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Problem Accessing Server from Windows 8 Pro machine

Question: Problem Accessing Server from Windows 8 Pro machine


We have a Windows 8 Pro OS installed on a HP Envy desktop. It is connected to a private network via an Ethernet but is not attached to the company domain. I am trying to access a server, located on the network and joined to the domain, from the Windows 8 Pro machine but am unable to connect.

The way I am trying to connect to the server is by opening Windows Explorer, typing in the name of the server as \\Server Name

I am then prompted to enter credentials,which I enter as Domain\user, to access the server

I receive the error message attached to this post stating that the machine is not accessible.

The server I am trying to connect to is a WAFL system running DataOnTap 8.x.......its a proprietary Unix based OS
....its a Netapp storage device.

I am able to connect to this server using a Windows 7 machine that is both attached to the domain, and not attached to the company domain. I can also open shared folders on other machines that are attached to the company domain. I am at a loss as far as what to do next.
I have enabled file and print sharing and looked online and tried the following

"Assuming this Windows 8 Enterprise machine isn't locked down with Group Policy.
This type of problem usually requires that you change the lanman server parimeters in order to get Windows 8 working with older servers. Do these adjustments on the Windows 8 machines that needs to connect to the server.
Control Panel - Administrative Tools - Local Security Policy
Local Policies - Security Options
Network security: LAN Manager authentication level
Set to Send LM & NTLM responses only
Set the Minimum session security for NTLM SSP
Disable Require 128-bit encryption
Reboot all machines after making the adjustment."

This workflow did not solve anything. Any suggestions? I can provide any additional information that may be of help to solve this issue.

Thank you!


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Preferred Solution: Problem Accessing Server from Windows 8 Pro machine

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Problem Accessing Server from Windows 8 Pro machine

Originally Posted by niederhauser


We have a Windows 8 Pro OS installed on a HP Envy desktop. It is connected to a private network via an Ethernet but is not attached to the company domain. I am trying to access a server, located on the network and joined to the domain, from the Windows 8 Pro machine but am unable to connect.

The way I am trying to connect to the server is by opening Windows Explorer, typing in the name of the server as \\Server Name

I am then prompted to enter credentials,which I enter as Domain\user, to access the server

I receive the error message attached to this post stating that the machine is not accessible.

The server I am trying to connect to is a WAFL system running DataOnTap 8.x.......its a proprietary Unix based OS
....its a Netapp storage device.

I am able to connect to this server using a Windows 7 machine that is both attached to the domain, and not attached to the company domain. I can also open shared folders on other machines that are attached to the company domain. I am at a loss as far as what to do next.
I have enabled file and print sharing and looked online and tried the following

"Assuming this Windows 8 Enterprise machine isn't locked down with Group Policy.
This type of problem usually requires that you change the lanman server parimeters in order to get Windows 8 working with older servers. Do these adjustments on the Windows 8 machines that needs to connect to the server.
Control Panel - Administrative Tools - Local Security Policy
Local Policies - Security Options
Network security: LAN Manager authentication level
Set to Send LM & NTLM responses only
Set the Minimum session security for NTLM SSP
Disable Require 128-bit encryption
Reboot all machines after making the adjustment."

This workflow did not solve anything. Any suggestions? I can provide any additional information that may be of help to solve this issue.

Thank you!


Besides those settings, which by the way, has already solved countless problems with Windows 8 and 7 machines connecting to Windows server 03 and below, I know of no other way to access non Windows servers from Windows 8, you might try using different levels of Lanman server settings, there are a few to choose from.

Those same settings work with Windows 7 to access older servers as well. I would check with the Admin of this Domain and make sure your User account is added to the active directory.

As you can see by the link, the Lanman server settings require adjustments and turning off 128 bit encryption also helps but I have no idea which settings may work with your "WAFL system running DataOnTap 8.x, Unix based" system.

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Hey there,

As often said...long time lurker. Recently installed a copy of WS2012 Datacenter I received to play with and learn more about. I have pretty much zero Windows Server background knowledge (I don't count WHS...which I have running as well).

So, my question...I created a Storage Pool, and then a couple Volumes, and then Shares.

My embarrassing noob do I access these Shares?

I can locate the server on my network, and know the IP address of it.

I created a User account so that I don't need to use the Admin account for general use.

My goal:
Access the Share I created from my MacBook Air so that I can read/write files from it.

Thanks in advance for tolerating my WS "noobness."

Answer:Accessing Windows Server 2012 Server Pool Shares

Not sure how to access it from a mac, but on a windows box you can just run \\%servername%\%sharename% and it'll launch it in an explorer window. Should be some sort of network browser on the mac to allow you to type in the unc.

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I'm trying to access a svn repository using ssh. The repository is located on the host I do the following:

svn list svn+ssh://[email protected]/svnrepos
[email protected]'s password:
svn: Connection closed unexpectedly

Does anybode have any clue why the connection is closed unexpectedly??

Answer:Accessing a svn repository through ssh on a windows machine

Networking between them?
Remote access and file sharing settings.

The more information about the computer, the network security and the operating systems would greatly assist those assiting you.

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Good Day everyone,
I would just like to ask if any of you every met with strange problems with win XP machine over ethernet networks which are primary running on win 2000 machines

It seems that some of my colleagues were having problems connecting to certain network folders after login into our domain for sometimes.

I noticed that this problem only occurs when the user is logged in for sometime and did not access the folders until hours later. When they attempt to connect to the folders, they are prompt to login with their username and password. However, if they were to restart and login to the domain once again, they would be able to access the folders with no question asked.

This problem seems to be only hitting the XP users as the win 2000 users never had such a problem.

Advices anyone? Thanks a million in advance

Answer:Accessing Network folders on a windows XP machine

There's a security setting in the XP local security setting GPO that disconnects users from shares after (the default) 15 minutes...can't remember where though...
[Edited for brain fade....]
control panel>local security settings>local policies>security options>Microsoft Network server: Amount of idle time required before suspending session

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Hi, I have a very old IOmega ditto zip drive that Im trying to get to work. I managed to get my hands on the software (ditto98.exe), however the software is incompatible with windows 7. I have installed windows xp mode but that cannot access the parallel port of my host computer so Im stumped on what I can try next. Anyone have any suggestions?

Answer:accessing an IOmega ditto zip drive on a windows 7 machine

With the Iomgea device plugged in an powered up, Go to Start/Search and type devmgmt.msc, Right click the devmgmt results and Run As Administrator. In the Elevated Device Manager, is there a yellow mark for a Parallel port device? If so, then Right click the ditto98.exe and choose Properties/Compatibility and put a check in Run this program in compatibility mode for Windows 98. This may not work, but worth a try.

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Hi All,

Is is possible to access the Internet from inside an XP Mode Virtual Machine, running on Windows 7 Enterprise 64 bit ?

Looking at the Virtual Machine Networking settings, I have a choice of three options for Adapter 1: "Internal Network" , "Shared Networking (NAT)" , and "Broadcom NetXtreme 57xx Gigabit Controller".

Looking at Network Connections inside XP Mode, it says the LAN or High-Speed Internet status is "Connected, Firewalled" (and Device Name "Intel 21140-Based PCI Fast Ethernet Adapter (Generic)")

But Internet Explorer inside XP Mode says "the page cannot be displayed. To attempt fixing network connectivity problems, click Tools, and then click Diagnose Connection Problems". I have tried ticking Automatically detect settings under Internet Options -> Connections -> LAN Settings.

Windows 7 ipconfig says IP address, subnet mask and default gateway

Inside XP Mode ipconfig says IP Address, subnet mask and default gateway I can successfully ping both and from inside XP Mode.

I can also successfully access "" from Internet Explorer inside XP Mode (because I am running Apache Tomcat on Windows 7).

Thanks for your time and advise,
Best regards,

Answer:Windows XP Mode (Virtual Machine) accessing Internet

Quote: Originally Posted by James2000

Looking at the Virtual Machine Networking settings, I have a choice of three options for Adapter 1: "Internal Network" , "Shared Networking (NAT)" , and "Broadcom NetXtreme 57xx Gigabit Controller".

Which one of these options do you have selected? The one that you want is Shared Networking (NAT).

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I'm having a problem with my new modem router I just bought recently - billion bipac 7800N. The problem is I can surf the net and access to my website internally on my LAN, but not when outside of the network.

By the way, I'm hosting my own web server. The way I got this done is through the use of subnet 8 static IP addresses serviced from my ISP provider.

Anyway, here is my network topology

My modem router - billion 7800N is connected with both my web server machine and a router Netgear FVS318 which connects all my PCs on the LAN network.

My modem router is assigned with IP address of say
My web server is assigned with
My Netgear router is given with
After configuring my new modem billion 7800N with the right settings given by my provider, I got my Internet working from my laptop which has static IP address of at the office. I was able to open my website with no problems. I thought all was all right.

When I was at home, I happen to check again to see if I can access to my web server but to my surprise, I could not get my webpage loaded on my Firefox.

Now, I have done port forwarding through port mapping under the virtual server in billion 7800N to let port 80 through to
I have also disabled the NAT on my billion and left the NAT on the Netgear router enabled. Usually from my experience, this should work.

I must tell you though that my web server runs on Ubuntu server 12.08 which is set up wit... Read more

Answer:Problem with accessing we server outside the LAN

Since you have IPTABLES set up on your web server, did you set it up to allow port 80 traffic to pass through? Did you set up the web server to have a default gateway of your 7800N which is How are all the devices connected to the 7800N? Via LAN ports on the 7800N or with an external switch?

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Hi there
For those running VM's and have difficulty getting printers to work properly on the HOST WINDOWS machine, you can often get the device to work by connecting it up to a LINUX VM and sharing it with WINDOWS via samba.

Have a look at Post 3 in this thread where I just couldn't get an HP Deskjet 3520 to print in any shape or form after the latest W10 CU (1703) update with the cumulative extra updates applied - even though Windows saw the device and said Printed OK -- print just disappeared !!!

In the post I've also given the entries you need to make in the SAMBA configuration (SMB.CONF) file.

HP Deskjet 3520 doesn't print on W10 CU update Solved - Windows 10 Forums

On the Linux system the trick is to ensure the CUPS printer (Linux printing system) is enabled as RAW so the Windows system will do all the rendering -- for example if you need to print an EXCEL spreadsheet and ensure also on the Linux system that the printer is marked as SHARED -- there's usually a hardware configuration section where you can set this -- depends on the distro what it actually looks like.

In my case.


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I have a D-LINK DI-624 Wireless router. I am using Bulletproof FTP SERVER on my computer which on the network ends in the IP .102. I went to my router options and went to DMZ and changed it to ending in .102. For some reason when I access my FTP server with my "network ip", it works, but when trying my real ip (, it doesn't work. Why does this happen? How can I fix it? Thanks.

Answer:Problem Accessing Ftp Server From Outside The Network

Have you forwareded the FTP ports (in your router setup) to point to your FTP server (the .102 system)?

Also, I've used Bulletproof FTP server and it's an excellent program. BUT! I received an average of 8 attempts to access my system each night after it had been running a while. Make sure you've set good passwords for it!

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Any advice on how to do this? I have file sharing enabled on both computers. When I view computers and devices from my vista machine, I see my XP machine, but it is showing up as a media device. When I click on it, windows media player opens. It doesn't seem like it should do this since I am sharing more than just media files. In windows media player i get the error, "Before you can access files in this library, you first must have access to this library".

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So my company has an old mail server that a few people still use, for some reason we can no longer access it from out internal network. I have made no changes to the infrastructure as of yet.

From the firewall (Sonicwall Enhanced OS), I can ping, traceroute, etc to the server. From an internal machine, I get name resolution, but I can not ping, can not traceroute, nothing. When I do a traceroute I don't even get the first hop.

Any ideas on what I should try next to figure out what is going on?

Answer:Really strange problem accessing an external server

Look through the SonicWall logs as you are having the problem to see if it is block any of the traffic.

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Hi there,

I have query regarding a wireless router. My internet connection setup consists of an ADSL modem (D-link DSL-320T) connected via an Ethernet cable to a wireless router (D-link DIR-615). My network appliances in turn connect to the router wirelessly.

Originally, I had the modem connected to the DIR-615 wireless router (***model = H/W ver: B2; F/W ver: 2.21). However, when the router ceased to function, I replaced it with another DIR-615. Note, that the new model was: H/W ver: D4; F/W ver: 1.00 VG.

After this point, I have had a problem in accessing web pages stored on my web server (which connects to my router via a wireless bridge and also acts as an FTP server). When accessing these pages over the internet on a remote terminal, they are very slow to load this is the case on all the web sites that I host and not just one.

Note that accessing files works at normal speed over the internet via FTP using an FTP client or simply connecting to the FTP server using a web browser.

Whilst my port forwarding settings on the new router are the same as they were on the old unit, I was wondering what the issue might be that is causing these problems? Are there any settings on the new router that can be altered to deal with this problem issue?

Any suggestions are welcome!
Kind regards

Answer:Problem Accessing Web Server via HTTP After Changing Wireless router

I should also add that I've just tried to connect by web/ FTP server directly to the router via an Ethernet cable.

After doing this, I attempted to access my web pages over the internet on a remote terminal. In this instance, the web pages appeared to load at the normal speed.

Therefore, it appears that the problem issue mentioned in the first post is concerning the wireless connection between the router and the wireless switch (which is what the web server is plugged into).

The model of wireless switch is: Netgear WGPS606.

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I have setup a network with a windows 2003 server and 3 workstations. I can access the 3 workstations linked to my server, but I cannot access the server from the workstations... getting an error msg saying that I don't have permission to access the server.

Can anyone tell me how I can solve this problem?


Answer:Accessing a windows 2003 server from a workstation...

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How can I determine from a Windows 2003 server the user who is accessing a particular file?


Answer:Windows 2003 Server-Who's accessing file?

Right click my computer, choose manage, expand shared folders, and between sessions and open files you can id the user.

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OK for some reason one of the user's laptop is no longer able to access the mapped drives.
I tryed to remap it and all i get is
( An error ocurred while reconnecting S: to \\servername\directory
Microsoft Windows Network: The Local device name is already in use.
This connection has not been restored.)

strange thing though, is if i try to remap the connection it wil also fail, but if i remap using the server ip address instead of the server name IE \\192.168.0.xx\directory instead of \\servername\directory it works

same results when i go to start run
\\server192.168.o.xx - works
\\servername - does not work

I can' figure out why this is: it will work normally in safe mode with networking though..

all comments are welcome.

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I am going be moving all the shared folders on my Server 2003 file server to my new Server 2008 VM and want to do it in a way that will allow my clients to be able to access them as if nothing happened. I have been reading about the Windows FSMT (File Server Migration Toolkit) and it will copy over all the permissions and everything but I am not sure how to go about making sure the client will still be able to access the shares especially if they have mapped any of them. If i change the IP and host name of the new machine to the old one after the migration is complete and then shutdown the old server will everything run smoothly? What is the best way to go about doing this?

Answer:Migrate Server 2003 file server shares to new machine (Server 2008)

you can do this or you can change DNS so that the old server name points to the new server IP. You need to turn off StrictNameChecking

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


this means that you can name the server what ever you want but if you go to the old host name it will also take you to the new server.

Don't forget this needs to be completed and rolled out after the users log off but before they log back in

As old user move on and new users join make sure that you link them to the share via the new host name so eventually the old host name is fased out and you can remove the above reg key.

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I am over my head

I set-up a FTP site on Windows 2000 server so two remote users could access files on the Server. I have a static IP address for the site.
These two people who need access previously had static IP Address to the server. They would type in a web site address which would then request an IP Address. They then logged on the site that way with a username and password. They let the hosting service expire for the web site and stopped paying for the static IP Address.

Now my friends want to to have access to the Server again.
I set up a FTP Site on the Windows 2000 Server. First time for me doing that. The Properties of the FTP site can be viewed by clicking on the attached web site.
I can ping the Static IP Address successfully.
When I enter in FTP://static ip address <enter> my browser tells me it has timed out.

Any suggestions on how I can get it so that the two people with passwords and permissions (i think) can get a sign on page to access the FTP site would be super appreciated. Having never done this please make no assumptions.

I love your help.

Answer:Need help accessing a FTP site created in Windows 2000 Server

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Hello all,

Over the weekend it seems that one of my Windows 7 computers here where I work lost connectivity with our file server.

Windows 7 Home Premium
Pentium Dual Core

Windows Server 2003 R2 Standard x64
Intel Core 2 Duo

It never had issues connecting with the share before now. Now every time I try to connect it to the share, it tells me that the password for the account is invalid. As the account for the workstation had no encrypted or protected files on the server, I just went and reset the password to make sure it hadnt gotten changed some how. This however did not fix the issue. The computer is able to access the internet and see that the server indeed exists on the network, but for what ever reason is not able to access the share any longer.

Any ideas?

Answer:Issue Accessing Share On Windows Server 2003 R2 x64

Really? No one has any clues at all?

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I'm new to windows. I have 6 Windows 2000 servers, and lots of Windows 2000 Workstations. I'm cool with 2000. I have a couple of Windows NT workstations left. On Windows 2000, I can click My Network Places, then click Entire network, then click search for computers. I put the IP address of the file server, and boom it pops up. But Windows NT has a Network Neighborhood icon, and I can't search for computers in there. Just need help on how to search for computers. I have a firewall, so you can't see the Network. Thanks

Answer:{Advice Offered} - Accessing Windows 2000 Server from Windows NT.


In Windows NT 4.0 you can search for a computer by clicking Start, Find, computer.
Type in the name or IP address.


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we use a custom built computer we put together (p4 2.0ghz, 1gig mem, windows xp, 160gb sata hdd) as our "server" for our peachtree accounting software. it stores the database for it, and nothing more.

it's come to the point where we think it's necessary to upgrade this "server" with newer components (dual core xeon, 2gig, and raid 1 configuration for extra backups).

the question i have is in regards to either to use windows xp sp2 on it or windows server 2003 r2. what benefits would i see in using windows server 2003 r2? is the environment more bare bones which is what a server should have, or is it something else? the price to purchasing it is hefty, and i'm not sure if it'll be worth it to do.

on the other hand, we do have windows 2000 as well (which i believe is server OS?).

Answer:windows xp sp2 or windows server 2003 r2 for server machine

What is the physical nature of this database? Is it merely a file or are we talking about a real database engine? Also, how many user connections to the server will you need. My guess is that you'll want to go with Windows Server 2003. You might look also at Windows Server 2008.

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I have a windows 2000 server that controls my windows domain (I know, I know, I'm using old technology). I have 4 XP workstations that access network drives on the windows 2000 server. Now I put my first Windows 7 Pro workstation on my network, but I didn't join it to the windows domain. I just want the Windows 7 workstation to be able to map a drive from the windows 2000 server.
I've tried everything! I mean, everything!

net use z: \\windows2000svr\share /USER:[email protected]
net use z: \\windows2000svr\share /USER:domainname\user

Neither worked...
I also tried this...

Click start
Type: regedit
Press enter
In the left, expand these folders: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\
In the left, click on the folder named: Lsa
In the right, double-click "LmCompatibilityLevel"
Type the number 1 and press enter
Restart your computer
Click Start
Click Control Panel
Click System and Maintenance
Click Administrative Tools
Double-Click Local Security Policy
In the left pane, click the triangle next to Local Policy
In the left pane, click Security Options
In the right pane near the bottom, double-click "Network security: LAN manager authentication level"
Click the drop-down box, and click "Send LM & NTLM - use NTLMv2 session security if negotiated"
Click OK




Using a command prompt and type the following:

net use z: \\servername\sharen... Read more

Answer:Win7 Accessing Shares on Windows 2000 Server Advanced Edition


Instead of using commands from the prompt which you would have put in a login script in xp.
Can you just open windows and then see if you are able to connect directly by using \\servername\share-name.
If it prompts you with a window for a username and password then do this
1. put the username as domain\username
2. if 1 doesnt work try ipaddress\username
3. if both dont work then lookup the error code in eventviewer.

Let us know how it goes

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Hi Everyone,

I have a 64bit machine currently running Win 7 64bit. Unfortunately, a client I work for has a 32bit server which I cannot access from my 64bit installation.

A few questions here really:

1. If I install a 32bit version of windows 7 on a partitioned part of my HD and dual boot will this mean that my machine runs in 32bit mode allowing me to access the 32bit server?

2. If so, can I then run the 32bit installation through virtualbox (or similar) and get the same result?

3. Is there a more simpler mechanism to solve this issue that I have overlooked?

Thanks in advance for your help.


Answer:32 bit Windows 7 on a 64 bit machine for server access

Quote: Originally Posted by gcam032

Hi Everyone,

I have a 64bit machine currently running Win 7 64bit. Unfortunately, a client I work for has a 32bit server which I cannot access from my 64bit installation.

A few questions here really:

1. If I install a 32bit version of windows 7 on a partitioned part of my HD and dual boot will this mean that my machine runs in 32bit mode allowing me to access the 32bit server?

2. If so, can I then run the 32bit installation through virtualbox (or similar) and get the same result?

3. Is there a more simpler mechanism to solve this issue that I have overlooked?

Thanks in advance for your help.


There should be absolutely no problem accessing 32bit. How are you accessing it?

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Despite the name, this is NOT belong in the Windows Server section.

I have a computer that I use as a server machine for my webpage(s). Lately it's been freezing up after about an hour or so of running. I've done a scan in MalwareBytes, and disabled all start-up programs in msconfig. I've noticed when it freezes, it's only using around 400/1982 MB RAM, and the processor is only at around 34%. I haven't done any Windows updates, and I haven't installed Service pack 3 because it screwed up my install last time and went on an infinite boot loop. I'm stumpted as to what is causing this. Any ideas?

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Service Pack 2, 32 bit
Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 3800+, x86 Family 15 Model 35 Stepping 2
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 1982 Mb
Graphics Card: ATI RADEON XPRESS 200 Series, 256 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 230262 MB, Free - 209141 MB; D: Total - 8194 MB, Free - 900 MB;
Motherboard: MSI, AMETHYST-M
Antivirus: None


Answer:Server Machine Freeze (Windows XP Pro)

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what program do i need to run vista on a virtual machine on windows server 2008 x86. (dreamspark) i dont believe hyper-v is on the 32bit version. i may be wrong.

Answer:Virtual machine on Windows server 2008?

VirtualBox works excellent. So does VMWare.

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Greetings again all!

I seem to be having a singular issue with my network. What I'm trying to do is install my desktop printer on my laptop. Yet I can't seem to get windows 7 to see the machine I want to take the printer off of (or the machine could be stopping me).

Here's what I can tell, I can ping my desktop, but I can't get into it. I can't ping my desktop's name.

Both have a user with the same user name and password (created them myself).

Now it seems to me that one or both machines aren't mapping my desktops name to its dynamic IP. I would make it static, but I want that desktop to get out to the internet.

I remember there being a DNS text document some where on XP, but can't remember where for the life of me. And I have no idea if that same text document exists on windows 7.

And yes there is a TP Link router involved.

Answer:accessing another machine

Failure to ping is almost always a firewall issue (probably on the desktop).

Please show for both PCs ...

Start, Run, CMD, OK to open a command prompt:
(For Vista or 7 type CMD in the Search box after Start)

Type the following commands:

nbtstat -n


[Note that there is no space between the slash and ALL.]

Right click in the command window and choose Select All, then hit Enter.
Paste the results in a message here.

If necessary use a text file and removable media to copy the results to a computer with internet access.

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I have a legacy Windows XP x86 machine that I am trying to migrate.  To do that I have mapped a number of shares on a Windows 10 x64 machine.  Most of them map normally.  However, when I try to map one of them I get:
Using a command line:
L:\>NET USE I: \\NYW10-0016\Install /PERSISTENT:YES
System error 1130 has occurred.
Not enough server storage is available to process this command.
Using mapping from File Explorer:
Windows Explorer
\\NYW10-0016\Install is not accessible. You might not have permission to use this network resource. Contact the administrator of this server to find out if you have access permissions.

Not enough server storage is available to process this command.
The share shows up in my network places and I have been able to map it before to an XP machine.
The big difference between this share and others that I can map is that the share is a USB drive.  Again, please note that in the past I was able to map it.  Has something changed in Windows 10 to prevent mapping to a USB drive?

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i want to install windows server 2003 on lenovo m57e machine with core 2 duo processor and 1 gb rami dont have display and network driver for the same. please help

Answer:Windows server 2003 os installtation on M57e machine

Can you post the Hardware ID for both devices? Open the Device ManagerDouble-click on the deviceGo to the "Details" tabSelect "Hardware Ids" from the drop down box

\\ I do not respond to PM regarding individual tech support. Keep discussions in the forum for the benefit of others //

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I've got a problem; I have two windows 2003 server x64 machines, and one of them is a domain controller. When I log on to the machine which is not a domain controller and I run - in DOS - the command "net user <username> /domain", I always get the error:

Error 1335: The specified domain either does not exist or could not be contacted.

Which is strange, 'cause both machines can see each other via ping and both machines are in the same domain. How could I solve this issue?

Many thanks,


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Guys, I run an old server under Windows 2000 Server w/SP4 and I am getting the following error + Stop


Stop: 0x0000009C (0x00000000, 0x00000000, 0xB2000000, 0x1040080F)Click to expand...

GA-8IPE100-G Mobo
TT TR2 430W PSU (Brand New)
Intel P4 2.8Ghz
2GB DDR333 PC2700 (4 x 512MBs)
Samsung Spoint 40GB Back-Up
It started making this error sporadically about 2 weeks ago but I was not able to see the BSOD until yesterday and since then, it doesn't even let me to go to the desktop for more than 1 minute. Safe mode works (sometimes) with only 1 stick of RAM.

I have tested the RAM and it appears to be fine... I also switch the old PSU to a new one but that did not help at all. I can't check the HDD because it does not even let me get to Safe Mode long enough to go to explore, let alone clicking on any software that I may be able to use. which brings me to my next issue... I have not been able to find a software that works under W2K server.
Please, please, don't tell me to upgrade to a new server OS, w/o having to tell you my whole life story, short version is I can't so... I need to fix what I have.


Answer:Machine Check Exception Windows 2000 Server

Well, looks like a hardware error. Hopefully you have backups, yes? Start stripping out components to isolate specific pieces of hardware to find the error.

You will need a second system to do your hardware tests on.

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I attempting to network a XP pro box to a Linux (Ubuntu) box and image the entire Linux hard drive. Using a ethernet crossover cable, I was able to get the 2 machines to ping back and forth (after some trial and error). I also got the Linux box to see the XP C:\ drive and to access files on the XP box. But?I am still fighting to get the XP box to see anything on the Linux box. Because of the nature of what I am attempting to do (I will be using DD or FTK to image the Linux (Mint) box), I do not want to download any kind of file sharing software on the Linux box. I know I should be able to do this, but I?ve been fighting with this piece of it for the better part of yesterday through today and I am finally to the point of asking for advise. Any help would be appreciated.Thanks!

Answer:XP Accessing Linux Machine

can you use smb to view the files?

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Hey guys,

So I'm at school and need to access my home machine. I have a domain set up through so that I can deal with the dynamic IP issue.

I'd like to access my home machine now, but I'm unsure of how to do it.

I've tried Remote Desktop, but I don't think I have the home machine set up to accept connections. I've also tried SSH access through Putty, but I don't think that is set up either.

Forgive my inexperience. Are there any other options I can try?

Answer:Help accessing home machine


Terminal Server?

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I am trying to access a file held on a windows 95 machine from a machine with windows nt and get the message access denied, can anybody help.

Answer:Accessing files on W95 machine from NT

Are both of the machines logged on to a network?

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I have a Windows Server 2003 box that I'm using as a glorified NAS/file server (and right now, it's also a DC and DNS server because the main DC went down). This box generally works well (a bit slow on transfers for my liking, but it's an old machine; though it's considerably slower than Linux). However, occasionally, it will just disappear off the network. The fastest way for me to get it back online is just to reboot it. It seems to lose connectivity entirely. I can't ping anything from it, nor can I ping it. However, ipconfig /all shows that it still thinks it's connected. This has happened several times now, generally somewhere about a few weeks apart. Nothing at all in the logs that's interesting

Here's what I've tried:

* Restart the switch that the server's on. - Didn't make a difference.
* Repair the network adapter - Didn't do anything at all.
* Reboot the machine - It comes back up ok, for a while.

It always seems to happen when I'm transferring a large file.

What I'm going to try next:

* Add another NIC to the machine.

System Details:

Windows Server 2003 R2: File Server, Print Server, DC, DNS Server
Old Gateway Box of some sort (Performance 450???).
US Robotics Gigabit PCI NIC.
1.5TB HDs (RAID)

I'll be back with an ipconfig /all

Obviously I can't keep the machine down for debugging, I'm going to reboot it so it comes back online.

Answer:Windows Server 2003 machine looses network connectivity

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Today is Friday. On Wednesday I had to unplug my modem and router due to a tangle of cords. Since then I've had problems getting on-line. First, I got the message that my router (D-Link) had not been configured and I needed to do that before I continued. It had been working perfectly before. I encountered a problem and called my server. As soon as they found out I wasn't using their router, they said they wouldn't help me. I called a few times, hoping that a different tech might help but it was nogo every time. So, I started trying things...I'm not entirely inept but not very skilled. I eventually got the router working and could connect to the internet using a machine running XP, IE and a wired connection. My other computer, a laptop with a wireless connection will not connect. I've tried a lot of things, got a whole slew of new numbers/letters combinations, probably screwed up the original settings and don't know where to go next. I've been trying things for two days, including trying Firefox instead of IE but can't install that.
Can you suggest anything to try next?

Answer:accessing internet with wireless machine

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I can see vista files but cannot access them from my xp machine. I can access XP files from my visat machine.
I've set all of the permissions I know about and checked windows firewall amd macafee setting.

Answer:accessing vista files from xp machine

Does at least one user account on the Vista have a password? (There must be one before file sharing will work.)

Do you have Public sharing ON? If so, what happens when you try to access a file in the Public folder?

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Here's the problem - old system was laptop running XP with desktop also running XP. We set up a "shared documents" folder with simple file-sharing on the desktop which the laptop could access when not working out of the office via DSL high-speed router. We just upgraded to a new laptop running 7 Pro and it automatically detected the router and I selected "work network" during setup. I can't even see the desktop on the "new network" dsiplayed on the "new laptop" - do I need to set up a new connection on the XP desktop or what??? Thanks.

Answer:Accessing old XP Pro machine on simple network

My guess is the network names are now different. Since you chose work network. The new network is neither named MSHOME or Homegroup or whatever the xp machine is currently connected too. I would run the network wizard on the xp machine taking care to name it the same as the new windows 7 installation has named it's new network. The xp machine may require you to know the admin account name and password for the windows 7 machine you are attempting to connect to as well.

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even when idle. Sounds like it's working even if I am not doing anything.

I would be thrilled to get this machine back to fighting trim. Any and all help welcome!

Thank you.

Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 8:40:54 PM, on 2/22/2006
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180)

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\ewido anti-malware\ewidoctrl.exe
c:\program files\\agent\mcdetect.exe
C:\Program Files\Efficient Networks\Tango Manager\app\TangoService.exe
C:\Program Files\\VSO\mcvsshld.exe
C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.5.0_02\bin\jusched.exe
C:\Program File... Read more

Answer:Machine keeps accessing hard drive

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Trying to put Office 2010 on a machine running Windows Server 2003 R2 (SP2) with Terminal Services.

The machine will be set up so that anyone requiring the usage of Office 2010 can use RDP to log onto the server and use the programs there.

1) Do I need a specific version of Office 2010 to make this work?
2) Is this a violation of the license agreement for Office 2010? (Obviously I care about this less than the first part, but I'd like to know.)

The only reason I ask is because apparently my friend tried to install a version of Office 2010 we had lying around and it apparently gave him some weird error about Terminal Services... haven't seen the error myself but I thought I'd ask before I try this again.

Answer:Office 2010 on a Windows Server 2003 R2 SP2 machine with Terminal Services

Not sure about 2003, but with 2008 the Volume License Enterprise version of office is required.
Investigate that aspect. we tried installing office pro 2007 on our TS with Windows 2008 and it balked so i did some research and there are several posts that said it had to be VL Ent.

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I have a new customer with a Windows 2003 server that I inherited from their previous IT provider. The server is *not* set up as a domain controller and just handles basic file and application sharing via a workgroup security model.

They called me when they started losing their connectivity to shares on the server. They also could not log in to their server because it would not accept the password for the Administrator. I initially suspected someone had accidentally reset the password, but after arriving onsite I noticed that all of the local machine passwords had been changed (which is why the shares weren't working) and I couldn't log in at all. I suspected a virus and, after using a third party software to reset the administrator password so I could log in, I ran Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and, sure enough, there were several infections, one of which was detected as a Rootkit component. I cleaned up the infection, rebooted, reran Malwarebytes, cleaned up a couple more components, rebooted and reran and came up clean. I reset the passwords on all accounts and everything was good.

Yesterday, they called with the same problem. Apparently the virus wasn't gone. I redid the whole process and this time ran several other malware and rootkit detection tools including Malwarebytes again, Norton Power Eraser, Sophos AntiRootkit, Windows malicious software removal tool and Root Repealer. Everything came up clean. Additionally, I found that nearly all the compu... Read more

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We are having a problem with one of our VP's machines. I have looked everywhere, and tried all I can think of. Here is the background, we are running a windows XP/Server 2003 network with a SAN. Every week or so, This VP will have all the documents from a random folder from his my docs show up as corrupted.
If he tries to open a word doc, he will get a prompt asking him to select the encoding that makes your document readable. None of the given options work. If he tries to open a pdf he gets an error message saying the file extension is not supported or the file is damaged.
Here is the weird thing: The files themselves are not corrupted. They open up on the server with no issues, They will open up on my local machine with no problems. If I move the folder from its current location, to another server or client machine, and then back, he no longer has the problem. Nothing is done with the files themselves. I have checked the permissions on the files and folders, those are all fine. We have checked the networking ports and equipment between the server and his machine also fine.

Thank you in advance for any assistance,

Answer:Windows XP File Corruption on Local Machine only- Server Copies are fine

Have you run a HDD test?

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Hi All,

Its critical for me to get some solution to this problem that has all of a sudden popped up.

We have a windows server 2003 machine running some server applications. After some time it stops connecting to any other machine on network. Web browser does not open page hosted over intranet, ODBC links to DBs on other machine stop connecting, remote desktop windows to other computers on network do not open, etc. However, it keeps pinging other machines.

Although, from some other machine, I can open remote desktop window to this server. I suspect the server reaches a point where it cannot open any more connections (maximum sockets opened?). After giving a restart, the server works fine (for a while!)

Can anybody help me with this? Server is hosting an application at client-site which is in production. Can't afford any downtime. Any help/suggestion will be highly praised.


Answer:Windows server 2003 stopping to establish connection to any other machine on network

have you checked DNS?

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Okay, we have a small network running roughly 20 accounts on a network server and an mail server running Exchange 2000.

We have one PC, WinXP Pro, that we would like to manipulate for use by multiple users.

We want any office user to be able to log on to the network on this one machine using their username and password at the windows prompt, and be able to access their exchange account without any further setup.

If anyone has any information regarding this, or if anyone knows any way to do this, be it an Outlook/registry setting or whatever, please respond. Thanks

Answer:Multiple users on one machine accessing their own email

Is this in a domain environment? If not you can use fast-switching of users if the machine has a enough RAM to support that many users logged in at the same time. Outlook will automatically keep different profiles for each login account so each user would have access to only his/her email.

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I have an XP virtual machine running on a 64-bit Win 7 host. I have a home wireless network that I need to access from the XP VM in order to use printers attached to the other computers on the network. All comupters currently on the network have the same workgroup name.

I have networking on the VM set to use the wireless adapter on the host laptop. With this configuration I can see and access the host, but I cannot see nor access any other computers on the network.

Now, it seems to me that I will need to run the XP Network Wizard to set up the network on the VM before I am able to see the network, but after reading dozens of articles and posts on networking a VM, I have never seen this step mentioned. (I am at work now, so I can't test this out on my network until later.)

So, my questions are: (1) Do I need to run the XP Network wizard to get the VM to join the wireless network, and (2) if I don't need to run the wizard, what DO I need to do to get this to work?

Thanks in advance. This forum is a great resource.

Answer:Accessing wireless network from XP virtual machine

Yes, you need to run the XP network wizard. It can be tricky to get an XP machine to network with Win 7 machines.

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We are having two applications installed in same machine. Both the applications can be accessed using different ports.
First app: http://<IP>:<port1>/app1
Second app: http://<IP>:<port2>/app2

If I am accessing both applications seperately, no issues.

If I browse first application then second application and back to first, then first application is forced to logout and is asking for credentials again.

If I access first application through IP and second through host name, then no issues. But, my requirement is to access both applications through IP without session expire issue.

Appreciate your suggestions.


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 I have a file server on windows server 2008 R2.I have more than 500 clients.My every clients can access my file server through IE.But windows 8/ windows 8.1 client can not access my file server through any browser ..Please help me by giving yours
view ....Thanks in advance..

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Why is sharing so hard on windoze???

I have tried everything I could find to get this to work. Seems like renaming the user in 7 has caused the problem. Sharing works fine on a new user that I created but will not work on the renamed account. I even tried this

with no joy.

I would like to keep all the settings in the non sharing renamed account. Can it be copied into a new account then deleted or fixed?


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I asked this question recently, then realized I may have asked in the wrong forum. Here is my problem : trying to access folders shared on a win 7 machine from a win xp machine is causing windows explorer to crash. The issue is intermittent and I can't figure out at all what is causing it. So far I haven't gotten an answer from anyone that has helped resolve the problem. Please help, I'm getting frantically desperate to fix it at this point

Answer:Accessing share folder on win7 machine crashing xp

Useful information here: Networking home computers running different versions of Windows

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Hi ..I am facing a issue in accessing my folder in server. I just splitted my access database into front end and back end , placed in a local folder which is shared in network . I opened the files in network from my colleague machine and everything was working fine yesterday .. but right now i am getting error like
"the network path is not found " 0X80070035 which tells that check whether the source machines is able to accept file sharing ..I googled and tried 2 solutions Like turning off windows firewall and enabling NetBIOS Over TCP/IP..

Both the machine are Windows 7 Pro

anyhelp is appreciated.

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Requiring user name\password when accessing a machine over the network\router,

I have multiple machines connected by switch\router. What I want is to let the system ask any user for the ?network password? when wanting to access any machine via the network (attached). This message (Enter network passwords) sometimes is available and others is not. how to make it appear all the time?

At which level this property is set?

1. At the level of sharing\security of a folder?
2. At level of network sharing?

How to manage this issue? To share a partition\folder but to allow accessing it with user name and password?

Thank you





Answer:Requiring user name\password when accessing a machine over the network

The problem is that Windows remembers these user names and passwords unless you tell Windows not to remember them.

I haven't tested out this Security Policy yet but it does tell Windows not to not allow storage of passwords and credentials so it may have the desired effect you seem to be looking for.

Just go to Control Panel, > Administrative tools,> Local Policies,> Security Options,>Network Access, Do not allow Storage of Passwords and Credentials per the picture below. Enabled should restrict Storage of Credentials.

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Shadow Copy Restore is a component of the intelligent file storage technologies in Microsoft Windows Server 2003. It enables you to prevent data loss by creating and storing shadow copies of files and folders on your network at predetermined time intervals.

Before a client computer can access shadow copies, you must install the Shadow Copy Client. The operating systems that require the Shadow Copy Client include:

Windows XP
Windows 2000 (SP3 and higher)
System Requirements
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 2000 Service Pack 3, Windows XP

Windows Installer : To install this msi package you need Windows Installer
2.0 or higher. You can download it from one of the following locations:
Windows Installer 2.0 Redistributable for Windows 98 SE

Windows Installer 2.0 Redistributable for Windows 2000



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A friend of mine is a mother of two and the kids been bad on the internet, so shes taking away surfing rights from them.

Is there a way to do that besides purchasing some guardian software? It doesn't really matter how it's done, as long as the kids cannot get online. The computer is the only one in the house hold, straight to the DSL modem.

Answer:Prevent Limited user accounts on an XP Home machine from accessing internet

no software... have to get a router

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Hi would appreciate advice re a problem i am having with getting my Fujitsu Siemens Scaleo P PC to start up Windows XP. When it boots up it only gets as far as a black screen with the message:

"Windows could not start because of an error in the software

Please report this problem as:

load needed DLLs for Kernel."

Have rebooted etc but no joy and cant restart from last known working configuration.

Any advice would be much appreciated. Regards Paul

Answer:Problem With Accessing Windows On Pc

try a system restore to a date when all was ok

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hi all,

i got a ftp server located on my lan at and i got my external ip how can i access it from any computer?dont i need to allow a port on the router so it can access the ftp server from outside?

thanks for looking

Answer:accessing ftp server

by the way i tried portforward and still the same so any help would be appreciated.

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My friend just set up an ftp server using a program called serve4u 4.0 . My other freind can access his ftp server using IE (5.0 or larger)OS windows XP home. My problem is I cannot log on to his ftp server program .OS WIN ME comes up with error " cannot access this folder make sure you have athorization for it" "cannot access server"I am running WIN ME and using IE 6.0 -I am on a private LAN accessing internet through a router.I tried reguler access with no changes to router np good.I tried port forwarding ftp 20,21-no good also triggering no good.I also tried using the DMZ zone still can't get it .So I assuming it's something to do with the server side as I never used this program so not familiar with its configurations .If anyone has any advise or ideas will appreciate it !!!! thanks

Answer:accessing an ftp server

Hi,Try using a dedicated FTP program to access your friends server. Alot of these programs are free. click here+ I suggest WS_FTP LE.

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i had some problems with redirecting, been using this site for info for along time this is the first time Ive had a problem i couldn't fix anything containing "windows update" no space causes a connection reset in firefox or a cant display webpage in IE8 any help would be much appreciated, the host file is clear i cant find any form of malware or even anything that looks out of place.

....hmmm i cant upload anything to this page whenever i try i get the connection reset as well

if you have no ideas i can put the text in the post for whichever log you wish, i went through the whole thing got all 4 logs+zip

(got on another computer here are the logs)

Answer:Problem accessing windows update

last zip

the "windows update" without the space could be the microsoft update site with it in the path, or in domain name, or even in a google search doesnt matter they all come back connection reset but any other searches work even "windows update" with the space

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I am running windows xp home and have recently installed Norton Internet Security 2004 and Ad-ware SE Plus. It appears that when I click-on or am prompted to click on a link within a website, one of these programms maybe preventing the secondary window/link appearing i.e. the window opens breifly on screen and then disappears - I have tried holding down the Ctrl key on the keyboard and pressing enter but this doesnt seem to work either- Can anyone help?

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i am login through administrator account , but i get problem in accessing my c drive

Answer:problem in accessing c drive in windows 7

Windows 7 cannot access c: drive

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XP Professional.A few weeks ago I did a complete re-install. This was because I bought a new HDD ? something I do now and again because I know one day the HDD will die if I run it for long enough. This allows the old HDD to remain a back up.As usual the install went on OK. No problems. What I have noticed now though is that immediately from a fresh boot or a re-boot, I cannot access any drop-down menus. This is whether it is right or left click.What happens is that the menu flashes and goes away. This happens if I right click on an icon on the desktop or a drop down menu in such as Word. What I have noticed is that in applications where a menu bar exists, the menu names like File, Edit and Tools etc, if I click on them, will shimmer. What always cures it (immediately) is if I start up Task Manager (Alt\Ctrl\Delete). As soon as I do that (without doing anything else) everything becomes normal. I found out this morning (experimenting) that if I boot up without the cable modem switched on the problem is still there but when I start Task Manager it does become normal as usual. Here is where it is interesting. When I switch the modem back on I get the problem back again. Again it gets cured with the starting of Task manager.What is also interesting is that before I start up Task Manager, if I start IE 8 or Chrome, then the cursor in the search box shimmers ? as do the file menu names (mentioned above). I have experienced this same cursor shimmer before when I have replied to m... Read more

Answer:Problem in accessing Windows XP Pro menus

Problem resolved.I could see when I came home tonight that there were no more suggestions as to how to cure my ?menu? problem so realising there must be an answer I began to search the net for one. I came across one guy who said that he once had the same problem and he resolved it by noticing that in Device Manger he had multiple entries under ?Mouse? so he deleted them all, rebooted, and everything was fine.When I checked my Device Manager I found I had only one entry under ?Mouse? but I had multiple entries under ?Human Interface Devices so I tried deleting them all. The problem was that I was deleting the mouse and keyboard yet still leaving entries I had no way of deleting. Anyway, after realising the ones I could delete first, I managed to make the final deletion the mouse. Obviously now I had no input so I just shut off the power (not very wise I know but I was desperate to track down the problem). I then put in a PS2 keyboard instead of the Trust USB keyboard, booted up and everything was fine. Problem resolved.This was when it dawned on me. About 10 days after the clean re-install I had replaced my old USB keyboard (which was getting to look rather grubby) with this Trust one. It must have been then when the trouble started.Just for the sake of it tonight, I shut down the computer and replaced the PS2 keyboard with the USB one. Here is where something strange happened.When I first booted up I could use both the mouse and the USB keyboard. I could also ac... Read more

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I have updated from Windows 7 to Wndows 10 successfully and used it for at least a couple of weeks. However, after the MS update, on August 26 or 27(?), I was not able to use MS Edge to get onto the web. In other words, nothing happens when i click on the Edge button.
AT&T diagnostics on my U-verse account said all systems are go. Meanwhile, I am able to access the internet through Google Chrome.
By process of elimination, it seems that the update changed some configuration which freezes my use of MS Edge as a server.
What steps should I take to clear up the problem?
Thank you.

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Hi, this may be dumb, but I need to access and check on a server located 87 miles from me. Before I installed a cable modem and router on it, I could access, restart, ect. anytime it was needed. I have Netware 5.1 installed on it. What am I doing wrong now? I accessed it through an ISDN and IP address before.
Any help would be appreciated.

Answer:Accessing server from internet

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Here is are the details. I have a computer running Windows Server 2003 and Apache 2.2 I am hosting a gaming forum on my server. Today in the morning my modem decided to restart so I i got new IP. Updated my Zone Records on my Domain. Now I can't access my server from computers on my internal network but people outside of my network can. How can I fix this? I had no problem accessing the server b4.

Answer:Accessing Web Server from own Network

Did you try directly typing in the ip address?

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so this program sets up a nice little media server that i can access from my psp using an ip lets say for simplicity,
now my question is how do i access that server say when im out of the network at college or else where. i know my external ip so that wouldn't be a problem but i don't know if that would help at all. any help will be greatly appreciated.
thanks in advance,

Answer:Solved: accessing my server

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so i run a very small business with a file server running Windows Home Server for Quickbooks. I would like to access this server remotely. what would be the best way to do this?

Answer:accessing offsite server? vpn?

Remote Desktop, just port forward from your router to the server... done.

Side Note: make sure you have a semi-decent password and not something like "pass"

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Hello All,

I'm having a challenge accessing one of my servers over the network. When I try to access <\\servername\c$> I get "Login Failure: The target account name is incorrect" I can access it by the IP address, I can ping both IP and netbios name, but that is it. Now this is a production server, non DC that I'm trying to access.

Now here is the kicker: at my other locations I can access the above just fine, but here at my local branch no workstation, or server for that fact can access vis the Netbios name. I have googled but the only thing that I'm finding is mainly about resetting the secure channel on a DC.

Anyone have this issue? What was your solution?

Answer:Error Accessing Server

I assume you checked that the ports netbios needs are not blocked?

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I'm trying to set up my external hdd on my wifi router's usb slot.

For this I am being required to connect to a ftp server. My first question is why do I need an ftp server on the internet to connect to a modem in the same room as I am? Seems silly. Does this mean I will be uploading the hdd files to the net, and then download them to my computer? Would that require any special security considerations?

The options are to enable UPnP AV MEDIA SERVER and FTP SERVER. Do I need both of these enabled?

The FTP server (which I don't have a username/password for) is automatically assigned on my router interface. Do I need to do anything special to connect to it? or should I seek out an alternative FTP Server?

Any layman's responses to any of these questions would be much appreciated!

Thank you

Answer:Solved: Accessing FTP Server

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I am working with a windows small bussiness server and a win 98 computer. I have done a lot of work up to this point and can finally access the server and all of the computers, but no web. I have all of the settings configured properly. I can also ping the netork and it is fully functional. When I try to ping the internet I get no response. It just times out. Is it a possible faulty network card?

Answer:accessing server no internet

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My dad has a computer network with around 6 six computers on a wired network, with 1 server and also a wireless access point.

My dad did not set up the network, and doesnt know how to access the ports. We want to be able to play css on the internet, but the network wont let it though. So how does my Dad access the ports to let it though on the server.

Thanks in advance

Answer:Accessing Ports on Server

rogan said:

play css on the internetClick to expand...

When I see 'css' I think of Cascading Style Sheet which determine how a web page looks. Are you talking about some type of game?

If you want people on the internet to access a server on your local network, you will need to configure the router that connects your local network to the internet. You can either place the server in the router's DMZ or have the router forward specific ports to the server. If you post your router manufacturer and model number, someone on TSG may be able to walk you throught the settings.

Just a note of warning, either method will expose your server to hackers and other evil doers on the internet. To some extent, this may also expose other computers on the network to hacking as well.

You may also want to check if your ISP allows hosting a server for your account. Some ISPs may block certain ports.

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How do I set up my webserver (which is on my home network) so the website can be reached from outside computers? It can be reached from the outside when the server is connected directly to the internet. Right now I just use my IP address for access when connected directly. (I plan to register a domain name when I figure out how to do this)

1 PC connected to net networked via ethernet crossover cable to server

Basically, what do I use for the address..?

Answer:accessing web server through network

I'd suggest using a router for the job.

Then, you can port foward the port the webserver is running from to your server. Make sure you disable dhcp and assign IP addy's within the router for your PC and your server.

Also, sign up for the free service from This will enable you to have the domain sent through the's address, thus avoiding any problems with your IP address changing.

Also, have reroute to a different port then 80 if you're having problems. Most ISP's will not allow incoming port 80 traffic. I used to use port 90. I'd have the incoming port 90 forwarded to port 80 on my server.

just some thoughts.

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Okay, I'm not really sure that this is the right place to post this, but here goes...

In a nutshell, I haven't been able to access a perticular server through Firefox, Internet explorer, or an FTP client. This access includes visiting any sites, downloading anything, or uploading anything onto the server. When I try to access the sites on this server in any way, the connection times out and I get a pretty "cannot fond server" message.

I've contacted the server admin, and he says that nothing's wrong on his end. He also said that he had cleaned out a bunch of old stuff on there about a week before my problem occurred.

On my end, I've tried numorous virus scans and spyware scans (Spybot and McAfee), adding the server IP and sites hosted there to my "trust this IP" and such lists, clearing my history/temp. internet files, and after trying numorous other things suggested by several support sites, I went so far as to back up my data and reformat my hard drive. After re-installing everything and trying again, I found that the problem had still not been resolved.

So, the only explanations I can think of are that there really is something wrong on the server end, and I've been blocked somehow, or that I have some sort of virus/spyware that has been able to get by McAfee, Spybot, and Ad-Aware Se...

And what I'm looking for: Are there any other possible explanations for this? and if so, how do I deal with them?
Thanks for y... Read more

Answer:Having problems accessing a certain server

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We're using Window Server 2003 as a domain controller (Active Directory, DNS, DHCP) and Windows XP as clients. It is a small network of only about 5 computers (+1 server) so it used to work fine without much problem.

The problem is that my computer (a win xp client) is now having problem accessing folders on the other computers. I am being asked a user name and password everytime I want to access these folders. Strangely, if I simply put my name and password, windows will tell me that it's tried this name-password combination, and it doesnt work. I had to type in the full network address as a prefix to my name (eg:\my_name) for it to even have the chance to work.
Even after I entered my name in the above format, accessing the folder will take about 1-2 minutes before it will even display the content of the folder. And then it will not show the right click menu (looks like it hangs, but it will eventually go back to initial state, but still cant right click).

If I ping the server or these computers using DOS, it will return my pin.

I have several possible source of the problem:

1. A couple of month ago my hard disk broke. We had to install a new hard disk and windows xp. I copied my documents (Favorites, Documents, Desktop, Outlook) to the new installation, and renamed the computer to something else.
The problem started around the same time

2. I'm using 2 network card in my computer:
- 1 is connected to the domain
- the other 1 is connected t... Read more

Answer:Problem accessing network folder, Windows 2003-Windows XP

When you renamed your computer, you probably neglected to fix the permissions on the server.

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My Maxtor II hard drive worked OK on both XP and Vista. The Vista laptop has expired and I now have Windows 8.1 on a Toshiba laptop.The software seems to load OK. The laptop does not recognise or let me access the drive when connected, although it appears under Device Manager. The hard drive has a password and it has been suggested this is the reason I can't now access it - does this mean I must remove the password using another computer?Is there some other known reason why I have a problem? Under the Main Menu none of the 3 functions lets me view the information on the drive.

Answer:Problem accessing a Maxtor II drive using Windows 8.1

your post is a bit confusing...are you saying you acquired a win 8 laptop and don't know the HD password?HELP in posting on plus free progs and instructions

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Hey everyone.....

I have a RedHat 7.3 box that has a directory being shared as well as a printer. My windows machine was able to access them a couple days ago without problems. Today, I reboot and all of a sudden it says I dont have the privelages to access them. I ended up reformatting my windows machine and I still have the problems. Why does Windows networking work only when it feels like it?

I can post my smb.conf in a bit

Answer:Problem accessing samba shares from Windows XP

Do you not see the shares, or not see the Samba server, or do you not have write permission any more? Do you get errors in your samba logs?

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When double clicking "My Music (Public)" "My Pictures (Public)" etc I get an error message "Location is Unavailable" Then "Is not accesible." "Access is denied."

Answer:Problem accessing Windows 7 (Public) folders

These are "public" folders. My understanding is that they are available to everyone. However I only have one login, doesn't this give me admin rights?

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Hi. I've spent a whole day trying to restore my Wifi connection after downloading 8.1. I've looked at forums all over the web and despite many people having the same problem, I haven't found a solution that works for me. Any help would be much appreciated; I'm tearing my hair out!

Answer:Problem accessing Wifi after downloading Windows 8.1

You need to reinstall your Wifi drivers. Check Acer's Support site, and download the proper driver for your computer.

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I have a small office workgroup. I am using Windows Server 2003 which has a shared fax and shared folders. I cannot access the server with a Windows 7 Ultimate workstation. The server shows up in the network on explorer, but double-clicking on the server icon, after a while, I get the error message "Windows cannot access \\Server. Check the spelling of the name..." Also, when trying to add the fax account "The mentioned server is not available..."
I can ping the server from the workstation. The server can access a shared folder on the W7 workstation. The user accounts on both computers are the same.
I connected a laptop running W7 Ult with the same user account and I am able to access the shared folders and fax on the server. The laptop can also access the shared folder on the W7 workstation.
Greatly appeciate any help.

Answer:Solved: Trouble accessing Server

You pinging server by the name or ip?

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BSOD when accessing server c:\drive.......Appreciate help!!

When tried to analyse the dump, it says "kernel symbols must be loaded first" though i have loaded the symbols....

OS - Windows 2008 Server

Kindly Help!!!

Answer:BSOD when accessing server c:\drive.......Appreciate help!!

Please provide this info to get us started:

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I have just chnaged over to Sky for my e-mail and access them via Outlook Express. I still have my NTL e-mail address and would like to receive e-mails on that e-mail address. Can I set up an NTL account via the Sky mail server so that I can still receive outstanding e-mails from friends that are still using my old e-mail address.

Answer:Accessing my ntl e-mail account via the Sky server

In Outlook ExpressClick Tools> Options >Mail >New Account.Fill in the NTL details as required by the 'wizard' and you will then have a new account listed when you click on Send/Receive.You need to know the pop and smtp details, these are available from the NTLWorld site under 'Help and Support'You cannot send emails by your SKY account as if it was from NTL but you can set OE to check other ISPs. I have an account with Madasafish and still have my Windows Mail (Vista) checking this with my 3 Sky accounts.

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I have an account on an ISP which provides me with a dial up connection and a mail storage which I can access using the same username and password. However, I now have a faster ADSL connection on another ISP, but still got the dial up account on the first ISP. Now whenever I try to get my mail through outlook from the first ISP, I am asked to dial the ISP's number, in order to get my mail, or else it won't.

Is it possible to get it without having to start the dial up connetion? I have the username and password, I just need to tell outlook not to start a new connection!

Answer:Accessing mail server without the dial up

have you made you adsl connection the default in the network connections properties?

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Hey guys,
I'm putting together a Minecraft server for myself and a few friends.
I don't want it to take up space with a monitor, so is there a way that I could set it up on my network and use like Team viewer to access it remotely from my desktop, so I can update it and play directly on the server.

Any thoughts?
Spock96 :major

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i just purchased a Lumia 640 xl - double sim version. Im loving the phone but i can't seem to figure out a way to view my home server on my local network. Is there a file manager like the one on windows pc (file explorer)?? on my windows 8 pc, actually im on windows 10 preview, it detects my server easily. i was hoping since it is a windows phone, it does the same.

Answer:Accessing server on my local network?

anyone has any clue??

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Hi all,

Hoping someone has a quick solution for this. My wife and I both work remotely via notebook computer accessing our companies via VPN. When on our company's network we can only access the internet via proxy server (intranet is fine because we are already on the network). But once off the company network I need to turn off the intructions to access via proxy sever. Is there anyway IE will detect on it's own whether the proxy server is needed or not? If not, is there any faster way to turn on and off the proxy server access other than Tools-Internet Options-Connections-Lan Settings and then unchecking the "Use Proxy Server ... " box. This gets kind of tedious. Or in lieu of these would there be a way I can have a shortcut to launch IE both with and without the proxy sever?

Thanks all.


Answer:Accessing web via proxy server (through VPN) versus not.

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Hello all. I have a word document stored on a server which everone in the office can access through a shortcut on the desktop. The document has several chapters within it. Can anyone tell me if it is possible to create a shortcut to a specific chapter (or page) within the document, rather than just a shortcut to the start of it?Thanks for reading :)

Answer:accessing a word document on a server

I don`t think so but someone may tell us differently. I would use the shortcut and then the GoTo function (Ctrl Key + G Key) type in the page number you want and hit the enter key.You can also navigate quickly in a Word document using the Ctrl Key with the following keys:Ctrl + Home Key - Takes you to the start of the document.Ctrl + End Key - Takes you to the end.Ctrl + Page Down Key - Take you to the top of the next page. (Useful if the chapter titles are on the top of the page)Ctrl + Page Up Key - Takes you to the top of the previous page.

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I am running a network at our office. We use one computer as a "server". This computer is running XP Pro.
I understand that up to 10 computers can log in and access this server at any one time.
My question is: Does the server computer accessing itself count as one of the 10 computers.

In other words. If 10 computers are accessing the server and the same database can someone also access this database using the database program on its own Drive C without conflict.

I hope this question makes sense. I tried searching the threads and nothing came up that answered my question.
Thank you in advance.

Answer:Number of computers accessing an XP pro server

This is not a theoretical question. I really have to understand this issue before I start buying extra copies of our billing program that is accessing our server at the office.

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I have a Windows XP Pro SP2 machine. I can connect to remote shares by IP address, but not by name. If I do a Start, Run, \\computer it says "The network path was not found."

There is no server on this particaular network -- it's all peer-to-peer, and I've enabled NetBIOS for good luck. Nothing. I cannot ping the other machines by name, either. All other machines in the network run fine.

I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling components of Network Connections, and TCP/IP is the only protocol installed. I have confirmed that all of the computers are in the same subnet and same workgroup.

There is no firewall software installed on the machine, apart from XP SP2, and I've disabled that.

Any other ideas? Thanks!

Answer:System Error 53 when accessing server by name

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What do I need to do to be able to log into my home computer from somewhere else?

I have a router, I can access that remotely, I have a web cam attached to the router, I can access that remotely. I have the computer set for remote desktop, although I'm not sure I can get to that outside of my network (so I probably have something configured wrong) but, isn't there a way that I can access it directly without using remote desktop?

Answer:Help with accessing server computer remotely

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I am managing a network of about 10 PC in my bro's office.

I am using a Windows 2000 advance server as the network main server, with two network cards installed. 1st card is connected with the switch of Local Area Network and the 2nd card is connected with a direct broadband line of 256 internet connection and with a public static IP address.

I have installed a Local Mail Server (Share Mail Pro) to collect all the emails from internet and to send out all emails coming from local users to internet.

My, bro is a traveler and I have configured pop3 & smtp of Outlook Express in his laptop to use the public static IP address of our main server and he can connect and receive all his emails from our Local Mail Server with an internet connection anywhere.

Now I am thinking of setting up a Linux Firewall Server to connect the direct broadband line of 256 internet connection and giving it the public IP address to increase the security in our network. Then the Windows 2000 advance server which I have already setup would be the secondary server which will be controlling our network with the Local Mail Server.

My question is, will my bro be able to check his email now from our Local Mail Server? as now the public IP address will be in the Linux Firewall Server. I want to keep the public IP address in the Linux machine but, also would like to be able to access our Local Mail Server from anywhere through internet.

Can anyone give me a suggestion of how to achieve this and wha... Read more

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I'm not sure if my subject is really worded correctly, im not an expert in networking, but heres my question.

I have a motorola vonage VT2142 router with a broadband internet connection (1 ip address). One of the computers connected to it is running a web server. The problem is, whenever i try to access that webserver using my public wan ip address THROUGH my internal LAN, the web browser just gives an immediate error accessing server. BUT, people outside my LAN can access the server fine through my public ip. I can also access it using the LAN ip address directly within my own LAN of course. My port forwarding is also set correctly. So ultimately, is this a feature or a bug?

Answer:Solved: Accessing LAN server through WAN request?

That's normal operation. Unless your router supports NAT loopback, you can't use the public IP address inside your network. I suspect that cheap Motorola VoIP router doesn't have such support.

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I've got into a problem and need your help. I've got two java programs both of which write data to different shared locations but both locations are on the same server.
Say server name is \\FileShare
First Java Program name : javaProg1
--> Uses Userid1 & pwd1 for accessing folder \\FileShare\javaProgOutput1
SecondJava Program name: javaProg2
--> Uses Userid2 & pwd2 for accessing folder \\FileShare\javaProgOutput2

To connect to these fileshares i'm using net use commands in a batch file.
NET USE \\FileShare\javaProgOutput1 /user:Userid1 pwd1
NET USE \\FileShare\javaProgOutput2 /user:Userid2 pwd2

Now, whn i try to run javaProg1 & javaProg2 as windows services, then javaProg2 fails with an Access is Denied error (java.lang.FileNotFoundException) when trying to write the file.

But when i try to run both the programs as batch files, they run fine.

Can someone please let me know if this is expected behaviour ? Your help would be appreciated


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I have replaced an NT4 primary domain controller with a 2003 server. I still have an Nt4 server as an application server and as a Backup Domain Controller. It has been running fine until I add a new user that was never in the old domain.
Any new users that get added cannot authenticate to the NT4 server. All the previous users were already in the BDC when I change over. I cannot figure out why. I can authenticate as Administrator and any old users. I have sp6a loaded, someone said this would help, and have even added the new users to the Domain Admin group but still nothing. I cannot upgrade the Nt4 server as the application is an ERP system that is run throughout the company and I am told will not be supported in anything other than the NT environment.

If I add users on the NT first, it updates the PDC just fine but I still can't access the shares.

Any Ideas???


Answer:accessing NT 4 server in a 2003 Domain

Try demoting the NT4 server so it is no longer a DC and integrating it through DNS into your network.

Because your NT4 server is PDC, there is alot to do in order to keep the NT4 server as a DC and integrate it into a Server 2003 Schema AD network.
It is really not worth doing to be honest! Your NT4 server should run fine as a server, but not as a DC within your Server 2003 environment.

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I have a network consisting of:

1 - 1 Windows 2003 Server.
7 - 7 Windows XP Workstation PC,s

The network is configured as a peer-to-peer(no server logins are required). I have set up 4 shared folders on the Server.

Here's my problem: 6 PC's can access 2 of the 4 shared folders with only 1 PC being able to access all 4 folders on the server. When the 6 PC's try to access those 2 folders, I get an access denied error. what's interesting is that 1 PC is able to access, read, & write to all 4 folders while the other 6 can't access, read, or write to 2 of the folders. Since I have at least 1 PC that can access all 4 folders leads me to believe that the problem is not with the server but with the workstation PC's. The 1 PC that can access all 4 folders is running Windows XP Pro SP2

I would appreciate any help you can provide. By the way, this isn't the first time I've come across this problem.

Pete Saving

Answer:Accessing shared folders on the server.

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I've been having problems with my computer recently, and after I thought everything was taken care of, I can no longer gain acces to the server pages for my school (University of Iowa). The main page is if that helps. I can get to the main page and also get to the main page of my webmail, but I cannot log in or go any deeper into the site. I've done everything I can think of including resetting my security features back to the default. If you have any suggestions it would be GREATLY appreciated!!!

Thanks again!!

Answer:Trouble accessing school server

Try calling University of Iowa's tech support (now that's a suggestion!).....

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