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Here's the DX12 'Mech Ti' demo that Nvidia showed off behind closed doors at Computex

Question: Here's the DX12 'Mech Ti' demo that Nvidia showed off behind closed doors at Computex

As is typically the case at huge trade shows, major companies don't always show everything they have on the show floor. Such was the case with Nvidia during Computex last week where select guests were invited to check out a...

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Preferred Solution: Here's the DX12 'Mech Ti' demo that Nvidia showed off behind closed doors at Computex

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Here's the DX12 'Mech Ti' demo that Nvidia showed off behind closed doors at Computex

World leaders in screen tearing demonstrations! Seriously with today's available tech wtf is this...

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New feature and fixes in driver 378.78
Game Ready - Provides the optimal gaming experience for Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands.

Gaming Technology - Includes DirectX 12 optimizations which provide additional performance increases for a variety of titles.

New Features - Added support for the GeForce GTX 1080 Ti

SLI Profile - Added or updated the following SLI profiles:

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided
Titanfall 2
Tom Clancy's The Division

Driver Fixes
[Discord]: The GFE FPS counter appears in the application. [200281089]
[GeForce 1050 Ti][Notebook]: Blue-screen crash occurs on some notebook platforms. [1877803]
[GeForce GTX 980 Ti][PhysX]: PhysX uses the CPU when Optimize for Compute Performance setting is OFF, resulting in a drop in performance. [1871405]
[GeForce GTX 980][CUDA]: Driver error occurs when trying to compute with GPUGrid CUDA application [1869402]
[GeForce GTX 980 Ti][OpenCL]: Driver error occurs when trying to compute PrimeGrid Genefer OpenCL tool. [1867576]
[NVENC][Steam]: NvFBC H.264 encode crashes. [1867544]
and others
Important Open Issues (For full list of open issues please check out release notes)
[GeForce Experience]: Driver installation fails when attempting to perform a driver overinstall.
To workaround, perform a clean installation.
[GeForce GTX 1080 Ti][Sid Meirie's Civilization VI][G-Sync/SLI/DirectX 12]: Black corruption appears while entering the in-game menu afte skippingthe cutscene. [200283322]
[GeForce GTX Titan X][Ansel][Gh... Read more

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I'm confused, so because i have another problem which still isn't solved. Someone told me to reinstall my drivers. So i opened up add or remove programs but instead of Nvidia, ATI was there. So i uninstalled ATI drivers, now i don't know how to re-install it but also why is ATI showing up when i have a nvidia graphics card? Sorry if this is a stupid question. Thanks.

Answer:I have NVIDIA but ATI showed up?

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Does anyone know how to make the screenshots you take in the Nvidia Demos larger than 1024x768 ? Im using Fraps, do I have to purchase it to take larger resolution screenshots? or is it just the demo itself that is limiting the size?


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All you NVIDIA video card owners out there can get a free copy of Portal: First Slice just by hitting the link and installing Steam. Oh yeah, you?ll also need to have a NVIDIA card installed in your system though. For a limited time, a free copy of Portal: First Slice is available exclusively to all NVIDIA customers. Portal: First Slice is an extended demo of the unique new game from Valve that has earned numerous Game of the Year awards.

Free Portal Demo For NVIDIA Owners -

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Hi Everyone,

For a very very long time now I have been desperately searching the internet, high and low, for a few of NVidia's original technology demo's that they released on their website back in 99, 2000, 2001... But their is 2 specific Technology Demo's that I just cannot find anymore, they are:

Inferno & Twister

With the inferno technology demo, you could hit the mouse button anywhere on the screen and an hot rock in flames would come down from the sky and slam into the ground.

With the twister technology demo, it is self explanatory really, it was a nice graphic demo that allowed you to create a twister and destroy the environment.

I have searched NVidia's sites high and low, they have a heap of technology demo's that came out at the same time that they released these 2 I am after, but nothing exist on their site about these 2 tech demo's...

I have searched hundred of websites, the best I got was a few screenshots of the Inferno NVidia tech demo on Toms Hardware, and Guru3D managed to have the original CryTEK X-Isle Tech Demo and Benchmark, but I am at a loss trying to find these 2 old tech demo's, I am after the Inferno one more than anything.

Does anyone know where I could possibly find the Inferno tech demo, or does anyone still have a backup of the Tech Demo?

This site here has a link to it in the demo list, Number 17 from the bottom:,683482/Download-Geforce-tech-demos-from-Wan... Read more

Answer:nVidia Tech Demo - Inferno (GeForce)

P.S - I am a massive fan of Graphic Demo's, I love them, like fr-025 Final, ViP2 by PoPsy TeAm...

Does anyone else know of some really good graphic demo's that are out their? The Graphic Demo sites I used to frequent hourly years ago have since all perished, (ala 3DFiles, demoscene, etc) and I know about the but its a very difficult site to understand and read, and they don't review really, or rate, although they have a top list, which is never updated...

Does anyone know of newer graphic demos out their, or nice graphic demos that are really unseen and unknown?



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Saw this on Rage3d (May 21th, 2003):

From Rage3d ATI "Nvidia" Dawn Demo hack:
When I first saw Nvidia?s new GeForce FX Dawn demo I was quite impressed. ATI?s demos done by Alex and the ATI Research crew are of course impressive as well, but the Dawn demo had a certain appeal. Maybe it was the human form, life-like facial expressions, realistic skins tones and texture, or most likely the sexual appeal. So it was disappointing to find out that this magnificent demo would not be able to run on ATI?s DX9 graphic cards. Luckily a group of MIT engineering students were disappointed by the same thing (also rumoured that they were unhappy with Nvidia's image quality and performance) and were up to the task of making it work on ATI hardware (and the brains!). The end result was an opengl wrapper that made the demo run smoothly on ATI hardware. Most impressive!Click to expand...


-A graphic card that supports GL_ARB_*_program and GL_ATI_vertex_array_object
-Nvidia Dawn Demo
-512MB System Memory
-Patch works with the following chipsets:
R350 based cards
R300 based cards
RV350 based cards
M10 chipset
Click to expand...

Download OpenGL wrapper
Download Dawn demo

Apparently you rename "fairy.exe" to "quake3.exe" or "3dmark03.exe". I haven't tried this out.. *cough*

Answer:Nvidia Dawn (fairy) demo on ATI cards

Interesting, however, I am curious as to why anyone with an ATi card would want to run a NVIDIA demo. If you buy an ATi card, why not stick to their demos? I can see above that some have a certain appeal to Dawn possibly due to her/its human form, but I would just like to hear it from you guys. I don't mean to sound like I am biting people?s heads off here, I am just curious .

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I have today installed the release version of Vista Ultimate with SP1 (PTM51E - Bios 3.60)

Since installing I cannot get any version of the nvidia graphics drivers to install.

"Driver Installation Module stopped working and was closed" is the error that occurs every time.

Im hugely frustrated by this

Answer:"Driver Installation Module stopped working and was closed" error nvidia

Why do you post twice?

Would recommend following only one thread

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I made the obvious changes to the lid properties so that it will "do nothing". 
when connecting through the mini port with HDMI cable only direct connection to the tv works when the lid
is closed.
if I connect an external display such as a projector through a receiver when the lid is closed, it doesnt send
the video or audio signal, but it does bip when putting the cable in and out of the laptop, so i guess it is awake.
if the lid is open every thing works fine.
BUT, it is amajor problem because when using a projector you need darkness... and if the lid
can't be closed the it produces light.
so, i need a solution for the problem.
even if it is in the registry , to keep every thing going the same as if the lid wasn't closed, when it actually is closed.
can you help with this big problem ?
T530, nvs 5400.
receiver - denon 3808
projector - panasonic ptax200.
thanks !
Moderator note; e-mail address removed to stop the spambots getting it

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probably it's a satellite radius 14?

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Computex 2010: Dual GPU GTX 470 Videocard Spotted - HotHardware

This should be interesting....

Answer:Dual GPU Fermi at Computex

No need to SLI that one, I guess.

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.. is DX12 working correctly?
- one would have assumed backwards-compatibility, as with earlier versions.. (?)

Answer:Is DX12 working correctly..?

I notice that an update to the AMD BETA graphics driver almost succeeded tonight..
- looks like they pulled it at the last minute..

- Windows Update got quite a way thru the download before it suddenly stopped..

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I'm confused (not strange considering my age)On steam, DX11 is listed as recommended HW, but now the game is installed. I found the following 4 files:

But the game is running DX11, and I can not figure out how to switch to DX12. A google search made me even more confused, some people claim it supports DX12 after patch 1.6, others that it don't, as it should work with the dam consoles in online gaming-mode.
Anyone here can tell me if / how I can get the game in DX12 mode in singleplayer ???

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AMD talking about the RX480 (link below). I figured they wouldn't be matching 1080 performance and would be focusing on their pricing versus the competition. $199 U.S. for a RX480. You gotta love the comment they got from Marty Stratton (ID software - Doom developer):

"You are not going to need a $700 video card to enjoy Doom at fantastic frame rates". Then back to AMD for benchmarks of two 480's (<$500) compared to a $700 1080.

I'm no fan boy of either company. I've had both, no issues. Critical for pricing is competition so I hope both Nvidia and AMD do well. Just nice to see more than a number of us consumers take a shot at that $700 U.S. "Founders Edition REFERENCE" card pricing.

AMD Radeon RX480 with Polaris Architecture Graphics Card At Computex 2016 - YouTube

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I heard Lumia 840 is somewhere close and I want to know if is there any chance to see it at Computex or anytime soon.

Answer:Is there any chance to see a new Microsoft Lumia at Computex?

My Taro cards tell me that it probably won't happen but my Taro cards are really unreliable.

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AMD talking about the RX480 (link below). I figured they wouldn't be matching 1080 performance and would be focusing on their pricing versus the competition. $199 U.S. for a RX480. You gotta love the comment they got from Marty Stratton (ID software - Doom developer):

"You are not going to need a $700 video card to enjoy Doom at fantastic frame rates". Then back to AMD for benchmarks of two 480's (<$500) compared to a $700 1080.

I'm no fan boy of either company. I've had both, no issues. Critical for pricing is competition so I hope both Nvidia and AMD do well. Just nice to see more than a number of us consumers take a shot at that $700 U.S. "Founders Edition REFERENCE" card pricing.

AMD Radeon RX480 with Polaris Architecture Graphics Card At Computex 2016 - YouTube

Answer:Polaris Introduction at Computex 2016

AMD have always been more reasonable with their pricing. With better implementation of Dx12 it should be a real killer. It's pity that game developers are so one sided when it comes to making games, some work better on ATI/AMD, some better with Nvidia. You practically have to get one of each to be able to run every game with same performance.

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I have DX 10 and I'm on WINDOWS 10 PRO . When I try to upgrade to another newer version of directx its not letting me saying something like there is no need to install .......

Answer:Cant install DX11 or DX12? Its not letting me

Do you have a Directx 11 or 12 capable graphics card?

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Its in the title the latest patch gives DX12 in rise of the tomb raider

Answer:rise of the tomb raider DX12

in the new benchmark im getting 2 fps less in DX12 than DX11 ingame performance is up especially in the geothermic valley i was getting 50-55fps there now its over 60 . the patch also gives a new AO setting in DX11, VXAO its an fps killler though

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Its in the title the latest patch gives DX12 in rise of the tomb raider

Answer:rise of the tomb raider DX12

in the new benchmark im getting 2 fps less in DX12 than DX11 ingame performance is up especially in the geothermic valley i was getting 50-55fps there now its over 60 . the patch also gives a new AO setting in DX11, VXAO its an fps killler though

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I have DX 10 and I'm on WINDOWS 10 PRO . When I try to upgrade to another newer version of directx its not letting me saying something like there is no need to install .......

Answer:Cant install DX11 or DX12? Its not letting me

Do you have a Directx 11 or 12 capable graphics card?

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A feature I am very curious about since I can enabled Intel's iGPU, or install the 680 that I have lying around. Anyone care to give any experience that you have had with this DX12 feature? My main concern is screen tearing. Edit: Forgot...what about legacy DX rendering? Such as a DX9 game with multi GPU rendering is a curiosity too. It seems that multi-rendering may only occur with DX12.

Answer:DX12 Multiadapter Features Any Input?

Youre a little premature here. There are no DX12 games yet, and won't be for a long time (2016). And DX12 itself isn't even final yet.

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So I decided to test Windows 10 on my home machine (Specs below in sig) I downloaded the 10074 build and DX12 worked great. I then did the inplace upgrade to 10130 build and DX12 seems to be broken. Anyone have any clue as to what has happened?

Answer:Windows 10/DX12 broken in 10130 build?

I believe the general theory is some things got changed in the newer builds that created problems with amds dx12 drivers and amd just hasn't released a driver that is compatible with the changes Microsoft made...nothing to worry about and i don't blame amd for not getting in terrible rush till after these guys are done making changes (that creates more work for amd)

At this point my thinking is there waiting till rtm build before wasting more time on drivers that will just need to be changed again and again.....even when rtm roles around there should be plenty of time before anything needs dx12 drivers

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According to this article, Microsoft want to remove a lot of ingame settings, f.i. V-sync control, custom controller setup and other stuff. AMD and Nvidia is behaving differently in this test/benchmark. It seems to me that this is a wrong way to go for PC-gaming.

Read more: PC Gaming Shakeup: Ashes of the Singularity, DX12 and the Microsoft Store | PC Perspective

Answer:Microsoft Store and DX12 seems bad news for PC-gamers

Microsoft generally AND the Microsoft Store seem to be bad news for PC gamers. Read this article ( on the Gears of War launch. Doesn't bode well for the "highly anticipated" launch of Quantum Break in a month.

OC3D :: Article :: Gears of War: Ultimate Edition - PC Launch Disaster :: Gears of War: Ultimate Edition - PC Launch Disaster

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According to this article, Microsoft want to remove a lot of ingame settings, f.i. V-sync control, custom controller setup and other stuff. AMD and Nvidia is behaving differently in this test/benchmark. It seems to me that this is a wrong way to go for PC-gaming.

Read more: PC Gaming Shakeup: Ashes of the Singularity, DX12 and the Microsoft Store | PC Perspective

Answer:Microsoft Store and DX12 seems bad news for PC-gamers

Microsoft generally AND the Microsoft Store seem to be bad news for PC gamers. Read this article ( on the Gears of War launch. Doesn't bode well for the "highly anticipated" launch of Quantum Break in a month.

OC3D :: Article :: Gears of War: Ultimate Edition - PC Launch Disaster :: Gears of War: Ultimate Edition - PC Launch Disaster

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Question: Opening Doors

Answer:Opening Doors

A freind of mine has lent me DARK FORCES II: Jedi Knight, while he's on holiday.I have managed to finsh level 1, but how the hell do you open the door at the end of the level ?Can anyone help?Cheers.

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Asus announced a bevy of new products earlier today at Computex but one thing you might have missed is this transforming desktop PC chassis. Crafted with help from In Win, this unique convertible case from Asus' ROG division takes the...

Read more

Answer:Asus ROG, In Win show off practical transforming PC tower at Computex

"Practical" is debatable.

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From Tom's Hardware Guide:


MSI displayed at Computex an ATI X800XT-based graphics card that integrates an AGP as well as a PCI Express interface. The X800XT chip commonly offers native PCI Express support only, but an added AGP bridge on the backside of the board, makes the "RX800 Series / Geminium VIII" an interesting solution for users who want to stick with AGP for now and upgrade to PCI Express sometime in the future.

MSI's card can also be used in a dual-graphics tandem, if users choose to upgrade to an ATI RD400/RD480 motherboard a Radeon X800 master card. (THG)

Answer:Computex: MSI shows X800XT board with AGP and PCIe interfaces

Just for marketing. People will think it's cool, then people will buy it.

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Drivers for motherboards are always really sketchy, it doesn't matter what OEM you buy from, it is a really struggle to get them to care about their older products. I'm currently trying to use Windows 10 on my current Motherboard which is only a few months old, while most of it works, I'm having driver problems with a few things, mainly my Ethernet controller. My experience in the past with all this is the OEM wont be making a new driver for it, they haven't even bothered with beta drivers yet. For some reason I have a lot of Windows 8.1 drivers which get half way through and just stop doing anything...
So when Windows 10 comes out, I can bet you I'll have to get a new motherboard, not just a new GPU for it. Microsoft should have the foresight to support their previous OS for newer DX versions, we might have only just bought a Motherboard and will have compatibility issues with the new OS.
I'm going to be forced to have to shell out another couple of hundred to be able to use DX12 just because they want to force all gamers to buy that new OS. They did the same thing last time even though there was technically nothing stopping them as people hacked it on to the older OS.

Answer:What annoys me about Microsoft making DX12 a Windows 10 exclusive...

I've been around this stuff enough years to not even be bothered by it anymore. There are always cutting edge boards out there that get the latest and those that do not. It is how the development cycle works. The drivers you want always come later on. With Win X its a whole new ballgame. They skipped Win 9 I suspect because of it was probably replete with long winded problems and moved quickly to Win X development. But expect there will be more changes you are not going to be prepared for. If you gotta game, be patient.

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new belkin kit - got WAP talking to laptop & desktop in same room. when we moved WAP & laptop into next room signal weakened and failed.range is supposed to be 300 ft so why is the performance so feeble. have moved the WAP and laptop round the house to try different positions but still it fails to deliver.even when set up in next room with a connection the signal fluctuates - we found a "hot spot".do i send it all back to dabs & stretch cables?Any ideas?

Answer:54g wireless goes no distance in doors

you dont say which version you are using... there are versions 'a', 'b' and the latest 'g' standards, each having variations and strengths over the others. Before you go mad, try a cheap aerial extension to one of the units. That might fix it. Unless you live in an old English Castle!

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Does anyone have recent experience with biometric readers for access control. I've got two data center doors I want to change over to finger print access and have recently tried out Morpho J-Bio readers and found them to be absolute trash.

They wont work with our standard Cisco POE switches for power. Setup is via an archaic USB config tool from what I would guess is 2001 (requires a sub 1 GB fat 16 formatted stick), documentation is nearly non existent and poorly translated. Basically I dont have any faith in these to work when the shit hits the fan if they are this temperamental right out of the box.

Can anyone recommend other options?


Answer:Fingerprint readers for doors?

Do you already have HID cards deployed for access control? They make a number of biometric readers that should be fairly easy to integrate. Can do serial instead of USB for configuration too.

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Have Sony VAIO UCV... and periodically (more and more frequently) the drive doors refuse to open.  They always open if there is media in there and sometimes one will open and the other not.  For a while I could always get the DVD-ROM (Pioneer DVD-117R) to open if I opened the CD first.  ??  Rebooting does not help and I don't see a way to manually open them (no place to stick a pen point or anything).  They will also work after a system recovery, but right now I can't get the disc in to perform one.   Any ideas appreciated. 

Answer:DVD-ROM & CD-RW drive doors won't open

I don't know if this would help or not, but I would make sure you have all the latest drivers for those drives and if so it may just be time to think about getting a replacement drive?

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I know that tere needs to be some kind of temperature control in the room where the server is going to be. Does anyone know the actuall temperature has to be, approximatly?


Doors entering the server room, I have been told that they need to open outwards to serve the health and safty rules and regulations? Is this correct?


Answer:Temperature of Servers and Doors

We keep ours at 68-70F
and every datacenter i've worked in has the doors opening inward. But they where all built awhile ago.
Whole thread on it here:

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Available in both 13.3-inch and 15-inch, this powerful and versatile PC offers an embedded S Pen, a 360-degree touchscreen display, fast charging capabilities, an exceptional digital canvas for writing and drawing with Windows Ink, and the option to login quickly and securely with facial recognition using Windows Hello.

Built-in S Pen
The Notebook 9 Pro has a built-in S Pen to allow for a precise and natural experience. With a 0.7mm tip, it can detect more than 4,000 levels of pressure. The S Pen, combined with the touchscreen, allows you to draw in the Photos app or add notes to your map with Windows Ink, or highlight and markup webpages in Microsoft Edge,

Immersive display
With a 360-degree touchscreen display, this PC has incredible viewing angles and can be rotated to use in both notebook and tablet mode with ease; your apps will scale smoothly for easy navigation with Tablet Mode in Windows 10. The Notebook 9 Pro also has one of the most premium viewing experiences with a Full-HD touch screen equipped with RealView Display. It delivers professional grade color accuracy and brightness to enjoy immersive photography, movies and graphics at their best. The wide viewing angle on the Notebook 9 Pro provides viewing clarity for up to 178 degrees for clear pictures and text from any angle.

Powerful, ultra-fast performance
Driven by an ultra-fast 7th Generation IntelŽ Core i7 processor, the sleek Notebook 9 Pro makes it possible to work, create, and browse all at onc... Read more

Answer:Computex 2017: Samsung introduces the new Notebook 9 Pro powered by Windows 10

Not into buying pre-fab machines, but I have to admit this looks good

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Ive had trouble with this before and now that I try to play the game again it's still there. When I go to the multiplayer screen anyone whos played MechWarrior 4:Mercenaries before knows that you need to enter in your connection type. After I do that I click the Connect button to go to the page with the game lists. I see all the games listed but if I hit Join or Back the game freezes and it happens everytime. Ive allowed the ports through my router, I've shut down all my fire walls, only thing I have running in the background is CyberPatrol (mom has it on there). She thinks thats not the problem but I think CyberPatrol maybe causing a problem (maybe its blocking the game internet access due to Violence or something), am I fooling myself and its just something wrong with my drivers? I really think it is CyberPatrol because if it was something with my hardware wouldn't singleplayer also not work? It's only multiplayer i'm having troubles with. And if it IS CyberPatrol is there anyway I can make it allow access to the game without having to turn it off?

Processor - AMD Athlon(tm) XP 3200+
Video - NVIDIA GeForce FX 5700LE
Sound - SoundBlaster something (sorry I forgot what it is and I couldn't find out where to look on my computer to find out what it is, but I doubt its the sound card)
Is there anything else really neccesary?

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hi like the subject says how can i get mech commander to work on my xp putter. i have tried to make the program compatable to xp but it still doesnt work.

thanks for any help brian

Answer:mech commander on win xp

What exactly is the problem? How does it start and end?

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Question: Mech IV issue

I recently purchased MEchwarrior IV

I loaded it without issue, but when I go to play I get an error message that reads

Stop: Failed(0x80040154 WINERR_Class Not Registered) CO Create Instance(ldirectlobby3a)

I loaded the patch, loaded most recent drivers. Running P4 2.5 512 RAM Ti4200 128 meg board

any ideas?


Answer:Mech IV issue

Do you have the latest version of DirectX?

Do any other games work, or is this the only one you have?

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Question: Mech Warrior 4

I am trying to install this game (MechWarrior4) my grandmother got for me and I keep getting an error when I reach about 38% complete that says "Their is an error accessing the file C:\programfiles\microsoftgames\mechwarriorvengeance\resource\textures.mw4 your disk may be full or the file may be in use" I am confident I have plenty of disk space and I am unable to locate this file to determine if it is in use. I tried a patch from the vendor website but it said it could not load because of a previous error. I assume it means the one from loading. I have a Gateway with Windows xp 2002, pentium4, 512ram. Can you help

Answer:Mech Warrior 4

Well, If I understand correctly, the game will not install since there is an error. So that means there is a currupt file on the cd. Either the Cd is scratched or the file is broken. If CD is new, liek you said, try exhanging it for a different copy of the game.

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Question: Mech Warrior 4

I have mech warrior4 for PC, and when i try and install the game i get too 20 % and the game seems to stop installing,the computer doesn't have any errors to freezes. jus the program seems to stop working. I have looked at the CD, But its almost perfect....Could my Real Time Virus Scan be affecting the installer? Any Ideas? P.S. Anyone know where i can get Project IGI 2? FTP if ya could...........Thanks

Answer:Mech Warrior 4


I would disable the scanner whilst trying to install the game. They usually causes problems with installations.

Also, a cleanup of your 'behind the scene' programs maybe a good start:

Go to Run and type MSINFO32
On the left choose Software Enviroment, then Startup Programs. Copy/paste the list here



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I think it is a feature of DX12... Am I wrong?

Answer:Does my Core i5 integrated GPU work together with my graphics card on DX12 games?

Welcome to Windows Central!
You're right! It's a feature called Explicit multi-adapter or just multi-adapter (i think).
It is said to work with both Intel and AMD CPU's, which is great!
I think it'll be great for both the devs and the consumers! I'll be here waiting for it

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i have mmx130g modem when i connect to my pc an error massage comes that device is not ready door are open but when i continue modem works properly please help me

Answer:doors are open an error masseage comes when i

Put the Exact error message into Google.

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I've got two different CD/DVD Drives in my desktop that often do not open when the button is pushed. The seem to be jammed. I get the led light and I can hear that it's attempting to open, and it moves a small fraction of an inch, but it appears to be stuck. They will eventually open after repeated tries. The condition appears to be intermittent. On rare occaisions, they will open on the first depression of the button. Sometimes one will open and the other will be difficult. Originally, I thought this was an operating system issue, but I'm installing a new OS with bare drives and the doors were misbehaving.

Has anyone experienced this annoyance and found a solution? Do these doors need to be cleaned and lubricated?


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Picked up the following link on another site it is suppose to be free. Is is really free or is it just free for a while and then you have to buy it if you want to use it.

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Please help. I have had Cryptowall 3 on my vista computer at least 4 days.
of course no there are several things infected and encrypted now.
as well as the machine being very slow. 
I am not aware how it works so fear of moving files to back up has set in.
i know i will loose some files but all help is very appreciated.
Scan result of Farbar Recovery Scan Tool (FRST) (x86) Version: 22-04-2015 01
Ran by Jason (administrator) on JASON-LAPTOP on 22-04-2015 20:39:04
Running from C:\Users\Jason\Desktop\jan
Loaded Profiles: Jason (Available profiles: Jason)
Platform: Microsoft® Windows Vista™ Home Basic  Service Pack 1 (X86) OS Language: English (United States)
Internet Explorer Version 8 (Default browser: Chrome)
Boot Mode: Normal
Tutorial for Farbar Recovery Scan Tool:
==================== Processes (Whitelisted) =================
(If an entry is included in the fixlist, the process will be closed. The file will not be moved.)
(Microsoft Corporation) C:\Program Files\Microsoft Security Client\MsMpEng.exe
(Microsoft Corporation) C:\Windows\System32\SLsvc.exe
(ALWIL Software) C:\Program Files\Alwil Software\Avast5\AvastSvc.exe
(Microsoft Corporation) C:\Windows\System32\wlanext.exe
(Filipe Lourenço) C:\Program Files\BatteryCare\BatteryCare.exe
(Apple Inc.) C:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\Apple... Read more

Answer:infected with Cryptowall 3 and whatever it opened doors too

Greetings and to BleepingComputer,
My name is xXToffeeXx, but feel free to call me Toffee if it is easier for you. I will be helping you with your malware problems.
A few points to cover before we start:
Do not run any tools without being instructed to as this makes my job much harder in trying to figure out what you have done.
Make sure to read my instructions fully before attempting a step.
If you have problems or questions with any of the steps, feel free to ask me. I will be happy to answer any questions you have.
Please follow the topic by clicking on the "Follow this topic" button, and make sure a tick is in the "receive notifications" and is set to "Instantly". Any replies should be made in this topic by clicking the "Reply to this topic" button.
Important information in my posts will often be in bold, make sure to take note of these.
I will attempt to reply as soon as possible, and normally within 24 hours of your reply. If this is not possible or I have a delay then I will let you know.
I will bump a topic after 3 days of no activity, and then will give you another 2 days to reply before a topic is closed. If you need more time than this please let me know.
Lets get going now
Hi Jason6300,
Did you install or download GameHugArcade?
 We need to remove some programs with Revo Uninstaller Free:
 Note: Revo Uninstaller is more thorough in deleting programs on your computer than using the Add/Remove opt... Read more

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Hello All,

Well I have another mystery to solve.

I am helping a friend with their computer, it is a Dell Dimension 2350

128 meg Ram, Win XP Home SP2, 2.0 Ghtz P-4 Pentium, Samsung CD Rom sc-14bC,

30 gb hdd, ntfs, hl-dt-st- cd rom GCE-8400B , problem is one drives cd door opens on start up

any ideas



Answer:CD Doors Opens on Start Up or Shutdown

Have you tried removing the drive from device manager and rebooting the computer to see if the drivers re-install properly?

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Hi there
I'm afraid I have to give Office 2013 a total NO NO for use on a laptop out of doors.

Menu's all WHITE - can't customize and incredibily difficult to use outside. I'd make the guy who designed that colour scheme sit outside for 6 hours everyday and be forced to use Office 2013 ON A TABLET too !!! and see how he / she gets on with it.

I can't see the menu's very clearly - Outlook for instance is all white and very hard to read if sitting with your laptop say on a terrace at your favourite bar or caf?.

There's no way to alter the settings for example on Office 2010 you can do a little customisation so menus are very easy to read even outside

For example Outlook and excel snapshots (2010). Easily visible even outdoors.


Answer:Office 2013 - Impossible to use out of doors in the sun

Customization is one of the last functions to be added to pre-release issues of office, well it was with both 2007 & 2010 anyway.

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About two weeks ago, while logged onto the net, every so often, it sounded like a door sqreeching and slamming on my computer. Now besides this, a horn will blow. It sounds like the type you find fans blowing at football games. Really anoying. Its almost like someone has acess to my computer and is trying to drive me crazy. Any of you have any ideas what may be going on?

Answer:Doors slamming, horns blowing while on the net

Is this one of the sounds you are hearing?

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A week or so ago, I started having problems getting online. Everything bogged down after about an hour or less. No Roku, no access from either laptop. It finally got bad enough that I called my ISP and requested tech support. They sent out a tech after going through a few routines over the phone. Before the tech arrived, I got a CD jammed into the DVD player, so took my laptop apart and then left. When I got back, the tech had been here, and everything was working well. I put together my laptop, plugged it in, and within 45 minutes, all went south again. Back came the tech the next day, and showed us that data were streaming heavily through the modem, and he declared that there must be a program using up all the bandwidth. Closing all browsers didn't stop it. However, closing network access to that computer did. Stopped it cold.

I've surmised that somehow, someone managed to hack my computer and use it as a relay. At the moment, I'm waiting for my second computer (Windows 7), which I'd put off repairing, to be fixed and ready to use, and at the moment I'm using my son's laptop. Earlier today, my buggy Windows 10 computer was on but not connected to the internet, and we again had problems with network access until I shut it down. Once I have my second laptop back, I'll be able to transfer some files to it and then do a clean install on the first, but I want to make sure this doesn't happen again.

What programs resident in Windows 10 that I need to stop permanen... Read more

Answer:hacks, relays, and back doors

How to secure Windows 10: The paranoid's guide | ZDNet
Have you reviewed the Privacy feature under Settings ?

Not saying that is the entire issue, but a place to start.

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The ROG Zephyrus delivers next-generation gaming experience for the enthusiast gamer. Built with Windows 10, these devices arrive equipped with the Xbox app and Direct X12, can take advantage of Xbox Play Anywhere and have Cortana* ? your digital personal assistant who can help you complete tasks, set reminders and more ? and comprehensive security with Windows Defender built-in.

Powered by the latest Intel Core i7 processor, the ROG Zephyrus gives you the gaming performance you need while also providing portability. It also has the highest NVIDIA GeForce GTX graphics (GTX 1080) for supreme visuals and is VR Ready.

The ROG Zephyrus has enhanced keyboard features with a new type of trackpad located to the right of the keyboard for ideal gaming usage that doubles as a numeric keypad. The keyboard also has a new feature called ROG Aura that lets you customize dynamic light effects on the WASD and QWER key groups as well as the entire keyboard for customized gaming. It features ultra-slim and portable design at 0.7 inches thick and 4.85 lbs, and has special hinge design that increases air flow to cool and stable gaming marathon sessions.

The ASUS ROG Zephyrus features Sonic Studio II, an audio suite that offers 6 audio controls: Reverb, Bass Boost, Equalizer, Voice Clarity, Smart EQ (Smart Volume) and Surround. Surround is dedicated for 2-channel headset and offers one of the best virtual surround technologies for gaming.

To learn more about everything ASUS ROG announced ... Read more

Answer:Computex 2017: ASUS unveils new ROG Zephyrus for gaming, powered by Windows 10

Very nice I must say.

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my dell inspiron when is much time under sleep mode, closed screen, closed laptop, and when is turned back, screen is black with visible light on it, led light, and i can move cursor
if i leave it like that for few minutes i can also notice dim screen, like even that black desktop is going to black again

The system has returned from a low power state. Sleep Time: ‎2017‎-‎03‎-‎31T16:23:21.587635000Z Wake Time: ‎2017‎-‎03‎-‎31T19:01:23.725031900Z Wake Source: Power Button

Faulting application name: Explorer.EXE, version: 10.0.14393.953, time stamp: 0x58ba5aa4 Faulting module name: wpnprv.dll, version: 10.0.14393.479, time stamp: 0x58258bd8 Exception code: 0xc0000005 Fault offset: 0x00000000000229e6 Faulting process id: 0x21c4 Faulting application start time: 0x01d2a9ec81b937df Faulting application path: C:\WINDOWS\Explorer.EXE

can you tell me this, as im checking my event viewer, if I make laptop go to sleep by Button or Lid, does this means explorer.exe is automaticly closed and reopened after return from sleep? or it still uses before sleep crashed explorer? This would lead me on the right track of fixing this.

i am gonna turn off all sleep hibernate etc things, but, im wondering why explorer crashed. I ask if explorer exe restarts upon laptop wake up from sleep, if it does than it would be probably problem with nvidia driver or something. Like this, I'm not sure if the reason is windows itself as it crashed ex... Read more

Answer:sleep mode, closed screen, closed laptop, and when is turned back, scr

Is wpnprv.dll, Windows Push Notification Services (WNS) ?
It has something to do with cloud, one drive?
One Drive caused explorer crash?

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I have System Mech as a computer housekeeping program, to clear my drives of clutter/remove spyware, etc. It has tons of features and it really is a good overall computer watchdog. Problem is i can spend 6 hours running an internet clutter or junk file removal tool after not having ran one for a month - and then the day after run it again and get the same number of files removed in ONE day as were removed in one MONTH'S useage. And it still takes 6 hours to clear the one day's worth of clutter, same as it did to clear the one month's worth.

I don't trust System Mech after that... and it makes doing a junk removal scan seem futile anyway, if you're always going to end up with 5000 junk files no matter how often you do it....

My question is does anyone know of a good similar program to System Mech?

Answer:Alternative to System Mech?

tiger_tops said:

I have System Mech as a computer housekeeping program, to clear my drives of clutter/remove spyware, etc. It has tons of features and it really is a good overall computer watchdog. Problem is i can spend 6 hours running an internet clutter or junk file removal tool after not having ran one for a month - and then the day after run it again and get the same number of files removed in ONE day as were removed in one MONTH'S useage. And it still takes 6 hours to clear the one day's worth of clutter, same as it did to clear the one month's worth.

I don't trust System Mech after that... and it makes doing a junk removal scan seem futile anyway, if you're always going to end up with 5000 junk files no matter how often you do it....

My question is does anyone know of a good similar program to System Mech?Click to expand...
you may like to check this free programme out, I've been using it and it quickly checks your files, removes the junk and does much more

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Been using a Microsoft Comfort Curve 3000 for about 6 months and then it started missing strokes and feel "stuck".

Then used an Apple Keyboard (yes, on a PC, cause I got it for free), which I liked for a while but got tired of the cramped layout.

It's time to go mech. I live in Israel so if I buy on Amazon US (there's no Amazon Israel) it's about $33 shipping. Over $75 (without shipping) and you also have to pay tax. So my budget is exactly 74.99, on Amazon or wherever.


CoolerMaster Rapid A used CoolerMaster Rapid-i Noppoo Choc Mid 87 for just $60 with free shipping. A steal if they actually last. Do they?

All of them use Cherry MX Blue switches. I don't care about backlight, not enough to go outside my budget anyway.

Another option is to buy a Corsair K65 locally, but it's got Red switches and I do want the tactile feedback which they're said to lack.

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I have recently purchased the Mechwarrior Mech Collection Pak.

It has Mech4 Vengeance, Mech4 Black Knight Expansion, and Mech Commander 2
I was wondering if anyone knew of a way to make a back up copy of these cd's. I've tried several methods but so far nothing has worked.

Answer:MechWarrior Mech Collection

for those who wish to know.

The mech cd's (as well as many many others) copy perfectly with software called CloneCD. I downloaded a trial from
so far, the only game that I haven't been able to make a backup copy of is Diablo 2.

The Cinematics cd, the install cd, and the LoD expansion, all burned fine. The only one that didnt was the play cd. It will say it burns ok, but then it will hang at a certain point in the install.
Other than that i have made backup copies of my Warcraft III, All my Mechwarrior Cd's. Going to try my starcraft cd's next.

The worst thing in the world, is to go to play one of your favorite games and it is scratched so badly that it doesnt work.

This way, instead of having to purchase another copy, you can make a backup and play from the burned cd. Thus keepin your original in mint condition.

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Hello - i bought Sys. Mech 7 and get an error messege of "invalid license information" every time i try to install. I contacted the company and they said to install in safe mode with networking. My problem with safe mode is that i have a different video card installed and can't start my system in safe mode as it uses the OEM video card. I tried disabling my Nvidia card and enabling the original but only the pointer would come up on the screen. I've also heard iolo has had a lot of problems with this product not installing properly. Is it worth even trying to get it up and running or should i shop for something else? I bought a copy online and got frustrated figuring it must be a problem with my online order so i bought a cd copy and got the same results. Iolo isn't very helpful either so i'm looking anywhere possible for a solution.

Answer:Sys.Mech 7 install problem on Win XP

I would review Iolo's help page and check every remedy:

KBA-01381: I am having trouble entering my licensing information into an iolo product

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Are there any easy ways to swap out my os & programs from a regular mech drive to a solid state drive, prehaps ghosting, imaging or something like that?


Answer:how to swap out mech drive for ssd?

There's some useful suggestions in this thread:Best Imaging Software Suggestions

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when i try to play multiplayer on my fully updated mech warrior 4: vengence i run into some problems right before i get into the game. i get to the game screen jsut fine, but when i click on a game that uses the same version i do, it says that there may be networking problems or the server may be gone. any help will be useful.

Answer:mech warrior 4 multiplayer

If you are running Win XP then you are not alone. There have been a lot of people running XP and having multiplayer game issues. The only suggestion I have been seeing is to check the microsoft update site for XP updates. Many updates that come out name specific games that they help with. Hope this helps. If you aren't running XP try posting your system specs and I'll see if i can help.

BTW: Do you have the original Vengeance CD's? I am trying to patch mine and It says that my MW4.exe file is corrupt. The game runs fine but I cant install the mech packs or Black Knight until I can patch vengeance because both of those try to patch vengeance as part of the install process. If you have the original vengeance cd's could you email me the MW4.exe file off of CD 1. It is only a couple hundred KB and shouldn't be too much of a problem. If you would please mail it to [email protected]



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i installed sytem mechanic on my mach. and after the install when i tried to run the program it wouldnt run. when i checked the processes in the task manager it said it was running, so i tried to end the process and nothing happened(they wouldnt end). so i restarted my comp and it took like 10minutes to restart and the program still wont run. does anybody have a clue what is going on and whydid my comp. take so long to restart?

specs: Win XP, 3gig processor, 512MB RAM.
if i need to be more specific to get help, just point me in the right direction.

thanx in advance!

Answer:sys, mech. wont run after install

When you uninstall it, does the computer work better? Faster boot ups?

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Ok i have read the multiple other Mech 4 problems and none of them seem to be answering my question. I just recently installed the entire mech 4 pack (venge, BLK, merc, clan and innersphere packs) I got all the patches, and as many of the new maps as i can find. I have turned off all my firewalls and made sure I had the correct ports open. Still though whenever I try to join a game in the in game server list it says unable to connect either server does not exist or there is network problems (tried on multiple servers mind you). also in the MSN gaming zone for Mech 4 it starts like its going to work but then it brings you back to the chat staging area with a box saying it may take a few minutes to launch (never launch, left for a good 10-15 minutes).
I have also updated my graphics card and everything else i could think of.

Computer Specs:
P4 2ghz
512mb ram
NVIDIA GeForce 4 Ti 4200 128MB
DirectX 9c
CenturyTel DSL (780kbps) on a D-Link 8 port router
Operating system: Windows XP Home edition (i know it doesnt say its supported but I know many people that play it just fine with XP)

P.S. I play lots of online games and i have never had a problem like this before. Any help on this would be most appreciated

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My son's Mechwarrior game won't run. We have an Athlon 1900+ XP machine with lots of memory, good graphics, etc. The microsoft site had a chip set driver upgrade that I downloaded. It said to extract it to the file where the drivers are--I am not sure where that is, so it is on a folder on my desktop titled "downloaded programs". I went through the set up with the new Via driver and Mechwarrior still won't run. I have tried running it at lower resolution, which I shouldn't have to. Any suggestions?

Answer:Mech Warrior and AMD chipset

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Greetings.There are numerous (support) Youtube tutorials on Inkscape software. A gentleman who goes by PhotoAdvanced2 starts at imbecile and progress's from there.Just a heads up. Thank you for your help.

Answer:re: mech drawing software

Probably would have been wise to post this in the original Topic so people know what you're talking about...just sayin...

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A British security researcher has figured out a way to manipulate legitimate features in Adobe PDF files to open back doors for computer attacks.

David Kierznowski, a penetration testing expert specializing in Web application testing, has released proof-of-concept code and rigged PDF files to demonstrate how the Adobe Reader program could be used to launch attacks without any user action.

I do not really consider these attacks as vulnerabilities within Adobe. It is more exploiting features supported by the product that were never designed for this," Kierznowski said in an e-mail interview with eWEEK.

The first back door (PDF), which eWEEK confirmed on a fully patched version of Adobe Reader, involves adding a malicious link to a PDF file. Once the document is opened, the target's browser is automatically launched and loads the embedded link.

"At this point, it is obvious that any malicious code [can] be launched," Kierznowski said.

The use of Web-based exploits to launch drive-by malware downloads is a well-known tactic and the discovery of PDF back doors is further confirmation that desktop programs have become lucrative targets for corporate espionage and other targeted attacks.

A second back door demo (PDF) presents an attack scenario that uses Adobe Systems' ADBC (Adobe Database Connectivity) and Web Services support. Kierznowski said the back door can be used to exploit a fully patched version of Adobe Professional.

For advice o... Read more

Answer:Hacker Discovers Adobe PDF Back Doors

Yeah...nonetheless AAcrobat has always been horrible for me--excessive memory usage / hog, long loading delays (even though it's using a lot of memory), and occasionally claiming a file was missing / corrupt when the said file did indeed exist, and had the same hash as the one it "replaced" it with.

Bleh. AAcrobat needs to die.

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I am installing a surveillance system based on a web-cam.

In order to remotely view the images i must open a port in the computer connected to the web-cam. That computers is protected with a router with firewall and also with Norton personal firewall software.

What can i do to open a port ????

Answer:Opening doors for remote aplication acess

You probably need to setup port forwarding on the router.

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Who needs hackers? bad lazy 'Password1' open third of all biz doors :
Hundreds of thousands of hashed corporate passwords have been cracked within minutes by penetration testers using graphics processing units.
The 626,718 passwords were harvested during penetration tests over the last two years conducted across corporate America by Trustwave infosec geeks.

The firm's threat intelligence manager Karl Sigler said in a post that half of the plundered passwords were cracked within "the first few minutes".

"We eventually cracked 576,533 or almost 92 percent of the sample within a period of 31 days," Sigler said.
"Such a short cracking time using a word list from last year?s [common passwords] study shows that passwords were as predictable as ever.

"'Password1' was the password we came across most often in this year?s analysis."
Lazy passwords allowed Trustwave hackers into every third corporate environment tested. ..

- read more on the website, please ..

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Sounds like good news for many... and maybe some even better prices for the US?

Answer:Newegg May Open Doors to Europe and other Regions

There's been rumour's going around for about a year or two now about them shipping to other place's,You guy's in the state's will still get the best deal's though

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i have an internet picture of a building and an internet picture of revolving doors. I want to place the picture of the revolving doors on the building.

I have done the simple things like resizing pictures,changing the contrast,etc.,of pictures. How do i do the above? It would probably take a long time typing every detail so if you can just
tell me the simple words i should be looking for when i am using photo software, i probably can fiqure it out.

thanks ahead of time.

Answer:Putting a picture of revolving doors on a building?

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Today at Computex, ASUS introduced a stunning line-up of thin and light ZenBook and VivoBook laptops powered by Windows 10 built to boost productivity and give you the best-ever computing experience. The new laptop line-up lights up some of the best of Windows 10 ? including your digital personal assistant Cortana*, Windows Hello for fast and secure login, Windows Ink for drawing in the Photos app or adding notes to your map, comprehensive protection with Windows Defender and more.

Let?s take a look at these devices:

ZenBook Flip S (UX370) with Windows 10
ASUS ZenBook Flip S combines sophistication with the convenience and versatility of a 360° display at only 10.9 mm thin and 1.1 kg light.
Up to a 7th Generation i7-7500U processor and an ultrafast 1TB PCIe SSD to allow you to sail through everyday computing tasks with ease.
New cooling system using state-of-the-art components including a liquid-crystal-polymer fan impeller that?s just 0.3 mm thin.
The up to 4K UHD multitouch NanoEdge display on ZenBook Flip S supports an active stylus, combining an amazing visual experience with the convenience of effortless and intuitive interactivity.
Fingerprint sensor for instant one-touch login via Windows Hello in either laptop or tablet mode

Pricing and Availability: ASUS ZenBook Flip S starts from USD$1,099, and will be available this summer

ZenBook Pro (UX550) with Windows 10
ASUS ZenBook Pro is the thinnest, lightest and most powerful ZenBook Pro ever, offering a w... Read more

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Available starting today on and at retailers in China including, and worldwide in the coming weeks, Dell?s new lineup includes the Inspiron 27 7000 AIO, the Inspiron 24 5000 AIO and the new Inspiron Gaming Desktop ? the first gaming desktop to join Dell?s expanding Inspiron Gaming line-up.

Built with Windows 10, these devices arrive equipped with the Xbox app and Direct X12, and can take advantage of Xbox Play Anywhere and have your personal digital assistant Cortana* and comprehensive security with Windows Defender built-in. Let?s take a closer look at these devices:

Inspiron Gaming doubles down with first-ever gaming desktop
Dell announced today its first-ever Inspiron Gaming desktop with Windows 10, built for gamers seeking a competitive advantage at an affordable price. The new Inspiron Gaming desktop sports the latest AMD multicore Ryzen processors featuring SenseMI, which optimizes power consumption, task routing and clock speeds to deliver exceptional responsiveness and performance whether it?s gaming, Virtual Reality or streaming.

Features of the Inspiron Gaming Desktop include:
Gaming-focused design touches with functional venting, thermally-optimized airflow routing, available Polar Blue LED Illumination, and easy component access
Power supply options up to 850 watts for supporting dual discrete graphics
Ready for VR configurations that support HTC and Oculus
High-performance discrete graphics card options including NVIDIAŽ GeForc... Read more

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Hi everyone:

I'm not a big gamer, but my family is. They really enjoy Mech Warrior 3, and would like to go to MW 4, but I heard through someone that it is not as good and number 3.

Have any of you gone from MW 3 to MW 4 and liked (or not liked) the change? If so - I'd appreciate your opinion before I spend the money.


Answer:Mech Warrior 4 - opinion needed please

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Relevance 45.92% I am having a odd issue and maybe you guys can help me. I just completed a new HTPC build. I was able to install the Corsair Neutron GTX SSD just fine and loaded Windows on it no problem so everything is peaches and cream. Since I am only planning on running the OS and programs from the SSD I bought a 3TB mech HDD that I plan to rip movies to and store all my media etc. I bought the Seagate Barracuda ST3000DM001.

After reading on the web I realized the way to utilize the full 3TB of the drive was to format it as a GTP drive. This worked just fine and now Windows can see the full 3TB but the problem is that now the system is getting confused between the SSD and the mech HDD. What I mean by that is that every time I restart the system it goes to the black screen with the blinking cursor because the system is trying to boot from the Seagate vs. the Corsair Neutron.

I can't tell you how many times I have went into the BIOS and made sure that the the ONLY boot option available is the SSD, I have tried making it the number 1 option with the other hard drive as number 2 etc...etc...I have tried every configuration and no matter what I do it tries to revert back to the Seagate as the number 1 boot option.

Also even when I have the OS booted up on the SSD it runs slowly and gets hung up and applications don't respond. The minute I take the mech HDD out everything runs smoothly again.

Any advice on this problem is greatly appreciated. Full system specs are in my publi... Read more

Answer:Problem running 3TB mech HDD behing my new SSD

i am having similar problems with i have a post seagate 3tb expansion with windows 7 dont work

personally i think windows 7 cant handle 3TB

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This is extremely weird troubling.I have an HP desktop running XP Media Ctr (SP3), my mom has a Dell desktop running XP Media Ctr (SP3). IWe've both been using Iolo System Mechanic Professional for over a year (it has 3 licenses) , but we had Norton 360 before that, (also 3 licenses) so we was only using the diagnostic stuff, not the firewall & antivirus components.I renewed our SysMechPro about a month ago about the same time 360 rather than pony up $80 to renew 360, we removed it & installed the full SysMechPro package (updated to v9.5). BTW, I used the 3rd SysMech 'seat' on my office laptop, but that is/will always be diagnostics/repair only;It is problems...making me think the prob below has to be w/the firewall or antivirus components.SysMech scans & updates automatically, so sometimes you see "you must reboot your computer to complete your repairs. I got that Wed night, and shut down completely. My mom always shuts down.Low and behold, Thursday morning...BOTH OF OUR COMPUTERS ARE CRASHED!!! Mine is caught in a rebooting loop (but get BSOD when I hit "disable auto-restart", hers goes right to SAME BSOC that say "serious damage...blah blah...preventing..blah blah...restart"...then some error codes:0x0000007B (0XBA4C3524, 0X0000034, 0X0000000) I think this means there's no driver for my hard drive or somethingWe can't start in safemode (or anything). I have a PowerSuite r... Read more

Answer:Help! Iolo Sys Mech Pro Killed TWO Machines on Same Day

System Mechanic...I tried that during my Win 98 days and found that it did nothing useful that I could not do without it.Just for the record...BC (and others) takes a dim view of such programs, for the very reasons that you now are experiencing.Why I Don't Use Registry Cleaners Mr. Bott is, among other things, the person who hosted the first computer forum I ever visited/participated in. I, and others, hold his advice/suggestions in high regard.Should I Use A Registry Cleaner - answer your questions...I have a question...have you actually tried following the directions provided?Are these two systems part of a home network?The "fix" may or may not work, trying it will reveal such. There's no point in speculating as to whether it will work, when attempting to execute it will reveal whether it works or not.Iolo may have had documented history where their software produced this particular STOP error...I don't know, you don't indicate why they suggested the sequence you listed. I will say that the cure for this type of STOP error varies and is not something universally agreed on.Google List, 7B STOP ErrorsThe typical "authority" on STOP errors is at This site reflects generic info on various types of STOP errors, yours (7B) can be found by scrolling the left column. As you see, 7B is "inaccessible boot device" but the fact is that any number of situations ... Read more

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Uhg its working on one win8 PC even if the AMD card has a ton of blocks in it and software mode dose not work at all.

But is this a VB/CC error or DX error? I vaugly recall needing to install something to solve this for an emulator I had but I need to figure out what I need. Then I can see if its blocky on the nivida card too LOL

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I'm curious what others think of Iolo's System Mechanic 7 Professional. I bought a new copy (unopened) for 7.00 and have heard both great and terrible things about it.

Look forward to hearing what others have to say.


Answer:OPINION:System Mech 7 professional

I've used System Mechanic (not the professional version, which I believe adds malware protection) since about version 4, and have always loved it.

That is until the latest update, to 7.1.12, I think, which stopped working altogether here. I've been dealing with their support staff, via apparently automated responses, for a couple weeks and have been unable to resolve the problem. If anyone has a similar experience and has successfully resolved it, I'd love to hear how.

When it's working, however, it's a superb utilities package. I can't speak to the anti-virus, anti-spyware functions, as I've never used them.

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After 2 ½ years the time has come for a reformat and I need some advice on a number of miscellaneous issues and confirmation that the planned procedure is OK.
I have a windows 7 64bit system with an SSD and three HDs, one for apps, the others for downloads and data storage – docs, music, transferred scanned photos and digital images, media and whatever. I’ve backed up/copied/pruned everything and listed the apps I both want to keep and those I never want to see again!
I’ve downloaded the latest drivers for the MB and graphics card and peripherals (in the case of Gigabyte and Canon an unnecessarily time consuming hike around their respective sites. This stuff isn’t rocket science but those two succeed in making life unnecessarily complicated).
The excellent Newegg tutorials have been watched and I’m nearly ready to go.
1 Would it me sensible to do a full reformat of the SSD rather than a quick reformat and is it OK to do this during initial process when I’m booting from the Windows 7 dvd?
2 Once the OS is installed and I start loading drivers for the MB, are there any from the downloaded groups that I can ignore ie the RAID drivers from the Gigayte site if I’m not using a raid array? Chipset, Lan, audio, USB and later the graphics I know are must haves but what about the others? The original Gigabyte disc isn’t helpful as none of the names are similar
3 The Gainward Nvidia Geforce manual recommends removing the window... Read more

Answer:dos and don'ts of reformats win 7 64bit ssd and multiple mech HDs

you're making it sound so complicated :p , but heres the thing just back up everything in the ssd or hdd where you are going to reinstall windows , but before anything else be sure to back up your drivers as well most importantly the network drivers that way you could still connect to the internet. and yes you can reformat your ssd during windows installation , it'll give you an option to either reformat the drive , delte partition etc.

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I'm looking for an IP intercom solution that will allow our receptionists to buzz people in through our front doors that we are in the process of electrifying.

We are going traditional card access (HID proximity) and using Lenel for our backend.

Our vendor in charge of installing the card access is pushing another company called Stentafone but after talking with them their solution does not integrate both audio and video for Cisco phones. Apparently they can only do audio communication if going to a Cisco phone.

Doing my own research I've come across a pretty cool company that looks to have exactly what I'm looking for but wanted to see if anyone else has tried them or has any other solutions.

Our requirements are:
MUST integrate with Cisco Call manager and Cisco Phones
MUST have two way audio communication
MUST be able to press a button on a cisco phone and activate a contact closure or relay to open the door
Prefer one way video from camera at the door into a Cisco Phone (highly preferable)

Here is a link to what I've found so far.
In action:

Answer:Cisco compatible IP intercom for buzzing in through front doors

aren't cisco devices sip compliant? or is there no way to communicate w/ call manager and sip devices?

we use Algo, but i'm running it through asterisk... seems to work great, but ours doesn't have video....

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Hacker can Open Electronically Locked Doors Undetected

A network technician from Texas State University discovered a way to crack an electronic building access system from CBORD and unlock any door in the network, bypassing the security audit log in the process. He presented his findings at DefCon and also notified CBORD about the vulnerability. Nice guy!

At each door is the controller, with a card reader and electronic lock. The controller connects over TCP/IP to a central server that in turn connects to a client program that is used to change access privileges for cardholders, monitor alarms and remotely lock and unlock doors. The problem occurs between the door controller and the server, which communicate with a persistent TCP session with "very, very predictable sequence numbering," Lawshae says. Essentially, it increments by 40 for each new command.

Answer:Hacker can Open Electronically Locked Doors Undetected

Man I wish i was SMRT enuff to fnd these stuff.

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While the laptop is plugged in, closing the lid works properly (in my case, sleeps) and when the lid is subsequently opened it wakes correctly.
If I close the lid while unplugged, the laptop seems to power off hard - the front LED goes out immediately, and when I open the lid the machine boots from cold. The event viewer shows a critical Kernel Power error.
If I close the lid while plugged in, the front LED blinks - I assume this means going to sleep?, but then if I unplug power the machine powers off hard - same reboot and critical error when I open the lid.
I have 1.2.21 firmware.
Any ideas how to fix this?

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Ahead of Computex, Acer announced new Windows 10 devices for gaming and productivity on-the-go with the new Nitro 5 notebook line for casual gamers and the lightweight Spin 1 for flexible computing and sleek design, all powered by Windows 10. Here?s a closer look at these devices:

Acer debuts all-new Nitro 5 notebook line with Windows 10 for casual gaming
First from the new Acer Nitro family, the Nitro 5 series with Windows 10 provides a balance of powerful features with a sharp and stylish design, as well as a variety of configurations that feature popular graphics and processors to provide a wide selection that meets different budgets and needs.
With Windows 10, these devices also have your personal digital assistant, Cortana*, built-in, are equipped with the Xbox app and Direct X12 and can take advantage of Xbox Play Anywhere.

You can choose from models featuring up to NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti graphics with 7th Generation Intel Core processors or AMD Radeon RX550 graphics with 7th Generation AMD A-series processors. Dual fans with Acer Coolboost technology deliver heightened fan speeds and cooling ability, and allows you to manually control the cooling process when heavy use requires an added boost. Ideal for accelerating boot-up time and shortening in-game loading times, select models come equipped with super-fast PCIe SSDs (up to 512GB) paired with an optional HDD for storage (up to 2TB).

Features of the Nitro 5 series include:
Configurations featuring up t... Read more

Answer:Computex 2017: Acer announces Spin 1 notebook and Nitro 5 gaming line with Windows 10

I would like to see the specs for the Acer "Gaming" line, Maybe it's just me but
the terms "Gaming PC" & "Gaming Laptop" are thrown around loosely these days.
Great share Bot

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I am having trouble patching mech warrior 4 vengeance. Everytime i try to patch it it tells me that the file being replaced is not the right file. (Error 36) The file in question is the executable itself. MW4.exe. I have tried everything including reinstalling from scratch. I was just curious could someone look at their copy of the executable and tell me what size it is? Mine is 1.17 MB (1,232,429 bytes). If yours is a different size could you please email it to me. I don't want a cracked version of the file. I would like the original file. If you have cracked yours for some reason you could still copy the original off of the cd. Could you please email it to me at [email protected]?

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So this will be round 3-4 for this.... too many children and PCs at home with only me as tech support!

Answer:Next Round for an older mech engineer vs malware.

Hi and Welcome!!   
My name is Jeff. I would be more than happy to take a look at your malware results logs and help you with solving any malware problems you might have. Logs can take a while to research, so please be patient and know that I am working hard to get you a clean and functional system back in your hands. I'd be grateful if you would note the following:
The fixes are specific to your problem and should only be used for the issues on this machine.
It's often worth reading through these instructions and printing them for ease of reference.
If you don't know or understand something, please don't hesitate to say or ask!! It's better to be sure and safe than sorry.
Please reply to this thread. Do not start a new topic.
If you happen to have a flash drive/thumb drive please have that ready in the event that we need to use it.
Please be sure to subscribe to the topic if you have not already done so.
IMPORTANT NOTE : Please do not delete, download or install anything unless instructed to do so.DO NOT use any TOOLS such as Combofix or HijackThis fixes without supervision. Doing so could make your system inoperable and could require a full reinstall of your operating system and losing all your programs and data.
Having said that....     Let's get going!!  
 Could you tell me a little bit about the problems that you are experiencing with your computer?  
Are you having any malware related problems??  

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My Madden 2002 and a new game, Mech Commander 2, refuse to work on my system since I installed a new monitor.

Monitor is a 17" Envision LCD, Video card is a Nvidia GeForce4, MX4000, 64mb PCI.

I'm running Windows ME, on an HP 858e PIII, 1GHZ

I've got all patches, run firewall(Sygate Personal) Antivirus, (Norton 2004)
Spyware, Spybot S&D, Spysweeper, Adaware.

My other EA game, The Sims Deluxe, works fine. Madden worked on the old monitor.

Have already uninstalled and reloaded, no luck.

I have Intel Application Accelerator installed.

Any help you could throw my way would be appreciated.

Thanks, Wombat

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For a while now I have had regular screen freezes. I use Ctrl, Alt & Delete to get PC working again but this is becoming very annoying!What could be the problem? I read about Registry Mechanic 2.1 on this site and wonder if I purchased it would it maybe help? I have Windows XP.

Answer:Regular screen freezes..should I buy Registry Mech

What program is not responding when you press Ctrl, Alt & Delete?There are lots of free options that are as good as Registry Mechanic - click here for RegSeeker which is good; CCleaner is good too: click hereAlso do a regular defrag / clean out temp files etc. to keep the PC running well.

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When I get ready to Install iolo System Mechanic Profession from the CD to my machine I get this:

The currently installed software "Folder Lock" is not compatible with "System Mechanic Professional" and cannot be used at the same time.
Please uninstall "Folder Lock" before using or installing "System Mechanic Professional".

I have used a free version of iolo's software before -- a whilee ago. I also don't remember ever using Folder Lock on here, either.


Answer:iolo Sys Mech Pro PROBLEM *Warning: Software Conflic* Folder Lock

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HP PAVILION DV9292EUWindows Vista Home PremiumTurion 64 X2 Mobile TL-602GB RAMNVIDIA GEFORCE GO 7600 256MB DEDICATED160GB HDDHi,I have noticed that despite closing programs such as Windows Media Player or Internet Explorer, quite a few times even though it won't be in the 'Taskbar', going into processes in the 'Task Manager' shows that the program is still running and using memory. It's annoying because often despite having only a couple of windows open, I can't open any more windows due to memory and then have to go to task manager and manually close the processes (which should already be closed) to free up some space.Has anybody else experienced this problem where a program is still running/open despite being closed and disappearing off the taskbar?Thanks Gary

Answer:STRANGE - Closed Program not actually Closed?????

Possibly faulty ram but more than likely some spyware/malware if not hardware failure.Run your antispyware programs.Can you look in Task manager and tell us what is hogging the system resources.

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tJoinConfirm.exe showed up on my desktop - - not sure why it is there, and don't want to execute without knowing.

When I try to delete it, I get "Cannot delete tJoinConfirm: It is being used by another person or program. Close any programs that might be using the file and try again. I have closed all my applications - still can't delete. Also tried starting in SAFE mode to see if I could delete it - - no go.

I have tried running CCleaner, AdAware, and SUPER Antispyware - nothing is picking this up.

Please help.

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Question: no files showed

how to get back my files in my sd card? i downloaded music from laptop to my cellular phone using usb connector, but then i checked my phone's memory card all files are lost. but my memory card is full but when i'm going to open files its empty.

Answer:no files showed

You could try recuva to get your data back it's free and works well.

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Hi.On my computer C disc is showed as red X. I had a lot of files named posxxx in C:\ directory, and etrust antivirus repeatedly rapported about found virus. I downloaded ComboFix from your website and followed instructions. Here is output of the log file:ComboFix 08-01-30.6 - havard.berntzen 2008-01-30 14:29:34.1 - NTFSx86Microsoft Windows XP Professional 5.1.2600.2.1252.1.1044.18.470 [GMT 1:00]Running from: C:\Documents and Settings\havard.berntzen\Skrivebord\ComboFix.exe.((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( Other Deletions ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))).C:\WINDOWS\system32\jkhhh.dllC:\Acer\Empowering Technology\eDataSecurity\eDSloader.exeC:\Programfiler\CA\eTrustITM\realmon.exeC:\WINDOWS\cookies.iniC:\WINDOWS\system32\dinvsgfm.dllC:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\npf.sysC:\WINDOWS\system32\gnncfybb.iniC:\WINDOWS\system32\hhhkj.iniC:\WINDOWS\system32\hhhkj.ini2C:\WINDOWS\system32\jkhhh.dllC:\WINDOWS\system32\jkhhh.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\jonzngug.dllboxC:\WINDOWS\system32\mcrh.tmpC:\WINDOWS\system32\mfgsvnid.iniC:\WINDOWS\system32\packet.dllC:\WINDOWS\system32\pthreadVC.dllC:\WINDOWS\system32\udqoajtr.dllC:\WINDOWS\system32\WanPacket.dllC:\WINDOWS�... Read more

Answer:C Disc Showed As Red X

You should not be using Combofix unless instructed to do so by a Malware Removal Expert. It is a powerful tool intended by its creator to be "used under the guidance and supervision of an expert", NOT for private use. Using this tool incorrectly could lead to disastrous problems with your operating system such as preventing it from ever starting again. Please read Combofix's Disclaimer.This issue will require further investigation and further use with ComboFix. Before that can be done you will need you to create and post a hijackthis log.Please read the pinned topic titled "Preparation Guide For Use Before Posting A Hijackthis Log". In step #9 there are instructions for downloading HijackThis and creating a log. (This is a self-extracting version which will automatically install the current version of HJT in the proper location.) If using Windows Vista, be sure to Run As Administrator.When you have done that, post your log in the HijackThis Logs and Malware Removal forum, NOT here, for assistance by the HJT Team Experts. A member of the Team will walk you through, step by step, on how to clean your computer. If you post your log back in this thread, the response from the HJT Team will be delayed because your post will have to be moved. This means it will fall in line behind any others posted that same day. Start a new topic, give it a relevant title and post your log along with a brief description of your problem, a summary of any anti-malware tools you have used and a summa... Read more

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I was doing some routine maintenance on my comp and found this .... C:\!submit.

It had an index.dat file in it, which I deleted with killbox.

Spyware scan didn't hit on it.

Any idea where it came from or what it is?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Answer:New folder showed up ... what is it??

Reboot and check again. If the file has reappeared, then it's one of your running processes.

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ATT uverse

With a 6 meg connection we I'm only getting 700kbs average in steam peaks at like 1.2 but it's rare....both wired and wireless

from 156k though thank god we didn't get the bigger package I haven't tested the connection on any other site though.

Had to drill a hole in the wall myself with a 1/2 inch drill bit to get the cable though the way.

The kid setup the router and modem in a different room too.

One of the laptops he set up doesn't work now. Not sure if I should do a fresh install of windows 7 on it cause it's vista and has lots of bugs.

Answer:ATT U-verse guy showed up

what is your measured performance when wired directly to the modem?

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Question: Alert showed in IE

It was 2 AM when my brother came running downstairs to tell me that an alert popped up in IE when he was doing something. Knowing me - the computer genious - he came to get me (especially after I already removed about 30 viruses from his computer). Anyways - he told me he was on IE when an alert popped up saying that he had a virus. Being the idiot he is - he downloaded the "Windows Repair" or whatever the alert told him to download. When I came up to look at his computer I immediatly disconected it from the internet, and did an Avast thorough scan. With the most updated databases definitions, and the newest version of Avast - nothing was detected. I was wondering if anyone here could help. Thanks in advanced

Answer:Alert showed in IE

Hi,Please download Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and save it to your desktop.alternate download link 1alternate download link 2MBAM may "make changes to your registry" as part of its disinfection routine. If using other security programs that detect registry changes (ie Spybot's Teatimer), they may interfere or alert you. Temporarily disable such programs or permit them to allow the changes.Make sure you are connected to the Internet.Double-click on mbam-setup.exe to install the application.When the installation begins, follow the prompts and do not make any changes to default settings.When installation has finished, make sure you leave both of these checked:Update Malwarebytes' Anti-MalwareLaunch Malwarebytes' Anti-MalwareThen click Finish.MBAM will automatically start and you will be asked to update the program before performing a scan.If an update is found, the program will automatically update itself. Press the OK button to close that box and continue.If you encounter any problems while downloading the definition updates, manually download them from here and just double-click on mbam-rules.exe to install.On the Scanner tab:Make sure the "Perform Quick Scan" option is selected.Then click on the Scan button.If asked to select the drives to scan, leave all the drives selected and click on the Start Scan button. The scan will begin and "Scan in progress" will show at the top. It may take some time to complete so please be patient.When the scan is finished, a message box will say ... Read more

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Good morning all, I logged onto msn today and noticed Mc Afee on the tool bar. I didn't install it, but I'm sure it crept in with something I did install. I can't find the folder where it's installed, can I please get some guidance?

Answer:Mc Afee just showed up

What version of Windows are you running. We have to know because the instructions for uninstalling an application differ slightly between versions of Windows.

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Hi, I googled for microsoft fixes, but can't find any. Please help. Thanks

Answer:T61 + 4GB showed 3GB on Windows XP SP2

If you are running 32-Bit (non x64) Windows XP, that is all you are going to be able to use, no matter how much memory is in your system.

ThinkPad T61 - ThinkPad T410 - ThinkPad T420 - ThinkPad T430s - ThinkPad T440s - ThinkPad T460s

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