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Files get saved in the wrong library when dual booting

Question: Files get saved in the wrong library when dual booting

So I have both Windows 7 and 8 on my machine and am currently primarily using 8. I save all of my work and files to my 8 partition C: whenever I choose the location, but for applications/programs that automatically save to a library and where I can't choose the location, those programs always save it to my Windows 7 partition E:.

For example, using Windows key + PrtSc takes a screenshot of your screen and saves it to your pictures library. However, the picture gets saved to E:\Users\[username]\Pictures instead of C:\Users\[username]\Pictures. I guess it thinks my main library is still on the 7 partition instead of the 8 partition. The same things happens with games that I play where the save files are automatically saved in the My Games folder in My Documents. The save files are saved in the E: partition documents library instead of C: partition documents library.

Basically, I don't know where I'd go or what setting I'd change to fix this behavior. My default OS is set to Windows 8 in msconfig and all of my games are installed on my C drive, so I don't know why they would save to my E drive. Since the screenshot command uses the same behavior, I'm guessing there's a setting somewhere that's making my Windows 7 library the default. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Preferred Solution: Files get saved in the wrong library when dual booting

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Files get saved in the wrong library when dual booting

Hello The Visitor,

You could use the tutorials below to help double check to see what folders you have added (included) in the libraries, and to see what folder you have set to be the default (for you) and public "save" location for a library.

Library - Add a Folder to in Windows 8

Library - Set Default & Public Save Locations in Windows 8

Hope this helps,

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I can't believe I'm asking this about version 7 of the world's most popular operating system, but here goes.
I am trying to save certain files from the internet; I get the option to specify a location on my pc and I select the location. The browser (IE8) saves the file (apparently) but when I go to the library on my pc the file ain't there. If I go back to the internet and do file save as again, it shows the files which it believes are on my hard disk.
Where are these files I've downloaded?

Answer:Downloaded files not saved to library?

I believe the default download location is C:\Users\(your user name)\Downloads. There should be a link to it in your start menu.

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So for some reason all of my personal profile settings for applications are being saved to the wrong user accounts.

For example my current account's app profiles are being set under the Guest appdata local roaming folders.

How can I change it so everything is set under the respective user's account folder?

Answer:AppData files being saved to the wrong user account


Sorry for the delay in helping you, if your problem is still around, please can you do the following:
> Click on the Start button/globe.
> Enter User Accounts into the search bar and open.
> In the new Window, click on Change my environment variables.

Whilst leaving that Window open...
> Click on the Start button/globe.
> Type the following but do not enter: %USERPROFILE%
> Take a screenshot and post back here.

This screenshot should show the Environment Variables window and the results of inputting %USERPROFILE% into the search bar.

You can upload screenshots to this forum by going to Go Advanced when replying, then inside the Additional Options there is a Management Attachments button. Of course, you can also upload to any other image sharing site and share the link.

Thank you.

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So i just recently created two partitions on my home pc, one keeping windows xp and i installed windows 7 on the other one. I completely got all my programs and stuff back on windows 7 and it was all set. I decided i should delete the other partition containing windows xp so the windows 7 one could have all the harddrive space. I went into the partition program i was using, changed the windows 7 partition to primary instead of logical ( i think that's what it was, i can't really remember ) then deleted the windows xp one. It had to reboot my computer, then after it was finished deleting and stuff it rebooted again but now it just takes me to a black screen that says press a key to reboot. I got a copy of a windows xp recovery disk, and tried to boot from that but nothing. I even tried switching the boot sequence, but still no luck. I really hope someone can get back to me on this one, i've just stumbled upon this site and figured someone has to have some sort of advice on this disaster haha. I'm not even too sure if this is the right spot to post this, but i hope someone can help!

|Thanks in advance

Answer:Deleted wrong partition dual booting windows 7 and xp

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I have no idea where to start, a friend of mine sent me a link for Windows 8 Pro link, it's not original nor cracked, it's just non-activated (it kept asking me for activation key), that's not the problem tho.
I have windows 7 already, downloaded the iso he sent me, I tried to extract it into a flash, tried to boot from it, it didn't work, I said why not extracting it? I did, and opened setup.exe, and installed windows 8 successfully! And I could dual-boot normally.
I went back on windows 7, backed up my files into another partition, renamed the partitions into Windows 7, Windows 8, Others(backup) and went to windows 8 and started restorting from the new parition, after all I went to delete windows 7 in a stupid way by deleting the Windows 7 partition, it didn't work fully, some folders stayed as Windows/Windows.old ....etc, so I went to windows 8 partition to extend it since I deleted lot of gbs off the windows 7 partition, I've done so, and there was option saying to make it primary parition althought it was checked on windows 7, I checked on it and it went unchecked on windows 7, I didn't care much.. and it asked for reboot, and I did.

And here's the problem, it cannot boot anymore ...
It gives this error:
"The Boot configuration Data for your PC is missing or contains errors."

I certainly don't have any idea where this problem was made, because there's like 3 mistakes ..

1- Resizing and moving location of partitions?
2- Trying to del... Read more

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So I have had Windows XP Pro 64bit on a seperate hard drive for a while that I have installed first. I just decided today to partition my second hard drive and put Vista on it. The installation went fine.. but sometimes i get corrupted errors and the Main partition for Vista is listed as C when its listed as E in XP. This is causing problems. How can I make it so it stays E? This has been baffling me. Any help would be appreciated. thanks!

Answer:Dual booting XP and Vista is assigning wrong hard drive paths!! please help!


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Hi guys, this is my first official post, HOW FUN!

I have two hard drives, one with vista 32bit and one with vista 64bit. I now boot up from vista 64bit but when I do I can see the file folder that holds all my music and movies on my other 32bit hard drive, but it acts like the folder is empty. I see nothing in it. Yet when I boot up in 32bit on the problematic hard drive, I see all the music and movies right there in the folder.

Any ideas?



On a side note: I do not see the operating system selection screen when I boot up, nor see two operating systems available when I go to boot options in control panel. The only way for me to switch booting from one to the other is to unplug one hard drive and turn on the system, then turn it back off and plug in the other hard drive, then turn it back on and it will boot from whichever drive I had left plugged into the computer when I did the first start. Very annoying yes, but I just cant get it to see the both operating systems at the same time, besides I never boot in vista 32bit anymore unless I want to do something that 64bit wont let me. If anyone has a solution to this that would be great too!

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I get this annoying message in iTunes, The iTunes Library Cannot Be Saved. It will pop up at random times but mainly when I minimize it. I tried completely un-installing, deleting all folder related to it, running ccleaner, then re-installing but with no luck.

Answer:The iTunes Library Cannot Be Saved?

Hi there, create a new user account with admin rights and then install itunes. It should work.

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Hi All,
Im dual booting Lubuntu and XP Pro sp3.
I have a very few files on external drives that were downloaded with Lubuntu that Windows wont open.
Mostly Lectures and a few mp3s.
They open and play,read fine in Lubuntu but windows shows them as 0 bytes with the
"refers to a location that is unavailable" error message.
Ive tried taking ownership of the files on Windows and so on but that doesn't work.
Not a huge issue but would be usefull to open the files with windows,does anyone have any ideas?

Answer:Dual booting Linux/ xp cant open files

Worth a look, .

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The SECOND half (approximately) of the disk has all the folders of images, but they will not open and I am told: 'Could not complete your request because a jpeg marker segment length is too short (the file may be truncated or incomplete). The log file says (for example)AM #129 WINPFILE 3 File winpfile.cpp, Line 274 The system cannot find the path specified. C:\Documents and Settings\Sheila Weston\My Documents\My Pictures\YearByYear\1985to 86\1985to86album8.tifBUT my image files are in F:\MyPictures\YearByYear\1985to 86\ etcHow do I correct this?Sheila

Answer:First Dual Layer Disk - wrong path to image files

This could be a hardware problem judging from the first couple of threads. click herebretsky ;0)

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Saved it to access it easily, actually it's the email itself (the icon is an enveloppe) I sent to a library folder, i can't delete it. I tried to send it elsewhere, it sends a copy of itself but won't delete: every copy is NOT deletable. What to do? Please.
It's really bothering me. I have 5 copies of it now
Thanks for any answer!


Answer:Saved an ATTACHMENT into a library folder, and CANNOT delete it

Hello Eve, and welcome to Seven Forums.

You may be able to delete them using the free program Unlocker.

Hope this helps,

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My sister has several saved telephone messages from our Mother which she would like to save as audio files. Before deleting them from her phone she would like, if possible, to transfer and save them to a computer or to some portable device. Is it possible to do this? Thank you.

Answer:Can saved telephone messages be transferred and saved as audio files?

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I have upgraded due to a sytem failure (motherboard took a hit from a non grounded outlet, that was a faulty read from the SP) and need to access my old hd. What I am wondering is which is the most straight forward of options? I really need a host of files from the old hd. It is a 40 gig western d. Xp, compaq style. Can I put this Hd in my dell dimension as a secondary drive to grab files? I also have a P 1 class machine that I might be able to switch the compaq drive with the current one? The least painful & safe procedure is what I am after.


Answer:dual Booting diff ver of xp to grab greatly needed files!

You can hook up the drive to your current machine as you suggest. You would need to re-set the jumpers on the back of the drive to slave position if connecting the drive to an IDE channel that already has a drive installed on it (hard drive or optical drive)

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i'm using windows 7 ultimate sp 1. When my computer is on i can always save anything but when i shut it down or restart, all my files that has been saved in my computer and all computer setting that i make is gone and always back to its previous start. I
have to turn on my computer or hibernate it always to keep all the files and computer setting changing. Please anyone help me.

Thank You.

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The Picture It! Library and Digital Image Library do not display temporary files. By ignoring temporary files, the Library can remain clean and uncluttered. An issue has been identified where some software marks photos as temporary files when they are acquired from the camera. This patch enables the Library to view these temporary files.

The software currently known to mark new files as temporary is Canon Utilities ZoomBrowser version

System Requirements
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 2000, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows XP

Multimedia PC with Pentium 500 MHz or higher processor
128 MB of RAM



Answer:Picture It! Library/Digital Image Library: View Temporary Files Patch: Aug 26

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Hello. I have an issue that I need some advice on.
For the last few mornings when I turn on my computer after 6-8 plus hours of not using it, I get this message while the BIOS is booting but before Windows starts:

Overclocking Failed! Please enter setup to re-configured your system.
Press F1 to Run Setup.
Press F2 to load default values and continue.

Now I know how to simply fix this issue by resetting the BIOS and/or if necessary, temporary removing and replacing the jumper pin on the motherboard and/or if *really* necessary, temporary removal and replacement of the CMOS battery. For me, it works by simply resetting the BIOS.

To let you know since this has been happening, I have increased my RAM to 8GB. I had to make some changes to my BIOS like slight voltages increases in DRAM and the motherboard's northbridge and the memory module timings modified. I saved these BIOS changes (as a BIOS profile) to stabilize my 8GB of RAM which seems to work great -- stability issues solved. However, now I have this issue here...

What actually happens is that one the *very first* BIOS booting when powering up my computer, the BIOS does not boot and without the beep from the motherboard's POST BIOS test. My monitor is black while, yet the tower LED shows it is running. I can hear the fan in the tower running fine. I have to manually restart the computer from the reset button and then on the second BIOS boot, the BIOS loads fine, followed by this "Overclock... Read more

Answer:BIOS Booting Issues With Modfied BIOS Saved Profile Now, Need To Stop Booting Issue.

Re: BIOS Booting Issues With Modfied BIOS Saved Profile Now, Need To Stop Booting Iss

BIOS can load without any issuesClick to expand...

Replace the CMOS battery and the messages to run setup will disappear from startup OR keep the computer plugged in and do not turn it off if using a power strip. The current will flow so the CMOS battery is not used to keep the settings, the electric will do that.

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So basically my Videos library looks like this now, as I accidentaly deleted the original Videos folder from my personal folders, I now cant seem to get it back to look like it used to(without the drop collapsible bits).

How Do I get it to look like this again? (just with Videos and not Music)

I had to create the new videos folder as the old one was completely gone, not in users, or in the personal folder. Any help would be much appreciated.

Answer:Videos Library gone wrong?

You can try a system restore to a point before you had the problems;

System Restore[2]=Backup%20Restore

Regards....Mike Connor

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Hi there..
I'm using an IMAP server for my mails.
Which means in my OE I have two sets of folders; a set of
Local Folders (which I do not use at all) and my IMAP set
of folders.

Problem is this:
Whenever I send out emails, the msgs are saved into
the 'Sent Items' folder in the Local Folders set, instead
of the 'Sent Items' folder in my IMAP set.
Why is this so?
How can I ensure that the messages are saved into the
correct folder?

Please advise...

Answer:OE : Sent Items saved into wrong folder

Did you try this:

OE-->Tools-->Options-->Send Tab.
Uncheck: Save copy of sent messages in the 'Sent Items' folder


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Re: Help with my Jpeg images

I am downloading pics (right click) on windows XP home edition, it was working well for a while. It would save the image with the original extension, now when i right click ALL images are saved with a .Bmp extension (even if the extension is Jpg, jpegor any other extension. How can I change it so that it saves the pics with their original extensions.

Answer:Help Images Saved In Wrong Format

If saved in .bmp, if you can open the picture in Paint, you can do a "Save As", and save it any extension that you want (.tiff, .jpg, .gif, .png).

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I recently changed the passwords for both my yahoo accounts.

If we call them Dan1 and Dan 2, I believe one of the accounts chrome seems to have registered. The other one, although Dan2 does show up in my dropdown when signing in, if I select that it's apparently using the old password to log me in. How do I make it recognize the new one?

Answer:chrome has wrong password saved

I would say go into the options and under the Personal Stuff tab there is a button to show saved passwords. From there you should be able to find the old password that it has saved and delete it. Never tried it myself but I would think that would work.

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I have a Dell Dimension 4600 with Windows XP Pro. I have just changed my email host to, and configured a new (IMAP) account in my email client Outlook Express per lunarpages instructions. I am able to send and receive emails, but the sent mails are being saved in the ‘Sent Items’ folder in Local Folders rather than in the IMAP account. Anybody know how to make them appear in a ‘sent items’ folder in the IMAP account? I’d ask tech support at lunarpages, but they’re gone until Tuesday.

Answer:OE sent emails saved in 'wrong' place

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Hi all, in Thunderbird I opened a email that had an attachment. When I clicked to open the attachment I had the option to open with several programs. I choose foxit reader and said do this with all these types of attachments. Wrong !!!, I should have just opened in Firefox. Now I cannot change this and I cannot open the original attachment as now it says I have a "format error: this is not a pdf file"

Any suggestions anyone?

Answer:Saved attachment in wrong format

What is the file extension of the attachment? Either save the attachment or find a file with the same extension on your computer, then right click on it and select Open With> Choose Program and then select the program to open that kind of extension. If .doc then Word or whatever program you use to open documents. If jpg or image, then open with the image program you have. Then check the box:
Always use the selected program to open this kind of file

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I saved a "PTE" show (slide show), in my H drive instead of my E drive. How do I find the file? It's no where to be found!

Answer:Saved file on wrong hard drive

Not sure if this will help you or not....

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Hi there, hoping someone can help...

I've eventually managed to get a dual boot system going. I've installed Win7 on one hard drive and Win XP Pro on another.
I've still got to figure out how to get a dual boot menu going, but in the meantime I press the F10 key during Boot-up of the machine and I suppose its my Bios that allows me to decide which hard drive to boot from. Both boot-ups in either XP or Win7work fine.

However, when I boot in Win7 I can't seem to save files that I have edited i.e. I can open up the file and make chnages, but as soon as I try to save and replace, I get an access denied message, although I've got admin rights. However on some drives I can edit without a problem. Even on the same drive, for example the c: drive, I can edit and save files in the My docyments folder, but can for example not edit and save files in the Program Files (x86) folder on the same drive ....

If I boot in XP, this problem does not occur and all files are accessbile and can be edited and saved ...

Any ideas? Any help would be extremely appreciated ...

Answer:Dual Boot - Win7 and XP - Access denied to files when booting in Win7

You need to share your files/folders.

Troubleshoot "access denied" when opening files or folders

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User's Outlook delivery is set as "Mailbox -- JoeDoakes". He accepts meeting invitation but meeting appears on his "Private Folders" calendar!

User has switched his default mail delivery back and forth several times between Mailbox and Private Folders -- and that appears to be the origin of the problem. Microsoft KB article Q279431 acknowledges that this generally leads to the improper re-setting of the delivery locations of the special folders (Sent Items, Tasks, Calendar, etc) within the mailbox. Thus, even tho the Mailbox's delivery is set at "Mailbox", the special folders' location remains set at "Private Folder".

According to MS, the resolution is to "reset the *.pst file so that it is not the default delivery point". Any ideas about how to do this would be appreciated.

Answer:Meeting Requests are saved to Wrong Personal Calendar

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all my stuff are typed in word but when the document is saved it doesn't show the word file image but shows like a note book with some lines ans the letter A. on the file properties it says "Open with" - "Microsoft Office Word 2003" there's no option to change image.

Answer:Word Saved Documents Showing Wrong Image

It's ok now i found it, had to go to:

Start: Control Panel: Appearance & Themes: Folder Options: click on the FIle Types tab then scroll down until you find the Microsoft Word Document file click once on it then go to "Advance" then Change Icon. Then you can make your way to C:/Program Files/Microsoft Office/Office 11/Winword.exe

and then it's back the way it was.

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Hey guys,

I've experienced a problem with my particular iTunes program in Windows 7. Whenever the iTunes program was running, it gives me an error stating in the form of a dialog(ue) box:

"The iTunes Library file cannot be saved. You do not have enough access priviges for this operation."

At first, I thought there was a virus that could have altered some files, but I've found out that my trusty 'ol AVG antivirus (free version 2012) that was doing a routine antivirus scan and that would have led into that error.

However, when I stopped the Antivirus scan - the error has simply gone away....

I was wondering how can I prevent this particular problem from re-occurring?

Answer:Windows 7: iTunes states that a "library file cannot be saved - insufficient rights"

it is scanning your library for nasties If you want to take a chance and if you are sure there will never be a nasty from something you may have downloaded and added to the library, you can exclude folders by using the "Scan specific files or folders" scan.

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OK, sorry guys it looks like I screwed up! not very computer savvy.
A while back... LONG while back, been putting off this issue, saved automatic backup in wrong place
woops! Looks like I need to fix that. Any tips so I don't delete the wrong thing?
here's the picture.

Answer:saved automatic backup in the wrong place... D-Data Drive :(

Looks like disk where you have saved your backups is doesn't have enough free disk space well you can either delete some files on the disk to gain more disk space or change the backup settings to start new backup on another disk i don't remember very well but if you move backups to new disk and change the currently backup location to new backup disk new backups should use the moved backups in new backup location.

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i have dual booting but one has become corrupt and i want to delete it how it can be done someone please tell me

Answer:how to delete dual os one os should be saved

You can delete the corrupted operating system by the following method :-

If you are using the two copy of winodws xp in "C" and "D" drive than it is recommeded to delete the winodws xp on "D" drive. This can be done by formating.

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Okay, so ive tried many ways, and Ive finally got stuck with using a VHD.
I have followed countless tutorials, and finally found one. (on this forums somewhere)
I go through all the steps, and it seems like it is working, and then when I boot my system it says this,

things I have done to try to fix this:
Updated BIOS
Enabled Virtualization in BIOS
Please help! I have been trying to get it to work for days...

Answer:DUAL BOOTING PROBLEMS- booting win8 with win7.

Hi Ronnie and welcome to the Forum.

Why don't you try this. It is easier and it works: VMware Player - Install Windows 8

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I am trying to save a word document containing a .oft font as a editable template to send to the office, and the font will not display correctly when saved, it converts into a different one but still has the downloaded font name displayed. The font is installed on all computers, confused as to why this is happening; would this be related to the font license? It is listed as editable? I have read you can't embed .oft fonts in word, which i presume would solve the problem(?). I was wondering if anyone knows how to fix this and embed the font or at-least save it so the font displays correctly.

Answer:Problems saving .oft text, displays wrong when saved in word document?

Or is there is a way to convert open type font file to true type font file? Please help.

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I reinstalled Windows 7 from the original operating disk. I saved everything to the Recovery partition (I didn't know any better). After installation, I tried to add software to my laptop but it said I didn't have enough space!

I reinstalled Windows 7 again, this time saving it to C:. But, I don't know if it worked or not. My computer says I don't have enough space to add software to my laptop.

My computer shows:
OS C: 139GB free of 218GB and
Recovery E: 349MB free of 14.6GB.

How can I correct this? Can someone please help me? I'm no techie, but I can follow step-by-steps instructions. Thanks in advance!

Answer:Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit reinstall. Saved to wrong partition.

If you have a Windows Disk, why not just format every partition from the Setup and install it to the Hard Drive.

A screenshot of your Disk Management would also be nice.

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My wife and I own our own rigs and hers is set up as a media center type machine as well where she has her own monitor and we have a Sanyo LCD TV attached as a second monitor. The television happens to be oriented to the left of the primary display which isn't a problem to set up, but when we restart the machine or change the inputs on the television, her machine completely freaks and changes the settings... most of the time it'll go back to just cloning and making the TV pirmary, but sometimes it just makes the TV primary and extends the display. This last time Catalyst showed THREE monitors. Anyone know how to save the settings or know of an alternative program that can do it better than Catalyst (even though its not recommended)?

Her rig:
Vista Ultimate (x64) SP1
AMD Athlon 64 2800+ 1.8gHz
ATI RADEON X1650PRO 512 mb 128-bit GDDR2

Answer:Dual Monitor Settings Not Saved

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Having just installed Vista Ultimate on my laptop I have now set-up dual monitors with my main monitor to the left of my laptop (the laptop sits on a shelf to the right of my main monitor)… setting up the dual monitor system was easy, using the mobility center to specify the main monitor is on the left… and then using display properties to finalize the settings.

All works well, except that every time I reboot the computer I have to reset the settings, they do not save… my question therefore is this, is there a way to ensure Vista saves these settings?

Answer:Dual Monitor settings not saved

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So i was dual booting 2 windows 7 of my computer as one of them stuff up so i was transfering all my data over to the new windows 7.

I use partion wizard to delete the old windows 7 and extend the size of the new windows 7.

No every time i start my PC up i get presented with the dual boot screen.

I have checked msconfig, and it shows that there are no OS

Answer:Dual Boot menu still present even tho im not dual booting

After doing some research I have found to get it to show the Os in msconfig, I need to assign a drive letter to msconfig.
However once that's done and I remove the drive leader and restart pc it doesn't appear once again

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Hello there, occassional lurker, first time poster, hopefully someone here will be able to help

I've been setting my laptop to dual boot xp pro, and Ubuntu on a seperate partition. All was going well, until xp decided to die altogther. I don't have that error to hand, but it's gone a little further now.

Was going to install xp pro on a 3rd partition, and it started up fine. Now I can boot fine to Ubuntu, and the 2nd version of xp. However, the original xp is still having issues.

Now, when booting up, gets BSOD - bad_pool_caller. Code at the end is: 0x000000c2 (0x00000007,0x00000CD4,0x00000060,0x86F7E1FC)

Everything I've read suggests this is talking about a hardware or software conflict. However, I've not installed any new hardware. I suspect there is a software conflict between the two versions of xp, but I can't see how that can happen.

I can boot into the 1st copy of xp in safe mode, however, explorer.exe fails to start up. Tried running it in task manager to no avail.

I forgot to add - I am using GNU GBRUB to boot between the 3 operating systems.

EDIT 2: Tried it again to boot 1st xp in safe mode - new error for windows product activation - a problem is preventing windows from accurately checking the licence for this computer error code 0x800004005

Answer:Dual booting laptop crashes booting xp pro.

Are these installations of XP Pro on the two partitions diferent install disks with separate key codes?

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Recently I purchased a laptop with windows 8 64 bit pre-installed in it. For my job purpose, I needed windows 7 32 bit. After searching the web and also using the information I got from this site, I disabled secure boot, deleted the recovery partition and converted GPT partitions to MBR. Then I shrink the Big partition in which windows 8 was installed to make room for the windows 7 partition. Then I created a new partition and installed windows 7 on it. After this whenever I switch on the computer, a message come up, saying that a required device cannot be found and windows is to be repaired. The only way in which I can start windows is to go to bios, select the boot options and then select boot from notebook hard drive.

Can anybody please tell me how this problem can be solved

Answer:Booting problem with dual booting with windows 8 and 7

when you created the new partition did you make itin front or behind the existing partition?

If your boot manager is looking to boot Win 8 on Disk 0 Part 1, and you created the new partition in front of Win 8, your Win 7 will now be located on Disk 0 Part 1 which is where the boot manager is expecting Win 8

can you send us a screen cap of your disk management?

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Hello. I have an issue that I need some advice on.
For the last few mornings when I turn on my computer after 6-8 plus hours of not using it, I get this message while the BIOS is booting but before Windows starts:

Overclocking Failed! Please enter setup to re-configured your system.
Press F1 to Run Setup.
Press F2 to load default values and continue.

Now I know how to simply fix this issue by resetting the BIOS and/or if necessary, temporary removing and replacing the jumper pin on the motherboard and/or if *really* necessary, temporary removal and replacement of the CMOS battery. For me, it works by simply resetting the BIOS.

To let you know since this has been happening, I have increased my RAM to 8GB. I had to make some changes to my BIOS like slight voltages increases in DRAM and the motherboard's northbridge and the memory module timings modified. I saved these BIOS changes (as a BIOS profile) to stabilize my 8GB of RAM which seems to work great -- stability issues solved. However, now I have this issue here...

What actually happens is that one the *very first* BIOS booting when powering up my computer, the BIOS does not boot and without the beep from the motherboard's POST BIOS test. My monitor is black while, yet the tower LED shows it is running. I can hear the fan in the tower running fine. I have to manually restart the computer from the reset button and then on the second BIOS boot, the BIOS loads fine, followed by this "Overclocking Failed!" iss... Read more

Answer:Booting Isues Afer I Modified & Saved A BIOS Profile, Need Help!!!

Sounds to me like you may have set the voltages and/or timing settings incorrectly or maybe to high. Try smaller increments and see if you get more stability then up the settings in small amounts until the system boots correctly with no problems

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Twice now have I lost an updated file that I had saved properly. Instead the un-updated file went into "temporary files" as ***(1).docx; the, when I tried again, into ***(2).docx, etc.
I.e. the update was lost.
Perhaps it happened before without my noticing it.
Here is the path to the temporary files: Documents and Settings > Owner > Local Settings > Aoplication Data > Opera > Opera > Temporary dowbloads.
My browser is Opera 11.62,; WindowsXP, MSWord 2007

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I decided to do a clean install and before reinstalling the operating system I used the Files and Settings Transfer Wizard to save my files to a network drive. The file is there and appears to be saved properly....the file name is USMT2.UNC....there are 2 documents w/n called: IMG00001 and status. When I use the wizard to access the files again it gives me this error message: "The location you specified does not contain stored information. Please type a valid folder path into the edit box." How do I recover my files?

Answer:Files & Settings Transfer Wizard Is Opening My Saved Files

I'm not real familiar with this feature, but I think that you've got to use the FAST wizard to restore the files to your system. Go to Start...All Programs...Accessories...System Tools...Files and Settings Transfer Wizard and launch the dialog.

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I need serious help. Something is deleting every file I attempt to download. I get the same message... " (file name) contained a virus and was deleted" enclosed in a box which also includes a red colored shield with a white "x" inside. It does not discriminate...even Microsoft files are deleted rather than saved. It occurs even in "safe" mode.

Please also note that for some reason, I am unable to access your web site except while in "safe" mode.

Per your instructions, following is the system info file contents:

Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft® Windows Vista™ Home Basic, Service Pack 2, 32 bit
Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 4400+, x64 Family 15 Model 107 Stepping 2
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 3453 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 6150SE nForce 430, 128 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 227239 MB, Free - 163065 MB; D: Total - 11232 MB, Free - 1545 MB; G: Total - 238472 MB, Free - 186898 MB;
Motherboard: OEM_MB, IVY8
Antivirus: GFI Software VIPRE, Updated and Enabled


Likewise, the Hijackthis.txt :

File of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.4
Scan saved at 19:05:09, on 5/22/2013
Platform: Windows Vista SP2 (WinNT 6.00.1906)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v9.00 (9.00.8112.16483)
Boot mode: Normal
Running processes:
C:\Windows\system32\taskeng... Read more

Answer:Cannot download files (including Microsoft). Files are deleted before saved.

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ok basically here goes - I have Win7 on primary hard drive, I purchased a new hard drive same exact one and installed win XP on it, went through this whole ordeal trying to restore the MBR for Win7 and being able to dual boot the system. I finally was able to restore win7 MBR to get back in, trouble is now in win7 it is not showing the second hard drive only the unpartitioned portion. Please help me! I want to be able to dual boot my XP (secondary HDD) with my Win7 (Primary HDD)
NOTE: Easy BCD when booting into winxp errors out and is unable to run due to MBR error (Tried reinstalling xp to no avail) EASY BCD does not detect the secondary HDD either
NOTE: Please help! Good karma goes to those who help someone in need

Answer:Dual booting dual hard drives help!

I think it has to be on the same physical drive for EasyBCD to work.

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can I dual boot my pc with windows 7 and windows 10 please?

Answer:dual booting. Can I dual boot my PC to start with

Yes and click here to see how to do it

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I had to take my computer (emachines) back to original condition after 2 years of junk buildup.  The computer saved the files in a backup program  but I don't know how to get the ones back that I want to use...itunes, picassa, mail addresses, old mail,music files, etc.. I am running explorer 7 on pc..any ideas??

Answer:How do I reactivate a program and files that are saved in Backup files?

QuoteThe computer saved the files in a backup program  but I don't know how to get the ones back that I want to useWell, you need to know what that "backup program" was.  Unless you can provide some details, I suspect you did not actually get stuff backed up that you thought you did.  Programs, such as itunes and picassa will almost certainly have to be reinstalled from the original CD or download file.  Stuff like mail addresses, old mail,music files will have been permanently lost if you did not actually get them backed up to an external media, or you do not know what software you used to backup certain files and where those files were saved.  Did you burn files to a CD or copy them to a flash drive or external hard drive before restoring your system?  If not, what makes you think you'll be able to restore them now?

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I am not able to locate where the scan & captured documents taken via wireless direct using Hp AiO app are saved on my nokia lumia 630 dual sim windows phone...the wireless printer is HP Deskjet nk Advantage 3545 All in one printer..
someone pls help

Answer:Where do Wireless direct scans & photos get saved on Lumia 630 dual sim?

You will get help from someone who knows the solution to your problem. Posting more than once regarding the same situation will not speed up the answer you need. Please only post once.

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I am not able to locate where the scan & captured documents taken via wireless direct using Hp AiO app are saved on my nokia lumia 630 dual sim windows phone...
someone pls help

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On my computer hard drive, I now have wav files and mpeg files that I have downloaded from my Handycam. DCR-SX41

I can see that some of the files are saved as Windows Media Audio/Video files. I did that by accident because I had downloaded some files earlier that wouldn't open (mpeg files), so when I downloaded and while the downloading window was still open, I searched around and did a conversion to wav files.

The wav files open, and I can hear the audio and see the picture. Good.

So, now I have these mpeg files, and with each there are also two small files, and I can't remember the extension. When I click on the mpeg files that are stored on my computer, I get the Player can't open message, and nothing else is offered.

I'm running out of space on the hard drive, I'm going crazy trying to remember which is which, and I think that some of the mpeg files have NOT been converted but I can't figure out how to 1. open to check that I haven't already converted them, and 2. convert them.
Obviously, I only know enough to be dangerous.

Thanks in advance for weighing in.

Answer:SonyHandycam files saved as wav and mpeg files

WMP can open video files, as long as it's the default selection...and the proper codecs are in the system. I suspect that you need to install codecs package. files...come as a single file. They do not come in pairs of sub-files, they can be split into audio and video components...but they should not normally be so.Per Sony, output is SD (not HD).Post the file extensions involved, please.Louis

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I saved some outlook files in a folder on my server but didn't use the export feature to send them as a pst file. Now I'm having a problem transferring them back. Is there any way I could get them back to outlook?

Answer:Solved: Outlook files not saved as pst files

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I write documents using Word from Office 2000 but when I come to reopen them I find they are in Wordpad, which I do not want. How can I avoid this please? I have opened "Tools", "options", "save" and clicked on "save as Word file" but nothing changes. I still find files saved in Wordpad. I had my machine re-booted recently and my computer man did not have my Office CD-ROM so when he re-installed the files he had copied, they all appeared as Wordpad files. If I delete Wordpad, will I still be able to open these files, preferably in Word, or will I lose them?

Answer:Word files are saved as Wordpad files

Right click a .doc file, select Open With. Use Choose program, browse to Word, tick 'Always use this program to open this type of file'.

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I was able to scan,capture document & print from my Nokia Lumia 630 Dual sim smartphone via wireless direct using the HP AIO Remote BETA app.. But I am not able to delete,rename or move the above mentioned saved documents from my phone after the printing job is over... Kindly guide.

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ive got to start making my own libraries and using them, but i have no idea where to start. i know a tiny bit about them, like theres one type of file with all the function paramaters, and one type of file with all the function definitions, and one type of file that may have main it it, but im confusing the c++ and c syntax between these and ive got to learn this stuff fast.

can u point me in the right direction?
anyone got any links?
something for me to read?
tutorial videos?

any help would be greatly appreciated.

Answer:relationship between library files and cpp files etc. got links?

This page is for a CPP course that teaches about UML Diagrams, and a full coding cycle and has the information you are looking for in regards to C++ and the correct ways to write C++ applications.

This link will have the basic concepts that you're looking for:

Try to get the files downloaded because these pages don't stay alive for too long.

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I was doing some detailed drawings in photoshop, and I also had a generic photo up in photoshop as well. I went to save my drawings, but apparently accidentally saved the photo under the drawins name and then closed the program. This morning I discovered the bad news. Is there a way to get that drawing back? I do not know if it was ever saved before.

Answer:Saved wrong file, closed program without saving right file, can I get it back.

Not if you overwrote the original.

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Question: Saved files

Saved files don`t show on desktop screen until i hit refresh, Windows 8.1. e.g. I click save image as, select desktop, and they go to as in my attachment (file explorer) not on the actual desktop screen.. Any ideas please?

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Question: saved files

If i'm downloading stuff from the internet at work that i'm not supposed to (i.e. online poker sites - it's legal in Scotland, just not ethical to do it at work but that's my business!), is it saving to a central server somewhere? i.e. can my boss tell that i've been doing it?  I delete my temp internet files, cookies and history but does it save elsewhere?

Answer:saved files

 A lot of businesses use software to see who is on what site and for how long. Some have keyloggers to see exactly what you are typing! If you're not supposed to do it, you probably shouldn't.

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My firewall and antivirus software quit and I wasn't able to download another file or install files from antivirus or from windows update for some files.So I got into the thing and fixed most of the things, managed to install new virus software by changing the download name and did find a couple of bugs/trogans that were taken care of but now when I boot up I can't get to the place where I can get to press a key for the bios settings to change the boot sequence from CD to hard drive.Well have spotmau repair disk and it will boot me up and when I press that for boot from HD it boots me in to the os with no problem.When I try to fix things in dos, my dos shows a default setting for C:/windows/documents and settings/my username and I can't get the directory to change to C:I can change to D: but not to C:How can I get into bios to change things in the root or how can I get my boot.ini to boot up into my windows os? I am not sure now what the path would be now. I am using the boot.ini text I had before but it is not working for me. Just says press f1 to reboot os not foundHope you can help please. Sorry didn't remember where to find CPU other than in task manager and not sure where to see Ram either. :)Judy

Answer:win xp pro booting up to wrong drive or os

when at C:\windows\documents and settingsmy username [\ not /]the command iscd\ to take you to the root of c: which is where the boot.ini is located.How about posting the boot.ini you want to use for review? Answers are only as good as the information you provide.How to properly post a question:

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I have two hard drives, a 1.5TB drive, and a 160GB drive. Windows is installed on the 1.5TB drive, as are all my files and programs. The 160GB drive has a bunch of old files, and apparently the bootmgr and boot folder.

If I remove the 160GB drive from the machine, windows refuses to boot, plug it back in, it works fine. The setup with two hard drives I have now is temporary, as the 160GB drive will go into another machine.

My question is, can someone give me a step by step on how to make windows force to boot off the 1.5TB drive, ignoring the 160GB drive in the boot process completely?
I don't know how to do this in Windows 7, on XP I would just run the /fixmbr command and its related ones.

Thank you for any help in advance.

Note: I would really really rather not have to wipe and reinstall, I know it can be done without one as I've had this issue with XP before.

Answer:booting off wrong drive?

Right click on Computer> Properties> Advanced setup settings> Settings button under Startup and Recovery.

Under Startup and Recovery you will find Default operating system: Click on this and choose the operating system you want.

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I have had HDD problems recently - basically dead! I have taken a drive (an old Maxtor N256)from another PC to format and load XP to get the PC live again. To format it, I put into a removeable caddy in another PC (also XP)but thay PC keeps booting from the drive in the caddy. I have removed the jumper on the N256 (as I think that's right for Slave), so I'm puzzled why this is happening.Any ideas please?

Answer:Booting from wrong drive!

Why not do it in DOS using KillDisk click here

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I just installed a new Maxtor 500 GB hard drive to replace my older 300 GB. Want the 300 to be an additional drive
I thought I did everything ok.
Maxtor software cloned successfully.
Jumper settings are Master for the new drive, no jumper per Maxtor for slave (old) Cable is connected with the end of the cable to Master and middle to slave

Cable select wouldn't allow me to boot
Bios recognizes the new drive as primary Master and the old as primary slave. DVD rom is secondary master

However, the computer boots to the old drive and My Computer has that one as the C and the new one as E
Using XP Pro SP2
Belarc adviser calls the 500 drive (0) and the old one as drive (1)

The boot sequence is floppy, dvd rom and hard drive

Both drives are IDE

Also, when I restart, I get a "Disk boot error. Press any key". It then boots properly but to the wrong hard drive, the old one

I tried removing cables and power to the old drive but it wouldn't boot at all

I was looking at some other posts and found this

"Right-click on My Computer and select Manage, then click on Disk Management on the left side almost at the bottom."

When I do that, the top right window has both drives listed with the old drive (c) as "System" under status and the new one as "Active"

The bottom right window has the new drive "E" as disk 0 and "C" as 1

How can I get the new drive to be c and boot to that?

Can I simply rename the drives in Disk ... Read more

Answer:Booting to wrong drive

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Hi all, just playing with an old XP Home PC Sony Vaio
which I use primarily just for my cctv. 2hdds one with the OS and anything
else and one solely as a recorder for cctv. I put another hdd in it
which was laying around to just to see what
was on it with the intention of formatting it and using as a backup.
Everything still works
OK but it seems to have made itself the C drive and now boots into to XP Pro.
Storage drive is SATA other 2 are set to cable select Eide drives.
I would rather it booted from the original drive.

Answer:PC booting from wrong drive

On startup go into the BIOS and change the boot order. You can access the BIOS with the F2 key. If you have a newer unit the press the "Assist" button and choose "F2" to enter the BIOS.

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i am working on a computer that is having trouble booting to the partition that contains windows.

somehow windows got moved from the c drive partition over to a different one. i am only able to get to windows via the recovery module (but i CAN get to it and it looks fine).

is there anyone who could please tell me how to modify the bios in such a way that it directs the system to boot into the partition that contains windows?

thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

Answer:Pc Booting To Wrong Partition

Windows -> Run -> type in msconfig
Have a look under BOOT.INI . If XP is listed there, click it, then click set as default.

Hopefully this works.

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I have an old install of XP left on an additional harddrive after I got a bigger drive and reinstalled... but now all of a sudden that's the only one it'll boot to! I had some other issues (caused, believe it or not by AVG).. and in the process of that I ran a repair installation over my new and proper XP.. with all the other drives disconnected.. and it was working fine, but as soon as I hook up the other drives... BLAM it's booting into the old install again. Now in disk management it's listed as the Boot Drive and the one that SHOULD be System is listed as active... i read something about making it active to make it boot from that drive... but it's not working.. what is the easiest way to modify where it boots from? I have been trying through the recovery console with fixmbr but that didn't work... i feel like there should be something more straightforward though!

note: the drive with windows that i want to boot off of IS listed first in the hdisk boot priority in the bios...

Answer:wrong installation of XP is booting

This may help:
Be sure your "Proper" boot drive is the one listed first in The BIOS boot order. The nomenclature can be confusing. For that matter, just switch the boot order and see what happens.

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I have Windows XP and one disk. I added another 160G WD disk. The disk utility copied all the files from disk 0 (the original disk) to disk 1 and made it the new boot disk. How do I make disk 0 go back to being the bootable disk? When I unplug disk 0 , disk 1 boots up just fine. When I unplug disk 1 the computer will not boot up.

Answer:Booting up from wrong disk

Run your main disk as a cold boot install in Repair Mode.

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Question: Library Files

I have Win XP with Media Player 11 installed and I have all my MP3 files on a separate drive in a folder named MUSIC my problem is that I cannot get all the files into the library am I missing a step or what?

Answer:Library Files

What happens when you try, do you get an error message?
How many files in the folder now?

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I work as an IT Technician in a primary school in the UK, this maybe a bit of a joke to be asking for support on what would seem like such a simple problem to troubleshoot & fix.

But my problem is this; some of the kids are producing Microsoft Word & Publisher documents on their own registered accounts, they save their work to the desktop, the icon is there, readily available to click and load (which it does). However, when the child logs on again the data file will not be there, I do a search for it on the system and behold, nothing.

This seems like an awfully simple problem, and perhaps a tad embarassing but I can't for the life of me fix this problem, can anyone help?


Answer:Saved files delete after log off.


This sounds like a roaming profile issue. When we supported schools we set up a profile which was stored on the server. The local PC would cache it, so things could be saved to the desktop, however the PC had no ability to write the profile back to the server hence when logged off, the profile and changes were not saved, the user logs back on and the profile is reloaded.

I suspect this is something that may be happening.

Do you get any errors in the event log if you log the user off and back on again? You may see some entries on the PC relating to roaming profiles not being saved,

Thanks and Best Wishes
Brian R Graham

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Whenever I save a file to my desktop, I have to go into the folder options for the desktop and select to view all hidden files. The files I save, when I check their properties, are no longer hidden. I have to go through this process ANY time I save a file to my desktop, no matter the file type.

Files saved to other folders aren't hidden.

Help please ^_^

Answer:Files Saved as Hidden

Right click on your Desktop > View. Is "Show Desktop Icons" checked?

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OK I dont know what happend, and it wasnt always like this but if I am browsing a website and I right click on lets say a file named yeahman.jpg. Windows will only allow me to save it as a BMP....

I dont want nore like BMP's, how can I get it to save the .jpg file instead? Any Idea whats causing this?

IM on windows XP.

Answer:All picture files saved as .BMP....

i had this problem once before i had any jpg editing software installed

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Hello,I used Photoshop CS3 portable to edit a picture then saved it as jpg file. When I browsed the folder with window explorer, it is empty, there is no file. But if I use Photoshop to open/browse the folder, I see the file there.if I try to copy or drag/drop the file from the Open file dialog window in Photoshop, I got the message "this file does not exist" though I see it there.Please advise. I appreciate a lot.Dong

Answer:can not find saved files

What happens if you do a search for the file? Maybe it's not saved in the folder you think.

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When I save a file to my C drive, (like a Jpg for example) then go into my C drive to view it, the file isn't there.
But when I am saving another file, I can see the first file in the C drive, only in the "Save Window", not when I go to the drive itself.
Make sense?

Any help is appreciated.

Answer:Unable to see saved!

Refreash the pane, the button on the right of the address bar, or F5.

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I have recently done a full reinstall of my PC and a complete new reinstall of AOL. Files that I had saved on my PC for example some passwords,should now be in my back up copy on external drive, does anyone know how I can get to these and reinstall, and what these files would be named? amd what anm I to look for if this is possible.I don't want to reinstall everything with regards to all the old AOL files if I can help it.Any help would be very much appreciated.

Answer:Restore AOL files saved in PC.

Did I really write that? (amd should be and, anm should read am)So it should read..... and what am I to look for if this is possible?Think I'm going or have already gone senile :-)

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OK...some of my Word files are completely empty after I save them. I try attaching them to an Outlook message...notice that the file is empty (0 bytes). I go back and can see the data in the document and print it - but if I save and close it...the data is GONE. And the font is showing as different (courier new vs the default Times New Roman). This does not happen with all files. I tried renaming the file. Don't think it worked cause it happened again. Did a repair but I'm not sure if that worked either - since it doesn't happen to all files...its hard to replicate. This has been with me for over a month...I have quite a few 0 byte files and have lost some important data. Help!

Answer:Saved Files are EMPTY!!

Here are some things to watch for that could cause a corruption of a Word file, also some possible fix's when you have a problem:

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I save copies of census from ancestry to my computer, they are saved as JPG files, when I was on Vista & XP, after showing hidden files I would access them from: C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Virtualized\C\Users\USERNAME\Documents\
I would cut and paste them to the actual file. Now I am on Windows 7 that area does not exist I can only get to:
C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files
There is a Virtual Store folder but this is empty also
The files are showing if I go to save them again but do not show when I open the folder through

Answer:cannot find saved files

Quote: Originally Posted by Altrishand

I save copies of census from ancestry to my computer, they are saved as JPG files, when I was on Vista & XP, after showing hidden files I would access them from: C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Virtualized\C\Users\USERNAME\Documents\
I would cut and paste them to the actual file. Now I am on Windows 7 that area does not exist I can only get to:
C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files
There is a Virtual Store folder but this is empty also
The files are showing if I go to save them again but do not show when I open the folder through

Have you turned on the display of hidden files and folders?

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hi,When i save my files eg word documents, i can'tfind them when i open the folder i would have saved them in.i have to open the search engine then i find them in the same folder would have opened earlier. how do i fix this. help

Answer:finding saved files

Hi,Have you looked in Tools - Options - File Locations TabLook at the file location shown for Documents.Use the modify button to change the default location.You don't say what version of Word you are using. The instructions above are for Word 2003. Word 2007 is different from memory - use the Office button at top left and select Word Options at the bottom of the dialog box.Regards

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Can someone tell me if it is alright to delete the old reg files off the saved ones after being scanned by CCleaner. I do seem to have a lot of them in Save As in My Documents. Any advice would be helpful. As always thanks to the forum for being so helpful.

Answer:Saved files off CCleaner

I would assume that as long as you retain the current version, it should be OK.You should also have System Restore as a backup.

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OK, I know enough to get me around in the computer world, so please forgive me if I'm slow...

Last night my husband was doing some computer 'housekeeping' and making some space by getting rid of old files and burning things onto discs. He ran across a file folder marked 'nethood' and when he opened it there were at least a dozen more file folders with names like 'don and deb', 'laurie's stuff', 'lonnie', etc... They're totally not ours! He opened and looked into each one and 95% of them are seemingly harmless things (like pictures and word documents). Weird thing is that at least some of them look like they're local people. (For instance we've been getting phone calls for a local artist ever since we moved here 4 years ago that apparently had our phone number before we did. His name is Don, his wife is Deb, and they have at least one child named Jessie or Jessica. The folder named Don and Deb was FULL of pictures that look like they were taken locally, and some school papers by 'Jessie' - weird. There was also another folder that had a word doc with a list of coworkers and we could tell it was a local business here. We live in a community of 600 people that are most retired! How could all these folders be from local people?)

Anyway, my husband spent a good chunk of time going to each folder and 'deleting' access to the 'network'. How can we even have a network in the first place? We have fiber optic internet (kind of similar to DSL/high speed) and from my understand... Read more

Answer:Someone Else's Files Saved On Our Computer?!

First of all there are several excellent freeware firewall programs, unless you just have your heart set on spending money.
About the mysterious files. back in '97 when i was beta testing a cable internet service, they had forgot to secure the local access. everyone on our sevice could see and access each other. If you are familar with '98 you can see what kind of nightmare that was. The point of all of this is you should be in contact with your ISP. See if they are aware of the problem. ssecond install one of the freeware firewalls until you can purchase the one you want. That will "Close the tap".
Go to start, then My Network Places. On the left side of the window, haft way down, is a button "Entire Network". Click on it. It will show you everyone who has access to your computer.

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If you save/back- up files when changing computers or os are you saving any viruses they may contain?

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i saved files from my ps3 to my laptopusing a flash drive and now i cant find them to put them back on my flash drive.

Answer:missing saved files

When you search on your notebook make sure that you have changed File Explorer options to view hidden and protected files. That may be why you are not able to find them. It also helps if you search by using the file extension. Did you create a folder with an appropriate name like PS3\SAVEDATA? 

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I have windows 8.1, which is not allowing me to save files any files except to the desktop, my documents, downloads, pictures, music, and video!

Do other windows 8.1 users have this issue to where files are not able to be saved either?

I think I found the culprit in the security tab about preventing files from be saved, however, I do not know how to fix the issue in security tab?

How is the issue to be fixed to where I am able to have control and save my files?

Any help is greatly appreciated! Thank you!


Answer:Windows 8.1 not allows files to be saved?

Hello Mancala,

By default, Windows (since Vista) will not let you save anything from an external source directly to a system folder. You will only be able to directly save to one of your folders in your "C:\Users\(user-name)" folder instead. Afterwards, you will be able to copy/move the file from that location to a system folder if you like.

This is done as a security measure to prevent malware from being able to easily directly access Windows system files and folders.

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Any jpeg image I download from Ancestry cannot be viewed in the folder it was saved in - no matter how I get to that folder. Using search will not find the files either.
Windows 7 Professional (new user) IE9 (have to switch to firefox just to view some answers on this forum as IE9 gives me a blank page).
I can save the image to a flash Drive, and if using Firefox, the only choice I have is in Downloads folder but at least I can then view it.
Any suggestions?

Answer:Cannot view saved files

Where are you saving these images? Depending on where you are attempting to save them, they might be here:

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I have routinely saved some e-mails I have received on CDs. Now, I discovered the e-mails were saved as .eml files and I cannot open them. What happened? I need to open them (some are photos) and how can I do that? Thanks for any help. lilart

Answer:Can't open . eml files saved on CD

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Hello.Simplified:I am trying to save my .theme files, but they won't save. If I try to save over an existing file, it deletes the file and nothing is saved.DETAILS:1. I right-click my desktop and select Properties.2. Select the Themes tab.3. I select "Save As", and coose the location (in My Documents) to save the theme. Then I click Save.4. If the theme does not already exist, it is never saved. If the theme already exists, then the file is removed entirely. I have tried to save the file elsewhere, using the same method, and I am getting the same results.5. None of these problems occurred until after I had installed and then uninstalled Style XP 2.01. In the process of removing the program I may have removed a necessary file. That's my first guess.Using Windows XP SP2Thank you in advance.

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Simple question, really. New build. Here's the issue, there's the boot drive, C, just an SSD. And the actually hard drive I was supposed to use for everything, E. Well without realizing it, everything was getting saved to C. Which is a whopping 120gb. And not to E which is 2 TB. So, is there a way to just move everything (users, program files, basically everything except OS) to E? Or do I legit need to uninstall everything and reinstall on E? Because the only thing I can figure out how to move is the files like pictures videos downloads etc that I don't use anyways. Thanks for input in advance.

Answer:Files saved to SSD, need moved to HDD

Hi, you can rt click user folders and relocate them to another drive.

Be careful- there are several threads where people have got into difficulty doing this, but it does work if you're accurate in what you do (I've not tried it myself).
If you take courage in both hands and take great care backing up, and are confident and experienced technically see:
Users Folder - Move Location in Windows 10

Library Save Location - Set in Windows 10

and feel free to search/browse the tutorials.

My personal approach:
As I have many programs which create folders in Windows default libraries, I simply don't use the defaults for my personal data.
My personal data is in my own folders on a separate drive. That separates it from the OS as far as is reasonable. I have relocated my desktop.

Programs: While you can choose to install these on a separate partition, that usually won't mean everything related to them is there, as many programs create folders and registry entries in areas on the system drive/partition- not everything is in the installation folder you select- including even the start menu shortcuts. And some install drivers, in another area.

Then you may wish to consider where universal apps are kept:
Apps Save Location - Change in Windows 10

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I just bought the dell desktop on 8,2016 to substitute the old but other brand computer. I still use win7 that came with it. About Notepad, I can't save all files that came form the old computer, responding that "Access is denied". Help, thanks.

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Compaq Presario running W98SE. Saved my mp3 files by burning to CD's using DeepBurn. Did Full System Restore, finally able to replace things. Reinstalled MusicMatch Jukebox without problem. Have repopulated music library with first saved CD, about 150 tunes, about 1000 to go. Good news is that all 150 came through and are playable. Bad news is that they all are showing as "Read Only" which means that MMJB won't allow me to amend the track tags. Is this (admittedly small) problem resolvable?

Answer:Saved mp3 files are "Read Only"

Update: I kind of figured out how to solve the problem...went to an individual mp3 file, right clicked to Properties and unchecked the "Read Only" box and checked the "Archive" box. (I was brave on this only because I picked a tune that I have on a store-bought CD). Went back to MusicMatch and now I can change the track tags! But now the question is do I have to do this on 1000+ files, or is there a way to batch this chore?

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I really do not know much about how to do much with all of these new devices...need help computer crashed and my files are extremely messed up. please help.

Answer:Why are some of my saved files not opening?

You will need to be a bit more specific.If your computer crashed, how did you get it back up and running?Do you know what caused the crash?What files are not opening, all of them or just a few specific ones?The more information we have, the better we can help, but please beas specific as possible.MIKE

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I am putting all my digital pictures from my new digital camera onto CD and it is all going fine, I can view them all as a slideshow. But I have a problem.They are all saved as 'Read Only', so I can't transfer them back to my hard drive if I want to.Is there any way of making them NOT Read Only, and to avoid this when saving to CD in future?DRiM

Answer:CD Files saved as 'Read Only'

I regularly copy my digital pictures to CD-R for safe keeping. They are always "read-only".If I need to, I copy them back to a folder on my hard drive, and change the attribute by removing the tick against "read-only". To do this, after copying the picture file(s) to your new folder, right click on a picture, then choose "properties", and remove the "read-only" tick.

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I had to wipe my laptop clean due to a virus. I backed up my outlook to a pst file on an external hard drive. (I believe I had outlook 2003) Now I have reloaded Outlook 2002 sp3 and I go to my external drive and I see the files show as office data files and I can't reload them on to outlook. What do I need to do to get these reset so I can reload them on to my current version of outlook? I am using Windows XP Home Edition sp3

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My CPU is almost dead. I am going to start using a new PC can I transfer all my files from my old PC to my new PC? If so how do I do this w/o saving every application on a 3 1/2 inch floppy, one by one?

Answer:Can I transfer saved files from one CPU to Another?

Just put the old hard drive in the new PC as a slave drive. All your files will be there, but you will need to reinstall the apps on the new PC. How do you know your CPU is almost dead? If your drive is going bad I would backup to CD-R or another hard drive as soon as possible.

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All my files seem to be saving to the computer memory rater than the hardrive
What can I do to make them save to the hardrive?

Answer:Files saved to the memory

A bit strange issue. Can you please explain us what do you mean exactly and why do you think files are saved to memory only? What are you doing exactly?

I mean if you want to copy some files or saved them on HDD you can define destination using Windows explorer.

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i posted a request for help yesterday but got no help so i'll try again. when i try to open files from my memory stick. ie cv's and letters on office one v7 fom vista they keep showing as symbols, letters and numbers on the screen and scattered everywhere. the files that they where originally written on the stick where done on an xp computer. is there any way of fixing this problem so they can be read properly. or can you help me find the software i need to open and read the files. any help will do.i desperately need some of these files. thanks.

Answer:please help me read my saved files

What program(s) were this used in before saving to the memory stick?
What program(s) are trying to open these files with from the memory stick?

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Looked...didn't see a post about this. There has to be a simple solution: I have had my HP Pavilion Laptop w/Windows 7 for 4 or 5 years and never had this problem. Recently, Word started saving my Documents as HTML, then when I try to open them they open online. All documents in library have changed to HTML. I have learned to change it back to Word when I "save as" but how do I change all the saved documents back to open in Word? It would be very time consuming to have to change them individually.

Thx, Sonya

Answer:Changing the way files are saved

Change the default save format back to DOC or DOCX .
It may have mentioned ONLINE format somewhere and you missed it (as one does!!)

As for the rest of them, if it has just changed the extension without changing the actual format, which I suspect is the case, you should be able to select them all and change *.HTML TO *.DOC though I should wait until someone here confirms that before you try it.

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I have tried saving images from websites and most of the get saved as bitmap or art files, what can I do to save all images as jpg?
I use xp pro service pack 2

Answer:why do jpg get saved as bitmap or art files?

Empty your temporary internet files.

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