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lt4211 Gobi Broadband driver issue

Question: lt4211 Gobi Broadband driver issue

Brand new HP Z Book 17 [email protected] It has the embedded 4211 GOBI LTE broadband device installed. (Verified by removing the cover and looking at the label pasted on laptop. The SIM was working in another laptop with no issues. SIM/IMEI was provided to Verizon and verified configured properly in the network. HP connection manager shows broadband wireless connects to the Verizon network on the first try but there is no data connectivity. Unable to connect to anything with a browser. This is done without the laptop connected to any network. The laptop works perfectly on WiFi LAN and Wired LAN connections though. The HP connection manager show NOTHING in the "Mobile Broadband" tab which seems to indicate the HP connection manager is not talking to the GOBI properly even though it connects to the Verizon network. The lastest 4211 driver on the website appears to have issues during installation as it states "unsuccesfully installed" several times. HP, what is the issue here ? Brand new laptop, working SIM card, Wireless Broadband connectivity is no functional !!!!!!!!

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Preferred Solution: lt4211 Gobi Broadband driver issue

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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Is there something wrong with the way the Gobi driver version is reported to the OS? I have a Revolve 810 G3 with the lt4211 Gobi 4G card.  I've applied three different driver packages:  v., v., and v.  Each time it runs for a long time, and eventually ends successfully.   But every single time, when I reboot and then check Windows Device Manager, the driver version reports back as v.  It's very important that I get the driver updated to the latest version, but how can I be sure that it actually worked?! 

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I want to be able to display or read the settings for the HP lt4211 gobi 4g module. This is so that I can generate a report for my company to show the WWAN information and group by other common denominators. Appreciate any feedback on commands I could use to display the IMEI, SIM ICCID, etc. information. Thanks.

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Are there any Lenovo engineers on the board that have knowledge of the GOBI WWAN chipset? The GOBI website lists the newer T series as machines that support GOBI, but no one at the support line knows anything about GOBI. I need to know if the Verizon UNDP card is actually a GOBI card before I order it, and if it will work with my 2765-T2U. I want to use Sprint here in the states, but I am going to Europe in two weeks and I want to use an HSDPA carrier such as Vodaphone while I'm there. I dont know if I should order the card because I cant seem to confirm anything at all. The phone support people are nice but admit to knowing nothing about it..I've talked to several of them and they told me to come here and find an engineer! Thanks for any help you might provide! Matt

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Greetings: I own an  X200T (7848-CTO), Win7, 64bit and was wondering ifthe Gobi 2000 would work in my system. I've already installeda modified Bios.Any help is much appreciated.

Answer:Gobi 2000 BroadBand Option here's an old thread about that.

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I was told by a sales rep that the 78Y1399 GOBI 2000 Broadband option would work for a T500.  I purchased the option and installed in into the T500 without a problem.  Fired up the system and was greeted with the unauthorized hardware message.  I ran the latest T500 bios update but that didn't address the problem.  Is there a utility or update that can authorize a Lenovo GOBI 2000 card in a T500?

Answer:T500 and GOBI 2000 Broadband

Hi pawj68, and welcome to the Lenovo User Community!
Hmmm... the T500 Hardware Maintenance Manual doesn't list the newer GOBI 2000... just the Ericsson F3507g and Qualcomm UNDP1 (GOBI 1000).  Either of those will work.

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I have set up an ATT Data 2 account for this device.  However, I have no idea how to connect and received no documentation on the device or software requirements with my computer.  Can someone help me with this.

Answer:Qualcomm Gobi Broadband Wireless

Bevpro, If everything is correctly installed, then you should be able to connect using Lenovo Access Connections. I have the same card, and I'm able to connect via Access Connections. Access Connections (Advanced view) should have two profiles:HSPA Mobile Broadband -- this is the one for AT&TVerizon WirelessSelect HSPA Mobile Broadband profile, and it should walk you through connecting to AT&T. Good luck,   

RocketDude---------------------------T400s 2801-CTO

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Hi, my company purchased x240s and the GOBI cards separately and of course they purchased the AT&T version and we use Verizon as our carrier.Now here is the thing, even with that branding from the tech specs on the Lenovo shop portal they look exactly the same. When I install the latest drivers for the GOBI card and Lenovo Access Connections I can get it to somewhat work in the beginning and then it stops working. I tried every conceivable way to get it to work all the time but it's a hit or miss until it permanently fails and the sim I use is from an x230 that also has a GOBI card. My question is does it really make a difference if it is branded as AT&T since the GOBI card does work at some point and if it doesn't matter am I doing something wrong?Thanks for any help!

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I have an issue with the Qualcom GOBI broadband option for Verizon.  I can connect fine, but my machine will power off the wireless LAN radio after a few minutes (not consistant time period.  It appears that this happens only when I am on battery power, which leads me to believe it is a power saving issue.  I think I have changed all of the appropriate powersaving settings and even turned of the "allow the computer to turn of this device to save power" in device manager, and it still persists. I am running Windows 7 Enterprise x64, the latest verizon access manager, and have mad sure all lenovo/qualcomm drivers are up to date. Any ideas?

Answer:x301 3G problem - Qualcom GOBI broadband option

Update:  Still having this problem, except I was wrong about it only happening when I am on battery power.  It happens regardless if I am on battery or plugged in. Can someone help?

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When I ordered my T410s, I chose the "upgradeable" option.  What does that exactly mean?  Does this mean that I have all the hardware already pre-installed, and I just need a SIM card and a service plan?  I noticed what appears to be a SIM card slot underneath the battery.  Should have thought ahead when I ordered the ThinkPad and had them set it up ready to go from the beginning.  Thanks.

- Paul


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Answer:Integrated Mobile Broadband - Upgradeable vs. Gobi 2000

Upgradable means you have the SIM slot and built-in antenna, but need to insert a WWAN mini PCI adapter like the Gobi 2000. So you have all the hardware except the WWAN adapter. The WWAN adapter is easy to insert and not that expensive to buy so it's no big deal, but if you are going to use mobile broadband you could as well have bought the Gobi 2000 instead of upgradable. You need a SIM card and a plan as well from a mobile network operator in your country. -gan

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Hi,I am a newbie to this stuff. I cannot get my mobile broadband card to work.I have an X121e which has upgradeable mobile broadband. Foolishly I did not buy this card at time of purchase. I have bought an unlocked Gobi 2000 and installed this and the sim card. I have installed the drivers and the broadband package from lenovo. The Gobi 2000 is shown under ports in device manager (windows 7 64bit) with a com3 'access connections' there is no adapter so I cannot set up a mobile broadband profile. Only the lan and wireless card are options. Windows 7 internet connections only gives me wired, wireless and modem options. Searching the internet I think this card needs to be shown as a network adapter.Ideas anyone please?

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Today I opened my E420s for put in my new GOBI 2000 Broadband, I can see inside the empty slot, but the 2 little cables  (and the 2 screws) are missing! I can see other 2 little cables fixed on Intel wireless card, but they are the only 2 in there! Is it possibile to put this card inside here?


Answer:GOBI 2000 Broadband in EDGE E420s with ATI Graphics?

hey AleXskY,as I do not have that particular you, i cannot say for certain. however I would like you to use this manual >> do believe that it can assist you.

WW Social MediaImportant Note: If you need help, post your question in the forum, and include your system type, model number and OS. Do not post your serial number.Did someone help you today? Press the star on the left to thank them with a Kudo!If you find a post helpful and it answers your question, please mark it as an "Accepted Solution"! Follow @LenovoForums on Twitter!Have you checked out the Community Knowledgebase yet?!How to send a private message? --> Check out this article.

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I run Win10. I have tried installing the driver for this via the device driver, Win10 Update and Thinkvantage update. No luck (no driver found). Any clue?


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Answer:T410 - 2537 - Integrated Mobile Broadband (Gobi 2000 3G with GPS)

Installed a driver from Lenovo EOL for W7.

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This may seem like a stupid question, so forgive me. I am wanting to purchase the x230, and thinking about getting the gobi 4000 card.  However, my questions is this: I have a Verizon Wireless plan with truly unlimited data... one of those that got grandfathered in. Now, can I take the sim card out of my phone, plug it into the gobi card in the x230, and get Internet access? Thanks.

Answer:X230 question regarding the Gobi 4000 mobile broadband cards

Will you get Sierra Wireless mc7750 card (Gobi 4000 for Verizon Wireless, FRU 0A36318) inside of your laptop or install it yourself? If the answer is "yes", my answer for your question is "yes".But as I know Verizon doesn't need sim card for internet access, you just need to activate your modem with plan in carrier' network using Lenovo Mobile Broadband application. Download it from the site.

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Hi I believe my W510 (4389-2SU) has a Gobi 2000 Mobile Broadband card installed but I can't tell for your sure.It's not showing up in the device manager list. I've run the Gobi 2000 driver installer and also installed Access Connections. I use ATT so I ran the Gobi coniguration utility to use the ATT image (2) which it seemed to do with no errors. I also updated the Gobi based code as suggested on the driver downloads site How can I tell whether the Gobi card is installed without opening the machine up? Thanks Mark

Answer:Checking for presence of Gobi 2000 Mobile Broadband Card

Hello mate, You don't have a WWAN modem in your machine. The 4329-2SU has just a WWAN option.

__________________________________________________________________________________Knowledge is of two kinds. We know a subject ourselves, or we know where we can find information on it.ThinkPad T510 4313-CTO Windows 8 x64 - Intel Core i7-620M - NVIDIA NVS 3100M - 8GB RAM - 240GB SSD- Intel Centrino Ultimate-N 6300 - Gobi 2000.ThinkPad Helix 3697-CTO Windows 8.1 x64 - Intel Core i7-3667U - Intel HD Graphics 4000 - 8GB RAM- 256GB SSD - Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6205 - Ericsson C5621gw

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dell sells a gobi card,  , that would physically fit in the T400s. Lenovo has qualcomm drivers . Anyone have an opinion whether this card would work in the t400s? My concern is that it might be "locked" so as to only work wth specific Dell models. The card provides compatability with multiple carriers such as verizon, AT&T, and others rather than just one carrier.  Also could be used with GPS. I cannot find a version of this card specifically designed for the T400s. * Note for Lenovo - this would be a sought after option to avail your customers of.


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Answer:T400s with Gobi 5600 multimode broadband mini card & GPS

The T400s Hardware Maintenance Manual specifies an FRU 42T0961 Qualcomm UNDP1 WWAN card, which is a Gobi card. Looks like IBM parts are selling it.  That would be all you would need for a WWAN Upgradeable ThinkPad (orange and blue antenna cables already installed - see the HMM).  A non-Lenovo card like the one you mention would most likely give an 1802 BIOS error "Unauthorized network card".  I have no idea if that card is SIM-locked - maybe someone reading this does?       

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I am considering purchasing the GOBI WWAN card.  Lenovo claims the card is compatible with the sprint network.  My carrier is sprint.  I called them up to enquire about how I can get my laptop on my plan, or get it on its own plan.  They said it didn't matter that I had this card.  I will still have to buy a sprint WWAN card.  What's the point in buying it if Sprint won't let me use it?  And why would Lenovo claim I can use it on the sprint network?

_______________________________________________________Thinkpad W530, i7-3720QM, 1920x1080 screen, 12GB 1333Mhz RAM, RAID 0 2x 320GB 7200 RPM HDD, Quadro K2000M, 6-cell battery, Bluetooth 4.0, Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6205 AGN

Answer:GOBI 3000 Mobile Broadband (0A36185) for W530 (Sprint)

try to call again to speak with another operatorStas

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I cannot access my work VPN with ThinkPad GOBI 5000 Mobile Broadband - Verizon.Error: after I login the VPN, i get a internet page cannot be displayed.   I can access my VPN with another WiFI.I tried changing the windows 7 64bit host file.Tried chaging GOBI Adapter DNS entries any alternative ThinkPad GOBI 5000 Mobile Broadband - Verizon "drivers" ? any solutions?  

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Hi all,I've just got a new T410s notebook. It's very good, but unfortunately it doesn't include the built-in mobile broadband.I've tryed to install the Ericsson F3507g Mobile Broadband which I took away from my old X200, but it seems that the T410s doesn't recognize it! I've no error, no warning messages, but any new device appears (I've also tryed to install every drivers)I would like to know if Ericsson F3507g is a compatible device or if I am forced to buy the Qualcomm Gobi 2000 Mobile Broadband, so as defined in the shop.lenovo web site.Thank you all in advance,Valerio

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hey as the subject say, can i insert sim card from another country and carrier ?do i need  unique sim card for that ? i have 3g unlimited data plan, can i use it ? thanks

Answer:x220 Mobile Broadband (Sierra Wireless MC8355 - Gobi 3000) is sim free ?

largo wrote:
can i insert sim card from another country and carrier ?

As long as your 3G carrier supports BYOM (Bring Your Own Modem) for their service, AND it operates on a 3G band supported by the MC8355..... yes, you can.

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My broadband connection only stays up for a minute or two then drops.I have eliminated a line problem - checked by BT.I have eliminated a modem problem - alternative (borrowed from the office!)pc is fine and dandy.Advised to upgrade bios which I did.Now getting missing driver message for PCI simple controller device - what is this?Any advice ?

Answer:Broadband connection drops - Driver issue

Can you supply a few more details please?Operating system, ISP, and type of modem. Also is the modem internal or external. If the latter how is it connected to the PC? Is it direct to the motherboard via rear of tower unit, or through a PCI card, or a hub?

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Hi All, After 3 days trying to install / update latest drivers on my X200/ Windows 7 / 32b, it seems now that my F3507g is now installed correctly? I can go the a connection over internet and ping some servers BUT when I initiate my Cisco Vpn, ( working perfectly with my Ethernet connection and my Wifi 5300 AGN ) the connection is ok but no incoming or outgoing traffic !!! Any idea on how to solve that issue ?

Answer:F3507g mobile broadband driver - Windows 7 - and Cisco Vpn issue

The search button is always your best friend...

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Question: Gobi 4000 issue

Coworker just bought both of us Gobi 4000 cards. I have a T420 and he has an X220. Both machines boot fine with the cards installed (no white list error), I even got the drivers installed successfully on both. The antenna does not turn on via the software switch. I tried the broadband activation software but it's not recognizing that an installed product. Access Connections kept referring me to use the broadband activation software lol! Any ideas?

Answer:Gobi 4000 issue

What Operating System are you running on your ThinkPads?

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I am having a difficult time getting the Gobi 2000 Broadband device turned ON.  I've installed the unlocked version, Windows sees it and I load the drivers, which install successfully.  Both ThinkPad AccessConnections and ATT Communication Manager see it, but they say it is turned off.  Am I missing something?

Answer:T410 and Gobi 2000 Issue

Have you turned it on in the hotkey driver? Press Fn-F5 and select the Wireless WAN option on.

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Anyone know how I can get the verizon gobi 5000 to work with my T431s on windows 7.  For some reason there is no driver for the gobi 5000 that I can find and the lenovo mobile broadband activiation software only supports AT&T.   I'm at a loss. Waited 2 months to get the gobi 5000 only to realize that the model it was built for (T431s) is not currently compatible. Would appreciate any help!

Answer:T431s and GOBI 5000 - THERE IS NO DRIVER!!


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I'm looking for a driver for WWAN card gobi 2000 to netbook lenovo s12!Got some as a possibility either to install the module in a notebook?

Answer:Driver gobi 2000 + lenovo s12 + win 7 (32)

Hello mate, There is the driver :

__________________________________________________________________________________Knowledge is of two kinds. We know a subject ourselves, or we know where we can find information on it.ThinkPad T510 4313-CTO Windows 8 x64 - Intel Core i7-620M - NVIDIA NVS 3100M - 8GB RAM - 240GB SSD- Intel Centrino Ultimate-N 6300 - Gobi 2000.ThinkPad Helix 3697-CTO Windows 8.1 x64 - Intel Core i7-3667U - Intel HD Graphics 4000 - 8GB RAM- 256GB SSD - Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6205 - Ericsson C5621gw

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Could anyone tell me the difference between Gobi 2000 and Gobi 3000? Thank you


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Answer:X120e Gobi 2000 v Gobi 3000

I found a spec sheet for the Gobi 2000 here and the one for the Gobi 3000 here.  From looking between the two, it appears the newer 3000 model is ready for UMTS - AWS and EV-DO/CDMA ? 2100 MHz (standards which may not have been ratified when the 2000 was released), supports faster HSDPA speeds (14.4Mbps vs. 7.2Mbps) and is 2.5 grams lighter.
Aryeh Goretsky

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Hey Guys,is there any driver for a T410 with a Gobi 2000 W-Wan Card what is actually working? Already tried the Windows 7 driver, the beta win 8.1 driver, installed several programs but there is always the error massage "No supported System". Any advice? Thanks so far

Answer:T410 Gobi 2000 Driver for Windows 8.1

just a little addition: i know that the T410,T420 are not supported officially i already fount the list ( but i wonder if someone has a little trick to get it working. Since i really need that WWAN Card working

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Hello, we have a problem with Gobi2000 miniPCI card on Thinkpad T510i, Windows 7 64 bit. It worked couple of years ok, then it just disappeared from Devices list and was not able to use any more. Some efforts for recovery has been done by investigating postings of similar issues and the abstract of the actions so far is described below 1. BIOS was flasheda) 6muj28us.exe (bios update)--> successfully updated2. Checked that wireless radio was enabled in BIOS--> settings ok 3. Uninstalled/reinstalled a) PowerManager- g1ku10ww.exe (Powermanager update)--> successfully installed b) Gobi2000 Driver + BootCode- 7xwc48ww.exe (Gobi driver)--> Gobi2000 driver not successfully installed--> Device Manager -> Other devices -> Qualcomm Gobi has yellow exclamation mark -> "No driver for device"- 7xwd11ww.exe (Gobi bootcode)--> bootcode installation not successfully installed--> Error message "System configured for Lenovo. Unable to locate device. Download failed. Press any key to continue..."c) Integrated Hotkey Feature- 8jvu12ww.exe (Hotkey update)--> successfully installedd) AccessConnection - g1c742ww.exe (Access Connections update)--> successfully installed  Does anyone has any more suggestions still to try to get Gobi2000 working again?  Thanksliam3w    

Answer:T510i - Gobi 2000 driver not installed

Hi liam3w,Please try to reset BIOS, if problem remains, please kindly contact local lenovo for hardware inspection.
Please enter BIOS be pressing F1 in "ThinkPad Screen", F9, then F10.Fred

T61 + X201i

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Gobi 2000 / WAN driver install fails on new Thinkpad Edge 15 with Windows 7 64 bit. The automatic update function suggested I should download new drivers.However after downloading the install always aborts (apparently without any reason).As a result the WAN / 3G functionality is not available anymore. (1) Any suggestions on how to resolve this issue would be great. (Yes I tried reinstalling)(2) Are there alternative drivers? Beta drivers?(3) Other ways to fix this? Any help appreciated. PS: From google I gather that I am not the only one who faces issues with Gobi 2000 and Windows 7 64bit... 

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I had installed On my  ThinkPad T530 2429-AQ9 the Ericsson H5321gw/C5621gw Mobile Broadband Driver.But it won't apear in the device manager. Does someone has a clue??

Answer:ThinkPad T530 2429-AQ9 Ericsson H5321gw/C5621gw Mobile Broadband Driver issue

HiAre you sure wwan card is in your laptop?Laptop you have isn't being produced with wwan card installed. Did you install it yourself?

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I have a W510 with the Gobi WWAN chipset running x64 Win7 Enterprise.  Once I install the Gobi WWAN driver, the system has a BSOD within 10 seconds of the install wrapping up.  After a reboot, if I switch off the wireless, I am OK, but once I switch it back on, I will BSOD within a minute.  I am running the latest BIOS as of today.  I am running the latest Gobi drive from the Lenovo site (1.1.90/  Any help would be appreciated.

Answer:W510 Gobi WWAN Driver Causing BSOD

Exactly the same behaviour with an identical configuration here. Bluescreen whenever I activate WWAN Devices within 1-300 seconds. Tried bios update and W7 x64 blank-install. Without Simcard the OS remains stable (however tried 3 different sim cards with different carriers). Is there any firmware update for the Gobi chipset? Anyone found out something more specific?

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Hi, I have installed new win 8 on my T410s and I cant find the driver for the gobi 2000. can you direct me? thanks Doron

Answer:gobi 2000 driver for windows 8 - thinkpad t410s

Hi, doronei
I cannot find any Windows 8 drivers for your system on Lenovo's website. Drivers are sometimes compatible with different versions of operating systems than those listed, so I would try the drivers here and see if it helps. You will likely need the driver for activation of the card and the driver itself, so make sure you get both of them. If it does not help, then you will be able to uninstall it from Device Manager.
Hope it helps,

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My T410 2522 MZ5 has been upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 8 for almost a year. But in the driver download section of this web never have the driver for Qualcomm Gobi 2000 WWAN connection.I see some members of this forum had the same problem but he said he found a beta version of the driver in this thread ( So anyone please give me a link to download this driver.Thank you very much and sorry for my Engish may not quite good.

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HiI recently came by a HP GOBI 2000 wwan cardThis exact model: NEW HP Gobi2000 HSUPA 2G 3G WCDMA WWAN UMTS Wi Fi Card GPS UN2420 I know this might be a long shot, but are there any workarounds to getting such a card to work in a W530?I tried pluggin it in, and whereas the first driver installs, the "Lenovo broadband activation" fails, the card shows up with a question mark in device manager, and troubleshooting it in "adapter settings" states that "there might be a problem with the driver"I know that the chipset should be supported, so what is the problem here? Driver signing? Or Bios whitelist?Any help much obliged

Answer:gobi 2000, wwan not detected - non-lenovo GOBI 2000

Hi, eyeland
Do you have a SIM card inserted in the machine? If not, this will be needed for WWAN access. Also, which version of Windows are you running, and what drivers did you download to get the card to work?
Thanks in advance,Adam

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Question: Broadband Issue

Hello All

I have two computers sharing a network, one PC has a constant speed of 54Mbps while the other varies between 5.5Mbps and 36Mbps. Both PC's have the same specs. This happens if both machines are on or just the one with the low speed is on, the router has been replaced in the last few days to try to overcome this problem. Can anyone help me with this problem please?

Regards SilverSurf

Answer:Broadband Issue

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I had Sky+ and multiroom installed today and since the installation I have been unable to connect to my broadband internet connection without their being an interruption causing the line to drop after a few minutes/seconds. I believe that the digiboxes are causing a problem on the phone line. I have come to this assumption based on the fact that when I lift the telephone receiver off I can connect to the broadband service without issue, presumably because the modems in the digiboxes cannot connect as the phone is up therefore engaging the lane to analog traffic. When I replace the receiver, within a few moments the broadband connection is lost. My connection was fine without issue prior to sky installation. I have micro filters on both phone sockets but the problem still exists. The only way to confirm for sure is to unplug both boxes from the telephone line but that would be a violation of the BskyB Terms of service. I was wondering if anyone had experienced this error before and had any advice on what I can do?Thanks,MeV1

Answer:Sky / Broadband Issue

Disconnect the phone line from the digibox.

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Question: X1 broadband issue

Dear all,I am running a brand new X1 and I don't get the t-mobile sim card up and running in Germany. Thinkvantage access connection installed, Ericsson drivers installed, but I get the message: SIM card not present. Please insert SIM card. It has worked already, but now it has stopped working. Any idea or known issue? Thanks Michael

Answer:X1 broadband issue

Michael, welcome to the forum,
there seems to be a possible issue with some X1 systems, the suggestion is that you contact support. 01805 004618
Discussion in English forum
Discussion in German forum
Hope this helps

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Question: Broadband issue

Question......does anyone know why I might have problems browsing a particular website using my cable broadband DSL while I am able to access the same website using an AOL dialup connection? I only have problems connecting to this one particular site and most people I talk to have no problems connecting to it. Is this something that could be specific with my DSL provider? And if so is there an explanation as to why it is only the one website that I cannot connect to? It sounds like a bandwidth problem but I don't understand why I can connect to it using dial up but not with broadband.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

Answer:Broadband issue

FWIW, I had this exact issue with Comcast, and it took them weeks to resolve it. I finally convinced them they indeed had a routing issue somewhere locally, and they tracked it down. If you can access the site from another service, it's probably the same sort of issue.

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I have a T-Mobile USB 530 modem stick plugged into my PC which is on the LAN
i want to use MS explorer when I want to the the internet via the LAN (currently working)
and Firefox for internet via my usb modem.
Is this possibe?
How do I tell firefox to use the USB modem
The PC sees the modem and it has installed ok, its even on line according to the USB Stick diagnostics, but I cant seem to use it which is a shame.
Windows also says the modem is active....but I cant seem to get anything to use it they all run to the LAN, sticking two fingers up at me on the way!!!!!!

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Question: Broadband Issue

Hi,My father-in-law has just had Broadband installed by NTL. Everything was ok for a while (well, the weekend) now, all of a sudden he can read his email in outlook but cannot access any web pages.Any ideas? NTL says everything is fine at their end and that's about as much help as they're prepared to give.

Answer:Broadband Issue

Yes. I've heard that NTL have brilliant customer service. Tell us a bit more about your set-up - what OS, how many PC's attached, what hardware.

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My phone box has sky connected to it as well. Does the broadband filter affect sky? Can I still get broadband if sky is connected this way?Can sky, broadband(filter), be connected into the phone box all at once? The adsl guide doesn't mention anything about issue?Thanks, My numpty of a nephew is doing my box in over this.

Answer:Broadband filter issue

When you have ADSL on your telephone line, you must "filter" all your telephone-type devices. You need one filter for each telephone. You also need a filter for any fax machines connected. If your Sky Digibox is connected to the phone line, then you need a filter for that too.

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Guys,I have just changed from BT broadband to Talk Talk and now after seting it up I am having the same issue I had when I first started with BT and that is can get Internet on LAN but not wireless although it has good signal strength and connected to router, cant remember what it was the helpdesk done to fix the BT issue as it was such a long time ago, but its croped up again with talk talk, I have changed channel from 1 to 7 carried out a winsock reset, ipconfig/all, deleted all BT s/w from both laptops that have same issue,selected windows to manage my connection but sits on aquiring network address, everything in properties setup seems fine WPA-TKIP, thanks in advance

Answer:New Broadband connection Issue

Have a look at this thread, gives the options to repair the tcp/ip stack for XP, Vista or here

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My current router provided by ISP, Virgin Media is terrible. It is known as the SuperHub and is a modem & router in one.

My issue is the router has poor wireless speed and signal. The signal is so bad that I can't get signal in my house.

How can I solve this?

I know I can put the Superhub into modem mode and buy a router myself.

What router do you recommend?

How about home-plugs?

If you have any other ideas then please say.

Things I have tried:
ASUS RT-N66U router, terrible router and I have requested a refund. I believe it was faulty
Changed wireless settings following InSSIDer and advice via Google
Bought wireless dual usb adapters for computers + laptop
Updated firmware & wireless drivers
Contacted ISP to troubleshoot any potential issues, they said it is fine on their end

Budget for this project is ?120, no hardware is needed for laptops/computer so the budget is for router/home-plugs/other ideas

I live in the UK and I'm on Virgin Media's 60Mb internet service.

Please provide links where possible to any ideas you have.

Answer:Help me solve my broadband issue


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Hello everyone,

Recently I purchased a longer (5m) ADSL cable along with a couple of 3m Cat5e Ethernet Cables as I was moving my PC from one room to another.
The original ADSL cable that came with the router (sky sagem router) is maybe 1m shorter than the new one i have.

I have not had issues with connection until last night where the @ symbol on the router kept flashing amber and then going blank completely. After a reset of the router it would connect to the internet but then lose connection again shortly afterwards.

I spoke with tech support at Sky and they advised me it is the ADSL cable i bought (my understanding of this was that unless running huge length then there should be no noticbale effect in terms of speed/connection etc)

The ADSL cable is connected straight from the phone socket to the router (no filter/no phone unit attached) then an ethernet cable from router to PC. Have had it set up for around a week with no issues until last night.

As you can imagine it is pretty frustrating!!

Other things to point out are that the @ light flashes amber then goes green - connection is stable for maybe 5 minutes or longer then connection is lost and @ light is blank. Also there is no other electrical source near the phone point or the router that could cause interference.

Any advice is very much appreciated.

Answer:Broadband Connection Issue

possibly a bad cable? a meter of distance on the cable should make no difference whatsoever - once you start hitting over a hundred feet of cat5, thats when you start watching how long the cable is.

can you move the asdl modem back and try the orig cable, even if its temporary for a day or so - if it stays green for a 1/2 hr, you know it was the newer cable.

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hi there...
hope someone can help us with this..
i am soon to be sharing a broadband connection
with one other person ..we may both want to be on line at the
same time..we have one phone line and cannot get another
we have one adsl modem but however may be able to get a second
if it there a connection or usb splitter that will allow us both
to be on-line at the same time using the same connection...wireless is not possible due to cost
many thanks in advance

Answer:two computer broadband issue

hey altec, yea, just purchase a router, or a hub... you can either go wireless... very convinient for home stuff, or even at work... your local computer store would have routers/hubs.
hope it helped!

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I was to my ISP this evenin as i was having some connection problems. They checked a few settings on my modem, everything ok. I entered my username/password on my router and clicked connect. Tech-Support said i logged on to there server. Here's my problem

I tried pinging and it came back destinnation host unreachable
I tried to ping there IP and it came back twice request timed and once unreachable. BUt my isp says im connected and they can see ?

They where not to sure of the problem and said i had to check my firewall settings.

I'm thinking it could be a problem with Network on computer or DNS issue that my ISP has

Anyone or what is or what might i can do check? Pings not my strong point.

Answer:Broadband Connection issue

Ipconfig on Vista
Vista does not handle permissions the same as XP.
Locate the command prompt short cut in your start menu. Right click it, choose run as administrator, then try the ipconfig.

If you want to always have the command prompt run with elevation
Right-click the command prompt icon, choose Properties
Select the Shortcut tab
Click on Advanced
Check Run as administrator
can you do the following tests
Post back the results of all the test -
its important to do all the ping tests

1) Ping the default gateway
2) ping by the name
3) ping google using IP address

all details below
ipconfig /all

TWO Methods to do that - some people have problems with ONE----

ONE ---------------------------------
ipconfig /all

rightclick in the box
select all
control key + C key - to copy
then reply here and
control key + V to paste

TWO -----------------------------------------------

Start, Run, CMD to open a DOS window and type:


Open C:\RESULT.TXT with Notepad and copy/paste the entire results here.
NEXT lets see if you can get out onto the internet with both names and IP's - its possible the IP number you get back on the first test is different to the one I post {I'm in UK} so use the number you get instead of mine

try ping the name and then the IP see below


C:\Documents and Settings\wayne>ping {th... Read more

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Quick outline of network setup.
Calbe modem into wired DLink DI-608 router, netgear access point into a LAN port, one XP box using wired connection, one XP box using wireless. All PCs have static IP addresses because I needed a static IP addresss for the access point. Wired and wireless PCs can get internet traffic no problem.

I've set up a Win 98SE box and I can ping the DLink router plus other networked PCs BUT I CAN'T FOR THE LIFE OF ME SET UP IE to browse. All attempts give page not found DNS error. I can administer the router and access point ok from this 98SE box.

Looking at the IE connections setup, I can't see what's wrong. In the TCP-IP config I have specified a static IP address and a default gateway (the wired router). In IE LAN connections I've not specified anything - no automatic detection, nothing. Can't see why this won't work. I can't ping any site, e.g.,

Fear I'm missing something probably obvious. Any ideas greatly appreciated.

Answer:Win 98 SE cable broadband Issue

In the TCP-IP config I have specified a static IP address and a default gateway (the wired router).Click to expand...

Have you setup your DNS in your TCP-IP Configuration. Without DNS you can't resolve URLs. Check your routers WAn configuration for its DNS and hten input these into your Win98's DNS settings within the TCP-IP config section.

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A friend has Vista. I am wondering if there is any difference in setting up a broadband connection compare to XP.

The connection must actually already be established because she has email working but when she opens her homepage in Firefox, a box pops up - just like the old dial-up boxes used to do when one had to enter a username and password in order to connect. It is headed Broadband Connection.

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Forgive me if I'm posting this in the wrong forum section...
Some time ago I started getting an odd problem with my broadband. Many visits from Outreach engineers later, all of whom seemed somewhat puzzled by what was going on, I had 18 months of trouble free connection. Now for no apparent reason the issue has resurfaced.
The problem, when it happens, is triggered by a phone call to my landline. I answer the phone and can hear that the line is crackly, then computer type noise can be heard on the line, and eventually my broadband connection goes down. I cannot reconnect my broadband by using the Speedtouch modem/router software, or even switching it off and back on again - the only way I can achieve this is by making an outbound call on my landline phone and leaving that call open until the internet light on the Speedtouch comes back on.
As part of all this, the IP profile of my line drops dramatically, this latest time from 4meg to 750kbps.
An engineer yesterday found no fault on my line, but a phonecall from him after he left dropped the IP profile further!
I haven't made any changes here, no new/different equipment, and as I said, I've had 18 months blissfully trouble free surfing since this last occurred.
Would be very grateful for any thoughts/advice!

Answer:Baffling broadband issue

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Moved to Sky Broadband two weeks ago. First week I was getting +/- 5800 (DSLzone)this week I am down to +/- 5200. Could it be anything to do with the advertised Firefox tweaks or using Firetune?

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Hi.Been struggling with this issue below for 3 months now to no avail. How someone out there can help!I had Plusnet 1mb BB for about a year and was very happy. I then had an email from Plusnet saying to upgrade to 2mb BB for £14.99. Great! I thought and did it.However.When I came home, I connection icon changed from 1.1mbps to 2.2mbps. Great. Then I speedtested it and got 1985mbps..even better, however, it didn't seem 2x as fast as 1mb.Then the following week, I noticed a sudden slowdown and so speedtested it and got 956mbps.I checked my modem, swapped it for another, changed filters, tried different firmware, connected pc from main incoming socket with nothing attached and all with no change.I contacted Plusnet and said the above and they said its not their issue but BT. BT came out and said the line is fine but questioned my filters.( typical..they always have to blame something else). Anyway, they said its not to do with them and the line is fine.Plusnet replied that they are wrong and that they have a good service to that exchange. I complained again and they said that they will raise a callout again with BT. I asked that I could be present and witness the speedtest they carry out with their laptop. When they came out, they shielded me from all the work and then said everything is ok and its Plusnet, also that they were not responsible for the speed. When I asked to see the results, they said they would be on the server for BT and plusnet to see. They will be clearly be ... Read more

Answer:Slow broadband issue


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Hi All, I have been having a horrible time with Mobile Broadband on my Helix (36894uu). After updating to Win 8.1 I have been unable to connect.  Device manager shows a Sierra Wireless EM7700 using Microsofts driver 6.3.9600.16384 and generic mobile broadband adapter.  I have installed the Seirra driver package from the Lenovo support site multiple times, but the driver never changes.  Windows shows "no service" under mobile broadband.  Running the Windows diagnostic says "The Mobile Broadband device is locked with SIM PIN2".  I have gone to AT&T, they say there are no problems with the SIM or my account and the technician I worked with did not know what a SIM PIN2 was.  Has anyone else experienced any mobile broadband issues since updating to Win 8.1?  Thanks!

Answer:Mobile Broadband Issue

Problem solved... one of the antenna leads had come loose...

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Happy new year everyone,
Ever since i updated to fibre b/band it can take my and my wifes pc,s can take a long time to connect. If google comes up straight away it works well but if you click off then try to go back on it wont. I have done spyware and malware checks and cleaned both. One pc is wired and the other is wireless. windows 7 on both.
Any ideas.

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I have a cable modem, connected via Cat5 to a homegrown computer w/ LEGAL Win XP Pro. Here's the problem -

When I fire the computer up from the screensaver and try to access the internet (via Explorer 6, or any other prog), I get the "unable to display web page" screen, as if I am not connected to the internet. This is in any of the 3 XP user accounts.

However, if I reboot, log in as a different user than the admin, and just pull up a page, I can then logout, go back to the admin account, and surf to my hearts content.

If the screen saver activates, I have to do the above routine again.

Time Warner (my broadband provider) has no other information for me, other than the above. This only started a couple of weeks ago. Norton and the Zone Alarm firewall had been working fine for 2 months. Restoring to previous config did not help.

System: 1GB AMD Tbird, 384MB (3x128) PC100 RAM, Abit KT7A Mobo, Generic video and sound, Linksys NIC, Toshiba cable modem, Real Win XP Pro, Zone Alarm Firewall, Norton 2002 Antivirus, - more info available if needed

Answer:XP broadband connection issue

There is an XP patch regarding a problem with the direct3d screensaver. I don't know if this will fix your problem, but give it a shot. You can find the patch here..

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hey all, first post so can i start by saying great forum. Have found loads of useful info on here, but this it the first time I couldnt find an answer.

My problem is this :

I have a ZTE MF627 modem with a mobile broadband sim from O2 in it. Everytime I insert the USB device and use the connection manager software to initiate the connection windows vista askes me to set a location for the network, and suffixes it with a number

eg set a location for the O2 (5) network :home, work , public.

The first time i connected it was simply o2 as this was the name of my network. The problem lies when I disconnect and reconnect. For some reason vista seems to recognize it as a NEW network as opposed to reconnecting to the old profile and again askes me to set a location and adds a number thus creating a new profile. Its simply an annoyance having to set my location each time, and periodically having to delete some network profiles, but I was wondering if anyone has a solution to this. Connecting in the same USB port seems to have no impact at all.

see here for a screenshot

any help greatfully received.


Answer:Mobile Broadband Issue

have you contacted o2 or visited their mobile technical support pages to see if there have been any other cases of this, or to see if there is an updated version of the connection manager that is compatable with your USB device.

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I'm finding that, albeit rarely, I am sometimes losing my connection with Bt Yahoo! Broadband. In other words, the connection will not cut off, but I will be sending info and not recieving. So I have to turn off/on the router to 'reset' it.It's not a major hassle, but it'd be better if I didn't have to keep doing it. Any ideas on what it could be?Thanks :)

Answer:Broadband connection issue

Hi,have you recently had a speed upgrade? Maybe the line is marginal for a higher speed.Regards, yaesu

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I'm having a trouble mentioned in a previous thread.
the dependency service or group failed to start
I'm making this thread a. because the methods offered in that thread don't appear to have worked for me, b. because I'm completely unfamiliar with broadband and wireless technology.
in the tray I see the icon attempting to connect when the desktop has loaded, as usual, but then it tells me 'no connections are available'

on network and sharing center, under the "View your basic network information and set up connections" heading, it says "unknown", where it used to show the network map before this problem happened, and underneath that it says "The dependency service or group failed to start".

troubleshooting says it does not detect a problem, and offers no assistance.

I'm currently on an XP machine where the modem (DSL-302G) and wireless router (TL-WR340G) are all plugged in (i.e., not accessing the internet wirelessly), so I know I have access, and the laptop (which uses Win7) should have access, if only things were configured correctly.
(for a couple months or so it had been working--it is only in the last week the laptop seems to not be configured correctly to access the internet, and I don't know of any changes that would have taken place to cause the problem)

on the XP machine, the netsh winsock reset catalog command was accepted, but I was told netsh int ip reset reset.log hit has invalid syntax. I then restarted both th... Read more

Answer:wireless broadband issue.

it sounds like it may be the same problem as this thread (as this problem only began when the earthquake occurred a week ago)
(not sure why the above link is now defaulting to the forum index)

what's this 'wireless adaptor' one of the respondants speaks of? (is that the modem-looking thing itself, or something inside the computer I'm trying to use wireless on?)

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I've been using 3's mobile broadband for a few month now and everything's been fine...until I decided to try a different web browser to see if it was any quicker. I downloaded the Apple browser and it was ok but nothing too special so i uninstalled it. Since that day, when I click the 'connect' button on my broadband window, it's started coming up with the error -

'The web browser application associated with connection '3connect' failed to start. Please check your browser application settings.'

It works fine if you leave this message up and open up IE, but if you click 'ok' then it says that connection has failed do you want to retry...I'm confused. I can't for the life of me figure out where I'm supposed to change this. Can anyone help me please.

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hitiscali 2MB unlimited. I've had it about 3 months using the sagam fast 800 modem it came with. every so often the modem disconnects or doesn't load on start up. i see on sagem website that they have a driver for 800 which is far bigger than the sagem driver on the tiscali website. if i download and install the sagem website driver do i have to uninstall the tiscali driver first or can i just install the new one over the existing one. also, do i have to disconnect modem from computer before new driver installation?many thanksP

Answer:updating broadband driver

You can't just install it over the old one.You will have to download the drivers, uninstall the original drivers from Sagem's website and then install them.It is important to ensure that you use the drivers listed as: PPOA, VPI=0, VCI=38, Protocol=VCMUXSee this thread on a similar problem:click here

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I Install required driver and insert sim also but it says no service message.But when same sim i place in my cell phone it works properly.....i wanted to coonect internet through sim cardEliteBook Folio 9470m UltraBook

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My broadband is disabled by device manager this is the issue i cant solve it till now hp connectiom manager version is

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Hello Guys,

I have just signed up for Comcast after using dial-up for years. Here is my problem.

The ethernet port did not respond on my computer (P5K-e), so the guys from Comcast hooked it up via USB 2.0 and it works fine. I would now like to add a second computer in the house via Wi/Fi but have a problem.

I got a Network card (PCI) and put it in my computer, but it does not come on either. Now, the only way I can hook up a wireless router is if one of these ports work, but neither do. The computer works fine in every other way, but I am stumped. Why would the port not work and now a PCI card won't work. Help, do I need to enable something that is missing....the guy from Comcast said that the port just didn't work and there was nothing he could do.

Any suggestions.



Answer:Solved: A girl needs help on a broadband issue

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is anyone using post office broadband. im trying to set it up today. i can access the internet thru the supplied netgear wired router. but i cant get onto the internet through my linksys wi fi router. is it likely that the post offices own proprietry wifi router (which they supply for a fiver more per month) is sending some encrypted data back to the post office servers that the linksys isnt and therefore i cant connect thru it?anyone know of any passwords or settings that post office broadband needs for a wireless router to get thru?any help much appreciated....

Answer:post office broadband issue

Why not use it if your paying for it,though ive never heard of a ISP putting a charge per month to use their router?

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Hello All,
I desperately require some help with an issue I have been struggling with for months!
I think it best to provide the complete history first (in detail) in order to avoid any confusion and to hopefully help pinpoint exactly what is going wrong:
(Thank you in advance for any advice or help ? I have spent soooo many hours on this and unfortunately my knowledge and skills are not advanced enough to know what the problem is!)

I have two laptops:
One is a DELL Inspiron 1300/Windows XP 2002 Home SP3
The other is an ASUS X58L/Windows XP Pro 2002 SP3

A few years ago my DELL would not boot and I was informed it was a motherboard issue. This led me to buy another laptop from (where I could get it for the best price at the time) a computer repair/vendor merchant.
The ASUS was running Vista basis (actually with the laptop as has the sticker on the machine) and as I wanted to continue using XP ? the merchant said he could copy all my data from the DELL over to the ASUS as part of the deal, yet he would need the original Windows disc in order to install XP over Vista. Unfortunately as I purchased my DELL direct from Dell, it had XP Home and everything already installed ? leaving me with no Windows disc to give him. (I have never had a Windows disc at all, despite paying full wack for the laptop.)
As I was led to believe the DELL was basically redundant without spending loads of money on it, I wanted just to have the ASUS exactly the same, so the merchant said he had a copied X... Read more

Answer:Mobile Broadband Issue - IN DEPTH!!!

We cannot offer help with a illegal copy of windows which is what you have on the laptop

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Okay, so i have a very old Compaq Presario SR5045AN Desktop PC with 32 bit Windows Vista Home Premium, which i had to restore back to factory condition because BSOD's kept popping up after logging on. After system restoring, I had to reinstall many programs and drivers back onto the computer.

After a lot of time reinstalling, I had to reinstall the drivers for a 3 Mobile Broadband Prepaid Modem (E160 model) and it said I was successful, but I had to restart the computer. So I restarted, and when it was booting up, it crashed with BSOD again. I didn't have time to take any of the info, but I am pretty sure that the drivers for the modem had caused the problem.

After many unsuccessful boot attempts, the computer was FINALLY able to work, and I was able to see if the drivers had successfully installed. However, when I tried to connect, it came up with: Error 797: A connection to the remote computer could not be established because the modem was not found or was busy. So i know that the driver installation went incorrectly or the drivers are outdated or corrupted.

On a different computer (with working internet, of course) I was able to find out that many other people were having similar problems like me. However, as much as I look, there has been no definite solution yet. I have tried reinstalling the programs and drivers related with the mobile broadband dongle, but that didn't work. I tried reinstalling the modem on a different usb port, but that did no good either, and I... Read more

Answer:3 Mobile Broadband Prepaid issue-Please Help

Sticky situation you seem to have here. I have a couple questions first off to narrow down the problem: When you restored the problematic Presario, you mentioned to factory condition, did you first format the drive?
Which operating system is installed on the laptop in which the E160 functions properly?
Do you have a card inserted into the microSD slot on the dongle?
Have you tried testing the dongle while booting from SafeMode with networking enabled?
Have you tried running an error scan (CHKDSK) on your partition?
Any information in your event viewer? (Start>Control Panel>System & Maintenance>Admin Tools>Event Viewer)
Is the dongle plugged in while booting, and if so,have you tried waiting until the PC is booted up before connecting the device.
I stumbled across **This** while researching your problem as well. If all else fails, this seems like it would provide sufficient information. Anywho, I look forward to hearing back from you, hopefully we can narrow down and set the record straight for anyone else who may encounter this problem down the line. - Rube

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I have recently had Verizon FIOs broadband set up on an XP computer and it works fine. However, a Verizon Actiontec router was installed that connected this computer to a Win 98 SE machine upstairs. FIOS broadband cannot be installed in machines earlier than Windows 2000 but the connection through the router allows for the WIN 98 SE machine to access the Internet and mail without problems.

The problem is that the Win 98 SE computer locks upon shutdown now if I access the Internet (it shuts down normally if I don't access the Interent) and didn't while it accesed the Internet through a dialup. I made mention of this in the Win 98 forum but didn't realize that this problem only happened when I accessed the Interent when I addressed this issue in that forum.

Both computers aren't networked but are connected through the Actiontec router that is successfully sending information to the win98 computer, allowing it to access the Internet..

I was wondering what I would have to do check configurations on the Win 98 computer to allow for proper shutdown. I assume ICS doesn't apply as both computers aren't networked. I have run C cleaner, Norton Disk Doctor, defrag, scandisk and reinstalled Windows to no avail. When I shut the Windows 98 SE computer down, I'm left with a blinking cursor on a black screen and have to shut the computer off manually at that time.

Thanks for any feedback.


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Recently I have switched to a local Cable TV Internet Service. These guys do not provide any modem inside the house. Their modem is located outside from where various branched-out wired lan connections are provided to customers.Thus I have a direct lan cable into my computer's lan port. Now the problem is when I go to My Computer -> Networks, I can see a bunch of unknown computers ( who are of course the other consumers and may be an admin).
I was worried if any of those computers could actually access my files. So I tried to access theirs from my side. I was surprised to see that any computer without a windows password could easily be accessed. For example \\jack-Pc\C:, was showing shared drives on that PC . Those with windows password could not be accessed though.
Just to make things clear, this has nothing to do with internet connection. Whether the internet is on or off, just the lan cable plugged in shows all these computers.
If I turn off network discovery all the computers vanish, google tells me that network admins can access files inspite of network discover/file sharing settings. If I run 'net share' in command prompt it shows all my drives have admin share. So I am afraid that the admin of this stupid network (who could be the isp guys) can actually access my files.Well I googled how to turn admin share off tryu regedit and applied that, but I have the following questions in mind.

1) Can a network admin access my f... Read more

Answer:Cable TV ISP Broadband Security Issue

I am pretty much sure you can use a router in between that LAN and your computer. Perhaps something with wireless and 4-ports as well if you have a phone/tablet/laptop another PC etc.

This way the routers outer port will get IP from cable company with Internet IP. And your computer will get a local IP, hence separating the networks. And should be able to keep the average Joe out of your network.

Until you get a router, make sure your internet connection is configured as public.

What kind of internet connection did you have before, maybe your old device is compatible and up to the task? If not make sure the router you get is compatible (usually cable routers are different than adsl routers etc - different authentication methods). Ask around or perhaps a local forum for your ISP.

Examle: Linksys Wireless Routers - WRT, Wireless-AC and Smart Wi-Fi there are many brands for routers, not necessarily Linksys.

Regarding your concern: No that admin doesn't have any credentials on your local machine and can't access. But it is not a good practice to expose yourself like that. Not having a password ofcourse is a security issue.

Hope this is clear.

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We have several computers connected through the same internet network “Broadband modem” all the computers are connected to the internet except my ASUS it keeps telling me that there is no internet connection. It is connected to the router but it keeps telling me through Network Diagnostics “Your broadband modem is experiencing connectivity issues” even though all other computers are connected through the same broadband modem and are connected to the internet. Can anyone help me fix this issue?
I have used Windows Network Diagnostics and Restated the broadband modem and followed the steps provided. Still the same problem.

Answer:Broadband modem or Laptop issue????

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I have tried to install Broadband on my PC it is a "Time"V3.1AMD Athlon XP 2000 1.6 Ghz, 256 MB Ram. Each time I try to install driver FDX310 Driver, I get the following Fault viz.An Installation Support could not be installed.Interface not Registered, I have tried another CD rom from a another Broadband ISP, and the fault is the same Can anyone help pleaseApple

Answer:Modem driver problem (Broadband)

This may be difficult without a broadband connection, but can you access the modem manufacturer's website and download the latest driver? Another ISP CD won't help as these are unlikely to have the same modem driver (if at all).

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Hello, I'm from Germany with a SIM Card from o2. Unfortunately WLAN & Co. works, but not the mobile broardband. Where do I get the right driver for my B570? (i only found drivers for the thinkbads) thxeli

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Good afternoon,

I have recently subscribed to Orange Mobile Broadband.

Unfortunately, I live in a rural location and I can only access a very good - excellent GPRS signal.

For a few weeks, the investment seemed acceptable - the signal was poor, but it was a second line in the house, and I could rely on it to connect more than I could using the dial up.

However, some problems have begun to appear after having had this setup for 7/8 weeks now.

The Orange dongle indicator-lights correctly indicate that there is a signal being received, as does the Orange connection menu. However, when I click to 'connect' on my laptop, the connection does not seem to transmit to my system very often (I often have to go through the process of restarting windows, or removing and replacing the USB connection multiple times before it connects).

After this hit-and-miss connection has been establish, a new hit-and-miss issue arises.

50% of the time, the (abeit slow) connection is fine for me (once connected!!), but for the other 50% i'm getting a DNS Error message in the 'destination' bar at the bottom left of Internet Explorer, and I cannot browse...

Does anybody know of why these errors would occur? Are my Internet settings not correct?

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Sounds very simple, however, my PC isn't connecting to my network via Ethernet connection directly from the modem. Re-started PC and modem, changed the settings in control panel>network & Internet>network sharing centre>change adapter settings by amenending Internet protocol 4 properties with manual IP addresses and after another restart, no network still cannot be found and Windows cannot find a solution or identify the problem. Last solution I thought of was creating a new network connection, but again no luck. Modem and Ethernet cable are new and have inspected for damage just encase. I'm using Windows 7 and this was fine until yesterday.

Answer:Ethernet cable or Broadband Router issue?

Who is your ISP have you checked to see if they are having problems. Is it a wireless router and how old is your PC. Are you receiving any DNS problems. manual ip address have you tried setting it to automatic. And have you changed the DNS address as well.

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Recently I have switched to a local Cable TV Internet Service. These guys do not provide any modem inside the house. Their modem is located outside from where various branched-out wired lan connections are provided to customers.Thus I have a direct lan cable into my computer's lan port. Now the problem is when I go to My Computer -> Networks, I can see a bunch of unknown computers ( who are of course the other consumers and may be an admin).

I was worried if any of those computers could actually access my files. So I tried to access theirs from my side. I was surprised to see that any computer without a windows password could easily be accessed. For example \\jack-Pc\C:, was showing shared drives on that PC . Those with windows password could not be accessed though.
Just to make things clear, this has nothing to do with internet connection. Whether the internet is on or off, just the lan cable plugged in shows all these computers.
If I turn off network discovery all the computers vanish, google tells me that network admins can access files inspite of network discover/file sharing settings. If I run 'net share' in command prompt it shows all my drives have admin share. So I am afraid that the admin of this stupid network (who could be the isp guys) can actually access my files.Well I googled how to turn admin share off tryu regedit and applied that, but I have the following questions in mind.

1) Can a network admin ... Read more

Answer:Solved: Cable TV ISP Broadband Security Issue

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Brief history. Installed broadband 12 months ago. ISP is Nildram. Original wireless modem/router failed last August, refund from Dabs and bought Netgear DG824M wireless modem router on recommendation.(Home network, 3 PC's attached) All generally fine until about three weeks ago apart from short outages at times which i could live with. Since then, generally OK during the day but modem looses synch from about 5.00pm to around 11.00pm every day. Sometimes there are short outages during the day. BT came out twice to test line, they claimed that line was operating at acceptable levels but with netgear modem connected there was additional 7db of noise on the line which would cause problems. They suggested I contact Netgear which I did and they sent a replacement but there are exactly the same problems with it. With teenage family and no internet at night you can imagine the pressure I an under. I also have a Zoom USB modem which I have tried when the Netgear ones won't synch. It has to be said that it will invariably synch after several minutes trying but is unstable and drops connection. BT appera to be ashing their hands of it saying problem traced to my equipment, I am trying to speak to Netgear UJ support, their helpdesk which appears to be in India have "escalated" the issue and UK support are to call me (still waiting after 2 days) - Nildram seem to accept there must be a problem but having difficulty making progress.I feel that something must have changed in the past three ... Read more

Answer:Advice needed on major broadband issue

Sorry about typos above. Should have added that all PC's virus checked, no problems. Also all tests carried out with modem attached to main BT socket and also tested to usual site in the house which confirmed no internal loss on wiring. All filters checked, problem still there when attached to main BT box with no phones or filters attached.

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Hi there, Happy to be here, hope we can get along.

My issue is that am trying to use my Sprint Broadband WiFi Adapter on my Toshiba Satellite L25-S119, but when I insert the adapter in the PCmCia slot my laptop freezes, it is a issue that is in no instruction book neither at the Toshiba support site.
Does anybody knows about it?, it is driving me crazy.

Thanks for your input.

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Hi there, I turn once again to the place where I usually get help when I feel lost

The problem
Slow speed performance when surfing. It usually takes 5-10 seconds just to connect to the adress, whereafter everything seems to load in normal speed. Sometimes the loading as subpar as well but it's mainly the annoyingly long initiation time to connect to an adress

What's wierd
1. Speed tests I've done show I have 98% upload/download and around 5ms response time, which is near perfect. This does not reflect my actual performance at all though.
2. At work my usual webpages are loading at instant speed. At home I have lousy loading times.
3. Occurs both for firefox and IE
4. All duplex modes have been tested and does not improve performance
5. Everything was fine up until 2-3 months ago when I noticed a sudden dip in performance. It has stayed that way since then. I can't recall any major changes I did to hardware or software during that time.
6. Broadband provider company is at a loss (their support is crappy of course) but I might push them further to resolve the issue as a last resort.

Technical specifics
I'm using
* 10/10 Mbit u/d broadband via cable TV
* windows xp sp3
* firefox 3, latest update
* Avira Antivir Personal
* standard broadband provider modem, using TP-cable, not wireless
* standard integrated network card
* Not sure if other hardware specifics are relevant (probably not) so I'll list them at request

My Question
How do I go about f... Read more

Answer:Solved: Poor broadband speed issue

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Hi guys,

I hope that you can help me out with an wireless browsing issue I have.

In my house there are two computers, both connected to the net via a wireless router with the same network adapters (as in 2 of the same type). One computer has started playing up and I can't fathom why.

The computer will always connect to the wireless router, but there are issues browsing. Using various Internet browsers, various sites won't open. Some will, some won't and generally are the same types. Yahoo, Google, Amazon are fine as an example, but Facebook and YouTube won't load. It won't give an error, just will forever say it's loading without any result.

After a lot of working with the computer for spyware/virus checks, disabling/enabling various programs, trying different USB ports, swapping my adapter with the other one (the other computer works fine, incidentally), updating drivers, all avail to nothing.

Interestingly however, if on the wireless connection I piggyback onto another connection somewhere in the neighbourhood, all the sites I couldn't load previously, I can. So my thoughts are it's with the CONNECTION rather than the computer.

I would wire it directly to the router as opposed to a wireless connection but due to where the wire would have to go it's not possible as the parents won't allow a lot of wiring to go under carpet etc.

The computer is roughly 15ft away from the router (the working one is 5ft), and no obvi... Read more

Answer:Issue with wireless broadband - cannot load many websites

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The computer's a year old, running XP, and my boyfriend and I have no idea what's wrong with it (it's his). I'd put in hardware support but I don't know which piece of hardware may be corrupted, exploding as we speak, or what.

It began last night. He's done this before -- he has two monitors, one meant for a TV (I believe) and another old computer screen. Normally it runs on the TV one because it's bigger. He switched to the older one to show me how he can adjust the settings so that it's all vertical. That was great and dandy and we didn't expect any issues. He's done it before and it really isn't doing much to the computer.

Later, after midnight, he goes to switch everything back to normal. First, the computer acts like the monitor is there but that it can't do anything -- it tries to go into sleep mode or something. Then I suggest he unplug, shut down, plug things back in normally, and power back up. This appears to work.

I was a bit happy then, until we got to the XP loading screen. It's going... and then after, it flashes, then goes black. Nothing comes up, nothing does anything.

And so the three hour saga of last night begins. We restart, we spam F8, we get into safe mode, he disables Nvidia but can't open the application. Nor does his mouse function in safe mode (I know some don't, but it really doesn't help the situation). I've used my laptop to bring up shortcut keys and we're functioning through everything that way. He restarts after disabling Nvidia, an... Read more

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Does Lenovo test the drivers they release any more? I just updated the touchpad driver today and the two finger scrolling is locked to the same setting whether you pick Traditional or Standard in the setting menu. Latest Intel Graphics Driver Lenovo released causes Youtube video to freeze in Chrome and they still haven't released an update even though Intel already did. My X1 Carbon 3rd gen has screen flicker/freeze issue after waking up from sleep. I submitted a ticket a week ago and hear absolutely nothing. According to other member, even replacing motherboard doesn't fix it. I am really started to regret my purchase.

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Hey guys what's up. I searched google and loads of forums and can't find the answer. I have this strange problem with our church's office printer.During installation of  konica minolta bizhub c353 Drivers, software finds my network attached printer, it locates it and shows me the ip address and port number. After installation I try to print to the c353, and it does not print. No error's from win xp and when I open print Que windows and print same document again, I see it's added and then quickly deleted from Que, I check the printer and it's not printed. I tried restarting print spoiler service and no help, I pinged Te printer over cmd and I got replies with 0% packet loss. I also tried prating from different computer on same network with same driver and it printed like a charm. But here is what I also noticed, when add a printer from same manufacturer but differed model and use tcp/ip address to the c353 printer,. And I print a test page or a color document, it prints all black and white. So what happens is when I use a differ en driver from same manufacturer the printer prints without color and I tried alot of models of printers and all printed black and white, but when I use original driver from konica minoltas site I can't print.All network settings are correct on printer and computer. I installed and reinstalled software and driver couple 100's times. And no luck.  Any help is great... Read more

Answer:Printer won't print with correct driver, but prints with diff driver issue.

How many printers and what names appear in control panel "printers" and what if any are "default"? truenorth

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Good day, I need assistance with a driver for the onboard 3g as the driver supplied by HP on the driver side is not working at all. I have tried the win 8.1 64bit driver as well but with no luck. Any suggestions as my client hates using a external dongle which does work but keeps on going missing in his laptop bag.

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I am having a heck of a time getting things working on this new to me dell e6420 xfr, dell nor att are of much help.

the info,
fresh install of win 7 64
dw 5800 4g
installed drivers from dell in order they suggest, some drivers would not install saying I didn't have the hardware, not all of this make model have same stuff.

my problem,
It has the built in mobile broadband with sim card.
when I got it, it had a version sim but I have a att data account so I got an att sim and installed it,
att connected everything and I had to change the version APN and it worked and connected but the problems started,
When I went to shut down the laptop it took about 10 mins and flashed a bluescreen with something about driver power,
SFC on reboot showed no issues,
But now mobile broadband would not connect turns out the APN reverted back to the version APN and now changing it to the att APN doesn't help.

So please tech heads help me.....

Answer:dell e6420 xfr broadband sim driver issues ???

Dell Latitude E6420 XFR

What's the "service tag" number and/or "express service code" number on yours?

Once it's identified and its support site is accessed, it'll show you what hardware came in it and what Windows 7 64-bit drivers are available for it.


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Just got a brand new T530. Because it was installed with Windows 7, I restored the system from the accompanying Windows 8 recovery discs - no problem there. But there is one device that doesn't work, the one named "ericsson H5321 gw mobile broadband network adapter". I have tried to download the driver manually from here: It installs without a problem, but afterwards, the system still claims there is no driver installed. I've tried the update functions in the device manager, both from local resources and internet resources, but it doesn't locate any drivers. What can I do to resolve the problem???

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I posted the same on their tech support forum but I'm beginning to think the issue, while it may have been exacerbated by the game Guildwars 2, is likely on my end, but I have a number of suggestions, none of which has worked. Also tried my own stuff.
Anyway, here is what I posted on their own tech forum:
Having a lot of issues getting into gw2…I have bits and pieces of problems others have had in the past, but nothing seems to work, so I’m re-downloading the game, basically. All I want to do is play the freaking game, why does it have to be so much trouble?
Once in awhile I will get that blue and yellow graphical glitch on something. Just more info for diagnosis. If and when this happens, it’s always immediately apparent at character select. However…The biggest problem I have with GW2 is also on login – it either crashes or bluescreens my computer right after clicking play and the client tries to load for 5-10 seconds. For the past few days, 90% of the time it just crashes. If I try to patch after that point, the patcher stops at Downloading 0KB and will not budge from it. Not even to log in. I have to reboot my computer to get it past “Downloading 0KB”.
One post I found said that they started having all these problems after downloading a number of games on Steam (which I have done off and on due to a friend getting me a few gifts) , until their HD shrank down to 30 gigs. Same here, an... Read more

Answer:Odd memory issue? HD space issue? Also, can't update GPU driver (GW2 crashing)

Unfortunately, though I thought I did, I have no images of the odd cyan/yellow graphics glitch, and I have no way of getting one (google didn't turn up any that looked the same as mine, granted some were similar).
Edit - I also noticed after re-enabling page memory on my primary drive after freeing up some space, that in the error logs, the amount of paged memory in use is for some reason higher. I can't imagine why this is, but maybe I don't understand the process.
*--> System Memory <--*
Physical:   845MB/ 2047MB  41%
Paged:     5375MB/ 7009MB  76%
Virtual:    822MB/ 2047MB  40%
Load: 58%

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Thank you in advance for any help you can offer resolving this issue.

Alwasy been plagued by game crashes in aion. Suspect possibly bad ram stick, even though wind mem test doesnt show anything, perhaps I didnt run it long enough.

In tryhing to solve that issue I began updating drivers for all components. As a result a new issue has emerged that wasn't present before. M y fps and ping are good in game (both in 60's) yet I find myself now getting randome disconnects from game server, as well as severe, frequent, and prolonged rubber band effect ( ending back in area I passed 20-30 secs earlier), or no response when interacting with mobs etc for as long as similar periods of time.

I suspect , because they were most confusing, problem with my asus p8v68 pro mobo. The intel (i5 3.3ghz) and nvidia (geforce 560 se) were auto detects and self downloading.

To resolve since windows scan was showing some corruption Ive
1) put in a spare seagate barracuda hard drive with full new windows 7 home premium resinstall.

2) downloaded and repaired game multiple times, as well as weeks back and forth with tech supprot.

3) various spyware, virus etc checks , prior to windows and hard drive switch

4) all windows updates are up to date.

This is the download page used for asus drivers.

have to input windows 7 under operating system to see options. May have installed outdated dr... Read more

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Does anyone know how to find out the mobile number for the sim in my usb broadband device. I am trying to recharge but I don't know the mobile number anymore.

I have put it in a mobile phone but obviously it won't call out being an internet SIM. Is there anyway of finding it out without calling Optus.


Answer:Optus Mobile Broadband phone number issue

Can you get an online account? If so, does it say what the number is?

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whenever i connects my broadband line, it keep sowing unidentified network.
i am using windows 7 OS, but in dell support there is last vista-32bit driver, so i installed them 1 month ago and worked fine, but recently i am facing this problem.
what can i do now?

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I recently purchased a HS3310 module for my HP ZBook 15 G2 laptop, the installation of the module all went fine.After installing all drivers etc. HP Connection Manager sees the Mobile Broadband module and i am able to get a working internet connection through the SIM Card. But the modem to make outgoing calls is not working, even after many reboots and reinstallation of the firmware and drivers.Below is the log of the modem. (I also tried it with the SIM card of a collegeau who has the same module which is working to rule out issues with the SIM card.(translated to english)04-23-2016 15: 26: 38 451 - File: C: \ windows \ system32 \ tapisrv.dll, version 6.1.760104-23-2016 15: 26: 38 451 - File: C: \ windows \ system32 \ unimdm.tsp, version 6.1.760104-23-2016 15: 26: 38 451 - File: C: \ windows \ system32 \ unimdmat.dll, version 6.1.760104-23-2016 15: 26: 38 451 - File: C: \ windows \ system32 \ uniplat.dll, version 6.1.760004-23-2016 15: 26: 38 467 - File: C: \ windows \ system32 \ drivers \ Modem.sys, version 6.1.760004-23-2016 15: 26: 38 467 - File: C: \ windows \ system32 \ modemui.dll, version 6.1.760004-23-2016 15: 26: 38 467 - File: C: \ windows \ system32 \ mdminst.dll, version 6.1.760004-23-2016 15: 26: 38 467 - Modem type: HP hs3110 HSPA + Mobile Broadband Modem Module04-23-2016 15: 26: 38 467 - Modem INF path: oem94.inf04-23-2016 15: 26: 38 467 - Modem INF section: Devin Tall04-23-2016 15: 26: 38 467 - matching hardware ID: usbcdcacm \ vid_03f0 & pid_521d &a... Read more

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HiFor about a year now, I continue to experience an occassional intermittent yet consistent problem with the "Network Adaptor" for my Broadband Router. Please note this issue not only relates to my current Router but also relates to a previous Broadband Router, so I don't believe the issue is anything to do with my Service Provider or Broadband Router but I believe it is some issue in Windows Vista relating to Network Adapters.Some days when booting up my PC, I have no internet connection (which is shown by a red cross through the 2 blue computer icons in my Taskbar) because no Network Adapter is present.When I check Device Manager, no Network Adapters are present so I add randon legacy devices choosing from Intel or Microsoft (e.g. Microsoft Isatap Adaptor) plus pre-installed Adapters shown in the list. After doing this and rebooting or switching off completely and back on again, sometimes the PC will connect to the internet using NVIDIA nForce 10/100/1000 Mbps Networking Controller.I could not connect this morning and 8 hours have passed today with me trying to resolve the issue again without success, however after shutting down the computer and leaving it off for an hour and re-starting, once the PC has settled down usually after 5 to 10 minutes, it connects again to the internet using the Network Adapter NVIDIA nForce 10/100/1000 Mbps Networking Controller.I am not even sure if this is a Network Adapter.Could anyone provide information on why I experience this internet ... Read more

Answer:Network Adaptor Issue for Broadband Internet Connection

"no Network Adapters are present so I add randon legacy devices choosing from Intel or Microsoft "Really great way to fill your registry with garbage.You can't guess at your hardware specs. You need to know. What is the make and model of your pc?Nic built in or is it a add on card?Answers are only as good as the information you provide.How to properly post a question: Sorry no tech support via PM's

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I am using 3 mobile broadband and I am now getting the following error message every time I try to connect, AND the 1st time ever the message appeared was 29/12/09, it hadnt appeared before then !

"Software activation has made '201' unsuccessful attempts over 'WWAN' bearer type. The software will be blocked for 'WWAN' connections after '799' more failed attempts. Contact your system administrator for more information"

I can click ok then log on but obviously the attempts I have had is diminishing rapidly!

I contacted 3 and have been told by them to uninstall and reinstall software/hardware which I did, but it didnt get rid of the issue but they're saying there are no issues with their software/hardware and it's my Windows XP.

The dongle is a new one Huawei E1550 which I got with a new contract with 3 in September. I've had no issues with dongles before !!

I've also emailed Huawei too to no avail !

This issue seems to have had a posting before but appears to have had no conclusion......

5 year old Fujitsu Siemens Amilo PI1505 running Windows XP

Help please.........anyone ..............

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