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Bios Update to latest version

Question: Bios Update to latest version

i have bios version f.22 Rev.A already installed on my notebook. However i was wondering if i can install the latest verison provided by hp which is f. 63 Rev.A on my notebook. The supported version in drivers and download for my product is f.22 but i wanted to know if i can install the new bios on my notebook. here is the link for the bios that i am talking about:

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Preferred Solution: Bios Update to latest version

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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I want to update my BIOS to the latest version but its soo complicated.

The Asus Update tool is the most disfunctional piece of crap i've ever come across and i've been to the Asus site and downloaded the updates ut dont know how to work them.

I havent got a clue how to do it.

Anyway, i've also had trouble determining my currrent BIOS version.

In my BIOS, it says...

Version: 08.00.09
Build Date: 08/03/04
ID: A0058002

It also says at the bottom...

V02.54 (C) Copyright 1985 - 2003, American Megatrends, Inc.

And in dxdiag window, it says...

BIOS: Rev2.00

Now for f*ck sake, what the bloody hell is that all about???

Anyway, could someone link me to the files I need to update my BIOS to the latest version and how?

Thanks in advance :slurp:

K8V SE Deluxe
Windows XP Pro

Answer:How do I update my K8V SE Deluxe BIOS to latest version???

not an answer but after this you'll feel better

I followed the complicated steps.

I'm pretty sure I had the right .rom file, And I'm pretty sure I did everything correctly.

Too bad that the system doesn't start at all...Oh the fans turn on. but screen stays blank.

Now I'm wondering is there anything more I can do...or should I just toss that mobo to trash...

Do-It-Yourself. Yay! :unch:

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hi, i have a lenovo b590 laptop (20208 type) with i3 3110m and nvidia gt720m and whenever i try to update the BIOS using the latest BIOS version available on the lenovo drivers download page , i get the following error: this is the actual BIOS version on the laptop:  how can i update the BIOS on it? i guess the problem is that the allready running BIOS is H1ETXXXX version and on the lenovo drivers download page is only the H9ETXXXX version which i guess isn't compatible with the 20208 version of the laptop and shows the "machine does not match with this bios" error. forgot to mention that my OS is windows 7 x64 on which i tried to run the bios update.  also will this laptop model gonna receive any new bios updates especially regarding the newly discovered intel security flaws or it's completely abandoned allready in terms of support?

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I have been trying to update the bios on my m93 running Windows 10.  I tried manually doing the install, and the using the system update utility.  every time It crashes, saying "afuwin.exe has stopped working" The event log says the following:Faulting application name: afuwin.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x593922fbFaulting module name: afuwin.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x593922fbException code: 0xc0000005Fault offset: 0x000016daFaulting process id: 0x1e08Faulting application start time: 0x01d374e8ff406dd1Faulting application path: C:\PROGRA~3\Lenovo\SYSTEM~1\SESSIO~1\REPOSI~1\FBJYCL~1\afuwin.exeFaulting module path: C:\PROGRA~3\Lenovo\SYSTEM~1\SESSIO~1\REPOSI~1\FBJYCL~1\afuwin.exeReport Id: bd417305-c60a-49c9-9842-356df40e9ef8Faulting package full name:Faulting package-relative application ID: I've tried multiple times, restarting, etc, and it keeps crashing.  Any suggestions?

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Hi, After updating the Bios to the latest version (30CN71WW), Im facing issues with the Laptop. Most of the time, it will stuckup with the Bios Flash Screen. I need to press and hold the power button for few seconds and turn it off. Then It will stuck up with Windows Loading screen. Again I need to press and hold power button for few seconds. It will load windows correctly on the 3rd attempt. It is happening for few days after updating the bios. Request your help to resolve the issue.  Note: Laptop is still under warranty.Model Number: 59-051028 Thanks

Answer:Boot issue after installing Latest Bios Update(30CN71WW - Version 71) - Y560

latest bios is 71. re-flash the bios update.

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It resolves to: which is not found at least at this time. This is version:  3.05-3.06  which includes some fixes for Windows 7 and for x64 systems this is the method necessary for updating BIOS.

X201s 1440x900 LED backlight 2.13 GHz, 8 GB, Intel X25-M 160 GB SSD, Intel 6200 a/b/g/n, BT, 6-cell, 9-cell, Windows Ultimate 7 x64 SP1 RC, 3G/4G WiFi Hotspot, Lenovo USB to DVI converter

Answer:Latest version of X200/X200s ISO CD version of BIOS missing

Yep looks like that link is broken. I've found that this type of Lenovo support site error ususally gets fixed within 24 hours after I report it through the Site feedback link on the left of the site pages.

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Lenovo Y580 Bios NOT updating. Stuck on version 2. Latest update on Y580 driver support page - 4.0.
Link to image 1
Link to image 2
Moderator note: images totalling more than 50k converted to links per forum rules:  Lenovo Community Participation Rules


Go to Solution.

Answer:Lenovo Y580 Bios NOT updating. Stuck on version 2. Latest update on Y580 driver support page - 4.0.

What can I do to resolve this issue?

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I have a LENOVO 10181 Lenovo K450e Desk Top PCThe Bios version is I1KT38AUS is this the latest version ?purplemtn

Answer:The Bios version is I1KT38AUS is this the latest version ?

yes.  There are no updates.

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I have Acer Aspire 5750G. My current BIOS version is 1.07. The latest version is 1.12.

There are a few versions in between. Should I do incremental updates and reach 1.12 or should I just go direct to 1.12?

Many Thanks!

Answer:BIOS - Incremental updates to latest vrsn or direct update to latest?

Bios updates are cumulative, so you only need the latest.

You also don't need to update the bios unless there is a fix in it/them that fixes an issue you may be having. For the most part updating the bios is as easy as updating a driver, only if a bios update goes wrong you can't roll back to the old and you basically end up with a nice paperweight.

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Hi there,

This is something I've seen for the first time: latest BIOS version (that, by chance, I use) disappears from site.

A few months ago I updated the BIOS (HP Insyde) to the latest version: site mentioned this is version F.26 and all went well.
Checked BIOS and System Info: yep is F.26 alright.
I have it backuped. Was released in April - May.

There are no issues at all so far but HP seems to have reverted back to version F.24 as the latest one on the website.
I don't think it's possible to revert back the update because it was mentioned in the change-log but to me this version is stable.

This is the same site and laptop model.
Notice sp60606 for F.24 while the F.26 is called sp61457...

I wonder why they removed it...
Any ideas on this one? Anyone else seen this or similar on their machines?

Well, since all functions normally I'll keep this F.26 version and check their site regularly just in case.


Answer:BIOS latest version

Maybe they pulled it because of this discovered issue when certain hardware configurations were trying (unsuccessfully) to update to F.26:

Envy DV6-7300ea Bios Update Issue with SSD - HP Support Forum - 2569477

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Hi, I recently had an issue with my precision 5510 motherboard (installed BIOS 1.16), dell replaced the motherboard but strangely the technician loaded BIOS version 1.02 and since then I have tried number of time to update the BIOS to latest version. The issue happens once the BIOS is updated, but at boot up SSD is not recognized. I have send so many emails to dell technicians but no result, if any one can suggest on this, I will really appreciate.

Answer:BIOS not updating to latest version

"the technician loaded BIOS version 1.02 and since then I have tried number of time to update the BIOS to latest version "

The latest BIOS version is 01.02. Please click on link below:

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Hi everyone,

Could someone please tell me which is the letest BIOS version for my laptop since I have never upgarde it?
Also how do I install it and how do I check what is my bios version now?
Thank you in advance

Answer:Which is the latest BIOS version for Satellite L30-113 (PSL 33)?

First of all the BIOS update is not necessary if your notebook functions correctly.

But back to your questions;
On the Toshiba European driver page you will find all available drivers and also the newest available BIOS. At this time it seems to be a 3.10-WIN version

How to find out the BIOS version?
This is very easy? you have to access the BIOS and then you could see the BIOS version.
To access the BIOS you have to press the F2 button immediately after notebook was started.


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Did anyone update their 390 with this version and have the computer stop working with a diagnostic of 2, 4 - video card problem?I am running my 390 with a Radeon X800 card. I had to re-insert the NVS 285 that came with the computer and downgrade back to version 2.3.0 to get it to work again.Thanks.

Answer:latest precision 390 bios - version 2.4.0

I just got my Precision 390 Thursday, and I immediately updated it w/the new 2.4.0 BIOS. Everything went OK w/my update. At the time, I still had the NVS 285 video card that came w/it, installed. Since then, I have installed an ATI X1950 XTX video card, 4 gb of memory, and re[laced the processor w/the Intel Q6600 processor. Everything is working OK.

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So I have a Lenovo Y50-70 and its current BIOS version is 1.09. I want to upgrade my BIOS, but not to the latest version; I want version 1.14. Where do I find this version for downloading and how do I upgrade it? Thank you.

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What happened to the latest BIOS version 1.16?  Where did it go?The BIOS update utility for ThinkPad X61 Tablet currently available on Lenovo website is 1.10.A few weeks ago I was able to download version 1.16 (as shown below). What happened? No information update, no warning. It simply disappeared.----------------------------------------------------------------------Software Name BIOS Update UtilitySupport models ThinkPad X61 TabletOperating Systems Microsoft Windows Vista 32-bit Microsoft Windows Vista 64-bit (*1) Microsoft Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005Version 1.16Issue date April 30, 2008*1: If Windows Vista 64-bit is already installed on your system, then you must use the bootable CD version of this BIOS update.----------------------------------------------------------------------

Answer:What happened to the latest BIOS version 1.16?

good question...   

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Hi! My pc isEliteBook 8560w from 2011Windows 10 Pro (originally W7 Ent.)Intel i7-2820QM quadcore @ 2.30Hz, 2x4GB RAMNvidia Quadro 2000M, 1920x1080, 6 MB When fan broke (only 5 years old!!!) and it with the heatsink was replaced,I also noticed that the system bios is "68SVD Ver. F.02".I think this is the original one and there has been many, many versions since. HP Support Assistant does not offer newer version, I do not know why.HP support center online does not recognize EliteBook 8560w with W10 at all!!! My simple question: what is the latest bios version that I should use or can safely use with my laptop??? BR and thanks alreadySWrookie PS!I have two years old HP Pavilion also.HP support assistant does not offer newest bios version update for that either.What´s the point having the "assistant"?  

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it should be  >>> plug in, charging, im really curious of this LENOVO maker can you please explain to me why it says >> plug in, not power adapter properly plug. and this new bios version Version 1.31-1.18 looks buggy!!! i plug it in the power adapter almost 2 hours but it shows 96%  never goes to 100%, i though this new version could help but its getting worse!! thanks

Answer:plugin in, not charging in latest bios version 1.31-8.18?????

hey lenovo maker where i can download the previous version  1.27-1.14 of bios i need to reflash again, i hate this latest release!!!!!

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What's the latest BIOS version number for the Mini 110-1030NR? And is an update still available? I looked in the downloads section of the support page and couldn't find anything. Many thanks for your help! 

Answer:HP Mini 110-1030NR latest BIOS version and where to get an u...

The ones you find on the HP Website for your unit are the latest.You might find new versions for different model but they might not be compatible so the latest versions are the ones you see on the HP Website for your unit.

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Why the latest BIOS can not be roll back to old version, Even if I have already changed my BIOS Setup item to allow the flash Old BIOS version?

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Hello everbody,

I'm looking for the last bios version for Satellite Pro L100 (PSLA1E).
I cannot find it on Toshiba website because this is a discounted product.

Answer:Cannot find latest BIOS version for my Satellite Pro L100

BIOS download page is
All older models you can find if you use option ?Product type > Archive?.

Your Satellite Pro is listed there and latest BIOS version is 3.00 WIN.

I don't know if there is some problem with your notebook but if everything works properly and stabile don't change anything.

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What is the latest *Toshiba Satellite P755 PSAY3E* BIOS version? and is there a way to get it other than the Middle East support site? because somehow it +does not+ show any driver software files at all.


Answer:What is the latest BIOS version for Satellite P755 PSAY3E

Start here []

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Does anyone know what the process is to update to the current version of IE? we have 3 different machines that have older versions. This particular machine has IE 9. Thank you...

Answer:Need to update to latest version of IE

If your running windows vista or newer you can download the newest version of IE at

If your running windows xp you should switch to Firefox or Google Chrome because those browsers are safer than IE8 which is the last version of internet explorer microsoft made for xp & is no longer supported.

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I have the same problem.  My machine is Envy x360 M6-AQ105DX Convertible.  It started the day before yeserday.
I had F.21 installed, and Support Assistant notified me to upgrade to F23, 12/23/16.  I did so, and it worked. 
Then Suppoert Assistant said I needed another BIOS upgrade to F.23 Ap1 1/12/17.  I installed it, but it just re-installed F.23.  I tried it twice with the same result.
Today, it is still saying I need an updated BIOS (F.23 Ap1),  So I went to  the HP site and it said the latest BIOS is F,23 Rev 1 dated 1/12/17.  I downloaded the SP file SP78934.exe and installed the BIOS yet again.  It reinstalled F23, 12/23/16.
Support Assistant is still showing that a newer BIOS is available.
Someone needs to tell HP that they have the wrong SP file associated with the new BIOS.

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I have an HP Compaq 6910p with BIOS F.19 and a T7300 processor.  Looking at possible upgrades I have three questions: 1) Is F.19 the last BIOS level for these?  If not what is the latest BIOS level and where can I find it? 2) I see Core 2 Extreme X9000 support was added in F.13 - is that the fastest possible processor? 3) Can you confirm the maximum memory for these is 8GB (not 4GB as stated in the spec.)? ThanksDave

Answer:6910p latest BIOS version and faster supported processor

Right now HP is reworking its support websites to the service manual is not accessible. I was able to access the driver page and can confirm F.19 was the last issued BIOS. F.13 just says added support for additional Intel processors; I cannot find a list of which. Debatable whether you are better off with something like a T9x00 with higher clock speed or the Quad Core. I would guess that if it takes a Quad Core processor it can also run 8 gigs of DDR2, but 8 gigs of DDR2 costs about $100 and not sure that is a justified investment in a laptop that still has posted Windows 2000 drivers it is so old.  These classic Windows Xp era HP/Compaq business notebooks are great, rugged machines and I can understand wanting to keep it going, however.  If this is "the Answer" please click "Accept as Solution" to help others find it. 

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Dear HP Support - I have updated my HP Envy x360 notebook's System BIOS to latest version as recommeded by HP Support Assistant tool which was completed successfully however the tool still showing update advice after restart. I can see the BIOS version is updated to F23. Please advice is this normal behaviour and will take sometime to clear the messages? Regards,Gokul

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Hi I was just checking for the latest bios version for the G5oo. My current version is showing 78CN25WW (V2.03) I tried to check on the lenovo website but as it is rubbish,i made no progress. When i navigate through to support section it just returns a server error. Presumably lenovo are too busy promoting their new lines rather than looking after exisiting customers who are struggling to keep their past naff products running 

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I 'm trying to download a BIOS update in bootable CD format for a T540p. The file linked on the Lenovo Support site is for version 2.26, even though 2.27 is listed and should be the latest. (GMUJ24UC is the name shown for the readme text file, but GMUJ23UC is the .iso file name.) I did download the file and try it, and only 2.26 was installed. A new check for updates with System Update indicated that BIOS update version 2.27 was still available. The files I tried are linked to from here: We can't use the windows BIOS updater due to our hard drive encryption solution. When we have tried to use the windows updater previously, a machine was rendered unbootable. Thanks for your help!Kevin

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Hi, I'm wondering if anybody can send me the latest BIOS update file which supports HDMI. As I have read version 1.10 is not supporting HDMI anymore so I am after version 1.09 (6GET18WW). Would be good if both, windows bios update utility and .wph file separately could be supplied. Thanks in advance. 

Answer:N500 423347G - Latest Bios version with HDMI suppot

Welcome to the Lenovo Community !
You can find version 1.09 at the link below.  Once the page is loaded, scroll down to see the download links for v1.09 and its README file.

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Already had WMP10...3802 version...tried to update from author site and MG today...all went well each try...but the update version remains the same....3802. Recommendation? Or is there a known glitch with the update version listed on MG today?

Answer:WMP10 latest version update

yep links to version 3802, I think one news site on the net which I wont mention jumped the gun, they most likely noticed some updated DLLs that are for WMP and direct video from May which had version numbers of 3923.

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hello guys
my lumia 630 keep asking me to update whatsapp, when it redirect me to the store it says that i have the latest version, it a loop
doens anybody faced the same probleme ?

Answer:whatsapp keep asking for update , i have the latest version

reinstall the app
If you need additional help or have more questions or details to share, please join the site so you can reply in this thread. See this link for instructions on how to join Windows Central.

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available now

Answer:Spywareblaster update on latest version

Thanks.Angry ;)

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Please, My X1 carbon 2nd Gen has its fan keeps running at a loud high speed  after updating BIOS to the latest version (1.3). Even if the cpu usage is nearly zero ,the room is cool and power saving mode is active, the fan keeps running at a loud high speed.i have never got this issue before updating BIOS to the latest version (1.3).Please release a BIOS update to fix this issue.

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Why doesn't Lenovo make older BIOS versions available for download?
I am trying to upgrade to the latest, but the version I downloaded says it is not for my laptop even though I am on the downloads page for my specific make/model.  Scouring the Internet, I have discovered that there are, in fact, several versions between what is currently on my laptop (v1.05) and the most current version availble for download.
All of the prior versions I have discovered are downloadable, but from other, untrusted, sources.  I would appreciate being able to download them directly from Lenovo in an effort to "roll up" my BIOS, version by verion if necessary, to the current one.
There is a feature that was introduced in v2.02 (locking the Fn key, current is v2.03) that, as a developer and prolific user of debugging tools, would be incredibly helpful for me (I use F10/F11 WAY more often than brightness controls).  It is somewhat ridiculous it was never in prior versions.  (I have a 10-year-old keyboard at my desk that can lock the Fn key, but I'm not always at my desk).
Please do not respond with posts that I don't need this version.  You will not receive any "Correct Answers" this way.
Thank you!
Mod Comment: Subject edited to include model, and for clarification of the issue.

Answer:G500s, Older BIOS Download to facilitate Upgrade to the latest version.

No luck with contacting Lenovo Support directly? I thought that was the next step from your last thread. Sometimes they have access to "old" files that are not listed online. Would suggest calling them, or maybe we can get some additional input from Lenovo Support reps?Good luck.

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Upgraded the BIOS on my G50-45 (latest version of windows 10).  Upgraded to BIOS version AZCN38WW version 2.06.  Bluetooth stopped working right after the BIOS update.  Uninstalled and then re-installed the Atheros bluetooth drivers with no succcess.  If I shut the system down (power off) and then power on, the bluetooth icon shows in the tool bar and will run for about a minute before failing again.  Can anyone help me get my bluetooth working again? If I revert to the original BIOS will that fix the problem. If it will, where can I find the original version of the BIOS which would be the last one prior to 2.06?  Thanks.


Go to Solution.

Answer:Upgraded G50-45 bios to latest version. Blue tooth stopped working

hi jlongobardo,
Welcome to the Forums.
If you look into the Device Manager, do you see a Bluetooth entry when the bluetooth stops working?
If the Bluetooth entry is visible under Device Manager, can you try to Disable/Enable the device and observe.
If the Bluetooth entry is missing under Device Manager, try the following:
1. Shutdown the machine and remove the battery and AC adapter.
2. Press and hold the power button for 20secs to remove any residual power on the machine.
3. Plugin the AC adapter and power up the machine then continuously tap F2 to boot into the BIOS. Once in the BIOS, hit F9 to reload defaults then hit F10 to save and exit.
4. Once the machine boots back into Windows, check if the Bluetooth functionality is now working and stable.
If the above steps doesn't work then your problem might be similar to this thread and the problem might be with the BIOS update.
The old version of the BIOS that you're looking for is (A2CN36WW) 2.04 and doing a backflash may work and fix the problem as another user have done this step. If you don't have a backup copy of the old BIOS then I would recommend you contact the lenovo helpdesk to investigate what's going on
Support phone list
I'm unable to find the old BIOS from the lenovo site but searching the A2CN36WW BIOS in the web gives a couple of results for download but I don't recommend flashing it in your system unless you co... Read more

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mine version is 8.1
OS version : 8.10.12382.878
is theres updates i miss

Answer:What is the latest version or update of Windows 8.1 through the developer?

mine is 8.10.14176.243 dp on lumia 920.
i think that one is the lastest.
what's your device?

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Any one else having this problem? It keeps telling me it's out dated but, when I try to update it won't do iy? Thanks!

Answer:Latest Malwarebytes free version will not update

Turnoff anti virus and close all other applications, if it still will not update remove and reinstall

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Hi all,
First thanks for any assistance.
I let Microsoft my WIndows 10 to the latest edition about 3 days ago. Since then, when I first start the computer (Dell xps) I get a notification in the bottom right corner.
I click 'Learn More' and nothing happens, If I try to open Chrome right away it will not open. Eventually it does open (It would open on it's own if I didn't click the icon) with the following webpage
I have an intel processor. i7
I checked the Start Up list in Device manager and nothing showed relating to this. I ran Malwarebytes nothing there.
I'm stumped.
Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Anyone know if there's a more recent WUC than the March 2016 version?

Answer:Windows Update Client latest version?

Search for Windows Updates takes forever? - A possible solution

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I made a clean install of windows 10 and tried to update it to version 1058, it got stuck.
please help

Answer:Trying to update windows 10 to the latest version 10586

If this is about the mobile version then yes it does appear to get stuck for a while before jumping forward rapidly. Give it sometime and be connected to the internet during the entire period. If it still doesn't progress then you might have to start fresh, i.e. rollback to 8.1 stock and then upgrade to 10.

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I have tried everything I can think of. After spending ALL day trying again to use every means possible I still cannot update from 1024 version. Here is a copy of todays DISM attempt.

Windows PowerShellCopyright (C) 2015 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.PS C:\windows\system32> dism /online /cleanup-image /restorehealthDeployment Image Servicing and Management toolVersion: 10.0.10240.16384Image Version: 10.0.10240.16384[==========================100.0%==========================]Error: 0x800f081fThe source files could not be found.Use the "Source" option to specify the location of the files that are required to restore the feature. For more information on specifying a source location, see - Hotmail, Outlook, Skype, Bing, Latest News, Photos Videos DISM log file can be found at C:\windows\Logs\DISM\dism.logPS C:\windows\system32> DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth /source:WIM:G:\sources\install.wim:1 /LimitAccessDeployment Image Servicing and Management toolVersion: 10.0.10240.16384Image Version: 10.0.10240.16384[==========================100.0%==========================]Error: 0x800f081fThe source files could not be found.Use the "Source" option to specify the location of the files that are required to restore the feature. For more information on specifying a source location, see - Hotmail, Outlook, Skype, Bing, Latest News, Photos Videos DISM log file can be found at C:\windows\Logs\DISM\dism.logPS C:\window... Read more

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I need to update Firefox to latest non-beta version.

I think it is version 47.0 now ?

How do I install new version yet not losing all the data settings like bookmarks
and history etc.. from the version I am using currently ?

Is there a settings file I should save to backup first before I install new non-beta version ? If so, how and from where do I find it to save it ?



Answer:I need to update Firefox to latest non-beta version.

Updating doesn't lose that info. It's in your FF Profile. In FF, just go to Help>About FF and Update occurs automatically. Bookmarks can always be saved on a detachable medium. Also, your backups, if you do them save all your personal data.
If you're really still using Windows XP, see this:

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Hello, I've installed UFT 12.02 on my laptop (Win 8.1) which has java version 8 update 65. After installing UFT, I tried to execute few scripts. After sometime noticed that Java console is erased. Later tried to download latest version of Java but couldn't. is UFT 12.02 compatible with higher versions of Java (8 and above) Thanks,SB

Answer:Is latest version of Java (8 update 65) compatible with UFT ...

Partial SOLUTION. I kept having problems with the setup or Java re-install aborting (something like a 1608 error...) The ultimate workaround, was to DELETE the JRE folder under HP/HPE's  UFT directory (since UFT was using it's own JRE that somehow conflicted with other JAVA installs) -- -AND- I removed all the ENVIRONMENT variables that dealt with "JAVA".   After that the JAVA setup would work without failure. Getting UFT install back so that it doesn't clobber the JAVA8 is the next step...

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I flashed to the latest U310 bios ( I switched to "legacy boot mode" (from UEFI), in an attempt to workaround a driver issue. Now, I'm no longer able to enter BIOS whatsoever. There are plenty of forum posts by many users hitting the same or similar issues on U310/U410/U330 and similar ideapad products. But the resolutions where they exists are either invalid, or involve flashing to 65cn99ww.exe, which is not possible. [Environment]Lenovo IdeaPad U310 touch, Windows 8 (also tried Windows 8.1) [What I did]Flashed BIOS using official Lenovo bits (65cn99ww.exe). No errors occuredEnter BIOS afterwards and change to legacy boot mode (from UEFI) [Problem]Cannot enter BIOS to view or change any settings. [Debugging]Try to enter BIOS by key button sequence.1. Tried the following combinations during bootup: F2, Fn+Fn, F10, Fn+F10, F1, Fn+F1, 'B', 'N', Fn+'B', Fn+'N', Delete, Esc.==> No change in behaviour. I tried each many times in case the timing is important. 2. Boot by Novo button. This brings up a menu, which includes an entry to enter BIOS. However, choosing that menu entry boots to Windows 3. Reboot to UEFI firmware settings from Windows (Settings/General/Advanced/UEFI). I can choose to boot to UEFI settings, but ultimately, just boots to Windows 8. 4. Try to reflash BIOS. Fails with error 182: Version less than or equal. So reflash fails 5. Try to reflash old BIOS. Flashin... Read more

Answer:IdeaPad U310 touch: Can no longer enter bios after updating to latest version

[Update] After trying a million things, I was able to reset the CMOS from within Windows using the CMOS de-animator tool. I zero'd out my CMOS and then was easily able to enter BIOS on next boot. The tool is available here: This is a kinda high risk tool to workaround Lenovo's terribly buggy BIOS. But I can confirm, at least, that it works successfully on my Lenovo u310 touch. But use at your own risk. Hope it can help out the next person. Lenovo: fix your buggy BIOS!! 

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Hi guys, I just want to post an issue that I'm experiencing for your reference. My P50 machine is docked and connected with an external display. When its bios is upgraded to the latest two version, i.e. version 1.39 or 1.40, it cannot be started up properly at docking condition. The external display is dark, while the LCD display seems stuck at "LENOVO" screen. I am unable to access the bios mode at that time. However, when I undock the machine, it begins to start up and ultimately enters  Windows. Then I dock it back, everything works well. I restart the machine and it can also start up properly to Windows. But if I try a "cold" startup, the issue comes back. Now I downgrade the machine to bios version 1.38 and everything works fine. I figure that there could be something wrong with the latest two version of bios. If you want to upgrade your bios and you have the similar configuration as I have, please be aware that you might experience the issue. BRJin


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Answer:Thinkpad P50 STUCK at STARTUP screen while docked and ported with latest two version of BIOS

I don't have a P50, but it would help someone who does to know how the external display is connected

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Hi there

How do I find now what version / build level my Office 2016 PRO is at now

it used to show the version if you went to "Office account" -- now version nr is missing.


Answer:OFFICE 2016 not showing version after latest update

On my home version you click on your signed in account at the top right and go to account settings and it's shown there:

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Reading around, it seems the state of things at Microsoft has changed drastically since W10 was announced.

Most frighteningly they changed the name of the updater and left this article to depreciate
"Note The latest version of the Windows Update Agent for Windows 8.1 is 7.9.9600.16422. The latest version of the Windows Update Agent for Windows 8 is 7.8.9200.16693. The latest version of the Windows Update Agent for Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP is 7.6.7600.256."

Horrifyingly that is still the top result for Windows Update Client because everything sucks.

Anyways so from my understanding, it seems that reinstalling windows 7 will result in the updater trying to update to 7.6.7600.320 which is a horrible update that eats memory and takes three times longer to update.

So one should manually update the updater to the latest version before doing anything on a fresh install of windows 7. But where is one to go to find the latest version? Microsoft seemingly helps with this but does not, and instead deceives as I have explained above.

Anyways, is there a better way than using google to search these forums to find out?

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Where can I download the latest version of Windows Update Agent
for XP Pro SP3?


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The ExpressCache version installed is and the latest version is How can I update my system to the latest version? Regards,Radu

Answer:update ExpressCache to latest version of S430 - Win8-64 bit

10 seconds using the search function here you go:

If i was able to help - feel free to give Kudos

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Ok..I go to to check for the latest updates and im confronted with the checking for the latest version of windows update software window ..which just hangs and hangs and hangs this a security software prob? im using win xp home with xp update 2 etc and mcafee internet security suite 2004,any ideas folks?(in fact,its hanging right now!!)

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I am using i7 2630QM processors with my laptop I have found that the microcode in my notebook is not latest version, how to update it?  

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Hello,I need a quick info. I would like to update my BIOS. The current version is F.00  - 07/03/2013 and I would like to update it to the F.27 Rev.A - 25/07/2016 version. However, Win 10 (which is the OS I'm using) isn't listed as a supported OS for this BIOS (the latest supported version for Win is Win 8.1 64 bit). I would like to know if I can still download and use the BIOS F.27 Rev.A 25/07/2016 version even though the latest listed OS is Win 8.1 64 bit, while I'm using Win 10 64 bit?Thanks. 


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Answer:BIOS update - my OS version isn't listed in the BIOS version...

Dear Customer, BIOS update is for the Chipset and doesnt matter if the unit has WIN 8 or WIN 10.As it says BIOS-Basic Input Output SystemThe BIOS is a computer chip on the motherboard.We still recommend you to update the unit with latest available BIOS VER for chipset to perform better.   Hope this helps, for any further queries reply to the post and feel free to join us again  **Click the White Thumbs Up Button on the right to say Thanks**Make it easier for other people to find solutions by marking a Reply 'Accept as Solution' if it solves your problem. Thank You,GBL84I am not an HP Employee

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I recently upgraded/updated Windows 10 Home with the Nov/Dec 2015 update version ?1511?.

File associations for Web Browser and Music have always been Firefox and VLC
Player respectively, i.e. .htm files open in Firefox and .mp3 files open in VLC.

However, since the update version ?1511?, every time I zip an mp3 file with WinZip, the file associations for Web Browser get removed and local .htm web pages get associated with Microsoft Edge, and mp3 files get associated with Groove. I then have to manually reset files back to Firefox and VLC through Settings / System / Default Apps and/or use Open With / always use this app to open this type of file.

Similarly, if I zip an .htm file with Winzip, then .htm files get changed from being associated with Firefox and become associated with Microsoft Edge [but mp3 files do not lose their association with VLC in this instance].

This behaviour did not occur before the major update version ?1511?.

Is anyone aware of what is happening here? Thanks.

Answer:htm & mp3 file associations change since latest update version “1511”

I would say do not use WinZip. There are other options.

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I want to update mu Lumia 535 from Windows 10 Mobile (10.0.10166.0) to its next latest version, when i checked for update it shows you are using latest version. How could i do please helpHow could i do please help

Answer:I want to update Lumia 535 from Windows 10 Mobile (10.0.10166.0) to its next latest version

You need to go to the Windows Insider app and select the Fast Ring and check for updates again.

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I am creating an Ionic with Angular based hybrid app for Android, iOS & Windows.The app has a functionality select dropdown which was working fine in all three platforms. Once my Windows10 device(950XL) updated to latest version -10.0.14393.189, its crashing the app on tapping on the select box. When I had the old version-10.0.14393.67, the app was working fine. I tested few cordova apps in the same device has the same issue on tapping on dropdown. Kindly help me out to sort this issue

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I have Thinkcentre A52-8113-Y7G and i have installed new 945 PentiumD but it is giving me messege after POST "processor BIOS update not found" although i have updated my bios with latest update available but still i am getting the same message i upgraded using winphlash provided on site but i have created the bootable CD using ISO image but that CD is not working at all!!! (i think there must be a problem in my creating processor) is there any way to solve this problem? any one help

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My bios version is J01 V02.24 When I check on the HP bios downloads I see there is a v02.29 available. But when I try to download and install the install assistant says it may not have installed, try again. When I try again, I dont get a message at all. But if I check system bios is still shows v02.24 I dont understand how to flash the bios and am apprehensive about messing the bios up. Is there a utility that checks and updates or any other way for the novice to upgrade bios without blowing the computer up? Appeciate any help or advice on this. Below is my system bios settings, if that helps any. 

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I'm reinstalling my operating system and would like update the whole laptop, but I cannot update my BIOS. I downloaded the latest release (B2.90-WIN-EC1.90) but it keeps telling me that this computer is not supported. What can I do?

I used the notebook detection tool on the website and 'm currently using Windows 7 Pro x86 with BIOS v2.30.
Toshiba Tecra A11-11J (PTSE1E-00E00EDU)

Answer:Re: Tecra A11 - Cannot update latest BIOS

Thread can be closed, I solved the problem by installing the Value Added Package. Which enabled the BIOS setup to execute.

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hi all i have an asus crosshair mother board and was told my bios is 2 years old i used the tool asus update but come up no bios updates.
bios at the moment is version asus crosshair acpi bios revision o5o2
just hope u can put my mind at rest

Answer:not a problem as such (latest bios update)

Check the Asus site for updated BIOS's. Or click here and click on BIOS. Note there are two newer BIOS's than your original one.

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intel Houston motherboard GA 6WMM7 bios update so my machine will run win 2000. I see from one of the posts the latest is 3 OY but the link goes to Acer computers

Answer:want the latest bios update mine is 3 OC

Why do you need a BIOS update to run Windows 2000?"intel Houston motherboard GA 6WMM7"The GA should be a dead giveaway. It's a Gigabyte board. Did it come out of a Packard Bell? If it did, do NOT use the Gigabyte BIOS.

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Which the last version of bios with ati?

My laptop
M40-231 ( PSM40E) ati x600.

Michel Marinho

Answer:Need latest BIOS update for my Satellite M40


The Satellite M40-231 = PSM40E.
This number you should find at the bottom of the unit. Check the label.

For BIOS you should check this site:

I have checked it and it?s a BIOS v1.7

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i have the same notebook DV6700 entertainment....FF751EA#ABU
have windows 10 32 bit running ok....does the same caveat apply to windows 10 as 7 re bios update ?
andBIOS TypehoenixBIOS Date:March 22nd, 2011BIOS ID:F.34BIOS OEM:F.34Chipset:Athlon 1100 rev 0SuperIO:UnknownMake/Model:Quanta HP Pavilion dv6700 Notebook PC
Have F34 also, are there any newer updates, also can't find driver downloads for this notebook under vista..
if if I can and do decide to reflash the bios, is there an emergency USB boot I can make to reflash the orig bios in case it fails

Answer:Latest bios update help (dv6700)

Hi, @Reddwarf4ever : Yes, I would imagine if the BIOS update bricks the notebook on W7, the same would apply to W10 as well. You already have the latest BIOS installed which is F.34, so you don't have to be concerned.  

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Right... So here I am trying to perform miracles with a XFX/NVidia board again. I'm running out of hair to pull out, but I can't afford to get another one right now.

I'm sure the whole world knows that XFX and NVidia aren't buddies anymore, and I know that XFX skimped on the processor TDP ratings to 'save money', but I'm not sure if this problem is a faulty BIOS from XFX or if my chip is failing.. Anybody else still running this board? Perhaps someone can give a second opinion here...

Currently I'm running the v1.6 BIOS, the latest is v1.7. My PC doesn't have any problems with 1.6, I was just trying to see if I could get a Phenom II 740 BE to work on this board. The BIOS flashes without any problems, no errors or warnings or suspicious beeps.. But then the two-digit diagnostic LED on the board goes haywire with 1.7, with 1.6 it shows normal alpha-numeric codes, but on 1.7 the lines are completely mixed up and don't make any legible numbers or letters.

I must admit, other than that, I haven't found any problems.. My 740 BE still didn't work, but I'm not sure if that was also because of the BIOS or not. Has anybody else perhaps tried this BIOS yet...? If not, and you're comfortable with it, could you try it and see? I had no issues flashing back to 1.6 after trying 1.7, so you don't have to worry about being stuck on it if you don't like it...

Answer:XFX 750a SLI - Latest BIOS Update

I just flashed my motherboard (xfx 750a sli) to latest version 1.7 and I am having the same problems with the LED. I also think that my SATA devices have been disabled. Only my IDE drives are recognized. I created a support ticket on MOBO site but no response yet. I was wondering if you could send me the 1.6 ISO so I can reflash my system. Thanks.

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Hello I would like to ask:I updated my BIOS last night to the latest version. I am on Windows 10, HP Envy x360. I updated it sucessfully and I am not facing any issues as of now. I wasn't facing one before I updated. Everything was going smoothly but I saw in the HP Support Assistant that I have numerous things to update so I clicked it all & updated. When the BIOS finished installing the computer restarted and I continued updating the others (which included the BIOS internal) but in the middle of the update, I stopped it. And it said it's not applicable anymore. I clicked to update again & the other 3 (there was 4 of them including the BIOS internal) updated succesfully. I even contacted support at that same night to let them do the manual update to give me a peace of mind. The technician said I updated it correctly. But what I read on everyp site on the internet that not to update the BIOS. So I am worrying & scared right now because my laptop might encounter problems that weren't there before the update. I am regretting my decision, I am not a techy person and I don't understand the computer world very well yet I decided to update without knowing first what it was. I am very scared of what might happen because of my carelessness.My questions are:1. Will updating the latest version of the BIOS without any problems in the hardware or anything (it was running smoothly, I just recently purchased it) harm the laptop or give problems to the laptop?2. What can I do to... Read more

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I keep getting the following error message when it is installing the Bios Update:  C2-Error:  Region is write protectedAnyone know how to fix this problem?

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Hello, I have recently upgraded my OS to Windows 7 on my Pavillion Notebook, which is a dv6700, with product number KW097EA#UUW, and with an AMD processor. Its bios version is F.34, and I would like to know if it's the latest bios. Unfortunately I cannot find my computer model on the website, so I'm needing your help. Also, will the latest bios allow me to install more ram? I currently have 2GB.


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Answer:Latest bios update help (dv6700)

Hi: Yes, F.34 is the latest BIOS version and if you have that installed, good. I am going to save you from having to strip your notebook for parts and tossing it in the trash if you try to flash the BIOS after you installed Windows 7. DON'T FLASH THE BIOS IF YOU HAVE INSTALLED WINDOWS 7. There will be a 100% chance of totally bricking your notebook if you do. Below is the link to the support and driver page for your specific notebook model. As long as the BIOS in your PC is at F.27 or newer, there is no reason that you can't install 4 GB of memory in your notebook right now. I have a dv6810us with the same hardware as yours and I am running W7 64 bit with 4 GB of memory (2 x 2GB of PC2-6400), and it works just fine. If you ever need to flash the BIOS (which you shouldn't ever need to), you will need to reinstall Vista, flash it, and reinstall W7.

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I have a V5-122P with BIOS 2.02.  I would like to update the BIOS but must first update to version 2.06 but cannot find a file to download.  Any Suggestions as to where I can get version 2.06?

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hi, i'm new here.. n i'm planning to buy this netbook. i just wanna make sure one thing. is the latest bios update for s10-2(ver. 1ACN21WW) has SLIC 2.1 in it ? coz i want to reinstall it with win 7. i read in internet, win 7 needs SLIC 2.1 in it's bios. pls gimme feedbacks about it.. n pls, anyone who had managed reinstalling it with win 7 share ur experience here.. hopefully, like a tutorial.. thx.. EDIT:i'm asking about this, coz i think i have to update the bios, if i want to install win 7.

Answer:[ASK] S10-2 : SLIC ver. in latest bios update

Hi and welcome to lenovo forum,the latest BIOS for S10-2 machine is 21 thats correct ...i prefer to Backup before you install other OS if you want to go back to factory install,after this you can easy install all OS you want ... all works wellWindows 7, or  Vista (iam not really prefer)  ... Linux in many variations ... and naturally XP ... sincerely KalvinKlein-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Want more ? For further information to get the most of your S-Class machine Lenovo Energymanagement  Backup Windows 7   Install help Windows 7 Official Driver Clean XP Install XP Startup Small WebCam Guide Lenovo Easy Capture 

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i wanted to reinstall  windows from an usb stick made on my computer but can not boot from usb i have tried setting up the bios first boot on efi USB  but even later of use the boot menu on novo  shortcut do not appear the booteable usb  on boot menu i have tried with 3  usb sticks and do not get the usb  boot and the most strange thing the set ups that  made on the boot  part on the bios do not get saved and     i link this glitch with the fact that recently i  reinstalled windows and also used the lenovo driver  update service which also contained an update for the bios . best regards Francisco

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I bought windows 8 .1 machine from factory. Then I had local shop install 8.1 on larger ssd. I just performed latest bios update and now machine will not boot. I am sure this is uefi related but I am not knowledgable in that area. The boot parameter returned to me by the shop was "legacy only" and secure boot was disabled.


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Answer:X240 will not boot after latest bios update

When you say "will not boot", can you let me know exactly what happens?
Does green LED on power button come on?
Do you see the ThinkPad logo screen?
Can you press F1 to enter BIOS setup?

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My computer is a Satellite L10-PSL10E.
The Bios is Phoenix V1.60 dated 21/12/04.
There is a new Bios (v2.80-WIN dated 8/7/07) available on the Toshiba web site .
What is new in that version?
Does it allow to boot on an usb external hard disk or an usb key?

Is it recommanded to install updates if everything is working fine on the computer?

Answer:Need some info about latest Bios update for Satellite L10

If everything works well you don't need new BIOS. Be happy with well running operating system.

If you want to bootup from external HDD to use other operating system it will not work.

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Hi, can anybody tell me which is the latest possible BIOS version for Satellite L300 11M? The drivers page only gives me v.1.50 as an option, but I see that other L300 models have ver. 2.20. Can I use 2.20 for L300 11m or download some other version from somewhere?
The reason I ask is that I want to try to update my CPU. Yes, I know it's not recommended, but as long as it is possible, I want to try. However, I've been told that my laptop model BIOS will only recognize CPUs with up to 3MB cache. That's why I need more up to date BIOS.
Any ideas?

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First of all why are there so many BIOS updates in a short time? I get my brand new L40-17S (20/05/08) with the BIOS 1.70, the Tempro software from Toshiba give me the warning to update it to 1.80 that works fine, after a few day's a new warning update it to 1.90 and now 2.00 in June! The problem is that I can't update anymore above 1.80, when I click on the winflash.exe only a short screen and then nothing.

Operating system Windows Vista 32 without SP1

I really want to have the latest BIOS before I install SP1.

Answer:It is impossible to update the latest BIOS for Satellite L40-17S

> First of all why are there so many BIOS updates in a short time?
Who knows? seems Toshiba releases the drivers and BIOS like the Microsoft own Windows patches? do you known a ?Microsoft patch day?? ;)
I think it?s something similar?

Another question;
Is there something wrong with your notebook?
If not, so why a BIOS update?

I?ve got a notebook which is about 3 years old and there are newest BIOS updates for my notebook but I have never done a BIOS update.
It?s not necessary because the machine runs troublefree

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After upgrading to the latest BIOS version FWKT86A provided here; I now recive the following error at every boot; (A7) Me FW Downgrade - Request MeSpiLock Failed  The boot process continues and Windows starts normally, but how do I fix this error message, I can not deploy this BIOS upgrade to all my systems with this error message present. Please provide me with a fix or an updated BIOS that fix this as we are rolling out updates to mitigate the "Spectre" and "Meltdown" issue. What I've tried so far;I've tried to downgrade to the previous BIOS version (FWKT7FA) that I was running before the upgrade, but the issue did not disapear.Upgraded to the latest version again, issue still there.Tried to re-apply latest Intel Management Engine Firmware (, issue still there.

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I am trying to upgrade the current bios (v1.60) to the latest (v2.10) I downloaded P0054v210.exe but when I try to run it I get the error 'BIOS update is not supported OS....' I have tried XP compatible mode but still no luck. I don't want to have to reinstall XP if possible.

I read elsewhere that installing the Value Added Pack would work but it was already installed. I have now unistalled the VAP and installed it again with no errors reported. Still can't run P0054V210.exe.

However, when I try to run HW Setup from the Toshiba Utilities folder on the Start menu I get "HCI Load Error!!" followed by "SCI Load Error!!" but it then puts up a Setup dialoge box with "General" tab with details of the current Bios version. I have uninstalled and re-installed twice and still get the same problem.

Is this a hardware problem?

Answer:Re: Tecra A9 cannot update to latest BIOS on Windows 7

Hi buddy,

Why you try updating the BIOS?

Is something not ok with your notebook?

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I have an A660 (PSAW3A-07P00R) and am having trouble with later NVIDIA drivers under linux.

There has been some suggestion that the problem that I am having might be addressed by a BIOS update.
I currently have BIOS firmware version 1.9 Is there a later update for the A660 PSAW3A-07P00R?

If so, where might I obtain it?

Answer:Re: Need latest BIOS update for my Satellite A660

Latest BIOS updated are always offered on official Toshiba support page so if you cannot find it there probably it doesn?t exist.

As far as I know Toshiba doesn?t offer any kind of Linux support so all offered stuff is for Windows. All offered BIOS updates are WIN versions so it can be started under running Windows OS and I don?t know how you can do it using Linux.

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Hello all, The latest BIOS update looks like it is targeted for units with an i3 6006U cpu: Summary of changes==================General Information:1KCN28WW:1. PCR: new CPU(i3-6006U) support:(1) Fix S4 stress issue2. Checksum: 1KCN28WW.IMC -0x5465E40A- (by sum.exe) Now, since my unit has an i3-6100U, does anyone see any need for me to install this BIOS update? Thanks, newlaptop

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Talk about confusing. I looked at the latest BIOS update documentation and this is what it says:
 Title: Dell XPS 15 9550 1.2.15 A16 System BIOS
 Subtitle: XPS 15 9550 1.2.18 BIOS
 Version: 01.02.17, 01.02.17
 File Name: XPS_9550_1.2.18.exe
I assume everything should say 18?

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HI every one

i have laptop
Model A660-17M
Version PSAW3E-06P00WAR
Bios version 2.30

And every time i run bios agent plus program he show me that there is a newer bios update
and when i check Toshiba drivers he show me the same bios update that i run it now

Look to this photo i took it from bios agent web page

i hope you can give me the latest bios update

Answer:I need the latest BIOS update for Satellite A660 PSAW3E

>And every time i run bios agent plus program he show me that there is a newer bios update

The ?bios agent plus program? is an 3rd part software and not Toshiba certified application.

Furthermore the all latest BIOS updates for Toshiba EU notebook models can be downloaded from the Toshiba EU driver page.

I checked this page and the BIOS 2.30 is the latest BIOS released for this model and this means that your BIOS is already up to date.

Lat but not least Toshiba provide own sofware called Toshiba Service Station and this tool notifies you about the real latest updates

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I started BIOS update from TEMPRO.
After 39% updateing it just froze for hours.
I rebooted and now i have black screen, no activity at all!
Keybord lights work and also powwer button, but nothing more!!
Anyone with same or similar problems?
I suspect my BIOS is crashed and i needv to reflash or re install somehow.
Can't find anything about recovery BIOS disk or some kind of help from INSYDE or TOSHIBA!
Anyone with same problem or similar that have some ideas what to do?

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Few months back I got a Lenovo ThinkPad P40, it has been working just fine untill the latest BIOS update from Lenovo Companion (R05ET72W 1.50).  Since I use it for work, it is connected to power all the time. I have disabled Sleep & hibernation when plugged-in. When I leave the workstation, I usually just lock the machine (Win + L), so that I can access the laptop from home.  After the latest BIOS update, when I get back to work in the morning, ThinkPad does not wake up no mater what button I press. Opening the lid, shows a black screen, does not respond to anything. The red light on the "ThinkPad" logo is lit.  All I can do is hold the power button for 5 sec and re-power. This is horrible, as it will sonner or later corrupt my Windows installation.  I've had to do this now 3 days in a row, after the BIOS update.  I've updated all drivers and ran Windows 10 update. The EventViewer shows only this:"The previous system shutdown at 5:56:01 AM on ?11/?5/?2017 was unexpected." But I ran the force shut-down at 8:30 AM...

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Has anyone with this board tried this bios update? I believe the version # is 2205. Is it mainly important just for upgrading to the new 5th. Gen. processors or, is there benefits for the 4th. Gen. i7 4790k also? Thanks!

Answer:latest bios update for asus z97-a motherboard Questions

I own the Asus Z97-A motherboard and my instruction manual says not to upgrade the BIOS if my system is running smoothly. The manual clearly states to upgrade BIOS only when you have to, thus I have never upgraded my BIOS.

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After successfully updating my BIOS with the latest from HP I completely borked the BIOS by fiddling around with the settings. Push 'power on' 6 long beeps no video. Then a thought came back from the dim recesses of my mind from the dawn of time...that is about 5 years ago. I carefully(!) pulled the side cover of the machine and extra carefully removed the CMOS Battery (CR2032) and let it sit for 5 minutes. Reassemble, power on, successful boot. Remember this trick so you can tell your wait they'll be quantum computing by telepathy...hmm.

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Hi everyone,I have a severe problem (I guess) after the latest BIOS Update. Windows 7 freezes during startup.I own a 64-bit Lenovo FLex 2 15D with AMD A6-6310 and R4, 4GB RAM and a SSHD (8GBSSH). I purchased it without OS and installed Windows 7 - which worked fine so far.I yesterday updated the BIOS with version 9FCN23WW (for Win7 and Win8), the latest BIOS update. A mistake, it seems.After Reboot, I first had to disable Secure Boot in the BIOS, because it would not let me boot at all. I figured out how to get into the BIOS-Setup to disable this (press Enter 2x, press Tab when in the Boot Menu to access the "Apps Menu", then "SETUP" - just in case this helps someone).Now Win7 begins to start up, but freezes during the startup process (the splash screen with the win flag freezes and looks a bit strange. I used the "protected mode" Windows Startup and saw that the process always hangs when loading "amdkmpfd.sys".That is basically it.I guess I have to find a way to re-install the previous version of the BIOS, but I have no idea how!Any idea?!.......Now about what I did to fix this (poor, but I tried):If I try to start from a Win7 installation CD-ROM (actually it is one for Dell PCs, but I guess that is not the problem) and press a key to boot from CD, Windows loads files, shows "Starting Windows"  and at a certain point again just freezes. When I -do not- press a key, WIndows Boot Manager shows up and mentions that "Windows failed to start (etc.)" "File: \EFI\Microsoft\Boo... Read more

Answer:Boot Fail after latest BIOS Update on Flex 2-15D

I found our the solution to my problem with the help of SebastianLenovo ... In the BIOS / Boot Mode, I switched back from "UEFI" to "Legacy". That's it. That simple. The BIOS Upgrade routine just did not transfer that setting from the old BIOS to the new. Given the fact that 1. I did not change that setting, so it is default and 2. it would have been easy to avoid, if the BIOS update routine would be well programmed to transfer the current BIOS settings to the new, upgraded BIOS ... Anyway a strange situation that a 64-bit system has a 32-bit BIOS. Actually no Linux distribution (except FatDog and rescue systems) are able to deal with it - Linux only running as a Virtual Machine under Windows. I think this is inappropriate and really taking away a part of the fun if you can not run this laptop as a dual boot system. Thanks to Sebastian and I hope this solution helps someone in the future... Regards, Tristam.

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This post is primarily focused on Fruitbat because he posted the link which has taken me to this point in my saga but anyone is welcome to join in especially if they have a knowledge of Dos.
I followed the instructions in the link you posted and successfully booted from CD and while in Dos told the computer to open the BIOSUPDATE. EXE file. I then got a long list of type which appeared to be lots of instructions for example "update microcode". It finished with a list of four options the last one being: answer YES to any prompt. I presume these instructions were not meant for my immediate use but were part of the update. Then everything stopped. I did not know what to do next. How could I get those instructions up and running? After a while I tried typing 'yes' but it just moved to the next line: nothing happened. So what I need to know is what response do I need to give to make the programme execute all the instructions it listed?
When copying the files onto the boot disc I only copied BIOSUPDATE.EXE. I noticed there was an Autoexec batch file which I ignored. Should I have copied it to the boot disc as well. I just feel I am close to resolving the issue, it is just that I lack the final expertese.
Can you help, Fruitbat?

Answer:trying to Update Bios without Floppy drive: the latest story


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I am wondering how to process clean instalation of Windows Vista after my bios is updated to 1.20-1.01.In the latest official graphic driver update manual it is wrtten to install graphic driver before updating the bios.During clean install in my case I will have to install this graphic driver over bios 1.20-1.01 what is against the previous manual.Any suggestions are welcome. 

W500, 4058 CTO, W7 x64 Clean Install, ATI CC 10.8, discrete graphics only, latest bios and drivers.

Answer:OS clean installation process after latest Bios update

Hi Northmilo,  Read this guide line by line until you understand it first.Then read the Clean Install Guide (Works for 32-bit or 64-bit) yet again then begin. By reading first you will learn how to walk before you can run, by implementing these processes.        I hope this helps youMessage Edited by Manuel_A on 01-29-2009 02:55 PMMessage Edited by Manuel_A on 01-29-2009 03:22 PMMessage Edited by Manuel_A on 01-29-2009 03:23 PM

Lenovo W701 | WUXGA RGB-LED-BL | Intel i7-920XM | Nvidia FX 3800M | 16GB RAM @ 1333MHz | Intel X25-M 160GB MLC G2 | 500GB @ 7200RPM | Compact Flash (PCIe) + Express Card(34mm) | BlueTooth W/ Antenna |Intel Ultimate-N 6300 (3x3) |

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Hello. I'm trying to update the vulnerable TPM firmware as described here: this package: I've already updated BIOS to the latest 1.87 version for now, but the TPM Firmware Update Utility still shows the following message: "Current BIOS does not support the TPM firmware update. You have to update BIOS to the latest version."The following message is also available in log file: [2017/10/18 19:22:55] TpmUpdt64.exe version = Windows 10 64bitChecking TPM status.TpmFwChk TpmStatus: 1TPM Manufacturer: InfineonCurrent TPM Firmware Version: 7.61Error : Current BIOS does not support TPM firwmare update. Error code = -4 Currenlty I'm using Windows 10 x64 Build 15063.674

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I recently updated the BIOS on my z30c pt263e as per advice from the toshiba update application installed on my PC.

Since that update, my LAN (wireless) and bluetooth have been behaving abnormally, including:
Connecting to various wireless networks, but not being able to access the internet. In order to do so, I have to do a wireless troubleshoot in windows, which resets the wifi adapter, then it works againIf I switch between networks (say a wireless, to a hotspot wireless on my phone) it does the same thing. Will connect to the network, but not access the internet, necessitating the same resetBluetooth has started to work abnormally at the same time, including saying my bluetooth keyboard is paired, but it won't recognise any input from my keyboard.

I've since downloaded and reinstalled both the LAN and Bluetooth drivers from the Toshiba website. This has NOT fixed the problem.

If toshiba is not aware or not going to do anything about this, can someone please post a link to the previous BIOS version (which isn't available when I search on the EU support site) so I can at least verify if it was the BIOS update causing the problem

Answer:Portege Z30-C Latest BIOS update causing LAN and BT problem

Could anyone post the immediate prior BIOS for z30c PT263E. The one recently released (24 January) seems to have resulted in me having new Wireless networking, and bluetooth problems.

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There's a BIOS update for my Yoga 720-15IKB, dated 01.08.2017, version 4MCN23WW: The changelog says: 1. Update MCU to M2A906E9_0000005D_0000005E.
2. Modify SAMSUNG MZVLB512HAJQ-000L2 CTLE value.Can anybody tell me what that means? Would be much appreciated! 

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I have a Dell XPS 9550 laptop, and I've recently made two BIOS updates. The one 1.3.something, and now I have 1.4.0
They both had the same terrible issue.
It seems like the processor cooling policy is completely broken.
My laptop's fans never go to silent mode now. They always run, with pretty high speed and noise. Even when CPU is totally idle, or loaded on about 1-5%
Before these updates my Dell never ever turned on the fans with this kind of CPU load, staying completely silent.

If this is BIOS's issue, I'd like to ask Dell engineers to fix it and push new update.
If there is anything I can do myself to fix it, I would highly appreciate any help.
Thank you!

Answer:XPS 15, latest BIOS update ruined the cooling system.

Below are what those two BIOS addressed. I do not see anything specifically dealing with cooling.
XPS_9550_1.4.0.exe9/15/171. Fixes system defense with wireless parameter will cause ME failure2. System stability enhancements3. To prevent user update ME Firmware to blacklist 11.6 ME firmware 4. Correct error message in Excalibur5. Fix Bitlocker issue on Win7 ultimate/enterprise
XPS_9550_1.3.0.exe8/28/171. Enhance dock's audio performance
You can try to down flash to 1.2.29. But, the system may not let you. It might say you have a newer BIOS and not allow it. Give it a shot.
XPS_9550_1.2.29.exe8/1/171. Fixed a potential security issue with Bootguard code integrity chaining enforcement".2. Fixed a potential security issue with the Support Assist PreBoot feature3. Updated processor microcode4. Update Computrace 9575. Support Win10 RS2 Enterprise6. Enhance NVME support and reduce noise

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