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Latitude E5570 - Black display, no resons to keyboard/touchpad - External display/keyboard/mouse do work

Question: Latitude E5570 - Black display, no resons to keyboard/touchpad - External display/keyboard/mouse do work

I already have the issue that when I put my E5570 to sleep and wake it up again that the keyboard and touchpad do not work. So I have disable the sleep options in the BIOS.
Now I run into different issues.Yesterday I booted the laptop and it hang on the DELL logo, After a while it stated that my EFI file would not be correct. Force reboot and it booted straight to Windows.
What's more annoying is the fact that the laptop boot, the DELL logo is shown and then the screens go's black, as if it's not connected. SO it looks like it hangs.BUT an external monitor through HDMI does work and show the windows logon.The keyboard and touchpad also do not work.External mouse and keyboard do work.
So pretty much I got a brick when I do not have external display/keyboard and mouse available.
When I reboot the laptop it works fine again.Am I the only one with this?Loads of issues with the laptop and wondering if I just have a faulty laptop...
Clean Windows 10 Pro install is done 5 times.Used the DELL Command Update to install all drivers and patches.Issues keep existing...

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Preferred Solution: Latitude E5570 - Black display, no resons to keyboard/touchpad - External display/keyboard/mouse do work

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Latitude E5570 - Black display, no resons to keyboard/touchpad - External display/keyboard/mouse do work

I have been spending a lot of hours in troubleshooting this week.
Diagnostics are 100% ok.
Reinstalled Windows 10 about 15 times.Installing drivers by hands, installing drives trhough the dell update management application.The issues keeps existing.
To sum the them up:- Cold boot (laptop is off) to Windows. Keyboard/Touchpad do not work. (Reboot and they work again)- Resume from sleep. Keyboard/Touchpad do not work. (Reboot and the work again)
After I got the laptop I installed 32Gb of RAM and an 512Gb Samsung 950Pro PCIE M.2 NVME drive.The drive should be support as Dell states on the product page and in the manual that PCIE with NVME is supported.
"Advanced features, like industry-leading M.2 SATA and M.2 PCIe/NVME solid state drives, provide data transfer speeds up to 4x faster over traditional hard drivers. "
In order to get the drive visible and running on PCIe I had to disable the sata controller in the BIOS.This way the drive is detected in Windows as an PCIe NVME capable drive.
Just to verify if the issues I went back to default with the delivered 256Gb M.2 sata drive and 8Gb RAM.To install Windows I had to turn the Sata controller back on.
Installed the drivers manually updated WIndows and tested.The issues do NOT occur.
Retested by installing the drivers using the Dell Update Application.The issues do NOT occur.
So I figured out that the SATA controller somehow is the guilty part for all the issues.I mean when enabled to ACHI or RAID the sleep and non working keyboard/touchpad issues do not occur.
When disable the issues DO occur.

So DELL can you please tell me how I can fix this as you state PCIe NVME drives are supported??

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My e5570 has the following isse.
When I put it to sleep or when it go's to sleep and I turn it on again the screen stays black.If I have a screen it does not respond to the keyboard or touchpad. It does respons to my external mouse.
Do others have this issue?
This way I'm forced to shutdown the laptop every time...

Answer:E5570 - WIN10PRO - Wake up from sleep/hibernate = Black screen or no responding keyboard/touchpad

Same issue here....brand new, had it about a week.   I've tried several different power/hibernate settings without success.     Screen shuts off as expected, but it doesn't reawaken...laptop is on and running, screen stays dark.    Rebooting is only option.

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Hi, Since I reinstalled my x220 tablet with Windows 7, I have the following issues:  -After putting the the notebook in the UltraBase, it takes about 3 minutes (!) until connected keyboard & mouse is detected/working. Happens with different UltraBases and thus different keyboards/mice. - Very often, setting display brightness does not work: The hotkeys (Fn+Home/End) do not work and not even changing the brightness in PowerManager helps. I used Lenovo Update to upgrade to the latest drivers and software. Any hints? 

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I just tried to hook up my newly acquired T410 to an external keyboard/mouse/display for the first time, and had an exceedingly difficult experience. I understand the Function+P command for switching the display. That's not the problem. First, I'm accustomed to start a laptop in this mode -- any laptop -- by opening it, turning it on, switching the display, and closing it. The laptop then becomes a convenient working surface rather than a mass of keys that I have to avoid touching by accident. Once the display is switched, at least, it understands that closing the top does not mean "I'm done, turn yourself off." The T410 didn't understand that. I'm working now with it sitting open, because if I close it, it will shut down. How do I make it stop doing that? Second, recognition of the keyboard and mouse is problematic. Again, I'm accustomed to attach them to a laptop's USB ports, then waiting as much as 30 seconds before the laptop responds to them. Sometimes I have to log in with the laptop's built-in keyboard before the USB devices kick in. With the T410 is goes far beyond that. I fussed with the cables, logged in with the built-in keybaord, then fussed for literally minutes more before anything happened. I shifted the keyboard and mouse to different connectors at least twice. Finally the mouse started working, and eventually the keyboard did too. By then I'd fiddled with the machine so much that if my final success was due to something I did, rather ... Read more

Answer:T410 interface with external keyboard/mouse/display

Good day and welcome to the community.
I think I can help with the "lid closed" question.
Assuming you're running Win7: open Control Panel, select Power Options, on the left sidebar select Choose what closing the does, and from there you can chose the battery or AC-powered actions from the dropdowns.
I can't offer much on your keyboard / mouse questions, as I've never operated that way. I can relate, though, that I have operated with keyboards and mice attached to a docking station and never saw delays like you describe. Don't know if a dock would be a possibility for you, but they do offer much convenience.
Hope this helps a bit.

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Recently, my computer has been messing up lately and it doesnt seem to work as per usual. The symptoms are that when i turn it on, all the fans work inside and all but my monitor doesnt display anything and along with that, my keyboard and mouse dont work. I've tested with another monitor already and changed the ram slots and all but can't seem to find the problem.
PC Specs
Motherboard - Gigabyte Z87X-HD3
Processor - Intel® Core? i5-4670K @ 3.40GHz
Graphics Card - NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 Ti
RAM - Kingston Hyper X Fury 16GB (2 x 8GB)
Operating System - Windows 10 Pro

Answer:Help ASAP PC is on but no display to monitor and keyboard and mouse dont work

@flavallee I need your help along with others. Please!

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Windows 7 EnterpriseSystem does not see or react to external display when connectedNothing displays when connectedExternal display says nothing connectedTried multiple dongles - same results
Other system that include a VGA connector work just fine to same external display.

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Almost everytime I start up my laptop the display will malfunction. It will display somethings in 1920 X 1080 (Skype for business) and other windows or programs in 1600 X 900 (Chrome, OneNote). I have to go into Screen Resolution daily. When I open it shows 1920 X 1080. I switch it to 1600 X 900 apply and select keep changes. Then change it to 1920 X 1080 and click OK and keep changes. After aforementioned, the screen will display all programs correctly until the next reboot. At the office I have it docked with 3 monitors and use the laptop display as well. One monitor is ran by a USB video card ( USB2vgapro2 Model). When at home or in the field the laptop display will also have the same graphic issues when not other monitors are connected. Laptop has two internal display adapters: AMD Radeon R7 M370 running driver Ver. 15.201.1001.1002 and Intel(R) HD Graphics 530

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I recently received a Dell Latitude E5570 with Windows 10 for work and the keyboard/trackpad does not work. The wireless keyboard and mouse I use when docked work fine but the keyboard and trackpad built into the laptop do not work. The touchscreen keyboard also works just fine. Is my kayboard/touchpad broken or is there  a lock on Windows 10 and/or on the Latitude E5570 that I have enabled?


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The touchpad on the keyboard does not work - and the keyboard itself intermittently doesn't work.  I have an external mouse and keyboard attached.  Have disconnected them, updated the driver, updated bios, uninstalled and reinstalled driver, everything I have found in other posts and it still will not work.  When I updated the bios, Touchpad now shows up in devices, but the driver is for PS/2 Compatible Mouse.  Running Windows 10 Pro.  Any help?  Thanks in advance!

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I received a Dell Latitude E6400 for christmas and I would like to use a mouse and keyboard with it but when I plug them into the USB ports, there isn't a notification of it being configured or anything. I know the mouse and keyboard work because I used them with my other laptop. I've tried letting them sit plugged in for awhile, uninstalling the USB root hub and reinstalling them, I've tried rebooting the laptop with them plugged in. When I plug in the keyboard, the lights turn on for about 2 seconds then shut off and nothing happens after that. WIth my mouse, the light stays on but doesn't work. Please Help!
Thanks, Alex

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I'm using a Latitude E7440 with a Dock and two monitors connected to it. (Both with DVI)
Sporadically (often already shortly after starting the laptop) one or both of the monitors are going black for about 5 and come back after.
I already tried several things to fix the issue but haven't been able to find a solution yet.

What I've tried so far:

Update to latest BIOS
Use different display driver
Used a different dock
Mainboard replacement
Installed latest MST HUB FIrmware
Disabled Display Port in the monitor settings
At this point I don't know what else to do to fix this issue and I'd really appreciate any help from others.

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I have recently taken out my 128 mb SD ram chip and put it back in and now I cant get my moniter to display anuthing and my keyboard and mouse dont work...I do get three beeps but it takes like three minutes for them to sound.

Answer:My monitor wont display/my keyboard and mouse wont work...

Without more details about your motherboard, it sounds like your memory is not seated properly, or you damaged it when you took it out.

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My PC turns on like normal, fans, beeps, but then it won?t display or my mouse and keyboard won?t light up

Answer:PC turns on, but no display/mouse/keyboard

I moved this thread to the hardware forum because if you are not getting any display ie seeing the mfg's splash screen or seeing POST data, it is not a windows problem.
Just to be sure, you are not seeing any mfg's screen or anything else ie you have a blank screen all of the time. Is that correct?

Next you are going to have to list your exact system specs; ie exact motherboard, exact cpu, exact pw supply, etc, etc. Do not post "500W pw supply" Post the exact brand and model# Do that for ALL of your parts. If this is a big box system ie dell, hp, whatever, post the exact brand, model# and service tag#

Have you done any troubleshooting?
Did you install any new hardware prior to this happening?

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My build is about a year and a half to two years old. I've never had problems with it. Well, I noticed my GPU's were running a little hot so I looked inside and noticed some dust. I powered down, unplugged everything from the top down, took the case out to the garage and blew the dust out.

I used very low pressure for this.

Well I come back and plug everything and no keyboard, mouse, display or beeps. Everything powers up though. All fans spin, dvd works, hard drive spins.

I reset cmos, removed batter, did jumpers, reset RAM, unplugged 24 pin and reseated, tried with just one GPU, tried with the other GPU, nothing.

Gigabyte GA 990fx ud3 mobo rev 1.0
AMD Phenom II x6 3.2
G.skill ripjaws ddr3-1600- pc3-12800-4gb (two sticks)
Radeon HD6850's (x2)
Antec 750 watt PSU
Win 7 x64
Like I said, everything worked great for a long time until I blew some of the dust off it.

Answer:no keyboard, mouse and display after cleaning

Go back through everything and make sure nothing came unplugged. to me it sounds like the mother board may be damaged. did you touch anything inside the case? when blowing out the case did you let the fans spin up really fast?

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I have a G550 which works fine. I bought a Microsoft wireless keyboard and mouse and they work fine too. Recently I had to take laptop on the road and I did not want to take the large wireless KB. But if I remove the little wireless USB thing, the keyboard and the touchpad on the laptop DO NOT WORK. How do I fix this problem? Many thanks! PS: This laptop is a bargain! I bought it new from Office Depot last year during a turn-in-your-old-laptop promotion and paid approx. 400 dollars for it. I also upgraded to Windows Professional through a college deal. I am extremely happy with this machine and can't believe I got it for such a low price.


Go to Solution.

Answer:G550 keyboard and touchpad do not work when I remove wireless KB and mouse

hey johannfu,when you have the wireless keyboard connected, was the keyboard and touchpad working on the G550 ?if not and only the Microsoft Wireless keyboard was working, then it is a high possibility that the drivers that came from the wireless keyboard overwritten the drivers for your G550 keyboard and touchpad.

WW Social MediaImportant Note: If you need help, post your question in the forum, and include your system type, model number and OS. Do not post your serial number.Did someone help you today? Press the star on the left to thank them with a Kudo!If you find a post helpful and it answers your question, please mark it as an "Accepted Solution"! Follow @LenovoForums on Twitter!Have you checked out the Community Knowledgebase yet?!How to send a private message? --> Check out this article.

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HiI had formatted my system last week and added 140Gb hard-drive, I used the system for 1 day and powered it off normally. The next day when I tried to switch on the system, there was no power to the keyboard, mouse, hard-disk and no display on the monitor. There is no beep sound. What could be the problem? Please advice.

Answer:No power to Keyboard, Mouse, No monitor Display

I don.t suppose the power switch at the back of the tower is switched off.Or maybe one of your cables not connecting properly.

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I have an RX 480 and recently, I've been having some display problems. The screen looks too bright or milky, even though I haven't altered any brightness settings on my monitor or in the driver. When I go into a game or change any display settings, the brightness disappears, but returns when I reboot. I've removed the drivers completely, reinstalled them and everything, but the problem still persists. I know it's not a GPU problem because the games look great, there's no texture problems and isn't affected by the brightness problem when I'm on my desktop. I'm beginning to think the latest AMD driver is the problem, but when I'm in games everything is fine.

Another strange thing is that when I have my USB keyboard and mouse plugged in, the brightness is there and my boot times are considerably slow. Without the keyboard and mouse plugged in, I get no brightness and my boot times are blazing fast.

I came across this issue when my keyboard light began to randomly flash, but it isn't faulty because I tried another keyboard and still the same problem. My current keyboard hasn't had any problems since that flashing happened. I can't see it being a faulty USB port because I've tried other devices and they work fine. I've never come across such an issue before.

My RGB settings are all fine and I've turned off adaptive brightness. I still have the same problem.

Anyone have any ideas? Thanks.

Answer:Brighter display with mouse and keyboard plugged in

Check whether you are using the latest Intel Chipset & storage drivers (includes USB) and not the Microsoft generic USB drivers See the Tenforums Drivers and Hardware sticky threads.

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OK, so I have another post on here about a Hard Drive problem with my new rig. Part of the reason for building it was that my old one has had booting issues for like 6 months. It would run fine while booted up, but on a restart I had to consistently turn it off and on anywhere from 2-15 times in order to get a display and for the PC to boot. Well I tried shutting it down so that I could try to test my problematic HD from my new rig... well now I cannot get it to boot. I tried my method of powering up and down slowly but consistently until it booted, but now it wont boot. I get one beep when it starts, the fans spin, the burner powers up, the HD light goes solid and does not go out, but the display stays OFF and neither the keyboard nor the mouse power up. I tried checking my two 1GB RAM sticks and even tried taking both out and using a good one from my roommates comp, but it still didnt boot. One funny note... for a little while I wasnt even getting the one beep at the startup, but I jiggled the video card with it powered down and now it beeps once on start but still exibits the same symptoms.

I also tried using my new PSU for my new rig and it didnt help. I dont think its the video card at all because when it would boot the video, keyboard, mouse would all power on together and when it doesnt none of them do. I am thinking board right now and I am prepared to order a new one.

Secondary question... if I get the new board, I found one with the same specs almost exact to my b... Read more

Answer:No Bootup One beep No display No keyboard No Mouse

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I was playing a video game on my laptop around 4:30, when the keyboard suddenly stopped working. The mouse still functioned, so I tried clicking around to see if it was just a problem with the game. Then at 4:32, the mouse stopped working, too. I decided to try turning it off, but neither holding nor pressing the power button worked, so I unplugged the laptop from the charger and left it to run out of power on it's own. At 4:35, the display froze. I know this, because up until then the clock was still working. Currently, the vent fan is still running, and the screen is frozen. No keyboard buttons work, and neither the built-in trackpad nor an HDMI mouse is working.  Is there anything I can do to fix this, or do I need to send it in?The laptop was a brand new Dell Inspiron 15 7000 Series, with Nvidia GeForce GTX and an Intel Core i7.

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Hi. Didn't find any similar problems on this forum.

About 3 hours ago I left my computer on and went to dinner. When i came back 1 hour later it was in standby-mode - which is normal for my pc. I hit a key and the pc asked for password to unlock the screen. Normal so far. Almost, at least. Even at the screenlock the computer was really slow, it took time before my typing showed at the screen, which isn't normal for my pc. It took about 30 sec from loging in to the screen showed all the things it did before dinner. But still it was really slow - so i turned the pc off, waited 20 mins, turned it on. Everything seemed normal, the Dell-loading screen showed and the loading-bar seemed to having progress. Then the pc shut down the screen (VGA), the mouse and the keyboard(both usb), but it still ran. I turned it off, and on again. But when i started it, neither screen, mouse nor keyboard were functional. And the pc made alot of fast paced beeping sounds, which came from the computer (as opposed to the speakers). I tried rebooting 4-5 times, but no progress. I let the pc run for a bit, and the beeping sounds went away after ca. 10-15 secs, but screen, mouse and keyboard were still offline. The beeping is still there when i boot, but it always goes away after 10-15 secs. Even though the usb-devices mouse and keyboard shut down, it seems like my external harddrive turns on when i boot (also USB, and also powered through USB).

I run Windows 7, have AVG - updated, possibly not up-to-... Read more

Answer:[SOLVED] PC beeps, no mouse, keyboard nor display on screen

usual thing to do given the circumstanses you describe is to reseat the ram chips as well as any addin cards. Reseat means remove and put back in again. Might be a good time to get out the canned air and blow out some of the dust bunnies.

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I cant get whats wrong... In the power plan options i chose "Never" in the sleep option and 10 min in the Turn off display option.. So after monitor turns off its display the no button on the keyboard responds neither the numlock or caps lock or anything. The numlock light on the keyboard is on but nothing happens if i press numlock... Same with the mouse all the lights are on but nothing happens monitor remains in "turn off display" mode... All the lights are on, on the Chassis aswell like the mouse and the only thing i can do is reset to get my pc up and running again.. its happening alwaysI have had no errors on display or anything or lock ups when i m working or gaming in high settings...this started happening after i bought a new motherboard ram and processor and graphics card and re-installed my windows..My configuration-CPU: Core i5 2400 3.1 GHZRam: 4 GB DDR3 1333MHZGPU: Sapphire HD 7770 OC editionMother Board: Gigabyte GA-H77-DS3HWindows 7 professional 64bit (just did the windows so i didnt yet update it to service pack 1)

Answer:After monitor turns off display Keyboard and mouse freezes!

You could check a few things.What are your CPU temps- are your GPU temps- am a hardware guy not a software guy but i try to help.

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I searched for similar cases, but all results involved resuming from sleep or standby. In my case, the power options are set to "never sleep" and "turn off the display" after 2 hours (I changed it to never turn off until this is resolved). When it first started it was a few seconds. Over a couple of weeks, it's grown to 7 minutes or more. All works well after it finally lights the display.

I believe you can see my system info, Win7 32, single user home desktop of the early Win7 era. No upgrades or fiddling has been done, I gradually gave that up after W7 came along. Possibly not listed is a Logitech USB wireless mouse that has worked fine for a year or so. Sometimes its driver is using a lot of resources during the display-off condition, but stops immediately upon waking up. This can be seen in the CPU history in Process Explorer, which I frequently check before starting to work with the computer. The only recent new equipment is a new cable modem.

I did notice there were two sessions of CMD.exe open, and I'm not sure I've noticed that before. I usually back an image every Sunday night, but I think I'll postpone this week's until I work this out.

Thanks for any ideas.

Answer:Display getting slower to light after mouse or keyboard activity

After 8 hours with the display set to not turn off, nothing has gone glitchy with my computer. It's ready to go as soon as I start any work. I don't know if that's any sort of clue, but I figured I should add that observation.

I checked the task scheduling in Norton Security and see nothing that might be different when the display sleeps. In fact I can think of nothing that should "care" whether the screen is black or not... except the video circuitry. I hope my hardware isn't failing, I don't want a new computer. This has been the most trouble free system I have ever had, and that dates back to my 8088 days.

I've decided to go ahead and run the weekly (Acronis)image backup tonight. The reason I was hesitating earlier is that my external drive has only room for one at a time. I'm aware that if the computer ever goes blooey during the backup, I'm up the crick. One of these days I'll get a big drive.

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On my win7 64bit Thinkpad x230i I can no longer type with either the onboard or external keyboards.  The onboard mouse does not work either.  The only thing that does work is an external USB mouse.  
So far I have tried to reinstall the Synaptics drivers from Lenovo, reinstall USB drivers from Lenovo, download a BIOS update, and update Logitech setpoint. None of those worked.  
Also, when I go to Device Manager and I right click on the mouse and keyboards it says that I have the most up-to-date drivers.  I tried to do a System Restore, but Windows says that I do not have have any restore points created.  
Is my only option to reinstall windows?
Thanks in advance!!

Answer:Onboard keyboard, onboard mouse, and external keyboard do not work--please help

I would go into Device Manager...uninstall the native mouse and keyboard drivers...and then reboot the system.  Those drivers should automatically reinstall with (hopefully) undamaged new drivers that return original functionality.

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the task manager was showing processing was a little high so i ended tasks i thought shouldn't be running like the store and then i ended what i thought was internet explorer, but it was windows explorer and it black screened and when i restarted it the mouse stopped working and i kept trying to do stuff i thought would work and restarting and then the keyboard also stopped working.

Answer:Solved: black screen/keyboard & mouse won't work

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Yesterday everything was fine, I remember I shut it off as normal; I did nothing unusual I can remember.
This morning I turn it on, the lights come on like normal, but the logo for the motherboard doesn't show like usual, then the screen goes into sleep mode and so does the keyboard (it has a lighting thing it does).
I have tried replacing all the parts, clearing dust checking port connections to no help.
I just need to know if there is anything else I can do, or if I need to look at getting a new part, or maybe a tech guy.

Answer:Guys plz help, urgent! PC lights up, (keyboard, card, mouse) but no display

The same is happening to me and i have a solution.
Turn the Monitor on before the pc and it works sometimes

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We would like to make the user settings like Display, Mouse, Keyboard - which can be easily changed via EasyShell - persistent. So that if a user changes his settings, they should be the same after the next reboot. Of course we could disable the Unified Write Filter temporarily for this, but then the user always would have to call us when he wants to change same settings. Is there any chance of doing this via a special setting? There is no option in the EasyShell for this! Or is scripting the hpdmmc.exe the only possibility?

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A few days ago my daughter installed and launched Autodesk Revit on a Windows 10 Pro PC. While using the software, the system showed a BSOD:

Then she turned the PC off pressing the case power button. After she turned it on, came the BIOS error message:

She chose to hit N and the system restarted. Windows was back, but without the mouse and the keyboard.

She turned the PC off again via the case power button, and then came the worst: now there is no display, no mouse, no keyboard, although both the computer and the monitor can be turned and stay on.
She told that the BSOD appeared about three times during that day and only after she installed Autodesk Revit. Is it possible that this software messed things up, maybe by replacing some drivers or DLLs or whatnot?
Or is it only some sort of hardware issue? Any ideas? TIA.

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Hi all,

I have the aforementioned laptop. The issue with it is that Windows 10 does not seem to register the touchpad in Device Management. I have attempted to rectify this by doing the following: 1) new touchpad drivers from Windows 10 update, 2) new device drivers from Dell support pages, 3) new device drivers from the Dell Device Detector dongle, and finally 4) Bios update. None of these seem to fix my issue. 

As a bonus: I am receiving an Alps_Mouse_SetMouseMonitor error as well with every reboot of the laptop that I perform.

Thanks in advanced!

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hi , i bought a y500 computer from internet with a black screen problem i7-2.2GHz16gb RAMGeForce GT 650Mwindow 7mode:954135U so , i bought a "Laptop LCD Screen 15.6-inch WideScreen (13.6"x7.6") WUXGA (1920x1080)"and change it ,the screen ,but still black screen.  so, i think it must be the LVDS cable , then i bought the cable and change it as will but it still black screen . it work fine with external  Display with VGA Or HDMI , i'm typing this post with Y500 .Anyone can help , tell me what happen with the y500 , how can i fix the problem ??

Answer:Y500-954135U black screen , but work with external Display

hi ufo9816, 
Welcome to Lenovo Forums!
Im sorry to hear what happened....
First Have you tried Booting the system in safemode and See if the same problem shows there?
Also Try booting the system into BIOs and check the issue there.
Solid Cruver

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On my laptop Satellite L20 not working keyboard and touchpad, but keyboard work in BIOS, USB-ports also not working (USB mouse).

Can i get update file for BIOS(traditional updating from boot CD, not OS!)

Sorry for my bad English.

Answer:Satellite L20 keyboard & touchpad not working but keyboard work in BIOS

If the traditional BIOS update is not available on the download page the only way to get it is to contact nearest authorized service provider. They have all versions.

But this keyboard and mouse issue is really strange. can you use it if you start operating system in ?safe mode??

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When I move between home and office, I go into hibernation since sleep mode is unstable. Often when I turn back on the Yoga, the screen remains black but I know the laptop is on and can get the image on the external monitor.Going into the display parameters doesn't help: the laptop display doesn't exist. Same with the F10 key: the external display has become the "laptop display". I have to restart Windows. Any alternative?

Answer:Yoga 900 external display works but laptop display remains black

Hi Kitten,
Welcome to Lenovo Community!
We are sorry to hear that display is not working in your lenovo Yoga 900 laptop.
Please do confirm which operating system is running on your laptop.
Best Regards,
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This happens as soon as the VGA adapter is plugged in. Unplugging it does not turn the laptop screen back on. Toggling with the function keys does nothing. Since I cannot see anything I cannot try to adjust/correct display settings (or do anything for that matter, other than turn the laptop off by holding power key down).

The second display works (tested with a different laptop).

History: The external display worked fine with this laptop. We had a power failure yesterday which turned it off. The screen toggled to the laptop successfully (or I did, with the function keys--I don't remember) and I continued working. When power returned I started running into this issue. I reinstalled the display drivers from the original manufacturer disc but the problem persists.

msi A4000, Celeron dual Core T3100, Windows 7 Ultimate x64
NVIDIA? MCP79MVL, GeForce? 8200M G, Shared
External display: Acer LCD, AL 1916C

Answer:Laptop black when external display plugged in, #2 display also dark.

To shut down properly hit the Winkey, then the right arrow, then Enter.

This may be as simple as capacitors overcharged. Shut down, unplug, remove battery. Hold power button down for 20 secs.
Do same for monitor.
Then try.

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I have several users (closing in on a dozen now) that when they dock their laptops their external keyboard and mouse do not work until they reboot.  This problem has just started in the last week or two.    On at least one of the machines I have replaced the dock, replaced both the keyboard and the mouse and I have upgraded the BIOS to the latest version.  Right now the problem appears to be systemic, yet I can't seem to track down the cause.  I reiterate that all of these users started having this problem all at the same time.  I am not ruling out a Microsoft update but at this point I am scratching my head. Has anyone else seen this?

Answer:Mutiple T60s that, after being docked, the external keyboard and mouse do not work until a restart.

I have had other USB peripheral components stop responding due to a less-than-optimal USB power management setting after a microsoft/manufacturer update.  Might want to check that out.

KeithFormerly 600E 2645, T30 2366, X31 2673, T40 2373, T41 2379, T42 2373, T42 2379, T60 1952, T61p 8889, T61p 8891Currently T420 4177-CTO, T430 2347-A54, T430 2349-L64, T430 2347-UN9, T430 2342-CTR, Ideapad K1, H520S 2561-1LU

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Hi Guys,  I'm the IT handiman at a local business. Things have been going okay, so they brought me a Yoga 2 Pro that they had abandoned because it's screen went weird so now it only shows colors.  So, when I turn on the computer, the display immediately starts cycling through colors. When I use an adapter to the micro HDMI, I can see the display on an external display. I can even change the display settings to essentially use the yoga as a computer tower log onto the computer like normal and enable RDP so I can get SOME use out of the machine as a server box, but that feels like a waste of a high performance machine. Video.  IDK what's wrong. If it was a graphics card or something, I would think that I wouldn't be able to use the external display. I'm not sure what's up or what to see about trying to order and replace.  Anyone have any idea what I should look at? I can make this laptop into the little print server we need, since it's not good for much else right now, but I'd rather get it back in service as a laptop and use a lower end machine for a simple print server.  Help me? Please? 

Answer:Yoga 2 Display only showing colors. Seems to still work with external display.

I looks like a dead LCD display, or a dead ribbon cable to me, I had a similar issue with my C340, wasn't software related. You can try to contact Lenovo support, they may be able to repair it.

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I currently have an X60 and have never had a single issue.  However I was recently infected with a Trojan, and after removing it with a reputable program, the keyboard and trackpoint mouse have stopped working. When I get the windows login screen, the trackpoint works fine, but the second I press any key, both keyboard and mouse become totally frozen. I can still use a USB keyboard and mouse with no issue at, but that is the only way. Any ideas as to how I can get them back up and working? Clearly, they (at least the mouse) are not totally fried b/c it works fine before I touch the keyboard. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, JT


Go to Solution.

Answer:X60 keyboard and trackpoint stopped working; only usb keyboard/mouse work

SOLVED!  I simply had to update the drivers in the device manager.  For some reason they were corrupt and it could not load them.  Simple fix, just took too much thought and digging to find solution.

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Hey all, I've recently (3 weeks ago orsomething) bought a new laptop, a Toshiba Satellite l670-143.
Windows 7 64bit
Intel? Core? i5-430M Processor
: 2.26 / 2.53 Turbo GHz
2nd level cache : 3 MB
4,096 (2,048 + 2,048) MB ram
ATI Mobility Radeon? HD 5650

But this last week ive been experiencing keyboard problems. The problem is not always present, but when its present it doesnt matter wether im gaming, browsing the internet or writing a document.
Im not 100% sure what the problem is, I've spent hours trying to figure it out and to fix it, but nothing seems to help. But when I press a P, I sometimes get ppp. Or when I press a P, it doesnt show up. This is with all keys. And especially when I'm typing fast. Also, when I hold the backspace button, it ''lags(for a split second)'' every 2 seconds orso. When the problem is not present, holding the backspace button is smooth.

I did loads of virusscans, and did all the registercleanups etc. I made sure that sticky keys and filterkeys are disabled. I checked all the drivers for updates. When i tried the nr.1 fix, it did go away when I rebooted. but the next day the problem came back and when I redid it, (did what he said + delete the file and create it again) it didnt fix the problem. Perhaps it was just random luck, I dont know. I disabled the laptop battery to see if it went better, it didnt.
I'm not sure what else ive tried too..

When I... Read more

Answer:Satellite L670-143 - Keyboard lags but external keyboard work


To be honest if an external keyboard works properly I think it?s a hardware malfunction and related to internal keyboard. I doubt it?s a virus or something else because the same error would happen on external keyboard as well.

Furthermore for keyboard there is no special driver, it?s a part of Windows so you can?t update the keyboard driver.

Now in your case I would contact nearest authorized service provider. Your notebook is only 3 weeks old so it?s under warranty. If you contact the ASP, they can check the notebook and if you need a new keyboard, the repair is for free. :)

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I have a user with a Tecra M2 whose keyboard is no longer functioning properly, 2 or 3 keys work (Enter, space, caps lock), the rest of them when pressed cause a very quiet "beep" noise to come from the laptop.

I assumed this keyboard was faulty - I attached a usb keyboard to the laptop, but this has exactly the same symptoms, they keys dont work and when pressed the beep noise comes from the laptop, no characters appear on screen.

The laptop boots to the Windows XP login screen fine.

Any ideas what has caused this, and what the solution would be?


Answer:M2 Keyboard problem - attaching external keyboard doesn't work either


Sounds to me like the keyboard controller on the motherboard has gone bad. Since it causes the defect on an external keyboard then your motherboard is bad. If it was only the keyboard then an external one would work fine. But all keyboard types connected to a portable are routed first through the Keyboard controller integrated on the motherboard, then the characters are displayed. When this goes bad no keyboard will work, not even an external one. And the only fix to this is replacing the motherboard. Hope this helps.

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I have a Latitude E5570 and a 27" external monitor with QHD (2560x1440) resolution.  It's a Dell U2713HM.
When I connect it using the HDMI connector (as the laptop doesn't have DisplayPort built-in) the maximum resolution I can select is 1920x1080, which looks horrible since it's upscaled to 2560x1440.  Is there a way to use the full resolution of the monitor with this laptop?
It may be the Intel HD Graphics 530 adapter that is limited to this resolution, but I don't find a way to use the AMD Radeon R7 M370 (which this laptop also has) instead.
I know there is a docking station that adds DisplayPort support, but will that actually help or does it just adapt the HDMI output to DisplayPort?

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I'm having many issues with my E6530.  It seems to have a mind of its own.  Sometimes, the keyboard stops working and then other times it starts typing random letters.  The cursor will also click around randomly and windows will open. There's not rhyme or reason.  I've updated the BIOS and drivers, but the issues still occur and it seems to be more frequent now.  I scanned the laptop for viruses and malware and it came out clean.  I'm not sure if reinstalling Windows will fix these issues or if it's hardware based.  Could the motherboard need replacing?  Any help is appreciated.  Thank you.

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My TouchPad and keyboard stopped working. The settings window crashes always. When I try to wake my laptop after sleep, the display does not turn on. Serious issues with Windows 10 compatibility.

Answer:TouchPad and keyboard driver issues, settings crashes often, display issues

I got the samme issue. My Samsung Ativ Book 9 plus started and was running normal until all of a sudden my keyboard and touchpad stopped working. I tried to update the touchpad driver manually but nothing worked. I tried to connect an external mouse and this worked. All the typing though, had to be done on the touchscreen.

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How to activate Function key on a external USB keyboard, 
Model: Latitude E5450
OS: win 7

Answer:Latitude E5450 external USB keyboard Fn key

What is the exact issue with the system? Does the fn key on the laptop work or not? 
The fn key is driver dependent and hence we cannot emulate the fn key on an external keyboard. If the fn key on the laptop is not working, then we can remap any key that you do not use to be used as the function key - see this link - 
See these threads for reference: | 
Also, please click my DELL-username and write me a private conversation with the service tag and your contact details(Name and Email) for case records.
Let us know if you have any other queries.

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Our firm has had many Latitude e5520, 30, 40 and 50 computers over the past 6 years.  I always set up the BIOS system password option.  We also use the Dell port replicators with multiple external monitors.  When the user turns on the computer using the power button on the port replicator the BIOS password prompt screen would appear on the external monitor so they can enter the password.  We have recently purchased 5 new Latitude e5570 computers.  I set up the BIOS password on these new computers just like I have done in the past on the older models.  However it seems that the Dell logo and the BIOS password prompt does not appear on an external monitor.  I removed the computer from the port replicator and connected a VGA monitor to the external monitor port on the back of the e5570 and still the BIOS password screen does not appear.  I have to open the laptop to view the BIOS password prompt to enter the password then the external monitor will display the Windows 7 boot up screen.  I spoke with Dell tech support and they said that this is normal.  How can this be normal when all Latitude model e5520, 5530, 5540 and 5550 never had this problem. I even downloaded the most recent BIOS update and that did not fix the issue.   I cannot have the user open the laptop just to see the BIOS password prompt.  I told Dell support that something is not right with their BIOS software but they again said the e5570 is working ... Read more

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Hi - my E7440 touch screen went black the other day and I've been unable to get it back. There will be times when the screen turns on, functions normally, but as soon as the PC reboots on reboot its black again. I can connect it to an external monitor and it works, also the touch screen functionality still works while connected to an external monitor. 
Does anyone have a suggestion on how to fix the display? I'd really like to be able to use this as an actual laptop again. 
Initial research came back with Fn F8 which does not work. Suggestions greatly appreciated 
thank you

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The problem: Latitude E6440 external display blinks when connect via hdmi (see attached video file)
Dell Latitude E6440: Bios A13, Intel(R) HD Graphics 4600,AMD Radeon HD 8690M.

In charging state (while charge level less than 100% ) - no problem, after 100% - again problem
Some test cases:Primarily AC Use: problemCustom mode: 50% start ...90% stop charge (~70% charged level) - problemExpress mode: problemSome correlation from time after ON:~ 1....15 min - often (up 3..5 mins between re-connection HDMI)~ 15.....30 min - rare (up to 10 mins between re-connections)

Answer:Latitude E6440 external display blinks when connect via hdmi

Hi SI K,
If you haven't already done so can you update the Intel 4600 and AMD8690M first.
If the issue is still there then:
1. Restart the system and tap F2 to enter to the Bios
2. Navigate to 'Virtualization' and choose Disable (uncheck the box)  
3. Also disable VT for Direct Io and Trusted Execution 
4. Return to the main menu in the Bios and select Power Management Option and disable Advanced Battery charge configuration
Once you have done that check to see if the issue is resolved.
If it isn't then open the Intel Graphics Control Panel, go into Advanced Resolution and change the frequency for the LCD from 40Hz to 60Hz

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Restart my computer last night, laptop keyboard would not work, also notice that touchpad had stopped. went to device manager and I had a yellow triangle next to both it told me both drive were the latest. unistalled both restart keyboard, no mouse(now), no touchapd, stil have touchscreen keyboard. Went to device manager, HID keyboard there no problem mouse there no problem, unplug mouse disappears plug it in it s back. But laptop keyboard does not work nor does mouse, touch pad still has a problem Yellow triangle.
Went to windows restore, mouse and Keyboard are working on this screen, tell it to go back to previous update, ERROR can not got back. Go back to Win 10 no mouse , no laptop keyboard, no touch pad.
Help! Where to next?

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Hello, everyone.
I am using a Latitude 3540 laptop with switchable graphics (Intel HD Graphics, AMD Radeon HD 8850M). As soon as I got the laptop, I upgraded to 8.1 (probably a mistake!).
All of my drivers are up to date according to Device Manager, and I've updated the chipset and BIOS and everything according to the Dell website. But for as long as I've had this laptop, the VGA port will not work! I'm using a VGA cord that has worked with other laptops before without issue. The laptop will not output to projector, external monitor, or a TV. Pressing the win-P combination brings up the ability to extend and duplicate my screen. When I change those settings, my screen resolution will change, but the external monitor/projector doesn't display anything. When I try to detect displays in my graphics properties, it just doesn't detect anything that's connected.
Is my VGA port faulty? Or does anyone have any suggestions on what else to try at this point? My laptop is still under warranty, so I suppose I could always send it in to be fixed.
Thanks for the help!

Answer:Latitude 3540, Win 8.1: VGA port faulty? Will not display to external monitors or projectors

did you get response on your question?

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Answer:keyboard wont work on my dell latitude d510

'how do i fix'1- did something get spilled on it?2- did you drop the laptop?Some HELP in posting on plus free progs and instructions Cheers

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Hi Dell Community,
Please help me to diagnose what is wrong with my new laptop.
My Laptop is Dell Latitude E6440 but every time i connect external monitor to my laptop HDMI port via HDMI to VGA converter, the external monitor always blink randomly every couple of seconds. This HDMI to VGA converter is working fine when i used it to other laptop.
Currently i still don't have chance to try my laptop HDMI port to connect directly to HDMI monitor because i don't have it.
Are there anybody have the same problem with me? thanks for your help.

Answer:Latitude E6440 display blink when connect to external monitor via hdmi to VGA converter

Hi M. Zemmy Indrapatih,
Thanks for your post.
Sorry you are having difficulties with your laptop and monitor.  If you could send me the name and model cable adapter you are using and the name and model of the monitor,  I might be better able to understand the issue.  Thanks

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So in a nutshell, I have already spoken with "Tech Support" in regards to this, and I'm guessing I'm not the first and certainly won't be the last.
The issue being whenever I have my laptop "docked" and have an external monitor connected (no matter if it's DVI, DisplayPort or VGA - I've tried all three) it will NOT display anything on the external monitor until it passes POST, at which point the external monitor only turns-on once at the Windows log-on screen. Funny thing is if I flip-open the lid on the laptop, the internal LCD panel will display all the POST information, until said point where the external monitor connected to the dock will turn-on and the internal LCD panel will power-off.
I have a case number, and was given the option to send-out my laptop to depot (repair) to have the motherboard replaced, but no guarantee that would even resolve the issue.
I have already attempted numerous BIOS updates (all versions available, and finally ended-up leaving it at A08 since none of them were making any difference anyhow) and also went as far as updating to the latest Intel drivers to humor myself (but that would make no difference since these drivers aren't even loaded when going through the POST sequence.)
I was told that this seems to be an on-going issue with most of the Latitude E6x20 series, and that supposedly a (soon-to-be-released) BIOS Update (A09) would address the issue. I chose NOT to send the laptop off to depot ... Read more

Answer:Latitude E6220 + Dell (PRO2X) Dock = No Video on External Display during POST

Normally I would assume something like this would be the way that Nvidia Optimus is designed.  Optimus needs Windows to run correctly,  Optimus controls the GPUs, no Optimus, no video. The problem here of course is that the E6220 doesn't have a discreet NVIDIA GPU, so it doesn't have Optimus.
At the moment I can't tell you if you should send the system to the depot or the system is working as designed.  I have sent a message to my contacts in engineering for help.  If a BIOS update is on the way to correct something like this hopefully I will get information on that as well.  I will post back here as soon as I have more info.

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I have a Toshiba Satellite A105 running XP with a few problems. Sometimes there is no display when Windows loads. It is just a blank screen. The same problem occurs booting into safe mode. Sometimes there is a display and sometimes not. It is the same using an external monitor. I can go into setup without any problems so the problem is when Windows loads.

Another problem - the mouse buttons do not work when I am able to see the display. I can move the cursor but I cannot click on anything. I also cannot use Ctrl Esc to access the Start menu. I cannot open any icons or right click to get the properties box. It is the same with an external mouse.

This computer has a virus, Spyware Guard 2008. When I was first given the computer to clean I was able to use the mouse buttons and could see the display. I was not able to run any executables when I tried to install some spyware and antivirus programs. I don't know if the virus was able to prevent loading those programs.

Someone else closed some processes in Task Manager. The problems with the display and mouse buttons may have started after that. Could there be something that I need to enable?

I currently have the laptop booted into safe mode and can see the display (intermittent problem). The mouse buttons do not work. I can move the cursor but cannot click. When I hover over the Start button I get an hourglass. I cannot open Task Manager.

I don't think this is a hardware problem.

Are there any suggestions? Thanks ... Read more

Answer:Display and Mouse/Touchpad Buttons Problems

I should add that I might take the harddrive out and connect it to another computer and access it that way. I should be able to run antivirus software on the laptop drive.

I'm still not sure how I would fix the problems with the mouse buttons and display accessing it from another computer.

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I get a keyboard error message on boot up whether it is plugged in or not. Once I plug in the keyboard the mouse freezes immediately and the keyboard still does not work. Then I can't do anything and have to restart. I have tried multiple keyboards, none work on this system but they all work on others. What is going on? I'm sick of using the onscreen keyboard!

Answer:Keyboard Error - Not Keyboard - Mouse Freezes When Plug in Keyboard

What does the error say / when does the error come up / are you using a PS/2 keyboard / have you tried a USB keyboard?Alan <>< 

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The pointing stick on my E6520 keyboard  just stopped working, doesn't respond to any pressure and the option for Pointing stick under: control panel/dell touchpad is gone...? Is the hardware at fault? Any ideas please?

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This has been going on for ages. Upon a fresh boot, keyboard brightness dimming does not work until I put laptop to sleep. Then, the FN+up/down works fine. I can't remember if this has always been the case, but I know when I first got my laptop, Win7 pre-installed, the auto-dimmer was working. Now I am not sure it is (not that I mind, I don't want it on). Now, when I check Advanced Power Options, the "enable auto dimmer" isn't even listed.

I pretty much need to have quick brightness keyboard control due to my light sensitivity. Win+X is annoying to resort to.

Also, when the FN+up/down keys DO work to change the brightness, it says:
"Ambient Light Sensor Disabled". If that helps for anything. (Also also, I checked, and I have no "sensors" installed, so says my system.)
Also, my keyboard has a FN+Auto Dimmer key that is the 'left' key in the arrow set, but it doesn't appear to do anything. Or am I completely missing that THIS might be what I need to hit in order to enable keyboard dimming commands? (I haven't tried, but right now, after coming out of Sleep mode, the dimming commands are working and the "auto" option does nothing).

Windows 7 Home Premuim
Dell Latitude E5410
Intel Core i5 m450 2.5ghz
4gb ram
DirectX 11
Intel HD Graphics 1562mb 60hz

Don't know what else you need to know.

I did some searching online and this might be a BIOS setting, but I didn't want to go that route before I talk to someone.

(PS,... Read more

Answer:Keyboard brightness commands only work after 'Sleep', Latitude E5410

Hi ally82,

My name is Sukanya and I work for the Social Media and Community Team at Dell.
I see from the issue description you have given it does not seems to be a hard ware fault ,but more to do with bios settings.What I would like to know is if you have reset the BIOS to default settings or have to updated teh bios recently.If you havent tried ether of the options ,I would request you to first Reset the BIOS to defaults and update Dell Control Point application if that do work flash the bios using teh below given link.
Drivers and Downloads | Dell [United Kingdom]
Please let us know if that is working out or not.


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I somehow lost connection to the touchpad mouse. How can I activate it again by use of the keyboard (I don't have any external mouse)?

Asia ;o)

Answer:Satellite Pro M70 - How to activate touchpad mouse by use of keyboard?


You can enable or disable the touchpad with FN+F9.
Check this!!

But normally you could also find this information in your user manual.


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i just installed window 7 32bit,and on the  lenovo website there is no mouse and keybard  driver compatible with window 7,it only availbe for winodw 8, How and where i can get keyboard working ,the top button is not working F1,F2  etc..

Answer:Mouse and Keyboard Touchpad Driver - ideapad 100-...

Hi afrojacksed  , 
Welcome to the Community Forums .
For missing drivers in Device Manager:
Most drivers uploaded from the support site are certified tested drivers by the manufacturer's engineers .
This doesn't limit users to customize their installation of operating system and likewise drivers .
Microsoft Windows 7 would also have its own native driver thru device manager update driver option. 
On device manager , update driver and browse my computer , let me pick  option for the generic driver. 
Just like having a custom built machine with a retail OS to get proper drivers you can use the hardware ID's and getting it directly from the manufacturer of the device .
Steps using hardware ID then searching it via google.
Checking on PCIDatabase for the manufacturer /vendor and related drivers.
For Hotkey specific buttons: 
Download and install this  . 
Check also on Hotkey if enabled on BIOS .
Turn off the pc and use the Novo Button (number 6 page 7) 
From the Novo menu choose BIOS set up. Configuration tab , hotkey switch. 
Then save and exit from the Exit Tab .
Update us how it goes. 
**edited for additional links **

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I have a just over one year old (~14 months) Dell Inspiron 17 laptop with Win 8.1 (no touch) and of course it's out of warranty. The mouse simply stopped working, no cursor. I was able to use the touchpad but then that quit too in quick order.
I spent hours searching here and the interweb looking for possible fixes, so far no luck.
The worst of the issue is now I can't get past the splash screen to the login screen to access the repair/restore functions in Windows.
How do I access these when I can't even login to the computer?

Answer:Mouse stopped working, then touchpad, then keyboard

I called Dell and they want almost $300 to send it back so they can 'look at it'!
Any thoughts or suggestions to solve this issue?

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Hello, In the past few days I have had an issue where my keyboard and mouse freeze / hang. I am running Windows 7 - 64 bit. CNTL-ALT-DEL doesn't even work. The only thing I can do at the time is hold down the power button and reboot. Upon reboot all is fine again for a while. Nothing has changed on my computer recently. Does anyone know why this might be happening? Thank you.

Answer:Y470 Keyboard and Touchpad Mouse hanging

brianm1962 wrote:Hello, In the past few days I have had an issue where my keyboard and mouse freeze / hang. I am running Windows 7 - 64 bit. CNTL-ALT-DEL doesn't even work. The only thing I can do at the time is hold down the power button and reboot. Upon reboot all is fine again for a while. Nothing has changed on my computer recently. Does anyone know why this might be happening? Thank you.Are you looking for a possible solution or just an explanation as to why its happening?

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Hello everyone, I have a problem with my external display on my X300 laptop... I have a X300 with WinXP, and a 20" 4/3 1600x1200 external display (Samsung 204B). When I want to use my external display as an extended desktop, it didn't work well... First I configure my display as an extended ... into 1600x1200px resolution. As the ratio isn't 4/3 on the laptop, there is some border at the top and at the bottom of the external screen, consequenly there is an "lift" (when I go down the screen move down.. etc.). It's not very So there is an option into the graphic proprety to set the screen in "full screen : not keeping the proportions". But, in this case, my external screen display an ... triky ? There is still an "lift", but there is also two border on the right and the left of the screen, and the image quality isn't there. It's too deformed to can be read. After some research it appear that my lenovo drivers do not match with the last intel one... But when I try to install the lenovo one ... It didn't work ! (hardware problem). How can I get a working extended desktop into 1440x900 + 1600x1200 full screen ! Thanks for all, and sorry for my poor English...

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Hello, I wanted to play Minecraft on my Yoga 900 but when you are using the keyboard the touchpad is non responsive. Does anyone have a fix? I have installed the latest drivers and BIOS already. Thanks


Go to Solution.

Answer:When using keyboard Touchpad does not work.

Hi pieceofchum , 
Welcome to the Community Forums.
You may be able to fix this by minimizing the Palm Checker of the mouse settings .
The path would be : 
Control Panel  > Mouse > Device Settings > Settings > Pointing > sensitivity > Palm Check > Lowest 
Click on link for the visual guide.
Hope this helped you .

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Good morning everyone, I have this problem where you find the following problem, in Bios the keyboard and mouse work normally, when windows the two stop updating and need to put external. I have already reinstalled the system and all available website drivers are available. (Tap Display normal working).

Answer:Keyboard and touchpad do not work



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Thank you for your understanding.

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Hey, community!I was just wondering if anyone knew why my computer doesn't let me use my keyboard and touchpad at the same time. I mostly encounter this problem with gaming, using the WASD/<^>v keys. Is there some way to fix this?Thanks!Milo

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Hi all community i have a problem my keyboard and mouse touchpad are no longer working i have washed them with water they are no longer responding my concern is does the mouse touch board sensor can be repaired or replaced? I know the keybord is gone it need to be replaced but what about the mouse touchpad sensor ? Its a Lenovo T520 THANKS IN ADVANCE.

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Yesterday, after restarting my PC to finish updates from Windows, and installations from Autodesk and MATLab, my keyboard, touch pad and wireless mouse stopped working.After checking the drivers, I found that the keyboard and mouse drivers had a code 32. So I did a system restore before all the updates. Did nothing for the drivers.I tried uninstalling, updating the drivers; didn't work.Then I used CCleaner to clean up registry errors. No changes.Next, I went into the registry and deleted the UpperFilter values for the keyboard and mouse drivers. Code 32 was gone for HID keyboard driver and the HID mouse driver. But now the ps/2 keyboard driver and the synaptics smbus driver now had a code 10.After removing and reconnecting my wireless mouse's usb, I noticed that fixed drivers come and go with it, so I tried to find the drivers for the mouse to try a manual reinstall for my mouse. Couldn't find them, (Logitech's website was of no help).So I got Driver Booster to help me. The program said my PC had a lot of outdated drivers, so I decided to let the program update them all in hopes it would fix both the code 10 and let my mouse work again.And that's how the touchscreen stopped responding. Driver Booster had paused while downloading the driver for the Bluetooth as Windows Defenders stopped it. When I tried to allow the download, I notice my only method of interacting with my PC had failed.I force shut down the PC in hopes that the problem would be fixed. Didn't work.So now, I can... Read more

Answer:Laptop Keyboard, TouchPad, Touchscreen and Wireless Mouse do...

UPDATE:Okay, I found that there was a way to force the PC into recovery mode without any buttons.I took out the battery, forced a shut down, and unplugged the power cord when I turned it on. After replugging the power and powering up, it went into recovery.Touchscreen and keyboard worked in recovery mode, was too excited to test TouchPad and mice.Anyways, I'm resetting the PC now. Hopefully this fixes it all.I'm somewhat leary of doing updates, however. Reading around online, some had this issue for their keyboards and mice due to Windows 10 hybrid shutdown and fast startup. I'm going to try to turn that off, update everything, and hope that fixes everything.Will update status later.Hope anyone having similar issues find this useful.

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Ever since I have taken this Dell notebook out of the box or not long after that, it has been giving me trouble with the keyboard, touchpad, and mouse. When I go to wake the computer from sleep or even turning it on after a night's rest, the keyboard, mouse, and touchpad do not respond to the computer. The cursor (if I am typing something) and the mouse pointer freezes up and it makes the computer not usable until it responds. The keyboard also has a backlit caps lock key. When this happens, the light on the caps lock key does not light up. I have ran tests on it from Dell and the program (Dell Support Assist) says that everything passed and there is nothing wrong. There is something wrong. A brand new computer from the factory should not be doing this. The notebook is a Dell Inspiron 15-3552. I don't have it listed in my specs yet.

Help is appreciated!


Answer:Notebook keyboard, touchpad, and mouse fails to respond

Jesse Williams said:

When I go to wake the computer from sleep or even turning it on after a night's rest, the keyboard, mouse, and touchpad do not respond to the computer

Hi Jesse,

Does your laptop behave the same way in Safe Mode?

Have you tried to uncheck "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power" in Device Manager (one by one) for keyboard, mouse and touchpad? The results should be seen only after the reboot.

I know that some people don't like this method but I'd also use DriverPack: DriverPack Solution - software for driver updates | Download drivers for 7, XP, 10, 8 and 8.1

I'm sure you did that but just in case: check the startup apps with Autoruns - maybe one of them causes problem.
You are fortunate to have a brand new Dell computer so in case it's a serious hardware problem you can always make use of their door-to-door service.

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Does anyone find that when T430 connects with external display using VGA, if you show a white screen, I can find some horizontal jitters. It is not that obvious, but if you show a white screen, or most of screen is white, and you check it carefully, you can see that horizontal jitters. This only happens in external display, not happen in the laptop display. I also have a T420, but I didn't see this problem using VGA to connect with external display.  Does anyone find this similar problem? I doubt whether this is problem about VGA port, or the related driver. VGA should be a analog port.

Answer:External display show minor jitters when T430 connect with external display using VGA

I checked the forum and see this:VGA output noise think what I saw is the exact same problem mentioned in this thread. But how should I fix it?Thanks.

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I have a Latitude E5570. It did not come with a backlit keyboard. I purchased a dell laptop keyboard with backlit function. Installed it fine (noticed the extra ribbon cable that I assume is for the power for the backlight.

The F10 key includes the FN icon to enable backlight. But it is not working. Checking the bios, there is no setting as per the manual to enable the backlight. There are the two settings for how long before it times out either on AC or battery though.

Does anyone have any ideas? Is there a dell software I can install on windows 7 to enable this?


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The F5 touch pad function bottom stop working when i use external mouse

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I just swapped a hard drive from a laptop with a busted screen to a laptop that works fine. Well, it did work fine until I activated Windows. The keyboard all of a sudden stopped working and the buttons below the touchpad won't work either.
I can't find any keyboard drivers for Windows 7 on Sony's website and the touchpad drivers didn't seem to work. A Windows update didn't work, either.

Sony Vaio VGN-NR498E
Windows 7 Enterprise 32-bit

I desperately need this laptop up and running as soon as possible.

Answer:Laptop Touchpad and Keyboard Don't Work

Attempting to update again didn't work.

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Hi, I'm using a HP EliteBook. And recently I've been using this docking station to insert a monitor and a different keyboard to it. That worked fine until I then had to take my laptop with me and ejected it from the docking station in a hurry (while it was turned off). And now my laptop does not respond at all to neither the keyboard nor the touchpad. My wireless mouse works, so I used the screen keyboard to unlock the PC. And the question is then; how am I supposed to fix this?

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Hi, I'm using a HP EliteBook. And recently I've been using this docking station to insert a monitor and a different keyboard to it. That worked fine until I then had to take my laptop with me and ejected it from the docking station in a hurry (while it was turned off). And now my laptop does not respond at all to neither the keyboard nor the touchpad. My wireless mouse works, so I used the screen keyboard to unlock the PC. And the question is then; how am I supposed to fix this?

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Hey everyone! I just got a new Edge 15 yesterday (this is the Best Buy exclusive one, and it's more expensive of the two options available), but I'm having an issue with it that's really preventing me from enjoying using the machine, and it's incredibly frustrating! Whenever I press keys on the keyboard and go to use the touchpad together with it, the touchpad freezes/delays for a number of seconds. It makes it incredibly difficult to play any kind of casual game or just browse the web. I've spent a long time looking up solutions, but none of them have helped at all. This Lenovo uses the Alps driver and while it has palm tracking, turning it down to minimum doesn't fix the problem, neither does going through windows 8.1 and choosing the option to have no delay in the mouse/touchpad settings there. I have no idea what to do to fix this problem, if anyone could help that'd be amazing!

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I bought a Toshiba Satellite A80-154

The Keyboard doesn?t work.
I see the light but no key worked. The same with the touchpad.
I can?t go into the Bios.

When I plug a USB mice and keyboard in works fine.
I search for a new one in Ebay. The cheapest offer 24$+6$!

I see in the Windows system the keyboard and touchpad with a !
I don?t know what the problem is but it is not a Windows prob.
it doesn?t work either in Bios.

Thank you for Help

Answer:Satellite A80-154 - Keyboard and Touchpad don't work


It looks like a hardware problem.
If the warranty is valid you could contact the ASP in your country for a hardware check.

If the warranty is not valid you could firstly check if the keyboard cable was connected to the motherboard properly.
If it?s connected properly then a keyboard malfunction is possible and it would be advisable to check if a replacement would help to solve this issue.

The compatible parts can be ordered also from the ASP in your country.

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I have a Dell Inspiron 1420 runing with Windows Vista.

My disc drive wasn't reading the disc, so I followed these instructions:
Windows Vista
Click Start, and then click All Programs.
Click Accessories, and then click Run.
Type regedit, and then click OK. If you are prompted for an administrator password or for a confirmation, type the password, or click Allow.
In the navigation pane, locate and then click the following registry subkey:
In the right pane, click UpperFilters.

Note You may also see an UpperFilters.bak registry entry. You do not have to remove that entry. Click UpperFilters only. If you do not see the UpperFilters registry entry, you still might have to remove the LowerFilters registry entry. To do this, go to step 8.
On the Edit menu, click Delete.
When you are prompted to confirm the deletion, click Yes.
In the right pane, click LowerFilters.

Note If you do not see the LowerFilters registry entry, unfortunately this content cannot help you any further. Go to the "Next Steps" section for information about how you can find more solutions or more help on the Microsoft Web site.
On the Edit menu, click Delete.
When you are prompted to confirm the deletion, click Yes.
Exit Registry Editor.
Restart the computer.
I deleted both the upper and lower filters, the restarted my computer. The drive worked like new, except m... Read more

Answer:Laptop Keyboard and Touchpad won't work >:(

If you need more info on my computer, just ask and tell me where I can find the information and I'll get it. ^^;

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I haven't used my laptop in a while and when I tried to switch it on it comes up saying that the keyboard is not working and instructs me to press F1 to continue. I then did this where it allowed me to enter my first password, the one you set up in accounts/administrator which I did but......... When it has done all it's done and it's onto the home screen the keyboard and touchpad won't work????? But there's another problem...... I cannot connect to my wireless to go to the site to see if there is any software to upload because I need to enter my wireless password but due to the obvious I can't do this!!!!!! I have a wireless mouse tho which will move the cursor so I am able to do bits but wouldn't have a clue how to rectify this can someone please help!!!!!!! Thankyou Tam

Answer:Laptop touchpad /keyboard won't work

try a usb mouse & a usb keyboard to get things set up so you can get things set up.Some HELP in posting on plus free progs and instructions Cheers

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I have a Dell Inspiron 1420 runing with Windows Vista.

My disc drive wasn't reading the disc, so I followed these instructions:
Windows Vista
Click Start, and then click All Programs.
Click Accessories, and then click Run.
Type regedit, and then click OK. If you are prompted for an administrator password or for a confirmation, type the password, or click Allow.
In the navigation pane, locate and then click the following registry subkey:
In the right pane, click UpperFilters.

Note You may also see an UpperFilters.bak registry entry. You do not have to remove that entry. Click UpperFilters only. If you do not see the UpperFilters registry entry, you still might have to remove the LowerFilters registry entry. To do this, go to step 8.
On the Edit menu, click Delete.
When you are prompted to confirm the deletion, click Yes.
In the right pane, click LowerFilters.

Note If you do not see the LowerFilters registry entry, unfortunately this content cannot help you any further. Go to the "Next Steps" section for information about how you can find more solutions or more help on the Microsoft Web site.
On the Edit menu, click Delete.
When you are prompted to confirm the deletion, click Yes.
Exit Registry Editor.
Restart the computer.

I deleted both the upper and lower filters, the restarted my computer. The drive ... Read more

Answer:Laptop Keyboard and Touchpad won't work :(

Run a system restore -
START | type rstrui - choose restore point prior to registry editing

Regards. . .



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I have been using my external monitor along with my built in display for my laptop. I have had it set to Extended Desktop and all looked well. Now all of a sudden I went to plug in the external monitor into my laptop and it won't work. It's detected, but it's black. I've tried changing the resolution, restarting the computer, uninstalling the monitor and re-installing it, etc. Things were fine until I updated my computer with Windows Update, but now NO external monitor works. I've even tried the FN+F2 option for my MSi A6200. I checked the VGA port and it is just fine. The cables aren't torn either. The laptop is detecting the monitors and even installed the drivers for them, yet the external monitors are black. I tried Clone Display, and I tried using only the external monitor. I could really use some help. I've identified that there isn't physical damage to my laptop's VGA port, so I'm really puzzled here. Please help me out! <3 Thanks in advance.

Answer:External Display is Black

1.Try using a different cable despite the cable looking like it has no damage. If that works, it is a problem with the cable. If not, go on to Step 2.
2.Try another monitor. If this works, the 1st monitor is broken. If not, go on to 3.
3. Try switching to another port if possible. If you do not have a second port, or this does not work, go on to 4. If it does, the port is broken.
4. Try using another PC with this monitor. If this works, the laptop may have a physical damage in the GPU or the motherboard. Go onto step 5.
(If none of the above steps work, I'm not able to help you farther since my knowledge limits it)
5. Try installing/reinstalling the monitor drivers if there is any. Go to the manufacturer website for this. If this does not work, continue to 6.
6. Try reinstalling the drivers for the GPU. It is crucial to carefully do this step since if this goes wrong, it will create another bigger problem. Please wait for a person with better knowledge to help guide you through the process.

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Urgent .. Urgent .. Urgent .. please help.

I have a Vista SP1 on my VAIO VGN-FW390
I have encountered a problem recently which stopped my works.

I had VMware workstation 8 on my Vista, It had a small problem with one of my machines and therefor I uninstalled 8 version and I tried to reinstall 7 version again.
but it gave me an error "a previous version is installed on this machine" .
I tried solutions of vmware forums but they were not work.
I tried to resolve the error by deleting every vmware related file on my vista. but nothing changed.
after those I guessed the problem may be from the registry keys of vmware and therefor I searched in the registry editor and deleted every vmware related keys!!!

and unfortunately now, neither my keyboard works nor mouse touch pad.
unfortunately my restore points become deleted automatically(I dont know why) and I don't have any restore point to go back.
and the Recent good configuration in boot menu of Vista doesn't changed anything.
their driver are update

I uninstalled the hardwares and installed them again and again nothing changed.

the error in the device manager:
Windows cannot start this hardware device because its configuration information (in the registry) is incomplete or damaged. (Code 19)
Click 'Check for solutions' to send data about this device to Microsoft and to see if there is a solution available.

I have to work on my project from Monday.
Urgent!! please help me.

Is there any software to re... Read more

Answer:Urgent; Keyboard and mouse touchpad disabled for registry problem

Hello, see if you can do this : Repair Install For Vista

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I just got thinkkpad T570 (512 ssd, core i7, windows 10 pro, 16 ram, UHD).Usually the movement of touchpad is perfect, when I just move the point with doing nothing.  However, when I open pictures, setting and access to websites ( even this website), touchpad, trackpoint adn mouse are getting slower, does not move seconds, and losing the cursor, and moves sort time, this happens constantly, then eventuall, the cursor keeps freezing. I tried to move touchpad, track point and mouse, moreover, typing keyboard, nothing happens. but when I turn it off, into sleepying mode, and turn on. Then it works.Is there any solution to this issue?

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Hello everyone. I have one big problem. I reinstalled my 8.1 pro (legal copy, disk been fully formatted) and it was okay for few hours. Next time im starting the laptop, my keyboard and touchpad doesnt work. I plugged USB mouse and keyboard and it works just fine. I went to device manager and besides Standart PS/2 keyboard and mouse icons there was orange triangle meaning that i have problem with drivers. I searched drivers online, but unsuccsessily.. After few hours of trying to fix it, my Standart PS/2 Keyboard turned into Unknown device and now im completely lost. Adding photo of device manager, i hope someone will help me here.

Answer:8.1 pro laptop keyboard and touchpad doesnt work

Since we do not know the make and model of your laptop.
Should try the laptop manufacturer's website to see if you can find the drivers for this. Does look like there missing.

What does it tell you when you right click the ones with yellow exclamation points ?

You can right click and select update driver software, either search automatically or browse your computer, select signed driver from the list is shows you.

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hi ! when i press a letter on the keyboard the touchpad stops working. i tried with palmcheck option but the problem remains. i have ELAN software and everything seems updated (according to windows update and lenovo softwares). in touchpad settings i found the option about the mouse block during digitation, but it doesn'twork. can someone help me?

Answer:z 50 75 pressing keyboard touchpad doesn't work

I have the same problem with a Y50-70 and ELAN Touchpad/driver too. It has been sold to me as a gaming Laptop and now one major functionality you need for gaming doesn't work - what a mess. I spend hours in the Internet reading hundreds of articles from people with the same issue.1. Solution: Disable the Palmcheck function but unfortunately the ELAN SW doesn' provide this option.2. Solution: Change the Touchpad sensibility (some say max, some min) - neither works with the ELAN driver.3. Solution: Go into the Registry (regedit) and change parameter (DisableWhenType_Enable and DisableWhenType_DelayTime_Move in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Elantech\SmartPad\), to 0 with Regedit. Didn't work for me too. 4. Solution: Uninstall the ELAN driver qnd let Windows install a generic PS2 one during re-boot. This finally did it for me, however you are losing all the additional functionality of your Touchpad and can onlwy move the cursor plus right/left click. No zoom; no scroll, no multiple finger functionality anymore. So be it, I bought the Laptop for Gaming. I'm pretty disappointed about this but hope there will be better driver coming out soon.

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I have a recently-purchased Lenovo 100s Ideapad 11iby Windows10.  After about a month of struggling to get the WiFi to work and get all of the W10 updates installed, it froze.  I did the Novo button complete reset to start over. when restarted, the keyboard and trackpad do not work.  I can't complete the install process because I can't type anything in. An external mouse works, and I can type using the on-screen keyboard, but that's all. now what?

Answer:100s Ideapad W10 keyboard and touchpad don't work

i have the same problem.  have you been able to resolve this?

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My Lenovo g50-70 will not allow me to use my keyboard the touchpad at the same time. If' i'm moving the mouse pointer and then try to type something at the same time the pointer will stop moving until i stop typing.  I've searched the dicussion boards for a solution to this problem and I have found posts that instruct me to minimize the palm tracking portion of the driver. I now have the palm tracking set to the minimum value but it has not made a difference to my problem. does anyone have another solution? 

Answer:lenovo g50-70 keyboard and touchpad won't work at the same time

Hi Dumptruck,
Welcome to the Forums  
As per the query we understood that you are facing issue with keyboard and touchpad in your Lenovo G50-70 laptop.
Try to uninstall the touchpad driver and restart the system and reinstall the driver and check for the issue.
Click here for the touchpad driver for windows 7.
Click here for the touchpad driver for windows 8.1.
Hope this helps. Do post back if the issue persists.
Best regards,         
Ashwin. S

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My mom has a Acer 5102. The touchpad and keyboard don't work on the laptop. I tried plugging in a mouse to the USB and that didn't work either. All I want to do is back up my files to an external hard drive but I can't do it without a keyboard or the touchpad. I tried doing FN + F7, and FN + F6, and even FN + F7 + ALT. I heard those key combinations work, but it didn't in my case. Also, she said at first the OS wouldn't boot for a couple days, but now it boots but the keyboard and touchpad doesn't work. Does anyone know what the problem could be?wee

Answer:ACER Keyboard and touchpad doesn't work

Try for a good desciption on how to disassemble a laptop.Be VERY careful when disassembling. They are fragile and the connections are short.The ribbon cable under the keyboard might be the problem although the USB connections are integrated on the motherboard and with your earlier problems might point to that as the cause.

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Hello,I recently bought a new HP Pavilion 15-bc035nd (Windows 10) but I am running into a few issues with it. When I go into sleep mode and then wake up the laptop, using the power button, the keyboard and touchpad stops working. I am not able to enter my password. Via an external mouse and keyboard I am able to enter my password succesfully. Even after entering my password I am still not able to use my touchpad/keyboard of my laptop. Only a hard reset enables me to use the keyboard/touchpad again. I have tried various settings regarding power management but nothing seems to resolve my issue... Any suggestions?Thanks in advance,Kevin

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I noticed this problem while playing an onlin game. I lose touchpad functionality while i press a key on my keyboard. I attempted to fix the problem by setting the palmtracking option to minimum but it didnt fix the problem. What else can i do?

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This is the second time this has happened to me
However last time a system restore fixed the problem, this time system restore didnt work.

I can use my keyboard on startup and in safe mode but that is all.
I am currently using a USB keyboard and mouse.

I have tried almost all of the suggestions with no joy. please help.

Answer:Keyboard and Touchpad wont work on Satellite L


There are no many options which could solve this problem.
It can be a hardware problem or software related issue.

Can you use the internal keyboard within the BIOS?
Check this.
If this would not be possible, I assume the hardware is faulty.

Additionally I recommend testing the keyboard and touchpad using the factory settings.
Recover the notebook and check if the keyboard would functions?. Otherwise you will need an helps from an notebook technician in order to replace the keyboard and touchpad

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Ever since I've upgraded my dad's laptop to Windows 10, the keyboard and touchpad stop working randomly, and would work only after I restart the computer. (logging off, switch user, standby mode doesn't resolve it.)
There is no pattern to it. Sometimes it would be ok for a few days, sometimes it would happen again after a few hours. I mostly do internet browsing on the laptop.

When the problem occurred:
- The keyboard AND the touchpad would both stop working at the same time.
- USB mouse still works. (I do not have an external keyboard to test)
- The lights on the keys themselves (eg caps lock, wifi) would still remain on if they're activated but cannot be toggled on/off as usual.
- The device manager still showed no problems with the mouse or keyboard.

Things I've tried:
- sfc /scannow
- disabled sticky keys
- used the generic drivers for keyboard and touchpad
- reinstalled the drivers for keyboard and touchpad
- updated to the latest synaptics driver
- made a new synaptics trackpad profile
- disabled touchpad when using the USB mouse

Laptop stats:
HP Pavillion dm1-4002AU
Windows 10 Home 64bit (upgraded from Win7 and then reset to a fresh state)
AMD Radeon HD 6230 Graphics
Synaptics Driver Version: 06Jul15
Synaptics PS/2 Port TouchPad
Lenovo ThinkPad PS/2 keyboard

This is very exasperating. I would appreciate some help in stopping this problem permanently, thanks.

Answer:Laptop keyboard and touchpad randomly do not work

I am having the same problem. Is there any update on this ??

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typing with on screen keyboard atm. i have a diagnostic run available at request. deleted the malware associated already, if anyone can help me it would be greatly appreciated

Answer:ps/2 driver infected. keyboard and touchpad does not work

can anyone help me out...think combofix will do it?

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Hp G60-228CA Notebook laptop

Originally came with windows vista 32-bit, so recently I upgraded to windows 8.1 32 bit

after about a month the track pad and keyboard BOTH came un-responsive, and in the device manager, it's coming up with a "COPROCESSOR" error, any ideas as to a resolution to this issue?


Answer:After 8.1 upgrade touchpad & Keyboard no longer work

HP & Windows 8 & Windows 8.1 - Update | HP? Official Site

Originally Posted by HP

Update your system from Windows 8 to Windows 8.1?

Please provide your PC Product Number to find out:

• If HP has tested your computer with Windows 8.1
• If there are Windows 8.1 update instructions available for your PC

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Hello, after restart / coming back from 'sleep' I can use the keyboard only to press strg + alt + entf (German), login with fingerprint, and than I cannot use the keyboard nor the touchpad for 1-5 minutes. The usb-mouse works perfectly. Sometimes, I have to restart several times to make it work at all. Any help very much appreccated!  

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I own a sattelite C870-13E computer since august.

Yesterday for no apparent reason, my touchpad stopped working. (no, I didn't turn it off)
Not really bothered by it, i kept working on my computer for several hours.
It then occurred to me it might be a little bug, so I decided to restart my computer.

When it turned back on, not only my touchpad didn't work, now nothing on my keyboard responded, not a single key. I updated drivers, bios, ran a virus scan, rolled back my computer to a few days earlier, nothing helped.

The strange thing is that the keyboard still responds when i hold the 0, F1 or F8 keys, as well as enter and arrow keys to get in the menus before windows starts up.

Using those, i used the toshiba recovery to set the computer back to factory settings.
Despite all that, keyboard and touchpad are still out.
I really don't understand, since it works during startup it can't be actual materialistic damage!

Now i'm getting frustrated cause i have no more solutions and typing with on-screen keyboard is really slow! =p

Any help?

Answer:Keyboard and touchpad don't work on Satellite C870-13E


I think it?s a hardware malfunction because you already tried the system recovery and the keyboard does not work even if using factory settings.

But it would be interesting to know if the USB external keyboard would functions. Can you test this? In my opinion if the external keyboard would works properly, then this would mean that your internal keyboard is faulty and needs to be replaced.
I?m wondering if the touchpad fault is related to the internal keyboard malfunction.

However, I think the warranty should be still valid if you purchased this unit in August. So get in contact with service and the guys should fix it free of charge!

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