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Adding an RS232 PCI port to my desktop

Question: Adding an RS232 PCI port to my desktop

I have a need for an RS232 port probably PCI, but I see such a wide diversity of prices. Which should I choose? Some have a UART and some do not. Do I need a UART? Thanks, Jim

P.S. I'll be using it with ham radio software called Ham Radio Deluxe (HRD) and a ham radio transceiver Yaesu FT-950

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Preferred Solution: Adding an RS232 PCI port to my desktop

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Adding an RS232 PCI port to my desktop

Check to see if you have a PCI slot. Some newer PC's only have PCIe slots and if they have a PCI slot it is a "bridged" slot to the PCIe bus and many PCI devices will not work or work properly on a bridged PCI slot.

I would check and see what others with that software are using.

(ex W5DVO/ZD8JES).

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as you know the Equium M40X-189 P-M 730/XP has an RGP monitor port and does not have RS232 port.
I?m working with Auto-titration device which require RS232 port for connection!
Any idea of how i can connect my notebook to this device!

pls help

Answer:Equium M40X-189: How to connect RGB port to RS232 port?

sorri i meant RGB monitor Port!

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Question: RS232 port

I have just bought new software for my laptop, it's for diagnostics on cars. The software has been configured to use a rs232 (db9) socket on the laptop to conect to the OBD2 on the car, the only thing i have on my laptop is USB's and the 25pin printer port. Is there a way around this?many thanks.

Answer:RS232 port

USB to Serial Port connector?

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Does anybody know if a RS232 port is the same as a serial port?

Answer:RS232 the same as serial port?

Well, I think so. Just do some google image search on "Serial port" and see if that's you mean.

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Question: RS232 serial port

Does the HP Probook 650 G1 Notebook PC come with a built in RS232 serial port. If not is it an option. If it is not avaiable is there a model with the RS232 port built in or available with an option.

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My company purchased three HP ProDesk 600 G1 SFF desktop computers recently, upgrading from three Optiplex 380s. The office uses an older, networked dot matrix printer. Some of the software that prints to this printer requires a Parallel Port driver assigned to LPT1, and the ProDesk 600 G1 does not come with a Parallel Port built-in (it has a spot on the motherboard where one can be added, judging from the motherboard layouts I have found online for this product). I need to purchase expansion cards that will work with Windows 7 Pro 64-bit and can be added to the hardware on this desktop computer. I just need to know which Parallel Port card to buy. I find the HP support site rather complicated and could not find a place where I could investigate what parallel port expansion cards would work with this desktop. All help is appreciated.potterjazz

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is a RS232 port the same as my 9 pin com port?if I wanted to make software ROMs for my 8-bit bbc micro, what would kind of eprom programmer would I use?I'm a complete n00b in this field.

Answer:RS232 port & eprom Programmer

try an emulator to save the grief......Link:>

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I have a CyberPower USB to RS232 adapter. From the research I have done this should create a Com Port in my "Device Manager" so that programs
are then able to use it. I have researched this specific device and there are apparently problems with how it works on WIndows 8.1 but I have not been able to find a solution. The driver for the device was installed by WIndows plug-and-play controls. It decided
that the "HID-compliant vendor-defined device" driver version 6.3.9600.16384 was appropriate, however there is no Com Port in the "Device Manager" and instead a "USB Input Device" appears corresponding to the adapter each time
it is plugged in. Under the "Devices and Printers" the "Unspecified" device "CPS RS232 USB Bridge for UPS" shows up. 

When I attempt to use drivers from a different source (the manufacturer of the USB to RS232 adapter), the plug-and-play ignore the new drivers and use the ones from above.

How can I get the Com Port created so that I can use the adapter properly?

Is there a way to circumvent the plug-and-play and use the driver from the manufacturer?

Thank you for your help.

Answer:CPS RS232 USB Bridge for UPS - not creating Com Port

Regarding current situation, let?s try to manually install the driver by following these steps:

Device manager -> Right click the device and choose update driver -> Browser my computer for driver software -> Let me pick from a list of device driver? -> Have disk -> choose the driver manually to install.

Then let me know whether this device can work fine.
For further troubleshooting, please post back the image for descript more detailed about your issue.

For your reference:
SOLVED!!! cps rs232 usb bridge for ups driver UPDATE / DOWNLOAD
Please Note: The?third-party website/product discussed here is manufactured by a company that is independent of Microsoft. We make no warranty, implied or otherwise, regarding this product's performance
or reliability.

Kate Li
TechNet Community Support

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Dear Friends;
We have many software installed in Laptop having WXP for trouble shooting purpose at machines. Communication of many devices is done through RS232. Some time it happen that a we fail to communicate with a device while everything is ok because some other software has already captured RS232 port of Laptop and it is hard for me to find out which software has done that.
Yesterday, after making communication with a PC via two soft wares, I tried to hibernate the PC but it failed to Hibernate as Com port was busy/captured while all the programs were closed. Is there any way to know which program has captured the Com port?

Answer:How do we know which program captured RS232 port??

I have used Portmon with XP 32 bit:
I am not aware of an equivalent utility though for 64 bit XP.

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Since installing SP3 to my Windows XP Pro system my RS232 serial port no longer works. I have a Hyperpen tablet that has an RS232 connection so it no longer functions. Is there a converter that I can attach to the male RS232 so I can connect via a USB port? I have seen a USB 2.0 to RSB (male) serial adapter dongle but that is of no use. I'd appreciate any suggestions towards resolving this.

Answer:RS232 serial port not working

Have you checked in Device Manager to see if it is working there , or if there any conflicts . It won't have just broken , it must be a software problem as it occurred as you loaded SP3 , it might just need reconfiguring , what does the tablet need in terms of port speed etc. , data bits , flow control etc. ? Ashley

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On a box running Server 2003 the application needs to talk out a serial port to an OPTO-22 I/O system. The Optoscan program from the manufacturer works just fine. Our application (which has been used many times before successfully) is not sending or receiving message. It appears that another application has grabbed the port.

Does anyone know how to identify which program is controlling a serial port?


Answer:Identify program controlling rs232 port

Portmon is a utility that should be able to tell you the name of the process that is accessing the port:

I use it at work as a RS-232/RS-422 protocol analyzer.

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Hi - here's an idiot question for you. I need to know whether or not my laptop (Dell Inspiron 2200) has something called an RS232 serial port. I think it probably doesn't, as I couldn't find it mentioned in System Information. But I'd like to know for sure before I fork out 30 for a USB adapter, which is what I'm told I'll need if there is no RS232 port. It's needed for a programme called DesignaKnit 7 - details of which can be found at, if anyone is interested. So, can anyone tell me how to find out for certain whether or not I have this port? Thanks v much, Helen

Answer:Do I have an RS232 serial port for cable link?

You do not have an RS-232 port on that laptop. Note that the site in question has specific recommendations for the RS-232 <-> USB link device, and I'd pick one of their recommendations:

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My M4600 Can not use USB & RS232 Port on Pro2X Docking Station.  This is new to me and in 100% mint condition as it had never been used and only turned on about 3 times.

I can use both DVI monitors attached to station, but can not see any of the USB or RS232 ports on my docking station.  My old M6600 can see them all just fine.

If the M4600 can not utilize the docking station ports, it is bye bye to the M4600.


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I am thinking to use one PCMCIA card as a RS232 serial port. The program that i need to use is running under DOS and needs two serial ports. My question is what i need to run the program and the serial port to be recognized by the system. I have a 4200 satellite pro series laptop.

Thank you

Answer:PCMCIA card as a RS232 serial port on Satellite Pro 4200

Why on earth should you want that ?
Your laptop has a serial port hasn't it ?

Well for serial ports are standard supported under Windows. In a Dos-box this should be no problem.

But pure Dos could be a problem.
I guess you also need DOS-drivers for your PCMCIA-card...

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Hi,I'm considering switching out my "old" W500 with the new W520 machine. I now have serial port through my dockingstation, but i have not found any dockings for W520 with serial port out Is there a way to solve this issue, can I use the new W520  with my old W500 docking maybe?

Answer:W520 - I need Serial port (rs232/485) in the machine or docking station?

There are several USB -> RS232 solutions available from different suppliers. You could also use an ExpressCard adapter on the system itself.

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I need to increase the number of usb outlets by fitting a 4 port adaptor. I have been told by one supplier that I need an AC supply to power it. I was under the impression that it was powered by the computer. Just plug it in and couple up???Any help pls.

Answer:Adding 4 Port USB Hub

I recently bought a 4 port powered hub that you plug into the mains, connect it to the pc and all the usb devices into the hub. I think the idea of a powered hub is to eliminate the hub drawing power from the pc's power supply. You can buy unpowered hubs but at 17pds for a powered hub!!!!!!!

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Hi,I currently have two optical drives plugged into one of my IDE ports on my motherboard, and two hard disk drives plugged into the other IDE port on my motherboard.I want to add another optical drive to my PC, but I dont have an IDE port to plug t into!So far the only solution I can find is a "USB 2.0 to IDE Adaptor" which is on sale for 29.99 at Maplin.What is the cheapest and/or easiest way to add another IDE slot to my PC or is the above mentioned adapter my only option?Cheers,Jordan

Answer:Adding another IDE port

You can also buy PCI IDE Cards for about here

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Question: Adding USB port

Is it possible to add a USB port to an old computer? Our home PC (32Mb Ram,P166MHz, windows 98) has no USB port required for Broadband access. We currently only use this computer for internet access.

Answer:Adding USB port

1) Are you running Windows 98 or 98 Second Edition. If 98SE then yes, if 98 possibly.2) You have a spare PCI slot for the card?Download this progam click here 556kb to check you USB capabilities.

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Question: Adding a port?

I have windows vista home basic and I got it for Christmas along with a new computer. I have 2 problems. My first problem is that I have Windows Firewall with Advanced Security so I can't add a port.
My second problem is that I can't get rid of the message "This version of vista is not genuine" when it is because I have the certificate on my processor. I have tryed validating 10 times, but it doesn't work... any help?

Answer:Adding a port?

What port do you want to add? Aren't you able to go in through the control panel and create an exception in the firewall? Do you just need more detailed instructions on how to do so?

So you got a brand new computer out of the box, turned it on, and you are unable to activate? If this is so you should give Microsoft a call. Their general number is 1-800-MICROSOFT (642-7676), and they should be able to get you to a department that can help you. I wouldn't bother contacting your vendor, as they will tell you to contact Microsoft.

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Hello! After reading many posts in this forum, particularly helpful like this one, I've decided to start a new thread because I'm still pretty confused about the whole process of adding USB 3 ports to my T61 and I hope you experts here can help me sort it out. From what I've gathered, adding 1 to 3 USB 3.0 ports to a T61 is possible using the exisiting ExpressCard slot. I think the T61 has such slot along with one PC Card (Type-II) slot, but I'm really not savvy on this so please correct me if this is wrong. Secondly, such cards come with two different designs, one which "sticks out" of the laptop slot, and one which "fits inside" the slot. I personally prefer the integrated design cards for portability reasons. Thirdly, there are ExpressCard/34 (34mm wide) and  ExpressCard/54 (54mm wide) cards. I guess I am with the 54mm. Last but not least, a power issue, I've read that most cards are not able to support usb 3.0 devices like external HDD which don't have external power supply, so one has to use some cable from one integrated 2.0 usb to one 3.0 usb on the usb card to power the other(s) remaining port(s). Then I've read about standard issues regarding the fact that a 2007 expresscard slot has a slower transfer rate than nowadays' and that there are compatibility issues and drivers problems with many manifacturers' products. Can you help me understand which device would be better for a T61? I'm interested in at least one USB 3 working and powered port, and, if p... Read more

Answer:Adding USB 3.0 port to T61

AFAIK, not all T61 have the Express Card slot. Some of them had a multi-card reader instead. Try verifying what you currently have before proceeding.
Good luck.

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Question: Adding a New Port?

How do you add a new port to XP Pro?

I found how you add one to a printer, but not a com port by itself (for a modem for example).


Answer:Adding a New Port?

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Question: Adding a com port

I have a 133 mHz 486 that has a 9 pin and 25 pin com port on it. I am wanting to add another 9 pin com port. The 2 that I have now are built into the motherboard I think. Their addresses are com 1 3f8 irq 4 and com 2 2f8 irq3. I am wanting to make the new port com 2. What steps do I need to take and how can I check it after I get it installed?

Answer:Adding a com port

You'll have to get an add in com port card or use an old controller card that has com ports. Set the jumpers on the new card to com2, 2f8, irq3. Go into your bios setup and change the settings for the current com2 to com4, 2e8, irq3. It might also be called UART2 or COM B in the bios. When you boot up, you should see 3 com ports listed on the summary screen (before the windows logo), and if you do an add new hardware from within windows it should find the new port. If the card you use has other things on it - ide ports or printer ports, you need to make sure you disable them or they will conflict with your current ones

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Can someone tell me how to add a com port to a desktop machine that has Windows XP on it

Answer:Adding COM port to XP

Could you explain exactly what you are trying to accomplish?

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Hey there. I am wondering the approx. cost of adding in another Serial Port to my computer. I have a PenPad instead of a mouse and it has its own dedicated SP. My new PDA requires its own dedicated SP to link as well.

I have a good local guy who can do this kind of work, but I want to know the ballpark figure for the part and approx. how long it would take to do. I don't want to get him all excited about it before I know if I can afford the job.

Thanks to anyone who has an opinion to share.

Answer:Adding another Serial Port - $$?

Hi Frozenfish (gotta be a story behind that name, no?)

I/O Pro ISA Card, 2 Serial Ports, 1 Parallel (High Speed) Port Manufacturer: SIIG
Mfg Part #: JJ-A21012
CompUSA SKU: 226024
CompUSA Price: $29.99

And I've also seen them for less.

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Question: Adding serial port

A few days ago, I installed a PCI card in my computer and it has one serial and one parallel port.

When I checked to see if it is installed, the device manager says I have Com 1, Com 3 and Com 4. It seems like I should only have Com 1 (on motherboard) and Com 3 or Com 4.

Does this look right?

I am using Windows XP SP2 and my computer is a dual core pentium 4 with an intel motherboard.

Answer:Adding serial port

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I've got a Dell Dimension 4550 w/Win2000 sp4. The motherboard only has 1 serial port and I need a second one (comm 2). I've tried a couple of aftermarket boards and neither of them has been fully recognized. At bootup the system sees new hardware but can't properly install it. It isn't that the new port is installed and Its at the wrong comm #, it never gets installed period. I had another computer previously that I used one of the boards in with no problem, but now the Dell won't let me install it. Any suggestions??? Is Dell different for some reason? I figured I'd try another board and now its the same problem over again.

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Hello agin I have several mother boards with win 98 running on them they all are usb ready but dont have the connectors installed will any type [brand] work or are the certain ones for different MBs the MB doc.s dosent suggest eather way

Answer:adding a USB connection port

As long as they properly hook into the motherboard then they should work. You could always go out and buy a PCI card that has USB ports on it (usually 2 or 4), but those range from $30-$50, while the basic connectors are much cheaper.

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Get paid to surf the net!

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Without having to rebuild the computer & buying another MOBO, what is the easiest way to add a 3.0 USB port to the computer?

I have a 3.5" removable internal bay that I currently have a 52/1 card reader & USB port combo, which is very handy.

Is there something along the same lines, but with 3.0 installed that will easily connect to my computer & fit in the 3.5" bay?

Answer:Adding a 3.0 USB port to the computer?

Do you have a free slot, PCI or PCI-E? - Add-On Cards,usb 3.0

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Question: Adding Serial Port

Can I install a serial port (9 pin 232) card into my chassis? I need it for machine code transfer to a CNC milling machine (older machine).thank youRickBnks

Answer:Adding Serial Port

Hi, I know there are few around such as: But I have not tested any of them. I actually use something similar to the following one at least twice a year, Regards.

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I want to add another sata port. Is there an adapter for PCiee x 1 or PCie x 16 to sata or any other way of doing it. It is the data cable I want to connect.

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ok i installed a four plugin usb slot on a uncles computer for him...and hes running windows 98...when it starts up its asking for the disk to load the drivers...i put in the win 98 disk and it still says driver not found..the cd rom is working for fact......would anyone know where i could get a driver so the usb ports would work

Answer:adding usb port+drivers

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I am trying to install a new HP4215xi Officejet All-in-One printer and I can't seem to capture the USB port so it will print.  It will only recognize the parallel ports.  Any suggestions?

Answer:Adding new Printer Port

more info on system........if it winxp it will detect it.......load the software first.......then attach the usb printer.......this assumes that you have the plug and play program enabled in the bios setup....

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Hello there,

I hope someone can help me on this. I have a Belkin N Wireless Router and have now set up remote access using remote desktop connection to connect to a machine in my local lan using port 3380. This works fine and I can connect to the IP address I initially entered.

The problem is the virtal lan settings (or forwarding) in the belkin router does not allow me to add another IP address where I could to connect to another machine across the lan.

How can I add more than one IP address? It does not even let me add a range. I suspect the belken router's firewall will not allow any more connections on that port.


Answer:Adding more ports to port forwarding

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This is probably a dumb question, but is there any way to add a port (there are currently 4) to my ATT gateway? I just got a verizon network extender and it, too, needs a place to be plugged in and I am out of ports. Do I need a new gateway?

Thank you ,


Answer:Adding a port to 3801HGV Gateway?

Do I need a new gatewayClick to expand...

you can use a HUB or a SWITCH - - the latter is a better choice. neither use an IP address.
wiring is like

(uplink.wan.port)existing.router(one.lan.port)----(any.port)new.switch(3 more ports)
If you need to add WiFi, then use the same wiring as show, but get a WiFi router. Come back here and
we will help you config that choice.

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We have a 4 port router in our office that is connected to the net through a static IP-adress. But 4 ports are not enough.

What is the easiest solutions to be able to add more TP-ports?

Can I for example, simply buy an 8 port switch and connect it to one of the 4 ports on our router, giving us 12 ports with Internet access?

Thanks for reading.

Answer:Adding a TP-ports to a 4 port router?

well youd have to subtract 2 ports for the connection between them.

and youd use a cross over cable but essentially youve got the right concept.

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I have Zone alarm V 3.7.159.

Here is what is happening. I have Yahoo messenger as well and I grant access to yahoo.exe and yahoo updater. Whe it askes if I wish to allow messenger to act as a server I say no.

Now when I go to use the voice part of yahoo in a private message with someone I continually get a voice error. When I shut down ZA, the voice will work perfect with my buddy and I.

Yahoo messenger uses ports 5000 & 5001, can I add these ports to ZA to allow access or if I want to use the voice in a private message am I going to have to shut down ZA ?

SPeaking on the mic and hearing others in a room is NO problem at all, it's just when I tyr to do it in a private message.



Answer:Adding port(s) to Zone Alarm

Why don't you just give yahoo messenger permission to "act as a server"?

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I am trying to figure out the correct part number for the optional serial port on the M73 (10AY001YUS). Can someone ponit me in the right direction? I have found other posts here with psrt numbers, but I cannot find out how to confirm they will work with the specific machines I have.

Answer:Adding a serial port to M73 Tiny

This HERE should work. You can take the socket off the bracket and it will fit the non-bracketed hole on the back of the machine. The header on the motherboard is a standard IDC10 connector.

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I have a 24 port cisco 1700 switch, that has 24 10 Base T Ports (1-24), and Two 100 Base T Ports (A,B).

I hooked a piece of straight through cat-5, from the uplink port of a 10/100 HUB to one of the 100 Base T ports on the switch. It works, the PC's still get IPs and can still talk but im just curious if this is acctually doing anything? (Im hoping that this is creating 8 100BaseT ports on the HUB from the single 100BaseT port on the router)

Basically I have 3 PC's that need to transfer files from each other, and 10mbs just aint cutting it.

Is this is a bad idea?

Im also thinking about Hooking up the internet router into the other Base T 100 port so the 3 PC's hooked into the HUB @ 100BaseT will then talk to the router @ 100BaseT, thus having a faster internet connection (Or am I fool to think that 10mbs vs 100mb for the net will be a differance).

Answer:Adding 10/100 HUB to 100 BaseT port on switch?

Someone please correct me if I'm wrong here. I think it goes like this though:

Do you have anything else plugged into the switch? If you only have 3 computers, just use the 10/100 hub, you should then get 100Mb shared between the 3 pc's. Or, you could just use the switch by itself, and have a 10Mb port per PC. I think if you use the hub, the computers will still talk to themselves at 100Mbits. 3 computers shouldn't bog a hub down very badly, unless you're really beating on it. If you use the switch though, the PC's are limited to 10Mbits between each other. Unless you have something else on the switch, I don't see a need for it.

You're right about the internet connection not needing 100Mbits.

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I can't add a certain local printer port - did all searches, can't figure it out please help


I have XP Pro on both computers and am Admin on both
windows networking
on client I have a HP 812C Printer via USB
on host I am trying to print to HP812C
I have enable share on the printer in the client computer
I tried to install local printer on host using add printer - add port
called local port \\clientcomputername\printersharename
I get error: Cannot find network Path
I can share files from host to client but not setup the otherway
client sees host shared files no problem
printer works fine at client computer

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Okay, here's my question. I have a wireless router with four network ports on the back. I only use the wireless for a lap top and the desktop machines are hardwired in. Now I recently added two computers to my collection but I only have four ports on the router. I have an old netgear four port hub that I was hoping might work with the router to connect all six computers to the network. Instead of me writing a confusing book here I put together a simple diagram of what I was thinking of doing. If someone could have a look and let me know if it would work or not I'd appreciate it. there is a switch on the hub that says "normal" or "uplink", what should that be set on and what do those settings actually mean?Thanks for any help  

Answer:adding 4 port hub to wireless router?

Ok the Uplink port First.On old Hubs they could not Switch The Data Cables automaticly. when you use a Hub All Data that Comes in is sent out on ALL the Send ports, But if you connect to hub's Together you'll have the Send Wires connected i mean by that is one hub will send data , on the Wire the other hub is also sending on.. that wont work .So they made the uplink switch that swaps over the Send wire and Receive wire. so that you can Connect 2 hubs. New Switches Auto Swap , so you wont really have to Worry about that.As for how you want to Set up the Network, it should work Perfic ^.^

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i have a dell precision 380 with two 80 gig hard drives. I am running windows 7 pro - 64 bit.  After attempting to replace HD #2 with a larger drive and finding it impossible to accomplish without the OS disk (which I don't have), I now wonder if i can hook up via sata cables the purchased hard drive in a bay under my dvd burner. Will this work well?I know I can buy a case and use in usb mode but I wanted a little cleaner looking install.thanks.

Answer:adding a hard drive in a port below my dvd burner

You should have this information on  back or side of your DellWith that info, go to the support area and find all the information you need for your machine, including how to get into the BIOS and specify what devices are available.

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I am trying to set up a new service on my router which I will use for VPN setups and other stuff.

The Service name is PPTP

Service Type is TCP/UDP

Starting and Ending Ports are 1723.

But I can't seem to find a IP address to enter that will be accepted for the server IP address. How do I figure out which IP Address I can enter or is there a common range I can just pick from that will work??

If you jump to 3:50 of the video you will see what I am trying to do.

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I want to add a Fuji Xerox USB printer to Windows 7. I believe it is a GDI printer meaning most of the processing happens on the PC and so the driver is responsible for doing most of the work.

Since such a driver is not available on Ubuntu, I have my Windows 7 as a "guest" operating system on Virtual Box on Ubuntu.

There is a VirtualBox filter to allow the Fuji Xerox USB printer to be seen by Windows and in fact, Windows does detect the printer and it appears to use a default Microsoft USB Printer Driver which of course will not work for the type of printer that absolutely must have a Fuji Xerox driver. There is no point in upgrading that driver since the attempt to upgrade will just indicate that it is already the latest Microsoft USB Printer Driver.

The manufacturer's readme file says to "Add a Local Printer" but the problem is that the only ports visible when I add a printer are COM and LPT. I do not see a USB type of port. (As an experiment, I installed the driver on another pure Windows 7 computer and I can see that the port being used is a USB Virtual Printer Port named USB001. Yes, it prints on that computer. I cannot recall how I installed it . I have also installed this driver on a couple of Dell desktop Win 7 machines and a Samsung RF711 laptop Win 7 dual booting. I've always found a way to use my printer from those other Win 7 setups.)

Presently, I'm using the same hardware, the Samsung, but instead of dual booting, I am using ... Read more

Answer:adding a USB Port to Windows 7 inside VirtualBox

First be sure to have installed the Oracle Extension for VirtualBox.

You have to go to the Virtual Box "Machine", "Settings", "USB" dialog. In there, enable the checkbox for USB 2.0 EHCI Controller.

Create a USB Filter specific to the printer by simply selecting the printer from the list of USB devices.

Then when you go to "Add a Printer" the Port "USB001 Virtual Printer Port" will appear.

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hi there: i downloaded a program that I need for work purposes. It will not allow me to connect, i get this error message"unable to connect the server. if a firewall is enabled it must be configured to allow outbound traffice on UDP PORT 4500.I added the program through firewall, but i dont know how to add a port. Can someone walk me through it.thanks antoniette

Answer:allowing a program on firewall/adding port

Opening ports can be a security risk, just so you know.

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I need to add another sata port to my HP Compaq. The motherboard has a spare PCIe X1 slot. What kind of card to I need to add. Please furnish name and part number if possible.Thanks

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Need a little help please!
I had struggled to install a USB network WiFi stick thing - which wouldn't work. However, when I unplug another USB device (a hub) it seems to work far ~ I have WiFi. Yay! However, the minute I plug in another USB device, I lose the WiFi ~ and it's murder getting it back! It cuts out completely, then goes to limited service. A free USB port would be handy for obvious reasons ~ and I'm not overly confident that the WiFi will hold, given the 7-hours it took me to get it to work in the first place! My machice has three free USB ports, but it can't handle another USB device. I've disabled all other apparent WiFi devices that I can ~ there's one I can't disable, which I've drawn a line at uninstalling. It could be fluke; but disabling them seemed to get me online! I did have an issue with a USB device before which I stupidly removed and replaced hot ~ which I'm guessing may have contributed to the problem. That said, I installed a Windows update 12-hours before these problems started occuring, so there are a lot of possible causes to choose from!
My concern is that I originally thought it may be best to install new drivers (which I've not done yet) ~ but I can't do that without an internet connection. I also had an intermittent Code 12 Ethernet controller issue ~ I couldn't repair it, so have since disabled it (thought it wasn't helping resources as the CPU seemed awfully 'busy'~ I'm not confident that the WiFi will hold and have no ethernet ... Read more

Answer:PLEASE HELP! Problem with adding USB devices on my Vista pc. If I add one to a free port, it cra

A couple of things you could try
Refresh USB Ports
Use Drive clean up to remove USB device drive info from the registry
click here device manager Uninstall EVERYTHING under the heading USB,
reboot the PC let XP find and install new hardware.
Your equipment should now be recognised.

Remove all USB devices
Download and run USB device View
Uninstall ALL devices that are shown as not connected.
Reboot the machine.
Plug in your USB device and windows should then find new hardware and reinstall the drivers for the device.

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I have an Dell Optiplex 9020 SFF and I need to add an esata port to it so that my Addonics 4 HD Tower can connect.
I have an esata multiplier card in another standard size box which I could use, but I am not sure it will fit into the smaller 9020.
Any suggestions please?


Answer:Adding esata port to Dell Optiplex 9020 SFF

Check the size of the card - if it's slim enough, you may simply need a low profile back bracket for it.
Or, something like this should fit
Just make sure the single PCIe slot on the system is open (there is only one slot).

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Hello Windows gurus

I have been trying to get my networked printer working in Windows Vista. I initially had it connected to my CUPS printer server on my laptop, and that worked fine until our router gave my laptop a new IP. After many attempts (in the Admin account), I could not edit the printer's properties (can't remember the error, sorry), so I deleted it.

Now, I'm trying to add it back, this time by connecting to the printer over TCP port 515, which the printer uses natively. This is an old Apple Laserwriter 16/600, which I have connected to our ethernet network using a network adapter, and assigned an IP using arp.

I use the "add printer" wizard, and choose "printer wasn't listed", then choose 'TCP/IP printer", and add the IP address in the "hostname" field: The "port name" field is a complete mystery to me, as it seems to have nothing to do with actual tcp/udp ports.

Is there some way of adding a networked printer without using the wizard? Is there a way to tell the wizard what I want? Thanks in advance.

Answer:Adding a networked printer which communicates via lpd protocol, port 515

See this article about enabling LPD in Vista:

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I don't really know too much computer terminology, so please excuse me.
I am trying to set up a custom service on my netgear configuration page. I have a netgear router model# Wnr834m.
every time i click the "add custom service" button the page redirects to "system authentication failed" and logs me out. What can i do to set up the new port?
I know this is not much for information to go on but i am not familiar with the terminology and my english is poor. If anyone needs more information i will be happy to give it, as long as i know what it is i am looking for.
sorry for my poor english

Answer:Adding Custom service on netgear port-forwarding will not work

It appears to be an issue with the Yahoo toolbar:
Uninstall that useless piece of junk if you have it and it might work.

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I am attempting to add a Cisco (Linksys) SRW224G4 24-port Managed Switch to my network, but everytime I attempt to install it I lose connectivity to my entire network...

Currently we have the following:
Linksys RV016 firware/vpn router
2 SRW224G4 24-port Managed Switch that are connected to the network (setup before I joined the company).

I tried to connect a cable from the switch to port on Linksys RV016 but no success. I also, tried to connect a cable from one of switch one to switch 2 (not sure if I should be doing that) but still no success.

The instructions that came with the switch don't provide any way of setting up, it just lists info about the configuration and what each settings means.

Can anyone assist?


Answer:Adding a 3rd Linksys SRW224G4 24-port 10/100 switch to my company network

Do you get a link light when you connect devices to the switch? By default, these SMB managed switches should all ship with all ports set up on VLAN 1 and all interfaces in a non-shutdown state. Have you logged into the web interface for the switch to see what is going on?

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Hi All,

Getting a strange error with Hyper-V on Windows 8 Pro x64.

When I try and add a virtual switch I get:

Error Applying Virtual Switch Properties Changes
Failed while adding virtual Ethernet switch connections.
Ethernet port '{a bunch of stuff}' bind failed: The data is invalid.

There doesn't seem to be much on google that relates to this (in particular the bind failed: the data is invalid part).

Anyone have a clue what the cause might be?


Answer:Hyper-V Error Adding Virtual Switch - Ethernet Port Bind Failed

can be many thing, in 3 or 4 years that I'm using Hyper-V I never encounter it, you need some networking knowledge to play with virtual switch, but usually 0x8007000D error are due to files corruption or permissions, try to run hyper-v management as admin.

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I have windows vista with aero, the windows switcher works fine when I am using my regular desktop and the internet. In another words, it switches between my regular desktop and any window that is using the internet. But I can not open a new regular desktop. How can I open a new desktop? Is that possible with vista...?

Answer:Adding a new desktop

Hello Edd, and welcome to Vista Forums.

It sounds like you may be getting Windows Switcher (aka: Flip 3D) and Switch User (aka: fast user switching) mixed up.

Windows Switcher allows you to flip through your open windows to quickly select one.

Switch User allows you to switch (log on) to a different user account (desktop) on your computer without having to close any programs and files first in the user account that you are currently logged on to, and then be able to switch right back to the first one where you left off.

Hope this helps,

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would anyone please tell me any thoughts about me adding a 3rd SSD to my desktop?
I have an Asus Z270F motherboard.
I have installed 2 M.2 500 GB SSD's. (there are only 2 M.2 slots.)
now I want to add a 3rd SSD.
I need more storage so I can get more piano programs.
would I be better off connecting my 3rd SSD with a SATA cable?
or using the bottom PCIe expansion slot (with an adapter )?
any thoughts anyone?

Answer:adding another SSD to desktop

It would seem you have plenty of pcie lanes available for an M2 on adapter to get full speed. I don't see any videocard in your system?? Also would really depend upon which drives you have in mind.
If it's a faster M2 drive than pcie makes sense, if a more conventional speed ssd then no reason to not just use a sata port.

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Hello. I just wanted to know if i could add one new ssd in my pc case of micro-tower desktop HP Pavilion 500-550nv?Is there any place into my small case to put ssd adapter and SSD on it?My pc and my case is that : in advance. I will be waiting for your answer. 

Answer:Adding new SSD in my HP Desktop

No need for an adaptor. What I have seen people do, and what you can do is, double-stick tape it to the bottom of the case. An SSD is very light and compact so that is indeed an option.

I don't run HP, I just like helping others!FX6300 / Biostar TA970 / 8GB ADATA DDR3 / MSI HD 7950 / Corsair RM850 / Sandisk U110 250GB SSD and 2x WD Velociraptors 300GB / Antec 1100 V2 / NZXT Respire T40

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I am running win 10 and I have lost being able to add a folder to my desktop to hold items I want to save. Like I backup my acc'tng. 2 to 3 times a week and save in a folder but now I can't create these folders. I was able to go to open space on desktop and right click and a list would come up and there was new folder add and I would click and it would at this folder then I could name it now I can't. When I go there now the list I get is View, sort by, refresh, display settings and personalize. Does any know how to add a desktop folder?

Answer:adding desktop folders

Hi Ben Daniels,

Take a look HERE and see if there's anything that might help.

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Alright, in a nutshell I work at a relatively new, small medical billing business as the primary IT person. We're moving into a larger building along with additional staff in the next two months, and I'm tasked with setting up infrastructure.

With that bit of exposition out of the way, the motherboard that will be used in the six new PCs to be built is Intel's DQ77MK, which has an mPCIe slot onboard. This opens up the option of putting in an unlocked mobile broadband card from a manufacturer such as Option or U-Blox that supports GPS (or even a GPS-only card like the U-Blox B39 PCI-5). For the record, the cellular provider we're using is Verizon.

Assuming that the card is successfully connected to the provider and has GPS enabled, would we be able to track its location in real time with the minimum requirement that the system is on? If that's the case, what software do you believe would be best for doing so? Plus, would there be a method for setting up the software to poll for the GPS signal, and then send an alert when the signal appears?

For those asking why, this was a decision from the top. Additionally, it seems that software solutions require an active internet connection as opposed to the system simply being turned on. For those asking if this is overkill, it almost certainly is.


Answer:Adding GPS functionality to a desktop PC

How exactly precises does this need to be? Last I heard indoor GPS isn't terribly accurate, GPS satalite signal is way too weak to penetrate and cell GPS is going to be affected by attentuation and reflections and such. It's fine for "what house/building is the call from" but won't tell you what room they're in.

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Product description indicated this unit can support up to 32g, but indicates that 8g is a maximum....hmmm. Now, unit as purchased came with 8g installed.  I'd like to 'max it out' with 32g with a pair of 16g modules of the right 'flavor', but if it won't support it I'd rather keep my cash in my pocket obviously.  Running Win 10 that came with it. I use Corel to work do some graphics work; not major 'heavy lifting', but on occasion up to 3~4 drawings open concurrently.   At the same time I might have email up for com and Spotify running to remain sane while working.  No video work, not a 'gamer', and I don't Skype. An insight as to where to go with this would be way cool, thanks... Jerry 

Answer:Adding RAM to new desktop; limitations?

@jerryasv Single channel (2 DIMMs per channel) memory architectureTwo DDR3L UDIMM (240-pin) socketsSupports up to PC3L-12800 (DDR3L-1600)Supports 2 GB, 4 GB, and 8 GB UDIMMsSupports up to 4 GB on 32-bit systems note:32-bit systems cannot address a full 4.0 GB of memory.Supports up to 32 GB (unbuffered) on 64-bit computers note:Maximum memory shown reflects the capability of the hardware and can be limited further in the operating system.Your specs here. REO

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is it posible to apply this tuttorial in windows 7 ?
Toolbar for the Desktop - Vista Forums[11]=Appearance%20Personalize

Answer:Adding second desktop toolbar in seven?

Sorry Nonpasaran, but that won't work in 7.

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Is there any value in adding an internal Blu-Ray drive rather than using it to replace the existing DVD unit in my Win 7 desktop PC?
There's spare drive bays, two SATA ports, and a single power cable available.

Answer:Adding a Blu-Ray drive to desktop PC

2 Drives makes copying of cd/dvds easier.

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I would like to replace the existing DVD drive (ultra slim tray SuperMulti DVD burner drive) on a pavilion 550-110 desktop PC with a Blu-ray drive.The existing unit is mounted vertically in the case. I have replaced the DVD drive with a Blu-ray player on an HP 500-281 PC, where it was mounted horizontally.Could this same blu-ray player be re-used on the new 550-110?If not, please suggest a particular type (or brand) of Blu-ray player-drive. I usually look first on for this type of product.Any help or guidance would be appreciated.Thanks.

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This is an older computer that someone brought me to upgrade the memory for them. It had 2 sticks of 128 in it originally and they wanted the max, which is 512. I got 2 sticks of 256 MB RAM. When I removed the original 128 sticks and replaced them with the newer 256 sticks, it wouldn't re-start. It would bring me to the screen where it wanted me to select if I wanted to start it in last known good configuration etc. If I remove 1 stick, it will go on into windows and act normal. I have tried both sticks separately and they both work. I have also tried each of them in the opposite place etc. It shows in the BIOS that it will take 512 mb and that there are 256 in each slot. I finally tried putting 1 of the origianl 128 sticks in with the other 256 and that works. Does anyone have any other suggestions as to how I might get the max in it, or will we have to be happy with the way I have it now, with 1 of each amt. ?? Someone has upgraded it to windows xp home.

Answer:adding RAM to HP 7840 desktop PC

Just because it will take 512 ram doesn't mean it will take any 2 256 sticks to do it. You need to match the ram by using the pc model number or board model at a site that has a configurator such as www.corsair,crucial or

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I want to transfer a jpg picture so it comes up whenever I log on.
Whatever I am doing ain't right
Thanks, gang
If ya gotta go at my age, go Chairborne. Airborne's a little hard on the old knees"

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I had to use my recovery disk and lost IE4 and desktop update and ended up with IE3(which was on my pc when bought). I upgraded to IE5, thinking that the desktop would be a part of it also. Not! I thought that I had to uninstall 5 and reinstall 4 to get the desktop back, but found this site
Has anyone used #15 and is there any scary stuff I should know about? I have saved it, but haven't unzipped it yet!
Help! Thank you

Answer:Adding Active Desktop to IE5

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hi, could anyone tell me how to add text to my desktop or the blue line at the bottom, i wanted to write my email address so i can keep copying and pasting it to web forms instead of rewriting it many times, i,m using windows xp home, thank you

Answer:adding desktop text

You could type it in notepad and use save as, type a name, and save to desktop. You only need to open the document on your desktop to copy your address.

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I am trying out Xbox Music and a Lumia 920. I am downloading songs from Xbox Music and creating playlists, but it never shows up Windows 8 desktop. When I add songs and playlists on my desktop, they show up on the Lumia 920. Any ideas on what is happening?

Answer:Music Not Adding to Desktop?

This is probably because it's being hosted in the Xbox Music cloud. You're downloading songs from it on your Windows Phone?

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Sorry for being a total novice, I have a dell desktop (old) with 4gb ddr3 (pc3-12800) udim RAM, I bought 4gb ram off internet which is 4gb 1Rx8 PC3L - 12800U-11-13-A1 should it work if I add the new one?
Many thanks

Answer:Adding 4GB RAM to old Dell Desktop

Is it a 32bit, or 64bit System?

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I am running win 10 and I have lost being able to add a folder to my desktop to hold items I want to save. Like I backup my acc'tng. 2 to 3 times a week and save in a folder but now I can't create these folders. I was able to go to open space on desktop and right click and a list would come up and there was new folder add and I would click and it would at this folder then I could name it now I can't. When I go there now the list I get is View, sort by, refresh, display settings and personalize. Does any know how to add a desktop folder?

Answer:adding desktop folders

Hi Ben Daniels,

Take a look HERE and see if there's anything that might help.

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I am running win 10 and I have lost being able to add a folder to my desktop to hold items I want to save. Like I backup my acc'tng. 2 to 3 times a week and save in a folder but now I can't create these folders. I was able to go to open space on desktop and right click and a list would come up and there was new folder add and I would click and it would at this folder then I could name it now I can't. When I go there now the list I get is View, sort by, refresh, display settings and personalize. Does any know how to add a desktop folder?

Answer:adding desktop folders

Hi Ben Daniels,

Take a look HERE and see if there's anything that might help.

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Windows home premium 64 bit. I have a HP desktop with 3Gb ram it came with. I want to add more ram as will be doing some data mining analysis. I have 4 memory slots with a 2gb in one and a 1Gb in the other (it came this way). The Crucial Memory scanner says the pc will support up to 16Gb ram. As 8Gb (2 x 4Gb) is only 30 from them their scanner recommends I put the two new ram sticks in the empty 3 and 4 memory slots. As they are the larger memory sticks should they not going in slot 1 and 2 with the 2Gb in 3 and 1Gb in 4?
I know 11Gb ram is way too much for my needs but it's relatively cheap and should future proof it abit.

Answer:adding ram memory to desktop pc

Hi Pookie
I think I may have a similar HP to you, mine came with 3GB Ram. I did the Crucial scan then bought two suitable 2GB from eBay very cheap (much cheaper than Crucial) which I just put in the spare two slots. Worked OK for me.
They were recognized straight away.
Hope this helps

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Question: Rs232

I am planning on building a small form factor PC but it will need RS232. I don't know for sure if there will be room for an add on card for the RS232. Is there a usb to RS232? If so, will it work as good as an add on card?


Usb to RS232 adapters/cables are common (on Ebay) and I assume they work well but I have never used one myself.

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Question: RS232 on TV

RS232 on TV and Freeview Sat box. What is this serial port for?

Answer:RS232 on TV

Dunno about the TV. But my Humax Freeview STB has serial connection which can be used for uploading firmware upgrades from PC (after first downloading from Internet). Although the upgrades are available over the air, they are available sooner off the Internet.For this to work, one requires (for my box) what is known as a Null Modem Cable (and, of course, a serial connection on your PC). Cables avaialble on ebay, maplin etc.If you haven't got a serial connection on your PC, you can get a USB to serial adapter.It should all be described in your manual.Maybe the TV can take firmware upgrades in a similar way.

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Question: USB - RS232

On my old pc i used a belkin ups with their bulldog software. The ups connected to the pc via a serial cable and all worked very well.So I buys a new pc and realise that it doesn't have a serial port. So I get a USB- RS232 cable (serial connector one end to connect to the ups and a USB conector the other end).I installed the drivers from the disk that came wit the usb/serail cable but the ups is not detected. Interestingly if I go into device manager, after installing the driver, and expand the tree so that i can see the driver one minute its there the next the device manager tree closes then opens and the driver disappears then it re-appears!My operating system is win xp home sp2.

Answer:USB - RS232

TomGI've used usb-serial converters, not all with the same degree of success. In most cases however, a reboot seemed to cure most ails, and sometimes only with the usb converter connected before boot up. Not a lot offer, but might be worth a try if you haven't already...

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I've purchased a H30 desktop but it only has a VGA socket and I need to connect it to a monitor with only HDMI inputs. Is it possible to adda graphics card to the H30 with a HDMI output? I've tried a VGA to HDMI converter but get a purple screen???

Answer:Adding a HDMI socket to H30 desktop

Hi JamboJames,
Welcome to Lenovo Community Forums!
The answer is Yes
This model is equipped with one PCIE x16 slot alowing you to connect a low profile Video Card.
If you will check this maintenance Manual of H30 series
on Chapter 10. FRU lists-H30?05 Page 55.
You will see a Dis GFX those are the Graphics you can install, Make sure all are low profile when you purchase it since you chassis is a low profile chassis.
Also you'll need to replace the Power Supply to support the graphics power.
Solid Cruver

Did someone help you today? Press the star on the left to thank them with a Kudo!If you find a post helpful and it answers your question, please mark it as an "Accepted Solution"! This will help the rest of the Community with similar issues identify the verified solution and benefit from it.Follow @LenovoForums on Twitter!

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i have just reinstalled lord of the rings online, and it's in games, and in games i can either pin to start menu or add to quicklaunch, but i cant for the life of me work out how to get a desktop icon, have tried send to desktop on all the files in the folder is there a quick way to do this, all my other vista games (2) installed the icons automatically.thanks adam

Answer:adding a desktop icon (lotro)

If you can pin to the start menu can you not right click on the item and send it from there to the desktop?If it's in quick launch can you not unlock the taskbar and drag the icon from there to the desktop?

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Good Morning Folks:
This question may be a little general for this site, but here goes. I have a small wireless home network set up with a wired desktop and a wireless notebook. My ISP is Verizon DSL and both units are XP Home. My router is a D-Link DI-524 802.11.2.4 Ghz. I have file and printer sharing enabled and have WPA2 security implemented. MY son has just revived an old 600 mhz Dell from the basement to play some old games that won't run on XP. It runs 98SE and he would like to add it to the home network. It appears that some current USB wireless adapters will work with 98. Has anyone attempted this? Will I be able to stick with WPA if I add a 98 computer? Can file and printer sharing be enabled? I've googled this most of the morning but can't quite find reliable answers. I know this is a general question, any help is appreciated.. Thanks, Dave

Answer:Adding A 98 Desktop To Home Network?

That's kind of asking a lot but it might be worth investigating if wired is not an option. I'd be pretty sure about finding out if there are drivers specifically for Windows 98 and that they are reliable, because nothing will blue-screen Windows faster than unsupported wireless drivers.

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Each time I add a photo as background for desktop, the previous photo is deleted. How can I make my photos stay in the list of backgrounds permanently?

Answer:adding own photos into Desktop Background"Channeling the spirit of jboy..."

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question as to adding more memory for a OptiPlex 740 desktop
Using Windows XP Pro, processor is 2.71 Ghz
If adding one 2 gig non ECC dimm, task manger says only 1.75 G
if adding a second 2 gig dimm ( 4 gig total) task manger only shows 3.25 gig
adding 2 512 Meg (1gig) (total 5 gig) task manger then only shows 2.75 gig
Looking a BIOS each time shows the correct amount of RAM but why is not all the memory added being shown or used, why showing less memory then installed and reporting even less when I went to 5 gig total ?
Also I'd like to up the CPU processor speed as I do lots of Excel spreadsheets with large amount of data is very slow processing with OEM CPU
Can this be done, if so what type of socket can be used, would the BIOS support it and what processor, wattage and max speed would be allowed ?


Answer:Adding memory OptiPlex 740 desktop

Hi Team-zr1
Thanks for writing to us.
32 bit Windows XP has two well-known memory limits. Each process is limited to 2GB of memory. . The maximum memory that Windows XP will use in total is 3.25GB. (as per microsoft).
Do provide us your system tag#, email address and name via private message,by clicking on my name in blue and then select send a private message, as per that we can let you what processor upgrade options available.

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I have a Dell Inspiron 530 desktop with a Phoenix bios, 1.0.18, which does not seem to support placing a password on the harddrive (wdc wd5000aaks-75a7b0, driver 5.1.2535.0 7/1/2001) during setup. It only seems to have an option for a Supervisor pwd.

Is there any way to add a harddrive password to my desktop?


Answer:Adding harddrive password to desktop

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In the past this was a breeze as the PSU had a spare molex connector and a cheap molex to SATA cable was all that was needed to get power to a second HDD.
Now with the new smaller inspirons, it is a different PSU, no molex and they have started using a 6 pin PCIE connector to supply power from the Motherboard to the SATA HDD.
There is a spare PCIE 6 pin block,
I could use a SATA splitter, but concerned that it might be pulling too much juice running 2 HDD at once.
Any idea where I can get a 6 pin PCIE to SATA power cable ?
loads of places in the states but I need UK

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I have a very small Asus desktop PC that only uses about 30 watts of electricity. It's supply voltage is 24VDC which it receives from a 24VDC power supply on the piece of equipment it is installed in. I want to add a battery to it so that when this machine is shutdown and power is removed abruptly from the PC it can shutdown gently. I am having no luck finding an off the shelf UPS so I was hoping to add a battery pack (LIKE THIS: and trick the PC into thinking its a laptop. Does anyone know how this might be accomplished?

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I use IE11 with my Windows 10 PC and I have problems accessing one particular website. Basically it never lets me log on to place orders The company claim they have heard of no other problems like this but few of their customers use IE11.

Is there any way I can download Google Chrome to put on my Desktop so I can use it when I need to access this one site?

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Answer:Adding Google Chrome to the Desktop

yes , I have found some site forms do not work in chrome and had to use IE

just goto
and download and install chrome
should work straight forward

usually on IE
if you go to google
it will ask on the right hand side to download and use chrome

dont set chrome up as your default browser

you can also use firefox if you want

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The only way I've found to add app icons to the desktop is to go to the All Apps screen, right click, go to file location, then add a shortcut to the desktop from there. Is there an easier way?


Answer:Adding desktop icons for applications

Hello Vincenzo,

You could right click on the desktop, click on New -> Shortcut, browse to and select the .exe file of the program, type in a name for the shortcut, and click on Finish.

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I want to add a website to desktop.I use Win XPpro

Instructions I find are;

1 Go to your favorite website.
2 Right click somewhere on the page where it is blank. (no graphic or text)
3 Select "Create Shortcut" from the menu that pops up.
4 Click OK to confirm
5 If you prefer, you can also hold down your left mouse button over the icon that appears to the left of the website address itself and drag it to your desktop. (be sure you make your browser window smaller so you can see both the website and your desktop to do this) *click minimize button next to the r

Read more: How to Add Website Shortcuts To Your Desktop |

R Click does not bring up a menu with "Create Shortcut"
I also tried the suggestion of L click on icon next to address in upper left of screen and drag it to desktop.
How does one "drag" an icon when changing pages? The icon appears on the web site address, but I have to leave than page.


Answer:posting (adding) web site to desktop

1. Right click a blank place on your DESKTOP (not on the webpage)
2. Select New -> Shortcut
3. Enter the address of the webpage as the location of the item. (It may be easiest to copy it from the browser, and paste it into this window)
4. Press 'Next'
5. Enter a name for the shortcut. This can be whatever will help you remember what the shortcut is for
6. Press 'Finish'

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Somehow I included a routine that puts the Windows O.S. version and build number on my desktop. Now I would like to take it off.

Anyone know about this?



Answer:Adding version of windows to desktop

It kinda sounds like you are in safe mode. Is your background plain black as well?

Here's what to do:

Upon booting up your computer, hit F8 repeatedly until you get a menu that gives you options to Start Windows normally, start windows in safe mode, etc, etc. Choose to start windows normally.

That should do it

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I've now got a Verizon MiFi unit and I would like to have my desktop be able to connect wirelessly to it. Currently, I have to plug it into the desktop via USB, but when doing that, it no longer will broadcast a wireless signal (since using it with a USB is for greater security) and therefore my daughter and son can't use the laptop and iPod.

Now, I'm guessing that I'll need a particular network card that would be compatible with my computer. My computer is a custom built one, not a brand name. Below are the computer specs from the TSG system info utility:
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Service Pack 3, 32 bit
Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 4400+, x86 Family 15 Model 107 Stepping 2
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 2047 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 7300 LE, 512 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 152625 MB, Free - 82383 MB;
Motherboard: MSI, MS-7369, 1.0, To be filled by O.E.M.
Antivirus: AntiVir Desktop, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Enabled

Any suggestions? Need any other info? I have SIW, so I can get pretty much any info on the system that anyone needs.

Answer:Adding Network Card to Desktop?

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Hello Everyone in this forum Bought a Lenovo 510 sff desktop, with the sole intention of adding more stuff and upgrading the system with time.But I found it to be very difficult, and need more information from users here. Firstly: this system came with only 4 gb ram. I have put in 16 gb ram now. Can i put in 2 x 16 gb ram modules to get 32 gb total in this system? Secondly: I thought there would be 4 SATA ports to support 4 drives maximum. But this system is showing only three SATA ports on motherboard; Also the computer case only has place for one HDD, and one slim ODD. Not possible to add another SSD in this place. Is there an option to now remove the ODD and put in a SSD. Terrrible option provided in this SFF. Thirdly: The Windows 10 OS was preinstalled without any media given, in case of OS crashing or getting corrupted, how do i reinstall or repair the OS? Do i have to make any OS backup or recovery media? Where and how is this done? Any solutions or ideas for upgrading the system  given here, will thankfully be received. Regards and thanks to everyone hereJohn m

Answer:upgrading or adding RAM & SSD to lenovo 510 sff desktop

Did you mean a S510/510S? A 510 is a laptop..

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I recently downloaded a programme into the computer download section. The programme doesn't appear in 'Programmes' but as to be extracted from downloads.
Wanting the programme to appear on the desktop for quick launch, I right clicked on the linked download and used 'create a shortcut' in the roll down pop-up.
Nothing appear to have happened, no shortcut or icon on the monitor screen. I am still left with extracting the programme direct from downloads.
What have I done wrong, and is there a way of producing a direct shortcut or icon on the monitor screen?.
The programme itself is for locating 'hidden' programme parts in XP, like Dr Watson etc.

Answer:Adding a desktop shortcut or icon on XP?

On the same right click drop down you should select the 'send to' option then 'desktop'.

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I have a desktop that is in a remote location that can ping back and forth between the domain controller at the main headquarters, but not by name.  I have added the DC to the hosts file of the remote PC and added the suffix of the domain to the list
of dns suffixes' to check, and added a DNS record on the DC for the remote PC.  They are on different subnets. and
The thing I am trying to do is add the remote PC to the domain.  When I try to join it says it cannot find a domain controller.

The DC is windows server 2012, the desktop is Win 7

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Hi there, i have a laptop linked to a broadband wireless router. I am using a Linksys router and PCMCIA wireless network card. I have just got quite an old desktop pc from a friend that didnt want it due to upgrade. What i want to know is :Is this the right piece of kit that a need to share the Boradband connection and set up a network between the two?click hereThanks.

Answer:Adding a desktop to a wireless network...


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i am upgrading a desktop computer and installing a second and possible a third to store video files from my video camera and as backups i presume that adding another hard drive is not that hard is there anything else that i have to buy when i purchase the hard drive.

i think i might need to buy another internal enclosure correct? how about a cable? anything else?

Answer:adding second hard drive to desktop

Are the drives internal, or external?

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I thought this would be so easy-- my aunt asked if she could have my speakers from my old computer when I got my new one. But when I plugged them into her speaker jack, the volume is so low, it's hard for a person with GOOD hearing to hear anything. I opened the control panel to access the audio controls and have them all at max and that's the best I can do. If there's not a simple fix here, she'll just have to be content with what she has because my knowledge of computers is rudimentary at best. I was hoping there might be some suggestions to help us out. Thanks!

Answer:Adding speakers to desktop computer

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