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yoga 2 disk drive failed 9 months after repaired, ...

Question: yoga 2 disk drive failed 9 months after repaired, ...

My daughter's yoga 2 crashed in the summer of 2015 after buying it for christmas 2014. After much going back and forth, lenovo fixed it in september 2015, replacing the mother board, hard drive, keyboard, plastic, and touch pad. In June 2016 it crashed again, this time with a bad disk drive so we can't boot into windows. Occasionally I've gotten to the windows repair options and when I've done diagnostics windows tells me that the hard drive is about to fail so it can't repair the drive, so we can't boot into windows. My warranty ended at the end of 2015, so when I try to get support from lenovo I can't get anywhere. However, lenovo replaced the drive only 9 months ago - it should not be bad at this point. How can I get support on this bad part? If I can't, can you please point me to a hard drive replacement that I can purchase? The serial number is YB07716163. I can do the repair myself, but I'd prefer to know that the replacement will be compatible at this point so that my daughter can actually use her computer. Charles

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Preferred Solution: yoga 2 disk drive failed 9 months after repaired, ...

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: yoga 2 disk drive failed 9 months after repaired, ...

I think you can replace the hard drive. But you need to make sure the port is SATA or IDE.In this way you can order the right one you need.

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Hello, two days ago my Lenovo Twist S230u laptop started to freeze a lot, especially when I tried to multitask (like switching to a separate window). It probably took ten minutes each time for the computer to unfreeze and continue. Prior to this incident, the in-built 'Lenovo Solutin Center' software ran an automatic diagnostic test, and said that the laptop failed the SMART short-self test (unfortunately I forgot to copy the error code). I didn't think much of it at the time since my laptop is only 5-months old. Just in case, I performed a disk cleanup, disk defrag and made sure everything is up to date. This was when the laptop began to freeze quite a lot. In desperation (and stupidity), I typed the chkdsk /r command in command prompt and asked it to run at reboot. Apparently the SMART short self test is a physical problem rather than a software problem, so obviously chkdsk won't help. chkdsk ran for about two days now which is clearly too long for a 500gb HDD laptop. I've only used about half of this space too. I forced a shut down and now I cannot access Windows 8.1 through the boot menu (it just hangs on a black screen). Loading a rebootable USB recovery drive is not doing anything too. I previously sought support on the Microsoft Answers website. They said that my 'hard disk is failing' and I will need to have my HDD replaced. I just want a second opinion here. Is warranty valid under this circumstance? From what I ... Read more

Answer:5 months...and hard drive has failed

Never mind. I've contacted Lenovo and they said they are able to replace the HDD under the current warranty agreement. 

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On April 12th, I called Lenovo's support centre to arrange for my Y460 (under 3-yr on-site warranty) to be repaired because chkdsk reported bad sectors on my HDD.  The person on the phone requested for me to send the chkdsk log, which I sent via email to lenserv on the same day after the phone call. After the service provider's first attempt to replace the HDD and return the laptop to me, I discovered that chkdsk was not working properly:for C drive: CHKDSK can be scheduled to run when computer restarts, but WILL NOT RUN when computer actually restarts.for D drive: running CHKDSK (in a cmd window as administrator) marks all free space as bad clusters/sectors and encounters "error in writing the output log."Upon my insistence, the service provider made another 2 attempts to replace the HDD, but the problems with chkdsk were not fixed. With RapidDrive technology, the SSD and HDD are merged such that the SSD and the 'C' drive on the HDD appear as one single drive.  Lenovo's technical team claims that because of this merging, chkdsk will not work properly.  They insisted that they found no hardware problems with my laptop using the diagnostic tools they have, but there's no way for them to fix the chkdsk problems.  However, my experience is that chkdsk worked properly on my laptop before the original HDD was replaced and the chkdsk log I sent to lenserv is evidence that chkdsk was able to run upon computer restart to check C drive. On May 1... Read more

Answer:Y460 with RapidDrive not repaired after more than 2 months

Just received a reply from Lenovo Care today, July 1st, "As per the feedback by my management, they are finalizing the discussion on your case and we should be able to provide a feedback to you latest by end of this week." I hope they will give me a satisfactory resolution.

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I have a hard drive with a bad motor. I am confident that is what it is, and not a disk/information problem. Have any of you done this transfer process, getting ahold of a same model hard drive and removed the disks, and put the other disks in and were successful? This is how I would do it, as I have come to understand. Please tell me if you have done this and anything about the experience. thanks.

Answer:Solved: Who has repaired a hard drive before? Disk transfering?

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Dear Community,  I have bought a brand new ThinkPad Edge 420s in August 2011. I was happy with the quality of the product, which I bought because of its reputation of reliability and solidity.Unfortunately in December 2011, 6 months after I bought it, the Think Vantage tools notified a problem with the hard disk, which had to be changed. As the computer was under guarantee, it was picked up at my place, the hard disk was changed for free and it worked normally again. I was quite surprised by the fact that a key component of  a good quality computer should fail just 6 months after purchase, but I was happy with the support I had received and the computer worked normally again. Now last week, on December 6th, the computer froze suddenly and I have not been able to start it again since then. It starts but does not go further than the Lenovo welcome page. I called the support again, we booted it from disk, it did not work, we updated the BIOS and tried to boot it again but no results. It seems the hard disk died again and has to be changed. This time, the computer is not under guarantee, even though it is the very same component as the one changed exactly one year ago, I will have to pay for the repair.  I have several questions regarding this problem: -       Is it to be considered as normal that a computer costing about 1000? and sold for its reliability and solidity should fail (it is not usable at the moment) ... Read more

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So this really irritates me because I just spent hundreds of dollars sending my laptop to HP last year because the hard drive completely failed. I have a 1TB hybrid hard drive and 22Gb solid state used for caching.  When I booted up my computer Intel Rapid Storage Technology said there was an issue.  When I opened it, it says that the status of: SATA disk (932 GB)(System) Accelerated, is Failed.  My SATA_Array_0001 22GB is fine though.  So I ran a System Quick Test,everything passed except Hard Drive Short DST Check: FAILEDFAILURE ID: Q4MP7Q-6RA82U-MFGJWK-60W303 This is weird because other than the computer telling me there is something wrong every time I restart it, It seems to run just fine.  Im just worried because I don't want it to randomly die on me one day.  

Answer:SATA disk failed and Hard Drive Short DST Check: Failed

Hi there @nmulji,  Thank you for joining in on the HP Support Forums and Welcome! This is a great place to ask questions, find solutions and get help from others in the community! I read your post on the HP Support Forums and understand that the Hard Drive in your HP ENVY TouchSmart 15t-j100 Select Edition CTO Notebook PC failed the Short DST Check.  SMART (Self-Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology System) uses a technology known as predictive failure analysis to tell you when a hard drive failure is imminent. Have you tried to Restore the BIOS? If not, please try this step first. Then, just to be on the safe side, back up your data that way it does not get lost. However, there might be certain conditions that cause a hard drive failure message to display when a problem does not exist (a false positive). To fix false positive hard drive errors, please try updating the hard drive firmware. You can check whether an update is available by going to the  Get software and drivers page. You will need to put in your Model Number and then click the links that pertain to the computer configuration and see if a hard drive update is available.  You could also try to do a  Disk Defragment to consolidate files and move them to another section of the drive where errors are less likely to occur. Did this reply resolve your issue or answer your question? If... Read more

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Hi (first post) On booting my PC this morning, I got error 2100: HDDo (Hard disk drive) initializatio error (2) It does not find my hard disk at all. The laptop has been working fine for the past few months - and had a new hard disk installed 3 months ago as the old got the blue 'screen of death'. So far I have tried the following: 1. Rebooted/on/off several times2. Removed the hard drive from the slot and put back i3. Dowloaded the bootable-generator.exe via my old Thinkpad T41 - although I am not sure what to do with it now it is on a USB stick - do I switch the boot sequence in the BIOS Startup so - or something?  I can't believe the hard disk has 'died' as all was working perfectly well the night before. Do you have any suggestions as to what to do? It seems very odd! Many thanks, D  

Answer:Thinkpad T410 Error 2100 Hard disk drive - just 3 months old?

the platters could be stuck internally and not spinning up. But the question is if you have data you need to get off. If not get it replaced.Getting it to spin up you could take it out and give it a shake laterally and put it back in and see if it spins up. You should be able to hear it spining. If it does and you still can see it then its likely a HD controller failure.

T520 Model 4239 Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2860QMbr>; Nvidia NVS 4200M Win 10 64bitZ70-80 I7 - 5500U 16GB GB - 1TB HD Win 10 64bit FHD 17.3", G840 w/2GB

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Need to replace my failed Yoga 2 11 Hard Drive wd5000mpck 5MM($206.00),, will a wd5000lpvx 7MM($44.00) drive fit..Big price difference..  

Answer:Yoga 2 11 Hard Drive Failed will a 7MM drive fit (calls for a 5MM drive)

Hi Kendoe,of course big price differences, The technical differences are:                            cache (MB); Ampere Peak(5V); Power W (read/write); standby W; acoustic (dBA); Height mm; Weightwd5000mpck: 16                ; 0,9                            ; 1,5                               ; 0,15           ; 15-17               ; 5                  ; 0,07 kgwd5000lpvx:    8                   ; 1                               ; 1,4                               ; 0,13... Read more

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Hi Lenovo! Just a quick question. This little piece fell off and I can't seem to find the piece itself. Is there anything or anywhere I could go to get this repaired?,FAXR2YH,X0P0n7C
Mod's Edit: System model added to front of Subject line to improve visibility / clarity.


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Answer:Yoga 3 14 - Where can I get this repaired?

Welcome to the Lenovo Community !
Posting your Lenovo model number may help others assisting you.

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Why is the customer service of this company so dreadful? The track pad on my yoga 900 stopped physically depressing and clicking in so I sent it in for warranty. When got it back, the keyboard was replaced with one that has a Japanese layout that's really annoying to use without looking at. I suppose I could get used to it but certain things just suck like the tiny space bar and repositioning of keys from one side of the keyboard to the other. And get this: THERE'S NO RIGHT ALT KEY! There are two extra keys to the right of the spacebar but they don't do anything at all unlike the colon button next to the semicolon that actually is for apostrophes.I also coordinated with the CSR to return the unit to a different address because I was moving but they sent it to my old address so I had to coordinate getting back the computer. I even wrote the new address on the inventory control sheet as well as the return address. Now the only fix would be to send my laptop back meaning another two weeks without a computer. Whereas ASUS replaced my cracked screen on a midrange laptop (q501la) out of warranty for free. Please steer clear of this company as the quality of their products is shoddy (at least on my 900) and their service is horrible.

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[Image containing S/N removed]

Model: 20D9000RAU
S/N: xxxxx
Keeps asking me to activate Windows 8.1.  (see photos above). When I first bought the laptop online via Lenovo, Windows was already activated for me.
Please help.
Moderator comment: Serial number(s) removed to protect member from mischief.

Answer:Thinkpad Yoga 11e repaired under warranty Case: P47K44M & P47ZTD0

They probably replaced the motherboard.   It is possible the board installed does not have the correct key programmed into the UEFI bios to match the version of windows on your machine.   Your unit originally  shipped with windows 8.1 standard editon.     Maybe they substituted your part for the same thing, but with a 8.1 pro license programmed into it. Or if they reimaged it they might have used the wrong image.  See which version is on the unit by checking in the computer properties screen.   Should be 8.1 Standard.

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Hey guys so suddenly last week, I woke up my computer right before studying for an exam and I get this blue recovery screen. I can't seem to find any solutions, and Lenovo wants me to pay 99 dollars for their help.  I literally haven't done anything else on the computer before this happened (maybe downloaded some PDFs or whatever but I haven't done any system level changes on it). I tried one key but it doesn't work. I was thinking of just choosing the "reset to setup mode" or "restore factory keys" but I'm not entirely sure what these guys do. What do they do? Also, any other suggestions?  

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Been meaning to write a note here for perhaps some tips and suggestions on what to do to get my 8.0 upgraded successfully to 8.1.

Months ago I was very excited to upgrade as I read of all the great improvements and now there is a note on line that 8.1 will get more upgrades in April.

So I got the banner across my desktop asking me if I wanted to upgrade so eventually I gave in and allowed the process to happen. I was very excited until the final reboot and well... I booted into a very grave mess.

I had NO background image, black screen. No task bar, no icons, only "a cursor in the dark" as I like to call it. Yea, I actually had a cursor I could move around and click but I couldn't "see" what I was clicking on. So upon trying what I could I called up Microsoft and after a while they asked permission to take over my machine and after 4 HOURS we both gave in and I had to do a full reinstall. At least the newer Windows saves all the older stuff in a Windows.old folder so not all was lost but enough to know I didn't want to go through that again.

Apparently the video drivers became corrupt along with Windows Explorer (that's what the MS tech was able to figure out). She was just as amazed as I was.

Anyway, I've laid off the upgrade again in hopes I could get here and ask what it was I should do before trying again? My video drivers are all up to date (as they were the day all that happened). The only thing I had running was the scrip... Read more

Answer:Tried and failed with 8.1 months ago

Have had mixed results with 8.1 here, had to revert to 8 on some laptops, am postponing any more upgrade until some time after 8.1.1 is out and has been discussed\reviewed.

But in all circumstances, IMO move nr1 in any upgrade process is to 1st do some good imaging (easeus here for xp\w7, macrium for w8).

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Well, one month if you're just looking at the replacement....  original laptop was purchased in February and received in March; had issues with the fan and digitizer so had it replaced end of march. Got replacement April 6th, and two issues above are no longer a concern as the fan is reasonably quiet (barely hear it when in power saver mode, which is what I'm in most of the time), and no issues to date with the touch screen, so overall, I'm pleased.  things I really do like about the laptop: - form factor; I like the flexibility to flip the screen.- back lit keyboard...very useful at night in dark rooms...- USB port doubling as an AC port...not sure why this was never thought of earlier....- 1080p screen...I'm glad they didn't come with a higher resolution as I believe that it's currently a sweet spot for battery performance, and icon scalability within windows apps...- really like the feel of the touch pad....and this is from someone that usually hates touch works well and mimics touchscreen behaviours well, albeit that one bug that doesn't activate dual touch for context menus without messing with your registry manually...- Battery capacity & battery life; I believe the battery was supposed to be rated at 44Wh, but out of the box, both devices I had were being detected as 46Wh, and were both being charged to over 50Wh....on power saver, I can usually get 7-9hrs of life, depending on what I'm doing, although I got one rep... Read more

Answer:Yoga 3 14 - 2 months in...

Just an ammendment to the above; after some more research and playing with the system, it would seem that it isn't thermal throttling, but TDP throttling due to surpassing the wattage limit 15watts that's killing performance...  The sad part of it is that it really isn't needed as the system could handle it fine, and you can see it for the 30-45 seconds that it allows turbo to run past the 15 watt limit, where it reaches 18-20watts easily underload, and temps are staying within reasonable  (usually mid  70's to low 80's)  Now, I understand the reasoning for limiting to 15watts, while running on battery power; totally understandable... But when plugged in, I want all the potential power available to to me when I need/want it, and what makes it worse, is that the system as is teases that it can handle it, before dropping down to a lower power state. Not only that, but the TDP is not just turning off turbo, but dropping the speed of the processor below its advertised speeds to satisfy the 15watt limit.  As I know this is not a set in stone value mandated by Intel, and that each manufacturer can set their own TDP limits, I'd like to see either a) raise the TDP levels to something more reasonable (19-20watts), and let thermal throttling take care of overheating if it happens to be the case (really no sense having two throttling methods when plugged to the wall), or b) unlock the TDP settings to let entheusiasts to set their own TDP limit via... Read more

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My wife has an HP Pavillion that came with Windows7 home Premium pre-installed. Last week, the hard drive failed (it starts to spin up, clicks several times and stops turning). I have a new WD hard drive coming, but neither HP nor Microsoft will give me an installation disk. HP says I have to get it from Microsoft and Microsoft says that I have to get it from HP Is there any way to obtain one without having to purchase operating system?

Answer:Failed hard drive, no installation disk

Presumably you have a product key on a sticker somewhere. Sometimes under the battery.

If so, you only need to find installation media.

This is what you need:

SHA1: 6C9058389C1E2E5122B7C933275F963EDF1C07B9
ISO/CRC: 4A182640

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OK, so I've been using my Yoga for 6 months now, and that gives me enough time to have pretty much formed a permanent opinion of it. Overall: It's been absolutely great.  I rarely wind up with a piece of technology that exceeds my expectations/hopes, but this has done it.  I build my own desktops, and had built my past 3 laptops as well.  However, I wanted something very niche to suit my wide range of usage needs, and building it was not practical (probably not possible either, for that matter).  That isn't to say that it's perfect; there are a few issues, which will be covered later.  But it's been better than I had hoped, and that's a tall order. What I use it for: Basically, pretty much everything.  I use it for light gaming when I travel.  I use it as a replacement for paper-printed flashcards in the classroom when I teach.  I use it for touch-screen edutainment games between classes (think wordworm).  I use it for software and web development (c++, php), everywhere from an office to standing on the train and holding it in one hand while typing with the other.  I use it for watching movies/TV/Youtube on the go.  Heck, my cats even use it as a heating pad. The good: The screen.  It's high res enough to fit a ton of code on the screen, yet large enough to use in a classroom and the kids in the back can see it.  And despite being one-handed in both laptop and tablet mode, and getti... Read more

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I bought a Yoga 2 in October, and last week it died. Won't power on, plugged or unplugged, all that happens when you hold the power button down is the battery status light flashes amber 3 times. Have tried holding the power button down for 20 seconds, nothing. Phoned Lenovo technical 'helpline' over the weekend, guy told me the unit would need to be returned for repair, and they would possibly have to replace the main board. He went on to inform me that if I wanted to save any data that was stored on the hard drive, I should employ the services of a data recovery expert, and that I should backup my data regularly. Now, the way I see it is that my data is (presumably) still on the machine, but a fault with either the components or the manufacturing means that I can't get at it. The guy wouldn't budge, and stuck very diligently to the approved Lenovo script ("very sorry, but the warranty covers hardware only blah blah blah"). I've got 4 months' worth of university work on this machine, so I'm bit p'd off at the minute. Can anyone on here advise how I go about raising a formal customer complaint with Lenovo? Thanks  


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Answer:Yoga 2 13 dead after 4 months

You can raise a complaint with Lenovo, sure. Call them back again and try to talk to a manager BUT I dont think lenovo provides data backup or recovery services.
Even if they did, it would cost you extra. Ideally, you should have backed up such important work (even if thats in google drive, I know I do, coz i have lost work before)
Your best bet is some data recovery guy who can do this without voiding your warranty. (coz if you open your laptop and void the warranty then Lenovo wont even repair it).
Sorry and best of luck.

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The Wi-Fi was spotty and I sent in the computer for repair under warranty. Warranty would not cover the repair so I paid $150 for the repair. It took 3 months for me to get a response saying they could not find the part to repair and they would be shipping out a new computer instead. It's been three weeks and I haven't gotten any updates on the computer whatsoever. I've tried calling the repair center in the US and I am getting the runaround saying my case is assigned to someone called Matthew Weaver who has not been responding to emails or calls. When I talk to a lower level representative, the only thing they said they can do is assign the case to another "higher up". I've been without a laptop for 4 months for repairs that I paid for and I simply cannot find an alternative way to talk to someone who can move this case along. Is there anybody on this forum that can help me with the case? I really need the laptop back for my business, it has been a quarter of the year since I've been without this laptop. I am extremely frustrated by this situation. I've only purchased ThinkPads for the last 10 years and this will most likely be my last seeing that customer service has fallen so far since Lenovo took over from IBM. The escalation case number is 403WWBL.   

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Hello , I bought the Probook 450 G2 and have been using it for 15 months. The mother board recently failed without any signs or symptoms. Is that normal that a mother board fails after 15 months? Is that ca common issue with this type of notebooks? The technician tells me that the mother board should not fail after 15 months. Could it be a manufacturing issue? I am actually schocked...any feedback will be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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A couple days ago, I got a BSOD and now my laptop has not been able to boot properly.It gets stuck on the Lenovo splash screen, then a couple seconds later it shows a Boot Drive not Detected screen and it doesn't give me any options for a drive to boot from.I've tried unplugging the internal battery and holding the power button for 15 seconds, tried removing the SSD drive and putting it back in, and have tried selecting Legacy Support in the BIOS settings.  Any other suggestions?Thanks!

Answer:Yoga Pro 2 - BSOD/Disk Drive not Detected

Hi KaelGK, 
Welcome to the Community Forums.
Try checking on the BIOS if the SSD boot drive is still detected.
Running bootable diagnostics would help identify the issue.
Alternatively , you can swap the SSD to another pc to test detection and image integrity.
Update us how it goes.

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just installed a new tb hd
does not show in device manager
does show in disk manager but shows as failed
so i cannot format
please help
thanks in advance!

Answer:Can't format new sata drive, failed in disk manager

You might have to update your motherboard bios in order to use this TB hard drive

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My computer was working fine, it turned off fine. Later when I turned it back on it wouldn't go past the black windows logo screen with the loading bar. Then every time I turned it on I got the improper shut down screen. None of the safe mode or configuration options would run. I tried all the boot options and none would work. Tried using start up disks and couldn't get repair or anything to work. Got a message that windows couldn't find mass storage device and HDD test had read failure. Everything pointed to a bad drive. For the heck of it I tried windows reinstall and it worked, even tho I lost my info. So I don't understand why a working drive would suddenly become inoperable when it's really not. What would do this? Don't want it to happen again

Answer:Good drive failed hard disk test

You can read a lot of conversations here at TSG to give some answers.... There are many ways a computer can go bonkers, especially the age of components...

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I have an hp pavilion 542x, it's Hard Drive failed me so I bought a new one. When I put in the 8 Disk set recovery CD'S every thing goes fine until I get to disk 8 right after disk 8 is done It says creating user portion, and then it says: Cannot create user portion. Setup cannot continue. So I click Ok (the only thing to click) and then it restarts and goes back into recovery mode and says the same thing again. P.S. I have the right Disk format (NTFS)

Answer:My Hard Drive Failed, Restore Disk Problems?

Hi Tux

you got the recovery disk? - how come you got 8 cd's instead of one? Pardon me for being stoopid.

Also, did you find out why your first disk canned?

What is your current disk?

After watching for hrs and hrs as the disks install themselves, are you satisfied that the formatting completed successfully?

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Hi All,  I bought a Yoga 900-13ISK and after 6 months, with no reason at all, it crashed. The only thing I get is the Lenovo sign when I turn it on. I then get a blue pop up screen (After 10 minutes aproximately) stating "Default Boot Device Missing or Boot Failed. Insert Recovery Media and Hit any Key. Then select 'Boot Manager' to choose a new Boot Device or to Boot Recovery Media. If I reboot it to get the BIOS Menu, it does not do anything until 30 minutes later, that the BIOS screen starts up (I can see the Hard Disk detected (Liteon CV1-8B256 SSD). I tried booting it with a USB containing hiren software with XP and errors still appear. Any idea? I haven't installed anything weird lately. It started happening from one day to the other. Any clues? ThanksErnesto 

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I noticed my hinges were getting loose and also the display kind of wobled in the pretty standard position - approx.angle 125deg.   I contacted local Lenovo service partner and he suggested replacing the hinges which turned out to be a good idea as one of the old hinges turned out to be faulty. I had a possibility to hold both of the replaced hinges and test them and there was a huge difference between the left one and the right one. The left one moved freely in the range + - 5 degrees in any position. Pretty weird as I had previously heard so much  praise regarding the Lenovo yoga hinges. The issue has been resolved for me but it may happen to other users so I think it is good to know such an issue may arise in time to come. If so, hopefully within the product warranty. Take care David

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Ok, my wife's hard drive is toast. Can't read at all. I even removed it, put it in an external enclosure with USB connection and tried to read it on my computer, nada. Tried Spinrite on it. Nada. So, it's gone, and I can't recover anything.

I'm buying a new HD. The OEM version of Windows 7 was pre-installed by HP on the laptop. So I have no disks. I do have the 3 Recovery Disks my wife created when we bought the machine. But when I was trying to revive the harddrive one of the recovery screens said Windows 7 had to be already installed on the hard drive for that to work.

So, is there anyway for me to get Windows 7 on the new HD short of buying a new copy? The laptop does have a sticker on it with a product key.


Answer:Hard Drive has failed! Install Windows 7 on new HD from Recovery disk

HP and Compaq Desktop PCs: Looking for Recovery Discs? - HP Customer Care (United States - English)

HP Compaq dc7700 Convertible Minitower PC*-* HP Support document - HP Business Support Center

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I have an external hard drive. I did the check for errors thing from properties>tools. I checked the options "automatically fix file system errors" and "scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors". After some time I thought the scan froze up so I hit cancel and not the disk is unusable. It says "X:\ is not accessible. Access is denied." Same message if I try the error checking option again.

Please help.

Answer:External hard drive not working after failed disk scan

I think first you need to check for possible drive failure before trying anything else, since if does turn out to be drive failure that's end of story -- new drive required. Download the Diagnostic Software (installable Windows version) from the drive manufacturer's website. The links are here:

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Very new to this sort of thing, hope I don't upset anyone. Basically what happened was I deleted the factory partitions on this laptop( HP Pavilion G6) using disk management down to two partitions and attempted to install Ubuntu on the other partition.

After a horrendously failed attempt to install Ubuntu, disk management will not recognize my hard drive even though I can see it and access it through windows. I just want to re-partition it so I can set up a recovery partition.

It wouldn't boot up after the failed install, saying I had no operating system, but I used a win7 repair disc and now it boots up fine, but disk management doesn't show my hd or any partitions.

any help would be appreciated.


Answer:Disk Manager Not Recognizing C: Drive after failed Ubuntu install

In a situation where you attempted the installation of another OS I would opt for the use of GParted Live for cd you can also see written to a small usb flash drive. You first remove the new, existing partitions in order to start off with a fresh C primary.

From the dropdown list of file systems you simply select "ntfs" in lower case letters not the default ext 2 when going to format it. This should also eliminate all traces of the Grub installer used by many distros that is automatically installed as well as replace the traces of VFat in favor of NTFS.
Hello originalspam Welcome to the SevenForums!

Evidently while the 7 install went all well something of the other OS is lingering that has to be removed. That little bit of Partition Table info is still Linux where Windows cannot see onto any Linux drives or partitions as a rule.

This would be one explanation why your drive isn't being seen in the DM even with a 7 install on the drive itself since it hasn't been initialized there yet. GParted is preferred as the best since it is cross platform and will insure the drive becomes all MS. The latest release in iso is 126.1mb in size found at GParted - Browse /gparted at

The General Documentation for use is seen at GPARTED DOCUMENTATION - GENERALITIES Some additional screenshots can be viewed at GParted -- Screenshots

Before the use of the drive tools on the 7 dvd or for any other paritioning program to see a new C primary created you could also... Read more

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I just received a lovely present but there's no disk drive.... I'm not the best tech person, looked up what I can but can't find much about this new laptop of mine, pertaining to an external disk drive. Does this mean I can buy any? Any recommendations? Thanks in advance.

Answer:Yoga 300-11IBY External disk drive recommendations??

Hi Dresst,
Welcome to Lenovo Community!
As per the system specification, the yoga 300 is not shipped with optical disk drive. Click here for better understanding.
However, after little findings, I have found some details on Lenovo shop site. Please go through this link for part details.
I hope the above information helps.
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Hi all,

Will try to keep this brief, and I know I did a stupid thing...

I shut my computer down for a few days and when I restarted it, Windows wouldn't load; I kept getting the hal.dll file is missing or corrupt message. I loaded the recovery console and copied the file from the windows installation disk, but that didn't work (I'm thinking because the file ext on the disk was .dl_ and I needed to change it to .dll, but I didn't).
So I set the computer to boot from the disk, and told it to repair my current windows installation. It went through all of the setup files and is done, but a lot of my programs won't run (installation needs to be redone). This is NOT what I wanted!
Of course, system restore won't work now, because of the reinstall.

I have ERUNT on the computer, but all of the auto-backup files are missing.

I have a few partitions on my hard drive (C-where windows & office are; D-documents and files; E-music; F-Swapfile; G-Old hard drive used for backups of certain files). I have a recovery program (Recover4all) and I'm running that on the C drive.

Can anyone tell me what files (if any) I can recover/replace that will bring all my old stuff back? Most of my programs are still in C:\Program Files, but they won't run...
Please help - I'm almost in tears over having to reinstall everything when that wasn't my original intention and it shouldn't have worked this way!
Any/all help is so very much appreciated!!!
Darc the Dummy

Answer:hal.dll missing. Repaired windows from disk - programs not working

Edit to the above:

Windows created a new user file in C:\Documents & Settings. When I try to open Word (for example) the error message says: Microsoft Word has ot been installed for the current user.

How do I switch back to the original user instead of the newly created one?


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ive spend a good hour looking through the maze of a website lenovo have and cant find anythin cant even find an email this is my last place to go before i try contacting microsoft.anyway the hdd failed after 5 months which is a complete joke and by the looks of it i cant get it replaced because lenovo dont do customer support but its the hdd can easily be replaced my current problem is i no longer have windows ive had to use ubuntu which i like a lot but i need windows. how can i get windows back now that my hdd is broken and the factory image is gone? btw the model is a g550 and windows 7 home was installed on it

Answer:Hdd failed after 5 months, lost factory windows image, what do i do?

Hello mate, If the HDD broke after 5 month is still under warranty and Lenovo will replace it. Otherwise did you create the recovery discs ?If not you'll have to buy them from Lenovo.

__________________________________________________________________________________Knowledge is of two kinds. We know a subject ourselves, or we know where we can find information on it.ThinkPad T510 4313-CTO Windows 8 x64 - Intel Core i7-620M - NVIDIA NVS 3100M - 8GB RAM - 240GB SSD- Intel Centrino Ultimate-N 6300 - Gobi 2000.ThinkPad Helix 3697-CTO Windows 8.1 x64 - Intel Core i7-3667U - Intel HD Graphics 4000 - 8GB RAM- 256GB SSD - Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6205 - Ericsson C5621gw

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Hello forum, I have a T440 with 500 GB HDD+16 GB SSD. The HDD failed within 3 months with light usage, which is very disappointing. The laptop is still under warranty and I am wondering if I can replace it with a single SSD under warranty. I talked to Lenovo customer service and I believe they will only replace it with another HDD. Can I request Lenovo to replace it with a 500 GB SSD instead for a small price? Or will Lenovo charge a lot of money for that? If the latter is true, then will it make sense for me to buy and replace the SSD on my own?  Also, which option is right for me? To get it repaired at a Lenovo associated depot or ship my laptop to lenovo directly for repair? I don't have a recovery disk and Lenovo said it will provode me with one.


Go to Solution.

Answer:HDD failed within 3 months. Request Lenovo to replace with an SSD under warranty?

Hi rad77,
Welcome to Lenovo Forums!
It?s always good to go with what the brand offers you always, as per the Lenovo policy Lenovo is responsible to replace the part which is shipped with the system only, if you need an upgradation to your laptop either you can buy it from Lenovo authorised service centre or you can purchase it from any of the online store but before that I kindly request you to check here  what does HDD and SSD do.
I would suggest you to go for Lenovo service and more over they are even providing you the recovery disk so, it is more beneficial for you rather than choosing which doesn?t fetch you anything.
Please let me know whether the above suggestion helped you.
Thank you, have a good day.
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Hi there,
So Ive just noticed in the past week or so that my windows has been trying to update and has been failing for months and everything I've tried does nothing to fix the situation.  Anyone else ever have this problem? Help!  I also have the "not genuine windows" message popping up when in fact I am running genuine windows.

Answer:Failed windows updates for months "WindowsUpdate_800706F7" "WindowsUpdate_dt000"

Hi rebecca2015, welcome to BleepingComputer About your "Windows isn't genuine" error message, did you try to manually re-enter the product key yet ? Like shown here:

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I had my Y2P for four months, I bought the i7 8GB RAM 256GB SSD model from BestBuy. I don't play any games or do any heavy useage except streaming videos (if that counts) and one day in the middle of streaming a video from Amazon my computer just died with no warning. I tried booting it back up but the light that indicates the laptop is plugged in doesn't even register. I tried booting it while disconnected from any power source and through three different outlets around my house and I got nothing. I took it to BestBuy and the guy checked it and couldn't revive it so they sent it to their service center. I called and they told me they had to replace the motherboard. My question to anyone that is willing to help is whether there was anything I could of done that could of killed the motherboard or do I assume that it was just naturally faulty? Could the AC adapter and/or power supply have anything to do with why it died? The laptop was charging and running pretty hot (not burning hot, but hot) when it suddenly died.  Any thoughts would be great!

Answer:Yoga 2 Pro Motherboard Issue (DEAD in 4 months)

Mine died yesterday    Purchased in November.   At least now I know where to bring it.  My config is the same as yours.  Good luck.

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Does anyone here know who I can complain to about my Lenovo repair? I sent a Yoga X1 for repair of a non-responsive touch screen TWO MONTHS ago and they still haven't fixed it. They said it would take only 5 days. They claim to be waiting on parts to arrive but I'm starting to suspect they are trying to wait until my warranty expires next month. What recourse do I have at this point? Better Business Bureau? I loved the machine for about a year but this is absurd. It was my third Lenovo and it will probably be my last.

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My beloved Ideapad fell down the staircase drom a bag and required majpr surgery. Thankfully,  the warranty on it had not expired so I sent it in for repair in the second half of September. It is now end of November and no repair or udate has been provided. The representatives I called vaguely said there were expecting parts for it. Does it usually take such a long time??

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After six months of normal use, my Lenovo went to sleep one day and never woke up. A few hours after closing my laptop, it refused to power on. From my research, this looks to be a somewhat common problem with this model, but I have been unable to find a solution. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

Answer:Lenovo Yoga 2 11 Won't Turn On After 6 Months Normal Use

Dear Lydianweb
Welcome in lenovo community .
Just follow the below steps and then test
1- Shut down the machine 
2- connect the charger
3- Hold the power button down for approx 15 then release your finger
Let me know

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Deeply frustrated by my almost new Yoga 3 Pro.LCD screen completely dead after only 14 months of use.  Computer still works through an external display.Repairs would be $700.No / 0 / nada help from Lenovo.   Recurrent problem as seen on forums.DON'T BUY THIS COMPUTER.

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Today the key cap for the right control key on my Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga S1 (2014 model, 20CD) went missing. I have absolutely no idea how it happened, this morning when I went to put it into my bag as usual to go to work the keycap just wasn't there. I've searched up and down the house but no luck. I didn't drop it or had anything falling on it, it must have just fallen off during normal handling. I've never had any key fall off before on any of the laptops I've had so far. So I call Lenovo support. The device is 13 months old, so just out of warranty. Key caps are not sold separately. A replacement keyboard is 96 pounds + VAT. If I want it installed by Lenovo it's another 212 pounds + VAT for the labour. Seriously? That's 370 pounds total for a missing key that fell off on its own 1 month after the warranty expired. For 320 I can get a one year old used S1 on ebay. 

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I have owned a yoga 13 since January, which I'm quite happy with apart from some well-known problems (fan noise and weak wi-fi).
I have however observed an abnormally high rate of maximum battery capacity loss. This is the battery capacity history report since I first got the machine:
Link to picture 
You will notice that today (November 2013) the full charge capacity of the 54 mWh battery is only 41 mWh, which is a 24% loss over 10 months.
This seems a bit excessive to me, and it also renders my Yoga less useful: it now lasts about 4 hours at best, instead of the 5:30 is used to last when it was new.
Is this normal or something that would call for a warranty repair?
If it's normal, does anybody know where I can get a replacement battery in Europe? Local lenovo rep wasn't much help...
Thanks for the help,
Moderator note; picture(s) totalling >50K converted to link(s) Forum Rules

Answer:Yoga 13 loses 25% of battery capacity in 10 months

Dear preem_palver
Welcome to Lenovo forums
can you please tell me what is the battery status from the energy management

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Hi everyone, I recently noticed that the battery life of my Thinkpad Yoga 12 has drastically decreased since I bought it two months ago. In the beginning I could get 5 hours of battery easily. Now it's down to 2 hours - in normal office mode. The long battery life was one of the reasons why I bought it initially - and now it's failing me. I don't recall having done anything to the battery, hence I am totally clueless as to why the battery life has decreased so severely. Any suggestions and help highly appreciated. Thank you,Kai

Answer:Thinkpad Yoga 12: Battery life down down to 2 hrs after just 2 months

Find or install the app Lenovo Settings.
Go to Lenovo Settings > Home > Power > click on "Show details"
You will see there the Full Charge Capacity and the Designed Capacity. Tell me these numbers. If these numbers differ a lot your battery was corrupted due to aging related stress or other problems.
You can also try Lenovo Settings > Home > Power > Battery Gauge Reset to try to reset the way your computer measures full capacity, but if you experience 2 hours only this wont help.

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Hi, I've been using Thinkpad machines for over 6 years now and have had to use the internationl warrany services before without any issue on machines from the US, UK, Germany and Portugal. This time I had a 2015 Yoga 14 which had from the start an issue with the hinges.When contacting the customer service they said that it would cost £200 to repair a faulty hinge!Then I contacted Lenovo on Facebook and they arranged me a repair. The laptop has been since May 9 in repair with no estimated repair date and now they have stopped answering my emails. I have been for almost two months without my working machine when it was supposed to take 7 days!! This is unaceptable that its happening to the brand that used to have the best customer service and support, and I will definetly never buy or recommend a Thinkpad Yoga ever. Does anyone have any suggestion on what to do when this happens? Thank you ?

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Hi,I've looked through lots of threads on this but can't seem to find the answer to a basic question... How much space should I actually have available for my own stuff after doing the hotfix? I did the disk partition hotfix and I have 100gb available now on my C drive, but only 66gb of that is actually available for me to use. I have 40 gb of music and 26 gb free. The rest is mostly taken up by Windows etc. I thought the hotfix would give me 100gb of actual available space but this isn't the case. Is this right? Thanks a lot,Marc

Answer:Ideapad Yoga 13 Disk Partition/Hard Drive Hotfix Question

of the 128 GB , you lose rought 2gb to efi/boot/system partitions... then depending on the amount of ram (lets say 4gb) you loose about 4-8GB for intel rapid start, and about another 9GB for the recovery partition.. so that is about 15-20 ish GB 

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2 weeks ago my Yoga 900 stops charging and the power cord starts making a popping sound from the wall socket (thank god it didn't start a fire).  So it's obvious the power cord is bad.  I call support and the agent says it's not the power cord and he can fix it (yes I did try to explain about the popping noise and small arcs of electricity it is making from the wall socket) so he remotes in and tries making some changes and even goes so far as to say the wall socket is the issue and not my power cord.  Finally after an hour of testing he is finally convinced that it's the power cord.  He puts in the order for a new cord to be sent out and tells me 3 business days (I'm finding out by reading through the forums that he lied directly to me as there are complaints about the cord being on back order about a month before I called) and of course after 3 business days nothing.  I then try looking up online to see if I can track the order and I find out that the ticket number they emailed to me doesn't exist.  After 3 or 4 calls and 1.5 weeks I finally get an agent who states that everything is put in correctly, they have the cord and she can't find out why it just hasn't been shipped and has escalated to management.  
So...  I decide to start my own research and after reading through these forums and attempting to order a power cord from the Lenovo store (which told me will ship in greater than 5 weeks) that there is no power cord and th... Read more

Answer:Yoga 900 - 2 months to receive a power cord?This is not reasonable or acceptable, manager?

Hi Joe,
I do not work for Lenovo, so I cannot check into your issue internally.  It may be that you have not been lied to but simply that the agents you spoke with were not informed of progress on backorders or whatever the problem is. I am sorry that you and others have had to wait so long. I hope you will hear good news soon.

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The hard disk of my laptop got broken after only 22 months of normal usage. The legal warranty for any electronic device is 2 years + 2 months but the italian vendor is not willing to cover for it. When I approached them they came back with a quotation of 210? for the repair without even having checked the laptop that is still in my hands.Do you think is possible that the vendor is not covering for the warranty? Any of you have experienced such an early failure?Thank you 

Answer:Hard disk broken after 22 months

Hi, I know Italy has very generous warranty laws but I don't know how this work. Please check with the vendor. Regards.

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my computer is not detecting my cd rom drive (not visible in BIOS or Device Manager).

I followed the procedure below, and rebooted the computer, but it still doesn't detect the drive.

TIA for your help...below is what I have tried already:

Fix for missing DVD/CD drives.

Create a text file with NOTEPAD containing the following data exactly as below and name it FIXCD.REG
You should have 3 boxes on the bottom in NOTEPAD.
1)Filename : fixcd.reg
2)Save as type: all files
3)Encoding: ANSI
If you do not change it from txt type to All files type, then the file will actually be fixcd.reg.txt, this won't accomplish the desired result

Double click on the file and say yes to the merge into registry question.

----------------------- Use text after this line, contents of FIXCD.REG -----------------------------





------------------------------ Use text before this line --------------------------------

Answer:missing CD drive not repaired with FIXCD.REG

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Greetings: Re: Windows 7 O/S.  Hard Drive
     I September of 2014,  I used the MiniTool Box to scan my computer and at the end of the scan, there was an "EXTENDED TEST" which was of the hard drive. The result included Test Result: FAIL  and the Test Error Code: 08-Unable to repair bad sectors. Since that test, I have been contemplating the replacement of the hard drive. In fact, that particular result has shown up on another test which I cannot recall at this time. On or about the 5th of August 2015, I ordered a new hard drive and in the interim, while waiting for the hard drive to arrive, I did a Chkdsk which came up with no problems. I then resorted to the MiniTool Box again and ran that again but it did not include the EXTENDED TEST  at the end of the scan. Am I to assume that somehow, the hard disk repaired after showing on previous tests that it could not be repaired or am I missing something?
I've received the new hard drive and questioning whether to install it or send it back. Thanks for any help. 

Answer:Hard Drive Sector repaired?

Try "sfc /scannow" mind the space see what it reports.  Go into accessories right click the 'command prompt" run as administrator. 

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I have just undergone an agonizing reload of all my applications after repairing an HD with a bunch of bad sectors that prevented Win XP from booting. This has made me rethink my backup strategy and evaluate disk image technology, like Acronis or BootItNG.

However, I am unsure if this would work in the event of another HD bad sector problems. My question is this:

Assume I experience another bad sector problem on my HD and I then repair the HD using the manufacturer's diagnostic tools. Will a disk image restore to this HD when the bad sectors have been quarrantined (repaired)? That is, if the image file has data to be restored to sector "nnn" and sector "nnn" is not available due to the repair, will the restore still work around this?

I am running a Dell 8400, with WinXP Pro, SP2;
Seagate 160 GB SATA boot disk; WD 250 GB HD for secondary storage, and an external networked HD for backups using Windows BU utility.

Thanks for any insights.

Answer:Restoring drive image to a repaired HD

That's a good question! You can probably find your answer by visiting the web site for the imaging software you are investigating. I'm sure they will have FAQ's or a forum or at least an email address to which you can send your question(s). If you encounter another sector problem on the same drive, I would seriously consider replacing it versus repairing it again. Most HD's have a minimum 3 year warranty (Seagate is 5 years) and they should replace a HD w/ a continuous sector problem for free.


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Dear Support,

I tried most of the forums, but didnt find a solution for this one. I have a Seagate external hard disk just 3 months old!!!

I have a hp laptop and was connecting to it using 3.0 USB port. I was getting the error


I had quite lot of data in it, BUT, i did not mind about the data here, AS the hardware is more important for me, as its just 3 months old. So i just tried to format the disk. I also tried CHKDKS f:/R/X option and it completed successfully with out error which took almost 2 days completely. BUT formatting has become a problem as explained below.

Everytime i try to format the drive, say it starts formatting and it reaches some 16-20 % the drive disconnects itself as i hear a disconnection sound, and after that it connects itself again, as i hear sort of power on sound. Immediately i get an error from the format telling me that the drive is disconnected and the format cannot continue.


PLEASE GUYS I WOULD REALLY BE GRATEFUL IF ANYONE OF YOU CAN assist me in guiding me, as to what would be the problem.

I have already tried uninstalling the USB HOST drivers from the HP website(as i have a hp system installed.)
The drive is not even detected currently in USB 2.0. Not sure what is the reason. I just want to save my hard disk, as i paid a lot for it and its just 3 months onl

Answer:Seagate 1TB external disk just 3 months old Problem :(

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Answer:Data advisor on last months cover disk

i have followed the instructions in last months pc advisor and made a floppy for data advisor however it does not start automatically on start up as it should.when inserted before boot up i get the message"non system disk or disk erreor" any ideas anyone-thanks

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Hi guys,

I have this very worrying problem with one of my internal drives. Every now and again a Windows balloon pops up and says that it fixed errors on my F: drive. When I go into the event viewer under 'system' there are tonnes of entries for the file system being repaired.

Here are a few of the errors;
The Master File Table (MFT) contains a corrupted file record. The file reference number is 0x4000000004e50

The file system structure on volume F: cannot be corrected.

Please run the chkdsk utility on the volume F:.

Volume F: (\Device\HarddiskVolume9) needs to be taken offline to perform a Full Chkdsk. Please run "CHKDSK /F" locally via the command line, or run "REPAIR-VOLUME <drive:>" locally or remotely via PowerShell.
Most of the error messages are the second one above. But the first ones worries me the most.

Some background on my machine;

I dual boot from two separate SSD's into Windows 8.1 and OSX 10.2 respectively. Then I have a Western Digitial 4TB hardrives partitioned into two 2TB drives - formatted NTFS.

On one of the 2TB drives is this F: drive. This is where I keep all my documents, pictures, music and such. in Windows my documents folders are mapped to the F: drive and in OSX Yosemite the users folders are linked via symbolic links.

In OSX I use Tuxera NTFS to write to the NTFS drives. I have a feeling the issues lies here somewhere! Perhaps everytime I boot into OSX and play around it corrupts the drive in ... Read more

Answer:Internal drive repeatedly repaired by Windows

Usually means that the hard drive is failing.

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Hi guys,

I have this very worrying problem with one of my internal drives. Every now and again a Windows balloon pops up and says that it fixed errors on my F: drive. When I go into the event viewer under 'system' there are tonnes of entries for the file system being repaired.

Here are a few of the errors;

The Master File Table (MFT) contains a corrupted file record. The file reference number is 0x4000000004e50

The file system structure on volume F: cannot be corrected.
Please run the chkdsk utility on the volume F:.

Volume F: (\Device\HarddiskVolume9) needs to be taken offline to perform a Full Chkdsk. Please run "CHKDSK /F" locally via the command line, or run "REPAIR-VOLUME <drive:>" locally or remotely via PowerShell.
Most of the error messages are the second one above. But the first ones worries me the most.

Some background on my machine;

I dual boot from two separate SSD's into Windows 8.1 and OSX 10.2 respectively. Then I have a Western Digitial 4TB hardrives partitioned into two 2TB drives - formatted NTFS.

On one of the 2TB drives is this F: drive. This is where I keep all my documents, pictures, music and such. in Windows my documents folders are mapped to the F: drive and in OSX Yosemite the users folders are linked via symbolic links.

In OSX I use Tuxera NTFS to write to the NTFS drives. I have a feeling the issues lies here somewhere! Perhaps everytime I boot into OSX and play around it corrup... Read more

Answer:Internal drive repeatedly repaired by Windows

this should be on window 8 forum

How do i delete y thread?

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Windows 8:

I have 4 drives assigned to a raid1 and a raid0 storage space. A power plug broke off of one of the drives. I ordered an exact replacement hdd pcb for that drive. It spins up, bios sees it, I'm 100% sure no damage was done to the data as the drive was off when the power plug was broken. windows sees it but storage spaces thinks it is a new drive. So spaces is still showing the raid0 offline and raid1 in lowered resiliency mode. I am assuming something on the logic board, maybe hdd serial# or guid or something is now different for the repaired drive.

Does anyone know in powershell if there is a way to tell storage spaces that the repaired drive is in fact the one that it thinks is offline?

Here is a powershell Get-PhysicalDisk:

FriendlyName CanPool OperationalStatus HealthStatus Usage Size
------------ ------- ----------------- ------------ ----- ----
SAMSUNG HD204UI ... False Lost Communication Warning Auto-Select 1.82 TB
SAMSUNG HD204UI ... False OK Healthy Auto-Select 1.82 TB
PhysicalDisk3 False OK Healthy Auto-Select 55.9 GB
PhysicalDisk1 True OK Healthy Auto-Select 1.82 TB
HGST HDS5C4040AL...... Read more

Answer:Storage spaces and repaired drive? (PCB Replaced)

It is a new drive. Because you replaced the Daughter Board on the drive.

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this morning I had to retunr my laptop due to bad hard disk problem. After 8 months, it's dead already.

The positive points are: I am still under warranty and second the toshiba software hilighted me on time, allowing me to back up my data before the crash. Tks Toshiba for this tool, very usefull.

The question is, how can a hard disk die that quick after just fews months ?

Bad luck or bad use ? I am wondering.

I wish to have a feedback from those who owns same model, L670 (windows 7), to understand if this problem is commun or if I was unluckily concerned.

Also, if there are possible solutions to avoid HD stress in the daily use ? Like for example, reduce writing on it (back up of blu-ray using AnyDvD HD ON hd, then cut&paste to external HD), or to not connect too often external hard disk to avoid electricity surcharge if any ?

In future, will I have to perform chkdsk more often ? Defrag ? If yes, at which frequency ?

This is my 3rd laptop dying, Sony VAIO = mothercard dead after 1.2 years, Fujitsu Amilo xi = explosed after 3 years, and now Toshiba HD after 8 months.

From 900EUR up to 1600EUR, I do not see a significative resistance of one of those models, Sony was the badest ever in terms of video card longevity and compatibility (games unplayable after 2 months, no driver update), keyboard "painting" was a mess with deterioration after fews months compared to Fujitsu and Toshiba (no pb). Toshiba L670 more recent, was the best i... Read more

Answer:Satellite L670 - Hard Disk Dead after 8 months only

In my opinion answer is clear: bad luck.

Anyway, don?t think too much about notebook usage. Notebook is designed to run for a long time so there is no reason to reduce usage time on your Toshi.
I use my notebook for work on daily basis and it runs at least 10 hours a day, sometimes overnight too.
Just take care that your notebook is placed on the desk, cooling fans should not be blocked by anything.
That?s all.

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My under-warranty HP Notebook - 15-f387wm (Touch) (ENERGY STAR) started making a clicking noise from the front right corner where the hard drive is located.  The laptop usually freezes when this happens.  It occurs randomly, there is no discernible pattern.  The clicking even continues when the display is closed.  Call to HP Support resulted in our running the internal diagnostic programs which reported no hard drive problems. Note: when going to the Storage section of the internal diagnostic program the first problem listed is "clicking or grinding noise" so HP knows there is a problem! HP said send it in, sent me a package, I did.  It came back with a report that it had been repaired.  The HP Repair Details report says:  "Repaired (The problem was duplicated during full diagnostics)" and " Defective Commodity... Battery: Not same as expected. Reinstall Battery." The clicking has returned, clearly from the front right corner where the hard drive is, not the battery.   Here's what it sounds like: HP is supposed to be sending me an email asking how the repair went; I'm waiting for that.  But.  So what?  Do I send it in again when in my opinion it is clear that HP knows that the problem is the hard drive but reported a "repair" by reinstalling the battery?   Several years ago to get everything ... Read more

Answer:Clicking from the hard drive freezes laptop, "repaired" but ...

That is a hard drive noise. Personally I would contact them and see if they will not send me a replacement hard drive and do the work myself. How you choose to handle it is your own business. 

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Sorry if the fix for this is posted, but I can't get search function to work.

I'll be as brief as possible and thanx in advance for any help.

Uninstalled Office 2007 trial from Dell laptop & attempted re-install of Office XP. Got BSOD w/ reg errors, including hal.dll & bad sector errors. Recovered & repaired drive & got it to boot, but didn't want to try XP OS re-install just yet. I can see all files, but my drivers are lost, so I can't do anything with them, including moving (locally or over network), copy, paste, etc.

Put drive in USB enclosure & hooked up to desktop. Desktop saw drive & installed it for use, but now folder w/ all my files says it empty (despite nearly 40G of files in there) & when I click on the folder (my user folder), I get access denied pop-up.

I know I'm probably overlooking something simple, but my brain is fried. Did I forget to set some folder permissions w/ the drive still in my laptop or ?

Thanx again,


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I just had Windows 10 installed one of my USB dries is a flash drive. 10 came up flagging it saying it had errors & did I want to repair it. I said yes after a bit it came back saying it was done. File explore keeps poping up upening the drive. How do I stop it ?

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Chkdsk ran and found 4 unreadable sectors. I'm assuming that it deleted the bad data and rewrote it in another area as win 7 home prem now loads. I have data like pics and custom vids I would be sick to lose.

Is this drive going to fail and if so can you recommend my next best course of action? (assumed backup/imaging/clone?). Just don't know the best route and not ready to call Geek Squad to do it for me.

I did a right click>send to>compressed zip file on just one pic folder today and it is still running 7 hours later. There are several folders and I fear the time nec to compress the video folder.


Much appreciated any helpful replies!


Answer:Chkdsk found and repaired 4 sectors-drive failing?

You should run the hard drive manufacturer's diagnostic program on the drive. See if it reports drive errors.

You should have your important data backed up on another hard drive anyway. All hard drives will fail eventually. If it is not backed up then it obviously is not important.

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****Hardware Configuration****
PSU : OCZ GameXtream 700W
CPU : AMD x2 4400+ (Avg Temp 25 - 35 Celsius)
VID : Evga 7800GTX 256MG
MOBO : DFI LanParty NF4 Ultra-D (Avg Temp 35 - 40 Celsius) (Case Avg Temp 50 Celsius)
RAM : 2 x 1GB OCZ Platinum
HDD : WD 74 GB Raptor (Sata)
HDD : WD 250 GB (Sata)
****Nothing Overclocked or Modded****

I have been reading for months on my problem and have only found a temporary solution... i have fixed numerous problems just from reading forums/google.. This if my FIRST post to get help.

A few months ago I had to restart my computer, which resulted in a "Disk Boot Failure, Please insert system disk".. so i restarted and everything was fine.. about a month or so later it started happening more frequently, and eventually there was no getting around it.. I read and read and tried every possible solution that seemed relevant.

Neither Hard Drive is detected in Bios, (auto detect finds nothing)
I've ran memtest several times and my ram is fine..
I've Connected, Disconnected, Plugged into different SATA ports, for each HD in every possible combination.
I purchased the new PSU listed in my profile (OCZ GameXtream 700w) because it seemed like that might have been behind the problem. which was to no avail (My previous PSU was a AMS 550W).

IF I do a cold boot then it will detect the harddrives but it will get into XP (pro sp2) but it will freeze shortly after even from performing the smallest tas... Read more

Answer:Disk boot Failure/ start up freezing - Researched for MONTHS

Welcome to Major Geeks

I would guess that the 75g drive is SATA 1 and the 250 is SATA2. The differences may be confusing the bios/system.

My first reaction would be to get the system working stably on one drive and add the second one later.
What are the bios options for SATA?
Have you looked for a bios update from the manufacturer?
When you loaded Windows did you use drivers for SATA1 or 2?

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I've been troubleshooting this for a while now, trying to figure it out, and am at a loss, other than considering it a Windows 10 bug.

I have 2 different windows 10 machines that I move a removable hdd enclosure between, one at home, one at work. When data is moved or copied from the internal drive to the enclosure, the data is fine. Both the internal and external drive chkdsk fine, both before and after the move of data.

That same drive is then taken home, connected and moved to that machines internal drive. Both the internal drive and the same enclosure chkdsk fine.

The drive is then connected back to the original machine, and Windows 10 throws up notifications that the drive needs scanned, and chkdsk reports errors like:

"Stage 1: Examining basic file system structure ...
Found corrupt basic file structure for "<0x1,0x30c>"
... repaired online."


"Found an unneeded link ($FILE_NAME: "IMG_0083.JPG") in index "$I30" of directory "<0x1,0x3d2>"
... repaired online."

It continues to "fix" these files, and by fix that is an assortment of actually fixing, to moving them to a found.001 folder, to completely deleting them without a trace.

Another strange outcome is that after moving files off the enclosure to the internal drive on computer "A", is that sometimes when chkdsk "repairs" the drive on computer "B", the moved files are back in their folders. Alm... Read more

Answer:Multiple Windows 10 systems claim removable drive(s) need repaired

Is there any particular reason why you run chkdsk when connecting the drive to the various machines or is Windows forcing you to do it?

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My toshiba laptop, Satellite A655-S6086 had a bad hard drive and alot of the data was corrupt. This was in early January. I sent it in to a repair center and they replaced it since it was under warranty. They sent it back with a new hard drive and a factory image, and it has been working for about a week. Today, Sunday Jan 29, I had a BSOD while browsing the internet with Waterfox. In my 11 months of using this computer, I have never experienced a BSOD before. (except once when the hard drive was corrupt and i assume some vital windows files were damaged) Would like to know what is wrong and how i can fix this.

Specs are:
Windows 7 Home Premium x64 SP1 OEM
Intel Core i3-370m
4gb of DDR3
Intel GMA HD

BSOD files & perfmon included, picture of BSOD included, ask if you need anything else.

Answer:BSOD on repaired laptop (previous hard drive failure)

Only 1 memory dump in the uploaded files.

Only 62 updates installed since SP1 - most systems have 70 or more. Please visit Windows Update and get all available updates.

Memory dump blames a Windows video driver (dxgmms1.sys)
While it doesn't blame your Intel graphics driver, it does mention that it can't find the symbols for it.

So, I'd suggest the following:
- download a fresh set of video drivers from the Toshiba website ( Model Content Page )
- uninstall the current video drivers on your system
- install the freshly downloaded drivers
- monitor for further BSOD's

BTW - make sure that the laptop stays cool. Only use it on a hard surface and don't block the fan outlets or inlets (this will prevent overheating).

Further info on BSOD error messages available at:

The following info is just FYI, I've already addressed the issues that I saw in the above paragraphs:
- Create a System Restore Point prior to doing any of this. DO NOT mess with the drivers themselves - leave the Windows\System32\drivers directory alone unless we specifically direct you to it!
- Please either update the older drivers from the device manufacturer's website - or uninstall them from your system. Reference links are included below.
- DO NOT use Windows Update or the Update Drivers function of Device Manager.
- Please feel free to post back about any drivers that you are having difficulty locating.
- Windows Update ... Read more

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Hi, "Huston, I have a problem"
Bought a second hand thinkpad yoga s1 first gen. Running win 8.1 all up to date
Having a number of problems setting it up
Latest, I plug in a new USB3 2tb passport drive. (seagate backup plus slim)
It shows in disk manager but not in explorer, ie I can't see the disk or any of the content.
The drive works fine on my old win 7 laptop, installs automatically and all content is visible.
I have hented through the forums and seen a variety of possibilities. Nothing seems to totally fit.
I tried uninstalling all the USB controlers and re starting but this just caused more problems and the drive did not show up at all, ie not in disk manager either, so just restored to original condition.
All help appreciated. I like the machine and need something like this for my work / studies BUT it has to work! ;-)
Mod's Edit: System model added to front of Subject line to improve visibility / clarity.

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 Does this just mean the HD is not responsing...? I checked all connections and they seem fine. HD is over 10 years old...

Answer:On Bootup It says Primary Drive Failed Slave Drive failed.....

Probably the HD, but you should try another device (HD or CD-ROM) in the motherboard IDE connector to make sure the motherboard controller hasn't failed.  If more than 1 device on IDE cable, the failure of 1 will cause the error you see.

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I update and save quite a few files each day, and I can see in File History that there are many saved versions for these files.
This would fill up my backup drive fairly quickly, and therefore, I need to reduce 'Keep saved versions' from the default of 'forever' to about 3 months.  But does this mean that all files older than 3 months will be deleted my File History backup?
 What happens to all my files that have only ever been saved once, but are older than 3 months?  Are these retained in File History or deleted?
The forums on File History do no make this very clear.

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Okay first of all I would like to say I have been having on going issues for months to almost a year... I have tried everything I can think of... Including wiping harddrives to DoD standards with dban, gparted etc.... I have tried monitering my connections with wireshark...  I have tried several differet anti- (virus and malware) programs including paid version of kaspersky, malwarebytes, bitdefender, eset.....
This problem also has involved some black hat hackers compromising my system and bank account, credit card etc all being hit and continueing to do so... I have switched ISPs , changed hardware, thrown away devices including cell phones and laptops... It seems that they were also backdoored into several of my devices and were using several different methods to continue to spread and infect other devices.. These devices include android, iphone, ipod, ipad, netbook, laptop, smart tv and even my dvd player (java).. I have tried to ask for help and seek help for this and no one can figure it out or think this cant be real.
I have now thrown out all laptops, and all phones at the same time and started from scratch but having issues on a brand new laptop... I am not sure this is the same issue as before... However, I would like and really appreciate if someone could help me out and view my logs and make sure.. because I have been through hell and back with all these issues.. Loss of finances, time, and sleep... SO, I truly appreciate any and a... Read more

Answer:Malware, Spyware, And hackers...equals months and months of going insane!! help!

GMER 2.1.19357 -
3rd party scan 2015-06-29 18:38:16
Windows 6.3.9600  x64 \Device\Harddisk0\DR0 -> \Device\00000036 HGST_HTS721075A9E630 rev.JB2OA3J0 698.64GB
Running: 11ybrc3o.exe; Driver: C:\Users\M4M8A\AppData\Local\Temp\kxldypow.sys
---- Modules - GMER 2.1 ----
Module   \SystemRoot\System32\drivers\iaStorA.sys (Intel Rapid Storage Technology driver - x64/Intel Corporation SIGNED)(2014-09-02 06:28:41)                                                fffff800f9c65000-fffff800f9f1b000 (2842624 bytes)
Module   \SystemRoot\system32\DRIVERS\edevmon.sys (Devmon monitor/ESET SIGNED)(2015-01-30 23:13:30)                                                                                          fffff800fa393000-fffff800fa3d2000 (258048 bytes)
Module   \SystemRoo... Read more

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When booting into my pc the computer doesnt boot windows but instead shows this error.

Ive performed SMART And Long DST Tests and both passed
Ive even tried putting another hard drive that i know works, in as well and i still get the error.

In the Bios Menu i do not even see the hard drive at all, neither the CD-ROM.
But when i go into the BIOS Startup, and go to storage, then Device Config, It Tells me about both my Hard Drive and CD-ROM.

Im absolutely stumped and ive tried everything.

The BIOS I use is: AMI 2012

Its an HP Pavillion p7-1446s

Running an A10 APU

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I have read the information on this page below and found it very interesting but it hasn't solved my problem unfortunately.

Disk Write Protection - Enable or Disable in Windows

A couple of days ago a got an update from Windows 10 and let it download and install now my pc keeps yelling me inaccessible boot device. If I filled in in the command prompt Chkdsk/f/r.
It tells me. Cannot lock current drive and then it says windows cannot run disk checking on this volume because it is wriye protected. As far as I can tell this is not right. Not that I'm a ICT expert.

I then tried with the steps above to take the write protection off. But now it says:
Disk part failed to clear disk attributes.

Does this say anything to anyone? Please help?

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Windows 8 HP Pavilion 500 boots to "Error: No boot disk has been detected or the disk has failed" - Hard Drive Diagnostics pass - If I go to "Run UEFI Application" in the boot menu, then manually browse to the Bootx64.EFI file, the system boots to Windows correctly. - Enabling/disabling Secure Boot or Legacy Boot in BIOS isn't making a difference. - System Recovery from the boot menu is accessible. - Automatic Repair has no effect. System Restore has no effect. - Process that I found for rebuilding corrupt UEFI partition has no effect (Command Prompt, DiskPart, assign drive letter to EFI partition, browse to the boot folder, Bootrec /fixboot, Bootrec /fixmbr, etc) - Am now out of ideas. Hoping to avoid a Format/reinstall, as the client use applications that he no longer has installation cd's/downloads for.

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I have read the information on this page below and found it very interesting but it hasn't solved my problem unfortunately.

A couple of days ago a got an update from Windows 10 and let it download and install now my pc keeps yelling me inaccessible boot device. If I filled in in the command prompt Chkdsk/f/r.
It tells me. Cannot lock current drive and then it says windows cannot run disk checking on this volume because it is wriye protected. As far as I can tell this is not right. Not that I'm a ICT expert.

I then tried with the steps above to take the write protection off. But now it says:
Disk part failed to clear disk attributes.

Does this say anything to anyone? Please help?

Answer:Disk part failed to clear disk attributes

I think you're conflating two issues

The first issue is the inaccessible boot device

I'd like to see your Disk Management

Download (contains dmDskmgr-vg.mmc)
Open the compressed folder,
Double click dmDskmgr-vg.mmc to launch it
Press the Open button if prompted Do you want to open this file?
Answer yes to the User Account Control prompt

Tip: you can drag the middle bar up to show more of the bottom pane

(just don't drag it too far up - I also need the information in the top pane)Press Alt+PrtScn to grab a snapshot of just the Disk Management window
Open Paint and Ctrl+V to paste it, then save the image
Attach the image to a new post

The second issue is Chkdsk /f
The message you're seeing is only telling you that you have to chk the disk offline at the next boot

At least that's how I read your description.

Read through these tutorials:
Advanced Startup Options - Boot to in Windows 10 - Windows 10 Forums
Startup Repair - Run in Windows 10 - Windows 10 Forums
I'm posting those tuts now so you can become familiar with the procedures.

Do NOT do anything in the tuts just yet, just read them. Ask for clarification if anything confounds you.

Post the Disk Mgmt screen and then I can tell more, There might be a different issue that needs to be addressed first.


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I have a Envy h8-1590ea desktop pc.  [Personal information removed] product No. D7B21EA#ABU.  It was recently upgrade to Windows 10. When I turned on my PC, a black screen appeared with the message: "ERROR: No boot disk has been detected or the disk has failed." I  ran a Hard Disk Test in BIOS. I've run both the Quick Check and the Extensive Check and both were passed.  Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks  

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the computer wont boot the windows i diagnosted everything is ok but it keep saying Error msg: no boot disk detected or disk has failed 

Answer:Error msg: no boot disk detected or disk has failed

Dear Customer, According to the message you have recently posted If the hard drive is reported as "OK", the boot sector or hard drive may have been corrupted and the operating system needs to be repaired or reinstalled. You may need to use your HP Recovery Discs to resolve either issue above. If you didn't create your personal set of HP Recovery Discs, as suggested by HP, when you setup your computer... you will need to order a set.Contact HP Hope this helps, for any further queries reply to the post and feel free to join us again  **Click the White Thumbs Up Button on the right to say Thanks**Make it easier for other people to find solutions by marking a Reply 'Accept as Solution' if it solves your problem. Thank You,GBL84I am not an HP Employee  

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Memory test "PASSED".  Hard Disk Check (Quick Check AND Extensive Check):

Answer:Error: no boot disk has been detected or disk has failed.

It does appear that your hard drive has failed.  You didn't give the specifics about your PC but if you want to troubleshoot further and it's a desktop you could open the case and place your fingers on the hard drive after boot up. If the hard drive is mechanically running you should be able to feel a slight humming vibration. You should also check that the data and power cables and connectors are securely attached and not damaged. You can also boot into BIOS/UEFI to see if the hard drive is being detected. You could also try a different SATA connector to rule out a bad connector.  If still no luck. Replace the hard drive and use Recovery Disks to re-install Windows.If you didn't create your own you can buy them from HP or a third party vendor.  If you found my answer helpful please say thanks by clicking on the Thumb's Up icon.          If my answer solved your problem please mark it as the Accepted Solution. Thanks! 

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Yesterday when I turned my computer on, it was really slow and I couldn't open any programs. Then it went all blue then white. When I rebooted I see " Checking .media presence, media present, start pcs over ipv6, then Error: No boot disk has been detected or the disk has failed. I've tried hitting f11, but it just fills the screen with the error message. Is it dead or is there hope?

Answer:Error: no boot disk has been detected or disk has failed.

Seems like your hard drive has failed. You may have to replace the drive and reinstall Windows. Please use these instructions for testing your hard drive.*Works even if your PC doesn't boot to Windows.    If you found my answer helpful please say thanks by clicking on the Thumb's Up icon. If my answer solved your problem please mark it as the Accepted Solution. Thanks! 

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Hola comento mi problema acabo de comprar un HDD nuevo para un P6 Pavilon HP porque el antiguo disco duro me sale un error al iniciar de 1720 Fallo inminente del disco duro Attri 05 y para cargar Windows me decía presionar F1 busque en varios foro y nada decidí comprar uno de 1TB y ahora resulta que la PC lo reconoce la BIOS también, pero al encender me aparece un error "error no boot disk has been detected or the disk has failed" intento clonarlo con el viejo disco con el xxclone y sigue el mensaje tambien quise instalar el SO en F11 y no me deja ya que se quita rápidamente y no se que hacer el disco lo he puesto en otra pc al estar nuevo no sale ese mensaje de "error no boot disk has been detected or the disk has failed" solo en el P6 pavilon... he revisado los cables SATA. espero haberme explicado bien pero estoy intranquilo con esto gracias de antemano.Hi I comment my problem I just bought a new HDD for a P6 Pavilon HP because the old hard disk I get an error when starting from 1720 Atriable failure of the hard disk Attri 05 and to load Windows I said press F1 look at several forum and nothing decided Buy one from 1TB and now it turns out that the PC recognizes the BIOS as well, but when I turn it on I get an error "no boot disk has been detected or the disk has failed" I try to clone it with the old disk with the xxclone and follow the message I also wanted to install the OS in F11 and it does not leave me since it is removed quickly and I do not know what to do the ... Read more

Answer:error no boot disk has been detected or the disk has failed

Thank you for visiting our English HP Support Forum. We are only able to reply to posts written in English. To insure a quick response it would be advisable to post your question in English. The following links are here to assist you if you prefer to post in the following Language Forum.

German: HP Kundenforum
Spanish: Foro de usuarios de HP
French: Forum des utilisateurs
Portuguese: Fórum dos usuários HP
Chinese: ??????????
Korean: HP ??????
Thank you for your understanding

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I call my internet provider to see why mt computer was sliw and they had me reboot and run some speed test program. All fine. I went to the kitchen and when i came back tjis was on my monitor please helpIntel UNDI PXE2.0For Atheros pcie ethernet controllerPXE E53 no boot filename receivedPXE MOF existing intel pxe romERROR: no boot disk hasbeen detected or the disk has failed.

Answer:Error no boot disk has been detected it disk has failed

That message is coming from the Intel network (nic) card looking for a network boot source.  It could also mean the hard drive has failed since the network boot option should be the last choice on the boot menu.  Enter the BIOS to verify whether the hard drive is detected or not and check the boot order, too.  If the hard drive does not show on the boot menu, then it most likely has failed.

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I'm trying to install Windows on my computer but keep getting the error message in my post subject.I can see the drive in the computer setup and can even run a diagnostic on the drive but I can't seem to get the Windows disk to boot.I tried boot order,but didn't have any luck.

Answer:Error: No boot disk has been detected or the disk has failed

The hard drive I am using is known to be in good working order.

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On making the recovery disks, whilst program was verifying the final disk, program came up with Not Responding and disk would not release. I don't want to waste lots of DVD's if this is a common fault. Anyone else had this problem?

Answer:Recovery disk creator failed to create 3rd disk

Are you sure the disc failed?

Maybe it burnt ok but it just failed to continue?

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So, after about 2 weeks of experiencing Windows 10 I've decided to revert back to Windows 8.1, since I was more experienced at it. So I followed every step to downgrade the system, waited for about a few hours, then I noticed that when Windows restarted, it somehow went to an "automatic repair" loop. I've tried literally everything there was so I can get it running again, but nothing seems to work. But, there was only one option, in which I feel like an idiot to try out.

I went to Command Prompt and typed in diskpart.exe, then enter. I then typed in LIST DISK, then SELECT DISK SYSTEM, and finally CLEAN. Since I thought at the time that CLEAN works like resetting the PC, I rebooted it again, and I came to an error message saying: No boot disk has been detected or the disk has failed.

Is, or will there be any other way to start my PC in a condition like this? If I'm missing any other details then feel free to ask.

Answer:Error: no boot disk has been detected ot the disk has failed.

when you did the diskpart and listed the disk and select the disk then typed clean... you inadvertently wiped the partition table... not to worry from another system if you have one download Easeus partitoion recovery program the free one... it should let you create a bootable disk with its program on it if not there are other partition recovery programs out there.... some are free some are pay

other than that reinstalling from scratch will work but you'll lose your personal files and documents unless you got backups

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I purchased said unit Sept. last year and within a few months the battery started discharging for no reason I could see. Battery returned to Lenovo, tested and a new battery sent out (old one apparently kaput). I thought the problem was solved until a few days ago when... Battery starts discharging again for no reason I can see. Laptop eventually went into hibernation. Unplugged charger, plugged back in, switched on then powered up the laptop and the battery started charging. This sequence of events was repeated 3 times in 1 week, until yesterday when powering up the laptop failed. Took the battery out and tried laptop on charger only. Nothing. Put battery back in and tried to power up - then noticed battery indicator gave 3 orange flashes 1 second apart before stopping. Did the battery discharge thing (pressing in the power button etc.). Still nothing. The unit seems to have failed completely. Can someone tell my what I might be dealing with here - a failed motherboard? Yet again I'm going to have to send this laptop back for repair, and it's been nothing short of a nightmare because I rely on it to do work. I've never experienced something like this before with a purchased laptop and I suspect the original battery problem was caused by a fault inside the laptop. As the machine is still within warranty can I request a new machine or a full refund because I simply don't want to use something which may be inherently unstable? Looking at the views ... Read more

Answer:Ideapad Z580 only 10 months old - Battery failure 3 months ago and now this....

Hi Stephenbtc,
Thanks for posting and Welcome to Lenovo Community,
Would you please try to below steps
1-      Switch off the machine, remove the battery and keep the charger plugged in and press and hold the power button for 15 sec.
2-      Remove the battery and the charger and press and hold the power button for 20 sec.
Plug them back in and check if problem still exist or not if yes please go with the rest of steps
3-      Remove the energy management from control panel and install the below
Windows 8 : Energy Management
Windows 7 : Energy Management
Please let me know if you still facing the same problem
Hope the information helps


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My old hard drive crashed I think. I replaced the hard drive on my all-in-one and when I turn it on, I get the message 'no boot disk has been detected or the disk has failed'  .  I want to install Win 7 but when I put that into the CD drive, it won't boot.   Is there something else I need to wake up the hard drive? Thanks for any advice! 

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I just cloned my OS HD to a new Crucial M4 128Gb & it is working just fine.

I later noticed a failed disk - that is about the same size as the new M4. Screenshot is attached.

Do I dare delete this failed phantom disk? Please - no guesses!

Answer:Disk Management shows failed disk?

OK - I went ahead & deleted it. No ill effects.

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Hello. I left my computer on for 2 hours and I come back to see this error. I ran the hard disk check and it passed everything however the error keeps showing up. Is the disk dying or is there some faulty connection?

Answer:No boot disk detected or the disk has failed

The first thing to try is to disconnect the connectors at the disk and on the motherboard. Reconnect them afterwards and then power up the PC. 

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Hi, I brought my HP ENVY Phoenix h9-1405a about three years ago, it has been very slow when I start the computer (display with hp logo loding sign) and when I just get into windows 8 (pre-loaded), so I reinstalled windows 8. However,  it sometimes turn up with a black screen and says "No boot disk has been detected or disk has failed" after long waiting at hp logo without a loading sign or a blue screen with Error Code 0xc0000185.  Other times might be lucky to get into windows 8 after very long time of waiting at hp logo with a loading sign. Tried hp System Diagnostics, all passed.Tried reset BIOS setting,  still not working.Checked all connectors of the hard drive that they are properly cabled and firmly seated. Help plz.

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I have an HP Pavilion Series desktop serial number 2md3380gp5. Model number p7-1380t. I can't remember if I was running Windows 7 or 8. I had a virus awhile back (ransomeware) and did a factory reset on the computer. All of my stuff was backed up, so that wasn't a problem. I don't have backup disks with this computer. I bought it a few years ago and can't remember if they sent them with or not.

Anyway, it was working fine for a few months and I wasn't doing anything special with it. It started shutting down, than shutting down when I was doing virus scans, progressively until it locked me out completely and I couldn't do another factory reset.

Now, when I try to boot it up, it says,

Intel UNDI, PXE-2.1 (build 083)
Copyright (C) 1997-2000 Intel Corporation

This product is covered by one or more of the following patents (please message me if you really want all the patent numbers)

Realtek PCI3 GBE Family Controller Series v2.44 (10/07/11)

CLIENT MAC ADDR: 74 46 A0 BA 31 DF GUID: 8550415C-6098-C214-B642-765476BE08E6PXE-E53: No boot filename received

PXE-M0F: Exiting PXE Rom

Error: No boot disk has been detected or the disk has failed.


Answer:No boot disk has been detected or the disk has failed

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I brought a new hard drive to go into my Hp pavailion p6 series p6-2302 eam and when I put the new hard drive in and booted it up it came up with this error message.  no boot disk has been detected or the disk has failed.  this came up even before I put on windows so I'm not to sure what to do? I've gotten into the bios and tried to boot the system from a disk and a external hard drive but neither of them worked I'd also tested the hard drive but it said all was okay and the computer could read it so I'm kind of stuck now of what to do. 

Answer:no boot disk has been detected or the disk has failed

That message would be appropriate for a blank hard drive.  The Windows system needs to address the drive and make it ready.  This can be done either with a Windows install disk or the Recovery media disk set

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I have a Thinkpad Edge 13 which has an extended on site warranty till 2013.I recently tried to create Factory recovery disks to a 16G USB drive, the tool seemed to run all ok.But when I tried to use the recovery usb stick, the latop just sits there with a flashing cursor. Tried several times including changing the boot order and even using F12 to explicitly select the USB drive. I rang Lenovo warranty support and explained the situation but they just referred me to the site - but that is asking for nearly £25 for a set of disks!! What is the point of paying for extended onsite warranty if they cant even provide free recovery disks. I only need the disks because I think the laptop's HDD drive is buggered and I want to replace it with a SSD drive and do a fresh install! Maybe I should ask them to come and replace the HDD onsite...  

Answer:Having to pay for Recovery Disk even though the Factory disk app failed??

Hello harry66,
I can't help with the disk set purchase, but maybe we can get that USB flash drive working.
I can't be sure this applies to your case, but here's a support article about how a flash drive has to be prepared in order to boot correctly:
New or used USB memory keys or USB flash drives require an active partition created from within Wind...
NOTE: if you follow all the steps in that article it WILL ERASE YOUR FLASH DRIVE.
You can use a subset of those commands to set the partition active after the fact without disturbing its contents: list disk, select disk, select partition, active.  DO NOT clean or format.
If the flash drive wasn't formatted correctly, this won't help, but maybe setting that active flag will get it working.

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