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250gb hdd showing only 100mb

Question: 250gb hdd showing only 100mb


1st off sorry if this has be told before,

I have a 250gb external hdd which now only show 100mb.

It was an old hdd out of an old 7 laptop (which got accidently dropped and insurance replaced) I asked for the hdd back, which when I got it back was fine and working well, I did a quick format and not used it for over a year,

come to use it now to store movies and pictures on and it say volume 100mb?

How do I get the rest back?

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Preferred Solution: 250gb hdd showing only 100mb

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: 250gb hdd showing only 100mb

Can you see it in Disk Management? (right click on My Computer and select Manage, then go to Storage > Disk Management). Disk Management (What It Is and How To Use It)
Is it showing the drive? Does it show the total disk size?

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I have been having a hell of a time with this new computer build. Reinstalled pro tools after finally getting everything running smoothly again and now my HDD crashed it is only showing 100mb and is a westerd digital caviar black 500g hd...any ideas?

Answer:500g HDD now showing only 100mb

Is this your only hard drive? where is it showing 100mb? D=

Is it a drive that windows was installed on previously?

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I have just installed windows 7 ultimate and installed all my programs I need. The problem is when I went to back it up using Acronis True Image, I noticed that there was part of my hard drive that read "System reserved 100MB NTFS." I have looked in my disk managment and it's right there infront of the C: drive, showing as "System reserved 100MB NTFS Healthy." For some reason It looks like it has partitioned the hard drive, but how do I get this off without ruining all the install of Windows 7 and all the  programs I installed, I just want the drive as one without any partition.Just to add this incase it's of any importance, I don't see this extra 100MB space as a hard drive when I click into MY Computer. I only see it in Disk management and when I use Acronis to back up my hard drive.

Answer:Disk Managment Showing System Reserved 100mb?

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Hi to allI have just installed Maxtor 250GB HD into my P4 PC. Cmos bios reports the HD as 250GB during POST and Win XP C: drive properties reports that capacity is 250GB and used space is 134GB!!The only thing on the drive is the OS (winXP) it was brand new I partitioned/ formatted it using my XP cd. If I look at the properties individually on C: drive (windows, program files, docs and settings, etc) they add up to approx 1.5GB but C: properties is 134GB?any suggestions as to why XP is reporting the use incorrectly and a possible fix much appreciated.TIA

Answer:250GB HD showing too big used space

I recently installed a pair of 160gb drives and found on the Maxtor site that in order for the true capacity to be recognised by Windows you need 2 things[otherwise it only recognises up to 137gb];1 - to be running Windows SP12 - to run the Maxtor Big Drive Tool[available from Maxtor support website]

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My computer is only showing it has 127.99gb, when its supposed to have 250gb. Anyone seen this problem before?

Answer:HD showing I only have 127.99gb, its really 250gb

read the first sticky on the forum called: 137gb barrier

maybe the same issue as in yours

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this summer i built myself a new computer. i was having sum trouble getting windows installed and thought it might be 1 of the HD's so i unhooked it. once i got it going i kind of forgot about the 250GB HD until just recently. i hooked it up and formatted it but it only showed up as a 127GB HD when it's supposed to be 250GB. this is very puzzling because on the post screen it clearly reads that it's a 250GB HD.

can someone please tell me what i hav to do to get it working correctly because i'd really like to move my music off of my dad's comp. btw, my system specs are in the sig

Answer:250GB HD showing up as 127GB!?

What kind of hard drive do you have? I don't see the sig on the screen so if its there i just can't see it. Also what operating system are you running??

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Bought a new 250 g hd for my box. I want to install xp pro. I am at the stage where it shows 1 partition at 131 gb

Xp pro disk in cd bay, boot disk in floppy.

Any help would be appreciated

Answer:New 250gb hd 131 showing? Partition Help??

Plain-Jane XP by default will only recognize drives up to 132GB. If you create an SP2 slipstreamed CD using autostreamer, it will recognize the full drive upon install. Or, complete your install, update to SP2 and then use the "diskmgmt.msc" command in the "run" line to format the remaining hard drive as a second partition.


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So i managed to kinda mess up my hard drive that was in my old laptop and i got a new hard drive. The old hard drive i took to a technican and he fixed it. When i hooked up the old hard drive using one of those "thingies"(forgive my ignorance) that make the hard drive like an external one. so i open it and i am asked to format, the problem is that the size written is 100MB eventhough my drive is 500GB. Thanks in advance

Answer:500GB hard drive showing 100mb space when formatting

How is it shown in Disk Management ? "?
The 100Mb space may be leftover from the Windows install.

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I have a 250Gb Samsung EVO 850 that reports it just has a couple of gigabytes spare when i am using only 70.3Gb as per WinDirStat - i only realised when i turned on the comp and google drive said its runs out of space

I have everything off, 1Gb Page-file (8Gb RAM) - hibs OFF, screenshot of WDS below

Ive ran chkdsk /f but no change
can anyone help please?

edit: I have noticed that recycle bin shows that i still have 209Gb available..??
SMART shows all fine, good health with 2.9Tb Usage


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I have a 250Gb Samsung EVO 850 that reports it just has a couple of gigabytes spare (edit 8Gb after removing some stuff) when i am using only 60Gb as per WinDirStat - i only realised when i turned on the comp and google drive said its runs out of space

I have everything off, 1Gb Page-file (8Gb RAM) - hibs OFF, screenshot of WDS and Disk Management below - 10% OP accounts for the unallocated space

Ive ran chkdsk /f but no change
I ran SFC /SCANNOW and it found corrupt files it could not fix and the text log is 166Mb

can anyone help please?

edit: I have noticed that recycle bin shows that i still have 209Gb available..??
SMART shows all fine, good health with 2.9Tb Usage


Answer:250Gb SSD showing as full when using only 60Gb..?

TreeSize Free - Quickly Scan Directory Sizes and Find Space Hogs

Try Tree Size Free from the above link. It might give you a better idea than WinDirStat.

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I had a 250GB SATA HDD laying around with multiple with a couple of so I ordered an enclosure. Installed easily, everything was compatible. I used the format option from right clicking the drive in "My Computer" I formated it and I can only format it to 9.40GB using NTFS. How do I make it so I can use my entire 250GB?

Answer:External Hardrive 250GB but only Showing 10GB

Start>Right click on My Computer>Manage>Disk Management.

See if there is any other partitions on there. Also i would recommend using one of the Disk Formatting tools in the Windows Index Stickies link in my sig. In that Index there is a topic called Recommended Software for certain tasks. At the bottom of the first post you will see Formatting tools. GParted, DBan, KillDisk will get the job done for you.

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I have a 250gb hd in my uncles computer and I put sp2 on it because I thought it had the update I needed for xp to see the full size but it still doesn't. Is there something else I'm suppose to do?

Answer:250gb drive still showing up as 127gb after sp2 update on xp

Whoa, what?

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I'm not sure if the hard drive is failing, its an older IDE drive. I just formatted the drive and disk manager only shows it with 26.9GB and no other unallocated space. Is there any way to reclaim the lost space or is this a typical sign of a drive on its last legs?

Answer:250GB hard drive newly formatted only showing 26.9GB

Hi and welcome to SevenForums,
See what mini tool shows
Best Free Partition Manager for Windows | MiniTool Partition Free

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Ive been reading around and noticed that problems like this are fairly common. Im having troubles finding something that applies to me. I have a Dell Dimensin 8100 P4 1.4 GHZ, its sorta old i guess, it was a relatively new P4 computer i think. I just bought a Hitachi GSX 250GB ATA-100 IDE 8MB Buffer hard drive and havent been able to get it to be recognized at more than 127GB. I tried updating my BIOS (went from Revision A02 to AO9) but that didnt make any difference on the drive. DO i have to wipe the drive and start over with the blank drive or what? I also read that XP Home needs SP1 to recognized more than 127GB so i downloaded SP2 and it didnt make a difference. If anyone can clear up why this isnt working thatd be great.Thanks Alot

Answer:Solved: 250GB Hard Drive Only Showing as 127GB

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Hi folks,

I recently bought a new Hitachi 250GB SATA hard drive and created one primary partition of full size using Partition Magic on a boot disk. I then installed windows xp on it (no service packs). Straight after install I noticed it showed as a 232GB drive (fair enough) but also said around 113GB of space had been used.

I have now installed some more applications and the total file size of everything on the drive totals 24.1GB. My C drive shows 134GB used with 98.3GB free.

I guess it's something to do with partitioning larger HD's but I'm new to all that so any help would be greatly appreciated.

UK Jester

Answer:250GB HD showing half full after clean XP install

You need to download the latest BIOS and chipset from the manufacturer of the computer or the manufacturer of the motherboard.

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I had a password locked HD(30Gb), that I finally gave up on. I purchased a 250Gb replacement drive. When I go into the bios to check to see if the system detects it, it show 137Gb, when it did not show anything with the locked HD. I also check to see if there was a bios update, but there was none, just the same as what's already on my 1100. I thought I'd try to use the new drive, while I wait for another replacement, it started to format at 250Gb.

I just wondering why it shows 137Gb. I know this is an issue with some older bios and P3 systems, but I did not expect it with a P4 system.

Anyone else experience this? Any problems if I keep the 250Gb installed, or should I order a 120Gb.



Answer:New 250Gb showing 137Gb on a Dell 1100 bios

Usually this problem is caused by formatting the drive with a verision of Windows XP that has no Service Pack, Service Pack 1, or Service Pack 1a. None of those will format higher than 137 GB.
If you switch to an install disk with Service Pack 2 or Service Pack 3, you can format up to 1.5 Terrabytes without problems.
Alternately, once you format at 137 GB, use a partition editor such as Ghost, Partition Magic, Source Forge, or Acronis (I recommend Acronis)... to extend the partition to the full size of the hard drive.
Either way, you have a cost.

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I'm not sure if the hard drive is failing, its an older IDE drive. I just formatted the drive and disk manager only shows it with 26.9GB and no other unallocated space. Is there any way to reclaim the lost space or is this a typical sign of a drive on its last legs?

Answer:250GB hard drive newly formatted only showing 26.9GB

Hi and welcome to SevenForums,
See what mini tool shows
Best Free Partition Manager for Windows | MiniTool Partition Free

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Hey guys,

I have a home made computer, System is running off a 250gb hard drive. When I first formatted it, it was showing 232gb (this was ages ago) but somewhere along the way it has changed to 184gb. If I open disk management it shows the drive cannot be extended to fill the space, and even shows that 184gb is the maximum that can be used. However when I use diskpart to look at it in command prompt it shows 232gb as the size of the drive. I have tried extend in diskpart, but it does not let me fix the problem.

I am running Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit SP1.

Would love any help that anyone can give me!


Answer:[SOLVED] 250gb (232gb formatted) drive showing as 184gb?

Welcome MrMatt90.

Does your system only have one hard drive?

Is the drive you mention the one with your Operating System installed on?

Have you created any backups?

Are there any partitions?

When was the last time you ran chkdsk? I suggest you run it on your drive...
> - Click the start globe/button
> - type cmd and run cmd.exe as administrator
> - type chkdsk /r ?: (replacing the ?: with the drive letter, probably c:)
> - it will ask to run scan on next restart, type Y and restart.

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Hi, I want to buy a new hard drive for my desktop PC, and I was wondering if the western digital black 250GB hard drive or western digital enterprise 250GB hard drive would work better for such a PC. Both of the HDDs I mentioned are SATA, in case you're wondering.

Answer:Solved: western digital black 250GB vs. western digital enterprise 250GB

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Question: 100MB

So I had that partition in Windows 7 that is "reserved" so I followed the instructions in the tutorials on how to remove that 100MB reserve and how to repair the MB loader. Everything went per the tutorial.

Only thing is when I go to Control Panel-->System and Security-->Administrative Tools-->Computer Management and then I look at the Disk Management, the 100MB is listed as unallocated. How can I get that 100MB back with the main part of the drive where the OS resides on?



Partition Wizard

Use the bootable CD.

Free Download Magic Partition Manager Software - Partition Wizard Online

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last night my computer was working perfectly but all of a sudden today turned on my computer it came up with the bar starting windows and all of a sudden quickly shows blue screen of death then restarts, it does this every time i try and start up windows

I tried inserting the windows 7 cd and doing startup recovery but it says windows has encountered problems and cant continue, so then i try a system restore and cant do that, it shows an error message

my last option was to installwindows 7 on computer again but even that i cant as for some unusual reason when i try to install fresh copy of windows on my HD it only sees max of 100mb out of 60GB, i havnt partitioned it either as i thought it was that

Answer:only see's 100mb of HD

Did you happen to catch the stop code?

Try using GParted, and see what's up with your drive.

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I have 2 pc's (winxp) about 40m apart with a 10/100Mb switch (netgear FS605) in the middle (about 20m away from each pc). Trouble is i can only achieve speeds of 10Mbp/s. Both PC's have 100Mb NIC installed. If i try to force both NIC's to 100Mb i get 'network cable unplugged' so the only way is to force them down to 10Mb.How can i increase the speed up too 100Mb? What hardware is required to do so? Product suggestions welcome.All help greatly appreciated.

Answer:100Mb LAN...... How?

You need to check that the network cards are set to 100MbpsRight click on Local Area Connection Display Icon on task barClick Status-General-PropertiesAt the top of display the type of Lan card will be displayedClick Configure-Click-Advanced Tab Click- Connection Type-Change to Auto Sense or 100Mbps Full Duplex

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Having some issues with the NIC on my laptop. Last night I noticed my transfer speeds were significantly slower than usual, when I checked the NIC speed it was set at 100MB.

Laptop - Dell Inspiron 15R SE 7520 - Windows 7 x64
NIC - Realtek RTL8105E-V

Troubleshooting steps thus far:
- different cable
- different switch
- removed/updated driver (from Dell and directly from Realtek)
- statically set NIC with 1GB Full-Duplex
- flash BIOS

Anyone have any ideas?

Answer:NIC operating at 100MB not 1GB

Maybe the nic card itself is going out. I had this same issue last week. Switched the cable out with cat 7. It's all good now.

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Here is my situation:
I have an older hard drive, which was used for my previous operating system. Disk has two partitions: System (C: ) and Data (D: ) I want to delete all data on System partition but nothing on Data partition. I also want to have only one system for booting at this time. So after turning on the computer I want to boot to my windows accout automatically, without choosing an operating system to boot. I know how to automate logging into windows, that is not problem for me.)

I need to install Windows 7 x64 Ultimate but WITH 100MB partition (I know, almost every user is asking for the information how to remove that partition, but I really NEED it!)
Problem is, that during installation I do not how to force windows to create that 100MB partition and also re-write MBR, so only one record will be in MBR.

What should I do? Should I remove only system partition without formatting it during the installation process, or should I also format it? I can not format whole hard drive, because I do not have another hard drive to backup all data on Data partition.

Please help. Thanks to everybody who helps.

Answer:I NEED 100MB partition

Hello emel,

Welcome to Seven Forums.

You've got it. Delete the system partition C: and leave it as unallocated space. You can do this under Custom Install when booted from the DVD (maybe advanced options at the pick a partition screen if I remember). Then install there and Seven will do the rest. You will not get a Windows.old folder doing this, so make sure that you have everything you need off of the C drive (email etc. if stored there.)

Hope this helps.


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I have a 320gb Western Digital IDE HDD. Just installed windows 7 64bit. I installed Partition Magic 8 after i installed all updates for windows. When I tried to run the program for the first time it got some errors that it said it could "automatically fix" I clicked yes to it fixing them. I don't know what exactly they said. Just a bunch of numbers. Program wouldn't start because of compatibility issues. I went to uninstall the program as soon as i hit "uninstall" the computer got a BSOD. Tried start up repair and everything. After about 2 hours I got tired of trying so I decided to just reinstall windows. When it asked me to select the drive to install windows on, to my surprise my 320gb HDD now only has 100MB of TOTAL space?! WHAT HAPPENED and HOW DO I FIX THIS! Please!!

Answer:HDD 320gb to 100mb? HELP!

Sounds to me you used partition magic and it created an extra partition.

So what happened is because your drive probably has a partial partition, your no longer accessing the whole drive size.

You have to delete that partition and reallocate the whole drive size back to your windows installation.

I am not familiar with partition magic.

I know if your lucky to have an old Windows 95/98/ME startup disk laying around, you can use Fdisk from those disks to delete that partition.

There might be a way to do that from with-in Partition magic, but those instructions I do not have.

Perhaps someone else can explain that program to you, but I replied only to tell you what happened.

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I'm sure some of you know that particular versions of Windows 7 creates 100MB partition upon the its installation mainly for the BitLocker feature.
I bought Windows 7 Ultimate from Amazon and it is one of them.

I know it also contains WinRE, but I know Windows 7 can use its own partition where it's installed on for the Recovery Environment. I'm also aware that the automatic process of 100MB being created can be avoided DURING the Windows installation with some tricks.

Normally, I would not care about it as a 100MB-reduction over my 500GB HDD is nothing to worry about, and I would probably say OK for creating one extra partition. Maximum active partition I would use for myself is two: one for the Windows and the other as a personal archive.

But the problem here is that I'm using Mac Book Pro which already creates two partitions for its own OS and that leaves me no choice to create an additional personal archive drive. I can live with that, but the real problem is that when Windows 7 creates the 100MB partition, it does not follow the standard procedure of altering the partition table which results mixing up the partition table to be inconsistent. That is, it only alters the MBR partition table while leaving the GUID partition table untouched.

Mac OS X, on the same computer, then looks up the hybrid table and has no idea what they are, hence reading both partition as one to be one FAT-32 table while it's actually two NTFS drives. This does not allow me to access the NTFS ... Read more

Answer:Way to get rid of the 100MB partition

Try this:

System Reserved Partition - Delete

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I have a LANhere in my house with 4 PC's on it. All the PC's have 10/100 NICs and the cheap mini switch i bought is a 100/10M net-Lynx SW808X-R.

The problem i have is that if i have a network cable longer than a few feet i have to set the PC network card to 10MB as at 100MB it is not seen on the network and can't browse. If i move the offending PC close to the mini switch and use a short cable, its fine at 100MB.

All the cables check out fine so i was wondering if maybe the mini switch might be the problem and maybe it's attenuating the signal or something?

Answer:[SOLVED] Cant run at 100mb ??

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Hi Gang,

I am looking at buying a new switch to add to my network. I can get an 8 port 10/100 switch for $45 or a 10/100/1000 switch for $110.

Realistically, how much faster will the 1GB switch be given that transfer rates are often limited by the hard drive?

Answer:Switch: 1GB vs. 100MB

do you have GiGe Nics in all of your PCs?

if yes then youll benefit.

its not necessarily limited by the hard drive per se.

gigabit in laymens terms just means more data leaves in each group.

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I have a 1000Mb NIC, Cat5e cable, and a gigabit router. All the necessary equipment. Updated drivers, updated BIOS, no spyware, all the usuals. And yet, my connection is STILL only at 100Mb! What is going on here?!?

Answer:Only getting 100Mb on a 1000Mb NIC...

what model router?

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Question: 100mb partion

So I finally did it, I delete Vista and windows7 and made Windows7 my only OS and how I see this 100mb partion on my harddrive and want to know what it's for???

Answer:100mb partion

someone will undoubtedly correct me if I'm wrong. but i do believe that it contains boot files for windows.

don't delete it, it's important.

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Question: gigabit vs. 100mb

Here's an interesting dilemma. I haven't made cables since the gigabit stuff came about, but I can't find any information on wiring changes. Here's my problem. I've strung cable for an entire office (7 modular ports) back to a punchdown block (568 A color scheme should that matter) From this punchdown block I have patch cables made from the same cabling running to a gigabit netgear 24 port switch. 5 such switches are involved in this network total, and all are linked by the same patch cables I made for the punchdown to switch cabling mentioned. All switches show 1gb speed lights for the switch to switch connections, and 6/7 punchdown to switch connections show 100mb, one shows 1gb. If I move the patch cable from the 1gb working port to any other it makes no difference and only shows 100mb. If I remove any of the 6 100mb ports patch cabling and replace the patch cable with a store bought cable, it shows 1gb and runs fine. Is there something new about attaching ends to a 100mb vs. 1gb patch cable?
thanks in advance,

Answer:gigabit vs. 100mb

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Has anyone heard of this?

I tried running this network tweak:

But I am still seeing a 12-16% average network useage when I look at it under the task manager while transferring large files over the local network. I have been thinking about switching to Gigabit because the network seems slow to me. But if I can actually eliminate this cap, then I may be happy with what I have. Here is the setup:

Fileserver: Windows 2000Pro, 100Mb NIC

100Mb 5 port switch

My PC: Onboard Gigabit NIC

I have tried setting it to be static 100MB full duplex on both machines and half duplex on both. I have tried the above tweak. Still I only get 12-16% utilization of my network. Is the Task manager just not reading right?

Anyone have any ideas on tweaking networks to get a little better speed out of them. I am willing to give just about any suggestion a shot.

Answer:20% cap on 100Mb XP Networks

Set both NIC's back to auto speed/duplex. You can't hard set these on a regular soho switch, the switch gets confused.

As long as they're both auto-negging 100/full you should get atleast 80mbit between the 2.

Those speed hacks don't work, it should work just fine out of the box.

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Im assuming the 100mb lost in windows is due to the ATI graphics on my T400, but even when i disable it in BIOS it still shows I dont use the ATI graphics AT ALL, is there any way to get it back? [img][/img]


Go to Solution.

Answer:Missing 100MB of RAM

Hi Sean, and welcome to the Lenovo User Community!
My integrated graphics X220 shows 117MB Hardware Reserved RAM in Windows 7. I have an X61 running Windows 8 showing 74MB. Your 100MB looks normal.

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Question: 100mb network

I have heard that unles you place your wires in a certian order that you you will not transmit at 100mb. or is the white orange,orange, white green,blue, white blue, green white brown, brown, just a way to recognize 100 mb networks?

Answer:100mb network

That is the correct wiring scheme for 10/100

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I was looking at HD Tune and was wondering if that 100mb partition is supposed to show 0% usage.

gif upload

Answer:question about that 100mb partition

On 3 computers here it's at 71%, checked via Disk Management.

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Can anyone please let me know of a free host that has 100MB or more of hosting spacw, and supports PHP and MySQL???

Answer:Free PHP Hosting With at Least 100MB

Try this

Click Here Free Results

I'd go with Free Host Ultra.
Don't you already have a good host?

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I have recently ran into an issue where I had too many partitions and needed a new one. Looking at the disk manager, I can see that there are two partitions tagged as 'recovery', one of them also tagged as 'active' and I'm wondering why is that and can I get rid of one of them?

Thank you.

Answer:Two recovery partitions. One has ~12 GB, the other 100MB

Hi and welcome.

Most likely the 12.97 GB partition is one installed by the computer manufacturer to allow returning your PC to factory original condition.

The 100MB partition is installed by Windows 7. It contains the boot files, among other things.

It appears the you have a 93.18 GB unallocated area that can be used to create the forth partition.

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I just did a clean install of W7, again. I have the 100mb partition on the disk. I read somewhere that the data in this partition can be merged with the main system disk and then the partition recovered. At the present time the assignment of drive letters are incremented by one keeping me confused. I would like to fix that.

Answer:100mb partition on disk

See this.

System Reserved Partition - Delete

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hey guys,

If i want install windows 7 and format all Drives show me message wants to make drive 100MB , Why I need this drive ? Is it important ?

this picture for message

If I want format drive and install windows 7 without format all drives not show me that message.

this picture for drive 100MB

what will happen if is not make it ?

Answer:why is windows 7 take Disk 100MB ?

Hello dew1.

It is where the boot files are created for Windows 7 when it is installed to an unallocated Hard Disk Drive (HDD), one that has never been formatted before; it is not necessary but it does several other very useful functions, one being it adds a link to the "Windows Recovery Console" in the F8 or the "Advanced Boot Options" menu at system startup, like in the snip below.
click to enlarge

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So I finally got around to checking one of my set ups and I discovered that it does not have the Windows 7 100MB section on the SSD. I double checked with Macrium and sure enough, there is no 100MB section on the SSD.

Is there a way to install it without having to reload the entire O/S again?

Answer:Help with Windows 7 100MB Sector

Do you need it for anything? Its not critical if your system boots just fine, unless you want to use Bitlocker.

Check his out - I've never used it though:

System Reserved : Create for Dual Boot

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Hey guys. I need some help. I recently bought a new LAN card for my old computer. Its a Dynex, DX-E101(10/100 mbs) LAN card. I have a LAN card on my other computer, and i changed it to 100 mb Full Duplex on that one and it works fine. I get full fast 100 mb. But on this old machine, whn i change it to 100mb(full or half duplex) it says "A Network Cable Unplugged". The DX-E101 LAN card is in the computer that i have at my other house. So i only have one computer there and its directly connected to the internet. Where the DX card is, my connection comes directly from the cable modem. I have a cat 5 cable that contects my LAN card and the modem. I am only able to get 10 mbs. Can you please help me on how i can get it up too 100mbs? LIke i said before whn i change it to 100, it says "Network Cable Unplugged".

I have a cognac+ mother board, here is the link to it-

Also i am running Windows Xp Pro, Service Pack 2
And i have all the latest drivers for the DX-E101 Card.

(dunno if this will help, but i also have a 64 mb video card installed nvidia mx400, and i have a 350 watt power supply.)

Please Help

Answer:LAN card wont let me get 100mb

If you're saying you expect to see a 100Mbps connection between a cablemodem and any LAN card, I don't think it's possible-- it's always going to operate at the speed of the slowest device, and a cablemodem doesn't need its interface to be any higher than 10Mbps when it's only serving you with a probable max of a 3-5Mbps data transfer rate.

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Hi there, I have a 10Mb network card (Realtek RTL8029) I was just wondering if there is a difference between 10MB And 100Mb.What would be,If any , Difference when i change?I would appreciate any comeback what so ever thanks Carl-thomas.....

Answer:10Mb / 100Mb What is the difference?

If your surfing the 'net then you wouldn't notice any difference.If on the other hand you are transfering large amounts of data between PCs then you will notice a big difference.

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I've been using a 100 MB Zip Drive since 1993. It has recently been unable to read my Zip disks and makes a clicking noise when a disk is inserted. I have a suspicion that this is the horrible "click of death". Has anyone had the same experience? Is there a remedy? The files on my seven disks are valuable to me as they represent some 9 or ten year's work (some from pre-CD days!). I shall be glad of any advice on the matter that will help me recover the files in order to transfer them to CDR for further use. Thanks, DRL32

Answer:Iomega 100MB Zip Drive

This may be of some use click here

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I had to reinstall Win7.

I guess the first install made the 100MB partition because it saw WinXP on my old partition. On second Win7 install this partition became free, boot files now at c:

The dumb thing is the 100MB partition was renamed D:

I was able to rename it F: just to get it out of the way of my normal naming convention, D for flight sim, E for games and other stuff.

How can I merge this 100MB partition with one of my other (D or E)?

Another thing, C,D and E are "primary" partitions. I am used to see a few "extended". Is this ok? Only the 100MB partition became "extended".

Answer:How to remove 100MB partition?

I formatted the HDD as an Active partition first .. then installed W7.
The 100mb partition is not installed with this procedure.

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Iam wanting to upgrade my laptop drive to a faster one - only thing is I think its an ATA interface so I cant fit a SATA drive (I think) but there is an ATA 7,200 rpm drive BUT I see that they have the same data-rate @ 100Mb as the 5,400rpm version...??

I thought faster RPM meant it would read data faster?

how (or why) do these two drives have faster spindle but same rates?

Answer:2.5" HD - 7,200 & 5,400 rpm have same 100Mb rate?

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Hello guys, I'm new to this forum.

I need your help desperately:
I had system file corruption and had to reinstall Win7. The problem is that I formatted the 100mb partition.
I know this is an important part of the system and want to have it back. It complies with size (100mb) and position requirements (the first partition).

There are a lot of post dealing with getting rid of it. I want the opposite. Howw do I do it?
Now, there are some constraints: I cannot delete the entire disk because I have a Linux installation in another partition. And if I delete the 100mb partition to try and lure Win7 into creating it, it'll change the partition table and my bootloader won't be able to locate Linux.
Can you help me please.

Answer:How do I re-create the 100mb partition?

Be aware that having GRUB on the HD can corrupt Win7 at any point so this may not work although it is proven to create the SysReserved partition by tests done by BareFootKid and has worked for others:

Boot the Win7 DVD Repair Console or Repair CD, access a Command line to mark the 100mb partition Active: Partition - Mark as Active

Now boot the DVD repair console or Repair CD, accept any offered repair. When Win7 doesn't start, boot back in, click through to Recovery Tools list to run Startup Repair up to 3 separate times with reboots until Win7 starts. Startup Repair - Run 3 Separate Times

If this fails you can try doing a partition-specific wipe of 100mb, in case it has been corrupted by GRUB, using free Partition Wizard bootable CD which can also Modify>Set as Active. Then run Repair x3. You can also use PW CD to shrink Win7 to create the 100mb if it isn't already created as it appears from your post.

If it won't work then it is likely because of GRUB corruption on the HD, which is why it is best to Dual Boot Linux on another HD via the BIOS to avoid GRUB corruption of Win7.

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I successfully installed W7_64 build 7100 and am really liking it; no issues so far. I'm just curious what's on that 100MB partition the installer creates? Also, Disk Management shows it as a 100MB NTFS partition but Windows Explorer doesn't see it. How can I see it? Can I delete it?

Answer:What's on that 100MB partition? Can I delete it?

No. It's reserved and MUST remain. MS says so.

Actually, it can be avoided entirely by pre-partitioning and pre-formatting your drive. Deleting it is a very bad idea because the partition does not use the standard sector zoning format. When deleted with the partition tool (which does not support non-standard partition type) the Partition Table will be corrupted.

In other words, if you don't want it there, don't let Win7 do it for you and it won't be created. If it is there, leave it alone.

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Hi all, i have the following problem!

This 101Mb has been in system reserved , after i made C: as a active partition i got this for usage , i have the option for creating a simple volume with this 100mb, but a volume with 100mb will be no longer use. So can i add this(101mb) with my C: or others..?

Answer:100MB system reservation ?

What happened to the SYSTEM RESERVED 100mb partition? You didn't remove it did you?

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I don't know what's going on but my network is running at 10MB and it's annoying the crap out of me. I don't know where to even start diagnosing. The ethernet cards in the computers are set to autosensing and the switch that they are attached to are netgears autosensing 10/100MB. Anybody can help me out and tell me where to start testing out what the problems may be. Email me or post a note... this way I can communicate with you and work out this problem. Thank you very much!

Nuts and Bolts Man
[email protected]

Answer:10MB vs 100MB problem

I'm assuming that you are running WIN95/98 and that when you state that the "ethernet cards are set to autosensing" you are refering to a jumper or something physically on the card that designates autosensing.

Check the properties sheet of Network Neighborhood. Then check the properties of the Network Adapter and see if there is not an "Advanced" tab with a SPEED setting parameter. If it says "AUTO", try changing it to 100.

Also, are you useing Cat5 TP?
Thanks -- Jim

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Hello dear users,

After I installed Windows 7 64-bit on my computer I got 100mb unassigned data on my SSD disk which I can't use for some reason...

- I think the reason is because lightning struck a few hundred meters away that day, so I lost electricity at home. Therefore, I had to start the installation again.

Is there any chance to get rid of those 100mb, so I can use them?

Check the picture I attached.
Thanks in advance!


Answer:100mb unassigned on SSD disk. Why?

Here you can download a free partition wizard which will hopefully allow you to move the data to the beggining of the disk, and expand the partition.
edit: what is the name of that background? it looks awsome

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I'm trying to indentify and issue with my 10/100MB Lan. I noticed for a while that my transfer speeds from my ESXi server and my FreeNAS server were crawling at 3-5MB/s, however I always regarded it due to the crappy FreeNas box I had built. I recently upgraded to a Synology DS212 and popped in 2 1TB drives until I could get my 3TB drives from newegg.

However after making a LUN for the ESXi server and a volume for CiFS I noticed that I see g the same pitiful file transfer speeds. My initial thought was my network however everything on the LAN is wired except for the Android tablets which are wireless but they also are not a factor in this issue.

Now I've done several tests to eliminate the cause here;

1. I transferred a 8GB ISO from the Blurays I ripped from my 1 PC to another. They are connected via 2 switches as they are on the other side house from each other. Now when the file transfers I get 11MB/S which comes out to 88Mb/s, which is close to the max throughput of the 100mb/s. That transfer took 6-7 minutes or little over 1GB per minute.

2. Transfer from PC to DS212. I took that same file and transferred it over to the DS212 and i'm getting the same speed, which is 11MB/s. So I'm not seeing a network related issue thus far.

3. Transfers from PC to ESXi 5 hosted guest. This is where I see the issue. Transferring from either the PC or the DS212 to a ESXi 5 guest, the transfers are halved or worse. At one point I saw speeds from 9MB/S but ... Read more

Answer:Trying to find the bottleneck on a 100Mb/s Lan

If you're trying to store VMs on the NAS, you really should have a GigE network.

Otherwise, use iperf to test actual network throughput, so you take the disk speed out of the picture.

Look at the stats on your switches to make sure they're not logging errors.

If your devices are set to 100Mb/Full, make sure the switch ports are as well.

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how to hide system reserved (I) 100mb disk..???

Answer:Hide 100mb disk..??

Remove the drive letter in Disk management to hide it.

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So I just did a bit of testing between my ClearOS box with a dual port Intel 1Gb PCIe card and a Juniper SSG5 w/256Mb RAM which only has 100Mb ports.

My modem is a Motorola SB6120 which has a 1Gb port on it.

Setup is as follows for both setups.

modem -> router
router to 8-port Netgear 1Gb switch.

Using I constantly get 10ms pings with my ClearOS box and 16-18ms pings with the Juniper SSG5.

Throughput seemed to be about 1-2Mb slower as well for downloads with the Juniper SSG5. This is with a 50/5 connection.

The SSG5 specs say the max throughput is 160Mb/s.

The CPU and RAM usage on the Juniper was pretty low as all I set up on it was the routing.

Is this sort of thing normal for just 100Mb vs 1Gb ports?

Answer:100Mb vs 1Gb router latency?

Sounds more like a comparison of bus speed to me.

The juniper most likely has a lower speed, higher latency bus between the cpu and nic's. The tradeoff is lower power usage most of the time.

Could be a software issue too, make sure you have the latest firmware.

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When I got the Lenevo Notebook G700 computer I had all the programs removed and Windows 7 Professional 64bit installed. That way I got rid of the bloatware that is normally on a new computer. I then installed AV and other software that I wanted.
However, the 100 MB recovery partition is still on the disk. I don't need it so I wish to remove it. How?

Answer:How do I remove the 100MB partition

Hi Bill, the 100 MB hidden partition is not recovery, but it contains the MBR. We all have it, and it is necessary to keep it.

Let it be there, All clean install of windows creates that partition rightly, if not directed to do else.

If you have formatted the HDD before the installation of professional version, the recovery partition should not be there anymore.

Can you post a screenshot of the disk management window to make it clear?

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I want to change my switch from a 100Mb to a 1000Mb. How much faster should I expect this to be, and do I want a one that supports jumbo frames?

The devices on this switch are mixed 100Mb and 1000Mb. Will that matter? Will the switch compensate for this and allow 1000Mb devices to communicate at that speed while allowing the lower speed ones to communicate at their respective speeds?


Answer:How much faster from 100Mb to 1000Mb?

you will go from a theoretical max transfer rate of 12.5 MBytes/sec to 125MBytes/sec.
Of course you won't see those numbers, since it is also dependent on the NICs, hdds, etc.

Regardless, should be a noticeable improvement.

As for jumbo frames; that depends on whether or not the NICs support jumbo frames.

It wouldn't hurt to get one that does support it, but I'm not sure how well that would work with NICs that don't support it, if it is enabled.

And yes, in a mixed environment, all gigabit devices will talk to each other at gigabit, even if 100base devices are on the same switch.

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About 3 days ago Yahoo mail upgraded to give everyone 100Mb of storage. And there is a note that anything in the bulk is not counted. They donít read your mail and coordinate it with advertisers like Google. They donít dump stuff after a certain time like Hotmail and there are not pop-ups every time you open it like some free mail systems. I have stuff still in my Yahoo mail from 3 years ago.

Their bulk mail is very good at sorting out spam. I just empty it without even looking at it. I have friends who get mail from people who send stuff to a couple hundred of their best friends. Yahoo sees the message going to multiple people in their system and send the messages to bulk Ė so they have to check their bulk mail. I checked it for probably a year and never got a message I wanted sent to bulk Ė so I just delete it without looking at it.

The upgrade might be why some people are having problems, but 100Mb of storage is worth it. They also upgraded so you can now send more than 3 attachments in a single message. I donít know what the limit is but it is more than 8. If there is an attachment size limit it is pretty large.

Answer:Yahoo Mail now 100Mb


I agree. I've been a Yahoo email user since the early days of Yahoo. It's my secondary email account, that I give up to any "casual" "friend" who I communicate with infrequently. In this way, I can switch ISPs (and their email system) and still maintain a link to my "casual" emailers via Yahoo.

And, I also do the same thing with the Spam Bulk folder, EXCEPT I do periodically review it because there are some Newsletters and Upgrade notices that Yahoo thinks is Spam, that I UNspam.

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Well, I dont know about many of you guys, but regardless of the MASSIVE Gigabyte games that have been coming out for a year or so now, I still find that every month or two, some unknown-ish little development company releases a small game of sorts, that actually ends up taking up more of my time than my purchase $99 AUD Games, so incase I`ve missed a few, I am doing a top ten poll to show you guys what games I am meaning and to see if some of you know of titles that I may have missed that I should grab now and check out...
1) Jets 'n' Guns - (Rake In Grass) - 19MB Demo, 77MB Full Version!
2) Bejeweled 2 Deluxe - (Popcap Games) - 9.29MB Demo (Purchase serial to unlock into the full version!)
3) Ricochet - Lost Worlds Recharged - (Reflexive Arcade) - 9.62MB Demo (Purchase serial to unlock into the full version!)
4) Hardwood Solitaire III (3) - (Silver Creek) - 6.06MB Demo (Purchase serial to unlock into the full version!)
5) Gish - (Chronic Logic) - 50MB EST (Including Patches - Purchase serial to unlock into the full version!)
6) Zuma Deluxe! - (Popcap Games) - 5.91MB (Purchase serial to unlock into the full version) Read more

Answer:TOP TEN - Best Small Games (1MB to 100MB Max)

Memoria Wufel

Here's the ONLY link I could find, I just scrounged around my files, I cant find the demo I had either, if anyone knows anything more on this game, PLEASE, Let me know!

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the system reserved partition was hidden last night. How do i hide it again?

Answer:How do i hide the 100MB partition?

Try in disk management...

I was able to enable and disable it this way.

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During a re-install of Win 7 I deleted the 100mb system partition. The install didn't rebuild this partition. The computer runs fine but will not do a restart from either the shutdown menu or from a program restart window. Don't know if the two are related but I need to rebuild the system partition. Looking for some instructions.

Thanks for the help.

Bob K

Answer:Deleted Win 7 100mb partition

There is tutorial on the forum about removing that 100mb partition and reloading the info that was there in the main partition. Not sure where it's at I will look. Found it not sure about this in general so get some others to chime in with help. System Reserved Partition - Delete If you don't have a install DVD I suspect a recovery disc will get you to the command area. Download Windows 7 System Recovery Discs — The NeoSmart Files

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Quote: Originally Posted by whs

A 100MB active boot partition is present on many Windows7 installations. This partition is needed to boot the system since it contains the MBR (Master Boot Record). Normally the content of this partition does not change. I therefore image it only with the initial image and keep it in the folder with the initial image (in a separate subfolder).
Should you, however, later add another operating system in double boot mode, you need to reimage this 100MB partition because its content has changed. I suggest you store it in a separate subfolder with the initial image. If you later decide to delete this second operating system, you need only restore the initial image of the 100MB partition and you have no trace of the second OS.
Special attention has to be given to the restore process of the OS partition if you have a separate 100MB active boot partition. You must not mark the OS partition as ?active? during the restore process nor must you restore the MBR.

Hi there,

I was reading a topic on Imaging Strategies in the BackUp & Restore section of this forum and noticed this above.

I have deleted this small partition off my computer -
Asus EB1501 Intel Atom 330 / 1.6 GHz / Dual Core / 2gb RAM / 250gb HDD / Win 7 Home Prem.

My system boots up with no problem but I suspect that the Recovery Partition that is in place has now been rendered useless. Would that be correct?

Answer:100mb Partition - Deleted

If you deleted System Reserved and can still boot, then your boot files weren't on it.

Where are they? Possibly on the recovery partition---which would mean it is functioning in some sense.

I've never used a recovery partition but know that they can be dodgy and useless for recovery purposes in some situations.

Can you at least bring up the menu on which recovery is offered as a choice?

Might be a good idea to post a screen shot of Windows Disk Management so we can see the location of your boot files.

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Im having this discussion with other IT ppl, and, atm we are using some dell gigabit switches.
But everybody wants to turn to some cisco 2950 100mb switches.

So i ask why not the 2960, we got all the cat6 wiring and gigabit NICs.

and they telling me that : gigabits isn't a standard yet...
and mainly because you cannot lock the speed. ( it's always an auto negotiate process )

What you guys think about this.

I personnaly see nothing wrong with that. and iwas trying to find some documentation about the gigabit standard but couldn't find anything that could help me...

Answer:100mb ... gigabits... Standard or not

It depends on how they explain the standard. All our HP servers use NIC 1G connect to cisco 3560. We even create NIC teaming.

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I currently have Windows 7 x64 Home Premium installed, and i'm going to reinstall it. At the moment, my drive is 500Gb and setup as follows:

Now when I reinstall, I'd like to a) get rid of that 100mb partition and b) have a seperate partition of around 45GB for the OS/Program Files and the rest of the drive for data. So the obvious question, is how can I do that? I've seen many posts on removing that 100mb partition, but they're all about initial installs, not reinstalls.

When I just booted from DVD now and went into the install bit, I had the option of deleting the 100mb partition, but got a warning telling me I may lose valuble files, etc etc, so didn't do it, and no way to add the extra partition I wanted

So my question is, how can I go about achieving what i'm after?


Answer:Help reinstalling 7 without 100MB partition and more...

Hello Killer , Welcome!

Not quite sure myself on how to get rid of the partition, but you can always install, then follow the instructions in the tutorials for removing the partition. Just adds an extra step...

Hope this helps,

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I am going to do a clean install of Windows 7 a 2nd time and I was wondering if it is OK if I delete the 100MB System Reserved partition that Windows 7 installed the first time I did a clean install? See screen shot.

Answer:100MB System Reserved in Windows 7

Here you go, this should help you out,

System Reserved Partition - Delete

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I plan to install Windows 7 on a shiny new Partiot Torqx 128GB SSD. I have used this method in the past for new disks. I see no reason why it wouldn't work on an SSD but am I right? The method just uses diskpart (cmd prompt) Would it be just as good to plug it into my working system and create an active partition then install form there and delete the old installation on the other disk?

Here is the method that I know works fine.

During Setup, if you create a new partition on a clean HDD (no partitions), or delete all partitions and then create a new one - from the Partition screen in Setup, Win7 will create the 100MB boot partition, and you can't stop it/cancel it. If you want to install Win7 to a clean HDD, but don't want the boot partition do this:

At the first setup screen (Language, Keyboard, etc.) press SHIFT+F10. This will open a command prompt window. Enter the following diskpart commands to create a partition.

- Diskpart
- List disk
(this command is important. It will show you what disk drives you have. Most likely your hard drive will be will be Disk 0, but you need to check it first.)

- select disk 0
- clean
- create partition primary size=60000
(this creates a partition 60GB in size. If you want to use the whole hard drive, just leave off the size=number)

- select partition 1
- active
- format fs=ntfs quick

Type Exit to leave Diskpart. Type Exit to close the command prompt. Now continue with the install. When you get to the partit... Read more

Answer:Install without 100MB partition new drive

Good stuff! +Rep

These commands are very useful to know. I used a similar process to fix one of my computers just yesterday.

P.S. - Keep in mind Bitlocker won't be able to encrypt your Windows partition if you do this. (I use Truecrypt anyways)

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Hi,I would like to send a video file to a freind over the internet, but dont know how to transfer it to his computer. My basic knowledge would be communicating though both IP adress.any ideas?

Answer:Sending a file over 100MB to a freind

You would be better burning it on a disk and sending it snail mail. 100Mb will cause most computers to die unless they both have BB or the ISP will not allow it.G

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I recently upgraded my motherboard from Asus Crosshair IV Formula to Asus P8Z68-V PRO/GEN3.

I had previously configured my home network to fully support 1Gb transfers in LAN between my desktop and my laptop. I could transfer files with full 1Gb speed via FTP and Windows file sharing.

But now with the new mobo and it's new network adapter my FTP transfer speeds have dropped down to 2MB/s meaning both upload and download speeds. Windows file sharing still works fine and I can achieve 50-100MB/s speeds with it.

What is causing the FTP to work so poorly now? I can only assume it's the new network adapter since it's the only thing that's changed. I have installed the latest drivers, ran all diagnostic tools the software included, enabled and disabled every feature in the driver configuration but nothing has worked.

I've also tried all the guides I've found online like disabling Remote Differential Compression with no success.

How could I achieve normal speeds with FTP file transfer again?

Answer:FTP transfer speed dropped from 100MB/s to 2MB/s


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I'm running XP Home SP3 and Win7 Pro 32 bit in a dual-boot setup. I use Macrium Reflect to image the entire boot drive.

Looking at the graphic for Disk Management in both XP and Win7 (shown), I don't see the 100MB System Reserved partition, even though the numbers add up as shown. Shouldn't that 100MB partition be visible? Where would it be located? Between the two main partitions D: and C: ?

Answer:Where's my 100MB System Reserved partition?

If the drive was already partitoned when you installed Windows 7, it will not create a Reserved partiton.
It will put the boot data, etc. on the first partition it sees.

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Can I purchase a new cable to connect my computer (USB) to my Iomega Zip drive (female DB25 pin connector)? Are there drivers I need to support this? I see them for sale, but want to make sure this will work for this configuration.

Answer:Connecting to my Iomega Zip Drive 100mb

Zip drives have been long obsolete. Any USB to DB25 pin connector with the right male-female pin configuration will work. CD/DVD writers can hold much more data and access it easier and faster, and depending on your Operating System you may or may not need drivers

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Right, well preferably I'd have gigabit everywhere, but I can't afford it, so we're going for a mix.

Me and a few mates are all moving into a house together. 4 of us in all. 3 laptops, 3 desktops (I have a desktop and laptop because I'm l33t ). All the laptops are going to be connected wirelessly, the desktops will be wired. OK, so we're gonna get a linksys wrt54g for the router as I got one the other day for my parents and it rocks so I'm sticking with that. Basically it's going to be me setting this thing up because most of the others are retards.

OK so let's just disregard the laptops for the minute. What I'm trying to achieve is a gigabit connection between the two desktops - everything else I'm not concerned about ... 10mb/s will be fine.

The thing is, I don't know if this is possible with the wrt54g as the built in switch is 10/100. So, my solution is to get a gigabit switch, uplink that to the wrt54g (wired) so we're connected to the net and the laptops, but plug both the desktops into the gigabit switch.

My question is, will the two desktops then communicate at gigabit speeds? or does all the data have to go through the router first (and consequently slow us down to 100mbit?)

Oh and for gigabit I'm presuming we need a gigabit network card for both desktops, the gigabit switch, all connected with cat5 cable? or is there more to it than that?

Answer:network setup help - gigabit + 100mb?

Because the computers will be on the same subnet, the switch will not forward the packets to the router unless its outside of the subnet mask. Switches learn the MAC addresses of the computers NICs hooked up to it. When one packet from a machine enters the switch, the switch looks at the MAC address from the PC it came from and the PC it wishes to go. It then forwards the packet to the correct machine while the routers sits there and twiddles its thumbs.

As long as you have a gigabit NIC cards and Cat5e *some regular Cat5 will not do gigabit* you should be ready to go.

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ok, i have an msi ge60 ond, and it has a recovery function with the F3 key at startup. i'm wondering if this is tied to the 11GB partition on my hard drive? or to the 100mb partition?

or is anything is even on those partitions? look at the the "free space"....? looks like nothings on there. i just want to know if there is anything on there so i can merge all the partitions into one if not (i think i'm a little OCD when it comes to this hahaha).

Answer:whats on my recovery and 100mb partition?

The boot critical files needed to start windows are on the 100mb.

The files needed to restore/recover your pc are on the 11gb.

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recently while booting into Windows 7 a screen came up. It read something like, "Cannot boot into Windows possibly because of of recent hardware change." It requested my Windows 7 x64 installation disk which I did. The problem was repaired. However, I now have two 100MB system reserved partitions for bitlocker and booting info. One has been designated a J: drive partition the other is the way it supposed to be without a drive letter.

I'd like to know before I delete and merge one of the partitions if it would be okay to do so. I do have backups but would like to fix the problem (if it is a problem) without having to restore data.

Thank you

Answer:Two 100MB system reserved partitions.

J appears to be unneeded but before deleting it please post up the maximized DIsk Mgmt drive map which is cut off for some reason.

System partition should also be marked Active so see if Disk Mgmt will allow you to do that now.

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Just read a tutorial on here about optimising hdd performance in w7. It talks about doing a disk wipe and then creating a boot partition using diskpart so you don't end up with the 'dreaded' 100mb (or was it gb) boot partition

My question really is what was so dreadful about this boot partition. Due to being a little naive - I'm not even sure what problems this tutorial is solving! Thanks

Answer:The 100mb (or was it gb) boot partition - query

There is nothing dreadful about the 100MB partition. Seperating the MBR from the system is in fact a good idea - just think of a double boot. The downside though is that it takes up a primary partition and this together with the C and D partitions and a possible tools partition (in preinstalled OEM systems) saturates the system (4 primaries maximum in NTFS). Many people then do not know how to get out of this bind if they want to create an extra partition (e.g. a Data Partition) - many people who are not aware of the problem run into the dreaded dynamic partitions. But there are, of course, ways how to deal with it - not easy, but possible.

In an installation with a retail Win7 one does not have this problem because there is no D (recovery) partition and no tools partition. There the extra 100MBs really do not hurt.

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For a normal hard disk (WD Black) I understand that if I format and partition the disk first in a working Windows, then use the disk to install windows, so that the 100mb reserved partition will not be created (because no formatting/partition is done at the Windows installation CD starting steps.).

For a SSD hard disk, should I also put the SSD hard disk into a working Windows and format it first, then use the SSD hard disk to install a new Windows 7 so that the 100mb reserved partition will not be created?

This is the first time I am using SSD.


Answer:How to prevent 100MB from being created when I install Win 7 in a SSD?

I don't see why it would not work the same way with your SSD.
I have 2 computers with SSDs. One with and one without the 100mb reserve partition and they both work fine. Since you won't be using Bitlocker encryption with your Home Premium 64 bit, it should not matter. You won't save the full 100mb however since your boot files will just be stored on the main partition instead of the reserve partition.

If you ever want to encrypt your SSD you will need the Reserve Partition

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i have a reformated HDD that previously contained WinXP. When I installed Win 7 couple of years ago I retained the old drive until I could remove other data from it. That has all been done. The drive has been reformatted, but used space is 100MB. I suspect it was set aside for Win 7 System Reserved space.
How can force that space to be freed?

Answer:How to free up unlabeled 100MB space on HDD

If you don't want anything on that drive wipe it.
Secure Erase / Wipe : Definition and Methods

Disk - Clean and Clean All with Diskpart Command

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I have 50 MB Virgin cable broadband but I dont feel that the modem that is supplied is giving me my full speed can anyone recommend the best modem onsale that will give me a better speed.If I have to look at the router that is a D-Link N router DIR 615 which I know to have been out for 4/5 years so wont be the best I was supplied with a Netgear WNR2000 but that developed a fault and got the D-Link yipeee Not :-( .I have heard of someone using a Gigabyte switch but not sure how or what this would do?

Answer:Best modem for 50-100mb cable broadband

Have you run a speed test at

Most any router should work fine.

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I'm trying to figure out if there's any hardware routers out there that may be able to handle an OpenVPN connection that's symmetrical for over 100mb? I know that it would be quite CPU intensive, but as there would be only that one connection running 24/7 I was wondering if there might be a higher end Asus router or lower end Cisco device that might be able to handle this load? I would prefer something reliable and low power. It would be a bonus if it had wifi but is not required.

I'm currently planning on building a box to run pfsense on that would have a i3 or greater CPU. But if there's something simple that would be a reliable option I would definitely be interested.

Alternatively, if IPsec or something else may be better for this setup I'd love to hear about it.

Answer:Hardware For OpenVPN Connection > 100mb?

Edgerouter Lite doing IPSEC can do over 100Mbps.

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I've just built a new PC with Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit installed on a 1TB "OS/Programs" hard drive (or "c" drive). All my data is on two other drives, though I do use the "c" drive desktop as temp work space and downloads as well.

Unfortunately, I've had OS problems in the past for a variety of reasons (software conflicts, virus, etc) w/ my old XP based PC (maybe 6 clean installs in 3+ years), and have already installed Win 7 a few times on my new PC as well (long story - it's been the build from hell :<).

My goal is to back up my entire "c" drive via the the most reliable (and ideally simple) way possible. I think that the best way to do that would be to periodically clone the "c" drive (1-2 times per month). That way, if something goes wrong - just clone everything back. My understanding is that in theory, you could clone back & forth any number of times and the end result works just like the original since it is exactly the same. If I'm wrong about any of this this, please let me know!

FYI - I don't know if this matters, but I quick format the back up drive and then remove all partitions (via Partition Wizard) each time prior to cloning. I beleive that's the correct procedure to get an accurate clone. If not please let me know the proper to do it.

After reading a bunch of threads about the 100MB partition, I now wonder if it could cause problems with cloning, or even down the road as I've seen posts on how i... Read more

Answer:Win 7 Ultimate 100mb Partition & Cloning

A better method is to place your User files on a separate partition to be backed up externally so that if Win7 becomes irreparable you can reimage just the leaner OS/Programs partition and your data is waiting and current in its own partition "vault."

The problem with frequent images just to get latest files is that they also capture creeping corruption in the OS. It's best to reimage to just after you setup to avoid corruption creep, or at least have that image always saved as an option.

User Folders - Change Default Location

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I was just searching for some firefox tweaks and came across billions of threads around the net about this browser only uses 40mb of ram compared to this browser using 80mb of RAM.

I mean its been in the back of my head for awhile now, why are people even caring how much a browser uses? It seems like 95% of home systems have at least 2gb of RAM and what its matter if our browser used 200mb of RAM.

Answer:Why are people still complaining about programs that use under 100mb of RAM?

because people dont like it, people even thought they have far faster machines and MORE ram, want everything slimmer and faster! slimmer and faster! why people put down vista so much, cause it uses your system

the problem is though with something like fireefox that went from being fast snappy and responsive, it took a crap, for me, in v2 when it almost double and trippled in ram usage once you get afew tabs open.

i dont get it either really, why buy ram if you dont want anything to use it...

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Does it really matter if a device has a 100mbps eth port when it is capable of 300mbps wifi N?

I mean wifi is half duplex anyways, so that means a real max cap of 150mbps realistic throughput overall and techincally wifi sucks ass anyways so you probably wont even come close to 300 will you?

Im not a big wifi junkie. I set it up all the time but never actually looked into cheaper devices with slower eth ports.

Answer:100mb port on 300mb wifi ?

you wont ever see 300mbps wifi speeds anyways or even 150.

now when you say 100mbps eth port you mean WAN or LAN...

if you connect via cables systems to the LAN ports, it will be faster than Wifi.

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My current setup is Windows 7 Professional on a 64Gb SSD, and my data on a 1TB HDD; I wish to upgrade my data storage to RAID 5 (via Intel Matrix RAID).

Whilst examining my HDD before I make the change, I noticed that it had a system reserved partition of 100MB on it. After a lot of googling, I had determined that this is used for BitLocker and system recovery, and is not (in most cases) necesarily needed.

However I think that my situation may be different.

The complication is that the system reserved partition is marked as 'System' (as can be seen in the below screenshot), and it seems (from changing boot orders) that the OS actually bootstraps from the 1TB HDD (although it resides on the SSD entirely).

Clearly this is non-ideal (unnecessary coupling of data drive to system drive ect ect).

Does anyone have any experience with this, or know how I could safely migrate the System Reserved partition (or just the MBR, as I dont use bitlocker and have the windows install disks) to the SSD?

Thanks in advance for any replies.

Answer:100mb partition on non-system disk

Temporarily unplug the data drive, boot the Win7 DVD Repair console or Repair CD, at first screen press Shift F10 to open a Command Line then use Diskpart to mark Win7 partition active: Partition - Mark as Active
System Repair Disc - Create

Now return to DVD/CD Recovery Tools list to run Startup Repair up to 3 separate times with reboots to write the System MBR to Win7. Startup Repair

Afterwards you can plug back in data drive to delete 100mb in Disk Mgmt, or use free Partition Wizard bootable CD to delete 100mb and Resize Data Partition into it. You can also use PW CD to Modify Win7 to active instead of Diskpart.

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I have two drives in my computer:

Drive 1 (contains Windows 7 x64)
Drive 2 (contains the 100MB reserved partition)

I want to remove Drive 2 and move the reserved partition to Drive 1.

I made a 100MB partition on Drive 1 (shrunk it first). Then I shut down the computer and disconnected Drive 2. Then I inserted my Win7 DVD, started the computer and selected "startup repair". According to the log, it did repair something (I even let it run 3 times). But when I remove the Win7 DVD, the system won't boot. Only when I re-connect Drive 2 (which still contains the 100MB reserved partition), it will boot.

What am I doing wrong? Thanks!

Answer:Move 100MB reserved partition (Win 7 x64)

Post screenshot of disk management please.

Another question. Do you really want to keep "system reserved"? It's used for:Bootmanager and bootmenu
Bitlocker encryption.
You definitely want bootmanager and bootmenu on a separate partition?

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I want to transfer my C: drive, a 64GB SSD that contains my Win 7 Ultimate 64-bit and several Microsoft programs, to a new Intel 320 series 120GB SSD using an Acronis True Image Home 2011 backup of that drive. I went to the Acronis forum to get some information and it was suggested that I take a look at the 'alignment' of my SSD boot drive - in particular my MBR. Apparently, mine is missing although I do have a 'Boot' file folder and a 'bootmgr' file on my drive. I seem to be able to boot without problems and have been using this system configuration for about a year now.

The three images I'm showing below are of this drive. The first is a screen shot of the Disk Management of Win 7, the second a screen shot of the Acronis Disk Director of the same drive, and the third a screen shot of Win 7 System Information/Disks.

I was told on the Acronis forum that I need to allocate 1MB of disk space for the MBR. Although no one on that forum mentioned this, I thought that I was supposed to have a 100MB Win 7 system partion on my OS boot drive. I cannot seem to find this.

So here are my questions:

1. Is my boot drive, C:, correctly partitioned as it now stands?

2. If it isn't, what do I have to do to make it correct prior to backing up and moving my boot drive to a new SSD?

3. There was no mention of me having to install the Intel 320 Series 120GB SSD prior to my transferring my old drive to it. In fact, I'm supposed to delete any partitons that are o... Read more

Answer:Might be missing MBR & 100MB partition on Boot SSD

Your C: looks fine to me. You either have a 100MB separate system reserved partition or include it's booting in the OS partition. Your's is included in the OS partition (System, active, boot). Your Disk 1 looks a bit odd. Your 1st partition has a pagefile and the 2nd is active.

I don't know what the talk about 1MB in connection with the MBR is all about.
Have a look here
reflect updates

Reimaging to a new HDD which is the same size or larger (like you) shouldn't be a problem. You can use Windows imaging if you like or Macrium. Windows will copy the MBR to the new HDD automatically. With Macrium you tick the box saying you want it to be copied. I don't know why Acronis would give you a problem - I don't use it.

NB: When using imaging do not have the old and the new HDDs connected at the same time.

Also, SSD specific alignment issues I'll leave to someone else to comment.

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hiwindows xp home, 9700pro graphics, 1024Mb ram, asus a7n8x-x mobo with onboard sound, 3Ghz barton.i always had approx 820000k memory free, even with avg and adaware running. recently it's approx 715000k free (now at 686000k). I tried defragging to see if that did anything and it shows that windows/system32/d3doi.dll is fragmented. defrag won't get past this. could this be slowing my system? i looked for d3doi.dll in google but it didn't bring up anything.many thanksP

Answer:lost approx 100Mb of free ram

Dosent sound to clever that pookie'wish i could help but cant 'but am sure someone on here can so me give you a wee bumptey bump

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hey guys i did a little search but i must be using the wrong terms, anyways...

I just installed this gigabit nic adapter in my pc and installed the drivers. It obtains an IP and connects to the network, but when i view status i see thats its only running at 100mb, instead of the 1000mb it should be running at. I have it connected to my DLink gigabit router and im using cat6. any suggestions on forcing this thing to 1000mb?

Answer:Gigabit card running at 100mb :( little help please?

um have u tryed different wires?

BTW is that the DIR-655? cuz if it is i have it and works great!

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so i've migrated the OS to an SSD now and i've formatted the old C:. i'm trying to get rid of the old 100mb partition on the old C: because it just annoys me that its there now and i'm getting an error in CMD when i do it.

screenshots are attached.

Answer:trouble deleting the 100mb partition on old C:

i just realized i misspelled "delete" with "delet" so i tried again and still same thing

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I have a brand new SSD that I just installed Windows on using an Ultimate Upgrade Disk and followed the "Clean Install using an Upgrade Disk" tutorial on here, and also the "Relocate Users folders during Windows 7 Installation" tutorial after Windows was actually installed.

According to the first tutorial the Windows install SHOULD have created a system reserved partition since the whole SSD was unallocated space, yet it did not.

Now I DID have Ubuntu installed on another HDD which had a partition marked as Active, and for some reason one of my other drives was also marked as Active, since I reinstalled Windows I have now removed the Ubuntu Partitions and I have now set the other drive that wasn't meant to be Active, as Inactive, and set my "C" drive which is marked as Boot, as Active.

However before I go about reinstalling MORE software (so far just Flash Player and Antivirus software), I would rather format C and reinstall again if it would properly give me the 100Mb System Reserved Partition that is so useful when Windows breaks itself.

So can someone tell me by looking at the provided screenshot of Disk Management whether another fresh install will actually create the 100Mb System Reserved partition that I want on my drive.

Answer:Lack of 100Mb System Reserved

Your system files got written to Disk 1 because you did not unplug all other drives and it was marked active when you did the install.

You do not need a SR partition.

Re install windows and this time unplug all the other hard drives, if you want a SR partition just delete the drive to unallocated space.

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I have been running windows7 for a year now on my pc. Its super fast and I love it. However; I have struggled to get Home Groups to work, and there are some other aggravating issues that I think I'll clear up by re-installign windows. I'll be using my family pack of Windows7 Upgrade DVDs to get it done.

Currently, I have a kingston 128 (maybe its bigger, don't recall) SSD that I keep my OS on. I have a 1TB HDD that I keep my data, user profiles, and all temp files on. So, I currently have a drive letter "D" that is the 100MB reserved partition. I already don't like keeping all my stuff on a second drive, but the idea that its on "F" is really odd to me.

I see that I can use DISKPART to re-do the partitions on my drive. I guess that I'll do that (any drawbacks ?). I'd really like to ditch the 100MB partition, as I have not had that on any of my past XP installs. I read that I do not need to re-align the SSD as I am not imaging, but rather "freshinstalling." I'll be wiping the whole SSD, and be down to one partition, if I can. The DISKPART stuff looks fairly confusing, but since I have a small drive and am not dual booting anything, hopefully its simpler.

I already checked the trim command and AHCI stuff last time, and I doubt that any of it would change.

Answer:Eliminating the 100MB partition on reinstallation on SSd

System Reserved partitions do not normally have a drive letter. If it didn't have a drive letter, you could presumably assign the letter D to your 1 TB drive.

If you are going to do a clean install anyway, that doesn't matter. Yes, diskpart can bypass the creation of a System Reserved partition.

Here's the method.

Disconnect all hard drives other than the SSD.

Boot from the Windows 7 installation disc. Hit Shift F10 at the first screen where you are asked to choose a language.

A command prompt will appear. Type diskpart into that prompt.

Type in the following commands one by one, followed by the Enter key to create a partition (text in brackets are comments only):

list disk (to show the ID number of the hard disk to partition, normally Disk 0)

select disk 0 (change 0 to another number if applicable)

clean (this wipes the drive of anything on it)

create partition primary (this will create one primary partition covering the entire SSD)

select partition 1 (this selects the partition you just made)

active (this marks that partition active)

format fs=ntfs quick (this formats the drive)

exit (this quits the diskpart program)

exit (this closes the command prompt window)

Continue Windows 7 installation as usual. Remember to highlight and select the partition just created when you come to the partition screen asking "where do you want to install Windows?"

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Check this one out...

Its a Windows NT sp6 machine. Dell gx1. It has a iOmega Zip 100 MB parallel zip drive. It uses an HP 4000 laserjet that connects to the Zip Drive. BIOS settings for parallel are PS/2 or AT-- Have it on PS/2 --

When printing, the machine spools the document and when it sends it to the printer, the printer starts processing it. but then it just goes "ready" again. --- the document dies.

It only happens on 15MB+ documents or Images the rest prints smoothly and the ONLY workaround found is connecting the Printer DIRECTLY to the parallel port and then it prints LARGE documents.

contacted iOmega but they do not have solution for that , they don't know.

Just wondering if anyone had solution if not , just wanted to let you guys know.

---- like someone said here..."parallel ports were made for printing" ---

Answer:Printing 15MB Document Through Zip 100MB XX


I encounterd this along time ago.
I think it is because your printer software
is trying to send data both ways (computer to printer & printer to computer). Zip drives dont like the printer to computer part. Ask the people at HP how to disable bi-directional printer communication.
I'll try to find out how to do that.
(If you have a printer icon in the system tray {by the clock} see if you can exit out of it & try it again.)


that that is is that that is not is not that is that is that not?

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My home network consist of the the 4 computer.

Game Rig-wired
Media/Storage Rig-wired
Sister Desktop-wired

The all computer are connected to a router. Linksys 54g wireless route with 10mb/100mb. (can't remember exact model number)

When i transfer a file from one computer to another computer, my network utilization is at 99%.

I guess it would be best to upgrade to a new route with 100/1000mb.

If you need more deal please let me know.

Answer:Home Network on 10/100mb router

ganesh21 said:

When i transfer a file from one computer to another computer, my network utilization is at 99%.Click to expand...

That means that it is sending the files as fast as it can.

I guess it would be best to upgrade to a new route with 100/1000mb.Click to expand...

Do all your PCs have gigabit (1000mbps) network cards? If not, what's the point. Are you satisfied with your transfer speeds? You do realize it's probably going to say 99% on the new card too?

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