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Dell Inspiron 3147 11.6" - Touch screen 'partly' not working after auto sleep

Question: Dell Inspiron 3147 11.6" - Touch screen 'partly' not working after auto sleep

Every time when the laptop goes to sleep mode by itself and I turn it on again, the touch screen will be partly unresponsive, to be more specific, it is the upper part of the screen. The problem is only at the screen, mouse and touchpad are working fine. Now I can solve the problem by pressing power button to let it sleep and press again to turn it on, but I don't want to do this everyday.
Anyone have answer to this? Please!! I just got it a few days ago!
Thank you.

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Preferred Solution: Dell Inspiron 3147 11.6" - Touch screen 'partly' not working after auto sleep

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Dell Inspiron 3147 11.6" - Touch screen 'partly' not working after auto sleep

Hey, guys, I had the partially non-responsible touch screen (top right part) + 100% CPU. What I ended up doing was a clean install of Windows 10 and NOT installing the Dell Quickset. I repeat, DO NOT install Quickset. Hardware works fine without it and I stopped getting 100% CPU after idle and touch screen works normally. The only drawback is that I get an unrecognized component (ACPI\SMO8810\1), which I suspect has to do with keyboard locking in tablet mode. This isn't the 100% full solution, but I get the impression that the Dell power plan is not coded correctly. Any questions you guys might have, let me know!

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the touch screen on my 3147 stopped working. Has been fine up till now with no issues. I have made sure all the drivers are up to date. Does anyone have an idea how to fix this? Is there some setting I've messed up or missing?

Answer:inspiron 11 3147 touch screen stopped working

Try the steps below and let us know if issue persists.
1. "Press Windows" key +"C" to select the search option
2. In the search box type "Device Manager" and click on it.
3. Select the "Human Interface Devices", in that right click on "HID-compliant touch screen" and select "Uninstall"
4. It will display the warning message "you are about to uninstall this device from your system" click ok
5. Restart your computer and the driver should install on its own.
Check for the functionality and let me know if issue persists.

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About three months ago, my wife noticed the laptop was crashing when she'd wake it up.  The error was "Bad Pool Header."   It would reboot and everything worked fine.  I couldn't find anything online about it and I was tired of being haunted with the Windows 10 upgrade.  So I went ahead and upgraded the laptop to Windows 10 hoping the issue would resolve itself.    It didn't.  I received the same error.
Today I took some time and researched the error some more and tried to contact Dell Support.   That didn't go so well.   Since I bought a refurbished unit from Amazon, the laptop is still registered to someone else.  They won't talk to me until the warranty information is updated.  (That's a separate battle I'm fighting with Amazon.)
Anyways, I'd love to restore the laptop to the original settings but the laptop doesn't have a DVD drive nor does it have a restore partition.  There is also no recovery image saved on the drive.   So, I'm stuck unless there is a way to find out what is causing the bluescreening. 
When I was troubleshooting today, I had the system checked and there was one update that installed for the chipset.   After the chipset update was installed, the issue remained, but the error changed.  "System Service Exception"    The laptop reboots and it returns to normal.
Thank you i... Read more

Answer:Dell Inspiron 3147 Crashing when waking up from sleep

Hi Dave,
Update the BIOS -
And reinstall the chipset drivers manually from the same site above.
Restart the system and press f12 key on startup - choose diagnostics. Let it run the diags and if you encounter any errors - make a note of the complete error and report the same to us. Also, run an extended / thorough test on the memory and HDD.
Run a stress test on the system -
The system is compatible to work with Win10. If you are keen to restore the system to W8.1 - then see this link -
If you have the invoice of the purchase, which states the service tag of the system - not a paypal receipt, then you could transfer the warranty ownership online here -
Write me a private conversation with the service tag and your contact details(Name and Email) for case records.
Let us know if you have any other queries.

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Hi Guys,
I have just purchased an Dell Inspiron 3147 2in1, overall I really like my new laptop/tablet but....
A couple of things are bugging me.  I would love it if someone who also owns this laptop could confirm a few things for me.
1. Can you wake your laptop from sleep by hitting any key on the keyboard, not only by pressing the power button.  Every laptop that I have ever used can wake via keyboard although my new laptop cannot.  It seems strange that a new laptop would not have this feature.
2. Is anyone else having ghost touches on their touch screen that closes programs, deletes stuff and causes chaos.  I have found that this issue starts after closing the laptop then re-opening it.  If you sleep the computer then wake it, this fixes the problem. 
3. Also I'm having problems with the USB ports on the left side of the laptop.  Some devices get recognized and some don't.  My IPhone 4 goes nuts when plugged into the one USB 3.0 port, it constantly turns on and off every half a second.  All devices work in the one USB port on the right side.
Anyways, any input would be greatly appreciated.

Answer:Dell Inspiron 3147 2in1. Wake from sleep with keyboard.

Hi Ben,
I would suggest you to update the BIOS and Video card driver on the system. Please enter your service tag # on the link below, select the OS, then download the BIOS from BIOS section and Video card driver from Video section onto the system and install it.

Also, please follow the steps mentioned below to recalibrate the system to check if it fixes the issue.
Press Windows key on the keyboard and start typing Calibrate.
Then tap or click Calibrate the screen for pen or touch input to open PC Settings.
Check that the monitor shown in the Display field matches the screen you want to calibrate.
Tap or click Calibrate, and then follow the on-screen instructions.

Please let me know if this helps.

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As with everyone with these laptop models, I have the issue where a part of the screen becomes unusable and starts doing ghost touches.
I've isolated the issue to TWO particular devices and I've made a script to fix this issue everytime it happens.
THE PROBLEM STARTS when the touchpad and/or screen stops receiving power (at least 5 seconds), like for example when you close the lid, or when it goes into suspend mode. When powering it back again, the problem starts.
My partial solution evidences that this is A DRIVER ISSUE. Stopping and restarting the problematic devices fixes it.
To automate this process, here's the Windows batch script that I run everytime I resume power of my laptop. It requires Microsoft's DEVCON utility to run.
devcon disable *USB*0396*devcon disable *ACPI*DLL068E*devcon enable *USB*0396*devcon enable *ACPI*DLL068E*
I can provide more specific info if a Dell engineer/s gets the proper attention to this issue.

Answer:Inspiron 11 3147/3148 Touch Screen infamous ghost touches

Hopefully the Dell reps see your post and able to help find a solution to fix the ghost touching for this particular model. Thanks for posting the windows batch script.

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I'm going to buy Dell Inspiron 11 3147 and use it sometimes in "tablet mode" with external USB keyboard.
I know that this mode turns off original hardware keyboard and touchpad. But will external USB keyboard work? Seems it should but is there a proof?
Thanks in advance for answers.

Answer:Dell Inspiron 11 3147 in "tablet mode" + external USB keyboard

Thank you for writing to Dell Community Forum.
Yes, the USB ports will be working even when the Inspiron 3147 is in the Tablet mode.
Do get back to us if you have any other query.
Regards,DELL-Akshatha MSocial Media and Community Professional#IWork4Dell

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Today the Wi Fi has stopped working on my Inspiron 3147 2-in-1.  Internet works fine right now on the desktop and laptop we have in the house so I know the wireless router works o k  but it stopped working on Inspiron 3147.  I have tried 'function and PRNT SCR keys' because there is no switch on that computer to turn wireless on or off and looks like it is set for on, I checked settings and 'Airplane mode is off' '. I have used  my other computers today looking at the on-line manuals and quick start guide info for the Inspiron 3147 but these do not help me. I use Windows 8 and did not upgrade to Windows 10 yet on the Inspiron 3147.  What do you think is wrong ?  Please help me.  It is now about 1:00 AM our time so I am falling asleep trying to fix this. 

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This new Dell Inspiron 11 3147 just arrived today.
The AC Adapter is "plugged in" but the battery is "not charging."
I've looked all over for help for this, Dell Diagnostic has found no problem, and I've had trouble getting a hold of customer service. The most commonly suggested idea has been to uninstall and reinstall the Microsoft ACPI Complian Control Method Battery driver, which I have done.
The only thing I haven't messed with is the battery itself, which doesn't seem to be accessible without damaging the back, which is screwed on and secured well.
Any idea what's wrong?

Answer:Dell Inspiron 11 3147 Battery "Not Charging"

Update to my below post:
One day later, after the battery fully charged and all was well, I come back and it is back to the message "plugged in, not charging". I might see if reflashing the bios and rebooting will work again.
My original post on Dec 8, 2014:
I had this problem until this morning. In short, I updated the bios to Version A03,A03 (released Dec 2, 2014). Before that I did all the googling and messing about without success. Here's what to do:
1. Run "My Dell". You can access this by type Ctrl-Esc and then type in "My Dell" and clicking on the "My Dell" icon that comes up.
2. Click on the green "Drivers and Updates" panel. This should open a product support browser window.
3. Scroll down to the bottom beneath the section that says "These drivers match your selections" and click on the arrow next to "Bios"
4. Click on "Download file". Close all your other applications and run the file and follow the prompts. It will reboot for you at the end and the problem should be solved.
Good luck!
Version A03,A03

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I purchased my computer and all my software with Dell. I purchased an Inspiron 7000, 17" Laptop, with premium support, accidental Damage, max warranty,  Microsoft Office Suit, and Adobe Photoshop  with Elements 13.  The first "version" of my computer was working 100% perfect with no problems. It got accidentally knocked off the table and the prong inside the computer got bent. The power cord couldn't properly charge the computer anymore. I called Dell to have them fix ONLY the power cord and prong, nothing else was wrong with my computer. I got a phone call from Dell about a week after I turned my computer in. They said the repair is taking longer than the expected. I asked why, they said because they are waiting to located at another facility a part for my harddrive.  I was shocked when they said anything about my harddrive nothing was wrong with it and I did not turn my computer in to have the harddrive fixed. They brushed it off never gave me any reason why they were even touching my harddrive!!  After several phone calls/ time / and headache later they offered to send me a refurbished computer 2 months later. That was the best they could do because they could not locate the part they needed for my harddrive.
(Keep in mind my computer "type" is still active on Dells website and is Dells #1 best selling computer, How do they not have the part??!!! 
I received my refurbished computer. It was another nightmare calling... Read more

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Dell Inspiron 3000 11" (3147) - 5 beeps 4 times on boot, and when it boots, there is no WIFI (network card also not listed in device manager).

All I could find on that beep code is that "5 beeps means replace CMOS battery".
But it's not "5 beeps", its "5 beeps 4 times", and my CMOS battery is fine at 3+ volts. I replaced it just in case, but it still did not help any, as expected. Any ideas?

Answer:Dell Inspiron 3000 11" (3147) - 5 beeps 4 times on boot, no wifi

Same problem exactly, looking for a cure.

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I've noticed that I'm not the only one having this issue so does anyone have the solution to this?
My HID doesn't have the touch screen selected anymore... I restarted it and it isn't working and the touch screen in Device Manager isn't there anymore. 

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I have 3 issues with my Dell 3147 laptop.
The first one has to do with the keyboard and touchpad. For no apparent reason, the touchpad will disable and re-enable itself and in the process the physical keyboard will completely disable and won't enable again unless I restart the laptop
Second issue has to do with the sleep mode. Whenever I put the laptop on sleep mode I cannot go back to my session and have to press the power button for several seconds until the laptop resets/restarts completely.
Third issue has to do with the screen. It will flip upside-down without me doing anything, which means that I need to manually revert it using the keyboard shortcut everytime.
Appreciate any help.
My laptop is still under warranty, only bought it 10 months ago.

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I even did a restoration of the whole computer and the touch screen hasn't started working. I started having issues when I checked into the Device Manager and noticed that under Human Interface Devices the HID Touch screen (along with a few under it) were marked as "hidden". When I did the restore I thought it would fix the problem but it only seemed to completely get rid of it?
Instead of it being marked as hidden the only things I have under Human Interface Devices is the two options for Airplane Mode Switch. 

There is no touch so Calibrate isn't effective
The pen and touch option keeps saying it is unavailable
Turning it off and on doesn't work

Please help.

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I disabled my Touch Screen driver few weeks ago. And now i wanted to enabled it but it says
"Currently, this hardware device is not connected to the computer. (Code 45)
To fix this problem, reconnect this hardware device to the computer."
It has no 'Enable' option. I've already updated the driver but nothing happened. Can someone help me? Thanks in advance and God bless! :) 

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Dell inspiron 5559 HID-complaint touch screen is not working. I have to keep it disabled because all of a sudden it starts to sense different touches uncontrollably. Sometimes it works just fine for a day, but it keeps happening. I have restored the laptop to factory settings, but it did not work.  I have checked for drivers updates, but they are none.  Please help me with this. Thank you in advance. 

Answer:Please help. Dell inspiron 5559 HID-complaint touch screen is not working.

You can try recalibrating it in the settings.  

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My touch screen on my Dell laptop has not been working for over a year. I cannot recall if there was a specific update/change which triggered the touch screen to stop working, however it has now been over a year and I have no idea why it isn't working. 

I have tried: 
1. Restarting laptop
2. Troubleshooting hardware and devices 
3. Disabling/enabling HID-Compliant Touch Screen driver (the driver only appears when I show hidden devices. I cannot enable it and  when I try to update it, it says it is already up to date). Also, when I click on properties for the driver , it says "Currently, this hardware device is not connected to the computer. (Code 45) To fix this problem, reconnect this hardware device to the computer."
4. Uninstalling/reinstalling HID-Compliant Touch Screen driver. This results in the driver being completely deleted and does not return when I restart the computer. 

I don't think I can do a restore as it stopped working so long ago, I wouldn't know what date to restore it to. 

Tablet PC Settings are also saying that "No pen or touch input is available for this display"

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Gday all.
Just curious on 2 upgrades. I am looking to see if a Touch Screen is available and/or if the GPU is upgradeable. I notice that my Ram/CPU usage isnt fully used when I play games but my GPU is.I play games such as CS:GO (Counterstrike Global Offense), Rust and rocket league. They dont run too badly, but I'd prefer a better frame rate. I currently am using a Dell Inspiron 15" 5000 Series laptop.
 - i7 6500U 2.5Ghz,  2.6Ghz turbo
 - 8Gb Ram (DDR3 I believe, speed im unsure of)
 - R5 M335
 - Windows 10 64-Bit
I do believe the model is a 5559 however not too sure, as for some reason it doenst describe it on the box etc.... However I do know the MPN.

Answer:Dell Inspiron 15" 5000 Touch Screen!?!? GPU Upgrade? CPU Possible Bottleneck?

The GPU is not upgradeable - it's a chip soldered to the mainboard.
The screen is technically upgradeable, but the cost of upgrading will likely approach or exceed 50% of the original cost of the system, as the entire top half of the system need to be replaced.

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The touchscreen has been working for a while now. The device manager does not show "HID-compliant touch screen." Going into "Show hidden devices" shows a faded HID-compliant touch screen hidden, with no disable function. 

Answer:Dell Inspiron 15R touchscreen not working: HID-compliant touch screen hidden

The greyed out entry represents a device not currently connected or not functioning.
Touchscreens are probably USB devices so you might check those.  My system uses a Input.inf file as the setup for the touchscreen, but I have a different system from yours.

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Since installing a Dell update on about May 2 my laptop turns off when it should sleep. This happens every time the top is closed or the machine is idle for a while. Anything I'm working on is lost.
The power and sleep buttons and lid settings are all set to sleep.  Hybrid sleep is turned off.
I have tried to do a system restore but get a message saying the disc is corrupt and to run chkdsk. Chkdsk says there is nothing wrong with the disc.
I'm running an Inspiron 3147 with Windows 8.1
What's my next step please?

Answer:Inspiron 3147 turns off when it should sleep.

In regards to the system restore, does this happen with respect to one point only or any point that you try?
Did you try chkdsk or chkdsk /r? Also, restart the system and press f12 key on startup - choose diagnostics. Let it run the diags and if you encounter any errors - make a note of the complete error and report the same to us.
For the sleep issue,
Does it occur with both auto and manual sleep?
Update the BIOS from - and reinstall the chipset drivers from the same site. 
If the issue is not resolved, then download the video driver from - or from the support site above. Uninstall the existing video driver from device manager - restart the system and check if the sleep works fine in both auto and manual sleep mode.
Create a new local admin account and check if the sleep works fine -
Keep us updated.

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Hey guys, i have a problem with my laptop.
Last few days, when i am trying to wake my laptop from sleep, nothing is working. Keyboard, touchpad and not even the power button helps to wake up. I have to hold the power button and turn it off, then, when laptop is starting again a message pops out, that i have to restart computer and after restart it works.
It is really annoying since i can´t leave for long, because then i need to restart again.
Anyone who can help me ?

Answer:Inspiron 3147 wake up from sleep problem

I'm assuming you have windows 10....
If yes....
To access the full library of on-the-box Windows 10 troubleshooting wizards, follow these steps:

At the desktop, click the Search the web and Windows box and type "troubleshooting".
Select the Troubleshooting control panel.
On the left side of the screen, select View all to get the full list of offline and online troubleshooting wizards.

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I have a friends laptop that the synaptic touchpad gets extremely hot and PC doesn't reconize it. Vista 32 home basic, have downloaded drivers and to no avail. doesn't even recognize a mouse plugged into a USB.

Answer:Dell Inspiron 1525 hot to touch not working synaptic touch

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I just purchased a refurbished Inspiron 3147. The computer does not wake from sleep mode. Instead, there is a blip of power and then the system shuts off completely. Some things I have determined through testing and observation: 
- The power does come on momentarily. This is confirmed by the flicker of light in the power indicator and the brief charge indicator for a USB connected phone.
- The hard drive does not Shut Down. It just goes dead. I confirmed this by testing a handful of software items, including Open Office, Evernote and Chrome. All had recovery dialogue on restart, though there was no Windows shutdown error dialogue.
- This doesn't matter how sleep mode is initiated. All of my Power Management options are set to Sleep Mode. It happens when I initiate it by closing the laptop lid. It happens when I initiate it through the start menu or charm bar. It happens when I initiate it via the login screen.
There is another issue which may or may not be related and that is the touchpad. I'm given to understand that the touchpad is a real issue with this particular model and I intend to address it in a separate post. For the purposes of this post, I will just say that it will not initiate until I manually go in and disable/reenable the trackpad through the control panel. The trackpad settings are inaccessible on startup through the system tray even though the icon is there and clickable. It just won't load. Sometimes it takes several attempts to load it thr... Read more

Answer:Inspiron 3147 Sleep Mode Doesn't Work

What version of Windows do you have installed currently Windows 10 TH2?

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I had numerous problems with this laptop (this one being the major one: which make it pretty much unusable. While trying to somehow solve my problems, I desperately installed the "Dell Update Application". It did not suggest me to update the touchscreen which was the source of my problems, but to update BIOS. This was a huge mistake, because I lost the entire functionality of the sleep mode button. It was pretty much unfunctional untill then, but it still was the only button that could wake up laptop from sleep.
From now on, it is impossible to make the laptop go to sleep with a button press and when it does go to sleep automatically, I cannot wake it up. I can only hold the sleep/power button, lose all my data by making a hard reboot.
After the BIOS update, Windows won’t recognise the sleep/power button at all under "Power Settings". It won’t make laptop go to sleep, hybernate

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I just buy Dell Latitude Rugged 7202 and touch is not working in either laptop mode or tablet mode, under Setting and PC info getting  "No Pen or touch input is available for this display" 


Please Help Me

Answer:Dell Latitude Rugged 7202 touch not working - "No Pen or touch input is available for this display"

Hi ttthai2902,
Thank you for writing to Dell Community Forum.
Please check the link for the troubleshooting steps that you can try:
Please click my DELL-username and send me a Private Message with the Dell Service Tag number and your email address.
Note: please don't mention the service tag or email id on the public forum as it contains your personal information

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Good day. I wanted to share my experience with the DELL Inspiron 11 3147 2 in 1  with Intel N3540. I purchased from the DELL Outlet. Received in great condition. Slight pry marks where the bottom cover had been removed. I liked the form factor, the convertible feature, the processor choice and suggested battery life.
I have added,
Samsung SSD 850 EVO 250GB,
Kingston HyperX Impact 1600MHz DDR3L CL9 SODIMM 1.35V Laptop Memory HX316LS9IB/8 GB Black and 
Intel 7265NGW Dual Band Wireless-AC 7265 802.11ac, Dual Band, 2x2 Wi-Fi + Bluetooth 4.0.
The tools needed,
small Phillips head screw driver, 
nylon spudger pry bars, to aid in removal of the bottom pane,l to facilitate the removal and installation of the 3 items mentioned.
USB 3.0 to 2.5" SATA III Hard Drive Adapter Cable w/ UASP - SATA to USB 3.0 Converter for SSD/HDD - Hard Drive Adapter Cable
2.5" SATA 6gb/sHard drive enclosure with USB cable
Cloning software, (Samsung included both the migration and optimization software). You can download from Samsung website, or transfer from included disc, you will need an external optical drive.
The Samsung software at this point 8/20/2015 may not support Windows 10, which I had updated to. The migration software would not recognize the Samsung SSD as I attempted to clone the SSD. I had called Samsung Customer Service and the other suggestion is that one of the updates from Microsoft or DELL, may hide the USB connection. I used the recovery software... Read more

Answer:DELL Inspiron 11 3147 2 in 1 Upgrades

Good morning,
I have updated the 11 3147 to Windows 8.1, all updates prompted for as of 8/21/2015. Windows 10 has not been an option as of yet. I have reregistered thru the Window icon that appeared on the right bottom notification bar. I have not added any additional software other than Bitdefender Free Anti Virus and CCleaner. I deleted McAfee Livesafe, using the McAfee removal software before I cloned the Samsung SSD.
Notes on the  hardware upgrades:
Samsung SSD 850 EVO 250GB; Info from Samsung Magician software.The used space shows 40GB (Windows 8.1) free space 191GB. Total capacity as new storage disk 232.89GB. The SSD is set for Maximum Performance. The performance testing shows Sequential Read 283MB/s, Sequential Write 271MB/s, Random Read 27292IOPS and Random Write 18419IOPS.
The Samsung SSD 850 EVO has the ability to preform better. The Dell system does not support a SATA 6 GB/s (SATA3) port. The Samsung says the SSD is connected to a SATA 3 GB/s (SATA2) port. I had ran across this info on the net. The Samsung software seems to conform that.
At this point I accept the results. I don't game or run demanding software that the higher read/write scores would be beneficial to me. The benefit of using an SSD vs HDD. The SSD has no moving parts that I have to worry about as I hold or move the 11 3147. The start, opening closing of the software/app is faster than the 5400rpm HDD that came with the 11 3147.
The Kingston 8GB memory: The Microsoft System info sho... Read more

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Please only answer this specific question:
Had anyone been able to install any flavor of Windows 7 on a Dell Inspiron 11 3147 laptop?
If so, please tell me how you did it.
If you don't have specific info regarding this exact machine, please don't answer.
I've exhaustively researched how to do it and have not had success with anything I've tried. I'm pretty sure it is impossible, so at this point I'm only seeking absolute evidence to the contrary.

When I try to do it I get the BSOD stop message stating that my machine's BIOS is not fully ACPI compliant.

While I appreciate that helpful people will want to jump in and suggest possible BIOS settings and other solutions based on their experience with other machines, I honestly only want to know if anyone has successfully installed it on this machine.
Thanks so much for reading!

Answer:Windows 7 on Dell Inspiron 11 3147

I have read you post and I will honor your request and suggest nothing.

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My key board keys on the left side have stopped working.  I have updated the bios and an external keyboard works fine. I have tried everything. tapping on the keys with some force sometimes gets them to work.  I notice that I'm not the only one having this problem.  This started about 2 days after my warranty ended, how convenient

Answer:Dell Inspiron 3147 keyboard problems

The part to replace:

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I have recently bought a new Dell Inspiron 11 3147. Everything was fine for about an hour (created my MS Windows account, installed some apps, laptop was perfectly quiet), until I decided to play some music from YouTube. The sound was really cracking and from that point the laptop constantly makes quiet buzzing/cracking noise (it does not come from speakers!), just like HDD is reading data very fast or the fan was damaged. Sometimes music is played fine, and sometimes (i dont know what it depends on) sound is crackling even more.
Plus when the computer starts, the fan noise is quite buzzing too.
Please help, I don't know what could be the problem since it all started when I played music, I dont know what makes music crackle too! I tried to reinstall sound drivers but I guess it's not the driver, since the buzz is there even when Windows is not loaded.

Answer:Dell Inspiron 11 3147 - crackling noises

Hi clb708,
I would suggest that you run the diagnostics on the computer by following the steps mentioned in the video below and check if there is any issue with the hardware on your system.
Please let me know the findings.

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Hi, whenever I fold the keyboard part of my laptop under the screen, and the touchpad and keyboard are disabled, i.e. tablet mode, my wifi connectivity weakens.  Using the Wifi Analyzer app, my strength of signal is shown as -36 dBm or so when I'm using the laptop as one normally would, with the keyboard in front of the screen.  But when I flip the keyboard under, I can watch the signal drop in the app, down to -77 dBm.  This occurs when I'm standing next to my router, and no matter what orientation I place the computer (away from my body, upsdie down, right next to the router, etc.); the signal strength remains in the weakened state.  When I flip the keyboard back to normal "laptop mode," the signal suddenly increases again to around -36 dBm.
My guess is that something is happening with the power; maybe the wireless card gets less power, for some reason, when I fold the keyboard under.  I have tried updating the wireless driver and the Quickset software.  I've also checked the power settings, and the wireless is getting "maximum power."  Finally, I've unticked the "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power" box in Device Manager for the wireless.  None of these seem to make a difference.
Any thoughts on what is happening and/or how to fix this?
Many thanks.

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After installation of latest BIOS A09 version for Dell Inspiron 3147 I got some problems with boot.

Pause about 10-15 seconds during boot after Dell logo.
Start (logon) screen not appear after boot and I see black screen till I do not touch screen.
PC does not start from Sleep mode, while Hibernation mode works,

No matter of Windows 8.1 or 10, drives etc. I have tried different installation of drives, settings and Windows 8.1/10.
Downgrade to old version of BIOS A07 fixed all above mentioned problems. Why Dell has provide BIOS that made user experience awful? For those who have similar problems after installation of BIOS A09 version - you can download old version of BIOS from Dell downloads page

Answer:Dell Inspiron 11-3147 BIOS A09 problem & solution

Thank you!  I had the same problem.  Could only get computer to start by removing battery for a bit.  
Thought PC fritzed. then found your note. Installed A07 from the link you provided and laptop works again!

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I'm having many issues with my touchpad/trackpad.
- Touchpad loses its function (scrolling, gestures) after using for a while or after sleep/standby mode.
- Touchpad keeps freezing, the pointer constantly stops moving for a short period, like 5 seconds (but I can still do right click) only when I use touchpad. I can still use external mouse normally.
Hope someone can help.

Answer:Touchpad issues in Dell Inspiron 11 3147 (Windows 10)

If you haven't done so already I suggest updating the touchpad driver, you may download it here.


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Does anyone's 3147 (N3530) get hot? I use it while sitting on my lap and though at first the heat didn't bother me, but now its seems bothersome. I upgraded the machine to Crucial Ballistix 8GB 204-Pin DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800), 1.35v Laptop Memory and a 250 EVO SSD. I check the temps with HWMonitor and the hottest I've seen anything get to is 67 degrees Celsius. Everything is normally in the high 50s.Has anyone done a thermal re paste? I do have some IC Diamond laying around. Not sure if it would make a difference.
Video stream shuttering happens quite a bit. Any suggestions?
And does anyone else have issues with getting the bottom cover flush when putting back on (by the power button)? The corner seems to protrude a little.

Thank in advance! I tried to get all my questions in one post.

Answer:Dell Inspiron 11 3147 2-in-1 Issues/Questions/Concerns

Hi koreysimmons,
I would suggest you to try flashing the BIOS on the system. Please enter your service tag # on the link below, select the operating system, and then download the BIOS from the BIOS section onto the system and install it.

Also, please clean the air vents using the can of compressed air and and then run the diagnostics on the computer by following the steps mentioned in the video below and check if there is any issue with the hardware on your system.

Please let me know the findings.

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This is the second time this has happened on my laptop (last time was about 9 months ago)

My touchpad is nearly impossible to use, the mouse either doesn't move, moves erratically or just clicks on its own. I've tried uninstalling the driver, but even in Ubuntu the exact same problem is happening.

I thought it was possibly some GT85 (an oil/cleaning product) on the touchpad, since I used it after cleaning my bike. I've used a bit of lemon juice and also a touch of washing up liquid to try and remove any oil on the touchpad, but this doesn't seem the be the problem.

Last time the problem just randomly disappeared.

My laptop is an Inspiron 1720

Answer:Dell Inspiron touch pad not working

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as the title reads, does anybody have the ubuntu distro that fully supports the inspiron 11 3000? ive tried downloading ubuntu from their website, but things such as the network card dont work at all. Im asking this because it's a factory supported operating system, yet i cant find it at all.


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My laptop Dell Inspiron 3147 is not working. From yesterday beep sounds were coming from my laptop while switching on and off. Also while using the light in the capslock button and power light wasn't working when charging and wifi was not connecting. I troubleshooted network connection and I was told network driver need to be installed. Then I shut down the system normally. Now it is not turning on.

Answer:Inspiron 3147/3148 not working

When you press the power button, does the power led come on and stay on or does it go off after a few seconds? What was the exact # of beeps you encountered when the issue started?
Are you using an original Dell OEM Adapter? When you plug in the adapter to the system, does the adapter stay firm or does it fall off easily? Is the adapter frayed? Is there any damage on the system? Could you test with another power adapter if possible?
Does the adapter led stay on and stable or does it go off when connected to the system?
Disconnect the adapter and battery and press and hold the power button for 30 seconds to release any static power. Then test the system with the adapter only / battery only.
Press and hold the fn key + power button to turn on the system and it should initiate the diagnostics - check for any possible beep codes.
Download the service manual here if required -
Also, please click my DELL-username and write me a private message with the service tag and your contact details(Name and Email) for case records.
Let us know if you have any other queries.

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i had the same problem as so many others...a 1 and nearby keys work sometimes and sometimes they don't .  Verified answer is that there is a problem on the motherboard keyboard connector(a hardware issue, and that  person said they would never buy from Dell again.  The answers from Dell were to troubleshoot BIOS and firmware, which are totally unrelated and do not solve the problem.
I think "never buy from Dell again" was a great answer...since that discussion thread was closed and that was part of the verified answer!!!! Dell did nothing to address this problem that so many people had.  I called Dell and was asked to pay about $200 for a new keyboard since my Inspiron 11 was out of warranty,  But wow, I only used this product a few times...It was like new!!!! I used this product only a few times after i bought it,
 When so many people had the exact same problem, this is a product quality issue... I can't believe that Dell does not look for problems like this in the discussion threads and make it right! If Dell wants to help... let me know!

Answer:keys not working on inspiron 11 3147

Out of warranty is out of warranty.
I am sure Ford isn't going to fix your car out of warranty.
Bye bye.

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my 3147 inspiron crashed last week and I swapped out the hard drive and reinstalled 8.1 using the recovery disk. After windows started, I installed the network driver but I can't see any available wifi network names (wifi is working fine on my desktop so it's the laptop that's having issues).
I've tried running troubleshooting, taking the wifi card out and reseating it, reinstalling the drivers. I also did the fn key to turn wifi off and on but there's nothing onscreen that signals that anything happened.
Any suggestions for next steps?

Answer:wifi not working on inspiron 3147 after ssd crash

Thank you for writing to us!
Kindly private message the screen shot of the Device manager .
Also private message the service tag and email address.

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I got a notification to update my BIOS from Dell and ran the Windows installer, hoping it would help with screen issues I've been having. Since then the system is unusable. I'm running Windows 10, setup says BIOS is version A11.
It is stuck in an "automatic repair" loop and I receive a "ACPI BIOS ERROR"
I've tried:
-booting to a USB with the BIOS file to try and flash it from there, but can't access the drive via F12
-booting Legacy as well as UEFI
-removing CMOS and laptop battery

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Hey Everyone my Dell Inspiron 15 failed to upload an update, and then rebooted. 
Then it got stuck on the "Dell" screen and wont boot up Windows 8. I can get into the Bios, but nothing seems to help, and the Diagnostic test says that it cannot find the Hard Drive. 

Any help?

Peter Hamm

Answer:(Redirected) Dell Inspiron stuck on "Dell" screen after failed update...

As you have a laptop, best to post this in the Laptop Forum here: 

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After the Windows 10 updated to version 1709, the touchpad is not recognized. As a result, native drivers were not set. The touchpad works, but there is no skrol and other gestures. It is impossible to set the native driver and a software does not see the device. Rollback to an early Windows version 10 and everything works again.

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my daughter has a dell inspiron one19 touch screen pc,
now i had to reinstall windows 7 due to a fault on hard drive (kids will play) and i've managed to find all drivers apart from the touch screen driver.
every driver for the touch screen doesn't work?
i telephoned dell support and because i reinstalled windows myself (and not got intouch with them) dell want me to buy the driver.

any help appreciated

Answer:dell inspiron one19 touch screen

dell inspiron one19 touch screen, you can download from here:
Drivers & Downloads=

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Dell Inspiron 7368 Touch Screen not working

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I have purchased this laptop quite a while back
Recently the screen stopped rotating when I put the laptop into tablet mode. I had to reinstall windows before due to trackpad issues but the rotation function worked fine afterwards until one day I noticed that it didn't work when I tried to rotate. I have tried to reinstall drivers and play around in the device managed but I have had no success. I hope someone can assist me on this.

Answer:Dell Inspiron 7348 2-in-1 Auto Rotation Stopped Working

Hi danielius16,I’d suggest that you follow the steps mentioned below and check for issue resolution.
Ensure that the auto-rotate box is checked. Refer to these steps:1. Right click or press and hold on an empty area on your desktop, click/tap on Screen resolution.2. Check the Allow the screen to auto-rotate box, and click/tap on OK
Unlock Screen Auto-Rotation in Charm Settings. Refer to these step:
1. Open the Charms bar, and click/tap on Settings.2. Click/tap on the Screen button.3. Click/tap on the screen icon above the brightness slider to toggle to unlock autorotation.
(A lock symbol appears next to the screen icon when autorotation is locked. The screen will not rotate when you change the orientation of the tablet.  If there’s no lock symbol next to the screen icon, the screen will auto-rotate as you turn the tablet).
You can also check by installing available Windows updates including Optional updates.
Hope this helps you.

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Hello, I have a Dell Inspiron 3421 and have installed Windows 8.
The OS say me on System Properties: "Pen and Limited Touch Support with 2 Touch Points".

And when I put my service tag on Dell Support, appear an icon indicating that my laptop is touch.
<Admin Note:image with service tag removed per privacy policy~RK>
I want to know, if my laptop needs a driver for the touch screen, a pen , or if the touch screen is desconected


Answer:Dell Inspiron 3421 Touch Screen Problem


When you reinstalled the operating system, did you install the Dell System Software(if applicable) and the chipset drivers first? If not, the rest of the drivers will fail to install. How to Download and Install Drivers in the Correct Order
Start with the Dell System Software and the chipset drivers and follow the list.
Also enter the BIOS, press F2 at startup. Change the system from Secure boot to Legacy boot and see if the touch scrren works.

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I purchased Dell Inspiron i7  7737 (Windows 8.1), due some problem I do the factory reset. Since then my touch screen is not working and graphics with HD are also not working. All the drivers are properly installed. Dell support assistant also shows all in OK.
I need help to fix this problem

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This past Christmas, I received a Dell Inspiron 15 3521 Touch Screen. Just recently, I removed it from its laptop case to find that the screen had cracked. It wasn't an external screen crack. If you run your fingers over the screen, it's smooth, but there are visible cracks and a section of the screen that isn't showing the desktop, but only an odd mesh of white and black with a bit of other colors included in the section. I looked up screen replacements and I found a detailed description on YouTube of how to replace the screen in the Dell Inspiron 15 3521. It had a link in the description to replacement parts. That would solve my problem, but I just have one issue: My laptop is a touch screen and I'm not certain if the replacement screen is a touch screen. I want to be able to use my laptop to the fullest. If it includes touch ability, I want a touch replacement screen. I'll post a link to the website with the replacement parts. Please reply and tell me if it is touch or not. If not, please leave a link to a touch-screen-replacement-screen. Please help me on this. I'm the kind of person that will lose sleep if I can't be sure. Here is the link:

Answer:Dell Inspiron 15 (3521) Touch Screen Replacement Help

Those are not touch screens - they are standard LCD panels.
To change the panel, you need to replace both the touch glass and LCD as a unit:

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I purchased a Dell Inspiron 3521 nearly a year ago. Few weeks back, my touch screen stopped responding. I, having some basic knowledge in computers, tried everything that i could to make it work again, but sadly, haven't been able to kill an ant in the matter.
My System Specifications are:
Model No: Dell Inspiron 15 - 3521 - Touch
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-3337U CPU @1.8Ghz
Operating System: Windows 8.1 64-bit
Video Cards: Intel(R) HD Graphics 4000 & AMD Radeon HD 8730M
Things I've tried already:
1. Refreshing PC back to Windows 8.
2. Updating all drivers and Windows Updates.
3. Updating to Windows 8.1 again.
4. All windows updates again.
5. Rechecked if any driver update was missing today.(No there is no driver updates for me currently)
Additional Details:
1. There is no Tablet PC settings in Control Panel since i refreshed. (Didn't check if it was before, but it sure would have been there.)
2. There is no Tablet PC Components or any similar thing in add features to windows.
3. There is no Touch Screen compliant device in HID or Mice or other Pointing Device in the  device manager.
4. I have the Intel HM77 driver and the latest BIOS running as suggested by the experts on other threads.
If anyone has any other ideas, please help.
Thank You!

Answer:Touch Screen Issues in Dell Inspiron 3521

Can you check the touch feature outside the OS.
Run a hardware diagnostics by tapping F12 on the start up Dell logo, Select diagnostics from the list, Once the test is done, use the touch input to select the components on the left pane.
Check if that works & let us know.

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I purchased a dell inspiron 13 7368 a month back. The touch screen from the past three days stops working randomly. Haven't been able to figure out the problem. My friend who purchased the same laptop is also facing a similar issue. I have tried updating drivers and also updated the bios but still no help. Diagnostics shows as the device is working fine but the screen is non-responsive. Any ideas would be appreciated.

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Hi There,
System Specification:
Dell Inspiron 3521.
OS :-> Win 7 64-bit.
Ram: 8 GB

Problem Summery:
Touch Screen Not working in windows. It is working out side the windows and Diagnostics part. I have tried after updating my Chipset drivers and i also updated my BIOS. Still Facing this issue.
Help appreciated.


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Hi, when using the laptop in tablet mode or tent mode the screen does not rotate accordingly. I installed the ST Microelectronics Free Fall Sensor Application but in Device Manager I only see "HID Sensor" under the Sensor category, nothing STM-related. Also, no conflicts in Device Manager and no missing devices either. I tried going to Display/Advanced Settings but the option to "Allow the Screen to Auto Rotate" is not present. Any hints? Thanks

UPDATE: Performed a Windows clean install and now everything works fine.

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Hi, when using the laptop in tablet mode or tent mode the screen does not rotate accordingly. I installed the ST Microelectronics Free Fall Sensor Application but in Device Manager I only see "HID Sensor" under the Sensor category, nothing STM-related. Also, no conflicts in Device Manager and no missing devices either. I tried going to Display/Advanced Settings but the option to "Allow the Screen to Auto Rotate" is not present. Any hints? Thanks

UPDATE: Performed a Windows clean install and now everything works fine.

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My All-in-one Dell Inspiron 2320 goes to sleep even though I am using it. The screen goes black and sounds like it switches off. Everything is off. When I switch it back on, it goes back to the screen I was working on before it went black. There is no sleep timer or screen display off settings that are currently on. 


The Inspiron 2320 is getting a little older now and the problem may be with the thermal paste, heat sink, and cooling fan. It would be wise to remove the fan and heat sink to clean them and reapply new thermal paste.
To lose video when no timers are set suggests that the unit is overheating.

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I've had this Laptop for about 2 yrs. When advised to update from Windows 8 to Windows 8.1 my touch screen stopped working. I've tried to reinstalling it from the disk. But as soon as I take the disk out the program disappears out of the device manager. Funny, with the disk in the DVD tray the HID Compliant Touch Screen works. Way is this happening? Why does it disappear?

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Hello, the problem is with random generated white bubbles on touch screen.How can I solve the problem?I read that the problem is on hardware level.Now I try to use system with disabled touch screen driver and I wait results.What your best practice in this condition?

Answer:Dell Inspiron 15z 5523a White Bubbles on touch screen

Run the built-in self test -- hold the D key through powerup.
If the fault shows on the screen test, replace the upper half of the system (display panel, touch panel, bezel, frame, hinges and cables are all one assembly).
If the fault DOES NOT show on the self test, it's more likely a faulty GPU - replace the system board.

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Hi everyone, so here is the problem I am having.
I have Dell Inspiron 15R 5537 laptop with touch screen windows 10 home,but from last few days my touch screen is disapear and not working in device manager no HID touch input found,
Can anyone back this up? Does anyone have anything else I can try?

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Good morning. 
My notebook have a 4k monitor with touch screen. After windows update driver's chipset don't install driver's touch and so there are only "unknown device". When Dell will fix this problem? The mistake is abosolutely on driver that isn't up to date from 2015. I have paid 1300 euro a pc with touch! 

Answer:Touch Screen Dell inspiron serie 7000 7559

I'm assuming windows 10 is on the system.....
I'd suggest using the System Restore tool on system to go back to an earlier time before the touch screen problem occurred. Please type Create A Restore Point onto the [Cortana] search box, select System Restore, Next.....  

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Hey there guys!
I have a Dell Inspiron 13 7000 2-in-1 laptop and a few weeks ago my touch screen stopped working.  Amidst my poor efforts I ended up accidentally uninstalling it thinking that I could reinstall it easily.  Now I'm unable to reinstall it and am super sad :( 
Could someone please provide a step by step guide to reinstall my touchscreen so I can use it again?  That would be greatly appreciated!
Thank you in advance! :)

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I have a refurbished DELL  Inspiron 7737  , the problem is with de touch screen (17.3) that came out, unsticked.
I notice the problem  when iI started the web camera that something was wrong, it was off from his possition and now every time I close the laptop the touch screen poppes out of its place.
Can anyone know how to fix this?

Answer:DELL Inspiron 7737 touch screen popped out out of place

Mine does this too. Dell refuses to fix this or make this right. I've only had for 6 months.

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My company just bought a Dell AIO Inspiron 3059, its came with window 10.
But recently, due to our work, we need to downgrade it to window 7 pro 64-bit. But after that, the touch screen do not work anymore.

So, our question is that: Does this AIO model with window 7 64-bit support touch screen? Do we need to download some specific driver?

Thank you/

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I have a Dell Inspiron 3537 with a cracked touch screen. I would like to replace the screen but cannot determine the correct part to purchase.  Is it a Touch Screen only or is it an LCD with embedded touch?
It looks like the LCD with embedded touch is correct, but I would like to be sure.

Answer:Dell Inspiron 3537 touch screen cracked Need replacement

The complete assembly is one fused part - it needs to be replaced as a unit.

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It starts booting with the "Dell" logo screen, the progress bar reaches 3/4 of the way, then starts over. There is the F2 Setup and F12 Boot menu options, but it reboots because it doesn't give time for those options to open. Any ideas?

Answer:My Dell Inspiron 5160 will not go past the "Dell" Screen

What led up to this (new hw, sw, virus, error, etc)?

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Dell 2-in-1 3147:
The "DELL Pointing Devices" dialog shows a "Disable Touchpad when USB Mouse Present" checkbox. If this checkbox is clear, the touchpad works properly. When this checkbox is marked, the touchpad does not work at all.
I have tried both USB and Bluetooth mice, and neither one allows the proper action: the touchpad should be enabled without a mouse, and the touchpad should be disabled with a mouse.  That's how it works on other systems.  It just doesn't work at all on this system.
I suspect there is some interaction between the touchpad and the touchscreen that is interfering with this setting.  But I have another laptop with a touchpad and a touchscreen, and the mouse detection works there (it's not a DELL).
Yes, I have toyed with the idea of deleting the DELL touchpad control application and installing a "stock" Synaptics touchpad driver.  But I don't want the DELL  "update" app to overwrite it with the DELL touchpad control app every time it sees "the wrong driver" loaded.  And I don't want to take the chance that the touchpad driver and the touchscreen driver are somehow linked together, thus disabling one when I disable the other.
Any ideas on how to get the "Disable Touchpad when USB Mouse Present" action working would be welcome.  

Answer:Inspiron 11 3000 (3147) "Disable Touchpad when USB Mouse Present" disables touchpad ALL THE TIME

I would love to know where to find that checkbox ... Thank you!

Dell 2-in-1 3147:
The "DELL Pointing Devices" dialog shows a "Disable Touchpad when USB Mouse Present" checkbox.

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Windows 10. I replaced the LCD screen/bezel assembly and the touch screen functionality isn't working. The screen works fine otherwise. I checked all of the cable connections and made sure they are seated firm and secure. I confirmed that the driver for the touch screen sensor is the most current one. I tried it with tablet mode enabled and disabled. Any help is greatly appreciated! THANKS!

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hello, i barely had my laptop for 2 months and i already have problems. so far i've been dealing with these issues:

1. can't revive the laptop from sleep mode and had to manually turn it off. as far as i know, it's either the critical updates from microsoft or a vista thing. i figured that microsoft will come out with an update to fix all that.

2. the laptop would unexpectedly freeze, i've tried to wait it out and eventually i'm forced to a manual shutdown.

3. the other time it froze there was a prompt asking to diagnose the memory(??). (i'm not sure what it was because i was so surprised and i've never had that happen to me.) the scan didn't find anything wrong.

4. the first time i used my webcam, the blue screen flashed and rebooted the laptop.

i'm not very computer savvy, so i don't really know what happened. i'm thinking i'd return the laptop back to dell for repairs or try to do a system restore back to when it first arrived.

any help would be greatly appreciated.

Answer:dell inspiron 1420: can't sleep to blue screen

Welcome Robyn, I just received a Inspirion 1520 and love it. All your problems are different so it is difficult to resolve them. I would suggest a system restore back as close to the date as your laptop arrived. I would also try to update your drivers.

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The touch screen of Inspiron 13 not working what should I do?

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Inspiron 13-5378  2 in 1. 8 gb RAM, 1tb hard drive. Received this laptop yesterday 1-20-17. Touch screen didn't work. I disabled the touch screen driver, rebooted then enabled the touch screen driver and it worked for a while. While installing software it stopped. tried several things including uninstalling the video driver. i downloaded the video driver from the Dell web site, installed it and the touch screen worked. I shut the laptop down and when i booted up this morning the touch screen was not working. Tried disabling the touch screen driver, rebooting and enabling it again. no luck. I then tried to reinstall the video driver, also no luck. can someone help or do I need to return?

Answer:Touch Screen on Inspiron 13 - 5378 not working

Since no one from Dell has shown up yet, I will share my experience.  A couple of years ago I got a system with the Nvidia and Intel Display Adapters.  I noticed the Nvidia one would lose it drivers and would disappear from the Device Manager.  
The device was intermittent, although basically unusable, for a couple of months and then finally completely failed.  
If something is not dependable possibly the system is losing contact with the device.  Maybe it is only a connection problem or something worse, but at the very least I would start a conversation with support.  

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I disabled my touch screen a couple of months ago and I wanted to re-enable it again today. But when I looked at the "HID-compliant touch screen" on the Device Manager it was already enabled. So I disabled and re-enabled it again (also restarted the computer) and my touch screen still won't work. I also tried rolling back but it wouldn't let me.
It's still compatible with pen and touch (it says "Pen and touch support with 10 touch points). I've even went on Troubleshoot and did what it said to do and the touch screen still isn't working.
I checked the "Events" for the "HID-compliant touch screen" and at the beginning it says it migrated on 9/22/16, which happened to be the day I got the new Windows 10 update. I'm assuming that the reason for my touch screen not working was the windows update.

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I have tried updating the BIOS and going through the troubleshooting steps from the Dell website, but the touchscreen is not working. When I run the device manager, it does  not show HID-compliant touch screen, so I'm assuming its missing the driver. Can anyone help me figure out how to download this and fix the issue? Thanks

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I just reset my inspiron 15r 5537 to factory default and my touch screen does not work any more.It used to work fine. Please help.

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I'm unable to get the touch screen to show up in device manager. I don't see any drivers for it on the Dell Support site either.
This is an Inspiron 5558.

Answer:Inspiron 5558 Touch Screen Not Working

When did this happen?

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Hello I'm having issues with my touchscreen.Sometimes it's sporadic when touched, sometimes unresponsive, and sometimes flickers. Tech support keeps making me send in for repair but when it comes back I have same issues.Sent to tech support 6 times within six months already, replaced screen, replaced motherboard, update bios, and update drivers and a whole bunch of other tech support stuff. Does anyone have similar problems can share your experiences and fixes? At this rate tech support is going to keep doing the same thing until one year warranty expires. What are my options in regards to warranty if tech support is unable to fix defect issues?Thank you in advance for advice.

Answer:Inspiron 15 7568 touch screen not working

I'd suggest you calibrate the touch screen. Please follow steps in link below:

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I've had my Inspiron 17 for 4 months and noticed today that the touchscreen isn't working.
No idea how long ago the problem started as I generally use the old desktop/touchpad combination
When checking PC settings it now says 'no pen or touch input is available for this display.'
Any ideas


Answer:Touch Screen not working on Inspiron 7737

First thing to do is verify that you purchased a model with a touchscreen - is there a glass covering over the screen itself?

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I am getting blue screen errors after starting the machine, and exception differs everytime
I did hardware diagnostics test and all are passed.
Note: when i start in safemode or low resolution it works properly. 

Answer:Dell Inspiron 3521 Auto restarts with blue screen errors

Hi Kvyshak.888
Thanks for writing to us.
When did the issue start? Was there any software changes /updates happened recently?
If the system is booting up fine in safemode and hardware diagnostics are fine, then we have to suspect the windows.
Have you tried reinstalling windows afresh, if not yet, then that would be the best option.
But please ensure the data is backed up before proceeding.
Do provide us your system tag#, email address and name via private message,by clicking on my name
in blue and then select send a private message.

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When the Dell Inspiron 531 is powered on the splash screen displays and then it goes to auto detect entering power save and it goes into a splash screen- auto detect loop and will not boot into Windows 7. Any suggestions how to solve this?

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When the Dell Inspiron 531 is powered on the splash screen displays and then it goes to auto detect entering power save and then goes into a splash screen- auto detect loop and will not boot into Windows 7. Any suggestions how to solve this?

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As title reads. I believe it's still on Windows 10. On start up from powered off it gives me f2 (set up) and f12 (boot up). I've tried everything possible. It won't boot up to desktop. I just want to restore it to factory settings but can't. I've let it sit an it just does the POST load and turns black then restarts back to the POST (dell logo and load bar) over and over again. Please help! Email me at <ADMIN NOTE: Email id removed per privacy policy> also to help me

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My 7537 Inspiron touch screen is not working after the upgrade to Windows 10.
In device manager a USB device shows as unknown (yellow warning triangle), otherwise there are no indications to the source of the problem.  There is no other touch screen device showing in device manager. There do not appear to be any touch screen drivers on the Dell website.
Suggestions please ?

Answer:Inspiron 7537 touch screen not working with windows 10

You can click the link below to download the touchpad driver for this system. The drivers shows it is for 32 bit but will work with Windows 10 64 bit.
Dell TouchPad Driver

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Hi There,
I bought Dell Inspiron 13 5368 2-in-1 a few months ago, the laptop was one of my favorite laptops ever, hence, I was using it heavily.
Sadly, the touchscreen stopped working suddenly without obvious reasons. Everything else is normal. I checked the screen or the laptop for any possible physical damage but I could not find anything. the screen is working totally fine but the touchscreen functionality is dead.
I reinstalled the device drivers without success. I have also checked the power management options and did the diagnostics.
I don't prefer to send the laptop back to dell because all my applications and files are in this laptop. 
Could you help me out find the problem, its driving me nuts :/

Answer:Inspiron 13 5368 2-in-1 touch screen stopped working

You have really two options:  replace the screen at your cost by yourself, or use the warranty and have Dell do the replacement.

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Hello;My X230T 3434CTO has any issue with the touch inputs pen/finger.  After waking up from sleeping the touch inputs stop working for some reason.


Go to Solution.

Answer:Touch screen stops working after wake up from sleep.

Same here X220T and Win 8.  Not a problem on Win7.

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I am running Windows 8.1 - the same o/s that came with my Inspiron 15-5547.
I move the computer between work and home. When I put  to sleep, and unplug it from power, then next time I turn on the computer, about 50% of the time it resumes correctly.
However, the other 50% of the time, I turn on the computer and it is displaying the round Dell logo on a black screen (like BIOS startup).  But the computer remains frozen on the screen and Windows does not load.
I need to hold down the power button to shut down, and then I wait a few seconds, and turn the computer back on.
At this point, the computer will usually load Windows correctly.  A few times I still get the frozen Dell screen and then just power off/on again.
Does anyone have any tips to fix this?  I am afraid that one day, Windows just won't load at all and then I'll be stuck.

Answer:Inspiron 15-5547 sometimes does not restart from sleep and gets stuck on Dell Logo screen

Always turn the computer completely off (shutdown) before moving. Leaving a computer Sleeping and then transporting it can damage the computer. Laptops use battery power when sleeping. They can overheat or worse when transported while in Sleep mode.  
Make sure you sometimes use the laptop on battery power alone--without the adapter. Batteries last longer when they are regularly used on battery and recharged regularly.

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hi everyone,
my laptop screen goes gray (see picture below) every time the computer returns from sleep mode. the issue is resolved only after restarting the computer.
graphics drivers are up to date, any ideas how to solve the issue?
thanks :)

Answer:dell inspiron 13 7368 | screen issues when returning from sleep mode

I'd suggest updating the system setup(BIOS). Please watch Dell video to safety install latest BIOS version in the link below:
How to Update BIOS (Official Dell Tech Support) - YouTube

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So out of nowhere, my 7737's touch screen has stopped responding to touch.  Mouse works just fine.  Device manager has the monitor driver listed as a "generic PnP monitor", which sounds suspicious... and under Human Interface drivers, there is nothing listed for touchscreens, just airplane mode ***...  I have restarted, driver updated, etc. to no avail.  Any ideas?

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Hello Guys,

My Laptop P key is not working, whenever i require to enter P, i use Alt key combinations. I have gone through the Dell Quick Test also, but it did not give any result.

One thing i have noticed about P key is whenever i restart my laptop the P key starts typing it self unless i press a key.

I think there is a hope. Please Help Me...........................

Answer:"P" Key is not working in my Dell Inspiron N5010

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So I have a two years old Dell Inspiron 1564 which has been giving me a lot of trouble. It has however, never been this bad. I turned it off after it kept freezing and lagging and then it wouldn't turn back on. It got to the starting windows screen, had a flash of a blue screen and tried again. I tried to launch startup repair, but it won't do this either. It just shows me the cursor and the blue windows screen. I can move the cursor but that's it. F12 and F2 are not working either. It is kind of urgent so I hope someone can give me some advice here...


Answer:Dell Inspiron won't turn on beyond "starting Windows" screen

The hard drive has failed

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I have a Dell Inspiron 1300 laptop. I was running windows xp but hard drive crapped out on me. Got a new 80 gig installed it and tried to install Windows XP back on it. When it goes through all the setup/install drivers and at the bottom it shows "windows is starting" sits there for about a minute then it gives me the bluue screen of death. I called Dell and they told me that the error code is for the hard drive. Can anyone help me get by this?

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Hi, I am new to this forum and not a computer expert. My 6-month old Dell Inspiron laptop is currently stuck on the Welcome screen (with spinning icon). When turned on, it brings me to my sign in screen, I enter my password and then it goes to the Welcome screen and just stays there and the little icon keeps spinning. I tried holding down the power button to force it to turn off, then turning it back on but the same thing happens. It has been sitting, "spinning/stuck" for over an hour now.

Any suggestions on what to do? Thank you!

Answer:Dell Inspiron Laptop Windows 7 Home Premium Stuck on "Welcome" Screen

Hi aphelocoma,

Please try the following steps to see if they help:

Try to run 'hardware diagnostics' to check 'hardware functionality':
- Power off the laptop > Power it back on; at Dell splash screen repeatedly tap 'F12' > Use 'arrow keys' on the keyboard to highlight 'Diagnostics' and tap 'Enter' > Capture 'error message' if any.
You may refer to the following 'web article' for detailed steps: Run Built-In Diagnostics for Your System

If you still experience issues, try to 'Load BIOS defaults' to see if that works:
- Power off the laptop > Power it back on and at 'Dell splash screen' repeatedly tap 'F2 key' > Tap 'F9' to 'load BIOS defaults' > Tap 'F10' to 'Save and Exit'
Note: Also check the 'hard drive status' in the 'BIOS' (Check if detected)

Please share the exact system model, if no conclusive results show up.

Do reply with the findings; would be glad to assist.

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Hi all, I hope you can help me here.
I have bought a Laptop Dell Inspiron 15 7000 Series an year ago, and almost 2 months ago, sometimes the tablet mode did not work so well as while turning it back to laptop (by turning the screen), it stays in tablet mode. Never mind i managed to continue using and disabling the automatic mode change. However last week stopped working at all, and now i see that the touch screen is not respoinding either, even when you touch it you would see that is reacting but now nothing.
I tried to reinstall Windows 10, check drivers, uninstall them are reinistalling but  ( not able to take out the battery as is not possible in this model) and still is not working.

Can you please help?


Thanks for helping me..

Answer:Laptop Inspiron 15 7000 Series - Touch Screen Stop Working

Look in the control panel under Pen and Touch.  If you don't see a touchscreen listed, it may be the connection has come loose or the cable is damaged -- you'll need to remove the base cover and check the connection between the screen and mainboard.
The service manual you need depends on the model you have - is it  a 7778, 7737, 7779 etc.)?

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Dell Inspiron M5030
 I had Windows 7 installed and working perfectly but i wanted to install Windows 8.1 i tried a fresh install first (also tried to upgrade from windows 7). Every thing installs fine but when it reboots for the first time the windows logo comes up and "Getting Devices Ready %" Then the screen goes black.
Ive tried:-To let is sit for awhile to see if it would come back and i get nothing after hours -I plugged in a Monitor with no response (also tried to close the lid to put to sleep and does go to sleep)-I shut it down and tried to boot to Safe Mode but it says Windows can not boot to safe mode because windows installation has not finished
I can boot to my windows repair and go to the recovery command prompt but dont know what to do. It seems like a video driver problem the laptop has a AMD Radeon HD 4200. if thers any why to install the driver before Getting devices ready? Please Help!! 

Answer:Dell Inspiron M5030 Black Screen When Installing Windows 8.1 on "Getting Devices Ready"

I had the same problem and did this and it worked with no problem....The idea is to slipstream the updated drivers into the ISO/DVD. The drivers that came with the W8.1 DVD dont work well as I was getting the BSOD upon install.
1. Download Winreducer and install all 3rd party software it requires.  Look in the howto.pdf
2. Download the latest AMD Catalyst Drivers from AMD's site (not beta).  Listed as Windows 8 drivers i think.  
3. Extract the files to temp dir.
4. Copy the files/drivers from the temp dir (packages\drivers\display\w86a_inf) and the sub dir (B149756) to the winreducer drivers dir (work\integrate\drivers\x64).  So in the x64 dir you should have the cats, msi, infs, and the b149756.
5.  Run winreducer.  Make sure you have handy an iso of the Windows 8.1 DVD.
6.  After you mount your iso, you will be taken to the options and features screen.  You will see presets, appearance, features....on the top.   Leave all options alone EXCEPT the drivers location under System.  Change that to x\WORK\INTEGRATE\DRIVERS\x64.  Dont forget to change the x to your proper location.
7.  Click finish.  Save as iso. Apply.  It will save the modified iso into the winreducer folder.  
8.  Burn and install.  
9. After you are done installing, install the FULL driver package you downloaded in step 2 by running the setup.exe in main dir.
10.  Thank me LOL

That worked for me on an Inspiron ... Read more

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It's a new Dell and it has been making crackling sound since I got it.
I spent an hour on the phone with a technician who restored the laptop with Windows 8.1 to an earlier point in time and it stopped crackling for the rest of the day, but the next day, the noise was back.
The worst are "ding" sounds, they have more crackle than ding. Video playback is bad but at least we can understand what is said. Youtube is bad. mp3 audio is bad. Crackle is there with earphones too.

Answer:Dell Inspiron 11 (3147, Mid 2014) makes crackling sound whenever sound is played

lelouIt's a new Dell and it has been making crackling sound since I got it.
Hello. If it made the noise right out of the box you probably should have returned it as defective during the brief return period. 
Does it make the noise only when running on battery power or also when plugged into house current?

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ok so back ground here.. I boguht my wife a inspiron 15 back 2 or 3 years ago. and one of our children jumped on it by accident not paying attenion jumping on our bed. i am pretty sure that the integrated graphics were crushed because it no longer has any picture with internal scrfeen or external usb nothing.. also the scren thats in it busted so i have to replace the screen anyway and prbably trhe mother board.

OK now that ur caught up.. I found a entire top peice of my laptop except it has the lcd digitizer combo. that doesn't concern me.. that does it what extra hardware componenets do i need to use the touch screen? or is the motherboard the same and it jut plugs into it no converters or boxes w/e it would have.  AND YES there was the option to make this one a touch screen for like 150$ extra but i got her an upgraded i5 processor instead.. so ithis isn't so far fetched that its crazy... currently it has the VAW00 LA-9104P  Rev: 1.0 (A00)    09-13-2012 made in china but *** im tired of typing i thimnk i've given more than enough info to get us started.. thanks guys..

Answer:Upgrading a dell inspiron 15 - 3521 from normal lcd to a touch screen Read on and feel free to comment or be helpful.

Yes, the mainboard is the same -- as long as you get the complete top assembly with hinges, you can add the touch panel to the system.  Whether it's worth the added cost is something only you can decide.

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