you can through True Image interface.

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Hello all, I have a Satellite L675. In the recovery wizard, there is an option for "Erasing the internal hard drive". According to the user manual, I am given the following warning: "Erasing the internal storage drive will delete all data on the drive, including the partitions",

Will this recovery wizard option actually delete the hidden recovery partitions (sda1 and sda3), wiping the entire hard drive, or just the user-created partitions (sda2, AKA C

Thanks for clarification on this.

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I have an older compaq laptop with a dead cd rom drive.

Replacing the cdrom just doesn't seem worth it even though it would make my life a lot easier.

I can take the drive out of the machine and get into it via my desktop.

What I'd like to do is somehow create a hidden partition that I could boot from, and that would contain my windows install source.

Then I could boot from that partition and install to another partition on the same drive.

Please help!

Answer:How do I create my own hidden rescue partition?

you could prolly make an image of ur HDD using norton ghost, copy that to a hidden partition and add a segment to your boot.ini file, i can't tell u much more but this seems feasable (SP?) to me, seems like it could work if you can figure out boot paths and such.

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My son istalled linux in my Lenovo  notebook, a G450. Apparently the hidden partition that has the recovery was deleted, when i press recovery key with the computer turned off, linux starts directly. I would like to get the factory settings back. What should I do? Thank you!

Answer:Apparently deleted hidden partition. What should I do?

if you have recovery disks, try to use them.otherwise, ship your laptop back to lenovo to reset your harddisk to default.
( back-up your personal data before sending it, to dvd or external hard disk )

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Hello everyone,

I'm a technician at TigerDirect, and for one of our services we create recovery media for newly purchased machines.

For Windows 8 machines (As I'm sure you know) we cannot create recovery disks, and have to create a recovery drive using a flash drive.

On multiple occasions I have attempted to create the recovery drive using a CENTON 16gb USB stick and have selected the option to copy the recovery partition. The process proceeds normally until it starts copying the recovery partition. It will complete ~75-90% of the copy, and then all drive activity will stop. The unit still works perfectly fine, but the flash drive is not indicating any read/write, and it stays on whatever percentage it stopped on continuously with no change.

I'm curious if anyone else has run into this before? The current machine I'm working on is an ASUS G55V running Windows 8 (not Pro). The other machines we've had the same issues with have been multiple different ASUS models, as well as a few Toshiba's and HPs.

Any help is appreciated, thank you.
-- fragment

Answer:Cannot copy recovery partition -- win8 recovery creation

Welcome to EightForums.

Try setting the HD Drive to never turn OFF.

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Hi everyone,While reinstalling XP from a cd (not from the imageultra builder unfortunately), at the stage of choosing which partition to install XP, yeah that blue screen you will remember, I deleted the hidden service partition. Silly what I did, isn't it? However, I had somehow copied everything in the hidden service partition to my usb hard drive in the previous days. So what I am trying to learn is, how to, if possible, copy all of those hidden partition content to a new partition and be able to run imageultra builder at the startup of the notebook with the blue thinkvantage button. Hope, I am clear about my problem.  Any help is sincerely appreciated.

Answer:Deleted hidden service partition during XP Setup.

do you have the recovery cd's if you have them the hidden partition will be created again...if you are using the image ultra builder then ofcourse you should be getthing the previous state of your system(before you made the image)

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i tried to burn a Factory Recovery DVD using Onekey Recovery tool. i chose Create Recovery disk, selected Factory Default recovery disk and got to the burning options. The disks were successfully burnt. I tried to burn one more set for safety but I get the following error message. The program cannot find the service partition. This function is currently unavailable. Is there any solution for the problem?


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Answer:Y550 Lenovo recovery hidden partition visible and One Key recovery doesnt work

restart your computer and try again or copying the disks using nero may help.there are ways to activate hidden partition but not suggested.

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hi ive just rec'd my lenovo s430 running win8 pro i'd like to create a recovery disk, 1 that restores the notebook back to factory default (lenovo bloatwares and all) how can i do it? i cant find any info on the web.. plenty for win7 but none for win8.  thx~!


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Answer:how to create recovery disk on Win8 Pro notebook

This might help

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My T61's Rescue and Recovery software in WinXP can't recognise/use the Vista's ServiseV002 partition to go back to factory settings.  I tried both in the pre-boot program and the Rescue and Recovery  in windows Xp, but both of them can't get to the hidden partition to go back to factory settings. I didnt make a rescue CD before formatting the C drive. I think the hidden partition is enough for me to get a clean Vista when I want at that time but I am wrong.  Hope someone can get me an answer, thank you! BTW i am in a educational system, I can get Vista Ultimate for 7 bucks, so if I can't get the Vista from the hidden drive, I can just bought one from school. It's not the end of the world!!!

Answer:T61:Rescue and Recovery in Winxp can't recognise/use the Vista's hidden recovery partition

anyone can help?

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I looked in disk manger in Win7 and am seeing a 200mb hidden NTFS partition on HDD that I installed Win7 to that has 31.9mb used of 200mb. Has a long catalog number and says 'system, active, primary partition'. C: comes after that partition and says 'boot, pagefile, crash dump, primary partition'. Is that where Win7 puts system files backup in case of C: crashing or what?

Answer:Win7 supposed to create 200mb hidden partition?

Yes, if you install Windows 7 on a clean bare hard drive, it will create a 200MB partition with no drive letter for "stuff," primarily hidden files that relate to booting the OS and other duties. Perfectly normal...

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Hi everyone!

I'm getting rid of my old computer, so I wanted to wipe everything out and start anew. Although I'm a chick, I do love learning about my computer. I'm not as computer geek-ish as I'd like to be, but I understand most instructions. So I followed some instructions on formatting, and I deleted a partition. I then had the option to create a new partition, and as I pushed ENTER to continue, it froze. I rebooted, and now the system freezes up everytime it gets to a black screen with white text that reads "Inspecting Your Computer's Hardware Configuration." If I take the Windows XP bootable CD out and try to let Windows boot up, it tells me there is no operating system. (Which makes sense because I deleted the partition.) So now I need to create that partition (I guess?) but have no idea how to do it from here since it keeps freezing up with the CD in. Any suggestions?

Answer:Deleted a Partition. Can't Create a New One!!!

Hi Kamicryze, welcome to TSF..

good news is that you can solve the problem with the help of the installation disc:

Hope that helps

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I cannot boot up on my Z710 and failed to make a recovery disc.  I bought the same exact drive it came with, so that I can clone over from the original, since I can still see everything ok (was able to make a backup of data using a drive dock).   I have a Cirago external dual drive dock that supports disk cloning, and using Norton Ghost v15.0 I was able to make a drive copy.  The only issue is that is did not copy the first 3 small system partitions:  1000MB recovery, 260MB EFI system, and 1000MB OEM partition. Q1: Is there another way to create a recovery disc without using Windows (just the files on the drive)?Q2: Is there another tool that will clone everything over better than Norton, or is there some other step I missed in doing this in Norton? Thanks in advance for any help! 

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Hi guys, i'm having the following annoying problem.
I wanted to format my notebook because it was kinda buggy and stuff, well, as my dvd from windows 7 ultimate x64 is broken, i tried to install using a bootable usb, everything went great but then when i had to format the partition, i deleted the system reserved, and then it won't let me install windows 7 cause it ask for a system reserved partition.

I tried formatting everything using gparted, but it didn't work. I have a 32 x version of win 7 ultimate too, a dvd, and when i run it, it installs whithout problems, but i want the 64 bit, and i only have it on a usb.

is there any way to install it then? It's been three days fighting with it and i can't make it work.
What's worse, I burned two dvds with this official Iso of win 7, but it seems my notebook dvd reader is not working right and it won't boot any of those two dvds... so i'm really out of my mind with this happening lol

Hope you can give me an answer to this problem!
Now i'm making a clean all, as i read that doing this and then going back to the installer would make the system reserved partition appear again, but i'm not sure...

Thanks in advance!

Answer:Deleted System Partition and cannot create another one.

Clear the disk (maybe with cmd) and define an active, primary partition on it. For the OS 50GB should be ample. Then install to that partition. If you want to use cmd (e.g. from the installation disk) those are the commands:

List disk
Select disk n (where n is the number that was given for your disk in List disk)
Create partition primary size=50000 (parameter is is in MB; = 50GB)
Format fs=ntfs quick

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Rohos Mini Drive creates hidden and encrypted partition on the USB flash drive memory. You work with the files on the hidden partition without opening a special program. Those who have megabytes of sensitive files on the USB drive and seriously concerned with a data security, cannot imagine their USB stick without the hidden volume that is created using this tool.
Download Link::
Website Link:: Rohos Rohos Mini Drive
Jr's Review: This is a very handy app for those who like to keep personal data backups that little bit more safe. Very intuitive software and at a good price. $Free
Visit the website for additional information.

Answer:Create hidden and encrypted partition with Rohos Mini Drive Encryption

Great find,
thank you johnny.rotton
And I noticed it is really cheaper

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Hi,I have a Lenovo S430 with Windows 8.I created a Recovery USB stick, including the option to copy the recovery partition onto the USB stick.I switched the hard drive in the laptop to a blank one and attempted to use the recovery USB media. I can get as far as clicking the "Reset my pc" button, but then it says an error occurred, as the required partition was not found. Looking at this page, I'm confused -- it mentions that you need to keep the recovery partition on the drive, but then later goes on to say how your options still work if the hard drive is completely blank. What's going on?


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Answer:Win8 Recovery USB can't find partition

Do you have any idea if the recovery key is able to create partitions on the blank HDD (even though error happens)?
Try booting to the recovery key again, but this time, use the existing partitions instead of deleting them (if you are given that option).
Also - do you know the manufacturing date of your S430?  Or just approximate date when you bought it?

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I already re-install my Win8 with usb.But after finish the installation (I choose Fully Clean in my new HDD), why there is no Recovery Partition like my old HDD (original HDD)?how to make a Recovery Partition in my new HDD?Thx


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Answer:How to make Recovery Partition in my new HDD (Win8.1)

Creating the recovery partition

Right-click the start orb, and start 'Disk Management'.
Shrink the C: drive by let's say 20-30GB.
Then create a new Partition and assign the R: label to it and name it RECOVERY.
Then open command prompt as administrator and type: 'recimg /createimage <directory>',In this case: 'recimg /createimage R:\' to save it on the new partition.This step may consume a lot of time.
Now we need to register the newly created recovery image: 'recimg /setcurrent <directory>''recimg /setcurrent R:\'
Voila you are done.

Restoring from recovery partition
You may want to use this restoring method by default, because it is the easiest way to do so if your recovery partition is still intact. If not, look at the other recovery methods to see which suits you best. This is usually the way you reset or refresh your Windows installation if you purchase a computer from a brand like Lenovo instead of building one yourself

Press the Windows-key + C to open the charms bar or swipe in from the right.
Click Settings.
Click Change PC Settings.
Click Update & Recovery in the menu on the left.
Click Recovery.
If all your documents are safe and sound in your user folder, you can use Refresh your PC without affecting files. However I still recommend taking a back-up... If you want to do a complete reinstallation of Windows and also clean your user folder in the process then choose Remove everything and reinstall Windows.

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I recently bought a Satellite Pro L850-1UJ with Windows 8

I've created a new partition (so i could use it as data room)
i.e. C: the windows system AND Z: my data

after that, i could NOT use the RECOVERY MEDIA CREATOR to create the recovery dvds
BUT the partition still exists and i can see the inside files from windows

IS IT a way to extract the files from the recovery partition or any other clue how i could fix the partition scheme so the RECOVERY MEDIA CREATOR could recognize it

Many thanks for your time...

Answer:Satellite Pro L850-1UJ: How create recovery DVDs from recovery partition

After changing HDD partitions structure it happens that ?Toshiba recovery media creator? cannot find recovery files. These files are marked with special markers that in your case cannot be found anymore.

I?m afraid now is too late to do or change anything. You are not the first one with this problem. We always write here that first step should be recovery media creation and later you can do whatever you want. You can even delete it.

Now you can just order new recovery disc at

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I am working on my sisters Toshiba L655d-S5055 notebook. windows 7, 3gb, amd v120 processor, 250gb drive. Started with error msg at boot "encountered a problem communicating with a device at startup......". Couldn't get by this error. took out drive, inserted into usb-enclosure, and tested. numerous sector errors. She has also lost the recovery disks I made for her. I used partition software to scan just the recovery partition, and there are no errors reported there. What I would like to do, is to copy to a flash drive, or make new recovery dvd's from this recovery partition; then I can use the coa from the back of the notebook (if necessary) for full install onto a new hard drive. However, I can't use the toshiba notebook for this; I can only use my desktop pc for the xfer; using the toshiba hard drive as a usb external drive, and the toshiba media creator software will not install onto my desktop pc (doesn't give me a reason). I would prefer to go the dvd-route, but flash drive would be ok, too. Any info is appreciated. thanks.

Answer:how to create recovery dvd's from recovery partition mounted as usb-external drive

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Hello, I've used the recovery media creator to create a USB flash drive recovery media.

If i then use that to restore the Windows 7 installation onto a new hard drive (as SSD) will that drive itself have the recovery media partition on it?

So if I then lose the USB stick could I restore again by holding down zero when powering on?

Or does it recover the Windows partition and nothing more?

Thank you

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When I push the Q: recovery drive> Create recovery media, I get a message saying "Windows cannot find 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Lenovo\factory recovery\recovburncd.exe'. Make sure you types the name correctly, and then try again."How do I go about fixing this and creating a recovery disk?

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Hello, I don't have the recovery partition on my system anymore, but would like to reset my Ideapad Yoga 13 to factory status. Is this possible somehow? All the guides I've seen assumed that my recovery partition was still intact. Thank you for your time. Regards


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Answer:Create Recovery Media/Do Factory Resect without Recovery Partition

To reset your PCSwipe in from the right edge of the screen, tap Settings, then tap Change PC settings.(If you're using a mouse, point to the top-right corner of the screen, move the mouse pointer down, click Settings, then click Change PC settings.)Tap or click Update and recovery, then tap or click Recovery.Under Remove everything and reinstall Windows, tap or click Get started.Follow the instructions on the screen.NoteYou'll be asked to choose whether you want to erase data quickly or thoroughly. If you choose to erase data quickly, some data might be recoverable using special software. If you choose to erase data thoroughly, this will take longer but it makes recovering data less likely.
Refreshing your PC without affecting your files

If your PC isn't performing as well as it once did, and you don't know why, you can refresh your PC without deleting any of your personal files or changing your settings.

If you upgraded your PC from Windows 8 to Windows 8.1 and your PC has a Windows 8 recovery partition, refreshing your PC will restore Windows 8. You?ll need to upgrade to Windows 8.1 after the refresh has finished.

Applications you?ve installed from websites and DVDs will be removed. Applications that came with your PC and apps you've installed from the Windows Store will be reinstalled. Windows puts a list of removed applications on your desktop after refreshing your PC.

To refresh your PC

Swip... Read more

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Hi everyone,

I'm stuck in a pretty bad situation right now and I have no idea about how to help myself..So recently I've been wanting to 'reset' my Windows 8.1 laptop, & I just cannot because my recovery environment is missing..
First when I got this problem I thought there would be an easy-intermediate level fix like every other problem. (and I love fixing stuff.)

But this one doesn't look like an easy fix or I'm not even sure If there is a fix. So the big mistake I did was, I deleted my "System Recovery Partition".

I have searched everywhere possible and I'm not getting a fix.. I would really appreciate IF YOU GUYS HELP ME!
and another problem is that I don't live in the USA or Canada.I've got a Dell Inspiron 15R 5521, 8GB RAM, intel i5 3317u.

and Dell provides Backup Media to only the people who live in the US and Canada. Please guys, I need a solution.

I have a separate Windows 8.1 Installation Disk, but what I'm scared about is If I install my Windows from the disk, my Dell features would be gone and I don't think I'd be able to have a proper Recovery Environment in the future because this Disk's installation files are nothing related to Dell. Its just a clean Windows installation disk I got from my friend a while ago. I've tried the repair my computer option from the disk and it does not help...

Thank you

Answer:Recovery Environment Missing -System Recovery Partition Deleted.

Hi ahmedrahamathulla,
Please private message us the system service tag and region you are located so that I can check the available options and assist you further. To send a private message, click on my name and send private message.

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Dear All. My T440s no longer has the recovery partition.I'm with Win 8.1 Pro, but I would like to restore the system. How can I do to restore and create a new Recovery Partition? Thanks,Lucas Mendes  

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Hi, I am trying to create a recovery drive on a new ThinkPad Yoga 15, but that is failing because the recovery partition seems to be empty. - Computer Management > Storage > Disk Management shows 3 hidden partitions. All three are 100% free (empty). - Control Panel > Recovery > Create a Recovery Drive throws error "We can't create a recovery drive on this PC. Some required files are missing. [...] use your Windows installation disc or media." - The laptop shipped without any installation disc or media. - Running >reagentc.exe /info throws "Operation failed: 3. An error has occured". - Running >sfc /scannow results in "Windows Resource Protection did not find any integrity violations". Where are the recovery files, and how can I create a recovery drive on this system? Thanks.

Answer:Recovery Partition Empty & Can't Create Recovery Drive

The better part of a month later and still no reply from Lenovo Support? I would appreciate a response. I paid a lot of money for a device that does not work as advertised. Thanks.

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Hello all, I'm new here. I bought a Lenovo G50-70 at the end of 2014. I want to create a recovery media of my RECOVERY PARTITION. Ok I have Lenovo OneKey Recovery App v8 but with that application I can't create a recovery media of my recovery partition, I can ONLY create a recovery of my current partition (in this case: C: ). I don't want that my current partition has 119 GB. My recovery partition has 15GB, my question is: How can I access there to record it in a USB, DVD or my PC? Thanks in advance.

Answer:Lenovo G50-70 create a recovery media (of recovery partition)

macrium reflect

find joy.

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To All
Had to "Factory Refresh" a few day old Dell XPS 8700 (my error) took a long time to get to 95%, then an error window popped up asking for a CMD.EXE disk to be inserted in D: drive, didn't have a disk but tried to click on "retry" but mouse and keyboard were dead...Refresh got to 98% then sat for about an hour then finished, over all it took about 4 hours for a simple refresh. Is it possible that there is a error in this recovery partition from the factory? Have never had something like this happen recovering other system. Have contacted Dell but they are still thinking!!   Any Ideas?

Answer:Dell win8 recovery/restore partition

From what i read you were able to restore? If everything is ok now it should be fine, but just in case i would manually make some recovery discs for your system so that if you needed to restore ever again, you will always have those to use instead of your recovery partition. The recovery partition can very easily become corrupted, having those created discs will make sure you always have a path back to the factory state

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I brought a lenovo notebook. it had a windows vista version already installed in it. I wanted to install xp with dual boot option and hence i booted it with xp cd. but i could only see one partition in that -hence being afraid of losing vista , i quit the installation process and rebooted.
but to my horror the system was not getting booted. hence i formatted the hard disk using the xp cd i had and installed xp on it. I later on found that lenovo had a key which could have restored the vista. but now that i have formatted the hard drive , i am not sure whether the hidden partition used to recover is deleted or not.
is there any way to check out whether its deleted or not or anyway to recover it??

Answer:Hidden recovery partition

The "Hidden" partition should have been visible using the xp installation cd on the srceen where you format the drives.

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I am in the process of adding programs to a friends new Toshiba Laptop which on checking as 16GB of files on it.This appears to me to be a lot considering it is a new Vista PC and as very few programs on it, explorer tells me it as 16GB.Normaly I would expect about 6GB on an XP new PC.On reading its spec for this Toshiba it says it as a hidden recovery partition but I cannot see it.The partions are set at C and E with D missing which again seems strange. When I did an Acronis Image backup it altered the Disk partions to C ,with D for the External Backup Drive and E. Does this give any clues.

Answer:Hidden partition recovery

I think you press F10 to see the hidden recovery partition.

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Hi folks - I've just had a frustrating moment trying to make a Recovery Media set on my new T450.  I followed the prompts using Lenovo's "Factory Recovery Discs" program.  When prompted, I inserted a USB drive, expecting the program to tell me at some point what capacity was needed, but it never did.  So after only one or two quick optionless prompts, it began creating the media on the USB.  Quickly it stopped, and gave a message saying that the capacity of the drive was insufficient (while still not saying what size was necessary), and gave me only one option:  Delete Recovery Partition and restore drive to normal functionality - or something very close to that wording.  So I clicked OK, assuming it was referring to the USB drive - because why would a user want to delete the factory Recovery Partition at this point?  But that's exactly what it did.So now I have no Recovery Partition (formerly the Q: drive), and I can't tell if that space is still allocated (but unavailable to me), but I suspect that's the case.  I've attached below, a screenshot of what I see in Drive Management now.I'm frustrated that with one click on a poorly-worded message, in the process of creating Recovery Media, I was given the option (and only the option), to delete the Recovery Partition itself!  Mind-smoking. Any options for restoring that data, short of sending my new PC back to Newegg or Lenovo?  I suspect it's only logically deleted, (if I ... Read more

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I'm planning on donating my old T430s but I want to make sure all my files are deleted beforehand. However, when I go to Control Panel -> Recovery, the "Copy recovery partition..." box is greyed out. After some looking around, I believe that means the recovery partition doesn't exist anymore. I went to the Lenovo Recovery Media site to see if there is a downloadable version of the recovery media but when I enter my serial number it says: "SN: #ibase config error" Is there another way I can perform a fresh install / wipe? If recovery media isn't an option, is there a way to just delete my existing windows profiles and reset all windows settings?

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Actually i would like to delete the recovery partition on my new Satellite P855 by using diskpart. Now i have to problems/uncertainty (of course i already created the recovery dvds):

1: Whe i look in Disk Managment on my Windows 8, there are 2 recovery partitions !? one small at the beginning of the disk (450 MB) an one bigger at the end of the disk (8.66 GB). I am a little confused about that. Isn't there usualy only one recovery partition? Are these both recovery partitions from toshiba for windows 8?

2: I read somewhere, that there can occure problems with the system by deleting the recovery partition. is there any risk if i delete the two recovery partitions mentioned above? (besides that i do not have the recovery files on the harddisk anymore) Could this affect the stability or the ability of the system?

As I don't want to risk, that i crash my system, i hope someone knows about this!

Thank you guys


Answer:Satellite P855 and Win8 - would like to delete the recovery partition

And why you want to delete the recovery partition?
Its better to leave it as it is in cases you would like to recover the notebook back to factory settings.

> 1: Whe i look in Disk Managment on my Windows 8, there are 2 recovery partitions !? one small at the beginning of the disk (450 MB) an one bigger at the end of the disk (8.66 GB). I am a little confused about that. Isn't there usualy only one recovery partition? Are these both recovery partitions from toshiba for windows 8?

I assume one has been created by Win 8. it contains files to repair the system in cases something would be wrong? the last partition seems to be from Toshiba containing the recovery image files.

> 2: I read somewhere, that there can occure problems with the system by deleting the recovery partition. is there any risk if i delete the two recovery partitions mentioned above? (besides that i do not have the recovery files on the harddisk anymore) Could this affect the stability or the ability of the system?

Deleting the Toshiba partition should not (usually) affect the notebook system ability but nevertheless you should create a recovery disk BEFORE deleting anything on the HDD.
The recovery disk would allow you to go back to factory settings in cases the system would be muddled up.

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Hi guys!I have a T61. I bought it a year before without recovery cds .when I wanted to restore orginal factory from recovery hidden partition but failed. there was a problem "couldn't find convert.cmd. I looked for solution on many forums, they said the problem caused by bad files accessing. But i till could access files on the hidden partition by using some softwares. i made a rescue media cd and try with this way. the result, my hard drive formatted and the hidden partition gone.Please show me what i should have done?thanks!

Answer:T61 recovery hidden partition lost

Xin Chao  I live in Hoi An, Quang Nam and use a T61.Where do you live now? Is your problem fixed now?

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When I got my new HP Pavilion, an option was given to hide the Recovery Partition D:

How do I reshow this?

Answer:Hidden Recovery Partition, Xppro

Open Windows Explorer (Start...Run...type in "explorer.exe" (without the quotes) and press Enter)

Go to the Tools menu and select Folder Options, then click on the View tab.

Put a mark in the "Show hidden files and folders" radio button, then click OK

FYI - further down are the options to show file extensions and to show system files. Be careful if you opt to use these, as it makes it easier to hose your system.

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I want to know about lenovo laptop hidden recovery partition specially for flex 10.First thing I would like to ask is that about security issue of  hidden partition. Is it secured from viral ,spyware attacks.And another thing about how to access files of hidden recovery partition manually.And if a pc is infected then it will infect hidden partition files or some security is there .                Please help.................

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Hi Readers,

Bought Satellite Pro A200 last Nov. I have been looking for this so called hidden 1.5GB Hidden partition. I thought it would have shown in Disk Management.

I have booted up pressing F8 for Advanced Boot options as it states in the manual , the option to repair is not listed.
Has any other users experienced this? Although I do have the Recovery disk.


Answer:Question about Hidden Recovery Partition

Hello David

To be honest I do not understand what you want. To make things clear: if your notebook is preinstalled with Vista OS this WinRE (Windows Recovery Environment) partition will be automatically created and this option is listed in ?Disc Management?.

So what is your question now?

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Hey, I was wondering why I have a 20gb "preload" recovery partition? I went into Restore and Recovery and it says I have no backup or anything. Anyone help me out?

Answer:20gb hidden recovery partition?

before anyone can help you need to say which thinkpad T series you're referring to..
the recovery (or predesktop or whatever) should not be 20gig unless there is a R&R image there..
one you or someone else has created..
FWIW, i never use R&R..
i use acronis true image when i make a backup..
i create an image on a USB attach HDD and i have a TI boot CD in case of disaster..
hmmm, i better update some backups.. 

Bill Morrow, kept by parrotsSysop - forum.thinkpads.comX300, T60p, X60s,X60T (sxga+), Transnote, MacBook Pro, iPhone, iPod----She was not what you would call refined.She was not what you would call unrefined.She was the type of person who kept a parrot.Mark Twain

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hey people.

I want to reformat my computer so i got 3 partitions one for windows 7, one for ubuntu and one big to storages of all my stuff
I got no dvd with windows 7, but i have a hidden recovery partition on my pc.
(A preinstalled windows 7) but I want to burn it out on a dvd so i can install it on a empty hdd with only 3 partitions (with out the recovery partition)
i have tried to find a way to do it but it without success nobody seems like to have that problem (maybe it because I've missed something ?? )
hope someone in here have a solution
(sorry for my bad English)

Answer:hidden recovery partition burnd to a dvd

Hello trix333ninja, welcome to Seven Forums!

Look around in the Windows 7 start menu for anything that says Acer for a link to creating the recovery disk set, be advised: some recovery disk sets require the presence of the recovery partition and will not function correctly if it is not present.

Before we make any specific recommendations will you please post a snip/screen-shot of the entire disk management drive map with a full description as to which drive/partition is which, so we can see what you have going on as there may be a fairly simple way to resolve the situation.

In the Windows start menu right click computer and click manage, in the left pane of the "Computer Management" window that opens click disk management and post a maximized snip of that.How to Upload and Post a Screenshot and File in Seven Forums

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Apologies for yet another question about OneKey Recovery (OKR) but after a day spent reading posts here and elsewhere I am lost as to how (if at all) it is possible to use OKR 8.1 to backup the system and hidden partitions so as to enable recovery to a new HD. System is B50-70 delivered 30/12/14 but built October 2014 with Windows 8.1 64 bit and OKR When I run OKR it offers me System Backup.  This backs up the Windows OS  (C:\).  I can see no options to backup the existing hidden partition or to create recovery disks/drive which would include that hidden partition.    Am I missing something please?   If not, is my best bet to dig out my Acronis?

Answer:OneKey Recovery 8.1: hidden partition(s)

For a total hard drive restoration, using Acronis would be your best option.  As you suspected One Key Recovery will only image the system partition which isn't much help if the hard drive has to be replaced.

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I got a virus somewhere along the line. Every time I do a factory install it's never right. Can the hidden recovery partition become corrupt? If so, how do I wipe my hard drive clean so I can use the "Completely Restore Coomputer to Factory Default" setting?

Answer:Can the hidden recovery partition become corrupt?

which kind of errors you have? and what OS and laptop model?

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Wondering if anyone knows of a program that will create a hidden partition on a pc so if the OS crashes due to virus of software curruption you can boot and press F11 and restore the pc back to factory settings. free or not free software. thanks for any help

Answer:hidden partition recovery software

See this thread. It is similar to your question.

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I bought Satellite L25-S1217. It have COA Windows Home and Hidden partition (I think with Recovery Disc). Saler (I think) has formatted drive C and I do not know how to "recovery" system from hidden partition.
Have you got any ideas?

Answer:Recovery system from hidden partition


Have you got recovery DVD with your unit? US notebooks are not known to me but I don?t believe the recovery image is saved on some hidden partition. If yes then there must be some option to create own recovery CD.

As far as I know just on Portege M300 was hidden partition created with recovery image. If possible check this please with seller. Other way you can use Microsoft installations CD and later install all stuff on your own.

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Hello everyone,
I have a gateway nv73 with windows 7 home premium installed. The hard drive has a hidden partition that will restore the whole system to factory defaults. I believe my boot sector is corrupted. I press the alt+f10 combination to access the hidden partition at startup as well as I have set tried setting it as the active partition. When I restart I get this error message. F: \Boot\BCD Status: 0xc0000098 Info: The windows Boot Configuration Data file does not contain a valid OS entry. When I got into diskpart I can show the partition and it is 12GB. I know that I have messed up the boot log on it and would like to know if there is some way I can manually start this process instead of the automated system. I do not have the system recovery disk and Im fairly confident all the files needed to restore the system are located in the partition I have just messed up the automated method of accessing them. Any help on this situation would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Answer:Gateway hidden partition recovery

Hi Capnzims and Welcome to TSF,

You're not able to use this function without the DVD for several reasons. Mainly because you can mess it up or a malware could access the files and infect even the recovery drive, which of course is nothing you want.

The only way to succesfully activate the hidden partition and restore the machine, is to have the recovery disks.

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I've noticed that many Toshiba notebooks have hidden partition and DVD Recovery either. I don't have hidden partiotion, only Recovery DVD. Does it normal?

Answer:Satellite M70 - No hidden recovery partition

Yes it is normal. For this old notebook model Toshiba didn?t create ?recovery partition?. Satellite M70 is delivered with recovery DVD.

Newest notebook models are delivered without recovery DVD media but with recovery image saved on second partition and every notebook owner can create recovery CD/DVD alone.

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I have a Toshiba Satellite A660/07u Australian model. UI want to back up Toshiba?s recovery partition just in case if a virus were to come etc. How can i do it? Because i can?t see it on my computer.
Also there is the hibernating partition so which one is Toshibas recovery partition. One is about 1.5 gig and the other is 12.5 gig.
Please help

Answer:How to back up the hidden recovery partition?

Hi wsb

You cannot back up this partition and later use it for OS installation. Access to this partition you can have if your notebook has ?factory settings? only.

What you must do is to create recovery DVD. This recovery DVD you can use for recovery image installation if something goes wrong. For recovery disc creation I recommend you to use DVD-R media only.

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Update the hidden partition Recovery Hello, Many PCs as Lenovo, have a factory reset procedure called Recovery operating system. Or for machines dating from 2014 was the version supplied with Windows 8. This system was legally Update 8.1. They will be coming soon in Windows 10 release.   Is there a method or program to update the hidden partition (linux?) In the latest version of the operating system used for future factory reset directly in the latest version of Windows (without the presence of program staff added)? Best Regards French :Bonjour,De nombreux PC, tel les Lenovo, ont une procédure de réinitialisation usine du système d?exploitation baptisée Recovery.Or pour des machines datant de 2014 la version livrée était Windows 8. Ce système à été légalement updaté en 8.1. Ils le seront pour bientôt en version Windows 10.Existe-t-il une méthode ou un programme permettant d?actualiser la partition cachée (linux ?) dans la dernière version du système d?exploitation utilisée pour une réinitialisation usine future directement dans la dernière version de Windows, (sans présence de programme personnel ajouté) ?Cordialement

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I have one serious question. i have install linux on my N200 and was resize the data partition to create linux partition. after instalation of linux, my Windows Vista Home was crash down. My question: if i do system recovery to the factory settings (to install vista again) will my linux partition gone (create and format to previous size) or stay like now!? HDD now is:C: service partitionD: data partionE: linux partitonF: swap for linux should it stay like this, or will become only C and D!?thx

Answer:Recovery Vista from hidden partition

Maybe you have to stay right now... it depends on your backup data. Windows don't know any Linux Partitions. It writes new partition table.

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Well I finished my project - the program script allows me to create MBR and GPT hard drive partitions with a recovery image partition. The script also allows me to install 3 different versions of windows. and lastly it allows me to capture a recovery (push button reset) image. which can then be used to create recovery media..

Here is the Menu Snippet:

WinPE 5.1 was the preinstallation environment use for testing

Answer:Create a Recovery Partition and Recovery Image

Good one! I always have to go back and look up the procedure and commands when doing this. Really a help for an old brain.

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Following serious problems with Norton Goback that suddenly asks me to reinstall the program but being unable to recover my NORTON password, the registry became corrupted. Unable to reboot.. I was wrongly advised by Norton technicians to first use recovery console, that was a bad idea with an OEM platform. windows created a random password and could not use this feature afterward. then they asked me to manually modify the registry beside many other attempts..
To make a very long story short. I am unable to boot, the computer freezes on windows logo even in safe mode. recovery console was out of question because of a corrupted password (OEM) .
I attempted to manually replace all the win32/config/system files...SAM, DEFAULT, SECURITY , PROGRAMS AND SYSTEM with the windows repair files unfortunately the backup system file was also corrupted for some reason...
I have tried alls tricks possible including reinstalling windows with recovery disks but they appeared to be defective.

Placing this drive as slave into a second computer I was able to extract files from the hidden recovery partition in boot drive.
a 5.36 GB partiton (see content description below )

(they are also saved in a slave disk on a second computer)
I tried to copy them on a clean boot drive but was unsuccessful.
this is the detail of my boot.ini file from that hidden recovery partition,
it shows partition 1....

[... Read more

Answer:need to reinstall windows XP sp2 using hidden recovery partition

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I was informed by IBM that i can format my laptop without cd by pressing F11 or F12 while the laptop is starting.
Which of the two choices i have to select?
Which is the process?
If anyone knows ,please describe it because I am afraid i will make damage.Thanks a lot!

Answer:Solved: How to format with hidden recovery partition

More than likely it's F11. But it won't be a problem if it's not or you hit F12. One will take you to setup and the other will take you to the restore partition. If you go to setup just hit ESC and boot again choosing the other key. Once in the restore partition follow the prompts to enter the re-format (destructive) restore.

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I'd just like to confirm this properly please, before installing Ubuntu Linux on my new system (actually a G580 model).  I have created two sets of CDs using the One-Key Recovery Application in Windows 7.  These are, (1) a factory set of 4 discs containing the system as it was shipped, and (2) a set of 4 discs backed up using the same utility but containing my actual Windows 7 system having first removed unwanted software and personalised my configuration. In essence, I don't wish to irrevocably lose the hidden partition than enables the recovery of the system to take place without CDs.  Therefore, if I do overwrite the entire hard disc, will a later re-installation from either of these packs of CDs that I've created, recover the hidden partition as well as Windows 7? Perhaps it may also be possible to install Linux and preserve the hidden partition anyway?  Is that likely to be possible by judicious partition management? Many thanks. 

Answer:Is the hidden partition re-created when restoring from One-Key Recovery CDs?

Welcome To Lenovo Community
Using recovery media created by OKR will automatically create the hidden backup partition on a raw hard drive
If you are keeping the hidden partition intact , but changing the other partition set , the One Key Recovery using the nova key will not work correctly , you need to use the recovery CD only to get the factory restoration at a later stage
In case you are not making any partition changes and only formatting the C drive and installing Linux .
Then also you will be able to use the nova key to recover.
Hope This HelpsCheers!!!
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Hi. Few days ago i've got problem with my hard disc (it crashed ), so i've changed it for another. There were some problems with installation new windows xp, but already done, but ... how can I restore hidden partition with all stuff, without recovery cd's, or where can i get this cd's? Thank you for advice.

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I've got a Alienware m17x laptop, which i restored using the Win7Pro CD supplied. Unfortunately, this seems to lack the drivers and features that came with the orginal install. After this, I learned about the recovery partition, and how I couldve restored by ctrl+F11, which no longer works because from what I've read I've changed the MBR.

Does anyone know any tricks to getting this partition bootable so I can restore from that?


Answer:Restoring from hidden recovery partition after changing MBR

can you get on the internet with it, Ie. is the NIC driver installed?

If so windows 7 updates will install drivers...

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Hi,So, when I started the Recovery drive, it searched and found no partition to save the system files on and it asked me to insert a usb 16GB which I did, and it did backup the system files using around 11 GB which is great.Now, there's a hidden recovery partition 12.99 GB as you can see in the picture which for some reason the recovery drive didn't find it and it's showing that it's free but in fact 9 GB are used up and I would like to update that recovery partition by putting there the other 11 GB because it's very recent. If I open my laptop in recovery mode, onekey would ask me if I want to restore from initial backup. That initial backup I have no control over it and unable to update it. If i want to backup my system using onekey, it will say estimated image file 80 GB but I only want system files like when using the recovery drive.I hope you guys understand me and that I haven't over complicated things. Thx.P.s. I have so many disk 0 partitions, can I delete any of them? How can i find out, which one is the recent one from the last windows upgrade?

diskmanagment.PNG ?413 KB

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Recently somebody brought me a 2-year old HP Pavillion that had one of those system recovery partitions that HP stores the XP image on in case the OS gets corrupt. In this case the Maxtor 80G drive had numerous read errors on the C: drive, but fewer on the D (system recovery) partition. The drive was a mess. I tried to run Spinrite on it, but it said it would take 17,000 hours to fix (not kidding). When I slaved the drive, WinXP could see the drive, but it couldn't open it to see the files. It just paused for a minute or so and then asked if I wanted to format it because according to Windows it didn't appear that it was formatted. I tried the recovery console using chkdsk and fixboot and stuff, but chkdsk stopped with an error after a few minutes and fixboot didn't seem to do anything. In this particular case I was in luck because the lady had the image on CD?s (eight of them) and I was able to install it back to a new HDD easy enough. She had them because she had a problem with the PC before when it was under warranty and HP mailed them to her. But what if I was not that lucky and the PC wasn?t under warranty and I didn't want to call HP and pay for the CD's. She already paid for an XP license, and she shouldn't have to pay again even though I guy at a CompUSA said it was not that costly. What if she called HP?s tech support line, and upon finding out her PC was out of warranty, they switched her over to the sales departmen... Read more

Answer:duplicating hidden system recovery partition.

While I don't think I can answer most of your questions, I'll try and help you with what I do know.

Assuming that the recovery partition is similar to a utility partion on HP servers, this partition contains a custom filesystem that prevents an OS from seeing it as a readable/writeable drive. This way it's far more unlikely for a user or OS to damage the recovery partition or its utilities. When you press "F10" during the boot (or whatever trigger the BIOS requires), you specify to the system that you want to boot off of the utility partition, at which point should allow you to perform any number of recovery options.

If the recovery partition is damaged in any way, the only way to recover it is through the system restore CDs that may or may not come with the machine. Some manufacturors consider this partition the equivalent of the restore CD (its not) and you'll have to download or order them if needed.

It's also been my experience that if you wish to do a fresh install on a machine with a recovery partition, you may need to use the OS recovery utility to get a proper install and prevent the OS from giving C: to the recovery partition instead of your system partition.

Hope this helps.

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I'm making another partition of my Lenovo 3000 N200, when I tried to delete the created partition I accidentally reformated the hidden partition that contains the defualt recovery program. Now I can't start Windows vista and during the boot process I encountered this message " Interrupted Operation: Insert the Recovery CD or other recovery media and reboot your pc. How can restore my notebook back into its factory default?is there anything I can do to recover my files?

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I would like to create recovery disc from hidden partition. Is it possible to leave unnecessary software or I have to burn the whole partition? Thanks in advance! 

Answer:T61 Hidden partition and creating recovery disc

I would like to have the minimum number of DVDs. Can I use 1XDVD DL instead 2xDVD for Vista?

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Hey everybody!

First of all I want to thank everybody who took participation in solving this problem.
Okay, lets get to it.

Got an HP Mini 110 netbook. A person who gave it to me destroyed all the OS system, plus the RAM's were broken. So I replaced them and installed a fresh copy of Windows 7 Starter 32bit.
Everything works fine, but as most new laptops this one has a hidden recovery partition. The problem is I want to restore this machine to factory condition, but I cant access it due to the fact that I dont have HP Recovery Manager or something like that.
The recovery partition itself is okay as I saw in Admin Tools.
When going to System Recovery Options / System Image Recovery, the process cant detect any image - "Windows cant find a system image on this computer".

So maybe you have any idea what could I use to restore it to factory condition? Maybe there is a software that I can install and use in the same way as HP Recovery Manager? Or maybe I can get HP Recovery Manager somewhere.

Thanks again for your time.

so that you know, I also tried the F6 and itc methods, no luck.

Answer:Solved: Hidden Recovery Partition Access

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Is there a way to copy or image everything on a HD? i.e. like a Dell laptop HD, including the hidden recovery partition. I know most imaging software will image a partition, but I want to copy the whole (everything) on the HD.

I have purchased a new larger HD for one of my Dell laptop's and I wanted to copy everything to the new HD including the recovery partition so I can use the old HD in another pc.

Answer:How to image HD including hidden recovery partition

Most cloning utilities found by searching this forum have this capability. Personally, I've had good success with Acronis' "True Image" products.

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Can I see and delete the hidden recovery partition on Yoga 300IBY? I have the recovery partition on USB Flash drive and DVD. So i want to union the C;\ and recovery partition but i can t see it. The 20GB on C;\ are not enoughThanks to everybody  

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i deleted lenovo  recovery partition on g510 laptop and don't have recovery dvd.
i need to recover laptop to original state.
please help me
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Answer:[G510] Recovery partition deleted and no Recovery ...

hi izadfard
Welcome to the Forums.
If you didn't create a recovery drive (using this method) then I recommend you contact lenovo on how to obtain a copy of the recovery disc which restores the preloaded Win8 OS, drivers, and apps.
Alternatively, if the machine came preloaded Windows 8 or Windows 8.1, you can try the following:
For Windows 8:
1. Obtain a Windows 8 installation disc and use it to reinstall Windows (if the system is preloaded with Windows 8, the installation will automatically detect the Win8 product key in the UEFI Firmware / BIOS and will automatically activate Windows).
2. From here, you can obtain the drivers from the G510 drivers page and/or upgrade to Windows 8.1 via the Windows Store (see this guide)
For Windows 8.1:
1. Check this guide on how to obtain a Windows 8.1 ISO (see Option One)
2. When finished, follow this guide to make a bootable UEFI Win8.1 installer via DVD or USB flashdrive and use it to install Windows (the installation should be able to detect the Windows 8.1 product key in the UEFI firmware that will let you activate Windows).
3. If successful, obtain the drivers from the G510 drivers page 

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Thank you for reading! Skip to the bold part below if this is TLDR. I've tried searching around for answers, but I'm afraid that I'm just not familiar enough with what I'm hoping to solve to even know if I'm searching in the right place. So again, thanks for your help in advance!

I recently picked up an Asus laptop, a SDD to replace the the laptop's HDD, and a HDD caddy to hold the HDD in place of the CD/DVD drive. After a fresh Win 8.1 install on the SDD, I made system images of both the SDD and the HDD with the Win 8 OEM install (both stored on external drive). I also created a USB recovery drive and then formatted the HDD.

Fast forward a few weeks... It's last Friday. I'm about to leave for a business trip. I boot up my laptop and a screen comes up telling me to "reboot and select proper boot device". I pull the SDD out, hook it up to my desktop, and see that the drive shows up, but it's blank. A little googling turned up a few reviews from other people with the same issue. On rare occasion, it will wipe itself. Using the USB recovery drive and the Win 8.1 system image, I got things up and running again.

Now for my question, instead of constantly carrying around the 2 USB drives holding the recovery and system image, can I create a recovery partition on my HDD that I can boot too if my SDD wipes again? (Could I copy or clone my Recovery USB to a partition on my HDD?) Then I could just keep the SSD system image on the HDD in case I need to restore it, right?
... Read more

Answer:How do I create a recovery partition on a 2nd HDD

You can always create a System Image Backup on a second internal drive, as long as it is not part of the backup. You could also copy the current WindowsImageBackup folder to the internal drive for re-imaging the SSD.

The term "Image" may apply to many different type of files. For instance, a Windows 8 OEM system image may be a .wim file used to reset the system to factory conditions. The type of file would certainly determine what utility was necessary to recover that image.

A recovery drive will normally have the Factory image of Windows 8, unless you have replaced the install.wim with a new one. But all this does get confusing if the exact type of image being referred to is not known.

Be aware, when you create a Recovery Drive, the entire drive can be used for nothing else. That is why Flash drives are normally used.

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Can anyone advise me how to create a recovery partition like those new HP computer? Thanks.

Answer:Create Recovery Partition

I found an article from PC MagazineMake a Recovery PartitionHope this is of some help

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Hello All,
I have seen this thread: request: HP Recovery partition/dvd of Windows 7. I want to make a recovery partition on a clean install of windows 7. This is what I did:
1. Download HP Recovery Manager for Windows Vista
2. Install it.
3. Go to C:\Windows\SMINST\RAMDSK\Windows\SYSTEM32
4. Run Shrink.exe

Before when I ran it it said it couldn't create a recovery partition. To run it asks me to click next when it says "This installer will create a recovery partition and an initial restore point" and I did. But now when I run it as administrator it says its verifying the file system and it says it is preparing the harddrive for recovery partition creation and gives me an error : "Resizing of the windows partition failed or the disk is not recognized!The recovery partition cannot be may try to delete files i the Windows partition, defragment the drive and/opr use a 3rd party tool to reduce the windows partition in size.". I tried everything.

On the screen it gives me the error it said it will restart the PC in a few seconds and it counts down and it shows click finish to restart. When I wait or click finish it just closes and does not restart my computer.

I reinstalled it lots of times.

In Shrink.exe.log it says this:


Shrink.EXE - 4, 0, 2, 59 - Compiled on Feb 7 2007 14:08:38 - Executed on May 16 2012 19:26:18

UP is C:\... Read more

Answer:Create HP Recovery Partition

Why do you want a Recovery partition on the same HD, which can fail and lose the ability to recover.

A much better plan is to save a Win7 backup image externally so you can reimage with the Win7 boot CD/DVD in 20 minutes to the same or a replacement HD.

I would also consider with HP getting a far superior Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7

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hi, Folks

i run windows 7 and wanna make a recovery partition hitting the F key on startup like toshiba's one. The toshiba recovery utility is no longer available. Who can help me to do it?

Thanks in advance

Answer:How to create a recovery partition?


1.) On Toshiba notebooks there is no recovery partition. They only have an image of factory settings stored on second partition in HDDrecovery folder. This recovery procedure can be started in advanced boot menu of Windows (F8) and if you select ?Repair my Computer?.

2.) It?s not possible to create such a partition and then you have to press only one single key to start this. I think it?s pretty complicated to create such a recovery partition.

3.) You can create your own image using a backup program like Acronis TrueImage. Save this backup on the second partition or external HDD. You can restore this image using the Acronis boot disk. It?s very easy and I do this on my notebook too.

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By mistake my little brother have formated the recovery partition.I am not able to refresh the PC through update&recovery option in PC settings...I have HP pavilion 15 8.1 single language. Please guide me create the partition again.......

View Solution.

Answer:How to create recovery partition??????

Hello, Thank you for posting in the HP Support forum. Welcome! I am afraid you cannot create recovery partitions if they are deleted. End users cannot do it. If the computer originally came with Windows preinstalled by HP (e.g. OEM Windows), then you can purchase recovery media from HP. They are usually cheap. You can use it to restore your computer to factory default condition. Here is how to do it:>>>> And once you receive the recovery media [DVDs or USB pen drive], here is how to use it to restore back to factory/Windows default condition:>>>>  If the computer originally did not come with Windows preinstalled, but you installed it on your own after that, then you need to use Windows installation media to reinstall Windows. You can get Windows installation ISO images from Microsoft web site and then burn it on a DVD >>>>  Please, let me know if this helps and works for you. Don't hesitate to post back for follow-up questions.

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i have a year old hp pavilion a6425n and it shipped with a 250 gb hdd witch i later upgraded to a 500 gb hdd and i lost my recovery option.. can i make a new recovery partition using my win7 disk so if i press F11 during boot it takes me to setup?

Answer:how do i create a 'recovery' partition?

Hello cammy,

Here is a tutorial that may apply to you from this very website, try it out: Recovery Partition - Create

"Recovery Partition - Create" tutorial creator - severedsolo

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I have a computer with the F10 option when I first turn on the computer. The hard drive failed so I have replaced it and installed windows 7. I am wondering if I can create a recovery partition when I turn on the computer and use the F10 option to restore back to when I first installed windows 7?

Answer:Create F10 Recovery Partition

I don't think you can create a partition that will do that by pressing f10, but you can create a system image of your system that is activated and will restore your PC to exactly the way it is when you create the image. You can burn it to DVD, a separate partition or a USB stick. This would be my suggestion to you. Get your computer exactly the way you want it with all your basic and primary apps installed and everything activated. Then make a system recovery image and a recovery disk. To do this go to Control Panel>System and Recovery>Backup and Restore and look on the left hand side of the Windows and you will see both options. Click create a system image and tell Windows where to save your image and it will make an exact copy of your partition. Then it will ask you to make a recovery disk. Follow the instructions on doing that and you will have a backup of your system at it's bare minimum.

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my sony vaio laptop model is VPCEH26EN.I recently installed windows 8 pro 64 Bit.I formatted whole hard disk and installed windows 8.I had a oem recovery partition when i bought this laptop with windows 7 preinstalled.By this hard disk partition ,i used to recover the whole windows to its factory condition by using F10 key.The recovery hard-disk partition was of only contains the whole windows with some software already installed .But now i have no recovery partition now.So please tell how to create recovery partition with in 12GB for future purpose.The windows default system image creation usually taking 40 gb space.So its of no use.Please tell how to create a recovery partition which can be used to recover windows to its factory condition using F10 key in case of any error in future?????????????????

Answer:create recovery partition

You would like to remake the Sony Vaio VPCEH26EN Windows 7 Recovery Partition with Windows 8?

You can remake the Sony Vaio VPCEH26EN Windows 7 Recovery Partition with the Recovery DVD's.

For Windows 7.

How to make Sony Recovery Disks:
View Document
How to use Sony Recovery:
View Document

How to use Sony Hardware Diagostics:
View Document

How to order Sony Recovery disks:

1.Go to
2.Enter your computer's model number (for example, PCV-XXXX), and click List Parts and accessories.
3.Follow the online instructions to order the Recovery Media Kit.
If you are not able to access the Sony Direct Accessories and Parts Center Web site, contact a customer service representative at 1-800-488-7669.

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I want to create a recovery partition on my windows xp desktop. Pretty much i want to be pompted when the pc boots to hit f10 and have a count down of 4 seconds . I know this would be done through boot.ini however i have no idea how to do so. Also id make a seperate partition on my hd of ten gigs just for the backup image. Im guessing id use ghost to make the backup. But if someone could help me.... I'll appreciate it. Thanks

Please mail me on [email protected]

Answer:How to create recovery partition?

There are a couple of items you would have to do. First create a new partition, format it with FAT32 and make it bootable using DOS or The version that comes with Ghost. Create your image using Ghost or Acronis and save it there. You will have to install the imaging program on the partition as well put it in a folder called Ghost. Then you will need to create an AUTOEXEC.BAT file to load Ghost on start up saved in the same folder. I would make the parition bigger this way you can keep a few different images stored if you want. Finally you will need to alter you Boot.ini file. Create a copy and save it somewhere easy to remember first in case you make a mistake and need to restore the old one.

The boot.ini should look like this:

[boot loader]
[operating systems]
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS="Microsoft Windows XP Professional" /noexecute=optin /fastdetect
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(2)\Ghost="Recovery Partition"

You can change how long the wait in seconds is by altering the timeout value.

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I have a Flex 14 Ideapad having 25 GB of solid state disc as a different partition. Now I am thinking of creating a system recovery disc in this drive. However I do not see any option of choosing this drive in the dialogue for creating the receovery disc.Could you please guide me as to how to create the recovery disc / partition for Flex 14 laptop on another drive on the computer itself.Thank you in advance

Answer:Create a Recovery Partition

You have a number of misunderstandings going on here. Firstly, all Win8.1 installations have a hidden recovery partition on the boot drive. You need a separate recovery disk/usb stick in case you get to the point where you cannot boot from the main drive. Best approach is to make a recovery disk/stick and choose to copy the recovery partition too, but do not delete it from your PC when it offers.The recovery drive will be bootable (that's the point) so if you managed to get it on an internal partition you would have to make a dual boot configuration. This would be an odd way of doing things and against design. I recommend against such a strange approach.

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I am attempting to create a recovery partition. The instructions I have received to create the partition state to type fdisk from command prompt then choose option 1. However, when I type fdisk I receive the message it is not a recognized command. Any ideas? I got this from this site is another computer i have, here is it's spec's HP 864n Windows Xp Pro Sp3 Pentium 4 2.66ghz 1024 RAM

Answer:How to create a recovery partition

Why not, after installing, updating, etc. to where you want to create a recovery partition, why not just clone the HD? That way, if the original HD goes, you just pop in the 2nd one and you're back up and running. Just a thought.

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As I posted under different thread, my Windows 8 computer crashed a week ago.
A Dell technician replaced a new motherboard. Then, Windows 8 was restored using a provided Windows 8 recovery media DVD. Now, windows 8 runs super.

What I now found was that the original recovery partitions were disappeared. in the main hard drive.
I could not create a recovery drive (in flash drive) without recovery partitions in hard drive.
Is there a way to re-create the original recovery partitions ? If so, how?

Answer:How to create recovery partition

Buy the factory recovery disks.

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please how can i create recovery partition again ??  

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How could i create a recovery partition, so that i could reinstall windows xp?
And if anyone can give me extra info that would be real helpful.
thx in advance.

Answer:how to create a recovery partition?

It's a bad idea to make one. You have limited access to the partition, and it is useless if the drive fails. Just use your original CD or make an image of the drive on an external.

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make recovery patition

Answer:how to create a recovery partition

type backup in the run box, open backup and restore center, and create an image, preferably on an external drive.i hate computers!but cant help myself....

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Hi all,
I'v trying to create a recovery partition on my Windows 8.1 PC.
I followed the guide here: Restore Deleted Recovery Partition2
I've put install.wim onto my recovery drive (R:\WIN8\install.wim)
When using command prompt to point windows to the recovery drive using:
REAGENTC /SetOSImage /Path R:\Win8\install.wim /Index 1
I receive the message:
REAGENTC.EXE Operation Failed: 3
I've looked around for a solution and i can't find anything applicable.
Can anyone help?
Many thanks!
1]: [click here

Answer:Trying to create new recovery partition

I've put install.wim onto my recovery drive (R:\WIN8\install.wim)

you don't make a recovery drive - install.wim does that for you
Create a folder on our C drive - Win81-Recovery
copy install.wm into that folder
right-click the Windows Start screen button and select Command Prompt (Admin)
type in
REAGENTC /SetOSImage /Path C:\Win81-Recovery\INSTALL.WIM /Index 1
press enter
now type REAGENTC /Info press enter

you should get operation successful
that's it

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I just ran into a problem during my upgarding my laptops to win 8 pro from win 7 and also win 8

2) I have discovered that my laptop which came with win 8 which i upgraded to win 8 pro with a dvd, has had the contents of the hidden partition deleted in the upgrade process [as told to me by acer][that is i can no longer go back to factory default settings ever!].The hidden partition is going to be returned to original condition.So i would like to copy the image of that hidden partition somewhere,where i can copy it back onto the hdd hidden partition should this ever happen again for whatever reason.But not onto a dvd,either a externall hdd or usb stick if its possible.

2) i have another acer laptop which i have also upgraded,but from win 7 to win 8 pro.
And it seems that the hidden partition and the factory default settings in that laptop have been untouched!! as i have just restored it back to factory condition.
But i would also like to copy the hidden partition for this one.
And i also have other laptops with hidden partitions with vista and xp.

[so win 8 will delete the factory settings in a hidden partition when it is an upgradde from win 8 to win 8 pro but not from win 7 ???

What are the ways to copy the hidden partition for ones i know how to remove the hdd and ones that i do not?? In a way that is easy to copy back to the hdd concerned.

Thanks in Advance

Answer:copy hidden partition used for recovery to factory default

For all notebooks with all OS's


We always assume you have made your Recovery Disks using the OEM manufacturer's Recovery Media Creator app the first day you had your new PC.

Originally Posted by win8user2013

2) I have discovered that my laptop which came with win 8 which i upgraded to win 8 pro with a dvd, has had the contents of the hidden partition deleted in the upgrade process [as told to me by acer][that is i can no longer go back to factory default settings ever!].The hidden partition is going to be returned to original condition.So i would like to copy the image of that hidden partition somewhere,where i can copy it back onto the hdd hidden partition should this ever happen again for whatever reason.But not onto a dvd,either a externall hdd or usb stick if its possible.

DO NOT USE THE DVD TO UPGRADE, as you will make the Recovery Partition UNUSEABLE.

Use Windows 8 Pro Pack.

To upgrade Windows 8 core, you need to use the Pro Pack.
To upgrade to Pro Pack
No install files needed.
Only the Upgrade key is need.
Add Features to Windows 8

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hello how are you all im new here and i hope somebody can help me i lost my hidden xp rescue partition , but i have it on dvds as an image can i restore it again to my laptop R60e please help me with my best wishes to all thx

Answer:Please Help , i lost my hidden recovery partition but i have it on dvd image can i restore it???!!

If you run the discs it will completely reformat the drive and all information will be lost. The computer will be in the same condition as when it came out of the box. The hidden partition will be there again.Are you sure it is gone or do you just need to re-enable the restore function with this?

______________________________________________________T60 2623-D7U, 3 GB Ram. Dual boot XP and Linux Mint.T400 2765-T7U Windows 7Registered Linux User #160145FYI: I am not employed by Lenovo

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Hi,My T61p has suddenly stopped booting up properly, the ThinkVantage button doesn't work (I cannot access Rescue and Recovery) and I am traveling and do not have my backup CD with me. Is there a way I can get access to the hidden partition with Vista on it and rebuild from there? I found this website that seems to describe what I want to do:, my Thinkpad neither came with a floppy disk drive (which computer nowadays does?) and I also don't have a folder c:/IBMTOOLS that is mentioned in there.My details are:- I am running Vista Ultimate (english version)- T61p- I only have access to a French version of Vista Business to start a recovery console (with which I backed up my files)The symptoms are:- Cannot access Rescue and Recovery (when I press the button I only get a screen asking me to access the BIOS, boot normally or boot from a different device)- Several system drivers seem to be missing (e.g. intelide.sys or acpi.sys)- My MBR may have been destroyed previously (a Vista tool recreated it)- Both my HD and main memory passed diagnostic tests, so the problem isn't thereMy questions are:- Is there a way I can access the hidden partition and initiate a reinstall from there from the command-line (my French recovery console)- Is there a way I can recover access to Rescue and Recovery without requiring a floppy disk?Any help is appreciated,Petra
Moderator Note; converted to clickable linkMessag... Read more

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Hello, I deleted the recovery partition from my W520 drive. I had made the recovery media to a USB drive but I misplaced the drive! I can't find it anywhere. If I call Lenovo can they send me recovery disks? Even if I have to pay a small fee I don't mind but I need to reinstall Windows. Thank you for your help.

Answer:Deleted Recovery Partition

Yes, they will sell you the disks.

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Hello My recovery partition was destroyed when I did a full system backup using Acronis backup software.  When I try to do a restore job using the same software, there is no recovery partition and also some of the pre-installed softwares are missing. Where can I buy a recovery media or what is my next step to have my laptop back to the original state? Regards. 

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I can't refresh or reinstall using Windows or Samsung functions, which I is my own fault as I deleted the recovery partition by mistakenly thinking it was not important.

I have contacted Samsung, they say it's my fault so they won't help. I contacted Microsoft and they said the same. Nobody will provide installation disks. I think these are my options..

1) Use my flatmates Windows 8 laptop to make disks. Its a different brand laptop though, is this a problem? Also, should I use DVDs or CDs? I have my serial number and product code and I don't mind downloading drivers from Samsung.

2)Buy the Windows 8 Pro upgrade for ?50 because I'm a student. But I'm unsure if this will be a full install with all the files I need because it is only an upgrade?

I would like to sort this out sooner rather than later. I need my laptop for coursework. Any advice greatly appreciated.

Answer:I deleted my recovery partition.... I know now that's bad!

It isn't a bad idea at all....but that's assuming you have made recovery discs. Anytime I buy a laptop, I wipe the drive completely and install the OS myself, but I keep a copy of my restore discs, just in case. Having your only recovery method on the hard drive (which is prone to fail) is never a good idea.

That all being said, do you have any friends who might have a plain vanilla Windows 8 disc? The recovery discs from another laptop, assuming they even boot, typically won't let you repair a system...only reinstall.

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